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"If you dig Star Wars, puzzles, platforming and a whole lotta action this is YOUR game."

One word, WOW. I really felt in the movies with this one. On the PC it was a huge success, perfectly blending first person shooting with seamless third person lightsaber combat. On the XBOX it was a perfect transition(minus the online play and slightly washed out graphics) and it can almost not be explained how enthralling it is to vaporize some loser with a blaster, jump thirty feet in the air and finsh by pushing some loser into his doom only to see a jedi behind you, whip out your 'saber and carefully duel until he is nothing but useless. People complain about the lack of XBOX-Live usage but as nice as it is, the Jedi Arena is almost as good. But on with the review!

Needless to say they are stellar, but I could live without the cutscene degradation. Outside of the cutscenes, the character models are amazing, and the explosion effects, not to mention lightsaber and gun effects, are sweet. I was slightly disappointed, though, by the thermal detonator explosion. I understand that they couldn't always make massive explosions, but can you say **booom.**

Not once did I hear any sound degradation WHATSOEVER! Not only this but it has all of the classic tunes and effects us Star Wars junkies fall head over heels for. Nice Voice overs to.

Absolutely amazing. In multiplayer. But single player mode is requiring a lot of patience. Don't get me wrong I personally love it but with its puzzle/based-based gameplay over balls out action I can see many despising the single player campaign. Also it has a very messed up pace, starting with all blasting, then really quickening up with the force and lightsaber. I played the multiplayer and was a master dueler before I touched the lightsaber in the main missions. This is really hit or miss depending on the player, but if I wasn't trying to help you this would get a ten.

Weapons: I seriously believe that this engine and weapon set has the legs to stay on its own even without the sweet lightsaber combat.

Replay Value: I couldn't see you playing the main story at all when you finish it, but the multiplayer should be played every day for the rest of your lives. It's that good!

Rent or Buy: Definitely BUY! Let me give you an example. I went to my local video store to rent NBA 2k3 but it wasn't in and I found this diamond in the rough. I said to myself, ''Hey, Jeralya, I remember reading about this. It's supposed to be sweet, let's rent it. Sure!'' I beat it as a rental but regardless it's on my Christmas list and I couldn't recommend it more. Even to those of us(like myself) that gave up on Star Wars after the catastrophe that is Episode One, this is a totally solid buy.

Sum Up:9.6

This is an excellent game and well worth a purchase. GET IT!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/07/02, Updated 12/07/02

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