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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KyleKatrn

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast Walkthrough 
    4/5/02, v1.1
    Written by oldschooljedi (KyleKatrn on EFNet)
    Comments -
    For those of you contributing, please be sure to include a nickname
    so I can properly credit you.  Webmasters, please do not alter the 
    contents of this walkthrough in ANY way without discussing the changes
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    Section 1 - Release History
    Section 2 - Current/Planned Walkthrough Hosts
    Section 3 - Walkthrough
                                --Section 1--
    4/5/02 - v1.1
    *Changes made in the layout, bear with me =)*
    *Minor spelling fixes*
    *Altered the eloquent descriptions of "greenheads" and "cowheads" to 
     their official names*
    Level 1 (kejim_post) - Fixed error in description of Green section's
    cargo lift >> contributed by })FA|Rodent
    Level 2 (kejim_base) - Added 3rd and final secret >> contributed by 
    Level 2 (kejim_base) - Added method for getting to shield regen unit 
    in cryo room
    Level 8 (ns_streets) - All additional secrets explained >> contributed
    by Gio, Cajun
    Level 11 (bespin_undercity) - Added secret at the beginning of the
    level >> contributed by Hans Olo
    Level 12 (bespin_streets) - Added interesting strategy for protecting
    the droid from tripmines >> contributed by Nick the Swede
    Level 12 (bespin_streets) - Added new strategy for dealing with the
    Reborn jedi >> contributed by Combine_Harvester
    Level 15 (cairn_assembly) - Added secret in the peacock robot room >>
    contributed by five_lom
    Level 16 (cairn_reactor) - Added a ridiculously easy way to avoid the 2 
    rocketlauncher stormtroopers >> contributed by Kawaja
    4/2/02 - v1.0b
    Level 3 (artus_mine) - Changed strategy for tram jumping >> 
    contributed by Cat Sith
    Level 8 (ns_streets) - Additional secret >> contributed by
    Level 14 (cairn_bay) - Additional secret >> contributed by
    Level 24 (yavin_final) - Additional strategy for defeating Desann >>
    contributed by Manny
    Level 24 (yavin_final) - Corrections made to strategy, description >>
    contributed by minimal
    3/31/02 - v1.0a
    Level 3 (artus_mine) - Additional location of goodies at the beginning
    of the level >> contributed by Combine_Harvester
    Level 23 (yavin_courtyard) - Interesting strategy for gathering up more
    help from the Jedi students >> contributed by -=NMN=-
    Level 24 (yavin_final) - MUCH easier method for getting through the 
    corridor of fire plumes >> contributed by -=NMN=-
    3/29/02 - v1.0
    Initial Release
                                --Section 2--
                    Known sites hosting this walkthrough:
    Pending sites:
                                --Section 4--
                        Walkthrough for all 24 Levels
    Walkthrough for Level 1 (kejim_post)
    Starting Off
    	You and Jan start off behind a fighter, a small distance away 
    from two stormtroopers.  Jan will carefully walk forward, and peek 
    around some crates.  Follow her and check out where the troops are.  
    Before engaging them, look to the left and you will see a door.  Inside
    is a small room with a bunch of crates and a shelf; tripmines are 
    blocking it.  Back away from the door and shoot the mines with your 
    blaster.  Don't worry, the troopers won't notice.  You can pick up the 
    blaster pack ammo, and there is an instant use healthpack there too.
    After this, climb up on the crates to the top of the room, where you 
    will find the first secret, a health canister and battery.  Exit the 
    room and move back towards the stormtroopers.  Kill them, and then walk
    around the small ledge in front of the ship.  Around the corner
    you will find an imperial officer, and stairs leading to a loading 
    platform with 5 additional stormtroopers. (There is also one up on the
    ledge shooting down at you...kill him and enjoy the first falling death
    of the game =).  Notice that there is a gun turret on the platform, but
    it is offline.  After killing the troopers, Jan will attempt to break 
    through the main cargo door, commenting that your blasters will be 
    ineffective.  You offer to find another way around.  Shortly after your
    conversation, three more troopers will emerge from around the corner to
    the left of the door.  Kill em, and walk around where they came from.
    Go through the doorway and you will find a small room with a shield 
    regenerator (the small trash can with green lights.  Press the use 
    button to charge your shields.)  Jan reminds you to search any officers
    for keys...this is important, and will be a task you frequently
    have to accomplish throughout the game.  Go through the door to find
    an officer with, surprise surprise, a supply key!  Notice that you
    receive a message saying that it is a "supply" key.  This type of
    key will only open small locked storage crates.  To unlock doors, you
    will need an actual "security" key, usually found on higher ranking 
    officers.  After killing this one, move to the lift and press the 
    button to ride up.  You will now be on the ledge where you shot the
    trooper who fell.  Look to your right, and go into the room...you will
    see a thin lift along the right wall.  Take it up into the control room.  
    Along the window you will see a panel with a picture of the turret from 
    the platform.  Push it, and you will see a short cutscene of the turret
    powering up, and an automated voice saying that the security system has
    been activated.  The alarms will start going off.  Jan comments that
    the door still wasn't open, but that she's got company...three
    stormtroopers have come out onto the ledge.  Go back down and wipe em
    out, then make your way down to the platform again.  Hop in the turret,
    turn around and shoot the door, blowing it open.  Follow Jan on to the
    lift inside.  You will pass a checkpoint, and the lift begins to move
    The Blue Section 
    	You are now in the "blue section" of the base (it's not apparent 
    at this point, but it's easier to wade through this guide if it's 
    somewhat sectioned off) Once at the door at the bottom, you will 
    instruct Jan to wait and cover your back.  Make sure to notice the 
    lights on the door.  They are green, which means the door is  (usually) 
    open.  Locked doors will have two red lights on them.  I said "usually" 
    open because in this case, you have to press the button next to it, and 
    it will open.  Inside is a long hallway with a green-light door to your 
    immediate right, a security room with a window to your left, and a 
    stormtrooper at the end.  Once you move forward to kill the trooper, 
    five more will emerge from the door on the right.  Jan will come through 
    and help you kill them.  Once done, go into the cargo bay they came 
    from.  Explore around the crates and you will find a belt of thermal 
    detonators and some batteries.  Look at the container sitting over a 
    grate on the floor...learn to recognize those, because they explode 
    when you shoot them, often offering goodies or a hidden passage.  Drop 
    through the broken grate and walk up the small set of stairs in this 
    dark room.  At the top of the stairs there is a computer console on the
    wall with a button on it...make sure you press it.  This turns off a 
    large generator at the end of the hallway.  Proceed around the corner 
    to the right and walk to the end of the long hallway.  (you will see 
    a door on the left, which only leads you underneath the lift you took 
    to get down).  At the end of the hallway is the generator you just
    turned off.  Walk all the way around it and you will see a computer 
    console and a small lift.  Ride it up into a VERY dark room.  In this 
    room you will see a grate on the floor.  Shoot it and drop through to 
    get to the security room you saw when you first came down into the base.  
    Kill the officer, grab his supply key and then look at the window to 
    your right.  You will see a row of buttons, 1 blue and 3 red.  Push all 
    the red buttons so that they are blue, this opens a bunch of doors.  
    Jan, who was waiting by the entrance door, will now be able to come and 
    join you in the room.  She fiddles with the computer, unlocks some more 
    stuff, and tells you she's going to hang around there to cause more 
    trouble =).  
    	Go to the shelf to her right, and pick up some blaster ammo.  
    Now, exit the room.  You will encounter an officer and four troopers.  
    After dispatching them, go through the door 
    they came from.  You will be in a room with two green light doors, one 
    on the left and one on the right.  Let's go to the right first.  Follow 
    the passage and you will see another cargo bay to the left with a whole 
    load of troopers, and a door on the right that leads to the original 
    cargo bay where you dropped through the floor.  No need to go back in 
    there for now.  Wipe out the troopers in the new bay, and find the 
    first security crate.  These are the crates i mentioned that can be 
    opened with supply keys.  Look at the small console side, press the 
    use button and it will open, giving you the light amplification goggles.  
    Grab them, and then move to the corner of the bay where there is a large 
    lift.  Push the button and ride it down...you will notice the the room 
    is pitch black, how handy that you just found the goggles!  Turn them on
     (default key is numberpad left) and explore the room.  Jan radios you 
    and mentions that the base is divided into 3 sections...important info 
    for later.  In the room behind some of the crates you will find a secret 
    area with two shelves containing an instant use healthkit and blaster 
    ammo.  Turn around and go to the right, around more crates and you will 
    see a dimly lit small maintenance door.  Crouch, walk through it and go 
    into a room with four troopers and an officer.  Kill them, grab his 
    supply key and head over to the control panel.  You will comment that 
    the blue symbol looks like an imperial code, and you receive a message 
    that your objectives have been updated.  Check them and you will see 
    instructions to input the code at the "main array".  You'll encounter 
    this later.  Look to at the rest of the console and you will see a map 
    of the base, conveniently colored in red blue and green.  Notice that 
    there is a blue button lit up, and the blue section of the map is lit 
    as well.  Push the other two buttons, and see the red and green part 
    of the base light up too.  You can now access more of the base.  
    	Take the door out of this room and you will find a forcefield 
    with a button next to it.  Push the button to let down the forcefield, 
    and then climb up the stairs.  At the top of the stairs you'll need to 
    kill two troopers.  Just to get your bearings, walk through the 
    green-light door in front of you to see the cargo area with the lift.  
    Now, standing at the top of the stairs, facing the door to the bay, go 
    left.  Along this hallway you will find three troopers.  After killing 
    them, go over to the shelf next to the thin window that looks out on a 
    few suspended walkways.  Pick up the healthkit and blaster ammo, then 
    continue down the hallway.  You will encounter one trooper at the end, 
    and then be able to see the main array.  Make another mental note and 
    study this area.  Remember how Jan said the base was in 3 different 
    parts, and you just unlocked the green and red areas?  Well, look at 
    the symbols above the doorways on each plank.  Blue, Red, and Green.  
    Coincidence? heh.  Now move toward the main array.  You will see that 
    there is a screen for the three colored icons.  If you try to press 
    anything, Kyle comments that it is offline.  That's ok, you need to 
    get the green and red codes first anyway.  Go into the GREEN section 
    from here.  
    The Green Section
    	There are two ceiling mounted turrets in the room, along with a 
    small windowed security room with an officer.  The turrets will start 
    shooting you, but there's no need to try and blow them up.  Strafe 
    through the room to avoid them and move around to the left of the 
    windowed room.  Go through the green-light door, and immediately turn 
    right to go up in the security room.  Kill the officer, and press the 
    button to turn off the turrets.  In either corner of the room you will 
    find a shield recharger, a shelf with a couple assault rifles, and a 
    health canister on the floor.  go out of the security room and head 
    straight.  Kill the 3 stormtroopers, and then head down the set of 
    stairs to your left.  Go through the door and kill the four troopers in 
    this room.  Near the end of the room, by another set of stairs leading 
    up, is a security console.  Press the button that looks different, and 
    you will hear and conversation between yourself and Jan, telling her to 
    come help with the computer.  Walk away from the console and wait a few 
    moments.  Jan will radio you and tell you she's under attack from 
    troopers and needs your help.  Doh!  Go back out of this room the way 
    you came, up the small set of stairs and out by the main array again.  
    You will see two troopers guarding the way back to the blue section.  
    Kill them and then run down the hallway.  
    Back to the Blue Section (momentarily) 
    	Go into the first door on your left (remember this one?  Where I 
    told you to previously get your bearings?) It leads into the cargo bay 
    where you'll find Jan and the troopers. Help her wipe them out, then 
    she'll bitch at you for taking your sweet time to get there, then asks 
    to be led to the computer.  *Sigh* now all the way back to the green 
    section.  If you really can't remember...exit the cargo bay where you 
    came out, turn right and go down the hallway, past the main array and 
    into the green area. 
    The Green Section (continued) 
    	(Notice the turrets are inactive now :-) proceed through the 
    security room, and with your back to the booth doors, head down the 
    stairs to your left.  Lead Jan over to the console, where she will fool 
    around with some more stuff.  You see a short cutscene showing a 
    red-light door unlocking, turning to green.  Again Jan will stay to 
    screw around, so go back out the way you came again.  (You could go 
    up the stairs to the right of the console, but I figured you'd be more 
    familiar with that other small set of stairs by now).  Now, looking at 
    those stairs that lead down to the room you just came out of, go 
    straight and enter the first green-light door on your right.  Kill the 
    officer and four troopers.  To the left of the door you entered, there 
    is a shelf with yet more blaster ammo and a healthkit.  On the floor is 
    a health canister and your first large shield booster.  Go explore the 
    rest of the room, and by the red and blue displays you will find the 
    green clearance code on a wall terminal.  Your objectives are updated 
    accordingly.  With your back facing that terminal, head through the 
    door that is right in front of you.  you are now back in the hallway.  
    go right and you will see a set of stairs leading up.  Follow them up 
    to a short hallway.  There is a green-light door to your immediate 
    right, a thin door at the end directly in front of you, and another 
    green-light door at the end over to the left.  Take the door on the 
    right first.  In this small room you will see various computers and a 
    couple crates.  Now, remember way back when you blew up that crate to 
    drop through the floor?  These crates are the same kind.  You can blow 
    them up, or just walk around behind them to find a shelf with, yes, more 
    blaster ammo and a healthkit.  Go back out of the room into the short 
    hallway. Go through the thin door, and walk up the small stairs to a 
    windowed control booth similar to the one you saw with the turrets.  
    Well, there are turrets outside of this one as well...push the button 
    to turn them off.  In the corner of the security booth you'll get some 
    more blaster rifles and another health canister.  Go out of the booth 
    and head right, through the green-light door.  In this room there is a 
    lift...there's no need to ride up, it only takes you to the beginning
    area of the level again.  Now, backtrack allll the way to the main array 
    (not as hard as it sounds, really...exit the lift room, go down the 
    stairs and follow the long hallway to the very end, and you'll be by the 
    green security booth again).  Go out on the planks, and now it's time 
    for the red section.  
    The Red Section
    	The red section has the same layout as the first room in the 
    green section...ceiling turrets, security booth with guard.  So, do the 
    same thing...run by the turrets, through the green-lit door and take a 
    right up into the booth.  Kill the guard, grab the rifles and health 
    canister (damn, at least the Remnant forces are consistent :-) and then 
    walk out of the booth.  With your back to the booth door, you'll see 
    two ways to go...straight, or up a set of stairs to the left.  Take the 
    stairs.  Kill the two troopers up here, and then circle around to the 
    left to find a small lift.  There's no button to press, just wait a few 
    seconds and it will take you up.  Kill the troopers and check out the 
    room.  It's an observation deck the overlooks the main array area you've 
    been running through.  Press the button in the middle of the window...
    you'll see that it lets down a forcefield which is blocking another 
    button on the walkway lining the array area.  Go out the doorway on the 
    right to walk along the ledge.  Press the button once you're there, and 
    turn around to see a part of the array extend downward, activating an 
    energy beam.  You can also see an officer and a bunch of troopers run 
    into the observation room you just came from.  Doh!  Head back into the 
    room, kill them, and then make your way back to the bottom of the curved 
    stairs.  This will lead you right back to the doors to the security booth 
    and the turret room. 
    	Now, turn with your back to the booth door, like you did before.  
    Instead of heading up the stairs, go straight.  Go through this room's 
    door, into an area with two supply crates on the left side.  Because 
    you've picked up the necessary supply keys, you can open both of them.  
    Each contains a health canister.  Finish off the troopers in this room, 
    then go to the opposite end.  You will see a control panel with a 
    picture of a satellite dish on it.  Press it a few times to see 
    some interesting cutscenes.  After you're done, turn around and 
    take the hallway on the right.  You will see a red-lit door on your 
    left...go past it.  On the left will be one trooper, along with weapon 
    and shield rechargers.  On the right is a green-lit door.  Stock up if 
    you need to, then proceed through this door.  You'll see a couple 
    troopers get blown up by a leaking gas pipe.  Go left into the long 
    tunnel, and kill the trooper.  Once you reach the end of the tunnel, 
    there will be a cutscene showing it explode behind you.  Proceed down 
    the hallway and take the door on the right, leading to some stairs.  
    At the bottom you'll find a room with three hovering droids, take them 
    out, and notice the small lift along the left wall, with an ammo 
    recharger at the top.  Ride it up and recharge.  You can go through the 
    door here if you want, but it only leads to the 2nd red tunnel, which 
    will blow up when you get halfway through it, forcing you to go back 
    anyway.  So, once you finish using the recharger, hop back down and 
    find the other small lift located behind the glass panel.  This takes 
    you up to a short passageway that leads outside.  You will now be next 
    to the radar dish you saw in the cutscenes a few steps back.  Kill the 
    two hover droids, then walk along the roof of the passageway on the 
    right.  There is a hole in the roof at the end...drop down and kill the 
    2 troopers.  Head left through the small door and kill the officers and 
    trooper, then grab the ammo and healthkit from the shelf.  The green-lit 
    door leading out of this room will run you into yet more troopers and an 
    officer, as well as a console with the final command code, the red one.  
    Go out the door to the left of the console and kill the three troopers.  
    	You will notice that you are back in the hallway next to the room 
    with the satellite buttons.  Turn right to go back in this room.  It 
    should be fairly easy to backtrack through the room, past the stairs and 
    through the security area, out onto the main array platforms.  Finally!  
    You can turn the damn thing on.  For each panel, press the three buttons 
    until the image matches the icon in your objectives.  Once all 3 icons 
    match, go to the last side of the array and push all three switches.  A 
    walkway will extend in front of you, allowing progress forward.  You 
    radio Jan to tell her to prep the ship, and then continue on your way.  
