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    Walkthrough by T_Battershell

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                       JEDI KNIGHT 2 (JEDI OUTCAST) MASTERCLASS.
                   A Detailed Walkthrough for the Single Player Option
                              by Timothy John Battershell.
    Version: 1.01                                         Created: 16 September 2009
                                                            Revised: 26 January 2012
    Copyright: Timothy John Battershell                                         2009
    Please feel free to e-mail the Author on  "tim.battershell@gmail.com".
    Nothing in this Guide has been in any way sanctioned or encouraged by anyone
    connected to LucasFilms, LucasArts, Raven or ActiVision; nor has the Author
    ever had any connection (other than as a very satisfied consumer) with any of
    those organisations.  The opinions and speculations expressed herein are
    entirely the Author's own.
    This Tactical Guide's formatting should display perfectly in your Browser or in
    WordPad without adjustment, but, if opening this file with Notepad, the Author
    recommends first setting that program's font selection to "Courier" with FORMAT
    => FONT.
    To be clear at the start, this is intended to be a very detailed treatment of
    Jedi Knight 2 (Jedi Outcast), taking a player step-by-step through the game
    with (hopefully) minimal Damage and including the quantities and locations of
    every useful item that I have come across; some of which may have escaped even
    an experienced player's eye in the heat of combat.  While I don't claim the
    list of items is complete (only recently I discovered a cavern, and a supply
    cache, that I had not noticed before), and the sheer number of Battery Packs in
    certain tunnels defy written description, it is possibly the most complete
    listing (barring an official publication from the designers) available.
    For a newcomer to Jedi Outcast, I can very much recommend the Walkthrough/FAQ
    by Azraelot (Matthew Rorie) in the first instance (also on www.gamefaqs.com),
    referring to my version only if in severe difficulties or after completing each
    part of the game.
    Although primarily aimed at PC users, these tactics (as well as the locations
    and quantities of the useful items) should apply to any platform's version of
    the program.
    Jedi Outcast (and its principal participant, Kyle Katarn) are apparently not
    Star Wars Canon (on the basis that the films, and only the films, are).
    However, it appears that Kyle Katarn has been acknowledged as a member of the
    Star Wars Expanded Universe through his inclusion in recent Expanded Universe
    books (also implying, in my opinion; that Jedi Outcast has also attained
    Expanded Universe status).  Several Expanded Universe books have also featured
    one central element of the Jedi Outcast plot.
    Timeline-wise Jedi Outcast seems to be set a few years after the conclusion of
    the "Jedi Academy" book trilogy by Kevin J Anderson (nothing to do with the
    sequel game of the same name) and "I Jedi" by Michael A Stackpole; somewhere
    around 13 to 17 years after the events in Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope).
    Use FIND (CTRL + F) to jump to your selection.
     (1-0) Kyle Katarn - Biographical Information.
     (2-0) Information for Newcomers.
     (3-0) Glossary of Terms.
     (4-0) Kyle's Weaponry.
     (5-0) Supplies & Equipment.
     (6-0) Droids and Other Mechanicals.
     (7-0) Enemies.
     (8-0)  The Guide (Introduction/Prologue).
     (8-1)  Level 1 - Kejim Post.
     (8-2)  Level 2 - Kejim Base.
     (8-3)  Level 3 - Artus Mine.
     (8-4)  Level 4 - Artus Detention.
     (8-5)  Level 5 - Artus Topside.
     (8-6)  Level 6 - Valley of the Jedi.
     (8-7)  Level 7 - Yavin Temple.
     (8-8)  Level 8 - Yavin Trial.
     (8-9)  Level 9 - Nar Shaddaa Streets.
    (8-10) Level 10 - Nar Shaddaa Hideout.
    (8-11) Level 11 - Nar Shaddaa Starpad.
    (8-12) Level 12 - Bespin Undercity.
    (8-13) Level 13 - Bespin Streets.
    (8-14) Level 14 - Bespin Platform.
    (8-15) Level 15 - Cairn Bay.
    (8-16) Level 16 - Cairn Assembly.
    (8-17) Level 17 - Cairn Reactor.
    (8-18) Level 18 - Cairn Dock.
    (8-19) Level 19 - Doomgiver Communications.
    (8-20) Level 20 - Doomgiver Detention.
    (8-21) Level 21 - Doomgiver Shields.
    (8-22) Level 22 - Yavin Swamp.
    (8-23) Level 23 - Yavin Canyon.
    (8-24) Level 24 - Yavin Courtyard.
    (8-25) Level 25 - Yavin - The Final Showdown.
    (9-0) With Thanks.
    (10-0) Whatever Happened to...
    Force Powers and their effects are described in the text, both when they are
    acquired and when an acquired Force Power is upgraded in Rank.
    A reader will look in vain for a "cheat" section!  Firstly, it's naughty!
    Secondly, there should be no need, if this Guide's tactics are followed; and
    thirdly, cheats and related issues (such as 'spawning') have been very
    comprehensively covered in both Matthew Rorie's and David Masters'
    Walkthroughs, which have been tried and found to work very well!  My thanks to
    those two gentlemen for the "enhancement" coding and methodology reproduced in
    the final paragraphs of the Jedi Trial section (8-8).  The only things that
    this Author can add are the spawning codes for Galak Fyyar, (in Imperial
    Uniform and equipped with a 'Special' E11 Blaster), "Galak", for an R2 Unit
    "R2-D2" (obviously!), and for an R5 Unit "R5-D2".
    Thought to be a few years older than Luke Skywalker, Kyle was originally a
    loyal and enthusiastic member of the Imperial Forces; having been wrongly
    informed that his father (Morgan Katarn) had been killed by the Rebel Alliance.
    Kyle participated in a number of successful operations against Alliance forces;
    but came to find the excesses of Palpatine's Empire repellent and agreed to aid
    the Alliance by rescuing Jan Ors (an Alliance deep-cover operative) from
    Imperial custody; an act that finally severed Kyle's connections to anything
    Kyle and Jan formed a working partnership as mercenaries (Kyle's combat skills
    complementing Jan's code-slicing and piloting skills), often working as
    unofficial agents for the Alliance.  During this time, Kyle was hired to steal
    the plans of the first Death Star (later concealed inside R2-D2,after the
    Tantive IV was captured).
    Later on, Kyle learned that his father had formerly been a Jedi and had, in
    Fact, been killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec; who was now attempting to unlock
    the secrets of an ancient Jedi burial-ground.  To combat Jerec, and protect the
    secrets from being discovered, Kyle accepted his heritage and became a Jedi
    However, on a mission to investigate a Sith temple, Kyle nearly fell to the
    Dark Side of the Force; being pulled back at the last moment by his student
    (herself a former Imperial, one of Palpatine's "Emperor's Hands" - a Special
    Agent and Assassin).  The experience of so nearly becoming a Dark Jedi
    frightened Kyle into renouncing the use of the Force altogether.  Leaving his
    Lightsabre with Luke Skywalker for safekeeping, he and Jan returned to being
    soldiers of fortune.
    Even though Kyle and Jan are supporters of the New Republic, they do not seem
    to be too well liked; partly because of Kyle's activities while still in the
    Imperial Military, and also because the team were well paid for their
    activities during the Rebellion, when most full-time members of the Alliance
    received little or nothing for risking their lives!  This is particularly
    evident in the case of New Republic Intelligence; who also regard Kyle's
    methods as overly violent!  The Author's opinion is that Kyle would say he was
    just being effective!  See the Back-story section in the in the "Install"
    folder's "readme" file - copy the URL below into your Browser.
    C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\Install\Readme.txt
    The above is quite possibly the reason that Mon Mothma; former leader of the
    Alliance; and (according to the Expanded Universe Timeline) having now resigned
    as Chief Of State of the New Republic, following an attempt to assassinate her;
    is still acting as Kyle's and Jan's point of Contact and Paymaster.
    First of all; read the Manual!
    A note for quicker Loading:
    Once the Lucas Arts Logo is on the screen, one can bypass the Activision and
    Raven Logos by pressing the JUMP Key (default is SPACEBAR) and go directly to
    the Main Menu.
    Options on loading are: - NEW; - LOAD; - CONTROLS; - SETUP - EXIT.
    NEW:        Starts a new game on the chosen Skill Setting of; Padawan, Jedi,
                Jedi Knight and Jedi Master (See Glossary for details).
    LOAD        Loads a previously SAVEd game (either saved by the player or
                auto-saved at the start of each Level or at a Checkpoint).
    CONTROLS    Enables a player to re-map Controls to his/her preferences;
                also to adjust Mouse or Joystick settings.
    SETUP       Adjustment of Graphics, Sound and various other options - also to
                restore all the program's default settings if needed.
    EXIT        To abandon the current game or exit the program.
    A Player may display the Main Menu screen at any point within a game (either by
    the ESC key or F10/F11 on their default mapping) the options are:
                SAVE; - LOAD; - CONTROLS; - SETUP - EXIT - RESUME.
    SAVE        Saves a game (either for future reference or before EXITing the
                Note: One cannot SAVE a game if Kyle Katarn is dead!
    RESUME      Resumes a running game from the point ESC, F10 or F11 was pressed.
    Quicksaving and Quickloading - a hedge against disaster:
    In addition to the full SAVEs and LOADs permitted by the Main Menu hot-keys,
    F12 is the Default hot-key for what is called 'Quicksaving' and F9 for
    'Quick-reloading' a quicksaved game.
    Quicksaving differs from the full SAVEs in that, being done while in-play, it
    hardly interrupts the flow of the game at all.  The Author recommends that a
    game should be 'Quicksaved' before any sort of activity that could lead to a
    "Mission Failed" message is undertaken.  That obviously includes Combat, but
    (in later Levels) will include Force JUMPing as well.  If in doubt,
    The USE/INTERACT Control - (Defaults = CTRL or E):
    This has a number of functions; the main one being operating Control Panels and
    equipment of all types, including opening Supply Crates, taking command of Twin
    Cannon Mountings and 'friendly' AT-STs, and also for making use of Ammunition
    and Shield Converters.  Additionally, should an item within a Supply Crate not
    be collectable in the normal manner (by moving into contact with it, or over
    it); use of this control allows it to be collected.  The same is also true for
    items that have been left on top of crates (e.g. the Small Shield Booster in
    Blue 1, Level 1 and - on Padawan Setting only - the Light Amplification Goggles
    in Blue 2 of Level 1).
    In the above cases, place the crosshairs on the Control Panel etc. and press
    the USE/INTERACT key or button.  Do the same in respect of Droids, (or living
    beings that are not trying to kill Kyle at the time!) to INTERACT with them;
    not that it is usually all that useful!
    The second main function of this control is to stop Kyle skidding, skipping or
    bouncing further than is safe after a JUMP (particularly when Force JUMPing).
    Hitting USE/INTERACT in this situation makes Kyle 'stick' or 'spot' the
    Third, this control (when held down before pressing the MOVE/STRAFE controls in
    first-person point-of-view) causes Kyle to LEAN in that direction, enabling
    reasonably covert viewing around corners.
    The final function of this Control is to bypass unwanted Cinematic Cutscenes
    (see Glossary for description) that would otherwise delay resumption of the
    The POINT-OF-VIEW Toggle - (Default = P):
    Switches between First-Person (through Kyle's eyes) view to Third-Person (over
    Kyle's shoulder) view.  The Author finds that First-Person view is best for
    using all weapons other than a Lightsabre, and Third-Person view is best for
    Lightsabre Combat and JUMPing.  There is a mini-'Cheat' regarding Third-Person
    view, as a player can often see much further around corners than the standard
    LEAN permits, and without any exposure at all!
    An automatic 'save' generated by the program which is usually indicative of a
    greater than normal threat to Kyle's life in the very near future!  If Kyle is
    killed after a Checkpoint, hitting 'the fire button' reloads the Mission at the
    Checkpoint, rather than the start of the Level.
    Personal wireless communications device.  Normally handheld, it can be clipped
    to a tunic collar or mounted in a helmet for hands-free use.  Some (almost
    certainly including Kyle's) are equipped with one or more encryption settings
    for communications security.
    An animated interlude between segments of the program.  A player has no control
    whatever of Kyle Katarn's actions until the Cutscene ends.
    (Compare MONOLOGUE).
          Author's Note, - It is helpful to view these Cinematic Cutscenes at least
          once, since they either often contain clues to what the player needs to
          do (has to go) next or give the player some behind-the-scenes information
          (not known to Kyle); but thereafter they can be bypassed by pressing the
          USE/INTERACT Control (defaults are CTRL or E).
    A handy pocket computer that helps keep track of Mission requirements
    (Mission), weaponry available (Weapons), items that have been collected and not
    expended (Inventory) and Force Powers (Force), it bleeps and displays a
    flashing red spot in the centre of the Ammunition/Force availability meter when
    it receives new information.  Unfortunately, the Datapad has been known to
    update itself, and demand attention, at some very inconvenient (and, in fact,
    life-threatening) times; so the Author's advice is to refer to it as and when
    possible, but not to treat its updates as exceptionally urgent.  Default keys
    to access the Datapad are; TAB and M.  Accessing the Datapad is also a handy
    method of pausing the game, particularly when using ESC or the SAVE/LOAD
    hotkeys could lead to another user thinking that play had finished!
    FORCE (THE):
    Described as an energy-field created and sustained by all life and living
    things; it is sensed only by a tiny proportion of the Galactic population.  An
    even smaller fraction of those "Force Sensitive" beings have the capability to
    manipulate the Force at will, for the general good of the community (Jedi) or
    for personal power and personal gain (Dark Jedi and Sith).  The Force has at
    least two distinct aspects; the "Living Force" (concerned with day to day life,
    including Combat - Kyle's Force Powers are all derived from this aspect) and
    the "Unifying Force", which seems to be more focussed on the future.  There
    seems to be an ongoing debate among some modern-day Jedi about whether the
    terms "Light Side" and "Dark Side" also refer to different aspects of the
    Force (the traditional Jedi viewpoint), or whether the Force is actually
    neutral and the "Light" or "Dark" behaviour is rooted in the individual.
    Following the Galactic turmoil caused by Grand Admiral Thrawn on his return
    from the Unknown Regions as well as the far more disruptive appearance of the
    being claiming to be the "resurrected Emperor"; Luke Skywalker, then the only
    remaining Jedi, sought (and was granted) permission to establish a Jedi
    training centre for other beings with an aptitude for the Force.  Formally
    titled the "Praxeum", the Academy was established on Yavin 4 (the fourth moon
    of the gas-giant planet Yavin, in the star system of the same name).  Despite
    unexpected problems (now resolved) with an aspect of the moon's history, the
    Academy has already trained at least one group of new Jedi Knights.  Yavin 4
    was also the location of the Rebel Alliance base from which Luke Skywalker flew
    in the action against, and destruction of, the first Death Star.
    Rough comparison (for the 'Enemies' section) of how much Damage needs to be
    inflicted before enemies expire.  The tests were carried out on Jedi Master
    Skill Setting, so expect the required amount of Damage to be slightly reduced
    on Padawan, Jedi and Jedi Knight Settings in the case of: Squad-Leader
    Stormtroopers, Reborn, Shadow Troopers, Tavion and Desann.  The Kill Index
    reflects how many discharges from the Stun Baton (or "Nerf-prod" - see the
    'Weapons' section) were required to kill.
    Part of the Mission (Kejim Post to Yavin - The Final Showdown)that Kyle is
    currently operating in; the Author has named and numbered these according to
    the 'maps' (including those that are wholly, or mostly, in Cutscene); which
    will explain why there is at least one more Level in this Guide than in those
    by other commentators.
    Similar to a Cutscene (except that these cannot be bypassed, and Kyle can turn
    round and/or switch weapons while being jawed-at), their purpose is to give
    Kyle a mid-mission briefing update.  Fortunately, there are not all that many
    of them; but be warned, they are not as concise as they might have been!
    Scale applying to Kyle's Force Powers as recorded by the Datapad.  Kyle
    acquires each Force Power at Rank 1 and receives upgrades at intervals over the
    remaining Levels to a maximum of Rank 3.  The higher the Rank, the more
    effective the Force Power becomes.
    Properly the "Imperial Remnant"; the hold-out sectors of the Galaxy that have
    refused to join the New Republic and still operate under the late Emperor
    Palpatine's 'New Order' system (although neither "Remnant" nor "Imperial
    Remnant" are terms that seem to have yet become a part of everyday speech as of
    this time, most citizens still referring to Imperial Space and Imperials).
    Militarily, the Remnant is a mere shadow of the former Empire (having lost many
    ships, and crews, during the aftermath of the Emperor's fall, when self-styled
    "Warlords" fought each other as well as the New Republic, and also during and
    after the campaigns waged by Grand Admiral Thrawn and the "resurrected
    Emperor").  That said, it is a "mere shadow" that would be very expensive in
    terms of New Republic resources, lives and Political Capital to eradicate (the
    New Republic's main selling point to unaligned systems being that it isn't
    a new version of the Empire and doesn't act like the Empire).  Currently, the
    Imperial Remnant and the New Republic are in  an informal state of armed,
    watchful, truce.  Apart from the activities of the occasional, ambitious, Loose
    Turbolaser; hostilities have mostly come to an end.
    Playing difficulty - abbreviated to 'Setting' in the text - decided by the user
    at the start of each new Mission.  Choices are;
    Padawan:      Easy - 100 each of Health and Shield Units at start; all Shield
                  and Ammunition Converters supply 100 Units.  Converters and
                  Shield Boosters are treated as being interchangeable when
                  recharging for maximum protection, and extra Health and Shield
                  supplies are made available in each Level.  Visual cues for Force
                  Use are provided, and a pictographic crib-sheet of the correct
                  code for passing the first test in the Jedi Trial, is provided
                  automatically.  At this Setting, enemies are not too alert,
                  active, numerous, accurate nor (with one class of exceptions)
                  particularly durable.
    Jedi:         Normal - 100 Health and 50 Shield Units at start - most Shield
                  Converters are limited to delivering only 75 Units but are again
                  completely interchangeable with Shield Boosters.  Ammunition
                  Converters also seem to be limited to a 75 Unit maximum.  Visual
                  cues for Force use are again provided, but the pictographic
                  crib-sheet for the first test in the Jedi Trial must be revealed
                  manually.  Enemies are slightly more alert, active, numerous,
                  accurate and durable.
    Jedi Knight:  Harder - 100 Health but 0 Shield Units at start - most Shield
                  Converters are limited to delivering only 50 Units but Boosters
                  and Converters still seem to be interchangeable, with no maximum
                  cap on how many Shield Units can be collected from Boosters.
                  Ammunition Converters also seem to be limited to a 50 Unit
                  maximum.  No visual cues as to Force use are provided but the
                  pictograms for the first test in the Jedi Trial can still be
                  revealed manually.  Enemies are much more alert, active,
                  numerous, accurate and durable.
    Jedi Master:  Very Hard Indeed - 50 Health Units; a maximum limit which
                  cannot be increased by Bacta, Medpacks or Force Healing; and no
                  Shield Units at all at Mission Start - with the same Shield (and
                  Ammunition) Converter limits as on the previous Setting.
                  Additionally, Shield Boosters cannot advance protection beyond a
                  50 Unit limit; so Boosters must be collected to their 50 Unit
                  maximum before visiting a Converter to gain maximum Shield
                  protection.  No visual cues as to Force use are provided but the
                  pictograms for the first test in the Jedi Trial are still
                  available by the manual method.  Enemies are at their maximum
                  alertness, activity, numbers, accuracy and durability.
    A medium-sized crate with an illuminated lock-panel on one side, containing one
    (or more) items in the Inventory or Consumables categories.  A Supply Key (not
    all of which are available in every Level on every Setting) is usually required
    to open them.
    Mounted on walls (or bulkheads, aboard ships) these small racks provide storage
    space for Ammunition and/or Instant Use Medpacks in Remnant facilities.  The
    standard loading is three boxes/cases of ammunition on the lower shelf with an
    Instant Use Medpack on the upper; although this can vary.  Instances have been
    seen where at least one weapon has been included in the loading, another item
    has replaced the Instant Use Medpack (or it has been omitted entirely) or the
    lower shelf has not been filled to capacity.
    A Jedi burial-ground from ancient times and hot-spot of the Force; although
    whether occurring naturally or through its use for that purpose is not known.
    Scene of Kyle's conflict with the Dark Jedi, Jerec.  Its location is currently
    known only to Kyle and Jan (who were the only survivors of that mission).
    Morgan Katarn can appear as a Force Manifestation in the Valley.
    Most of these are displays for a version of CCTV with a similar surveillance
    purpose.  The only exception is a replay-of-recent-signals panel.  All are
    operated by the USE/INTERACT Control (as normal) and those showing unknown
    territory can supply clues and/or intelligence regarding necessary future
    actions; however some of the Viewpanels show two or more views, so it is
    usually advisable to keep hitting USE/INTERACT until all available views have
    been studied.  The Security Cameras seem to show views in real-time, so any
    dropped and uncollected weapons will be seen in their actual positions after
    Very similar to the Supply Rack in form and placement, the Weapon Rack provides
    storage space for three spare weapons per rack.  Normally these are of the same
    type, but there is at least one instance where one of the weapons not the same
    as the others.  As with the Supply Rack, seeing these is a tip-off that the
    area is occupied by Remnant troops.
    KYLE'S WEAPONRY: (In Order of Acquisition).
    NO WEAPON / EMPTY HANDS (DEFAULT KEY = - ).  (Hyphen or Dash)
    [Level 1 (Kejim Post)].
    Undocumented, as far as the Author has seen, this causes Kyle to put away any
    previously selected weapon choice and stand with empty hands.  Very useful when
    lining up a precision JUMP (since the reticle stays in one position, instead
    of moving around as Kyle scans for danger), examining objects at close range or
    making screen-captures.  It also prevents any chance of accidental weapons
    discharges and/or activations when in full stealth mode.
    [Level 1 (Kejim Post) - Original Equipment Load].
    Most commentators have classed this 'weapon' as being virtually useless.  The
    Author's assessment is that they have been over-generous when anything more
    active than a GNK Power Droid is concerned, and has only found two real uses
    for this device; firstly, smashing open breakable gratings (to save a round or
    two of ammunition when enemy contact is not thought to be imminent); secondly
    (and for the purposes of researching this Guide only) acting as a 'Standard
    Source of Damage' for a rough estimation of enemy combat durability.  When Kyle
    recovers his Lightsabre, this "Nerf-prod" is (thankfully) deleted.
    [Level 1 (Kejim Post) - Original Equipment Load].
    Said to be Kyle's weapon of choice; this is an extremely accurate hand weapon
    but with the twin disadvantages of being both slow-firing and underpowered,
    only consuming 1x Ammunition Unit per Primary fire discharge.  It can be
    charged up for greater effect (Secondary fire), at a cost of 5 Ammunition Units
    per discharge without loss of accuracy.  In the Author's opinion, this weapon's
    Primary fire should be restricted to clearing visible Trip Mines and its
    Secondary fire should only be utilised against mobile targets when firing
    either from cover or from beyond accurate E11 range.
    [Level 1 (Kejim Post) - Captured from Stormtrooper Casualty].
    To at least one member of the New Republic military, the most plentiful
    commodity in the Galaxy (after hydrogen and stupidity) is the ball-shaped TIE
    Fighter Cockpit assembly (thank you for that wonderful phrase, M.A.S).  In
    Kyle's more infantry-combat oriented role in Galactic affairs; E11 Blaster
    Rifles put in a strong bid for that distinction.  A form of Assault Rifle, the
    E11 is the standard-issue weapon for Imperial Remnant forces and shares the
    same ammunition supply as the Bryar Blaster Pistol.  Compared to the Bryar, the
    E11 provides roughly double the punch per Unit of Primary fire, but at the cost
    of accuracy.  Primary fire can be either in self-loading or repeating mode
    (depending on whether the trigger is tapped or held down), while Secondary fire
    is fully automatic - with a further lessening of accuracy - although the Author
    has found that the cone of fire produced in this mode can be useful when in
    snap-shooting situations.  However, care should be taken to keep bursts of
    Secondary fire short, since a full load of ammunition can be expended in 24
    seconds of continuous fire.  E11 Blaster Rifles discarded by casualties or
    stored in racks can be used for partial ammunition replenishment, yielding 15
    Blaster Ammunition Units each.  There appears to be a faster-firing and
    harder-hitting variant to this weapon (Jan's personal Blaster being one of
    them) issued to Base Commanders and also to Troopers permanently manning
    Detention Centre Guardposts.
    THERMAL DETONATOR: (DEFAULT KEY = 0 - cycles through all explosive weapons).
    [Level 1 (Kejim Post) - Found on floor of room].
    The equivalent of a hand-grenade, but somewhat more powerful, with much the
    same sort of usage; the Thermal Detonator under the door trick, the Thermal
    Detonator into the alcove tactic etc.  Thermal Detonators explode 4 seconds
    after being thrown in Primary fire mode (or on striking a living being at any
    time before the timer runs out), and upon any impact at all in Secondary fire
    mode.  In both modes, the distance thrown is directly proportional to the
    length of time the appropriate trigger is held down.  Provided the supply can
    be regularly replenished, Thermal Detonators are an excellent means of dealing
    with the 'lurker around the corner' and - until Kyle captures an Imperial Heavy
    Repeater, they form the only means of dealing with Trip Mines which have been
    emplaced behind pillars to shelter them from direct fire.  Thermal Detonators
    are normally supplied in belts of 4; a maximum of 10 can be carried.
    DETONATION PACK: (DEFAULT KEY = 0 - cycles through all explosive weapons).
    [Level 2 (Kejim Base) - Found on bed in cellblock].
    A command-detonated charge, the Detonation Pack (Det Pack - in the text) can be
    used as a stand-alone booby-trap, but the command-detonation requirement rather
    limits its utility in that role, unless the user is in reasonable cover.  It
    can be much more useful when combined with a Trip Mine, where the Det Pack
    increases the explosive effect; and relies on the explosion of the Mine to set
    off the Det Pack (or string of them) by sympathetic detonation.  The other
    conventional use for Det Packs is said to be that of blasting open locked
    doors.  However, the Author has never had success when trying to use this
    claimed feature, and by the time such doors are encountered, Kyle has recovered
    his Lightsabre which is a more silent and economical tool for the job.  The
    Primary fire key deploys a Det Pack to the position under the crosshairs - if
    the surface is suitable, it will stick there; otherwise it will fall to the
    ground.  The Secondary trigger detonates all deployed Det Packs simultaneously.
    As an aside to all the above, there is one location where one Det Pack (set off
    from a distance) can be very profitably deployed to clear an entire room of
    large numbers of Trip Mines through sympathetic detonation.  Det Packs are
    normally supplied in sets of 3; a maximum of 5 can be carried.
    [Level 3 (Artus Mine) - Recovered from dead Artusian Colonist].
    Modified from the basic design so that physically weaker species than Wookies
    can use them, these are good all-round weapons for short to medium range
    firing; with a useful discharge to kill ratio; although the bolts are too slow
    and the weapon's sighting system too basic to be classed as long-range sniping
    weapons.  There are 3 distinct types of Primary fire, with only the single shot
    variant (one tap of the trigger, at an ammunition consumption rate of 5 Power
    Cell Ammunition Units per discharge likely to be regularly used.  The others
    are; a 5 shot spread (trigger held for about 3 seconds at 25 Power Cell
    Ammunition Units per discharge) or a 3 shot spread (trigger held for about 1
    second, at 15 Power Cell Ammunition Units per discharge), both of which are
    unlikely to be useful except when facing a thick crowd of enemies.  All types
    of Primary fire have been found to ricochet from locks, but not otherwise;
    which makes a Bowcaster a useful tool for firing through loopholes or other
    small gaps without risk to health or shielding from Kyle's own fire.  Secondary
    fire (at 5 Power Cell Ammunition Units per discharge) will ricochet from any
    surface either until the bolt either hits a target or runs out of kinetic
    energy.  The ability to bounce a bolt in on an enemy when not in line-of-sight
    (searching fire) is a highly useful attribute.  Wookie Bowcasters discarded by
    casualties can be used for partial ammunition replenishment, yielding 5 Power
    Cell Ammunition Units each.
    TRIP MINE: (DEFAULT KEY = 0 - cycles through all explosive weapons).
    [Level 3 (Artus Mine) - Found on floor of room].
    Designed to be placed inconspicuously on a wall (or, most often in proximity
    mode, the floor) these can be used to set up some very nice little booby-traps
    in the Single Player game.  Indeed; the Author considers it a pity that Kyle's
    carrying capacity is restricted to 5 mines.  Primary fire deploys a Trip Mine
    in Laser-beam mode (the most useful, in the Author's opinion), anything
    subsequently breaking the beam will cause the Mine to detonate.  In this mode,
    the Trip Mine will not automatically self-destruct, but will sit patiently and
    wait for a victim.  While the blue Laser beam is visible (and a dead give-away
    that the route is mined) most opponents do not appear to notice!  Secondary
    fire deploys a Trip Mine in proximity mode.  Once armed, anything coming within
    a certain radius, during the 40 second delay before self-destruction occurs,
    will cause detonation.  The Author considers this mode is best used to buy time
    when evading pursuit.  Trip Mines are normally supplied in sets of 3; a maximum
    of 5 can be carried.
    [Level 8 (Yavin Trial) - Kyle's Lightsabre, kept for him by Luke].
    "An elegant weapon for a more civilised age" and "The badge and formal weapon
    of the Jedi Knight".  By any standards the Lightsabre is a devastating
    close-quarters offensive weapon, with or without the Force.  Primary 'fire' is
    a SLASH, normally horizontal, (which with the viewpoint raised very high or
    brought down close to Kyle's feet, becomes a downwards HACK).  In the hands of
    a person with Force Powers, it is a very useful defensive tool as well.  That
    said, it is not an all-aspect shield, and a Jedi must always be mindful of
    being attacked from the flanks or from behind.  For the same reason, despite
    the Rank 2 and 3 "remote buzz-saw" effect (which is, indeed cool and neat) a
    Jedi should use THROW (Secondary 'fire') sparingly and only when there is but
    little chance of being caught empty handed.  However, it should be mentioned
    that it is possible to THROW through loopholes, or holes in ceilings, and still
    have some control over the Lightsabre, even at Rank 1, although the timing has
    to be absolutely right.
    The member of the New Republic military referred to earlier is also credited
    with pointing out that a Lightsabre is also surprisingly good at opening locked
    doors; sometimes even from the 'wrong' side (that is, the side where no lock
    can be seen).  When faced with an apparently automatic door that refuses to
    open, it's always worth a SLASH or three at normal lock height.  If the door
    still refuses to  budge it is either a shield-rated door (which cannot be
    opened by a Lightsabre from the 'wrong' side) or it is jammed.
    There are three Lightsabre 'styles' available to Kyle during the course of this
          Medium - available from Level 9 onwards and indicated by a yellow
          semicircle in the Ammunition/Force Meter, it is a blend of both speed and
          Fast - available from Level 15 onwards and indicated by a light-blue
          semicircle (claimed to be best for fighting Reborn, although, due to the
          dainty little to-and-fro SLASH noticed when testing, the Author thinks of
          this style as 'weak' and tends to stick to the 'Medium' style), and
          Strong - available from Level 19 onwards and indicated by a red
          semicircle, a much slower but immensely powerful attack which almost
          always has to be used in conjunction with Force SPEED, but which has the
          advantage of being easily able to deal with Shadowtroopers' Cortosis
          armour, and, when parried by Reborn, is often found to knock them to the
    Three final, and very important, points about Lightsabres, they do not function
    underwater (a Jedi should be mindful of that fact when entering water that may
    be more than thigh-deep); they cannot block the fire of Disruptor-type
    weapons; and they cannot prevent explosives from causing concussion damage;
    even if they 'block' the projectile itself.
    [Level 9 (Nar Shaddaa - Streets) - Captured from Rodian Casualty].
    With the possible exception of the Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System, this is
    the longest-ranged weapon that Kyle gets his hands on.  At 3 Power Cell
    Ammunition Units per discharge in Primary fire mode the Disruptor seems highly
    economical.  Unfortunately three or more hits are normally required, although
    the weapon itself is extremely accurate and fires through the centre of the
    sights every time.  Secondary fire is aimed via a zooming sight and requires
    the user to accumulate a charge in the weapon.  Although a hit with a maximum
    charge gives a certain kill (in fact, complete disintegration) it comes at a
    cost of 30 Power Cell Ammunition Units, but a hit anywhere on an opponent will
    disintegrate (even when only an arm is showing) and the beam has the ability to
    disintegrate two or more opponents at once, if they are standing in the same
    line of fire.  Charging the weapon to a lesser degree occasionally requires a
    second attempt, thus exposing the user to return fire.  Also, although
    Lightsabres cannot block this weapon, most Force-wielding enemies seem to have
    little problem in dodging the beam.  Disruptor Rifles dropped by enemy
    casualties can be utilised for partial ammunition replenishment, yielding 20
    Power Cell Ammunition Units each.  WARNING: When facing Disruptor-armed
    enemies, the only safe cover is behind stone - the beam will penetrate crates
    and, at least some, doors.
    [Level 13 (Bespin - Streets) - Captured from Trandoshan].
    The first of the dual-function weapons utilising Metallic Bolt Ammunition to be
    encountered is an interesting combination of the fastest-firing (1200
    Ammunition Units per Minute - cyclic) automatic weapon to become available and
    a Concussion Grenade launcher.  Primary fire - the automatic weapon - seems no
    less accurate (despite remarks by other commentators) than the E11 Blaster
    Rifle, perhaps a little more so; and Secondary fire - the grenade launcher - is
    a pleasantly frugal 8 Ammunition Units per discharge, although elevation always
    has to be gauged by eye and experience, - the grenade does not go through the
    crosshairs.  The common use for this weapon is clearing otherwise inaccessible
    Trip Mines; those sheltered from direct fire by pillars, for example; while
    retaining a good self-defence capability,  but it need not be confined to that
    role.  Since its Primary fire mode is that of a 'pellet-projector', Lightsabre
    equipped enemies can only block the projectiles, not return them to firer
    (which makes it a useful tool for testing dark areas for invisible
    Shadowtroopers - and on one memorable occasion, even killing one!).  Secondary
    fire has been found to be effective against the weaker Reborn, even in open
    areas.  However, the user should always be mindful of possible self-inflicted
    splash-damage from Concussion Grenades that are fired at too short a range or
    too close to an obstruction.  Captured Imperial Heavy Repeaters, or those
    stored in Weapons Racks can be used for partial ammunition replenishment at a
    yield of 30 Metallic Bolt Ammunition Units each.
    [Level 14 (Bespin Platform) - Captured from Stormtrooper Casualty].
    The Flechette Weapon is the second, and last, of the dual-function weapons
    using Metallic Bolt Ammunition that Kyle encounters and another one that does
    not seem to have much of a fan-club.  Primary fire discharges a nicely
    dispersed cloud of metal fragments ('Flechette' translates as "little arrow"),
    in similar fashion to a shotgun; at a cost of 8 Ammunition Units per discharge.
    These fragments are fairly short-range (although they reach further than a
    THROWN Lightsabre, but then not too much attention has to be paid to precise
    aiming; near enough is usually good enough) although they have been found
    susceptible to being PUSHed back at the firer.  Secondary fire produces a pair
    of 'Bouncing Betty' explosive mines, each of which has the effect of a
    low-yield Thermal Detonator.  Their advantage, and disadvantage, is that their
    path cannot be accurately predicted in an open area, but at 8 Ammunition Units
    per discharge, they are a relatively economical way of 'searching' a room or
    area with random fire; or of eliminating enemies on a raised Catwalk, by
    bouncing the mines off the ceiling.  Like the Imperial Heavy Repeater the user
    should always be mindful of self-inflicted damage (in either mode) when the
    weapon is fired too close to an obstruction.  Captured Flechette Weapons can be
    used for partial ammunition replenishment at a yield of 30 Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition Units each.
    [Level 16 (Cairn Assembly) - Found lying on top of crate].
    Normally referred to by its acronym (DEMP) with or without the version number,
    the Destructive Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun is a pulse-rifle, utilising Power
    Cell Ammunition, primarily intended for use against Droids and other
    electrically powered equipment.  Since its redesign (hence DEMP 2), it is also
    claimed to have a capability to damage living beings, which the original design
    lacked.  Primary fire is a single energy pulse, costing 8 Ammunition Units per
    discharge, directly affecting one target.  Secondary (charged) fire, at a
    maximum cost of 30 Ammunition Units, is a detonating energy pulse capable of
    damaging targets in the area surrounding the impact point.  In the Author's
    opinion, this weapon is a little too specialised and ammunition-hungry for
    routine use.  Remnant forces, too, seem content to mostly leave them in the
    [Level 17 (Cairn Reactor) - Found stored in Weapon Rack].
    The name really says it all in respect of this weapon, which is usually
    referred to as the "Merr-Sonn" or the "PMS".  Primary fire is one unguided
    missile.  Secondary fire is one guided missile - put the crosshairs on target,
    hold down the Secondary fire button until the red circle completes then release
    to fire.  Other than the occasional bit of light relief watching Swamptroopers
    and/or Stormtroopers being chased by a smart-missile, the Author has yet to
    find much use for the guided-weapon mode.  In ordinary mode, the Author has
    found the PMS to be an excellent means of eliminating stubborn Twin Cannon
    Mountings (which appear to be able to protect their operators from Disruptor
    fire at certain angles of elevation) while moving along a certain Canyon on
    foot.  They are also a good choice for when that pesky AT-ST simply has to go,
    although hits by three to five Rockets are normally required.  Discarded
    Merr-Sonns yield a partial ammunition replenishment of three Rockets each.
    SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT: [Item Category]
    (In alphabetical order).
    BACTA CANISTER: [Inventory Item].
    Portable Biological First Aid Treatment in a transparent cylinder.  The healing
    medium is light-blue in colour as well as being phosphorescent, making it
    relatively easy to locate in darkened areas - using a Canister restores Health
    Units by up to 25 - a total of 5 Canisters can be carried.  It is very worth
    while, even when Jedi Healing is available, to make sure that Bacta is the
    ready-to-use Inventory Item (obviously when nothing else is actually in use)
    for quick health top-ups during combat.
    BATTERY PACK: [Consumable Item].
    Replacement power charges for Electrobinoculars and Light Amplification
    Goggles.  Battery packs are hexagonal cross-sectioned tubes, about the same
    height as a Bacta Canister, with a flashing green light on top.  Not an item
    that ever appears in the Inventory, the power inside the pack is immediately
    transferred to Light Amplification Goggles or Electrobinoculars that need to be
    topped-up.  A maximum of 2 Battery Packs worth of charge can be held.
    BLASTER PACK: [Ammunition Item].
    Blaster Ammunition is supplied in single boxes (white, with green and red
    markings).  Each box contains 25 Ammunition Units; a maximum of 300 Units can
    be carried.  This ammunition is used by the Bryar Blaster Pistol and E11
    Blaster Rifle.
    ELECTROBINOCULARS: [Inventory Item].
    Like regular binoculars but electronic in nature with zoom (Primary 'fire' to
    zoom-in and Secondary 'fire' to zoom out) and azimuth display built in.  The
    azimuth display is in gradations that don't make a lot of sense to inhabitants
    of Sol 3 (also called Earth), so is not very useful.  Also, no weapon can be
    fired while these are in use.  Due to this limitation, and their fairly heavy
    power consumption, the Author hardly ever uses these, preferring the
    Disruptor's scope (when it becomes available).
    FORCE CRYSTAL: [Consumable Item].
    Again not an item that ever appears in the Inventory, these are shed by
    Shadowtroopers on death (always one, and with a second usually able to be
    forced out of the dead Shadowtrooper by complete disintegration of the corpse),
    these are crystals from the Artusian mines, enhanced by having been infused
    with the power of the Valley of the Jedi.  On acquisition, they give an
    immediate full recharge to Kyle's Force Reservoir.
    INSTANT USE MEPACK: [Consumable Item].
    Coloured white with a stripe of red lettering around the long dimension, and
    looking a bit like two wedges joined at their thick ends, with a flashing white
    light on top; the Instant Use Medpack (IUM) is a non-transportable, Imperial
    Issue, First Aid Treatment pack; which restores Health Units by up to 20 per
    Medpack when used.  Note: Unlike the Bacta Canister, which is found Galaxy wide
    in both Military and Civilian use, the Instant Use Medpack is only ever found
    in installations controlled by, or allied with Imperials.  It should go without
    saying that these (when available) should be consumed in preference to Bacta
    Canisters, in the first instance.  None can be held.
    KEY-CARDS: [Inventory Item].
    Key-cards come in two forms; Supply Keys (possession of which allows the
    opening of Supply Crates) and Security Keys, needed to open Security-locked
    doors.  Any Imperial Officer can be found in possession of a Supply Key,
    but only the Tan and Black Uniformed types carry Security Keys.  Both types of
    key are carried in a special pocket on the upper left arm of an Officer's
    uniform.  When a Key-carrying Officer becomes a casualty his body (unless he
    died through disintegration) does not disappear until the key is collected.
    See-in-the-dark, vision equipment.  Very useful indeed in pitch-black areas,
    but the Author finds these "flare" too readily in the crystal-light found in
    the mines of Artus Prime.  Quoted as a method of detecting invisible
    Shadowtroopers.  Unlike with Electrobinoculars, weapons; but not Force Powers
    (except for SPEED); can be employed freely while these are in use.  Peripheral
    vision is not as good as normal.  As with Electrobinoculars, power consumption
    is fairly heavy.
    METALLIC BOLT: AMMUNITION: [Ammunition Item].
    Metallic Bolts have the form of cylindrical copper-coloured ingots, supplied in
    3x2 cases (white, with blue and green markings).  Each case of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition contains 100 Ammunition Units; a maximum of 400 Units can be
    carried.  This ammunition is used by the Imperial Heavy Repeater and the Golan
    Arms FC1 Flechette Weapon.
    PORTABLE ASSAULT SENTRY: [Inventory Item].
    A peculiarity (one of two) in being both an Inventory Item and a deployable
    weapon of sorts, the Portable Assault Sentry (PAS) is a backpack-sized portable
    automatic blaster with 360 degree traverse, but similar limitations to
    Automated  Defence Cannons, their more powerful but less portable cousins, and
    are best considered as an annoyance or irritant to most opponents.  They have a
    very short lifespan when utilised against Force-wielding enemies through being
    PUSHed over.  When faced with enemy-deployed Assault Sentries the best tactic
    is probably to outwait the ammunition supply behind a Lightsabre, although they
    can also be destroyed at a distance - Disruptor fire at the cylindrical Power
    Unit/Ammunition Magazine works well.  Once deployed, they can not be restored
    to their original, portable, condition.  A maximum of 5 can be carried.
    POWER CELL: AMMUNITION: [Ammunition Item].
    Power Cells have the form of square-section blocks with a yellow band around
    the top, supplied in 3x1 Cases.  Each case of Power Cell Ammunition contains
    100 Ammunition Units; a maximum of 300 Units can be carried.  This ammunition
    is used by the Wookie Bowcaster, Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle and the
    Destructive Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun.
    ROCKET AMMUNITION: [Ammunition Item].
    Rockets are supplied in 3x1 cases.  They can be distinguished from anything
    else by their pointed tips.  A maximum of 10 Rockets can be carried.  Rocket
    Ammunition is used by the Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System only.
    SEEKER DRONE: [Inventory Item].
    The second hybrid of an Inventory Item and a deployable weapon of sorts, the
    Seeker Drone is a larger, more powerful, version of the Jedi's standard
    Lightsabre Training Remote.  Once deployed, the Seeker Drone orbits the person
    who released it unless and until it senses enemy personnel; whereupon it
    engages them with heavy stinger bolts (which can prove fatal).  Seeker Drones
    are of slightly greater utility than Portable Assault Sentries when deployed
    against Force-wielding enemies, although they are still best considered an
    annoyance or irritant.  When a Seeker Drone exhausts its self-contained power
    supply, it automatically self-destructs safely.  A maximum of 5 can be carried.
    SHIELD BOOSTERS: [Consumable Item].
    Belt-mounted Personal Shield Generators, in two sizes; Large (50 Shield Units)
    and Small (25 Shield Units) providing some protection against energy-weapons
    (up to and including Lightsabres), depleting according to the number and
    severity of hits sustained.  Exhausted or partially depleted Boosters can be
    substituted with fully-charged replacements or can be recharged at Shield
    Converters.  An absolute maximum of 100 Shield Units can be held.
    (In alphabetical order).
    Designed for hard-vacuum repairs and as Starfighter Pilots' assistants, the R2
    (dome headed) and R5 ('flowerpot' headed) series are the most familiar and most
    easily recognised.  None of the ones encountered have been maliciously
    programmed (e.g. as Assassin Droids), although they have an inbuilt curiosity
    which could be mistaken for "taking sides" at times.  At worst they are neutral
    and some can be found to be very helpful.  There is absolutely no need (as at
    least one some commentator has suggested) to PUSH any into thin air over long
    drops, no matter how much they scream on the way down!
    The acronym stands for "All Terrain Scout Transport", the smaller, two-legged,
    cousin of the All Terrain Armoured Transport.  The control cabin houses a crew
    of two, and is armed with Blaster Cannons and Rocket launchers.  Mobility is
    provided by a pair of reverse-articulated legs.  With its armament, and its
    ability to stamp on enemy personnel who are on foot, the Scout Walker (as it is
    also called) can be something of a problem to deal with.  Antidotes are; Twin
    Cannon Mountings, DEMP Guns and Portable Missile Systems.
    Available in a number of styles, and with a choice of Ceiling, Plinth or
    Sliding mounts, these automatic cannons are normally utilised as Anti-Intruder
    devices in Military service.  Some crimelords have been known to employ these
    devices both in the anti-intruder role and as execution weapons.  Due to their
    mode of operation (sense-target-shoot) and their relatively short sensor range
    they are best considered as a filter to keep out the harmless or a trap for the
    unwary and are most effective when deployed in confined but open spaces.  That
    said, they can be rather useful to an 'intruder' on occasions, particularly if
    the 'intruder' in question is a Jedi armed with a Lightsabre!  In other cases,
    effective antidotes are Disruptors or ten Ammunition Units worth of solid hits
    from Blaster-type weapons.
    Both of these Combat Droids are non-standard, encountered only in association
    with Fyyar's Planetary Assault Ship, Doomgiver.  Note: When examples of either
    type are destroyed, an (apparently randomly selected) box of Blaster
    Ammunition, or case of Power Cell Ammunition or case of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition is ejected from the wreckage (one per destroyed Droid).  These
    'bonus' items evaporate after a short period.
    The Mark 1's design is highly reminiscent of a scaled-down Scout Walker, but
    with a beetle-shaped body and only side-mounted weapon arms.  Fairly tough but
    noisy and ponderous, they should not pose much of a threat to a Jedi, provided
    that the Jedi can keep combat with them to a one-at-a-time level.
    The Mark 2 design is much smaller, looking like a metal-shrouded tyre, with
    three pistons coming out of the rear and a small, limited traverse, laser
    turret attached on top.  Only two are encountered during the course of Kyle's
    Mission and they do not seem to last very long in combat.
    Essentially a walking battery which, unfortunately, cannot be used to recharge
    any of Kyle's equipment.  Absolutely harmless.
    Tasked with guarding prisons, detention areas and other critical interior
    spaces, these Droids are the repulsor-powered, mobile equivalent of Automated
    Defence Cannons.  They conform very closely to the description of the G2-RD
    Droids in "Refugee" (by Sean Williams and Shane Dix - 'New Jedi Order' book
    series) although these seem to be programmed to use lethal force only.  Well
    armoured and shielded, these spherical Droids are vulnerable to Blaster type
    weapons and Wookie Bowcasters only when about to fire, although Lightsabres,
    Disruptors, DEMP 2 Guns and Repeater Secondary fire make quick work of them.
    First seen in Episode IV (A New Hope), these repulsor-powered torture devices
    are to be expected in Remnant Prisons, Shipboard Detention and Deep Storage
    areas.  Their attack range is short (apparently being armed only with a drug
    injector) but a hit takes a small toll on Shield strength (perhaps due to
    shield-to-shield contact - they seem to be equipped with a small shield
    generator) and a larger toll, in several stages, on Health.
    MSE-6 DROID:
    Ubiquitous utility Droids, tasked with running messages and small items back
    and forth.  Their normal nickname is the "Mouse" Droid, but seem to have picked
    up an additional nickname of "Scurrier" due to their speed.  Harmless, although
    can hand out quite a scare if trodden on accidentally!
    Waist-high pillar-like mechanisms with a square cross-section and tops in the
    form of a truncated-pyramid, these enable a recharge of Ammunition (Orange
    Lights) or Shields (Green Lights)to be obtained.  The lights dim when either
    type of Converter has been exhausted.  These are ground (or deck) mounted
    Thought to be a combat variant of the pure reconnaissance version seen in
    Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back), these seem to carry a shield generator of
    limited power and capacity, as well as a fairly weak Blaster.  Their
    distinctive audible and electromagnetic emissions seem to have been tuned to
    sound something like "Fear the Defenders", possibly as a psychological-warfare
    Serving mainly as translators (although none of them seem able to carry out
    anything like a proper conversation), these are mostly harmless (except for one
    The heaviest weapon that Kyle encounters in any quantity on this Mission, these
    pieces are probably classed as 'transportable' rather than portable.  Seemingly
    designed as anti-vehicle and anti-Starfighter weapons, they are even more
    potent when used on troops.  They may be closely related to the AT-ST's Main
    Gun (Chin Gun) armament.
    (In alphabetical order).
    A multi-legged, carnivorous, predatory, lifeform native to Artus Prime, where
    it is commonly found in caves and underground mine workings.  Although their
    teeth can cut through Stormtrooper-grade armour and they can de-power a set of
    personal shields in  short order, individually they are not much of a threat to
    an active, armed, citizen.  However they are inclined to swarm, whereupon their
    threat level increases proportionately.  Encountered on Artus Prime (with a
    guest-appearance on Nar Shaddaa).  Kill Index of 3.
    Principal 'baddie'.  Highly lethal Giant Saurian!  Kill Index of 35.
    Imperial Remnant Admiral and Inventor.  Ambitious human ally of Desann!  No 
    Kill Index due to special circumstances.
    A bipedal, goat-like, brown-skinned, herbivorous (and ruminant) species
    characterised by three eye-stalks at the top of the head and large hoof-paws.
    Those encountered during Kyle's travels are not of notably high intelligence,
    which is probably why they have found employment as hired muscle for a
    gangster.  In active combat situations they mainly stand their ground, relying
    on what seem to be pretty thick skins for protection.  Their usual weapon is
    the Thermal Detonator (which they can hurl for very long distances), although a
    small minority carry Blaster Rifles.  At very close range those armed with
    Thermal Detonators switch to hand-to-hand combat, when their hoof-paws can do a
    lot of Health Damage in a very short time.  Encountered only on Nar Shaddaa and
    Bespin. Kill Index of 2 for 'Grenadiers', 3 for the 'non-Grenadier' variety.
    Three distinct types of Imperial Remnant Officer (distinguished by the colour
    of their uniforms - Grey, Tan and Black) are encountered during the course of
    Kyle's Mission, everywhere except on Yavin and Nar Shaddaa.
    Grey Uniformed Officers are regular Imperial Armed Forces, those encountered
    are armed exclusively with Blas-Tech DL44 look-alikes (similar in appearance to
    Han Solo's favourite weapon).  Grey Uniformed Officers respond to a full-power
    Force PUSH and PULL in the same way as any Stormtroopers do; that is, by flying
    all over the place!  Grey Uniformed Officers can be found with Supply Keys on
    their persons, but never Security Keys.  Kill Index of 2.
    Tan Uniformed Officers seem just as numerous as the Grey variety, if not more
    so.  The ones encountered are invariably armed with Imperial Standard E11
    Blaster Rifles.  The Tan Uniformed Officers are probably senior to the Grey, a
    full-power Force PUSH or PULL will only drop them to the ground, not move them
    around.  Tan Uniformed Officers can be found with either type of key on
    their persons.  Kill Index of 3.
    Black Uniformed Officers are a great deal rarer than the others, probably
    fortunately so.  In addition to being armed with the quicker firing (and harder
    hitting) version of the E11 Blaster Rifle, they are also the hardest to kill.
    They seem to hold rank at senior command level (e.g. Base Commanders).  Force
    PUSH and PULL is again not too effective and Black Uniformed Officers can be
    found carrying either type of key.  Kill Index of 6.
    Most easily told apart by the colour of their coveralls (black for TIE Fighter
    Pilots, brown for Technicians) both types are armed with Blaster Pistols for
    self-defence, which (possibly fortunately) they utilise with rather more zeal
    than accuracy in actual combat unless at very close range.  Nevertheless, they
    occasionally connect and it can be a bit embarrassing to be felled by a mere
    Technician!  Unlike Stormtroopers, Technicians and TIE Pilots can be difficult
    to spot in poorly lit areas.  Both have a Kill Index of 2.
    Products of Fyyar's & Desann's experimentation into artificially creating Dark
    Jedi through Artusian crystal technology and access to the Valley of the Jedi.
    The weakest are those wearing an orange hood and tunic detail (Reborn), going
    up a little in capability are those wearing blue hoods and tabards (Reborn
    Acrobat).  Next, and almost equal in capabilities and lethality, are those with
    red hoods and tabards over a sandy-coloured tunic (Reborn Force User) and those
    wearing green hoods and tabards (Reborn Fencer).  Reborn Force Users seem
    stronger at utilising the Force (particularly its defensive aspects) but are
    weaker swordsmen than the Reborn Fencers - which, in the Author's opinion,
    makes the latter the greater threat.  The strongest Reborn (Reborn Boss)wear
    red hoods and tabards over a dark tunic  and seem capable of using the Force
    Powers of GRIP and SPEED together with the STRONG Lightsabre style.  Reborn are
    armed with Lightsabres only.  None of the Reborn wield FORCE LIGHTNING, but
    they are weakened (and some can be killed) by it if used against them.  All
    varieties of Reborn are encountered from Bespin onwards.  Orange Reborn have a
    Kill Index of 2.  Blue, Red and Green Reborn a Kill Index of 5 and Reborn
    Bosses a Kill Index of 7.
    A bipedal insectoid species from the planet Rodia, characterised by their green
    skins, sensory head-stalks and sucker-tipped fingers.  Their preferred weapon
    (particularly evident on Nar Shaddaa) is the Disruptor, with which they are
    quite proficient, but some carry Blasters.  In active combat situations they
    show a fair]y good grasp of tactics, albeit of the street-fighting variety.
    Encountered only on Nar Shaddaa and Bespin.  Kill Index of 2.
    Generic, white armoured, Imperial Remnant Troops; encountered everywhere except
    on Nar Shaddaa; armed with E11 Blaster Rifles.  Squad Leaders (identified by
    yellow shoulder pieces) are more potently armed with Flechette Weapons,
    Imperial Heavy Repeaters or the Merr-Sonn PMS (these last are described as
    Rocket Troopers in the text).  Swamptroopers (in distinctive green armour and
    commonly armed with Flechette Weapons) are a specialised variant, encountered 
    only during the fighting on Yavin.  Rocket Troopers can be dangerous, but the
    other types should be classed as little more than cannon-fodder.  Ordinary
    Stormtroopers have a Kill Index of 2; Squad Leaders and Swamptroopers a Kill
    Index of 5.
    The final result of Fyyar's & Desann's experimentation into artificially
    creating Dark Jedi.  Distinguished by their black, Cortosis-reinforced (and so
    Lightsabre-resistant) armour, which also has the ability to turn the wearer
    temporarily invisible, they wield the full range of Force Powers (including
    FORCE LIGHTNING) and are armed exclusively with Lightsabres.  Groups of two or
    more Shadowtroopers have been known to work the GRIP and Lightsabre THROW
    tactic as a team.  Although highly dangerous opponents, they can still be 
    beaten.  Encountered from the Cairn Installation onwards.  Kill Index of 10.
    Desann's human apprentice.  Definitely not as nice as she looks!  Kill Index of 
    A green/orange-skinned bipedal saurian species, characterised by triple-clawed
    hands and feet.  Trandoshans come from a home world close (in Galactic terms)
    to that of the Wookies, of whom some have a deep-seated hatred.  Best known in
    the Bounty Hunting and Mercenary professions they are, indeed, fierce hunters
    by nature.  Normally armed with Imperial Heavy Repeaters, if disarmed they have
    been known to pick up and use any discarded weapon they can get their claws on
    Trandoshans are only encountered on Bespin.  Kill Index of 3.
    A humanoid species of greyish appearance characterised by almost total baldness
    except for ropes of hair descending from the backs of their heads.  Again not
    particularly intelligent, they have been known to jump off high walkways for no
    particular reason, or fall down lift shafts when the platform has been called
    to a lower level, as well as not notice that they are about to walk on a
    shot-out piece of transparent flooring material!  In active combat situations,
    however, they show a certain aptitude for running and dodging.  Their normal
    weapon is the Wookie Bowcaster, although some have been known to pick up
    discarded Blasters from time to time.  Encountered only on Nar Shaddaa and
    Bespin.  Kill Index of 2.
    Note: Throughout the text, words in CAPITALS (e.g. CROUCH, JUMP, RUN, WALK)
    refer to the appropriate Control being utilised; this convention is also
    followed for the use of Force Powers (e.g. SPEED, PULL, PUSH).
    The tactics suggested have been tested by the Author on all Settings.  Where
    more than one tactic has been found to work, the Author has selected the one
    assessed as most effective on Jedi Master Setting.
    In Cutscene, aboard Jan's ship "The Raven's Claw".  A Holo-Net briefing update
    by Mon Mothma warns Kyle and Jan that their Mission to investigate the Imperial
    Outpost on Kejim might not be the 'blue milk run' that Kyle thought it was
    going to be.
    KEJIM POST (Level 1) - [map code = kejim_post].
    2 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Probe Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    On entry to Level 1, Kyle and Jan are positioned at the stern of a Lambda Class
    Shuttle.  The large door to the rear of the Shuttle is non-functional (and the
    glowing red status panels indicate that it is locked); one commentator has
    guessed that it represents the entryway to Level 1, which is as good an
    explanation as any.  The other visible door, facing the port (left-hand) side
    of the Shuttle is the entrance to a Storeroom.
    Kyle's Datapad is beeping for attention.  Jan thinks that she has both heard
    something and seen someone, and chatter from somewhere ahead confirms this.
    Two Stormtroopers are talking about one of them getting a transfer to Sector 7.
          Author's Note: Instances of 'chatter' by Stormtroopers (and others, which
          will probably not be understood unless one either has a 3PO Droid on hand
          or is fluent in Huttese, Gran and/or Rodian!) occur at various points
          throughout the whole Mission.  The purpose seems to be to provide a
          'heads-up', possibly to the younger player, that there are unseen enemies
          in the vicinity.  That's OK as far as it goes, just so long as the
          absence of 'chatter' is not taken as indicating an absence of enemies!
          Of the Stormtrooper 'chatter' (which, being in Basic, can be understood),
          some can be mildly amusing - particularly when they are running-down
          their equipment or Officers!
    It would seem logical to advance to the cover of the containers toward the nose
    of the Shuttle and shoot the first of the Stormtroopers from there (a
    relatively simple shot with Bryar Secondary fire), however this method has been
    found to lead to Kyle occasionally sustaining some Damage from 'friendly fire'
    when the second Stormtrooper comes across to engage Kyle and Jan pitches in
    from behind his position.  A better alternative is to RUN around behind the
    position that Jan first takes up, to somewhere in the angle formed by the blank
    wall and the wall with the Storeroom door in it (where Kyle cannot see, or be
    seen by, the left-hand Stormtrooper) but can still engage the right-hand
    Stormtrooper obliquely, under the nose of the Shuttle; a slightly more
    demanding shot, but still perfectly do-able.  To give Jan credit where it is
    due, she often eliminates the left-hand Stormtrooper without assistance,
    although it should be supplied if needed.  Jan's weapon, by the way, is far
    faster-firing than a standard E11 - it appears that she has got hold of one of
    the special Very Senior Officer's guns at some point.  When both Stormtroopers
    have been transferred (to somewhere other than Sector 7!), collect an E11
    (unfortunately a standard version) from one of the casualties.
    The Storeroom contains both a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and
    three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) in a niche protected by Laser-fused Trip
    Mines and Secret Area 1 (on the top shelf at the rear).  On Jedi Knight and
    Jedi Master Settings, the Secret Area only yields a Bacta Canister; this is
    supplemented by a Battery Pack on Padawan and Jedi Settings.  Collecting the
    Secret Area Items (and/or clearing the Trip Mines) are jobs best done later on,
    when Jan is not following Kyle around like a puppy; she definitely does not
    appreciate Kyle landing, or explosives going off, too near her.  Whenever the
    time comes to access Secret Area 1; JUMP on the projecting white container,
    then onto the lower shelf, then onto the dark container and then onto the top
    shelf.  For the Supply Rack, rolling a Thermal Detonator into the niche (once
    some have been acquired) is the safest method of dealing with the Trip Mines;
    but it is also just possible to detonate them with the Bryar or E11 without
    taking Damage by shooting from outside the Storeroom, while backing away so
    that the closing door shields Kyle from the explosion.
    The next stage (moving from the Shuttle Pad to the level of the "Parade
    Ground"; described as such on the basis that every military post, no matter how
    humble, has one; and no better candidate has been found) also has potential for
    a 'friendly fire' incident.  There is an alternative route, which Jan will not
    (can not) take; involving JUMPing onto the low containers on the right-hand
    side of the Shuttle's nose, from there to the higher containers (aim for the
    gap between container and Shuttle - it is also possible to get right on top of
    the Shuttle from here, but there is no advantage in doing so) then running
    across to the top of the Parade Ground level's retaining wall.  That puts Kyle
    out of Jan's line of fire (but still able to support her) while Mr. "What was
    that?" (a Grey Uniformed Officer) is dealt with.  Unfortunately Jan's record of
    victories over this particular Imperial is not nearly as good as with her
    previous opponent.  The Author's impression is that taking the alternative
    route also seems to moderate Jan's rather impulsive nature, namely she waits
    for Kyle to start the action rather than yelling "Get them!" and opening fire
    A quick look at the Parade Ground with Electrobinoculars might pay dividends
    here, especially if new to the Mission.  In addition to the Stormtroopers
    dotted around the Parade Ground some fairly tall brown- coloured containers
    marked with a yellow stencil (a circle with a bar across it) should also be
    able to be identified.  Found throughout the Mission, containers marked like
    this explode very enthusiastically when hit with Blaster (or other weapons')
    fire, since they contain either high-explosives or fuel; and should be given a
    wide berth.  The nearest visible Stormtrooper is more or less right in line
    with a pair of these containers, possibly bad luck for one or two of his
    buddies!  Regard any such eliminations as a bonus, but do not rely on them
    happening.  A point to note, as with other people and a Droid later on, Jan
    needs to survive for the Mission to continue (and she can be killed) so Kyle
    needs to take out a good share of the opposition and not hang back.  This is
    particularly relevant on Jedi Master Setting.
    After clearing the Parade Ground (including one Stormtrooper on an upper
    walkway), Jan will discover that the Main Door Control Panel has been shot-out
    and that the door is too tough for hand weapons to destroy.  While she is doing
    this, try to collect as much replacement ammunition (in the form of discarded
    E11s) as possible.  This logistic activity will probably be interrupted by a
    trio of Stormtroopers appearing from around the corner at the far end of the
    Parade Ground.  Deal with them (Jan will help) and backtrack them.  Should one
    or two Stormtroopers patrolling a pair of enclosed, suspended, corridors down
    in the valley beyond be noticed, the advice is to ignore them.  The corridor
    sides are too tough to be penetrated and the sentries will send a Probe Droid
    to investigate any shooting.
    Go through the open door around the corner (note the Shield Converter in that
    room), where Jan will comlink a reminder about searching Officers for
    key-cards, and eliminate the Tan Uniformed Officer in the Computer Access Room
    through the door opposite the Converter (keep Jan happy and collect his Supply
    Key at the same time!).  Now go up in the circular lift (to the right of the
    door), turn right along the upper walkway and take the rectangular lift
    platform up to the Perimeter Defence Control Room (lit in red, for some
    reason).  Head towards the Control Panel (showing an icon of a Twin Cannon
    Mounting) under the front window; it might be found useful to smash the rear
    window to the left on the way there; and operate the panel; which triggers a
    short Cutscene of the Parade Ground's Twin Cannon Mounting powering-up.
    Two (on Padawan Setting) or three Stormtroopers (who must have been on
    caf-break!) will probably be observed charging along the upper walkway.  These
    can be engaged from the just-broken window; and it is very possible, provided
    Kyle gets into position quickly enough, to take all of these out before they
    are able to fire a shot.
    Drop back down the rectangular lift aperture (it is Damage-free and is also
    quicker than bringing the platform back up) to the upper walkway level and
    investigate the nook the Stormtroopers appeared from.  There are two Weapon
    Racks (each holding three E11s) on the rear wall and a Bacta Canister behind
    the crates to their right (on Padawan Setting, there is another Bacta Canister
    behind the other end of the crates).  Note the Viewpanel, currently just
    showing 'mush' or 'snow', operate it for a view from the outside Security
    Camera, showing Jan awaiting Kyle's return to the "Parade Ground", so go back
    down via the circular lift and rejoin her.  On the higher Settings, make sure
    that Bacta is the ready-use Inventory Item from this point onwards, so a quick
    in-combat Health top-up can be obtained just by tapping the "use held item"
    Control (Default is ENTER).
          Author's Note: Staying aboard the circular lift platform after reaching
          the Computer Access Room level takes Kyle down another floor (to a
          Guardpost Lobby) before coming back up again; but there is no point in
          investigating that area at the moment.  Despite Han Solo's remark at the
          Endor Shield Generator; Episode VI (Return of the Jedi); about getting
          into places through the back door, it hasn't been made possible here;
          resulting in out-of-sequence actions if attempted.  Most unfortunate!
    Once back with Jan, take control of the Twin Cannon Mounting and demolish the
    Main Door with it (on Jedi Master Setting this Cannon appears to have only a
    very small amount of ammunition available, so don't experiment with it until
    the Main Door is down).  For future reference, note the appearance of the two
    crates that flank the Main Door (light brown, with red lights on their lower
    part).  Later on, destroying crates of identical appearance (by Twin Cannon
    Mounting fire or by tempting an Automated Defence Cannon to fire in their
    direction) can give temporary access to bonus; Battery Packs, Bacta Canisters,
    Instant Use Medpacks or Shield Boosters, although, unless collected, the bonus
    items evaporate after a short exposure to air!  When done, hit the JUMP
    key/button to release control of the Cannon and follow Jan through the Main
    Door (the program will generate one of its own Checkpoints during some part of
    this process) and onto the gridwork lift platform, which will descend once both
    Kyle and Jan are on it.
    The obvious next step would seem to be to operate the lower door's Control
    Panel and enter the Post through there, but this will probably (unless very
    quick and accurate in taking out multiple opponents) result in either Jan or
    Kyle being killed.  Instead, wait for the lift platform to ascend again and
    drop down into the space below; where there is a door into a service tunnel;
    and (on Padawan Setting only) an Ammunition Converter.
    To the left (the direction Kyle needs to go) there is some mechanism that is
    throwing a lot of electrical discharges about.  This can either be destroyed
    with E11 fire (being careful to duck back quickly to avoid the blast when it
    blows up) or the simpler, and more ammunition friendly, option of walking down
    the tunnel to the right and switching the machine off at its Control Panel (on
    the left wall, around the corner) can be exercised!  Once the machine is
    inactive, move past and around it and take the small lift platform up into a
    darkened storage area where there is a breakable grating at the top of the
    steps.  Note that the trio of gas cylinders by the lift platform aperture will
    explode if shot, but it's a total waste of ammunition.
    Shoot the grating (which can be done while standing on it!) and drop down
    through the hole into the Security Control Room.  Immediately target and
    eliminate the Tan Uniformed Officer on duty (then collect his Supply Key).
    Just past where he was standing there is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use
    Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) and across the room, under the
    observation window, there are four Control Panels.
    Each of the Control Panels controls a door (or doors) within the immediate
    area; the leftmost unlocks the door immediately opposite the Security Control
    Room (designated Blue 1, for convenience), the next unlocks the Security
    Control Room door (and also opens the main, lower, door so Jan can get into the
    Post), the third-from-left unlocks the door at the left-hand end of the
    corridor outside into a triple-door hub and the rightmost unlocks a door
    between Blue 1 and Blue 2.  While it does not seem to have much of a game-play
    consequence if all of them are operated here and now, the Author tends to open
    these doors as and when the room behind it is to be cleared; leaving the rest
    isolated on lock-down.
    For now, operate the second-from-left panel to let Jan in and then (when she
    has joined Kyle) also operate the left-hand panel - the red status panels on
    the door opposite will change to green - indicating that it is unlocked - when
    this has been done.
    Probably the best method of clearing Blue 1 is to keep to the right of the
    corridor until level with the centre of the door and then approach it in a
          Author's Note:  CROUCHing, either in a firing position, or when
          advancing, makes a good deal of tactical sense, in my opinion; as I am
          one of those people who wants to keep Shield and Health Damage to a
          minimum.  My impression is that Remnant troops seem to be conditioned to
          fire off their first rounds at chest-height (when they will pass
          harmlessly over a CROUCHing individual), and it also seems that whatever
          sensors Stormtroopers have inside their helmets (recalling Luke's comment
          about those when he donned Stormtrooper armour to get into the Death
          Star's Detention Centre, and looking forward to a gripe on the same
          subject by one of the Remnant Stormtroopers later on in the Mission) they
          are not at their best when attempting to detect a CROUCHing human; which
          slight hesitations between issuing a verbal challenge and coming to
          investigate what they think they've seen, seem to bear out.  So if you
          find that I overuse this 'C' word in the text, please forgive me!
    This manoeuvre often results in a sight of the first defending Stormtrooper
    with his back turned (an easy kill) and with the other two charging right into
    the line of fire from around the corner to the left.  There is an explosive
    crate in Blue 1 (half-covering a breakable grating around the corner to the
    left, which may be left alone - the aperture only leads back down to the
    Service Corridor area) and also some useful items, a Small Shield Booster on
    the stack of crates to the front (JUMP onto the smaller crate in front, then
    onto the stack and move left around the badly-stacked crate on top,
    alternatively try moving around next to it at floor-level and have Kyle reach
    out and pick it up by hitting the USE/INTERACT Control) and a Battery Pack plus
    a belt of Thermal Detonators behind the trio of floor-level crates near the
    (still-locked) door to Blue 2 (the noise that may be heard when near this door
    is coming from a GNK Power Droid in the next room - it seems to be calling for
    "George"!).  Once these items, and all discarded E11s, have been collected, run
    back to the Security Control Room and operate the rightmost Control Panel to
    unlock Blue 2.
    Similar tactics (substituting the left-hand edge of the doorframe for the
    centre of the doorway) seem to work on the defenders of Blue 2, although they
    (Stormtroopers, normally numbering five) do not seem to be as obliging as the
    last group.  Some of the time they come at Kyle in a bunch, other times two of
    them have to be stalked and located before being shot.  Blue 2 contains a lift
    (in the far-right corner from the doorway - which Kyle will soon be using) and
    a couple of sets of crates, the one immediately on the left around the corner
    being the one of interest.  On Padawan Setting there is a Bacta Canister inside
    the Supply Crate in front of this set and a pair of Light Amplification Goggles
    on top of it (JUMP on the Supply Crate to access the top of the stack, or reach
    up for the Goggles with USE/INTERACT, as previously).  On all other Settings,
    the Supply Crate has the Goggles inside it and there is no Bacta Canister.
    Collect the Goggles (and all discarded E11s) and head for the circular lift,
    operating the Control Panel just before boarding the platform; staying as near
    as possible to the Control Panel is the best option.
    On arrival down in the cellar, move in the direction of the vertical white
    light and wait for the lift to go back up, while Jan comlinks the information
    that "the base is divided into three Sections".  The Light Amplification
    Goggles may be given a try here (being mindful that they drain battery power
    quickly), or it may be found that there is just enough ambient light already.
    In either case, locate the only floor-level single crate in view and head for
    the gap to its right, which should bring Kyle into view of Secret Area 2 (a
    pair of Supply Racks each holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition).  When at or near the Secret Area a "Mouse" (MSE-6) Droid
    will be heard (and seen) approaching.  Try not to step on it!
    Collect what is needed from the Secret Area, then head into the corner nearest
    the left-hand Supply Rack and follow the wall until coming to a gap (very near,
    on the right) leading into a slightly better-lit chamber with a small doorway
    (approximately Droid-sized) at the other end.  Approach this in a CROUCH and
    locate the Tan Uniformed Officer at the Control Panel across the room beyond.
    It's best to switch to the Bryar (fully-charged Secondary fire, to give the
    best chance of a one-shot kill) to take him out, moving immediately into the
    corner to the left and reselecting the E11.  Next, back cautiously (still in
    CROUCH) down the wall to the left until a narrow slice of the room beyond can
    be seen (due to the angle of view through the doorway).  The gap should be wide
    enough to see, and fire, through but narrow enough to protect from all but the
    most precisely aimed return fire.  The Officer's escort of four Stormtroopers
    should then be able to be eliminated without suffering much, if any, Damage.
    If only three Stormtroopers are counted as casualties, then the other one is
    either around the corner to the right (outside the door), or he is in the
    entrance/exit alcove halfway along the wall to the left.
