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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.4
    June 2, 2002
    By Brian Nii (bnii@hawaii.edu)
    Table of Contents
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Version History
    III.	Differences Between Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3
    IV.	Frequently Asked Questions
    V.	Basic Strategy
    VI.	Items Strategy
    VII.	Character Strategy
    VIII.	Fourth Weapon Locations
    IX.	Red Item Locations
    X.	Battle Walkthroughs
    XI.	Character Quotes
    XII.	Variable Character Cut Scenes
    XIII.	Miscellaneous
    XIV.	Corrected Gameshark Codes *NEW*
    XV.	Acknowledgements
    I. Introduction
    This FAQ focuses on the various events and strategies for each of the 
    epic battles in the game. This FAQ also assumes you know the basics of 
    the game (controls, items, etc.) so it doesn't reiterate what the 
    instruction manual already tells you.
    II. Version History
    Version 1.4 (6/2/02/) - Updated character quotes. Added corrected 
    Gameshark codes. Added information on Huang Gai event at Chi Bi and the 
    Wind Corridor at He Fei Castle.
    Version 1.3 (4/19/02) - Fixed some errors and clarified some 
    information. Added info on how to get Zhou Fang to defect at You Ting.
    Version 1.2 (2/10/02) - Updated various sections of the FAQ. Updated 
    character quotes.
    Version 1.1 (1/30/02) - Revised the character strategies and updated 
    some battle walkthroughs after some additional play testing. Added a 
    new character quote section. Added more stuff to miscellaneous.
    Version 1.0 (1/24/02) - Finished the battle walkthroughs. First 
    completed version of this FAQ.
    Version 0.5 (1/23/02) - Added walkthroughs of The Battle of Jie Ting as 
    well as the Musou Mode exclusive battles. Added a FAQ section as well 
    =). Added information on getting fourth weapons and red item locations 
    in their respective sections as a convenient reference. 
    Version 0.4 (1/22/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Nanman 
    Campaign. Updated information for Chi Bi and He Fei. Added new sections 
    for Variable Character Cut Scenes and Miscellaneous findings.
    Version 0.3 (1/20/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Battle 
    at He Fei. Updated and corrected information in the previous battles. I 
    had been writing most of this from memory, but after some additional 
    play testing there were a few details I was missing, as well as some 
    new things I had discovered.
    Version 0.2 (1/18/02) - Added walkthroughs of battles up to The Battle 
    at Chi Bi.
    Version 0.1 (1/17/02) - The first version of this FAQ. All sections 
    completed except the battle walkthroughs.
    III. Differences Between Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3
    People who have played Dynasty Warriors 2 may notice several changes in 
    Dynasty Warriors 3. First off is the difficulty. Being a veteran of 
    Dynasty Warriors 2 I was quite surprised to see Cao Cao getting wiped 
    out in the first five minutes of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. On easy 
    difficulty. Sun Jian followed a short time later. It was then that I 
    realized that the difficulty for Dynasty Warriors 3 was turned up quite 
    a notch. Here's a list of noticeable changes from Dynasty Warriors 2:
    General or officer bodyguards no longer always drop meat buns.
    Horses are considerably slower than before. Trample damage from horses 
    has also been drastically toned down. Horses have different 
    characteristics instead of being generic. The range at which a 
    character can move before a horse disappears seems to have increased as 
    Generals and officers no longer instantly recover life after a 
    knockdown. Instead they charge up (as if charging for a Musou attack) 
    and after a while they receive the life recovery. However, they still 
    have a limited amount of life recovery items as before.
    General bodyguards (in particular those guarding the leader) have been 
    strengthened considerably. This is probably to buy the general more 
    time to recover life. They have insane defense and life, and always 
    seem to stun you regardless of your own defense.
    Archers are now insanely powerful. Previously a minor nuisance, archers 
    are now a serious threat. Their damage and rate of fire has been 
    increased tenfold, and they tend to scatter in all directions if you 
    try to attack them, making them pelt you with arrows from all sides.
    Other enemies have been strengthened considerably. Gate captains can 
    use Mosou attacks and even get in weapon locks with your character. 
    Enemies often use third charge attacks to stun your character. Even 
    privates are more aggressive this time around.
    Power ups dropped by generals and officers are dependent on the 
    difficulty level. Before Lu Bu would always drop an Attack +8 
    regardless of difficulty. Now defeating him on easy gets you an Attack 
    Life and Musou gages are now independent of each other. Also generals 
    no longer drop life power ups. Life and Musou power ups are only found 
    in pots in each stage.
    All of the original stages from Dynasty Warriors 3 have been 
    redesigned. In addition battles are now grouped into two categories: 
    90-minute battles and 30-minute battles. There are two new 90-minute 
    battles in Dynasty Warriors 3. The rest are 30-minute battles that 
    represent the minor battles that took place in the three kingdoms era.
    Personal bodyguards have been weakened somewhat. Their attributes also 
    vary from character to character instead of being the same for each.
    Unless you possess a specific item, no character begins a battle 
    mounted on a horse.
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.
    Q: How do I get (insert name)'s fourth weapon?
    A: I've included a section on fourth weapons below for convenience. 
    Usually problems happen when people are unable to get some of the 
    events to occur. Hopefully you can find the answer on how to get these 
    events to happen in the walkthroughs I've written below. Make sure the 
    game is set to hard difficulty. You'll be amazed at how many people 
    neglect to do that. Also when it says "Defeat (insert name)." you must 
    be the one that does the killing blow. If you don't get a cut scene (or 
    your character's victory phrase) from the kill it won't fulfill the 
    conditions. If someone else (even your own bodyguards) makes the kill 
    it won't fulfill the conditions. When you fulfill the requirements on 
    getting the weapon either a precious item will appear on the map or a 
    supply captain. The precious item appears in a box and you'll need to 
    find it (check the history option in the start menu) and smash it to 
    get the fourth weapon inside. The supply captain is a bit harder to get 
    since he'll start moving from his initial position in a predetermined 
    route. He won't show up on any map so if he gets a head start you'll 
    have to search the entire route for him. If he is defeated by your own 
    troops you can kiss the fourth weapon goodbye. He will drop the fourth 
    weapon only if you defeat him yourself.
    Q: It's impossible to get (insert name)'s fourth weapon!
    A: It is possible to get all the fourth weapons, but it will take quite 
    a bit of time, effort, persistence, and most of all luck. In fact it 
    took me longer to get all the fourth weapons than it did to complete 
    Musou Mode with all the characters, unlock all the characters, get all 
    the items, get all the third weapons, and max out all the characters 
    attributes combined. Don't be surprised if one thing after another 
    keeps going wrong, such as when the last character you're supposed to 
    defeat ends up getting killed by your allies, or if your leader dies 
    while you're engaged with the enemy leader after you've obtained the 
    fourth weapon. Most of the conditions for the fourth weapons are 
    designed to put you in a losing situation. Add this to the fact that 
    you'll need to fulfill very certain conditions playing in hard 
    difficulty (where things can go wrong in a heartbeat), need to get the 
    weapon after those conditions are met, and kill the enemy leader to 
    finish the stage, while simply surviving during all of this, and I 
    don't blame you for thinking that it's impossible to get some of those 
    fourth weapons. And unless you are a god of war, chances you will fail 
    in your endeavors again and again, sometimes due to conditions beyond 
    your control. While some of these fourth weapons are quite powerful, 
    others are barely worth the effort to get, seemingly existing only for 
    completion's sake. There is no silver bullet for getting these weapons, 
    but I can offer you some general tips.
    First, get your character's third weapon. If possible get one with high 
    life, attack, or defense bonuses, or better yet all three. Second, max 
    out your character's life, attack and defense. If they're not at 
    maximum you won't have a prayer. Having a small Musou gage might be in 
    your favor as you can fill it much faster and use it as an escape 
    button if you're getting severely assaulted by the enemy. It won't do 
    too much damage, but it can get you some breathing room. Third, equip 
    the Peacock Urn, Tiger Amulet, and Tortoise Amulet. The higher values 
    the better. If you need to get around quickly in the battle equip the 
    Red Hare Saddle. Equip the Way of Musou as your final item. Real Musou 
    attacks tend to have a wider effective range and knock more enemies 
    back. If you're not using the Red Hare Saddle, the last choice of item 
    is up to you, but the Elixir may be useful if you have it. Finally, 
    bring along all 8 bodyguards. Don't bother with the Bodyguard Manual as 
    your bodyguards will die in short order, and are only there as cannon 
    fodder. If you're planning a defensive strategy, it might be a good 
    idea to bring archers. It's a good idea to try a trial run fulfilling 
    the conditions on the stage on easy or normal before you try it out for 
    real, just to get a feel of the battle. Other than that, I can only 
    wish you good luck!
    Q: Where do I get (item name)?
    A: I've included a section on obtaining special weapons below for 
    convenience. They can be found either by defeating a certain general or 
    fulfilling a certain condition. Either the enemy will drop the item or 
    a precious item will appear. The item bag will glow red to indicate it 
    contains a Red Item. Certain officers and generals drop item boxes 
    containing Blue (attribute raising) Items. The type of item is 
    determined randomly. Some Blue Items such as the Wind Scroll or Elixir 
    are extremely rare and the odds of getting them are fairly low. As a 
    general rule of thumb, the higher the difficulty and more powerful the 
    officer or general, the better (higher in value) the item will be. 
    Sometimes you can get powerful items on easy difficulty, but the odds 
    of this happening are extremely low. It's still a subject of much 
    debate as to whether or not certain generals or officers have a higher 
    probability of dropping certain items. It's possible that luck may 
    increase chances of getting good items, but the jury is still out on 
    that one.
    Q: What's this about second/third/fourth weapons?
    A: Like items, certain officers or generals drop weapon boxes. Each 
    character has four different weapons. The first weapon can do up to a 
    four hit combo and starts with no bonuses initially. The second weapon 
    can do up to a five hit combo, has a higher attack value, and has 
    random bonuses. The third weapon can do up to a six hit combo, has a 
    higher attack value than the second weapon, and has random bonuses. In 
    addition it allows your character to do a special attack as their sixth 
    charge attack. The fourth weapon is unique and can only be obtained by 
    meeting certain conditions in a battle (see fourth weapon question 
    above). It has the same base attack value as the third weapon and 
    allows six hit combos, but has a fixed amount of bonuses (which are 
    usually very high) and usually an elemental attack effect.
    Q: What are these elemental effects on the fourth weapons?
    A fourth weapon will usually (but not always) have one of three 
    elemental effects on it. They are Red Element (fire icon), Blue Element 
    (lightning icon), and Purple Element (check icon). These elemental 
    effects are activated when the character equipped with the weapon uses 
    certain charge attacks (such as their special sixth charge attack). Red 
    Element sets the enemy of fire doing additional damage to them (like 
    the Fire Arrow item). Blue Element electrocutes the enemy with 
    lightning. When such an enemy hits the ground they take additional 
    damage and discharge the electricity from their bodies, striking any 
    nearby enemies. The Purple Element will create a purple haze effect 
    around a character's attacks. This will kill any enemy on contact other 
    than an officer or general, in which case it deals severe damage to 
    them. Obviously this is the most powerful of the three elemental 
    Q: How do I get first/second/third weapons?
    A: Like items, as a general rule of thumb the higher the difficulty 
    level, the better weapons you can obtain. The difficulty also affects 
    how many bonuses the weapon has (up to five max) and how high they are. 
    The chances of getting a particular weapon depends on which mode you're 
    playing and the stage itself. In Musou Mode you're much more likely to 
    get first and second weapons during the early battles, and probably 
    won't get a third weapon until the last two battles, it at all. In Free 
    Mode, difficulty will increase the odds of getting a third weapon, but 
    not always. Also some stages are more likely to produce third weapons 
    than others. For example, The Nanman Campaign (Nanman Forces) tends to 
    get you a third weapon most of the time, even on easy difficulty.
    Q: How do I unlock (insert name)?
    Most of the characters can be unlocked by simply clearing Musou mode 
    several times, if you have a Dynasty Warriors 2 save on your memory 
    card, or just by defeating them in a certain battle. Others require a 
    bit more effort on your part. For more details see the character 
    strategy section. I've listed some of the more obscure ones below.
    Pang Tong: Save him from the ambush at Cheng Du (see walkthrough for 
    Taishi Ci: Defeat Liu Yong at the Assault on Wu Territory before he 
    gets killed (Musou Mode only).
    Sun Quan: See the walkthrough for The Battle at He Fei for details 
    (Musou Mode only).
    Lu Bu: Kill 1000 enemies at The Battle at Hu Lao Gate.
    Meng Huo: Defeat Meng Huo seven times (Musou Mode only).
    Q: Who are the Tiger Generals?
    A: The Tiger Generals are Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, 
    and Ma Chao. Unlike the last game they do not all appear at The Battle 
    of Wu Zhang Plains. At Wu Zhang Plain (Shu Forces) the default Tiger 
    Generals include Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, and Huang Zhong (officer under 
    Zhuge Liang).
    Q: What exactly does luck do?
    A: Some people believe it increases the chances of getting good items 
    from weapon and item boxes. A more prevalent theory is that it 
    increases the odds of an enemy dropping a meat bun. What it does 
    exactly is anyone's guess. It's more likely that that latter is true. 
    Q: Which stage is best for building up life/musou/attack/defense?
    A: One popular choice is The Yellow Turban Rebellion because it's the 
    only stage with two life and two Musou power ups. The first life and 
    Musou power ups are located by the north entrance of the fortress on 
    the outside, and near the southwest gate captain going along the west 
    side of the map respectively. The second life and Musou power ups are a 
    bit tricky to get to as you need to make a precise jump off the wall to 
    get to them, and you'll have to backtrack quite a bit to try again if 
    you miss. They are located on platforms on the north of the east 
    entrance of the fortress, and south of the west entrance of the 
    fortress respectively. 
    Another popular choice is Guan Yu's Escape (Guan Yu's Forces). The life 
    and Musou power ups are easy to get (near the house by the first gate 
    and behind the second gate) and the generals drop an assortment of 
    attack and defense power ups along with weapon and item boxes to build 
    up your character every time you go through the stage. The stage is 
    linear and on average can take less than nine minutes to clear.
    One of my personal favorites for increasing life and Musou is the 
    Assault on Wu Territory stage (Allied Forces). The Musou power up is 
    located next to a tower outside the gate of the first fortress area, 
    and the life power up is located by the bend right before the north 
    gate captain. This stage is quite linear and can take less than five 
    minutes to complete.
    What does rank do?
    Rank affects the rate of your bodyguard's growth. It also determines 
    which mounts you can ride in the game. At rank one you can ride any 
    mount in the game without having to use the Imperial Saddle item.
    How do I increase my bodyguard's abilities?
    Your bodyguard's Life, Musou, Attack, and Defense increase as you 
    increase in rank. Their appearance, fighting ability, and number are 
    also determined by rank. These are all increased randomly each time you 
    gain a rank. Once you achieve maximum rank your bodyguards will also 
    achieve their maximum attributes. You can have a total of eight elite 
    guards. It is important to note that each character will have guards of 
    varying abilities. While their maximum attributes cannot be increased, 
    you can equip the Bodyguard Manual to make them more effective in 
    How is the Bonus score determined?
    The Bonus is determined by how many Gate Captains you've defeated as 
    well as how many of your bodyguards have survived the battle.
    V. Basic Strategy
    Bodyguards aren't usually a factor in most battles until you have eight 
    elite guards. Most of the time they end up as cannon fodder to distract 
    generals while you attack from behind. As to which weapon to use, it 
    all depends on your playing style. Archers and crossbowmen are great 
    for covering your character from behind and for stunning generals, but 
    get overwhelmed when up against large forces. Spears and pikes are good 
    if you like to take up defensive positions and advance slowly. Swords 
    are best for getting up close and personal with the enemy. If you equip 
    the Bodyguard Manual your bodyguards will attack much more aggressively 
    with increased power. This is great for distracting enemy generals and 
    officers, but it also tends to get them into more danger as well.
    Combo Attacks
    The last hit of a combo attack always requires recovery time. During 
    this time you are wide open to counter-attacks. If you need to attack 
    quickly and repeatedly use attacks that use one less hit than your 
    maximum combo. For example, if your character has a four hit combo max, 
    attack with a 1-2-3 rhythm (square, square, square, (pause), square, 
    square, square). This way you can maintain an offensive posture without 
    opening yourself up to attack. You can use this with five or six hit 
    combos as well.
    As an example, Cao Cao's combo attack consists of simple side-to-side 
    slashes with his sword, meaning that he can use a five hit combo 
    repeatedly to attack a large group of enemies. Yuan Shao has a similar 
    combo attack except that the last two attacks are vertical slashes, so 
    he may be better off using a four hit combo repeatedly.
    Attack generals and officers from behind whenever possible. Attacks 
    cannot be blocked from behind and are a sure way to break any defense. 
    Try to attack while your target is attacking or blocking another person 
    (most likely your bodyguard).
    Air Recovery
    The instant recovery move (L1 while in the air or hitting the ground) 
    is extremely helpful in that it allows you to get back on your feet 
    after a knockdown move. The enemy generals love to use this move to 
    surprise you with a sneak attack. Sometimes it is better to stay on the 
    ground if you're surrounded, as attacks can juggle you while performing 
    this technique. 
    Musou Counter
    Musou attacks can be used to counter Musou attacks. If two characters 
    Musou attacks collide then a weapon lock occurs. This can be very 
    helpful, particularly if a powerful opponent hits you with a Musou 
    attack out of nowhere. The trade off between Life and Musou energy 
    makes this a very useful technique.
    VI. Item Strategy
    Speed Scroll (Speed Up) - Unless this is at a high level, the effect 
    this has on your movement is slightly noticeable at best. Best used for 
    extremely slow characters (Zhang Fei, Xu Zhu, and Meng Huo come to 
    mind). Note this only effects movement and not attacking.
