Review by Prem1um H3art

"I've seen better, but this runs a worthful race."

·Introduction – Star Wars gamers get ready for the…….multiplayer not as fun single player….game of your life?

·Game play 7/10 - This game was very well constructed. The single player mode is filled with plenty of puzzles to do be solved, but yet still plenty of enemies to be killed! The game has different difficulties which each one increases the enemies accuracy and number. But for the most part it is fairly easy. The control of the game is well laid out, but from the computer version to this there were a lot of buttons left out that just simply can’t be done. [Ex. Binding Keys] They toned everything down from the computer version. You can’t jump as high, attacks hurt less, and there’s sort of a lag when performing certain attacks. But the force powers majorly make up for any glitch or such in this game.

·Story 7/10 - The story is a touching one. A rebel Jedi protecting a woman destined to die. During the story you can shape how the main character ends up, such as light or dark sided. It’s your choice. Choose wisely. But beware what you choose you can't change.

·Graphics 8/10 – It’s not the best in the whole world, but at least you can tell what you’re looking at. The cut scenes are a little messy, but not that bad. Just be glad you can tell what you’re looking at. Past star war games have been sort of slouched on graphics.

·Sound 10/10 - How a game looks and sounds. These should always be compared to the system's capabilities, not to games on other more advanced systems. This, like all Star Wars game, has top notch sound. It’s never sounded better. When John Williams composed the Star Wars music, he composed a masterpiece. This game captures ever sound and moment of that masterpiece! Just Greatness!

·Play Time 7/10 – This game is fairly short. It, on average, takes less than 10 hours. Depending on how much time you spent playing it you could probably complete it in a day.

·Replayability 7/10 – Don’t expect to be dieing to play this forever. It gets boring real fast in single player. You can always just challenge yourself to different and harder task, but it isn’t worth replaying, unless you want to watch a cut scene you missed or something.

·Multiplayer 10/10 – This is what makes this game so worthy of buying. Though it’s not online capable. The multiplayer still packs a lot of punch. With custom saber color and character choice. You can choose to brush up on your skills against bots or you can duel it out with your friends on split screen.

·Final Rating 7/10 – Just rent this game for parties unless you wanna complete the single player. This game is worth buying only if you’re looking for something for you and your friends to have fun with. I’d wait for the price to go down on it though for it’s true value. So, can’t afford a computer then stick with this, it’s the next best thing in star wars gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/22/03, Updated 02/22/03

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