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    Force Power FAQ by Bartimaeus616

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    Star wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Nintendo Gamecube)
    Force Powers Guide
    Created by Bartimaeus616
    Copyright 2008 Dean Greer
    Version History:
    Original Submission
    - Legal
    - Introduction
    - Overview
    - Neutral Force Powers
    - Light Force Powers
    - Dark Force Powers
    - Passive Force Powers
    - Multiplayer Force Powers
    - Contact Details
    - Credits
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    Hey all, I had a look around and there wasn't any guides for the awesome force
    powers in Jedi Outcast so I thought I'd write one. Please Bear with me as this
    is my first FAQ.
    This FAQ will be in the following format:
    <Force Power>
    <Range Self/Short/Medium/Long/Variable(+details)>
    <Cost Low/Medium/High/Continuous/Variable(+details)>
    <Level 1/2/3 and description>
    <Personal Opinion>
    The force plays a very important role in Jedi Outcast. Often you cannot procede
    to the next area without using the force in some way to assist you. The
    extent to which you can use the force is represented by your force meter,
    found in the bottom right of your screen. Your force meter is the blue bar
    made up of small blocks. As you use the force, your bar will be depleted,
    however, it does regenerate slowly on its own, or can be filled to maximum
    for a few seconds by collecting an item called a 'Force Crystal'.
    Neutral Force Powers:
    --Force Jump--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = Variable
      Low for levels 1 and 2
      Medium for level 3
    - This is one of the most frequently used force powers, allowing you to jump
      many times your own height. The longer you hold down the jump button, the
      higher you will jump (and the more force you will use). Level 1 allows you to
      jump twice as high as a regular jump, Level 2 is four times, and Level 3
      is eight times.
    -- It's essential for getting around, so you have to have it :) Mastering
       jumping can help alot and it's useful to know how long you need to hold
       the button for to jump to different heights. I suggest practusing on the
       Bespin Streets Multiplayer level to try and practice getting each height
       down till its easy.
    --Force Speed--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = Medium
    - This force power allows you to manipulate time to move much faster than your
      enemies. It drains half of your force bar and prevents force regeneration
      while in effect. It lasts approximately 5 seconds at all levels. Level 1
      allows you to move 25% faster than usual, Level 2 50%, and Level 3 75%.
    -- Personally, I don't find this force power all that useful. In lightsaber
       combat it becomes very hard to control and can sometimes do more harm
       than good. I only usually use this to run away from people if I'm about to
       die. I do know some people though that like to use this with the strong
       lightsaber style to speed it up a bit but I never use strong so...
    --Force Push--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Variable
      Short for Level 1
      Medium for Level 2
      Medium/Long for Level 3
    - Cost = Low
    - Being able to push people, objects, and switches is a valuble ability for
      any Jedi. This force power allows you to affect the world around you to
      great effect. Level 1 is limited to you having to look directly at the target
      and activate it. On people, it can only knock them to the floor and push them
      about a metre or so back. Level 2 affects a small arc directly in front of
      you and can push people back much further. Level 3 affects nearly the entire
      screen and is capable of throwing people across a fairly large room. At Level
      3 you can also TRY to break out of a saber lock.
      NOTE: People that are pushed into walls and off ledges sustain damage.
    -- My favourite force power. This is completely indispensible. I almost always
       only use this power. Remember, this is the only way to block a missile,
       as well as the only way to reflect the flechette and the DMP, and any
       explosives such as the thermal detonator. Although force adept enemies can
       block a push, once they jump, they are vulnerable.
    --Force Pull--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Variable
      Short for Level 1
      Medium for Level 2
      Medium/Long for Level 3
    - Cost = Low
    - Being able to pull objects is almost equally as valuable. With this force
      power, you can pull enemies off their feet and even pull the weapons out
      of their hands. Level 1 allows you to pull enemies to the floor, Level 2
      Pulls a few people to the floor OR one weapon out of an enemy's hands, whilst
      Level 3 pulls almost all enemies towards you and pulls the weapons out of
      their hands.
    -- Not so useful in my opinion. However, it is funny to watch stormtroopers
       run around without a weapon. Same thing about the force adepts.
    Light Force Powers:
    --Force Heal--
    - Light
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = High
    - This allows to channel the force into healing energy, restoring up to 25 hit
      points per session. This drains your entire force bar however. Level 1 you
      squat on the floor in a meditative stance with your lightsaber deactivated,
      healing slowly. If you move or get hit, healing stops. Level 2, you can
      move but not attack or get hit (you can still block) and healing is faster.
      Level 3, you can move and attack but not get hit, and healing is very fast.