    Wing Boots (Jump Up) - Only characters with light builds (like females) 
    will get any real benefits from this item. Otherwise, the increase is 
    barely noticeable. Higher jumping can be helpful for getting hard to 
    reach items and dodging some attacks. Otherwise, it's another passable 
    Dragon Amulet (Musou Up) - This one is a bit iffy. Some characters have 
    such a low Musou that this won't make much of a difference, and vice 
    versa. You can pretty much skip this unless you really, really want to 
    increase your Musou gage.
    Peacock Urn (Life Up) - Every little bit helps and the Peacock Urn is 
    no exception. You would be surprised how much difference a little life 
    makes between surviving a True Musou attack and seeing the game over 
    screen. More life means less waste for every meat bun you get. A solid 
    item that gets better along with your character.
    Tiger Amulet (Attack Up) - A great item for the early stages of a 
    character's development. A must have for weak characters; it makes 
    strong characters even better. When your character gets stronger you 
    can drop it for another item, but if you have extra space to spare it 
    never hurts for more attack power.
    Tortoise Amulet (Defense Up) - Another great item for a developing 
    character. What can be said for the Tiger Amulet applies to this as 
    Huang's Bow (Bow Attack Up) - If you're the sniper type, having this 
    item is a nice bonus. Otherwise, you can safely ignore this one.
    Shell Armor (Bow Defense Up) - Now that archers are a serious threat, 
    equipping this item is a lot more attractive. In battle arrows will hit 
    you. A lot. It might not prevent much damage, but it might buy you 
    enough time to either kill the archers or run away.
    Horned Helm (Mounted Attack Up) - This one is for the equestrian minded 
    people among us. In other words, if you plan on riding a horse for most 
    of the battle, you might want to invest in this. Then again most people 
    ride horses for getting from point A to point B faster rather than 
    attacking people with them. It's your call.
    Calvary Armor (Mounted Defense Up) - Now this one is a bit puzzling. If 
    any hit on a horse dismounts you, why would you need armor to protect 
    you on horseback? True, having the Gold Harness prevents you from being 
    dismounted by arrows, but wouldn't that fall under the Shell Armor? You 
    be the judge.
    Seven Star Orb (Luck Up) - It appears that no one really knows what 
    exactly luck does. Some people say that it increases your chances of 
    getting good items from an item box. Others claim that it increases the 
    chances that a defeated enemy will drop a meat bun. From my personal 
    observation I'd have to go with the latter. Your mileage may vary. 
    Wind Scroll (Reach Up) - This item basically gives your weapon 
    additional range as if you were on horseback. The effect is only 
    slightly noticeable for most characters unless at high levels. Even 
    then some characters have such short range that it won't make much of a 
    Elixir (Musou Charge Up) - A very powerful item if you like to use 
    Musou attacks frequently. This not only increases the rate your Musou 
    gage increases when you give or receive damage, but also when you 
    manually charge or are at critical health. Add a weapon with high Musou 
    charge and you can fill your entire Musou gage in a few hits.
    Red Hare Saddle - This item lets you start a battle mounted on Red 
    Hare, the fastest horse in the game. This is great if you need to 
    achieve an objective quickly early in the battle (like when you're 
    trying to get a fourth weapon), or if you want to increase your 
    mobility for a battle. Of course, you can also steal Red Hare from Lu 
    Bu or Guan Yu but you'll need an Imperial Saddle or be at class one to 
    do so. Having Red Hare at the start is a bit more convenient.
    Hex Mark Saddle - Similar to the Red Hare Saddle, except you start on 
    Hex Mark, the second fastest horse in the game. The only reason you 
    would want to use this item over the Red Hare Saddle is if you don't 
    have the Red Hare Saddle, or if you prefer Hex Mark's gray coat to Red 
    Hare's fiery red coat. Other than that, there isn't much difference 
    between the two overall in terms of performance.
    Imperial Saddle - This item allows you to ride all horses regardless of 
    rank. It might be useful for a character that's class 16 and wants to 
    ride Red Hare really, really badly, but other than that it's anyone's 
    guess as to why you would want to use this. I'm not sure if this works 
    on Meng Huo's imperial elephants, but it probably does. Not that anyone 
    would care.
    The Art of War - This allows you to use Wesley Snipes to kill the 
    Chinese ambassador. Well, not really. Actually this item increases the 
    duration of attack and defense power ups. It can be fairly useful, 
    considering that enemies drop attack and defense power ups like mad.
    Bodyguard Manual - This item makes your bodyguards "stronger". Whether 
    this means they do more damage, take less damage, or both no one can 
    tell. But I do know that they definitely become more aggressive when 
    attacking, pulling off wild combos and juggling the enemy like crazy. 
    Of course, this zeal also makes them more vulnerable to getting killed, 
    but you can only avoid risks by being dead. Or something like that. It 
    also makes them use charge attacks more frequently, which becomes 
    apparent if you're using archers.
    The Way of Musou - One of the best, if not the best item in the game. 
    This item allows you to use the True Musou attack regardless of life. 
    Combine this with an Elixir and a weapon with a high Musou charge and 
    you're in business. A definite must have for hard difficulty, but fun 
    for the whole family. Get this one as soon as possible.
    Survival Guide - This item simply doubles your offensive power when 
    your life is critical. It might save your life in a pinch, but you 
    might want to use the Defender instead. Then again, it may be the last 
    push you need to kill the final general.
    Defender - Similar to the Survival Guide, except this one doubles 
    defense rather that offense. Usually being at critical life means that 
    the enemy is beating you like a red haired stepchild. Discretion is the 
    better part of valor. He who lives to run away lives to fight another 
    day. You get the picture.
    Fire Arrows - This item upgrades your normal arrows into flaming arrows 
    that do a bit more damage. Combine with Huang's Bow for maximum 
    firepower. Too bad you can't set those Nanman rattan troops on fire 
    Buckler - This item prevents you from being overpowered from an enemy 
    attack. Certain characters have attacks so powerful that they will 
    break a character's guard even when blocked (Taishi Ci comes to mind). 
    If you love to block a lot this item is a must have. Personally, I 
    think that a good defense is a better offense. If the enemy is blocking 
    they can't be attacking now can they?
    Power Scroll - This item prevents you from losing weapon locks with an 
    enemy. At the very least both you and your opponent will be stunned. 
    This can be helpful in hard difficulty where unless you have a rapid-
    fire controller or are very lucky, nine times out of ten you will lose 
    the match. Then again, chances are that your opponent's bodyguards will 
    be more than happy to beat your head in while you recover. I'll pass.
    Gold Harness - This would have been really useful Dynasty Warriors 2. 
    Essentially this item prevents you from being dismounted by arrows 
    while you're on a horse. This does not prevent being dismounted by non-
    arrow attacks, however. It can be very useful in conjunction with the 
    Red Hare or Hex Mark Saddles when you need to get from point A to point 
    B without getting shot off every five seconds.
    VII. Character Strategy
    Shu Kingdom
    The Shu kingdom features warriors with a good balance of attack and 
    defense. The majority use pole arms, which is great for both one on one 
    as well as group combat. While the smallest of the three kingdoms, the 
    Shu army has been known to win surprise victories against overwhelming 
    numbers. This is mostly due to their brilliant strategist Zhuge Liang. 
    Having the five Tiger Generals (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Huang 
    Zhong, and Ma Chao) certainly doesn't hurt either.
    Zhao Yun
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: Also known as the "Little Dragon", this Tiger General was 
    famous for breaking through thousands of Wei troops at the battle of 
    Chang Ban to rescue Liu Bei's son. 
    Strategy: Zhao Yun has good range with his spear and is great at 
    clearing crowds and even better in duels with enemy generals. His sixth 
    charge attack, a series of spear thrusts, lets him rack up some combo 
    points (press triangle repeatedly).
    Personal Comments: It seems that whenever Shu sends reinforcements, 9 
    times out of 10 they send him. Not that there's anything wrong with 
    that. It sounds like he's saying "sphere" instead of "spear".
    Guan Yu
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: The "Man with the Beautiful Beard". Leader of the Tiger 
    Generals, Guan Yu's halberd was said to have weighed over 90 pounds. On 
    his steed Red Hare he was an unstoppable force on the battlefield. 
    Middle oath brother to Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. 
    Strategy: Guan Yu's attacks are great for clearing large groups of 
    enemies. His sixth charge attack lets loose a shockwave that hits 
    everyone in a large radius. A good character for beginners.
    Personal Comments: You have to love the way his eyes widen during his 
    "Feel the power of the Blue Dragon!" speech. "In death my soul will be 
    my brethren." Indeed.
    Zhang Fei
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: At the battle of Chang Ban he managed to force the Wei army to 
    retreat simply by shouting at them. Cao Cao's advisers even had the 
    words "Beware of Zhang Fei" written on their sleeves. Tiger General and 
    youngest oath brother to Liu Bei and Guan Yu. 
    Strategy: Zhang Fei is all about offense. His attacks send him wading 
    straight into the enemy, which is fine since his attacks are quite 
    powerful. His weakness is that he is very slow, not only in moving but 
    also attacking. His sixth charge attack makes him stomp the ground, 
    knocking everyone off of their feet. A slow but powerful character.
    Personal Comments: Zhang Fei's standing animation is rather neat. Looks 
    like he should be holding an electric guitar rather than a pike. 
    Ma Chao
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Shu general/DynastyWarriors2save 
    History: One of the Tiger Generals, Ma Chao's fighting skill has been 
    compared to that of Lu Bu. He seeks vengeance against Cao Cao for the 
    death of his father and brother. 
    Strategy: His spear attacks are great for hitting multiple enemies as 
    they tend to swing in wide arcs. His sixth charge attack sends out a 
    shockwave similar to Guan Yu's attack.
    Personal Comments: It should be "Argh!" rather than "Kuuu!"
    Wei Yian
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Shu general/DynastyWarriors2save
    History: Although he faithfully served Liu Bei for many years, Zhuge 
    Liang predicted that Wei Yian would eventually betray Shu. After Zhuge 
    Liang's death at Wu Zhang plains, he did turn against Shu, but Zhuge 
    Liang anticipated this and arranged for his execution beforehand. 
    Strategy: Most of Wei Yian's attacks hit all enemies around him. This 
    makes him one of the best characters to attack large groups of enemies. 
    In his sixth charge attack he spins his double glaive over his head, 
    racking up impressive combos in the process (press triangle 
    Personal Comments: Bizarre... character... isn't... he?
    Zhuge Liang
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Shu general 
    History: The "Sleeping Dragon", Zhuge Liang was renowned for his 
    brilliant strategies. Zhuge Liang joined Liu Bei after he paid him 
    three visits. Only Sima Yi matched his strategy in warfare, and even 
    after Zhuge Liang's own death at Wu Zhang managed to trick Sima Yi from 
    beyond the grave. 
    Strategy: Zhuge Liang's fan has very little range which means you will 
    need to rely on his charge attacks frequently (his fourth charge attack 
    is excellent). His sixth charge attack shoots several beams from his 
    fan (press triangle for more beams). Not recommended for beginners. 
    Experts only.
    Personal Comments: Not as good as he was in Dynasty Warriors 2.
    Huang Zhong
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Shu generals 
    History: Huang Zhong's archery skills were among the best in the three 
    kingdoms era, and his swordsmanship was such that not even Guan Yu 
    could discern any weakness. One of the Tiger Generals. 
    Strategy: Huang Zhong is a solid all around warrior with decent 
    attacks. If you love to use bow attacks he's your man. His sixth charge 
    attack shoots out two energy waves from his sword.
    Personal Comments: Is it me or does he sound a lot like Dong Zhou?
    Liu Bei
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Shu generals
    History: Emperor of the Shu kingdom and elder oath brother to Guan Yu 
    and Zhang Fei. He wasn't much of a fighter, and was even worse as a 
    tactician. In fact he didn't win many battles until he met Zhuge Liang. 
    What he lacked in fighting ability and strategy he more than made up 
    with charisma and propriety.
    Strategy: Liu Bei is pretty much average in most areas and has decent 
    attacks. His sixth charge attack sends out a shockwave just like Guan 
    Personal Comments: "Aah, my people. The people are the foundation of 
    the country. I just can't seem to protect them." One of the best 
    speeches in the game.
    Jiang Wei
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with Zhuge Liang 
    History: Formerly a Wei officer, Zhuge Liang was surprised that he 
    countered one of his strategies and took it upon himself to bring him 
    over to Shu. He eventually became Zhuge Liang's successor. 
    Strategy: His spear techniques are similar to those of Ma Chao. His 
    sixth charge attack fires a ground shockwave towards the enemy.  
    Personal Comments: You have to love Jiang Wei's wardrobe. And the way 
    he makes those "Wooo!" sounds when he attacks.
    Pang Tong
    How to unlock: Finish Cheng Du with Pang Tong alive
    History: The "Fledgling Pheonix", Pang Tong was a classmate of Zhuge 
    Liang. A great strategist in his own right, he helped pave the way for 
    what was to become the Shu kingdom.
    Strategy: His unusual attacks require some getting used to, but his 
    Musou attack is the ultimate in crowd control. His fourth charge attack 
    is very effective as well. His sixth charge attack creates a whirlwind 
    around him, knocking everyone away.
    Personal Comments: "Geh geh geh geh geh..."
    Wei Kingdom
    The Wei kingdom warriors are all about offense. Most adhere to the hack 
    and slash method of combat. They are also, as Revolver Ocelot put it in 
    Metal Gear Solid 2, "the greatest collection of freaks outside of Fox 
    Hound." As the largest of the three kingdoms, they also have the 
    greatest number of reinforcements in the game. Like the Shu kingdom, 
    they also have a brilliant strategist, Sima Yi, and their own version 
    of the five tiger generals, which include the likes of Zhang Liao, Xu 
    Huang, and Zhang He. Whereas Shu relies on strategy, and Wu on defense, 
    Wei simply sends overwhelming forces to attack and crush the enemy.
    Xiahou Dun
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: Brother of Xiahou Yuan and cousin of Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun was 
    considered to be Cao Cao's right hand man. Famous for plucking an arrow 
    out of his own eye and eating it (the eye, not the arrow). 
    Strategy: Xiahou Dun is Wei's counterpart to Shu's Guan Yu. His attacks 
    are focused on slashing through both crowds and generals alike. His 
    sixth charge attack sends a ground shockwave towards the enemy. An 
    excellent beginner's character for Wei.
    Personal Comments: Xiahou Dun doesn't lose his eye until after the 
    Yellow Turban Rebellion, but the movie shows him with his eyepatch. 
    Also, is it just me or is he also the one doing the narration for each 
    Zhang He 
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: A former officer of Yuan Shao, Zhang He joined Wei shortly 
    after the battle at Guan Du. One of Wei's five "Tiger" generals. 
    Strategy: Zhang He is Wei's speed demon. Great speed and fast attacks 
    makes him ideal for hit and run strikes against enemy generals. In his 
    sixth charge attack he does a swift slash in a wide area in front of 
    him (pressing triangle again does another slash).
    Personal Comments: Someone at Omega Force must really like Vega. One of 
    the funniest characters in the game.
    Dian Wei
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: Cao Cao's personal bodyguard. Dian Wei's ferocity in battle 
    gave him the nickname "Evil Comes". At Wan Castle while buying time for 
    Cao Cao to escape he held off the enemy troops with everything he could 
    get his hands on, eventually dying on his feet. When Cao Cao learned 
    his son died in the attack he showed no emotion. When Cao Cao learned 
    that Dian Wei died in the attack he wept.
    Strategy: Dian Wei's attacks are purely of the hack and slash type, 
    making him highly effective in a crowd. His sixth charge attack is a 
    ground shockwave towards the enemy. 
    Personal Comments: Dian Wei has been seriously toned down in this game. 
    He's still good, but not the absolute wrecking machine he was before.
    Xu Zhu 
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Wei general/DynastyWarriors2save
    History: The "Marquis Tiger", Xu Zhu was another bodyguard to Cao Cao. 
    Normally docile, in battle Xu Zhu turned into an unstoppable warrior.
    Strategy: As you might expect from his bulk and weapon, Xu Zhu is very 
    slow in both moving and attacking. His attacks are quite powerful but 
    have limited range. His sixth charge attack is a series of belly 
    attacks (press triangle repeatedly) followed by a ground shaking 
    earthquake attack.
    Personal Comments: "Fight harder!"
    Zhen Ji
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Wei general/DynastyWarriors2save
    History: Originally the wife of Yuan Shao's son, Yuan Xi. Became the 
    wife of Cao Cao's son, Cao Pi.
    Strategy: Like Zhang He, Zhen Ji is a speed demon. She moves fast and 
    attacks even faster. Unfortunately, her offensive power is a bit 
    lacking and her flute has very little range. Fortunately, her Musou 
    attack is a powerful radius attack, striking all enemies around her. 
    Her sixth charge attack stuns all enemies around her with a blast from 
    her flute.
    Personal Comments: She's wearing a rather nice dress, isn't she?
    Sima Yi 
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Wei general
    History: Wei's counterpart to Shu's Zhuge Liang, he repulsed the Shu's 
    northern campaigns six times. Eventually he takes over the Wei kingdom, 
    which leads to the creation of the Jin Dynasty, finally uniting China 
    under one rule again. 
    Strategy: Sima Yi plays similar to Zhuge Liang except he has a much 
    better Musou attack. His sixth charge attack is similar to Zhuge 
    Liang's as well.
    Personal Comments: Sima Yi wins the best motivational speech award for 
    Wu Zhang plains hands down. Isn't he just scary?
    Cao Cao
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Wei generals
    History: Founder of the Wei kingdom, cousin to Xiahou Dun and Xiahou 
    Strategy: His fighting style is simple and straight to the point. 
    Meaning he can easily slash his way through hordes of enemies. His 
    sixth charge attack is a series of sword slashes (press triangle 
    Personal Comments: How can you not like playing as Cao Cao?
    Xu Huang
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Wei generals
    History: One of the five "Tiger" generals of Wei. Xu Huang is deeply 
    concerned with honor and chivalry rather than having the "win at all 
    costs" mentality of the other Wei generals.