    Go straight through this new door, and on to the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 2 (kejim_base)
    Starting Out
    	Walk forward, but don't go past the window on your left.  Inch by 
    until you can see some small gas tanks.  Shoot through the window and 
    blow up the tanks; this will kill the 2 troopers that were standing next 
    to them.  Go around the window and kill the remaining four troopers and 
    the officer.  In this hallway, there are two rooms to either side and a 
    locked door at the end.  The two side rooms contain various weapons and 
    health, so grab em.  Proceed to the locked door and get your first 
    "security" key off of the dead officer.  To the right of the door, you 
    will see a lock mechanism.  This is another thing to remember...all the 
    security keys you get will unlock a door with this type of lock.  Open 
    it, and you will see a room with two troopers and a wall mounted turret 
    at the far wall.  Blast all three.  To your right is a locked door that 
    leads to the security booth. Go left through the unlocked door.  This 
    leads to a hallway with 2 troopers.  At the end, there is a shelf with 
    the standard ammo pack/health kit.  To your left is a button that will 
    open the large security door on the right side of the hallway.  Once 
    this door opens, shoot the glass and climb through onto the small 
    platform with two switches.  Take a look at the freezer in the middle 
    of the room.  
    The Freezer
    	Pressing the two buttons will move the arms inside the freezer.  
    The single button over to your left simply deactivates the forcefield 
    which leads to the hallway you just climbed out of (saving you the 
    trouble of climbing back through).  Go to the right of the freezer and 
    kill the officer, swiping his key in the process.  As soon as you start 
    to go down the stairs he was guarding, you'll be greeted with two new 
    hover droids, and two troopers on a ledge above you.  Wipe out these guys, 
    and check out the two locked doors at the bottom of the stairs...you'll 
    be back here later.  Head out to the freezer again, looking with the two 
    switches behind you.  Break the windows on the freezer if needed, then 
    jump in and head through the door on the bottom.  You'll take some damage 
    due to the cold, but not too much.  In this new room, look to the right 
    for a switch.  Hit it, and the door next to it will open, exposing a 
    control panel.  Turn it on and you will see a diagram of some type of 
    power levels dropping.  You've just turned off the freezer =).  Head up 
    the stairs, hit the switch and go out the door.  Notice that you're right 
    back where those 2 troopers and droids were.  Go back out to the freezer 
    and jump in again, but stay on the ledge.  Jump up onto the arm, and then 
    up to the catwalk.  Don't go forward just yet.  Move left, along the 
    ridge on the outside of the freezer.  On the opposite end you'll find the 
    first secret, a supply crate with shields and a battery.  Now, go back 
    around to the catwalk.  There is a door in front of you, but look left 
    and you'll see an ammo recharger and a belt of detonators hidden behind 
    some pipes.  Jump over to use it and you'll get the second secret.  Go 
    back on the catwalk and proceed through the door.  This takes you out 
    onto the second level of a large room.  This will be designated the 
    "pool room"...take note of the pool of water below you. Don't fall in, 
    its electrified. 
    Pool Room/Quest for Goodies
    	Kill the two hover droids, and then walk straight out to the 
    structure in the center.  From this spot you should be able to take out 
    the two troopers and the officer over on the left, through the windows.  
    You can get the two troopers on the bottom level too, by the stairs.  
    They're guarding the door to the "goodie room", as i call it.  Go over 
    to the left side of the pool room, take the lift down and get to the 
    stairs where you just killed those 2 troopers.  The door at the bottom 
    will lead you to a big room with lots of goodies stashed on high ledges.  
    There are three turrets guarding the goodie room, take them out.  Now 
    you're going to find a way to get those goodies =)
    	Head back out the door, up the stairs into the pool room, and 
    back up the lift to the second level.  Make your way over to the windows 
    on the second floor, and look inside the room.  Shoot the explodable 
    container inside; it will burn out the switch next to it and extend a 
    platform that leads into the room.  Go in, grab the health/ammo on the 
    shelf, and press the button.  Take the small lift in this room down, and 
    take the blaster rifles on the wall if you need them.  Head down the 
    hallway and into a security booth.  Hit the switch and you'll see a bunch 
    of blocks raise up from the floor, making some of those goodies 
    accessible.  Head back down the hallway, up the lift, back into the pool 
    room again, and down to the stairs to get back in the goodie room.  With 
    the turrets out of the way, it will be easy to hop up and snag the health 
    canisters and shield boosters.  Go back out to the pool room.  You'll 
    notice that on the first floor, on one side, there is walkway leading to 
    the big structure in the middle.  Walk forward and a door will open up, 
    exposing the inside.  Go in, drop in the hole, then turn around and 
    crouch through the long tunnel.  
    Cryo Room/Continued Goodies Quest 
    	At the end is a large room, designated the "cryo room".  You'll 
    find out why in a sec.  On your left is a big storage area with big glass 
    containers.  On your right is an unlocked door, and in the far right 
    corner there is a health canister sitting on a console.  Go over, grab 
    it, and press the button.  You'll see four cryo chambers pop up from the 
    floor.  Now, go over to the red-lit hallway by the cryochamber, through 
    the door and hit the switch in this second booth overlooking the goodie 
    room.  Notice that the blocks change position, and new turrets appear.  
    Head back out the hallway and down the stairs to the goodie room.  Kill 
    the turrets, and claim your rewards =).  Once you're done, go back up 
    the stairs to the cryo room, and over to the other end.  Climb up to the 
    unlocked door and go through.  You'll see an officer standing guard at a 
    console behind a glass-windowed security station.  Once you shoot him, 
    five or six troopers will come at you.  After killing them, walk forward 
    and be ready for the ceiling mounted turret on your right.  Flip the 
    switch where the officer was standing, and get his supply key.  Now, 
    facing the station from the way you came in, you can either go left or 
    right.  Keep a mental note of this spot...I'll call this the "T" 
    junction for reference.  Going right leads down to detention cells, left 
    is a corridor.  Back the way you came is the cryo room.  Here's a quick 
    printout, just to make sure you're all in the right spot:
    		    |_|  << Security Station
    	    ________| |________
    	    ________   ________ >> Down stairs to cells
          << Hallway    | |
    		    | |
    		    | |vv Cryo Room
    T Junction - Going Left
    	Start by going left.  When you see that the hallway turns left 
    again, be ready for the officer that's hiding in the corner...he's 
    holding a security key.  Once you get it, continue down the hallway and 
    use the key on the locked door.  The next room overlooks the cryo room.  
    Go over to the left and press the two red buttons  (**The order actually 
    matters here...you have to press the one on the right first).  After 
    pressing these, you'll see some of the tubes in the large booth in the 
    cryo room light up.  Press the third button on the panel, the blue one,
    and you'll overload the tubes, breaking the chamber and giving you access
    to the shield regen unit inside.  Head out and use it if you need to.  Now
    go back into the room with the three buttons, and then proceed through the 
    unlocked door at the end of the room, and through the hallway.  You will 
    come to a room with a wall turret on your immediate left, another on the 
    far right, and a security booth in the middle.  Once both turrets are 
    destroyed, go over to the right one.  There's another explodable container 
    blocking a duct.  Blow it up, climb through, and then shoot the grate to 
    get out.  You're now inside the security booth you just saw.  Hit the two 
    switches and then go down the stairs and out the booth's door.  In front 
    of you will be a locked door.  However, you'll hear guards behind it 
    planting a mine.  Walk forward a bit...they'll yell "get clear!", the door 
    will open, and they'll get nuked by it =).  Go into this room, kill the 
    four troopers and the officer, and get his security key.  Go left, up the 
    few stairs and down the hallway.  You'll now be in yet another booth that 
    overlooks the goodie room.  Hit the switch...the blocks will change, new 
    turrets, you know the drill.  Go back out the hallway into the room, and 
    use your key on the door on your left.  Be careful here...there's a trooper 
    in the room, but three trip mines as well.  Throw a grenade in to set them 
    off.  Once it's safe, head through to the lift and move down to the goodie 
    room.  If you crouch and sneak forward, you can get a good number of the 
    turrets.  There's only one new accessible goodie ledge, so i only took out 
    the turrets by that one.  Grab the goodies and head back up the lift once 
    you're done.  Walk out into the room, and....
    ...At this point, you have two choices.  You can go back to the T 
    junction and get some stuff there, or you can continue forward.  This 
    guide assumes you will be going to back, but you don't have to.  Take 
    the door on the right that you came through.  Take another right to go 
    through the room with the 2 turrets and the security booth, along the 
    hallway, through the room overlooking the cryotubes, and finally, back 
    to the T junction.
    T Junction - Going Right
    Head down towards the detention cells and explore around.  In on part 
    you'll find a switch that turns off a forcefield, leading back into the 
    pool room.  No need to go in there yet.  Keep looking around the cells 
    and you'll find a lift that takes you up to the second level.  At the 
    top, head out the thin door and look around.  You can see the tops of 
    the cells over to the left, another thin door ahead of you, and a 
    locked door to the right.  Go in the thin door...this leads to a 
    security booth you saw a loooong time ago.  Hit the two switches and then 
    go back out to the right, over on top of the cells.  Kill the officer at 
    the end of the room and hit the switch by him.  The cell forcefields are 
    now deactivated.  Drop down in one of them, but be careful. There are now 
    2 new hover droids, when they attack you, your view gets all loopy and 
    your health will drain.  Dispatch them quickly.  Now explore the rooms 
    that were previously blocked by the forcefields.  One has a shelf with 
    ammo/healthkit and a supply crate holding a health canister.  The other 
    has a detonation pack and a grenade belt.  Now, go back up the stairs 
    and into the T junction again.  
    T Junction - Going Left, continued
    Go the way you went the first time: through the hallway, past the room 
    overlooking the cryo room, through the short hallway, into the room with 
    the 2 turrets and the security booth.  Continue straight through the 
    door out of this room, and take the first door on your left. Once back 
    in this room, look at the door to your right.  It seems like it has a 
    forcefield blocking it, but it doesn't.  Once through, you will a see 
    door open up, to a room with a bunch of stormtroopers, with one of them 
    manning a big ass gun.  Kill them off with the help of all those 
    explodable crates.  Once you take out the gunner, make your way around 
    behind him, flip the switch, and then hop in the gun.  Have fun mowing 
    down the troopers that come at you.  Once they're dead, head into the 
    room they came from.  Here, there is a crystal inside a large machine.  
    Move over to the red control area on the left, and hit the buttons.  
    The machine will go haywire, shooting lasers everywhere.  You'll have 
    to duck, and crouchwalk all the way around the machine.  You want to 
    make it through the hole it blasted in one of the doors.  Once you're 
    through there, head down the stairs and look to your right.  
    Aww, isn't it cute?
    There's a computer cluster behind a locked glass door, but you don't 
    have the key yet.  Head left towards the door at the end.  Be careful 
    here.  Inside the next room are two dead officers, one with the security 
    key you need for that glass door.  However, they're dead because of some 
    weird electrical radiation that has flooded the room.  Make sure you 
    have some health before you go in...you'll have to zip in, snag the key 
    and get back out again.  As long as you're quick, the radiation won't 
    finish you off.  go back to the glass door, unlock it and check out the 
    console.  Kyle remarks that it controls droids...hehe, now for some fun.  
    As soon as you press the button, your view is shifted to a tiny droid 
    you now have control over.  Move forward and out into the room.  As the 
    droid, you can safely go into the radiation room.  Scurry over to the 
    small little droid door, and hit the button.  Go inside, and head right, 
    into a small blue crawlspace.  At the end is a room that has another 
    little droid button on the wall in the corner.  Move down the ramp on the 
    left and hit it.  That radiation room is now safe.  Now, still 
    controlling the droid, wheel yourself back through the blue crawlspace...
    near the end, along the right side, there will be a small opening.  Go 
    through here and press the small droid button.  This opens up a secret 
    area in the radiation room.  Now, press spacebar to switch back to your 
    normal view, and head inside the room.  Straight ahead you'll see an 
    energy regen unit that was once hidden inside the wall; use it and get 
    the 3rd secret.  Go left and around, you'll find a door.  It leads to a 
    room with a bunch of crystals and stormtroopers.  Don't worry about 
    falling in the blue water...the slots aren't wide enough.  Make your way 
    through the room, and exit through the thin door.  You'll see the 
    beginning of a walkway, and a shield regenerator.  Use it if needed, and 
    then proceed down the curved hallway to the end of the level. 
    Walkthrough for Level 3 (artus_mine)
    Don't Fall In
    	Proceed through the canyon passage until you can see the 
    buildings with the spotlights.  Kyle says it'd be a good idea to avoid 
    them...so that's what you'll do.  Drop down and circle around to the 
    left, and make your way underneath the lights.  Walk on the ledge at the 
    base of the tower, go inside the door, and then flip the switch to turn 
    off the lights.  Move back out.  Head back on to the large circular
    landing pad, and look down to the right.  On the ledge overlooking the 
    river, there will be a dead body.  Walk over to pick up your first 
    wookie bowcaster and a large shield booster. Now back jump up and get 
    over to the octagonal platform that is right in front of the pipes that 
    extend over the green river.  Hop down, and you'll see the three pipes 
    stretching up to your right explode when you get close to them.  
    Continue straight, and jump up from pipe to pipe, until you reach the top.  
    (the pipes will continue to explode and break as you go up, but don't worry).  
    Once at the top, get on to the metal walkway, move around to the left, 
    and go up the stairs.  Walk through the door and kill the four or five 
    troopers, and the officer on the second level as well.  The ramp to your 
    left has a lift on either side of it...take one up so you can grab the 
    security key from the officer.  Drop down and unlock the door at the bottom 
    of the ramp.  You've now infiltrated the mine, completing one of your 
    	Fill up with the two regen units you find, and proceed to the 
    next room.  Once you get rid of the three officers, get both the 
    security key and the supply key, and then open the door to your left.  
    Four troopers are waiting for you on the other side; fry em and then 
    head down on the lift.  the first secret is on your way down...make sure 
    at the top, you're facing the room you just came from.  As the lift 
    moves down, crouch and get ready to move forward.  About halfway down 
    you'll see a small crawlspace...sneak in there and move toward the end. 
     A panel will lift up, revealing a belt of thermal detonators.  In front 
    of you is a small hole that leads down to a much larger room.  3 
    troopers are right below you, talking about an intruder =).  Drop a few 
    grenades on them, then turn around and head to the lift again.  Press 
    the button near the edge to turn it on again, then hop on and ride it 
    down to that big room.  Get rid of the remaining troopers, retrieve the 
    shield booster from the supply crate by the door, and go over to the 
    door in the far left corner.  The hallway it leads to has a lift at the 
    end, but as soon as you get there, it speeds up out of your reach.  It 
    comes back down with four troopers on it, so be ready.  Ride the lift up 
    and you will see a hallway the branches out in many directions. 
    The Crossroads
    	Head just a bit to the left and stop in the middle of the 
    hallways.  I'll refer to this as the "crossroads" in the future.  Head 
    back up by the lift and go past it, through the next door you find.  This 
    new room is seemingly empty, but after a few seconds, large panels on 
    both side of the room will lift up, exposing about 12 troopers.  Once 
    you've finished them off, you can raid the room for a bunch of items.  
    Move over by the windows and go out through the door onto the walkway.  
    Go all the way to the end of it, up the stairs and into the new hallway.  
    Stop at the first intersection and look right...you're now on the other 
    side of the crossroads.  There will be some troopers camped out near 
    where you first came up on the lift.  Get rid of them, but continue in 
    the same corridor, the that leads straight from the catwalk.  You will 
    pass a checkpoint, and then come to a door.  Stop for a second and 
    listen to the two troopers talking.  Run in and kill the troopers and 
    the officers, grabbing the supply key on the way.  Take a moment to 
    look at the layout of the room.  At the far end there are doors on each 
    side...these lead out to a platform where you'll need to proceed next.  
    Go to the end and use the shield regenerator if you need to, and then 
    go outside the doors on either side of you, out on to the grate 
    Up on the Tram
    Stand on the walkway facing towards the river, and notice that a part of
    the fence is broken.  Look downward here, and notice what happens each
    time a tram flies into the flashing red room.  A pipe will extend below
    you, venting air, and will then retract.  Jump down on top of this pipe, 
    crouch as close to the wall as you can, and then climb inside once it
    retracts.  Through this tube you will emerge in a small area below the 
    tram room.  Destroy the four red pillars, as well as the lift in front of
    you.  The room above will no longer be dangerous.  Move on to the lift,
    and it will take you up.  Once in the room, climb on either of the black
    rail archways, and drop down on top of the tram.  Ride it through the
    passageway, around the corner and then jump off to the left, where 
    you'll see small area leading to a dark green passage.  Crawl in, and get 
    ready to deal with some really annoying bugs with big teeth.  I suggest 
    using your stun baton on them so you don't waste all your ammo.  Proceed 
    through the passage; it doesn't matter which way you go, both directions 
    lead to the same place.  At the end, you'll see a couple dead miners and 
    a piece of mining equipment.  Hit the switch on the back, and it will 
    drill through the wall for you.  Be careful, it leads to a small duct 
    area with two holes overlooking a pit of lava.  The drilling machine 
    falls through the first hole...move to the second, break the grate, and 
    wait for the next mining tram to come by.  Its path leads right 
    underneath the hole, so jump down on top when you see it.  While you're 
    waiting, you can kill most of the enemies in the room below.  Once 
    you're on the tram, jump off when it gets close enough to the walkway. 
