Review by Shado Man

"By Far the Best XBOX Game I've ever Played!"

When I first had this game, I had it for PC. While that is where it was original, to me, the XBox version is much better. Now, let's get down to the ratings.

Gameplay: 9

1 word: fabulous. The only reason why it wasn't a 10 is because of the time you have to spend switching Force powers and weapons. Other than that, the gameplay is amazing. The graphics are top notch and all the sounds from the movies are included. It also has 4 difficulties, Padawan(Easy), Jedi(Normal), Jedi Knight(Hard), and JediMaster(Super Hard). The biggest differences are starting health and enemy difficulty.

Story: 10

Extremely deep. Basically, the main antagonist is an ex-Jedi named Desann. He is a Force wielding, power hungry maniac. He used to go to the Jedi Academy but left when he killed a fellow student claiming that he is weak. When Kyle runs into him on the 6th level, he kidnaps Kyle's partner, Jan Ors, and gets beaten down by Desann. This makes Kyle go back to the Jedi Temple and meet Luke. Luke sends him on a quest to find his lightsaber and get him reacquainted with the Force. Kyle sets out on a trip around the galaxy hunting down Desann to find Jan. Meanwhile, Desann finds the Valley of the Jedi and infuses his Reborn troops with the power of the Force. Kyle must defeat the troops, find Jan and destroy Desann before he takes over the galaxy.

Graphics: 10

Like I said before, stunning. The lightsabers have incredible detail and all of the characters as well. The maps are laid out very well and with incredible detail. You can actually see the white accents in Kyle's hair and all colors of the enemy.

Sound: 10

The lightsabers have every sound from the moves. From the sound of the lightsaber swinging through the air, to a lightsaber lock being fought out, the sounds were well done. The sounds that go with the other weapons are very well placed and the E-11 Blaster Rifle that Stormtroopers use have the exact same sounds. Again, very well done.

Replayability: 10

With 4 levels varying in difficulty, you have 4 play throughs right there. Not to mention that several of the levels become addicting nd you want to play through them several times. There's also a Multiplayer function that lets you play against up to 14 computer players or a friend of yours. There are also 7 different Multiplayer modes ranging from Free For All to Capture the Flag.

Rent or Buy: Buy

Definitely a buy. There's no way that you can experience all this game has to offer in a few days. Plus, now that it's old, it will be cheap. If you do decide to rent it, I suggest multiple rents or a very long renting period. This game has a lot to offer, so you'll need a long time to experience it fully.


GamePlay: 9
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10

Overall: 10

Like I said, the best game I've ever played for XBox. I you don't buy it, you're missing out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/10/04

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