    Strategy: His battleaxe techniques are great for dealing with large 
    crowds. His sixth charge attack creates a shockwave knocking everyone 
    off of their feet.
    Personal Comments: Is it me or does it sound like he's saying "I'm on 
    fire!" during his Musou attack?
    Xiahou Yuan
    How to unlock: Defeat him at Mt. Ding Jun
    History: Brother to Xiahou Dun and cousin to Cao Cao. Xiahou Yuan 
    enjoyed killing people in battle as much as hunting wild animals. His 
    archery skills were on par with Shu's Huang Zhong, who unfortunately 
    cut him in half at the battle of Mt. Ding Jun.
    Strategy: Xiahou Yuan plays very similar to Huang Zhong. His sixth 
    charge attack is a series of sword slashes (press triangle rapidly).
    Personal Comments: He needs some serious anger management classes, 
    doesn't he?
    Zhang Liao
    How to unlock: Defeat him during his attack event at He Fei
    History: Originally an officer under Lu Bu, after his death Zhang Liao 
    joined the Wei kingdom and became one of their greatest generals. 
    Leader of the five "tiger" generals of Wei. Famous for his defense at 
    the battle of He Fei where he held off thousands of Wu soldiers with 
    only a few hundred of his own. He was so feared that children stopped 
    crying at the mere mention of his name.
    Strategy: Zhang Liao has fairly decent attacks. His sixth charge attack 
    creates a small tornado around him, knocking surrounding enemies away.
    Personal Comments: "Splendid!"
    Wu Kingdom
    The Wu kingdom warriors favor speed and agility over brute strength. 
    While not as well rounded as the Shu warriors, or powerful as the Wei 
    warriors, the Wu warriors all have a rock hard defense. The Wu 
    kingdom's armies are well known for defeating opponents ten times their 
    number, a feat shown at many battles such as Chi Bi and Yi Ling. 
    Although their strategists were not the equal of Zhuge Liang or Sima 
    Yi, Wu's defensive power makes them a formidable adversary.
    Zhou Yu
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: Originally an advisor to Sun Ce, Zhou Yu eventually became an 
    advisor to his younger brother Sun Quan. Noted for his good looks and 
    brilliant strategy, he developed an obsession with killing Zhuge Liang, 
    whom he saw as his rival. Zhuge Liang was too wise for his plots and on 
    Zhou Yu's deathbed he cried to the heavens, "After making me, why did 
    you have to make Zhuge Liang?" 
    Strategy: Zhou Yu is an average attacker with great defense (a trait 
    shared by most Wu warriors). His sixth charge attack fires an energy 
    wave from his sword towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: I'm not sure why so many people like using him so 
    much. I don't think it's for his personality. Maybe his looks?
    Huang Gai
    How to unlock: Initial character
    History: A loyal vassal to the Sun family, he served Sun Jian, Sun Ce, 
    and Sun Quan. His "defection" to Cao Cao at the battle of Chi Bi 
    allowed him to initiate Wu's famous fire attack that destroyed Wei's 
    entire naval fleet. 
    Strategy: Huang Gai excels in attacking a general one on one. He simply 
    gets into their face and bashes them repeatedly with his club. Most of 
    his attacks focus on beating on one target, which might be a problem in 
    a crowd. His high defense helps compensate somewhat. His sixth charge 
    attack makes him stop the ground, creating a shockwave that knocks all 
    enemies away.
    Personal Comments: Huang Gai's standing animation just screams 
    attitude, doesn't it?
    Sun Shang Xiang
    How to unlock: Initial character 
    History: Daughter of Sun Jian and sister to Sun Ce and Sun Quan, Sun 
    Shang Xiang (or Lady Sun) became Liu Bei's wife and was often torn 
    between her country and her husband as a result Zhou Yu's machinations 
    against the Shu kingdom. 
    Strategy: Lady Sun moves and attacks fairly quickly, but her weapons 
    have limited range. Her charge attacks are much more effective than her 
    regular ones. Her sixth charge attack sends her chakram spinning around 
    her (press triangle repeatedly) racking up incredible combos.
    Personal Comments: She looks a bit cuter this time around.
    Lu Xun
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Wu general/DynastyWarriors2save
    History: After Zhou Yu's death, Lu Xun became Wu's chief strategist. He 
    almost destroyed the entire Shu army at Yi Ling with a devastating fire 
    Strategy: Lu Xun is the speed demon of the Wu. He is among the fastest 
    of the Wu warriors and his attacks are incredibly swift. Unfortunately, 
    he doesn't deal much damage but his high defense compensates somewhat. 
    His sixth charge attack sends two energy waves out in front of him.
    Personal Comments: Lu Xun is a pretty good singer.
    Da Qiao
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with a Wu general/DynastyWarriors2save
    History: Sun Ce's wife and sister to Xiao Qiao.
    Strategy: Her normal attacks send her hopping forward, so it's 
    important to use charge attacks to knock the enemy away. She tends to 
    utilize a lot of swooping aerial attacks with her fans that give her 
    good mobility even while attacking. Her sixth charge attack has her 
    doing an aerial flip forward while her fans spin out beneath her.
    Personal Comments: Not as cute as her sister.
    Xiao Qiao
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with Zhou Yu or Da Qiao
    History: Zhou Yu's wife and sister to Da Qiao.
    Strategy: Has attacks similar to her sister, but more ground oriented. 
    Her sixth charge attack has her rolling into the enemy (press triangle 
    Personal Comments: Has the most adorable dash attack in the game.
    Sun Jian
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Wu generals
    History: Father of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang. Famous for 
    defeating pirates, but even more famous for taking the Imperial Seal. 
    Strategy: An average warrior that uses sword techniques similar to the 
    other main generals. His sixth charge attack fires an energy wave from 
    his sword.
    Personal Comments: "Mmmmm. Great!" Sounds like Sun Jian's been eating 
    Frosted Flakes again.
    Sun Ce 
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with two Wu generals
    History: Son of Sun Jian and brother to Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang. 
    Known as the "Little Conquerer", he traded the Imperial Seal for troops 
    and eventually created what would become known as the Wu kingdom.
    Strategy: His tonfas can strike enemies rapidly, but he doesn't do too 
    much damage with them. His sixth charge attack is a series of tonfa 
    strikes (press triangle repeatedly). 
    Personal Comments: His goatee makes him look like Shaggy from Scooby 
    Taishi Ci
    How to unlock: At the Assault on Wu Territory defeat Liu Yong and 
    finish the battle after Taishi Ci joins you (Musou mode only)
    History: After his lord is defeated by Sun Ce, Taishi Ci becomes a 
    loyal general of the Wu kingdom.
    Strategy: Referred to by many Dynasty Warrior 3 players as "The Tank", 
    Taishi Ci's habit of bulldozing through the enemy reflects this 
    moniker. His attacks are incredibly powerful and break through even the 
    toughest defenses. They are also incredibly linear, which means that 
    Taishi Ci is more likely to drill a hole through a group rather than 
    destroy it outright. His sixth charge attack is a series of rapid blows 
    (press triangle repeatedly).
    Personal Comments: Taishi Ci is much better than he was in Dynasty 
    Warriors 2.
    Gan Ning 
    How to unlock: Defeat him at He Fei
    History: A former pirate, "Gan Ning of the Bells" became one of Wu's 
    greatest officers. He is most famous for his lightning fast raid at He 
    Fei where he raided the Wei camp with only 100 men without any losses. 
    Gan Ning was also known for his skill at archery.
    Strategy: His fighting style is similar to that of Huang Zhong and 
    Xiahou Yuan (with a round house kick thrown in for good measure). But 
    it is his unique Musou attack (in which he runs around like a madman) 
    that truly sets him apart from the rest. His sixth charge attack sends 
    two ground shockwaves towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: His Musou is fantastic against massive crowds. It's 
    also great when used as an emergency escape technique.
    Lu Meng
    How to unlock: At Fan Castle (Wu Forces) finish the battle with Lu Meng 
    alive (Musou mode only)
    History: At first Lu Meng thought that a warrior only needed strength 
    to be effective, but Sun Quan recommended that he learn strategy as 
    well. Afterwards he became both accomplished as a warrior and 
    tactician, eventually capturing the legendary Guan Yu. 
    Strategy: Lu Meng has moves similar to Zhang Liao. His sixth charge 
    attack sends a ground shockwave towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: Lu Meng is a bit more philosophical this time 
    around, which is great. He was rather bland in the last game.
    Sun Quan
    How to unlock: At He Fei get the following events to occur: Taishi Ci's 
    death, Sun Quan jumping the bridge, Zhang Liao's attack, Sun Quan 
    orders a counterattack, Wei reinforcements appear, Gan Ning attacks. 
    (Musou mode only)
    History: Son of Sun Jian and brother to Sun Ce and Sun Shang Xiang. 
    Ruler of the Wu kingdom. Sun Quan preferred to lead his armies 
    personally, but when he was almost killed in the front lines, he 
    decided to direct from the rear from then on.
    Strategy: An average warrior, his fighting style is similar to the 
    other main generals. His sixth attack shoots an energy wave from his 
    sword towards the enemy. 
    Personal Comments: He still has that crazy hat.
    Free Mode Characters
    Diao Chan
    How to unlock: Defeat her at Hu Lao Gate 
    History: Using her beauty to tempt Dong Zhou and Lu Bu, Diao Chan 
    succeeded in tearing their relationship apart after Lu Bu kills Dong 
    Zhou in a fit of rage.
    Strategy: Diao Chan has great speed and her attacks strike in multiple 
    directions, but she lacks offensive power. Her sixth charge attack 
    shoots two energy waves out towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: Her maraca power has been toned down quite a bit.
    Lu Bu 
    How to unlock: Get 1000 KO's at Hu Lao Gate
    History: The greatest warrior ever in the three kingdoms period, Lu Bu 
    was without equal in battle. His tendency to betray everyone led to his 
    eventual downfall. 
    Strategy: Lu Bu is, hands down, the best character in the game. While 
    nowhere near as powerful as the computer controlled version, his 
    attacks are incredibly powerful and can clear hordes of enemies faster 
    than you can say "It's Lu Bu!" His sixth charge attack is a series of 
    halberd swipes (press triangle repeatedly) followed by an earth-shaking 
    stomp for good measure.
    Personal Comments: Toned down, but still the best. He's pretty funny.
    Dong Zhou
    How to unlock: Defeat Lu Bu and Dian Chan at Hu Lao Gate 
    History: After the Yellow Turban Rebellion Dong Zhou took control over 
    the Imperial Court along with his adopted son Lu Bu. His reign of 
    tyranny ran unchecked until Diao Chan's plotting lead to his death at 
    the hands of Lu Bu. 
    Strategy: Dong Zhou is an average warrior with a fighting style similar 
    to the other main generals. His sixth charge attack shoots an energy 
    wave towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: Not much to say here. Cao Cao is more fun to play 
    Yuan Shao
    How to unlock: Defeat Yian Liang and Wen Chou at Guan Du 
    History: Yuan Shao led the allied forces in the attack against Dong 
    Zhou. Afterwards he fought with Cao Cao at Guan Du over the central 
    plains of China. Although he had superior numbers, Yuan Shao eventually 
    lost due to his indecision and penchant for not listening to his 
    Strategy: Yuan Shao is an average warrior with a fighting style similar 
    to the other main generals. His sixth charge attack sends a shockwave 
    out in front of him knocking down all enemies.
    Personal Comments: How can you not like this guy? Who needs strategy? 
    He has the best headgear in the game next to Lu Bu.
    Zhang Jiao
    How to unlock: Defeat Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Jiao at the 
    Yellow Turban Rebellion
    History: Founder of the religious movement known as The Way of Peace, 
    Zhang Jiao raised the people up against the corrupt Han Dynasty and 
    started the Yellow Turban Rebellion. 
    Strategy: Like Pang Tong, Zhang Jiao has a bizarre series of attacks. 
    His charge attacks are even stranger but can be effective crowd 
    clearers. His sixth charge attack fires a fireball towards the enemy.
    Personal Comments: The zaniest character in all the three kingdoms.
    Meng Huo
    How to unlock: Defeat him seven times at Nanman (see walkthrough) 
    History: Leader of the southern Nanman tribes of the Shu kingdom. He 
    led a rebellion against Shu, but was captured and released seven times 
    by Zhuge Liang before he submitted. 
    Strategy: Quite possibly the slowest character in the game, but when he 
    gets to the party he is more than capable of bringing down the house 
    with his powerful attacks. His sixth charge attack is a punch to the 
    ground, which creates a large shockwave, knocking everyone off of their 
    Personal Comments: Does Meng Huo remind you of a teddy bear?
    Zhu Rong
    How to unlock: Defeat her at Nanman
    History: Wife of Meng Huo, Zhu Rong was the only female character in 
    the game that actually participated in battle in the three kingdoms 
    Strategy: Like Sun Shang Xiang, her charge attacks are more effective 
    than her regular attacks. Fast, but limited offensive power. Her sixth 
    charge attack is a series of dart/knife/whatever throws in front of 
    Personal Comments: Is it me or does she have a Brooklyn accent?
    Fu Xi 
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan. If 
    this doesn't work for you, you'll need to clear Musou mode with Sun 
    Jian instead.
    History: A mythical character in Chinese history, he is known for the 
    creating the origin of Feng Shui as well as the characters later 
    developed in the I Ching.
    Strategy: Fu Xi's broadsword attacks are slow but powerful. He has good 
    range but has a high recovery time after using a combo. His Musou 
    attack is one of the best in the game for clearing out crowds. His 
    sixth charge attack thrusts his sword into the enemy (press triangle 
    for more hits) and throws them over with it.
    Personal Comments: He requires a lot of work to get up to his true 
    Nu Wa 
    How to unlock: Clear Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da 
    Qiao, and Zhen Ji
    History: A mythical character in Chinese history, she is associated 
    with the creation of mankind.
    Strategy: Nu Wa has the fastest attacks in the game bar none. Her 
    attacks are so fast that she can counter most charge and even some 
    normal attacks simply by counterattacking. While most of her attacks 
    focus on one enemy, she recovers so fast that she can pull off multiple 
    combos one after the other. Her sixth charge attack is a series of 
    stabs with her rapier (press triangle repeatedly).
    Personal Comments: Her True Musou attack can get up to 30 hits on a 
    single enemy with a clean hit. Scary.
    VIII. Fourth Weapon Locations
    This information here was obtained from Muni Shinobu's Fourth Weapon 
    FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com and is included for convenient reference.
    Shu Kingdom
    Zhao Yun
    Stage: The Battle of Chang Ban
    Type: Supply Team
    Location: Entry point near Zhang He
    Direction: Northeast entry point
    Method: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao. After Cao Cao's reinforcements 
    appear, Liu Bei will send out a request for help. Go to Liu Bei and an 
    event with Zhao Yun will occur. Then defeat Zhang He.
    Guan Yu
    Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
    Type: Supply team
    Location: North of fourth fort
    Direction: South
    Method: Clear the fourth gate.
    Zhang Fei
    Stage: The Battle of Chang Ban
    Type: Supply team
    Location: Entry point near Xu Zhu
    Direction: Northeast entry point
    Method: After the Zhang Fei event at Chang Bang Bridge occurs, defeat 
    Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.
    Huang Zhong
    Stage: The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the west of Cao Cao's initial position
    Method: Defeat Xiahou Shang.
    Ma Chao
    Stage: The Battle at Tong Gate
    Type: Supply team
    Location: Right side of the bridge on the north of the map
    Direction: Northeast entry point
    Method: After the event where Han Sui meets Cao Cao, Han Sui will defect 
    to Cao Cao's side. The supply team will appear after a while.
    Wei Yian
    Stage: The Battle of Jie Ting
    Type: Precious item
    Location: On top of the hill where Ma Su advances
    Method: Wait for Ma Su to move up the hill on his own. The enemy will 
    ambush Ma Su. Rescue Ma Su and defeat all the other generals besides 
    Sima Yi. Then enter Sima Yi's camp.
    Jiang Wei
    Stage: The Battle of Jie Ting
    Type: Supply team
    Location: Entry point to the northeast of Sima Yi
    Direction: Toward northwest entry point
    Method: Defeat Zhen Ji and Cao Zhen.
    Pang Tong
    Stage: Assault on Cheng Du
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Northwest of map
    Method: After Pan Tong is surrounded by Zhang Ren, defeat Zhang Ren.
    Zhuge Liang
    Stage: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Type: Precious item
    Location: East end of Zhuge Liang's initial position
    Method: Defeat Cao Xiu when he arrives with the Wei reinforcements.
    Liu Bei
    Stage: The Battle at Yi Ling
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Inside Sun Quan's camp
    Method: Defeat Sun Shang Xiang.
    Wei Kingdom
    Dian Wei
    Stage: The Battle at Wan Castle
    Type: Supply troop
    Location: East of Hu Che Er's initial position
    Direction: Toward entry point guarded by Jia Xu
    Method: Defeat Hu Che Er.
    Zhang He
    Stage: The Battle at Guan Du (Cao Cao's Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Center of map, around the bend of the central river
    Method: With Yan Liang and Wen Chou still alive, find and burn the Wu 
    Chao supply depot.
    Xiahou Dun
    Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Northeast corner of the fort Guan Ping is in
    Method: Defeat Zhou Can, Chen Zhen, and Guan Ping.
    Xiahou Yuan
    Stage: The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
    Type: Precious item
    Location: In the alcove west of Huang Zhong's initial position
    Method: After the cut scene where Huang Zhong runs down the hill, defeat 
    Huang Zhong).
    Xu Zhu
    Stage: The Battle at Tong Gate
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Southeast of Ma Chao's fort
    Method: Defeat Ma Dai and Pang De, then pass through Tong Gate.
    Zhang Liao
    Stage: The Battle at He Fei
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the north of the broken bridge
    Method: Defeat Chow Tai.