    Voyage to the Mine Computer
    	Go in the door to the left to stock up on ammo, and continue 
    through the next door to find the supply shelf with ammo/healthkit.  
    At the end of the walkway, take the lift down to the first level and 
    finish off whatever enemies are left.  Move around the lava pit to the 
    door on the other side.  In this new room, you'll have to jump up on the 
    large compactor that is smashing up and down.  Kill the troopers, and fill 
    up your shields with the generator at the end of the walkway on the right.  
    Move over to the left and go through the door.  This brings you out on a 
    ledge overlooking a big room with a number of officers and troopers 
    below.  Use a bunch of detonators to nuke them before you take the lift 
    to get down.  Take the supply key from the officer and open the crate 
    located to the right of the huge computer.  Right next to the crate is 
    the console switch..press it and you'll be shown a small cutscene.
    	The mine is now exploding around you...go to the door in the far 
    corner of the room, through the hallway and the next door.  You will now 
    be in the main room with the catwalk above you.  go straight ahead, the 
    same way you went the first time...through the door, up the lift, and 
    turn right down the hallway (the crossroads are now blocked by a pile of 
    rocks).  Kill the two enemies and continue to the end of the hallway, and 
    you'll wind up in the room that had the first big trooper ambush.  
    There's a few more here again, so get rid of them quickly and go up the 
    ramp to the left and through the door.  A tram is sitting on the track 
    in front of you...use the supply shelf on the wall if you need it, and 
    then ride to the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 4 (artus_detention)
    Escape! (continued)
    	You're not out of the mine quite yet.  The track in front of you 
    has been destroyed, so kill the troopers and then slide down the support 
    beam that has fallen on the left side.  Climb up on to the walkway, and a 
    large piece of the structure will collapse right beside you, creating a 
    slope to hop up.  It takes a few jumps, but it is possible.  Kill the 
    trooper on top if he's not dead already, then flip the red button.  Drop 
    back down the slope, and enter the door underneath.  Kill the lone 
    trooper, and try to get the rest that are shooting from behind the 
    windows, as you progress down the hallway.  Once you are all the way to 
    the left end, the locked door on the other end will open, letting in 
    three more troopers.  As usual, dispense with the whoop-ass and continue 
    through.  There is a lift in front of you, a supply shelf to the right, 
    and a long hallway around to the left, where those troopers were hiding 
    before.  Walk around that way, filling up on energy and shields from the 
    regen units, and hit the button at the end.  This unlocks the door 
    directly to your left, on the other side of the wall (you'll see the 
    lights turn green).  You can take the lift up, but there isn't much 
    there.  Go back out to the original hallway and through the door you 
    just unlocked.  This lets you into a large room with ringed platforms 
    extending up for several levels.
    Up, Up, and Away
    	This next section is fairly simple to explain, although it may 
    be more difficult to actually get through.  Run around to the left on the 
    ground floor, killing whatever troopers you find, and go in the first door 
    you see.  This leads to the stairs up to the first ring platform.  Go up, 
    out on to the ring, and kill the troopers.  Do this again the same way, 
    moving up to the second and third rings (at each higher platform, you'll 
    run into more enemies than the one before, make sure you watch your ammo 
    and health).  On the final platform, take the stairs up to a new room.  
    It will have a few officers to get rid of, and some random supply shelves.  
    On the immediate left is one of the many security monitors in the base...
    check it out to see some of the poor imprisoned miners.  Time to let them 
    out...over in the right corner is the button you need to push.  You'll see 
    a small cutscene showing all of the miners escaping from that large 
    structure in the ring room.  Before you leave this room, make sure you hit 
    the other switch underneath the display with the fan on it.  once you 
    press it, the fan starts spinning...this will come into play later.  Go 
    back down the set of stairs you came up, and instead of going left (out 
    on to the platform), go right through the other large cargo door.  Around 
    the corner there is a ceiling turret, take care of it and then go straight 
    through the door.  This room has ammo and shield regen units, and when 
    you're done, move along back out into the hallway, where you can see a 
    prisoner waiting for you.  He describes the situation, and give you some 
    new goals.  Follow him out into the large hangar.
    Mmmmm, TIE Fighters
    	Keep following him towards the little skirmish in the hangar bay, 
    and help out the other prisoners if necessary.  You should see a lift 
    nearby; take it up to the platform.  Go through the door at the end, and 
    kill the three troopers standing guard.  Walk through the next door, and 
    you will be on a short walkway above a set of stairs.  Turn right, shoot 
    open the grate, and jump over to climb inside.  Crawl through to the end, 
    take the lift up to the next passageway, and follow it to the opening.  
    Here you will see a fan at the bottom of a large shaft.  There is also 
    an open grate close to the end of the shaft as well.  Jump down, and the 
    air currents will slow your fall.  Guide yourself over on top of the 
    grate, and go through.  Once out of the passageway, turn left and walk 
    around to find a breakable grate along the wall.  Shoot it open to find 
    a secret area.  Continue around until you see those little bug creatures 
    scampering into another passageway.  Follow them, zapping them with your 
    stun baton when necessary.  At the end of the passage, jump out and you 
    will be in an area similar to the one you encountered in the last level; 
    dark, green, and full of bugs.  This, too, has a couple diverging 
    paths....however, the best method is to just switch on your light 
    goggles, and run through, avoiding the bugs entirely.  If you're not 
    sure about which way to go, always pick the path leading upward.  It may 
    seem to go on forever, but you'll eventually come to an opening, where
     you'll hear the troopers having their own problems with the bugs =).  
    Head out and kill whoever is left.  Once you've collected the goodies 
    in this room, head out the door and deal with the four stormtroopers.
    Follow the Leader
    	You should now be faced with two doors.  Take the one on the left 
    first.  It leads to a small hallway with a locked door straight ahead, 
    and another door on the left.  Go in this left door, flip the switch on 
    the console which unlocks that door.  Go back out, but DON'T go down the 
    ramp.  Head back through the door you came in, into the small room where 
    you have the two choices of doors.  Now go through the right door.  
    Circle around to the right until you see a shield regen unit on the far 
    wall.  Go over to it, but you'll probably have to kill the troopers that 
    swarm in first.  After they're done with, charge your shields and stand 
    with your back to the unit.  Head straight down towards the red area in 
    the room, where you'll see stairs and an unlocked door.  There's an 
    officer in the next room; don't kill him or you'll fail the mission!  
    You'll take him hostage so he can lead you to the next area.  You'll 
    have to get behind him, and he walks very slowly, so be patient.  Once 
    you both get to the big stairway, make sure there aren't any lingering 
    troopers.  If they accidentally shoot him, you'll have to start over 
    again.  At the top of the stairs he will open the door for you, letting 
    in a trooper trying to get away from those damn bugs.  They'll get him, 
    and then go after you two...don't let them chomp the officer!  You still 
    need him.  After the bugs are dead he'll lead you into the next room.  
    After walking a little bit, he'll turn on you and pull out a gun.  Yes, 
    NOW you can kill him...along with the five other troopers that just 
    rushed in.  Go through the door on the right, and over to the lift.  
    Drop some bombs on the two enemies below, then head down.  In the next 
    room will be some more troopers and a whole bunch of black suits in 
    display cases.  Head left for the ammo regen, and right for the shield 
    regen.  Move to the end of the room, shoot out the large grate, and 
    crawl through the passage on the right, and on to the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 5 (artus_topside)
    Save the Prisoners
    	You'll see a short cutscene showing the escaped prisoners pinned 
    down by enemy fire, and Kyle popping out of the tube.  As soon as you 
    start playing, you'll see an AT-ST heading straight for you!  Head 
    immediately to your left and go through into the windowed room with the 
    trooper and the officer.  Kill them, grab his supply key, then hit the 
    switch to activate the big lift outside.  Run out and get on the lift...
    if you're quick, you won't take too much damage from that AT-ST.  At the 
    top, run around and hop in the turret gun.  Swing around and blast the 
    AT-ST from above, and then turn back around to help protect the 
    prisoners.  Shoot the troopers along the top ledge first...if you don't 
    do this quickly, too many prisoners will die and you'll fail the mission.  
    Once the troopers on the ledge are finished, there will be a few more 
    shooting you from the ground.  Another AT-AT will emerge from behind a 
    large door, but you can hold it in place and just waste it with the 
    turret.  After you're done, the prisoners will thank you, and you'll 
    get a message from Jan.  You now have an additional task, disabling 
    the ion cannons.
    Ion Cannons
    	Head up the ramp to the green door, and grab the shield booster 
    from the crate inside.  Go back out, and take the big lift down to the 
    ground level again.  Go around to the left and you'll see the big 
    cannons, if you hadn't noticed before.  Run along the canyon floor 
    towards the end, taking care of the troopers as you go.  Once you get 
    close, a 3rd AT-ST will come out.  You don't have a gun to protect you 
    this time, so you can run all the way back to the one you just used, if 
    you really feel like it.  After the AT-ST is destroyed, go to the end of 
    the canyon, into the bay where it came out.  There is a small door on the 
    right side.  Take the small lift inside the next room up to the platform, 
    go out the next door and you'll be by the ledge where you had mowed down 
    all those troopers.  Run to the right, along that ledge, and at the end 
    you'll find a secret behind the breakable grate.  Head back over by the 
    door you came out, and continue on toward the ion cannons.  There is 
    another turret gun close by, but it won't do any damage to them.  When 
    you get to the first one, check out the octagonal walkway around it.  
    See the energy fluctations?  every time the cannon fires, there is an 
    energy discharge that spreads through the walkway.  If you're standing 
    on it while it's charged, you're toast.  Time it so you can run over to 
    the pipes behind the cannon...you're safe here.  Then time your run again 
    to get off the rest of the platform.  Progress forward and do the same 
    thing for the next cannon.  
    	Once you're past the 2nd one, go past the turret gun and through 
    the door straight ahead.  Waste the troopers and grab the health 
    canisters, then go through the left door.  There's another trooper and 
    a ceiling turret here.  Dispatch them and head through the door on the 
    right.  You will now be on a ledge above a large cargo bay.  Be careful 
    in proceeding to the next doorway...there is a tripmine placed very low 
    on the ground.  Throw a detonator in and continue onward.  You should 
    see the small lift on the walkway.  If you go past it, into the next 
    room, you'll find a shield regen unit.  Stock up, then go back out and 
    down the lift.  On this next level will be a few troopers, and a large 
    lift in the corner.  Take the large lift down to the bottom floor, kill 
    the enemies, and grab the officer's security key.  head through the door 
    for another small battle, grab the supply key, then go through the 
    locked door.  After getting rid of the two officers in this room, go over 
    and press the control panel.  This shuts down the ion cannon shields, but 
    you'll still have to go back and destroy them, as Jan will tell you.  
    Backtrack through the rooms, out into the cargo bay, up the two lifts, 
    around the ledge, and through the doors that lead you back outside.  Now 
    you can hop in the turret gun and waste the ion cannons. 
    Getting back to the Raven's Claw
    	Go back inside, and get to the ledge in the cargo bay.  Go 
    around all the way to the other side, where you'll find a door that is 
    now unlocked.  Kill the troopers, and watch out for the ceiling turret 
    as you go through.  Head through the next two doors, but watch out again 
    for tripmines.  You'll be able to see your ship through a window, and 
    then hear Jan calling for help.  Use your detonators on the tripwire 
    blocking the door, as well as the three other ones out in the hallway.  
    Stock up on ammo with the regen unit, then head outside and up the stairs.  
    You'll see a cutscene of Jan being captured, and you'll get your first 
    meeting with the Dark Jedi Desann.  Once the scene is over you have to 
    fight him.  Actually, you don't even need to do anything.  Stand still, 
    and he'll bat you around a few times.  After locking you in the force 
    grip, just before all your health gives out, he stops and you'll see 
    another cutscene, and witness Jan's murder!  After this there are a 
    few more scenes to watch...Kyle, engulfed in rage, goes to the Valley 
    of the Jedi to obtain the power of the Force (with Desann secretly 
    following him), and also voyages back to the Jedi School to retrieve 
    his light saber.
    Walkthrough for Level 6 (yavin_temple)
    Go See the Master
    	There isn't too much to do at this point.  Kyle has arrived at 
    the Jedi temple, in order to get his light saber back.  A droid 
    instructs you that Luke Skywalker is waiting for you....so go find him.  
    Head over to the left near the middle of the room, and go up.  Both 
    doors you encounter here are locked, so take the next lift up.  If you 
    want, walk through the door and go on to a glass walkway that leads to 
    three jedi practice rooms.  Its neat to watch for a while. When you're 
    done, go back to where the second lift brought you up, and now take the 
    third lift.  Walk around and out towards the stone hallway, and enter 
    the next room through the giant doors.  There will be a long cutscene 
    between Kyle and Luke, explaining the trials you'll have to go through 
    to get your light saber back, as well as some background information 
    about Desann.
    	You now have to search for your saber.  Find your way back to 
    the lift, ride it down and then take the next one down too.  You'll see 
    that one of the previously locked doors is now open.  Go through it, 
    out into the ruins, and over to the left under a large doorway.  Follow 
    the walkway leading down to a new area.  Look to the end of the area, 
    where there is a statue that resembles a whale's tail.  You need to head 
    into that dark hole in the wall next to the statue.  Turn on your light 
    goggles, and head down the hole.  That's it for this level.
    Walkthrough for Level 7 (yavin_trial)
    Force Powers Gained, Force Push Rank 1, Force Pull Rank 1, Force Speed Rank 1, Force Jump Rank 1
    Force Push
    	This is where you will begin the trials to familiarize yourself 
    with force powers, and eventually regain your light saber.  Head through 
    the door to your left, where you'll find the first power: force push.  
    Continue through the next door, and you'll encounter the first trial.  
    There are a number of tiles on the floor, with two symbols on each of 
    them.  There are also large panels on the walls.  Using force push, flip 
    around each of the wall panels (whenever you can exert a force power on 
    an object, your target reticle will have a blue swirl around it).  Now 
    that you can see all the symbols on the wall, move their corresponding 
    floor tablets so the correct icon lines up with the arrows at either 
    end of the room.  Once you have moved all of the tablets into the right 
    position, the exit door will open.
    Force Pull
    	Continue down the hallway and find the second power: force pull.  
    Move into the large room with the pool of water.  Kyle remarks that he 
    sees where to go, but is not sure how to get there.  To make it up to that 
    door near the top, head left and check out the wall.  There are ledges 
    that you can pull out using the force pull.  (Note: whenever you need to 
    use a particular force power, you need to either use the hotkey assigned 
    to it, or you may cycle through your available powers, just like with 
    your weapons.  Also, pay attention to your blue force meter in the bottom 
    right corner of the screen.  It will run out if you continually use force 
    powers, and you will need to stop and let it regenerate).  Once you have 
    pulled out all of the ledges and made it up to the door, do not go through 
    just yet.  to the right of the door, along the wall, are more ledges.  
    Pull these out and hop on to another ledge for the secret area.  You will 
    need to use the force pull to pick up the two goodies.  Now proceed back 
    down to the door, and go through to the next power.
    Force Speed
    	Pick up the force speed item, and then proceed forward toward the 
    crack in the far wall.  Drop down into the small hole.  you will go out 
    into a corridor with a small block on the floor next to one of the doors.  
    Step on it, then go in the next room.  You will see a very large tablet 
    on the ground.  Face the door and step on it.  You will see four doors 
    open in succession, all the way down the corridor.  Turn on force speed 
    and run to the end.  You'll see a small cage on a pedestal, but it will 
    rise up before you can reach it.  Walk up the ramp to find the final 
    power: force jump.
    Force Jump
    	Move outside the door, and you will be in the room where you 
    first started the trials.  You can now jump up on the gold colored ruins 
    to your right, in order to get up to that second level.  (Force Jump 
    does not need to be turned on or off; it is always active.  However, it 
    drains energy like the other powers).  once you're on the second level, 
    go through the center door, down the ramp through the next one, into a 
    room with a wooden bridge and a metal gate at the end.  Switch to Force 
    Pull, and target each of the four statue heads on the wall.  They will 
    start flowing water, causing the bridge to float up, and the gate to 
    rise.  Quickly switch to Force Speed, and run to the end.  If you crouch 
    while you jump underneath the gate, you should be fine.  Looking down the 
    stairs in the next section, the door appears to be broken.  However, the 
    wall to the right has a crack in it.  Use Force Push to break through, 
    then drop down in the hole.  Follow the passageway around to a tall room.  
    Turn left and notice the small block underneath the first U shaped 
    structure.  Use Force Push to drop the big U down.  It is now within 
    jumping distance.  Do the same thing to the net 2 U's, allowing you to 
    reach the top of the room.  Go through the door and head left.  You will 
    see a large floor block similar to the one you used for the Force Speed 
    trial.  Go around behind it and face the opening at the other end of the 
    corridor.  Turn on Force Speed, then run towards the opening, stepping on 
    the block as you go.  The block activates a moving platform that you need 
    to reach the next door.  It may take a few tries, but there is definitely 
    enough time to make the jump up to the next door.  You will now head 
    forward into the light saber room
    Light Saber
    	Your saber is in a cage at the top of the tall obelisk structure. 