    Enter the room (which looks like some sort of emergency generator room or power
    distribution centre), collect the Officer's Supply Key and operate the two
    unlit Control Panels under the map display (the lit panel shows blue lights and
    the blue portion of the map is also illuminated - so it can reasonably be
    concluded that Kyle is in Blue Section) to unlock the Green and Red Sections of
    the Post.  The Viewpanel shows views of the Green Section Security Lobby and
    the Red Section Security Lobby, study these views carefully for any automated
    defences, and their placement in relation to the entrances.  Finally, visit the
    Blue Section Code display to update the Datapad ("Looks like an Imperial
    Code!") and then turn off the forcefield at the other end of the entrance/exit
    The next task is to clear the Main Access Corridor.  There is a choice of
    either heading up the curved stairway (dealing with trouble when encountered,
    the corridor is quite well populated - eight Stormtroopers on Padawan Setting,
    nine on Jedi and ten on Jedi Knight and Jedi Master Settings), first heading
    right and clearing that end of the corridor before returning to the stairs and
    clearing the corridor in the opposite direction; or of going back through the
    cellar, up on the circular lift into Blue 2 (it may be the Author's system, but
    the lift control in the cellar seems to 'hang' just a bit before operating),
    toward the door to Blue 1 (turning right just before Kyle goes through it and
    into the triple-door hub).  The door on the opposite side (note that the door
    back into the Security Control Room corridor is to the left - and should still
    be showing red status panels if the door Controls were operated one-at-a-time)
    leads into the Main Access Corridor, almost at its end (the best firing angle
    seems to be obtained by approaching the right-hand edge of this door in
    In the Author's opinion the second option (Blue 2 and the triple-door hub) is
    marginally easier.  Whichever route is chosen, there are two Supply Racks along
    the Main Access Corridor (each holding an Instant Use Medpack and one box of
    Blaster Ammunition).  The first of these will be found at the end of a short
    landing (operating space for some, non-functional, instrument panels), just
    below the top of the stairway; the second at the far end of a large alcove to
    the left, just beyond another set of instrument panels.  Also at that location
    is a long firing-slit which should be looked through; quite often one of the
    corridor's defenders has not been attracted by the commotion and is still at
    his post on the computer-hub access walkway, just around the corner from the
    end of the Main Access Corridor.  In which case, it is advisable to eliminate
    him from here with a fully-charged Bryar Secondary shot, aimed at the helmet,
    for certainty.  When the last defender is accounted for, go to the end of the
    Main Access Corridor and out onto the computer-hub walkway leading to Green and
    Red Sections.
          Author's Note:  It does not appear to matter which of these remaining
          Sections is cleared first; or if you start on one, then break-off to
          clear the other.  My preference is to tackle the accessible parts of
          Green Section first, then deal with Red Section (in its entirety),
          finishing by clearing the remainder of Green Section.  My reason for
          doing so is to ensure that I retain the maximum possible amount of both
          Health and Shields when entering Level 2.  However, for the purposes of
          this Walkthrough (and to conform to Matthew Rorie's write-up), I will
          describe clearing the whole of Green Section first, and then deal with
          Red Section.
          Supplemental:  The Red, Blue and Green logos above their respective
          Section entrances are actually coloured versions of the Imperial
    Start to clear Green Section by maximising Kyle's ammunition supply (which will
    probably require remembering which Supply Racks still hold supplies of Blaster
    Ammunition - the rack in the external Storeroom can be more conveniently
    reached from the other end of Green Section, so leave it out of consideration
    for now - try Secret Area 2 first) then advancing to the computer-hub at the
    junction of the walkways, which it is strongly suggested be gone around via the
    side that does not have a walkway attached to it.
    CROUCH by the end of the walkway leading to Red Section and select Bryar.
    Through the Green Section doorway (just under the top of it, left of centre) a
    lump with a blinking red light on it should be visible.  That is an Automated
    Defence Cannon (the only one, if on Padawan Setting, the first of a pair on any
    of the other Settings, as should have been seen from the Security Camera
    displays earlier).  Give it two accurate, fully-charged shots and it should
    explode.  Next, (if not on Padawan Setting) advance cautiously along the
    walkway (still in CROUCH) until the green lights on the side of the Security
    Booth become visible, then (more cautiously still) until the shape of the
    second Automated Defence Cannon can be picked out and given the same treatment.
    If it starts to make a whirring sound and begins to move, back-pedal quickly
    and wait a bit before trying again - this time, a bit more carefully!  It is
    safe to try again as soon as the high-pitched beeps stop (indicating that the
    Cannon has dropped back into sleep mode).  Don't waste ammunition on the
    Security Camera, none of Kyle's weapons can destroy it.
    Reselect E11, cross in front of the Security Booth (ignore the Officer, and
    anything he says, for now) and CROUCH by the left-hand edge of the doorway.
    Sometimes the Grey Uniformed Officer exits the booth at speed, firing on the
    run, at others very deliberately; kill him on the way, if possible, otherwise
    edge cautiously around the doorframe to the left and eliminate him (and the
    three or four Stormtroopers waiting as a reception committee).  Then visit the
    Security Booth to find a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) and a Bacta Canister,
    to the left of the inner doorway, all of which can be plundered and a Shield
    Converter (that should be left alone for now).
    Move out of the Booth and along the long corridor in CROUCH, keeping to the
    right (leave the discarded E11s for now, so there is no chance of tripping the
    sensor and opening the door down the steps to the left - it's easier to clear
    that room - Green 1 - from the other end).  If there is a Stormtrooper still
    standing just before the foot of the steps at the far end of the corridor,
    reach out and touch him in the helmet with fully-charged Bryar Secondary fire
    from about where the wall comes out in a 'jog' on the right-hand side, then (or
    if otherwise) advance, in CROUCH, to just before coming level with the near
    edge of the instrument panel on the opposite side of the corridor and do that
    to the Stormtrooper up the stairs to the front.  That done, RUN to, and up the
    stairs (keeping to the right as far as possible to avoid tripping doors on the
    left), enter the rear Security Booth and switch off the Automated Defence
    Cannon(s) in the Lobby outside.  There is a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s)
    and a Bacta Canister to the left of the inner doorway, all of which can be
    Come back out of the Booth and through the door immediately to the right, into
    the Lobby.  Ahead is the same lift that was used to access the upper walkway
    (outside) from that Computer Access Room; and in the far corner is a door to a
    small storage area.  Go through it and open the Supply Crate to collect a Bacta
    Canister, unless both the current Setting is Padawan and no Bacta Canisters
    have been used yet, in which case the Bacta Inventory total will probably be at
    Now go back to the corridor and investigate through the first door on Kyle's
    left (Green 2); a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes
    of Blaster Ammunition) is behind a pair of explosive crates - it is just
    visible, over the top of them, from the doorway.  Reselect E11 and prepare to
    clear Green 1; out of this room, down the first flight of stairs and through
    the door on the right.
    When the three or four Stormtroopers in Green 1 (another Computer Access Room,
    with what look like Mainframe Computer assemblies in it - which put up a red
    forcefield when hit by Blaster fire, but do not explode) are eliminated and all
    possible E11s from outside the other door have been collected, find the
    flashing Computer Access Panel on the horseshoe shaped Control Station and
    operate it.  Note that E11 fire will ricochet off the dark walling/shielding
    for these Computer Stacks in Green 1 (the only place where the Author knows
    this to be possible); and it will also ricochet off the red forcefields - one
    good reason for clearing Green 1 from the other end, to be felled by a ricochet
    adds insult to injury!
          Author's Note:  I break-off to create Katarn-style mayhem in Red Section
          (fully clearing it) before operating this panel.
    Kyle will request Jan's help (heard in voice-over) because the computer
    terminal is encoded, and her response that she is on her way.  A little later,
    she will complain that she is pinned down so Kyle will have to go and help her
    out of the mess!  Several Stormtroopers later (two on the hub-access walkways,
    three - two on Padawan Setting - in the alcove by the firing slit and the final
    pair in Blue 2, where Jan has just managed to nail a third by herself).  She
    won't be all that grateful for the assist ("took you long enough"!), but lead
    her back to the Green 1's Computer Console anyway.
    Jan's computer-slicing skills will unlock the doors (shown in a Cutscene
    snippet) to the room on the right-hand side of the corridor, Green 3, which is
    defended by three Stormtroopers on Padawan, four on Jedi and seven on Jedi
    Knight and Jedi Master Settings; plus, on all Settings except Padawan, a Tan
    Uniformed Officer.  Probably the best tactic here is to have Kyle show himself
    very briefly at the door almost opposite the steps to Green 1 (if he manages to
    take down one of the defenders while he's there, that's a bonus, but don't let
    him hang about to invite accurate return fire), moving to a firing position
    inside the Security Booth doorway (at the entrance to Green Section); and wait
    for them to come out and attack.  Enter and check out the far end of Green 3
    when it's thought they're all dead; it's not unknown for at least one of the
    Stormtroopers to still be standing guard by the further door.
    Just inside the door Kyle entered Green 3 by is a Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) with a Bacta
    Canister and a Large Shield Booster just beyond it.  At the far end of Green 3,
    on a wall display to the right, is the Green Section part of the Code ("I've
    found another Code!").  Green Section is now cleared, so maximise ammunition
    supply (and Shields, if possible, again without touching the Converter in the
    Security Booth) in preparation for clearing Red Section
    There are two tasks to be completed in Red Section; to put the computer-hub
    on-line (so the Imperial Codes that are collecting on the Datapad can be input)
    and to collect the final Code; events make a lot more sense if those tasks are
    undertaken in that order, although there doesn't seem to be anything to
    actually stop Kyle from going after the final Code first.
    As will be remembered from the Generator Room Viewpanel, there is at least one
    Automated Defence Cannon in Red Section's Security Lobby that will need to be
    dealt with.  If not on Padawan Setting, CROUCH along the centre of the walkway
    until the first of the pair appears just under, and to the centre of, the top
    of the doorway and give it the standard two fully-charged shots of Bryar
    Secondary fire.  The all-Settings Cannon's placement makes it a little more
    tricky to deal with.  Perhaps the best method is to dash straight ahead into
    cover at the side of the Security Booth, fully-charge the Bryar while waiting
    for it to drop back into sleep mode, pop out from behind the shelter of the
    Booth, shoot, pop back into cover again and repeat.  This technique has been
    tested, without taking Damage, on Jedi Master Setting; but be mindful both not
    to pop out too far and to be quick with taking an accurate aim!
    Switch to E11 and move to the other end of the Booth to enter Red Section
    proper, as before, the Grey Uniformed Officer can either exit the Booth on the
    run, or he can make Kyle wait for him; the difference is that there is no
    reception committee to give him immediate support.  The interior of the Booth
    is (with the exception of a Shield Converter) fitted-out with the same items as
    in Green Section.  Collect as required.
    The Author's opinion, and recommendation, (contrary to what has been written
    elsewhere) is not to head up the stairs immediately on the higher Settings
    (particularly on Jedi Master Setting), as Kyle will probably get shot to
    pieces, the Stormtroopers up there seem to be alert, accurate, pretty durable
    and very quick moving.  Instead, move down the corridor past the stairs, almost
    into the open room area at the end.  Select Thermal Detonator, hold down on
    Secondary fire (for any-impact detonation); and put Kyle's back against the
    wall to the right, RIGHT-SIDESTEPping along it(in CROUCH) until the first of
    the two Stormtroopers can be seen.  Throw the Detonator at him, which sorts
    both of them out good and proper; and (in the Author's opinion) is well worth
    the sacrifice of a Thermal Detonator.  Now Kyle can safely head up to the top
    of the stairs where a Large Shield Booster is to be found behind the display
    panel to the right.  In case of accidents later, think about leaving this alone
    for now.
    Next, select Bryar, move around to the left to locate the lift platform to the
    upper level and CROUCH on the its extreme right-rear corner.  Give the Bryar a
    full Secondary-fire charge while ascending and shoot the visible Stormtrooper
    in the helmet.  A second Stormtrooper may appear from the right, but is
    unlikely to be able to inflict any Damage before the platform descends again.
    Back-step as far as Kyle can go (and a step, or so, to the left), fully-charge
    the Bryar again and wait (standing up) for the second Stormtrooper's helmet to
    come into view above the top edge of the upper floor (usually towards the right
    of the lift aperture).  Snipe him in the same way.  Re-board the lift and exit
    at the upper-floor level where a Control Panel will be seen directly to Kyle's
    front and locate a Small Shield Booster concealed by an angle of the wall to
    the left.
    When standing at the Control Panel note that there is a second one, protected
    by a forcefield, above the entrance/exit to Blue Section.  Operate the first
    Control Panel to drop the forcefield, then move around the ring-walkway (either
    way) to the second panel, which will activate the computer-hub (and summon a
    quick reaction force of four Stormtroopers (two on Padawan and Jedi Settings)
    led by a Tan Uniformed Officer, who all come up on the lift platform almost as
    quickly as Kyle can get back to it!).  To deal with them successfully, select
    Thermal Detonator before activating the computer-hub, RUN back by the shortest
    route (to the right when facing the panel) while preparing the Detonator for
    any-impact detonation (Secondary fire).  The corner of the (non-functional)
    line of consoles, nearest the lift, is the best place to toss the Detonator
    from; but the timing can be difficult to judge.  If there are survivors, don't
    panic but move as quickly as possible onto the lift platform (the left-rear
    corner, from Kyle's viewpoint; where he was CROUCHing on the first ascent;
    seems to be the safest place) and let it carry him down.  Once there, any
    survivors can be sniped with the Bryar; in the same way the second Stormtrooper
    was taken down; in what appears to be perfect safety.  Provided that the
    Officer is one of the Detonator's casualties, there might not be any Damage at
    all from survivors' fire; they have been very well shaken-up, but it is
    something of a lottery!  Once all are disposed of, go back up to collect the
    Officer's Supply Key and top-up with discarded E11s.
    Now head back down to the open area at the end of the corridor (dropping down
    to the lift platform is Damage-free, as is dropping from the mid-level to the
    open area) select E11, CROUCH and go through the door, keeping right and
    bearing right to eliminate the first of the guards.  Head toward where he was
    standing, then head to the left corner of the Communications Equipment and
    Computer Stacks block in the centre of the room (which again put up red
    forcefields if hit by fire) and edge carefully round it.  If the Force is with
    Kyle, another guard will be standing there with his back turned!  Next, move to
    the nearest corner to the right and edge around it (in CROUCH).  Shoot the
    first Stormtrooper seen, then his companion as he comes forward.  Finally, move
    to the next corner down the passage (to the left), edge around that and
    eliminate the Stormtrooper kneeling by the Converters.
    Go through the door and into the next room quickly (there will be an explosion,
    killing two of the guards inside) and eliminate the third who is hiding in an
    alcove to the right of the doorway.  There is a Battery Pack (two on Padawan
    Setting) under some pipes on the far side of the room, but watch the jet of
    flames if it needs to be collected - for safety, do so by CROUCHing along the
    length of the pipes and have Kyle reach out with USE/INTERACT, before going
    back the way he came.  Now engage the Stormtrooper at the end of the enclosed
    walkway, eliminating him before topping-up with Bacta, Shields and all
    available ammunition sources.
    Back in the main area outside a pair of Supply Crates will have been noticed
    (one Bacta Canister is in each, but Kyle will not have a key to open the second
    one on Padawan Setting) and there is a four-function communications-replay
    panel under the display of a dish antenna icon at the other side of the room.
    The only real information gained, from hearing their transmissions, is that
    Probe Droids are about somewhere.  Unlike the normal Viewpanels, this only
    seems to operate once.
    Re-enter the room where the pipes are on fire and RUN along the enclosed
    walkway (being careful to avoid the flames coming up through the floor), which
    will collapse behind Kyle; as is shown in a short Cutscene.  When the Cutscene
    finishes, it may be necessary to hit JUMP and FORWARD to proceed, regardless of
    Kyle's laid-back comment of "Just another day at work" in response to Jan's
    query, since he is perched right at the edge of the surviving structure!  Go
    along the remainder of the walkway, through the door on Kyle's right and down
    the stairs toward the Probe Droid Storage Bay, but do not enter it yet.
    There are three Probe Droids in this room, each of which requires 15 (Padawan
    Setting) to 25 (Jedi Master Setting) Ammunition Units of Damage from solid hits
    to knock them out; Bryar Secondary fire is probably the most economical method
    (at 5, accurately delivered, Ammunition Units per discharge) of doing the job.
    Be mindful that the first one (at least) will return fire with its Blaster, so
    a cat-and-mouse approach of popping out, firing, then darting back into cover
    seems the best tactic.  After the first one has exploded, select a firing
    position for each of the others where enough of them can be seen for Kyle to
    score solid hits without having to dodge between shots.  When all three are
    scrap, go up on the narrow lift to the left; where an Ammunition Converter and
    a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition) will be found and go through the door.  Shoot the Stormtrooper
    lurking in the other enclosed walkway (don't go too far along it in pursuit of
    his E11's ammunition, though, as the bottom will fall out - it is safe as long
    as Kyle stays on the solid part of the flooring) and collect the belt of
    Thermal Detonators on the floor by the walkway entrance.  When done, go back
    into the Droid Storage Bay and fill up with ammunition.
    Take the lift platform in the centre of the room up to the Droid Deployment
    corridor and advance until the first of the two Probe Droids on duty can be
    seen to the left of the end of the corridor (both of these will require the
    same quantity of inflicted Damage as those in the Storage Bay to knock them
    out).  It is probably best to start out with Bryar Secondary fire, switching to
    E11 Secondary if it starts moving into line with the corridor; but be mindful
    both to dodge back to avoid return fire and not to go beyond the end of the
    corridor's floor level - there is no way back up once Kyle has dropped down to
    the roof.  With the first Probe Droid blown up, look to the right of the
    entrance (above the dish antenna) and start engaging the other one with Bryar
    Secondary, again being mindful to dodge return fire and not to go beyond the
    end of the corridor.  Should this second Droid go out of sight (or if it can be
    destroyed without leaving the corridor) return down the lift to the Droid
    Storage Bay and top-up with the rest of the available ammunition in the Supply
    Rack and Converter; then come back up and ease out onto the roof.  The dish
    antenna, on the top level, can be used for cover and there is a Large Shield
    Booster hidden behind an angle of the wall nearest the antenna's position;
    once again there is no way back up from the bottom level of the roof if Kyle
    has gone too far.
    Next, move across the roof of the remaining walkway; which seems to be least
    conspicuous when done in CROUCH (judging by the puzzled exclamation from one of
    the Officers in the Control Room between the walkways) even on Jedi Master
    Setting; while on lower Settings it is possible to snipe all the defenders with
    Bryar Secondary fire on the way (when the probability of accurate and damaging
    return fire is much less).  There may, or may not, be an explosion in the
    walkway as Kyle nears its further end, but this should not affect him at all.
    Just locate the hole in the walkway roof, deal with the two Stormtroopers on
    guard and drop through the hole.  There is a Bacta Canister on the floor in the
    far right corner, past the Control Room door.
    The Control Room was originally defended by a Stormtrooper, two Grey Uniformed
    Officers and a Tan Uniformed Officer; and contains a Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) located by the exit
    door.  If any (or all) of the defenders have not been previously eliminated,
    CROUCHing at the left side of the doorway and edging round it a little further
    each time one of the defenders is located and neutralised seems to be the best
    tactic, particularly on Jedi Master Setting.  Collect the discarded E11s,
    including those in the 'instrument pit' in the centre of the room and utilise
    the contents of the Supply Rack to maximise Kyle's ammunition supply (he can
    get up to the walkway around the 'instrument pit' again by JUMPing onto one of
    the consoles first).
    The next room is defended by three Stormtroopers (two on Padawan Setting) and a
    Black Uniformed Officer; who is significantly tougher than his underlings
    and, on Jedi Master Setting, has been known to survive a direct hit by a
    Thermal Detonator!  Despite the Officer being occasionally known to join his
    underlings in the firing line, the Author recommends the use of a Thermal
    Detonator as the weapon of first resort when tackling this room; which should
    be tossed; full-power Secondary fire; while RUNning across the doorway from
    right to left (drop down into the 'instrument pit' again and climb the stairs
    on the right-hand side to avoid triggering the door), then switching to E11 to
    mop up.  If the Officer is not in the firing line (count the number of
    discarded E11s!) he will be found around the corner, probably standing in front
    of the exit door.  Edge along the left-hand wall and ease around the corner to
    dispose of him; then let the Datapad record the final part of the Code, found
    on a display panel to the right of the exit door ("I've found the last Code!").
    The final opposition of the Level (three Stormtroopers) is outside in the
    corridor, sometimes two to the left, one to the right; but usually all to the
    right.  If none are visible from the right-hand side of the door (in which
    case, shoot them as they run into and out of Kyle's arc of view/fire) RUN
    across the corridor toward the door to the 'pipes-on-fire' room and take them
    on from the cover of the 'jog' in the wall there.  There is a definite
    advantage in doing so as Kyle's fire will be backstopped by the Computer Stacks
    (whether or not their protective forcefield is already raised, and if not, it
    soon will be!), so near misses stand a good chance of ricocheting and taking
    the Stormtroopers in the back, in addition to more accurate fire hitting them
    from the front!
    Drain anything left in the converters opposite Kyle's position, move out of Red
    Section (picking up any unused Shield Boosters, E11s, Instant Use Medpacks and
    Bacta Canisters required on the way), topping-off Health, ammunition and
    Shields with visits to Green Section (particularly that untouched Shield
    Converter) and/or Blue Section, as required, and then go to the computer-hub to
    input the Codes that have been collected on the three lower (input) panels;
    matching the pattern on the upper (combined output) panel with that on the
    To simplify and quicken the process, the Codes can be input by USE/INTERACTing
    the panels as below:
          Blue Code:  Left Panel  - Once,           Centre Panel - Twice,
                      Right Panel - Once.
          Green Code: Left Panel  - Twice,          Centre Panel - Three Times,
                      Right Panel - Twice.
          Red Code:   Left Panel -  Leave Alone,    Centre Panel - Once,
                      Right Panel - Three Times.
    Then operate the separate sections of the Master Control Board (which will fail
    to operate if an incorrect code has been input) on the fourth side of the hub.
    Inputting the Blue Code (and operating its Master Control) extends a walkway to
    the unoccupied side of the hub from the forcefield-shielded doorway, inputting
    the Green Code (and operating its Master Control) switches off the forcefield
    and doing the same with the Red Code unlocks the door to Level 2.
    When ready, move across the newly-extended walkway and go through the door to
    receive the combat statistics for Level 1 (these appear at the end of every
    Level) and move into Level 2.
    KEJIM BASE (Level 2) - [map code = kejim_base].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Guard Droids, Interrogator Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    After the final part of Kejim Post, it is something of a relief that the
    opening combat in Kejim Base is relatively straightforward, even on Jedi Master
    Setting.  Either Bryar or E11 can be used; the advantages of the former are
    ammunition economy and one-hit kills with Secondary fire, the advantage of the
    latter is the availability of fully-automatic fire if one or more of the
    defenders try to rush Kyle's position.  The Author favours the E11 here,
    despite having scored a clean-sweep with the Bryar on several occasions.
    Taking a pace forward and moving to the right-hand wall will reveal a gas
    cylinder behind a glass partition.  Shoot both partition and cylinder (it, and
    its out-of-sight companions) explode with enough force to get rid of two
    Stormtroopers straight away, and catapult their bodies across the room into the
    bargain!  Take another step or two toward where the partition was (until an
    Officer's voice gives the command "Fire!" - the firing is not of great volume
    nor all that accurate - the weapons seem to be triggered in whatever direction
    they happen to be pointing in at the time!), then immediately halt and CROUCH.
          Author's Note: An alternative is to take the extra steps and let the
          firing generated by the Officer's command smash the partition, but doing
          so almost always triggers a 'rusher' or two.
    Go FORWARD in CROUCH as soon as the firing stops.  Be quick and accurate about
    shooting the first Stormtrooper seen (two shots of E11 Primary or a Bryar
    Secondary) in the helmet; this is one who often makes a rush if missed - he is
    also one of those who makes life interesting if Kyle does not open the
    proceedings himself!  The next two Stormtroopers that come into view while
    easing forward are nicely lined-up for a dose of fully-automatic fire; or,
    alternatively, they can be taken out with a couple of Primary fire E11 shots to
    the helmet (Bryar Secondary fire also works fine - at this range these
    Stormtroopers tend to go flying when hit with it!).  Continuing to ease FORWARD
    in CROUCH should bring Kyle up to, and edging around, a piece of curved walling
    just beyond an instrument panel (note this position for later).  Carry on until
    a Tan Uniformed Officer and then the final Stormtrooper come into view.  It is
    recommended that both of these are removed with Secondary fire from the Bryar
    or the E11.  Barring a 'rusher', no Damage to Health or Shields should have
    been sustained at all.
    Advance to relieve the Tan Uniformed Officer of a Security Key (it unlocks the
    door beyond him) and note the alcove entrances, on either side of the room,
    about a third of the way between the partition frame and the security-locked
    door; neither of which seem to contain anything of significance when moving
    past them on the way to the Officer.  In fact, the alcove on the right (as
    viewed from the Officer's position) contains a pair of Weapon Racks (each
    holding three E11s) while the alcove opposite contains a pair of Supply Racks,
    one holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition, the
    other one box of Blaster Ammunition and another pair of Light Amplification
    Goggles.  There is nothing to stop a second pair going into the Inventory and
    the Author's impression is that collecting them may help give longer use per
    charge from Battery Packs.
    The next room is very difficult to clear without sustaining major Damage.  It
    is recommended to practice RUNning from the security-lock to a position by that
    curved section of wall (near the instrument panel - the location noted earlier)
    until Kyle consistently arrives there with only about half the doorway visible
    to his front.  The reason is that the two Stormtroopers beyond the door are
    backed up by an Automated Defence Cannon, pointing right at the doorway; and
    although its sensor range does not extend much beyond the Security Lock, its
    fire will go right to the rear wall.  It is therefore necessary (particularly
    on Jedi Master Setting) to get the Stormtroopers to chase Kyle back into the
    first room of this Level, where they can be dealt with from cover.
    With the Stormtroopers out of the way, get just close enough to the security
    door to trip its sensor and open it, and no further, as yet.  There are a set
    of the non-explosive (but special) crates toward the end of this room.  On
    Padawan Setting, there are four crates and the two against the wall nearest the
    corner hide a bonus Bacta Canister each, on other Settings there are only three
    crates, the last one hiding a bonus Bacta Canister.  In all cases, the
    Automated Defence Cannon has to be tricked into demolishing the crates; which
    can be done on any Setting.  However, since there will be a fair quantity of
    Bacta Canisters available later, the Author recommends that this cannon is
    given the standard treatment; this also makes access to unused ammunition in
    Base Room 1 a great deal easier.  If it is decided to leave the Cannon alone
    (it can be deactivated and/or reactivated later), RUN to cover behind the
    stand-alone crate, wait for the shooting and bleeping to stop, then RUN across
    to the door with the red status panels, CROUCH under the Cannon and along the
    wall until Kyle is three floor panels, or less, away from the unlocked door;
    when he can move across to the left side of the doorway in perfect safety.
    Move to the unlocked door, and advance (CROUCHed) down the left-hand side of
    the alcove.  When the door opens, quickly eliminate the two Stormtroopers at
    the far end of the corridor (E11 Secondary seems to work best - and try to
    target the left-hand Trooper first, his companion seems to have an occasional
    habit of coming forward with his Blaster held one-handed and pointing at the
    Right at the end of the corridor is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use
    Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition), with a forcefield-protected
    doorway to its right.  The closer object on the right, surrounded by diagonal
    yellow hatching, is an observation window, protected by a Blast-Shield.  The
    Control Panel for this is in an offset part of the corridor, out sight to the
    left, just beyond the window.  Having collected the discarded E11s and
    maximised Kyle's ammunition supply, raise the Blast-Shield, shoot the window,
    ease through it, eliminate the Grey Uniformed Officer in the Control Station to
    the left and collect his Supply Key.
    The Control Station is equipped with a Viewpanel; showing (in order) the
    "Jumping Room" (note the visible Automated Defence Cannons) where supplies can
    be obtained, the Cellblock area and a Reactor Control Room; and two Control
    Panels for the armature and tube handling attachment in the super-cooled
    freezing chamber in front.  Operate both panels, starting with the left (which
    rotates the armature into position; the right-hand panel then moves the tube
    handling mechanism to the end of the armature, part of it slotting into the
    tube niche - which is why the controls have to be operated in that order) and
    also operate the Control Panel on the wall beyond the Viewpanel to shut down
    the forcefield.
    Move up to the freezing chamber and locate the access door at floor level on
    the other side, through one of the large panes of glass (the recommended choice
    is the right-hand pane, to make things easier later), back away and shoot the
    pane out then RUN through the freezing chamber and out of the door as quickly
    as possible, to minimise Damage from the ultra-cold temperature.  Kyle should
    not sustain more than six Units of Damage (sometimes less) unless he either
    dawdles or gets turned around somehow.
    Operate the Control Panel by the foot of the stairs to open the Freezing-unit
    Control Room, then operate the panel inside to shut the it down.  Next go up
    the stairs, stand by the Control Panel for the door (keeping as far to the
    right as possible), operate it and immediately go BACK down the stairs, keeping
    as far to the right-hand side as possible.  This is to avoid bringing either of
    the spherical Guard Droids out of their niche - they are much easier to deal
    with while they are still in there.  Next, (assuming that neither of them have
    been disturbed) select Bryar and creep back up the left-hand side of the stairs
    until enough of one of them can be seen and targeted with Secondary fire (if it
    swivels around in its niche to face in Kyle's direction, that's OK).  When the
    first is destroyed creep further up the stairs to give the second one the same
    treatment.  15 Ammunition Units of Damage on Padawan and Jedi Settings (20 on
    Jedi Knight and Jedi Master Settings) need to be inflicted to destroy each
    Now advance through the door and CROUCH.  There are a pair of Stormtroopers on
    the Catwalk above, dispose of them with Bryar Secondary fire through the mesh
    of the Catwalk (adjust Kyle's position to get clear shots through the gaps, as
    far as is possible).  Not very sporting, but efficient!  With them gone, go up
    the stairs and around to the right, back into the room with the Control
    Station.  At this point it is highly recommended that a full, 300 Unit, load of
    Blaster Ammunition is secured (even if this means backtracking to the alcoves
    in the first room) before proceeding.
    Go back to where Kyle dropped into the freezing-chamber, ease onto the ledge
    running around the inside of it and go round to the armature (if the wrong
    window was broken to start with, it's a little trickier - but by no means
    impossible - to get to the armature from there).  Move around onto the tube
    handling mechanism and JUMP up the projections to the top (four JUMPs in all,
    and it may be necessary to move FORWARD a little before the last); where the
    Catwalk will be seen ahead.  Move left (on the outside ledge) around the
    chamber to find Secret Area 1, containing a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use
    Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) and a Supply Crate (containing a
    Battery Pack and a Small Shield Booster).  Collect the Secret Area credit, but
    it is recommended that the contents are left alone until the room beyond the
    Catwalk has been cleared.
    Just after the halfway point on the Catwalk, the lights of an Ammunition
    Converter should be visible in a dead-end tunnel off to the left.  That is
    Secret Area 2 and contains a belt of Thermal Detonators in addition to the
    Converter.  When the time comes to access the Secret Area, put Kyle's back
    against the wall, RUN to the edge of the Catwalk and JUMP across.  Collect the
    necessary and prepare to JUMP back, which is a bit trickier, as Kyle needs to
    take off from the pipe (on lower Settings, there is sometimes a vapour-plume
    escaping from the pipes, a cue to the best place to JUMP).  The Author finds
    that judging when to hit JUMP is easier in Third-Person view.
    On tripping the narrow door at the end of the Catwalk, (on Jedi Knight and Jedi
    Master Settings only), a 'nuisance' target of one Stormtrooper will be
    encountered, directly to the front as the door opens, and at least one more
    spherical Guard Droid - one on Padawan Setting, two on Jedi, three on Jedi
    Knight and Jedi Master Settings - which, unlike downstairs, is/are fully
    activated and far harder to destroy.  Kyle will almost certainly take some
    Damage, and probably use a lot of ammunition (particularly on the higher
    The two problems with these Guard Droids are that; once they have sensed an
    intruder, they will track him down - even going through doorways - until he, or
    they, are eliminated; and they are invulnerable to Blaster fire when fully
    activated, except when they are ready to fire, or actually firing.  Blaster
    fire ricochets off them when in 'invulnerable' mode (so don't get too close),
    and it has been found that even direct hits with Thermal Detonators are
    On Padawan and Jedi Settings it is probably easier to stay in the doorway and
    take the Droids on from there - sometimes they get themselves into a position
    where they can be hit, but they cannot hit in reply; and a lesser amount of
    Damage is needed anyway.  A minimum-Damage method on Jedi Knight and Jedi
    Master Settings, is to first eliminate the Stormtrooper, then advance just
    enough to shoot-out the upper-level windows beyond and to the left of the
    Catwalk (this is to attract attention, as well as to make subsequent actions
    easier); it may even be found possible to demolish a Guard Droid to the left as
    well.  Then RUN back and JUMP across to Secret Area 2 (Third-Person view is the
    Author's preference for doing all of this, switching back to First-Person when
    in the dead-end tunnel) where there is cover from walls and pipework.
    Eliminate the Droids as they come into view, taking advantage of the cover to
    evade Damage from their fire.  Cautious Droids can usually be encouraged to put
    in an appearance by advancing to the edge of the ledge, then dodging back
    again.  When all have been disposed of, collect what ammunition is available in
    the Secret Areas (again, leave the Supply Crate alone for now, if at all
    possible) and head back to the doorway.
    Advance nearly to the yellow hatching at the end of the Catwalk and use Bryar
    Secondary fire to snipe the three Imperials (a Grey Uniformed Officer and two
    Stormtroopers) in the Control Room across the way.  Also annoy the two
    Stormtroopers on the stairway below and to the left with a couple of rounds of
    Bryar Primary fire apiece - it isn't necessary to kill them outright, they will
    retreat into the "Jumping Room" when hit a couple of times and fall victim to
    the Automated Defence Cannon in there!
    Although visiting the "Jumping Room" downstairs is not mandatory, there are a
    number of highly useful items available in there, so at this point the Author
    breaks away from the sequence favoured by other commentators to knock out the
    first batch of three Automated Defence Cannons (more will come on line when the
    floor configuration is changed, so be warned).  The ultra safe way of getting
    there (avoiding any possibility of landing in the pool of, possibly
    radioactive, water) is to go back along the Catwalk and along the ledge to the
    right (where there is a lift platform) but the Author has found it possible to
    drop down by the corner of Catwalk and ledge and land safely on a wider part of
    the pool margin; a Damage-free manoeuvre on any Setting, when done correctly.
    Once there, go to, and down, the steps.  The first Cannon is just to the right
    of the door and can be dealt with by the popping in and out of view technique.
    The second Cannon is at the far end of the room (well beyond its sensor range)
    and can be dealt with accordingly (this is the Author's main reason for dealing
    with the first three Cannon now, as a straightforward long-range Bryar shot is
    preferred to having to track this Cannon down with obstructions in the way).
    The third is a little further along the wall to the right and requires the
    popping in and out of view technique again.  Collect the Stormtroopers' E11s
    and take the lift back up to ledge level.
    Now follow the ledges around three sides of the room until an explosive crate
    can be seen through the Control Room windows.  Shoot it to demolish the
    (otherwise inaccessible) nearby Control Panel and extend a Catwalk to the
    Control Room door; getting into there via ledges and Catwalks.  Almost opposite
    the door there is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes
    of Blaster Ammunition - it's recommended that this is left alone for now),
    under the window there is a Control Panel that needs to be operated (it extends
    yet another Catwalk over the pool, but on the lower level) and a lift platform
    is right at the end of the room.  Ride the lift down (noting the Weapon Rack;
    holding three E11s, at the bottom) and also note the corridor to the first
    configuration station for the "Jumping Room".
          Author's Note: Later on in the Level, the "Jumping Room" can be used as a
          shortcut to Base Room 1's alcoves and/or to the various Configuration
          Control Stations.  These only operate once, but they do not appear to
          have to be operated in any particular order.  If at all possible, it
          might be wise to consider deferring their operation until in real need of
          the contents of each cache.
          There will almost certainly be a need to knock out a number of Automated
          Defence Cannons (there are/were a total of thirteen, three openly
          emplaced and now destroyed, if the sequence has been followed exactly
          and another ten that show themselves on operation of the second and third
          Configuration Stations; concealed in niches behind the decorative panels)
          then JUMP up the appropriate set of square-section columns that that
          operating that Configuration Control Panel has brought out of the floor,
          finally JUMPing over to the caches on top to the three protruding blocks
          high on the far wall.
          For convenience, the configuration details are:
          Configuration 1 - Middle Cache: three Bacta Canisters and one Large
                            Shield Booster.  Access from the "pool" room's lower
                            level.  Three Automated Defence Cannon to be knocked
                            out unless this was done with the room in its
                            original (plain) state.
          Configuration 2 - Left Cache: one Bacta Canister, two boxes of Blaster
                            Ammunition and one Large Shield Booster.  Access from
                            the room through the tunnel located in the "pool"
                            room's central pillar.  Four Automated Defence Cannon
                            to be knocked out, unless Configuration 3 was
                            previously set.
          Configuration 3 - Right Cache: three boxes of Blaster Ammunition and
                            one Large Shield Booster.  Access via the small lift
                            next to Configuration Station three.  Six Automated
                            Defence Cannons (if Configuration 2 was previously set)
                            to be knocked out, otherwise ten.
    Top-up with ammunition (if required) on the way back up and through the Control
    Room.  Back on the Catwalks, there isn't actually any need to go back to the
    lift; just find where the new Catwalk has been extended, on the opposite side
    of the central pillar from the original one, and drop down onto it (doing so is
    Damage-free); turn around and head through the doorway in the central pillar.
    Drop down the hole inside and CROUCH along the crawlspace to the end.
    Beyond the crawlspace is a large chamber.  To the left is a small area encased
    in transparisteel (too tough for any of Kyle's weapons to smash) containing a
    Shield Converter and four tubes of identical appearance to those in the niches
    in the freezing-chamber, further left is the entrance (up the stairs)to the
    second "Jumping Room" Configuration Station - it allows access to the left-hand
    cache (see the configuration details, above, for contents and defences) - and a
    second entrance to the "Jumping Room" (locked until Station 2's Control Panel
    has been operated) when another four Automated Defence Cannons come out of
    hiding; one almost directly in front of the doorway, one diagonally across the
    room to the left (almost by the point Kyle will be JUMPing to), one at the far
    left end of the room and one about a third of the way along the room on the
    doorway side.
          Author's Note: Eliminating the Automated Defence Cannon that appear after
          operating the second and/or third Configuration Control Panel(s) is a
          straightforward, if a bit time-consuming, operation.  The safe areas are
          at the margins of the room on the doorways side (i.e. the opposite side
          of the room from the caches) and between the lift shaft and the wall with
          the doorways.  It is recommended to start by eliminating any live Cannon
          at the far end of the room first (unless there is a very good target
          immediately to the front), then move down the 'doorways' wall,
          eliminating any live Cannons on both the Cache-side wall and any above
          Kyle's head as they come into line of sight/fire.  'Live' Cannon will
          turn the reticle red, with 'dead' cannon it will remain grey.  The
          Bryar is the Author's weapon-of-choice for this exercise.
    The view ahead is of a set of observation windows, with four suspended
    animation capsules hidden in the floor beneath them.  Slightly to the right is
    the Control Panel (with a Bacta Canister standing on it) that brings the
    capsules up out of the floor (there is no gameplay consequence to either
    leaving them be or raising them), and to the far right is the door to the next
    part of the route and another of the tubes on the lower of two ledges.
    On any Setting, either go around the transparisteel-encased area and up the
    stairs to the top-ledge level or JUMP up onto both ledges.  Trip the door (with
    E11 selected) and let the Grey Uniformed Officer, behind a glass partition to
    Kyle's front, have a killing burst of Secondary fire.  Once Stormtroopers
    appear beyond the doorway, dodge off the left side of the top ledge.  From
    here, moving FORWARD to trip the door open then BACK to bring one (or more)
    into Kyle's sights, the six of them can be eliminated with Secondary fire from
    either the E11 or the Bryar.  While it doesn't appear to be a wise move to take
    them on while on the upper level, working from below seems to be an almost
    Damage-free tactic.
    Next, get back up onto the upper ledge and RUN straight to the back of the
    partitioned-off area where the Grey Uniformed Officer was standing, halting to
    the left of the Supply Rack (which holds three boxes of Blaster Ammunition).  A
    touch of JUMP may be needed to get over the partition's sill, and the Officer's
    Supply Key will probably be collected en-route.  It is necessary to go right to
    the back to avoid the fire from an Automated Defence Cannon; wait for it to
    stop bleeping then quickly operate the Control Panel to deactivate it.  Collect
    all available E11s, move to the opposite side of the corridor, turn to face
    away from the Cannon, prepare a Thermal Detonator for maximum range Primary
    fire and toss it down the corridor, aimed just underneath the half-visible,
    bow-fronted, dark metal piece of equipment right at the end.  There is an
    alcove to the right, with a Tan Uniformed Officer cowering in it, the Detonator
    should bounce into the alcove and end his problems!  Either collect his
    Security Key now, or remember to collect it when passing the alcove.
    Turn about again and go down the steps and through the cellblock corridor
    (deactivate the forcefield blocking access to the radioactive pool on the way,
    it can prove helpful), turning right at the end and going up on the platform.
    At the top, set up a Thermal Detonator for maximum range Primary fire again;
    CROUCH and go out of the door, turning left immediately.  Use the left-hand
    light in the ceiling of the Control Booth as an aiming-point and toss the
    Detonator into the doorway to remove the Grey Uniformed Officer.
    Before going to the Control Booth, go into the Security Booth through the
    narrow door opposite and operate both Control Panels in there - the one in
    front deactivates the Automated Defence Cannon for Base Room 2, the one to the
    right unlocks the door into that room.  It's worth getting into the habit of
    operating both panels even if the habitual tactic is to destroy the Cannon on
    the way through, walking into Base Room 2 on the one occasion that the Cannon
    was dodged instead of being destroyed will ruin Kyle's whole day!
    With that precaution taken (and the shortcut opened up), select E11, go to the
    booth and operate the Control Panel to deactivate the cell forcefields.  This
    action also sets a pair of Interrogator Droids loose in the cellblock, so it
    pays to be quick in getting into a good position to deal with them before they
    can get close enough to do Damage.  The Author's method is to drop down into
    the cell nearest the Booth's entrance and then move up the steps to near the
    shot-out partition.  Standing there not only gives time to deal with both
    Droids, it also tends to line them up for blasting.
    With those out of the picture, head back down into the rear of the cellblock
    (left at the bottom of the stairs then turn right at the end of the cells) to
    collect some handy items.  Lying on a bunk in the first cell on the left is a
    pack of (three) Det Packs - which can be most easily collected by reaching-out
    with USE/INTERACT - and a belt of Thermal Detonators; in the next cell along is
    another Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition) and a Supply Crate (containing a Bacta Canister).  Top up with
    Blaster Ammunition then head back out of the cellblock and along the corridor,
    collect the Security Key (if not already done) from the Tan Uniformed Officer
    and use it to unlock the door into the next area.
    Through the door is the room with the observation windows that were noted
    downstairs.  The only things that need to be bothered with here are the two
    Control Panels at the far end on the left; which can be manipulated to give
    access to the Shield Converter inside the transparisteel casing.  Operate the
    right-hand panel once and the left-hand panel three times to cause an overload
    which shatters the transparisteel.  Having now gained access to the Converter,
    the Author recommends that it is left alone (if at all possible) until later,
    particularly on the higher Settings.
    Go out of the other door, at the Control Panel end of the room, and follow the
    corridor around to the right until coming across another Security Booth with
    one of the special, non-explosive, crates to the front-right.  This Lobby is
    equipped with an Automated Defence Cannon at each end, and the only door in
    sight is showing red status panels (locked).  Keep left and ease forward (if
    necessary) until locating an explosive crate to the right of the Security
    Booth.  Shoot it, dash across the room (quite safe, even on Jedi Master
    Setting, provided there's no delay) and JUMP up on the flat-topped crates in
    the that corner, using the lower ones to access the higher.  Halting in the
    angle formed by the shorter and taller crates is also absolutely safe.  The
    special crates in here hide a Battery Pack (the crate nearest the entrance
    corridor) and two Bacta Canisters (the crate nearest the locked door and the
    crate in the opposite corner of the room).
    CROUCH through the crawlspace until coming to a breakable Grid, which - to save
    a round of ammunition - can be smashed with the "Nerf-prod" (finally found to
    be of some use!) before dropping into the Security Booth access.  The Control
    Panel opposite the entrance deactivates and/or reactivates the Cannons, the
    Control Panel on the right unlocks the door.
    Outside the other end of the Security Booth access, there is a doorway almost
    immediately in front ("Here he comes!") and a corridor leading past a viewport
    into the "Reactor Control Room" below, with a very trigger-happy Tan
    Uninformed, and two (rather less gung-ho) Grey Uniformed, Officers in view.
    The door at the end is locked and non-functional.
    It is probably best to select E11 or Bryar first and to approach the door
    opposite the Security Booth access at its left-hand edge.  The shout from
    inside of "Get clear - watch the Mine!" also applies to Kyle since he will
    otherwise sustain Damage from an explosion; so back-pedal just far enough for
    the corner to shield him, before coming forward to trip the door open.  Attempt
    to have only a thin slice (as a maximum) of the room visible between the outer
    corner of the doorway and the inner opposite corner, to limit exposure to
    return fire.
    There is a Tan Uniformed Officer in this room on all Settings; along with a
    variable number of Stormtroopers.  On Padawan Setting (three Stormtroopers),
    firing through the gap will probably suffice to eliminate all the defenders;
    and this might apply to Jedi Setting (four Stormtroopers) as well.  On Jedi
    Knight and Jedi Master Settings (five Stormtroopers), switch to Thermal
    Detonator as soon as possible and quickly bounce three of them (set to about
    three-quarters range, Primary fire) off the opposite wall of the entrance
    alcove, aimed about one panel up from floor level and at around the inner edge
    of the door-guide (the grey, slotted, strip with the lighting inserts).  There
    may be a 'rusher' while doing this, any of the defenders seem to be able to
    become one, unless they are killed first; but the chances are less with each
    Detonator.  Enter with caution (and with E11 selected) paying particular
    attention to the space to the left of the door, any survivors seem to have a
    habit of lurking there.  In addition to all the discarded E11s, there are
    another three in a Weapon Rack at the Computer Station in the far right-hand
    corner of the room.  Collect as many as necessary.
    To the far left are the entrances to both the third "Jumping Room"
    Configuration Station (giving access to the right-hand cache - see the
    configuration details, above, for contents and defences) and to a lift lobby
    (containing a belt of Thermal Detonators, lying on a bench to the right of the
    doorway) giving access into the "Jumping Room" itself.  Whereas the second door
    into that room needs to be unlocked (by operating the panel in its associated
    Configuration Station) this lift will work regardless of whether the second or
    third stations have been operated, provided that the lobby's outer door has
    been unlocked.  Eliminating two Stormtroopers and (if required) a trio of
    Laser-fused Trip Mines, which can be done by one of a number of methods, is all
    that is necessary.
    For any of the methods, start by unlocking the small door; which needs to be
    done while standing facing the lock; immediately stepping backwards a pace or
    two to avoid being shot at.  For the Det Pack method (the most certain of all),
    RUN back to the nearest open access to the "Jumping Room", locate the bottom of
    the lift shaft and deploy a Det Pack on the platform (which will descend
    automatically when Kyle gets close enough, making sure to stand enough to the
    side so as to be out of any direct line of fire); setting it off when the
    platform has gone back up; all Stormtroopers and Trip Mines will be eliminated,
    and the lift can then be used to for the return trip.  For the Thermal
    Detonator method, ease forward until the first join in the flooring panels
    beyond the door can be seen; then aim a maximum range Primary fire toss at the
    point where that join meets the wall - done right, Stormtroopers and Trip Mines
    should be eliminated.  For the Blaster method, ease around the corner using E11
    or Bryar to eliminate both the Stormtroopers, then RUN to and through the
    "Jumping Room" and go up via the lift to collect the belt of Detonators - but
    the Trip Mines should be left as they are, there is too much chance of Damage
    when setting them off from within the lift; timing the dodge out of the direct
    line of the blast has to be absolutely spot-on.
    Kyle now needs to head past the Computer Station and through the door at the
    far end of the room (once passed through, this will not open again until the
    guards in the next two rooms have been eliminated).  The next part is tricky
    and, particularly on higher Settings, it is very likely that Kyle will take
    Damage at some point.  The good news is that there are three of the special
    crates available for easy access, hiding two Instant Use Medpacks and a Small
    Shield Booster.  There are four Stormtroopers on Padawan Setting, seven on Jedi
    and nine on Jedi Knight and Jedi Master Settings in here, plus a Grey Uniformed
    Officer at the controls of a Twin Cannon Mounting located at the far end of the
    With E11 selected, move quickly into the far left corner of the room and CROUCH
    to shoot the first Stormtrooper in the legs and lower body when the Blast
    Shield retracts; then ease across to the right (using FORWARD only), taking out
    any more Stormtroopers that come into view, until crossing the sill of the
    Blast Shield.  From there, head into the cover by the crates and left wall.  If
    white can be seen through the gap between crates and wall, at least one
    Stormtrooper is lurking in an alcove (which also contains an explosive crate)
    to the left just beyond Kyle's cover; scything E11 Secondary fire off the full
    width of the forcefield to the right has a good record of either dislodging or
    eliminating the lurker(s).  Quickly JUMP up from behind the cover to get an
    idea of how many opponents are left (add one extra to the count, on some
    Settings there is one who never leaves his position) and, with luck, the Grey
    Uniformed Officer might even be tricked into shooting one or two of his own
    troopers in his eagerness to eliminate Kyle!
    When only the Officer remains in view, back up as far as possible to the sill
    (without going back over it), JUMP as many times as it takes to angle the
    crosshairs in his direction, then prepare a maximum range Secondary fire
    Thermal Detonator; using the light fitting opposite the nearest corner of the
    right-hand alcove as a guide for elevation.  There should be a death-scream and
    his body (or his legs, at least) might be seen flying through the air!  Collect
    the discarded E11s, shoot the explosive crate to the left of the Twin Cannon
    Mounting and RUN through where it stood.  Move all the way round the Mounting,
    CROUCHing as Kyle moves back down the room and look for a final Stormtrooper
    over to the right.  If there is one there, stand up to eliminate him with E11
    Secondary fire across the last low crate, collect his E11, and detonate the
    third explosive crate.
    Penned behind the forcefields in the next room (the "Laser-Cutter Room"), there
    are more Stormtroopers; four on Padawan Setting, five on Jedi and seven on Jedi
    Knight and Jedi Master Settings.  Operate the Control Panel behind and right of
    the Officer's Twin Cannon Mounting to deactivate the forcefields and quickly
    take control of that weapon.  Usually the first group of Stormtroopers will
    attack without delay, and they can be blown away quickly while they are still
    near the doorway, but one or two seem to have a habit of staying behind in the
    room and will need to be enticed out by advancing to the small crates on the
    left, then pelting back to the Mounting.  This also works if the Stormtroopers
    are reluctant to put in an appearance in the first place!
    With them finished, move through into the "Laser-Cutter Room" and locate the
    control booth in the far left corner.  The door nearest to it is the one Kyle
    needs to go through, but he will have to get the Cutter working to carve an
    exit first: (the door protected by Laser-fused Trip Mines is non-functional,
    don't bother with it or them).  Operate the left-hand Control Panel to power-up
    the machine, then the right-hand panel to activate it.  Once done, move smartly
    out of that Control Booth and head to the right before Kyle gets sliced!
    Some of the beams are fixed, others move in various directions.  Probably the
    safest method is to drop into a CROUCH and move out of the room through the
    first doorway, returning through the second.  When Kyle arrives at the ramp
    (with the flickering beam), hug the base of the Cutter as close as possible,
    heading directly for the cut section of the door once that beam has been
    avoided.  The Cutter will explode behind Kyle when he gets a short distance
    beyond the room - a pity that it couldn't have done that earlier!  The
    explosion of the Cutter will also cause a major radiation leak in the "Reactor
    Control Room" (where he must go to next) there is a way to purge it, so don't
    panic!  However, now is the time to ensure that Shields and Health are at least
    25 Units each - if not, go back to the room with the Twin Cannon Mountings and
    use either or both of them to collect the bonus Instant Use Medpacks (both
    special crates along the wall toward the entrance) and/or the Small Shield
    Booster (the special crate behind the second Twin Cannon Mounting - which is
    the only one that can target it).  If these have already been used, go to one
    of the "Jumping Room" caches, but it isn't worthwhile to stock up to the
    maximum, there is no way of avoiding Damage, so ensure there is just enough for
    Kyle's survival and no more.
    Head down the stairs and around to the left, making sure that Kyle can go into
    the room through the door, and back-pedal out again, without getting hung up on
    anything; then move; only staying inside just long enough to grab the Tan
    Uniformed Officer's Security Key.  Once safely back outside, use the Instant
    Use Medpack in the Supply Rack (along with three boxes of Blaster Ammunition)
    to repair some of the Damage and move to the partitioned-off area at the other
    end of the room (containing a Bacta Canister), which unlocks with the Security
    Key that's just been grabbed.
    Now for a little fun while working!  Operating the Control Panel inside puts
    Kyle in control of a MSE-6 Droid (seemingly one that has ambitions to compete
    in Formula 1!).  Drive it out of its hutch, down to the Droid-door at the other
    end of the room, operate the Droid-lock, go through and take the tunnel into
    the Reactor Chamber itself.  Opposite the foot of he ramp (on the left as his
    little helper comes out of the tunnel) there is another Droid-lock which shuts
    the Reactor down and purges the radioactivity.  On the way back up the tunnel,
    watch for a cut-out on the right-hand side with another Droid-lock at the end
    of it.  Drive in there and operate the lock to make Secret Area 3 available in
    the "Reactor Control Room" when going through there.  Finally, bring MSE-6 back
    out through the Droid-door (Mouse-flap?) and return it to its hutch (probably
    not necessary once the Droid has served its purpose, but there's no reason not
    to be tidy!).
    That done, visit the "Jumping Room" to maximise Health, Bacta Inventory,
    Ammunition and Shields (including using that, hopefully, still untouched,
    Converter) and come back to this room.  Move through the door, get the Secret
    Area credit (Kyle will need to CROUCH right the way up to it) at the Ammunition
    Converter that is the whole of Secret Area 3, to the right-front as he comes
    through the door.
    From there, move towards the second set of Computer Access Panels, turning left
    when reaching them.  Through the door ahead is the final defended room in the
    Base (it looks to be where crystals are grown by dipping them), but the door is
    tricky - tending to 'hang' a little before opening and not staying open while
    he is under it!  Its sensor also seems to ignore anyone in a CROUCH!
    Trip the door open, if there is a Stormtrooper there (which there will be on
    any Setting except Padawan), shoot him in the helmet before the door closes
    again (E11 or Bryar Secondary fire work equally well).  Next, ensure E11 is
    selected, advance on the door again and RUN through once it opens, heading for
    a cut-out portion of the wall across (and slightly right) from the door.
    Getting into the far end of this limits the number of visible opponents to one,
    who can quickly be taken out before easing around the corner to eliminate the
    others in that section of the room one-by-one (there are two more on both
    Padawan and Jedi Settings, three more on the higher Settings).  Easing further
    round (and waiting) should bring the Stormtrooper occupants of the other
    section of the room (two on Padawan Setting, three on Jedi, and four on both
    higher Settings) into Kyle's sights one-at-a-time as well.  Again top-up with
    ammunition (from the Converter) and go back into the Base for any Health, Bacta
    or Shield Booster re-supply requirements before moving to the far corner and
    passing through the door leading off the small platform.  This leads into a
    room with another Shield Converter and a tunnel that activates the Cutscenes
    that end the Level (Fyyar communicating with Desann, then Mon Mothma setting up
    the Mission requirements with Kyle and Jan for the next three Levels.
    ARTUS MINE  (Level 3) - [map code = artus_mine].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Technicians, Imperial Officers,
    => 'Artusian Snappers'.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    Move all the way along the gully, past the destroyed Probe Droid.  On seeing
    the constructions to the front, head all the way right and CROUCH to descend
    the steep second slope (if the descent is made while standing, it can cause
    Health Damage) and head right again down the third slope.  Just past the
    Colonist's body are a Wookie Bowcaster and a Large Shield Booster right at the
    edge of the gorge.  It's recommended that both the Bowcaster (now) and the
    Booster (possibly later) are retrieved by CROUCHing and reaching out with
    USE/INTERACT, for safety's sake.
    Next head back up the third slope and go around the circular concrete pad
    (that's the safe choice; if going directly across, be careful to keep out of
    the searchlights - a pair of Probe Droids appear overhead and the Automated
    Defence Cannon are activated on the building opposite when the Security System
    is set off), heading for the Searchlight tower and its Control Room.  On the
    pad, look out for a Bacta Canister just after coming up the slope, and two
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition by the trio of crates about two-thirds of the way
    At the base of the tower, head around to the door (facing the gorge), enter,
    operate the Control Panel to disable the searchlights and move back to the
    nearest edge of the pad.  Now JUMP up onto the shortest of the three octagonal
    structures and drop down onto the large pipe going across the gorge, heading
    along it to the obstructing pipework at the far end.  Non-essential bits of the
    pipework will fall away during the crossing, so don't be startled enough to
    fall off!  JUMP up onto the next two pipes, move along to the right and up onto
    the pipe that breaks away, discharging green gunk directly into the gorge.
    Turn right (facing back along the main pipes) and JUMP across to the curved
    pipe over the discharge, then swivel left and hop up onto the second thick pipe
    (do not go too far across, the set of pipes directly to the front will also
    break and fall away).  While here, note that it's possible for Kyle to clamber
    up this pipe far enough to gain protection from anyone on the Catwalks above.
    Now head along to the set of three smaller, inclined, pipes and use the two
    nearest (the furthest will break away) to climb up to the final three JUMPs
    required to get on top of the highest main pipe and RUN across to the Catwalk.
    Clearing the entryway can be done with gunfire alone, but is more safely done
    with the help of guile.  The defenders need to be given a glimpse of Kyle at
    one of the doors (the right-hand one is best, since it will be open when coming
    up the steps, but it can be done from the left as well), then immediately RUN
    back and drop onto the middle (large) pipe, tucking under the Catwalks as much
    as possible.  The five Stormtrooper guards will pursue and almost always fall
    off the Catwalks in the process (count the screams!), then ease back to finish
    off any visible survivors with Bryar Secondary fire.  Next go back to the
    doorway and find a position from which the Tan Uniformed Officer can be felled
    with a shot to the head (also Bryar Secondary).  Finally, give the two
    Automated Defence Cannon, one outside each doorway, the standard treatment (so
    they cannot interfere with any later re-supply trips), enter the room, go up to
    the top level on one of the lift platforms, relieve the Officer of his Security
    Key, collect his E11 and drop back down.  Note the Supply Rack (each holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition) by each lift and
    unlock the large door with the Security Key.
    Through the door is a short connecting corridor containing an Ammunition
    Converter and a Shield Converter.  The room following this needs a special
    tactic to clear (unless very good at taking out rapidly moving targets); due to
    a Tan Uniformed Officer summoning a Security Detachment (of four Stormtroopers)
    to join him and his two Grey Uniformed colleagues if given a chance.
    Select Thermal Detonator and CROUCH tight to the right wall in front of the
    Ammunition Converter with the crosshairs halfway across the left half of the
    door and roughly level with the decorative line on its upper part; then advance
    (still in CROUCH) until the door trips open, toss the Detonator (Secondary
    fire, maximum range) and move tight into the corner formed by the left wall and
    left side of the doorway.  If only a short "Ooh!" was heard (as opposed to a
    good groan) select E11 and be prepared for Stormtroopers; otherwise select
    Bryar and eliminate the three Grey Uniformed Officers with Secondary fire,
    starting with the one standing at the instrument panel to Kyle's front, then
    easing around the door to bring the others into his sights.  Collect the
    Security Key from the Tan Uniformed Officer and a Supply Key from one of the
    Grey Uniformed Officers (probably the one shot last).
    Assuming that no Stormtroopers came into the room, operate the Security Lock on
    the right-hand door from the right-hand side and back-pedal a few steps before
    advancing carefully again until Kyle has an unobstructed route left along the
    edge of the walkway.  Select Thermal Detonator (Secondary fire, maximum range)
    aiming it about one third to a half of the way between the floor and the bottom
    edge of the Security Lock (there is a darkened spot on the wall at about the
    right height to act as an elevation guide).  Now LEFT-SIDESTEP rapidly, tossing
    the Detonator on passing the doorway and temporarily exit through the other
    door, going through to the first room.  This is not (unfortunately) a sure-fire
    method of eliminating all four Stormtroopers at once, but it seems to regularly
    take out at least three of them in a Damage-free manner.  Except for selecting
    E11, wait a bit (count to ten) behind the left-hand edge of the first room's
    doorway to see if the further door is tripped by an investigating Stormtrooper
    before doing anything else.
    If the door has not been tripped open after that period, RUN back to the former
    position by the left-hand edge of the further door, CROUCH and turn to cover
    the instrument panel (the one where the first Grey Officer was standing) and
    wait for any survivor to appear at the left side of the doorway and withdraw
    again.  If one is seen, his next action will be to run across the doorway,
    that's when he can be shot.  If there is no reaction at all, wait for a bit
    again; then ease round the corner as before until either spotting (and
    eliminating) opponents or seeing that the room is clear.  Note the Weapon Rack
    (holding three E11s) opposite each door, collect discarded E11s in the room and
    the corridor where the Stormtroopers were (normally there are less than 4 to be
    found - the missing ones were probably totally destroyed by the Detonator) and
    take the lift at the end down towards the mine area.
    Turn around on the lift platform and be ready to take the passage into Secret
    Area 1 (the only one) for this Level, CROUCHing to enter it.  Note that the
    only completely safe way of entering is when the platform is descending - it
    can be done when ascending, if the timing is absolutely right, but there is
    considerable risk of Kyle being killed, or of suffering Shield Damage, at the
    very least.  At the end is a small door, leading into the Secret Area proper
    (containing a belt of Thermal Detonators) and a Murder-hole overlooking the
    Crystal Packing Chamber.  It is recommended to check how many Detonators there
    are on hand and (if over six) roll the excess, set for Primary fire, so that
    they drop through the Murder-hole (aim the first, if any, to drop from the
    centre, then any others to drop from right and/or left of the centre, about a
    third of the way to each end); before advancing, with Bryar (the Author's
    preference) or E11 selected.  In addition to killing one or more Stormtroopers,
    the reason for doing so is to build-up the Detonator stock to the maximum
    possible level, without wasting any of the re-supply.
    Move carefully (CROUCHed) towards the right-hand end of the Murder-hole; Kyle
    needs to locate and eliminate a Grey Uniformed Officer plus up to three
    Stormtroopers, at least one of which should already be dead if any Detonators
    were used, before leaving the Secret Area.  The Stormtroopers are reasonably
    easy targets, despite giving every appearance of dodging around; just hold fire
    until they move near a grating in the floor (seen through the widest portion of
    the Murder-hole), where they will stop dodging long enough to take a good aim.
    If the Grey Uniformed Officer does not join them of his own accord, 'encourage'
    him by locating the narrow strip of flooring to the right of the grating  and
    placing a shot as far along it as possible; he seems to have something of a
    habit, after a bit of running about, of standing still by the crates to the
    left with just his head showing, at other times he copies the Stormtroopers.
    By the crates is a more difficult shot than was required to dispose of the
    Stormtroopers, but perfectly do-able; after killing him, go back up the passage
    and down on the lift.
    Hug the left wall very tightly (CROUCHed on the raised edging) and cautiously
    advance to the door.  When it trips open, target the Stormtrooper on the
    Catwalk and shoot him in the head; then back-pedal to the lift doorway, again
    hugging the left wall.  Call the lift and ride it all the way up, exiting into
    the room beyond the corridor at the top (the lift will not descend again
    without doing this) before re-boarding it and going back to the Secret Area's
    Murder-hole; where two more Stormtroopers should have arrived below.  Eliminate
    them using the same technique as with the previous pair and the Officer.  If
    only one puts in an appearance at first, 'encourage' the other with a shot or
    two, this time aimed as far as possible along the raised section of flooring to
    the right of the "killing ground" and/or along the strip of flooring directly
    in front of the grating; dispose of him then head down on the lift again.
    Use the same technique as before here too, first looking at the Catwalk again
    (eliminating any target there) then looking for a pair of Stormtroopers near
    the lighting stands at the far end.  Once they are gone, (and if there wasn't a
    trooper in view on the Catwalk) head into cover of the first crate to the left
    of the door and shoot him from there on arrival.  The Supply Crate to the left
    contains a Large Shield Booster (best left for now, unless very urgent) but
    collect the pack of Trip Mines to the right of it, between the other crates and
    the wall.  Collect discarded E11s while going to the other end of the chamber
    and the door in the wall to the left, noting that there is another (locked)
    door on the opposite side of the chamber.
    Through that door is another corridor with a lift at the end, which ascends
    before Kyle can reach it and returns loaded with a quartet of Stormtroopers.
    Rather than using a Thermal Detonator to get rid of them (the method
    recommended in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, which the Author has found to give
    inconsistent results), dodge into the second, and last, open bay on the left
    (between the sloping mini-buttresses) and use E11 or Bryar Secondary fire,
    easing the sights into line with the next victim Kyle moves round the buttress.
    Then take the lift up.
    Head left out of the lift and watch for the Stormtrooper on patrol at the end
    of the corridor.  As soon as he goes out of sight to the left, RUN up that side
    of the corridor (past the rock tunnels) and tuck into the niche after the
    furthest pipe.  Make sure of the aim and murder the sentry (the Author prefers
    Bryar Secondary for this) through the back of the helmet as he reaches the end
    of his beat.
          Author's Note:  The layout of this part of the mine is worth describing
          here.  To the right of the 'T' junction is the room that Kyle will have
          to clear and go through for the next stage of the operation (the 'Ore
          Processing Control Room').  The rock tunnel on the left, when facing back
          towards the lift, holds a Supply Crate (containing a Bacta Canister) with
          a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) and a pack of Trip Mines at its far
          end and is defended by some Imperial Technicians; the other rock tunnel
          is neither defended nor holds anything of value.  Going to the left at
          the 'T' junction leads onto the Catwalks above the Crystal Packing,
          Chamber and from there to the 'Tramway Terminus Room'
    To clear the left-hand rock tunnel, advance a little way down it, almost to the
    gap, then RUN back and to the corner.  This will attract the attention of two
    Technicians, who will walk around until fired on (one round of Bryar Primary
    fire, before dodging back around the corner on the side with the pipes, does
    fine).  Ease carefully back around the corner to take them out (because
    Technicians' uniforms are difficult to spot against the tunnel walls, using
    The colour of the crosshairs for both target indication and confirmation of
    kills is a great help here).  Next, go up the tunnel using the thin strip of
    solid rock against the right-hand wall to bypass the gap, locate the solitary
    Technician around the corner of the tunnel and give him one fully-charged
    Secondary fire shot before immediately RUNning back past the other side of the
    gap (there is enough solid rock there, too, by hugging the wall) and get out of
    the line of fire.  The Author's preference is to turn left into the corridor,
    to avoid a projection, before RUNning back across the tunnel mouth and easing
    carefully back around the corner to deal with the three or four (if the last
    Bryar shot was not a clean kill) Technicians that have now been set-up for
    removal.  Finally, move up the tunnel again (select E11 first, for safety's
    sake) and check that it is fully cleared, including a niche opposite the Weapon
    Rack that some Technicians have been known to favour as an ambush position.
    Keep clear of the pack of Trip Mines, so that it is not picked up (thereby
    effectively wasting one of them) at present.
    When done, another Stormtrooper will be found to have taken post in the
    corridor outside the Ore Processing Control Room.  Ease around the corner and
    eliminate him.
    Clearing the Ore Processing Control Room (it contains a Bacta Canister - two on
    Padawan Setting - plus a Shield Converter and is defended by two Stormtroopers,
    two Grey Uniformed Officers and a Tan Uniformed Officer, who holds a Supply
    Key) can be damaging.  Probably the best way is to trip the door open and send
    a burst of E11 Secondary fire at one of the Officers before immediately turning
    and running back to the 'T' junction, down the slope and into the right-hand
    tunnel, where there is good cover just behind the second lump of rock sticking
    out of the floor.  Wait for and shoot the Imperials that will be following.
    The Viewpanel in this room shows views of an ore-hauler undergoing processing
    beyond the airlock to the right of the room (Warning; going beyond the airlock,
    where a GNK Power Droid is marching back and forth, during the processing cycle
    will cause Kyle to sustain fatal Damage); and the vent-pipe (reached from
    either of the doors at the Shield Converter end of the room) that forms the
    next part of the Mission route.  The Shield Converter itself should be left
    alone for now.
    From the 'chatter' heard on approaching the main door of the Tramway Terminus
    Room for the first time (which does not make a lot of sense, if heard later in
    the Mission) it seems to be intended that this room should be cleared at this
    point, although there seems not to be much of a gameplay consequence (other
    than in the body-count in the end-of-level statistics) if it is ignored until
    the end of the level.  The Author normally elects to clear it at this stage.
    The 'chatter' of "he's coming - find cover" seems at odds with a room
    apparently only occupied by a Battery Pack (three on Padawan) until the two
    wide, sloping, wall panels about halfway up the room are spotted.  Booby-trap
    both of these with a Primary Fire Trip Mine (there is just enough room at the
    bottom of the 'frame', where it projects slightly into the room) boosted either
    by a Det Pack or a second Primary Fire Trip Mine on the floor as close as
    possible to the centre of each wall panel.  Take care not to go further down
    the room than the far edges of the sloping panels.  When the trap is completed
    (or the stock of Trip Mines runs out) go back through the main entrance, down
    to the Technician's tunnel and re-supply with Mines and (if not previously
    used, and if needed, the E11s from the Weapon Rack).
    Return to the Tramway Terminus Room and either complete the trap or set about
    turning the tables on the Imperials.  RUN up either of the ramps (it may be
    found beneficial to slap a Primary Fire Trip Mine on the wall at the lower part
    of the ramp as Kyle goes up it) and CROUCH in the nearest corner, selecting an
    appropriate weapon.  The Author usually prefers Bowcaster.  The panels will
    open (revealing a pair of alcoves, each of which contains a pair of Bacta
    Canisters, and the one on the opposite wall to the main entrance contains a
    spare Bowcaster).  A posse of Stormtroopers will then storm into the explosive
    trap, usually killing all in that wave, however there is another set of
    Troopers who have only been shaken up and will emerge after a second or two.
    The Author takes advantage of the slight delay by searching the opposite alcove
    with Bowcaster Secondary fire, before switching to direct fire against the
    survivors.  Next, trying not to collect any discarded E11s (not always
    possible) consult the Viewpanel; the views are: the corridor after the first
    Control Room, the Crystal Packing Chamber, the Tramway Terminus (note there is
    at least one Automated Defence Cannon shown) and the interior of one of the
    alcoves.  Checking this display first leads to the Stormtroopers' 'surprise'
    appearance being triggered with Kyle as the meat in the sandwich!
    Before proceeding, the Author prefers to clear the Tramway Terminus for later
    use.  It is almost inevitable that some Damage will be sustained in the
    process, there are (in fact) two Automated Defence Cannon there, both with a
    good arc of fire into the space between the inner and outer doorways.  Again,
    while moving around, try not to collect any discarded E11s (leave them for
    Kyle's return here after clearing the next sequence of chambers) and also
    ignore the contents of the Supply Rack (Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) mounted in line with
    the track, until just before boarding the Tram Car to the next Level.  There is
    still some work to be done before this area is fully cleared (for now) so it is
    best to exit by way of the small doorway leading to the Catwalk and use it to
    move nearly up to the 'T' junction.
    On arrival, Stormtrooper 'chatter' of "Understood" will be heard and a quick
    look will show a quartet of them in the corridor between the rock tunnels (it's
    probable that they have just come up in the lift from beyond that other doorway
    in the Crystal Packing Chamber).  Back up a bit towards the Catwalk and plant a
    Primary Fire Trip Mine on the corridor wall, then move smartly back a little
    way onto the Catwalk before easing back up the steps and attracting the
    attention of the pair that have moved up to the 'T' junction by discharging a
    round from any of Kyle's non-explosive weapons in their direction.  Once the
    first pair are dead, move (cautiously) up to the 'T' junction again and plant a
    second Trip Mine just around the corner at the top of the slope.  Unfortunately
    this second pair will not arrive at the booby-trap together, so do try to hit
    the visible Stormtrooper with a round of Bryar Secondary or Bowcaster fire;
    retreating to the Catwalk as before, but selecting E11 as a safeguard.  Both of
    these Troopers can, in fact, be taken out with Bowcaster Secondary fire where
    they stand (without using a Trip Mine at all), but it is (pun unintentional) a
    bit hit or miss.
    At this point it is prudent to maximise Health, Shielding and Ammunition before
    continuing.  On the higher Settings it is probably even more prudent to utilise
    the supplies and converters positioned back towards the beginning of the level
    (everything from the Large Shield Booster by the dead Colonist, across the
    pipes, to the door into the Crystal Packing Chamber) since one consequence of
    clearing the next sequence of chambers will be to make these inaccessible.
    Again, try to avoid picking up discarded E11s on the way back to the Crystal
    Packing Chamber entry door as they might be highly useful later.
    With the logistics taken care of, go into the Ore Processing Control Room and
    out of one of the small doorways at the Shield Converter end; following the
    outside walkway around until finding a gap in the safety railings flanked by a
    pair of horizontal beams which have flashing white indicator lights on their
    far ends.  Wait until the vent-pipe (the black mass) extends itself over the
    gorge from underneath and carefully drop down onto it, turn around and move (in
    CROUCH) up to the wall.  As soon as the vent-pipe retracts, move through it
    CROUCHed, but do not dawdle.  On exiting, blast the four red vertical conduits
    to drop the forcefield protecting the red portion of the central mechanism and
    blast that as well to make the area safe.  Wait until the top of this mechanism
    comes down to floor-level, move onto it and ride it up into the Processing bay.
    Look for the wrecked R5 Droid (with the airlock containing the GNK Power
    Droid on the same side of the bay) and move across to the opposite side.  Hop
    up on one of the slanted support/lighting beams and move to the to horizontal
    bar at the top.  Catch a ride on top of the next ore-hauler that passes
    through, CROUCHing to clear the hatchway, then standing back up again.