    Xu Huang
    Stage: The Battle at Fan Castle
    Side: Wei Forces
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Near northeast edge of the ground level
    Method: Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event.
    Zhen Ji
    Stage: The Battle of Jie Ting
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Around Zhuge Liang's camp
    Method: Defeat Jiang Wei.
    Sima Yi
    Stage: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Type: Supply team & precious item
    Location: Entry point southeast of the Shu base
    Method: Defeat Zhang Bao. 20 minutes later the supply team will appear 
    around Zhang Bao's initial position. Defeat the supply team captain and 
    a precious item will appear.
    Cao Cao
    Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Type: Supply troop
    Location: Entry point northwest of map
    Direction: Toward center north entry point
    Method: Defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang without losing any enemy or 
    ally entry points.
    Wu Kingdom
    Zhou Yu
    Stage: The Battle at Chi Bi (Sun Quan's Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the southwest of Cao Cao's initial position
    Method: Defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He.
    Sun Shang Xiang
    Stage: The Battle at You Ting
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Around Cao Xiu's initial position
    Method: Defeat Cao Xiu.
    Huang Gai
    Stage: The Battle at Chi Bi (Sun Quan's Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the north of Zhuge Liang's prayer structure
    Method: Defeat Zhang Liao.
    Lu Xun
    Stage: The Battle at Yi Ling
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Northeast of the Stone Warrior Formation
    Method: With either Lu Meng or Gan Ning still alive, go through the 
    Stone Warrior Formation and defeat Zhuge Liang.
    Taishi Ci
    Stage: Assault on Wu Territory (Allied Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Area in front of the center north entry point
    Method: Defeat all enemy generals except Sun Ce.
    Lu Meng
    Stage: The Battle at Fan Castle (Wu Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Southeast of Wei base on the middle level platform
    Method: Defeat Guan Ping.
    Gan Ning
    Stage: The Battle at He Fei (Wu Forces)
    Type: Supply team
    Location: Entry point northwest of map
    Direction: Toward entry point southwest of map
    Method: Wait for Taishi Ci's death event.
    Da Qiao
    Stage: The Battle at You Ting
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Dead end to the west of the northwest entry point
    Method: Defeat Zhang He.
    Note: This one cannot be obtained in Musou Mode.
    Xiao Qiao
    Stage: The Nanman Campaign (Wu Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the east of the bridge at the northwest of map
    Method: Defeat Zhu Rong.
    Sun Ce
    Stage: Assault of Wu Territory
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Southwest of Taishi Ci
    Method: Make Taishi Ci defect to your side by defeating Liu Yong without 
    defeating Taishi Ci.
    Sun Quan
    Stage: The Siege of He Fei Castle
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the east of the pond in the center of the castle
    Method: Defeat Zhang He.
    Sun Jian
    Stage: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao 
    Type: Precious item
    Location: To the right of the entrance of the path toward Lu Gong
    Method: Defeat Lu Gong.
    Free Mode Characters
    Lu Bu
    Stage: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    Type: Supply team
    Location: Entry point northeast of map
    Direction: Toward entry point behind Cao Cao's initial position
    Method: Defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, and Gonsung Zan.
    Diao Chan
    Stage: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate 
    Type: Precious item
    Location: West of Fan Shui Gate 
    Method: Defeat Yuan Shu.
    Dong Zhuo
    Stage: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Entry point west of map
    Method: Wait until all your generals are defeated except for Lu
    Bu and Diao Chan. Diao Chan will defect to the allied forces. Defeat 
    Diao Chan.
    Yuan Shao
    Stage: The Battle at Guan Du 
    Type: Supply team
    Location: North of the southeastern fort
    Direction: Southeast entry point
    Method: Keep Wen Chou alive for 10 minutes.
    Zhang Jiao
    Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion 
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Southeast of the river north of map
    Method: Defeat all three officers of Liu Bei, all five officers of Cao 
    Cao, or all four officers of Sun Jian.
    Meng Huo
    Stage: The Nanman Campaign
    Type: Precious item
    Location: West of the mountain at the center of the map
    Method: Defeat all enemy generals on the east side (Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, 
    and Ma Dai) or all enemy generals on the west side (Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao 
    and Guan Xing).
    Zhu Rong
    Stage: The Nanman Campaign
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Near the bridge at the center of map
    Method: Keep Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan alive for 15 minutes. When they 
    withdraw from battle the precious item will appear.
    Fu Xi
    Stage: Surprise Attack on Liu Biao (Liu Biao's Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: Dead end area at the northwest corner of the beach
    Method: Defeat Huang Gai.
    Nu Wa
    Stage: The Battle at Wan Castle (Zhang Xiu's Forces)
    Type: Precious item
    Location: North of Dian Wei's initial location
    Method: Defeat Dian Wei.
    IX. Red Item Locations
    The information here was obtained from Muni Shinobu's Equip-able Items 
    FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com and is included for convenient reference.
    Red Hare Saddle
    Stage: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate (Allied Forces)
    Method: Defeat Lu Bu and a supply team will appear on Cao Cao's attack 
    Hex Mark Saddle
    Stage: Assault on Cheng Du (Liu Bei's Forces)
    Method: Defeat all enemy generals except Liu Zhang, and the precious 
    item report will appear at the southwest of the map.
    Imperial Saddle
    Stage: The Battle at Yi Ling (Shu Forces)
    Method: Prevent the Wu fire attack by defeating Zhu Ran. Then defeat all 
    enemy generals except Sun Quan. A supply team will appear from a troop 
    entry point near Sun Quan's command base.
    The Art of War
    Stage: The Seige of He Fei Castle (Wei Forces)
    Method: Defeat all enemy generals except Sun Quan. A precious item will 
    appear on Sun Quan's ship.
    Bodyguard Manual
    Stage: The Seige of He Fei Castle (Wu Forces)
    Method: Defeat Xu Zhu and a precious item will appear in the northeast.
    The Way of Musou
    Stage: Guan Yu's Escape (Guan Yu's Forces)
    Method: Defeat Xiahou Dun to get the item.
    Survival Guide
    Stage: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains (Shu Forces)
    Method: After any two Tiger Generals (Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, 
    Huang Zhong, Ma Chao) are defeated, the falling star event will occur 
    and a precious item will appear north of the entrance of Zhuge Liang's 
    Stage: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains (Wei Forces)
    Method: After two of your generals (must be a playable character) are 
    defeated, the falling star event will occur and a precious item will 
    appear at the top northeast of the map.
    Fire Arrows
    Stage: The Battle at Chi Bi (Cao Cao's Forces)
    Method: Defeat Zhou Yu before fire attack and a precious item will 
    appear around the center of the map.
    Stage: The Battle at He Fei (Wu Forces)
    Method: After Taishi Ci's death event and Sun Quan jumps over the broken 
    bridge, Zhang Liao will attack Sun Quan. Defeat Zhang Liao to get the 
    Power Scroll
    Stage: The Battle at He Fei (Wei Forces)
    Method: After Gan Ning appears, defeat Gan Ning to get the item.
    Gold Harness
    Stage: The Battle at Tong Gate (Cao Cao's Forces)
    Method: After Han Sui defects, defeat all enemy generals except Ma Chao.
    When he begins to retreat, enter the gate and the supply troop will 
    appear to the west.
    X. Battle Walkthroughs
    Note: Some of the characters in each battle may vary in Musou mode 
    depending on which characters you've unlocked up to that point. These 
    walkthroughs are based on the default Musou or Free Mode battles. If 
    another character appears instead, just substitute that character for 
    the other one in the walkthrough. Also the initial position you start 
    in assumes you're using a character that isn't already in the battle or 
    is non-affiliated. Otherwise you'll begin at their initial starting 
    The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Han Forces: 
    This battle presents a major change from the original in Dynasty 
    Warriors 2. First, you are now on defense and the Turbans are on 
    offense. Second, you are completely surrounded on all sides. Third, the 
    Turbans will attack en masse instead of waiting in set positions. This 
    means that there is a good chance that one or more of your allied 
    generals will be wiped out before you manage to clear out your section. 
    Basically you are defending a large fortress in the middle of the 
    screen with He Jin in the center. The Turbans have surrounded you on 
    all sides and each general has taken a defensive position outside the 
    fortress. Sun Jian is at the west gate, Cao Cao is at the south gate, 
    and Liu Bei is at the east gate. Your character starts out by their 
    respective leader. If you're playing as a non-affiliated character, 
    they will start by Sun Jian's position. Your major threats again are 
    the three Zhang brothers, each of which has a nasty attack to unleash 
    on your army.
    The primary strategy early in the battle is to take out all the 
    generals in your area and then assist the allied general closest to 
    you, much like you did in the last game. However, unlike the last game 
    your allies begin with very little support and will not last very long 
    without help (most of the Han forces are in the main fortress). Even 
    though Cao Cao has lots of officers and even some archer support, it 
    seems like he's always the first one to go. If he dies you can kiss 
    Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, and all his other officers goodbye. Therefore, 
    it's a good idea to go and help him out after you've cleared your area.
    Early in the battle Zhang Bao (standing on the cliff on the right side 
    of the map) will start dropping boulders on top of soldiers east of the 
    fortress. These are the same boulders you know and love from the 
    original game, and they will do some serious damage to you if you enter 
    that area. In addition, if any soldiers approach the valley leading up 
    to his position, there will be a cut scene where he starts rolling down 
    Indiana Jones style boulders down towards them. These boulders ricochet 
    off the walls and can be hard to dodge, especially while fighting 
    soldiers at the same time. The good news is that the boulders will 
    squash the enemy without prejudice as well. They materialize out of 
    thin air at the top of the valley so be careful that one doesn't appear 
    on your head. If no one opposes him after a period of time he will come 
    down the valley himself to engage your forces. If you're playing as one 
    of Liu Bei's forces, taking him out early is a priority, as the 
    boulders will take a serious bite out of your forces. Also, reaching 
    the top of valley while the boulders are being rolled activates a cut 
    scene of your character destroying the boulders and motivating the 
    troops. This also stops the boulders from rolling down the valley as 
    well as the ones dropping to the east of the fortress.
    North of the fortress across a river is where the majority of the 
    Turbans are waiting. Access to the south is normally available only by 
    a small river crossing in the northwest. However, Zhang Liang (located 
    by the entry point west of the fortress) will eventually freeze the 
    river, allowing the Turbans (and your forces) to walk right over it. If 
    you're playing as Sun Jian's forces, Zhang Liang is your primary 
    If you're playing as Cao Cao's forces, the strategy is simple. Clear 
    out all the generals south of the castle. Then go help another general 
    who looks like they need it. You might have to come back to drive off a 
    few enemy ambushes to the south, but with you in his corner Cao Cao 
    doesn't have much to fear. With the generals gone in the area, the 
    Xiahou brothers will pretty much clear the south map all the way to the 
    gate captain.
    During this time you might notice that Zhang Jiao may be running around 
    in your area. Defeating him won't end the battle now, but will make him 
    teleport to the north, where killing him there will end the battle. If 
    you don't kill him in a certain amount of time he will teleport inside 
    of the fortress and run around a bit. If defeated inside the fortress 
    he will teleport to the north as well. Note that when Zhang Jiao is 
    defeated the first time he will say, "When all else fails, attack!" At 
    this point all the remaining Turban generals and officers get a morale 
    boost and all the enemy troops in the north will proceed to attack the 
    north of the fortress. Also some additional enemies will appear at the 
    south of the fortress (another reason why Cao Cao gets swamped so 
    often). By this time you should have defeated several generals and 
    officers so the morale boost should tide you over until you can kill 
    the other generals.
    When you defeat most of the Turban generals the Han forces will begin 
    their counterattack and move their forces out of the fortress to the 
    north to engage Zhang Jiao. Zhang Jiao may surprise you with his 
    flamethrower attack so be careful and let your allies distract him 
    while you attack from behind (this applies to any enemy general).
    Yellow Turban Forces:
    The grass always looks greener on the other side. In this case this 
    adage doesn't hold true. Fighting as the Yellow Turbans forces is as 
    harsh as it was in the original game. The Han forces will put up a 
    tremendous fight and your "Children of the Yellow Turban" will be 
    shredded like the namesake cloths they wear. Entering the fortress is 
    even worse as enemy ambushes pop up everywhere. The Way of Peace won't 
    save them, but the General of Heaven has one secret weapon: you. The 
    battle pretty much boils down to how fast you can kill all the Han 
    generals before the Yellow Turbans get slaughtered, as you can pretty 
    much forget any backup from the other generals. If you're playing Zhang 
    Jiao, you're going to have to walk all the way to the northwest corner 
    to cross the river just to join the battle, as the river hasn't been 
    frozen yet. Otherwise, you'll usually start northeast of the castle, so 
    work in a clockwise direction around the fortress, taking out Liu Bei, 
    followed by Cao Cao, and then Sun Jian. Then enter the fortress and 
    begin working on the generals in there. You won't be lacking in cannon 
    fodder for this one, but the Turbans won't last long unless you get 
    their morale up quickly. An important note to remember is that if you 
    defeat a primary general, all officers under them will withdraw from 
    the battle. Thankfully Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei aren't as tough 
    as they will be in later battles, but He Jin will put up a considerable 
    fight compared to his miserable performance in the last game.
    The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    Allied Forces:
    This battle is a bit more straightforward than the original. There is 
    only one route to Dong Zhuo and unless something goes horribly wrong, 
    all of your forces should rendezvous at the bottom for the final push 
    towards Hu Lao Gate. Yuan Shao starts in a fortified position in the 
    northwest so his safety won't be much of a concern. Sun Jian's forces 
    will be assaulting the middle gate in the map (Fan Shui) while Cao 
    Cao's forces approach said gate from the rear. Liu Bei's forces are 
    positioned to attack a smaller gate in the northeast. Surprisingly an 
    allied general Yuan Shu has positioned himself deep into enemy 
    territory in the southeast, but he wont be there for long. In fact he 
    wont be doing any fighting at all. Basically the same strategy you used 
    for the original battle can be applied here. Clear out the enemy in 
    your path and assist the other forces. Then get together and push 
    towards Hu Lao gate. Sound easy? It should, but there's just one minor 
    That problem comes in the form of a huge warrior with a long headdress 
    riding a red horse and wielding a humongous crescent halberd. You 
    guessed it. Lu Bu is back and he stronger than ever. Shortly after the 
    battle starts a cut scene will show that Yuan Shu's army is not moving. 
    Shortly after Lu Bu will make his presence known via a cut scene and 
    proceed to lay waste to Yuan Shu's forces (accompanied by Lu Bu's theme 
    music, a remix of the Dynasty Warriors 2 theme). Afterwards, he will 
    proceed north and attack any unit that comes into range. While it is 
    possible to beat Lu Bu on your first try, it's also equally likely that 
    he will kill you. If you do engage Lu Bu and attempt to flee later, he 
    will follow you all over the map so try and get some of your own allies 
    between the two of you to draw his attention. Yuan Shao warns you not 
    to engage Lu Bu and instead head towards Hu Lao Gate. If your character 
    is very weak defensively that is excellent advice. Zhang Liao is 
    usually hanging around in the area with Lu Bu and is much easier to 
    defeat, dropping a handy weapon box. If you are playing as Zhang Liao 
    and encounter Lu Bu, an exclusive cut scene between the two will occur. 
    If Yuan Shu is killed and Lu Bu encounters Liu Bei, Guan Yu, or Zhang 
    Fei (and they are all still alive) a cut scene will take place showing 
    a brief skirmish between Lu Bu and the oath brothers. This reduces Lu 
    Bu's morale and he will pull back from battle slowly. This is very 
    important as if Lu Bu is left alone without this event, he will cut his 
    way towards Yuan Shao one general at a time.
    After the Lu Bu threat is taken care of one way or the other, and your 
    forces have rendezvous in the southeast, it's time to head for Hu Lao 
    Gate. In the bend before the approach to Hu Lao Gate Dong Zhuo's forces 
    will launch a surprise attack with several archers on the mountainside. 
    Unless you have a penchant for pain and a healthy supply of arrows, 
    it's better to make a break for Hu Lao Gate. At the top of the bend a 
    cut scene will occur of your character leading an assault unit to the 
    Hu Lao Gate. Help the assault captain clear out the area in front of 
    the gate and the gate will automatically open, releasing a flood of 
    enemy soldiers as well as an ambush unit in front of the gate. After 
    that is taken care of, it's time to take on the hundreds of soldiers 
    inside Dong Zhuo's fortress. And face the scary wrath of Diao Chan 
    (read get free defense up item).
    First of all it would be a good idea to take out those three gate 
    captains as soon as humanly possible because until the gates are 
    secured you are doomed to face unending hordes of enemy soldiers. Try 
    not to engage Dong Zhuo just yet until this is done. If he does give 
    chase try jumping onto the raised platform to escape. Now this is just 
    my observation, but for some inexplicable reason most generals do not 
    jump up after you when you jump onto a raised platform. Try it on other 
    stages and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, after the gate captains are 
    taken care of and the solders swarming you have been thinned out to 
    acceptable levels, it's time to take out Dong Zhuo himself. If he gives 
    you trouble you may have to wait for some back up to arrive. Speaking 
    of backup, two of Dong Zhuo's generals will appear to the north at 
    around this time, but since you're miles away and are about to kill 
    Dong Zhuo anyway, their appearance doesn't really mean anything.
    Dong Zhuo's Forces:
    Unlike the Yellow Turbans, Dong Zhuo's forces are more than capable of 
    holding their own. In fact while I was getting Dong Zhuo's fourth 
    weapon one of the generals survived for over 30 minutes completely 
    immersed in a sea of red at the center of the map. Now that's tenacity. 
    Anyway, with Lu Bu on your side, how can you not lose? As Dong Zhuo 
    puts it, "Don't hold back! Lu Bu is coming!" Unless you're playing Dong 
    Zhuo, Diao Chan, or Lu Bu, you'll start right next to where Yuan Shu is 
    positioned. You can pretty much do anything you want on this one, but I 
    usually take out Yuan Shu first, followed by Liu Bei and company to the 
    northeast, circling around the back towards Cao Cao (who has miles of 
    soldiers following him, it might take a while to cut through all of 
    them), and then around towards Sun Jian in a circular pattern. 