      In multiplayer, all levels heal instantaneously but use a decreasing amount
      of force as the level goes up, where Level 1 uses the whole bar and Level 3
      uses about a third, allowing you to heal multiple times very quickly.
    -- It's healing. It's useful. Little trick though when your on Level 1 healing:
       run around and rapidly press the force trigger, you'll deactivate your
       lightsaber but as long as you keep pressing the force trigger, you'll
       keep healing :)
    --Jedi Mind Trick--
    - Light
    - Range = Variable
      Medium for Levels 1 and 2
      Long for Level 3
    - Cost = Medium (Continuous in Multiplayer)
    - "I'm not the intruder you're looking for" This force power allows you to fool
      enemies for a few seconds. At Level 1, you can confuse 1 enemy for about 5
      seconds. Level 2, you can distract everyone in the area for about 10 seconds.
      Just look at where you want them to look and activate. Level 3 either has the
      effect of Level 2, or if you look directly at an enemy, you can make him an
      ally for quite a while. You can do this to about 3 enemies at once, very
      handy in a large group.
      NOTE: Performing any aggresive act will end Mind Trick, with the exception
            of killing people that are not your temporary allies.
      In multiplayer, Mind Trick makes you completely
      invisible as long as you don't attack. Be warned, people who enter the area
      after you have activated this will be able to see you, and people who use
      Force Seeing will be able to see you. 
    -- Fun, but not that useful in single player. Has extreme range though at Level
       3. In multiplayer, its only good for sneaking up on people, but make sure
       you deactivate it once you attack otherwise it will still drain your force,
       whilst doing nothing to help.
    Dark Force Powers:
    - Dark
    - Range = Short
    - Cost = High/Continuous
    - Legendary Sith Lightning. Does damage. What else? Level 1 fires a single
      bolt straight in front of you. Level 2 you can hold the trigger and fire
      a single bolt continuously. Level 3 creates a fan of electricity in front of
      you as long as you hold the trigger and have enough force energy.
    -- Haha. I don't think much of this. Single player is good...ish if you don't
       mind draining your force bar completely for about 3 seconds of lightning.
       You can kill quite a few storm troopers at Level 3 though, if your quick.
       In multiplayer, its near useless in my opinion. It does minimal damage and
       is only likely to kill them if they are already nearly dead. It's more
       annoying than anything else.
    --Force Grip--
    - Dark
    - Range = Medium
    - Cost = Variable
      Low/Medium at Level 1
      Medium/Continuous at Levels 2 and 3
    - This allows you to choke people into submission. Level 1 causes them to stand
      still, choking. You can walk away and they will keep choking. This lasts
      about 5 seconds and does no damage. Level 2 requires you to focus on them
      continuously. It lifts them off the ground and does damage. You can choke
      them until they die but if you get hit, you drop them. You can't look away
      otherwise you'll drop them. Level 3 allows you to lift them off the ground
      and move them at will. This way you can smash them into walls or drop them
      off ledges. Force adepts can break any grip with force push, as can you.
    -- Grip is much more useful in multiplayer than in Single player. In single
       player, there are usually either too many enemies, or your enemy is force
       adept. Rest assured, the force adepts will promptly give you what for if
       you try and grip them. The only exceptions are the weaker force adepts.
       However, in multiplayer, your friends usually can't switch to force push or
       pull (pull works too at breaking grip) fast enough. Hence, you can chuck
       them off and edge before they can stop you :)
    Passive Force Powers:
    --Lightsaber Throw--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Variable
    - Cost = Medium/Continuous
    - Using your secondary attack button with your lightsaber lets you throw it,
      assuming you have this ability and the force to use it. At Level 1, your
      lightsaber flies straight forward, making a single rotation, and returns.
      At Level 2, you can hold the button to keep your lightsaber spinning out in
      front of you. It also spins slightly faster than Level 1. At Level 3, your
      lightsaber will spin much, much faster as well as become intelligent and
      actively seek out enemies in a short radius.
    -- Very, very useful. Level 1 can sometimes be better than Level 2, but Level 3
       just kicks butt. Also, at Level 3, your lightsaber can seek out enemies that
       are using Mind Trick to avoid detection :) Saves time switching to seeing.
       Be careful against enemies with lightsabers, they can knock yours out of the
       air. You'll have to either press the attack button to call it back, or, if
       it fell of a cliff (very annoying) you'll have to wait about 20 seconds for
       it to reappear in your hand.