    Once the ore-hauler turns the corner in the tunnel, watch for another tunnel at
    Kyle's level and move into it.  There is no need to JUMP, just step across, and
    prepare to negotiate the mine tunnels proper; and deal with the 'Artusian
    Snappers' that will dispute Kyle's passage by trying to eat him!  The most
    effective weapon for dealing with these beasties will be a matter of personal
    choice, all work to a greater or lesser degree (even the "Nerf-prod") however,
    the Author's favoured method is Bowcaster Secondary fire (due to its high
    probability of a first-round kill, ease of use when snap shooting and the
    possibility that a round fired short of the target might still hit it on the
    ricochet).  The rule-of-thumb for moving through the mine tunnels is to be
    consistent when the tunnels divide; if Kyle starts off by taking the left fork,
    keep taking the left-most tunnel and vice-versa (either way seems of equal
    length, although there seem to be fewer 'Snappers' encountered by taking the
    right-hand route).  The Author finds that the light supplied by the crystals is
    enough to operate with, and causes Light Amplification Goggles to 'flare' out
    occasionally, so never uses Goggles here; even though there seem to be plenty
    of Battery Packs lying about; and also tends to proceed in a CROUCH and to move
    in short bursts to bring accurate fire to bear on the 'Snappers' when they
    come.  There are no prizes for being quickest through the maze, only for
    arriving at the mining machine with Health and Shields mostly intact.
    Once Kyle encounters the mining machine, operate the Control Panel on its rear,
    and follow it as it smashes through the rock.  It will emerge into a lined
    tunnel space over a chamber, then tip up and fall through an octagonal hole
    (presumably, before the machine fell through it, this was fitted with a
    grating, like the other octagonal hole in this tunnel).  Eliminate the four
    Stormtroopers (on the Catwalks) and the four Technicians (at floor level) the
    Bryar is probably the best choice - the range is a bit much for the E11 - then
    stand on the grating until an ore hauler passes underneath, smash the grating
    (if CROUCHing, the "Nerf-prod" works well) and get a free ride to the Catwalk.
    The booth to the left contains two Weapon Racks (each holding three E11s) and
    there is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) all the way along the Catwalk
    beyond the booth.  Grab all Kyle needs and take the lift platform (at the
    opposite end of the Catwalk) down to floor level.  When stepping off the lift,
    note the belt of Thermal Detonators on the floor in front of the packing case
    (on Padawan Setting there is a second belt on the floor behind the case, as
    well).  Move around the pool of molten rock to the small door into the next
    Using Bryar Secondary fire when clearing this chamber is no disadvantage
    either.  Approach the doorway on its right-hand side at an angle of about 45
    degrees.  Eliminate the Technician standing in line with the leg of the ore
    crusher, then advance (CROUCHed) to take out the two Stormtroopers on the
    Catwalk at the far end of the chamber (one is standing by the other end of the
    crusher mechanism, the other fully exposed to the left).  Bob quickly up and
    down to get an aim on the second Technician (at floor level, about halfway
    between the former positions of the late Stormtroopers and whack him as well.
    This leaves the two Stormtroopers on the Catwalk immediately overhead and in
    front; which can be eliminated quite straightforwardly, provided Kyle does not
    get clipped by the crusher.  For the first (the one nearest the door), move
    around the stone edging to just short of halfway along the crusher unit; then
    cautiously SIDESTEP to bring the target into view.  For the second one,
    although there is a position where his helmet is just visible between the
    Catwalk and the crusher-leg, it is more certain to move to the far end of the
    crusher and target him from there.
    Jump onto the crusher and use it as a lift to get up to the Catwalk level;
    where there is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) near the exit door and
    (on Padawan and Jedi Settings only) a Shield Converter almost above the
    entrance.  On other Settings, all that will be seen is the square metal pad the
    Converter would be mounted on.
          Author's Note: These last two chambers appear to have very little to do
          with crystal mining.  It is perhaps reasonable to suppose that they are
          actually part of the extraction and/or refining operation for some other
          mineral being mined on Artus Prime and of importance to Fyyar's and
          Desann's plans.
    Through the door is the mine's powerplant, defended by half a dozen
    Stormtroopers and one of each variety of Officer.  One of the Stormtroopers is
    on the Catwalk to the left (guarding the lift platform) but all the other
    Imperials are below.  The Black Uniformed Officer makes regular inspection
    visits to a Control Panel in direct line of sight from the doorway, so a choice
    must be made of either trying to whack him first (the Author's usual tactic,
    using Bryar Secondary fire) or to start by eliminating the Catwalk
    Stormtrooper.  Thermal Detonators can be a major asset here, as is the Bryar,
    but the Bowcaster and E11 less so.  Probably the best position, once fully
    through the door, is as far to the right as Kyle can go, edging forward as
    required to bring heads and helmets into the line of fire.  When all of the
    defenders seem to have been disposed of, be sure to check the far end of the
    chamber before boarding the lift platform; very often one or (in exceptional
    circumstances, two) Stormtroopers have failed to notice the mounting Imperial
    casualty count at the other end!  For such a large chamber there is a
    disappointing lack of variety in the useful item department; just a Weapon Rack
    (holding three E11s) to the left of the machinery etc., two Bacta Canisters
    next to the stairs, a pack of Det Packs (two on Padawan Setting) behind some
    packing cases at the far end of the chamber and a Supply Crate to the right of
    the machinery etc. which holds - a Bacta Canister!  When ready, operate the
    Control Panel near the Supply Crate to blow the powerplant (shown in Cutscene,
    with a good deal of somewhat pointed banter between Jan and Kyle thrown in) and
    leave through the door at the far end of the chamber.
    The passage leads into the Crystal Packing Chamber, through the previously
    locked door at the far end.  Given that there are now four very unfriendly
    Stormtroopers inside and there is no cover in the passageway within range of
    the door sensor, trading shots with them from the doorway can be a recipe for
    getting shot to pieces, particularly on the higher Settings.  The best tactic
    seems to be to RUN for the shelter of the packing cases in the far-right corner
    (it is recommended that the right-hand Stormtrooper is eliminated with E11
    Secondary fire on the run, as he can get in the way).  Note that it is vital to
    get as close as possible to the right-hand end of the packing case that is
    right up against the wall.  All the Stormtroopers can then be shot down from
    there (over the top of the packing cases, while alternately STANDing and
    CROUCHing) with only a little risk of Damage, mainly from the furthest
    Stormtrooper who is standing on a higher part of the floor - make him the
    highest priority target.  Most of the time, even on Jedi Master Setting, this
    procedure is entirely Damage-free.  Also note that a rockfall has now blocked
    the route out to the gorge area.
    When Kyle has ascended via the lift, it will be found that there has also been
    a cave-in at the junction of the main passage and the rock tunnels.  Whack the
    Stormtrooper standing by the fall (Bryar Secondary or Bowcaster recommended),
    but be mindful that there is a Technician around the corner to the right.  Just
    let the lift go up and down twice with Kyle aboard; on the second downward trip
    the Technician should fall down the lift shaft while trying to shoot him!  On
    reaching the top again, note that there is a Stormtrooper standing behind the
    right-hand side of the rockfall - it's probably best to eliminate him right
    It will be found that the Tramway Terminus Room has been re-occupied by six
    Stormtroopers (not too bad a thing, because it turns out they have left a Tram
    Car outside) and a couple of 'Snappers' have got in there too, somehow (they do
    not appear to be pets!).  It is almost inevitable that Kyle will take Damage
    dealing with this new problem; as with down below, there is no convenient cover
    by the doorway.  The solution seems to be to trip the door open and immediately
    RUN back past the lift and a little way down the slope (E11 Secondary fire from
    the approximate centreline of the passageway seems to give good results), and
    wait for the Imperials to give chase.  One or two will oblige almost
    immediately (with or without either or both 'Snappers' and can be picked off
    straight away, the 'Snappers' will start feeding on the casualties and can be
    safely left for later.  The problem is that the rest of the Stormtroopers
    sometimes take their own sweet time putting in an appearance, the only thing to
    do is to keep a careful count, outwait them and not change weapons or move up
    the corridor beyond the top of the slope in an attempt to speed things up.
    Cautiously re-enter the Tramway Terminus Room (a 'stay-behind' Stormtrooper has
    been known) and check out the Tramway Terminus after collecting as many E11s as
    possible.  A pair of 'Snappers' will attack as soon as the outer door opens so
    back-pedal back into the room, firing on the move.  Don't panic if they are not
    killed immediately, they will either stop on the front edge of the higher-level
    flooring (in which case they are virtually sitting-duck targets) or they will
    run down one or both ramps.  In this latter case, hop up onto one of the
    consoles (where the head-up display screen is/was) and deal with them from
    there.  Recheck the Terminus afterwards, because there is usually a third
    'Snapper' on the other side of the Tram Car, which can be dealt with in the
    same way.  Maximise Health with the Bacta Canisters in the alcoves and Shields
    with the Large Booster in the Crystal Packing Room's Supply Crate and/or the
    Converter in the Ore Processing Control Room; which is still accessible by
    means of the Catwalk.  When done, top up with ammunition from the Supply Rack,
    board the right-hand (rear) control station of the Tram Car and operate the
    Control Panel to end the Level.
    ARTUS DETENTION  (Level 4) - [map code = artus_detention].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, 'Artusian Snappers', Guard Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    Note from the Cutscene that there is a reception committee at the tram stop of
    two Stormtroopers on the platform plus another one in an upper-level booth.
    When the Cutscene ends and the Tram Car comes to a halt, it is particularly
    important on the higher Settings to immediately jump forward into the next
    (passenger) compartment, then diagonally left and get into a CROUCH.  All the
    Stormtroopers will be shooting at Kyle (although he is only vulnerable to fire
    from the pair at track level as the booth is both fully enclosed and impervious
    to Blaster fire in both directions.  The Tram Car does not provide a great deal
    of protection and (provided Kyle does not slip into the poisonous green gunk) a
    slight and temporary loss of Health from a bad landing is better than starting
    the Level with severely drained Shields.
    Both Stormtroopers on the platform should have just enough of their helmets
    showing to fall victim to Bryar Secondary fire (it is recommended that the
    furthest one is targeted first), particularly if Kyle pops up to shoot and
    drops into the CROUCH again immediately afterwards.  As he leaves the rock
    ledge and starts moving along the grating (use JUMP to get up on the higher
    level of rock and again to get onto end of the grating), fire from the
    Stormtrooper in the booth connects with something important, killing him and
    dropping a support beam into a convenient place to be used as a ramp.  JUMP up
    onto it and RUN up, JUMPing again to get over the humped bit.  Once up in the
    booth, space is a bit restricted (because of the damage) so hug the front of
    the instrument panel until arriving at the doorway.  Replace the ammunition
    just consumed by grabbing the discarded E11, and find, then operate, the
    Control Panel to unlock the lower-level door to get off the platform.  Slide
    back down the beam and prepare to enter the detention facility.
    The number of defenders inside the facility varies with Setting, so move
    cautiously.  Warning: the Stormtroopers positioned behind firing slits here are
    armed with the faster-firing, harder-hitting version of the E11, so be mindful
    to eliminate them before they can fire accurately!
    There is a Stormtrooper just inside the doorway on the right-hand side of the
    passageway, and another in the third (last) firing-slit by the door around to
    the left, on every Setting.  On Padawan there is an additional Stormtrooper on
    the left-hand side of the firing-slit right at the rear, covering the entrance
    door.  On Jedi, these are joined by one Stormtrooper in the central firing-slit
    (who can cover the end part of the passage).  On Jedi Knight and Jedi Master,
    the first two firing-slits are manned by two Stormtroopers in each.
    Once Kyle has moved along the passage almost to the third firing-slit, the
    guardroom door will open behind him and two (on Padawan) or three (all other
    Settings) additional Stormtroopers will come out.  Fortunately, there is a
    convenient recess for Kyle to take cover in and shoot from.  With these dealt
    with, do not try to tackle the third firing-slit's occupant at the moment, he
    can be more conveniently eliminated from inside the Guardroom.
    Edge round the left-hand side of the Guardroom doorway and eliminate the one
    (Padawan) or two (other Settings) Stormtroopers to the left, then RUN into the
    recess on the right all the way to the wall/Weapon Rack and edge backwards to
    eliminate the Stormtrooper on a high-level ledge with a round of Bryar
    Secondary fire under the chin!  Finally edge round the corner at the top of the
    steps and blast the occupant of the third firing-slit.  Note the Control Panel
    to the right of where he was standing, it unlocks the door at the end of the
    passage (to the Cellblock).
    For a reasonably small chamber, this Guardroom is a treasure-trove of useful
    items.  Counting back from the Control Panel, there is an Ammunition Converter,
    then a Shield Converter down the long stroke of the 'L', a Weapon Rack
    (originally holding three E11s) is mounted in the recess and a pack of Trip
    Mines and one of Det Packs are on the floor to the left of it.  Finally, there
    is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition) mounted at the end of a passageway on the higher level.  There's a
    dead Stormtrooper up there too, possibly a victim of the explosion outside,
    he's not one of Kyle's, as far as is known.  Stock-up and operate the Control
    Panel, then head for the door into the Cellblock.
    The number of Stormtroopers encountered on the lower floor of the Cellblock
    (the actual cells, pie-slice shaped and arranged around a central ventilation
    shaft are in that big column to the front), again depends on Setting; three on
    Padawan, four on Jedi and five on both Jedi Knight and Jedi Master; but getting
    rid of them just requires a minor variation to the same basic technique.
    Start by taking up position at the left-hand edge of the door and watch to the
    right for the first of the pair on patrol to appear.  Make sure of a good aim
    on his helmet as he halts to turn around (Bryar Secondary fire seems to be the
    more reliable option, although the Author has had success with E11 Primary
    fire) and murder him.  It is well worth letting him go back the first time to
    be absolutely sure of a certain and immediate kill when he returns.  Then edge
    around the doorframe to watch to the left, doing the same to the second
    patrolling Stormtrooper.
    On Padawan, now simply move anticlockwise around the column and whack the third
    Stormtrooper as soon as he comes into view.  More often than not, he will be
    standing facing the wrong way!
    On the other Settings, move forward and plant Primary Fire Trip Mines on the
    column, one to each side just beyond the corners where the line of sight from
    the doorway ends.  Supplement these on Jedi Knight and Jedi Master with a third
    (there should be at least three available), on the wall next to the doorway on
    the side nearest to where the second Stormtrooper was shot.  Move back through
    the door then loose-off two or three rounds of E11 fire to each side of the
    column (as close to it as possible without hitting it) to attract attention and
    bring the rest of the Stormtroopers into the trap, although the final victim
    might have to be driven into the trap with a few rounds of E11, if he
    approaches from the wrong side.  Not sporting, but is does save on Ammunition
    expenditure and Shield Damage.
          Author's Note: The circular rocky passage under the gridwork portion of
          the flooring around the cellblock column will be visited a little
          later.  The entrance to this Level's only Secret Area will be found down
    The way forward is through the large doorway on the opposite side of the
    column, which leads into a wide left-to-right ascending spiral stairway giving
    access to the ring-walkway serving the first level of cells.  Although this can
    be cleared by bulling-through on Padawan, on higher Settings the door needs to
    be approached right-to-left so that Kyle can take cover behind the first
    packing case (about two-thirds of the way along it gives good results) and not
    get shot to pieces.  It helps avoid Damage if the final few paces are taken in
    a CROUCH.  With the three immediate attackers disposed of (either Bryar
    Secondary or E11 Primary works fine; the guards tend to bring themselves into a
    very convenient place to be shot through the helmet one-by-one, and the packing
    case provides good - although not perfect - protection), move cautiously up the
    right-hand side of the stairs.  Enough of the remaining stairway guard will be
    seen for a rough aim to be taken a few steps before it is possible for either
    Kyle or the guard to shoot, but there appears to be no alternative to a mutual
    exposure to each other's fire, with the quickest to shoot accurately being the
    winner.  Because of its accuracy and harder punch, the Author prefers Bryar
    Secondary fire here.
    Once that Stormtrooper is neutralised, switch to E11 and move forward to
    collect his discarded weapon, immediately heading back down the stairway again
    pausing a few steps up from the level area.  One of three things will happen:
    Nothing (very good), one or two screams will be heard outside (the equivalent
    number of Stormtroopers tried to abseil from an upper level, but fell instead)
    or the door will open and one or two Stormtroopers will enter (having abseiled
    successfully); in which case eliminate immediately and get back behind the
    packing case breastwork and wait to see if the commotion has attracted any of
    the first ring-walkway's defenders.
    Expect two Grey Uniformed Officers plus six to eight Stormtroopers (on Padawan)
    or eight to ten Stormtroopers (other Settings) to be defending the first level
    of ring-walkway.  If they all do not put in an appearance of their own accord,
    provoke them by moving through the doorway and firing at them from below.  Note
    that firing at the nearest group (Kyle's side of the extended bridge across to
    the cellblock) sometimes only attracts that group; move a little to the left
    and target the group beyond the bridge to attract them all.  Quickly return to
    behind the packing case breastwork and engage the Imperials as they appear.
    Wait a while after it seems that all have been accounted for, sometimes one or
    two come to the party late.
    Next, cautiously check out the stairway and the first ring-walkway, being
    careful not to trip open the door to the second stairway until ready to do so.
    Rather than disturb the contents of the two Supply Racks (one holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition, the other holding
    two boxes of Blaster Ammunition, a case of Power Cell Ammunition and an Instant
    Use Medpack) at the top of the first stairway at this stage, it is recommended
    that all discarded E11s are collected from the area already passed through
    (including the tram platform - and not forgetting the E11 by the unexplained
    body at the top level of the Guardroom) and any shortfall made up from the
    Guardroom Ammunition Converter.
    When done, go back up to the first ring-walkway and RUN around it in an
    anticlockwise direction, this time making sure to pass close enough to the door
    to the second stairway to trip it open.  Two of the three Stormtroopers inside
    will give chase (they will fire at Kyle while doing so, although it is usually
    entirely ineffective and any lucky hit they manage to make generally only
    causes light Shield Damage), so return to the packing case breastwork and deal
    with them there.  Go back to and enter the doorway to dispose of the third
    guard.  The ease-around-the-door technique using Bryar Secondary Fire works
    well.  Note the taller of the two consoles at the start of the passage and
    practice getting behind it, it will be found to be a useful protective position
    later - but not against Stormtroopers!
    The Imperials on the second ring-walkway (two Grey Uniformed Officers and
    between seven and ten Stormtroopers, depending on Setting) are not as obliging
    as the previous lot, requiring a variation on the basic tactic.  Advance until
    the door trips open and quickly toss at least one (preferably two, if possible)
    Secondary fire Thermal Detonators into the group of Imperials.  It's best to
    aim the first just to the right of the front Stormtrooper nearest the wall,
    since the explosion quite often throws some of his companions over the edge of
    the ring-walkway - the kills still count - then immediately turn and RUN back
    to the packing case breastwork and await chasers.  Again, any firing at a
    RUNning Kyle is highly likely to be completely ineffective, although the noise
    can be frightening!
    Once the chasers have been eliminated, climb the first lot of stairs again and
    take cover at the far edge of the doorway (near the Supply Racks).  Edge back
    cautiously into the open doorway and use Bryar Secondary fire to snipe at the
    Stormtroopers visible to the right and left of the cellblock, but be mindful
    both of an Officer who is normally somewhere about to the right and of any
    Stormtroopers that come charging around the ring-walkway; whereupon it's time
    to return to the packing case position.  As before, wait for any latecomers to
    put in an appearance before proceeding!  Tip: trip open the door by the packing
    case and it is possible to monitor the door at the top of this stairway, at
    least to see it open and close (and sometimes to see a Stormtrooper or two
    leaving the ring-walkway).  Also listen for any 'chatter' and look/listen for
    any evidence of firing.  At this point, a second logistics break is highly
    recommended (to maximise both types of ammunition - it's advisable to continue
    to leave the Shield Converter alone, for now) - again leaving the Supply Racks
    alone, if at all possible.  There will probably be some more discarded E11s
    (dropped by Imperials blown off the walkway) on the gridwork flooring around
    the cellblock.
    When confident, check the first stairway and first level of ring-walkway, then
    cautiously check out the second stairway - there is quite often a crouching
    Stormtrooper loitering at the top, who is vulnerable to E11 Primary or Bryar
    Secondary fire - note the Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition; with a pack of Trip Mines on the floor to the
    Another favoured ambush position for a lone Stormtrooper is on the ring-walkway
    to the right of the door.  Just in case, RUN into cover at the far edge of the
    door and edge into the open doorway until any threat can be seen and dealt
    with.  Similarly, look in the other direction before emerging to check the rest
    of the second ring-walkway, again without approaching the door to the third
    stairway closely enough to trip it open.
    When sure there is no opposition left, move clockwise around the second
    ring-walkway and cautiously trip open the third stairway door.  There are two
    Stormtroopers immediately inside (either E11 Primary or Bryar Secondary fire
    will do them in nicely) and a third about halfway up the stairway.  The Author
    recommends E11 Secondary fire for this guard (another of the mutual-exposure
    situations, but at closer range).  Possibly it's best RUN across to the far
    wall, turn, CROUCH and engage the Stormtrooper from there.
    At the top of the third stairway there is an R5 doing some repair work and a
    Supply Rack (mounted facing the door) which holds three boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition and is flanked by a Small Shield Booster on the floor each side.
    Trip the door open, take a pace onto the third ring-walkway, note the
    appearance of defending Guard Droids (two on Padawan, four on Jedi, six on Jedi
    Knight and Jedi Master) turn about and RUN back down the stairway before they
    can aim their fire.  Head for the protection of the taller console at the foot
    of the second stairway, CROUCHing as close to the back of it as possible.
    There are six pieces of good news, firstly it seems that the Guard Droids are
    programmed to travel mainly via walkways and stairways, rather than taking a
    more direct route; secondly that, under normal circumstances, there will never
    be more than four Guard Droids to be faced at this stage (even on the two
    highest Settings, the others - unless provoked - wait in reserve); thirdly that
    the console provides fairly good protection, although there is a need to watch
    for any of those floating blasters moving through the door and engaging them
    immediately; fourthly that the range is so short that even E11 Secondary fire
    will be hitting with every round; and, finally, that these Droids (even on Jedi
    Master Setting) only need a maximum of twenty Ammunition Units of Damage to
    kill them and hitting them at their extreme edges will do the job just as well
    as hitting them centrally.  E11 Primary or Bryar Secondary fire are both
    economical and effective.  The Author (once) took on all six Guard Droids on
    Jedi Master Setting and survived - albeit somewhat Damaged - the noise and
    light-show was rather impressive, though!
    Replenish with ammunition (using the two Supply Racks at the top of the first
    stairway) and, if there are another pair of Guard Droids to be dealt with,
    locate them, provoke them with a few rounds and get back behind the console
    again.  A bonus piece of good news, when Kyle next encounters Guard Droids he
    will have far better weapons to destroy them with!
    Advance to the top of the third stairway (replenishing with Blaster Ammunition
    and grabbing the pack of Trip Mines on the way) and move clockwise around the
    top ring-walkway, approaching the door cautiously.  Dispose of the first
    Stormtrooper as soon as the door opens (note the locked door immediately behind
    where he was standing, the route to the next part of the complex) then move
    cautiously up the right-hand side of the stairs and take out the Stormtrooper
    at the halfway point.  Again moving cautiously (switching to E11 if it is not
    the current weapon), move to the left-hand wall and locate the third
    Stormtrooper at the top of the stairway and fire at him (it is probably best to
    deliberately fire to miss until he starts moving to run down the stairway
    toward Kyle's position).  The reason for this is to draw out a fourth
    Stormtrooper who will otherwise make a jack-in-the-box appearance when Kyle
    gets further up.  Try hard to cut down both Stormtroopers with E11 Secondary
    fire on the stairway (even though these can be a bit difficult to kill on the
    higher Settings) or lead them back down to the console killing ground and do
    the job there (Bryar Secondary fire can be a good choice for a Trooper beyond
    the door or standing in front of the console itself, although some careful
    movement will probably be necessary).
    Around to the right at the top of the fourth (and final) stairway is the
    Detention Facility Control Room, manned by three Officers (two Grey Uniformed
    and one Tan Uniformed).  By hugging the left wall (the noise heard - later
    indicative of a loophole shutter opening or closing - is actually coming from
    inspection covers on the ventilation shaft) and timing Kyle's movements to when
    the nearest Grey Uniformed Officer is moving away from the doorway, it is
    possible to sneak almost into the Control Room itself; certainly within easy
    aiming distance of the Tan Uniformed Officer's head (he is the hardest kill and
    biggest threat) with Bryar Secondary fire, immediately switching to E11 and
    preparing to use Secondary fire on the other two; who are much easier kills.
    Be prepared to see ricocheting Blaster rounds, the transparent panels on the
    ventilation shaft reflect them, not entirely a bad thing - occasionally one or
    both Grey Uniformed Officers get felled by bouncers!
    Before doing anything else, maximise Health, Shields and Ammunition.  It will
    probably mean returning to the Guardroom (for the Shield Converter, if nothing
    else) but it's equally probably worth it.  Once all topped-up, walk round the
    Control Room.  Going Clockwise, the first item of interest is a Viewpanel (only
    showing prisoners and/or cells, including one being killed by a 'Snapper') on
    the near end wall.  Almost at the far end of the room is a Control Panel under
    a display panel showing a large picture of a fan - operate this Control Panel
    now, it's vital!  On the end wall is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use
    Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition, one case of Power Cell Ammunition and
    an E11); with a Battery Pack on the floor to the left of it.  On the opposite
    side of the room is another Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition and another E11), which is next to the Control
    Panel that sets all the prisoners loose (operate this one when ready - it
    triggers a Cutscene).  Further round, by where the Tan Uniformed Officer was
    standing, is a passageway leading to a locked door.  Kyle will arrive at the
    other side of this shortly, whereupon it will unlock.
    Operate the Cellblock Control Panel on the far end of the right-hand wall and
    (when the Cutscene finishes) head back down the stairway.  It does not appear
    to be possible to get to the ring-walkway doorway in time to save the prisoner
    from being shot, so just whack the Stormtrooper that killed him before heading
    through the (now unlocked) doorway on the opposite wall.  Be mindful that there
    is a ceiling-mounted Automated Defence Cannon just around the corner, but it is
    possible to RUN underneath this and through the door into the Docking Bay
    Security Booth without taking Damage (deal with in the usual way, from cover
    outside the far end of the Booth, to be absolutely certain that it will not
    interfere with future movements).  Inside the Booth, there is a Shield
    Converter immediately opposite that doorway and an Ammunition Converter
    opposite the door at the far end.  It is just possible to get to the far
    doorway in time to finish-off a Stormtrooper; who is firing at a prisoner who
    will give Kyle a Monologue mini-briefing; when approached.
    When the informative former prisoner goes through the door, either do precisely
    nothing until the outcome in the Docking Bay is decided, or charge at the four
    Stormtroopers inside, spraying them with E11 Secondary Fire while moving.
    Anything else tends to bring up a "Mission Failed - Too many prisoners have
    died" message.  Whatever the choice, Kyle has to get up onto the Catwalk around
    the sides of the room (there is one lift platform just to the left of the entry
    door and a second across the Docking Bay almost in line with the group of
    Stormtroopers, living or dead).
    Moving clockwise around the Bay, there are two Bacta Canisters on the floor
    just beyond the first lift platform, with three boxes of Blaster Ammunition
    (also on the floor) just beyond them.  Moving further, past the TIE Fighter
    launch-doors, is the second lift platform, then two Small Shield Boosters on
    the floor behind the second (solitary) packing case then two Battery Packs
    behind a console near the smaller, still locked, door; which has two Weapon
    Racks (each holding three E11s) mounted on the wall to its right-hand side.
    Still further around is an unlocked door near where the GNK Droid is waddling
    up and down (which is the back door into the Base Commander's lair - access is
    blocked by a locked door further up the passageway at present; although note
    the Base Commander - a Black Uniformed Officer - standing with his back to a
    large, impenetrable, viewport and the firing-slit further up the passage on the
    right).  Moving further clockwise brings Kyle back to the entry door.
          Author's Note:  The 'Mission-failed' message that follows the premature
          death of the abovementioned Imperial quotes his rank/function/title as
          "Warden".  I use the "Base Commander" designation for him to remain
          consistent with all the other Black Uniformed Officers that are
    Ascend on either of the lift platforms.  If the second was chosen, then Kyle
    will need to RUN all the way around the Docking Bay until he encounters the
    door (where the level changes) and take up position by its left-hand side.  If
    the first lift platform was used, them Kyle needs to RUN across the doorway
    first, then do the same.  Ease round the doorframe to trip open the door and
    eliminate the three Stormtroopers in the hexagonal tunnel beyond it (Bryar
    Secondary fire is possibly the best choice here).  Then move down the tunnel
    and through the door at the far end.  The side door into the Detention Facility
    Control Room will unlock as Kyle approaches (before proceeding it is a very
    good idea to double-check that the icon of the fan, visible from the doorway,
    is turning), but the way forward is to JUMP over to the ledge by the loose
    grating, using the "Nerf-prod" to smash through it.
    CROUCH through the hexagonal tunnel to its end, ascend on the hexagonal
    platform and CROUCH through the next hexagonal tunnel to the top of the
    ventilation shaft.  Because of the airflow (the reason the fan had to be turned
    on) Kyle will be able to drop in and descend slowly enough to avoid injury,
    which can be done straight away on Padawan Setting.  However, on the other
    Settings there is no protective grille over the fan blades so a little more
    care has to be taken.  Find the part of the lip of the shaft that is pointed to
    by the nearest corner of the (removed) top gridwork cover, turn around and back
    toward it using both CROUCH and WALK.  As soon as Kyle drops, hit FORWARD to
    get right up against the shaft wall.  Kyle will then touch-down safely on a
    projecting corner of the (also removed) lower gridwork cover and move into the
    final short piece of hexagonal tunnel, exiting into the circular area that was
    seen through the gridwork panels on the Guardroom floor of the Detention
    Turn right in all cases and move to the uncovered tunnel entrance (note the
    'Snapper' disappearing into it as Kyle approaches).  CROUCH just inside the
    entrance and toss a Primary fire Thermal Detonator as far as possible along the
    tunnel (where the roof appears to end is a good aiming point) and immediately
    switch back to the "Nerf-prod".  The Detonator usually accounts for at least
    one (sometimes two, more rarely all) of the three 'Snappers' that are hiding
    round a curve, any survivors will immediately attack and can be double-tapped
    with the "Nerf-prod".  The space is confined enough for this device to be
    effective, saving a few rounds of ammunition.
    Now move around (to the right) to the next grating.  Smash this (the
    "Nerf-prod" again) and enter to collect the Secret Area credit plus a belt of
    Thermal Detonators and/or a Small Shield Booster.  Then move back to the
    uncovered tunnel entry and prepare for another (longer) trip through the mine
    tunnels (and more 'Snappers') by going up the tunnel, through the door and
    JUMPing (to the left) over the side of the broken section.
    RUNning this set of tunnels using the Light Amplification Goggles (as
    recommended in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough) can, indeed work without sustaining
    critical Damage.  That said, testing has revealed that 'Snappers' can obstruct
    Kyle's progress, allowing the pack behind him to catch up, with fatal
    consequences.  Moreover, although (because?) this set of tunnels has more (and
    longer) darker sections, there do not appear to be the same quantity of Battery
    Packs available!  The Author prefers the slower method of eliminating the
    'Snappers' one-by-one with Bowcaster Secondary fire.  The rule-of-thumb still
    applies whichever method is chosen,.  A useful tip is to halt and scan with the
    crosshairs every time a 'Snapper-like' noise is heard, both in front and down
    any side tunnels (with the Author's method, there shouldn't be any 'Snappers'
    approaching from behind until the very end of the route!).  Eventually, after
    encountering a quartet of the beasties, some man-made debris will be seen on
    the tunnel floor (there will also be 'Snapper' background noises), marking a
    low entryway that should be cautiously CROUCHed through.
    The reason for caution is that at least one of the Stormtroopers inside
    (although being attacked himself) will enthusiastically engage Kyle in
    preference to the 'Snapper(s)' attacking him.  It may go against the grain, but
    it's probably best to let the 'Snappers' dispose of all the Imperials before
    moving right inside and doing some necessary vermin control!
    Before anything else, locate the large door; then look at the opposite end of
    the chamber and identify a packing case that has been left slantwise across the
    corner of the room.  There is a first-class, well-protected, firing position
    behind it (which will be given a lot of use).  The exact place to be is tight
    into the angle formed by the side-platform and the packing case, and as far
    forward (in the direction of the door) as it is possible to get.  CROUCHing
    there, Kyle is pretty much immune from fire, but has a quite good arc of fire
    himself.  Bryar Secondary fire can be used with confidence, although E11 fire
    (Primary or Secondary) will probably prove quicker, if more expensive in
    There are a reasonable number of items scattered about this Storeroom.  On top
    of the raised side-platform by the firing position is a belt of Thermal
    Detonators, with two Bacta Canisters (three on Padawan), on the same level,
    halfway towards the door (towards the side-wall between a pair of packing
    cases) and a pack of Trip Mines near the door.  On the other side-platform
    (corresponding to the position of the Trip Mines) is a pack of Det Packs (two
    on Padawan), with three boxes of Blaster Ammunition mirroring the position of
    the Bacta Canisters.  A pair of Battery Packs are to be found near the door,
    behind the end of the nearest packing case.  Last, but not least, there is a
    Large Shield Booster (two on Padawan) behind the two floor-level packing cases
    near the firing position.
    Trip the door open, probably best done from near its centre, and bolt back into
    the firing position before the three or four Stormtroopers beyond it (depending
    on Setting) can take a steady aim.  If any Damage is going to happen, it will
    probably be during this manoeuvre.  Eliminate the Imperials as they come into
    Kyle's arc of fire, although the final one has been known to be a bit reluctant
    to come into the killing ground and has had to be stalked on occasion.
    When that little combat is concluded, return to the left-hand edge of the door
    and trip it open again.  There is a firing slit (complete with a Stormtrooper,
    waiting in ambush) over to the right; enough of him should be visible (it seems
    quite safe to stand for the best aim) for him to be put down with the Bryar.
    There are two doors out of the chamber overlooked by the firing-slit (Lobby),
    both of them marked with the Imperial Insignia on their upper part.  The one to
    the left leads into the Docking Bay (past a small Control Room, containing the
    Control Panel Kyle needs to operate to unlock the door to the Base Commander's
    hideaway, and also the door currently preventing access to the Docking Bay).
    The other door leads into a larger Control Room, containing both the entrance
    to the Base Commander's hideaway and entrance (via a defended stairway) to the
    next part of the Mission route.  This door should not be approached except when
    ready to clear the room beyond it.
    Clearing the larger Control Room is a virtual repeat of clearing the Lobby
    outside.  Select E11, trip the door open and have a pop at the Grey Uniformed
    Officer at the Display Screen immediately to the front; then bolt back into the
    firing position again, eliminating the defenders when they chase Kyle back into
    the Storeroom.  When that is done, enter the larger Control Room (it is 'L'
    shaped) and move toward the door at the top of the 'L'.  Note in passing the
    Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition
    and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) that is mounted on the wall in the short
    arm of the 'L' (left of where the Officer was standing) and also the Shield
    Converter at the far end of the 'L'.  The stairs (and the locked door) directly
    opposite the Shield Converter are the entrance to the Base Commander's
    hideaway.  On Padawan and Jedi Settings there is also a Weapon Rack (holding
    three E11s) mounted on the wall at the Shield Converter end of the firing-slit
    Start (it will almost certainly require two bites at the cherry) clearing the
    stairway with the exact same technique.  Trip the door, have a pop at the
    nearest Imperial (it's not necessary to actually kill, or even hit, him;
    although if either of those happens, its less work to do later) and RUN back
    into the firing position.  Wait for the pursuit to arrive and whack them.  Wait
    a bit to make sure that all that group are accounted for and move back to the
    stairway door.  Usually, there are two guards left at their posts, right at the
    top of the stairs.  Tickle them with a few rounds (as an inducement) then RUN
    back into the firing position again, treating them the same as their colleagues
    when they arrive.  Check the top end of the stairway after an appropriate
    delay, noting another Supply Rack; holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition, a case of Power Cell Ammunition and an E11, mounted there:
    (on Padawan and Jedi Settings there is an additional Supply Rack, holding an
    Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition mounted on the left wall, halfway up the stairway); a Control Panel
    that Kyle cannot operate on the end wall at the top of the stairs and the large
    (locked) door to the right; which leads to the end sequence of the Level.  Then
    return to the Lobby in order to clear the smaller Control Room.
    Cautiously go through the Lobby's left-hand door (there is sometimes a
    Stormtrooper down the slope to the front) and note the doors, one (locked) to
    the front, which leads into the Docking Bay and one to the left, giving access
    to the smaller Control Room.  Also note the Weapon Rack mounted to the right of
    the Control Room door; it holds three E11s.  Clearing this room is quite
    straightforward; stand at roughly the centre of the Lobby doorway, select
    Thermal Detonator, hold down on the Secondary fire trigger until the Detonator
    stops chirping, advance (CROUCHed) towards the Control Room door, halfway
    between its left edge and centre is about right; and toss the Thermal Detonator
    at the first visible Stormtrooper.  There are a pair of them inside, and the
    Detonator sorts both of them out!  Enter and operate the Control Panel on the
    left-hand side, also top up from the Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use
    Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) mounted on the right-hand wall.
    Before collecting the Base Commander from his lair, stock up on all forms of
    ammunition, particularly that used for 'vermin' control; as well as Health and
    Shields.  It is well worth revisiting the Guardroom, via the Docking Bay and
    stairways, and grabbing the 150 Units of Power Cell Ammunition on the upper
    level first as well as completely draining the Guardroom Converters (so nearer
    Converters remain available).  On the way (either there or back) hit all the
    stairway Supply Racks as well, finishing off (if required) with another visit
    to the Detention Facility Control Room on the topmost level, before returning
    through the Docking Bay to the larger of the just-cleared Control Rooms and
    descending the stairs to confront the Base Commander.
    What a surprise - this character surrenders at once with a plea of "Don't
    shoot!" and will do absolutely nothing unless the crosshairs are on him!  The
    curved passages to either side yield little of value; a Bacta Canister (two on
    Padawan) around to the left and a Control Panel (operate it to unlock the doors
    at the ends of the curved passages) to the right.  Put the crosshairs on the
    prisoner (note that they are greyed-out, not the usual red for an enemy) and
    escort him as he marches through the door, down the 'L' shaped room and into
    and up the stairway.  He will be perfectly cooperative at this stage even if
    Kyle is in "empty hands" mode!  Just before reaching the top of the stairway,
    stop the prisoner, select a good 'vermin control' weapon (the Author prefers
    Bowcaster here, this time in single-discharge Primary fire mode) and take up a
    position where the prisoner, the top-of-stairs Control Panel and the doorway
    can all be covered with a minimum of movement.  The Author tends to stand
    opposite the door, backed up into the gap between the two buttresses closest to
    the Supply Rack. When ready, put the crosshairs back on the prisoner and walk
    him all the way to the Control Panel (which he can operate, even if Kyle could
    not!).  Wait for the "You won't get away with this" threat and Kyle's response,
    then be prepared for some really quick snap shooting action - particularly on
    the higher Settings.
    Once the door opens, a Stormtrooper and a number of 'Snappers' (how many
    depends on Setting) emerge.  The immediate task is to protect the prisoner (he
    still has a function to perform), so concentrate on eliminating the 'Snappers'
    going for him first, even at the expense of Damage.  The Stormtrooper,
    incidentally, does not play much part in the proceedings, either way - if a
    stray round from Kyle does not take him out then the 'Snappers' will!  Check
    beyond the doorway before moving the prisoner again, it's not unknown for one
    'Snapper' to have stayed behind.
    It's best to stay at the door and walk the prisoner to the Hangar Door Control
    Panel from a distance, as the treacherous beggar promptly produces a Senior
    Officer's E11 from somewhere as soon as he has operated it; also some
    Stormtroopers enter the room through the just-unlocked door, so beat a rapid
    tactical withdrawal down to the packing case firing position and mow them down,
    as before!
    Replenish ammunition (as far as is possible) and repair Shield and any Health
    Damage on the way back up, then move through the Hangar Door Control Room and
    far doorway; noting the Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition) on the way past.  Don't jump on the lift platform
    at the end of the passage without checking out what's waiting down below (two
    Stormtroopers); who can easily be sniped with Bryar Secondary fire from the
    left end of the last step.  Take the furthest one first, then the nearer,
    before descending on the lift platform.  There is a pack of Trip Mines to the
    left between the cases and the lift-side wall.
    The next chamber (Tie Fighter Pilots' locker room) is the last room of the
    Level, usually defended by four Stormtroopers.  Approach the door cautiously,
    just close enough to trip it open and locate a Stormtrooper down one of the
    long passages to the front to give the Bryar-Secondary-fire-in-the-helmet
    treatment to; dodging off to cover at the nearest side immediately after
    firing.  It's then a matter of easing cautiously back (without tripping the
    door) and waiting for other Stormtroopers to open the door and expose
    themselves to fire.  Normally two can be dealt with this way, unless either the
    first was not killed outright or the last gets attracted by the commotion.
    Keep waiting until the door stops being tripped open, then look for a survivor
    down the other long passage and treat him in the same way as the first one.
    Still be cautious when entering, other survivors have been known to wait well
    off to one side or the other of the doorway.
    Note the Shield Converter to the right and the Ammunition Converter (which
    unlocks the Docking Bay door, next to it, when operated - even if Kyle has a
    full load of both types of Ammunition) to the left; also the gridwork-covered
    apertures at the far ends of each long passage.  That is (after replenishing to
    a full quantity of everything possible - including Trip Mines, Thermal
    Detonators and Det Packs) the way the next Level.  "Nerf-prod" one of the
    gratings, CROUCH into the space beyond it, turn right and CROUCH down the
    tunnel in the far-left corner.
    ARTUS TOPSIDE  (Level 5) - [map code = artus_topside].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, AT-STs.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    A Rocket-spitting AT-ST attacking as soon as the opening Cutscene ends - not
    fair at all!  In the Author's opinion, a fitting opening to one of the hardest
    Levels to complete - particularly on Jedi Master Setting.
    Steven Roy's contribution of the 'Canyon Run' (as quoted in Matthew Rorie's
    Walkthrough) is, indeed, the best tactic; JUMPing over the crates and passing
    to the right of the AT-ST almost always allows enough space for it to be dodged
    while going up the Canyon and weaving (while keeping to the right) keeps Damage
    to a minimum.  The Author recommends, having reached the far-end door, tucking
    Kyle behind the little rock outcrop (on the same side of the Canyon) and
    Quicksaving; as getting the timing right for the return journey (leaving enough
    space to dodge around the AT-ST to the right again) can be difficult.  Once
    past the AT-ST, again keep to the right, weaving as before, until reaching the
    large bulge of rock just down-Canyon from the lift.  Follow the edge of this
    all the way round to the back edge of the lift platform (the edge against the
    cliff), before heading towards the Guardpost doorway.
    Trip the door open and bounce two Primary fire Thermal Detonators off the end
    wall, so they explode at the opposite end of the room, then check through the
    window to see if both the Tan Uniformed Officer and his Stormtrooper have been
    dealt with.  Bounce another Thermal Detonator in on any survivor(s) and
    recheck; repeat until the room is clear.  If no Rockets have been fired at Kyle
    during this last sequence then the AT-ST has been successfully tricked into
    hanging itself up on the rocks, for now; so Quicksave and enter the Guardpost,
    collect the Supply Key from the Tan Uniformed Officer, operate the Control
    Panel and RUN out to the lift platform.  There isn't a lot of delay before the
    platform goes up, so don't hang about.
    Once on top, head around the upper Guardpost to the Twin Cannon Mounting, swing
    it round to face the enemy and start picking them off, but take a proper aim
    and keep the bursts of fire short; do not just lock the trigger down and swing
    the Mounting along the line of Stormtroopers.  Start by picking off the
    Stormtroopers on the left side of the structure, but also pay attention to
    those on the right-hand side, particularly the ones that keep appearing right
    at the top of it, because all of those target Kyle (draining the Mounting's
    energy reserves to reinforce its Shielding), returning to the left and centre
    while casualties on the right are being replaced.  When a group of
    Stormtroopers charge out of the white tower-like construction, mow them down
    (at that range the 'swinging traverse' while firing is effective) and expect
    the large door to the left to open and a Scout Walker to emerge shortly
    thereafter.  Target and destroy it immediately, then swing the mounting out
    over the lower Canyon again (leave it aimed just at the outer edge of that
    bulge of rock, and pointed a bit downwards) before JUMPing off.
          Author's Note: If one of these Mountings starts to glow red at any time,
          JUMP off it immediately and move as far away from it as possible; so Kyle
          does not get caught in the coming explosion!
          Supplemental: The 'energy-bar' display has been found to be a rather
          inaccurate guide to the number of shots left in these weapons.  For a
          true reading, quickly consult the Ammunition Meter on the Datapad.
    Switch to Secondary fire Thermal Detonator (maximum range) when heading back
    around the upper Guardpost, and throw it as soon as Stormtroopers are seen,
    they should fly through the air very nicely indeed!  Next, dispose of the Grey
    Uniformed Officer in the upper Guardpost (a bounced Thermal Detonator from the
    side of a tripped-open door, again) and return to a position to the right of
    the Twin Cannon Mounting's position to look for, and eliminate - Bryar or
    Bowcaster Secondary fire works very well - any Stormtroopers that have taken up
    position in the Canyon immediately below.  Quicksave again.
    With that done, enter the upper Guardpost, noting the Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition) mounted immediately inside the door, and the belt of Thermal
    Detonators further back, and operate the Control Panel to bring the lift back
    As an extension to Steven Roy's method, go back down on the lift and move over
    to the packing cases where Kyle entered the Level to attract the attention of
    that first AT-ST, immediately RUNning back into the lower Guardpost to summon
    the platform again.  RUN out and onto it and round to the Twin Cannon Mounting
    at the top.  Target and destroy the AT-ST first, then (if sufficient energy is
    still available, otherwise use Bryar or Bowcaster Secondary fire) eliminate any
    Stormtroopers that have moved up with it.  When done, check the tower-like,
    white, construction for a Supply Crate (holding a Large Shield Booster) that
    opens with the key grabbed from the Tan Uniformed Officer down in the lower
    Guardpost.  Ride the lift back down to the Canyon floor again and Quicksave.
    There are far too many Stormtroopers in the Canyon on the higher Settings  for
    simply running through to be successful (in the Author's opinion), certainly
    not without taking major Damage from their fire.  Although a proportion may
    have already been dealt with, between and after the AT-STs, their numbers need
    to be drastically cut-down first - to zero if possible.
    For the Stormtroopers polluting the valley floor, advance cautiously, locate
    each group, attract them with a round of Bryar Secondary fire (a kill is a
    bonus) and immediately RUN back into the shelter of the lower Guardpost, easing
    round the doorway and eliminating enemies, as before.  This procedure may need
    to be repeated two or three times.  Quicksave after each group has been
    successfully dealt with.
    The next threat comes from the Stormtroopers positioned on top of the AT-ST bay
    down at the far end of the Canyon (two on Padawan, three on Jedi and four on
    the higher Settings); they will have to be eliminated anyway, as they block
    access to this Level's Secret Area, so it may as well be done at this point.
    CROUCH around the rock bulge and take them out with Bryar Secondary fire,
    do-able, if testing, shots since Stormtroopers appear virtually the same width
    as the crosshairs at this extended range!  That the Bryar can make aimed,
    one-shot, kills at such a distance really shows off both its accuracy and its
    Secondary fire punch.
    The final threat comes from a group of Stormtroopers tucked into a side-Canyon.
    Attract them (they probably will not need any fire in their direction) down to
    the lower Guardpost area, dealing with them in the same way.
          Authors Note: Sometimes these troops only want to turn up at the
          killing-ground one-at-a-time.  If that happens, RUN out to the packing
          cases and back again after shooting each one, until no more appear.
    With the Canyon clear, RUN down it again (the Author favours staying to the
    left-hand side as it gives more room for the final round of 'dodge the AT-ST')
    and hop into its bay through the large door (which will have opened on Kyle's
    approach), going through the small door in the right-hand wall.
    Go up on the lift and Quicksave (the next part can be very damaging on higher
    Settings, since the Stormtroopers standing post beyond the door; one on
    Padawan, two on Jedi, and three on higher Settings; are equipped with the
    faster-firing, harder-hitting version of the E11 - the Author recommends
    Quicksaving as soon as is safe after each kill) before CROUCHing over to the
    right-hand side of the door, with Bryar selected and looking towards the left
    of the doorway.  Target the Stormtrooper (the only one present on Padawan)
    standing where the parapet (wall) forms a corner and give him a round of Bryar
    Secondary fire to the helmet, immediately dodging across the doorway into cover
    on the left-hand side.  Quicksave.
    On all three higher Settings, now select E11 and ease around the doorway until
    the second trooper  can be seen dodging rapidly into and out of view.  Aim as
    close to the left edge of the doorway as possible, at his helmet height, and
    use repeating Primary fire to take him out.  Quicksave.
    On Jedi Knight and Jedi Master Settings, now select Bowcaster, ease further
    around the door until all three Twin Cannon Mountings can be seen and closely
    space Bowcaster Secondary fire along the parapet from as near the edge of the
    door as possible to in line with the furthest Twin Cannon Mounting, listening
    for a groan.  If it is not accompanied by a clatter of armour collapsing onto
    stonework, pump another round or two into the same place, followed by a round
    or two very, very close to that spot on both sides of it.  Quicksave and
    cautiously investigate.
    Immediately to the left of the door, note the Shield Converter, which should be
    left alone for now, if at all possible; but head right, CROUCHing along the
    narrow sentry-walk (to avoid any firing from down in the valley) to its far
    end.  The grating around the corner to the right covers the entrance to this
    Level's only Secret Area (containing a Bacta Canister, a Pack of Trip Mines and
    a Large Shield Booster - this last should also be left alone for now, if at all
    possible).  On exiting the Secret Area, move forward to the extreme right-hand
    portion of the parapet.  If any Stormtroopers came out of the bay at the same
    time as the last AT-ST (as two do on all Settings except Padawan), at least one
    should be visible below.  Target any that are seen with Bryar Secondary fire.
    Head back (in CROUCH again) along the sentry-walk, when done; then follow the
    rampart, passing a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) mounted around a jog in the
    wall to the left, until a pair of packing cases can be seen.
    Move (CROUCHed) right up to the left end of the left-hand case, bob up and
    shoot the crouching Stormtrooper (Bryar Secondary fire or a double-tap, for
    certainty, of E11 Primary fire) in the helmet; then go around, or JUMP over,
    the low wall and take command of the Twin Cannon Mounting he was guarding,
    traversing it left to point, past the nearest Ion Cannon, at the Stormtrooper
    guarding the second Twin Cannon Mounting.  Although probably overkill,
    eliminate that Stormtrooper by firing the Twin Cannon Mounting while traversing
    left, so that the point of aim travels onto the front part of the Ion Cannon's
    casing.  The stream of fire appears to ricochet off the shielding, and then
    also off the opposite side of the valley!
    Next, RUN the Catwalk around the first Ion Cannon.  To avoid Damage from the
    electrical charge that passes through the gridwork before the Cannon fires, the
    Author recommends going around its rear (it is helpful if Kyle starts RUNning
    when positioned on the lower, Catwalk-level, step); then JUMPing on top of the
    nearest pipe at the halfway point (the top of both pipes appear to be
    insulated, although getting between them during the electrification cycle also
    causes Damage), then to the top of the next pipe, before lining up the shortest
    distance to the exit slab; RUNning until in range to JUMP the final distance.
    Difficult, but it can be done without Damage.
    Both the second and the third Twin Cannon Mountings can target that third
    AT-ST, but it seems to be a little less able to fire effectively when the
    second Mounting is used.  Nevertheless, the Author recommends taking it out in
    at least four stages: the first is to take control of the Mounting and slew it
    into line and elevation before immediately JUMPing off and moving well away;
    the subsequent stages are to wait for about a ten-count before again taking
    control of the Mounting and giving the AT-ST about a 3 second burst of fire (or
    until return fire is seen heading in Kyle's direction), immediately JUMPing off
    and moving well away again.  Repeat as many times as necessary until the AT-ST
    is scrap!
    Next, negotiate the Catwalk around the second Ion Cannon, using the same
    technique as with the first.  However, on leaving the exit slab, be mindful to
    keep as far over to the left as possible to avoid being in line with the door
    in the end building when it trips open.
    Inside are three Stormtroopers, two in line with the door (and each other) who
    can be eliminated by the ease-round-the-door-from-its-left-side technique.  The
    third is in a bay under the skylight to the right and can probably best be
    dealt with by a Thermal Detonator bounced off the rear wall of that bay
    (shuffle back and left a bit to view the right piece of wall).  There is a belt
    of Thermal Detonators under the skylight (which, depending on stock, probably
    should be left until later) and a Supply Rack mounted on the left-hand wall
    (holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of
    Power Cell Ammunition) and flanked by one Bacta Canister on each side.
    Cautiously approach the door in the left-hand wall, easing round the jamb to
    eliminate a crouching Stormtrooper, then slightly further round to knock out an
    Automated Defence Cannon; then move up the extreme left-hand edge of the
    corridor to a position opposite the far door
    Advance (in CROUCH) straight at the centre of the door (with E11 selected) and
    let off a sustained burst of Secondary fire at the nearest Stormtrooper as soon
    as the door trips open, continuing the burst after he falls.  If aimed right,
    this should also take out the second Stormtrooper as well, before he can fire a
    shot!  Alternatively, duck into the small recess between the curved pieces of
    wall and edge round with the E11, although the Author has not found this to be
    as successful a tactic.
    Move through the door onto the upper walkway of the AT-ST Servicing area, in
    CROUCH and keeping left.  Defending here are three Stormtroopers on the
    Catwalks (one level down) and; at floor level, a fourth Stormtrooper, a Tan
    Uniformed Officer, with a Security Key for the next-but-one room, and one
    (Padawan) or two (all other Settings) Technicians.  For ammunition economy, the
    Author switches back to Bryar here, although E11 can also be used if preferred.
    The best technique is to stand to locate each target and take a rough aim, then
    bob up and down to bring the crosshairs dead on, then bob up, fire, and drop
    down again; with a final bob up and down to confirm that the target is down,
    before locating the next target and repeating.  The Officer is normally to be
    found either under the central 'T' shaped catwalk or almost under the walkway
    at the door end (where his fire is highly dangerous), in which case it may be
    found easier to roll a Primary fire Thermal Detonator over the edge, so that it
    bounces over to him and takes him out.
    The upper walkway goes round three sides of the Servicing area, ending in the
    door by which Kyle will eventually leave by; and has a booth-type structure at
    the two corners.  The first of these, booby-trapped with a cunningly sited Trip
    Mine at low level across the near doorway - no need to waste a Thermal
    Detonator or Det Pack to knock this out, just JUMP the beam (carefully!) and
    use Bryar or E11 from the other doorway - contains a Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition); the second contains a Shield Converter (which - as with the one in
    the Ion Cannon Forcefield Control Room - appears to only contain half of the
    normal recharge capacity on every Setting except Padawan.  Midway between the
    two corner booths is a lift down to Catwalk level (where, on Padawan Setting
    only, a belt of Thermal Detonators is to be found on the right-hand end of the
    'T').  Under each of the corner booths is a lift platform to take Kyle down to
    floor level.
    The Supply Crate (which does not seem to need a key to open it) contains a
    Large Shield Booster; a pack (two on Padawan and Jedi) of Trip Mines will be
    found in the corner to the left of the very large door, and a pack of Det Packs
    in the corner to the right of the door.  The next room that Kyle has to clear
    is through the doorway between the angled supports (under the central lift
    well) at the rear of the Servicing area.
    Expect one Black Uniformed Officer and one Tan Uniformed Officer in here at all
    times, along with a variable number of Stormtroopers (their numbers increasing
    with Setting).  The safest position for Kyle is to the left of the door, right
    in the angle where the support meets the wall (although it is sometimes a
    problem getting him in there tightly enough on the first try - quickly adjust
    if more than a narrow slit into the room can be seen).  Shoot any Imperial that
    is seen in the gap, but be mindful that the Officers' Uniforms do not show up
    all that well; before beginning to ease around the door (while ready to dart
    back into the angle at an instant's notice) to take out the rest of them.  When
    clear, a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) will be found to the right of the
    door as Kyle enters, with a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and
    three cases of Power Cell Ammunition) to the left.
    The room through the security-locked door (the Ion Cannon Forcefield Control
    Room) is a very tough nut to crack on any setting higher than Padawan due to
    the calibre of the defenders (one Black Uniformed Officer on Padawan, one Black
    Uniformed and two Tan Uniformed Officers on Jedi and two of each on Jedi Knight
    and Jedi Master) and the power of their weapons.  The Author has yet to come up
    with a sure-fire, foolproof, method; but has had reasonable success with the
    following procedure on the higher Settings.
    Get next to the wall (E11 selected), as far to the right of the door as
    possible before unlocking it.  The door usually trips open immediately.  If a
    defender is seen, tickle him with some fire and withdraw rapidly at an angle to
    stay out of his line of fire, returning to the original position after a short
    pause.  If none are in sight, check if the crosshairs turn red when panned
    across the doorframe opposite Kyle, and if so, switch to Primary fire Thermal
    Detonator (three-quarter power) and toss the first one at about two-thirds
    height, just left of centre of the leftmost pipe, which should produce either a
    groan or catapult a very surprised Black Uniformed Officer over to the doorway.
    Repeat with a second Thermal Detonator (aimed at the same place, or rolled as
    near as possible to the Officer, depending on result) another groan is good
    news; even better is the soft thud of a body hitting the floor!.  Otherwise or
    next, start bouncing Thermal Detonators off the inside edge of the doorway,
    beginning almost at the bottom and ending at almost the top, which should
    produce more groans (repeat at that elevation if a groan is heard) and,
    hopefully, more soft thuds.  Finally, toss two Det Packs onto the floor, as
    close to the centre-line of the doorway as possible.  Retreat far enough (and
    at an angle) so that the door shuts (or should shut if the sensor is not being
    held tripped-open from the inside) and then Command Detonate the Det Packs.
    Another groan (or scream) should result.
    Cautiously look through the doorway, being prepared to jerk back out of the
    line of fire of any survivor(s) - the Author selects Bowcaster during this
    check for its greater hitting power, but don't get involved in a firefight;
    returning to the position by the door and bouncing another Thermal Detonator or
    two off the low part of the frame will probably end the problem.
    Once the room is confirmed clear, locate the Control Panel for the Ion Cannons'
    protective forcefields (but don't operate it yet, there are some anti-intruder
    precautions to be taken first) as well as the Supply Rack (holding an Instant
    Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition), mounted to the right of the Control Panel and the Shield Converter
    (half normal capacity, except on Padawan) together with a Bacta Canister over
    to the left.
    Go up to the top walkway of the Servicing area and plant one Primary fire Trip
    Mine on the floor right in front of the centre of each of the end doors (the
    locked one as well as the one Kyle entered the Servicing area by).  While still
    on this level, also plant a Primary fire Trip Mine on the floor outside the
    centre of the door (nearest the walkway/Catwalk lift) of the corner booth that
    held the Imperial booby-trap.  Return to ground level and restock with Det
    Packs and Trip Mines before summoning each corner lift platform in turn and
    depositing one Det Pack onto each; try to get as near the rear (next to the
    three-sided guide beam) of each platform as possible, but a little way off will
    not be critical.  Finally, when about to return to the Ion Cannon Forcefield
    Control Room, plant a Det Pack about a pace in front of and centrally between
    the angled supports at the doorway, together with one Primary fire Trip Mine on
    one or other of the supports (it may not look like it but the supports are
    wider at the base than at the top; meaning that there isn't much room to move
    once the Mine arms, so be careful).
          Author's Note:  It is probably wise to get into the habit of instituting
          the full set of anti-intruder precautions, described above,
          whatever the Setting, as there will not be any further need for Trip
          Mines or Det Packs before fresh supplies become available.  Any that have
          not been set off by Imperial intruders by the time Kyle needs to go past
          them can be destroyed by fire in the usual manner.
          Supplemental: The corner lift platforms in the Servicing area have a
          curious effect on Trip Mines and Det Packs.  Trip Mines will explode if
          deployed on these platforms if they either ascend or descend; while Det
          Packs can go up on these platforms without any problems, but will
          immediately explode without the need for a separate triggering event
          (e.g. an explosion or Command Detonation) as soon as the platform begins
          its descent.  A very helpful (and unique, as far as the Author has found
          thus far) peculiarity
    Now the Ion Cannon Forcefields can be turned off, prompting a message from Jan
    that the Cannons themselves are still firing and will need to be destroyed
    before any rescue ships can land.
    On Jedi Knight and Jedi Master Settings, tripping the door will show the tail
    end of the Trip-Mine-at-the-door explosion at the other end of the room, where
    three Stormtroopers will have fallen into the trap.  On exiting between the
    angled supports (on any Setting), expect the Servicing area to start raining
    Imperials who have tried to use the booby-trapped lift platforms.  It's safe
    for Kyle to use either of these to ascend to the Catwalk and board the central
    walkway/Catwalk lift.
    Stormtroopers (if any) coming in through the door from the Ion Cannon Terrace
    will wander into the Trip Mine trap and be eliminated.  Any of them in the
    booth will not react to Kyle's appearance at first; just let him ride the
    central lift down again and they will blunder into their Mine as they attempt
    to move closer.
    Go out to the Ion Cannon Terrace and use the nearest Twin Cannon Mounting to
    demolish both Ion Cannon (once the nearest is destroyed, it no longer blocks
    line-of-sight to the further one).  Return to the door onto the walkway and RUN
    to the booth where the Imperial booby-trap was.  It is possible for one or more
    of the three Stormtroopers that come out of the (previously locked) door to
    survive their Trip Mine trap.  If so, use the booth's doorways for cover and
    snipe them.
    Next, move round to that door, being mindful that there is a ceiling-mounted
    Automated Defence Cannon just inside the door (the ease-round-from-the-left
    technique works well and the range is short enough that E11 Secondary fire is
    the fastest method of putting it out of action as all the rounds are likely to
    be on target).  There are no more threats or surprises in the connecting
    corridor or through the door (to the left) into the next chamber; although
    there is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, two boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) mounted by the next door on the
    Be mindful not to get distracted by Jan's communications; there is a Trip Mine
    across this doorway and another ceiling-mounted Automated Defence Cannon to the
    right (above the Ammunition Converter) and the way ahead is booby-trapped with
    Laser-fused Trip Mines.  On Padawan, there are only two, so dealing with them
    is straightforward.  On the higher Settings, the first set (one or two Mines)
    have to be dealt with individually, but the 'Mine Fence' of the second set
    (three Mines) can be detonated together by targeting the furthest Mine on the
    left wall.
    Once through the barrier, and outside the door, note the two Instant use
    Medpacks on the ground to the left; which the Author recommends be left
    untouched whatever the status of Kyle's Health Monitor.  Take the steps around
    to the right to trigger a Cutscene showing that Jan has been captured, and
    giving the first glimpses of Tavion (apprentice baddie) and Desann (the other
    main baddie, along with Fyyar) and revealing that Desann is a Force-adept; with
    a red-bladed Lightsabre!  There is a short break between Cutscenes during which
    Kyle can try to kill Desann (he is quite invulnerable at this point, so the
    Author does not even bother) before the next Cutscene where Kyle is humiliated
    because he lacks Force Powers to protect himself with.  This ritual humiliation
    culminates with Desann telling Tavion to kill Jan.  Tavion's Lightsabre is seen
    and heard to ignite, it is heard swinging (accompanied by a shriek from Jan),
    then silence.  Desann and Tavion depart on their Lambda Class shuttle, leaving
    Kyle vowing to become a "worthy adversary" to Desann.
    VALLEY OF THE JEDI  (Level 6) - [map code = valley].
    0 Secret Areas.
    => N/A.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    Entirely in Cutscene, this 'Level' shows Kyle visiting the Valley of the Jedi
    to re-sensitise himself to the Force, and being counselled by the Force
    Manifestation of his father, Morgan Katarn.
    After Kyle leaves, it becomes apparent that Desann and Tavion have followed The
    Raven's Claw, and now know the location of the Valley of the Jedi, which was
    previously known (since the death of Jerec) only to Kyle and Jan.  It also
    becomes apparent that Desann deliberately humiliated Kyle (and gave the order
    to Tavion about Jan) in order to bring about Kyle's visit to the Valley.
    YAVIN TEMPLE  (Level 7) - [map code = yavin_temple].
    0 Secret Areas.
    => N/A.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => N/A.
    After being greeted by the 3PO Unit (could it be C-3PO?), and noting that Kyle
    has left all his accumulated weaponry aboard The Raven's Claw, it is worthwhile
    doing a little exploration before and during going up to find Luke, as having
    an idea of the Academy layout will probably come in handy later.  The opening
    in the wall to the right leads into a Command Centre, reminiscent of that seen
    during the Battle of Yavin (in Episode IV - A New Hope) albeit much more
    brightly lit and seemingly much less cramped.
    When done there, come back into the Hangar, look for the bright white lights
    lining the lift shaft and ascend.  At the top, check around the corner to the
    right for the doorway to the next part of the route (after seeing Luke), then
    board the lift to the left to ascend to the next floor.  Note the New Republic
    Insignia (the "Rebel" or "Alliance" Insignia was similar, but lacked the outer
    circle and stars) on the doors and also on the equipment cases in the Hangar.
    The flooring here (at least between the lines of stone slabs) does exist, it's
    just too transparent to be seen!  The door midway to the final lift leads into
    an observation gallery around the Lightsabre Sparring Area.  All the way around
    the gallery to the left leads to a door into a similar gallery above the
    Telekinesis Training Area, while all the way around to the right leads onto the
    mostly transparent ceiling of the Seeker Drone Defence Chamber.
    Ascend on the final lift and go along the passageway to meet (in Cutscene) with
    Luke in the Grand Chamber.  No Mission-related information, but a good deal of
    the backstory on Desann.  Once Luke leaves, go back down two lifts and through
    the door into the Outer Courtyard.
    Head for the far-left corner and follow the passage round, through another door
    into the second (Inner)courtyard; then head for (and all the way into) the dark
    hole on the left side at the top of the steps to move to the next Level.
    YAVIN TRIAL  (Level 8) - [map code = yavin_trial].
    1 Secret Area.
    => N/A.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => Acquired during Level.
    This Level is concerned with equipping Kyle with the basic Force Powers of
    PUSH, PULL, SPEED and JUMP.  After acquiring each new Force Power, Kyle will
    need to put that Power to practical use in order to go on to acquire the next
    one.  Once all the basic Powers have been gained, Kyle must then use them in
    combination before he can regain his Lightsabre.
    Head through the right-hand doorway and along the passage.  Acquire the first
    Force Power by pushing up against the floating cube (a representation of a Jedi
    Holocron?).  Immediately, the Datapad will update with a description of the new
    Force Power (in this case, PUSH) and the previously blank lower semicircle of
    the Ammunition/Force Meter will fill with blue - using any Force Power will
    deplete this meter to varying degrees (if it becomes completely depleted, no
    Force Powers will work until it recharges), but it will build up again over a
    short period.  Also, the reticle will change to a blue swirl (for the rest
    of the Mission on Padawan and Jedi Settings, just for this Level on Jedi Knight
    and Jedi Master) indicating objects (and beings, in the case of MIND TRICK)
    intended to be affected by Force Powers.
    Now move through the door to the right, into the PUSH testing hall.  The stone
    slides are a form of combination lock that (when correctly aligned) will unlock
    the door and enable Kyle to proceed.  On Padawan Setting the correct pictograms
    for the code are automatically displayed on rotating panels at the end of each
    stone slide, but on the other Settings Kyle has to PUSH the each of these
    panels to cause them to rotate and display the pictogram.  In either case, the
    slides to PUSH (counting from the entrance) are the second, third, fifth and
    last.  Kyle will say "That wasn't too bad" when the slides are aligned
    Follow the passage on the other side of the door to acquire the PULL cube as
    before and carry on to the PULL testing hall.  The pool of water in the centre
    is to prevent Damage if (when?) Kyle falls off the steps he has to PULL out of
    the wall, which can be done either by wading out into the pool or while
    At the top, note that there are some extra steps and a shelf that can be PULLed
    out of the wall.  Getting onto the shelf (there is no room for Kyle in the
    aperture behind it, containing a Bacta Canister and a Battery Pack, which have
    to be extracted with PULL) counts as visiting the Level's only Secret Area.
    However, there is a snag - these last steps (but fortunately not the shelf)
    retract back into the wall after a short time and have to be PULLed out again.
    The gap between shelf and exit 'tongue' cannot be jumped, either!
    Just through the door from the PULL hall is the SPEED cube.  Acquire it, then
    head for the crack to the front and drop down the hole there.  After walking
    (skipping?) down to the lower floor, turn right and stand on the small square
    pressure-plate to the left of the door, which will open long enough for Kyle to
    pass through.
    Once inside, stand on the large pressure-plate until all the doors retract,
    then engage SPEED and run down the passage before the doors shut again.  Note
    that the Force Meter immediately drops to half its value, and only starts to
    rebuild once the burst of SPEED has finished.  The cage on top of the pillar at
    the end (which rises right up into the air as Kyle approaches) actually
    contains his Lightsabre, but it can't be reclaimed for a little while yet.  If
    the run cannot be completed for any reason, there is one of those door-opening
    small square pressure-plates by every door except the last.
          Author's Note:  To the Jedi using it, the SPEED Force Power has the
          effect of slowing external events by the factor given for the Jedi's
          SPEED Ranking (in this case 33%); while to an observer, a Jedi appears to
          be able to move faster than normal by that same factor.  However, SPEED
          does not add to the distance the Jedi is able to Long/Broad JUMP, or JUMP
          vertically, although it can prove very useful when judging exactly when
          to JUMP.
    Follow the ramp (starting at the right of the pillar) to the top, go through
    the door and up the steps to the end to acquire JUMP, the last of the basic
    (Core) Force Powers.  Then go through the door to the left, which leads back to
    where Kyle started the Level, albeit at the opposite end of the building's
    central space.
    The JUMPing test area is over to the right-front and utilises the debris of the
    broken gold-coloured buttresses.  Get up (RUNning appears to work just as well
    as JUMPing, except perhaps on Padawan Setting, where a lump of stone has been
    grafted on so a flat ledge is available) onto the piece shaped like an
    on-its-side child's drawing-of-a-house (either directly or from the long block
    in front of it).  From there, JUMP on top of the nearest broken buttress (which
    forms a ramp of sorts), then to the uppermost section of the next broken
    buttress (the steeply angled bit - Kyle will not slip!) and from there to the
    top platform at the end of the room.
    Go through the door to the left, midway along the platform, down the steps and
    through the next door.  Drop into the 'swimming pool' and use PULL to start
    water gushing out of the four gargoyles on the left wall (Tip; start PULLing
    the gargoyles from the far end) then JUMP out of the water and wait for both
    the floating green mat to appear and the grille at the end to fully retract
    into the ceiling.  Engage SPEED, RUN across the green mat, which will start
    sinking as soon as Kyle lands on it and JUMP onto dry land again before the
    grille closes completely.
    Go through the end door and down another set of steps.  The door in front will
    not open, but using PUSH on the cracked stonework to the right will open a gap,
    go through it; drop through the hole on the floor, follow the passage and
    through the door at the end.
    In this chamber (the pool, as before, is there to prevent Damage in case of a
    fall - not that it always does!), note that both the FORCE PUSH icon (on the
    small square support blocks) and the FORCE JUMP icon (in the open centre of the
    light-coloured stone forms) are displayed as a clue to which Force Powers need
    to be utilised.  PUSH all three of the small square blocks to drop the stone
    forms to the bottom of their 'U' shaped brackets; then JUMP onto the top of the
    lowest form.  Next (as the top of the next form is just out of reach) JUMP onto
    the top of the right-hand vertical guide stone and onto the top of the next
    form from there.  Repeat until standing on top of the highest form, where it is
    possible to JUMP directly to the exit 'tongue'.  Alternatively, JUMP up onto
    that right-hand vertical guide stone as well and simply drop down onto the exit
    'tongue' from there.  Go through the doorway and turn left at the 'T' junction.
    Stand on the large pressure-plate a couple of times and note that a bridge
    travels across the gap at the open end of the passage in response.  This test
    (the last before the big one of recovering Kyle's Lightsabre) involves RUNning
    (at SPEED) down the passage, across the travelling bridge (over a pool of
    water) and JUMPing into the higher level continuation of the passage on the
    other side.  Be mindful that this last JUMP always seems to have to be made at
    an angle, or so the Author has found.  If the JUMP is missed, there is a
    passage from the pool back to the passage with the pressure-plate.  JUMPing
    while RUNning down the passage (as mentioned elsewhere) does not appear to help
    Move through the door and around the large central obelisk (with Kyle's
    Lightsabre in a cage on top of it) until the retaining pegs can be seen.  PUSH
    the pegs back into the body of the obelisk (it does not matter if the upper
    pegs are PUSHed in before the lowest one, and PUSHing in the three upper ones
    in before the lowest produces the loudest possible noise and really makes the
    temple rock!) to let the cage fall down almost to floor level.
    Now turn about and note the platform in the recess as well as the tunnel and
    slope.  The task is to JUMP onto the platform (which is counterweighted and
    will descend when Kyle JUMPs onto it), engage SPEED, RUN through the tunnel (as
    soon as Kyle can fit into it!), up the slope and PULL the Lightsabre, which is
    surrounded by a golden glow at this stage) from under the cage before comes
    down again.  This can end up taking several tries to get right, just ensure
    that the Force Meter is showing full capacity before each attempt.  It isn't
    necessary to go right up to the cage before PULLing, as soon as the Lightsabre
    can be properly seen (from just at the top of the slope, for example) is close
    enough.  PUSH can also be used to send the Lightsabre out of the back of the
    cage, where it can be picked up like any other item, or even collected by PULL
    from the ground.
          Author's Note: This is the one and only time that Kyle will have to use
          PULL to call his Lightsabre into his hand.  If he looses it in future, it
          will return (if in range and the path is unobstructed) when Primary
          'fire' is pressed.  If it doesn't come back immediately, it will make its
          own way back at a slightly later time; which can lead to some merry
          chases, if Kyle gets disarmed and the Lightsabre happens to fall into
          somewhere inaccessible!
    With the acquisition of the Lightsabre another three Force Powers appear in
    Datapad Memory and as icons (as with the recent appearance of the Lightsabre,
    surrounded by a golden glow) on the Force Section display.  These are;
    LIGHTSABER DEFENSE, which controls how well incoming attacks are deflected;
    LIGHTSABER OFFENSE, which governs the Lightsabre styles available; and
    LIGHTSABER THROW, which governs what can happen when Kyle uses his Lightsabre
    as a missile weapon.  Note that (in addition to sacrificing the ability to
    deflect attacks until the Lightsabre returns to Kyle's hand), THROWing the
    Lightsabre is the second most draining Force Power that Kyle has acquired so
    It really isn't necessary to preserve any of the small stone pillars if
    indulging in Lightsabre practice (Note: the Primary 'fire' trigger for the
    Lightsabre generates a downward HACK when the crosshairs are very much raised
    or lowered and a horizontal SLASH at other angles; while the Secondary 'fire'
    trigger generates a THROW).
