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"The story of the next Luke Skywalker"

Man, This is one of the first games I got for my X-box, but it is the best I've ever played, including Halo. However, I am a Star Wars fan, and my review might reflect that, but I am un-biased either way.

This game Starts with Kyle Katarn as a former Jedi who turned his back on the jedi order after a close call with the dark side of the force. (This is elaborated in the game but I'll let you see for yourself.) Well Kyle has a friend Jan, and the two of them go on missions for the republic and so on. Well, on one mission they get a message from the head of the New Republic that this mission may not be what it would seem. Well, of course They land on the planet and there's a bunch of stormtroopers, oh goody. And so begins the game, it's as you would expect, kill every Imperial you see. But as it progresses it becomes much more than that...


The game play takes some getting used to, the use of both controller sticks took me a few hours to master, but if you've played a game like Halo or another with two stick control, it'll take you no time. A is jump. X is use. And the triggers are weapons, considering all movement is with the sticks, its a very good configuration and is easy to learn. And the lightsaber fighting configuration is great, you can do a fight that looks like that movies without much difficulty


The graphics are great, because of it only having a teen rating, there is no blood, but you can chop arms off once you get the lightsaber. And the enviroments are great, there are no blank spots, not point that you cannot see, it all looks excellent. The reason I don't give it a ten is because when people are talking it looks bad, like their jaw is wired shut, and I hesitate to give anything a ten.


The sound is what you would expect from a Star Wars game, it has numbers from every movie, and it sounds just plain good!
Every weapon has a different sound, all of which fits the weapon perfectly. I hooked this up to surround sound and it sounded like it was a full fledged Star Wars combat movie.
This doesn't get a ten because from what I've seen of other games The voices aren't as good. (Though the voice acting is excellent.) You can hear Stormtroopers carrying on conversations unaware of you, but when you attack, they always either say ''Get behind him'' The officers say ''Surrender rebel'' While its great to hear stormtroopers talking about such things as who would die first in an attack as you wait outside the door, it just isn't as good as other games. (But it still warrants a nine.)


The plot is the best you can get out of a video game. It has all the stuff of a movie. Romance, revenge, Evil madman taking over the galaxy... everything.


Hmm. I've had this game for two months and it still hasn't gotten old, I just love force shoving stormtroopers into bottomless pits, or leaving them in a hanger bay as I open it to space and watching them all get sucked out. I'd say it's gotta pretty good replay value,


It took me weeks to beat it WITH the cheat codes. So I'd say it would take more than a rental period to beat. I'd recommend getting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/11/03, Updated 02/11/03

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