     Move around it until you can see the four pegs on one side.  Use Force 
    Push on each of these to bring the cage down to eye level.  Turn around 
    and notice the ramp leading down.  There is a small area above this 
    ramp...go over and stand on the small ledge.  You will see that it moves 
    down when you stand on it, and also causes the cage holding your saber 
    to rise up.  Once you're at the bottom of the ramp, if you try to run up 
    and grab it, you'll be much to slow.  Hop back on the pedestal, and get 
    ready to use a combination of Force powers.  Have Force Speed selected 
    while you ride down.  As soon as you can run, turn it on and head toward 
    the saber.  While you're moving forward, switch to Force Pull.  You can 
    make it just in time to use your Force Pull to yank the saber from 
    underneath the cage.  It can be a bitch, but keep trying and you'll get 
    it.  Once you have the saber, check out your data pad for additional 
    force abilities.  You now have level one defense, offense, and throwing 
    ability.  Go to the door on the right side of the ramp.  Throw your 
    saber (alt fire) to cut the ropes holding up the two large rocks.  You 
    will encounter one final door with a new type of locking mechanism.  
    Just slash it with your saber and continue forward.  You will see a 
    cutscene between Kyle and Luke.  He gives you some tips on pursuing 
    Desann - Reelo Buruk, the owner of the ship Desann was using.  Luke 
    also warns Kyle of the dangers of wielding the force with anger, and 
    the responsibility of protecting the location of the Valley of the Jedi. 
     You will now proceed to Nar Shadaa to pursue Buruk in the hope of 
    tracking down clues.  
    Walkthrough for Level 8 (ns_streets)
    Force Powers Gained - None
    Bartenders and "Garbages"
    	Welcome to the world of honkin' big levels.  Yeah that's right, 
    I said honkin'.  You start out with no weapons drawn, and you're unable 
    to use any force powers.  This is to stay inconspicuous.  Head out 
    straight and then over to the left. Go through the rusty red door to get 
    into the bar.  After being searched by the two Rodians, walk over to 
    the center area to talk to the bartender, and sit through a little 
    cutscene.  He sets off an alarm that alerts a bunch of guys to come after 
    you...now you can whip out your saber and have some fun.  After killing 
    all the guys, go back to the door where you came in just to get your 
    bearings.  With your back to the door, the bar should be in front of you, 
    and there is a small alcove with a table in it.  Walk right over to the
    table and press the use key.  It will retract into the wall, opening a
    secret area with a few goodies.  Go back out into the bar and face with
    your back against the entrance again.  There is a doorway leading to a 
    room in the far left corner.  Go in there, and you will notice that 
    one of the cabinets along the wall can be moved using Force Push.  
    This reveals another secret, with some health canisters and ammo.  Grab 
    the stuff and then head up the ramp to an office overlooking the bar 
    area.  Climb up the stairs and hit the switch.  This lifts the security 
    shield that was hiding the bartender.  Go back down into the main area, 
    walk behind the bar, and hit the red switch on the column in the center.  
    You will see a cutscene showing Kyle interrogating the bartender, and he 
    tells you to follow the garbage collectors.  Move to the entrance door 
    again, with your back to it.  Look to the right, and you'll see a ramp 
    leading upward.  Follow it all the way to a different area of the bar's 
    second floor.  Go out the door that's directly above where you came in.  
    I suggest that here you should switch to the DXR-6 disruptor rifle...you 
    probably have picked it up by now.  It will be invaluable in this level, 
    because of it's scope and powerful charged beam.
    Outside, aka Sniper Heaven
    	Walk forward slowly, just enough so that the door opens.  Use 
    the scope (alt fire) to zoom in on the Gran in front of you across 
    the way, and zap him.  To your immediate left, out on the ledge, is a 
    Rodian.  Kill him, and then look slightly up and to the right.  Far 
    across on the building across the way, you will see three windows.  Snipe 
    in close and take out the two Rodians there.  Still by the doorway, 
    look to your immediate right to see a Gran up on a different ledge...
    same deal.....snipe 'n zap.  Move out on your ledge to the right, towards 
    the higher ledge where you just shot the Gran.  Walk carefully 
    forward, scanning that same ledge, until you can see another Rodian 
    waiting; snipe!  Head back to the left, past the door you just came out 
    of, and continue on the ledge around the corner.  Kill the few guys that 
    are there, and make your way across to the door on the other side 
    (underneath the 3 windows where you sniped the Rodians).  go through, 
    but don't  take the lift up to the second level just yet.  Look up 
    through the two holes in the floor...there should be a Gran peering 
    down through each of them.  Lob some grenades up at them, and then take 
    the lift up.  Here you'll find a few different enemies, and some goodies 
    on the floor.  From here, you can either go towards the doorway, where a 
    large crate is blocking your path, or head through the huge hole in the 
    wall, where you'll find a few health canisters.  Both ways actually lead 
    out to the same ledge, so it doesn't matter what order you explore in.  
    To get out on the ledge through the doorway, use Force Push to move the 
    block...it will knock a Rodian off the edge.  Once you move out on 
    this ledge, you'll notice a Rodian is firing at you from way across 
    the gap, a few levels up.  Move back into the room, use the walls for 
    cover, and snipe him.  Go back out on the platform, and jump to the 
    balcony to the left.
    A Few Good Snipers...
    	Go down to the bottom of the ramp and hide in the dark corner, 
    slashing anyone that comes by.  Peak out and across the way to snipe 
    any more Rodians that may have popped up.  Go up the ramp, all the 
    way to the top, and enter the door.  in this small room will be another 
    door, and a lift.  You can grab a health canister by going through the 
    door and straight down the ramp into a small area with a window.  Kill 
    the guys, and head right back up the ramp.  Now take the lift.  Walk 
    through the short hallway, but don't go back out into the open yet.  Do 
    you see the detonators on the little bridge?  They explode when you get 
    near them.  Inch forward enough so you set them off, then look down to 
    your left.  On a far away ledge is yet another Rodian.  Snipe his ass, 
    then jump over the broken section of the walkway to the larger structure.  
    Look way up to one of the highest levels and you should see one final 
    Rodian...take care of him, and you shouldn't have to worry about being 
    sniped anymore!  Now you need to get inside this big structure.  However, 
    the door is locked.  That's ok...stand on the steps by the door, and take 
    a few jumps to get up on the roof.  It's a bit tricky, but possible.  
    Break the glass and drop through, then push the blue button.  You'll see 
    a diagram showing a walkway just extended to the structure...go out the 
    door, and you'll see it on the side.
    More Fun Outside
    	Walk over the new plank, down the hallway and on the right, 
    you'll see a lift, but no button. Go through the next door and around 
    the corner to the boxes.  You must use Force Pull and Push to get the box 
    onto a large switch, which brings down the lift for you.  Get on the lift, 
    look back at the box you just moved, and use Force Push again to move it 
    off of the switch.  Up you go, and then move through the corridor and out 
    onto an open area with a switch on the right wall.  Pressing it will make 
    a ramp drop right behind you.  Move up the ramp all the way to the top, 
    but down go around the corner to the right.  Sneak forward along the right 
    wall, and peer to your left.  Take out the sniper on the far ledge.  Now, 
    sneak along the left wall, peering around to the right to take out 2 
    snipers.  You really have to zoom in to see both of them.  Now it's safe 
    to continue up the thin ramp.  It leads you up on a roof, with three 
    skylight windows and a Rodian.  Drop through any window and kill the 
    enemies inside.  If you look to the right out the window in this room, 
    you should see three guys firing at you from a hovercraft.  Kill them 
    all and it will start moving.  There is only one open door out of this 
    room; take it and ride the lift up.  Go out the door at the top, but 
    don't go out yet.  Kill the Gran in front of you, but try to stay 
    hidden.  Peek around to the right and snipe the Rodian across the gap.  
    The Secret Down Under, and the Secret Up Top
    Now you can continue along your ledge.  Follow it around, and be careful 
    of the Gran in the middle.  He will blow up a middle portion of the 
    walkway.  Don't jump over just yet though.  Continue around the ledge, 
    curving to the left and kill the Rodian at the end.  Now, look down at
    the thin walkways below you.  Waaaay down at the bottom, in the right
    corner, you'll see an ammo regen unit.  There is also a shield regen
    unit and a few other goodies.  That area counts as a secret, but be
    warned; going down there means you'll have to trek your way back through
    most of the level.  If you want to take the time, then just drop down, 
    moving from walkway to walkway.  I suggest dropping on top of the
    light over the doorway, then on top of the doorway itself, and then down
    to the walkway itself.  By going in these small steps, you won't lose
    any health.  Drop to the second walkway, and then you'll be a few hops
    away from the secret.  Notice that you are now near the ledge that leads
    by the 2nd floor bar entrance...go down on this ledge, and head all the 
    way back through the level, until you come to the blown-up bridge section.
    This time, hop over, then run straight to the wall and stop.  Notice the 
    sloped part of the building to your left?  Climb up all the way to the 
    top, then jump up to the high platform.  You'll find a secret stash of 
    goodies up there.  Go back down, retrace your steps to the lift and get 
    back into the room where you sniped the guys in the hovercraft.  
    Get Your Feet Dirty
    	Break the window on the right and jump out.  From here you can 
    make your way over to the hovercraft and jump on.  Leap off to the right 
    where you see the lift switch, then ride it up.  Be very careful of the 
    glass walkway in front of you.  It can break, and its wired with a 
    detonator.  After it explodes, make your way to the other side, and walk 
    forward to see a pool of water with arcs of electricity.  Avoid this for 
    now, and look left at the barrel in the corner.  Shoot it, and it will 
    blow out the wall.  Go through the hole, and then shoot the sparking 
    electrical pipes to burn them out.  The pipes by the water will no longer 
    be sparking either.  Go back out, and use Force Pull on the walkway to 
    extend it.  Go forward, and then jump up to the ledge on your left.  Kill 
    the enemy and then walk across on top of the glass walkway.  Jump over to
    the right for a secret area.  Move back across, and over to the small R5
    robot working on a switch.  Hit that button.  If you look down over the 
    edge, you'll see a long mechanical arm with yellow and black hazard 
    stripes on it.  Jump down, and Kyle makes a comment about the garbage 
    haulers in front of you.  Use Force Pull to bring the 2nd arm towards 
    you.  Jump to it, and then look ahead of you along the wall.  There are 
    a number of access panels, and one of them will be propped open.  This 
    leads to the last secret in the level.  Hop down into the garbage hauler, 
    and then hop into the vent when you pass by.  (Note - I have not been 
    able to do this personally, even after trying for a half an hour...if you 
    can do it, without cheating of course, please send me a message).  At the 
    top of the passage turn right, and then you will be able to go up an 
    additional ramp, or go a bit further and proceed downward in another area.  
    By going up the first ramp, you will retrieve some goodies and pop out over 
    the R5 unit you saw earlier.  By going down the other ramp, you will see an 
    explodable container with some health canisters by it.  Blowing up the 
    crate will feed you out right on to the garbage hauler you rode to find 
    this area in the first place.  Explore these passageways as much as you 
    like, but when you are done, get back on to the garbage hauler.  Switch 
    to Force Push as it starts moving.  After you pass the open hatch, it will 
    slow down as you come to a red and green light on the right side.  Use 
    Push on the light to change it to blue.  You'll keep moving and come up 
    on a 2nd light.  Do the same thing, and then the hauler will carry you on 
    to the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 9 (ns_hideout)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Jump Rank 2
    Investigating the 1st Dumpster
    	As soon as the level starts, look up to your left and you'll see 
    three tubes on the wall.  Jump up to these before the garbage hauler 
    moves any further.  From these tubes it's a short jump up to the first 
    secret area, where there are regen units for ammo and shields.  Hop down 
    from here, grabbing the health canister on the way.  Continue making your 
    way down until you get to the area with the black droid standing in the 
    corner.  Move past the droid and through the door, into the large garbage 
    processing room.  Turn right and follow the wall of the room.  Walk into 
    the first open door you come to (should be around the corner on the 
    right).  Shoot the explodable crate to break a hole in the wall, exposing 
    a secret area with a couple Rodians, a health canister, and an ammo 
    regen unit.  Now go back out into the big room, and continue along the 
    right wall.  Go through the next door, and you'll see a large glass 
    panel, and some crates stacked up.  Turn left and go to the edge of the 
    room.  Use Force Pull to move the crate, then jump over it and crouch 
    through the passageway.  Kill the Rodian on your left, then continue 
    right until you hit a large dumpster.  This dumpster is hiding the way 
    to the next area of the level.  Notice that you can use Force Push on it, 
    but there's something blocking it from the other side...another dumpster!  
    You'll have to go around and move the obstruction.  Make a mental note of 
    this location, and then go back out to the main room. 
    Jumping Puzzles/The Second Dumpster
    	Examine each of the four huge garbage compactors.  One of them 
    will have a chute on the side that is not blocked by a dumpster.  Jump 
    up inside it, and you'll see a small door on the opposite side, inside 
    the machine.  Wait for the crusher to raise up, then run across and 
    through the door.  Turn to your right, pick up the battery and then 
    proceed through the next door.  You will now be in a seemingly bottomless 
    room stacked with hundreds of crates.  Time for a short jumping puzzle...
    look over to the left and check out the other doorway on the ledge.  this 
    is where you want to end up.  Now, go to the end of your ledge, and drop 
    down to the box right below.  Look to the left, and jump to the stack of 
    green/brown boxes.  Turn, and jump on the stack of boxes with the white 
    cross.  From here, you should be able to jump to the other white cross 
    boxes that are against the wall.  Turn right, and jump down to the boxes 
    where the health canister is sitting.  Now, look up between the two tall 
    stacks of boxes and you should be able to see the ledge where you need 
    to end up.  Jump up in between the two tall stacks, then jump up three 
    more times and you should be right under the ledge.  A box on the end 
    is blocking your way up...use Force Pull and it will fly off.  Jump up 
    and proceed through the door.  Walk around the corridor, up the ramp, 
    and out across the platform stretching over the box room.  The doorway 
    on the other side leads to a downward ramp.  At the bottom is a short 
    passageway with a dumpster along the left area.  Force Pull it...you 
    have now made room to push that first dumpster.  
    Back through the Garbage Room
    	Go back to the bottomless box room, go across the walkway and 
    then just drop down to your left (this is where you came in).  Make 
    your way back up through the garbage machine, and then find the room 
    with the big glass window again.  Hop over the crate again, and crouch 
    to get back to the dumpster.  You can now push it, and it will reveal 
    an opening on the right.  Don't step on the conveyor belt, just move to 
    the left side of it.  Walk forward until you can see a switch through 
    the window.  Use Force Push, and it will open the door.  Jump over, kill 
    the Rodian, and then go down the hallway.  Walk all the way until 
    the next open area, where you'll find three holes in the floor above you, 
    with Grans dropping grenades.  Take them out and continue onward.  In 
    the next hallway you'll pass by three Rodians shooting you from behind 
    security posts.  It's pretty easy to snipe all three.  Go up the ramp with 
    the Gran at the top and head right.  You'll pass by a small ledge 
    overlooking a room with boxes to your right, and a ramp the continues 
    upward in front of you.  Don't drop down yet.  Continue up the ramp a 
    few steps, and on the right wall will be a breakable grate.  Shoot it and 
    climb straight to the bars at the end.  Below will be a Rodian and an 
    explodable container that blows out a wall.  Once you've done this, climb 
    out of the crawlspace and jump down into the room with the boxes.  There 
    are a couple enemies here, and some goodies as well.  Go through the door 
    and you'll see you're in the area where the first secret was, but to your 
    immediate left is the hole that the container just made.  Continue 
    through the next door, and Kyle will remark that Reelo seems to have a 
    lot of firepower for just a bunch of garbage.  You can either go down a 
    ramp to your left, or use your saber to open the locked door on the 
    right.  The door just leads out to the big garbage room again, so take 
    the ramp.  
    	Through the door will be two large cargo doors.  The one on the 
    left opens, and you can go through, past the two blue holding cells, and 
    then watch a cutscene between Kyle and Lando Calrissian.  He explains a 
    little more of the story, and asks for your help.  Go back the way you 
    came, out the big door and up the ramp.  Ignore the door with the saber 
    lock, and go through the right door to get back to the exploded wall you 
    came through.  Take the door to your right back into the box room, hop 
    up and go up to the top of the ramp.  The door there leads out to the 
    walkway above the big garbage room. Make your way through the enemies 
    to the windowed seurity station in the corner.  A lift will take you 
    down, and then you can go inside and check out the "secuity eye".  It 
    prompts you for a password, Kyle says the one that Lando told him, and 
    the door opens.  Up the short stairs is a lift.  Take it up to the next 
    area and continue through this new hallway.  The end of it looks like a 
    dead end, but its actually another lift that takes you down to a set of 
    bars and a few enemies on the other side.  Use your saber to get through 
    the bars, and kill the enemies.  On the left will be a corridor with 
    moving ceiling turrets.  At the end are a few guys blocking a red and 
    green switch.  Use Force Push to hit it, but don't go through the door 
    yet.  Go down the other leg of the corridor to kill the six Rodians, 
    and continue to the end of the passage to find an ammo regen unit.  Now, 
    go back and find the door that you just opened.  Through there is a room 
    with a health canister and a shield regen unit.  Collect what you need 
    and then go through the next door.  
    Showdown with Buruk?  Think Again
    	You'll see a cutscene of Kyle meeting Reelo Buruk.  
    Unfortunately you don't get to fight him yet.  After the scene, five 
    turrets above you will activate, and six or seven enemies will come out 
    of a door to your right.  Once you're done with them, Rodians will 
    run out of the doors in the front of the room.  Kill them and go up the 
    ramp behind either door; they both lead to Reelo's office.  There is a 
    button at his desk...use Force Push to open a secret area behind you.  
    Move forward and hit the red button on the console in front of the window.  
    You see a quick cutscene of Lando escaping, and the floor out in the main 
    room will open, exposing a lift.  Go down the ramp and ride it down.  