          Author's Note: Now is an appropriate time to consider setting-up an
          enhancement or so for the Lightsabre; changing its colour (which, as it
          does not get replicated in the Cutscenes, I rarely bother with) and/or
          removing the 'not-in-front-of-the-children' limitation on viewing the
          full effects of Lightsabre combat.  Unfortunately neither of these
          enhancements can be made without 'Cheat Mode' being active; although they
          are not actual 'Cheats' themselves - only altering the appearance of the
          game but not having much, if any, effect on gameplay.
          To turn on 'Cheat Mode', open the Console by pressing and holding SHIFT
          and tapping the key immediately to the left of the main keyboard's "1"
          key (on US style keyboards it will probably show the tilde (~) as one of
          its options, on European style keyboards the Grave accent (`) along with
          one or two graphics characters).  The 'Cheat Code' itself is (without
          quotes) "helpusobi 1", which will last for as long as the program is
          running, but for convenience can be set-up as a hot-key by typing in
          (again without quotes) "bind h helpusobi 1" to preserve the command for
          multiple sessions.  Then hit ENTER.  Either close the Console with the
          same key presses or carry on to set up one, or both, enhancements.
          Important Note:  Opening the Console does not pause the action (unlike
          activating the Datapad) - only do so in a guaranteed quiet moment, when
          Kyle has no chance whatever of being killed!
          To view the full effects of Lightsabre combat  set up a hotkey (e.g. "i"
          by typing in "bind i g_SaberRealisticCombat 1" (exactly as here - note
          the spelling - but again without the quotes) and again hitting ENTER.
          (Note that this enhancement has to be refreshed at the start, or
          re-start, of each new Level and that the MAIN MENU => SETUP => OPTIONS
          setting of "Model Dismemberment" has to be "On").  Some sources have
          opined that the 'Realistic Combat' setting makes the Lightsabre slightly
          more lethal, but it certainly shows what a powerful weapon it actually
          is; amputated body parts everywhere!  Don't be frightened of seeing loads
          of gore, though, a Lightsabre is a 'clean' weapon in that respect - it
          cauterises (heat-seals) the wounds it inflicts!
          To change the blade colour, which again requires to be refreshed at the
          start, or re-start, of each Level, (to keep in sequence, I suggest making
          'J' the hot-key) so type in; "bind j SaberColor blue".  Replace "blue"
          (the default) with any of; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green or Purple.  Red is
          the enemies' colour, so could be confusing in a THROWing battle, Green is
          really Luke's colour (but there is nothing to stop Kyle using it too) and
          Yellow seems a little fuzzier than the others, which may lead a player to
          think that a enemy has been hit when he has not.  When I do change the
          blade colour, I usually go for Purple - in honour of Mace Windu!
    Once done, just hit 'H'-'I'-'J' when starting a new session with the program;
    or just 'I'-'J' at the start of a new Level.
          For completeness, there are two more non-cheat "Cheats" that can be bound
          to hot-keys - neither of which are all that likely to be of use in the
          Single Player game.  Used a lot by Desann, Tavion and their minions,
          "taunt" levitates whatever weapon Kyle happens to be holding above his
          hand and spins it around ( a most dangerous-looking action if the weapon
          is a still-active Lightsabre!) and "thereisnospoon" which produces a
          similar effect to that described in the next paragraph.  The remaining
          unassigned letter keys for binding these - or re-mapping useful items to
          (if using a Laptop, for instance, or other sort of Keyboard that does not
          feature a numeric keypad) - are: K, N, O, T, U and Y.
          A final point; by default, whenever he makes a Lightsabre kill with a
          SLASH or a HACK (killing by THROW does not seem to produce this
          effect)the program can go into an automatic slow-motion pan around Kyle;
          particularly when fighting Force-wielding enemies.  I find this feature
          (which breaks up the flow of a fight against multiple opponents) a bit
          annoying and so I recommend that it is turned off.  Access the MENU (ESC,
          F10 or F11), chose SETUP, then OPTIONS and set 'Slow Motion Death' to
          'NEVER' (the other choices are; 'ON DEATH', 'RARELY', 'NORMAL' - the
          default; 'OFTEN',FREQUENTLY' and 'EXCESSIVELY').
    Find the exit door (to the right when facing the platform in the recess) and
    cut the ropes holding the counterweight stones - they can be cut through from
    floor level with THROW, or by using THROW during a JUMP.  Go through, SLASH,
    HACK or THROW the lock on the far door, and have another (Cutscene) talk with
    Luke.  Next stop, Nar Shaddaa!
    NAR SHADDAA - STREETS (Level 9) - [map code = ns_streets].
    6 Secret Areas.
    => Rodians, Grans, Weequays.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [1], PULL [1], SPEED [1], JUMP [1], LIGHTSABER THROW [1],
    It is worth paying close attention to the Cinematic fly-by introduction to this
    Level, at least until it becomes familiar, as it shows the layout of the area
    Kyle will be traversing later, and one or two good sniping positions.
    When the Cutscene ends, move past the air-speeder shaft to the end of the
    building and pass it on the right-hand side.  Take the time to check what Kyle
    is carrying, no weapons but his Lightsabre (yet) and only Light Amplification
    Goggles, Electrobinoculars and the left-over Bacta Canisters in the Inventory.
    It is well worth having a look at the building to the front with the
    Electrobinoculars; evidently not a nice neighbourhood, a Rodian (holding a
    Disruptor)is posted in the middle window!  Also take the time (if any of the
    enhancements have been programmed) to hit 'H', 'I' and/or 'J' on the keyboard.
    The doorway Kyle needs to go through is beyond the other air-speeder shaft to
    the left.  Enter the building (a Cantina) and, after the Cutscene with the
    Rodian Bouncers (it is possible that Kyle hands over his Bryar Blaster Pistol,
    at least the right-hand Bouncer definitely isn't carrying anything to start
    with and equally definitely walks off with a Bryar) take some time to look
    around the ground floor, without going close to the bartender, a Chiss (the
    Author wonders what one of Grand Admiral Thrawn's proud and honour-conscious
    species is doing tending bar in a dump like Nar Shaddaa; about as far away from
    Chiss space and Chiss values as it is possible to get!).
    In particular, find the side-room; beyond and left of the fighting pit (where a
    pair of 'Artusian Snappers' are doing more snapping than fighting, watched by a
    crouching Rodian and Gran) which contains a Shield Converter; and which is a
    tactically handy place, particularly on the higher Settings.
    Also, locate the entrance to the kitchen ("You're not allowed backstage"), the
    passageway leading up to the second floor ("Working boys allowed only") and the
    alcoves (containing tables, benches, two Rodians and a Weequay).
    When ready, approach the bartender.  After the Cutscene (ignore the Datapad,
    it's just updated the immediate Mission to "Escape the bar alive" and "Find the
    entrance to Reelo's hideout"  - not all that helpful when Kyle has suddenly
    become a target for everyone in the building!), engage SPEED immediately and
    make a bee-line for that side-room.  It's probably best done by moving around
    the side of the serving-area nearest the entrance; this should be a Damage-free
    move (even on Jedi Master Setting) providing Kyle does not get either hung-up
    on any of the bar furniture or distracted by trying to Lightsabre opposition
    Once safely in the side-room, wait for visitors (most particularly for at least
    one 'Grenadier' Gran) to appear at the doorway, taking them out with PUSH and
    THROW (PULL will work, but stands too much chance of PULLing a Thermal
    Detonator or round of weapon fire as well as the opponent, so its safest just
    to use PUSH).  When at least one set of Thermal Detonators has been acquired
    (they will be needed), move to the centre of the passageway, just outside the
    doorway.  Kyle needs to wait there, dodging into the side-room again if any
    more 'Grenadier' Grans put in an appearance, using PUSH and THROW against
    enemies that come within range (normally two or three) until no more firing
    and/or footsteps can be heard.  Then roll Primary fire Thermal Detonators into
    the circular fighting-pit (only one or two will be required) until the screams
    cease; several of the opposition will be found to have jumped, or fallen, into
    it (including the major barroom threat, most of the remaining 'Grenadier'
    Grans) and been unable to get out again!
    Collect all the discarded weapons (unlike previous Levels, it seems that the
    first example of a captured weapon may not come with a full ammunition load,
    and JUMPing back out of the pit is not a problem for a Jedi) and check out the
    barroom; then head through the kitchen archway and take the passage all the way
    around to the left (note the door to the outside yard in passing) to check out
    the upper level - sometimes there is a very dozy (or, perhaps, very sight and
    hearing impaired) 'Grenadier' Gran still standing by the stage/table to the
    right outside the far end of the plush office area.
    There should now only be one live enemy left in the building but be mindful
    that he is armed with a Disruptor Rifle (which the Lightsabre cannot block).
    Follow the continuation of the passage until is starts sloping down then either
    roll a Primary fire Thermal Detonator around the corner of the passage or
    engage SPEED, charge around the corner and chop him up with the Lightsabre.
    Snatch his Disruptor and go through the door by the sniper's loophole and up
    the ramp.  Directly ahead is a triangular serving-area (probably for employees)
    containing a spare Disruptor Rifle and a case (two on Padawan and Jedi
    Settings) of Power Cell Ammunition.
    Follow the walkway round past the door (which will be used during Kyle's second
    exit from the Cantina building), back into the office area and up the stairs to
    the observation window; where (on the table and floor) there are a belt of
    Thermal Detonators, a pack of Trip Mines, an E11 Blaster Rifle, a Bryar Blaster
    Pistol and a pack of Det Packs.  Load up with any or all of these items
    (interestingly both the Trip Mines and Det Packs seem to be credited as a full
    load of five, rather than the normal three); then operate the Control Panel on
    the wall, which will raise the Blast-Shields around the ground floor
          Author's Note: Matthew Rorie's instruction to "head to the top of the
          'bar' and locate the lock to the bar Blast-Shield" had me scrambling
          about on top of the ground floor serving-area for quite a while (it is
          reachable, and back, by JUMP from the stage/table or the floor outside
          the office), but there is nothing up there.  That is the reason for my
          use of the term 'serving-area'.  Silly British me!
    Return to the ground floor by passing the doorway on the second floor walkway;
    set up (as that table looks a little too conveniently placed) either a Det Pack
    above the top of the door - deploy one at the top of a JUMP - or a Primary Fire
    Trip Mine on either of the seats closest to each side of the door (facing the
    beam across the doorway).  If the latter method is chosen, Kyle will need to
    CROUCH to deploy the Mine properly.
    If new to the Lightsabre, there are dozens of targets spread around the
    building (in the form of bottles, glasses and mugs) to practice THROWing,
    SLASHing and HACKing on, all of which make a very satisfactory smashing noise
    when hit!  There is also the freedom from interference and space on the ground
    floor to practice two or three combat moves (both at normal rate and at SPEED).
    The first of these (best confined to when Kyle is facing a single opponent, but
    can be used at other times) involves a RUNning JUMP, above an opponent's line
    of fire, to land on (or behind) him - if the opponent is actually JUMPed on, he
    will be knocked to the ground (for an easy finish with the Lightsabre), and if
    the landing is directly in front of him there is a good chance that the
    Lightsabre will catch him on touchdown; landing behind him gives the
    opportunity for a quick spin and a PULL or PUSH.  Combining a JUMP to or over
    an opponent with PULLing or PUSHing him while Kyle is in mid-air is also
    effective.  The second (which the Author has never had all that much success
    with) is the front-flip combined with a HACK at the opponent's head, as
    described in the Manual and elsewhere.  The third (and the Author's favourite)
    is the 'Forward Shoulder Roll', again best confined - until a greater
    Lightsaber Defense ranking has been attained - to single combat situations,
    involving RUNning at an opponent to pass him right-hand side to right-hand
    side; hitting CROUCH and STRAFE LEFT just before reaching him.  Timed right,
    Kyle's Lightsabre comes up (as Kyle comes back up onto his feet) straight into
    the opponent's legs or waist.
    It also ought to be mentioned that Kyle has an instinctive pet combat move of
    his own, which occasionally comes to the fore (especially when there is an
    enemy behind, as well as in front of him - the one Kyle is trying to SLASH),
    taking the form of a powerful, swivelling, one-handed Lightsabre SLASH from a
    wide stance.  This move can be absolutely devastating (on more than one
    occasion a pair of Force-wielding enemies have been cut clean in half by it,
    and, once or twice, it has even been the end of Desann) but it can, and does,
    also leave Kyle wide-open to retaliation.  The worst thing about this move is
    that it cannot be turned off.
    A little training with the Disruptor is also a good idea, particularly if
    unfamiliar its good and bad points.  With a sight of this sort, the temptation
    is to always zoom to the maximum degree (costing the user valuable time;
    although it has been found possible to Zoom and charge at the same time), and
    making shots at moving targets even more difficult.  Zooming so that the
    opponent's body or head is the width of the innermost circle of the sight will
    ensure a hit.  Movement while standing (other than a LEAN) will cancel the zoom
    setting, although this does not apply to movement while CROUCHed, nor to
    standing from or going into a CROUCH.
    On the ground floor, there are two Secret Areas to be raided before carrying
    on, the first is in the kitchen (containing two Bacta Canisters, two cases of
    Power Cell Ammunition; and on Padawan Setting only, a Large Shield Booster;
    PUSH the central one of the three large appliances [ovens?] on the back wall to
    gain entry).
    The second Secret Area (containing two Bacta Canisters, a belt of Thermal
    Detonators and a Large Shield Booster - two on Padawan Setting) is entered by
    placing the crosshairs on the table in either of the ground-floor alcoves and
    hitting USE/INTERACT.  This area also contains a black Protocol Droid (with a
    non-standard head) and only three phrases "Please don't deactivate me", "I'm
    not bad, just my Master" and "This is an awful city, you know".  Add a fourth
    phrase to the list ("I'm doomed") if the Droid is HACKed, PUSHed or shot out of
    annoyance!  If a PULL or PUSH is directed against it, the Droid will attempt to
    get away at a very respectable speed!  To exit this Secret Area, either
    USE/INTERACT the concealed doorways from the inside (the outline is just
    visible) or go up the passage near (the wreckage of) the Droid and through the
    door at the top.  Be careful of this particular door, though, it can come down
    both unexpectedly and fast; causing Damage.  The only good thing about it is
    that it needs to be approached from within the Secret Area before it will
    unlock, so there is a safety-catch of sorts!
    When ready to proceed, go into the ground floor serving-area (where two Bacta
    Canisters have appeared on the floor, but the bartender seems to have,
    temporarily, disappeared!) and USE/INTERACT the Control Panel.  This triggers a
    Cutscene of Kyle interrogating the (re-appeared) bartender and also unlocks the
    Cantina's outer doors.  Expect to see some smoke and/or sparks at the end of
    the Cutscene, and wait for either a bang and a scream (Trip Mine method) or a
    burst of Rodian (Det Pack method), whereupon it can be set off (again producing
    a bang and a scream!).  A Disruptor-armed Rodian had crept back into the
    Cantina while Kyle was otherwise engaged!
          Author's Note: While seeing if a Det Pack over the doorway would dispose
          of this sniper, I drew the Rodian's fire and then utilised the
          "no target" Cheat; going out to where I could observe the sniper clearly.
          The Rodian promptly shifted aim to the bartender, stinging him a few
          times in the back, before eventually disintegrating him!
    There's an urban warfare zone outside, heavily populated with Disruptor-armed
    Rodians (the main threat) supported by 'Grenadier' Grans and Weequays.
    Movement will, in the open, mainly either consist of dashing (at SPEED) from
    piece of cover to piece of cover or of creeping about at an ultra slow pace,
    scanning all doorways, ledges and walkways (high, low, front and rear) for
    Kyle's main weapon will need to be the Disruptor (to counter enemy Disruptors,
    all of which - Kyle's included - can fire right through most types of cover,
    other than stone, when ZOOMed and charged - including some metal doors), but be
    mindful that trying to use the ZOOM and charge functions may allow the enemy to
    fire first on higher Settings.  Note that there are a couple of extra
    peculiarities to this weapon; (1) complete disintegration of an enemy
    disintegrates his weapon as well (so it won't be available for replenishment)
    and (2) if there's a need to cancel the use of a ZOOMed and charged Disruptor,
    just select Lightsabre, which saves the Ammunition Units for another time.
    The Lightsabre, Bowcaster and Thermal Detonators will also see some use, but
    plan on going easy on the use of Blaster-type weapons - aside from the discards
    in the Cantina Building, there is only one box of Blaster Ammunition available
    through the whole of the Level; and that one might well be considered to be
    On the plus side, Kyle has Force Powers.  SPEED (which makes Kyle an even more
    elusive target, and usually makes enemy shots go wide) can also be used to make
    who fires the first shot a more equal proposition.  PULL can be used to
    retrieve supplies and discarded weapons without the need to leave safety - some
    practice with the unused contents of the Secret Areas etc. is advised, so the
    behaviour of different items under PULL, and indeed PUSH, can be studied - and
    PUSH can also be used to knock enemies flat (or send them over the edge of
    Leaving the Cantina through the upper level door (or even the main entrance on
    the ground floor) at this point can expose Kyle to fire from multiple
    opponents; so to even the odds a bit, the Author recommends leaving the Cantina
    by the kitchen doorway first.  There is usually just one opponent immediately
    outside(although the Author did once notice a Rodian on the walkway above) a
    Weequay,  who can be disposed of by Lightsabre - engaging SPEED before going
    through the door is optional, but can help.  Next, back up to the rear wall
    (opposite the small doorway and Dumpster to its right), selecting Disruptor.
    Scan above and to the left of the two horizontal white lights to see the top of
    a Gran's head; an easy, no-risk, kill.
    Go to and JUMP up onto the Dumpster, and from there (a bit fiddly to the
    inexperienced) onto the top of the wall.  Walk (CROUCHed) almost to the other
    end, just before the end of the second coping stone from the far wall (and just
    about in line with the right-hand end of the single horizontal light).  Turn,
    ZOOM, and the head of a Rodian (standing at the other end of the walkway to
    where the Gran was) should be in view.  If not, go a pace further and try
    again.  Get it right and it's another easy kill.  Should Kyle accidentally land
    on the far side of the wall, no matter, follow the rest of the sequence and
    come back for this Rodian later, it is very important to get rid of this sniper
    as he can thoroughly restrict Kyle's movements later on.
    Drop down onto the far side of the wall, engage SPEED and move to the far
    corner of the square building on the left.  Disruptors will fire, but it is
    very unlikely that they will hit (the Author has never had it happen yet).
    Give the far corner some room (that is, move out a bit from the side of the
    building without going round the corner yet), Kyle needs to be able to see to
    the far left end of the walkway that runs from left to right beyond the
    building without exposing himself to anyone in buildings to the far, far left
    (where the Rodian was during the initial walk around).  ZOOM in on the far end
    of the walkway to target another Gran (head, shoulder and front of body).
    Charge weapon and fire, for another easy kill.
    Move very cautiously (if the program's movement default is set on RUN, use the
    WALK key toggle) in a CROUCH up the side of the building until either a
    Disruptor fires (in which case, stop immediately) and/or a Rodian becomes
    visible in the rightmost window of the building in front (Note: With the
    Disruptor, only a shoulder or arm needs to be visible for a fully-charged shot
    on ZOOM to execute a one-shot kill, in most cases).  Continue very cautiously
    up the side of the building until all three windows have been checked (normally
    there is another Rodian in the leftmost window).  It is worthwhile keeping the
    crosshairs aligned on the far corner of the building wall, at window height, to
    provide some early warning by turning red.  Now, come right into the open at
    the corner of the building and eliminate (in the back!) a Rodian standing on
    the corner of the walkway above and beyond the Cantina's main door; which Kyle
    can now re-enter safely.
    If Kyle accidentally jumped over the kitchen wall earlier, keep trying the
    manoeuvre (using the same route as before) until the Rodian is dealt with.
    Once done, and back in the Cantina again, fully re-supply with Power Cell
    Ammunition and top up on Shields if they need it, (including using the Shield
    Converter in the side room).  Then head up to the second floor and go out of
    the door near the overturned table onto the external walkway.
    Once there, switch to Lightsabre and be mindful that a Rodian will make a
    sudden appearance from around the corner as Kyle advances; use THROW (for
    preference) to dispose of him, then engage SPEED and head around the corner,
    cross the gap via the unsupported bridge that the walkway forms to the right,
    and take shelter behind the nearest buttress.  A Disruptor will fire downwards
    (and miss) and two Weequays should come charging down the walkway from the
    other end (sometimes one, or both, fall off!).  If well-timed PUSHes don't send
    them either over the edge or off their feet (whereupon THROW can be used to
    take them out), outwait them, CROUCHing seems to give the best protection from
    their fire.  Eventually they will either commit suicide by jumping into the
    chasm or come back into PUSHing and Lightsabre range.
    Next (not absolutely necessary, but it eliminates a possible distraction) is to
    knock-off the Weequay on patrol around the white, oval building (actually a
    stretched octagon).  Switch to Disruptor and target the walkway around the
    building's left-hand side for a good, ZOOMed, sight-picture of his back as he
    marches away to continue his rounds.  For certainty (and to see the
    disintegration graphics in all their majesty!) make sure that Kyle's Disruptor
    is charged to maximum for this one.
    Now locate the two very high-level walkways (one broad and crossing at an
    angle, the other narrower and crossing square to the chasm) almost overhead.
    The downward-angled Disruptor fire earlier came from a Rodian at the nearest
    (left-hand) end of the narrower walkway.  Advance (in CROUCH) to the nearest
    corner of the second buttress, keeping as close to the outside line of the
    buttresses as possible and then look at the left-hand end of the narrow walkway
    with full ZOOM after each step.  Part of a Rodian's head, usually the
    upper-right quarter (complete with eye) should become visible; eliminate him
    with a quarter-charge.
    Although it is now safe to advance down the walkway and into the doorway at the
    end, a little pre-preparation work can be done now; or alternatively a little
    dark amusement can be had.  Locate the transparent-walled, square-sectioned,
    enclosed, bridge that crosses the gap and ZOOM in on it.  For the full
    treatment, target the Det Pack that is stuck to one of the non-transparent
    vertical supports and shoot it just as the patrolling Weequay is passing (both
    have to be made to go away later, anyway, so it might as well be now).  For the
    little dark amusement, just shoot out the central piece of transparent flooring
    and watch the Weequay try to walk on thin air!  Then move down the walkway and
    through the arched doorway to the left.
          Author's Note: The Rodian it was so important to get rid of earlier had
          an arc of fire covering this walkway, the doorway and the windows etc. on
          the upper floor.
    On entering, don't be surprised to hear a Gran-ish exclamation (although the
    language is possibly Huttese), there are two 'Grenadier' Grans in the room
    above, one standing at each of the Murder-holes in the ceiling, on the doorway
    side.  Creeping round the room to the left, keeping against the walls is one
    way to neutralise them, but the simpler method is to keep right against the
    wall, move to the left until square with the first Murder-hole and bounce two
    or three rounds of Bowcaster Secondary fire off the extreme TOP of the middle
    of its far edge, then move into line with the second hole and repeat.  There
    should be a Gran death-gurgle and a thud while each hole is getting that
    treatment, but seeing a bolt ricocheting back across the hole is probably a
    better guide to success!
    It should be clear by now that this building is heavily defended (two Rodians,
    two Weequays and two Grans accounted for so far); so move until in front of the
    lift control, select and activate Lightsabre, engage SPEED, USE/INTERACT the
    lift control and quickly turn around to face along the lift, in case enemies
    come down on it.  Two Weequays do.  The trick is to move along the front of the
    lift, even boarding it if required, so that they are both herded into the room
    on the doorway side.  If one of them goes out of the door, no matter - there's
    nowhere for him to go and it gives time to corner and finish-off the other
    before the first returns.
          Author's Note: RUNning into opponents with an active Lightsabre kills
          them just as effectively as SLASHing or HACKing; with the added benefit
          of keeping full defensive capability.  When the closest of two or three
          opponents has been PUSHed or PULLed off his feet, full defensive
          capability can be retained by CROUCHing over him and letting him get up
          into the blade, an equally effective ploy.  Reserve SLASHes for standing
          opponents who are taken unawares (with their backs to Kyle) and HACKs for
          either for unwary crouching opponents or for finishing off lone
          (remaining) enemies that have been PULLed or PUSHed off their feet.
          There will be plenty of scope for SLASHing and HACKing (against opponents
          that can only be defeated by those techniques) later on but, for now,
          practice "Safe Sabre".
          Supplemental: These 'lift' Weequays seem to be a programmer 'Cheat' of
          sorts.  I can confirm Denis Seguin's suspicion (expressed in Matthew
          Rorie's Walkthrough) that they materialise while the lift is descending.
          Don't waste ammunition or Ordnance trying to get rid of them beforehand!
    Call the lift again and ride it up, moving to the end nearest the doorway.
    When Kyle leaves the lift (from that end) the wall at the other end of the lift
    will be broken-open and a 'Grenadier' Gran (possibly backed-up initially by one
    Weequay,) will come to the hole and start to throw Thermal Detonators.  Wait
    for the Gran to appear, move around to the other end of the lift (dodging the
    Thermal Detonators) and PUSH him flat, finishing off with the Lightsabre.  Slip
    through the hole in the wall, turn right immediately, and engage the pair of
    Weequays with PUSH and Lightsabre.
    Next, go through the door behind where the Weequays were standing, turn right
    and trip the next door; using THROW to take out the Rodian (standing, with his
    back turned, just within range) on the ledge and recovering his Disruptor with
    PULL - which may require two attempts, the first being to move his corpse out
    of the way!  It is actually possible to disintegrate this Rodian with a
    Disruptor shot blind-fired through the door, but why waste ammunition when the
    Lightsabre will do the job just as well?
    Go back through both the doors to the gap in the wall.  In this back-room there
    are two Bacta Canisters (three on Padawan Setting) over to the right, while the
    front room (with the murder-holes cut into the floor) contains two cases of
    Power Cell Ammunition to the left of the left window and a belt of Thermal
    Detonators to the right of the right window.  It is quite safe to go right up
    to the right-hand window and use the ZOOM sight on the Disruptor or the
    Electrobinoculars.  To the left (with his discarded Disruptor just visible on
    the walkway to the left of the square building at maximum magnification) was
    where that important-to-get-rid-of Rodian was positioned and; to the right;
    where the first victim of Kyle's Disruptor, that head-shot Gran, was standing;
    is Secret Area 4.  While at the windows, but keeping clear of the archway at
    the far end of the room, collect any discarded Disruptors and finish off, if
    required, with one of the cases of Power Cell Ammunition and/or the belt of
    Thermal Detonators.
    Now move just past the furthest murder-hole (between it and the lift) and PUSH
    the crate off the ledge outside the archway.  No, the crate didn't scream on
    the way down, that was the Rodian that had crept into an ambush position behind
    Quicksave and move a little further into line with the archway, then engage
    SPEED, RUN through, turning left as Kyle comes into the open and JUMP across
    the gap, finishing off by RUNning past the door to the left and into cover by
    the side of the ramp.  Note: This gap can be JUMPed in the opposite direction
    by first JUMPing on the top of the guardrail, RUNning along it then JUMPing;
    once enemies have been disposed of.
    If in third-person view, two Disruptor-armed Rodians should now be visible in
    the split-level building across the way.  If there is only one, tempt the other
    to appear by moving quickly into and out of their view (moving to a lower piece
    of the ramp and quickly STANDing for an instant then CROUCHing can do the job
    in a Damage-free way), but otherwise ignore them for now.
    This is where the Author departs from Matthew Rorie's advice, instead
    recommending (once the Force Meter has replenished, and Lightsabre has been
    selected) engaging SPEED again, going through the door now to Kyle's right),
    SLASHing the yellow-banded crates (which disintegrate), dodging through the gap
    where they were, SLASHing the lock on the inside of the door to the right and
    exiting.  Note: This locked door can be opened with the Lightsabre from either
    side.  Unless directly hit with a Thermal Detonator, the Author has found this
    manoeuvre to be Damage free - even on Jedi Master setting.  It also opens up a
    variation to Mathew Rorie's method (it being always easier to clear a building
    while moving downwards) and a valuable alternative route.
    In both cases, go up the internal ramps until just standing on the second of
    the square, horizontal, landings - where the ramps change direction - and toss
    a Primary fire Thermal Detonator through the doorway to the right, aimed at the
    narrow strip just above floor level at the join between its second and third
    lengths, at the point where the lighter and darker strips meet (the Author has
    found that a full-power throw while STANDing gives the most consistent results)
    which almost always eliminates both the Disruptor-armed Rodian and the
    'Grenadier' Gran that were stationed in the little gallery, but cautiously
    re-enter the room below through the lower door to check.  Note that there is a
    Battery Pack and a Large Shield Booster (two on Padawan Setting) behind the
    crate immediately opposite this door; which can be PULLed out of the room,
    first, if required.  When the deaths have been confirmed, there is a Bacta
    Canister in that little gallery and it is also possible to find the Gran's
    supply of Thermal Detonators (check at the base of the first slanted support)
    for a re-supply.  At the top of the ramps, head through the door and left past
    the lift for a pack of Trip Mines (sometimes not present on Jedi Setting) and a
    case of Power Cell Ammunition.
    The variation is to pop a Thermal Detonator under the door (from its left side)
    to take out the Gran, then eliminate the Rodians across the way, before rolling
    a Thermal Detonator over the edge of the top ramp aperture to remove the
    Weequay below; then target and eliminate the Rodian on the well-lit landing
    stage below and to the left of the balcony (using a vertical part of the
    balcony guardrail as cover).
          Author's Note: All jumps to here have been easy or (more or less)
          protected, but now is the time to point out that Force JUMPing can be
          dangerous, Kyle can bounce, skip or skid further than wanted on
          touchdown.  To prevent this 'stick' any doubtful jump (where skidding or
          bouncing extra distance could very well be hazardous) by hitting
          USE/INTERACT on landing.  This advice applies to all Settings.
    Next, go down to the lower balcony, JUMP onto the right hand guardrail and then
    onto the top of the Oval building (aiming as close as possible to the base of
    the warning-light mast) and break through the roof to gain entry.  On the floor
    inside are two Bacta Canisters and a Small Shield Booster.
    Take the lift down, shoot-out the proximity-fused Det Pack on the walkway (it
    leaves a JUMPable gap in both directions), engage SPEED, RUN and JUMP over to
    the side of the Oval building, hitting CROUCH on touchdown.  Then move (in
    CROUCH) to where the landing-stage Rodian can be seen and shot; after which it
    is safe to STAND and move to the doorway.  Look for a Rodian's head sticking
    out over the top floor of the split-level building and shoot him if seen.  Now
    JUMP onto the right-hand door-pillar (the Author has found that STANDing on the
    top step and aiming at the pillar's outside edge gives the most success), and
    then to the next (sloping) ledge up.  From there it is possible to murder the
    Rodian on the lower level (if the top-floor Rodian was not seen from the
    doorway, check for him again here) without any possibility of return fire;
    even on Jedi Master Setting.  If one of them has been a no-show for the
    Disruptor (usually the one on the upper floor), he will put in an appearance a
    little later!  From the sloping ledge, JUMP to the substantial piece of
    stonework over the door, move to one of the large panes of glass and break
    through, if it does not break of its own accord, a final up-and-down JUMP can
    be used.  On the floor inside are two Bacta Canisters and a Small Shield
    Here Matthew Rorie's method, the variation and the alternative route come
    together again.
    Operate the Control Panel (which extends a bridge and unlocks the door), go out
    of the building and around the walkway to the right.  A Weequay will run back
    and forth across the bridge, firing; so have Lightsabre selected: it is quite
    easy to PULL this Weequay from the bridge into the chasm while standing just
    back from the last corner before the bridge.  Doing so allows almost full
    defensive coverage from the Lightsabre, but if in doubt, use PUSH and THROW on
    him instead.
    Cross the bridge, go down the tunnel, through the door at the end, then turn
    left.  There are two cases of Power Cell Ammunition in the far right-hand
    corner of this room, behind the crates.  The first crate on the left side of
    the room has to be PULLed (from the doorway, or PUSHed from within the room) so
    that it slides onto a pressure-plate and brings down a lift platform.  To
    ascend, board the lift (standing right at the front, but not so close to the
    edge as to get crushed when the lift goes up; it's happened to the Author more
    than once!) and PUSH the crate off the pressure-plate again.  SPEED down the
    corridor (to the left) at the top of the lift shaft PUSHing and HACKing the
    Weequay in passing.
    If the alternative route was followed and the second Rodian was a no-show for
    Disruptor fire, expect him to drop down in front of Kyle as soon as he enters
    the room at the end of the corridor (the lower floor of the split-level
    building), PUSH him and either THROW or HACK if he is not dead on arrival from
    the drop!  Also take care of some unfinished business (the Gran and the Weequay
    across the way) that this route has bypassed.  The Disruptor will do them in
    just fine.
    For both alternatives, identify the Control Panel that drops the next ramp, but
    do not approach it yet, since it is covered by a sniper (two on Jedi Knight and
    Jedi Master Settings).  Instead, return to the tunnel, engage SPEED and run
    back into the Oval building.  Locate the sniper(s) through one of the small
    triangular panes above the Control Panel that extended the bridge and take them
    out with the Disruptor.  The Oval building isn't a fortification, but it does
    give a degree of protection
    Go back up again and operate the Control Panel to drop the Ramp (and, on
    Padawan Setting only, go up it and Lightsabre the Weequay on guard duty, but
    without going beyond the top of the slope).
    The reason for the above restriction is that at least one additional sniper
    (Disruptor-armed Rodian) has become active (one on Padawan, two on Jedi and
    three on both the higher Settings).  As before, although the sniper(s) are
    located in the opposite direction, operating from within the Oval building is
    the best place to deal with the threat.  Repeat the SPEED run down the tunnel,
    around to the doorway and, this time, right along to the Control Panel end.
    Adjust position so that the centre span of the square-sectioned, enclosed,
    transparent-walled, bridge can be seen and use the Disruptor's ZOOM sight (at
    maximum) to scan along its top horizontal support.  Target the Rodian head
    poking up at about the centre of that span (this sniper is the one present on
    all Settings, and should be taken out before any others, he has been known to
    bring damaging fire to bear if Kyle moves about too much) and shoot.
    Any further snipers will be on the extreme left (in the Cranes Control Room),
    scan for him/them just above the furthest of the two Cranes (those yellow and
    black diagonally striped beams jutting out over the chasm) from the right-hand
    side of the Control Panel.  There isn't much of him/them visible, so hop up
    onto the window ledge, CROUCH and move as far right as possible.  Even then,
    the sight-picture is only a shoulder and half a face, but it's enough to work
    with.  If there are two of them there, the Author recommends taking out the
    furthest one first to avoid the sight-picture being cluttered-up by a dropped
    Disruptor!  When the snipers have been cleared, go back up and follow the
    ramps, collecting the box of Blaster Ammunition at the top of the second ramp,
    if required.  Pause just before the top of the third ramp, without moving onto
    roof level, and ensure Lightsabre is selected.
    The roof-level guard (round the corner to the right) is one Rodian with a
    Disruptor, who will start running around the roof if Kyle spends too long on
    the flat section after the third ramp.  The Author has had success with the
    JUMP and PUSH in mid-air method when moving at SPEED, but usually uses the
    'Forward Shoulder Roll' technique (again when moving at SPEED) instead.  Once
    he is dealt with, note that there is a case of Power Cell Ammunition (two on
    Padawan and Jedi) between the two rear skylights.
    Move towards the edge of the roof, but not too far.  A skiff (containing a
    Weequay and two Disruptor-armed Rodians) has just moved (is moving) into
    position below and right of the Cranes.  This has to be cleared (Kyle has to
    use this as a stepping-stone later), and the best method is with a Thermal
    Detonator.  Stand by the front corner of the front skylight, nearest the ramp,
    and about halfway between the front of the skylight and the edge of the roof.
    Use the rightmost of the three white lights on the lower support beam of the
    centre span of the square-sectioned, enclosed, transparent-walled, bridge as an
    aiming point; the vertical spoke at the top of the crosshairs should be right
    alongside the right-hand end of this light with the circular section of the
    crosshairs just appearing to touch its lower edge.  Set up the Detonator for a
    full-power throw on Secondary fire and let fly.  There should be a chorus of
    screams and the (empty) skiff should be seen to start bobbing about.
    Now look directly across the way, noting the garbage barge in front of the
    forcefield shielded opening in the building opposite (which is Kyle's transport
    to the next Level) and the two garbage chutes, one closed, one propped open,
    which are part of Secret Area 6 (despite hundreds of attempts, the only Secret
    Area on any Level that the Author has not been able to access without a 'Cheat'
    of some kind).  According to the placement of the Secret Area credit, the chute
    with the propped open cover is the official Entrance.
    There is a choice of routes from this roof, although the defenders in the room
    below (a Disruptor-armed Rodian and a Weequay) have to be eliminated before
    going further.  To keep options open, move to the centre of the front of the
    skylight and smash the lower pane with a round from the Disruptor, then bounce
    a Primary fire Thermal Detonator - a full-power throw - off the square
    protrusion in the centre of the room; (possibly the top of a lift shaft) aiming
    about halfway between the top of the instrument panels and the top of the
    protrusion, to take out the Rodian.  Send another Primary fire Thermal
    Detonator (again with a full-power throw) down the left side of the protrusion,
    repeating on the right-hand side if no death-cry is heard.
    Now it can be decided either to follow the conventional route (dropping down
    through one of the rear skylights, with the option of going up to the high
    walkway and visiting Secret Area 3 and/or Secret Area 4) then dropping onto the
    ledge outside through the left-rear window; or to move over to the left-rear
    corner of the roof where there is a lift platform to that same ledge.  This
    lift platform cannot be called from below and, once down will not go up again
    while Kyle is standing on it (although it is just possible to JUMP into the
    room, obliquely, through the left-rear window).
    To follow the conventional route hop up onto one or other of the rear skylights
    (the Author has had some fall-through problems with the higher panes, so
    recommends hopping onto the lower ones); smash it, JUMPing on the spot is
    enough, and drop down onto the protrusion.  In case they are needed later, take
    time to PULL the two Bacta Canisters (three on Padawan Setting) down onto the
    floor of the room to join the case of Power Cell Ammunition and two Small
    Shield Boosters that are there already, before dropping down from this
    structure, it isn't possible to JUMP back up again
    In the rear wall there are two doorways, one (on the left) is non-functional,
    the other opens into the bottom of a lift shaft, call it and take it up (the
    Author recommends selecting Bowcaster and keeping to the left of the platform
    while it ascends for the first time, then moving to the right-hand side while
    it is cycling down and up again).  A 'Grenadier' Gran is waiting through the
    door at the top, and can either be very near the doorway or further away at the
    corner of the walkway, so the Author always commences Primary (single-shot)
    Bowcaster fire down the left-hand side of the doorway/walkway as soon as Kyle
    moves off the platform, even before the door trips open.  Incidentally, the
    impact of a Bowcaster round will knock a Thermal Detonator back to a safe
    As soon as the Gran is eliminated, move over to the right-hand side of the
    doorway (next to the wall with the '>' shaped nick) and switch to Disruptor;
    there is a Disruptor-armed Rodian posted on the next building to the right
    (actually guarding Secret Area 5).  Cautiously advance in CROUCH, until all of
    the first Crane can be seen; then even more cautiously until the bottom corner
    of a lighted room (actually the Cranes Control Room) becomes visible beyond the
    edge of the nick.  Bob up to take an aim with the crosshairs and CROUCH again,
    while ZOOMing to between halfway and three-quarters and charging the weapon to
    maximum.  STAND again to take the shot, dropping if it is not an immediate kill
    (in which case, locate the Rodian again and repeat.
    Now advance to the corner of the walkway and look for a 'Grenadier' Gran on a
    bridge/walkway to the left (Note: there is a proximity-fused Det Pack just in
    front of him).  Disruptor either of them, the Det Pack always goes off and
    creates a gap anyway, and move up to that bridge-walkway.
    There is one more defender (a Disruptor-armed Rodian) to be cleared before it
    is safe to visit Secret Area 3, he is around the corner to the left; make a
    mental note of his position, the end of the walkway behind him is the starting
    point for the series of JUMPs leading to Secret Area 4, then return to the
    gapped bridge/walkway.
    Secret Area 3 is on the broad, angled, walkway immediately overhead and
    contains two Bacta Canisters, a case of Power Cell Ammunition, a pack of Det
    Packs and a Large Shield Booster (two on Padawan Setting).  To access it JUMP
    the gap (no problem about letting Kyle jump as far as possible here - he needs
    to) along the left half of the bridge/walkway to take advantage of a jagged
    projection that can help make up the distance; then JUMP onto, and RUN up, the
    sloping surface to the left.  Once at the top, move to the right-hand side,
    turn around and do a RUNning JUMP obliquely to the left.  The Secret Area is at
    the other end of the walkway.  Coming back down is the reverse of the process,
    once again taking advantage of a jagged projection to help in JUMPing the
    distance across the gapped bridge/walkway.
    Although the Author never seems to need to visit Secret Area 4 (in addition to
    the Shield and Ammunition Converters there are only a pair of Bacta Canisters
    and a case of Power Cell Ammunition down there; so it hardly ever seems worth
    the time or the risk) some may find it useful to know the Damage-free way of
    getting down.
    Quicksaving before each element of this process is highly recommended.  Move to
    the end of the walkway where the Rodian was just shot and look for the roughly
    semi-circular dark-coloured protrusion a little way over and below (a courtesy
    light mounting for the door beneath).  Back-up for about 6 steps, run and JUMP
    ('sticking' the jump on landing).  Next, SIDESTEP (CROUCHing and at WALK) to
    one side or the other.  Apply the opposite SIDESTEP as soon as Kyle drops and
    lands on the ledge above the door.  Move (in CROUCH, at WALK) until central
    with the door and drop down.  Repeat the above for the descent to the next
    walkway, where the JUMP to the courtesy light housing can be made a little
    easier by angling Kyle's flight-path so that the JUMP is backstopped by the
    wall - he will let out an "Oof" on touchdown, but there should be no recorded
    Health Damage.  On that walkway, move to roughly the centre of the span and
    JUMP over onto the flat roof of the square building between the speeder-shafts,
    RUN across to the corner nearest the Secret Area and JUMP onto the corner of
    the Secret Area platform.  Grab whatever is necessary then JUMP to the walkway
    along the side of the Cantina building and follow Kyle's previous route (using
    the alternative route to avoid another 'balcony leap').  Should Secret Area 4
    need to be visited for real, at least there won't be any enemies about on the
    way back up, nor should SPEED need to be used!
    Now that has been explained, either get back to the roof of the skylights room
    (if returning from Secret Area 4) and take the lift platform in the far-right
    corner or come back down in the internal lift (if coming from Secret Area 3, or
    just from the high walkway), go right from the lift doorway, smash the window
    in the side wall (the tallest one of the four) and either JUMP or drop onto the
    ledge below - next to where a passenger would disembark from the lift platform
    at the corner of the roof.
    Move left and around this building until seeing the skiff bobbing about between
    the two last pillars.  Stand by the corner of the wall there and note how the
    skiff moves.  Engage SPEED when the skiff starts moving towards the pillars and
    make a RUNning JUMP at the point of closest approach ('sticking' the JUMP on
    touchdown) - the Author finds it advisable to do nothing else until the burst
    of SPEED has worn off.  Then wait for the point of closest approach to the
    ledge (and the lift) and JUMP over onto it.
    Call the lift with the Control Panel.  If the Weequay patrolling the
    transparent-walled bridge was not disposed of earlier, there is a good chance
    that he will fall down the empty lift shaft having not noticed that the
    platform has gone down, so don't be surprised by a scream!  Get into the lift
    and ride it up.  Likewise, if the booby-trap proximity-fused Det Pack was not
    dealt with earlier, set it off now.  One Primary fire shot from the Disruptor
    will do it.  Now move along the right-hand side of the bridge (keeping to the
    support beams that side) and into the building, where a belt of Thermal
    Detonators awaits possible collection at 90 (or so) degrees  to the left and an
    explosive barrel awaits a round from the Disruptor at about 45 degrees to the
    left in the alcove.  Move through the hole that gets blown in the wall (a Small
    Shield Booster can be found under the observation window) and smash the pipe
    that's leaking electric sparks; THROW, or more Primary fire from the Disruptor,
    works.  This action de-electrifies the water in the pit beyond the window.
    Go back through the hole to the ramp with yellow diagonal markings, drop into
    the water and PULL the dark rectangular shape under the door, which slides a
    bridge out and across the pool.  JUMP out of the water, onto the bridge and
    have some fun PUSHing a Weequay guard over at range so he cannot interfere with
    the final JUMPs to the upper floor, where he can be given the Lightsabre and an
    R5 will be seen doing some repair work at a Control Panel.
          Author's Note: Contrary to what was written in another Walkthrough (not
          Matthew Rorie's) this bridge extends in response to a PULL even on Jedi
          Master Setting; and that author's claimed method of jumping from the
          pipes seems, according to this Author's analysis and testing, an
          impossible thing to do.
    Access to Secret Area 5 can be gained from here by walking across the top of
    the transparent, enclosed, bridge and JUMPing across to the pillared ledge (a
    higher floor of the building that the skiff was boarded from), but it's a real
    toughie.  Quicksaving is a must.  The secret seems to be to stand on the
    opposite side of the bridge to the ledge, right on the edge and about a pace
    back from the corner of the stonework that comes forward on that side; aiming
    Kyle as close as possible to the corner of the stonework on the Secret Area
    side of the bridge.  It does even seem to assist if Kyle lightly brushes that
    corner on the way past!  The Secret Area's contents are; two Bacta Canisters, a
    Battery Pack and a Large Shield Booster, so visiting may be considered not
    worth the hassle.
    Leaving the Secret Area is only slightly less of a struggle.  Stand a pace
    beyond the angle of the wall (about where a vertical join goes past the edges
    of about three blocks) and expect Kyle to smash his way through the glass side
    of the bridge.  Then move back across the support beams on the undamaged side.
    Once back by the R5, the projecting moulding, and the breakable grating behind
    it (the back entrance to Secret Area 6), are unfortunately both out of range of
    a Rank 1 JUMP; and trying to use the R5 as a springboard only produces an
    uncontrollable series of up and down movements until being bucked off (at least
    in the Author's experience), so there is no choice except to leave via the
    Crane booms, however; if the high walkway was bypassed, look for a 'Grenadier'
    Gran across the way and get rid of him with the Disruptor first; JUMPing about
    over a bottomless drop is hazardous enough without Thermal Detonators adding to
    the risk!
    When ready, USE/INTERACT the R5 Droid by the Control Panel and the helpful
    little chap will swing the first boom over to within JUMPing distance
    (actually, a couple of RUNning steps from about a pace behind the R5 will let
    Kyle drop onto this boom without the need for JUMPing).
    Walk back down the boom until the second boom can be PULLed over (it is just
    possible to JUMP from where the first Crane is pivoted to the wall onto the
    second Crane's pivot point, but there is very little margin for error), JUMP
    from the end of the first to the end of the second boom and walk back to its
    pivot point.  Turn in the direction of the Garbage Barge and JUMP onto it.
          Author's Note: If anyone has actually accessed Secret Area 6 without
          resorting to a 'Cheat', then I would very much like to know how it was
          done (from the wording of Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, - "might make it
          into the corridor" - it doesn't seem that he had much success either).
          For the record, there aren't all that many useful items inside; a pack
          of Det Packs and a belt of Thermal Detonators in the middle (rising)
          passage, by the grating that allows access back to the R5 room (along
          another passage and through a second grating onto the moulding) and two
          Bacta Canisters, two cases of Power Cell Ammunition, a Battery Pack and a
          Large Shield Booster at the end of the second (falling) passage by an
          explosive crate.  Setting this off and dropping down onto a replacement
          Garbage Barge, which has moved out of the forcefield protected opening
          allows Kyle to exit.  As both the moulding and the official entrance to
          the Secret Area are well within the capabilities of a Rank 2 JUMP (which
          will be available in a couple of Nar Shaddaa minutes!) it could be
          speculated that the Force Power adjustment was originally intended as
          part of this Level.
    After boarding the Garbage Barge PUSH the two sets of routing lights (steady
    red and flashing green) until they turn a steady blue to direct the Barge to
    the end of the Level.
    NAR SHADDAA - REELO'S HIDEOUT (Level 10) - [map code = ns_hideout].
    7 Secret Areas.
    => Rodians, Grans, Weequays.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [1], PULL [1], SPEED [1], JUMP [2]*, LIGHTSABER THROW [1],
    The bleeping Datapad can be safely ignored for the moment (it has just recorded
    the increase in Force Jump to Rank 2, a definite improvement - also making
    possible some acrobatic moves such as wall-walking and wall-flipping) which the
    Author feels are impractical in combat situations; unless managed accidentally.
    What matters is to move to the front-left corner of the Garbage Barge and turn
    left to face the wall.  Before the Barge empties, execute a JUMP in between the
    two rightmost pipes, and from there up to the ledge (Secret Area 1 for this
    zone, which can only be entered from here).  The Shield and Ammunition
    Converters may, or may not be of use but, beyond them is a series of solid and
    pipe ledges and a pair of Bacta Canisters that can be (carefully, so they do
    not bounce into the garbage shredder) PUSHed or PULLed to main floor level.
    All the drops are recoverable and Damage-free except for that between the final
    ledge and the main floor.  That route can be taken if the Damage-free descent
    method looks too difficult, but it costs 14 Health Units.
    The Damage-free method is to JUMP back up to the top ledge (the one with the
    Power Converters); from there drop back between the pipes on the right, then
    drop to the very small ledge over the highest point of the conveyor, turn
    around and move to about the centre of the ledge and then drop to the pipes
    (now on the right) from there.
    Once in that position, Quicksave and turn in the direction of the toothed
    shredder, noting both the thickened part of the wall above it and the grille to
    the left of the three (unbreakable) windows.  Then either;
          ride the conveyor down to a position opposite the grille, JUMP back onto
          the end of the Duracrete pipe reinforcement opposite and demolish the
          grille with a THROW (nothing else will harm it) and then RUN/JUMP back up
          the conveyor, ride it down again, JUMPing through when opposite the gap
          (for the daring);
          simply run down the conveyor and JUMP for the thickened part of the wall
          when about opposite the junction between the middle and the last window.
          Most of the length of the conveyor is needed to build up speed for this
          manoeuvre so, after dropping down, initially RUN back up the conveyor as
          far as possible before turning (still RUNning)and RUNning down as near to
          the conveyor's centre-line as possible.  After the JUMP, keep RUNning
          until Kyle lands on the thickened part of the wall and passes over it.
    Neither method has any Game-play advantage or disadvantage over the other, but
    if it can be brought off consistently, the second method should impress any
    Expect to find both Bacta Canisters that were sent down from above, one (two on
    Padawan Setting) already on main-floor level and one of Reelo's black, Protocol
    Droids (another very disappointing conversationalist, as was the previous
    example in the Cantina building; the phrase "This is an awful city, you know"
    being replaced with "Watch out for Reelo").
    Next, head through the door, PUSH the hopper car that is directly outside,
    engage SPEED and head down the trackway the car was blocking to the second
    Garbage Crusher on the left (the one without a hopper car under the discharge
    spout), taking cover in the recess to the left of the spout on arrival.  If no
    Thermal Detonators have been seen/heard by the time that the Force Meter shows
    a full charge again, Kyle has not been spotted!
    At this point, the Author prefers to stalk and eliminate four of the five
    'Grenadier' Grans patrolling the Catwalks overhead (particularly on Jedi Master
    Setting) while the enemy is (hopefully) still unaware of Kyle's presence,
    rather than immediately JUMPing up into the spout, engaging SPEED and RUNning
    through the Crusher.
          Author's Note: 'Gran Stalking' is an exercise in patience, as well as
          accuracy.  On Jedi Master Setting a miss will alert every remaining Gran
          in the Crusher Hall and provoke a hailstorm of Thermal Detonators every
          time Kyle is spotted.  Wait for a perfect sight-picture with each Gran
          and charge the weapon to maximum for complete disintegration - it
          eliminates any chance of a warning death-cry.
    To go 'Gran Stalking', locate the mid-level door to the right (to the Crusher
    Hall Control Centre, which also contains the hidden entrance to Reelo's
    hideout) and the crates underneath it - one three-high stack, one two-high
    stack and a single crate - then engage SPEED and RUN to and behind the single
    crate, putting Kyle's back hard against the rear wall.  Locate the white light
    over the door to the Catwalk level (it is hidden intermittently by the 'masher'
    part of a Garbage Crusher) and adjust position slightly so that the left-hand
    end of that part of the Catwalk can be seen (Kyle's right shoulder will be hard
    against the pillar when correctly in position).  Select Disruptor and wait for
    the Gran to appear on that Catwalk, identifying where he turns and ZOOMing in
    (Maximum is recommended) on that spot.  Charge to maximum and shoot when
    certain of a hit.
    For the second Gran, move to the right side of the two-high crate stack, again
    all the way back against the wall, and scan the end of the nearest Catwalk (the
    one that looks like it's had a piece chopped out of it to accommodate a
    'masher').  As before, identify where he turns, ZOOM in and charge the weapon
    to maximum; shooting when sure of a hit.
    To deal with the third Gran, Kyle needs to move in front of the two-high stack,
    through the gap between it and the three-high stack and to the right-rear
    corner of the three-high stack.  As there is no convenient turning point
    visible on this Gran's patrol route, identify and target where the edge of the
    Catwalk comes together with the top of the Garbage Crusher to the front,
    leaving a 'V' shaped gap.  ZOOM in on this and fire when the Gran is walking
    away from Kyle's position - more of him is exposed then.
    Another move is needed to target the fourth Gran; this time back past the
    vacant spout to the four-legged pillar, keeping directly under the main Catwalk
    for safety.  Stand by the nearest leg to the vacant spout, facing the spout,
    with Kyle's left shoulder hard against the right-hand side of the leg.  Look
    for the Gran to advance into view near the far corner of that Crusher, and
    repeat the formula.  It won't be as long a wait, this Gran has a short patrol
    Now tackle the Garbage Crusher.  Move underneath the vacant spout, Quicksave,
    JUMP up into the spout - being careful not to use too much FORWARD - engage
    SPEED and run through the Crusher (there are some items in this Crusher, to the
    right of the spout doorway, as Kyle enters, but they cannot be collected in the
    time available; so ignore them).  Turn right when through the far door and move
    to the crates (which have a Battery Pack - two on Padawan Setting) on the floor
    in front of them.
    To finish off the 'Gran Stalking' exercise with a fifth and final victim, JUMP
    up onto the crate that's parked at an angle to the others and stand on the
    corner nearest the rest of the group, facing back the way Kyle has come.  Aim
    between the side of the Crusher and the stack of crates that is topped with a
    misaligned red-cornered example, with the horizontal guide of the crosshairs
    level with the top of the 'ordinary' crates.  Repeat the formula as before,
    even though there are no more Grans to be warned by a miss or a death-cry.  In
    fact, this is a much easier shot, this particular Gran appears to pause for
    longer than the others as he turns.
    Move in front of the door by the crates and trip it open, noting the shutters
    covering a loophole inside, on the right; a position that is occupied by a
    Disruptor-armed Rodian.  To deal with him now (there will also be a good
    opportunity later) move cautiously over to the left and SIDESTEP along (in
    CROUCH) until enough of the Rodian can be seen for an effective shot.
    Alternatively, either RUN through his line of fire at SPEED or advance
    (CROUCHed) past his loophole, keeping as hard against the right-hand wall as
    possible.  Once safely out on the 'tongue', heavy footsteps and (a possible
    Gran-ish exclamation) will be heard.  Ignore this 'Grenadier' Gran when/if
    seen, he's a very difficult a shot from below, and will not start tossing
    Thermal Detonators provided that Kyle keeps his movements discreet (timing
    exposed moves to when the footsteps are quietest and/or the Gran is out of
    The exit to this crate store is in the far left corner and there is no option
    except to do some JUMPing to get over there.  Start by dropping down to the
    crate below the entrance 'tongue' and JUMPing from there to the top of the 2x2
    stack of crates (at about 10 o'clock) immediately beyond.  This and subsequent
    jumps can be tricky, Quicksaving before each is advisable.  Turn to put the
    exit in the far-right corner from Kyle's perspective after a successful
    touchdown on the 2x2 stack.
    There is a choice of routes from here.  So either;
          JUMP, if in need of Bacta or a Large Shield Booster, for the 2x2 stack of
          red-cornered crates (the Shield Booster is visible) in the apparent left
          corner (either directly or via the single red-cornered crate almost
          opposite; although the take-off from that one is a bit restricted); then
          to the 3x2 stack of crates, with parallel red stripes, tight against the
          rear wall (with a Bacta Canister on top of them); then into the gap
          between a pair of tall stacks (the landing area here is only two crates
          deep, take care not to over-JUMP); then onto the stack of (red parallel
          striped) crates in front of the gold-decorated layer in the main stack
          behind it; then up onto that stack.  This route is best for keeping out
          of the Gran's sight (or line of fire!), or;
          JUMP directly across to the 1x2 stack of red-marked crates (the ones
          matching the appearance of the angled crate sitting on the large stack
          under the exit 'tongue') which is where the other route comes out; then
          onto the top of that large stack, or;
          (for the expert JUMPers!);
          JUMP directly onto the top of that large stack (the Author guarantees
          that it's just possible!).
    In any event, PULL the crate off of the exit 'tongue', JUMP onto the angled
    crate and from there to the exit 'tongue', getting out of sight before the Gran
    notices that there's a Jedi loose in the storage area!  Leave the poor thing in
    ignorance for just a little while longer - he'll meet with a Lightsabre very
    To the right through the archway is a dead-end (and, on Padawan Setting only, a
    Bacta Canister).  Go left and follow the passageway round to another archway
    that leads onto the Catwalk.  Deal with the Gran by whatever method seems
    appropriate (the Author prefers to PUSH him flat and finish him with a HACK)
    and check the piece of Catwalk around to the left from the archway to locate,
    and re-supply with, a case of Power Cell Ammunition and a belt of Thermal
    Detonators.  Cross the Catwalk, passing through another arch into a second
    Proceed through this one until a tunnel (on the left and containing a hopper
    car) can be seen.  It seems an illogical action, but PULL the hopper car
    forward anyway - there is a sound, and vitally important, reason for doing so).
    Then (if the Rodian at the loophole was bypassed earlier) stand at the
    right-hand (far) corner of that tunnel and ricochet a few rounds of Bowcaster
    Secondary fire off the end wall of the passage which should dispose of the
    sniper by the entrance, although he does not always give a death-cry.
    Cautiously check his roost to recover his Disruptor and find a Small Shield
    Next, go back up the passageway and re-cross the Catwalk, but there is no need
    to enter the other passageway and jump back across the stacks.  Instead just
    drop down from the Catwalk onto what was the entry 'tongue' and go out of the
    door.  Complete this segment of the Mission by doing another RUN at SPEED back
    through the Crusher (being wary of a yellow and black object near the far side
    of the Crusher on the way back through, which can cause a hang-up or divert the
    final JUMP with fatal results) and then dropping back down the spout.
    On exiting the spout go back up the trackway, turn left at the hopper car and
    follow the side of Crusher Hall around to the left until reaching the doorway
    after the long stack of crates.  Trip it open (from its centre point) and note
    that the entryway is again covered by loopholes, this time one on each side.
    The options here are to RUN at SPEED along the centreline of the entryway
    (which, if started from the centre of the doorway, seems to be a Damage-free
    manoeuvre, but leaves the problem of the snipers until later) or to CROUCH over
    against the left wall of the entryway and SIDESTEP cautiously to the left until
    the first Rodian can be seen; eliminate him with the Disruptor (Primary fire
    works fine at this close range, but expect to need three hits) before swapping
    walls and repeating the treatment for the second sniper.  After that, shoot the
    explosive crate by the wall (only one round of Disruptor Primary fire
    required), move round to the gap that's been blown in the wall with Bowcaster
    selected and attend to the third Disruptor-armed Rodian (one or two rounds of
    Primary fire) from there.
    The snipers' roost through the gap is Secret Area 2; containing an Ammunition
    Converter, a Bacta Canister and a case of Power Cell Ammunition.  Collect the
    sniper's Disruptors (using PULL) but try to leave the rest of the contents
    alone for now.
    There is a VIP (Very Important Prisoner) to be found and interviewed before the
    Level can be successfully completed.  It has been suggested that gaining access
    to the prisoner from here was not actually intended (so the prisoner's identity
    will not be revealed yet) but there seem to be so many ways of doing so, all of
    which could have been very easily blocked, that the Author prefers to think
    that the option is both valid and intentional.  In any case, just when the
    prisoner is interviewed seems to be immaterial, provided it happens before Kyle
    needs the prisoner's information
    Go back out to the entryway and CROUCH by the first sniper's loophole, a dark
    mass should be visible to the left together with a pair of bronze/gold coloured
    pillars in the distance.  The dark mass is a pair of crates (the further one of
    the exploding variety, which will breach the wall and scatter burning debris
    about when it goes off).
    There are three possible ways of setting off the explosion; either stand and
    THROW the Lightsabre through the loophole then move smartly left (tricky, but
    it can be done) or bounce rounds of Bowcaster Secondary fire back off the
    left-hand pillar or (the Author's personal favourite) aim just left of the
    right-hand edge of the dark mass with the Disruptor set on ZOOM and charge to
    just over one-third power before firing.
    Enter the sniper's roost through the breach that has just been created (there
    is a Disruptor weapon by the loophole that can be collected and a case of Power
    Cell Ammunition straight ahead that should be left alone for now), head left
    between the pillars and through the door on the right.  This leads into a
    passage that has a locked door to the right (it is OK to Lightsabre the lock)
    and head away from the door, passing through the unlocked door at the other
    end.  A type of Blast Door will open to the left revealing a forcefield
    secured cellblock.  Turn right at the first intersection and approach the
    right-hand cell door to collect a Seeker Drone from inside the cell (a
    collection of Seeker Drones will probably be found to be highly useful, if not
    'a lifesaver', a little later on).  None of the other cells hold anything; so
    go back to the intersection and carry on to the right.  After the interview (in
    Cutscene) head back out of the cellblock and up the passages back to the room
    with the burning debris in it.
    It isn't at all obvious, but there is a door concealed behind the stack of
    crates near the Battery Pack (two on Padawan Setting).  Either JUMP over the
    crates into the gap behind them or create some space by destroying the two on
    the left end of the stack (they have a bluish-green tint to them, unlike the
    others); any weapon will do the job.  Open the door (with USE/INTERACT; it's
    one of those doors that can close unexpectedly, so don't hang about in its
    path) and eliminate the three Disruptor-armed Rodians in the snipers' gallery
    (Secret Area 3); running into them with an active Lightsabre one-by-one in
    their nooks works very well; SPEED is not essential to avoid Damage doing this,
    but may be found to be reassuring.  The Author usually takes time to manually
    open the firing slits (USE/INTERACT on the Control Panels) afterwards so as not
    to be startled later on.
    Move to the far end of the Gallery and through the door into the freezing-cold
    room.  JUMP up on the crates and move along the top of the stacks (a Pack of
    Det Packs is lying on one of the final crates, PUSH it down in case it is
    needed later) and drop down near the Control Panel for the transparent
    partition where a Bacta Canister and a Large Shield Booster are lying on the
    Operate the Control Panel to lower the partition, but do not head for the door
    (the loophole on the right is still uncleared).  Instead, follow the passage
    parallel to the partition and PULL the single crate at the end to expose a
    crawlspace.  Duck through this and move to the corner, bouncing a Thermal
    Detonator off the far wall of the cross-passage to the left to eliminate the
    Disruptor-armed Rodian sniper.
    Next, after checking that the sniper is dead (and collecting the case of Power
    Cell Ammunition at his position, if required) head along the passage and around
    the corner to the left.  There is a hole just after the end of the bluish
    ceiling panels, JUMP up into it to find Secret Area 4 (containing a ventilation
    fan - which cannot do any Damage- and a Large Shield Booster).
    Drop back down into the passage and PUSH the hopper car - the reason for
    PULLing the other one (after jumping around in the crates room) was to make
    room for this one to move - and expose the entrance to the upper levels of
    Reelo's garbage empire.  The Author has never been able to JUMP across the
    red-hot conveyor belt (as has been claimed is the technique) but using SPEED
    keeps Damage down to 1 Health and 1 Shield Unit.  If the Rodian on guard does
    not obligingly smash one of the panes in the window, do it with PUSH or a
    THROWN Lightsabre and post a Thermal Detonator through the gap.  This gets rid
    of more of the window as well as the guard!  Finally, PUSH the Control Panel
    (through one of the broken panes) to open the door.
    The Author has never been able to JUMP across the conveyor and into the doorway
    either, but SPEED again keeps Damage to a single Unit of Health and Shields.
    Expect to find two boxes of Blaster Ammunition, a discarded Disruptor (and, on
    Padawan Setting only, a Small Shield Booster) in the Guardroom.  USE/INTERACT
    the Control Panel (or PUSH it again) to close the door, if desired.
    Head up the passage and round the corner.  Engage SPEED before reaching the
    open space to avoid both a hail of Thermal Detonators from Murder-holes above
    and a Rodian sniper at the loophole ahead.  Be quick using the Lightsabre on
    the Rodian as this sniper has been known to turn round rapidly enough to get
    off at least one Disruptor shot.  Note that there is a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition in his nook.  RUN a short way up the tunnel ahead to allow all the
    Detonators to explode, then cautiously return to pick off the three 'Grenadier'
    Grans overhead.
    CROUCH outside the sniper's nook, select Disruptor and carefully ease forward
    and adjust position until the lower body of the Gran in the furthest
    Murder-hole can be seen.  ZOOM and shoot, then move a little forward and right
    until the legs of the occupant of the second Murder-hole (the left one of the
    pair),can be seen and repeat.  The third Gran can be dealt with by bouncing
    Bowcaster Secondary fire off the BOTTOM edge of the third Murder-hole (whereas
    the other two give gurgling death-cries, this one dies silently - possibly
    indicating a head-shot - except for the faint thud of a body hitting the
    Continue on up the passage past the firing slits (which should be open, if not,
    they will be unoccupied) and stop at the third. CROUCH again with the Disruptor
    on ZOOM and ease forward until yet another Gran can be seen.  Target and fire.
    Once at the top of the ramp, keep against the left wall until right in the
    corner with Bowcaster selected.  Bounce Secondary fire off block at the end of
    the straight line of light-coloured stone blocks bordering the upward
    continuation of the ramp until another Gran-ish death-cry is heard.
          Author's Note: Just after this action on Jedi Master Setting, and if the
          'Gran Stalking' exercise has not been carried out, at least four
          'Grenadier' Grans make a sudden appearance at the extreme top of the
          slope and start tossing Thermal Detonators about.  The 'Gran Stalking'
          operation was conceived as a counter to this event (which only occurs on
          Jedi Master), but still has value on the lower Settings as Kyle would
          otherwise either have to fight his way through the Grans on the Catwalks
          or lay a trap (expending four Trip Mines) for them to run into.
    The room below and to the right of the passageway will need to be cleared.
    Probably the best way is to RUN onto the top of the line of crates by the
    straight line of light-coloured blocks, moving right to the end, before
    selecting Det Pack and cautiously returning (in CROUCH) back along the crates
    until the Rodian (visible during the final part of the stalk) is almost fully
    concealed again under an overhang.  Drop a Det Pack as near as possible into
    the arrowhead-shaped gap, between crate stack and parapet, to the left and set
    it off as soon as it hits the ground.  This almost invariably kills all three
    defenders (two Disruptor-armed Rodians and a Weequay) in one go - the same
    effect can be achieved with a Secondary fire Trip Mine deployed in the same
    spot, but why waste a more versatile piece of Ordnance?  One Det Pack is also a
    more economical expenditure of Ordnance than two or three Thermal Detonators.
    While on top of the stack, note the belt of Thermal Detonators on the passage
    floor near where the last Gran's death-cry came from.
    If the option was not followed earlier and the prisoner has not been
    interviewed yet go a little way up the ramp, smash through the grating in the
    wall on the right and JUMP into the small tunnel it covers, going along to the
    set of bars at the end.  An explosive crate will be in view, so shoot it and go
    back through the tunnel, out into the passageway and back to the belt of
    Thermal Detonators.
    Move along the crates (finding a Small Shield Booster - two on Padawan and Jedi
    Settings) on the crate in the corner), drop down to the floor and SLASH the
    lock on the door.  In addition to the two boxes of Blaster Ammunition by Kyle's
    landing point, there is also a Bacta Canister and two cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition (on Padawan Setting, two Bacta Canisters and three cases of Power
    Cell Ammunition) in and around the alcove where the defenders were hiding.  To
    make a clean sweep, SLASH the yellow-marked crates before proceeding (stand in
    the right place and all three can be demolished with one swipe!).
    Go through the newly-unlocked door, enter the sniper's roost through the breach
    in the wall (there is a Disruptor weapon by the loophole that can be collected
    and a case of Power Cell Ammunition straight ahead that should be left alone
    for now), head left between the pillars and through the door on the right.
    This leads into a passage that has a locked door to the right (it's OK to
    Lightsabre the lock) and head away from the door, passing through the unlocked
    door at the other end.  A type of Blast Door will open to the left revealing a
    forcefield secured cellblock.  Turn right at the first intersection and enter
    the cell on the right to collect a Seeker Drone (a collection of Seeker Drones
    will probably be found to be highly useful, if not 'a lifesaver', a little
    later on).  None of the other cells hold anything; so go back to the
    intersection and carry on to the right.  After the interview (in Cutscene) head
    back out of the cellblock and up the passages back to the room with the burning
    debris in it and come back through the (now unlocked) door.  JUMP back up to
    the upper level of crates and return to the passageway.
    In both cases Kyle should have now seen Lando Calrissian and have been given
    the password "Ruby Bliels" needed to gain entrance to Reelo's hideout.
    At the top of the passage and around the corner is a door leading onto the
    Catwalks on the upper level of the Crusher Hall.  If the 'Gran Stalking'
    exercise was carried out, this is now defended by one Disruptor-armed Rodian
    and one Weequay!  The Weequay is posted on the right-hand side of the doorway,
    in a position where he can be RUN into with the Lightsabre (PUSHing him down to
    the Crusher Hall floor or onto one of the Crushers also kills him outright).
    The Rodian is posted to the right-hand side of the sloping window in the
    Crusher Hall Control Centre.  CROUCH (with Disruptor selected) and ease along
    back towards the door until enough of him is seen for a killing shot - but be
    warned; this Rodian is fairly alert and will take action of his own if he
    either spots Kyle or the shot fails to kill immediately!
    Exploration of the Crusher Hall will reveal a number of useful items about,
    some in plain sight, others rather more hidden.
    On the main floor, over toward the Control Centre is a Bacta Canister (two on
    Padawan Setting).
    On the Catwalks (which take the form of a distorted + in plan) there is a belt
    of Thermal Detonators to the far right of where the Weequay was standing, and
    packs of Det Packs both by the crate stack on the right-hand arm of the + and
    behind some loose crates at the far end of the Catwalk to the left.
    On the crate stacks under the Catwalk at the Weequay's position (accessed by
    dropping down to the long stack under the Thermal Detonators - this stack is
    within JUMP range of the Catwalk to get back up again) there are two Small
    Shield Boosters; one right under the Catwalk, in the corner (which requires the
    use of the jump/crouch technique to get in there), the other in the gap between
    the crates to the right of the corner (jumpable and back from the long stack,
    the first Booster can also be accessed from the crate between the gap and
    corner with PULL).
    At the extreme end of the left-hand arm of the + there are three badly aligned
    stacks of crates with a Bacta Canister and a Small Shield Booster sitting on
    top (the Bacta Canister can be spotted by heading left from the door towards
    the edge of the Catwalk) this can also be jumped down to and back up from
    without much problem.
    Also along this arm, visible by standing just short of the centre of the + and
    looking along the left side of the arm are another pair of objects on top of a
    crate stack (a box of Blaster Ammunition and a Seeker Drone).  The sequence of
    jumps (tricky ones, the advice is to Quicksave before each of them) to collect
    these items starts with dropping down to the crates between the wall and the
    Crusher on the opposite side of the Catwalk, then JUMPing across to the lower
    stack (in front of the one with the items on top), then up to collect them,
    dropping back down, then JUMPing back across to the crates by the Crusher then
    back up to the Catwalk.  Alternatively, CROUCH at the left-hand edge of the
    Catwalk and PULL the items out of there; collecting them from floor level later
    (as said before, Seeker Drones will probably be found to be very useful in a
    little while, it's well worth the effort of collecting them).
    Finally, there are two cases of Power Cell Ammunition on the roof of the
    Control Centre together with another Small Shield Booster
    The next port of call should be the Control Centre which can be accessed either
    from the lift platform to the right at the far end of the Catwalk and walking
    in through the door or by JUMPing the crates on the right-hand arm of the +,
    following the Catwalk all the way around until it ends then either JUMPing the
    gap between the end of the Catwalk and the roof or hopping up onto the ledge
    and simply walking onto the roof; entering by dropping down through a breakable
          Author's Note: I'm not sure if it was intended, but Force Powers make it
          possible to move supplies forward for the next, demanding, sequences of
          the Level (they can be completed without doing so, but it is reassuring
          to have the supplies available in case of accidents); and doing so
          somewhat counter-balances the irrevocable action of going through the
          password-controlled door in the Control Centre.  I tend to concentrate on
          Ammunition (there should be around five boxes of Blaster and about the
          same number of cases of Power Cell still available) and Shields (at least
          one Large and two Small Boosters should still be available) plus an
          optional belt or two of Thermal Detonators.  Assemble all the required
          items on the Hall floor in front of the Control Centre, ready to be
          PULLed up to the platform or Control Centre roof before going up there.
    The Control Centre contains another case of Power Cell Ammunition and, down at
    the end of the corridor, through the door to the Murder-Holes room, a Bacta
    Canister and a belt of Thermal Detonators.
