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"If you can't afford a good PC and love Star have come to the right place!"

The story is a pretty basic one. You are especially enlightened by this one special woman, Jan. So she means the world to you and...if anything were to happen to her. You would go madly insane. So now it's up to you to avenge her untimely death.

The gameplay for this game is wonderful. There is only two types of game play. There is Single Player which is the story mode tpe thing, and then there is Jedi Arena. Jedi Arena lest you choose from 6 or so types of multi-player games and add in some bots or three of your buddies. Easy to use controls and great button mapping. Although it gets irritating to switch weapons using the D-Pad. And that is why they gave us the Black and Whie buttons. You get to assign weapons or force powers to them. Everything else is pretty basic controls wise. One of the bad areas is the computer AI. These droids are as dumb as they can get. You can dodge everything they throw at you, even without your force powers. There is a great selectiopn of weaponry, although im sure we all just want the Lightsaber. Speak of the devil, the lightsaber is decent as a control factor. Realism not so much. Whatever they shoot at you, you deflect. They should have made the rright joystick as the lighsaber control.

There is nothing to complain about in the game about the sound. It is mostly all original Star Wars themes half of them which were done by John Williams. The weapons sounds are great and especially for the lightsaber. The *peyu* and the *whea* are replicated amazingly (no im not crazy). The voices are done by normal people with the exception of Billy Dee Williams (whoever that is)!

Ouch...this is where they slipped a bit. The in game grapjics are goo enough for my and several thousand other peoples pleasings. But, when you get to the cut not think it is your TV playing a trick on you. The cut scenes were horribly done with many dis-colorations and dark and bright spots.

Replay Value
Once you have beaten this game for the first time, i dont think you would wanna replay it again. Unless you are one of those freaks that has to beat it one very difficulty level. Although you could jus play the fun Jedi Arena they have provided you with. Although they didnt add in Online play, it is still a great gaem to play over and over.

Rent or Buy?
Here is the big question. Spend $80 (im from canada) or $6? Well if you have the PC version there is no point, it is an exact port. I dont have a good PC so i loved it for PC and rented it for Xbox and loved it for Xbox and bought it for Xbox...get it? So yes it is worth the $80 or $50 for our lucky neighbours to the south.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/16/02, Updated 12/16/02

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