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"A good Star Wars game? W-w-what?"

There haven't been that many respectable SW games, and they only come once in a great while. Like Podracing, or Rogue Squadron. Finally, another gem is released, and it is GOOD!

Story 7/10

Outcast takes place some years after Return of the Jedi. Basically you're Kyle Katarn, ex-Jedi who now makes a living as a mercenary. You go out with your hunny Jan to find some stuff about some force crystals or whatever, anyway, some big bad Sith comes, wastes you, kills Jan, and now you want revenge. We've all seen it before.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are not spectacular, but it does get the job done. The various character models are cool (especially Kyle's), and everything runs at a smooth pace. Only slowdown during multiplay, with 10 jedi all swinging lightsabres. I though the lightning skill was the coolest looking effect. That, and of course, the lightsabres. They come in blue, green, purple, yellow, red, and orange. They look nice and if it touches something sold, it will kinda cut through it. When sabres clash sparks will fly, and they will shine brightly. In one raining level, the droplets of rain hit your sabre and steam comes off, which was neat.

Sound 9/10

Coulda been better, but I like it. Mostly John Williams music in the BG, and it gets louder when you fight. All the blaster sounds are on the dot. Sometimes, you'll even hear enemies talking amongst themselves about petty things. Also the Lightsabre sounds were great. From the Krssssht! To the Wauwww!! It's all very star-warsy.

Control 8/10

For the FPS part I'd give it a 7. There's nothing great, guns have main fire (R), most guns have alternate fire (L), which is usually what I mostly use. Some guns seemed too similar, and only 1 had a scope. Left stick to look around, right to move/strafe. A is jump, B stun baton/ lightsaber, Y use item, D-pad change Force, weapon, item. All pretty basic stuff. You can change it, which is nice.

But when you get that lightsabre, it's Jedi heaven! You use the left control stick to aim your sabre, and R to swing. Say you see an enemy rise his sabre to split you in half, so you hold in left and swing to chop off his left hand, pretty nifty. You need not worry about blocking, the game does it for you. It even deflects blasters! At first you can only block a small area in front of you, but as you advance you can block nearly everything unless it's behind you. Left click is the ever useful force power. Right click is crouch. Easy as pie.

Gameplay. 9/10

The FPS is pretty lame, but when you weild a lightsabre, it's way better, and in 3rd person. The controls are easy, and it's so fun to be a jedi. You get all sorts of force powers, like push, pull, bullet time (sorta), and even the Vader grip! Once you are a Jedi you jump higher, deflect lasers, and spend all your time being a general badass. There's also two other sabre styles besides medium, but I'll leave them as a surprise. Great fun.

Replay 7/10

This game doesn't last forever, but it's fun for about a week. I beat it in just a few days, on Jedi (starting as a Padawan is for suckers! You heard it here first!) A long the way I may have got stuck, it's a medium-hard difficulty, so I play multiplayer with bots, which is fun for a while. The real fun lies in playing with a friend. There's Free-for-all, Holocron FFA (Collect force powers, my favorite) Jedi Master ( Only one sabre, who ever weilds it becomes a jedi master), Capture the Flag, and team FFA. It's a shame they only had 2-player splitscreen, though the bots make up for it. If you get bored you could play the game on harder difficulties.

I wouldn't buy it, but it's great for a rent. Besides, Jedi Academy should come out in maybe a couple of months. If you absolutely must have it, buy it used so you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/17/03, Updated 07/17/03

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