    Take the door out of this room to meet up with Lando.  Watch the cutscene, 
    then follow him out to the end of the level.
    Walkthrough for Level 10 (ns_starpad)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Speed Rank 2, Mind Trick Rank 1
    Searching for the Control Center
    	Go out into the room, kill the Gran then follow Lando to the 
    lift.  At the top, keep following him until you get to the window 
    overlooking his ship.  He'll stay there, and will tell Kyle to find the 
    flight control center and open the hangar roof doors.  Go back down the 
    corridor and take the lift to the room you first entered.  The door on 
    your right will be open. Go through the hallway and out into the room 
    with the big pit.  Kill the few enemies here and continue onward.  
    You'll have to use your light goggles to get through this room.  The 
    exit leads you outside, where you'll be spending most of your time.  
    Head over to the walkway far ahead of you, on the left.  Snipe the 
    Rodian, and then proceed down the walkway, taking the door at the 
    end, on your right.  Clear out the next room and continue around the 
    corridor until you reach a door at the end, across from a window.  Sneak 
    a look up out the window; there is a Rodian waiting to zap you.  Go 
    through the door and out on to a new walkway.  Kill the Gran in front 
    of you and then look up to the left at the turrets shooting you.  Take 
    them out and then jump up to them.  There are a number of guys in this 
    room.  Grab the two health canisters and continue through the left 
    hallway.  This will lead you to a juncture with a door in front, to the 
    left, and to the right.  Go straight, kill the Rodian and hit the 
    button.  Lando radios in to say he now has access to the starpad.  Head 
    out of the room, and with your back facing the corridor you came from, 
    take the door on the right.  Go down the ramp and check out the large 
    building in front of you, on the other walkway (the one with the two 
    large pipes leading into it).  This is the hangar.  Move around the 
    walkways, following the hangar perimeter all the way around until you 
    can go in the big entrance.  You'll meet up with Lando, and then fend 
    off a large attack.  Lando tells you to hold them off while he tries to 
    start the ship.  Once they're all dead, join Lando inside the ship and 
    he'll give you two objectives; fix the fuel lines to the ship, and find 
    the controls for the roof doors.
    Open Sesame
    	First, look around the hangar.  On the left and right side of the 
    ship, next to the walls, are two breakable floor grates.  One is very 
    obvious, the other is covered by a crate.  Take the one with the crate 
    first.  Use Force Push to move it, and then break the grate and crawl 
    down.  At the end of the passageway, look up and you'll see another grate 
    above your head.  Break through and jump up to kill the enemies in this 
    room.  There are five switches here; hit them all, and Lando radios you 
    to say one of the doors has opened.  Crawl back out through the passageway 
    and into the hangar, then run across to the other side.  Break the floor 
    grate by the red fuel tanks, climb through and you'll get to a room 
    exactly like the one before.  Kill the guys and hit the five switches to 
    open the other roof door.  Climb back through the passageway and go out 
    into the hangar again.
    Fill 'er Up
    	Look at the two fuel hoses connected to the ship.  There is an 
    icon on each block...a yellow one for the blue hose, and a blue one for 
    the red hose.  Study these icons, and then head outside the hangar.  
    Remember when you first saw the hangar from the outside, and there were 
    those two big pipes leading into it?  That's where you need to go now.  
    Take the walkway around the hangar's perimeter (either way will get you 
    there).  You should see the large fuel tank right by the hangar, and it 
    has two panels on top.  Jump up on the pipes and change the two icons on 
    the display until they match the ones you just saw by the hoses.  once 
    you get them set, Lando lets you know that the ship is set.  Jump down 
    from the fuel tank and follow the walkway back to the hangar entrance.  
    Go back up in the ship to Lando, where you'll see a cutscene of Reelo 
    and his thugs starting to fire on the ship.  Lando tells you to use the 
    gun to take them out.  The button for it is on the wall to your left.  
    It's pretty easy to finish them off, and once you're done, the ship can 
    take off. Watch the cutscene and you're off to level 11.  
    Walkthrough for Level 11 (bespin_undercity)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Heal Rank 1, Force Push Rank 2, Force Pull Rank 2
    Out of the Frying Pan...
    	You begin at the bottom of a long shaft, with four breakable 
    grates around the outside.  You need to break one of the grates and 
    climb in to a large lift, but be careful.  The lift goes up and down by 
    itself, and as its coming down to your level, it creates large gusts of 
    air that blow out of those grate openings.  If you wait for the lift 
    while crouching right in front of the hole, you'll get blown off into 
    oblivion.  Wait on either side, listen for the sound of the lift coming, 
    and you will have plenty of time to avoid the wind and still make it on 
    the lift.  Once at the top, kill the guys and then check out the ceiling
    of the area above the lift.  You should see a small opening.  When the
    lift comes back up, you will be able to get up to that secret area by
    jumping from one of the triangular shaped structures at the base of the
    lift.  Once you've collected the goodies up there, drop back down and
    check out the door.  It will only open when the lift is all the way at 
    the top (you'll see the light over the door change from orange to white).  
    Go through and you'll see two diverging corridors.  They will both lead 
    to the same room at the end, but the corridor on the left has an 
    additional area.  Kill the enemies advancing toward you, take the left 
    corridor, and ride the lift that's around the corner.  It takes you up 
    to a small hangar with a red shuttle and a bunch of guys.  Jump up onto 
    each of the cockpits on the shuttle, and then hop over to the small 
    ledges on each side for some goodies.  Once you're done, take the lift 
    back down and go in the door around to your left.  This room has some 
    more enemies, and a small gnome-type guy at a console.  Don't fool with 
    him just yet.  Over in the right corner of the room is a lift.  Take it 
    up and you'll find another small hangar, just like the one you were in 
    before.  Kill the guys, jump up for the goodies, and head back down to 
    the room with the gnome guy.  
    ...and into the Fire
    	You can use the Mind Trick on the gnome guy to get him to push 
    the button on the console, or just kill him and push it yourself =).  
    Notice that hitting the button will open the door to that room with the 
    flames, but it does not stay open for long.  wait until the flames stop, 
    hit the button, and then use Force Speed to run through.  Use your saber 
    to open the lock and get out before the flames come back. Go up the lift 
    and you'll find a shield regen unit at the top.  Peek around each corner 
    of the door to snipe the Rodians waiting outside.  Now walk through 
    and check out the shaft.  You'll notice that every so often, a red 
    forcefield appears inside the ring.  You have to walk across this...if 
    you try to walk around the ring, you'll get fried.  Use Force Speed, 
    and run straight across the next time the field turns on.  Ride the 
    little lift up to the next ring, and then use Force Speed again to go 
    across.  Keep doing this until you reach the top level.  Wait for the 
    field to turn on at the top, then run over to the door on the left.  
    Through here is a health canister and another lift.  Go up, use the 
    shield regen unit if needed, and head out to the next room.
    Peter Pan
      	Dispatch the few guys in here, and look around.  There are three 
    tubes in the wall that have breakable grates in front of them.  Smash 
    the one to the left of the door, walk in and you'll be blown up to the 
    next level.  Once on the platform, you'll see gusts of air to your right.  
    Walk forward and you'll be lifted up to the next platform.  Repeat this 
    until you get all the way to the top, killing the guys on the platforms 
    as you go.  At the top, you'll see a small cutscene, where you'll meet a 
    Reborn jedi for the first time.  He'll jump over and start to attack you.  
    A bit of strategy advice here: whenever fighting a jedi, you pretty much 
    have to use your saber.  However, switch to Force Speed and use it while 
    fighting.  You'll be able to avoid their attacks and finish them quite 
    easily.  Once the Reborn jedi is killed, ride the little gust of air over 
    to the platform where the jedi came from.  Kill the Rodians, fill up 
    on the ammo regen unit, and proceed down the hallway.  You'll find a door 
    at the end, with a shield regen unit next to it.  Through the door there 
    is another Reborn Jedi waiting.  Use the technique described before, and 
    go up the stairs and out the door.  Waste the three Rodians, and check 
    out the droid behind the glass panel.  Push the orange button to let him 
    out.  Follow the droid on to the lift, and you'll move on to the next 
    Walkthrough for Level 12 (bespin_streets)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Grip Rank 1
    Droid Babysitting
    	Head straight from the lift and jump onto the ledge with the two 
    health canisters.  Open the door, but don't go through...there's a few 
    tripmines inside.  Destroy them with a detonator and proceed through.  
    Kill the enemy, and pick up a new gun, the imperial heavy repeater. Flip 
    the orange switch on the console (hard to see at first...it has a small 
    triangle on it).  This lowers the lift outside that the droid is waiting 
    by.  Hurry back out to the droid, and be sure to have Force Pull
    selected.  Once he opens the door, pull him away so he doesn't go
    through.  The reason for this (as you can probably see) is that there
    are several tripmines lining the hallway ahead of you, plus several 
    enemies outside on a ledge.  Force Pull the droid far enough away from 
    the door so that you can crouch in the middle of the doorway and block 
    him from going through.  Hit the first mine with the alt-fire on your 
    new repeater gun, and then switch to the rifle to snipe about 6 or 7 more.  
    If you creep forward slowly, you should also be able to snipe the 4
    enemies to your right, up on the ledge.  Once this is done, you can 
    destroy any remaining mines with the repeater's alt fire or some frag 
    grenades, clearing the way for the droid.  Go through the door at the end, 
    into a room with 2 TIE fighters and a bunch of enemies.  Remember, you 
    still have to protect the droid.  While you're wasting the guys, the 
    droid will make its way over to a switch on the wall, next to a door.  
    This opens a secret area.  The droid will retire back into a little 
    compartment, while you can fill up using the ammo regen unit inside.  
    Walk back out when you're done, and take the other door out of the TIE 
    	This new room has a bunch of gray storage units and two doors.  
    A bunch of enemies will come out of the door on the left side, and after 
    killing them, you should move over to the right and go through the door 
    with the saber-lock.  You will now be in a large area with two red 
    shuttlepod craft.  Go through the door on your left, kill the guys in 
    this room, then go back out into the bay to finish off the rest.  As 
    soon as you make our way to the door at the other end, a Reborn jedi 
    will jump down and attack.  You may wish to adjust your strategy for the
    Reborn jedi, now that you have the Imperial heavy repeater.  One or two 
    shots in alt-fire mode will destroy them quite easily.  However, many
    of the Reborn may use Force Push to throw the attack back at you.  
    Overcome this by luring them into throwing their saber, and then use the
    alt-fire.  After you kill this one, the door next to you will be unlocked.  
    Go through and listen to a short conversation with one of the friendly 
    city security officers.  Proceed through the next door.  
    Help from the locals
    	Going through the door, you'll pass a checkpoint, and move out 
    on to a street.  Kill the various enemies while moving down the street 
    to your left.  Turn left again by the red craft, and head down the 
    street to help the security officers who are pinned down by an enemy in 
    a turret gun.  Kill the gunner and hop in if you can, and finish off the 
    remaining forces.  Head through the door on the left, into a large bay 
    with a lift on the far wall.  The security officers will remain in the 
    bay, shooting up at the enemies on the ledge.  Take the lift up, and go 
    around the ledge to the right.  Take a left where the ledge forks, and 
    then left again. Continue on, moving back above the street you were just 
    fighting on. You should come to a door at the end of the ledge.  Inside, 
    there is a door to your immediate left, with a lounge that has a shield 
    regen unit.  Use it, then go back out into the room and take the other 
    door, leading to a hallway.  The room at the end of the hallway will 
    have a door on the left with a saber-lock, and a door on the right 
    which leads out to another ledge.  Open the saber lock to let out 2 
    security officials, then go through the other door.  You'll have to 
    wade through a bunch of enemies on this ledge, making your way around 
    until you are looking over a large black pit.  There should be a lift 
    at the end of your ledge, on the left.  Take it down, walk around the 
    pit to the lift on the other side.  Take it up, then get over to the 
    door on this new ledge.  Wipe out the guys in the room, and press the 
    orange switch on the wall.  This opens the large cargo door right by 
    the pit.  Go back down the lift and through the big doorway.
    Washington Monument
    	In this new area, you should see two statues that look like the 
    washington monument.  A Reborn jedi is waiting behind each of them.  Get 
    ready to use your Force Speed again, and waste 'em.  After this, walk up 
    the ramp and take the lift to your right.  Move around the ledge and get 
    ready to cross the bridge.  Walk slowly...after you get to a certain 
    point, a bunch of tripmines will activate and enemies will appear on the 
    other side.  Use detonators or the alt-fire on the repeater to set them 
    off, and then proceed over the bridge.  Go around the ledge to the right 
    and look down.  There will be two Rodians waiting, and a small pool 
    of water along the wall.  Jump down into the water to break your fall, 
    kill the 2 guys, and proceed through the door.  Walk slowly down this 
    hallway and be ready to snipe a Rodian that is waiting up on a high 
    ledge over to the right.  Continue down the hallway until you reach the 
    door at the end.  Be ready for a couple Rodians and some old 
    friends...four stormtroopers.  The small room across from the stairs has 
    an ammo regen unit, and the other small room has a shield regen unit.  
    Go through the door and stand on the lift.  You'll hear a stormtrooper 
    leaving some of the Rodians behind.  Go up the lift, and clear the 
    room at the top.  To your right is a door with a lock, and straight ahead 
    is a door leading outside to a landing bay.  Go out this door and be 
    ready to deal with a Reborn jedi and two imperial officers.  Once 
    they're all dead, snag the officer's key and go back through the locked 
    door, on to level 13.
    Walkthrough for Level 13 (bespin_platform)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Lightning Rank 1, Lightsaber Defense Rank 2
    Alt-Fire Their Asses
    	After walking a few steps forward, a Reborn jedi will drop down 
    on top of you.  Do the usual routine...speed and slash, then move to the 
    door at the end.  You will see a bunch of stormtroopers further down in 
    the room, and two tripmines blocking your path.  There are two doors 
    along the left wall, and two along the right.  Notice that the ones on 
    the right have a lock by them.  use the repeater's alt fire on the mines, 
    and then go in the room to your immediate left.  Kill the two troopers 
    and the officer, and grab some ammo on the shelf.  Return out into the 
    hallway, and kill the troopers in the large area.  You'll pick up a new 
    weapon here.  You'll see a lift to the right, a door in front of you, 
    and one on the left as well.  These both lead to the same area, so just 
    take the one straight ahead.  You will see a whole bunch of tripmines 
    blocking your path up ahead.  One well placed energy charge from the 
    repeater's alt-fire will clear them all out.  Destroy the floor-mounted 
    turret here as well.  Continue around the corner and snipe the floor 
    turret at the far end of the hallway. 
    C3P0 and R2-D2!
    	Now go through the door to your right.  You'll encounter a number
     of troopers here.  Grab the two health canisters on top of the yellow 
    crates, then head under the stairs to hear c3Po and R2-D2 make a few funny 
    comments.  There is a secret area behind them....crouch under and collect
    the goodies.  Go up the stairs and take the ledge around to the left and 
    through the door.  in this room, kill the imperial officer and take his 
    security key.  Go out of the room with your two favorite droids =) take a 
    left, and go back to the area with the lift and the 2 doors.  Go on the 
    lift, but don't push the button yet.  Look up, and you'll see two tripmines.  
    Snipe them, and then ride up.  In the next hallway there are four 
    stormtroopers.  Waste them and continue along to the end.  A hover droid 
    will break through the ceiling...take care of it with a saber throw.  
    Unlock the door, and get ready for a Reborn jedi on the other side.  Kill 
    him and the troopers in this room, then look out the window.  If you zoom 
    in, you can see Desann's apprentice, that little bitch that killed Jan!  
    Hit the orange switch, head out of the room into the hallway again, and 
    kill the troopers that have appeared.  Take the lift down (the button is 
    next to the door, if you need to bring it back up), and get ready for a 
    whole mess of troopers.  After they're dead, head through the right door, 
    past C3P0's room, to the door with the six green lights along the bottom.  
    Go through the door and you'll see a cutscene between the apprentice and 
    Kyle.  She explains how Desann followed him to the Valley of the Jedi, 
    and has been converting his troops into the Reborn jedi you've been 
    fighting.  After the scene is over, you must get to fight her.
    Strategy for Apprentice
    	She uses a lightsaber...so what should you do?  That's right, go 
    back to the trusty Force Speed + lightsaber combo.  There is a health 
    canister in one of the tunnels on the lower level if you need it.  She 
    will take a considerable number more hits to defeat, and she uses some 
    new moves that the Reborn could not do.  You will likely experience the 
    Force Grip, which slowly drains your health.  If she does this to you, 
    switch to your Force Push to break her hold.  Other than that, just keep 
    using Force Speed to avoid her attacks, and get some hits in of your own.  
    She will fall after you defeat her, but does not die.  Another cutscene 
    will start, with Kyle using Force Grip to hold her over the black pit.  
    She breaks down and explains that Jan is not dead!  They are holding her 
    on an asteroid base in the Lenico belt.  Kyle spares her life, and takes 
    the hauler to the base.  On the way he tells Lando to let Luke know about 
    Desann's invasion of the valley.
    Walkthrough for Level 14 (cairn_bay)
    Force Powers Gained - Lightsaber Throw Rank 2, Lightsaber Offense - Fast 
    NOTE: This is the first time your saber offense level is upgraded.  
    Until now, you've only had the medium style to use.  to switch to a 
    different saber style, push the default "L" key.  The half-circle bar 
    on you hud will change color.  Basically, this new style is good for 
    light attacks but endless combos.
    Reborn Attack!
    	You start off in a large bay, next to the hauler.  Get ready, 
    because there are troopers patrolling close by.  Kill the four that 
    attack you, and make sure to get the four more up on the walk way.  
