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    FAQ by Muni Shinobu

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/16/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warriors 3 Compilation FAQ
    Version 1.01 (12.16.01)
    Written By Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    This is a compilation of all the Japanese version faqs, translated into
    I don't have the US version game, so all the character names are just
    Mandarin romanizations, all the stage names are my personal
    translations, and all the item names are what I remember reading. So if
    there are unrecognizable mistakes on names of stages, characters, or
    items, please email me and correct me. Thanks.
    1. Character Unlocking
    2. Dim Sum Snack and Yu Ji Fairy Wine Locations
    3. Red Equip-able Items Unlocking
    Zhao Yun Zi Long - Initial
    Guan Yu Yun Chang - Initial
    Zhang Fei Yi De - Initial
    Ma Chao Meng Qi - Shu clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Wei Yian Wen Chang - Shu clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Zhuge Liang Kong Ming - Clear Musou Mode with any Shu general other
    than Zhang Fei or Pang Tong
    Huang Zhong Han Shen - 2 Shu generals clear Musou Mode
    Liu Bei Xuan De - 2 Shu generals clear Musou Mode
    Jiang Wei Buo Yue - Zhuge Liang clears Musou Mode
    Pang Tong Shi Yuan - Chen Du, clear stage with Pang Tong alive
    Xiahou Dun Yuan Rang - Initial
    Zhang He Sui Yi - Initial
    Dian Wei - Initial
    Xu Zhu Zhong Kang - Wei clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Zhen Ji - Wei clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Sima Yi Zhong Da - Clear Musou Mode with any Wei general other than
    Dian Wei, Zhen Ji, or Zhang Liao
    Cao Cao Meng De - 2 Wei generals clear Musou Mode
    Xu Huang Gong Ming - 2 Wei generals clear Musou Mode
    Xiahou Yuan Miao Cai - Ding Jun Mountain, Shu scenario, defeat Xiahou
    Zhang Liao Wen Yuan - He Fei, Wu scenario, defeat Zhang Liao
    Zhou Yu Gong Jing - Initial
    Huang Gai Yiu Ping - Initial
    Sun Ren Shang Xiang - Initial
    Lu Xun Buo Yian - Wu clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Da Qiao - Wu clears Musou Mode once / DW2 save file
    Xiao Qiao - Zhou Yu or Da Qiao clears Musou Mode
    Sun Jian Wen Tai - 2 Wu generals clear Musou Mode
    Sun Ce Buo Fu - 2 Wu generals clear Musou Mode
    Tai Shi Ci Zi Yi - Wu County, defeat Liu Yiu (bottom right) with Tai
    Shi Ci alive (Musou)
    Gan Ning Xing Ba - He Fei, Wei scenario, after Gan Ning appear event,
    defeat Gan Ning
    Lu Meng Zi Ming - Clear Fan Castle stage with Lu Meng alive (Musou)
    Sun Quan Zhong Mou - He Fei, Tai Shi Ci death, Sun Quan jump bridge
    Lu Bu Feng Xian - Hu Lao Gate, kill 1000 soldiers
    Diao Chan - Hu Lao Gate, defeat Diao Chan
    Dong Zhuo Zhong Ying - Hu Lao Gate, defeat Diao Chan and Lu Bu
    Yuan Shao Ben Chu - Guan Du, Wei scenario, defeat Yian Liang and Wen
    Zhang Jiao - Yellow Turban, defeat Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, Zhang Jiao
    Meng Huo - Nan Man, defeat Meng Huo 7 times in Musou Mode
     1) Original position
     2) Zhang Fei's location
     3) Ma Chao's location, slightly ahead
     4) Right of command base, on the small island toward Zhang Fei's
     5) Left of command base
     6) Center, slightly to the bottom, area through the gate only
    breakable with an elephant
     7) Bottom left, Meng Huo command base
    Zhu Rong - Nan Man, defeat Zhu Rong
    Nu Wa - All of the female characters cleared Musou Mode
    Fu Xi - Clear Musou Mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian
    Snack increases a character's max HP by 10.
    Yu Ji's Fairy Wine increases a character's max musou gage by 10.
    Stages are listed in chronological order.
    Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Snack - in a pot near the river at the North side of the outer fortress
    Snack - at the second protrusion from the North of the East castle wall
    Wine - map left, in a pot slightly below center
    Wine - at the second protrusion from South of the West castle wall
    Battle of Hu Lao Gate
    Snack - pot near the stairs up the Hu Lao Gate
    Wine - pot near the stairs up the Si Sui Gate
    Liu Biao Surprise Attack
    Snack - center of map, area of Zhang Hu's initial position where 3 pots
    stand next to each other
    Wine - tents lined up by the beach, in a pot by the farthest left tent
    Battle of Wan Castle
    Snack - from the gate of Hu Che Er's castle, go right along the castle
    wall until you reach the pot
    Wine - from the castle gate at the bottom right of map, go left up, in
    the shadow of the house there
    Wu Country Strategic Battle
    Snack - at the corner of the troop entry point just past the first gate
    Wine - North of Yian Bai Hu's position, behind the left of the 2 towers
    Battle of Guan Du
    Snack - map center, slightly to the top, pot at where the rivers join
    Wine - in the center of Cao Cao troop's fort, slightly to the top, in a
    pot along the water passage
    Guan Yu 1000 Mile Journey
    Snack - in the storage room in front of the first gate
    Wine - on the other side of the door of the second gate
    Battle of Chang Ban
    Snack - direct South of Zhang He's initial position
    Wine - along the shore of Liu Bei's escape route
    Battle of Chi Bi
    Snack - in between the two troop entry points at the top left of screen
    Wine - from the entry point at the bottom right of the map, direct
    north is a boat, in a pot on the boat
    Battle of Tong Guan
    Snack - top left of map, at the end of a narrow path
    Wine - top right of map, area before entering a narrow path, around a
    Cao Cao troop entry point
    Chen Du Stalemate
    Snack - bottom left of Zhao Yun's position
    Wine - to the side of the deep forest command base
    Battle of He Fei
    Snack - very top left of the map
    Wine - very top right of the map
    Battle of Fan Castle
    Snack - Southern edge from the high tower where Sima Yi is positioned
    Wine - top left of map, to the Northern corner of the Shu troop entry
    Battle of Ding Jun Mountain
    Snack - far left from where Cao Cao is positioned
    Wine - the path to the right of the high tower where archers shoot at a
    Battle of Yi Ling
    Snack - lower center of map, in a pot to the right of the stone maze
    Wine - lower center of map, in a pot to the bottom left of the stone
    Nan Man Conquering Battle
    Snack - center of map, slightly to the bottom, in pot beside the river
    (not accessible unless a wall is broken with an elephant)
    Wine - from the upper fort, crosss bridge to the left and go up, in the
    pot there
    Battle of You Ting
    Snack - atop the mountain where Ma Su set up base
    Wine - to the Northwest of Wei Yian's initial position is a house, in a
    pot there
    Strategic Battle of Shi Ting
    Snack - center of map, slightly to the bottom
    Wine - fort in the center of map, in the pot at the right corner of the
    wooden shelter
    Siege of the He Fei New Castle
    Snack - in the pot to the top of the Wind Room
    Wine - in pot to the top of the destroyed bridge room on the top right
    Battle of Wu Zhan Plain
    Snack - in pot near the troop entry point to the bottom of Sima Yi's
    Wine - at the end of the dead-end path to the left of the high tower
    where Zhuge Liang is
    Rescue of the Village Under Attack
    Snack - center, slightly to the right, in a pot to the side of the
    resident house
    Wine - left center, slightly downward, in a pot around a resident house
    Defeating Sea Pirates
    Snack - pot in the boat at the very bottom left
    Wine - pot around the troop entry point on the right
    Taking Down the Mountain Bandits' Fort
    Snack - fort first level, top left of area only reachable from castle
    Wine - fort second level, center to the right
    Red Hare Saddle - start stage with Red Hare Horse
    Hex Mark Saddle - start stage with Hex Mark Di Lu Horse
    Imperial Saddle - can ride all horses
    The Art of War - temporary items last 30% longer
    Bodyguard Manual - bodyguards become stronger
    The Way of the Musou - real musou attack regardless of life
    Survival Guide - attack strength double when life critical
    Defender - defense double when life critical
    Fire Arrows - shoot fire arrows
    Buckler - won't be overpowered when guarding
    Power Scroll - won't lose attack locks
    Golden Harness - won't fall off horse when shot by an arrow
    Red Hare Saddle
    Stage: Hu Lao Gate
    Side: Allied Troops
    Method: defeat Lu Bu, supply team will appear on Cao Cao's attack route
    Hex Mark Saddle
    Stage: Chen Du
    Side: Shu
    Defeat: all enemy generals except Liu Zhang, and the precious item
    report will appear at bottom left of map
    Imperial Saddle
    Stage: Yi Ling
    Side: Shu
    Method: prevent fire event by defeating Zhu Ran in the valley to the
    East of Sun Shang Xiang after Lu Xun surveys the camp, then defeat all
    Wu generals except Sun Quan, supply team will appear from a troop entry
    point near Sun Quan's command base
    Note: defeating Lu Xun last is recommended, it's closest to the supply
    team's appearing position
    The Art of War
    Stage: He Fei New Castle
    Side: Wei
    Defeat: all enemy generals, after a while the precious item report will
    appear on Sun Quan's ship
    Bodyguard Manual
    Stage: He Fei New Castle
    Side: Wu
    Method: defeat Xu Zhu, precious item report, end of the path to the
    side of the room with the Fairy Wine
    The Way of the Musou
    Stage: Guan Yu 1000 Mile Journey
    Side: Shu
    Method: defeat Xiahou Dun
    Survival Guide
    Stage: Wu Zhang Plain
    Side: Shu
    Method: 2 of the Five Tiger Generals defeated, falling star event,
    precious item report at the direct North of the entrance of Zhuge
    Liang's fort
    Stage: Wu Zhang Plain
    Side: Wei
    Method: 2 of your own playable generals defeated by the enemy, falling
    star event, precious item report at the top right of map
    Fire Arrows
    Stage: Chi Bi
    Side: Wei
    Method: defeat Zhou Yu before fire event, precious item report, around
    center of map
    Stage: He Fei
    Side: Wu
    Method: Tai Shi Ci defeated event, Sun Quan jump event, Zhang Liao
    attack event, defeat Zhang Liao
    Power Scroll
    Stage: He Fei
    Side: Wei
    Method: Zhang Liao attack event, Gan Ning appearance event, defeat Gan
    Ning, dropped item
    Golden Harness
    Stage: Tong Guan
    Side: Wei
    Method: Han Sui defect event, defeat all enemy generals except Ma Chao,
    retreat message, enter the gate and the supply troop will appear from
    the left
    This Document Copyright 2001 Muni Shinobu

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