    Afterwards, backtrack and head up towards old pointy hat to finish the 
    job. The only two things you need to worry about are Diao Chan dying 
    (she gets sent out to the frontlines early in the battle), which causes 
    Lu Bu to turn against you, and if all your generals except for Lu Bu 
    and Diao Chan are killed, in which case Diao Chan defects. Either case 
    is highly unlikely unless you are trying to do them on purpose. Even if 
    you do absolutely nothing it can take up to 45 minutes for all your 
    generals to die on hard difficulty. So go ahead and have fun with this 
    one. Grovel and tremble? Yuan Shao has stamina, but he's nowhere near 
    as scary as his hat.
    Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
    Sun Jian's Forces: 
    Well, I guess it's not a real surprise attack, considering that Liu 
    Biao has a bazillion archers waiting for you on shore. And a rock 
    ambush. But I digress. Your character has some good advice in the 
    opening cut scene. Ignore the archers on the beach and make a break for 
    the fortress. If you concentrate on killing the generals, your officers 
    will mop up the beach for you. Basically this battle involves two 
    fronts. Sun Ce will approach Liu Biao from the south and Sun Jian will 
    take the back road and attack from the east of the fortress. 
    Unfortunately, Sun Jian will end up getting baited by Lu Gong into a 
    rock ambush in the stone valley to the north and winds up deader than 
    Julius Caesar in a cut scene. Of course, if you are playing as Sun Jian 
    this event won't happen. Killing Lu Gong won't prevent this from 
    happening (amusingly a deceased Lu Gong is told to retreat), as this 
    automatically happens once Sun Jian reaches the northern rock valley. 
    But even if this does occur, it's not much to worry about. Think of it 
    as divine punishment for taking the Imperial Seal. Anyway, it's pretty 
    much up to you on which route you take to the fortress. The opposition 
    on either route isn't exactly impressive. Once inside there are a few 
    more officers and archers to take care of, and then it's on to Liu Biao 
    himself. If you're feeling generous, try and see if you can get Sun Ce 
    to smack Liu Biao around before you deliver the coup de grace. Or 
    better yet use him to distract Liu Biao as he does have quite a bit of 
    stamina (Liu Biao, not Sun Ce).
    Liu Biao's Forces:
    This battle is even easier on this side. Again, the choice of which 
    route to take is pretty much up to you. If you take the east route you 
    can make a beeline for Sun Jian and kill him before anyone even gets 
    near the fortress. Or you can take the south route and systematically 
    slaughter all the Wu generals and officers for assorted goodies before 
    killing Sun Jian. There are a lot of archers on the beach, but chances 
    are they'll be firing at random people instead of the true threat, 
    which in this case is you. On a side note, if Sun Jian gets to Lu Gong, 
    Lu Gong will retreat in order to bait Sun Jian into the rock ambush. 
    Unfortunately, the event doesn't kill Sun Jian outright like it did 
    before, but it does reduce his morale (having a ten ton rock dropped on 
    you would tend to do that).
    The Battle at Wan Castle
    Cao Cao's Forces:
    The opening cut scene before the attack will feature your character 
    sleeping, reading, or passed out on the floor from drinking, depending 
    on which one you selected. After that, it's time to go pull Cao Cao's 
    sorry butt out of the fire (figuratively and literally). You won't have 
    to worry about Cao Cao for a while since he has no less than four 
    officers (including Xu Zhu) protecting him, so all you have to do is 
    clear a path for him. Since you're under his direct command, the more 
    enemies you kill the higher his morale will be. Because the main gate 
    leading to Cao Cao is locked and being fiercely defended by one "Evil 
    Comes" (a.k.a. Dian Wei), Zhang Xiu's forces will have to take the long 
    way around. Which is fine since you want them to come to you. 
    Systematically take out the enemy generals, officers, and gate captains 
    moving in a clockwise direction around the compound, and Cao Cao will 
    follow from behind. When you get to the southwest gate Cao Cao will 
    hold his position there. I'm not exactly sure the condition at which 
    Cao Cao can flee the castle or the gate he'll use since it's never 
    happened to me on this stage. Anyway, after Cao Cao is safe for the 
    time being, you can go help out Dian Wei who is putting up one heck of 
    a fight at the gate to the interior of the compound. Northwest of this 
    Xu Huang is fighting off some soldiers. If you help him clear the area, 
    he'll help you with Zhang Xiu. After that you can proceed in Zhang 
    Xiu's general direction and mop up his remaining forces. Zhang Xiu has 
    stamina but not much else. Prepare to meet your ancestors? You've got 
    it the other way around my friend.
    Zhang Xiu's Forces:
    Oh boy. This battle's a fun one. If your definition of fun is to fight 
    wave after never ending wave of soldiers. Unlike Cao Cao's version of 
    this scenario, Cao Cao gets reinforcements. Lots of reinforcements. 
    Lots and lots of reinforcements. You get the picture. So it would be in 
    your best interest to eliminate Cao Cao as soon as possible. 
    Unfortunately, the most direct route is also being guarded by one angry 
    baldheaded guy carrying an axe with your name on it. Dian Wei is 
    guarding the gate leading to the center of the castle where Cao Cao is, 
    and unless you want to fight your way through hundreds of Wei soldiers 
    going to long way around, your best bet is to take Dian Wei out. 
    Killing Dian Wei shows a cut scene of his heroic last stand, after 
    which the Dian Wei gate to the inner compound will open. As you cut 
    your way to the back of the castle, reinforcements in the form of Zhang 
    Liao and Zhen Ji will arrive to the northwest in a cut scene, as will 
    several ambush parties to liven things up. From that point on it's a 
    only a matter of making a beeline towards Cao Cao before he manages to 
    get away, cutting through his reinforcements, ambush parties, officers, 
    and generals until you get to the big man himself. Cao Cao isn't that 
    tough, but you might be worse for the wear by the time you reach him.
    Assault on the Wu Territory
    Sun Ce's Forces:
    This battle is pretty linear, but it does branch off into two 
    directions, one of which determines if you'll get another ally in the 
    battle or not. First off take out the two officers in the area, which 
    opens up the gate. From there you can follow the path until it's 
    decision time. You can west towards Taishi Ci or go east towards Liu 
    Yong. If you kill Liu Yong before Taishi Ci gets killed, he will 
    surrender and join your side for the battle. If you're playing Musou 
    Mode this will also unlock Taishi Ci as a playable character. Liu Yong 
    is probably the toughest of the three target generals (stamina wise) 
    and has lots of archer backup. After he's gone there isn't much else to 
    do but mop up the remaining generals. During this time you should get a 
    cut scene where your character suggests to Sun Ce to split forces and 
    take both generals out at once. It's a good idea, but unfortunately 
    your forces tend to arrive after you've taken out the second general. 
    Let them pick off the stragglers and go take out the third general.
    Allied Forces:
    This battle is even more linear than the other scenario since the gate 
    to Taishi Ci is closed. You'll initially start off in the southwest 
    corner of the map. While listening to Larry, Moe, and Curly make their 
    pre battle commentary, head up north and take out Zhou Yu's officers 
    along the way before taking Zhou Yu out himself. Be careful since there 
    are a lot of archers in the surrounding area. Then follow the yellow 
    brick road around the bend and you may encounter Sun Ce, one or more of 
    his officers, or both depending on how quickly you took out Zhou Yu. An 
    interesting observation I've made is that if Da Qiao is near Sun Ce 
    when you fight her, she becomes considerably tougher defensively than 
    if she were alone. If you want you can run past Sun Ce and take out any 
    of his generals in front of him, then come back and finish him off. On 
    a side note, there are some rather interesting glitches that occur 
    occasionally on this stage ranging from enemies coming at you from the 
    mountainside to people fighting on the mountainside itself.
    The Battle at Guan Du
    Cao Cao's Forces:
    This was one of my favorite battles in the original game due to the Wu 
    Chao burning event. It's still here but now Yuan Shao has finally 
    realized that having a single highly vulnerable supply depot wasn't 
    such a good idea. So now he's built not one, not two, but four depots 
    this time, and you have to guess which one is the real one. This time 
    around Yuan Shao is already laying siege to Cao Cao so it's important 
    you find the supply depot as quickly as possible. Cao Cao is positioned 
    deep in the castle, guarded by Xu Zhu and Zhang Liao. Yuan Shao is 
    north of the castle, and the depots are to the east. Wen Chou has 
    already begun his assault on the north side of the castle. Unless 
    you're playing as one of Cao Cao's generals, your initial position will 
    be by the bridge near the river branch, an idea spot to launch an 
    attack on the depots. Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xu Huang, and Guan Yu 
    are nearby and have been assigned to assault the depots. It's your 
    choice as to which depot to attack first, but it's best to start with 
    the southeastern one and work your way counterclockwise to the northern 
    one so you don't waste too much time if it's the wrong one. You'll 
    eventually find the right one through the process of deduction.
    During your supply depot hunt several events may occur as time passes. 
    The first cut scene features Yuan Shao's army moving archer towers to 
    assault the castle, after which archer towers will appear on the east 
    side of the castle. The second cut scene features the collapse of the 
    castle's wall, which results in the destruction of the north wall of 
    the castle, allowing Wen Chou's forces to move in. These events may or 
    may not take place depending on how fast you can find and burn down the 
    Wu Chao supply depot.
    Each depot is guarded by a general and upon their demise the gates of 
    the depot will open. If you enter the wrong one you'll get a message 
    that the supplies aren't there. If you enter the right one you'll get a 
    cut scene where your character will report the position of the supply 
    depot back to Cao Cao. When you've found the right one find good old 
    Chun Qiong and proceed to cut off his hands, ears, and nose. After his 
    demise the Wu Chao compound will go up in flames in a cut scene, and 
    Cao Cao will begin his counterattack. 
    As you approach Yuan Shao you may or may not run into Liu Bei. If Guan 
    Yu runs into Liu Bei a cut scene between the two will appear and Liu 
    Bei will withdraw from the battle. Fortunately, Guan Yu will remain 
    with you unlike the previous game. From here on you know the drill. 
    Take out the remaining generals (Zhang He is running around somewhere, 
    go say hi to him) and gate captains before taking on old pointy hat 
    himself. Don't you just love his hat?
    Yuan Shao's Forces:
    This battle is much easier than the original one since the Wu Chao 
    burning event does not automatically occur. It will burn if they manage 
    to find and kill Chun Qiong, but you're not going to let that happen, 
    right? Actually I don't know if that's true, since it's never happened 
    to me before. But we don't want to take any chances, right? You can 
    find out where Chun Qiong's hiding by looking at the start map. Fun. 
    Now back to business. At the start of the battle Yuan Shao sends Yan 
    Liang to lead the assault on Cao Cao. You'll be across the bridge by 
    the river bend so go ahead and follow him. Basically your goal is to 
    take out all of Cao Cao's generals before they manage to cross the 
    river and get to the depots. You can safely ignore Xiahou Yuan at the 
    northwest at the castle since he tends to stick around there. 
    VmanXkindV writes in to mention that defeating him will trigger the 
    collapse of the castle's northern wall, so go ahead and take care of 
    him if you want to do some exterior decorating on Cao Cao's castle. 
    That leaves Xiahou Dun, Xu Huang, and a few other generals to take care 
    of, since they're the ones who are after the depots. Inside of the 
    castle are Guan Yu, Xu Zhu, Zhang Liao and a few other officers. 
    They're relegated to defending the castle. It is important to note that 
    if Guan Yu encounters Yan Liang, he will kill him instantly in a cut 
    scene (those cut scenes can be hazardous to your health), in which case 
    Yuan Shao orders Wen Chou to take over the assault. Guan Yu is probably 
    the toughest of Cao Cao's generals so be careful when you encounter 
    him. By the time you kill a few generals, the wall breaching cut scene 
    should occur, making your job a lot easier by opening a hole through 
    the north wall of the castle (Cao Cao will even congratulate you for 
    it!). After Yuan Shao's troops run amok for a little while in the 
    castle, another cut scene takes place showing Cao Cao launching a 
    surprise assault, making additional troops appear to the southeast. But 
    by this time your morale should be high enough that it won't matter one 
    way or the other. After that clear out the remaining generals and gate 
    captains, and show Cao Cao that you don't need any strategies to beat 
    Guan Yu's Escape
    Guan Yu's Forces:
    In this scenario it's just you and Guan Yu against Cao's Cao's forces. 
    Unless you're playing as Guan Yu, in which case it's a kindler, gentler 
    version of the Endurance Mode. Your objective is to clear five gates by 
    defeating five of Cao Cao's generals without losing Guan Yu. To make 
    things more interesting you must also escort a carriage and ensure its 
    safety through the five gates. Despite what you might think, the enemy 
    will not physically attack the carriage, but the carriage will take 
    damage if left alone near the enemy or if you get too far away from it. 
    It starts out with around 200 life and takes damage in 50 point 
    increments (you get a message every time the carriage takes damage). 
    But if you're careful to stay close to the carriage and kill the 
    enemies as they come it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Despite 
    what you see in the opening cut scene, if you're Guan Yu you do not 
    automatically start on Red Hare. Bummer.
    After a few archers say hello behind the opening gate you'll run into 
    Zhang He and an officer. Defeat Zhang He to open the first gate. After 
    a second group of archers say hello you'll run into Zhen Ji and an 
    officer. Defeating her opens the second gate. Around the hills in the 
    next area Xiahou Yuan will greet you along with yet another officer. An 
    enemy ambush will also come to the party as well. Beat Xiahou Yuan to 
    open the third gate. A third group of archers lies in wait past the 
    gate, and after that is Xu Huang and his officer. Beating turban boy 
    opens the fourth gate. Just one more to go. Across the bridge is yet 
    another group of archers, an officer, and Xu Zhu. These people sure 
    know how to throw a party, don't they? Beating Xu Zhu won't open the 
    last gate, but beating someone behind you will.
    While you've been busy spanking the other generals, Xiahou Dun, 
    offended that Guan Yu doesn't want to play with Cao Cao anymore, has 
    been coming up from behind and is out for some serious blood. When 
    Xiahou Dun meets Guan Yu another cut scene occurs, followed by some 
    serious fighting. If you're playing as someone other than Guan Yu, be 
    sure to back him up (mainly by stabbing Xiahou Dun in the back while 
    he's occupied with Guan Yu). If you are Guan Yu, you have a serious 
    fight on your hands. Xiahou Dun is much tougher than he was in previous 
    battles, and he's not shy with his Musou attacks either. There's a meat 
    bun in a jar to the left of the fifth gate if you need it. Defeating 
    him makes him drop the very valuable Way of the Musou item and opens 
    the fifth gate.
    Cao Cao's Forces: 
    This battle is basically the same as Guan Yu's scenario except you're 
    seeing things from Xiahou Dun's point of view. There are a few minor 
    changes however. First of all you get absolutely no backup whatsoever. 
    It's just you and Xiahou Dun (unless you are Xiahou Dun in which case 
    it's just you). Second, Guan Yu can open gates simply by riding up to 
    them since there are no guards at the gates. And lastly Shu 
    reinforcements appear at each gate to prevent you from reaching Guan Yu 
    (where the heck were they when you needed them in the last scenario?). 
    But despite all these obstacles Xiahou Dun isn't going to take no for 
    an answer. And neither are you.
    Guan Yu has a commanding head start ahead of you, and the fact that he 
    has Red Hare doesn't help matters any. Chances are he'll be one step 
    ahead of you all the way, so just concentrate on playing catch up and 
    defeating all the Shu officers in the way. The carriage is simply there 
    as a time limit. You lose if it gets past the fifth gate. You can't 
    attack it or slow it down, but it moves so slowly that it won't be a 
    problem unless you really take your time. The Shu troops won't put up 
    much resistance, but they did bring along quite a bit of archers to 
    slow you down. The only problematic part is the fort where Xu Huang was 
    in the last scenario. Shu archers line both the east and west sides of 
    it and will put you in a serious crossfire while you fight the Shu 
    officer there. After the fort Zhao Yun appears near the bridge and 
    you'll have to defeat him as well. Then it's on to man with the 
    beautiful beard. Like Xiahou Dun in the last scenario, Guan Yu has been 
    powered up significantly. Use the same strategies you used there. If 
    you're alone, good luck. Remember the nearby meat bun if you need it. 
    The Battle of Chang Ban
    Shu Forces:
    This battle isn't as hard as the original one, since Cao Cao's 
    reinforcements are smaller and only come in one direction. But that 
    doesn't mean you can rest easy. The premise is the same as the last 
    time. You need to fight off Cao Cao's forces and buy enough time for 
    Liu Bei's reinforcements to arrive. What is new this time around is 
    that you need to protect the peasants that are with you and make sure 
    they get to safety. The peasants look just like private units except 
    they are wearing brown/yellow colored clothing. Your starting position 
    will vary depending on whom you choose, but will be somewhere on the 
    east side of the map. Cao Cao's main force is to the northeast with 
    Zhang Liao and Xiahou Dun. Xu Zhu is to the southeast, and Xu Huang and 
    Zhang He hanging out in the northwest. Liu Bei will retreat to the 
    center of the map, but will encounter Xiahou Yuan early in the battle. 
    Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang are covering Liu Bei's escape 
    route across the Chang Ban Bridge.
    Your opening strategy depends on your initial position. If you start in 
    the southeast, defeat Xu Zhu and the southern gate captains, then head 
    north and assist there. If you start in the northeast, defeat Xiahou 
    Dun and Zhang Liao and the north gate captains. Once the north is 
    cleared you can follow Liu Bei's escape to the south, or proceed along 
    the winding path to the west and fight the officers and generals you 
    encounter along the way. During this time Cao Cao's main force should 
    arrive to the northeast, but you should be long gone by then. Make your 
    way to Liu Bei's position and help him take out Xiahou Yuan and the 
    other soldiers harassing him. By that time Liu Bei's reinforcements 
    should arrive to the southwest in a cut scene. At this time the Shu 
    forces will begin evacuating the peasants on the boats, after which Liu 
    Bei will start mobilizing his troops to counterattack against the Wei 
    forces. Theoretically speaking, since it takes quite a while for even 
    one group of peasants to be evacuated and impatient people like me are 
    already attacking Cao Cao. I'm not sure what causes Liu Bei to retreat 
    from this battle since I've never seen it happen, but apparently he can 
    retreat from battle as an alternate victory condition. 