    There are two rooms on the side of the bay, each with various supplies 
    and a door in the corner.  Go in the room on the left, and through the 
    door.  This next small section will have a door around the corner, and 
    another up a short ramp, by the security monitor on the wall.  go up to 
    this door, and you'll hear two troopers talking about all the trouble 
    you caused way back on kejim post =).  Don't go through this door yet.  
    Go through the other one around the corner.  You'll see Luke drop down 
    and slash a trooper.  He and Kyle have a small cutscene together, while 
    walking out into the next large bay.  There will be a sudden attack, so 
    be prepared for some troopers and four Reborn jedi.  After you're done, 
    Luke tells you to continue searching for the Doomgiver, the ship Jan's 
    being held on.  
    Hard to Breathe?
    	This new bay is laid out almost exactly like the one you started 
    in...you came up through the small room on the right during the cutscene.  
    Face the walkway, and go into the door on the left.  you'll go up 
    through a long corridor, encountering a few troopers along the way.  At 
    the top is a room with a few officers and troopers.  Kill them, grab the 
    key, and then look at the panel by the window.  One of the buttons has a 
    different pattern...click it, and watch one of the best moments in the 
    game: a security forcefield deactivating and a whole cargo bay full of 
    stormtroopers screaming as they fly out into space.  Turn around and use 
    the shield regen unit, open the supply crate and pick up a portable 
    sentry unit, then press the other two switches on both side of the wall.  
    These turn on the lifts in the big bay you just emptied out =).  Move 
    back down the hallway, across the cargo bay full of crates, and through 
    the opposite door.  There will be a few troopers waiting for you as you 
    go along.  Once through the door, you will be in the same small section 
    where you heard the troopers making remarks about the kejim incident.  
    Go through the door by the display, and you will be in the large bay you 
    just saw through the window.  This is the central area that all three 
    similar bays connect to; you can see the three humongous doors leading 
    to them.  Take out the troopers on the top of each lift, then take the 
    one on the left.  At the top of the lift, turn around to face the bay,
    and check out the two large ventilation ducts hanging from the ceiling 
    in front of you.  Jump to the first one, and then over to the second one.
    Turn to the wall while standing on the second duct, and slash it with 
    your saber.  You will expose a secret area with a portable sentry and a
    few other goodies.  Now, hop back over to the top of the lift, and head
    inside the control room.
    	This room has four officers and two more troopers...be sure to 
    get the supply key.  Move over to the console on the far left side of the
    room.  Hit the dark red panel first...this lights up a section, and if 
    you look down in the bay, one of the doors now has white lights instead 
    of red ones.  If you cycle through this panel, you'll see the lights for 
    each bay change color.  All you're doing here is effectively unlocking 
    one bay.  Make sure the bay on the right is unlocked, then move to the 
    panel at the other end of the room.  This will open whichever door has 
    been unlocked by the first console...in your case, the right one.  
    You will see a few troops inside, standing around a large white ship.  
    The large doors don't stay open for very long, so take the lift down and 
    run through.
    Playing in the Vents
    	Take care of the guys in around the ship and the ones above you.  
    In the room to the left there is a supply crate with a shield booster.  
    Now, go out to the ship and jump up on the cockpit.  From here you can 
    jump on the platform above you.  Both doors up here are locked, but 
    that's ok.  Look up and blast the breakable grate covering the vent, 
    and jump in.  Walk ahead and turn right at the first intersection.  
    There should be a blue forcefield on the floor.  Push the switch on the 
    wall to turn it off, and drop down.  Kill the Reborn jedi ahead of you, 
    and then walk forward and to the right, down a long passage.  Turn left 
    at the end, and deactivate this second floor forcefield.  Drop down, and 
    with your back to the blue panel, take the hallway on your right.  This 
    leads to another forcefield.  Drop down and you will see yet another one 
    blocking a breakable grate.  Drop down through the grate and handle the 
    troopers and officers, picking up another key in the process.  This new 
    room will have two windowed security booths on each side.  The one on the 
    left also has a forcefield type switch around the corner...make sure it's 
    red, as this will deactivate the three ceiling turrets in the next room.  
    Go down the ramp and through the door you just opened.  
    Fun with Turbolifts
    	This room has a number of turbolift doors, and only one of them 
    is open.  Fill up on the ammo regen unit to your left, and then go to 
    the far end of the room for a supply crate containing a seeker drone.  
    When you're done, hop in the open turbolift shaft.  You'll be able to 
    see a red tunnel with a breakable grate above your head.  Jump up 
    through, and notice that there is an active turbolift moving up and 
    down.  Wait for the lift to pass by, and then jump on top.  One floor 
    above the vent you crawled out of, there is a green-lit area for you 
    to jump to.  This leads to another shaft.  Jump on the lift here, and 
    then look for an open doorway while you're riding.  It's tricky to 
    balance on, but move forward on to the ledge of this doorway, and then 
    jump across to the other shaft.  Walk through to one more shaft, where 
    you'll see a turbolift with a broken roof, drop down inside.  Wait until 
    it gets to the bottom, then walk into the door for the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 15 (cairn_assembly)
    Force Powers Gained - Mind Trick Rank 2, Force Grip Rank 2
    Mind Trick, anyone?
    	As you walk out of the shaft, you'll be immediately greeted with 
    turrets and a bunch of troopers.  I recommend taking out the turrets 
    first with saber throws.  Now, notice that the only door out of this 
    room is locked.  Look through the security booth window, and mind trick 
    the officer.  He'll walk over and open the door.  Move to the next door, 
    and go out into the observation room.  Kill the two officers and the 
    troopers, and go up the lift on your right.  In the control room at the 
    top, kill the guards, use the shield regen unit if needed, and hit the 
    button on the console array.  ride the lift back down, and go through 
    the door up the small ramp.  Take this lift down and go out into the 
    maintenance area.  Clear out the troops, and hop up on the tall stack 
    of boxes.  From here you'll be able to get to the first platform on 
    the structure in the middle. Jump on the second platform, and look at 
    the ledge on one side of the room.  See the breakable grate? Hop on 
    the rail that is closest to the ledge, and get over to through the 
    grate.  inside this small room, you need to destroy the four electric 
    generators.  This causes a bunch of explosions back in the bay, and will 
    blow up a cargo door at the bottom.  Make your way back down through this 
    door, and into the next room.
    Hot Feet
    	Clear out the five or six troops here, then go up the walkway to 
    the door on the right.  Take out the enemies in this control room, and 
    then check out the security camera display on the left.  Cycle through 
    and you'll see Admiral Fyaar talking to a Reborn Jedi.  Continue out of 
    this room, down the short hallway to another area, where you're greeted 
    by more troopers and a floor turret.  After you finish them, take the 
    door on the left, at the bottom of the ramp.  There is an electric field 
    covering the entire floor in this next room.  I found it best to snipe 
    all the enemies you can see, and then jump from box to box without any 
    distractions.  Make your way around the large vessel in the middle of 
    the room, and then jump inside the open section.  Take the lift up to 
    the top level, then climb outside one of the windows where you'll be 
    able to drop down on the walkway.  Walk around and use the ammo regen 
    unit.  If you stand on top of this, you can jump up on top of the 
    security booth, and open the supply crate for another seeker drone.  
    Go inside the booth, press the two red buttons, then ride the lift back 
    down to the floor.  you can now safely walk across the floor and go 
    through a cargo bay door.  Kill the three troopers in here, and advance 
    to the next bay.  
    Good God, Peacock Robots!
    	Same situation here, more troopers to deal with, as well as a 
    turret.  Go up the walkway on the right and into the next room.  You will 
    be blocked by six tripmines.  Detonate them, walk through, and you'll 
    hear the admiral radioing the station, wondering where all of his troops 
    went =).  Continue through to the right, and down the lift.  Go to the 
    supply shelf if you need to, and then out the door.  You'll go out into 
    another large bay, where two Reborn Jedi are waiting.  Take care of them 
    and move through the cargo doors to the left.  in the next room, two 
    giant robots will explode out of some crates...I call them peacock robots, 
    because well, the have long legs and parts that resemble a feather plume.  
    Whatever.  They might take a while to beat.  When you're done, look to the
    right of the crates, along the wall and under the walkway.  There is a 
    grate in the corner...break it and grab the goodies for a secret. Go up the 
    walkway above you, through the door, and face another Reborn Jedi.  
    Proceed through the door and walk toward the lift.  Before you go up, 
    listen and you'll hear an officer berating one of the rookie troopers.  
    Go up and clear the next area, and open the supply crate for a portable 
    assault sentry.  Move to the ramp and out the doorway on the left.  The 
    next area has a couple troopers and a bunch of officers...make sure you 
    grab two supply keys.  Hit the red switch at the end, then head back out 
    of the room to face a Reborn Jedi.  Go down the lift, out the door and 
    into the room where you faced the two robots.  Another Reborn Jedi is 
    waiting.  Slice through him, go through the cargo doors to the next bay 
    where you'll greet two more Reborn Jedi.  go forward toward the assault 
    ship, and then take care of the AT-ST.  Go past the ship to the left, 
    through the giant doors.  In this next room you have to kill six 
    troopers and 2 floor turrets.  Climb up the stairs at the end and raid 
    the supply shelves, and then drop down underneath the stairs, where 
    there are a whole bunch of tripmines.  There are regen units on each end 
    of this section.  Set off the mines, get to the middle of the passage, 
    and then drop down in the hole to finish the level.
    Walkthrough for Level 16 (cairn_reactor)
    Force Powers Gained - None
    Beams o' Death
    	You'll see a Reborn Jedi in front of you.  Start shooting him, 
    and he'll advance toward you, probably getting zapped by one of the green 
    energy beams.  Walk forward, avoiding the beams, until the passage stops.  
    You'll need to go right down the next section, and through a door on the 
    left.  However, to get around the beam firing in the passage, use Force 
    Speed as soon as there is a gap.  At the end of the next hallway is a 
    Reborn jedi.  Finish him, and then look at the next section of the 
    passage.  You need to do the opposite of what you just did...use Force 
    Speed again, but head left and turn right into the passage.  A Reborn 
    Jedi will pop out once you turn the corner.  To navigate past these next 
    beams, shoot each of the pink crystals.  The one in the middle will blast 
    a hole in the wall.  Move over to it, but be careful, there's another 
    beam in this hallway with a slower cycle.  Force Speed-run to the right, 
    and halfway down there is a small section on the right with a dead jedi 
    and two health kits.  Continue down the long hallway you were just in, 
    hang a right at the end, and then take another right, into a small room 
    with four beams firing outward.  Hit the red switch, and all the lasers 
    will stop.  Head back down the passage you came from, to the hole that 
    you climbed through.  To do this, face your back to the switch, and head 
    down the passage that has a left turn.  Take this left, make one more 
    left turn, and you'll be in the long hallway again.  Right when you're 
    by the hole, another Reborn Jedi will drop from the ceiling.  When he's 
    dead, hop up on the pipes where he dropped from.  Continue hopping up 
    the pipes, and move out into a room with a central shaft and thin 
    platforms fanning out from it.  You need to hop up from one to the other, 
    but there are lasers shooting above each one.  Time your jumps, and once 
    you're at the top, one of the planks will have a door above it.  Move 
    through and kill the four guards, then progress forward into the energy 
    core shaft.  
    Heh heh, Shaft
    	This is an extremely long room, with three walkways on each side; 
    a top, middle, and bottom one.  Go right, and drop down to the middle 
    walkway, using the pipes.  Walk through to the next section of the shaft, 
    and drop down on the pipes to make your way across to the left side.  
    Jump on the middle walkway to continue through.  There is a supply shelf 
    and three troops on the ground in the next small section...don't drop down 
    unless you really have to; it's a pain to get back up.  Again, walk across 
    the pipes to the right side of the shaft, and jump up on the small ledge 
    on the passageway.  Go around this short little tunnel and back out to 
    the shaft.  Again, the pipes are your friends...walk across to the left 
    side again and jump up to a similar passage.  Wait here a moment and 
    listen to the troopers bitching about the Reborn.  Walk around, waste 'em, 
    and look into the final section of the shaft.  At the end, there are 
    three security areas with troopers behind them.  Don't worry, you'll be 
    able to locate them because they'll be shooting at you out of the window 
    slots.  Snipe them, and then look out at the station to closest to you, 
    by the wall.  See the two curved pipes underneath it?  Jump down and 
    then head on up to them.  Hop up into the hole above your head, and kill 
    any troopers you might have missed.
    Shaft part 2
    	Head out the door, and onto the next platform, where you'll see 
    more of the shaft.  Kill the guys here, then jump down on it.  You can 
    walk on the shaft itself, but those large rotating blades are 
    electrified.  Make your way forward, and halfway through you'll fight a 
    Reborn Jedi.  At the end, you'll have to kill four troopers and three 
    floor turrets.  Hop up on the ledge they were on, and continue through 
    the next two doors into the next area.  Kill the big robot, and snipe 
    the four troopers shooting you from above.  Look to your left...there 
    is a supply crate.  Go to the right, kill the guards and take the lift 
    down to kill the officer and grab his key.  If you want the portable 
    assault sentry that's back in that crate, go back up the lift and grab 
    it now.  Move back down to the platform with the button on the end, but
    DO NOT push it!  Take a look around the edge of the large chamber, and
    you'll see a large number of clamps.  If you press the button, the
    platform will move around along those clamps.  The trouble is, halfway 
    through, 2 rocket-wielding stormtroopers will appear and start blasting
    you to pieces!  You can avoid triggering the troopers entirely by simply
    hopping along the clamps by yourself.  Of course, if you really feel
    like getting blasted off the wall and falling into oblivion, then by all
    means, take the platform. :-)  Regardless of how you do it, once you're
    on the other side, take out the guy hiding behind the computer console.   
    Ride the lift up and you'll be greeted by three troopers.  Go out the 
    door and across the small bridge, where you'll have to dispatch a few
    more troopers.  Once you get to the door past the bridge, go around 
    either side of this wide ledge to get some goodies.  Head back to the 
    door and go through to the next area.
    Fun with Lifts
    	In here you will see two small lifts on either side that move 
    down, and a larger one on the opposite end that goes up.  Go around and 
    take the lift that goes up.  Kill the four officers on this level and hit 
    the red button.  notice that there is a locked door.  Take the large lift 
    back down, then ride one of the smaller lifts to the lower level.  Clear 
    the area, scope out the supply crate if you want, then ride the larger 
    lift here down to another area.  Kill the Reborn Jedi and the four 
    officers, and make sure to grab the security key.  Take the lifts all 
    the way back up to the top level; you can now unlock that door.  Kill 
    the three guards on the bridge, then through the door and on to level 17.
    Walkthrough for Level 17 (cairn_dock1)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Pull Rank 3, Force Push Rank 3
    Black-Armored Badasses
    	Walk through into the room filled with crates.  Ahead of you is 
    a locked door, to the left is a cargo door, and to the right, a normal 
    door.  Through the cargo door there are a number of rooms leading to 
    stockpiles of supplies.  No enemies, no secrets, and no switches - just 
    supplies.  i won't go into any detail there...just go in if you need to, 
    and get back to the crate room.  Go through the only other door, and 
    you'll see a room with four display cases holding some cool black armor.  
    Proceed down the stairs, through the door, and into a large area with a 
    bunch of platforms.  Here you will meet a new type of Jedi...one that 
    has lightsaber resistant armor, doh!  They are faster than the other 
    Reborn Jedi, and can also use Force Grip.  You'll have to beat two of 
    them...My advice is to stick with the patented force speed/saber slash 
    combo.  When they're dead, some troopers will come out on the clear 
    platform across the room.  Waste them and climb up the stairs, kill the 
    officer and take his security key.  Backtrack all the way to the crate 
    room, and unlock that last door.  Proceed through until the room with 
    the blue consoles.  Hit the switch, and Kyle will remark that he sees 
    too many troops to fight through...you'll have to use stealth.
    Sneak Sneak Sneak
    	Ride down the lift to your right, go down the ramp and through 
    the door leading out into the large area.  Now, follow these instructions 
    exactly and you won't have any problems with alarms.  Go to your left 
    and peek out from behind the boxes.  There will be a trooper very close 
    to you.  Mind trick him and run to the left corner of the room.  From 
    here you can jump up on to the sloped ledge.  Look up the ledge, and see 
    the one trooper standing guard, and another patrolling the bridge above.  
    Mind trick them both (yes you can reach from here), and then follow the 
    ledge up and stop at the top corner, behind the trooper.  Mind trick both 
    of them again, and use your rifle to vaporize the one in front of you.  
    Next, keep mind tricking the one on the bridge, until he reaches to the 
    end of the bridge closest to you and stops.  Vaporize him too.  Now, creep 
    forward and mind trick all of the troops on the ground, and then make your 
    way under the bridge.  From the other side, you should be able to jump up 
    on top.  Now, look over to your left, and drop down to the roof of the 
    building below.  You should see a breakable grate here, smash it and drop 
    in.  You will land on a ledge between an officer and an alarm panel.  
    Kill him before he can reach it, and then shoot the troops below.  It's ok 
    if they saw you, because none of the troops outside this room are alerted.  
    Hop to the walkway across the room, stand at the blue panel and look out 
    the window.  The switch in front of you will turn off those green pulsing 
    electric towers.  You'll have to use Force Speed to make it through in 
    time.  Flip the switch, hurry out the crawlspace to your left, and jump 
    toward the green towers.  Turn on Force Speed, go to the left of the 
    towers, and run along the gap in between them.  At the end will be a few 
    stairs leading to three officers by a console.  It's ok if they see you, 
    just kill them before they run away to any alarms.  Make sure to get the 
    key as well.  Now move along to the small passageway on the right.  