    --Lightsaber Defence--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = N/A
    - This governs your ability to block lightsabers, energy weapons (except the
      disrupter rife), and projectiles (except the missle launcher). Level 1 lets
      you block most things in a small area directly in front of you. You cannot
      yet reflect incoming fire back at the attacker, although you can randomly
      deflect it away from you. Level 2 expands the area that you can block and
      your chance of success. You can now reflect some incoming fire to the
      attacker. Level 3 expands your defensive area even further until only your
      back is vulnerable. You are now almost immune to incoming fire and can
      frequetly reflect it back to the attacker.
    -- Essential. I always have this maxed out in multiplayer.
    --Lightsaber Offense--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = N/A
    - This governs your skill with a lightsaber. Level 1 allows you to use Medium
      Style. Level 2 allows Fast Style. Level 3 unlocks Strong Style.
    -- I'm not going in to this one here. Maybe if enough people ask, I'll do an
       FAQ on lighsaber combat. I usually only use Medium Style so I usually have
       this at Level 1 in multiplayer. Saves points.
    Multiplayer Force Powers:
    --Force Seeing--
    - Neutral
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = Medium
    - This cloaks all enemies in bright yellow, meaning they can't hide. At higher
      levels, you can see enemies through walls, and even dodge snipers. Force
      Seeing also allows you to see through Mind Trick, revealing hidden players.
      Level 1 cloaks all enemies in sight in yellow and reveals players using
      Mind Trick. Level 2 allows you to see people through a wall in addition to
      Level 1. Level 3 allows you to see everyone on the map, regardless of walls,
      as well as automatically activating force speed and causing your character to
      dodge when you are shot at with a disruptor rifle.
    -- Useful for its ability to dodge the disruptor, its one of the few weapons a
       lightsaber can't block. However, at half your force bar and preventing force
       regeneration, it can be costly. Useful in Capture the Flag.
    --Force Protect--
    - Light
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = Continuous
    - This force power covers you in a green, force-driven shield that reduces the
      damage you recieve. It continuously drains your force bar whilst active, and
      when you are hit, it uses more force to compensate. It does not make you
      invincible, you can still take damage, just less of it. Force Protect gets
      more efficient at higher levels.
    -- Some people pass right over this one. They shouldn't. This force power is
       AMAZING. Usually if you are hit directly by a missile launcher, thats it.
       Your dead. But if you have Level 3 protect...you live to fight another day!
       Seriously, this WILL save your skin on more than one occasion. Just make
       sure you deactivate it when theres no danger. I don't recommend having
       anything less than Level 3.
    --Force Absorb--
    - Light
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = Continuous
    - Very similar to protect, this force power makes you impervious to the dark
      side. Any dark force powers that are targeted at you will instead recharge
      your force bar. Absorb becomes more efficient at higher levels.
      NOTE: You are not immune to neutral force powers such as push.
    -- Not as useful as protect. I don't usually use this but it can have its uses.
       Someone following you using lightning? Ta-da! Otherwise it can be a bit of a
       waste as it only works on Lightning, Drain, and Grip. Also, you can't have
       it on forever, even if you have force left, it times out after about a
    --Force Drain--
    - Dark
    - Range = Short
    - Cost = Medium/Continuous
    - Looks like red Force Lightning, this force power will drain your opponent's
      force bar and convert it into health for you! Drain follow the same leveling
      as Force Lightening.
    -- This is a handy substitute for Force Heal if you are on the Dark side.
       Probable best used on a group of people at Level 3 because you get more
       health for the same amount of force. Also, try draining someone, then
       gripping them. They won't have enough force power to use push :)
    --Dark Rage--
    - Dark
    - Range = Self
    - Cost = High
    - This force power drains your HEALTH whilst it is activated, whilst boosting
      your speed and power, and causing you to take minimal damage. Whilst Dark
      Rage is activated, you cannot be healed in any way. Dark Rage stops when any
      of the following occurs:
      - You have 1 hit point
      - You have no more force
      - You die
      The effect of Dark Rage gets more potent and drains your health slower as you
      increase its level. When your Dark Rage has ended, you enter a recovery
      period where you move much slower and do much less damage.
    -- I never use this, I see its price as too costly. However, my friend uses
       this force power to great effect and can devastate the ranks of the enemy
       in seconds. If you ever come across anyone who is using Dark Rage (you can
       tell by the red lightning effect over their body), I recommend you keep your
       distance until it ends and then go in. They will most likely have 1 hp :)
    Contact Details:
    If you have any suggestions or comments about this FAQ then please get in touch
    If you would like an FAQ on Lightsaber Combat, please get in touch
    No spam. No porn. No junk. No 1337.
    And put 'Force Power FAQ' in the RE: box
    I would like to thank:
    Lucas: For Star Wars
    Everyone who made this game: Good Job
    Me: For spending my time doing this
    My parents: For having this computer
    Copyright 2008 Dean Greer

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