    During this battle two events can occur, both of which are key to 
    getting two fourth weapons. The first event, Zhang Fei's famous stand 
    at Chang Ban Bridge, will occur if the Wei forces manage to reach the 
    bridge while Zhang Fei is on it. This prevents any Wei forces from even 
    crossing the bridge for a period of time. The second event involves 
    Zhao Yun. If Liu Bei sends out a distress call for help and Zhao Yun 
    arrives near him, a cut scene will occur where Zhao Yun makes his 
    presence known.
    Cao Cao's Forces:
    One of my personal favorites, you can really get down and dirty with 
    this battle. The setup is basically the same except you're now on 
    offense rather than defense. And despite Zhang Liao's objection in the 
    opening movie, you get to slaughter all the peasants under Liu Bei's 
    protection and have fun doing it. So let's get to it!
    You'll begin in the northeast along with Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, and Xu 
    Zhu. First off you'll want to want to get rid of Zhang Fei and Zhuge 
    Liang in the northeast. Unlike the last game where Zhang Fei was 
    essentially a Lu Bu clone, this time around he's much less powerful. 
    Once that's done you've practically won this battle. You just need to 
    make sure that Liu Bei doesn't manage to get away in the southwest when 
    the reinforcements arrive. Around this time Cao Cao should arrive to 
    join the party. Proceed to follow Liu Bei's escape route across the 
    Chang Ban Bridge. You will encounter some token resistance, some 
    officers, and best of all some peasants. If you manage to eliminate an 
    entire group of peasants assigned to a general, Liu Bei will give his 
    famous "Aah, my people." speech. If you get all the peasants on the 
    stage you can hear him repeat it up to two times! Weeeeee! Follow the 
    trail and proceed to slaughter every soldier, officer, general, and 
    especially peasant you encounter until you reach Mr. "Aah, my people." 
    The Battle at Chi Bi
    Sun Quan's Forces:
    Veterans of Dynasty Warriors 2 are in for a rude awakening here. The 
    stage has been totally redesigned and the boats are of varying shapes 
    and sizes, making the battlefield into a giant maze. The fire attack 
    doesn't have as big of an impact as it did before, so you'll have to 
    work a bit harder for victory. The basic plan is the same. Get the wind 
    blowing, make sure Huang Gai (and Zhou Yu) survive to initiate the fire 
    attack, then move to counterattack Cao Cao's forces.
    No matter where you start, your initial goal should be to take out the 
    general smack dab in the middle of your fleet. In this case it's Xiahou 
    Dun. This is important because he's guarding the very position Huang 
    Gai needs to be in order to launch the fire attack. After he's gone 
    it's decision time. You can head to the west and take on Xiahou Yuan, 
    or go east and take on Xu Huang. Whichever direction you choose, the 
    forces opposite of yours will push into your territory while you push 
    into theirs for a game of musical boats. You might have to come back to 
    assist if they are coming dangerously close to your leader.
    You won't have to worry about getting 100 KO's this time, as the wind 
    event takes place after a certain amount of time. When the cut scene of 
    Zhuge Liang calling the wind appears, a cut scene of Zhou Yu being 
    astonished will occur, Zhou Yu will instruct everyone to clear a path 
    for Huang Gai, which, if you're reading this, you should have already 
    done. If by chance you should return to that area, a cut scene will 
    occur where your character covers Huang Gai. When Huang Gai reaches 
    that position you will get a message saying that Huang Gai is in 
    position. If you are playing as Huang Gai, you only need to get to that 
    position after the wind blows, and once you get the in position message 
    you can then leave the area. After that it's only a matter of time 
    before the fire attack begins. Obviously, if Huang Gai is killed before 
    this, the fire attack will not occur. Alternately, if Zhou Yu is 
    killed, Huang Gai will withdraw from battle with the same results. But 
    if you cleared out that area beforehand it shouldn't be a problem. Note 
    that when the fire attack occurs, the layout of tbe boats on the map 
    changes and Sun Quan's forces can assault Cao Cao directly from the 
    front. This makes getting around a lot easier.
    When you've reached either the northwest or northeast corners of the 
    map, you have two basic options. You can continue moving to the 
    opposite corner and clear out the gate captains along the way, then go 
    south and help defeat the generals you missed. Or if the fire attack 
    has occurred you can begin assaulting the closest general on the boats 
    near Cao Cao's position. Zhang Liao is on the west side and Xu Zhu is 
    on the east side. When the fire attack cut scene occurs, Cao Cao's 
    morale with drop and Zhou Yu will give the instruction to "Move to 
    counterattack!" and Sun Quan's forces will begin mobilizing to attack 
    Cao Cao via the new boat connection formed in the attack. The fire 
    makes it hard to tell the Wu soldiers from the Wei soldiers so keep 
    your map zoomed in. If the fire attack is successful, another cut scene 
    will occur where the Shu army sends a random general (Guan Yu, Zhang 
    Fei, or Zhao Yun) and reinforcements from the northwest to help you. 
    Hopefully you won't have to depend on them to win, but it's nice to 
    know that Zhuge Liang cares. But like Zhou Yu says, "Everyone, do not 
    become one of Shu's victories! This battle shall belong to 
    Wuuuuuuuuuuu!" On a side note if Huang Gai encounters Zhang Liao after 
    the fire attack, a cutscene will show Zhang Liao shooting Huang Gai 
    with an arrow, knocking him into the water. This will eliminate him 
    from the battle, so if you don't want to lose Huang Gai be sure to take 
    out Zhang Liao before he reaches him.
    As the battle progresses, depending on his morale Cao Cao may start 
    retreating to the north camp. If he gets there you might have problems 
    with all those archer towers and gates, unless you took care of them 
    already. Also reinforcements from the north will appear in a cut scene 
    to back up Cao Cao. But if you've already defeated all of the other 
    generals and the Cao Cao's navy is up in flames, it won't make much of 
    a difference. 
    Liu Bei's Forces:
    This is pretty much the same as the Wu scenario, except you'll start by 
    Zhuge Liang's altar in the southwest. Take out the nearby gate captain 
    and proceed using the same strategies you used for Wu. The only major 
    difference is that you won't have to clear out Huang Gai's area this 
    time around. There is an exclusive cut scene that will occur when the 
    wind blows, showing your character reacting to the summoned wind. Other 
    than that, everything else is pretty much the same as the Wu scenario, 
    except the cut scene featuring Shu reinforcements will not occur (you 
    are the reinforcements).
    Wei Forces:
    Cao Cao tells you to head for Zhuge Liang's prayer altar to the 
    southwest in the beginning of the battle, and that's a good idea. You 
    won't find Zhuge Liang there, but if you manage to defeat Lu Meng 
    nearby and go to the altar afterwards, a cut scene showing Zhuge Liang 
    being overrun by troops will occur, effectively preventing the wind 
    event from taking place. Special thanks goes to Ed Allen for that 
    If you're too slow getting to Lu Meng and the wind-summoning event 
    occurs, it's time to switch to plan B and take out Huang Gai instead.
    He should be running around near Zhou Yu's position, but if you can't 
    find him then Zhou Yu will do since Huang Gai will withdraw if he's 
    defeated. So you can use the same strategy you used in the last game. 
    Drop everything you're doing and make a beeline for Huang Gai. 
    Interestingly enough if you defeat Zhou Yu before the wind-summoning 
    event occurs it will still show him in the cut scene. Once the fire 
    attack has been prevented you've as good as won the battle, as the Wei 
    navy will eventually crush the Wu forces with superior numbers. As long 
    as you help out of course. Systematically crush every general and 
    officer on the map, and then proceed onward towards the Sun leader.
    The Battle at Tong Gate
    Allied Forces:
    This battle is a fun free for all with a small map and lots of generals 
    to deal with. Ma Chao and his six generals are up against Cao Cao and 
    his three generals. It may look like Cao Cao is seriously outnumbered 
    on this one, but as Ma Chao said in the opening cut scene it's probably 
    a trap, and he's right. And you get to lead the vanguard. Gee, thanks 
    Ma Chao. Right out of the gate Ma Chao will begin attacking Cao Cao's 
    troops with his officers Pang De and Ma Dai. It's your job to help back 
    him up by engaging the Wei generals near Tong Gate. Xiahou Yuan is in 
    the area, but Cao Hong and Cao Ren are the bigger threat. They both 
    have a high amount of stamina and tend to double-team you, so be 
    careful there. Eventually, Ma Chao will begin going after Cao Cao in a 
    cut scene, followed by two of his generals. Shortly after, a second Wei 
    force led by Xu Huang will lead a rear attack coming from the valley 
    north of Tong Gate. Ma Chao, realizing the situation, will order the 
    remaining generals to deal with this threat from behind. Hopefully by 
    this time you'll already have defeated all of the generals by Tong 
    Gate. If not, you may have to break from combat and go back to help out 
    the generals with this rear assault.
    If Pang De and Ma Dai are killed and Cao Cao encounters Han Sui, a cut 
    scene will occur in which Cao Cao tries to negotiate with him. This 
    causes Han Sui's morale to drop. If this occurs, Han Sui will defect to 
    Cao Cao's side after a while. If you have been diligent in defeating 
    enemy generals when the opportunity presents itself, this shouldn't be 
    any problem. 
    Cao Cao's Forces:
    This scenario is even more fun than the first. Ma Chao has little 
    chance of winning without you to back him up, but you're still going to 
    have to work for this one. You'll start near the entrance of Tong Gate 
    right in the vanguard (are you cannon fodder or what?). You should 
    ignore Ma Chao for now and worry about his two officers. Ma Dai and 
    Pang De are as tough as Cao Hong and Cao Ren were in the last scenario. 
    Take out his officers, and then proceed inside Tong Gate. Fighting six 
    generals at once (five if you ignore Han Sui) might seem rather 
    intimidating, but compared to Ma Chao's officers these guys are about 
    as tough as wet toilet paper. When Xu Huang joins the party from the 
    north, you'll have Ma Chao's allies caught in a wicked pincher attack. 
    Drive them together into the fields and crush them like the proverbial 
    insects they are. The Han Sui defection event can occur in this 
    scenario, but since it doesn't really matter one way or the other (or 
    if you're impatient like me), feel free to put him out of his misery, 
    even if he is an old friend of Cao Cao.
    Assault on Cheng Du
    Liu Bei's Forces:
    You'll start this battle off in a cotton field, which looks a lot more 
    like a dark scary forest to me. As the opening cut scene shows, your 
    character can get lost in this place easily. The lack of a map, not to 
    mention rock soundtrack, can be disconcerting for some. Fortunately, 
    the start map still works so you can use that to get your bearings. 
    There are three routes to Liu Zhang and they're all pretty much the 
    same in terms of resistance. One thing to keep an eye on during this 
    battle is Pang Tong, who will take the bottom route. As soon as he 
    enters the valley a cut scene will occur, shortly after which he will 
    be ambushed by enemy troops. If you don't go to help him he will die in 
    another cut scene. If you do manage to save Pang Tong, and he survives 
    the battle, he will be unlocked as a playable character. After bailing 
    out Pang Tong, go after the remaining generals and mop up whatever 
    resistance is left. If all of Liu Zhang's generals are killed and he 
    encounters Liu Bei, he will automatically surrender in a cut scene, 
    ending the battle.
    Liu Zhang's Forces:
    There isn't really much to say about this one. Go kill Zhao Yun. Go 
    kill Pang Tong. Go kill Liu Bei. None of them are any real threat, and 
    since they all tend to take different routes they can't really help 
    each other. There are a lot of archers in the woods, and without the 
    map it might be hard to tell where they are, but other than that you 
    don't much to worry about here.
    The Battle at He Fei
    Wu Forces:
    This classic battle has received a major makeover in the sequel. It is 
    also much more complex in terms of areas and events. The battlefield is 
    comprised of five major areas: northwest, northeast, center, southwest, 
    and southeast. Before we talk about the battle let's look at these 
    areas in detail.
    Northwest Area: Here lies Cao Cao's base camp. From here are paths to 
    the northeast area, center area, and southwest area. Cao Cao waits 
    outside of his camp's main gate, and guarding him nearby is Xu Zhu. If 
    you can get the Sun leader inside of Cao Cao's base camp it will count 
    as an alternate victory condition for Wu.
    Northeast Area: This area has paths leading to the northwest area and 
    center area. Lu Xun and several Wu officers will be fighting two Wei 
    generals (including Zhen Ji as an officer) in this area. There are also 
    dozens of crossbowmen on both sides in this area, making this a rather 
    dangerous area to fight in.
    Center Area: This is a small village and is the central hub of the 
    battlefield with roads leading to all of the other areas. Taishi Ci 
    starts here, as does the Sun leader. Because of its strategic 
    importance this area will be highly contested by both sides throughout 
    the battlefield. The infamous Zhang Liao also begins here, and will be 
    joined shortly by Xu Huang from the northwest.
    Southwest Area: Lu Meng starts off here and will be in serious jeopardy 
    as there is also a large Wei force in the vicinity as well. Not to 
    mention a platoon of crossbowmen. The Wei forces here comprise of 
    Xiahou Dun and another general. Paths from this area lead to the 
    northwest area or center area.
    Southeast Area: This is the Wu staging area and has only one path to 
    the center area. In the corner there are several gate captains and a 
    legion of Wu crossbowmen. Strangely enough, no matter how many times 
    I've fought this battle, this area never comes into play. The Sun 
    leader never goes into the area (only to the area north of there) and 
    the gates have no bearing on the outcome of this battle. Not only that, 
    but there's a Wu general guarding there to boot. The only reason you 
    would want to go into this area is to kill the gate captains for 
    defense up bonuses, but the number of crossbowmen guarding the area 
    makes it more trouble than it's worth. 
    Now that we've got the description of the battlefield out of the way, 
    let's get to the battle strategy. Chances are you'll start in the 
    center area in the middle of it all, unless you're Lu Xun or Lu Meng in 
    which case you'll start in your respected area. Unless you're trying to 
    unlock Sun Quan, the first thing you should do is eliminate Zhang Liao. 
    If you're Lu Xun or Lu Meng you should concentrate on clearing your 
    area of all generals and gate captains before heading to the center. If 
    Zhang Liao is not killed within a certain time, a cut scene will occur 
    in which Taishi Ci is killed. When this occurs the Sun leader will 
    begin to retreat to the broken bridge to the southeast. He should be 
    safe there for the time being, but if you really want to be safe (and 
    unlock Sun Quan) go next to him and another cut scene will occur with 
    the two of you leaping over the broken bridge. Once this takes place, a 
    message telling you that Zhang Liao has left the central defenses will 
    appear, followed by another cut scene where Zhang Liao starts attacking 
    the Sun leader. He teleports there instantly with a large Wei force so 
    be sure to be nearby when it happens. Go ahead and take him out. After 
    Zhang Liao's reign of terror ends, the Sun leader will start mobilizing 
    for a counterattack in another cut scene (stay by him to initiate it). 
    All of these events are necessary to unlock Sun Quan. Unfortunately, 
    this also means that you have to baby sit him during most of the 
    battle, during which Lu Xun, Lu Meng, or both have probably already 
    given up the ghost. If they're still alive by all means go and help 
    them, but chances are they will kick the bucket by the time you get to 
    their locations. By this time most of your generals will be dead, so 
    you will need to play catch up right away. Start the slow and painful 
    process of clearing out the outlying Wei generals one by one in the 
    southwest, center, and northeast areas. Wei reinforcements will arrive 
    to the northeast and southwest in a cut scene. Things might seem grim, 
    but don't despair. Eventually Gan Ning will arrive in a cut scene and 
    attack Cao Cao's position. The Wu forces will slowly approach the 
    northwest area, but sometimes they will just sit back on the hill while 
    you do all the work. This can be frustrating if you're trying to get 
    the Sun leader into the camp. One way I've found is to bait Cao Cao 
    into chasing you, then lead him all the way back to the Sun leader. The 
    Sun leader will start chasing after Cao Cao, upon which you can bait 
    back into the camp. It's hard to do sometimes, but it may be the only 
    way to get the Sun leader into camp when the Wu army insists on camping 
    out on the hillside.
    Ed Allen reports that it's a common misconception that you need to get 
    Cao Cao to retreat in order to unlock Sun Quan in this battle. 
    According to him you only need to get all of the other requirements and 
    he should be unlocked. Andrew Kieschnick writes in to confirm that Cao 
    Cao does not need to retreat in order to unlock Sun Quan.
    If you're not interested in unlocking Sun Quan or have already done so, 
    the battle strategy becomes much more simpler. Take out Zhang Liao as 
    soon as possible. Having Taishi Ci for the battle makes things a bit 
    easier. Next clear out all the Wei generals in the center area. After 
    that's done, head either to the northeast or southwest area and help 
    out the generals there, depending on whom you feel is in worse trouble. 
    Next go to the opposite corner and do the same thing. If you like, you 
    can try a "Gan Ning raid" by heading to the next area via the northwest 
    rather than center route. Take out Xu Zhu as fast as possible and 
    bloody Cao Cao's nose a bit before heading to the next area. After the 
    northeast and southwest areas have been cleared, head to the northwest 
    for the final assault. Wei reinforcements will arrive, but so will Gan 
    Wei Forces:
    This battle is pretty much the same for the Wei forces. Help Zhang Liao 
    clear out the center of all Wu opposition, then pick a corner and go 
    assist the forces there. Move to the opposite corner and repeat, then 
    head to the southeast area to finish off the Sun leader. There are a 
    lot of crossbowmen covering the area so approach with caution. Gan 
    Ning's ambush will occur at around this time, but unless you get a help 
    request message from HQ, you don't have to worry too much about it. If 
    you want to get the Power Scroll he's carrying (or are bloodthirsty 
    like I am), hang around the center area until he appears, then go to 
    him and show him exactly who you are.