    When ready to proceed, stand on the light-grey patch of flooring (shaped like a
    square with the corner cut off).  The stalk-eye of a Gatekeeper Droid will
    appear to the left and demand the password.  Having seen Lando, everything
    should be OK here and the Droid should say "Correct".  The door ahead will then
    open.  If not, be prepared to be dumped into a transparent chamber with an
    electrified floor!  Nice guy, that Reelo!
          Author's Note: When/if taking supplies along, do not go through the door
          until all supplies have been PUSHed inside (it does not matter how many
          times the Gatekeeper Droid is made to appear).  Likewise, once through
          the door, do not go beyond the top of the steps until the supplies have
          been PULLed onto the lift platform.  Again, at the top of the lift shaft,
          do not step off the lift until all supplies have been safely PUSHed or
          PULLed into the passageway; which is a convenient place to leave them
          unless/until needed.
    Select Lightsabre before boarding the second lift, which will keep going down
    and back up as long as it is occupied.  There are three Weequays to be dealt
    with at the bottom, backed up by a Disruptor-armed Rodian in a loophole.  Pick
    the right time to SLASH - THROW can also be safely used from the end of the
    upper passage if the lift is sent down empty - the centre section of the bars
    (anywhere below the horizontal reinforcing pieces).  Take care to keep to the
    right when entering the room to avoid the Rodian's arc of fire.  Also, stay
    near the lift until the Weequays and Rodian have been dealt with, the
    passageway in the left corner is fitted with slide-mount Automated Defence
    Cannons.  After dealing with the Weequays (PULL and either Standing or
    CROUCHing over them when they try to get up works fine for the first two, while
    PULL or PUSH then a THROW will take out the third).  Note: aiming the PULL
    below each Weequay's waist in CROUCH minimises the risk of PULLing a round of
    Bowcaster as well as the Weequay.  Then select Disruptor, CROUCH and carefully
    move toward the left side of the room while scanning the left part of the far
    wall for the loophole.  Once located, get the Rodian's shoulder or head in the
    ZOOMed sight, half-charge the weapon and fire.
    Secret Area 5 is back in the lift shaft.  Call the lift, re-enter and move to
    the rear-right corner.  A jump into that corner on either the way up or down
    should access the Secret Area, containing two Small Shield Boosters and two
    Bacta Canisters.  Stand next to the corner of the raised lift car to bring it
    down again.
    The Author advises destroying all five Automated Defence Cannons in the
    passageway.  For safety, even though these do not seem to deal with a CROUCHing
    individual all that well, operate CROUCHed and behind as much cover as
    possible, taking aim at the nearest stopping-place on the track and charging
    the Disruptor to maximum each time for a one-hit elimination.  When dealing
    with the last two of these, do not go past the right-angled turn in the
    Around the corner are six shuttered loopholes (each with a Disruptor-armed
    Rodian sniper) plus a Weequay in a glass-walled room at the end.  Shoot the
    cracked section of the glass with the Disruptor (if the Weequay has not saved
    Kyle the trouble by shooting it out himself!), then the Weequay.  The standard
    loophole-clearing technique can now be used (with care) to eliminate all six
    Rodians, but be mindful that one or two of them have been known to become
    'rushers'.  If the Disruptor runs short/out of ammunition, the Bryar can be
    just as effective.  After dealing with the Rodian at the sixth (and final)
    loophole, reselect Lightsabre as there is a Weequay lying in wait around the
    corner;  PUSH and THROW is the Author's favoured method of dealing with him;
    before checking that the snipers' gallery is clear.
    PUSH the Control Panel through the gap in the glass to open the door on the
    right and go through it to enter the room - be very sure to stay well clear of
    the other door on the extreme right at this stage - and stock-up with the items
    inside (two Bacta Canisters, an Instant Use Medpack, a case of Power Cell
    Ammunition and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition).  The Viewpanel in this room
    shows three views of Kyle's approach route - the defenders had warning!
    Maximise Shields with Boosters (either those that have been brought along or
    those in Secret Area 5) before topping-off at the Shield Converter.  Finally,
    collect all the discarded Disruptors and Bowcasters in the lift area,
    (passages?) and snipers' gallery, finishing off ammunition replenishment at the
    Ammunition Converter at the far end.
    Once sure that Lightsabre is selected approach the previously forbidden door
    (note the Auto-saved Checkpoint) to trigger the Cutscene of Kyle entering
    Reelo's execution chamber and his conversation with Reelo himself (a very large
    Rodian indeed!).
    The first thing to do when the Cutscene ends is to get out of the centre of the
    firing pattern of the five Automated Defence Cannons (one pivoting and four
    slide-mounted) up in the roof space; the Author always engages SPEED and makes
    a dash for the nearest piece of wall - but be warned - Kyle's Lightsabre skills
    are not developed enough at present to destroy the Automated Defence Cannons
    with their own deflected fire, nor are his skills sufficient to block all the
    incoming shots, one will get through from time to time.  Note that while Kyle
    is at the outer edge of the room, only the four slide-mounted Cannon will be
    firing.  The central Cannon only starts firing when Kyle is close to the centre
    of the chamber.
    The Author's technique here, which might not suit everyone, is to pre-select a
    weapon of choice (Disruptor, for its one-shot elimination capability) - Kyle
    will not actually switch away from Lightsabre while under fire - then engage
    SPEED and circle round the room until Kyle switches weapons, continuing to
    circle (now in CROUCH), targeting a Cannon with a touch of ZOOM, charging,
    firing and finally swapping back to Lightsabre.  Repeat until four of the five
    Cannons have been destroyed.
    Leave the destruction of the final Cannon (things are easiest if it is the
    central one, but that is not always possible to arrange) until out of line with
    (but not too far away from) the square door, then engage SPEED, destroy the
    last Cannon and immediately switch back to Lightsabre as a posse of Weequays
    will boil out of an alcove behind the square door!  Use the last of the SPEED
    burst to RUN into the alcove (and any Weequays in the way!).  The rest of them,
    except (perhaps) for the last, normally straggle back into the alcove in ones
    and twos; use the PUSH and CROUCH-over method to deal with them.  When they
    have been eliminated, re-stock with the Instant Use Medpack, three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition, a Small Shield Booster and three cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition at the back of the alcove.
    Now go through either of the doors flanking Reelo's observation window (the
    Author tends to chose the left, but as each passage is guarded by two
    Disruptor-armed Rodians and one armed with a Blaster, there is no real
    difference).  On the way up the chosen passage, deploy a Trip Mine or two
    (either type of fusing will do fine) to guard against being overtaken from
    behind and go up to Reelo's hideaway.  Clear the other passage (and recheck the
    first from the execution chamber end) before heading to the Control Panels
    under the observation window; where there is a Bacta Canister at one end (one
    at each end on Padawan Setting).  Operate the centre panel to let Lando escape
    from the cell (shown in a Cutscene snippet) and also note that the decorative
    centre to the execution chamber floor splits apart and retracts.
    Move to the rear of the hideaway and find two cases of Power Cell Ammunition
    (three on Padawan Setting) on the floor by the fish tank.  The Viewpanel in the
    desktop shows two views of Lando standing over the Rodian guard he has just
    killed.  Under the desk (on the fish tank side) is another Control Panel that
    opens the door (in the wall behind the other end of the desk, USE/INTERACT or
    PUSH to operate it) to Secret Area 6 and Reelo's emergency escape slide;
    through the door at the back of the Secret Area.  Secret Area 6 contains a
    Disruptor, two Bacta Canisters, a belt of Thermal Detonators and a Shield
    Converter (if low on Shields and on the higher Settings, leave this alone for
    Using the slide exposes Kyle to pulsating red lighting all the way down, and he
    will have to drop down by the side of the stairs to avoid coming under
    Disruptor fire.  The recommended alternative is to return to the execution
    chamber and stand where the decorative centre panel was (the platform of a
    concealed lift) which will stop at the top of the stairs.  Head down the slope
    on the right-hand side of the stairs to the very bottom (keeping hard against
    the right-hand wall, and finishing on the light coloured flooring) and post a
    Thermal Detonator through the gap between the third and fourth tread from the
    bottom (CROUCH and put the horizontal line of the crosshairs on the top of the
    third tread) to eliminate the Disruptor- armed Rodian in Secret Area 7.  Move
    onto the stairs and PUSH the Control Panel to gain access to a box of Blaster
    Ammunition, a pack of Trip Mines, a Bacta Canister, a Large Shield Booster, a
    case of Power Cell Ammunition and a discarded Disruptor.  Take the lift back up
    to maximise Shields at the Converter, if required - returning by either method.
    Go through the door at the foot of the stairs, meet up again with Lando (in
    Cutscene), accompany him through the cellblock to the lift (turn the opposite
    way to before once out of the cellblock proper) and activate it to complete the
    NAR SHADDAA - STARPAD (Level 11) - [map code = ns_starpad].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Rodians, Grans, Weequays.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [1], PULL [1], SPEED [2]*, JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [1]**,
    The new Force Power of MIND TRICK (DEFAULT KEY = F4), even if rather limited in
    its Rank 1 and Rank 2 forms, is actually (in the Author's estimation) one of
    the most useful; due to being the longest-ranged Force Power in Kyle's armoury.
    Even at Rank 1, a victim will be dazed long enough for Kyle to select, ZOOM,
    charge and fire the Disruptor; and (if no obstacle is in the way) will often
    walk tamely towards Kyle!  A MIND TRICK can even be applied (or re-applied)
    through the Disruptor's zoom sight, if desired.  Contrary to the Datapad
    information, aggressive actions by Kyle do not seem to negate its influence on
    a victim (that is, unless a Lightsabre passing close enough to the victim to
    make him "smoke" fails to count as an aggressive action!) but actions by Kyle's
    allies, e.g. Lando, will.  MIND TRICKs were routinely used by Jedi in the final
    years of the Old Republic and were considered to be fully Light-side at that
    time; however, more recent Jedi thinking holds them to be potentially
    corrupting and, therefore closer to the Dark-side borderline.
    The SPEED increase is also valuable, despite causing perspective difficulties
    during Lightsabre Combat; Kyle can now move at 100% faster than normal.
    At the top of the lift, head up the corridor directly ahead.  A 'Grenadier'
    Gran in the vicinity of the next lift can prove a useful test candidate for
    MIND TRICK, let Lando have the honour of blasting him, but watch in case he
    tries to throw any Thermal Detonators; repeat the MIND TRICK, PUSH them back or
    THROW him if so.  Note that there is an Ammunition Converter around the
    partition to the left past the leftmost of the two locked doors, (that one can
    be dealt with from the 'wrong' side, later, if required).
    Follow Lando - Kyle is actually the faster of the two, even without engaging
    SPEED! - to the Hangar Observation Booth (there are a pair of Bacta Canisters
    sitting on a lift platform to the left of the door) and when Lando starts
    babbling about 'his baby', go and stand on the unoccupied lift platform (facing
    the rear wall) and wait for the spiel to end.  Then, again diverging from
    Matthew Rorie's way of doing things, take the lift platform down and go
    outside, where that locked door will be seen at the end of a walkway to Kyle's
          Author's Note:  An old Military saying states that "time spent on
          Reconnaissance is seldom wasted" and although this divergence looks like
          a sightseeing trip at first, does actually have a serious purpose - that
          is, preparing (and shaping) the battlefield as much as possible, by
          killing as many of Kyle's near-future opponents as possible before they
          can become problems.
    Head right from the lift and check (clockwise) around the base of the tallest
    structure that has pipes coming out of it (Large Fuel Tank - also the gateway
    to Secret Area 3) to make sure there are no enemies to Kyle's rear.  Note the
    cache of two cases of Power Cell Ammunition (three on Padawan and Jedi
    Settings) and the belt of Thermal Detonators lying on the walkway after the
    third buttress.
    Turn left at the place where the straight walkway joins and go along it until
    just after it narrows.  Straight ahead is the Flight Control Centre building
    (where Kyle needs to go to, only not yet, and not by this route).  The ledge
    (the dark rectangle) above (and left of) the sloping surface to Kyle's left is
    the location of Secret Area 2; the most difficult series of jumps (in the
    Author's opinion) in the whole of the current Mission.
    Once seen and noted, return to the Large Fuel Tank and engage SPEED before
    heading around the front of its shorter companion (Valve Control Fuel Tank),
    and dodging into the shelter of the angle to the right.  Kyle may, or may not,
    be fired on by a Disruptor while doing this.  Nevertheless, select Disruptor
    and ease cautiously out to locate the Rodian at a loophole next to the lit,
    short and wide, horizontal window down the way, target his head (on maximum
    ZOOM) and fire.
    Advance to the doorway (actually the rear door to the Lady Luck's Hangar - note
    for future reference) and locate the 'Grenadier' Gran on the small platform in
    line with the second window.  Eliminate with the same technique.  Now, advance
    to the end of the Hangar building and wait for a Weequay to come into view,
    making certain of this one with complete disintegration, it's best to shoot him
    in the back as he heads towards the doorway at the end of the walkway.  Then
    move round the corner and to the end of the building on the left.  There should
    be a 'Grenadier' Gran standing on something (storage containers?) directly to
    the front and two more Weequays should appear in a gap at walkway level to the
    left of the Gran's position.  Neutralise them all, taking care of the Weequays
    first (it's probably best to disintegrate this pair as well, since a non-fatal
    shot, or a miss, will alert other enemies).  On higher Settings, another
    'Grenadier' Gran will be visible on a storage container in the far left corner
    of the area.  Remove him too.
    Carry on along the walkway and around the corners to the right until finding
    two pairs of enormous doors that face each other.  The pair to Kyle's right are
    the Main Entrance to the Lady Luck's Hangar, note for reference, but carry on
    past them until reaching the lift again (it doesn't matter that there is no way
    of calling it from this level).
    To rejoin Matthew Rorie's route, locate the locked door again, follow the
    walkways round to it, Lightsabre the lock and go through.  At this point, Lando
    will comlink a progress report, but be mindful that there might (by now) be a
    Weequay just outside, or coming through, the door immediately to Kyle's left
    (which is where Kyle has to go); if so, give him a PUSH and follow up with the
    Lightsabre before getting a partial refill of Ammunition (almost certainly
    required) at the Converter.  Otherwise, enter the tunnel, deal with the
    Weequay, and then replenish.
    Go through the door and up the tunnel, keeping to the right and going just far
    enough to trip the far door open; there are a minimum of two Weequays in the
    room beyond; (which, on investigation, has what looks to be a repulsor-based
    cargo or ship lift in its centre); together with a Disruptor-armed Rodian on
    Jedi and higher Settings.  Both Weequays can be PUSHed into the pit by
    carefully easing forward (a minimum of two PUSHes each required, with the final
    one when the Weequay is lying on the ground), but if the last Weequay refuses
    to move over to pit-PUSHing range, use THROW or MIND TRICK instead.  The best
    method to deal with the Rodian (if present, he will be in the far right
    corner), is to SPEED toward his position, JUMP over him and Lightsabre him from
    behind, with or without a PUSH.  By the door opposite the tunnel (the next leg
    of the route) there is a Large Shield Booster (two on Padawan) and at the
    Rodian's position at the opposite end of the wall, a pair of Battery Packs.
    Top-up as required.
    Move to the door by the Shield Booster(s) and either deactivate the Lightsabre
    (hit the key/button again, so it is still available at a moment's notice), or
    change weapons entirely - the Author prefers to go with Bowcaster Secondary
    fire until emerging from the dark again as THROW (in fact, any Force Power
    except SPEED) is not available while using Light Amplification Goggles.
    Move into the unlit room and activate the Goggles, Kyle needs to head right,
    through the gap and along to a short dark pillar-like object, JUMP on top of
    it, turn right and drop down again.  Despite the extra time it may take, it is
    probably the best idea to adopt stealth tactics and proceed at the CROUCH after
    dropping down; there is a Weequay patrolling the next part of the room, and
    this measure quite often keeps him unaware of Kyle's presence until too late!
    Follow the passage round to the left until coming across a crawlspace, either
    go through it and go right at the 'T' junction if the Weequay hasn't appeared
    (if stalking him with the Lightsabre), or wait for him to show up, and turn his
    back, if using another weapon (note that the Disruptor's scope is useless in
    here, it does not seem to be compatible with the Goggles).  There is a pack of
    Det Packs down the left arm of the 'T' (note for possible collection, later)
    and two Bacta Canisters on the near side of the exit door (plus, on Padawan
    Setting only, a Battery Pack).
    If all visible opposition was eliminated during the "sightseeing" walk earlier,
    there should only be two Weequays left in the storage containers area and a
    Disruptor-armed Rodian in a building to the far left end of the walkway, (the
    counterpart to the one shot while "sightseeing"); it's probably better to
    tackle this enemy first.  Go through the door, JUMP onto the container directly
    outside and RUN (no need to JUMP) across onto the right-hand container beyond.
    Note, while doing so, the belt of Thermal Detonators on the roof of the
    container to the extreme right (where the first of this area's 'Grenadier'
    Grans was shot).
    Select Disruptor and advance to the centre of the container, then turn to the
    left, CROUCH and SIDESTEP to the right cautiously along the container top's
    midline, checking for the Rodian and his loophole through the Disruptor's scope
    (set at about 50% to 75% zoom) and using RIGHT-LEAN.  As soon as the sniper is
    seen, fully ZOOM and charge the Disruptor, move very cautiously to get a clear
    shot and fire.
    Switch back to Lightsabre and CROUCH to the end of the container, where the
    first Weequay can be MIND TRICKed (via the top of his head!), drop off the
    container roof and kill him while he is still under the influence.  There are
    two cases of Power Cell Ammunition at his position, plus his Bowcaster, for
    For the last Weequay, JUMP onto the tall, square, container next to Kyle, move
    along it until he becomes visible to Kyle's left; MIND TRICK him then drop
    down.  It's quite possible to drop so close to this one that the Lightsabre
    does the deed before Kyle has his feet back on the ground!
    Now, move up the walkway towards the Rodians' building, keeping to the
    left-hand side of the cut-outs until the building's gun-bay opens, then
    backtracking and going to the right-hand side, as Lando comlinks that he is
    pinned-down.  Destroy both Automated Defence Cannons in the bay (they are
    mounted one above the other) with a fully charged Disruptor shot each, (the
    best aiming points are the red ready/active lights on the mountings) and move
    across the walkway between the cut-outs toward the door.  There a 'Grenadier'
    Gran will be visible through a slit to the right of the gun-bay; eliminate him
    with the Disruptor, then move along to the end of the building on Kyle's left
    and look left to the walkway across the gap; targeting and eliminating a
    Weequay guard (he is the one most likely to have noticed the firing - if he
    has, he will probably be firing himself) as he comes around the corner.  If he
    does not put in an appearance straight away, the Author recommends waiting five
    (real time) minutes before proceeding.  Note that the figure working a console
    in a booth below the walkway is Lando - don't shoot him by mistake!
    Next, select Lightsabre and SPEED to the end of walkway and up to the door on
    the right, halting on the threshold at the centre of the doorway (thankfully,
    this one doesn't slam shut unexpectedly) and CROUCH.  One or more Weequays will
    try to come through the door when Kyle opens it; use MIND TRICK or PUSH as
    appropriate and THROW to finish him or them.
    Turn about without going inside the doorway  and look for two more Weequays
    patrolling the walkway around the Fuel Tanks.  If neither of these are running
    about and firing, they may be safely left until the chamber inside the doorway
    has been cleared, otherwise eliminate them now - long-range Bowcaster fire may
    not be all that accurate, but Kyle has to swap weapons, and taking a random
    bolt through the open doorway is just not worth the risk.
    Inside, there are two 'Grenadier' Grans and two Disruptor-armed Rodians (only
    one on Padawan Setting) in a large slightly-sunken alcove to the left, who have
    cover from three double-sets of curved pipes and four much larger vertical
    pipes.  Ease through the door and put Kyle's back to the right-hand wall,
    keeping tight against it throughout.  Carefully move along it until the first
    of the large vertical pipes can be seen (Kyle needs to be able to clearly see
    the left-hand edge and part of one of the curved pipes - but not so far across
    that he can be hit with Disruptor fire).  STAND and throw a Thermal Detonator
    (Secondary fire and maximum range throw) about two thirds of the way up its
    centreline, which will usually get rid of the Gran on that side (listen for the
    If not on Padawan Setting, prepare a maximum range, Primary fire, Thermal
    Detonator and alter the aiming point to put the vertical spoke of the
    crosshairs on the first light-coloured joint to the left of the large pipe,
    with the top of the reticle ring just appearing to touch the lower edge of the
    blocks.  That usually sorts out the Rodian near the first Gran's position!
    Now move (cautiously and keeping Kyle's back pressed firmly against the wall)
    right along it until both sides of a second large pipe can be seen (Kyle will
    be standing almost in the corner of the passage - about a pace away from the
    long wall).  STAND again and throw a maximum range, Secondary fire, Thermal
    Detonator about two thirds of the way up the left-hand large pipe's left edge
    (another Rodian death-cry should result!).  Finally, bounce a maximum range,
    Primary fire Thermal Detonator off the extreme top of the left-hand pipe's
    centreline (this Gran does not always give a proper death-cry, so check
    cautiously after selecting Bowcaster, E11 or Lightsabre).  Even if it means a
    "mowing the lawn" search pattern, bring Kyle up to a full complement of Thermal
    Detonators by locating one, or both, of the Grans' supplies and grab all
    discarded Bowcasters and Disruptors that have not already been collected.
    If the remaining Weequays on the walkway haven't yet been dealt with, now's the
    time.  Do it from the doorway and try to shoot the first while the other either
    has his back turned or is out of sight (their patrol routes are predictable and
    incorporate either directly-towards/away movement or a slight halt - which make
    both shots a lot easier).  The safest option is to use full-power charges for
    complete disintegration.
    When done, head along the passage almost to the corner.  There are two
    Disruptor-armed Rodians at the far end of the passage (one fully exposed in the
    passageway, the other waiting in ambush position on the other side of a window
    to the right).  Do an on-the-spot turn to the left (to be facing down the
    passage when RIGHT-SIDESTEPping later) and set up a Primary fire Thermal
    Detonator for a maximum range throw (use the horizontal joint in the wall to
    Kyle's front as an elevation guide).  Engage SPEED, RIGHT-SIDESTEP until in
    line with the Rodian, throw the Detonator and LEFT-SIDESTEP back out of his
    line of fire.  There will not always be a death-scream, (although there will
    probably be the sound of breaking glass!) so use a quick LEAN to see if he has
    been removed; repeating the exercise if not.  When safe to do so, move down the
    corridor nearly to the window and make sure that the Force Meter is back to
    full; then Select E11 and engage SPEED again to tackle the second Rodian beyond
    the window (he is at a higher level, about 35 degrees elevation).
          Author's Note: Sometimes, the beyond-the-window Rodian can be reinforced
          by a Weequay and another Disruptor-armed Rodian that would otherwise be
          encountered later.  These have been marked with an asterisk in
          parentheses (*) where they would normally be encountered.
    Move through the doorway to the platform where the first of the "sightseeing"
    tour 'Grenadier' Grans was standing before being shot, turning left to locate
    the gun-bay.  Switch to Lightsabre and JUMP up into the bay, easing round to
    the left of the wrecked Cannons to get into the aperture at their rear (CROUCH
    to see a Disruptor-armed Rodian - to the right, and a Weequay (*)- to the left,
    through the windows); don't be surprised if Kyle picks up a set of Thermal
    Detonators on his way around, they belonged to the Gran at the Cannons.  Engage
    SPEED and turn right on exiting the aperture, JUMPing into the corner above the
    Rodian's head, so Kyle lands on top of him and knocks him flat, ready for the
          Author's Note:  No, Kyle didn't just have a temper tantrum, that's just
          what happens when a being or Droid gets JUMPed on!
    Alternatively, bounce a maximum-range, Primary fire Thermal Detonator off the
    top part of the transparent barrier and listen for the scream!
    There are a reasonable number of supplies on the floor of this chamber (which
    is fitted with a transparent, three sided, partition), two cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition are/were at the loophole where Kyle is now standing, a pair of Bacta
    Canisters is to his right, another case of Power Cell Ammunition (two on
    Padawan and Jedi Settings) is/are at the loophole at the other end of the
    chamber (past the gun-bay), and a pair of Small Shield Boosters are all the way
    around to the left.
    Dispose of the Weequay (*) just past the other end of the chamber (try MIND
    TRICK followed by THROW when he walks towards Kyle); then engage SPEED and
    follow the passage, using the "Safe Sabre" method on the next Weequay (about a
    third of the way along) and being alert for the appearance of a Disruptor-armed
    Rodian (*)from the archway at the end, opposite the two cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition on the floor.  He can be given the PUSH and THROW treatment.
    Wait until the Force Meter shows full, then once again engage SPEED and RUN
    through the archway, bearing left to Lightsabre the Weequay on guard there.
    During this manoeuvre, a Disruptor will probably be heard to discharge, and the
    Rodian culprit might be glimpsed standing at the top of a ramp within the
    Flight Control Centre.  The direct way of removing this sniper is to SPEED up
    the ramp, PUSH him flat, then apply the Lightsabre; but try the option in the
    next paragraph as an alternative.
    Engage SPEED again and RUN back into, and a little way down, the passage,
    before coming back to the archway end and CROUCHing in the passage as far away
    from both archway and door as possible (with Kyle's back against the narrow
    strip of walling).  When set, put two or three rounds of half-charged Disruptor
    fire through the vertical midline of the Flight Control Centre door (aim about
    a quarter of the way between the 'V' of the upper diagonal decorative bracing
    and the top of the door).  There may, or may not, be a Rodian scream during
    this treatment!  If not, then apply the direct option instead.
    It's always wise to check out the area accessed by the down-ramps on each side
    of the central one, sometimes there's a Disruptor-armed Rodian lurking down
    there (particularly if no Rodian came into the passage to investigate) before
    operating the Control Panel (there are two Bacta Canisters, and on Padawan
    Setting only, a case of Power Cell Ammunition, in that area) to get a "Good
    work, Kyle!" from Lando.  After which, PUSH the triangular roof pane above the
    Control Panel to break it.  That is the way to Secret Area 1.
    To visit, hop up on the front of the Control Panel then JUMP and apply just a
    touch of FORWARD - not too much, it's a very, very long drop outside! - to land
    on the sill (Matthew Rorie's tip of facing downwards while in third-person view
    does, indeed, make the 'touch of FORWARD' much easier to judge).  Turn about
    and hop up onto the central support beam (do not JUMP or RUN on any of the
    glass, it will probably break!), moving along that beam until it joins with the
    rear support beams above the lobby doorway, then move to the right down the
    beam to find a pair of Bacta Canisters and a pair of Large Shield Boosters.
    Whatever the state of Kyle's Health and Shields, the Author always breaks the
    nearest slanted side-pane with PUSH and then PULLs all these supplies - best
    done with a gentle PULL while in CROUCH - to land them in the lobby area below,
    so they are easily available if required later.  Return to the Control Panel
    end of the building via the beams, but if dropping back down through the
    triangular pane looks too risky, WALK onto one of the roof-panes nearest to the
    Control Panel and break the pane with PUSH.  So long as Kyle lands on the flat
    section at the top on the ramp there will be no Health penalty.
    Operating the Flight Control Centre's Control Panel has also unlocked the two
    side doors, so there's no need for Kyle to take a return trip through the
    storage containers area and unlit room.  Just go out of the door at the bottom
    of the ramp, turn left, through the door in front, down the ramp and back along
    the walkway to the Fuel Tanks, on the way to the Hangar's main door.  Just as
    Kyle comes to the edge of the (now open) door; note the Auto-saved Checkpoint.
    Be sure to keep at least a Kyle-pace away from the Hangar threshold until well
    prepared for a major fight (it is probably no exaggeration to describe it as a
    Battle-Royal on Jedi Master!) against the 'company' that Lando predicted would
    soon be calling.
    At a minimum, the preparations should (in addition to ensuring that Bacta is
    the ready-use Inventory Item) take the form of three Primary fire Trip Mines at
    the Hangar's rear door (all deployed on the ground, ideally with their centres
    on the join between the different surfaces; one dead-centre, the other two
    midway between the first Mine and the door edges), plus one, deployed on the
    Hangar wall, each side of the main door.  If a disciple of "nothing succeeds
    like excess", it is possible to beef these up with additional Trip Mines (from
    Secret Area 2) and/or Det Packs (Kyle's stock, the unlit room and Secret Area
    3); but it might be found to be counterproductive.  Despite the difficulty,
    Secret Area 2 should be visited; there's at least one more Seeker Drone up
    there - and the battle coming up is their chance to shine; so head back to the
    ramp outside the Flight Control Centre!
    Secret Area 2 - Jump 1.
          Stand at the centre of the first complete-width panel down from the
          Flight Control Centre door.  Go empty-handed (hit the 'hyphen' or 'dash'
          key) and turn so that the crosshairs are positioned on the line where the
          light stonework joins to a grey, more metallic-looking material to the
          left of the lower window.  It is probably best (so the take-off point can
          be judged accurately) to lower the crosshairs so that they are in line
          with the bottom of this window.  QUICKSAVE!  Hit FORWARD then JUMP,
          coming off FORWARD and holding down USE/INTERACT at the start of Kyle's
          downward trajectory to 'stick' the landing (this is vital, as the actual
          landing area is very small).
    Secret Area 2 - Jump 2.
          QUICKSAVE again and move against the wall, halfway up the right-hand slab
          at the middle of the slope.  Put the horizontal line on the crosshairs on
          the point where the top of the slope appears to join the vertical wall
          and the left-hand edge of the reticle circle a touch to the right of the
          vertical joint line.  Hit FORWARD then JUMP (keeping both on) and Kyle
          should land on the Secret Area ledge.  The Secret Area contains; a pack
          of Trip Mines, a Large Shield Booster and a Seeker Drone (two on Jedi
          Setting; three on Padawan Setting).  Collect what is needed.
    Secret Area 2 - Jump 3.
          Move to a point about two-thirds of the way across the front of the ledge
          from the left; and about a half-a-pace from the front edge.  QUICKSAVE,
          turn to the right (aiming at approximately the mid-point of the slope),
          hit FORWARD and then JUMP, release both and then hit and hold
          USE/INTERACT to 'stick' Kyle's landing.
    Secret Area 2 - Jump 4.
          Move right up to the top of the slope again and stand back-to-the-wall at
          the centre of the small flat area.  QUICKSAVE!  Next is the toughest
          (easiest to misjudge) leap of the lot as Kyle hasn't got a lot of
          traction on that slope.  RUN down, hitting JUMP when crossing onto the
          third slab.  If it looks like Kyle will land on the walkway, release both
          the other keys and hold USE/INTERACT; otherwise rapidly hit the QUICKLOAD
          key (Default F9) because Kyle's death-plunge scream can get on peoples'
          Author's Note:  Those using a mouse with 'Free Look' turned on, may be
          able to employ a mini-cheat with Jump 1 as that configuration lets Kyle
          be swerved a little while in mid-air (although the take-off point has to
          be altered)!  If Kyle looks to have over-done Jump 4, a touch of BACK
          during his downward trajectory may save the situation.
    Fortunately, accessing Secret Area 3 is far easier.  Select Lightsabre and
    return to the taller of the two Fuel Tanks, going behind it first to check for
    enemies, then coming round to where the pipes pass overhead.  JUMP on the
    buttress nearest the pipes and from there to a small ledge above them.  Next
    JUMP up to the top of the Fuel Tank and find the very large pipe that enters
    the tank around to the right; drop down onto it ('stick' the landing here too,
    for safety) and move all the way along it.  At the end JUMP (more of a hop)
    onto the low ledge, and from there onto the higher ledge, where Secret Area 3
    (containing three Bacta Canisters, a pack of Det Packs and a belt of Thermal
    Detonators) is located.  Reverse the process to return, only instead of trying
    to drop onto a buttress, drop onto one of the two parallel pipes leading to the
    Valve Control Fuel Tank (and the Fuel Control Valves - for later reference),
    RUN along to its top, move all the way around to the right and drop back down
    to the walkway.
    When all is ready, ensure the Lightsabre is in-hand, but deactivated (sometimes
    the blade catches a deploying Seeker Drone and destroys it), do a full SAVE
    (not a Quicksave) then move into the Hangar.  There is even time to recharge
    Shields at the converter while Lando is nattering (having 100% Shields before
    the action starts is highly recommended) and deploy all but one of Kyle's flock
    of Seeker Drones before panic-time!  Kyle's task is both to survive and
    eliminate enough of the opposition to enable Lando to do the same; which
    (without explosive booby-traps thinning out the opposition) can be a really
    tough, or virtually impossible, job on the higher Settings; although it has to
    be said that Lando is a pretty fair shot and his blaster seems to pack quite a
    When Kyle says "We've got company!" and Lando replies "Get to the ship!", the
    Author recommends doing nothing until Lando moves (the rear door booby-trap
    will probably be seen to catapult some attackers into the Hangar at some point
    during this).  Ignite the Lightsabre and RUN (not on SPEED) down the left side
    of the Hangar; it's probably best to hurdle the fuel pipe immediately to Kyle's
    By the time that Kyle gets close to the second cylindrical Fuel Coupling, the
    Seeker Drones should be making their presence felt and distracting the
    opposition.  Pass the connector to its left, before heading right and engaging
    SPEED.  Kyle's priority targets are 'Grenadier' Grans (the attackers contain a
    fair proportion of Grans, but not all of them 'Grenadier'), but if a Rodian or
    Weequay gets in the way - Lightsabre them out of the way (use "Safe Sabre"
    where possible, but it will probably be necessary to SLASH some of them).  If
    the Lightsabre missed a few enemies on the first run through, repeat the dose
    in the opposite direction; but don't get too far from the Lady Luck's boarding
    ramp - Lando will reappear and board, telling Kyle to "Hold them off",
    something that the Author feels is best done from the top of the ramp leading
    to the cockpit area (liberate the last Seeker Drone when in position).  Kyle
    always takes Damage, but it usually isn't fatal; and as far as the Author can
    recall, every time that Kyle survives to get aboard the Lady Luck, Lando does
    too.  The Author's best performances to date leave Kyle with all 50 Health
    Units and 48 Shield Units remaining.
    The only real problem with this method is that if a knot of three or four
    'Grenadier Grans' assemble at the rear door, judging the right time to duck
    under their Detonators and put them to the Lightsabre can be a bit tricky!
          Author's Note:  This tactic is based on my observation that attackers
          never charge in through an entrance when Kyle is in its vicinity, and my
          theory that the programmers arranged it that way to make things
          'interesting'!  Virtually the entire first rear door wave is eliminated
          by the Trip Mines, while Kyle is near the main doors, leaving the second
          rear door wave no option but to come in straight away.
          Supplemental 1:  It is actually possible to JUMP onto the Lady Luck's
          hull (not directly over her bow, but a little to either side) and RUN all
          the way to her stern; but Lando has been killed every time the Author has
          tried this in combat.
          Supplemental 2:  Didn't the Seeker Drones do well!  Two to three hits to
          kill a Rodian or a Weequay, five or six for a (tougher) Gran, and a good
          deal of distraction among the enemy ranks, into the bargain!
    Lando will then complain that the fuel isn't coming through, and wants Kyle to
    find the valves and turn them on.  Exit the Lady Luck and RUN a complete circle
    around her, there are almost always stragglers left in the Hangar, and
    sometimes one or more attackers out on the walkways to either side.  Mop them
    up as they are spotted.  While touring the Hangar, note that there are several
    supply items in various locations inside; three Bacta Canisters (four on
    Padawan Setting), two cases of Power Cell Ammunition, two cases of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition (a curiosity, since no weapon using it has yet made an
    appearance!) plus a Shield Converter and an Ammunition Converter.
    Find the fuel valve codes that Lando was talking about (they are on the two
    cylindrical Fuel Couplings to the Lady Luck's starboard side) - the Red valve
    code is a circle with a diagonal line through it, the Blue valve code is a
    leaning X - and go out of the Hangar via the main entrance.
    Kyle will have to fight his way to the Fuel Tanks - one 'Grenadier Gran' on all
    settings plus two (Padawan) to five (Jedi Master) Disruptor-armed Rodians; all
    at high elevations; so adopt the same street-fighting tactics as before.  When
    just past the turnoff to the 'locked' door, advance in CROUCH, scanning the
    rooftop directly ahead.  If Rodian legs are seen, target and fire immediately
    with a full-power Disruptor shot.  Next, advance very cautiously down the wall
    on Kyle's right-hand side to check if the Large Fuel Tank has a sniper in
    residence - the Author normally targets his weapon in order to get rid of him,
    two full-power Disruptor shots doing the job.  Switch to the other wall and,
    again advance very cautiously, scanning for one or two snipers on a rooftop
    high to Kyle's left.  With that rooftop checked/cleared, advance (CROUCHed)
    down the left-hand edge of the walkway until a 'Grenadier Gran' can be seen on
    a roof beyond the Small Fuel Tank.  Last, but not least, RUN to the Large Fuel
    Tank and take cover behind the buttress that Kyle will be jumping onto shortly.
    From there, scan along the roofline of the Flight Control Centre for a Rodian
    torso beyond it.  Usually this sniper has to be taken out with a body-shot
    through the glass panels, but occasionally enough of his head is showing to do
    him that way.
    With all those locations checked and cleared, Kyle can make an undisturbed JUMP
    onto the buttress (if Secret Area 3 has not yet been visited, now's an
    excellent time to collect the Secret Area credit, if nothing else) and then
    onto the pipes, as before, RUNning across to the Small Fuel Tank and setting
    them (the Blue Valve requires two presses of USE/INTERACT, the Red Valve,
    three.).  Lando will say that the fuel is coming in when this has happened, and
    reminds Kyle about the roof!
    It may be best to re-visit the Flight Control Centre via the rear of the Large
    Fuel Tank at this point, for re-supplies of Bacta, Power Cell Ammunition and
    Shields (remember the Booster(s) and Bacta sent down from Secret Area 1?).
    After seeing to the Logistics, go into that building's lower section again and
    re-enter the Hangar via the door, newly extended bridge and the Hangar's rear
    The entrances (one on each side) to the Hangar Roof Control Rooms are hidden
    under crates.  On the port (left) side of the Lady Luck, the crate can be
    PUSHed from the direction of the main door or PULLed from the direction of the
    rear door; on the starboard side the largest group of crates must be shot or
    Lightsabered out of the way.  In both cases a grille in the floor has to be
    smashed, before dropping down and CROUCHing along a passage, smashing the
    grille at the other end (one is vertically above the end of the passage, the
    other at the end of the crawlspace, where a Weequay may come into view for a
    PUSH and a THROW).
    Eliminate the defenders (expect at least one Disruptor-armed Rodian and one
    Weequay in each room with 'Grenadier' Gran backup on Jedi and higher Settings;
    and the room on the starboard side to be possibly the more heavily defended)
    and turn on all five of the Control Panels; the four in the centre of each room
    first, then the one on its own.  It does not matter which room is visited
    first, although the Author seems to go to the entrance to port of the Lady Luck
    most of the time.  Engaging SPEED before entering the rooms seems to be an
    effective tactic.
    The room at the end of the passage to the Lady Luck's port side contains two
    Bacta Canisters and two cases of Power Cell Ammunition; that to starboard a
    belt of Thermal Detonators and a pair of Small Shield Boosters.
    Top everything up (including draining the two Converters, if needed) and return
    to the Lady Luck but (especially on the higher levels) do not get too far into
    the cockpit, just far enough that Lando tries to start the engines is fine, but
    the engines don't sound fine at all!  Lando's attempt to put matters right is
    interrupted by a Cutscene showing the bay door opposite opening, revealing
    Reelo (at the controls of a Twin Cannon Mounting) and yet another group of his
    minions.  Activate the Lady Luck's cannon (triggering another short Cutscene)
    and eliminate Reelo first (his is the most powerful weapon) then blow away the
    rest of his followers so that the Lady Luck can take off.  Note: When dealing
    with Reelo, it may be quicker and more economical in ammunition to shoot, by
    eye, at his Twin Cannon Mounting (keeping the aiming-mark white) until it
    explodes and takes Reelo with it, rather than trying to target Reelo himself
    (where the aiming-mark turns red).  As a point of interest, Reelo and his
    minions are in the room with the repulsor-based cargo/ship lift in the middle;
    the same room that the Kyle went through to get to the storage containers area
    (note the Battery Packs that are in view) although it now has a solid floor in
    the centre (the lift?).
    The Level concludes with Kyle having a nightmare flashback to his encounter
    with Desann and confessing what had happened to Lando.  Lando suggests a plan
    of action that might let Kyle trap Desann before the New Republic Strike Team
    BESPIN (CLOUD CITY) - UNDERCITY (Level 12) - [map code = bespin_undercity].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Rodians, Grans, Weequays, Reborn.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [2]*, PULL [2]*, SPEED [2], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [1], HEAL [1]**,
    The upgrade of Force PUSH and PULL to Rank 2 will be found to be a vast
    improvement over Rank 1; PUSH knocks enemies flying onto their backs (note the
    plurals, as it operates in an arc in front of Kyle, so no more PUSHing enemies
    one-at-a-time) and PULL can take their weapons away although (in addition to
    the risk of PULLing weapons' fire, mentioned earlier, which can be lessened by
    PUSHing or MIND TRICKing first) be mindful that enemies will pick up discarded
    or spare weapons, if given the opportunity - which can lead to some bizarre
    combinations; such as Rodians wielding Bowcasters and Weequays firing Blasters!
    In view of this fact, consider going a little short of Blaster and Power Cell
    Ammunition - plus Metallic Bolt, when that becomes available - so, if PULL is
    used in this way, plucked-away weapons re-supply Kyle's ammunition stocks and
    are not left lying about.
    HEAL (DEFAULT KEY = F5)is also a useful addition to the Jedi bag-of-tricks,
    although at Rank 1 no movement is possible and Jedi HEALing at any Rank
    temporarily drains a full Force Meter in exchange for 25 Health Units (the same
    as a Bacta Canister).  FORCE HEAL is a fully Light-side Power.
    Select and activate Lightsabre and move (the Author recommends going
    anticlockwise, so as to only have a Weequay as Kyle's immediate opponent at the
    top of the piston's stroke) around the narrow walkway until coming upon a
    archway closed by a grating.  Wait off to the side of the light-brown area (an
    air-blast powerful enough to blow Kyle off the walkway comes out of these
    gratings at intervals) and THROW the Lightsabre to smash it.  A piston will be
    seen to drop down to walkway level after each air-blast; that is the safe time
    to duck through the arch.
    Ride the piston up (be careful not to stand too close to the side of the shaft,
    in case Kyle is crushed against a projection) and dispose of the 'Grenadier'
    Grans and a Weequay at the top; where there is a Shield Converter and the
    doorway to the rest of Cloud City.  The Author favours engaging SPEED when
    nearing the top, PULLing the Weequay then JUMPing onto the ring-walkway and
    going after the Grenadier' Grans (PUSH followed by Lightsabre).
    Secret Area 1 is located in this chamber; stand by the Shield Converter and
    look to the right and up for a rectangular opening in the side of the ceiling
    over the ring-walkway around the piston shaft.  Access is a little tricky and
    takes timing.  Drop onto the piston again and move to the structure in the
    middle, standing by the side nearest the opening.  Ride the piston down, and
    JUMP onto the small ledge at the top of the structure, but ONLY when hearing
    the sound of the air being forced out of the arches below (too early will cause
    Health Damage, sometimes to fatal levels; too late and Kyle will not get enough
    height); then ride the piston up again pressing FORWARD and JUMP (while aimed
    at the opening) just before Kyle gets crushed against the piston-gland.  While
    SPEED can help with the timing of this JUMP, the Author finds that the
    distorted perspective while on SPEED more hindrance than help.  The contents
    are a Seeker Drone and a Small Shield Booster, so may not be thought worth the
    bother of an attempt.
          Author's Note: The piston drops so quickly on the other parts of the
          downstroke that any movement risks a very long, and fatal, fall - try
          forcing an enemy onto the piston plate and PUSHing him on the first part
          of the downstroke for an darkly-satisfying kill!
    Only attempt to leave the Secret Area by dropping to the  piston plate, when it
    is fully raised again; JUMPing back to the ring-walkway before the next
    downstroke.  There should be enough time to do this in one go, but, if unsure,
    wait while the piston cycles up down and up again to be absolutely safe.
    There is just one doorway out of the piston-chamber, unlocked only at either
    the top or the bottom of the piston's stroke (it is also a door that will close
    on any being underneath it, so be mindful).  If the light above the door is
    amber, the door is locked; if white, it will open onto a forked chamber
    occupied by a pair each of Weequays and E11-armed Rodians (normally one of each
    down both sides of the fork).  Deal with them (SPEED is a help) then take the
    left-hand fork, past a case of Power Cell Ammunition (two cases on Jedi
    Setting; three on Padawan Setting)by the wall to the left, to the lift at the
    end (as stated in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, this lift is not very obvious).
    Go up and eliminate the 'Grenadier' Gran (SPEED helps again), then go up to the
    door at the end of the passage leading into a Cloud Car bay (tactical tip, the
    Damage potential is reduced if Kyle CROUCHes outside the chamber, MIND TRICKing
    each defender in view, then PULLing to disarm them - mopping up with a ranged
    weapon when all are disarmed).  Once its defenders have been eliminated
    (Weequays and E11-armed Rodians again), JUMP from each of the Cloud Car's pods
    to the broad shelves above.  On Padawan and Jedi each shelf has two Bacta
    Canisters and a Small Shield Booster lying on it.  On the higher Settings the
    right-hand shelf is the same, but the left only holds the two Bacta Canisters.
    Back at the foot of the lift again, go through the first door to the left and
    kill the two 'Grenadier' Grans and two Weequays defending it (SPEED helps here,
    as well; as does PUSH on the Grans and "Safe Sabre" on the Weequays).  The
    being in the Control Booth (where there are another two cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition) is an Ugnaught; a Cloud City resident, this one seems harmless and
    neutral.  The Author recommends leaving him alive and in-situ; in case he's
    needed later.  In the far corner of the room there is a lift to a second Cloud
    Car bay, defended by some Weequays and at least one E11-armed Rodian,
    containing a further two Bacta Canisters and four boxes of Blaster Ammunition.
    Except to add to the end-of-Level body-count, it's probably not a lot of use
    going up there, (the tactics used in the previous Cloud Car bay work here too)!
    Find, and stand by, the transparent door to the chamber with the gas-flares
    coming out of the walls and MIND TRICK the Ugnaught to get him to open it on
    hearing the flames die (it is also possible to operate the Control Panel by the
    Ugnaught -or INTERACT with him, for the same result - and SPEED across the
    room, but using MIND TRICK is probably safer), go through the 'gas-flares'
    chamber, HACK the lock and move into the lift chamber.
    Take the lift up, staying on the same side as the Control Panel and towards the
    rear of the platform.  On arrival note both that the platform drops back down
    (leaving restricted safe manoeuvring space) and that there is a Shield
    Converter on the other side of the lift shaft.  Approach the left-hand side of
    the doorway at an angle (in CROUCH and with Disruptor selected), until the door
    opens then ease round to locate the first of two Disruptor-armed Rodians in the
    circular shaft beyond the door (SPEED helps with a Damage-free takedown of this
    one, but be careful not to go so far through the door that the second sniper
    can target Kyle).
    The large circular shaft on the other side of the door may be the means of
    moving that piston up and down, certainly the coils around the various levels
    look like superconducting-electromagnets.  Whatever they actually are, they are
    lethal if contacted, the only safe places being the metallic-looking collars at
    the ends and the tops of the power-shunts that move up and down.  The task here
    is to SPEED across the red forcefields at each level (while they remain
    active) and ride the power-shunts upwards.
    However, the Author recommends doing nothing about the second Rodian - yet; but
    waiting for the forcefield to activate, before SPEEDing to the first Rodian's
    position (providing Kyle does not get hung-up while going through the doorway,
    the second Rodian's fire will go wide).  JUMP onto the collar on arrival and
    immediately do a left turn-on-the-spot to locate and eliminate a Weequay on the
    next level up, before salvaging the discarded Disruptor (if visible) with PULL
    and ducking through the arch.  Note the case of Power Cell Ammunition in the
    archway, there's one of these at every sniper's position in this shaft.
    On the other side, select Bowcaster and bounce Secondary fire through the arch
    of the next support structure after the power-shunt trackway (try putting the
    vertical line of the crosshairs on the first panel joint back from the
    support), which usually gets rid of the second Rodian.  Next, re-select
    Disruptor, wait for the forcefield again and SPEED across to that collar.  If
    the Rodian is still alive, fry him by launching a PUSH at him through the
    archway before turning to deal with a second Weequay; in the same relative
    position as before.  When done, SPEED back across to the doorway on the next
    activation of the forcefield either to top-up Shields at the Converter, or
    (once the forcefield activates again) SPEED directly across to the moving
    The second ring (where the Weequays were) is now clear, so SPEED directly
    across to the next power-shunt as soon as it's safe to do so.  However, the
    third ring is defended by a Disruptor-armed Rodian on the collar immediately to
    the right of where Kyle's power-shunt will stop.  The Author prefers Bowcaster
    for this snap-shooting, mutual-exposure situation -for safety, usually with
    another burst of SPEED engaged just before the power-shunt reaches the top of
    its track.
    Before proceeding, scan the top of the next (and last) power-shunt with the
    Disruptor's scope to spot a Gran (of the 'Grenadier' variety) standing to the
    right of the track.  It's easiest to take him down from Kyle's current
    position, although it may mean riding down and up for two or three cycles.
    There are two ways of tackling the pair of Weequays waiting to ambush Kyle on
    the fourth ring, but it's probably safest to keep them at long range and pop
    them both with the Disruptor - a burst of SPEED just before reaching the top
    can help with tracking during the change in elevation angle, and almost always
    allows them both to be taken out within the duration of the SPEED burst;
    although the power-shunt will have to be allowed to make another cycle so
    Kyle's Force Reservoir replenishes.
    Once at the top, look for the door a quarter-way around the circle, probably to
    the left.  Select Lightsabre and SPEED to the door, PUSHing through it as it
    opens to knock the defenders down (with particular emphasis on catching the
    'Grenadier' Gran) and kill them.  This is another lift-chamber, with a Large
    Shield Booster and a Bacta Canister (two on Padawan Setting) are on the floor
    and is also the location of Secret Area 2.  Raise the lift platform (without
    boarding it) to reveal the entrance to the Secret Area, which contains a Bacta
    Canister, a Small Shield Booster and two boxes of Blaster Ammunition.  There's
    a duplicate Control Panel down there, so there's no chance of getting trapped.
    Take the lift up, exiting into a corridor with an Ammunition Converter.  Head
    to the door into another circular room, with several vertical pipes and three
    circular grilles in the walls.  After mopping-up the Weequays and E11-armed
    Rodian defenders (usually one Rodian and two Weequays and probably best done
    with the MIND TRICK and disarming-PULL tactic, followed by elimination by
    ranged weapon fire) tour around the outer edge of the chamber to find; two
    Bacta Canisters (four on Padawan and Jedi), a belt of Thermal Detonators and
    two cases of Power Cell Ammunition spread around.
    It's well worth ensuring that Kyle has maximum Shield protection for the next
    part of the journey, even if finding sufficient Units in unused or part-used
    Shield Converters means retracing Kyle's path right back to the beginning of
    the Level (getting back through the 'gas-flares' room is just possible with the
    help of SPEED and MIND TRICK) as there's no going back once past here; and two
    or three testing times coming up.  Also take time to maximise Kyle's Bacta
    stocks and Health, for the same reason.
    Once done, smash, and hop through, the circular grille to the left of the door
    (the others either do nothing or drop Kyle back, unharmed, in the middle of the
    room) to get a ride to a small platform, attached to the side of a vast chamber
    not unlike where Luke duelled with Vader in Episode V.  Once there, wait for
    the airflow past the outer-right corner of the platform and RUN into it to
    ascend.  As it is not unknown for Kyle to either miss the air-column or to
    actually land on a defender and get bucked off the platform as a result,
    Quicksaving before each element of this upward-mobility exercise is very
    strongly recommended.
    Do this (eliminating defenders on the way - PUSHing them before touching down
    on their platform works especially well) until reaching the platform guarded by
    two Weequays.
    There, RUN into the upward airflow from the centre of the front of the platform
    for a free ride to the vanes above and Kyle's first confrontation with a
          Author's Note:  When in combat with Force-wielding enemies, conventional
          weapons are almost always totally ineffective (except under very special
          conditions), and explosive devices are almost always a waste of time and
          ordnance, except in one particular case.  The Lightsabre should be the
          weapon-of-choice in these situations.
          Likewise, PULL and PUSH are rarely effective (unless used to 'force' the
          enemy into FORCE-BLOCKing, when a well-timed SLASH or HACK can get
          through his guard); but SPEED is highly useful.  THROW can also have a
          place, but there is a definite risk of the THROWN Lightsabre being
          parried away and not returning to hand for quite a long time!
          A FORCE-BLOCK appears as a wash of Force-energy seen around Kyle's (or a
          Force-wielding opponent's) left hand and/or arm during combat, and
          indicates the successful negation of an attempted PULL or PUSH.
          As stated, Kyle's Primary Lightsabre attack is a horizontal SLASH,
          normally going from right to left.  However, a well timed application of
          STRAFE/MOVE RIGHT can reverse its direction.  Either direction of SLASH
          can effectively be combined with CROUCH to get under an enemy's guard.
    Duelling this particular Reborn - an ordinary Reborn (Orange hood - the weakest
    type) on Padawan and Jedi; a Reborn Force User (Red hood with sandy tunic) on
    the higher Settings - can be a bit tricky.  Not only is he Kyle's first
    Lightsabre-armed opponent, but manoeuvring space is restricted due to being on
    the platform.  The Author tends to wait for this Reborn to come close, and
    press him back with a flurry of Lightsabre SLASHes (in both directions) while
    CROUCHed and on SPEED.  It can be valuable to replay this combat a few times:
    there will be more Reborn (and tougher Force-wielding enemies) later on.  Hone
    skills while there's the opportunity!
    Move as quickly as possible to one of the endpoints of the platform and locate
    a plume of vapour (corresponding to one on the far platform).  RUNning across
    these gives a free ride between the platforms, but don't hang about - a pair of
    Rodians will try to cross over first, if Kyle dawdles.
    Move to the doorway in the middle of the second platform and deal with a
    Weequay and two E11-armed Rodians (if they have not already come across the
    vapour-plume bridge) - it's probably best to CROUCH on the central beam of the
    connecting platform, MIND TRICKing all enemies in sight and then PULLing to
    disarm the nearest, which very often makes him a victim of 'friendly fire'!  Go
    just through the door as soon as they are out of the way and another group will
    come charging down the passage beyond the door from the left.  A good, safe,
    tactic with all of these is to CROUCH just outside and use the MIND TRICK and
    disarming-PULL ploy again, backed up by THROW when it's safe to use it.
    There is an Ammunition Converter on the opposite side of the passage near the
    door; top-up if needed, then follow the passage along to the left.  Just before
    the corner a Gran-ish exclamation will probably be heard, so be mindful.  The
    best tactic the Author has found is to go round the corner at SPEED and PUSH
    both 'Grenadier' Grans flat when within range, this often makes them victims of
    their own Thermal Detonators.  There is a Shield Converter in the bay where
    they were standing, but unless well down, do not use it yet, but wait until
    later, and also make sure (before moving toward the door) that the Force Meter
    shows a full charge; why will be seen on going through the doorway to the left
    into Carbonite Chamber 17!
    On Padawan and Jedi Settings, the Reborn in the Carbonite Chamber is a Reborn
    Acrobat (Blue hood), who seems fond of leaping about and turning cartwheels
    (try PULLing this one when standing at the front edge of the lift platform
    immediately after he has said his catchphrase, quite often he lands in a heap
    just in front of Kyle, ready for butchering!); on the higher Settings he is a
    Reborn Boss (Red hood, dark tunic), more powerful and not as susceptible to
    PUSH and/or PULL; although a mid-air PUSH while JUMPing up to his position over
    the lift-plate has been known to floor him for the Lightsabre if Kyle lands in
    the right place (but be mindful that he recovers very quickly and also that he
    can use both GRIP and SPEED).
          Author's Note: At the Ranks credited to a Reborn Boss (and more powerful
          Force-wielding enemies) GRIP, in addition to holding its victim immobile
          and/or inflicting Health Damage, also switches off Lightsabres.  If
          GRIPped, attempt to PUSH out of it immediately, then reactivate Kyle's
          Lightsabre with the 'Primary Fire' key/button.
    Otherwise, the drill is the same, engage SPEED and HACK or SLASH until the
    Reborn expires.  Once done with him, a door will open at the top of a stairway
    and some Rodians will try their luck with Blaster fire.  Deal with them as
    normal.  Look for a Bacta Canister (two on Padawan Setting) under the stairway
    to the Rodians' room, with two cases of Power Cell Ammunition to the right of
    the head of the stairs; and another case of it almost directly across the
    Carbonite Chamber.  Last but not least, the entrance to Secret Area 3 (one
    Bacta Canister, one box of Blaster Ammunition and two Small Shield Boosters)
    can be found under the other stairway.  A note of caution: the Ugnaught
    attending the Control Panel in here has sometimes been known to pick up a
    weapon and fire it in Kyle's direction - so it's probably best to eliminate him
    straight away.  His Control Panel can be operated to lift a Carbonite ingot out
    of the pit, but a Carbonite ingot is all that it is!
    To complete the Level, maximise Shields (Boosters and/or Converter, top-up with
    the available ammunition, go into the Rodians' room, find and operate the
    Control Panel to release the R5 Droid and follow him onto the lift platform.
    BESPIN (CLOUD CITY) - STREETS (Level 13) - [map code = bespin_streets].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Rodians, Grans, Weequays, Reborn, Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power)
    => PUSH [2], PULL [2],SPEED [2], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [1], HEAL [1],
    At Rank 1, GRIP (DEFAULT KEY = F6) is not all that useful an addition to the
    Jedi tool-kit, its real utility coming in at Rank 2 or Rank 3, although on
    ordinary (Orange) Reborn and enemies that do not have Force Powers, it can
    immobilise a single opponent for a THROW, or stop a single opponent firing his
    weapon in preparation for safely plucking it away with PULL.  However, the
    Author advises that GRIP is not used at anything below Rank 2 unless in a
    one-on-one situation, and preferably as an ambush tool.  GRIP is a
    predominately Dark-side Force Power (usually unused by Light-side Jedi - except
    on one occasion by Luke Skywalker!).  Kyle has access to it through his
    experience of nearly becoming a Dark Jedi.
    There is some good news and some bad news concerning the R5 Droid Kyle has just
    met up with.  The bad news is that (a) the R5 must be kept intact for the
    Mission to continue and (b) it has been programmed to go directly from A to B;
    seemingly without any concern for its own safety.  The good news is that it is
    an old Droid, and therefore is not very quick over the ground!
    It is quite safe to leave R5 on its own for a bit, while, with Lightsabre
    selected and active, RUNning to, and JUMPing up into the opening directly to
    the front (and left of the lighted window) where there are two Bacta Canisters
    to the left of the doorway.  Inside is a Heavy Repeater-armed Trandoshan,
    protected by a pair of Laser Fused Trip Mines.  The nice way to deal with him
    is either to pop a Thermal Detonator under the door to take out the Trip Mines,
    (it is also just possible to JUMP over their beams without setting them off)
    then advance and use the Lightsabre.  The nasty way is to CROUCH just at the
    doorway, disarm the Trandoshan with PULL and keep PULLing (while moving
    slightly backwards each time) until he does the minesweeping chore himself!
    At the end of the room is a Control Panel for the lift that R5 is heading
    towards and (to the right) a Large Shield Booster (two on Padawan and Jedi
    Settings); unless the need for shielding is urgent, leave it/them alone for
    now.  After making sure that the Trip Mines are no longer a threat; engage
    SPEED, operate the Control Panel and head out of the room (to the left) in
    pursuit of R5.  Be quick to pass the Droid and get up on the ledge (JUMP rather
    than taking the lift) before it, otherwise it will face almost certain
    destruction.  Once there, move against to the right-hand side of the doorway
    (against its inner face), turn towards the lock and select whatever weapon is
    considered suitable for a medium range engagement - the Author usually selects
    the Disruptor.  When ready, back away and allow the Droid access to the lock.
    When R5 goes to the lock and turns its back fully towards Kyle, move all the
    way over to the right, and really pin that Droid against the edge of the
    doorway (otherwise it will be off up the corridor immediately, if not sooner)!
    Kyle needs to be in CROUCH, facing slightly forward of the edge of the doorway
    and with SPEED engaging when the door opens.
          Author's Note:  PULLing the R5 back if it gets through the door is not,
          according to my testing, very effective.  Also, PUSH seems too imprecise
          to either send the R5 back out of the cloister or to lock it against the
          door frame.
    Either a E11-armed Rodian or a similarly armed Gran should be the only visible
    opponent, eliminate him as quickly as possible (whichever one it is, and it
    seemingly varies with Setting, he is just inside MIND TRICK range).  Both that
    and the SPEED can help considerably in limiting Damage from return fire,
    although a losing a few Shield Units is quite possible.  With the immediate
    threat neutralised, note that the corridor (actually more of a cloister, with
    one side open) is very well laced with Laser-fused Trip Mines.  Use the
    Disruptor or Bryar (the Disruptor's sight can be used to give the Bryar a rough
    point of aim for the far-away targets) to destroy all visible mines in the
    lower row (it appears that R5 can survive one, and only one, Trip Mine
    detonation) and then check along the corridor with the sight on maximum Zoom;
    there should be only two low-level blue beams left, the nearer one noticeably
    thinner that the far one (there is a hidden, lower row, Mine on both sides at
    the far end).
    Use Repeater Secondary fire to detonate the three hidden mines, but be mindful
    that the Repeater's (Secondary fire) Concussion Grenades do not land anywhere
    near the range seemingly indicated by the crosshairs, although direction is
    fine.  Give a generous amount of extra elevation (super-elevation) and
    adjust aim by eye after firing each Grenade.  For the first Mine, place the
    point of aim on the right-hand edge of the pillar and about halfway up it!  For
    the others, the crosshairs will need to be up in the roof!  A detonating Trip
    Mine produces a large, orange-white, flash; in contrast to the blue-white wash
    of an exploding Concussion Grenade, so it is easy to tell when the Mines have
    been set off.  Thermal Detonators can also do this Mine Disposal job - but most
    of them are liable to be used up.  Check again with the Disruptor's sight to
    make sure that the way ahead is clear for R5 (no Mines left in the lower row,
    but the upper row left intact) and back off towards the lift to let R5 go on
    its way up the corridor (sometimes it will need a touch of PUSH or PULL to get
    it clear of the edge of the door) - the thugs to the right are after Kyle, not
    a Droid, so they won't fire at it.
    Wait until R5 unlocks the door at the end and goes out of sight (so there is no
    chance of it being caught in crossfire); then select Disruptor and look through
    the doorway at the far end using maximum ZOOM on the sight, where a 'Grenadier'
    Gran is patrolling back and forth.  Charge the weapon to maximum and shoot him
    when he comes into the centre of the sight; switching to Lightsabre immediately
    afterwards.  Most, if not all, of the room's remaining defenders (a Weequay, a
    Trandoshan and two E11-armed Rodians) should come charging down the corridor
    and into their own Trip Mine trap!  It does not seen to matter if Kyle moves
    out of sight (and out of the line of fire) they will fall into the trap anyway.
    If they have not appeared within a reasonable time, adjust position and start
    picking-off the thugs to the right (three of them are available without too
    much exposure) with Disruptor (or Bryar Secondary fire) and SPEED; which should
    encourage their colleagues in the room at the end to charge to the rescue!
    Complete picking off the available thugs with the Disruptor, - Kyle should get
    into position in the corner at the left-front of the lift, dealing; from far to
    near; with a 'Grenadier' Gran (fully exposed), and a Weequay (legs showing),
    before very cautiously edging his way forward along the wall either the last
    Blaster-armed Rodian or a Blaster-armed Gran - being mindful that there is
    still one Disruptor-armed Rodian left on the extreme right of their firing
    For this last ambusher, the Author prefers to switch back to the Imperial Heavy
    Repeater, engage SPEED, LEFT-SIDESTEP up the cloister until the Rodian is in
    view, giving him a generous a burst of Primary fire.  More often than not,
    handling this final sniper is Damage-free.
    Check the room at the end for defenders, eliminating any found (usually the
    Weequay); the two TIE fighters inside are not worth examining, but the alcove
    (to the right of the door into the next room), where R5 has parked itself, is
    Secret Area 1 of this Level, containing an Ammunition Converter; collect the
    Secret Area credit but leave the Converter alone unless vital (there are enough
    supplies where Kyle is going for all but the most trigger-happy).
    Go through the door into the next chamber at SPEED (it is a storage area full
    of stacked Carbonite ingots) and RUN around to the left, aiming to arrive
    before any of the defenders (a Weequay and two or three E11-armed Rodians) can
    get out of the door; it saves having to hunt them down around the stacks;
    eliminate them in the normal manner.  Note the two Small Shield Boosters in the
    right-rear corner (on Padawan Setting there are three Boosters, together with a
    Bacta Canister in the left-rear corner), but leave them alone for now (if
    Shielding repair is urgent, use, for preference, the Large Booster in the
    minesweeping Trandoshan's lair).  Once back outside, locate the locked door,
    without doing anything to it, and check for a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition
    (two on Padawan and Jedi Settings) on top of the second stack of ingots to the
    Lightsabre the lock on the door (THROW is best for this) over on the far right
    side of the Carbonite stacks room and head on through using SPEED.  The
    courtyard beyond is defended by a pair of Weequays, a 'Grenadier' Gran and an
    E11-armed Rodian and has two Cloud Cars parked on an elevated area to the side.
    Try to deal with the immediate threats without going down to the far end of the
    courtyard.  A door to the left of the first ramp to the elevated area leads
    into a Control Room, defended by another 'Grenadier' Gran (directly across from
    the door) and a Weequay.  A good ploy is to engage SPEED, trip the door open
    and fire a quick round of Repeater Secondary as the door opens.  Follow up, on
    a second burst of SPEED, with the Lightsabre after any Thermal Detonators have
    exploded.  Other than discarded weapons, there are no supplies in either this
    room or in, what the Author has dubbed, 'Freezing Reborn Plaza'!
    A Reborn Acrobat (Blue hood) will drop down from the top of the wall as Kyle
    approaches the door at the far end.  The Author can confirm Matthew Rorie's
    suspicion that this Reborn is glitched - a THROW in his vicinity while on the
    way down will freeze him in place on landing.  Either carve at leisure, or go
    round behind him and PUSH for some duelling practice; one way or the other, he
    must be disposed of; the next door will not open until then.  As usual, SPEED
    is a help when duelling.  Before leaving 'Freezing Reborn Plaza', make sure
    that the three types of Ranged Weapon ammunition are partially expended.
    Through the door Kyle meets up with one of Lando's Cloud City Troopers, in a
    room with a Bacta Canister (two on Padawan Setting) on the floor to the left
    and a Trooper casualty.  When the Monologue has finished, move to the left side
    of the door to Kyle's front (through a Checkpoint) which opens onto the
          Author's Note: It is probably best to adopt a modified form of the
          urban-warfare tactics used at Nar Shaddaa to keep Damage to a minimum,
          although as the density of Disruptor-armed Rodians is lower here, the
          Lightsabre will probably be the main weapon of choice.
          Supplemental: It is, indeed, possible to JUMP-PULL ledge-level enemies
          into a killing fall to the street, although doing so needs pretty perfect
          timing and has to be done from very close to the walls (and the
          bottomless gap that is lying in wait for a misaimed-JUMP).  The Author's
          advice is not to bother with this technique.
    Locate the Trandoshan and E11-armed Rodian guarding the big door to the left
    and pick them off with the Disruptor (for possible future reference, there is a
    case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition in a niche by the Trandoshan's position) and
    immediately switch back to Lightsabre before going through the door to meet a
    Weequay and another E11-armed Rodian (sometimes backed-up by a second
    Trandoshan) charging down the street from the left.  A tactical retreat right
    back into doorway to 'Freezing Reborn Plaza' generally keeps Kyle safe from
    enemy and friendly fire (Cloud City Troopers are not noted either for their
    patience or their accuracy!).  If one or more of these enemies are disarmed and
    bolt for the discarded weapons near the big door, engage SPEED and pursue them,
    finishing them with PUSH and Lightsabre.
    Next, move into the street again and scan the ledges opposite for a 'Grenadier'
    Gran; eliminating him with the Disruptor or Bryar Secondary fire if seen; then,
    or otherwise move down the street, keeping to the left.  If another Trandoshan
    did not back-up the Rodian and Weequay, then he will be found around a corner
    to the left (up the steps), watching over a case of Power Cell Ammunition.
    Lightsabre him in the usual way and grab the Power Cells.  If the 'Grenadier'
    Gran was a no-show earlier, look for him again now, get a safe distance away
    and remove him, then move to the corner of the street next to the Cloud Car.
    Select Disruptor, locate and eliminate the defenders on and about the Twin
    Cannon Mounting on a raised section at the end of the street (Repeater-armed
    Trandoshan, the Weequay on the Cannon and an E11-armed Rodian - although one or
    more may have been killed by Cloud City Troopers) and a 'Grenadier' Gran on the
    ledge to the right of the large doorway.  At about this point, surviving Cloud
    City Troopers will join up with Kyle, and/or get in his way while attempting to
    give him some assistance!  Engage SPEED, barge through any Troopers (using PUSH
    if necessary) and move smartly round between the pods in front of the Cloud
    Car, CROUCHing just in front of the engine (be mindful to listen for a warbling
    Rodian scream while doing this) and about-turning in place.  Locate and
    neutralise a Disruptor-armed Rodian sniper who appears above the left-hand end
    of the big doorway to the right of the end of the street, then about-turn and
    engage SPEED again to locate and eliminate another Disruptor-armed Rodian
    sniper who has moved into a position near where the first Gran was standing.
    With the Rodian out of the way, give that walkway another scan, usually yet
    another 'Grenadier' Gran is up there too!
    Switch to Lightsabre and move towards the Twin Cannon Mounting, but be mindful
    to keep checking a doorway above and left of the Cloud Car (an E11-armed Rodian
    sometimes makes an inconvenient appearance; no Rodian scream earlier will
    probably mean that he is there).  Just about when Kyle reaches the seats and
    lamppost, one E11-armed Rodian will start firing from above the right-hand end
    of the large open door to the right, and a second E11-armed Rodian will emerge
    from the opening and come charging across.  Backtrack just out of the line of
    fire of the first Rodian and use PUSH and PULL on the second when he comes
    within range (MIND TRICK can also be effective, and sometimes the Cloud City
    Troopers will finish him themselves, but that is immaterial).  Switch back to
    Disruptor and set up to engage the other one (CROUCH, ZOOM and charge) before
    SIDESTEPping (with SPEED engaged) back to where Kyle has a shot at the first, a
    long-range MIND TRICK can help in eliminating this Rodian, too.  Note that
    there are some supplies (two Bacta Canisters, a box of Blaster Ammunition and a
    Large Shield Booster - two on Padawan and Jedi Settings) at the barricade where
    the Troopers were originally positioned.
    Switch back to Lightsabre and complete the move to the raised area containing
    the Twin Cannon Mounting, where a case of Power Cell Ammunition and a case of
    Metallic Bolt Ammunition (two on Padawan and Jedi Settings) are available for
    re-supply.  Scan for a 'Grenadier' Gran on a very high walkway above and to the
    right of the top-right corner of the large open door and use the Disruptor (or
    the Twin Cannon Mounting) to eliminate him, swapping back to Lightsabre
    afterwards.  Move across to the centre of the large open doorway and do a SPEED
    RUN to the lift at the rear of the chamber, which is still defended even if its
    appearance suggests otherwise.  Go up on the lift (the Troopers with Kyle will
    say that they are staying down below to see if they can keep enemies off Kyle's
    back) and move anticlockwise around the walkway.  If a Weequay is just standing
    in a daze in Kyle's way, Lightsabre him, then duck into a niche in the wall
    just past a case of Power Cell Ammunition and a Bacta Canister - two on Padawan
    Setting and CROUCH, facing outwards.  Use PUSH to send the Weequay (if not
    already dealt with) and the two E11-armed Rodians off the walkway as they
    appear to Kyle's front (sometimes there is only one Rodian and a warbling
    scream - which means that the other one has fallen off the walkway!).
    Secret Area 2 is on the darkened behind Kyle and above his head.  It contains
    another Bacta Canister, a Small Shield Booster and a case of Metallic Bolt
    From here, move along the front of the building and follow the walkways around
    (it doesn't matter if Kyle goes round the outside of the circular tower or
    ducks through the tunnel) until coming level with the Cloud Car, below.  It's
    probably best to JUMP the gap and land in front of the door, as that move
    allows defensive coverage from the Lightsabre when the door opens.  Inside are
    two Weequays and an E11-armed Rodian (one Weequay and the Rodian may be engaged
    in killing a Cloud City Trooper in a room to the left when Kyle arrives, the
    room contains a Shield Converter - leave this alone for now, if at all
    possible).  MIND TRICKs and disarming PULLs, followed up with the Lightsabre,
    will sort these out once they are to Kyle's front, then move forward to the far
    door on the left.
    There are another pair of E11-armed Rodians to be dealt with here and a big
    window that is currently covered by a Blast-Shield.  Operate the control to
    open the Shield for an uplifting, if somewhat puzzling, moment later on, then
    follow the U shaped corridor along to the end door on the left to dispose of a
    further pair of E11-armed Rodians.  This room contains a belt of Thermal
    Detonators and a Bacta Canister (two on Padawan and Jedi Settings) and two
    doors, one locked, one not.  SLASHing open the locked door (which the Author
    hardly ever does - there's no consequence, one way or the other) will free
    another pair of Cloud City Troopers from confinement in what looks to be a
    lounge, but Kyle's route lies through the other door and onto another set of
    Deal with the 'Grenadier' Gran and two Weequays that come down the walkway
    (PUSH and Lightsabre works best) and carry on along it until a Weequay and two
    E11-armed Rodians come into view.  PUSH them off the walkway and note that a
    very tall building (with a vaguely circular plan) is at the end of a connecting
    walkway to the right.  Engage SPEED and keep following the walkway Kyle is on,
    PUSHing and HACKing a Disruptor-armed Rodian standing by a lift platform,
    before doubling back and across the connecting walkway and taking shelter in
    the niche at its end (where there are two cases of Power Cell Ammunition) from
    a Weequay across the sunken area to the left and a Disruptor-armed Rodian high
    up on the tall building.  Pick off the Weequay with the Disruptor first, (he is
    an very easy kill if he has not noticed Kyle's rapid transit - or is MIND
    TRICKed at long range) before tackling the Rodian by backing cautiously out of
    the niche (but not too far!) and shooting him in the head.  MIND TRICK can do
    wonders with this enemy too and the only thing that stops this last opponent
    from being described as an easy, no-risk, kill is the possibility that Kyle
    will back-up over the edge of the walkway!
