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    Equip-able Items FAQ by Muni Shinobu

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 10/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Equip-able Items Guide
    Version 2.00 (10.18.01)
    Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    Super Speed Spell - speed up
    Fly Boots - jump strength up
    Seiryuu Blue Dragon Gut (Courage) - musou gage up
    Suzaku Red Sparrow Wing - life gage up
    Byakko White Tiger Tooth - attack up
    Genbu Black Turtle Shell - defense up
    Kouchyuu Bow - arrow attack up
    Vine Armor - arrow defense up
    Kyou (Jiang) Tribe Horn - ride attack up
    Rider Armor - ride defense up
    Seven Star Jade - luck up
    Vacuum Book - attack circumference increase
    Alive Pill - musou gage increase faster
    Red Hare Saddle - start stage with Red Hare Horse
    Tekiro Saddle - start stage with Tekiro Horse
    Emperor Saddle - can ride all horses
    Suntsu's Book of War - temporary items last 30% longer
    Guard Learned Lesson - guards become stronger
    Real Ranbu Book - shin musou ranbu regardless of life
    Explode Legend Book - attack strength double when life critical
    Stubborn Iron Shell - defense double when life critical
    Cleansed Flame Arrow - shoot fire arrows
    Horned Demon Wrist - won't be overpowered when guarding
    Hard Soft Method Book - won't lose attack locks
    No Release Rein - won't fall off horse when shot by an arrow
    Super Speed Spell - Koukin, Gogun, Sekitei
    Fly Boots - Sekiheki, Sekitei
    Seiryuu Blue Dragon Gut (Courage) - Koukin, Sekitei, Yi-ryou
    Suzaku Red Sparrow Wing - Koukin, Sekitei
    Byakko White Tiger Tooth - Sekitei, Chouhan
    Genbu Black Turtle Shell - Koroukan, Sekiheki, Sekitei, Gappi Shinjyou
    Kouchyuu Bow - Gappi Shinjyou, Gogun, Sekitei
    Vine Armor - Sekitei
    Kyou (Jiang) Tribe Horn - Sekitei
    Rider Armor - Sekitei
    Seven Star Jade - Sekitei
    Vacuum Book - Gappi Shinjyou
    Alive Pill - Gojyougen, Gappi Shinjyou, Gogun
    Red Hare Saddle
    Stage: Koroukan
    Side: Allied Troops
    Method: defeat Ryofu, supply team will appear on Sousou's attack route
    Tekiro Saddle
    Stage: Seito
    Side: Shyoku
    Defeat: all enemy generals except Ryuushyou (Liu Zhang), and the
    precious item report will appear at bottom left of map
    Emperor Saddle
    Stage: Yi-Ryou
    Side: Shyoku
    Method: prevent fire event by defeating Shyuzen (Zhu Ran) in the valley
    to the East of Sonshyoukou after Rikuson surveys the camp, then defeat
    all Go generals except Sonken, supply team will appear from a troop
    entry point near Sonken's command base
    Note: defeating Rikuson last is recommended, it's closest to the supply
    team's appearing position
    Suntsu's Book of War
    Stage: Gappi Shinjyou
    Side: Gi
    Defeat: all enemy generals, after a while the precious item report will
    appear on Sonken's ship
    Guard Learned Lesson
    Stage: Gappi Shinjyou
    Side: Go
    Method: defeat Kyochyo, precious item report, end of the path to the
    side of the room with the Fairy Wine
    Real Ranbu Book
    Stage: Kan-U Senrikou
    Side: Shyoku
    Method: defeat Kakouton
    Explode Legend Book
    Stage: Gojyougen
    Side: Shyoku
    Method: 2 of the Five Tiger Generals defeated, falling star event,
    precious item report at the direct North of the entrance of
    Shokatsuryou's fort
    Stubborn Iron Shell
    Stage: Gojyougen
    Side: Gi
    Method: 2 of your generals defeated, falling star event, precious item
    Cleansed Flame Arrow
    Stage: Sekiheki
    Side: Gi
    Method: defeat Shyuyuu before fire event, precious item report, around
    center of map
    Horned Demon Wrist
    Stage: Gappi
    Side: Go
    Method: Taishiji defeated event, Sonken jump event, Chouryou attack
    event, defeat Chouryou
    Hard Soft Method Book
    Stage: Gappi
    Side: Gi
    Method: Chouryou attack event, Kan-Nei appearance event, defeat
    Kan-Nei, dropped item
    No Release Rein
    Stage: Doukan
    Side: Gi
    Method: Kansui defect event, defeat all enemy generals except Bachou,
    retreat message, enter the gate and the supply troop will appear from
    the left
    For same guide with Kanji item names, go to:
    This Document Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu

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