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"I feel a disturbance in the Force"

This is Star Wars. Gun blasting, force powers, jedi, Sith, and of course Lightsabers.

Story 8/10
Nothing big. Nothing deep. Kyle Katarn is a jedi gone Mercenary. Kyle has abandoned the jedi because the temptations of the dark side became too much for him in ''Dark forces.'' Later on, a traumatic incident causes him to return to the jedi and seek his lightsaber to overcome the new evil that has arrived.

Graphics 8/10
My only gripe is that the cut-scenes are horrible. They're grainy and they hurt my's not that bad, but still, this is a bad port graphics cut-scenes wise....
This game looks very nice. You can see stormtroopers' arms falling off as the lightsaber slashes through. The levels look pretty good. They're not too big nor too small. There are some levels where it's just crazy onscreen. You'll see multiple laser shots flying here and there and just a bunch of things happening and the graphics doesn't slow down at all.

Now...that goes for single player. Multi-player, on the other hand, there is some slowdown when there are more than 5 people wielding lightsabers onscreen. You'll see that some might disappear and reappear, but it's not that bad.

You can see your lightsaber melting through the walls and concrete throughout levels. You CAN'T melt through any wall,'t even think about it.

Sound 9/10
I happen to like Star Wars music. it's nothing different than what you've heard in the movies or whatever. Music by John Williams is just the Star Wars music that everyone hears. You can hear stormtroopers yelling for help or crying in pain as their arms are slashed off.

Gameplay 9/10
This is where the game really shines. What's better than wielding a lightsaber and blocking every shot and slashing through you opponents?....nothing, nothing at all. (rhetorical question) This game isn't a hack and slash game. You don't jump up and down, but sideways. You can flip backwards, forward and hack down at your enemy as you come down. You can roll to your left to avoid an attack and follow up your slash with aroundabouthack. You can also perform the matrix-style run against the wall. It's just so cool that you can do all these moves. you're not set on a limit and you can dish out multiplayer combos. Many jedi battles can be as easy as pie (Doesn't mean you'll be the victor) and some will take a freakin' long time. Why won't you just die??? You'll have to learn how to block lightsaber swings and counter.

You'll get tired of single player after a 2nd beating or so. Multiplayer is ever lasting. There is no online support, but multiplayer really tries to make up for that. Another fault is that it is only capable for 2 people, but along with 14 bots, so that's good. This game is really good. lightsaber fights are well done and it's really fun.

There are also force powers involved. You can push people off a cliff, pull them cowards towards you and even choke your enemy to death and drop them down to the abyss and that's to name a few. there's also a throw power. You can throw your lightsaber at your enemies, but be careful, you're wide open for an attack.

Rent or Buy?
You'll beat the game in a rental, but you might want to keep it for multi-player. It's really insane. It's easy to learn, but hard to master.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/22/02, Updated 12/22/02

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