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    Snack and Fairy Wine Locations by Muni Shinobu

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 10/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Snack and Fairy Wine Locations
    Version 2.00 (10.17.01)
    Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    With help from Peas on Earth (peas-on-earth@rocketmail.com)
    Snack increases a character's max HP by 10.
    Ukichi's Fairy Wine increases a character's max musou gage by 10.
    Stages are listed in chronological order.
    Koukin no Ran (Huang Jing zhi Ruan)
    Snack - in a pot near the river at the North side of the outer fortress
    Snack - at the second protrusion from the North of the East castle wall
    Wine - map left, in a pot slightly below center
    Wine - at the second protrusion from South of the West castle wall
    Koroukan no Tatakai (Hu Lao Guan zhi Zhan)
    Snack - pot near the stairs up the Koroukan Gate
    Wine - pot near the stairs up the Shisuikan Gate
    Ryuuhyou Kishyuusen (Liu Biao Qi Xi Zhan)
    Snack - center of map, area of Chyoukou's initial position where 3 pots
    stand next to each other
    Wine - tents lined up by the beach, in a pot by the farthest left tent
    Enjyou no Tatakai (Wan Chen zhi Zhan)
    Snack - from the gate of Koshyaji (Hu Che Er)'s castle, go right along
    the castle wall until you reach the pot
    Wine - from the castle gate at the bottom right of map, go left up, in
    the shadow of the house there
    Gogun Kouryakusen (Wu Jun Gong Lue Zhan)
    Snack - at the corner of the troop entry point just past the first gate
    Wine - North of Enbyakuko (Yian Bai Hu)'s position, behind the left of
    the 2 towers
    Kanto no Tatakai (Guan Du zhi Zhan)
    Snack - map center, slightly to the top, pot at where the rivers join
    Wine - in the center of Sousou troop's fort, slightly to the top, in a
    pot along the water passage
    Kan-U Senrikou (Guan Yu Qian Li Xing)
    Snack - in the storage room in front of the first gate
    Wine - on the other side of the door of the second gate
    Chouhan no Tatakai (Chang Ban zhi Zhan)
    Snack - direct South of Chyoukou's initial position
    Wine - along the shore of Ryuubi's escape route
    Sekiheki no Tatakai (Chi Bi zhi Zhan)
    Snack - in between the two troop entry points at the top left of screen
    Wine - from the entry point at the bottom right of the map, direct
    north is a boat, in a pot on the boat
    Doukan no Tatakai (Tong Guan zhi Zhan)
    Snack - top left of map, at the end of a narrow path
    Wine - top right of map, area before entering a narrow path, around a
    Sousou troop entry point
    Seito Sei-Atsu Sen (Chen Du Zhi Ya Zhan)
    Snack - around the exit of the deep forest
    Wine - to the side of the deep forest command base
    Gappi no Tatakai (He Fei zhi Zhan)
    Snack - very top left of the map
    Wine - very top right of the map
    Hanjyou no Tatakai (Fan Chen zhi Zhan)
    Snack - Southern edge from the high tower where Shiba-Yi is positioned
    Wine - top left of map, to the Northern corner of the Shyoku troop
    entry point
    Teigunzan no Tatakai (Ding Jun Shan zhi Zhan)
    Snack - far left from where Sousou is positioned
    Wine - the path to the right of the high tower where archers shoot at a
    Yi-Ryou no Tatakai (Yi Ling zhi Zhan)
    Snack - lower center of map, in a pot to the right of the Sekihei
    Hachijin stone maze
    Wine - lower center of map, in a pot to the bottom left of the Sekihei
    Hachijin stone maze
    Nanban-Yi Heiteisen (Nan Man Yi Ping Ding Zhan)
    Snack - center of map, slightly to the bottom, in pot beside the river
    (not accessible unless a wall is broken with an elephant)
    Wine - from the upper fort, crosss bridge to the left and go up, in the
    pot there
    Gaitei no Tatakai (Jie Ting zhi Zhan)
    Snack - atop the mountain where Bashyoku set up base
    Wine - to the Northwest of Gi-En's initial position is a house, in a
    pot there
    Sekitei Bouryakusen (Shi Ting Mou Lue Zhan)
    Snack - center of map, slightly to the bottom
    Wine - fort in the center of map, in the pot at the right corner of the
    wooden shelter
    Gappi Shinjyou Bou-Yi Sen (He Fei Xing Chen Fang Wei Zhan)
    Snack - in the pot to the top of the Wind Room
    Wine - in pot to the top of the destroyed bridge room on the top right
    Gojyougen no Tatakai (Wu Zhan Yuan zhi Zhan)
    Snack - in pot near the troop entry point to the bottom of Shiba-Yi's
    Wine - at the end of the dead-end path to the left of the high tower
    where Shokatsuryou is
    Shyuuraku Kyuushyutsusen (Ji Luo Jiu Chu Zhan)
    Snack - center, slightly to the right, in a pot to the side of the
    resident house
    Wine - left center, slightly downward, in a pot around a resident house
    Kaizoku Gekitaisen (Hai Dzei Ji Tuei Zhan)
    Snack - pot in the boat at the very bottom left
    Wine - pot around the troop entry point on the right
    Sanzoku Toubatsusen (Shan Dzei Tao Fa Zhan)
    Snack - fort first level, top left of area only reachable from castle
    Wine - fort second level, center to the right
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