    Reselect Lightsabre and move back round to the lift platform, noting its
    counterpart across the sunken area, before operating the Control Panel and
    descending.  Then move across to the second lift and take that one up.  At the
    top Kyle will be greeted by a 'Grenadier' Gran coming out of room where Kyle
    needs to go; be quick and this thug can be MIND TRICKed into walking blithely
    forward into a Lightsabre!  Inside the room are a Trandoshan, a Weequay and an
    E11-armed Rodian (PUSH, PULL and MIND TRICK are all effective against these
    when in used combination with the Lightsabre).  The room contains two Bacta
    Canisters (three on Padawan Setting), two Small Shield Boosters (three on
    Padawan and Jedi Settings) plus a Control Panel on the left wall; which opens
    one of the large doors down in the sunken area.  Before going any further,
    ensure Health and Shields are at maximum, even if it means backtracking along
    the walkways to that Shield Converter.  Then, descend to the sunken area and go
    through the door.  Once through, the door will seal itself again behind Kyle.
    This large courtyard is defended by a pair of Reborn; two ordinary Reborn
    (Orange hood) on Padawan, two Reborn Acrobats (Blue hood) on Jedi and a Reborn
    Acrobat (Blue hood) plus a Reborn Fencer (Green hood) on the higher Settings;
    lying in wait behind the twin obelisks.  On the lower settings it doesn't much
    matter which Reborn is engaged first, but on the higher Settings the Author
    recommends JUMPing through the gap between the obelisks then trying to take out
    the Green Reborn quickly - he's a much better swordsman and more inclined to
    THROW than the Blue.  PUSH, PULL and THROW all work, and the Author finds it
    helpful to do more JUMPing about than usual.
    When the Reborn are dead, locate a lift platform on the left about two-thirds
    of the way down the courtyard (there are no supplies available down here on any
    Setting, so don't bother looking), ascend on it and follow the walkway around
    to a bridge.
    Although nothing shows at present, this bridge is seeded with Laser-fused Trip
    Mines, which activate and become obvious when Kyle is halfway across.  The
    suggestions in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough could work, although the Author
    found that the inclusion of a 'Grenadier' Gran in the opposition on higher
    Settings made things a lot tougher - one of his Thermal Detonators can set off
    all the mines by sympathetic detonation, shredding Shields and very much
    reducing Health if he is not eliminated immediately - so the Author devised the
    following 5-step tactic, which works on all Settings.
                Step 1: select Repeater and work down the bridge, without going
    beyond the second buttress, using Secondary fire to detonate the mines behind
    all buttresses within easy reach of the Repeater; which should leave only two
    or three buttresses uncleared.
                Step 2: come back off the bridge and refill with Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition using the two cases at the far end of the walkway.
                Step 3: stand by the curved wall, facing along the bridge, select
    Lightsabre, engage SPEED and run FORWARD; JUMPing as soon as the beams appear
    to Kyle's front - three beams can be JUMPed over with ease - landing at the far
    end (where there is a pack of Trip Mines on Padawan and Jedi Settings).
                Step 4: Move toward the opposition and PUSH as many as possible
    over, using the Lightsabre to finish them (two can usually be dealt a HACK
    before having to restore defensive cover) - with the 'Grenadier' Gran as the
    priority target.
                Step 5: Mop-up either using PUSH and the Lightsabre or else (nasty
    method), PUSHing the survivor into the remaining Trip Mines on the bridge!
    Move along the walkway until the big window comes into view, where (if the
    Blast-Shield was opened earlier) a clutch of Reelo's thugs are standing,
    hands-up, as prisoners; guarded by some Cloud City Troopers.  That's the
    uplifting moment.  The puzzling part comes after the Blast-Shield closes again,
    when a Trooper voice sometimes gives the command "Open Fire!" or "Blast them!"
    (or, occasionally, "Hostiles!"); it's not clear if the Troopers are dealing out
    summary justice or not!
    To continue, Kyle now has to drop into the sunken courtyard over the parapet,
    opposite the window, but it is guarded by two E11-armed Rodians, and he also
    has to drop into a fairly deep pool (deep enough to switch off an active
    Lightsabre) to avoid Health Damage.  The best way to deal with this situation
    is to move back to where the parapet comes right against the wall of another
    building (forming a step) and hop up onto it, selecting Disruptor; moving
    cautiously (in CROUCH) along the parapet, and a touch over to the right, until
    both Rodians can be seen.  Quickly MIND TRICK both of them, the one on the
    right first, and shoot them in the same order; the MIND TRICK on the left-hand
    one should last just long enough to get a shot in.  Locate the pool and
    carefully drop down into it (it is very easy to drop off-line or even go too
    Reselect Lightsabre and go through the courtyard door into another cloistered
    arcade, this one curved.  A Weequay is visible just beyond the seats, and a
    Rodian might just be spotted dodging back around the curve (probably to arm
    himself!).  Advance just enough to be able to PULL the Weequay, finishing him
    with THROW, then take position just beside the first seat to await the Rodian
    (he's now picked up his Blaster!) and who is almost always accompanied by
    another Weequay.  MIND TRICK both then use THROW to finish them off.
    Next, select Disruptor since there are still two threats to be dealt with, both
    Disruptor-armed Rodians.  The first is positioned on the upper level of the
    lower building opposite, at the far end where it becomes a tower.  Engage
    SPEED, and SIDESTEP across in CROUCH, ZOOMing in, and charging the weapon
    simultaneously, at the sniper's head (for some reason a body-shot does not
    always produce an instant kill) as soon as he comes into view.  The second runs
    along the upper level of the lower building past the curve of the
    arcade/cloister.  CROUCHing and a careful advance along the left-hand side of
    the cloister (to about the middle of the bay with a seat at its end) usually
    results in a free shot at his legs or lower-body.  Unfortunately, both of these
    snipers appear to be out of MIND TRICKing range, so they have to be taken out
    the old-fashioned way.  Kyle should then be able to move safely along to the
    end of the cloister, where there is a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition and a
    case of Power Cell Ammunition by the last seat.
    Secret Area 3 is also located at this end of the cloister; but as there is
    still some combat to be done, consider coming back to it later.  This Level's
    final Secret Area (containing a Seeker Drone and two Small Shield Boosters) is
    also pretty difficult to get into, or out of, so Quicksaving is a must.  When
    (if) the time comes, hop up onto the parapet between the last thick pillar and
    the end wall by the door and look down to see a very narrow ledge, that's it
    there!  The Author finds that the only way to get in  is to turn round and
    back-up very gradually (using both CROUCH and the WALK toggle) step-by-step
    until Kyle starts dropping, then immediately hitting FORWARD.  Getting out,
    since there is a very nasty overhang, involves positioning Kyle (again
    backwards) so that his toes are just on the edge of the ledge, turning about 45
    degrees, JUMPing and then hitting FORWARD.  That usually does the trick.
    Through the door is a split-level room (fitted out as a lounge), defended by a
    Rodian, a Weequay and a quartet of Stormtroopers.  Probably the best tactic
    here is to CROUCH in the outer half of the doorway, using PULL on the Weequay
    and Rodian (it disarms them, and if they are PULLed from a close enough range,
    decapitates them as well) then engage SPEED and take on the Stormtroopers as
    normal.  After eliminating all these, note the pair of alcoves in the back
    wall; the nearest contains an Ammunition Converter and a belt of Thermal
    Detonators , the far one contains a Shield Converter.  It is recommended that
    (like Secret Area 3) these be left alone until just before entering the next
    Through the next door is a lift-lobby with guarded by a pair of Stormtroopers
    (who may have gone into the previous room to reinforce their colleagues there).
    Dispose of them, if present, and take the lift up to another, larger, lounge;
    containing a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition (two on Padawan Setting), two
    cases of Power Cell Ammunition and two Bacta Canisters; all guarded by a
    Disruptor-armed Rodian, a Weequay a 'Grenadier' Gran and a Stormtrooper (if
    Kyle has eliminated the sentries and boarded the lift quickly) these may have a
    Grey Uniformed Officer, and a Black Uniformed Officer, who has a Security Key,
    still with them).  Once neutralised, that's the final bunch of Reelo's thugs
    dealt with - from this point on it's Imperial Remnant troops and Desann's
    minions only; so no more enemy Disruptor fire or Thermal Detonators to worry
    Even if the Officers have not left the lounge, go through the unlocked door at
    the end, where a Reborn awaits the attention of Kyle's Lightsabre.  This one is
    a Blue on Padawan Setting, a Boss (Red hood, dark tunic) on the three higher
    When the Reborn and Officers are all dead, maximise everything (the next Level
    is short on Shield Boosters, although there is a special Converter available
    just before Level-end), operate the Security Lock, pass through the door next
    to it and along the corridor to end this Level.
    BESPIN (CLOUD CITY) - PLATFORM (Level 14) - [map code = bespin_platform].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Reborn, Guard Droids, Tavion.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [2], PULL [2],SPEED [2], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [1], HEAL [1],
    FORCE LIGHTNING, (DEFAULT KEY = F7) is virtually useless at Rank 1, at least as
    far as Force-wielding enemies are concerned, although it does seem to have some
    use against Droids and is lethal against individual Stormtroopers.  FORCE
    LIGHTNING causes a small drain on Shield Protection, but a larger one on
    Health.  It is held to be a fully Dark-side Power, available to Kyle for the
    same reason as applies to his ability to use GRIP.
    The upgrade to LIGHTSABER DEFENSE, however, is useful, giving a wider arc of
    coverage as well as the ability to repel more incoming-rounds-per-minute and
    there seems to be a slightly increased chance of incoming fire being returned
    to sender, as well!
    Before making any forward move, look upwards and to the left.  The shape and
    patch of colour just visible beyond the nearest ceiling-beam belong to a Reborn
    (Orange on Padawan, Blue on Jedi and Green on the higher Settings) who will
    drop down and confront Kyle as he passes.  Getting rid of this Spiderman
    wannabe without much risk of Damage is simple, PUSH him back up into the roof,
    at as steep an angle as possible, as soon as he drops; RUN to where he is
    sprawled and HACK and/or SLASH, as required, until dead.  Very often, he does
    not even have time for a death-cry!
    Trip open the door at the end of the corridor, and stand in the doorway.  Kyle
    may have to attract the attention of the guards, if so, throw a full-power
    Primary fire Thermal Detonator aimed at one of the nearer guards - they are
    both Leaders (armed with Flechette Weapons).  Stay in the doorway, PUSHing one
    or more of the Stormtroopers into the Trip Mine fence, if possible, but then or
    otherwise using MIND TRICK (to bring one or more victims towards Kyle and make
    him/them stop firing) and THROW for disposal.
    The corridor doors to the right are both locked and those to the left both lead
    into the same room, where a Grey Uniformed Officer and a Stormtrooper are
    guarding a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack, a box of Blaster
    Ammunition, a case of Power Cell Ammunition and a case of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition).  Duck in there to eliminate the Imperials so there are no known
    enemies behind Kyle, before heading into the octagonal hallway (complete with a
    Light Sculpture); which offers a choice of two doors, ahead and to the left,
    plus a lift on the right; this last should not be used yet (Kyle needs to
    obtain a Security Key before he can do anything to progress the Mission up
    Both of the doorways give access to the same crescent-shaped corridor.  The
    defences inside are; a trio of Portable Assault Sentries, a large Trip Mine
    fence (through the door to Kyle's front), a trio of Guard Droids and (if they
    do not come out into the hallway to investigate as Kyle approaches) two
    Stormtroopers through the door to the left.  The Author first enters through
    the door to the left, immediately SIDESTEPping LEFT so Kyle occupies that
    corner.  If there's time, MIND TRICK both the Stormtroopers, if present, and
    THROW them in succession before the Guard Droids come into sight.  With Kyle's
    newly upgraded Lightsaber Defense Ranking, there's only a slight chance of any
    shots getting past his Lightsabre if he CROUCHes in the corner.  Either let the
    Droids' deflected fire destroy themselves and each other, or pick times when
    none of them are firing to give them doses of FORCE LIGHTNING, which seems to
    speed-up the process.  To finish things in this section of the corridor,
    advance until a Portable Assault Sentry can be seen, outwait its ammunition
    supply behind the Lightsabre (in CROUCH), then advance again and destroy it
    with THROW.
    If confident of Kyle's abilities in a melee, engage SPEED and RUN through the
    doorway to Kyle's front; however, the Author prefers to let the enemy do most
    of the work of killing each other, so backtracks to the hallway, enters the
    other door and advances (in CROUCH and keeping to the left-hand side of the
    corridor) under the Trip Mine fence, to the corner.  Both remaining Portable
    Assault Sentries can target Kyle, and Stormtroopers come out of the nearest
    doorway, but because of the volume of incoming (and deflected) fire, all the
    Stormtroopers occupying that room usually end up dead (sometimes one remains,
    to be disposed of by MIND TRICK and THROW), while Kyle remains untouched.
    THROW both Sentries to get rid of them once they have run out of ammunition and
    no further Stormtroopers have put in an appearance, before entering the room
    through either of the unlocked doors.  Note: If the Mine fence is left
    undisturbed now, it might come in handy later and the locked door, beyond where
    the further of the two Assault Sentries was positioned, leads out onto the
    landing platform.
    Inside the room (used for storing some type of coffer-like containers) there
    are a number of supplies in the corners; one pack of Trip Mines, two cases of
    Power Cell Ammunition (three on Padawan Setting), two cases of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition (three on Padawan Setting) and two boxes of Blaster Ammunition (four
    on Padawan and three on Jedi Setting, respectively); together with two Battery
    Packs and two Bacta Canisters (three on Padawan Setting) on top of the side
    This room is also the location of this Level's only Secret Area, containing a
    Small Shield Booster and a Bacta Canister (the entrance is by the R2 Droid,
    under the stairs, - his counterpart 3PO Droid is yet another disappointing
    Get onto the upper level, go through the door and kill the Black Uniformed
    Officer inside (just occupy the doorway and let his deflected fire do the job),
    being sure to take his Security Key (and note a Supply Rack on the wall in
    front of the Officer's Control Console holding an Instant Use Medpack and three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition).  With the necessary Key in Kyle's possession,
    it's time to use that lift that he bypassed earlier - but be mindful that there
    are a pair of Trip Mines in the lift shaft to be dealt with (sending the lift
    up empty will NOT take care of them!).  The Author recommends the Bryar or
    Disruptor for the job, reselecting Lightsabre afterwards.
    Particularly on the higher Settings (and still a good insurance policy on
    Padawan and Jedi) immediately dodge out to the right at the top of the lift and
    get into the corner nearest to it.  The three Stormtroopers (one armed with a
    Flechette Weapon) present on the lower Settings are joined by another four
    Stormtroopers on Jedi Knight and Jedi Master, two of whom are armed with
    Imperial Heavy Repeaters.  This concentration of firepower has occasionally
    been known to get Damage past Kyle's Lightsabre; so the Author recommends
    ignoring the E11-armed enemies (letting them hazard everyone except Kyle with
    their fire) while MIND TRICKing the Flechette-armed and Repeater-armed
    Stormtroopers and then confiscating their weapons with PULL.
    Also on the higher settings, move over to the opposite side and look up into
    the roof space before leaving the elevated area by the lift.  The dark orb
    (with flashing red lights) that can be seen just above and behind a beam is a
    Guard Droid, which can be destroyed where it is by two full-power shots from
    the Disruptor.  Another one can be seen at the end of the next-but-one glass
    roofing panel, and given the same treatment.
    A third Guard Droid (and the only one present on Jedi Setting, there are none
    at all on Padawan) will drop down through the glass before Kyle has a clear
    shot, so make sure Lightsabre is selected and pick the right time to take it
    out with THROW.
    Move along to the end of the corridor, up onto the other elevated section and
    open the Security Lock.  Inside the room are two Stormtroopers (one with an
    E11, the other with a Flechette Weapon) and a Reborn - a Blue on Padawan, Green
    on Jedi and a Boss on the upper Settings.  Engaging SPEED before going through
    the door and attacking in CROUCH seems to be the most effective method of
    dealing with the Reborn on the lower Settings, but the Boss on the upper
    Settings is a great deal more difficult, not least because he seems to be able
    to use the STRONG Lightsabre style.  He can sometimes be defeated easily (try
    CROUCHing up to the door and PUSHing when it has opened halfway, then RUNning
    into the room and THROWing if he is on the ground; before retreating back to
    the outer edge of the doorway), but don't be surprised if Kyle emerges from
    that combat with low Health and low (to non-existent) Shields.  If so, the two
    Bacta Canisters on the floor in the sunken middle of the room will come in
    handy, as will the Instant Use Medpack (together with two boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition) in the Supply Rack just inside
    the door.  Deal with the two Imperials by re-entering at SPEED, then PUSHing
    and HACKing.  Once gone, and when Kyle has maximised his Health (if required),
    operate the Control Panel under the furthest window (note the Honour Guard by
    the Hauler, outside and below) - which triggers a view of the, now-unlocked,
    door to the landing platform; downstairs - and return to the lift.  Also note,
    as Kyle moves away, that the Honour Guard starts to re-deploy.
    Five Stormtroopers; (all armed with E11s and led by a Grey Uniformed Officer on
    Padawan; four armed with E11s, one armed with a Flechette Weapon and led by a
    Tan Uniformed Officer on Jedi; and two armed with Flechette Weapons, two with
    E11s plus one armed with an Imperial Heavy Repeater and led by a Black
    Uniformed Officer on the two higher Settings) are encountered on the way to the
    lift.  The Author recommends keeping to the right-hand side of the corridor,
    engaging SPEED before rounding the second corner JUMPing over all of them onto
    the back of the elevated area by the lift then flooring as many as possible
    with PUSH - make Flechette and Repeater users priority targets for the
    Lightsabre, Secondary fire from the Flechette users has been known.  Heavy
    Repeater Secondary fire has not (in the Author's experience) been used, but the
    possibility cannot be discounted.
    Another six Stormtroopers (led on all Settings by a Black Uniformed Officer,
    who is carrying a Security Key) are waiting at the bottom of the lift.  On
    Padawan Setting, all of these carry E11s; on Jedi, two of the E11s are replaced
    by Heavy Repeaters; while on the higher Settings another three E11s are
    replaced by Flechette Weapons (i.e. three Flechette Weapons, two Heavy
    Repeaters, one E11 and a Black Uniformed Officer - also armed with an E11 - per
    squad).  The Author recommends attempting to whittle down these odds before
    descending by moving to the top of the (platform-less) lift shaft and tossing
    down the entire stock of Thermal Detonators - Primary fire and a half-power
    throw - onto the floor-panels in the centre, to the extreme left and extreme
    right.  Follow up, if not many screams have been heard, with Flechette
    Secondary fire; but pay attention to the trajectory - too short and Kyle will
    be blown down the shaft!  To mop-up, reselect Lightsabre, call the lift and
    engage SPEED just as the platform moves past the top of the opening.  Check all
    accessible rooms and corridors for survivors.  The earlier action of leaving
    the Trip Mine fence intact tends to prevent survivors from circling round.
    Note that the Light Sculpture has been knocked over!
    If down on Shields (or well down on ammunition), operate the Security Lock to
    gain access to both the previously locked rooms.  The room furthest from the
    octagonal hallway contains an Ammunition Converter and a Bacta Canister, the
    room nearest to the hallway contains a Shield Converter (this one is special,
    it gives a full - uncapped - 100 Unit recharge on any Setting), a Bacta
    Canister and a Reborn (Orange on Padawan, Green on Jedi and a Boss on the
    higher Settings).  SPEED, CROUCH, move around the corner to the left and SLASH
    seems to be the antidote for the junior Reborn.  SPEED, move around the corner
    to the left and SLASH/HACK can put the Bosses out of action quickly and without
    fatal Damage.  Denis Seguin's Bowcaster method (quoted in Matthew Rorie's
    Walkthrough) can work, even on a Boss, but it can also fail - it's probably
    safer to stick with the Lightsabre.
    Maximise everything (don't forget the pack of Trip Mines in the coffers room),
    make sure that Bacta Canisters are the 'held' item in the inventory then move
    through the door to the landing platform - to an encounter with Tavion!
    Tavion boasts to Kyle of Desann's invasion of the Valley of the Jedi, the Force
    empowerment of Desann's Reborn troops and reveals that Desann deliberately
    goaded Kyle into visiting the Valley.
    Although the Author strongly suspects that a Lightsabre duel is/was not the
    intended method of defeating Tavion, a full SAVE, in addition to the
    Checkpoint, is recommended as soon as the Cutscene ends (when Kyle and Tavion
    are facing each other across the pit), so that Kyle vs. Tavion can be used to
    hone Lightsabre skills later.  Likewise, the Author recommends that Lightsabre
    to Lightsabre combat is given a good number of try-outs first.  While not by
    any means an easy enemy to defeat, it is possible - even on Jedi Master
    Setting, to catch her a few good blows (or THROWs) with the Lightsabre and
    defeat her that way - and she is excellent preparation for forthcoming enemies.
    Only when Kyle has been handed his head (or other severed portions of his
    anatomy) a few dozen times should the alternative be used.
    In the Author's opinion, Will Donald has hit on the intended method of
    defeating Tavion in his contribution to Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, although
    the Author prefers a slightly modified form of his method.  The objective is to
    lure Tavion into JUMPing onto the top of the Hauler (anywhere near the stern,
    for preference, will do).
    Use PUSH and PULL to get Tavion's attention from across the pit, then
    immediately drop into it and RUN through the tunnel (under Tavion's feet) to
    the apron - there is a Small Shield Booster at the far end of this tunnel and a
    Bacta Canister at the same end of the corresponding tunnel leading from the pit
    covered by the Hauler) and moving a little around to the right.  JUMP back up
    to platform level, then RUN around the stern of the Hauler to the higher of the
    two container stacks, JUMPing onto and CROUCHing as near to its centre as
    possible on arrival (to give some protection against any Lightsabre THROW and
    FORCE LIGHTNING attacks Tavion might make from down below).  Wait for Tavion to
    JUMP onto the Hauler (using PUSH to deflect any other JUMPs she makes, and
    being mindful that her PUSHes and PULLs can move Kyle closer to the container's
    edge, or off it entirely) and then PULL as she is JUMPing upwards to land on
    the container (if this is slightly mis-timed, a PULL as close to her feet as
    possible at the top of her JUMP can also work).  This ruins her planned
    trajectory and almost always results in her crash-landing on the apron,
    If quick enough at turning and lining-up, it is also possible to PULL Tavion
    during one of her non-Hauler JUMPs then PUSH her when she has gone over Kyle's
    head; which can send her flying over the edge of the apron and out into empty
    space!  She can be PUSHed into a defeat from other places as well, but from the
    top of the double-stack of containers gives he most consistent results.
          Author's Note: The Cutscene that follows Tavion's defeat quite plainly
          takes place on the apron (albeit on the opposite side of the apron to
          where she normally crash-lands after being defeated by the above method),
          whether she has been SLASHed/HACKed to 'death' by Lightsabre or
          PUSHed/PULLed.  By the same token, even if Kyle's Lightsabre is seen to
          'decapitate' Tavion in combat, she is patently still alive in the
          Cutscene (and has to be, in order to be interrogated by Kyle!).  That is
          why the Author suspects that a Lightsabre duel was not the intended
          method of defeating her.  Interestingly, Kyle's FORCE GRIP in this
          Cutscene is shown to be a bit more effective than is allowed in gameplay
          (about Rank 1.5 or thereabouts!).
                      The first end-of-Level Cutscene shows Tavion pleading for her
    life by alleging that Jan is still alive and a prisoner on Fyyar's ship
    Doomgiver, docked in the Lenico Belt; the Hauler's destination.  In the second,
    Kyle assigns Lando the task of finding Luke and warning him that the Valley of
    the Jedi has been invaded.
    CAIRN INSTALLATION - LANDING BAY (Level 15) - [map code = cairn_bay].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Reborn.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [2], PULL [2],SPEED [2], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [1], HEAL [1],
    The upgrade to Lightsabre THROW might be found useful both in that the THROW
    can now be adjusted to track moving targets, instead of being just a straight
    out-and-back process; also, the Lightsabre can be held out at the full extent
    of the THROW for a while, but not until the Force Meter drains completely.  The
    availability of the FAST Lightsabre style might benefit some, although the
    Author never uses it.
    The start-of-Level Cutscene, once past the journey through the asteroid field,
    is of value for two reasons.  Firstly, "Cortosis" (a critical element in the
    Jedi Outcast storyline - and others) has not been previously mentioned and,
    secondly, it shows some of the defences in the outer part of the landing bay,
    which Kyle will have to negotiate a little later.
    Engage SPEED immediately after the Cutscenes end, head around the stern of the
    Hauler and up its left-hand side to eliminate the Cortosis Removal Team (one
    E11-armed Stormtrooper, one Flechette-armed Stormtrooper and two Technicians)
    coming out of the doorway; then engage another burst of SPEED and RUN into the
    nearest side-bay, moving almost to the far ramp.  More Stormtroopers have moved
    (are moving) onto position on the Catwalk overhead (two on Padawan - one armed
    with an E11 and the other with an Imperial Heavy Repeater; four on all other
    Settings - another armed with an E11 and the last armed with a Flechette
    Weapon).  Snipe these with the Disruptor through the gaps in the lattice
    walling of the side-bay, it's recommended to eliminate the Flechette Weapon
    user first.
    Both side-bays to the Hauler's Hangar Bay contain a Supply Rack.  In Kyle's bay
    this should hold an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition (and have a dark-coloured R2 Droid in the vicinity), the Supply Rack
    in the bay on the other side of the Hauler should contain an Instant Use
    Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition.
    Ensure that Kyle is in the side-bay with the R2 Droid and that Lightsabre is
    selected, then operate the Door Control and move through without dawdling, the
    doors in this area all seem to be of the 'come-down-on-top-of-Kyle' type.  The
    door at the top of the ramp leads into the Outer Landing Bay (as shown by the
    Viewpanel), listen to the 'chatter', by all means, but don't open this door yet
    (there is a much easier and safer way of clearing almost all the nastiness in
    the Outer Landing Bay - and it's on Kyle's route too!).
          Author's Note: For the harder (and more dangerous) method of clearing the
          Outer Landing Bay, go to the other side-bay, through it's first door and
          nearly up to the top of the ramp.  Select Disruptor, then engage SPEED
          before operating the Door Control, SIDESTEPping and ZOOMing-in on the
          operator's head of the Twin Cannon Mounting on that side of the Bay.
          Once he is dead, return the way Kyle came, re- selecting Lightsabre
          before going back through the side-bay door and eliminating the two
          Imperials that have come through the door around to the right (near the
          Large Shield Booster, and where Kyle actually needs to go for the next
          segment of the Mission, although it has now been - temporarily - locked
          as a consequence of opening the Outer Bay door).  Then go through (at
          SPEED) into the Outer Landing Bay, making a bee-line for the Twin Cannon
          Mounting on that side and eliminate the operator.  If the Mounting itself
          survives (they don't like anything but the most fleeting of contacts with
          a Lightsabre), take control of it in the normal way - despite what was
          written in another walkthrough (not Matthew Rorie's) it is perfectly
          possible - and start blowing away the Stormtroopers, otherwise dash for
          the other Mounting and use that (killing the operator with the Disruptor,
          earlier, made sure that one Twin Cannon Mounting, at least, is
          available).  Finish off with a SPEED RUN to approximately midway between
          the two personnel doors at the rear of the Bay (to be safely out of range
          of Repeater Secondary fire from the two surviving Stormtroopers above the
          lifts and snipe them with the Disruptor.  In the final analysis, there's
          no consequence to doing it the hard way, good or bad, other than probable
          Health and Shield Damage.  From there, go back to the door by the Large
          Shield Booster (now unlocked again) and follow the normal sequence.
    Go back down the ramp and around the corner (there is a Large Shield Booster on
    the floor) and operate the Door Control, which opens on a Flechette-armed
    Stormtrooper, promptly sandwiched by - Luke Skywalker!  Despite knowing that
    Luke will drop down behind the Stormtrooper and eliminate him, the Author
    almost always SLASHes by reflex!
    In Cutscene, Kyle and Luke exchange information (Valley of the Jedi - now
    sealed off; unknown number of Reborn created before Luke and Rogue Squadron
    intervened) before Luke senses something.
    A group of Stormtroopers interrupt the conversation; followed, virtually as
    soon as the last Stormtrooper is killed, by a quartet of Reborn (two Orange, a
    Blue and a Green, on all Settings).  Luke turns out to be a good, but not
    invincible, fighter (four to one odds are too much for him, and the Mission
    ends if Luke is defeated) so make sure Kyle takes a fair share of the action.
    Then, after another short Cutscene snippet (Kyle informing Luke of Fyyar's
    involvement with Desann and that they are smuggling "Cortosis" from Bespin;
    whereupon Luke reveals that Cortosis is a rare, Lightsabre resistant, mineral);
    Luke departs.  Note: Kyle's response to "May the Force be with you" is slowly
    changing over time from "It hasn't been so far" to his father at the Valley of
    the Jedi, through "We'll see" to Lando on leaving Bespin" to "Yeah, you too,
    Luke", here.
    Check both side-bays to this Hangar Bay, in one (which Kyle has already passed
    through while in conversation with Luke) there is a large stain on the floor
    and a Supply Rack holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition.  The other, where Kyle needs to use the door, lacks a stain but
    contains a pack of Trip Mines on top of a crate at the far end and two Small
    Shield Boosters on the floor next to the ramp nearest the door.
    Go through the door and follow the passageway (eliminating three Stormtroopers
    en-route, the first two armed with E11s and the third with a Heavy Repeater)
    until coming to the Outer Landing Bay Control Room - where an irate Imperial
    Officer is demanding to know where the Quartermaster is!  Go inside and wait in
    front of the door while the Imperials (one Black Uniformed Officer, two Tan
    Uniformed Officers and a Stormtrooper) kill each other with deflected Blaster
    fire.  Collect a Supply Key from the Black Uniformed Officer and (if the Outer
    Bay was not fully cleared-out before seeing Luke) operate the blinking Control
    Panel at his position, which temporarily drops the Outer Landing Bay's
    atmosphere containment forcefield, compelling almost all of the occupants to
    make an unexpected space-walk (a much easier solution than Kyle having to fight
    through all of them)!  Note the other items and Control Panels in the Control
    Room; a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition) opposite the door, a Shield Converter at the far end of the room;
    which should be saved for later; a Supply Crate (containing a Portable Assault
    Sentry) to the left of the Converter and the Lift Power Controls each side of
    it.  Grab the Sentry and turn on the power to the lifts (although the only one
    that absolutely has to be turned on is the one on the right - away from the
    Supply Crate) before heading back the way Kyle came.  There will be encounters
    with another couple of Stormtroopers in the passage (one Flechette Weapon and
    one E11 - just run into them with the Lightsabre active) and five more of them
    (one Heavy Repeater, one Flechette Weapon and three E11s), led by a Tan
    Uniformed Officer, in the Landing Bay.
    Now go back to, and through, the door by the Viewpanel, heading left (if the
    Outer Bay was not fully cleared out earlier) until about halfway along the back
    wall (to get safely out of range of Repeater Secondary fire from the top of the
    lifts) and snipe the surviving Stormtroopers with the Disruptor or Bryar.
    Before taking a lift up, check the side walls between the forcefield and the
    Twin Cannon Mountings for a pair of Supply Racks, one (on the left) holding a
    case of Power Cell Ammunition and two cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition, the
    other holding three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition.
    The activated lift(s) will show a flashing blue light on its/their Control
    Panel(s), the important one (that can be used for both ascent and descent) is
    the one to the left.  If that one isn't active, return to the Outer Bay Control
    Room and make sure that it is switched on; otherwise reselect Lightsabre, call
    the lift, board it and ascend.  At the top, note the Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition and the support
    brackets beyond it - this Level's Secret Area is accessed from the second of
    the two brackets.
    Next, operate the Door Control and go through into the Control Room, CROUCHing
    in the corner to the left.  Once again, let the Imperials (one Black Uniformed
    Officer, three Tan Uniformed Officers and two Stormtroopers) kill themselves
    and each other with deflected fire and/or by impaling themselves on the
    Lightsabre.  Collect the Supply Key from one of the Tan Uniformed Officers and
    move to the far end of the room.  Through the door is a duplicate of the
    top-of-the-lift area, together with another Supply Rack (this one holding three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition only), but Kyle needs to operate the unlit Access
    Panel of the Control Station until the lower-right rectangle is lit and white
    lights have replaced red at the corners of the Hangar Bay door to Kyle's right.
    When done, either visit the Secret Area or continue with the Mission.
    To visit the Secret Area (which contains a Portable Assault Sentry and two
    Battery Packs), go back out of the door that Kyle came in by, noting the other
    Control Station in passing and JUMP from by the side of the lift platform into
    the gap formed by the first bracket, there is no Health penalty if Kyle fluffs
    the JUMP and drops to the Outer Bay floor.  JUMP again from the first to the
    second bracket (this is easier, JUMP to the right-hand side of the second
    bracket and Kyle has a solid lump of metal to backstop him).  Then activate the
    Light Amplification Goggles and SLASH (or just SLASH or THROW about with the
    Lightsabre at the wall to Kyle's right) to break open the grating.  The return
    JUMPs are both able to be backstopped, so should not cause any problems.
    Re-enter the Control Room and activate the flashing central Access Panel of the
    nearest Control Station to open the Hangar Bay door (the Bay should contain a
    Lambda Class Shuttle), immediately exiting and going down on the lift.  Deal
    with the opposition at floor-level (one Technician and two Flechette-armed
    Stormtroopers on Padawan Setting; one Stormtrooper armed with an E11, two
    Flechette-armed Stormtroopers and two Technicians on Jedi; two Technicians, two
    E11-armed Stormtroopers and two Flechette-armed Stormtroopers on the higher
    Settings), being mindful of the Stormtroopers (one E11 and one Flechette
    Weapon) up on the Catwalk.  Probably Kyle's best tactic is to engage SPEED
    while on the lift and RUN into the side-bay ahead (where an R5 Droid is
    loitering) getting into the corner by the door, where Flechette Secondary fire
    from the Catwalk is ineffective against Kyle, but can take out some of the
    floor-level opponents!  With those out of the way, move to the Catwalk end of
    the Bay and snipe those Stormtroopers with the Disruptor or Bryar.
    In the side-bay that Kyle took cover in, there is a belt of Thermal Detonators
    on top of a crate midway along the stack; in the other side-bay there is a GNK
    Droid, a Supply Crate (containing a Large Shield Booster) and a Supply Rack
    (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition.  Also
    note that now all three Inner Landing Bays have been entered, the connecting
    doors between them (and to the Outer Landing Bay) have unlocked, the only
    locked door (in the side-bay with the GNK Droid) leads to another Control Room
    that Kyle will be visiting by another route.
    JUMP up onto the stern of the Shuttle, then RUN and JUMP up onto the Catwalk.
    THROW to break the grating and JUMP up into the aperture and move along the
    passage, turning right at the intersection.  Switch off the forcefield across
    the square hole in the floor but don't drop down yet.  Instead, go back into
    the passage, turn around and CROUCH to see a pair of legs in the lower-level
    passage opposite; they belong to a Reborn (a Blue on Padawan and Jedi Settings,
    a Boss on the higher Settings.  If the prospect of a Lightsabre duel in that
    confined space does not appeal, then select Flechette Weapon, STAND very near
    the edge of the hole, put the crosshairs just inside the entrance of the
    passage (and as close to its centreline as possible) and pump about ten
    discharges of Secondary fire down there, as fast as they can be triggered.
    Listen for screams, and particularly for the sound of a Lightsabre rattling
    onto the deck!  This result on both a Blue and a Boss (only possible with this
    particular weapon) is, in the Author's opinion, a combination of the enemy
    being in a very confined space (therefore unable to dodge), the unpredictable
    path of the explosive mines and the sheer number of incoming projectiles.
    Drop into the hole, turn right where the Reborn was standing, then left.
    Deactivate the second forcefield and drop down, then move up the passage on
    Kyle's right, then left again.  Deactivate the third forcefield and drop onto
    the fourth.  Deactivate this one too, but follow the short passage immediately
    to Kyle's front and turn left before thinking of smashing through the two
    gratings underneath and dropping down.  There is a much smaller, unshielded,
    grating over a Control Station, being operated by a Black Uniformed Officer who
    has a Supply Key.  STAND in the stub-passage behind him and give his head a
    half-charge Disruptor shot through the grating, to remove it and him.  Then
    decide whether to drop down here or return to the main hole in the floor, smash
    the gratings and thin-out the defenders with Flechette Secondary fire.  If
    dropping down immediately, CROUCH in the angle just outside the Control Booth
    door (grabbing the Supply Key and noting the two Small Shield Boosters by the
    wall, in passing) and let the defenders (Tan Uniformed Officer, Grey Uniformed
    Officer, Repeater-armed Stormtrooper and four E11-armed Stormtroopers) do the
    hard work of eliminating each other.
    In this chamber (the counterpart to the Outer Landing Bay Control Room, visited
    earlier) there is a personnel door (flanked by two Supply Racks (each holding a
    case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition and two boxes of Blaster Ammunition) to Kyle's
    left and a larger, double-locked, door to Kyle's right - opposite the personnel
    door.  The blue, grey and brown object (looking a bit like a portable toilet)
    to Kyle's left can be PULLed; it slides into position under the large square
    hole to act as a stepping-stone if Kyle needs to get back up into the passages.
    Go back into the Booth to operate the central, flashing, Access Panel of the
    Control Station (half-unlocking the big door), then head over to the other
    Booth and do the same there, but before leaving the Booth, also find the small
    Control Panel, semi-concealed around the corner, to the left of the Supply Rack
    (which holds an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) and
    operate it, unless the prospect of being under fire from five ceiling-mounted
    Automated Defence Cannons in the next chamber is appealing - it can be Damage
    free, but why take the risk?
    On exiting the second Booth, again CROUCH in the angle just outside the door to
    let another group of Imperials that come in through the personnel door (Black
    Uniformed Officer, one Repeater-armed Stormtrooper and three E11-armed
    Stormtroopers,) kill each other - although Kyle will probably have to move
    around the edge of the room to entice the last two or three to supply the
    Lightsabre with deflectable fire.  Then maximise everything possible, including
    using the Converter in the Outer Landing Bay Control Room, before proceeding.
    The personnel door leads (through a passage) to the Lambda Shuttle's Hangar
    Bay, there's no need to JUMP back up into the passages.
    Move through the large door noting that there is an Ammunition Converter and a
    Battery Pack in an alcove to the left, and a dark-coloured R2 Droid running
    around, THROW (for safety's sake) all five Automated Defence Cannon to put them
    permanently out of commission and collect (if Kyle has not already accumulated
    the maximum number) the Seeker Drone from the Supply Crate at the far end to
    the right.  When done, come back to, and hop up onto the roof of, the jammed
    Turbolift; THROW to smash the grating above its doorway and JUMP into the
    red-lit tunnel.  THROW to smash the second grating, (Quicksaving is recommended
    by the Author at this point) wait for the Turbolift to come up into view before
    dropping onto its roof and moving to its far right corner.
    Step into the darker tunnel that's about one floor up (there isn't much time to
    react - and Kyle can receive some Shield Damage if he gets pinched between the
    roofs because of a delay - hence the Quicksave), then move to the other
    Turbolift shaft and drop onto the roof of that one when it ascends.  Take up a
    position directly opposite the outer doors and wait until the Turbolift gets to
    its highest point.  Quicksave again.  When the Turbolift starts going down,
    count four doors (floors) and then engage SPEED.  RUN and JUMP through both
    sets of missing doors across the chasm between Turbolift shafts - Tip: Keep
    FORWARD on and it usually doesn't matter if Kyle JUMPs a little early, he will
    find enough purchase on the sill at the far side to get onto that (jammed)
    Turbolift's roof.  Move through the connecting tunnel to the next shaft and
    drop into that Turbolift (through its conveniently broken roof) to end the
    CAIRN INSTALLATION - ASSEMBLY AREA (Level 16) - [map code = cairn_assembly].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Reborn, Combat Droids, AT-ST.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [2], PULL [2],SPEED [2], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [2]*, HEAL [1],
    The MIND TRICK upgrade means that Kyle can now confuse or distract one opponent
    for double the previous length of time.  The upgrade of GRIP can now lift
    enemies off their feet and cause Health Damage (death, in the case of opponents
    up to, and including, a Blue Reborn) directly.
    CROUCH right at the back of the Turbolift, with Lightsabre active while the
    curious dark-coloured R2 Droid attracts attention, and a Technician
    investigates ("It's a Rebel!").  As soon as the defenders (one Repeater-armed
    Stormtrooper and three Technicians) run across the doorway, MIND TRICK each in
    turn - which usually starts them walking towards Kyle - PULL when (if) each
    gets close enough and move forward just enough (being mindful that there are a
    pair of plinth-mounted Automated Defence Cannons outside) so they come into
    contact with the Lightsabre when they try to get to their feet.  Use GRIP on
    the last one, to see how long it takes to GRIP an opponent to death (on Jedi
    Master, this takes about six seconds for a Technician, about ten for a
          Author's Note:  It appears that if the dark-coloured R2 Droid is
          destroyed by THROW as soon as it appears in the doorway, no defender will
          notice.  That leaves the way clear for Kyle to SPEED into position
          between the two half-pillars and turn about, CROUCHing behind the
          Lightsabre and allowing deflected fire to kill most, if not all, the
          opposition.  Any survivor can be finished by MIND TRICK then PULL then
          THROW.  This alternative may be found to be a little faster; and Kyle is
          then in perfect position to MIND TRICK the Officer in the Booth.
    Engage SPEED and head diagonally left out of the Turbolift Car and into the
    corner (out of line-of-sight from the Automated Defence Cannons) before easing
    back to Kyle's right to get a view of the Tan Uniformed Officer in the Control
    Booth.  MIND TRICK him (he will both open the Booth door and deactivate the
    Cannons), then RUN across, JUMP up to the doorway, enter and give him a PUSH
    and the Lightsabre for his trouble (he was helpful, so GRIPping him would be an
    insult)!  Note the Supply Rack (holding three cases of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition) opposite the door.  For good measure, go back through the door,
    THROW the Cannons out of commission and note a Weapon Rack (originally holding
    three E11s - one or more might have been removed if weapons were PULLed away
    from the defenders) on the wall; before returning.
    Go through the far door, halting just outside.  There are two Grey Uniformed
    Officers and two E11-armed Stormtroopers in this observation hallway along with
    a Supply Rack (each holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power
    Cell Ammunition) to each side of the observation window.  When they have killed
    themselves, head for the lift platform at the top of the ramp to Kyle's right
    and ride it up.  Immediately MIND TRICK the Tan Uniformed Officer at the
    Control Station to hold him in place for a THROW, then impale the Stormtrooper
    (Flechette-armed) on the Lightsabre when he comes into sight.  The flashing
    Access Panel at the Control Station can be operated (or left alone) to choice;
    it moves a gantry away from the Drop Ship in the chamber outside, but has no
    gameplay significance whatever.  Of more use are the Shield Converter and
    Supply Rack (holding a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition and two boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition) at the sides of the room.  Grab the Officer's Supply Key
    (the only real reason for coming up here in the first place) and go back down
    the lift; heading through the door at the top of the other ramp, down on the
    lift platform around to the right and through the door into Assembly 1 (the
    start of the Drop Ship production line).
    Engage SPEED on going through the door and eliminate the two Technicians (the
    3PO Droid is harmless and, apart from the standard "Please don't deactivate
    me!" and "I'm doomed", just asks "Have you seen an R2 Unit anywhere?".  Locate
    the Supply Crate down the ramp from the door (it contains two Small Shield
    Boosters), the two Battery Packs behind the (Porta-loo) containers straight
    ahead from the door and the Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) beyond it.  There
    is a duplicate Weapon Rack on a lift-landing diagonally across the room, the
    lift won't work at this stage, but it can be JUMPed up to, if required.  Also,
    the large Blast Door will not open.
    Move across to the large door and JUMP up onto the stack of crates nearest to
    it.  RUN along the two crates that are oriented towards the Drop Ship under
    construction and JUMP up onto its first deck.  Avoid getting close to the
    automatic welder - it has a bad effect on Shields.  Use the cut-out portion of
    the second deck to JUMP up onto it and look for a gantry, a grating and/or four
    thick cables at one end of the room.  Use most of the second deck as a run-up
    and JUMP onto the gantry.  Smash the grating, enter and THROW the four power
    regulators (the octagonal objects with the blue flickering viewports) inside;
    the sound of the automatic welder's armature should be heard to speed-up.  Exit
    and move to near the edge of the gantry, when a major explosion will take place
    (wrecking the automatic welder and blowing open the outer Blast Door).
    Carefully return to floor level - a direct drop can kill Kyle - by reversing
    the JUMPing process, only (for the sake of surprise) do the final drop onto the
    other stack of crates - away from the Blast Door.
    The Author suggests approaching the Blast Door from behind the single-high
    crate to the left of the stack, through the frame of the Drop Ship.  JUMP up
    onto the crate and GRIP the Technician (in the far corner of the area between
    the two sets of Blast Doors) until he expires, again to maintain surprise.
    Move into that area, keeping away from the inner door, while avoiding the
    flames - they deplete Shields.
    Approach the door, when ready, then either MIND TRICK and THROW or GRIP the
    E11-armed Stormtrooper immediately inside; and, as soon as he is dead, move to
    the right into the corner.  Two E11-armed Stormtroopers on the Catwalk that
    side will always notice and attack (use PULL and CROUCH - or PULL and THROW to
    get rid of them), but most of the time the remaining defenders - two
    Technicians and one Flechette-armed Stormtrooper do not.  Use the same
    technique if they attack Kyle as well, otherwise move cautiously between the
    stack of Command Deck top sections and the stock of decking plates (leaning
    against the Catwalk) until all three can be seen and MIND TRICK all of them in
    turn, from the furthest (the Stormtrooper) to the nearest.  Then advance,
    THROWing the nearest Technician, SLASHing the second and repeating the MIND
    TRICK on the Stormtrooper to keep him distracted until Kyle can get within
    Lightsabre range.  At the far end of his Catwalk is a Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition).  Almost
    underneath the Supply Rack, at floor level, Kyle can find a belt of Thermal
    In the same positions under and on the other Catwalk are a pack of Trip Mines
    (underneath) and another Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three
    boxes of Blaster Ammunition) by the door that Kyle has to go through next.
    Go quickly through the airlock (an Officer will say "We need a repair crew in
    Assembly 1") and CROUCH to the left of the door, waiting while the Lightsabre
    returns all incoming fire to its senders (two Grey Uniformed Officers - one of
    whom holds a Supply Key, one Repeater-armed Stormtrooper, one E11-armed
    Stormtrooper and one Technician).  Note the two Racks flanking the doorway, a
    Supply Rack (holding three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) to the right and
    a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) to the left.  Midway between the Viewpanels,
    Kyle will find a Seeker Drone on the floor.  The left-hand Viewpanel shows the
    storage chamber outside, then a scene of a Grey Uniformed Officer instructing a
    Reborn Boss to hunt Kyle down ("he's caused enough trouble already"), or Desann
    will get a complaint!  The right-hand Viewpanel shows the wreckage in Assembly
    Move up the corridor, PUSH the trio of Stormtroopers (one Repeater, one
    Flechette and one E11) that appear and back-pedal fast to Kyle's position
    inside the door.  Use the same technique, but consider PULLing to disarm the
    Flechette user, then head back up the corridor again.  Pause to engage SPEED on
    the last part of the slightly sunken flooring and head around to the right arm
    of the 'T' junction, CROUCHing and putting Kyle's back to the door while  a
    further trio of Stormtroopers (one Repeater and two E11) become victims of the
    same tactic.  The door behind Kyle leads onto the lift-landing (with the Weapon
    Rack) in Assembly 1, and there is a Supply Rack (holding three cases of Power
    Cell Ammunition) on the left-hand wall.  Now advance down the top of the 'T',
    letting the two Portable Assault Sentries expend all their ammunition against
    Kyle's Lightsabre Defence in turn.  During this process, expect to hear a
    warning shout of "Everything's electrified!" from the next chamber - and the
    shouter certainly isn't kidding!
          Author's Note: Letting all these Imperials be the cause of their own
          destruction by simply waiting for their fire to be deflected back at them
          may not be sexy, and may be seen as unfair, but it is extremely safe.  It
          is, in my opinion, just what Kyle (as a very experienced professional
          soldier) would do - one of the maxims of soldiering being, if at all
          possible, never to give an enemy an even break; another being to let the
          enemy do the work - which also seems to be becoming a Jedi maxim!
          Dividing this last encounter into three parts also follows this
    The next chamber, as indicated by the Checkpoint, is a bit tricky.  Not only is
    the floor electrified, but Kyle is faced with three opponents - a Black
    Uniformed Officer on a crate stack across to the right near the far corner of
    the room, a Technician nearer to hand, also on the right, but on a slightly
    different line and a Stormtrooper to the left, insulated on a crate stack,
    unloading a rain of Flechette Secondary fire across the doorway - virtually as
    soon as the door opens.
    Open the door (be mindful that this one closes whether Kyle is in its path or
    not) and locate the Black Uniformed Officer by tracking his red Blaster Bolts,
    MIND TRICKing him at long range when found.  Engage SPEED as soon as the MIND
    TRICK is seen to take effect and switch to Disruptor.  There is just enough
    time to open the door again, ZOOM and charge simultaneously and shoot before
    the MIND TRICK wears off.  Open the door again to check if the Technician is
    still in place, further around to the right - sometimes the Flechette gunner
    does Kyle a favour by either killing the Technician outright or blowing him off
    his insulated perch onto the electrified portion of the floor!  Use the same
    method as with the Officer, if the technician is still there, otherwise engage
    SPEED and move across the horizontal landing to the ramp, which is safe and
    should also put Kyle out of sight of the Flechette gunner.  Move backwards up
    the ramp until the Stormtrooper's head becomes visible, then select Heavy
    Repeater - elevating until the horizontal bar of the crosshairs is at the top
    of the large wall plate above him - one or two rounds of Secondary fire should
    deal with him, but adjust aim slightly and try again if needed.  Reselect
    Lightsabre when done.
    Kyle now has to JUMP around the room to the Drop Ship's entrance (not the
    opening that's visible - that would be too easy!).  The Author's route
    ('sticking' each JUMP and Quicksaving after each successful landing) is as
    follows: the stack of three crates nearest Kyle, the next stack after that, the
    two side-by-side "Porta-loo" containers (where Kyle comes under fire from an
    E11-armed Stormtrooper out of range for a PULL and PUSH - MIND TRICK him before
    the next JUMP), the two single high, more or less, side-by-side crates (where
    Kyle can PULL the Stormtrooper onto the electrified floor!), then onto the
    stack where the Stormtrooper was standing and finally into the Drop Ship.
    Take the lift (check behind it first, if in need of a pair of Battery Packs) up
    to the Command Deck and go out of one of the (unfitted) viewports - the one
    above the Control Panel can be used provided Kyle CROUCHes through it at the
    sides - then drop down to the gantry and head around to the Control Room,
    passing a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition), with a Large Shield Booster underneath it, on the way.  Go
    into the Control Room and operate the Panel to Kyle's left to turn off the
    power (the Panel to the right moves the gantry away from, and back to, the side
    of the Drop Ship - there is no gameplay consequence of either operating it or
    leaving it alone).  Before going down on the cut-down lift platform, note the
    Ammunition Converter at the end of the Catwalk to the right and JUMP up onto
    the Control Room roof (the Author prefers to use the top of the Supply Rack to
    get the extra height, rather than trying to land a JUMP on top of the
    Ammunition Converter) for a Seeker Drone in the Supply Crate up there.  Once
    down the lift, there is a case (two on Padawan Setting) of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition on top of the stacked crates to the left, where the Black Uniformed
    Officer was positioned.
    Locate the Blast Doors (between the first and second sets of stacked crates
    that Kyle JUMPed onto) and approach it from the centre, without getting so
    close that Kyle gets hung up and dragged along.  PULL the central (crouching)
    Stormtrooper to remove his Flechette Weapon, then both the Repeater-armed
    Stormtroopers flanking him; finishing all of them with THROW.  Note the Supply
    Rack (holding three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) on the wall to the left.
    Approach the left side of the next set of Blast Doors (in CROUCH), just to the
    left of the diagonal join.  Let deflected fire from the Portable Assault Sentry
    help take out the first floor-level Stormtrooper (E11-armed) and weaken the
    second (Repeater-armed); PULLing and THROWing this one as soon as the Sentry
    runs out of ammunition.  Then engage SPEED and RUN to, and up the access ramps
    for the right-hand Catwalk, impaling the Repeater-armed Stormtrooper, then the
    Flechette-armed one, before dropping down to use the stacked crates as cover
    against the other Repeater-armed Stormtrooper on the left-hand Catwalk.  Ensure
    that the Force Meter is showing full, then engage SPEED again RUN to, and up
    onto, that Catwalk to impale him as well.  Note the Supply Rack (holding an
    Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition) at the end; and
    the belt of Thermal Detonators under the door end of the opposite Catwalk.
    Through the door above the Thermal Detonators is a Control Centre similar in
    layout to that between Assembly 1's store and the electrified room (probably
    Assembly 2) which is thickly seeded with box-mounted, Laser-fused, Trip Mines;
    which seem more sensitive than the normal variety.  A Det Pack (attached to
    either of the lower boxes nearest the doorway) and set off from outside will
    usually clear the whole roomful; a Primary fire Thermal Detonator rolled under
    one of the Mine Fences from outside will only do a partial clearance job - but
    it's enough to work with.  As with the previous Control Centre, there is a
    Seeker Drone on the floor midway between the two Viewpanels.  The left-hand one
    of these shows the storage area Kyle has just cleared, the right-hand one a
    pair of Stormtroopers in the storage room to what is probably Assembly 3,
    talking about Assembly 1 (which is still on fire!).  TK-664's status, if he
    is/was one of the Stormtroopers outside, is 'in pieces'!
    Ride down on the lift platform opposite, noting the Weapon Rack (holding three
    Heavy Repeaters) on the back wall; flanked by two Small Shield Boosters on the
    floor.  Enter Assembly 3 and get set to deal with another pair of Reborn (the
    Stormtroopers are not there any longer!).  On Padawan Setting, these are Orange
    and can (if Kyle keeps his distance) both be GRIPped to death!  An alternative
    is to experiment with using the GRIP and THROW technique.  On Jedi, a Blue is
    paired with a Red; while on the higher Settings Kyle will face a Blue paired
    with a Green - the Author has had success with GRIPping the Blue to death from
    the ramp on all the higher Settings.  To dispose of the other Reborn (of
    whatever rank), break contact, RUN right around the Drop Ship to let Kyle's
    Force Reservoir replenish and return to the ramp, backing Kyle right into the
    corner by the side of the doorway.  From that position (with Kyle's back right
    against a solid object and a full Force Reservoir), it is possible to use the
    GRIP and THROW technique to dispose of either Red or Green Reborn.  Otherwise,
    try using a combination of SLASHes and CROUCHes while on SPEED.
    Go through the next outer Blast Door, noting in passing that there is a Weapon
    Rack (holding three E11s)on the right-hand wall.  The Author's advice is to RUN
    through the inner Blast Door, angling to the left and JUMPing straight up onto
    the Catwalk, without stopping or diverting for anything.  Two Mark 1 Combat
    Droids (which seem to spit out a combination of Bowcaster and Repeater Primary
    fire) emerge from crates in the front rank of the arrangement and start
    stomping about.  On Jedi Knight and Jedi Master a third crate (in the rear
    rank) disintegrates, but the Droid inside does not seem to fully activate
    unless Kyle comes near it at floor-level - which is the reason for JUMPing up
    onto the Catwalk right away.
    Entice one of the active Droids up onto the Catwalk by going to the ramp end of
    the Catwalk, even partway down the ramps if necessary, and lead it back to the
    other end.  Place the tip of the Lightsabre (whatever happens, do not attempt
    to SLASH or HACK, and keep as near to the wall as possible) in the area of the
    joint between legs and body and just hold it in contact with the metal until
    the Droid explodes and ejects a (disappearing) randomly selected, bonus, box or
    case of ammunition.  FORCE LIGHTNING can be used to speed-up the destruction
    process, and will even work on its own, but be prepared to use six or seven
    discharges, if so.  The second Droid can be dealt with at floor level, being
    careful (if on Jedi Knight or Jedi Master) not to go further toward the ramps
    than the front set of crates.  Once that one has blown up, the third Droid (if
    present) can be eliminated by the same technique without restrictions on Kyle's
          Author's Note:  These Droids can also be destroyed by one fully-charged
          Disruptor shot to each of their weapons arms, but it's a lot less
          effective method unless Kyle is in good cover and the Droids are
          standing, more or less, perfectly still - later on, one of these Droids
          will probably be able to be destroyed quickly and easily with the
          Disruptor, but that situation really comes under the heading of 'Special
    If a Blue Reborn is seen by the doorway on the other Catwalk, which does not
    seem to happen on Jedi Setting, remove him first (GRIP from by the lamppost; or
    SPEED, CROUCH and SLASH); otherwise collect the DEMP 2 Gun from the broken
    crate near the Blast Door (noting the two cases of Power Cell Ammunition (on
    top of the nearby whole crate) and the belt of Thermal Detonators between the
    second and third angled supports under the Catwalk that side.  Then go across
    the room and smash the grating nearly underneath the Catwalk door to access
    this Level's single Secret Area.  It contains a Portable Assault Sentry, two
    Large Shield Boosters and another belt of Thermal Detonators.
    If the Blue Reborn did not put in an appearance earlier (normally on Jedi
    Setting), expect him to come through the door as Kyle gets near (or opens) it.
    If he is far enough away, use the GRIP and THROW technique, otherwise use
    Through the door is a lift-lobby up to a split-level room.  Face right while on
    the platform and CROUCH towards the Supply Crate (Kyle will probably have to
    get a key for this, but it contains a Portable Assault Sentry) once at the top.
    There are a pair of plinth-mounted Automated Defence Cannons and two Black
    Uniformed Officers on all Settings.  These are backed-up on Padawan by three
    E11-armed Stormtroopers; and on all three higher Settings by a Grey Uniformed
    Officer, two Repeater-armed Stormtroopers and two E11-armed Stormtroopers.  Let
    the deflected fire do its job again; then adjust position until the visible
    Automated Defence Cannon stops firing (but is still in view) and give it a
    full-power shot from the Disruptor to destroy it - a hit anywhere on it will do
    the job.  Reselect Lightsabre, move between the Supply Crate and the wall and
    JUMP over the larger crate behind it to get a sight of the second Automated
    Defence Cannon, again adjusting position so that it returns to (remains in)
    sleep mode, and repeat.  Note the Battery Pack on the crate stack to Kyle's
    left, the Supply Rack (holding three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) between
    the second Cannon's position and the group of crates with two Bacta Canisters
    on top.  Also note the crates on the upper level, there are two Small Shield
    Boosters on top of the one on the left.
    Switch to Lightsabre again, move up the ramp and down the corridor around to
    the left.  In the Control Room beyond the door (another one that will close
    when Kyle is in the way) there are two Grey Uniformed Officers, two Tan
    Uniformed Officers (one carrying a Supply Key), a Black Uniformed Officer (also
    carrying a Supply Key) and two Repeater-armed Stormtroopers; who are waiting in
    an ambush position for Kyle to either halt just inside or to start fighting his
    way up the room between the consoles.  The Author favours engaging SPEED,
    opening the door and doing a RUNning JUMP over all the opposition down to the
    far end of the room, coming back to occupy (when no enemies are behind Kyle)
    the gap between the nearest consoles; most enemies will kill each other but the
    Repeater-armed Stormtroopers will probably both have to be given a disarming
    PULL.  An alternative is staying outside the room, opening the door several
    times, until both Stormtroopers have moved back past the first set of consoles,
    and then advancing into the gap.
    Note the Supply Racks to each side between the nearest and second-nearest
    consoles to the Control Panel; one holding an Instant Use Medpack and three
    cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition, with a Small Shield Booster on the ledge to
    the right of it; the other holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of
    Power Cell Ammunition, with two Small Shield Boosters on the ledge.
    Operate the Control Panel to start the conveyor and bring a Drop Ship into
    view.  Maximise ammunition (particularly Power Cell Ammunition) and ensure Kyle
    collects both Supply Keys, before leaving.
    A Reborn (a Green on Padawan and Jedi, a Boss on higher Settings) is waiting
    outside.  Use the normal methods to take him out, then head back down the lift,
    collecting the Portable Assault Sentry from the Supply Crate on the way.  There
    will be a Checkpoint as Kyle comes through the door back onto the Catwalk, as
    (on all Settings other than Padawan) another Reborn - a Red on Jedi, a Green on
    the higher Settings - is waiting below.  The Author has found that JUMPing
    directly at him from the Catwalk and PUSHing immediately before touchdown can
    knock him down, ready for a HACK.
    Through the Blast Doors are two more Reborn, an Orange and a Red (moving around
    behind the group of three, single-high, crates allows the GRIP and THROW
    technique to be used on the Orange, before the Red can intervene).  CROUCH and
    SLASH seems to be a reliable way of taking out the Red; but beware - as soon as
    he expires an AT-ST will attack from the left!
    If given the chance, this AT-ST will fire Rockets from both sides as well as
    use its guns; it will also squash Kyle flat with a stamping foot if he gets too
    close, so be mindful!  The Lightsabre provides perfect protection from the guns
    (and, if close enough, will send some discharges back, damaging the AT-ST) but
    the Rockets can be lethal although they can either be PUSHed away (doing so is
    a real drain on the Force Reservoir; they come thick, fast and at unpredictable
    intervals) or dodged without too much effort - but those actions are of little
    help in destroying the AT-ST!.  DEMPing the thing requires good cover, and uses
    up about 200 Ammunition Units in the process - but it does get the job done.
    However, the Author's alternative (and preferred method) is to engage SPEED,
    RUN past the AT-ST and take cover in the Drop Ship (there is a ramp down
    opposite the large door where Kyle will need to go next - and where the AT-ST
    has just come from).  Once inside the Drop Ship, Kyle only needs to stand,
    facing outwards, at the top of the ramp and let the AT-ST exhaust its gun
    ammunition.  Kyle is absolutely safe just standing there (and can be left to
    get on with the job for a bit, if required), the AT-ST will not use Rockets at
    that sort of close range.  When it stops shooting, back-off to maximum THROW
    range and simply THROW it out of commission - it will probably take just over
    one and a half Force Reservoir's worth
    Keep more-or-less central when going through the large door and pause where the
    pattern of the flooring changes to let a pair of Portable Assault Sentries do
    their worst (i.e. waste all their ammunition!).  Engage SPEED and head right to
    the back of the room (two trios of Stormtroopers on each side, one Flechette
    Weapon and two Repeaters) and up one of the sets of stairs.  PULL to disarm all
    of them and perhaps have some dark amusement trying to PUSH one or two into one
    of the gaps under the stairways (trying to sweep mines via Stormtrooper!).
    Otherwise, go to one of the gaps under the stairways and eliminate enough Trip
    Mines to drop down safely, but before doing so, visit any of the Supply Racks
    on the Catwalks (to the right, when facing the rear wall, three cases of
    Metallic Bolt Ammunition in the first Rack, three cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition at the end of that Catwalk - to the left, three cases of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition in the first Rack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition at the
    end) then drop down and completely clear one side of the space (to allow access
    to the two Converters - Shield and Ammunition, which are semi-concealed behind
    the support pillars at either end), CROUCHing to deal with any beams from Trip
    Mines on the 'wrong' side.  Maximise everything and then drop down the central
    pit to end the Level.
    CAIRN INSTALLATION - REACTOR (Level 17) - [map code = cairn_reactor].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Reborn, Combat Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [2], PULL [2], SPEED [3]*, JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [2], HEAL [2]*,
    At last!  Kyle now does not have to find a quiet spot and meditate while
    HEALing, but can HEAL on the move (or while resting behind an active
    Lightsabre).  The SPEED upgrade will also come in very handy in this particular
    area, Kyle now can move at four times the normal rate.
    On Padawan Setting it's just Kyle vs. the Power Beams (probably some form of
    Plasma Power transfer, judging from the ionisation effects - rather than
    Lasers), while on the other Settings there are a few Reborn around to liven
    things up!  There is also, as the Author has discovered, an alternative route
    which will get everything done just as well as the conventional one; but with a
    good deal less risk!
    If not on Padawan, Kyle is immediately faced with a Reborn (an Orange).  Either
    use Repeater Secondary fire or Flechette Secondary fire to get rid of him
    immediately, or judge the moment to dodge past the first Beam and GRIP him (if
    released after about three seconds and immediately PUSHed, he will go flying
    backwards and get fried by a Power Beam!), otherwise maintain the GRIP until he
    expires.  SPEED is not necessary to get past the first two Beams, but it can be
    used for confidence, if required; however, be mindful that it is not possible
    to dodge both of the Beams without a pause in between.
    For both routes, and having passed both the first two Beams, pause while still
    a step or two inside the tunnel to judge the timing, engaging SPEED just as the
    Beam starts to fade, heading right (and keeping to the right-hand side of the
    tunnel to avoid getting hung-up on the glowpanels), then down the first tunnel
    to the left.  Except on Padawan, a Green Reborn will be waiting near the far
    end.  The Author finds it best to run right into him with the last of the SPEED
    burst then PUSH and SLASH; the Green usually has no answer to that!  It is also
    sometimes possible, when up close, to PUSH him into the tunnel and let the
    Beams have another victim.
    Again judge the timing and engage SPEED as the Beam starts to fade, then head
    to the left and into the side-tunnel on the right; where (except on Padawan) a
    Red Reborn awaits Kyle's pleasure - it's sometimes possible to force this one
    back into the tunnel Kyle just left, for another serving of fried Reborn!  Move
    further inside and destroy all three of the crystal domes (THROW, Blaster or
    Disruptor all work) on the machinery in the alcoves to Kyle's left, which will
    blow a couple of holes in the back wall as well as turning off the Plasma Beams
    in and around each alcove.
    Go into the central alcove, pause to judge the Beam (they have not yet been
    turned off in the outside tunnels), engage SPEED and head down the tunnel to
    the right, ducking into the side-tunnel on the right (where there is an
    Imperial casualty and a pair of Instant Use Medpacks - which don't seem to have
    done the casualty much good!).  Wait for the Beam again, engage SPEED and head
    out of the same end of the tunnel, again to the right, and into a safe zone
    around the corner - where there are no Plasma Beams, but (except on Padawan and
    Jedi) a Reborn Boss is waiting at the far end.  RUNning into Lightsabre range,
    PUSHing then SLASHing seems to be an effective tactic.  Wait just inside the
    end of the tunnel for the Beam again, engage SPEED, RUN down the short tunnel
    to the right and operate the Control Panel on the four-nozzle tower to make the
    tunnels safe.  Collect the Small Shield Booster and/or Instant Use Medpack
    and/or Portable Assault Sentry before heading back to the hole in the tunnel
    wall (note the hole in the tunnel ceiling) where, if not on Padawan Setting, an
    Orange Reborn will drop down.
    Go back up the tunnel to where Kyle entered it, judge the Beam, engage SPEED,
    turn left and JUMP into the gap at the top right-hand side of the dividing
    wall, CROUCHing through with a touch of STRAFE RIGHT to start with.  There is
    just enough time for Kyle to make it into a safe part of the hub around the
    four-nozzle tower (by the Small Shield Booster is OK).  PULL to collect the
    Portable Assault Sentry while waiting for the Force Meter to reach fully
    charged and the Beam to fire across Kyle's front, then engage SPEED again and
    RUN around the tower to the Control Panel (both Beams can be passed before they
    activate again); switching the Beams off on arrival.  Locate and eliminate the
    Reborn Boss (if not on Padawan or Jedi Setting), then head down the tunnels to
    the hole in the ceiling where (except when on Padawan Setting) an Orange Reborn
    will drop down.  Note that visiting the crystal-domed machinery alcoves (and
    any Red Reborn defender) seems to be optional with this route.
    After dealing with the Reborn, JUMP up into the hole in the tunnel roof and
    move along a short tunnel, turning left at the end.  Kyle will find himself in
    a chamber with a tall column in the centre, which receives Plasma Beams
    sequentially across the bridges that link the column to the wall; and which
    Kyle has to use to JUMP up and around the chamber.  The Author recommends using
    the bridge over the entrance as Kyle's starting point and ascending in an
    anticlockwise direction.  Quicksave, wait for the Beam to fire across the
    bridge, then JUMP onto the thick portion of the bridge nearest the wall (if
    Kyle has just one foot on any of these bridges, then he will be unaffected by
    the Beams when they activate, otherwise expect Shield Damage).  Get Kyle into a
    safe position, Quicksave and put the crosshairs on the vertical wall seam just
    past the far edge of the thick part of the next highest bridge, JUMPing FORWARD
    after the Plasma Beam fires across it, and getting Kyle into safety again.
    There should be a doorway visible at a slightly higher level over the next
    highest bridge.  Quicksave, put the crosshairs on the vertical wall seam just
    past the thick part again, wait for the Beam to activate and JUMP FORWARD;
    JUMPing into the doorway as soon as possible thereafter.
    Deal with the four Imperials (two Technicians, one Flechette Stormtrooper and
    one E11 Stormtrooper) as normal and grab the Battery Pack on the high ledge to
    the right of the far door, if required; before going through the door onto the
    Reactor Hall Catwalk.
          Author's Note:  Whatever happens, don't make contact with the Reactor
          Core - that's a fatal error.  However, don't panic either; the toothed
          wheel that's rotating in front of Kyle has no gameplay function.  Kyle
          does not, repeat not, have to JUMP onto it and scurry through the gap at
          SPEED - which is what I thought when I first saw the Reactor Hall!
    There is a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition) to the left of the door, but Kyle needs to head to the
    right - wait long enough on the Catwalk and a Repeater-armed Stormtrooper will
    come out to show Kyle where he has to go!  The way of getting to his position
    without Damage is to RUN from the Catwalk to the upper (sloping) ledge, then
    find the projecting single pipes and carefully drop down onto one of them.
    Eliminate the Stormtrooper guide and move through the gap into the next
    section, turning left and dropping onto the upper set of twin horizontal pipes
    to cross the Reactor Hall.  JUMP up onto the ledge, turn right and move along
    to the end, JUMPing the twin pipes that run across it; JUMPing onto the top of
    the upper horizontal pipe across the gap, then dropping onto the ledge just
    beyond it.
    Deal with the three Technicians below (the Author favours disarming them all
    with PULL and then finishing them with either GRIP alone or the GRIP and THROW
    technique).  As the route involves JUMPing onto the two sets of twin parallel
    horizontal pipes, there is no real need to drop down to floor level here unless
    the contents of the Supply Rack (one Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition) are required.  Once on the upper set of pipes, move to the
    other end of the chamber and JUMP into the opening, follow the passage and
    re-cross the Reactor Hall (don't bother dropping down to investigate this area
    at floor level, there are no items present) via the set of parallel pipes that
    side; again JUMPing into the opening.  Just around the corner there are a pair
    of Stormtroopers (one with a Flechette Weapon, one with an E11) as immediate
    targets; if Kyle gets to the corner quickly enough, one or both can be PUSHed
    out of the opening.
    To avoid Health Damage, as well as Shield Damage from the three Technicians
    below and the six Stormtroopers (four with Repeaters, two with E11s) stationed
    behind firing slits to the left; drop down by the pipes to the right of the
    opening.  Turn about immediately, drop down to the ledge, move to its opposite
    end and turn to the right to deal with the Technicians (the Author favours
    PUSHing the nearest one, then dropping down to floor level).  With the
    Technicians dealt with, snipe the Stormtroopers with the Disruptor from on top
    of the lower ledges each side (some of the time, particularly when starting the
    Stormtrooper elimination from the far end, one of the Stormtroopers in the
    central firing slit saves Kyle's ammunition by falling out of it and onto the
    Reactor Core!).  Then JUMP up from the lower ledge and RUN/JUMP across the
    chamber until underneath one of the side firing slits, using the pipes etc. to
    JUMP through the hole (a Grenade Sump?) under each of those slits.
    All three firing slits are connected by a passage with a Supply Rack halfway up
    the ramps at each end and a door (which Kyle needs to go through next) opposite
    the central slit.  The Rack at the left-hand end holds an Instant Use Medpack,
    two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition; the one
    at the right-hand end contains an Instant Use Medpack, two cases of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition.  To avoid opening the door
    prematurely, get right against the central firing slit when moving from end to
    end of the passage.
    Immediately through the door is a Catwalk, occupied by either three Technicians
    (one of whom commits suicide on the nearest collar as soon as Kyle enters) or
    two Technicians and a Stormtrooper, over a shielded part of the Reactor Core
    divided by rotating (unshielded) cooling vanes and collars.  It is safe to move
    along the shielding, but fatal to touch either the vanes or the collars; which
    Kyle will have to hurdle on his way to the far end.  Get rid of the Imperials
    with PUSH and look down the length of the core (about midway) for a Green
    Reborn, who has a proven vulnerability to fire from a (half to fully) charged
    Disruptor - aim at the green diamond patch just below his waist - if going to
    Lightsabres with him does not appeal.  This can be done from the Catwalk or
    from any point along the shielded core before JUMPing the final collar onto his
    section.  Although claimed to be dangerous in another Walkthrough (not Matthew
    Rorie's), the electrical discharges in this chamber have never given the Author
    any trouble at all.
    Once at the Reborn's position, note the Portable Assault Sentries deployed on
    the exit Catwalk (three on Jedi, only two on the other Settings).  The Author
    recommends eliminating them from here with Disruptor fire aimed at their
    cylindrical Power Units/Ammunition Magazines, since they appear to have
    unlimited ammunition.
