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"Best Action/Adventure Star Wars game yet"

This is by far my favorite Star Wars game ever! The only reason why this game did not get a perfect score from me is because it is not XBOX LIVE enabled. The PC version has had very good success online, so the fact that Lucasarts and Activision did not make it online is beyond me. But on to the review....

Simply awesome. I wish however that the lightsaber could be controlled by the right thumbstick as it was in Obi-Wan for XBOX. Other than that, this game gets it almost perfect. The option to map force powers, weapons and such to the white and black buttons was a plus.
Score: 9

Original story. You take the place of a Jedi named Kyle Katarn. I won't say more, you must play to find out the rest. An interesting story, but I for one never felt to into it. It is better than most games, but with Star Wars I expected more. You will meet some of the characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy, nice work with that Lucasarts. The game has at least 30+ hours of game play on the normal difficultly level. And 50+ hours if you look for everything.
Score: 8

Great graphics. Great sound. Need I say more? Theses graphics make Obi-Wan look like it was made for the PSOne. All the animations are really cool looking when fighting with a lightsaber. You can do Matrix-type moves in 3rd person view like run to a wall and hit the jump button and hit it again to do a sweet back flip off the wall. The first time you pull it off, it just is so cool. You can ever run sideways along a wall as a cool trick. The sound it typical Star Wars, with the main theme and some great composed music from John Williams. The sound department was really kickin' it with the effects. When you cut through someone with your lightsaber, they will scream or groan and the sound of it cutting through someone is really cool too.
Score: 9

Once again, if this game had online support, it would have gotten a 10 from me. The replayability is not bad on this game. There are a total of 4 difficulty levels, one of which is only unlocked after beating the Jedi Knight mode. The Jedi Arena is really cool. You and a friend can join up for some capture the flag games or fight each other, it's up to you. There can be a total of 14 bots added in the game to make it more interesting. And you can change their skill level as well to make it harder. Over all, you can easily have 100+ hours in the game if you want to play it through on Jedi Master and if you play the Jedi Arena a lot.
Score: 8

Buy or rent?
I'll make this easy for everyone....
If you like Star Wars and lightsaber battles, get this game. If you liked Obi-Wan for XBOX, buy this game, you'll love the lightsaber fights as well. Finally, if you like a puzzle based action/adventure with a bit of FPS and lightsaber battles, GET THIS GAME!

....or you could rent it to see if you'd like it first, but at least give it a try.

I hope you found this review informative, and I hope you enjoy Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/16/03, Updated 02/16/03

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