    You'll move towards another large area where a whole platform of 
    troopers will be rising up to your level.  It's ok if they see you.. the 
    alarm panel in this area is being worked on by a droid.  Kill the 
    troopers and the officer, and go over to the corner by the two doors.  
    Notice you need a key for one of them, but you didn't find a key on that 
    last officer.  Well, go look out by the ammo regen unit, and the key is 
    sitting on a small crate next to the console.  Yes, that huge oddly 
    shaped object is a key.  I have no idea why the scale is so off...perhaps 
    so people wouldn't miss it.  I assumed it was just a tool or something, 
    and spent a half hour trying to find it somewhere else.  
    Sneaking x 2
    	Moving on...go back to the door and unlock it.  Take the lift up, 
    and check out the blue console on your left.  When you push it, notice 
    that the big cargo lift out in the main area is retracted.  Continue down 
    the stairs, through the door, and up the other stairs to a new console.  
    See all the troopers?  Hit the switch and they're not a problem anymore.  
    Continue through the next door, take the lift down and walk across the 
    area you just cleared out.  At the far end is an open door...don't run 
    through it too fast; there are electric pipes on the other side.  
    Navigate around them and go out to the next area.  A large electrical 
    field is between you and the next door, with some troopers and an officer 
    next to it.  Mind trick all of them, then move to the other end of the 
    walkway on your side.  Hop up on the pipes, moving over the top of the 
    big generator, and then drop down on the other side, using more pipes.  
    Take out the officer first, and then the troopers...they'll be too busy 
    shooting to try for the alarm.  Go through the door, around some more 
    electrical pipes, and then on to the next room.  
    One last Sneak, for old time's sake
    	Stop as soon as you get out of the pipe room.  Look up and to 
    the right.  There is a breakable grate on a high ledge.  Jump up and 
    break it for a secret.  Now drop down, but do not go through the door.  
    To the left of the door, above a short column, is a hole leading to the 
    other side.  Jump up and crawl through.  The room on the other side is 
    full of officers, but as long as you hug the ledge and stay crouched, 
    they won't see you.  Move all the way left, to the end of the ledge, and 
    look down.  See the three officers talking to each other?  These are the 
    only ones you'll have to deal with.  Look across the room, and make sure 
    you see the door.  This next part can be a bit tricky, so I'll make some 
    bullet points to make sure you get through ok.
    	- Go to the switch on your ledge, and have your mind trick and 
    	light goggles ready (the switch kills the lights)
    	- Hit the switch, then run over on top of the 3 officers and 
    	mind trick all three
    	- Jump down, walk directly across the room to the door, turn 
    	around and mind trick the three officers again
    	- It will now be safe to open the door
    	You must do those steps EXTREMELY quickly, otherwise the mind 
    trick effect will wear off and the officers will notice you.  Once 
    through the door, you'll be right at another door.  Most likely you'll 
    be able to hear a Reborn Jedi on the other side.  Go through, but kill 
    the two officers next to him first.  If you don't they'll scurry away 
    through the boxes to hit the alarm.  After killing everyone, jump over 
    all the boxes and get to the end of the room.  Go through the door, up 
    the lift, and out on to the walkway.  The large structure next to you is 
    actually the top of the Doomgiver ship.  Follow the platform around to 
    the bridge, and you'll see the door is locked.  Move around to the other 
    side to find the open door.  Once you're in, you'll see a cutscene to 
    end the level.
    Walkthrough for Level 18 (doom_comm)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Jump Rank 3, Mind Trick Rank 3, Force Lightning Rank 2
    Make It So
    	This level starts off with a video showing Kyle on the bridge, 
    speaking to Luke.  He'll learn the new objective; search for the 
    communications array, and radio Rogue Squadron so they can come destroy 
    the ship.  Easy enough =).  Drop down to the room below; don't bother 
    with any of the consoles, they don't do anything.  A whole bunch of 
    troopers will rush in, and there are about 14 total that you'll have to 
    kill.  outside of this room on either side of the door, are ammo supply 
    shelves.  Stock up, then follow the hallway around and take the lift 
    down to the next level.  More troopers and two ceiling turrets are here.  
    I'd suggest waiting by the lift, let the troopers come to you, and then 
    peek around and snipe each of the turrets.  Go down the few stairs and 
    hit the red switch.  Turn around and face the troopers and the officers 
    coming through the door, and make sure to pick up the key.  Continue 
    through and explore the rooms on your left and right for more goodies, 
    then head straight to the next lift.  A Reborn Jedi will be waiting as 
    you open the door; this should be old hat by now...speed and slash him.  
    At the bottom of this next lift is a room with a sole officer.  Kill him 
    and get the key, then proceed down the ramp.  You once again have a door 
    on either side, and locked door to the front.  The right and left doors 
    lead to more small goodie rooms, and they both have breakable panels in 
    the ceiling, leading up to small corridors.  The room on the right leads 
    up to an area with some medical hover drones and a secret supply crate 
    at the end.  however, you don't have the key for this yet.  The room on 
    the left has a similar area, also with medical drones, but it has a floor 
    grate that drops you into the next area.
    Getting Loopy in the Vents 
    	Take the left room first, jump up and deal with the drones.  As 
    with most of the flying drones in the game, you can take these guys out 
    with one saber throw.  Try to avoid their attacks, because your view will 
    turn all funky if you get hit.  Walk around until you find the grate that 
    drops you into the next room (don't worry about getting lost, it's the 
    only way out).  This room contains one guard at a console, and a several 
    droids behind forcefields.  Once down, kill the guard and take his key for 
    that secret crate.  You can now open the door to get back to the room you 
    were just in, allowing quick access into the goodie room and up into the 
    ceiling again for that secret.  Once you've got it, head back to the droid 
    room.  Pushing the red button on the console will give you control of one 
    of those droids.  Move back into the other room, up the ramp, and go 
    through the small forcefield on the left.  Move down to this new room, 
    and activate the button that the black droid is standing in front of (you 
    may need to wait a few seconds for the droid to move out of your way).  
    That button opens the locked door in the right goodie room.  Switch back 
    to Kyle and then proceed to through the goodie room, and kill the troopers 
    that have now been alerted to your presence.  At the end of this room, take 
    the lift down, and then stop for a minute.  Go forward, and examine the 
    yellow door ahead of you, and the other yellow door down the stairs.  You 
    are in the loading room for a tram station...once you bring the trams down, 
    you'll be able to go through the doors.  Go out the other door and prepare 
    for some peacock robot action.  Actually, all you need to do for the two of 
    them is use Force Push to throw them out into the pit.  Go up on the 
    walkway and deal with the ceiling turrets, and then turn your attention to 
    the platform with the row of vertical pipes.  Walk around it and break the 
    glass to drop to a new area.  You should hear some more hoverdrones coming, 
    so get your saber ready.  Proceed all the way down to the end and take the 
    lift up.  This new room has a few easy guards, knock them down and continue 
    ahead to the tram control room.  Press the four red buttons by the window, 
    and you'll see the four trams come down the track.  See what I meant before 
    about using the yellow doors to get to them? Good.  now do it.  Go out the 
    right door from the control room, on to the walkway.  You'll see that 
    unfortunately, the trams have come loaded with stormtroopers.  Have fun 
    pushing them into the pit, and then make your way down to the room on the 
    right, and enter the tram at the top of the stairs.  Push the button to 
    get it down the track.
    Rubik's Cube
    	At the end, go out and head left, to deal with a whole slew of 
    floor turrets and troopers.  Kill the officer to get his key, then unlock 
    the security door and go through.  Congrats, you've found the comm array.  
    Dispense with the rest of the turrets and troopers in here, then go around 
    to the large red display.  Press it, and discover it's offline.  Drat.  
    Time for a major jumping puzzle.  Take the door to your right, down the 
    stairs, and out into a giant room.  The "green" control room will be right 
    in front of you.  Go forward and check the display...notice that's offline
     as well, and a bunch of characters are cycling through the screen.  
    Notice that the symbol you need (as displayed in your objectives) is one 
    of them.  OK, you'll have to find a way to get this console working first. 
    Note that there are three codes you need to set (red, green, and blue), 
    and there are three small control rooms in this large area (again, a red 
    one, green one, and blue one).  Hmm, more of that pesky coincidence stuff.  
    Go down the stairs to the left of the green control room, and ride the 
    lift down.  Holllly crap.  I bet you can tell this is going to be fun.  
    There is a separate control cube for each code in each color, and for 
    some reason they're set up in the most inaccessible way possible.  You 
    need to find the consoles with the codes that match the ones from your 
    objectives, and turn 'em on.  Then you can activate the three colored 
    control booths in the room above you, and finally, use the array.  Ack.
    	Let's analyze the layout of the cubes first.  They're set up in a 
    3x3x3 box, with 9 red cubes on top, 9 greens in the middle, and 9 blues 
    on the bottom.  Hopefully this will be apparent to you.  Now, looking at 
    the large room vertically, each column of cubes contains the same icon.  
    (i.e. the red cube in front of you has the diamond code w/ the line 
    through it...the green cube directly below will have the same code, and 
    the blue cube below that has the same code as well).  See where I'm 
    going with this?  Consult the three diagrams below to get the location 
    of each code:
         Red Level		     Green Level	      Blue Level
        ___ ___ ___              ___ ___ ___              ___ ___ ___
       |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |
       |___|___|___|            |___|___|___|            |___|_X_|___|   
       |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |
       |___|___|___|            |___|___|___|            |___|___|___|
       |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |            |   |   |   |
       |_X_|___|___|            |___|___|_X_|            |___|___|___|
           |___|<<Lift              |___|<<Lift              |___|<<Lift
    As to how to jump there, I'll leave that for you to decide.  There really 
    isn't one better way over another.  When you reach each cube, just hit 
    the panel...the icon will faintly light up, and you'll hear a bad kind 
    of beep, but nothing else will happen.  Take this piece of advice: with 
    all the jumps you're going to be making, be wary of your force meter.  
    Now that you have Force Jump Rank 3, you'll have enough height to reach 
    the necessary cubes, but the longer you're in the air, the more your 
    meter will go down.  I know a few of my jumps got cut short because I 
    wasn't paying attention.
    Oh, those Rogues
    	Once all three code panels have been turned on, take the lift 
    back up, and go into each of the colored control booths.  They work now, 
    of course.  Turn them all on, and your objectives will be updated.  Go 
    back into the room with the big red display panel, and hit the console.  
    You'll see a cutscene of Kyle talking to the Rogue Squadron, and you gain 
    another task of disabling the shields.  A neat CG sequence follows, where 
    the X wings arrive at the Doomgiver.  Kyle scans the diagrams of the ship, 
    locates the cells, and you can proceed on your way.  Head back out by the 
    three colored control booths, and take the doorway behind the blue one.  
    This walkway takes you to the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 19 (doom_detention)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Heal Rank 3
    Gunning for TIEs
    	Head down the hallway, turn to the right, and take care of the 
    troopers by the door.  Go through into a large bay with a window.  To 
    your right is a supply crate; you'll get the key for it in a bit.  On 
    each end of this room, up the stairs to your left, are shield and ammo 
    regen units.  Clear out the troopers and the officers, and pick up the 
    security key.  Go up the stairs and through the locked door on the end 
    of the thin walkway.  Take the lift down to battle a shadowtrooper and 
    an officer.  Grab his key, and then hit the console.  You will now have 
    control of a large gun on the ship...pick off a few of those TIEs for 
    your rogue buddies.  You have to lead your shots quite a bit to hit them.  
    Note that this has no effect at all on your progress; its just fun to 
    blast those TIEs.  When you're done fooling around, head back up the 
    lift, and you can now access that supply crate you passed on your way 
    into the big room.  Grab the assault sentry from inside, then proceed to 
    the end of the room.  Over the door is a ceiling turret; take it out and 
    go through to find more troopers.  Pick up the random goodies and ammo, 
    then move around to the left and out into a giant empty bay.  Empty, 
    except for troops.  
    Bye Bye, Fellas	
    	Wipe these guys out and go through the door to the next room.  
    In here, take the left door (the one ahead is locked).  This next room 
    has two small doors right next to each other.  The one on the left has 
    controls for the bay you just came out of, and the one on the right has 
    controls for the one you'll go through later.  Go to the each one, hit 
    the button on the left, and test out the blue lined screen next to it...
    this lowers the forcefield and opens the doors to space.  This won't do 
    much for the left side, but in the small room on the right, through the 
    window you can see all those poor troopers...press the blue section and 
    they'll be sucked out into space.  Don't forget the red button while 
    you're here too. Then go back out into the bay you came from.  Ride the 
    big lift down, but don't go forward into the hallway yet.  Turn around 
    and crouch in the dark area for a secret cubby hiding a health canister.  
    Now proceed down the hallway and kill the two peacock robots.
    Get Over Here!
    	The next large area features 6 ceiling turrets and a bunch of 
    troopers on the walkway above you.  I took out the turrets first with 
    the blaster rifle, then had a fun time jumping up and Force Pulling the 
    troopers, yanking them off the ledge.  Once you're done, take the lift up.  
    In the two red lit areas along the ledge way over to the left, you'll 
    find some goodies.  Go into the small control booth and hit the switch.  
    The large door you came out of will close, and then the doors next to 
    them will open.  Go back down and along this new hallway...there's only 
    one robot to deal with this time.  At the end, wait for the lift to 
    come down, then ride it up to the bay where you previously sucked out 
    the troopers.  Take the door to your left, and then turn left again 
    into the exact type of two-door room you encountered before (the one 
    that led to the 2 consoles).  You only need to go in the right one this 
    time.  Suck the troops out, remember to close up the door, and then go 
    out to this third bay.  There's no need to go down the big lift...just 
    continue through the far door.  Proceed through the hallway and around 
    to the left, killing troopers as you go.  
    There will be a quiz...
    	The next area will have some goodies over to the left, and a 
    locked door to the right.  Look above the door to spot the way 
    through....jump up on the pipes and through the breakable grate.  Hang 
    out in the ceiling for a while and listen to the conversations the 
    troopers are having...some are pretty funny.  When you're ready, blast 
    down through to the room below, and be prepared for a whole bunch of 
    troopers and officers.  One of the troops has a rocket launcher...try to 
    get close to him and slash him first.  After everyone's dead, be sure to 
    get the security key off one of the officers, and proceed through the 
    locked door and down the lift.  Move around behind you in this area to go 
    through the door and into the security station.  Waste the officer, then 
    go through the door to the left to fight a shadowtrooper.  Continue 
    through the next door, kill the four troopers and move down the long 
    hallway and through the next door.  There are some supplies on shelves 
    by the door if you need them.  Move out into the large bay with the 
    white imperial craft. (Note, you'll see a door directly across from you 
    on the other side.  You would have come out here if you'd gone right 
    out of the security station instead of left.  However, the path you 
    would have taken is identical...one shadowtrooper, some regular troops, 
    Get Your Woman Back	
    	In this new bay you'll encounter some troopers and two Reborn 
    Jedi.  Go up the stairs closest to you, and into the door in the corner.  
    In this next area, you'll see an officer through the window.  Mind trick 
    him and he'll open the door for you.  Proceed past him to the four cells 
    at the end.  Unlock the one on the left, and enjoy the happy reunion with 
    Jan.  In the cutscene you'll find out that Desann is planning to invade 
    the Jedi academy...eep.  All the more reason to get going on destroying 
    the shields.  As soon as the scene is over, the officer you mind tricked 
    before will run out.  Kill him, and then you'll have to use teamwork to 
    get out the rest of the doors.  You'll basically play leapfrog....Jan 
    holds down the first switch, opening the door to expose the next switch.  
    Run through and push it, which will open the next one for her to go 
    through, etc.  Do this a few more times until you get back out to the 
    bay together.  Guy the few remaining troopers, and then run to the red 
    door on the other end.  Don't worry, in the following cutscene it'll 
    show you guys going right through.  Kyle tells Jan to prep an escape 
    pod, while he goes onward to the shields.
    Walkthrough for Level 20 (doom_detention)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Grip Rank 3
    Wheeeeeeeeee *thud*
    	Move out of this room and on to a long ledge that curves around 
    a circular room with a pit and a large structure in the middle.  Practice 
    your new and improved Force Grip to hurl the 8 or 9 troops into the pit, 
    and then take the first door on your left.  Walk down the stairs, hang a 
    right, and check out the curved hallway.  There are 4 peacock robots in 
    here...move all the way down this hallway to the end, ignoring the steps 
    up to the right for now.  Once you're at the end, and shoot out the 
    turret, go up these stairs into a control room.  Take out the officers 
    and troops, use the shield regen unit, and flip the switch by the 
    window.  Look out and you'll see an extra support strut extending out to 
    the structure in the middle.  Go out of the room, back down the stairs, 
    and stop when you're under the destroyed turret.  Face the hallway and 
    notice all of the locked red-lit doors along the right.  Move back along 
    the hallway, counting those doors as you go.  turn left at the 6th door, 
    and go up the stairs and straight out to the ledge (take note of the door 
    to your left as you go up the stairs).  When you come out the door, 
    you'll be looking straight where you need to go.  Hop down on the pipe, 
    and jump up to the door.  You'll need to open it using the switch on the 
    right...it's difficult, but you can inch your way over.  Inside the 
    structure there will be four closed window panels on the floor.  Jump up 
    to the ledge above, kill the troopers and the officer, and take his 
    security key.  Hop down, exit the structure, move back along the pipe, 
    and go straight through the door again (you'll see the troopers pouring 
    out of it).  This time, go into that side room at the top of the stairs.  