    When Kyle JUMPs the second to last collar, four E11-armed Stormtroopers come
    through the door onto the Catwalk.  Either let their deflected fire get rid of
    them or JUMP the last collar and disarm them with PULL before JUMPing up onto
    the Catwalk and finishing them.  Move through the doorway into a short
    connecting corridor where a Portable Assault Sentry awaits collection (if
    required) on the highest pipe at the entrance-door end.
    Engage SPEED before opening the far door and head around to the right once
    through it, eliminating the two Technicians before dropping down by the raised
    lift platform, eliminating the Grey Uniformed Officer and grabbing his Supply
    Key.  The quartet of Stormtroopers on the high-level platforms can (with the
    exception of the one armed with a Repeater) be left to eliminate themselves
    with their own deflected Blaster fire, but the Repeater pellets usually have to
    be PUSHed back at their firer to get rid of him.  Curiously, the Mark 1 Combat
    Droid seems to stay (or become) inactive while Kyle is down at the Officer's
    level; and can be easily disposed of by knocking out its weapon-arms with a
    three-quarter power Disruptor shot to each - check the bonus item of
    ammunition, but the Author cannot recall this ever being a case of Power Cell!
    Before continuing, replenish with Power Cell Ammunition at the Supply Rack
    across the hump (it holds three cases plus an Instant Use Medpack) and open the
    Supply Crate (if required - note that the key will open another Supply Crate,
    containing a Seeker Drone, a little later; so saving the key for that Crate may
    be preferred) to collect another Portable Assault Sentry.
    The Author recommends completely ignoring the floating platform (it will crash
    anyway, and activating it brings out two Rocket-armed Stormtroopers to take
    pot-shots at Kyle), except as a JUMPing-off point to access the first bracket;
    thereafter JUMPing from bracket to bracket around the chamber; Quicksaving
    after every successful JUMP.  Eliminate the Technician at the floater's docking
    console and follow the ledge around (left of the lift) to the grating
    protecting this Level's Secret Area - containing a Battery Pack and a belt of
    Thermal Detonators.
          Author's Note: The Rocket-armed Stormtroopers (Rocket Troopers) that come
          out to shoot at the floating platform if it is activated do not appear to
          be the same as the Stormtroopers waiting at the top of the lift, but seem
          to be extras.
    Take the lift up and let the two E11-armed Stormtroopers fall to deflected fire
    before PUSHing and HACKing the Repeater-armed Stormtrooper.  The Weapon Rack
    behind his position, flanked by a pair of Battery Packs, contains another two
    Repeaters and a Merr-Sonn Portable Missile System, the last new weapon that
    Kyle will collect on the Mission.
    Particularly on the two higher Settings, engage SPEED before opening the door
    and launch a PUSH as soon as Kyle starts to go through it.  While there are
    only two E11-armed Stormtroopers on this bridge on Padawan and Jedi, they are
    joined by a Rocket Trooper on the higher Settings.  Engaging SPEED does not
    give the Rocket Trooper time to fire before being flattened by the PUSH, ready
    for the Lightsabre.
    After crossing the bridge, moving all the way around the walkway to the right
    of the door will give Kyle access to two boxes of Blaster Ammunition, while
    doing the same to the left will bring Kyle to a Large Shield Booster (two on
    Padawan and Jedi Settings) and then to two Bacta Canisters.  The Blaster
    Ammunition and Bacta are located where the quartet of Stormtroopers were firing
    from a little earlier.
    Move through the door (although equipped with a Control Pad, this will open
    automatically when Kyle is in the right position to unlock it) and into the
    dimly-lit area beyond; being mindful to stay on the outside of the chamber to
    avoid a long, long, drop.  Bypass the first (square) lift platform that Kyle
    comes across and go up on the large, light-stone coloured, trapezoidal platform
    at the back of the chamber, turning to face the front and moving to the right
    when at the top (there's more of the transparent flooring in here and in the
    lowest floor but be mindful, in both locations, of the gap in the centre and
    the gaps around the outside).  PUSH the Officers at the Control Station (one
    Grey Uniformed and one Black Uniformed) when in range and finish them by either
    HACKing or PUSHing them off the platform.  Operate the Control Panel (it
    enables another lift two floors below), then move round to the other Control
    Station (noting the Security Locked door - the way to the next Level - in
    passing) and get rid of the two Grey Uniformed Officers in the same way.  None
    of these Officers are carrying any type of Key, so there is no need to hold
    Go back down on the lift and board either of the square lift platforms for
    another descent.  There are four E11-armed Stormtroopers standing watch on a
    ledge surrounding the central column - JUMP onto the ledge and take them out
    one-by-one (PUSHing them over the edge generally works quite well, any
    survivors can be PULLed vertically to finish them).  The Supply Crate at floor
    level is the one containing a Seeker Drone (referred to earlier) which can be
    opened only if the previous Supply Crate was left alone.
    Locate and board the trapezoidal lift at floor level, which takes Kyle down to
    the lowest Reactor Control platform, defended by three Grey Uniformed Officers,
    two Tan Uniformed Officers (one of whom carries the Security Key required to
    enter the next Level) and a Reborn - a Red on Padawan and Jedi Settings, a Boss
    on the others.  The problem here is the number of opponents, who will probably
    catch Kyle in a crossfire if RUN and SLASH tactics are employed; resulting in
    serious Damage.  The solution is to stay on the lift platform as it ascends and
    descends (to keep the Reborn out of the way while dealing with the attacking
    Imperials, CROUCH close to the back, moving further forward if he is still
    around afterwards) , PUSHing all attacking Imperials into the gap by the centre
    column (sometimes one, or more, loose their footing and save Kyle the trouble
    of PUSHing).  If the Officers to Kyle's right do not notice what is going on,
    they can be alerted by a couple of rounds of Flechette Primary fire, fired when
    the lift platform has just started to move upwards again.  Both types of Reborn
    tend to jump about a lot, sometimes also falling down the gaps (so saving Kyle
    the trouble of dealing with them himself), but when Kyle does have to take the
    Reborn on, the GRIP and THROW technique will work on either type, provided the
    THROW is made before the Reborn can PUSH out of Kyle's GRIP.
    With all the distractions out of the way, hunt down the Tan Uniformed Officer
    with the Security Key (he will normally be lurking 180 degrees around the
    centre column), whack him (the "Safe Sabre" method works perfectly well), grab
    the Key and head back up on the lifts - stopping off, if required, where Kyle
    entered this complex to top-up Shields with the Large Booster(s) outside - to
    the very top.
    The Author recommends engaging SPEED before opening the Security Locked door
    and heading over the bridge; there are three Stormtroopers (one armed with a
    Flechette Weapon, who will use it in Secondary fire mode at range; the other
    two armed with E11s) at the far end.  Eliminate them, go through the door
    behind them and head to the end of the corridor to exit the Level.
    CAIRN INSTALLATION - DOOMGIVER DOCK (Level 18) - [map code = cairn_dock1].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Shadowtroopers, Reborn.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power)
    => PUSH [3]*, PULL [3]*, SPEED [3], JUMP [2], MIND TRICK [2], HEAL [2],
    PUSH and PULL are now upgraded to their maximum effectiveness, most apparent in
    the case of PULL where Stormtroopers will come flying onto Kyle's Lightsabre.
    The effect is not as noticeable in the case of PUSH but it does give the
    possibility of being able to break a Sabre-lock.
    Most of this Level seems to have been designed as an exercise in stealth,
    however there is really only one place where complete stealth must be observed,
    the rest of the Level being amenable to a stealthy, semi-stealthy or openly
    violent approach.
    Go down the corridor and through the door, where Kyle will find himself in a
    storage area with three exits and a pair of Battery Packs on top of one of the
    crates (and on Padawan Setting only, a Bacta Canister on a crate to the left of
    the Blast Door).  The Blast Doors to the left give access to an Armoury (a
    dead-end, which can be visited now or left until later), the door in front is
    Security Locked, leaving the door to the right as the only other option.
    Inside are six suits of black armour in wall cases and a door leading into a
    circular chamber with platforms around it.  Try cutting the armoured suits up
    with the Lightsabre - each Cortosis reinforced suit will take more than one
    SLASH or THROW.  When ready, Quicksave and go through the door into the
    circular chamber and Kyle's first encounter with Shadowtroopers (one on
    Padawan, two on the higher Settings) hiding in a hole in the centre of the
    chamber floor.
    In addition to wearing those Lightsabre-resistant armoured suits,
    Shadowtroopers utilise the full range of Force Powers (including FORCE
    LIGHTNING), can cooperate in using the GRIP and THROW technique, seem to use a
    modified STRONG Lightsabre style and, if that wasn't enough, can also turn
    themselves invisible!  That said, there is often either a red Lightsabre or a
    shimmering patch of air to show where they are and, if in doubt, a PUSH can
    also make them give away their locations when they block it.  The green gem in
    the middle of their chest armour is an Artusian Crystal that has been empowered
    with the Force in the Valley of the Jedi.  Note that they shed one of these
    when killed (with another usually available if the corpse - most often the
    lower body - is completely disintegrated by Disruptor).  Obtaining one of these
    "Force Crystals" immediately recharges Kyle's Force Reservoir.
    With only the Medium and Fast Lightsabre styles available, Kyle is severely
    disadvantaged in a pure Lightsabre duel, so the Author recommends deploying
    Seeker Drones (one more than the expected number of Shadowtroopers; who do not
    seem to emerge from the pit until Kyle either leaves the entry platform or
    moves right to the front of it) before JUMPing up onto one of the platforms;
    there is a Small Shield Booster on the mid-level platform to the right of the
    doorway - where Force Powers (particularly PULL and PUSH) can be used as
    equalisers.  Try a PULL as soon as the pit has opened, which quite often
    removes one of them through hard landing after a short unanticipated flight (as
    with Tavion).  Otherwise; engage SPEED, keep SLASHing and hope!  Sometimes the
    Seeker Drones survive, sometimes not - but they're only intended as a
    Expect three E11-armed Stormtroopers to put in an appearance from the chamber
    that Kyle needs to visit next.  They usually appear after the Shadowtrooper(s)
    has/have been dealt with - but, if that combat has gone on for a while, may
    come out and add to Kyle's problems while one or both Shadowtroopers are still
    around.  PULLing them works very well if Kyle is not in immediate danger (once,
    the Author used a JUMP and PULL and all three Stormtroopers were in pieces
    without further effort!).
    Go through the door (the correct one has its Control Pad on the right-hand
    side), murder the Tan Uniformed Officer with a PUSH and THROW and grab the
    Security Key from him.  Note the Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack
    and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition) on the rear wall.  Then go back through
    the circular chamber (collecting the Small Shield Booster - which may well be
    required - on the way, it can't hurt to collect any Force Crystals that are in
    plain sight either) and through the anteroom to the storage chamber.
    Now pay a visit to the Armoury.  The chamber through the nearest door on the
    left contains six DEMP guns (which can be used to boost Kyle's stock of Power
    Cell Ammunition) and a Shield Converter.  The chamber through the next
    side door on the left-contains three Bacta Canisters, three Merr-Sonn Portable
    Missile Systems and a Supply Rack (holding three boxes of Blaster Ammunition
    and a Seeker Drone).  The chamber through the door opposite contains Imperial
    Heavy Repeaters and/or Flechette Weapons (allowing Kyle to top-up with Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition) and an Ammunition Converter.  The chamber through the final
    door contains packs of Trip Mines and/or belts of Thermal Detonators - in the
    Author's experience three of each - plus a Supply Rack (holding three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition and a Portable Assault Sentry).  Top-up as required.
    Unlock and go through the Security Locked door, up the corridor and into the
    room at the end.  Operate the flashing central element of the Control Station
    to activate the lift by the right-hand wall; this also cues Kyle to go into
    "wimp" mode and deliver his spiel about stealth possibly being a wiser choice.
          Author's Note: The structure visible to the left of the window (where a
          Rocket Trooper; not the one patrolling the high-level conveyor system; is
          standing Guard on the three higher Settings) is the Command Tower and, a
          small, part of the central spine of Fyyar's Assault Ship Doomgiver.  As
          will be seen, it is a very, very, big ship!
    Once down on the lift, the Author does recommend stealthy behaviour for the
    next part of the route, but on the grounds that a Bacta Canister (in a Supply
    Crate to the far left of the door) and three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition
    (in a Supply Rack to the far right of the Grey Uniformed Officer) should be
    insufficient incentive to risk Damage with the violent method.  Note that if
    Kyle is spotted, any Imperial can operate the Alarm Panel - leading to a
    Cutscene of Kyle under guard in a cell, the arrival of an Interrogator Droid:
    and a Mission End message!  Deactivate the Lightsabre, go out of the door - in
    CROUCH - turn right and move to the end of the crates, then MIND TRICK every
    Imperial in sight (particularly, on the two higher Settings, the Technician
    right by the crawlspace entrance) before engaging SPEED and heading to and into
    the crawlspace; which Kyle needs to follow to the opening right at its end (the
    one without a grate across it).  Locate the lift platform and ride it up,
    moving out of the shelter to the left (the side with the shorter wall) on
    arrival.  Note also the array of small Reactors behind the lift-shelter that
    are supplying Doomgiver with power while in dock.
    From here there are two choices, either JUMP across to the ledge (to the right
    of the window) directly in front of the lift-shelter, then move around to the
    right and duck into the crawlspace (the conventional method, with both stealthy
    and violent options available) or move behind the lift-shelter, JUMP onto its
    roof and then over to the roof of the building in front - aiming Kyle to touch
    down just to the right of the right-hand buttress (only a violent option is
    available with this method, but it is virtually risk-free).
    Move to the Control Station and operate its centre panel, then go back to the
    crawlspace, drop down from the ledge and RUN round to the lift.
    Move (in CROUCH) to just short of the Control Station, select either Imperial
    Heavy Repeater or Flechette Weapon, engage the Grey Uniformed Officer with
    Secondary fire (for the Repeater, stay in CROUCH and put the crosshairs into
    the corner - about halfway between the light fitting and the roof - discharge
    three or four rounds for certainty; for the Flechette Weapon, bob up and fire
    four to six discharges before the Officer can react - aimed as close to him as
    possible.  Switch back to Lightsabre and, if not on Padawan Setting, dispose of
    the Technicians by PULLing them from on top of the pipes, being mindful that
    they both sometimes retain their weapons and that one or more can end up on the
    light fitting above the Control Station!  When they are eliminated, Kyle can
    drop down to floor-level and top-up (if required) at the Shield Converter
    and/or the Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of
    Blaster Ammunition), before JUMPing back up, operating the centre panel of the
    Control Station and either; heading back through the crawlspace, dropping down
    and moving round to the lift; or back-flipping back down to floor-level and
    exiting through the door underneath the Control Station, then moving across to
    the lift.
    Move to the grating under the gap in the roof-ridge (do not, repeat not, fire
    on any of the guards in the area Kyle has just come from) with Kyle's back
    towards the Doomgiver.  Smash the grating and drop down to the edge of the
    Catwalk, PUSHing and THROWing the Grey Uniformed Officer on arrival.  To avoid
    accidents when dealing with the Technicians (on Jedi Setting and above) RUN
    across the width of the Catwalk and JUMP over to the Control Station side.
    PULLing them from on top of the pipes there means that they will never get any
    chance of operating the Alarm Panel on the Officer's Catwalk.  Top-up etc. as
    above when all are disposed of.
          Author's Note: Putting an Alarm Panel where only one defender can get to
          it wasn't a very intelligent piece of planning on the part of the
    With the violent methods, the Author tends to favour the back-flip to the floor
    and an exit through the door as it seems to give Kyle a little extra time.
    ALL METHODS:  Summon the lift platform again and ride it up, engaging SPEED at
    the top (operating that Control Panel shut down the Reactor array, but only
    temporarily) then RUNning to the end of the Reactor array nearest Doomgiver,
    turning hard right once between the first and second rows, RUNning to the end,
    then turning hard left and up the steps.  On Padawan Setting there are a Tan
    Uniformed and a Grey Uniformed Officer manning the Control Board, on the higher
    Settings these are joined by a Black Uniformed Officer who carries a Supply Key
    (to the Supply Crate around the corner - containing a Small Shield Booster).
    Kill these Officers quickly and make a bee-line for the side of Doomgiver,
    bearing to the right and heading for the large square opening (the top of a
    lift shaft) that comes into view to Kyle's front.  A number (depending on
    Setting) of Stormtroopers are on their way up on the platform; get to the lift
    shaft quickly enough and Kyle can aim a PULL at the middle of the group while
    they are still below him; suddenly it's raining white armoured men, Halleluiah!
    Most of the time they are all killed on impact, but occasionally one or more
    end up on the top of high-level structures - even on top of the Doomgiver
    itself!  PULL the Grey Uniformed Officer (standing at the Control Console)
    before he can do any damage, finish him with the Lightsabre and collect the
    Security Key from the top of the container nearby as well as topping-up (if
    required) from the Ammunition Converter to the right.  There is an Alarm Panel
    in this area, but it is being repaired by an R2 Droid, so Kyle cannot be
    captured.  Nevertheless, locate the Panel and check the top of the crates to
    the left of it for a Portable Assault Sentry (two on Padawan Setting).
    Get back over to Doomgiver's flank again and find the two doors (the left one
    Security Locked) in the corner of the area; operate the Security Lock and board
    the lift inside.  There is no gameplay consequence to leaving the flashing
    central panel of the nearest Control Station untouched - all it does is to drop
    the large square lift again and close a cover over the shaft (operate it, or
    not, to choice) then head down the steps and through the door to a mirror-image
    version of the previous chamber.  Here operating the Control Station to drop
    the lift and its Stormtrooper passengers might have value, but they can be
    dealt with more directly.  There is (again) no Alarm Panel down there to worry
    about, although Flechette-armed Stormtroopers on the lift will use Secondary
    fire if given the chance.  Quicksaving before going down in the lift, engaging
    SPEED before exiting and using PULL (with or without a JUMP) after RUNning into
    range has been found to be a Damage-free elimination method.
          Author's Note:  Passing through the last sequence of lifts and
          passageways has brought Kyle over Doomgiver's spine.  He is now on the
          opposite side of the ship, and will be heading back towards the Command
    However that group of Stormtroopers is dealt with, head diagonally across the
    area and carefully through the door.  The room beyond contains electrically
    charged pipes down its centre (except at the far end), but Kyle should be all
    right if he moves in CROUCH and hugs the walls on the way round.
    The next chamber can be a bit difficult on higher Settings since there is an
    electrified pit separating Kyle from the Imperials (three Stormtroopers and a
    Grey Uniformed Officer, with an Alarm Panel in easy reach of all of them).  On
    Padawan it's easy - select Disruptor and whack the single Stormtrooper first,
    then the Grey Uniformed Officer - but don't disintegrate him, he has a Supply
    Key.  It is just possible to whack all of them with the Disruptor on Jedi
    Master Setting by MIND TRICKing the three Stormtroopers first, but it's a bit
    chancy.  Probably the best method is to deactivate the Lightsabre before
    opening the door from the previous room, stay (or get) out of sight of the
    Stormtroopers, engage SPEED and move in CROUCH down to the far end of the
    walkway; then JUMP up the pipes to the top of the structure, move across the
    top (in CROUCH again) then MIND TRICK the Stormtroopers, engage SPEED again and
    drop down, eliminating the Officer first, then the Stormtroopers.  The Supply
    Crate is not really worth opening (it only contains a Bacta Canister, but save
    the Supply Key for possible later use) and the Weapon Rack contains (unless a
    PULL or PUSH has been aimed in its direction) a trio of Imperial Heavy
    Through the door is another chamber with electrified pipes running through it,
    which should be negotiated in the same manner as before.  Go through the door
    into the corridor and down to the end - but do not try to go through the
    unlocked door to Kyle's left, it's certain capture - just JUMP onto the
    (roughly triangular) circuitry access boxes to Kyle's right-front and from
    there up to the on the ledge on the right.  Follow the ledge round and smash
    the grate to access this Level's Secret Area (just a Bacta Canister and a belt
    of Thermal Detonators) then drop back down into the corridor.
    The next chamber (the only place where it is necessary to exercise full stealth
    tactics) is thick with Imperials, and contains a sealed observation booth,
    complete with Alarm Panel and Black Uniformed Officer (who cannot even be MIND
    TRICKed) as well.  Fortunately, the Imperials have left an unguarded crawlspace
    which leads onto an upper-level walkway.  The conventional means of getting up
    there is to JUMP onto the lamppost by the entry door and follow the ledge along
    (hopping the gap when Kyle comes to it); but the Author has discovered that it
    is possible to JUMP onto the top of the shorter buttress by the gap (at either
    of the buttress' narrow sides), and JUMP to the crawlspace from there.
    Deactivate the Lightsabre (or, better yet, go to 'empty-hands' mode), enter the
    crawlspace and Quicksave.
    Once through the crawlspace (leave the GNK Droid alone, it provides a bit of
    visual cover - although its Control Pad can be USEd to activate it, seemingly
    without gameplay consequences) remain in CROUCH until through the tricky
    section and safely inside the airlock.  Move left to the Single Element Control
    Station (noting the two Small Shield Boosters to the right of it) and activate
    the Light Amplification Goggles.  Next, engage SPEED, USE the Control Panel and
    move along to the end of the walkway to the right, dropping down to floor level
    by the wall.  Move around the trio of Officers, then around the end of a
    Display Screen to the airlock door, operate its Control Pad and move right the
    way along to the far end; waiting there until the door has shut and nothing
    else has happened for about ten seconds (Reborn voices from the other side of
    the airlock door do not count!).  Then Kyle can remove the Goggles, STAND up
    and reactivate (or draw) his Lightsabre again.  Quicksave here too.
    The chamber past the airlock is equipped with two Alarm Panels, located on each
    side of the chamber about halfway along it, and manned (on all Settings) by a
    Black Uniformed Officer and a Grey Uniformed Officer to operate them.  When
    Kyle enters, the Officers try to run from their starting position outside the
    airlock door through the maze created by a large number of crate stacks to the
    Alarm Panels.  While alone on Padawan Setting (and so rather easy meat), they
    are joined by a Blue Reborn on Jedi Setting and by a Blue and a Boss on the
    higher Settings, making things a bit more difficult.  The technique here can be
    said to be "business before pleasure", whacking the Imperials first (if
    possible - not that it always is!) before taking on the Reborn.
    The Author has found that engaging SPEED before opening the outer airlock door,
    moving to the left of the Grey Uniformed Officer until both are in line,
    THROWing them down; then RUNning after the Lightsabre and heading down the
    right side of the chamber to the rear before cutting over to the open space on
    the left-hand side and waiting for the Reborn to come after Kyle (while
    allowing the Force Meter to recharge) keeps Damage to a minimum.  Remember that
    Blue Reborn are vulnerable to Rank 2 GRIP (making the GRIP and THROW technique
    a possibility), and the Boss in this chamber has been found to be more
    susceptible to PUSH (followed by a THROW or a HACK, depending on distance) than
    some others.  There are a pair of Battery Packs on the top of a crate by the
    exit door.  Also, near the Alarm Panel on that side of the chamber, is a Supply
    Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition)
    and a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s).
    Go through the door (it does not have a Control Pad, but opens automatically),
    ascend on the lift and move round the Catwalk to Doomgiver's bridge; the
    entrance Kyle can use is on the opposite side.  Accessible at the end of the
    other Catwalk is a Weapon Rack (holding three Portable Missile Systems).  In
    fact the entire area that Kyle has moved through after delivering his spiel
    about stealth can be accessed from here, without meeting any enemies at all
    (they have withdrawn into Doomgiver due to imminent departure, although the
    Droids are still about) and without the need to incur any Health Damage
    whatever - which may be useful if Kyle has sustained Shield Damage from the
    To get down to the 'Stealth' room (for the two Small Shield Boosters), drop
    down in front of Doomgiver's bridge and head all the way along the spine almost
    as far as the structure with the Control Station visible through the windows.
    Head left and drop onto the ledge (not part of Doomgiver itself, but part of
    the docking mechanism), following it back in the direction Kyle has just come
    from.  At the end, drop down onto the walkway by the Supply Crate, head for the
    doorway (into the second room containing electrified pipes) and proceed from
    there.  Kyle may give an "Oof" on landing, but no Health Damage should be
    sustained, even on Jedi Master Setting.  When finished, go back up to
    Doomgiver's bridge.
    To get down to the Shield Converter (in the room with the lone Officer (and
    Technicians on every Setting other than Padawan) drop down in front of
    Doomgiver's bridge and head all the way along the spine almost as far as the
    structure with the Control Station visible through the windows.  Head right and
    go up the inclined ledge until it ends; then JUMP down onto the sloping area to
    the right (the Author isn't sure if this structure is part of Doomgiver or not)
    then drop onto either the walkway below, or the arched pipes if just wanting to
    visit the Converter, or RUN along to the end of the sloping ledge to collect a
    case of Rocket Ammunition and drop down by the first Supply Crate of the Level.
    Again, no Health Damage should be sustained, even on Jedi Master Setting.  When
    finished, go back up to Doomgiver's bridge, following the normal route.
    Enter the bridge to trigger the end-of-Level Cutscene of Luke's and Desann's
    Lightsabre duel.  Unlike other commentators, the Author has yet to see anything
    unusual, but lives in hope!
    DOOMGIVER - COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY (Level 19) - [map code = doom_comm].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Imperial Technicians, Shadowtroopers,
    Reborn, Interrogator Droids, Combat Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3]*, MIND TRICK [3]*, HEAL [2],
    The upgrade to Rank 3 LIGHTSABER DEFENSE vastly improves Kyle's ability to
    accurately redirect incoming fire, and return it to sender!  This makes dealing
    with automated defences a lot simpler, particularly when there are
    Stormtroopers and others to share the benefit!
    The increase of MIND TRICK to Rank 3 can turn enemies into (temporary) allies,
    and gets them to fire on any of their former colleagues in sight!  While in the
    'allied' state, automated defences of all descriptions will target a MIND TRICK
    victim, as if he was Kyle.
    The availability of the STRONG Lightsabre style gives (provided it is
    used in conjunction with SPEED) a much improved ability to deal with Cortosis
    armour, and can knock ordinary Reborn to the ground.
    Rank 2 FORCE LIGHTNING is not as much of an improvement over Rank 1 as other
    Force Powers; true, Kyle can now make a sustained attack, but even this does
    not knock Force-wielding enemies off balance.  The Author recommends continuing
    to restrict Lightning to Droid targets (and isolated Imperials) at this Rank.
    Rank 3 JUMP is also useful and necessary but is an incremental, rather than a
    massive, improvement.
    The opening Cutscene (an interrupted comlink conversation with Luke) adds
    contacting Rogue Squadron, and enabling them to track Doomgiver, to Kyle's
    'to-do' list.
    A swarm of Stormtroopers will greet Kyle as he tries to leave the Command
    Walkway (including some going into the Crew Pit area below).  PUSH the ones
    that try to come in through the door and test the upgrade to Kyle's Lightsaber
    Defence.  When the activity slows down, also try out the upgrade to MIND TRICK.
    The Author finds that the last few Stormtroopers (those in the Crew Pit area)
    can usually be induced to come out and be killed by using a lull to quickly
    take up position in the lift (use SPEED for a Damage-free transfer), where Kyle
    needs to be anyway.  There is a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s) to each side
    of the Crew Pit door, so PULLing to disarm is probably not as effective a
    tactic - disarmed Stormtroopers have a habit of re-arming themselves from the
    Descend in the lift; the exit is on the same side as the entrance, so turn
    round on the way down; to find another clutch of Stormtroopers (one armed with
    a Flechette Weapon, the rest with E11s).  Moving to the corner (SPEED is not
    really necessary if Kyle SIDESTEPs, but can be engaged if preferred) on either
    side of the lift door can speed-up the elimination process as Kyle comes into
    view of a ceiling-mounted Automated Defence Cannon - which is now much more of
    a danger to the Imperials than to Kyle!  With all the Stormtroopers on the
    floor, advance on the visible Automated Defence Cannon until the second one
    comes into view, wait for one of them to be blown up then advance on the
    survivor until that one is toast as well.
    Note the storeroom windows under each Cannon position, visible through the
    left-hand window are a Bacta Canister and a Large Shield Booster (two on
    Padawan Setting) on the floor by a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack,
    two boxes of Blaster Ammunition and a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition, while
    three Supply Racks (three cases of Power Cell Ammunition, three cases of
    Metallic Bolt Ammunition and three cases of Rocket Ammunition) can be seen
    through the right-hand window.  The windows flank a locked door (both unlocked
    and opened by operating the Control Panel down the steps opposite it, which has
    a Supply Rack (an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition)
    located to its left, with a Small Shield Booster on the floor to the right of
    the Supply Rack.
    Operate the Control Panel and let the quartet of Stormtroopers, led by a Black
    Uniformed Officer (who has the Security Key for the Ammunition Store to the
    right) eliminate themselves, then (without going within sensor range of the
    door at the far end) grab the key and open the Security Lock.
    The far door opens into a small lift, with a Green Reborn in residence.  Launch
    a PUSH as soon as the door opens halfway (it seems to be helpful if Kyle trips
    the sensor while in CROUCH), and he should be knocked over.  If not, PUSH again
    immediately, as many times as it takes to floor him, then THROW or HACK him up.
    Ride down in the lift (its another one that exits from the same side as it is
    entered from) and bear right on exit.  There a, not very alert, Tan Uniformed
    Officer is standing at a Console and it is possible to sneak up on him and give
    him a dose of FORCE LIGHTNING from close range (use the point of Kyle's left
    shoulder as a guide to where the Lightning will discharge).  Grab the Officer's
    Supply Key and head down to the side doors down the passageway (starting with
    the right-hand one); the far door of this airlock-style anteroom is locked, but
    it contains a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and with three boxes
    of Blaster Ammunition) and a breakable grating in the ceiling to Kyle's left.
    Take time to deploy a Portable Assault Sentry in front of the middle of the
    locked door and as close to it as possible (it helps for later) then smash the
    grating, JUMP up through it and move along the passageway (knocking off the two
    Interrogator Droids, which can be THROWN or DEMPed - but expect to need at
    least two Primary fire hits on each with the DEMP) to the first of the Level's
    three Secret Areas.  This one contains a Battery Pack, a pack of Trip Mines, a
    belt of Thermal Detonators and a Supply Crate (holding a Large Shield Booster,
    if required; otherwise preserve the Key for later).
    Move back down the passage, drop down into the anteroom and move across the
    corridor.  This anteroom is also equipped with a Supply Rack (holding two cases
    of Metallic Bolt Ammunition and a case of Power Cell Ammunition).  Again,
    deploy a Portable Assault Sentry at the door, locate the grating to Kyle's
    left, smash it and JUMP up into a forked passageway with five Interrogator
    Droids to be dealt with; two coming from the right and three from the left.
    The left passage leads to a small supply cache (two Bacta Canisters, a Battery
    Pack and a Supply Crate - holding a Seeker Drone); the right-hand passage leads
    to a grating overlooking a Control Station and the Tan Uniformed Officer
    operating it.  As with the previous occasion, a half-charged Disruptor shot
    will eliminate both at once.
    Drop down, unlock the big door, grab the Officer's Supply Key and operate the
    central element of the Control Station to activate one of the R5 Droids.  Take
    it back up the corridor to where the dozy Officer was standing, find and
    operate the Droid-lock to expose a Portable Assault Sentry, then head right to
    the Droid-sized, forcefield protected, entryway.
    Once inside, move round to the left inside the large chamber to find and
    operate another Droid-lock on the far side of the buttress past the guarded
    archway (the entrance to a very large lift) to expose a second Portable Assault
    Sentry.  Then continue moving round the room to the doorway and operate that
    Droid-lock too.  Sometimes the Stormtroopers get suspicious and either mangle
    or destroy the R5 during this process, if so, just send in another one (a
    different one activates each time, and there appears to be an inexhaustible
    supply!) to complete the chores.  With the door unlocked, and the Portable
    Assault Sentry in the doorway blasting merrily away, release control of the R5
    and, having made sure that the Lightsabre is selected and active, collect the
    first spare Portable Assault Sentry from the dozy Officer's position then head
    for the left-hand-side door to complete cleansing the chamber (and lift) of
    Stormtroopers; finishing by collecting the second spare Portable Assault
    It's not actually necessary (and there are no interesting or useful items in
    that chamber), but it does up the end-of-Level body-count if Kyle returns to
    the Droid Control Station, fires up another R5 and sends it into the other
    room.  That is where an officious Protocol Droid demands that R5 transmit its
    clearance code, and reveals that the R5 is under unauthorised control.
    Head down on the large lift (the Author prefers to do this from the chamber
    where the second Portable Assault Sentry was) as the terminus contains an
    Ammunition Converter, hidden from casual inspection behind a buttress - using
    the other lift gives access to a Shield Converter, hidden in the same manner.
    In both these termini chambers there is one locked, yellow-panelled door and a
    staircase (leading to another locked, yellow panelled door) directly opposite
    the lift, and one plain grey door to one side.  The plain grey door leads to
    the next chamber Kyle has to clear; the yellow-panelled doors will become
    available later.
    Both of the lift termini give access to the same large chamber, with a Catwalk
    to one side, a drop-off to the other and a colonnaded structure halfway along,
    which is linked to the floor by a pipework bridge.  In here are two Automated
    Defence Cannons, ceiling-mounted above the Catwalk; two Mark 1 Combat Droids
    (which Kyle has already encountered in Cairn Assembly and Cairn Reactor) at
    Kyle's level, plus two Mark 2 Combat Droids; that look like turreted bread-bins
    from Kyle's perspective; on the Catwalk.  The Author's advice is to hold
    position and let the enemy fire do Kyle's work for him again - while it is
    possible to PUSH the Combat Droids over the edge of the drop-off (and it can be
    done safely), all four Droids drop bonus cases/boxes of ammunition when they
    are destroyed, which might help if Kyle is short.  Once the Droids are
    eliminated, advance on the Cannons (as before) until both are silenced; then
    drop down in front of the colonnaded structure.
    Secret Area 2 of the Level (containing two Small Shield Boosters and a pack of
    Det Packs) is through a crawlspace sized opening on the left-hand side of the
    structure, right against the far wall.  There should be enough ambient light
    filtering in to make donning the Light Amplification Goggles unnecessary.  Once
    done, move to the front of the structure between the columns and the wall,
    stand on the glass panel (facing toward the bridge), break the glass and drop
    In this passageway, there are five Interrogator Droids to be eliminated, THROW
    works very well as the Droids line themselves up to attack Kyle; and can be
    taken out two or three at a time - if the THROWing is accurate; the DEMP can be
    used as an alternative, if preferred.  With the Droids out of the way, ensure
    the Lightsabre is selected and active then move to the lift at the end of the
    passage and take it up (yet another one where the exit is on the same side as
    the entrance) into a small chamber with several R5 Droids and five Technicians.
    Stay as close as possible to the lift doorway, let most of the Technicians
    eliminate themselves and then mop-up with the Lightsabre.  There are some
    supplies in the two alcoves nearest the far door, an Instant Use Medpack and
    three cases of Power Cell Ammunition in a Supply Rack (plus a Small Shield
    Booster on the floor) to Kyle's left; another Instant Use Medpack and three
    cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition in a Supply Rack (plus a second Small Shield
    Booster on the floor) to Kyle's right.
    Move through the door into the Tram System Control Room (where there are a few
    more R5 Droids moving around) and operate the Control Panel - only one of the
    four elements actually needs to be operated, but do the lot anyway, there is no
    gameplay consequence, either way, (Note that the outermost panels allow Kyle to
    access the top-level Tramways on their side, the middle panels do the same for
    the lower pair of Tram Cars.  When done, exit the Control Room via one of the
    doors to either side of the Control Panel, dispose of the gaggle of
    Stormtroopers that come in through the doors to the lift termini (they scream
    very nicely if PUSHed or PULLed so that they go over the drop-off) go through
    either of the doors to the lift termini.  The Author tends to use the door the
    Kyle did not enter the chamber by (which is usually the one giving access to
    the Shield Converter, for a quick top-up, if needed).  The Author also
    recommends ignoring the top-level Tram Cars in favour of the lower-level ones
    (entered by going down the stairs) since that gives a better angle of approach
    to enemies at the other end of the track.
    Enter the chosen Tram Car, and operate the (flashing) Control Panel to set it
    in motion (there is no gameplay consequence to running the chosen Tram Car back
    and forth along the track as many times as desired, or - provided Kyle only
    leaves at the Control Station end of the track - taking more than one of the
    Cars for a spin!)
    If a lower-level Tram Car was selected, Kyle will find himself at the foot of a
    flight of stairs (the upper-level Tramways exit at the top of the flight).
    Ascend fairly cautiously since there are five enemy Portable Assault Sentries
    deployed around this corridor (shaped like a bracket - a flattened 'U'), in
    support of another gaggle of Stormtroopers, led by a Black Uniformed Officer,
    (who carries the Key to the Security Locked door midway along the long side).
    If no Stormtroopers are in sight, the nearest enemy Sentry can be destroyed by
    Disruptor fire (to give Kyle a little more freedom of movement) but let the
    others fire off their ammunition against Kyle's Lightsabre - any Imperials that
    try to attack Kyle will have the fire reflected back at them and will not last
    long!  Four Supply Racks (one for each type of ammunition - and each holding
    three boxes/cases of it) are located at the ends and corners of the corridor;
    the Rack holding the supply of Power Cell Ammunition having a belt of Thermal
    Detonators on the floor to one side of it.
    When ready, operate the Security Lock to open the door to the Communications
    Control Centre.  This chamber's defences are very similar to the corridor
    outside (Stormtroopers and Portable Assault Sentries), but with the slight
    complication that Stormtroopers can appear from and disappear into doorways to
    each side.  It's a good ploy, for as long as the supply of Stormtroopers lasts,
    to stay in the doorway and PUSH visible Stormtroopers over, MIND TRICKing them
    as they are getting up.  In addition to fighting their non-MIND TRICKed
    colleagues, they also attract the attention of the Portable Assault Sentries;
    in effect, tricking the Sentries into wasting their ammunition!
    Once all is quiet again, track down and, for safety's sake, destroy the
    remaining Sentries (noting the location of the Communications Control Panel,
    which is offline at present); then go through either of the side doors and
    follow the corridor around.  There are almost always another two Stormtroopers
    guarding the doorway to the Encryption Centre, PULL them both and HACK, then go
    through the door.  If Kyle emerges by a structure with green markings, head
    left; otherwise head right.  Go around to the next doorway (be sure to note the
    twelve-sided lift platform down to the Encryption Array, in passing) and take
    the Stormtroopers beyond from behind.  Very occasionally, Kyle will encounter a
    deserter from the Communications Control Centre on the way around, deal with
    him as normal.
    Return to the Encryption Array lift and take it down.  The Array itself is a
    3x3x3 arrangement of pods (each containing a Panel with one possible code
    element), with the Red Code selections on the top layer, the Green Codes below
    and the Blue Codes on the bottom layer.  Some (but not all) of the pods on each
    layer are linked by bridges and some of them may contain at least one Imperial
    Technician.  The task is to JUMP around the Array, find the correct Code Panel
    (as per the Code information on the Datapad) and operate it to select the Code.
    Only one Panel in each layer can be active at any time, so Kyle will have to
    JUMP back and reselect the correct Code if any others are operated afterwards.
    The Red Code pod is immediately to the left of the lift terminus, the Green
    Code pod is one level below and to the right of the lift terminus and the Blue
    Code pod is on the lowest level, all the way to the rear and directly to Kyle's
    The Author believes that the following route involves the least amount of
    JUMPing.  Start by Quicksaving, then move in front of the lift's Control Panel.
    Turn around and RUN off the curved part of the lift-landing so that Kyle drops
    down by the side of the short bridge to the roof of the Green pod, one layer
    below and directly in front of the lift.  Quicksave again.
    Back-off a little to give Kyle a run-up and JUMP onto the bridge in front of
    the doorway to the Red marked pod to Kyle's left-front (the landing zone is
    very narrow, so be mindful).  Once there, spin about, move across the bridge
    into the pod containing the Red Code Panel and operate it.  Quicksave again.
    Come out to the middle of the bridge and JUMP down (it needs some JUMP, but not
    one at full-power) onto the roof of the central Green pod, then drop down to
    the nearest bridge coming out of the Green pod that links three bridges
    together.  Quicksave again.  Locate the Blue pod that has a stub of bridge
    outside its doorway and JUMP down onto its roof (that is the pod containing the
    Blue Code Panel).  Quicksave then carefully drop down onto the stub of bridge,
    enter and operate the Code Panel.  Quicksave again.
    Move to stand on the end of the stub, turn to face the pod doorway, and JUMP up
    onto the roof again, moving to the rear of the roof on completion.  The ledge
    below is the location of the third, and final, Secret Area of this Level,
    containing a Bacta Canister, a pack of Det Packs and a Seeker Drone.  Drop down
    to grab the Secret Area credit (and any of the items required) then position
    Kyle (facing toward where the items were/are) so that he just misses catching
    on the overhang and hit JUMP and FORWARD simultaneously to return to the roof.
    At this point, be aware that the pod forward and to the left from Kyle's
    present position is known to be one of the places which might contain an
    Imperial Technician or two (there are pods in the Green and Red levels that are
    also known to shelter Imperials on occasions, but they are comparatively
    inaccessible).  The Author sometimes has Kyle pay a roof to roof to walkway
    visit and drop down in front of the door!
    Quicksave, then JUMP onto the roof of the pod directly in front, then onto the
    roof of the one directly in front of that.  Quicksave and turn to the left,
    looking up to see a doorway in the Green-level pod above.  That is the location
    of the Green Code Panel, and Kyle will have to JUMP right through the doorway
    to access it (unless the Force is definitely not with Kyle, a mis-JUMP usually
    lands him on the roof of the Blue pod underneath it, just JUMP back across and
    try again, or Quick-reload, to choice).  Operate the Code Panel and Quicksave;
    then stand at the very edge of the doorway and hit FORWARD and hit JUMP a
    split-second later.  Kyle should land on the roof of the pod he dropped down
    onto at the start of his journey around the Array; it is a easy JUMP back up to
    the lift entrance from there.
    Go back up on the lift to the Encryption Centre, enter each of the colour-coded
    Control Booths in turn, check with the Datapad to see that the correct Code
    symbol is displayed on each Panel and operate the Panel to lock the Code in
    place.  Note the locked door on Kyle's way out of the Blue Control Booth, that
    is the way to the next Level.
    Go back into the Communications Control Centre, where the display should have
    changed from showing 'mush' or 'snow' to an Imperial Insignia; if not then
    double-check that all the Encryption Codes are correct and have been properly
    locked-in; taking corrective action as necessary.  Operate the Panel for a
    (Cutscene) conversation with Rogue Leader - disabling Doomgiver's shields being
    added to Kyle's 'to-do' list - then showing Doomgiver emerging from hyperspace
    with Rogue Squadron (including at least two Y Wings mixed in with the normal
    Starfighter establishment of X Wings) in hot pursuit; the start of Rogue
    Squadron's action against Doomgiver and Doomgiver commencing deployment of its
    Drop Ship Landers.
    When the Cutscene ends, find the (now unlocked and open) door behind the Blue
    Control Station in the Encryption Centre, go through and follow the corridor to
    end the Level.
    DOOMGIVER - DETENTION AREA (Level 20) - [map code = doom_detention].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Imperial Technicians, Shadowtroopers,
    => TIE Fighter Pilots, Reborn, Combat Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3]*,
    The only advantage of Rank 3 Heal over Rank 2 is that it takes less time.  The
    upgrade is an improvement, but nothing to go wild about.
    Head along the corridor and around to the right; being mindful to ensure that
    the two worried Stormtroopers' fears about being replaced by the new (and
    better-than-expected) Shadowtroopers do not come to pass!  Go through the door
    on the left and disrupt the TIE Fighter Pilots' pre-launch pep-talk with some
    well-placed, MIND TRICKS; mopping up any survivors of the Tan Uniformed
    Officer, two Grey Uniformed Officers, two Stormtroopers and four TIE Pilots
    with the Lightsabre.  Unless there is a need for another Portable Assault
    Sentry (locked in the Supply Crate, on the right of the entrance - also note
    the Shield and Ammunition Converter at either end of the raised walkway), an
    early confrontation with a Shadowtrooper is desired, or experiencing the
    Arcade-style "shoot'em-up-game-within-a-game" appeals, there is no real reason
    to grab the Security Key from the Tan Uniformed Officer and descend in the lift
    at the end of the Catwalk.
    If Kyle does go down in the lift, the Author has had some success with
    switching to STRONG Style, engaging SPEED just before bottom, RUNning into the
    Tan Uniformed Officer and then dealing with the Shadowtrooper (once he's dead,
    remember to disintegrate the lower part of the corpse to 'force' out a second
    Force Crystal, for whatever benefit it confers).  The Arcade-style mini-game is
    a ship's gun versus TIE Fighters (a choice of five, shoot four and the fifth
    crashes into the gun-bay).  While on the Catwalk, note the three launch-bays to
    the right, as well as the large Viewport directly opposite, which form the next
    part of Kyle's route.
    Top-up at the Ammunition Converter and drop down to the lower level.  Note that
    there is a ceiling-mounted Automated Defence Cannon just in front of the
    doorway that Kyle needs to go through next, but there is no real need to waste
    any ammunition on it; just RUN along to just in front of the mounting (where it
    cannot depress enough to hit Kyle) and take it out with a THROW.  Move to the
    doorway that Kyle has now just tripped open, CROUCH and PULL the defending
    Stormtroopers into the Lightsabre blade, being mindful that there is usually
    one more defender around the dog-leg to the left at the end of the chamber.
    Look for a belt of Thermal Detonators on a ledge in what appears to be the
    middle bay of the room, across from a Weapon Rack (holding three E11s).
    Another Weapon Rack (holding three Portable Missile Systems) is to be found on
    the reverse side.
    Get just near enough to the large door to open it and PULL the nearest Imperial
    (TIE Fighter Pilot), quickly followed by the two nearest Stormtroopers (one
    armed with a Heavy Repeater, the other with a Flechette Weapon).  Finish them
    with the Lightsabre then, as soon as the Force Meter shows a full charge again,
    MIND TRICK the opposite door a couple of times (as an area distraction) while
    keeping an eye on where the left-hand Stormtrooper gets to, he is a Rocket
    Trooper and will be a very useful puppet as soon as the opposite door opens.
    When it does, either MIND TRICK the Rocket Trooper, or one or two of the
    Stormtroopers in the airlock across the way, and watch as they annihilate each
    other.  Top-up the MIND TRICKing as required until either the door closes or
    the last visible man standing moves in Kyle's direction, or both.  Eliminate
    any MIND TRICK victim(s) left in the launch-bay and go through the far door; be
    ready for a survivor or two, just in case, but this tactic often results in a
    clean sweep.
    The far door (the direct route to the next launch-bay) is permanently locked,
    as is the connecting door at gantry level (located through the door to the
    right and up on the lift - but as that door is locked there's absolutely no
    reason to visit).  Instead, go through the door to the left, noting the Battery
    Pack on the floor and the Supply Rack above it (holding an Instant Use Medpack
    and three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) between the two launch-bay Control
    Booth doors, then through the left-hand door after that and operate the Control
    Panel that shows a red circle-in-a-rectangle to power-up the lift - that
    display will clear and a green circle will appear on a screen to its right.
    The other, blue coloured, Control Panel (which opens the launch-bay doors and
    drops atmosphere containment forcefield) should be left alone - operating it
    for this launch-bay is now unnecessary, and could prove dangerous if the doors
    are left open!
    Even though it seems a little illogical, and requires some extra running
    around, the Author believes that the most efficient method of clearing out the
    next launch-bay starts with a visit to the Control Booth next door - but only
    to power-up the lift, at this stage.  Then head back into the first launch-bay
    and take that lift down (if Kyle faces towards the atmosphere containment
    forcefield, and moves to that edge of the platform, he will be in the right
    position to access this Level's first Secret Area at the bottom - a crawlspace
    sized cubby-hole containing a Bacta Canister and a belt of Thermal Detonators).
    Next, move to the left around the lift mechanism and up the TIE Fighter passage
    as far as the first corner, where Kyle will see that there are a pair of Mark 1
    Combat Droids on patrol.  These can either be attracted, and destroyed, by the
    one-at-a-time methods used in Cairn Assembly (just over two and three-quarter
    discharges of Rank 2 FORCE LIGHTNING per Droid does the trick, with or without
    a Lightsabre 'tickle'); or they can be enticed onto the lift platform, evaded
    up in the launch-bay - with use of SPEED - and blown out into space by
    operating the blue Panel in the left-hand Control Booth.
    With the mechanicals out of the way (by whatever method) Kyle needs to advance
    to the end of the passage (the Author recommends taking up a position by the
    join in the first set of doors around to the left, with Kyle's back to them).
    Wait for the Automated Defence Cannons to knock off a couple of Stormtroopers
    up on the rim, then start edging, bit-by-bit, around the chamber to the left,
    letting the Cannon fire find the Lightsabre again after every move (and be
    deflected either back at the Cannons or at any exposed Stormtroopers).  When
    nearing the lift entrance, with only about two Cannons remaining, and when no
    more fire is being deflected at odd angles to seek out Stormtroopers, advance
    carefully on the remaining Cannons and let the deflected fire destroy them too;
    then head for the personnel lift (a roughly circular - twelve sided - platform)
    and take it up to the rim-walkway.
    It's probably wisest to go the long way round to the Control Booth at first
    (heading to the right) in case of surviving Stormtroopers, noting (as Kyle
    passes) the two red-lined archways.  Inside the first of these are a pair of
    Large Shield Boosters and a belt of Thermal Detonators; inside the second
    archway are a pair of Supply Racks, the first holding three cases of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition, the second holding three cases of Power Cell Ammunition.
    Enter the Control Booth and operate the Panel (similar to the lift Control
    Panels in the launch-bay Booths above) once - the door on the left-hand door of
    the three (where Kyle entered the chamber) should close and the centre should
    open.  Move back to clear the Booth roof and JUMP on top of it, RUN across the
    servicing gantry (nothing there for an explorer to find) and drop onto the
    walkway.  Go to (and down on) the lift, up the newly opened central passageway
    and remove the (single) Mark 1 Combat Droid on guard duty - the droid does not
    seem to be in an active state until Kyle gets very close, so it can be given a
    full discharge of FORCE LIGHTNING to wake it up; followed by a Lightsabre
    'tickling' until it is scrap.  Run to the big lift, which will descend
    automatically, but do not board it (sometimes there is a scream as one of the
    defenders falls down the shaft).  An area MIND TRICK or two into the launch-bay
    as the lift ascends again (without Kyle) is optional, but can't hurt.
    Return to the Panel in the Control Booth (this time, head left from the lift,
    JUMP onto the gantry, hop onto the Booth roof and drop down) and operate the
    Panel twice to reopen the left-hand door and passage.  Head back down it and go
    up into the first launch-bay again, heading for the right-hand launch-bay
    Control Booth (overlooking the bay that is to be cleared out), which should now
    have a few more Imperials standing about in it.  Aim MIND TRICKS at the airlock
    door until one of the Imperials investigates and opens it, then operate the
    blue Panel to give the occupants an unanticipated space-walk (as at the Cairn
    Installation).  If there are Imperials still holding position in the airlock
    while the bay is open to space, hop up onto the lift Control Panel and try MIND
    TRICKing one or more of them from a CROUCH - that can give the little extra
    MIND TRICK range required to influence them.  When done, make sure that the
    launch-bay doors are closed (most important, or Kyle will be taking an unwanted
    space-walk himself!) and head back down to the TIE servicing area, reopen the
    central passageway, this time going up on the lift into the second launch-bay;
    where, if all has gone to plan, there should only be a maximum of one or two
    Imperials left in the next airlock.
    As a precautionary measure, head into the second airlock's left-hand Booth and
    depressurise the launch-bay that Kyle has just left (one Stormtrooper seems to
    have a habit of ducking in there while Kyle is working on the third bay), then
    move past the Supply Rack (holding three cases of Power Cell Ammunition), and
    the pair of Small Shield Boosters flanking it on the floor, into the right-hand
    Booth and start MIND TRICKing the far door again.  If the Imperials don't get
    close enough to trip open the door with an area MIND TRICK, put one of them
    under the influence directly; which often does the job.  Again, try to provoke
    a nice little firefight in the doorway, with the aim of attracting as many of
    the six defending Stormtroopers as possible into the third launch-bay and then
    hit the blue Panel to evacuate all and sundry.  Unless wanting to take out
    another pair of Mark 1 Combat Droids at the bottom of the lift shaft, there is
    no need to enable the lift in this bay.  Close everything up (including the
    second bay) and move to the far door.
    The next chamber is a mirror-image of the dog-legged one Kyle passed through
    immediately before entering the launch-bay area.  There are again two Racks
    (the first a Weapon Rack holding three E11s, the second a Supply Rack holding
    an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) mounted
    virtually back-to-back on a pillar, but with a pack of Trip Mines replacing the
    belt of Thermal Detonators in the first dog-legged chamber.
    Move to the doorway and deal with the Stormtroopers (two or three of them)
    beyond.  The door around to the right is locked (there are a pair of Small
    Shield Boosters and a Bacta Canister on a shelf at the left end of the
    hallway), but there is a grating over the door which is accessible from a pair
    of pipes that enter the room at that position.  Kyle can, incidentally, JUMP
    onto the pipes at any point along their run - the brackets have big enough gaps
    for him to pass through in CROUCH.
    Smash the grating with THROW, then select Det Pack and advance in CROUCH (the
    ceiling is very fragile, so exercise caution - and keep as far away from the
    gratings as possible, or Kyle may be spotted) to plant two of them, one on the
    ceiling panel by the wall to Kyle's front the other on the panel next to it;
    while the Imperial gripes about Reelo.  Then CROUCH around to the very rear of
    the ceiling (all the way over and around to the right) and plant a third Det
    pack there - hopefully it will catch Doomgiver's resident expert on TIE
    Fighters when it goes off!  Next, head back to the crawlspace and JUMP from the
    pipes into Secret Area 2 (the hole above the entrance) for the credit, a pack
    of Det Packs, a Small Shield Booster and a Seeker Drone.
          Author's Note:  Going through the crawlspace (even if only to visit the
          Secret Area) before starting to destroy the ceiling is, unfortunately,
          necessary - the defenders do not come into existence until Kyle is on
          their side of the wall.
    Go back out through the crawlspace, follow the pipes around the corner and set
    off the Det Packs; then reselect Lightsabre and return almost to the crawlspace
    where MIND TRICKs from the hallway side of it can thin out the Imperials with a
    reasonable degree of safety - for maximum effect, try to target the Rocket
    Trooper, the Stormtroopers with Flechette Weapons and/or those with Heavy
    Repeaters.  Once thinned-out (and hopefully with the Rocket Trooper a
    casualty), Kyle can carefully advance to, and eventually through, the gap to
    mop-up.  PULL can be effective, although a kill normally requires two or three
    pluck-and-drop attempts from pipe-level.  Drop down and grab the Keys from the
    two Tan Uniformed Officers (the Supply Crate in the far left corner contains a
    Seeker Drone) and check under the bridge/Catwalk for a Supply Rack (holding
    three cases of Power Cell Ammunition) and a Weapon Rack (holding three Portable
    Missile Systems).  Once done, open the Security Locked door to the lift and
    head down in it.
    It doesn't matter if Kyle goes to the right or to the left at the bottom of the
    lift (it's a small, squared-off, ring corridor), just go round to the door,
    trip it open and murder the Grey Uniformed Officer at the Control Station by
    any pleasing and effective method.  Either of the side doors out of this room
    will get Kyle where he needs to go; both have identical defences (a
    Shadowtrooper immediately outside, then a quartet of Stormtroopers), the routes
    differing only in the items available in the long corridors defended by the
    Stormtroopers.  The Author usually clears both routes before proceeding.
    Set up STRONG Lightsabre style and go through a side door, advancing until the
    Shadowtrooper ignites his Lightsabre; then engage SPEED, RUN up to him and
    PUSH.  If the Shadowtrooper is knocked over, RUN up to him again and HACK;
    otherwise try to drop into a CROUCH while SLASHing (to try to get under his
    guard).  When he is dead, disintegrate the lower portion of his body to obtain
    a second Force Crystal, reselect Lightsabre, locate the small doorway to the
    side and stand in it until at least two of the defenders have been killed by
    deflected fire; then CROUCH, wait for a lull in the firing and PULL.  Usually,
    the survivor(s) is/are PULLed into the Lightsabre blade for a quick kill.
    Available by going following the route through the right-hand door are a Weapon
    Rack (holding three E11s) and a Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and
    three boxes of Blaster Ammunition).  Available via the route beyond the
    left-hand door are a Weapon Rack (holding three Imperial Heavy Repeaters) and a
    Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Power Cell
    Each long corridor leads into a smaller, deserted, chamber with a door into a
    very large Shuttle Bay, which the Author prefers to enter via the left-hand
    route, (with a Shuttle, several Stormtroopers and a pair of Reborn Bosses in
    residence; and which also contains a pair of Converters at the rear of the
    bay).  Adjust Lightsabre style (the Author tends to keep the STRONG setting) to
    choice, get just close enough to the door to trip it open and MIND TRICK
    Stormtroopers into opening fire on each other and the Reborn.  It is unusual
    that this tactic neutralises either of the Reborn, although it can happen; the
    real objective is to thin-out the Stormtroopers so that Kyle can take on the
    Reborn himself without too many distractions.  Once the Reborn are dead, a door
    at the rear-left corner of the bay into the cell-block area will unlock to
    reveal a Tan Uniformed Officer; it's best to mop-up any survivors before going
    to the cell-block door - including any Stormtroopers, and sometimes a Reborn,
    that have dived through the mirror-image entry portal on the other side of the
    Shuttle bay.  Note that the door at the rear-right corner of the bay is the
    route through to the next Level.
    Deal with the Tan Uniformed Officer, head around to the right and MIND TRICK
    the Grey Uniformed Officer in the Booth to get him to open the doors.  On
    coming into the cell-block (there is a Control Station immediately to Kyle's
    front), booby-trap the Booth doorway with a Trip Mine to prevent interference.
    Only one of the cells (the left-rear) has its door closed and locked, but
    before investigating that one, head into the right-front cell and move along to
    the rear.  There is a section of walling, with a crack in it, between the bunk
    and the cell's rear wall.  SLASH or THROW at the crack to open the third, and
    last, Secret Area of this Level; containing a Bacta Canister and two Small
    Shield Boosters.
    Open the door to the locked cell to trigger the Cutscene of Kyle's reunion with
    Jan - during which Kyle realises that Doomgiver is attacking the Jedi Academy
    on Yavin 4.  The Grey Uniformed Officer will try to nullify the rescue as soon
    as the Cutscene ends, but (if the Trip Mine was deployed across the doorway to
    his Booth) will only get blown-up for his trouble!
    On the way out of the cell-block, Jan comments that the doors are controlled by
    "dual switches".  Kyle and Jan have to alternate the lead and operate them on
    the way, but (contrary to what has been written elsewhere) Kyle does not appear
    to have to hold his switches down until Jan has reached and operated her next
    switch - just long enough for her to get through the next doorway is good
    Get back into the Shuttle bay again, top-up at the Converters (if required) and
    RUN in the direction of the opposite rear door to trigger the end-of-Level
    Cutscene.  Having endured so much of Jan's criticism during the Mission
    (including her opening remark when she was rescued from the cell), hearing her
    say "Now don't do anything stupid - like die on me" is somewhat touching!  It
    makes the Author feel guilty about once trying to drop the cell-block doors on
    top of her - almost!
    DOOMGIVER - SHIELD ARRAY (Level 21) - [map code = doom_shields].
    1 Secret Area.
    => Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Shadowtroopers, Reborn, Combat Droids,
    => Guard Droids, Probe Droids.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3],
    With GRIP at it's maximum strength, Kyle can now move victims about, whether to
    smash them into obstacles, drop them into bottomless pits or simply reposition
    them to avoid having to JUMP up for their Keys; doing damage to them (as with
    Rank 2) all the while.  The capacity to raise a victim rapidly, releasing at
    the top of the arc - so he goes flying through the air and dies of impact
    damage - will probably not be very useful in this Level, but might come in very
    handy later; as will the fact that GRIP is the only Force Power that seems to
    work effectively either entirely underwater, from air into water or from under
    the surface into air.  A word of caution, however, if a GRIP victim is swung so
    that he bangs into Kyle, it will probably cause Health Damage.
    The Level opens with Kyle in a deserted room.  The only obvious door (there is
    a trapdoor-style hatch just behind Kyle which may be the way he entered) is
    flanked by a pair of Supply Racks, the one on the right holding three cases of
    Power Cell Ammunition, the rack on the left holding three boxes of Blaster
    Go through the door and work through the Stormtroopers (mostly armed with E11s,
    but with a scattering of Flechette Weapons) on the rim of the pit, being
    mindful that some of them have a habit of diving into, and out of, the
    passageways leading to the ring-corridor - the Author recommends not going
    further then the near edge of the next doorway until the rim is clear.  It's a
    matter of choice whether to check all the passageways for lurkers, or not,
    before heading through the second door and clearing the ring-corridor of four
    Mark 1 Combat Droids deployed along its length (the FORCE LIGHTNING and
    'tickle' tactic usually keeps each combat short enough to remain a one-on-one)
    and an Automated Defence Cannon at the far end.  There are a number of locked
    doors to the left at the further end of this corridor, which will only be
    available towards the end of the Level.
    Move up the last staircase to the right - two Stormtroopers, perhaps three;
    with at least two Flechette Weapons among them - and clear out the Control
    Room, occupied by three Grey Uniformed Officers and two Stormtroopers (one
    Flechette, one E11), grabbing a Supply Key (for use in one of the locked rooms,
    downstairs, later) from one of the Grey Uniformed Officers before operating the
    Control Panel to extend a pipe across the pit to the central column (watch
    through the viewport to locate the pipe, and also note that there is at least
    one Stormtrooper occupying the central column).  If possible, the Author
    recommends leaving this room's Shield Converter alone, at this stage.
    Head back down to the pit-rim - dealing with another pair of Flechette-armed
    Stormtroopers and a Grey Uniformed Officer, en-route - to the just-extended
    pipe opposite to the middle passageway door (there is yellow hatch-work on the
    rim of the pit to prevent any chance of confusion).  Drop down onto the pipe,
    move across and JUMP onto the very narrow ledge in front of the door Control
    Pad.  Operate it and move inside (noting the Supply Rack - holding one case
    each of Rocket Ammunition, Power Cell Ammunition and Metallic Bolt Ammunition)
    at the rear of the chamber and the four covers, which appear to have some sort
    of sludge moving outwards underneath them, on the floor.
    The two Imperials, both on the upper-level walkway, have to be dealt with (one
    of them, the Tan Uniformed Officer, holds a Security Key which Kyle needs if he
    is to proceed).  Either JUMP up there and deal with them directly, or (the
    Author's usual method) use GRIP both kill them in turn and drop their corpses
    down.  Also on the upper-level walkway are a pair of Battery Packs and a Supply
    Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three cases of Metallic Bolt
    Ammunition).  Note, as well, the Security Camera pointed at the doorway!
    Drop out of the door and head back along the pipe.  A quartet of E11-armed
    Stormtroopers will come through the door to Kyle's front, but can be fairly
    easily disposed of by PULLing during a JUMP up to the rim - any that land
    safely on the pipe can be sent (immediately or on the way back) into the pit
    with GRIP.  Go through the door they emerged from and through the first door on
    the right, where there are another pair (these are armed with Flechette
    Weapons) - the Author tends to MIND TRICK the one directly to the front,
    finishing him with THROW when he has disposed of his colleague.  Open the
    partitioned-off area with the Security Key and operate the Control Panel on the
    right - it triggers a view (in Cutscene) from the Security Camera, showing the
    covers swinging open in the central column's lower level.
    As Kyle leaves the partitioned area, another pair of Stormtroopers (Flechette
    and E11) will come in through the door.  Dispose of them and head back across
    the pipe, dropping down the left-rear opening (now, as they all are, free of
    any sign of sludge).  The other openings are all dead-ends.  RUN down the oval
    tube, then the squared-off conduit (half-left of the end), then duck through
    the round opening to the left into a second squared-off conduit and along to
    the end.  PUSH the cover above Kyle to open it, JUMP up through into a small
    room and go through the door, turning right.
    This hallway is defended by a Shadowtrooper, positioned just past the door to a
    Control Room manned by three  Stormtroopers (E11-armed)- so get rid of the
    Shadowtrooper quickly, before the Imperials notice and intervene.  STRONG
    style, SPEED, a PULL (or PUSH) just before closing with him and a quick SLASH
    or HACK normally does the trick.  As usual, but only if safe to do so, recover
    the second Force Crystal from the corpse.
    Nothing fancy is needed in the room through the doorway (which houses a pair of
    Guard Droids in forcefield-protected niches, a belt of Thermal Detonators on a
    table/desk to the right and a three E11s in a Weapon Rack to the left), just
    let the Stormtroopers kill each other with rebounds off the Lightsabre.  Take
    out the Droids, if desired (the Lightsabre blade can be inserted through the
    forcefields, THROW will also cause it to penetrate) but destroyed Droids will
    have been replaced by the time Kyle comes back this way, so there's no gameplay
    consequence, either way.  Enter the lift at the far end of the room (again the
    exit is on the same side as the entrance) and ride it up.
    The room at the top of the lift is a virtual duplicate of the one below, but
    with R5 Droids in the niches, a pack of Trip Mines on the table/desk and a
    Supply Rack (holding an Instant Use Medpack and three boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition) on the wall.  It is manned by two Grey Uniformed Officers (one of
    whom has the second Supply Key that may be needed on the way out) and a
    Stormtrooper.  The Author usually stays in the lift, MIND TRICKing the
    Stormtrooper (who is standing with his back to it) before descending, then
    going back up and checking out the outcome; if the Stormtrooper has won, he
    will normally still be under Kyle's influence and may be finished with THROW;
    if one of the Officers is still standing, just let deflected fire finish him
    off.  Grab the Supply Key and any other necessary items (it is wise to maximise
    Kyle's supply of Blaster and Metallic Bolt Ammunition for events in the near
    future) and head out of the door onto a 'T' shaped bridge/Catwalk.  The door
    immediately in front leads into a small, bare, room containing a pair of Small
    Shield Boosters and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition in a Supply Rack.
    Kyle needs to head down the stem of the 'T' and JUMP to the upper level
    Catwalk.  Much of this is protected by a pair of Trip Mines, but the shortest
    length of Catwalk to Kyle's right is safe.  Once up, detonate the mines to
    permit free movement (actually only the Mine guarding the longest length of
    Catwalk really needs to go - Kyle can JUMP from locked door to open door and
    vice versa - but do both anyway).  To save ammunition, try THROW and holding
    the Lightsabre at full range while zeroing it in on the mines - though Kyle
    will need to be standing right on the chamfered corner to take out the
    important Mine with this method.  Move around the Catwalk to the unlocked door
    and enter another small room with a Supply Rack (holding two boxes of Blaster
    Ammunition and a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition) on the end wall to the
    right; a square viewport and a Control Desk is at the room's other end.
    Smash the viewport (PUSH or THROW will both do the job) and look down.  There
    is no need to sacrifice a Thermal Detonator and judge the timing to deal with
    the pair of Orange Reborn that come through the archway when Kyle drops down;
    just be sure to RUN out of the broken viewport so Kyle lands on upper ledge of
    the central instrumentation console.  GRIP and THROW the first Reborn that
    appears, then deal with the other one in whatever way seems most convenient
    (the Author sometimes eliminates him with deflected fire from the nearest
    ceiling-mounted Automated Defence Cannon outside - he cannot deflect it himself
    if he is PUSHed over and kept on the ground!).
    Let the Automated Defence Cannon eliminate itself in the usual way, then do the
    same with its companion beyond the lift entrance.  Check that end of the
    corridor to locate a Shield Converter but, as with the previous one, leave it
    alone (if possible), before boarding the lift and ascending.  On arrival, the
    Author recommends engaging SPEED, leaving the lift to the right and RUNning to,
    and through, the open doorway on the left; dodging the Mark 1 Combat Droids and
    carrying on through the second doorway into the Shield Generator Chamber
    proper, before turning and coming back to stand just inside the outer doorway.
    From this position, Kyle will only be able to use FORCE LIGHTNING, loosed when
    the Droid facing him is not firing, (it will take two and three-quarter Force
    Meters per Droid), but he cannot be outflanked or attacked from the rear.  On
    Padawan and Jedi Settings only, there is a belt of Thermal Detonators to be
    found on the floor to the rear of the lift-housing - between where the two
    Droids were originally positioned.
    Go back into the Shield Generator Chamber and destroy all three pieces of each
    gantry with THROW - contrary to one contribution in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough
    JUMPing onto them only provokes Repeater Secondary fire during the forthcoming
    combat and they are not needed during the final preparation of the area,
    everything necessary can be done from floor level.  The aftermath is also a
    little easier to cope with if they are not there to obstruct the view.
    Next, starting with the two nearest the entrance, and using THROW again, smash
    the boxes under the red 'Y' shaped objects (which are probably some sort of
    wave-guide) then THROW the blue power-tubes underneath them.  If the wave-guide
    is hit, it will take the box out with it, but it does not seem to matter if the
    wave-guide remains in place as long as the box itself is destroyed.  Move to
    the back of the chamber and completely destroy the assembly to one side or the
    other, (it may be helpful to deploy two or three Portable Assault Sentries
    across the solid piece of flooring, before proceeding) then target the last
    assembly and destroy its box (and/or wave-guide), waiting until the Force Meter
    has completely refilled before destroying the last power-tube: triggering the
    entrance (in Cutscene) of Galak Fyyar, in a suit of bronze-coloured,
    mechanically-enhanced, combat armour.
    Fyyar's suit is equipped with (what looks to be) a dual-phase Shielding system
    that can be considered a weapon in its own right; contact will throw an
    opponent backwards, very quickly draining his own Shielding and sapping his
    Health.  One of Fyyar's favourite tactics is to Shield-pin an opponent against
    a wall; if that happens, it's goodnight very shortly thereafter.  The weaponry
    built-into the suit doesn't amount to much (but seems both well thought out and
    fit-for-purpose); a Heavy Repeater in the right arm (usually used in Primary
    fire mode, but switching to Secondary fire at range or if an opponent is up on
    the gantries), a pincer-clamp assembly (a very effective close-quarters weapon
    during Shield-recharges, able to knock an opponent across the chamber - causing
    major Health Damage) at the end of the left arm and a continuous-wave laser
    incorporated into the pincer-clamp.  Seemingly intended as a last-ditch weapon,
    the laser cannot be used while the suit's Shields are enabled (either active or
    recharging); despite this limitation, it is a nasty, surprise weapon.
    The Force Powers of PUSH, PULL and GRIP are totally useless against Fyyar's
    armoured suit.  Lightning will penetrate his Shielding, but does not seem to do
    much else than send tendrils of charge over the surface, while THROWing has
    been found to be a recipe for the Lightsabre landing somewhere beyond immediate
    recall - generally with fatal consequences.  Despite a claim to the contrary
    from a contributor to Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, the Author has completely
    failed to affect Fyyar with MIND TRICK, whether his Shields were up or down at
    the time, from any direction.  Well-timed SLASHing or HACKing will certainly
    drop his Shields, but using this tactic becomes more dangerous with each
    increase in Setting as Fyyar's bursts of Repeater Primary fire become more
    frequent.  Considering the lack of effectiveness of Lightsabre strikes on it,
    at least in the Author's experience, Fyyar's armour may well be Cortosis
    reinforced into the bargain.
    The Cutscene ends with Kyle THROWing to destroy a final, vital, piece of
    Doomgiver's Shield Array, and Fyyar buttoning-up for combat.  Make sure that
    Kyle is in position to meet incoming Repeater fire with the Lightsaber blade
    (somehow, Kyle sometimes gets turned around), then engage SPEED, start circling
    to the left around the lower cone - being careful to keep Fyyar in view,
    although also trying to stay ahead of his fire - select Repeater and hold down
    on Secondary fire until his Shields collapse.  Switch to Primary fire, aimed at
    his suit's headpiece; the Repeater fires rapidly enough to both pummel him and
    ensure that the cone of fire also gets sufficient hits on his wave-guide; until
    he staggers (or drops to the floor), sparking!
    Seeing that is both confirmation that Fyyar's Shields have been put out of
    action (permanently) and Kyle's cue to put the lower cone between himself and
    Fyyar.  Ideally, Fyyar's head needs to be just visible above the left-hand
    slope of the cone, where it can be targeted with more Repeater Primary fire,
    but he will not be able to hit Kyle either with his own Repeater or with his
    laser.  Note that the pincer-clamp assembly has opened up and spins round while
    the laser is working.  Releasing a Seeker Drone or two during this process is
    optional, but can't hurt, as Fyyar seems to fixate on them on occasion.  If the
    Repeater runs out of ammunition, switch to E11 Secondary fire; it's slower but
    gets the job done just the same.  Meanwhile, the Sentries should be peppering
    Fyyar with energy!
    Keep pounding Fyyar's headpiece until the Checkpoint message appears; Fyyar
    collapses for the final time a couple of seconds afterwards and his suit
    explodes (taking him with it).  Feel free to take Rogue Leader's communication
    as advice only, there's plenty of time to do all that's necessary.
          Author's Note:  While researching this walkthrough, I killed Fyyar, hit
          the Secret Area, got through the various obstacles to the ring-corridor,
          dealt with all the escapees and still had time to completely inventory
          the four storerooms, including swapping programs to type notes, all
          without any sign of a "Mission End" message.
    Either as a delayed consequence of the way Kyle dropped Doomgiver's Shields, or
    of what has just happened to Fyyar and his combat suit, the artificial gravity
    has failed in this portion of the ship (it will also be noted that there has
    been some form of power-surge).  This makes it possible to access this Level's
    Secret Area (a niche - very high up on the rear wall), albeit with a great deal
    of difficulty - Kyle seems to need a refresher course on zero-g manoeuvring
    skills!  It is very easy to overcorrect and go shooting-off in a totally wrong
    direction.  UP seems only to work in conjunction with FORWARD, but DOWN works
    well (if used sparingly, or where Kyle needs to be at floor level) as do the
    STRAFE keys.  FORWARD and BACK used with the LOOK-UP and LOOK-DOWN controls
    seem to be the most effective means of guiding his mid-air manoeuvres.
    Persevere - practice makes perfect, after all - but don't be shy about
    extracting the Secret Area's contents with PULL if frustration sets in.