    The Battle at Fan Castle
    Shu Forces:
    This is the most difficult of the three scenarios at Fan Castle. You'll 
    be facing not only the Wei army in this one, but the Wu army as well. 
    Not to mention that you won't be receiving any backup either. It's 
    basically another version of Guan Yu's escape, except that if you're 
    not Guan Yu you won't be getting any help from him at all. It's just 
    you and a sea of red and blue (soldiers that is).
    Okay. Now that I've told you how harsh this battle is let's get 
    started. You'll be positioned somewhere to the east of the castle and 
    will have to hack your way across the perimeter to the south 
    fortification in order to get to Sima Yi. Guan Yu and his son Guan Ping 
    are here too, but they won't move from the castle walls during the 
    battle because of the impending flooding of the castle. So they send 
    you down there to bait the enemy instead (gee, thanks Guan Yu). You 
    will be facing hundreds of soldiers down there with no backup so take 
    it easy and move with caution. The rain will make visibility very 
    limited so make good use of your radar. If you encounter Pang De a cut 
    scene will occur ("So you can advance in the rain. How about when it's 
    raining arrows?"), and several groups of archers will appear near your 
    position. Fun. If you survive that you'll most likely encounter turban 
    boy (a.k.a. Xu Huang) running around there. 
    At around this time you will most likely get a message that water is 
    about to flood into the castle. This cut scene will occur the moment 
    you set foot on higher ground. The good news is that this will 
    instantly kill everyone on the lower level. The bad news is this 
    includes your bodyguards, so make sure as many of them are on high 
    ground as possible before you initiate the event, as you're going to 
    need all the help you can get. After water floods the castle the layout 
    of the center map will change as you will have to walk on the rooftops 
    due to the flooding. Shortly after the flood event Lu Meng and the Wu 
    army arrive to attack Guan Yu in a cut scene. At this point Wu troops 
    begin flooding the castle from every direction, making for some 
    colorful chaos as troops from both sides engage you. Guan Ping is 
    probably going to be quickly overwhelmed by the Wu reinforcements, but 
    there's not much you can do about it, so concentrate on taking out Sima 
    Yi as quickly as possible before Guan Yu gets in trouble. Lu Xun 
    arrives near Sima Yi's position, but he's not much of a threat. Lu Meng 
    and Gan Ning may or may not start heading in your direction depending 
    on the situation, but if you're fast enough in engaging Sima Yi, 
    chances are they won't make it in time to assist him. Take out the 
    enemy groups one at a time as you slowly work your way to Sima Yi's 
    position, and be sure to secure the gate behind him to make things a 
    bit easier once you do engage him. 
    Wei Forces:
    This scenario is much easier than the Shu one. In fact, if you're good 
    you can even take care of Guan Yu before castle even floods or the Wu 
    reinforcements arrive. You'll start off near Guan Ping's position to 
    the east. Your ally Pang De will stay put at his position throughout 
    the battle, meaning he will definitely be killed when the flood starts. 
    First off begin the battle by heading towards the castle battlements to 
    engage Guan Ping's forces. While you're fighting up the stairs you will 
    encounter several groups of crossbowmen that can be hard to see in the 
    rain, so be careful. Head south along the wall and wipe Guan Ping off 
    the map. Then go north to the corner and head west towards Guan Yu, 
    systematically taking out the pitiful Shu forces along the way. As you 
    might expect Guan Yu is a bit tougher than his son was. Fortunately, 
    he's also quite a distance away from the gate captain so you won't have 
    to worry about that. A special cut scene will occur if Xu Huang 
    encounters Guan Yu. All's fair in flood and war. Interestingly enough, 
    Guan Yu will make short work out of any Wei troops in the vicinity, so 
    if you're using them as cannon fodder you'll need to work fast. After 
    defeating Guan Yu a final cut scene will occur. "In death my soul will 
    be (with) my brethren." 
    Wu Forces:
    This scenario is exactly the same as the Wei scenario. Despite arriving 
    with Lu Meng in the opening cut scene, you won't start with any allies 
    from Wu. The Wu troops will still take their sweet time arriving in 
    battle. Not that you'll need it. You can pretty much follow the same 
    strategy you used in the Wei scenario. For fun, try playing this 
    scenario using Guan Yu and watch his reaction in the opening scene.
    The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
    Shu Forces:
    This is an interesting level in terms of design. The battle takes place 
    on a mountainside with the Shu forces at the top attacking the Wei 
    forces at the bottom. You'll start at the top of the mountain leading 
    the assault down the center path with Huang Zhong backing you up. Zhang 
    Fei will take the adjacent path down. The center path is covered archer 
    towers as well as spike barricades that can do some serious damage to 
    you. Horses will also rear up and throw you if you encounter the spikes 
    on horseback. It's amusing to watch everyone getting bounced around on 
    the spikes as you descend. But I digress. The opposition consists of 
    Xiahou Yuan who is coming up the center path, and Zhang He who is 
    coming up the adjacent path to engage Zhang Fei. If you're not feeling 
    sure of yourself you can always take the safer path with Zhang Fei, but 
    that wouldn't be any fun now would it? 
    When Huang Zhong comes to the top of the mountain a cut scene of him 
    firing an arrow at Xiahou Yuan will occur. This will greatly increase 
    Huang Zhong's morale and decrease Xiahou Yuan's morale. When Huang 
    Zhong comes down the mountain to engage Xiahou Yuan another cut scene 
    will take place. Defeating Xiahou Yuan brings yet another cut scene of 
    his demise. After you reach the bottom go ahead and help out Zhang Fei 
    by taking out Zhang He around the corner. After that's done you can 
    approach Cao Cao in two ways. You can charge down the middle facing 
    more spike barricades and archers. Or you can take the stealthy 
    approach and take one of the side paths. The choice of approach is up 
    to you, but before you fight Cao Cao try to secure the gate directly 
    behind him to make things easier on yourself.
    Wei Forces:
    You'll be fighting an uphill battle on this one literally. This 
    scenario is the same as the Shu scenario except you're going up instead 
    of down. The bad news is that going uphill slows you down considerably, 
    making you an easy target for archers. The good news is that you can 
    use the spike barricades to your advantage since they're facing the Shu 
    army instead of you. You can choose either to go with Xiahou Yuan up 
    the center or go with Zhang He on the side path. Whichever you choose 
    go and help take out the other general after you've finished with 
    yours. The winding path to Liu Bei from the center is covered with lots 
    of crossbowmen so approach with caution. Reinforcements led by Zhao Yun 
    appear as you're fighting Liu Bei, but they're too far away to make any 
    difference. Take out the gate captain and finish Liu Bei off.
    The Battle at Yi Ling
    Shu Forces:
    This battle can be relatively tough or a complete nightmare, depending 
    on whether or not you can stop the fire attack from taking place. 
    You'll begin in the center of the battlefield. Liu Bei is camped out in 
    a nearby fort, while the Shu generals are positioned in various places. 
    Huang Zhong is to the west facing off against Sun Shang Xiang. Ma Chao 
    is to the southeast facing Gan Ning. And Wei Yian is to the east up 
    against Lu Meng. Zhao Yun is nearby, but he doesn't have any major 
    match ups so he'll attack anyone conveniently in range. Sun Quan is in 
    a heavily fortified position in the northeast guarded by Lu Xun, but it 
    would be suicidal to go there until all the other Wu generals are 
    defeated. It doesn't matter which general you go after in the beginning 
    as long as you stay near Liu Bei's position. More specifically, the 
    valley west of Liu Bei's position. I would recommend going after Lu 
    Meng first since he's the closest. Lu Meng has considerable stamina in 
    this battle (as do Gan Ning and Lu Xun) so it might take you quite a 
    while to defeat him. When you do defeat him, head straight for the 
    valley I mentioned earlier without stopping to take any coffee breaks.
    When you get a cut scene of Lu Xun surveying the Shu camp, drop 
    whatever you are doing and get to the valley as soon as possible. If 
    you're already heading there by the time you get the cut scene you have 
    a good chance of stopping the fire attack from taking place. If not 
    chances are that unless you are very close to the valley you won't be 
    able to prevent it in time. After the cut scene occurs, Zhu Ran will 
    appear in the valley and make a beeline towards Liu Bei's camp. If he 
    gets out of the valley the fire attack cut scene will occur, and Liu 
    Bei's encampment will go up in flames. This reduces the morale of all 
    of your generals and officers and greatly increases the difficulty of 
    the level. This will also cause Liu Bei to retreat into the southwest 
    corner of the map. If you manage to take out Zhu Ran before he leaves 
    the valley the fire attack will be prevented, and you can breathe a 
    sigh of relief. If you've prevented the attack you can proceed at will 
    to engage the other Wu generals (other than Lu Xun). If the attack 
    takes place, it becomes even more imperative that you eliminate the 
    generals as soon as possible, or the morale loss will seriously affect 
    your generals' ability to fight. Note that if you're playing as Zhuge 
    Liang this cut scene will not take place, so keep an eye on the valley 
    for a red blip and get there immediately to intercept Zhu Ran.
    Since you're probably near the valley I mentioned earlier, you'll be 
    nearby Sun Shang Xiang position so go take her out first. She's 
    surprisingly easy to defeat compared to the nearby gate captain, who is 
    considerably tougher for some unknown reason. After that circle around 
    the shipyards to the north and take down any generals in that area, 
    before heading to Ma Chao's position in the southeast (if he's in 
    trouble you may want to head there first). Gan Ning is considerably 
    stronger than he was at He Fei, and chances are his two officers will 
    try to triple team you. During this time a Wu ambush party will appear 
    to the southwest, but if you've already prevented the fire attack they 
    will be ambushing thin air. Amusingly they will start heading east into 
    the stone warrior formation, where they will be cut to pieces by the 
    soon to be arriving Shu ambush party waiting there.
    When all the Wu generals other that Lu Xun are taken care of, it's time 
    to head northeast for the final push towards the Sun leader. Hopefully 
    around this time Liu Bei will get a report of Shu's success and begin 
    mobilizing his troops for the assault. If not, you're in for a long 
    battle. The Wu encampment is in an excellent defensive position with 
    only a small bridge connecting it to the south, large amounts of troops 
    guarding it, and dozens of crossbowmen providing cover fire. Not to 
    mention Lu Xun guarding the bridge. Like Lu Meng and Gan Ning he's 
    received a tremendous stamina boost and will take a considerable amount 
    of time to take down. Once he's out of the way you'll probably want to 
    take out the nearest gate captain, as the gates here have an unpleasant 
    tendency to bring out even more crossbowmen. After that you'll run into 
    the Sun leader, surrounded by even more crossbowmen. You won't have 
    much success fighting him unless they're out of the way so take them 
    out as soon as possible. You might have to secure the gate behind him 
    as well, lest they bring out even more crossbowmen.
    Wu Forces:
    This scenario is so much easier than the Shu scenario. The battle is 
    pretty much the same, except the Shu generals are much more easier to 
    kill than their Wu counterparts, and Liu Bei starts in the fortified 
    camp to the southwest instead of at the center. Just be sure to take 
    out Zhang Bao who is hanging around the valley where Zhu Ran will 
    appear. Once that is taken care of there is very little to worry about 
    on this one. The fire attack will affect morale so much that the Wu 
    generals will most likely take out some generals all by themselves. 
    Which isn't to say that you should help them. I like to start with 
    Huang Zhong since he's west of the valley. Then I circle around 
    clearing out the shipyards to the north and then head east in a 
    clockwise pattern. Zhao Yun and Wei Yian are a complete joke compared 
    to Lu Meng and Gan Ning from the last scenario. By this time Ma Chao 
    should be long gone, but if he's not then go ahead and take him out in 
    the southeast. Some Shu ambush parties should pop up now and then, but 
    don't make any difference in the battle.
    Zhuge Liang should have arrived in Liu Bei's camp to back him up at 
    around this time, but it's going to take a lot more than a man with a 
    fan dressed in pajamas to stop you now. When all the generals in the 
    outlying area are gone you can take one of two routes to Liu Bei's 
    camp. You could head back to the valley and assault the Ma An Gate 
    north of the camp, then proceed south. Or you can have some fun in 
    Zhuge Liang's psychedelic fun house (the Stone Warrior Formation a.k.a. 
    the eight array maze) located south of the Shu encampment in the center 
    of the map. Before I actually tried the maze I usually took the long 
    and boring route. Now that I know how much fun it is, I always take the 
    maze. It's up to you, but you're missing out if you go the long way. 
    It's safer, but less exciting.
    Assuming you've taken the maze route (you did take the maze route, 
    didn't you?), an ambush will appear inside of the Stone Warrior 
    Formation as soon as someone approaches it. Compared to the maze in the 
    last game, where you could actually get lost (that is if you didn't use 
    the start map), this one is a complete joke. It looks way better than 
    the old one though. The maze (if you can call it that) is essentially a 
    nine by nine square with the start at the top and the exit on the left 
    side. Some areas are sealed off, but basically the path goes from the 
    top, upper right, right, lower right, and bottom squares. While in the 
    maze your radar will be disabled, but you can still use the start map 
    to find your way around just like the first time. Did I mention that 
    each area has a few enemies and crossbowmen? I probably didn't, but it 
    doesn't matter anyway. Have fun in the maze. You'll get two character 
    exclusive cut scenes when you enter the maze and when you exit it. 
    There are also two officers to play with inside of the maze. See if you 
    can find both of them. Weeeeee!
    Ahem. I think the maze has gotten to my brain a bit. Anyway, after you 
    exit the maze you'll end up to the east of Liu Bei's camp. If you want 
    you can help out Sun Shang Xiang clear Ma An Gate to the north (for 
    some reason it takes them forever to clear that area despite the fact 
    there's an entire horde of Wu troops behind her). After that's taken 
    care of proceed into the camp and spank Zhuge Liang silly. 
    Surprisingly, Liu Bei is the strongest fighter out of all the Shu 
    warriors at Yi Ling, but considering the lukewarm opposition you've 
    just taken care of, that's not saying much. You can take out the gate 
    captains if you wish, but be warned that there are quite a bit of 
    crossbowmen in the area so it may be more trouble that it's worth.
    The Nanman Campaign
    Shu Forces:
    One of two new major battles in Dynasty Warriors 3, this can be quite a 
    long one unless your character is significantly built up. The Nanman 
    solders are much stronger than anything you've encountered so far, so 
    it would be a good idea to have a third weapon for this one, as six hit 
    combos will help immensely. Zhuge Liang will be directing things from 
    the northern compound and should be relatively safe there as long as 
    morale remains high. Zhang Fei will be attacking Dong Tu Ne and Wu Tugu 
    to the west, and Ma Chao will be engaging King Mulu and King Duosi to 
    the east. Zhao Yun will head up the middle via the east bridge and 
    fight Yong Kai. Meng You and Meng Huo's wife Zhu Rong will guard Meng 
    Huo's fortress to the southwest. Speaking of Meng Huo, you may notice 
    that he initially starts close to the Shu compound. Whenever Meng Huo 
    is defeated he will reappear in another location and continue fighting. 
    This will occur up to six times. Upon his sixth defeat he will reappear 
    at his southwest base for the final battle. If you manage to get to his 
    base before he reappears for the first six fights, he will 
    automatically appear at his base camp and stay there for the remainder 
    of the battle. You don't have to fight him all six times, but he does 
    drop power ups every time he is defeated, so it might be worth your 
    while to engage him at every appearance.
    Assuming you're going to fight Meng Huo all six times (every time you 
    defeat him you get a cut scene, if you get all six he becomes playable 
    in Free Mode), start out by engaging him right by the Shu compound. 
    After his defeat, he will return after a while in the western side of 
    the map by Dong Tu Ne. Before heading there you might want to pay a 
    visit to Yong Kai across the east bridge. He has a nice elephant you 
    can borrow to smash through the barrier separating the west area from 
    the east area. This makes things a bit more convenient for moving about 
    the area. If you're having trouble convincing him to let you borrow it, 
    wait until you're directly in back of him (or charging you for the 
    daredevils among us) and let loose with an arrow. Go ahead and kill him 
    too if you like, but you've got a date with Meng Huo to the west. On a 
    side note when you encounter elephants for the first time a cut scene 
    will occur showing the Shu army playing a friendly game of touch 
    football with the pachyderms.
    Dailai Dongzhu (don't you just love these guy's names? my personal 
    favorite is Wu Tugu) is hanging around on the west side, but you can 
    save him for later unless you really want to take him out now, in which 
    case by all means go ahead and do so. By now Meng Huo should be 
    somewhere in the tropical rainforest along with Dong Tu Ne nearby. 
    You'll also most likely encounter the Nanman Elite troops for the first 
    time as well. As you might have guessed from the cut scene, these guys 
    are immune to arrows. From a historical perspective, the rattan armor 
    these guys are wearing protected them from swords and spears as well, 
    but fortunately it's not the case here. After beating Meng Huo for the 
    second time, he decides to get revenge on you by reappearing all the 
    way to the east where King Mulu is. You have quite a way to go so get a 
    move on. If you've cleared the barrier between the west and east side 
    you can use that route to save some time. Around this time King Duosi 
    will launch a raiding party near your base camp, but it's more of an 
    intimidation tactic than anything else. Proceed to Meng Huo.
    Looks like Meng Huo has commandeered himself a horse. Which is good 
    since you're going to need it to get to his next appearance later. Of 
    notable interest here are poisoned marshes that drain your life at a 
    rapid pace if you get anywhere near them. On the upside they will also 
    affect the enemy as well, giving them a purple colored hue while doing 
    so. On the down side when you encounter the marshes for the first time 
    the morale of the entire Shu army will drop, so avoid the marshes if at 
    all possible. In the novel, the Nanman used this tactic against the Shu 
    army, so I'm guessing that is the reason behind the morale drop. After 
    defeating Meng Huo a third time, he will reappear by the villas west of 
    the Shu compound, so make good use of Meng Huo's present and get there 
    by horseback. Be sure to take out King Mulu if he's nearby, as you 
    won't be coming back to this area for quite some time.