    Unlock the door in this room, and then turn to your right to press the 
    red button.  You'll see a cutscene of those four window panels opening 
    up.  go back out to the ledge, along the pipe and into the structure.  
    Hop down in the hole on the left that is furthest from the door.  
    Mucking around in the Tunnels
    	Walk through the tunnels all the way to the end, then look up.  
    Use Force Push to open the window, and jump out.  go out the door into a 
    room with a shadowtrooper.  Kill him and take the door to the next room, 
    with two hoverdroids behind forcefields.  Take the lift up, kill the two 
    officers and the trooper, then snag the supply key.  Go out the door, and 
    head out to the intersection of the walkway.  You can go forward to grab 
    some goodies if you want, but come right back out and look up to the next 
    walkway above.  I wouldn't advise jumping straight up...you'll set off a 
    tripmine.  Jump up on to the pipes to the side, and then detonate the 
    mine.  Hop on to the walkway and take the left door.  Break the window 
    to your right, and jump down to where the droid is.  You'll face two 
    Reborn Jedi here.  Take the hallway leading out, but be careful of the 
    ceiling turrets right outside.  Fill up on the shield regen unit past 
    the turrets, then take the lift up.  Curve around behind you and tackle 
    the two peacock robots.  Take the only open door out to the shield 
    generator.  Check out the four support tubes leading into it from the 
    wall, and carefully examine the boxes over each one.  Notice the little 
    red antenna?  that's what is generating the field around the pipes.  
    Destroy those boxes, and the little shields will come down.  Then throw 
    your saber to destroy the pipes themselves.  After they're all gone, 
    you'll see a nice cutscene between Kyle and Fyaar, who's decked out in 
    some nice mechanical armor.  You'll learn that Desann's forces have 
    already started the attack on the Jedi academy.  The two exchange 
    insults, Kyle destroys the generator, and then you get to fight =).
    Fyaar Strategies
    	There are a number of ways to beat him.  I recommend first 
    noting that Fyaar's suit generates a forcefield, and he has the same 
    little red antenna by his head.  Hmmm.....start circling around the 
    disabled shield generator in the center of the room.  Fyaar is too slow 
    to catch up.  Start off with the alt-fire from the repeater, launching 
    the energy bursts at his shield.  Once it's down, quickly switch to your 
    Force Speed and saber combo.  try to get around behind him and slash at 
    the antenna.  If you take too long, the shield will come back up and 
    you'll have to try again.  Once it's down for good, I recommend sticking 
    with the famous speed/slash routine.  As long as you stay behind Fyaar, 
    he won't be able to turn around fast enough to smack you.  
    Look Ma, I'm an Astronaut!
    	As soon as you kill him, there will be some explosions, and 
    suddenly there won't be any gravity!  Rogue Squadron radios in and says 
    they'll be making their final fun against the ship (man, remember how 
    long ago you saw the cutscene of them arriving?  They took their sweet 
    time!).  Anyway, move out the door and navigate past the flames.  It's 
    hard to adjust to the lack of gravity at first, but remember to use the 
    space bar and the crouch button to aid vertical movement.  Float down 
    the lift shaft, go around to the room where the droids were (they're 
    now spinning by the ceiling), and float up through the window.  Avoid 
    the lightning arcs, and then in the next room, float all the way down, 
    past the two thin walkways.  You'll have to deal with a couple 
    hoverdrones on the way.  At the bottom, take the door that leads out to 
    some stairs.  You'll find more hoverdrones here.  Follow the walkway 
    around to the right, past all the open doors (these were the locked ones 
    you counted before) and go up the stairs when your path is blocked by 
    rubble.  Move out into the large area, kill the rest of the hoverdroids 
    and the lone trooper, then float through the second to last doorway on 
    your right.  Once through, the gravity will be restored.  Run down to 
    the last stormtrooper, then head left through the doorway to meet Jan.  
    You'll see a quick cutscene of them, and then a longer sequence of the 
    Doomgiver finally exploding.  Hurray...you'll also see your escape pod 
    hurtling down to Yavin 4 below.  
    Walkthrough for Level 21 (yavin_swamp)
    Force Powers Gained - Force Lightning Rank 3
    Ohhhh the Scenery!
    	You start off with a cutscene of Kyle getting ready to go after 
    Desann, and Jan heading off to find the new republic troops at the 
    hangar.  You leave each other with a mushy kiss, then the fun starts.  
    There's some sweet looking foliage throughout this level (a hint of 
    what's to come in the jungles of SOF2, huh Raven? =), and one of the 
    coolest little effects that shows just how much attention to detail 
    there is in this game...it's raining, and your saber sparks and hisses 
    when the raindrops hit it.  Mmmmmm.  Jump to the rock in front of you 
    and take a look at your first swamptrooper.  These guys are a little 
    difficult to kill while they're half-submerged; your best bet is 
    probably to let your saber reflect their shots back at them.  Continue 
    forward and jump on to the next dry piece of land.  Head over to the 
    right, killing the two swamptroopers that will hopefully come out of the 
    water to attack.  Jump over this next little swamp patch to the large 
    flat rock ahead.  You can then make a couple of jumps up the rocks and 
    proceed left, but be ready for the two shadowtroopers waiting.  Drop 
    down and take the dry land to your left, and move forward.  Go past the 
    two trees, and hop up on the rock.  You'll be able to see a larger swamp 
    area now, but the way you need to go is curved around to your right, 
    past the really tall tree.  only bother with the few guys in this first 
    swamp area if you really want to, otherwise, hop from the rock and 
    continue around back to the right.  Go forward through this narrow 
    passage until you can see a crashed assault ship.  Clear out the area 
    and then look around for a second.  It appears to be a dead end, but 
    it's not.  Stand on the large dry land patch in the corner, away from 
    the ship, but stand facing it.  Now, scan along the rock wall around 
    you, and locate a rock with a small stream of water flowing over it.  
    Go over and stand on the wreckage in front of the rock.  If you crouch, 
    you should be able to see the very small underwater passage, leading 
    through the rock wall and on to the next area.  Move forward through 
    this, and up on to dry land.
    Afraid of the Dark?
    	Slightly over to the left you will see a small passage leading 
    up through the rock wall.  Kill whatever swamptroopers are close by, 
    then hop up through the passage.  Once at the top, you can drop down on 
    the other side.  Proceed straight out, and swim to the dry section of 
    land that has the ruins of a temple.  Waste the troopers and the 
    hoverdroid, and you will have two directions to go.  Facing the narrow 
    passageway you swam out of, take the right fork.  this takes you past 
    three columns that are still standing.  It will lead to a dead end, where 
    a shadowtrooper is guarding two health canisters.  once you're done, go 
    back to the temple ruins, and continue on through the left fork.  Kill 
    the swamptrooper hiding in the water at the base of those four falling 
    columns, and continue up to the left.  Wade through the water, noticing 
    the large wall to your left.  Kill the remaining swamptroopers.  Rather 
    than continuing over to the right, and wasting time with all the 
    troopers over there,  (it's just a dead end anyway), crouch through the 
    square hole in the big wall.  Go down this extremely dark corner and 
    turn right.  Just around the corner a shadowtrooper will jump at you.  
    finish him and then continue up the ramp to the top and fight another 
    shadowtrooper.  These two might take a little longer to beat, because of 
    the close quarters.  The top area is full of goodies and has a shield 
    regen unit.  
    Plank Practice
    	Emerge from the wall, and jump down, swimming to the right for a 
    quick secret.  Swim through to the end, and let yourself sink down in the 
    swamp...you'll see an area where you can pick up a detonator belt and a 
    portable sentry.  Go back over toward the wall, and hop on the rock next 
    to the hole where you came out.  Kill the swamptrooper and proceed left.  
    once you get over by the fallen columns, you'll see some friendly 
    republic forces pinned down by a bunch of swamptroopers.  Help them out, 
    then continue to the right.  Hop onto the makeshift walkways, and proceed 
    through to the next area.  Stop on the planks that are laid down in a "V" 
    shape.  The two passages you see directly in front of you actually loop 
    around to the same area.  Go forward and help out some more republics, 
    then jump up on the large box next to the brown ship, to get at the two 
    regen units.  Now go back down, stand at the base of the "V" planks 
    again, and walk to the left this time.  Walk over the two additional 
    planks, wade through the swamp, killing troopers as you go , and make 
    your way into the corner.  Jump on top of this tall rock, then slide 
    down the other side.  Fortunately you can only go straight here, so 
    progress forward and you'll eventually have to deal with an AT-ST.  
    Seven alt-fires from the flechette gun should take care of it.  Circle 
    around to the right, kill the remaining stormtroopers, and then go 
    inside the attack pod for the next level.
    Walkthrough for Level 22 (yavin_canyon)
    Force Powers Gained - None
    Stomp those Troopers
    	The beginning cutscene shows Kyle walking out the other side of 
    the pod, and then focuses on the hatch of an unused AT-ST.  Jump up on 
    the rock and hop in.  Walk along the canyon, picking off troopers and 
    stomping them as you go.  When you get far enough to see the first enemy 
    AT-ST, switch to your side cannons and use alt-fire...a couple rockets 
    should take care of it.  don't even bother with the rest of the troopers.  
    Continue around back and to the right on the new passage, in between the 
    columns.  The shots from the troopers you left behind will hardly do any 
    damage.  Continue along, and make sure to get the troopers in the turrets 
    on the ledge, as well as the ones with the rockets.  When you reach the 
    next partial wall, I suggest you get out.  You'll probably have a 
    shadowtrooper on your tail by now anyway, deflecting all of your rockets.  
    Wipe him out and take care of the rest of the troops, moving past the 
    	You'll see a fresh, unused AT-ST on the other side, with a shield 
    regen unit next to it.  Hop into, blast the two rock outcroppings, and 
    hit the troopers up on the next ledges.  Continue along the canyon, under 
    a large rock archway, until you see a bunch of troopers to the right, in 
    turret guns.  Smash them with rockets, and continue past the large 
    cylindrical tower.  Once you reach the assault ship, you'll have to 
    continue on foot.  Move through the pod and make your way to the end of 
    the canyon, and up on to the rock avalanche.  Be careful, there's a 
    shadowtrooper waiting for you as you near the top.  Continue into the 
    little cavern where the trooper was, and drop down into the shaft in the 
    dark corner.  Pretty easy, wasn't it?
    Walkthrough for Level 23 (yavin_courtyard)
    Force Powers Gained - Lightsaber Throw, Rank 3
    The Old Academy Repair Bay
    	You'll now be able to throw your saber in a tight spin, 
    guaranteed to mow down whoever's in front of you. Sweet....kill the three 
    guys in this first area, and hop up through the passage on the left.  It 
    will lead you out into a familiar part of the academy, where there are 
    lots of stormtroopers battling republic fighters.  Just go nuts =).  I 
    used the saber throw for the whole room; now you can get two or three 
    guys in a wide arc with just one throw.  Continue through the hole in 
    the brown rock wall, but stop after you're through and look up.  There 
    are two troopers waiting to grenade you...get them first.  Then hop up 
    to their level using the various rock ledges in the room.  Move through 
    the short passageway into the next room, where you'll find another 
    trooper, and a practice seeker drone that has been let out.  Kill both, 
    and go through the door.  
    Training Room 1, or "Herding the Sheep"
    	There is a heated battle going on here between a bunch of Jedi 
    students and Reborn Jedi.  Help out as best you can.  Once it's over, 
    jump up on the fallen support column so you can reach the glass walkway 
    above.  Be careful, because there's a rocket launcher trooper waiting.  
    Kill him and then turn your attention back to the two jedi students in
    the room.  They should be just standing there, sabers deactivated, 
    and unresponsive as sheep.  Use a combination of Force Pull and Force 
    Push to get them up to the walkway you're on.  The reason you have to 
    use the two powers is that they'll block you occasionally...if you can't 
    pull them from the front, go behind them and push from the back =).  
    Once they're up on the walkway, continue pushing/pulling them into the 
    walkway of the next room.
    Training Room 2
    	Through here you'll be able to see another good jedi/bad jedi 
    battle.  Run the length of the observation platform, and drop through 
    the hole to help out again.  If you're quick enough, you can save two 
    of the jedi students.  Now, move back up to the walkway, where your sheep
    jedi will still be standing.  Drag them down to this second room, and
    over to the hole in the rock wall (The active jedi will follow you here).
    Once you reach the hole, you'll trigger a shadowtrooper.  The inactive
    jedi will spot him, and they'll spring to life.  After killing
    him, you'll have a whole squad of jedi eager to follow you to the next 
    battle =). Notice that the lifts in this new room are all broken...but 
    that's ok.  With Force Jump of Rank 3, you can hop right up. (your jedi
    squad might have trouble following you up, but don't worry.  They'll
    be down there when you get back). 
    Trespassers, and the road to Desann
    	Continue hopping up to the top, and then go back into Luke's 
    chamber.  Take care of the two additional shadowtroopers here, and then 
    raid the goodies and the shield regen unit up by Luke's meditation 
    platform.  Jump back down all the way to the bottom.  Around to your 
    right will be an open door with more goodies next to it.  Walk out into 
    this next courtyard to fight two Reborn Jedi and two shadowtroopers. 
    Move over through the passageway to the left, snagging the goodies that 
    the dead jedi dropped, and take the small door.  You will now see a 
    short cutscene, and catch a glimpse of Desann escaping down a hole 
    underneath the stairs!  Kill the two shadowtroopers that appear, then 
    you'll see a scene of Kyle Force Pushing the stairs open again.  Drop 
    down to continue pursuing Desann, and move to the last level.
    Walkthrough for Level 24 (yavin_final)
    Force Powers Gained - None
    The Home Stretch
    	You're only a few steps away from confronting Desann.  Run down 
    the steps and clear the rocks in the passageway with your saber.  
    Continue through and you'll come out into a small room.  You'll hear 
    Desann laugh, and the ceiling will start caving in.  Hop up to the next 
    passageway to continue straight for a few steps, and then stop when it 
    seems like you should turn right.  Listen for a moment, do you hear 
    anything?  Check out the wall to your left.  It's fluctuating slightly, 
    totally unnoticeable unless you've stopped moving and are staring 
    straight at it.  You can go right and retrieve the goodies around the 
    corner, and then come back to walk through this wall.
    Damn That's Toasty
    	You will now see what was making those sounds...plumes of fire 
    shooting through the corridor up the ramp.  Crouch as close as you can
    to the first flames, and look where they're coming out.  Use Force Push
    to stop them for a short time.  Continue through, Force-Pushing each
    additional flame source.  At the end, you'll see a short scene with three 
    different Desanns running down three different hallways.  One of them 
    has to be the correct one.  Go straight just to start out.  At the end 
    will be a mirror.  Desann appears in the mirror to taunt you, but when 
    you spin around, he's not there.  You can see a faint shadow where he 
    should be standing, though.  The shadow will start moving away from you;
    follow it into the next hallway.  As you near the end wall, Desann will 
    laugh.  Don't follow the shadow through, you'll fall to your death.  
    *Sigh*, another trick.  Go into the last hallway, and down a ramp with a 
    fire at the bottom.  Don't try to go through, you'll get burnt to a crisp.  
    Instead, slash the dripping pipe at the top of the ramp.  It will break 
    open, pouring water down to put out the fire.  Drop down into the hole 
    for one last challenge.
    Which One to Push?  
    	You'll drop into a small area with icons to the left, right, and 
    in front of you.  However, you only need to push one.  With your back to 
    the empty wall, Force Push the one directly ahead.  It will move far back, 
    exposing a small passage leading to the left.  Go down, turn left, and 
    stop.  Flush with the left wall (and very hard to see) is another icon to 
    push...hit it and then go back out, standing under the hole you came 
    through.  That empty wall that was there before has now moved to reveal a 
    new passage.  follow it around to the left, and make your way through a 
    typical "avoid-the-moving-blocks-or-be-squished" hallway.  Force Speed 
    helps a great deal here.  At the end, you'll come out into a big room where 
    Desann is waiting.
    Desann Tactics
    	The cutscene will show Desann charging up under a large beam in 
    the center of the room.  He and Kyle exchange words, and Desann discovers 
    that all of his precious troops have been blown up in the ship.  The two 
    futilely try to convince the other to join their side, and then the fight 
    	To be honest, you don't really *need* to use any new tactics on 
    Desann.  Although, you do have to level the playing field a bit.  Force 
    Pull the button on the wall to your right, and then hurry over and do 
    the same thing to the button on the opposite side of the room.  This 
    turns the beam back on.  Jump down and get charged up if you can.  The 
    effect only lasts a short while.  If you don't make it to the beam in 
    time, you're not out of luck; the beam will just be inactive for a short
    time, after which you can make your way up to the buttons again.  Attack 
    him with the same method you've been using before.  It works best if you 
    can get him to throw his light saber while you're using Force Speed...then 
    you can just move in and slash away.  
    	Another tactic to defeat him involves the stone pillars located 
    around the bottom of the room.  A few saber throws will knock them over,
    raining debris down.  Desann will be following and attacking you, and it 
    is not too difficult for him to get crushed under a few pillars.  I have
    tried this myself; you should only have to knock over two to finish him
    off.    Once he's dead, watch the two cutscenes and you're done!  
    (I figured since I just spoiled about 99% percent of the game, I may as 
    well leave you to find out the ending on your own).  
    Well, congratulations...you played through one of the best games to come 
    along in years, and you did it all by following a step by step guide.  
    Now go play it again on the Jedi Master setting, you wuss!

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