    The Secret Area contains a Small Shield Booster and a Seeker Drone (both of
    which may be needed).  Grab them and drop down to the floor, HEALing to ensure
    that Kyle has a full quantity of Health while doing so.  There are a pair of
    ignited gas-jets to be negotiated between the doorways and another one (either
    way Kyle goes) on the way to the lift shaft.  Probably the easiest tactic is to
    go through these at floor-level, with SPEED engaged to minimise Damage;
    standing off and HEALing as and when required.
    At the lift, note that the power-surge has blown-out the Control pad, leaving
    no alternative except to float down the shaft.  Be mindful of the electric arcs
    at the bottom (another legacy of the surge) and again engage SPEED to either
    avoid them, or limit the Damage they cause.  Once down and back in the corridor
    outside, take time to HEAL and visit the (untouched) Shield Converter around
    the corner, before carefully returning to the R5 storeroom where Kyle dealt
    with the Orange Reborn.  Note (particularly for a little later) that the
    power-surge has also turned off the forcefield niche-covers and that the, still
    deactivated, R5s are floating round the room.  Once again, the only way out is
    back through the broken viewport, and through a set of (intermittent) electric
    arcs; using SPEED either to dodge them entirely or to limit Damage.
    Collect whatever of the remaining ammunition stocks that are useful and move
    out into the hallway with the Catwalks (it was on the lowest level of this that
    Kyle disposed of the Shadowtrooper he encountered on the way in).  The failure
    of the niche forcefields has set two, fully activated, Guard Droids loose.  The
    Author's recommendation is to drop down to the base of the 'T' and take them on
    from there, one at a time, if possible - the good news is that PULL is very
    effective on them in a zero-g environment, and can quite often bring them
    either directly into the Lightsabre blade, or within SLASH range.  Visit the
    rooms at the head of the 'T' for any necessary supplies before dropping all the
    way down to the floor.
    The door Kyle used to come into the hallway (the far door on the left) has been
    re-locked by the power-surge, and (as on the floors above) both lift Control
    pads have been blown-out; however the surge has opened the door at the far end
    of the hallway, which leads out into the ring-corridor.  Exercise caution when
    going through it as there are four more Guard Droids loose out there - these
    also respond nicely to PULL, provided Kyle takes precautions against being
    outflanked or attacked from the rear.
    Once they have been neutralised, there appears to be a choice as to Kyle's
    future actions - either to re-supply from the four (now open) storerooms and
    the (untouched) Shield Converter in the Control Room, upstairs, immediately
    (while still under zero-g); or to move almost to the end of the Level and come
    back (under normal gravity).  In either case, Kyle will have to leave the
    ring-corridor via the second passageway (the exit door of the passageway
    immediately opposite the hallway is jammed closed, and the ring-corridor is
    blocked just past the second), destroy, or evade, a pair of Probe Droids that
    are bobbing about in the pit (note that the access door to the central column
    has also re-locked, and its Control Pad has been blown-out as well) and take
    either of the next two doorways off the rim.  Normal gravity will resume
    (presumably through the generators being brought back on line - as Kyle does
    not encounter any zero-g area if he returns) at some point between the door and
    the top of the stairs.
    The contents of the storerooms are: in the first storeroom after the hallway
    entrance; two Small Shield Boosters, one box of Blaster Ammunition and one case
    of Metallic Bolt Ammunition; in the second, four cases of Power Cell Ammunition
    plus a Seeker Drone in the Supply Crate; in the third, three cases of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition and, in the fourth storeroom, three cases of Rocket Ammunition
    plus a Portable Assault Sentry in the Supply Crate.
    When ready to end the Level, find the newly-unlocked door at the end of the
    middle passageway (the one opposite the yellow hatching on the edge of the pit)
    and go through it to trigger the end-of-Level Cutscenes of Jan and Kyle heading
    for the escape pods and Rogue Squadron's final strafing-run - ending with one
    X-wing giving Doomgiver the coup-de-grace with a pair of Proton Torpedoes into
    the Bridge.  Doomgiver explodes, and there's a have-they/haven't-they moment
    before an escape pod shoots into view, heading planet-ward.
    YAVIN - SWAMP (Level 22) - [map code = yavin_swamp].
    2 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Shadowtroopers, Swamptroopers, AT-ST.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3],
    Again, the Force Power upgrade will not be all that useful immediately, the
    majority of Force Powers not being all that effective against mostly, or
    partially, submerged targets; GRIP and MIND TRICK being the main exceptions.
    In air, even a full blast of Rank 3 LIGHTNING does little more than
    inconvenience Shadowtroopers (the main fully-exposed threat on this Level).
    Note that when planning to use GRIP, it is safer to PUSH or MIND TRICK a
    potential victim first.  Used on its own, GRIP tends to interfere with Kyle's
    ability to deflect incoming fire with the Lightsabre.
    The new type of foe (Swamptroopers) are the wetlands counterpart of Kyle's old
    friends the Stormtroopers, however, their greenish-coloured armour (which may
    be slightly tougher than standard Stormtrooper armour, but not by that much)
    makes them a lot harder to locate, as does their habit of lying in wait
    (similar to an alligator or crocodile) with only their faceplates and tops of
    their heads above the water-line.  Swamptroopers are usually armed either with
    an Imperial Heavy Repeater or a Flechette Weapon.  Note both that Swamptroopers
    seem to be able to stay underwater for a considerable length of time and that
    MIND TRICKing a Swamptrooper while he is in deep water often just causes him to
    sink out of sight and hide for the duration after the MIND TRICK wears off!
    When in doubt, follow up with GRIP to maximise the kill-count, even if Kyle has
    to take the plunge too.
    After the opening Cutscene, the Level commences with Kyle standing on a small
    island in the swamp.  Ensure that the Lightsaber is selected and active, then
    turn to the right and RUN up the tree (turn to the left once Kyle is as high as
    he can go) to attract the first of the three Swamptroopers defending that pool.
    Dispose of him in any convenient way as he comes into the shallows near Kyle
    (the Author favours PUSH followed by GRIP) then locate the second clump of
    foliage on the right and execute a MIND TRICK when the crosshairs turn red.
    Either this Swamptrooper will move towards Kyle (if so, repeat the treatment
    given to the previous one) or he will start firing at the third - which
    generally brings both of them out into the open - so Kyle can enjoy watching
    the fight and repeat the MIND TRICKing as required.
    Locate and eliminate the third Swamptrooper, if that has not already happened,
    before moving to the left-hand side of the next large patch of dry land.  As
    Kyle turns round on the tree, a column of smoke will be visible beyond the lip
    of a cliff.  For what its worth, that is the location of the crashed escape
    pod.  Also note that the various small patches of rock and dry ground are
    within easy JUMP range of each other, so Kyle can negotiate this pool without
    either getting wet or loosing the protection of his Lightsabre.  Note: if Kyle
    does go under, accidentally or deliberately, use the UP key to make sure he
    gets some air from time to time; otherwise he will drown!
    On Padawan Setting, the next pool appears only to have one Swamptrooper
    defending it, in contrast to all the other Settings, where there are two.
    Landing at the left-hand end of the dry land forces the defenders to come at
    Kyle along its length, preventing outflanking moves; deal with them as
    preferred.  From here, JUMP onto the long slab of rock at the left of the pool
    and move along toward the tree.  The MIND TRICK tactic can also be employed
    here, if Kyle can locate the enemy(ies) before he is spotted himself, which is
    usually a tall order.
    JUMP up into the 'V' shaped nick in the rocks to the right of the tree and
    prepare to move to the left, but be mindful that Kyle will face a Shadowtrooper
    attack (one on Padawan, two on Jedi and three on the higher Settings) as he
    does so.  The Author's usual tactic (on Jedi and above) is to select STRONG
    style, JUMP onto the lump of rock in front of the cleft (it has a bridge of
    rock over it, so should perhaps be better termed a 'window' - note that an arch
    or bridge of rocks overhead is the Kyle-has-to-go-this-way route-marker for
    this Level), PULL the Shadowtrooper as he drops and then RUN/JUMP into the
    right-hand side of the pool beyond the cleft.
    The idea here is to tempt the Shadowtroopers (usually one or two follow Kyle
    into the pool, more rarely all three) into a situation where their Lightsabres
    do not function and their Force Powers are very restricted.  Like Kyle, the
    Shadowtroopers need to breathe and Kyle's abilities with FORCE LIGHTNING and
    GRIP don't seem to be all that badly affected by his being underwater.  The
    E11, Repeater and Flechette Weapon also all work perfectly well in that
    environment (although they have to be used at point-blank range, as Kyle has a
    tendency to drift about); so, provided he gets to the surface frequently (and
    avoids being trapped in the shallow cave at the deep end of the pool) he stands
    a good chance of finishing his visitor or visitors without much, if any,
    damage.  After an application or two of FORCE LIGHTNING, the Flechette Weapon
    has been found to be the most effective 'finisher' (three to five Primary fire
    discharges) of Kyle's conventional armaments, with the Repeater as second
    choice and the E11 as a last resort (its fire can be sent back at Kyle by a
    partially-functioning Lightsabre).
    Either bypass any remaining Shadowtroopers, or go back for them, to choice;
    then head right along the dry area and JUMP onto Kyle's side of the large rock.
    There are two Stormtroopers to be dealt with in the lake beyond (one near the
    solitary tree that's growing out of the water, the other on a spit of solid
    ground over to the right); provided Kyle does not attract attention while
    getting onto the rock they can be taken out quickly and quietly with the
    Disruptor (note that the clarity of the Disruptor's ZOOM sight is adversely
    affected by the damp conditions).
    If not in need of supplies, drop into the water and swim around in a 'U' turn
    to the right (alternatively just turn to the right and JUMP from the big rock
    to the smaller, flatter, one - past and to the right of the tree); otherwise
    note the bank of earth at the rear of the lake, with a tree growing on its
    left-hand end.
    The margin of the lake from the rock to the rear bank is shallow enough to wade
    along without sacrificing the protection of the Lightsabre.  There are some
    useful items scattered along the bank; a pair of Small Shield Boosters, right
    in the corner behind the tree; a pair of Bacta Canisters in a dip just past the
    narrow section and a Portable Missile System plus two cases of Rocket
    Ammunition a couple of paces further on.  Right at the end of the bank (beyond
    the PMS and the cases of ammunition) there is a cleft in the rock; JUMPing up
    and around to the right through there lands Kyle in the bottom of a tiny rock
    chimney with another small cache of supplies; a Large Shield Booster, a Bacta
    Canister and a case of Rocket Ammunition.  JUMPing from there (and around to
    the right again) dumps Kyle into the water just short of the spit where one of
    the Stormtroopers was standing - Kyle's path from there is over the spit, onto
    the rock and into the gap (again note the arch of rocks overhead).
    The next patch of water is guarded by three defenders, a Stormtrooper (the
    nearest, armed with an E11) and two Swamptroopers (one Repeater - except on
    Padawan Setting - and one Flechette).  First advance just enough along the
    left-hand wall of the cleft to attract the Stormtrooper and eliminate him
    (either PULL and SLASH/HACK, if required, or just let his deflected fire do the
    job); then advance enough to locate the Swamptrooper on top of the rock and
    neutralise him with the Disruptor.  If on Padawan Setting, it is probably safe
    to carry straight on, otherwise advance to the edge of the water and wait until
    the third defender fires, MIND TRICK him (aiming at the source of the firing)
    and JUMP to the patch of dry ground near his position; where he should turn up
    to receive the Lightsabre, with or without a PULL.
    From this patch of ground, Kyle should be able to see a crashed Drop Ship
    Lander, complete with a Stormtrooper on the Command Deck.  There's absolutely
    no way to get inside this ship, so remove the enemy by any convenient means
    (deflecting his fire, a guided Merr-Sonn Rocket from the PMS, and the Disruptor
    all work); then advance along the left-hand side of the patch until Kyle again
    comes under Heavy Repeater fire.  Probably the best tactic for dealing with
    this nuisance (an almost totally submerged Swamptrooper) is to PUSH as many of
    his projectiles as possible right back at him, until he expires; resting behind
    the Lightsabre while the Force Meter recharges (listen for the increasingly
    agonised gasps as a guide to progress, until the fire ceases altogether!).
    JUMP over to the patch of ground to the left of where the Repeater fire was
    coming from (where a Bacta Canister should be visible).  Depending where Kyle
    lands, but always when he gets close to the Bacta Canister, he will come under
    Heavy Repeater fire yet again.  Since there is a second Bacta Canister and a
    Large Shield Booster just in front of this Swamptrooper's position, it's
    probably best to MIND TRICK him, then advance and finish him off with GRIP - so
    that the supplies are left undisturbed.
    The next part of the route starts where the Kyle's last opponent was stationed,
    and is an underwater passage through the rocks.  Be mindful both of a strong
    current at the entrance (marked by a small dangling creeper) and of the
    Repeater-armed Swamptrooper lurking just past the tree and the reed-clump.  The
    Author suggests that Kyle surfaces when at or just past the next set of
    dangling creepers and GRIPs him (with or without a preceding MIND TRICK) to
    avoid running short of air.  Come ashore to the left and move between the tree
    and the rock to find and eliminate this area's remaining defender (another
    Repeater-armed Swamptrooper - MIND TRICK followed by GRIP is a good ploy)
    before heading right to the gap in the cliff wall.
    JUMP through the gap and onto the next lump of rock inside, moving to its far
    end and turning to the right.  JUMP onto the ledge above Kyle's head and move
    to the right to find the first Secret Area of this Level (Kyle will have to
    CROUCH to pick up the Secret Area credit and it only contains a Large Shield
    Booster); then follow the ledge back until coming to a drop-off on the right.
    Drop down (keeping to the left) and eliminate the Repeater-armed Swamptrooper
    in the water with the MIND TRICK and GRIP combination (note that Kyle can JUMP
    back up to the Secret Area from the base of the drop later, if the Booster is
    required).  It is quite safe to ignore the Probe Droid chatter for now - just
    be mindful that there is at least one to be dealt with on the next part of the
    Move over to the right-hand side of the area and advance cautiously towards the
    water, scanning for enemies, using MIND TRICK when the crosshairs turn red
    (that one is an E11-armed Stormtrooper behind a clump of reeds); he will
    usually remove a second Stormtrooper in an ambush position around to the left.
    Providing Kyle's man survives (otherwise the other Stormtrooper will either
    have to be stalked underwater or shot with the Disruptor from the water's edge
    on the right-hand side of the gap) he can be finished with a charged shot from
    the Disruptor, fired right through the reeds - tip, be generous with the amount
    of charge to prevent any chance of retaliation.
    Left from here leads (past a third E11-armed Stormtrooper) to a dead-end valley
    and a Shadowtrooper guarding a cache of supplies (not just a single Bacta
    Canister, as recorded in Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough, but two Bacta Canisters,
    two cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition and a pair of Small Shield Boosters);
    while heading to the right leads to the remainder of the Mission.  The Author
    normally eliminates the dead-end valley's defenders before proceeding.
    To do so, the Author favours swimming diagonally across (past the islet with
    the tree, where the second Stormtrooper was lurking) to the spit of solid
    ground in front of a large rock, reactivating the Lightsabre on arrival.  JUMP
    up onto the rock and move to its other end, PULLing the Stormtrooper high into
    the air as soon as he is seen, for a fatal fall.  Next, move to the stub of the
    broken pillar and JUMP up onto it, to get a view right down the dead-end valley
    and try to spot the Shadowtrooper.
          Author's Note: The supply cache he is guarding is on that same spit of
          land, and any use of PULL or PUSH in the near vicinity ends up sending
          the supplies all over the place (probably why Matthew Rorie only found
          one Bacta Canister there); so it is necessary to get the Shadowtrooper
          to come to Kyle, rather than the other way about.  A few rounds from
          a weapon that he cannot deflect back at Kyle (i.e. Disruptor or
          Repeater Primary) will get his attention and start him moving.
    The normal anti-Shadowtrooper technique (engage SPEED, PUSH when within range
    and SLASH/HACK with the preferred Lightsabre style) works very nicely; even
    though the Author once timed a JUMP/PULL combination well enough to send this
    Shadowtrooper flying into the deep water past the Stormtrooper's islet, where
    he drowned without need for any further action!  Once he is down, the two cases
    of Metallic Bolt Ammunition are to be found on the rough centreline of his
    spit, just forward of the two Bacta Canisters (which are by the right-hand rock
    wall).  The two Boosters can be found in a tent-like, mini-cave at the extreme
    left rear.
    Return to the rock with the spit of ground next to it and JUMP, swim or wade to
    the next rock by the left-hand cliff.  Observe the Probe Droid to the right and
    scan for enemies (there should be two detectable, both E11-armed
    Stormtroopers).  It is sometimes possible, using an area-distraction then a
    direct MIND TRICK, to get the nearest Stormtrooper to open fire on the Probe
    Droid - sometimes he even manages to kill it!  If not, the Droid sometimes
    moves into a position where the second Stormtrooper can be MIND TRICKed into
    having a go too; otherwise attract it into Lightsabre range (PULL works on it)
    and destroy it that way - despite its effectiveness on the Mark 1 Combat
    Droids, firing at a Probe Droid with the Disruptor is a waste of both time and
    ammunition and using the DEMP Gun creates a high risk of Damage from
    counterfire; Rockets will also do the job, (fire two or three during a SPEED
    burst then get out sight to avoid counterfire).
    When the Probe Droid as been turned into scrap, dispose of any left-over
    Stormtroopers and move to the ruined wall; by the largest tree are a pair of
    Battery Packs with a pair of Instant Use Medpacks by the nearest gap.  The
    Droid action quite often flushes a third Stormtrooper out of his position by
    second tree to the front of the ruined wall, but (as that position is by Kyle's
    future route) JUMP on top of the wall, scan for him and use the Disruptor if he
    is still in the way.
    Drop off the wall and move in the direction of the high arch over the gap.
    JUMP over the first pool and expect enemy contact - a Repeater-armed
    Swamptrooper - while climbing the low bank in front of the second (the one with
    three more-or-less upright, and one very angled, pillars in it).  MIND TRICK
    the Swamptrooper, RUN (or JUMP) into the water to close with him underwater,
    then apply GRIP and surface.  Afterwards, climb the high bank toward the tree
    and a massive (and mostly intact) Massasi wall.
    The black figure to the right (by the square entrance to the passage through
    the wall) is actually a Flechette-armed Swamptrooper; use the Disruptor to
    remove him (a head-shot is recommended), swim along the right-hand rock wall;
    where there is cover about halfway along for Kyle to take a breather; until the
    water shallows, then JUMP out and re-ignite the Lightsabre in one action.  The
    immediate opposition is one Flechette-armed Swamptrooper ensconced in the base
    of a ruined tower, backed up by two Repeater-armed Swamptroopers in the pool
    beyond.  MIND TRICK the Swamptrooper in the tower, and one of the ones in the
    pool (if firing), JUMP into the tower - there are two cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition there, also - and eliminate its occupant; finishing off the pool
    Swamptroopers when done (it maybe necessary to probe around with GRIP, or for
    Kyle to go underwater too, to locate them).
    Next, JUMP out onto the large lump of collapsed tower-wall at the rear, turn to
    the right and scan the margin of the pool.  Activate MIND TRICK when the
    crosshairs turn red to flush-out yet another Flechette-armed Swamptrooper and
    deal with him as normal.  There isn't really a lot of point in exploring the
    rest of that pool, unless wanting to increase Kyle's body-count by one (there
    is only one case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition in the whole of the area - located
    where the last Swamptrooper was standing) although careful choice of route
    eliminates the risk of Damage and can use the final (Flechette-armed)
    Swamptrooper to illustrate, at times, the PULLing effect of a maximum-range
    When ready, JUMP over to the square entrance and prepare for Shadowtrooper
    attacks on the way through the wall.  There are two of them (fortunately in
    separate, albeit 'surprise', encounters), but the normal technique still works.
    In the room where the second clash takes place there is a Shield Converter and
    a large cache of supplies; three boxes of Blaster Ammunition, two cases of
    Rocket Ammunition, two cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition, three cases of Power
    Cell Ammunition and a pack of Det Packs.  Once Kyle goes over to the Shield
    Converter, a Swamptrooper will announce his presence (from behind the rock to
    the left of the exit) with Repeater fire; MIND TRICK and then either GRIP
    (which has to be done from the very edge of the doorway) or Disruptor him to
          Author's Note:  The weird lighting in this tunnel is believed to be a
          sort of 'sacred light' and is common to all underground areas used by the
    Drop out of the exit and swim to the right until a cove becomes visible to the
    left.  Swim in there and head for the creepers dangling from an undercut rock,
    watching for the "Secret Area" credit to appear.  To access the second and
    final Secret Area for this Level, just let Kyle sink, the contents are; a belt
    of Thermal Detonators, a Portable Assault Sentry and (on Padawan Setting only)
    often a Seeker Drone.
    Now for the long swim back to the other end of the lake!  Getting out of the
    water onto the end bank only appears to be possible at one place, next to the
    tall rock outcrop (where the rock slopes downwards)at the right-hand corner.
    Once up, reactivate the Lightsabre and move forward to the jumble of fallen
    pillars (where there is usually some support waiting, in the form of a New
    Republic Trooper or two) and select a firing position.  There are at least six
    enemies, all Swamptroopers, here as immediate opposition (less any that the
    Trooper has already dealt with); two near the tree, two further away by a clump
    of reeds and two to the left in and among some ruins.  An final opponent
    (located on an islet in a pool behind the ruins) is present, watching over a
    case of Rocket Ammunition, but cannot fire unless Kyle moves far enough round
    toward his position.
    The Author favours RUNning up the leaning pillar to the right of the Trooper's
    rock and directly in front of the tree then MIND TRICKing one enemy in each
    group (once again, letting the enemy do the hard work of reducing their own
    numbers); mopping-up with GRIP, THROW or a combination of both.  The remaining
    man can be dealt with last, using the same tactic, or bypassed, to choice.
    However, before moving on, check the lake between the tree and the metal-plate
    duckboards for underwater lurkers; some have been known to resurface and resume
    hostilities at a very inconvenient time!  When cleared, move to and across the
    metal-plates and through the cleft; Kyle will probably be shot at by a
    Repeater-armed Swamptrooper (positioned to his front, by some Massasi masonry)
    just as he comes through the last of the foliage.  MIND TRICK and GRIP etc.
    While the main route involves making a hard left turn here, the Author
    recommends first clearing the area visible ahead.  There are a fair number of
    supplies hidden away there, together with a pair of Converters.  There may also
    be one or two New Republic Troopers (not that these seem able to give Kyle much
    support).  Use MIND TRICK to get any Imperials to fight each other, once again,
    then mop-up using whatever method is preferred.
    The supplies (and their locations) are: one pack of Trip Mines and one belt of
    Thermal Detonators (in front of pre-cast beams to Kyle's right), two Small
    Shield Boosters (between the second sapling from the entrance and the cliff to
    left-front), three boxes of Blaster Ammunition (to the left-front of the mature
    tree beyond the second sapling), the Converters (on top of the block
    construction straight ahead), three cases of Power Cell Ammunition (at the
    left-rear corner of second block construction - to right of the Assault Shuttle
    [a Sentinel class?]) and three Bacta Canisters (to the left of the third block
    construction - all the way around the area to the right).  If at all possible,
    the Author further recommends leaving the Boosters and Shield Converter alone,
    for now.
    When done, go back to where Kyle entered this area and move around to the
    right, keeping close to the right-hand rock wall, pass under the creeper-hung
    rock-arch to the end of another set of metal-plate duckboards.  JUMP onto, and
    advance along, the right-hand edge of these; MIND TRICKing the Flechette-armed
    Swamptrooper that opens fire, before moving (again along the right-hand edge)
    to the end and, if necessary, applying GRIP - if the other defender has not
    revealed his presence and position through opening fire by now, hold the GRIP
    victim up high; it usually does the trick.  Check if the second Flechette-armed
    Swamptrooper is still alive by JUMPing onto the nearest part of the bulge of
    rock he was hiding behind, moving up it and looking over the edge.  If so,
    dispose of him by a safe and convenient method.
    The entrance to the final area of this Level is actually straight ahead (to the
    right of the two-toned rock - and JUMPable from Kyle's current position), so
    ignore what looks to be a more promising area by the tree in the left corner.
    Just inside the cleft, there is a more-or-less cube-shaped rock and the path
    turns to the left.  There is an option here of either following the path to the
    left or of JUMPing up the rocks and following a crack.  Both routes lead
    virtually to the same place, but there is a Small Shield Booster and a case of
    Rocket Ammunition available if the rock-and-crack route is taken; it also seems
    to give a bit better line for detecting, and dealing with, a Flechette-armed
    Swamptrooper in the pool where both routes rejoin.
    Now there are only about seven Stormtroopers and an AT-ST to get past before
    the end of the Level, with the somewhat dubious help of a couple of New
    Republic Troopers.  The Author's usual tactic is to get over to the left-hand
    rock wall and move along it in CROUCH, looking for the AT-ST.  If it has not
    been spotted by the time Kyle reaches the pair of rocks with a triangular gap
    between then, duck through the gap and use MIND TRICK to provoke a firefight
    between the Imperials, finishing off with THROW before resuming the search for
    the AT-ST.
    Whenever the AT-ST is seen, select the Portable Missile System, engage SPEED
    and pump out four or five Rockets before retreating smartly back to solid
    cover; reselecting Lightsabre while doing so.  Pause to ensure that all the
    Rockets have reached the target, then cautiously check out the results.  Once
    the AT-ST is down, eliminate the remaining Stormtroopers in the area, being
    mindful that at least one habitually stands in the small lake behind the rocks
    with the triangular gap between them (he, or they, may be attracted by the
    firefight at the triangular gap, but it is not always so).  Finally, ensure
    that Kyle's Shields are at maximum (even if that means backtracking to the
    Converters etc. by the Assault Shuttle), and grab that case of Rocket
    Ammunition, then go to and into the Drop Ship Lander to complete the Level.
    YAVIN - CANYON (Level 23) - [map code = yavin_canyon].
    3 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Shadowtroopers, Swamptroopers, AT-STs.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3],
    As the opening Cutscene shows, there is an option to take a friendly AT-ST for
    a drive; or to continue on foot.  As an AT-ST is neither inconspicuous nor
    invulnerable (and as there is so much more to discover when on foot), the
    Author prefers the second option.  Factors in the decision are that the AT-ST's
    targeting system is not of the highest quality and that the defenders of the
    Canyon area are armed with a high proportion of Twin Cannon Mountings and
    Portable Missile Systems (these last seem all to be fired in 'guided' mode) and
    so are well-prepared for a Kyle-driven AT-ST heading in their direction;
    although the Author admits that an AT-ST sometimes makes a very good equaliser
    against Shadowtroopers, and also makes a good step-ladder for reaching those
    out-of-JUMP-range places.  On the plus side for going on foot are the facts
    that almost nowhere is the water deep enough to deactivate Kyle's Lightsabre
    and Force Powers can be used.  All of the Author's tactics for this Level apply
    to RUNning the Canyon on foot (which a 'driver' will probably end-up doing
    anyway), but the number and placement of the various enemies (and supplies)
    remain the same.
    Before deciding, however, re-enter the Lander and find the lift shaft.  The
    lift is out of action, but Kyle can JUMP up the shaft, eventually getting to
    the Command deck - which is Secret Area 1 (containing a Bacta Canister, a Large
    Shield Booster, two cases of Rocket Ammunition and a Seeker Drone - two on
    Padawan Setting).  One technique for getting up there is to stand on the very
    edge of the tongue projecting from the deck below, hit FORWARD and JUMP,
    holding JUMP but changing to BACK when about halfway up - not very elegant, but
    it does work.  Drop and apply BACK to descend.  On the tongued deck below,
    there are; two Battery Packs, three boxes of Blaster Ammunition, a Large Shield
    Booster and two Bacta Canisters.  On the deck below that; four cases of
    Metallic Bolt Ammunition, four cases of Power Cell Ammunition, a pack of Trip
    Mines, a pack of Det Packs and a belt of Thermal Detonators.
    If deciding to drive, be mindful that contact with the Lightsabre will drain
    the AT-ST's Shields - select something else or have Kyle go empty-handed before
    boarding.  Also note that the AT-ST's default (Main) Cannons are the
    chin-mounted weapons (Primary fire = slow rate, Secondary fire = rapid rate)
    but that this can be changed (while driving) by selecting "Lightsabre"!  In
    this mode, Primary fire is a very strong, yellow, Bowcaster-type discharge from
    the right-side weapon cluster, Secondary fire is an unguided Merr-Sonn Rocket,
    discharged from the left-side weapon cluster; either of these may be masked by
    terrain and require the AT-ST to be manoeuvred to both bear on the target and
    avoid self-inflicted Damage.  Boarding is accomplished by JUMPing onto the top
    of the 'head'; placing the crosshairs as near the hatch as possible (the roof
    at the rear of the cabin also seems to be an aiming point) and then hitting
    USE/INTERACT.  Hit JUMP to disembark (it's best to make sure, first, that the
    top of the 'head' is level to make re-boarding simpler) - and find that Kyle
    has switched back to the Bryar without asking!  The Author has noted that rapid
    fire from the Main (Chin) Cannons seem to be more efficient (if a bit less
    satisfying) than the AT-ST side armament, except when engaging Twin Cannon
    Mountings, where multiple Rocket fire is recommended.
    Whatever the method, the first enemy (an E11-armed Stormtrooper) is located on
    the right of the Canyon, perched on the highest of a pair of rock ledges (along
    with two boxes of Blaster Ammunition); in direct view of the Lander's ramp and
    AT-ST.  The Author removes this nuisance with the Disruptor.
    On coming almost level with that sniper's position, a group of Stormtroopers
    come charging down the Canyon.  The Author normally JUMPs onto the lower of the
    two ledges and uses a combination of deflected fire and PULLs on these.
    The next enemy position (two Rocket Troopers) is around the next bend, on the
    opposite side of the Canyon, on different levels of rock-ledge.  One tactic is
    to JUMP onto the nearest side of the Stormtrooper's perch, CROUCH along it
    while hugging the Canyon wall and use the Disruptor on both of them; engaging
    the higher of the pair (also the leftmost, from Kyle's perspective) first; most
    of the time this fails to be noticed by the other Trooper, at other times it
    starts a game of Force-Powered, Merr-Sonn Tennis!  Another tactic is to move
    along the opposite wall of the Canyon until the right-hand man comes into view
    and MIND TRICK him; whereupon he will either kill his colleague, be killed by
    his colleague or move toward Kyle without fighting.  If he survives, dispose of
    him by any convenient means and check on the other one, taking action as
    required.  On the high-level perch there is a case of Metallic Bolt Ammunition;
    on the lower one, a case of Rocket Ammunition.
    On the right-hand side of the Canyon, between the Rocket Troopers' and
    Stormtrooper's positions is the first of the Massasi cavern-tunnels (it exits
    just before the ruined half-wall - itself an entrance to Secret Area 2).
    Although not a Secret Area itself, it does contain some supplies (a pack of
    Trip Mines, a pack of Det Packs and a belt of Thermal Detonators), but its main
    utility lies in being a covered route - albeit a bit longer than going straight
    up the Canyon - to the edge of the first real enemy defensive position.  The
    cavern is too small to take an AT-ST; so heading straight into the teeth of the
    defences (Rocket Trooper, Shadowtrooper, two Flechette-armed Swamptroopers, two
    Twin Cannon Mountings and an enemy AT-ST) is the only choice when driving.
    If on foot, the Author recommends engaging SPEED just before moving out of the
    cavern, moving up the right-hand side of the Canyon (weaving between the rock
    outcrops) until opposite the ruined half-wall, then JUMPing in behind the
    reasonably intact rectangular block to Kyle's front-right in the 'mouth' of the
    wall.  An AT-ST can clear the collapsed rubble by gunfire, and there is (at the
    top-right corner of the rubble pile) a gap that Kyle can slip through (if he
    avoids getting stuck during the various JUMPs and moves), but the easiest and
    safest option is probably to let the enemy open the way; so move to the
    right-hand rear corner of that block and back as far as Kyle can go (keeping
    his face toward the enemy!).  This brings Kyle into view of the right-hand Twin
    Cannon Mounting on the long wall and its near-misses, as well as deflected
    shots, will do the job.  Be mindful to wait until the Twin Mounting fire also
    accounts for the nearby Swamptrooper (it saves time), then back away down the
    inside of the wall until the Twin Cannon Mounting no longer has a shot at Kyle.
    The passage inside the wall leads to the ground-floor of a ruined temple, with
    a large black rock (with a pair of Battery Packs on the ground beside it) over
    toward the rear wall.  While the rock makes a convenient springboard for a JUMP
    up to the mid-level flooring, it is possible to do the JUMP direct; so the
    Author recommends turning left and JUMPing, intending to land the second JUMP
    on the vaguely 'L' shaped piece of remaining upper-level flooring.  Keep
    against the wall on arrival as there is an enemy-deployed Portable Assault
    Sentry guarding the contents (one Large Shield Booster, one, un-deployed,
    Portable Assault Sentry and one Bacta Canister) of Secret Area 2; the Disruptor
    is a good tool for clearing the way before reselecting the Lightsabre, JUMPing
    across, collecting anything necessary and heading straight ahead into the
    cavern leading to the outside.  Be mindful, however, that there is a Rocket
    Trooper stationed on the ledge immediately outside the exit; be quick to MIND
    TRICK him, then (as he will not do anything helpful) give him a PULL and a
    HACK.  Note that there are two cases of Rocket Ammunition on the ledge to the
    right of his position.
    Move out onto the left-hand side of the ledge and CROUCH.  Kyle needs to be
    able to see just enough of the left-hand (nearest) Twin Cannon Mounting and its
    gunner to MIND TRICK him (the other Mounting is out of range) without
    deflecting much, if any fire, down on to him.  Keep him under MIND TRICK (it's
    best to let him turn and fire a few rounds in Kyle's direction between each
    application) until he fires at, and silences, the second Twin Cannon Mounting;
    having in the meantime accounted for both the AT-ST (below the ledge) and the
    second Swamptrooper (around the curve of the Canyon to the right) - leaving the
    Shadowtrooper, who should be visible intermittently in the broken section of
    the long wall, as the only remaining opposition in this area.  MIND TRICK the
    gunner a final time and give him a Rocket for his help!
    There's a decision point here; either to go Lightsabre to Lightsabre with the
    Shadowtrooper (in which case skip to the next but one paragraph), or to go back
    to the Lander through the passage and down the ledges (don't try to drop
    direct, it causes major Health Damage) to collect the 'friendly' AT-ST.
    Using the AT-ST, the direct way of killing this Shadowtrooper is to head right
    up to the gap, turn to the right to locate the Shadowtrooper and let him have
    an extended burst of Main Gun Secondary (rapid rate) fire - the Side Cannons
    should never be used against Shadowtroopers, as both types of discharge are far
    too liable to be PUSHed or deflected right back - directed at his feet and
    legs.  Either this will sort him out right away, or will cause him to drop down
    by the AT-ST's feet, ready for a quick stamp or kick.  Should he drop down away
    from the AT-ST the Author's advice is to keep out of THROW range, as far as
    possible, and wait for him to "taunt" - whereupon he is highly vulnerable to
    Main Gun Secondary fire.  It is also possible to come at the Shadowtrooper from
    along the top of the right-hand part of the ruined wall; follow the Canyon
    around to the right as far as the columns, then bear hard left and go up the
    rock-slope to the top of the wall.  Once there, move to the broken section.
    Sometimes making the AT-ST take a partial step over the edge (it will not
    topple if too big a step is taken) will also crush, or kick, the Shadowtrooper
    to death.
    For the conventional, Lightsabre to Lightsabre, method; start descending by
    dropping off the left-side of the ledge and note the triangular patch
    of level rock to the right, which is the proper landing area when JUMPing up
    this side of the cliff.  Move to where a dark lump of rock can be seen below
    and drop down to it (this lump, with a short run-up from the rear of it, it the
    start point for JUMPing up the cliff this side).  Move to the right again and
    JUMP up onto the top of the long wall, giving a wide berth to the Twin Cannon
    Mounting, which seems to be a wider-than-usual no-go area at the side (possibly
    a protective forcefield?) than there is either at front or rear.  If able to
    stand right on the lip of the crumbled edge opposite his lair, it is sometimes
    possible to PUSH him over and follow up with an immediate THROW, held out at
    maximum range, to finish him.  Otherwise he will have to be eliminated the hard
    way.  A point to note, if the status lights on the Mounting's barrels are still
    flashing, and the Shadowtrooper carelessly stands next to it, a quick THROW can
    cause the Mounting to overload, catching the Shadowtrooper in the explosion!
    Don't try for this deliberately, but just recognise the opportunity if (when)
    it occurs.
    Supplies in this area are; two Bacta Canisters on the ledge of dark masonry at
    the extreme left of the ruined wall, three cases of Power Cell Ammunition on
    the paving in front of the left-hand Twin Cannon Mounting, two cases of Rocket
    Ammunition on the paving beyond the right-hand Twin Cannon Mounting, and in a
    Massasi cave (just to the right of that weapon, but accessed from the Canyon
    floor - look for the waterfall above and to the cave's rear); two Large
    Shield Boosters, a case of Rocket Ammunition and a Bacta Canister.
    Move on up the Canyon to the pillars.  If the MIND TRICKed gunner has/had not
    shot him, there is (would have been) a Flechette-armed Swamptrooper to be dealt
    with here.  After checking, RUN on until seeing the pillar that is leaning in
    line with the stream, almost in the water.  Hop up onto this and move along
    until just before the second square 'collar', when a gaggle of Stormtroopers
    will come charging round the bend; keep them from getting behind Kyle with PUSH
    and let their fire do the removal work.  Then CROUCH along until Kyle is on top
    of the 'collar' and STAND.  Select Disruptor and scan along the line of the
    middle-angled section of the Canyon wall to the left at maximum ZOOM; a Rocket
    Trooper should become visible, and can then be shot (he is outside MIND TRICK
    range).  Next advance up the right-hand Canyon wall (as high up it as Kyle can
    get) until in MIND TRICK range of the Twin Cannon Mounting gunner to the left
    of where the Rocket Trooper was standing.
    If the gunner is not knocked out in the first flurry of action (be mindful,
    also, of PUSHed Merr-Sonn Rockets - there's a Shadowtrooper up there as well)
    keep the gunner under the influence as long as possible (he will be firing at
    an enemy AT-ST and four other Twin Cannon Mountings that are waiting round the
    corner) then give him a final application and a, preferably guided, 'thank-you'
    Rocket or Rockets as a severance package, if he survives.
    It is extremely unlikely that the unpleasantness around the corner has been
    eliminated, however long the gunner managed to keep firing, so leave the
    Shadowtrooper alone for now and move fairly cautiously around the corner and up
    the Canyon to survey what's left.  Deflected fire from the remaining Twin
    Cannon Mountings will help if the AT-ST survived, but stand ready to PUSH any
    Rockets straight back at it.
    When that is out of the way, move slowly forward, following the Canyon wall
    until the whole position (two Mountings, only one on Padawan Setting, on a
    ruined half-wall further up the Canyon, the other two on a rock ledge against
    the Canyon wall to the right.  Engage SPEED, RUN toward the ledge and JUMP over
    it, aiming to land on a smaller ledge to the rear (still in view of all the
    Cannons, but with a far higher chance of deflections knocking-out the nearer
    two in short order).
    When down to the Cannons on the ruined half-wall, engage SPEED again, RUN to
    and JUMP up onto their level; moving so that, if not on Padawan Setting, one
    Cannon has to fire through the other when trying to engage Kyle.  Once one of
    these has been destroyed, move to unmask the surviving weapon and closer to
    it, pick the right time and MIND TRICK the gunner, finishing him with THROW.
    Don't be alarmed to discover an AT-ST hidden immediately behind the ruined
    half-wall, it's another friendly one, parked beside a Shield Converter (leave
    this alone for now, if possible) and three cases of Power Cell Ammunition.
    This AT-ST is also, in the Author's opinion, the safest and easiest means of
    eliminating the left-over Shadowtrooper; an AT-ST can get right up and around
    that position by passing between the cliff face and the rock outcrop where the
    Twin Cannon Mounting is/was positioned (it appears that, like a certain famous
    Earth-type Military vehicle, an AT-ST can be taken almost anywhere!).  The same
    comments about AT-ST vs. Shadowtrooper combats apply here.
    Before leaving this area, note that there are a pair of Small Shield Boosters
    and a case of Rocket Ammunition on the outcrop where the Rocket Trooper was
    Leave the AT-ST parked at the left-hand side of the Canyon by the broken arch
    of rock (which is at the foot of a rock formation in the shape of an upward
    pointing arrowhead) - an AT-ST cannot fit underneath - and JUMP up the rocks
    to the tip where there is another Massasi cavern-tunnel.  This is Secret Area
    3's entrance and can only be legitimately accessed while the arch of rock is
    present.  Locate the Secret Area (containing two Large Shield Boosters, two
    Bacta Canisters and a case of Rocket Ammunition) and swivel to the right to
    spot the exit-ledge and its guardian Rocket Trooper.
    MIND TRICK the Rocket Trooper (for what it's worth, usually he starts to be
    helpful, but is blasted by Twin Cannon Mounting fire before he can get a shot
    off) and move out onto the ledge.  Note the cluster of Twin Cannon Mountings in
    the towers each side of the Canyon and the enemy AT-ST (conveniently facing the
    wrong way) and MIND TRICK the gunners in the tower on the opposite side.  Wait
    out the firefight (repeating the MIND TRICK as required until only one Mounting
    is still in action), MIND TRICK the surviving gunner and give him a Merr-Sonn
    Rocket as a retirement present.
    Then engage SPEED, trigger off four (unguided) Rockets aimed at the, still
    oblivious, enemy AT-ST and retire smartly to avoid any possible counterfire.
    Wait a few seconds and move back cautiously to check the results.  As will be
    seen with Electrobinoculars or the Disruptor's sight, there are a few supplies
    in the tops of the towers (two boxes of Blaster Ammunition, a case of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition and a Bacta Canister in the tower on the opposite side of the
    Canyon; three boxes of Blaster Ammunition and two Bacta Canisters in the tower
    on Kyle's side) but these are probably not likely to be of much value, and
    would require bringing up the friendly AT-ST to act as a 'JUMPing off point'
    for each tower, so the Author's recommendation is not to bother, unless
    desperate.  Just move to the left of the ledge to spot the entrance to the next
    cavern-tunnel (another pair of rocks forming an arrowhead shape) re-stock with
    Rockets; and Shield Boosters, if required, and return through the cavern.
    Move up the Canyon to the next cavern-tunnel (just past the very large bulge of
    dark rock - the last ledge was on its upper part), enter and follow it through.
    Just beyond the exit are three more Twin Cannon Mountings at ground level, plus
    another in a tower (all but the last of which can be bypassed, if still able to
    drive, by keeping straight on when a valley opens up to the right - but be
    mindful of Rocket Troopers overhead and don't hang about).  Otherwise, go
    through the cavern-tunnel, MIND TRICKing as many of the gunners as possible at
    the far end, waiting for them to do at least two applications-worth of firing
    each (that is virtually certain to eliminate the Twin Cannon Mounting in the
    tower).  It is possible that at least one of the Mountings will explode
    'mysteriously', that is due to either the Mounting in the tower or a Rocket
    Trooper high above Kyle's head.  When none of the MIND TRICKed gunners are
    firing to Kyle's right, only MIND TRICK the most accessible gunner on the next
    application, let any survivors fight it out and dispose of the last one by
    CROUCH by the cavern exit and locate the enemy AT-ST behind the tower, giving
    it a dose of three or four Rockets (engaging SPEED appears to be optional here,
    but can be used to be confident of avoiding possible counterfire).  Then move
    out across the stream to the foot of the tower, turn toward the cliff and look
    up.  There should be a Rocket Trooper at the top of the rocks to the left of
    the cavern; the objective here should be not only to eliminate him but also to
    try to grab his weapon to replace expended rounds, so MIND TRICK him, give him
    one (or more, if needed) three-quarter power Disruptor shots, aimed at about
    throat level (his weapon usually ends up on one of the rocks above the cavern
    exit, but may have to be searched for or be missing entirely).
    There are two more Rocket Troopers at the same height on the other side of the
    rock arch (back beyond the Cannon Mountings).  Move until one can be seen, MIND
    TRICK him and eliminate any survivor with the Disruptor - it's very unlikely
    that either of their weapons will be recoverable and there seems to be no way
    of JUMPing up to that position (and no supplies up there anyway), so there's no
    need to stint with the charge(s).  The top of the tower can be accessed by the
    'AT-ST stepladder' method, but there's nothing up there apart from the Cannon.
    Move up the valley past the tower and the Lander (the Author recommends JUMPing
    over the rock to the right of the Lander, rather than JUMPing the one to the
    left or going through it, as both those routes take Kyle into deep water - not
    that it really matters, there are no enemies about to take advantage) all the
    way to the head of the valley.  The dark triangle in the high rock formation is
    the entrance to another Massasi cavern, defended by a Shadowtrooper (usually
    two on the higher Settings).  Probably the best tactic is to get onto the
    highest point of the rock just below the entrance ledge and use JUMP/PULL to
    extract one (or both) defenders.  Unfortunately, Kyle cannot bring an AT-ST
    along, so it has to be Force against Force and Lightsabre against Lightsabre.
    When victorious, backtrack to stock up on essentials - there's a shortage of
    Shield recharge capacity in the first part of the next Level, and a full load
    of Bacta is almost essential - then return to this cavern and drop down the
    big hole in the cavern floor to end the Level.
    YAVIN - COURTYARD (Level 24) - [map code = yavin_courtyard].
    0 Secret Areas.
    => Stormtroopers, Technicians, Shadowtroopers, Reborn.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3],
    The upgrade to Lightsaber THROW is a vast improvement, and(in the Author's
    opinion) long overdue.  Not only will the Lightsabre stay THROWN for as long as
    Kyle's Force Reservoir lasts (or until recalled) but it both rotates much
    faster and acts intelligently, automatically homing-in on nearby enemies.
    Kyle's immediate opposition is a trio of Technicians.  If they haven't noticed
    him by the time any necessary adjustments have been carried out, PULL the
    nearest and let them kill each other with deflected fire.  Around to the right
    of Kyle's position is a slab of rock with two cases of Power Cell Ammunition
    and two cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition sitting on top of it.  A belt of
    Thermal Detonators is on the ground a little further on in that direction.
    Kyle needs to JUMP into the (neatly cut) tunnel to the left of the Thermal
    Detonators and follow it along to its end.
    At the Hangar entrance (actually at what was the entrance to the Command Centre
    anteroom), the Author suggests MIND TRICKing as many Imperials (mostly
    Repeater-armed, but with a scattering of E11s and at least one Portable Missile
    System) as possible, from as long a range as possible, as soon as they come
    into sight; THROWing any 'allies' that come out-of-action and head toward Kyle.
    Repeat this tactic with the (again, Repeater-armed) reinforcements that are
    coming from the other end of the Hangar (through another hole that's been blown
    in the wall).  Once quiet, advance in the direction of the block of crates
    (where a pair of Battery Packs and three boxes of Blaster Ammunition are to be
    found), being mindful that the stacks conceal a Rocket Trooper (who will fire
    on New Republic Troopers descending on the main lift) around their right-hand
    side.  While a JUMP/PULL combination can get rid of this threat in a reasonably
    spectacular fashion, the Author favours PUSH and THROW as being more certain
    and safer.
    A further group of Imperial reinforcements (two Repeaters and a PMS) will start
    entering the Hangar once Kyle comes within a certain distance of the far wall;
    so be mindful.  If they have not put in an appearance by the time that Kyle
    reaches the left-hand edge of the stack, the Author favours setting out three
    Portable Assault Sentries in a line to the left of the pillar, then doubling
    back and deploying the last two at the far right-hand corner of the block (all
    level-ground combat after the Hangar will be against Force-wielding enemies, so
    all Sentries may as well be used up now) before retiring out of the line of
    fire.  Otherwise; engage SPEED, PUSH the three attackers flat then locate and
    HACK the Rocket Trooper first, before eliminating his backup.
    Through the hole in the wall is a JUMP training area consisting of a number of
    niche-ledges; Kyle has to find a ledge (or combination) that will let him
    double-back on his previous direction of travel; an act complicated by the fact
    that the ledge he has to get to is defended by Flechette and/or Repeater armed
    Stormtroopers - their number depending on Setting.  On Padawan (with one
    Repeater-armed opponent) it is quite possible to FORWARD-JUMP to the ledge in
    front and turn around before the defender can react (a PULL as soon as he
    stands up after taking deflected fire will almost always bring him onto Kyle's
    ledge, usually into the Lightsabre blade).
    However, for all higher Settings (where three or four Stormtroopers are up
    there) the Author recommends carefully backing into the training area, MIND
    TRICKing one or two of the defenders as soon as their heads can be seen above
    the top of the ledge then RUNning back through the hole until the firing stops;
    this last is because of the likelihood of Flechette-weapon mines being used,
    and the misses dropping on or near Kyle.  Once the Stormtroopers are done,
    re-enter the training area and test for survivors with Thermal Detonators
    (Primary fire, maximum range and aimed at the crack in the rock ceiling) before
    getting up to the opposite ledge by hitting JUMP then BACK - keeping the
    Lightsabre between Kyle and trouble.  This will not help overmuch if Kyle is
    targeted with Flechette Secondary fire, but it will definitely defend against
    the far more likely prospect of Repeater Primary fire.  Finish off any
    survivors with PULL, or MIND TRICK them before JUMPing across and mopping-up
    with the Lightsabre.
    At the rear-left of the ledge is a gap leading to the Seeker Drone Defence
    Chamber - familiar territory - defended by one E11-armed Stormtrooper and an
    (enemy) Seeker Drone; neither of which should pose a problem.  The Author has
    had very good results with a burst of FORCE LIGHTNING here, often eliminating
    both 'threats' in one go.  The flashing Control Pad by the door does work, but
    it only deploys another (enemy) Seeker Drone with each operation; so the advice
    is to leave it alone.
          Author's Note:  From this point onwards, I leave the Lightsabre set on
          STRONG style.
    Go through the door into the Lightsabre Sparring Area (where Desann can be
    glimpsed up in the gallery, making a quick exit) and where two cases of Rocket
    Ammunition - three on Padawan Setting - and a pack of Trip Mines are in the
    corners of the room on the right-hand side from the doorway.  The opposition
    are several Reborn (numbers and Ranks varying with Setting) and at least one
    Shadowtrooper, with some Jedi Trainees to assist Kyle; but as they take no part
    in any action after this chamber, his best bet is to hold back and use PUSH and
    THROW against the Reborn etc. letting the Trainees handle the close combat
    while they last - this also guards against the possibility of inadvertent
    Lightsabre clashes triggering a Jedi 'ally' into attacking Kyle.  Also,
    although Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough mentions using FORCE LIGHTNING, the Author
    recommends not to do so - it is too big a drain on Kyle's Force Reservoir, and
    (in the Author's experience) usually leads to an inability to engage SPEED when
    it really matters.
    During the tail-end of the melee, a Rocket Trooper in the gallery will let fly
    at the New Republic Trooper that has been firing at him, resulting in a handy
    gap in the transparisteel.  When the Lightsabre action is finished, get into
    sight of, and MIND TRICK the Rocket Trooper before JUMPing up into the gallery
    through the gap (it can be done from floor level) and eliminating him.  Going
    past where the Rocket Trooper was standing to the doorway - the entrance to the
    observation area for the Seeker Drone Defence Chamber, now jammed shut - will
    lead to the discovery of two spare Seeker Drones (three on Padawan Setting).
    Head all the way around the gallery, into the Telekinesis Training Area, and
    along that gallery as well; until another smashed transparisteel panel in the
    floor lets Kyle drop down.  In contrast to the previous chamber, the Jedi
    Trainer and Trainee here can be a considerable help to Kyle in the next two or
    three areas, so try to keep them alive if possible; they are quite good
    fighters, although none too careful where they SLASH with their Lightsabres;
    'friendly' Damage is not unknown!  In here, there are no Shadowtroopers to
    worry about, although the Reborn present again vary with Setting; so PULLing
    isolated Reborn and HACKing, while always being prepared to engage SPEED, PUSH
    and HACK/SLASH if any of the Reborn come too close, seems to be a good tactic.
    The practice objects on the slide-tracks can also be of assistance on occasion,
    they are massive enough to cause Damage if they connect with a Reborn when
    PULLed or PUSHed.  Once again, the Author recommends disregarding Force
    Lightning for this combat, unless SPEED is already engaged.
    Once only Jedi are left alive in this chamber, head for the hole in the wall at
    the far-right corner from where Kyle dropped down.  The low block in front the
    hole is a practice object and can be lowered (and raised again) with PULL or
    PUSH - the Author recommends leaving it alone and simply going around it as
    Kyle may still need to JUMP over, or onto, it when in the 'down' position.
    Pause in the tunnel (not too far past the low block) until Kyle's Force
    Reservoir is full again.
    As Kyle starts to leave the tunnel, a Shadowtrooper will drop down by the side
    of the lift from the floor above.  If unaccompanied (or accompanied by only one
    ally), probably the best tactic is to PUSH the Shadowtrooper as he is dropping,
    then rush him and HACK while he is on the ground (SPEED is not strictly
    necessary).  Occasionally, the Shadowtrooper will counter with a PUSH of his
    own, which will require Kyle to engage SPEED to avoid Damage.  If accompanied
    by both allies, the Author recommends holding back and 'assisting' them with
    GRIP, PUSHes and THROWs as the best method of avoiding 'friendly Lightsabre'
    Except on Padawan Setting, more trouble will appear as soon as Kyle moves past
    far edge of the second lift shaft.  On Jedi, this is only one Green Reborn, but
    he is accompanied on the higher Settings by a pair of Reborn Bosses.  On the
    higher Settings, the best policy is probably for Kyle (and any surviving
    allies) to JUMP up to the floor above (where the Shadowtrooper came from),
    before moving past that lift; being mindful that if an ally seems unable (or
    reluctant) to land a JUMP there; he (they) should follow if Kyle stands right
    on the edge of the flooring nearest the first lift.
    If no allies are present, back off to the wall above the hole, standing roughly
    halfway between the destroyed lift Control Pad and the opposite wall once the
    Reborn come into view.  This tactic usually seems to limit the attackers to
    appearing one-at-a-time; where PUSH and THROW (or PUSH, SPEED and HACK) can be
    used to eliminate them without Damage, using the delays while they try to JUMP
    up to that level to let Kyle's Force Reservoir replenish.  Note that the Bosses
    have been found to be vulnerable to being unexpectedly PUSHed into the cut-outs
    around the lift shafts and occasionally being killed by the fall back to floor
    level.  Nice when it happens, but don't try for this deliberately.
    If allies are present, they will immediately attack the Reborn.  It may seem a
    bit cruel, cowardly, and taking advantage, but the Author usually first deals
    with any Reborn that has JUMPed up to that piece of floor, then leaves the Jedi
    allies to get on with fighting the remaining Reborn, down below, while Kyle
    JUMPs up the lift at the far end of the flooring and pays a visit to Luke's
    Chamber.  Clearing this of its two (Padawan and Jedi Settings) or four (higher
    Settings) Shadowtrooper defenders will not only allow access to a number of
    supplies (not of all that much benefit) and a Shield Converter (of much greater
    importance, particularly on Jedi Master Setting), but also allows Kyle to
    liberate between four and eight Force Crystals for ingestion (immediately and
    later) - which can produce a phenomenon that the Author has dubbed "Force
    Supercharge".  Going up there alone ensures that the defenders (who seem a bit
    weaker than average - but not by that much!) do not break their, very
    convenient, in-line formation until Kyle (using the normal SPEED, PUSH and
    HACK/SLASH technique) has killed at least two of them.  It is very possible;
    although the timing has to be absolutely right; to kill all four on Jedi Master
    Setting, and still have time to recover the second Force Crystal from all their
    On the other hand, if an ally or allies accompany Kyle to Luke's Chamber, and
    Kyle stops after moving down the stairs (and moves slightly aside) the Academy
    Jedi will race to attack the Shadowtroopers, who do not seem to want to defend
    themselves!  This is probably a programming glitch, but still worth knowing.
          Author's Note:  What I call "Force Supercharge" occurs when Kyle
          absorbs Force Crystals on top of a fully-charged Force Meter.  With any
          degree of "Supercharge", the blue bars on the Force Meter alternately
          brighten and dim, the degree of brightness (and dimness), as well as the
          rapidity of the cycle being proportional to Kyle's level of "Force
          Supercharge".  At its maximum (four Crystals) Kyle can engage SPEED and
          deliver three or four PUSHes/PULLs without depleting the Force Meter at
          all - leaving the option of engaging another burst of SPEED as soon as
          the first fades.
    The supplies in Luke's Chamber are; three boxes of Blaster Ammunition and three
    cases of Metallic Bolt Ammunition (all by the wall to the right of Luke's
    Meditation platform, on the upper level) with a belt of Thermal Detonators by
    the wall on the main-floor level.  Just to the left of Luke's Meditation
    platform are two (three on Padawan Setting) Bacta Canisters.  To the left of
    those, corresponding to the ammunition supplies on the other side of the
    chamber, are two cases of Rocket Ammunition and three cases of Power Cell
    Ammunition; with one (two on Padawan Setting) Portable Assault Sentry by the
    wall on main-floor level.  Be mindful that Force use (by Kyle or the defenders)
    may change the positions of any, or all, of these items.  If on Jedi Master
    Setting, it is highly recommended that the Shield Converter be left alone until
    ready to enter the next (and final) Level.
    The area around the corner and through the passage - where a Bacta Canister and
    a Large Shield Booster are lying on the floor - (the Outer Courtyard; the first
    of the two courtyards passed through on Kyle's way to the Jedi Trial); can be
    tough to get through on the higher Settings, even with Jedi allies.  On Padawan
    Setting it is guarded by two Reborn Bosses and a Shadowtrooper, on Jedi by two
    Shadowtroopers and two Bosses, with three Reborn Bosses and two Shadowtroopers
    defending it on the higher Settings.  If Kyle is on his own, it's just about
    possible to defeat all five of them on Jedi Master, but that's the exception,
    not the rule.
    A safer higher-Setting tactic is to engage SPEED immediately the Shadowtrooper
    opposite the passage's exit ignites his Lightsabre, then turn and RUN back to
    the furthest lift platform, JUMPing back up to the semi-transparent floor and
    tucking Kyle away in the far left-hand corner on arrival.  As before, the
    Reborn (and Shadowtroopers) take quite a time to perform a simple JUMP, again
    usually arriving one-at-a-time.  In the meantime, they leap about underneath
    the floor, THROWing Lightsabres and spraying FORCE LIGHTNING.  Judging by the
    grunts, it's quite possible that they weaken each other through odd Lightsabre
    hits and Lightning discharges - there are normally quite a few Lightsabre
    clatters as well (unfortunately just dropped Lightsabres, not dead opponents).
    Be mindful to pay attention to the possibility of 'invisible' Shadowtroopers
    JUMPing up; however, the comment applying to the last set of Bosses also
    applies to these.
    Once the Outer Courtyard's defenders are dead, proceed to the passage at its
    far-left corner (visiting, if required, the two stone benches halfway along the
    left-hand end of the area and collecting any or all of the case of Metallic
    Bolt Ammunition, the case of Power Cell Ammunition and the Large Shield
    Booster, behind them) and follow the passage along.  There is another Bacta
    Canister and another Large Shield Booster on the floor of this passage, as
    Approaching the Inner Courtyard door triggers a Cutscene of Desann PUSHing the
    steps back - note that the hole Kyle used to get to the Trial Temple has been
    blocked-up - to reveal a hole in the ground (the route to the final Level).  As
    soon as Desann drops down into this bolt-hole, the steps move back into their
    original position and a pair of Shadowtroopers fully reveal their presence by
    the sides of the steps.
    Charles Gilliland's contribution to Matthew Rorie's Walkthrough (JUMPing onto
    the stone object in the middle of this Courtyard and PULLing the Shadowtroopers
    into an uncontrolled ascent and fall) can work, but it's far from a sure-fire
    thing - quite often they block the PULL.  The Author's favourite tactic is to
    advance up the extreme left-hand side of the courtyard, until the
    Shadowtroopers are in line, then engage SPEED and PULL (note, not PUSH, this
    time) the first Shadowtrooper just as Kyle comes into HACK/SLASH range.  By
    this time, the second Shadowtrooper has probably JUMPed over Kyle, so RUN (or
    JUMP) past where he was standing, turn and use the normal tactics to dispose of
    Approaching the steps after both Shadowtroopers are dead triggers another short
    Cutscene of Kyle PUSHing the steps back himself.
    Before ending the Level, Kyle can stock-up on Shielding (there are two Large
    Shield Boosters - three on Padawan Setting - in the first Meditation Cell from
    the entrance door on the right-hand side; along with an Instant Use Medpack;
    two on Jedi Setting, three on Padawan), but, on Jedi Master Setting, there will
    probably need to be a further visit to Luke's Chamber to access the (untouched)
    Shield Converter for the maximum level of protection (the door Kyle entered by
    is still unlocked).  When done, return to the Inner Courtyard and drop down the
    YAVIN - THE FINAL SHOWDOWN (Level 25) - [map code = yavin_final].
    0 Secret Areas.
    => Desann.
    Force Powers [& Rank]: ([X]* = Upgraded Rank, [X]** = New Force Power).
    => PUSH [3], PULL [3], SPEED [3], JUMP [3], MIND TRICK [3], HEAL [3],
    The Level starts with Kyle standing at the top of a ramp; the way ahead is
    through the blocked doorway directly in front.  THROW or virtually any of
    Kyle's ranged weapons will clear the rubble out of the way (the Author prefers
    a full power, Secondary fire, discharge from the DEMP Gun; which is highly
    effective); but note the Large Shield Booster on the upper level to the right
    of the doorway, (and, on Padawan Setting only, the pair of Small Shield
    Boosters and Instant Use Medpack to the left).  Don't bother trying to take any
    of these along to help in the final confrontation with Desann, they can't be
    taken all the way.
    Go through the doorway, left at the 'T' junction (right is a dead-end) and
    prepare to go right at the end; but not yet; stop when Desann laughs.  The
    chamber ahead has a ceiling that collapses (most of which appears to be either
    an illusion or too light to cause Damage, but some of it, the larger blocks,
    can be fatal if  they land on Kyle).  While it's usually possible to dodge all
    of this by engaging SPEED (and RUNning around three sides of the chamber on the
    sloping join between floor and walls also seems safe enough), a more positive
    way of negating the trap is to dislodge all the loose material before
    proceeding.  Again, virtually any of Kyle's ranged weapons will do the job, but
    the Author tends to use up the E11's ammunition for this chore since, as well
    as clearing the way, not having Blaster ammunition available means that none
    can be discharged by accident; then to be deflected back at Kyle by Desann.
    Work over the smoother areas of the roof (plastering?); then head around the
    corner, JUMP up onto the ledge and go through the broken wall.  After the gap,
    there is one Instant Use Medpack in the alcove to the right on Jedi Setting
    (two of them on Padawan), but none there on the higher Settings.
    At the 'T' junction, Kyle needs to head left (although it looks like a dead-end
    at first glance, the wall there is an illusion, and a careful look will show it
    to be moving), but note that one (Jedi) or two (Padawan Setting) Small Shield
    Boosters are to be had at the end of the passage around the corner to the
    Go carefully through the wall (which has to be done blind) to stay back from
    the flames that are jetting across the passage at the top of the ramp; get to
    the side of the passage away from the source of the flames and edge along the
    passage, PUSHing the flames out when the top of the pedestal comes into view.
    Advance past the niche, change to the other side of the passage and repeat.
    Switch passage sides and edge forward again, this pedestal has flames on top of
    it but does not seem to be jetting them across the passage - until Kyle tries
    to go past it! - and the flames will re-ignite after a very short interval
    after being PUSHed out.  Probably the safest technique is to get into position;
    engage SPEED, PUSH the flames out on the third pedestal, and then immediately
    RUN past both the last two niches; triggering a Cutscene of Kyle confronting
    three 'Desanns', each standing in front of an apparent exit to the chamber.
    Of the three apparent exits, the one to the right leads to an illusory wall
    with an instant-death pit behind it; the one to Kyle's front leads to a
    mirrored surface and a taunting 'Desann'.  Take the third apparent exit (to
    Kyle's left), distinguished from the others by an indestructible pipe under the
    lintel, which leads to a slope with a fire-pit (trying to go through this while
    it is alight will be instantly fatal) at the bottom and an archway (with
    another pipe under the lintel) at the top.  Smash this pipe (any weapon
    will do, although THROW is probably most convenient) and water will pour out
    and extinguish the flames.  Go down the slope and drop through the irregular
    hole in the passage floor.
    Once down, Kyle will be in a cruciform chamber formed out of dead-end stub
    passages, those to Kyle's front, left and right incorporating a FORCE PUSH
    symbol on their end walls.  PUSH the one to Kyle's front (the one to the right
    only produces a blind passage, PUSHing the one to the left is unnecessary) and
    go down the lengthened passageway, turning left at the corner.  Look for and
    PUSH another FORCE PUSH symbol low down on the left hand wall (about two-thirds
    of the way along this new passage) and return to the corner.  Move along the
    (much lengthened) passage to its end and turn left to see the final obstacle;
    stone blades that are moving in and out of the passage walls.
    There's no need to rush, Desann isn't going anywhere, so use SPEED to get past
    each blade; and leave plenty of time for Kyle's Force Reservoir to replenish in
    between bursts.  In actual fact, it's quite possible to dodge these blades two
    or three at a time on one burst of SPEED; but there's no point in taking risks.
    Once past the obstacle, and before heading around the corner, ensure that
    Kyle's Force Reservoir and Health are at maximum (and that Bacta is the
    selected Inventory Item).  Perform a full SAVE, then move up that passage to
    trigger the "showdown" Cutscene.
          Author's Note: The mechanism in the centre of the chamber (which
          generates the beam that Desann is basking in when Kyle enters) is a Force
          Enhancer (said to confer temporary invincibility) which is activated by
          first PULLing on the icon that Kyle is facing towards at the end of the
          Cutscene and then doing the same to its twin on the opposite side of the
          chamber.  The beam is only available for a limited period (although it
          does turn back on intermittently; but it's rare that a combat with Desann
          lasts that long!).  As Desann can hog the beam himself and the Enhanced
          Force effect on Kyle is only temporary, I never bother turning the beam
    Note that on Jedi and Padawan Settings there are a variety of Shield Boosters
    and Instant Use Medpacks scattered around the chamber; but nothing on Jedi
    Knight or Jedi Master.  On the upper level (on Jedi Setting), there is one
    Small Shield Booster each side of the ramp and one Instant Use Medpack on each
    of the platforms at the opposite end.  These quantities are doubled if on
    Padawan Setting.  Padawans will also find one Large Shield Booster (relative to
    the ramp) in the near-right and far-left corners  on the lower level, with an
    Instant Use Medpack in each of the other corners.  Jedi will only find one
    Large Shield Booster on the lower level, in the far-left corner.
    Quicksave immediately the Cutscene ends, as there does not appear (unlike with
    Tavion or Fyyar) to be a certain, or even a 75 percent certain, method of
    defeating Desann.  He is one very tough barve; wielding Force Powers that are
    decidedly lethal on their own account: a virtually unbreakable GRIP, FORCE
    LIGHTNING that discharges in torrents and a perfect THROW that always hovers
    over a PULLed, PUSHed or JUMPed-on Kyle, forcing him to get to his feet right
    into the buzz-saw effect.  However, despite Desann using all three regular
    Lightsabre styles (plus a couple of enhanced styles that Kyle cannot
    legitimately access) and being able to switch between them in a split-second,
    he is slightly less lethal with a Lightsabre; and Kyle has the chance of
    landing a damaging strike (indicated by a grunt from Desann) or two.
    Much has been written about "planting" one of the collapsing pillars on Desann.
    The Author can confirm that it is possible, but really falls into the category
    of "special circumstances".  For it to work, Desann must be behind one of the
    three standing pillars on the lower-level (cutting down a pillar when he is
    standing on the platform it's supporting just results in him floating down,
    unharmed, onto the wreckage) and Kyle has to be well clear of the pillar; so
    not to get caught himself (the Author once perched on one of the pillars'
    decorative ledges, with Desann - blasting away with FORCE LIGHTNING - on the
    opposite side, but failed to time the dismount correctly: result, Kyle and
    Desann both dead!).  If Desann does get into the right position (and looks like
    he will stay there for enough time to collapse the pillar), THROW should only
    be used as a last resort since, if Desann is not fully behind the pillar, the
    Rank 3 'intelligent' THROW will ignore the pillar and go for Desann himself;
    not the most productive of actions!.  Merr-Sonn Rockets or Repeater Secondary
    fire, directed at the second band of stonework up from the plinth, is probably
    the easiest way to bring a pillar down - but expect to need a number of hits.
    Regarding Kyle's Force Powers; MIND TRICK and GRIP are useless against Desann,
    but both PUSH and PULL can work (although they are much more likely to do so if
    Desann is caught during a JUMP).  Interestingly, Desann seems not to be able to
    tell the difference between the two, coming out with "you dare to PUSH me?"
    even if PULL was used!  As always, SPEED is an effective equaliser, provided
    Desann is too busy at the time to engage it himself.  The Author is undecided
    about using FORCE LIGHTNING against Desann, while it does appear to weaken him
    slightly, that has to be balanced against the draining of Kyle's Force
    Reservoir and the consequent loss of ability to PULL, PUSH or engage SPEED
    until the Reservoir has recharged sufficiently.  The Author tends to only give
    Desann a dose if Kyle is already on SPEED.
    Lightsabre-wise, only two or three good, STRONG style, hits from the main part
    of the Lightsabre blade (not the tip) are needed to put Desann down.  The
    Author believes that Kyle's best policy in a straight fight, with or without
    SPEED, is to subject Desann to a series of backhand attacks (i.e. the
    Lightsabre blade going from left to right), produced by touches of STRAFE-RIGHT
    just before triggering the SLASH.  These seem particularly effective when at
    least some are done from a CROUCH.
    Throughout any combat with Desann, the Author advises keeping half-an-eye on
    Kyle's Health Meter, and topping-up with a Bacta Canister if it falls below
    50%.  This is particularly important if Desann achieves a GRIP that Kyle is
    unable to PUSH out of; when topping-up may enable Kyle to stay alive long
    enough for Desann to stop the GRIP attack.  The same comment applies to 
    Desann's FORCE LIGHTNING attacks.
    The first possible method of defeating Desann, which seems to be at its best on
    Padawan or Jedi (but can work on the higher Settings as well), is to RUN off
    the lip of the upper-level, engage SPEED just before touching down on the
    nearest ramp and PUSH.  Occasionally, Desann gets knocked off his feet and
    lands flat on his back.  Advance and HACK as many times as possible before he
    flips back upright.  The disadvantage of this method is that Desann has ample
    scope (assuming he did not get flattened by the PUSH) to use his agility and
    either JUMP or BACK-FLIP out of the way; thus giving him space to bring his
    Force Powers into action, the least of which can see Kyle being sent flying
    across the chamber by a very powerful PULL.
    To start the second method, switch quickly to Disruptor (or Repeater) and
    trigger one dose of Primary fire at Desann before very quickly switching back
    to Lightsabre.  This will cause Desann to JUMP straight up to the upper-level
    walkway, during which manoeuvre he must be PULLed so that he lands behind (and
    not on top of) Kyle.  Engage SPEED and attack (with or without PUSHing), using
    Kyle's 'backhand' SLASH as much as possible.  If Desann THROWs, use the SPEED
    to evade his Lightsabre and close with him, inflicting as much Damage as
    possible before it comes back to his hand again.  The disadvantage of this
    method is the risk that Desann will land on top of Kyle, or will land
    sufficiently far behind him to use GRIP.  This is probably the most successful
    of the three suggested methods.
    The third possible method is to back against the chamber wall, move (CROUCHed)
    down that side towards the chamber's entrance (the niche in the upper-level
    wall opposite the ramp) until level with the stub of collapsed platform and
    then deploy all Kyle's stock of Seeker Drones (hopefully five of them).  Quite
    often, Desann will start JUMPing onto and down from that stub of platform; when
    he can be PULLed up to the upper-level walkway, to meet Kyle and the posse of
    Drones.  On the first occasion that the Author tried this method, Desann landed
    right in front of Kyle and was disposed of with one SLASH, while trying to
    decide how to defend himself.  The disadvantages of this method are that Desann
    can elect to JUMP up the ramp (coming at Kyle from a range where it is possible
    for him to employ his Force Powers) and that he can goad the Drones into
    attacking him before dropping back to the lower-level, enticing the Drones to
    The Author also recommends ringing-the-changes frequently, so that a suspected
    "ability to learn from experience" on Desann's part does not become a factor.
    As to expected Damage, the Author has killed Desann and still had all Kyle's
    Health and Shield Units remaining, while on at least one other occasion, Kyle
    defeated Desann while on his last Unit of Health!
    Once Desann is defeated, there are three Cutscenes (two short and one a bit
    longer) before the Credits roll: Kyle standing over Desann's corpse, shaking
    his head sadly at the waste of such a powerful being before JUMPing for the
    exit; Kyle coming back into the Inner Courtyard and his reunion with Jan (quite
    touching, really, if a little soppy!); and the final meeting with Luke
    Skywalker, once again meditating in his chamber.
    To the Casts and Crews of all six films; for bringing the Star Wars Universe to
    To the Authors of the Expanded Universe books (particularly Timothy Zahn, who
    was the first) and the co-ordination and publishing teams associated with them;
    for many, many hours of enjoyable reading.
    To LucasArts, Raven and ActiVision; for a game where even the loophole shutters
    can be operated!  Also for Jedi Academy (the game).
    Last, but not by any means least, many thanks to George Lucas; both for the
    Star Wars Universe and for allowing all of us to play in it!
    Did her defeat at Kyle's hands make her see the error of her Dark ways, or did
    she try to carry on from where her Master was forced to stop?
        Find out by playing Jedi Academy (also by LucasArts, Raven and ActiVision)!
    Kyle Katarn?
    After his break, Kyle returned to train Jedi at the Academy (being loaned-out
    from time to time to serve as a Guest Instructor for New Republic Special
    Forces), rising to the rank of Jedi Master.  Recently severely wounded in a
    Lightsabre Duel, he seems to have made a full recovery.
                                        THE END.

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