    Meng Huo is running amok there on yet another horse, accompanied by a 
    small force of Nanman Elite. Defeating him a fourth time gets you a 
    rather amusing cut scene and makes him reappear far to the south from 
    this position. Head south over the west bridge and dispatch Dailai 
    Dongzhu if you haven't already done so. A barricade prevents you from 
    going south past the gate captain to where Meng Huo is, but there is an 
    elephant with rider stationed conveniently nearby. After commandeering 
    the elephant, break through the barrier and go after Meng Huo. This 
    time he's wised up a bit and is now on an imperial elephant (which you 
    can't ride unless you're rank one or higher), accompanied by a large 
    crowd for backup. It would be a good idea to get him off the elephant 
    before taking him on this time. After his fifth defeat, he will 
    reappear near a crater southeast of the Shu compound. Taking him out 
    there is relatively easy. If you like you can break through the 
    southern barrier with your elephant and circle around the back on your 
    way there, taking out Yong Kai if you haven't done so already.
    After defeating Meng Huo for the sixth time, he will be taken back to 
    his fortress in the southwest. Shortly after Zhu Rong will find out 
    about her husband's current dilemma in a cut scene and her morale will 
    increase. Before heading to the fortress make sure all the other 
    generals have been taken care of. By now the only ones left should be 
    Zhu Rong and Meng You by the fortress, and King Duosi in the southeast 
    corner by the spring. Head south and make your way to King Duosi. 
    Around the time you cross the southern bridge Zhuge Liang's army should 
    be mobilizing for the final assault. Go take out King Duosi, but be 
    careful as the area by the spring is very narrow, visibility is limited 
    by the trees and fog, and King Duosi's on an elephant to boot, so it's 
    very easy to get nailed like a ping pong ball while the other enemies 
    distract you. After that is taken care of head west and proceed to lay 
    siege to Meng Huo. Surprisingly, Zhu Rong isn't very powerful, but she 
    is on an elephant, and a dozen or so amazons guard her, and they're not 
    shy about getting up close and personal with you. The Nanman fortress 
    is loaded with soldiers, and Meng Huo is waiting patiently inside on an 
    elephant, with a gate captain behind him and crossbowmen on the 
    surrounding towers. Fortunately he can be baited rather easily once you 
    get him off the elephant. Try to get him to follow you away from the 
    area and you'll have a much easier time defeating him. Despite the fact 
    that this is the seventh encounter with him, he's just as easy as he 
    was the first six times. If this is your seventh time beating him, he 
    will submit to your superior fighting skills in a cut scene. Otherwise, 
    you'll put him out of his misery for good.
    Wu Forces:
    This battle is exactly the same as it was for the Shu scenario, except 
    Lu Xun replaces Zhuge Liang, Gan Ning replaces Zhang Fei, and Lu Meng 
    replaces Ma Chao. Sun Shang Xiang and Xiao Qiao are relegated to base 
    defense. Other than that you can proceed with the same strategies you 
    used in the Shu scenario. On one interesting note, I've seen a strange 
    glitch occur here by the poisoned marshes where Lu Meng was standing 
    directly on top of one mounted on his horse. His life meter was 
    completely empty and he just stood there "stoned" in the middle of the 
    marsh for the remainder of the battle. It's strange but true. Too bad 
    I've never been able to duplicate it.
    Nanman Forces:
    This battle can be rather harsh unless your character is pretty built 
    up in terms of attack and defense. You'll be going up against the Shu 
    Forces, but unlike their scenario they'll start on your side of the 
    field, so they'll be in an advantageous position right from the very 
    beginning. Unfortunately, Meng Huo will not participate at all during 
    the battle, staying put at his base until you've practically won, in 
    which case he's more than happy to help out. Ditto for Zhu Rong. So 
    it's up to you to save his sorry hide from the entire Shu army. The 
    basic set up is the same more or less so let's get moving on this one.
    Morale makes a huge difference in how long your troops can hold out in 
    this battle, so it's important to take out generals as quickly and as 
    efficiently as possible. You'll start out in a position near the 
    southern bridge. Cross the bridge and head north to your first target 
    Zhao Yun. If you leave Zhao Yun alone and head east for Ma Chao, he 
    will end up chewing an impressive trail through the Nanman troops by 
    the time you get back to him. Best to get him out of the way now. After 
    his demise, you can circle back to engage Ma Chao by the poisoned 
    springs, but I found it's better to head north and take out Ma Dai 
    across the east bridge. There are a swarm of Shu troops north of the 
    bridge, so I hope you're ready for them.
    Next you should head east to take Zhang Yi and Ma Chao, who by now are 
    probably deep in the poison marsh territory by now. When they've dealt 
    with appropriately, head back the way you came and engage Ma Liang in 
    front of the Shu compound, but do not enter it at this time. Let me 
    just repeat that one more time. Do not enter the Shu compound yet. 
    Doing so will reduce the morale of your entire army, which will be 
    disastrous at this point in the battle. After Ma Liang is gone, head 
    for the west bridge, dodging the crossbowmen grouped on it, and engage 
    Li Hui who should be nearby. The archer towers nearby are a pain so 
    keep moving to dodge the arrow fire. When he's gone head west and take 
    out Zhang Bao who should be near the entrance of the jungle. After he's 
    taken care of the last remaining threat is Zhang Fei to the west. Wu 
    Tugu, who has been going toe to toe with Zhang Fei since the beginning 
    of the battle, may or may not be alive at this point, depending on how 
    fast you were in taking out the other generals. In any case even if 
    he's dead Zhang Fei will usually still be hanging around the area. Go 
    ahead and avenge poor Wu Tugu. 
    Once Zhang Fei is gone the Nanman army will move to engage the 
    remaining Shu forces. Help them by going north over the bridge and 
    killing the final Shu general Guan Xing. Two of Zhuge Liang's officers 
    are hanging out near each of the gates beside the Shu compound. Take 
    them out if you wish, but make sure to leave at least one gate captain 
    alive in this battle. The one to the northeast is a good choice since 
    it has absolutely no effect on the outcome of this battle. The reason 
    is that if you manage to kill all the generals and gate captains in 
    this battle, Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan will both withdraw from the 
    battle, taking a small chunk of the morale bar with them. Trust me, a 
    defense up +1 is not worth the morale loss you will suffer because of 
    this. When the outer perimeter is cleared to your liking, go ahead and 
    enter the Shu compound. After a brief cut scene where you are attacked 
    by fire arrows, the entire Nanman army will take a loss in morale. The 
    exact reason behind this is unclear, but I can speculate. In the novel 
    the rattan armor the Nanman Elite use were made by soaking rattan in 
    oil so that it becomes extremely resilient to damage. This also has the 
    undesirable side effect of making it extremely flammable as well, a 
    fact that Zhuge Liang exploited rather harshly with a fire attack. In 
    fact the carnage from the soldiers going up in flames was so great that 
    Zhuge Liang was reduced to tears. The soldiers running away in the cut 
    scene supports this hypothesis. Anyway, by now the morale should be 
    high enough that this won't be enough to stop your momentum. Advance to 
    Zhuge Liang and show him just how much fortitude and spirit you have.
    The Battle of Jie Ting
    Shu Forces:
    A.k.a Ma Su's Last Stand. This battle can be a tough one for the Shu 
    forces, and having an idiot like Ma Su doesn't help any. Your forces 
    consist of Ma Su in the west, Wei Yian in the center, and Ma Chao to 
    the east. You'll start right in the center with the Wei forces heading 
    straight your way. After taking out the nearby officers you can either 
    head for Cao Zhen to the north, or take on Zhen Ji in the east. During 
    this time Ma Su will blatantly disregard orders and start heading up 
    the hill to the west, where he'll be promptly ambushed for his trouble. 
    If he's not bailed out of his predicament, Ma Su will end up getting 
    killed, and despite your feelings to the contrary you should go and 
    help him out. To make matters worse, Zhang He may begin his downhill 
    charge event when he gets to the hill, putting Ma Su into double 
    jeopardy. If you do manage to rescue his sorry behind, Ma Su will 
    withdraw back to Zhuge Liang's base camp, and you can resume your 
    business with the Wei army. When Zhang He, Cao Zhen, and Zhen Ji are 
    disposed of, proceed with caution towards Sima Yi's camp. Being the 
    paranoid type that he is, he's positioned quite a few crossbowmen 
    around the camp, and taking them out will be neither fun nor easy. 
    Hopefully around this time Zhao Yun will arrive with reinforcements, so 
    that should make your job a bit easier.
    Wei Forces:
    This scenario is a bit easier than the Shu scenario since all of your 
    generals know how to follow orders. The strategy is the same except 
    this time you're going in the opposite direction. Ma Su will still be 
    an idiot and move up the hill without orders. If you want to get 
    revenge for the last time, go ahead and take him out yourself. 
    Otherwise, Zhang He will make short work of him when he begins his 
    "downhill charge like falling blossoms". This leaves you with just Wei 
    Yian and Ma Chao, neither of which are any particular threat. When 
    they're gone Sima Yi will tell you to find the Shu supply depot, which 
    is located in a small valley near the Shu encampment. It also is 
    guarded by several crossbowmen, but there's nowhere as near as many 
    here as there was in Sima Yi's camp. You can clear the depot out if you 
    want, but it's not necessary. Continue your assault on the Shu camp. At 
    around this time Zhao Yun may appear nearby to help defend the camp, 
    but if the other Shu generals are gone it's pretty much a futile 
    effort. When the main Wei army approaches the Shu camp, a cut scene 
    will occur of the mindless slaughter that is such a trademark of Wei 
    onslaughts, and the supply depot will be destroyed. From that point on 
    you should start going after Zhuge Liang himself and show him how Wei 
    generals follow orders.
    The Battle at You Ting
    Wu Forces:
    This battle is similar to the Jie Ting battle except it's now the Wu 
    army going up against the Wei forces. But since they don't have an 
    idiot like Ma Su with them and a double agent in the Wei ranks, they 
    have a much better chance of success. The battlefield consists of three 
    paths leading to three fortresses, which defend the upper area where 
    Sima Yi is positioned. The Wu strategy is to launch an attack on all 
    three forts at once. Xiao Qiao will engage the west fort, Da Qiao will 
    take the east fort, and Sun Shang Xiang will take the center. Zhang Pu 
    guards the west fort, Zhang He the east fort, and Cao Xiu the center 
    along with Zhen Ji and Xu Huang. You can take any route you want, but 
    since you start out in the center you may as well take that approach.
    Xu Huang is just around the corner, so engage him first. After that 
    it's time to play with Cao Xiu in the center fort. Zhen Ji will most 
    likely attack you as you enter the fort, but she's a minor nuisance at 
    best. On a side note, if you're playing as Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, 
    or Da Qiao and you encounter Zhen Ji, a really weird cut scene will 
    occur. I have absolutely no idea what that one is all about, but you 
    have to love that matrix jump they do at the end. Anyway, when Cao Xiu 
    is taken care of, Wei reinforcements will arrive behind the center fort 
    to back him up. Fortunately, they're a bit too late for that. When the 
    center fort has fallen you can go help clear out either the west fort 
    or the east one. By the time you clear the center fort, Xiao Qiao 
    should be already engaging Zhang Pu in the west fort, so I usually head 
    for the east one. For some reason Da Qiao always seems to be lagging 
    behind, so help her out by engaging Zhang He. When he's gone go and 
    help Xiao Qiao with her battle in the west fort.
    When all three forts have fallen, the Wu forces should begin 
    mobilizing. Zhou Fang, who is guarding the center pass, is one of your 
    own generals, and may or may not defect depending on how the battle 
    goes. If he defects, that's fine. If not, you can safely ignore him for 
    the rest of the battle. Or if you're impatient like me you can just go 
    ahead and kill him. In fact, if the morale of your army is high enough 
    he will not defect at all. Anyway, after Zhou Fang is a small bridge 
    where Xu Zhu is waiting for your approach. Defeating him clears the way 
    to Sima Yi's position for the rest of the Wu forces. There are three 
    gate captains here, but strangely enough only one is behind Sima Yi. 
    You can safely ignore the other two gates, but be sure to secure the 
    center one before you engage the Wei commander.
    The Baron Samedi wrote in to report that if you defeat Zhang Pu and 
    Zhang He before confronting Cao Xiu a cut scene plays showing the Wu 
    forces getting ready to attack Cao Xiu from both sides. I've discovered 
    that this is also what triggers Zhou Fang's defection back to your 
    Wei Forces:
    You have to love Sima Yi's attitude. And it's one you should adopt too. 
    If Zhou Fang doesn't defect in this battle, that's good. If not, you 
    can just crush him along with the rest of the pathetic Wu army. The 
    battle layout is the same as it was in the Wu scenario, and since Sun 
    Quan doesn't have you leading the way this time, things don't look too 
    good for him. And having Xiao Qiao, Sun Shang Xiang, and Da Qiao as his 
    primary generals don't help him much either.
    As before, the choice of which route you take is up to you, but I'd 
    recommend dealing with the Qiao sisters first. Once they're out of the 
    way, your forces can attack the Wu encampment from three directions. 
    Depending on how the battle goes, Zhou Fang may or may not defect to 
    the Wu side. If he does, it won't make much of a difference since he'll 
    tend to do it while he's completely surrounded by the Wei forces. That 
    just leaves Sun Shang Xiang to deal with, and from previous encounters 
    with her you know that she can take as much damage as a wet paper 
    towel. Lu Xun is guarding the camp too, but will only put up slightly 
    more of a fight than Lady Sun did. As you enter the Wu camp you'll 
    encounter some archers, but it's going to take a lot more than that to 
    stop you now. Secure the gate behind Sun Quan and then finish him off.
    The Siege of He Fei Castle
    Important Note: It's very important that you never walk onto the stone 
    bridge crossing the pond in the center of the castle (the one shown in 
    the opening scene), no matter how much you want to. Doing so in either 
    scenario will make dozens of enemy archers appear around the entire 
    courtyard area. Depending on how far your army is in the castle it can 
    be a minor setback or a complete disaster. Apparently Omega Force 
    decided to make the courtyard bridge area so attractive that you 
    wouldn't be able to resist going over it. Your reward is a nice view 
    and a few hundred arrows up the backside. DO NOT WALK ONTO THE BRIDGE 
    IN THE CENTER OF THE POND! Okay. I've said my piece. Now on to the 
    Wu Forces:
    The second of two new major battles in Dynasty Warriors 3, The Siege of 
    He Fei Castle is a much more dramatic conclusion between the Wu and Wei 
    armies than The Battle of He Fei in the last game. Unless your 
    character is a real wrecking machine, you're going to be spending quite 
    a bit of time on this one. Having a third weapon helps immensely, as 
    you will be hacking through an impressive number of soldiers in the 
    battle. The basic premise is the Wu army is laying siege to the new Wei 
    castle at He Fei in an all out effort to wipe them out once and for 
    all. He Fei Castle consists of four basic areas: the west gate, the 
    main gate, the east gate, and the inner compound. Gan Ning will assault 
    the west gate, Lu Xun and Sun Shang Xiang the main gate, and Lu Meng 
    the east gate. You may notice that the fastest way into the castle is 
    straight through the main gate, and might want to take that route 
    initially, but Sima Yi has already anticipated this. The moment anyone 
    enters the center area an enemy ambush will appear there in a cut 
    scene. The main gate beyond that area is locked and will remain locked 
    until the generals on the other side are eliminated. The east gate is 
    locked as well, so it looks like the west gate is the only other 
    option. Head for the west gate of the castle.
    After defeating the nearby gate captain, head into the castle through 
    the west gate. It seems that Sima Yi was anticipating your arrival and 
    set up some fun obstacles for you to play with. The moment you enter 
    the western corridor arrows will begin to fire at you from the wall. 
    Welcome to the aptly named Wall of Arrows trap. Fighting in this area 
    can be hazardous to your health, so ignore all the enemies here and 
    make a break for it to the north. Once you've gotten past the trap you 
    can deal with the soldiers following you. When they're taken care of, 
    proceed around the corner to Sima Yi's next surprise. Be sure to walk 
    around those pillars in the area, unless you want to fall prey to the 
    terrifying Wind Corridor trap. Scary isn't it? Yes, those gusts around 
    the pillars will damage you, so resist the urge to touch them and just 
    walk around the trap to the next area. Keith (keithreturns2) writes in 
    to mention that there is a weapon box in the middle of the Wind 
    Corridor, so if you're still weapon hunting it might be worth your 
    while to take a detour and play with the wind. After the Wind Corridor 
    you'll run into a small welcoming party next, complete with 
    crossbowmen. After that it's time for one heck of a battle royal in the 
    main courtyard. Hopefully the Wu army is right behind you at this point 
    since you're going to need all the help you can get. 
    Zhang He and Xu Huang are waiting for you in the main courtyard, along 
    with a few hundred soldiers or so. Fortunately, they won't both attack 
    you at once, so take them out one at a time. When both generals are 
    defeated the Wu army will open all the gate of the castle from the 
    inside. Unfortunately, around this time massive reinforcements from Wei 
    will arrive outside of the castle from the east. And I do mean massive. 
    In fact there are probably more Wei soldiers outside now than in the 
    castle. And considering that all of the Wu generals are occupied in the 
    castle, this makes Sun Quan and his small garrison extremely 
    vulnerable. Sima Yi is quite a strategist, but I would expect no less 
    from him. Anyway, you should head out back through the main gate and 
    help repel this sneak attack. Aside from helping Sun Quan survive, 
    killing the new arrivals Cao Rui and Man Chong will increase your 
    army's morale. Just be warned that it might take a while to thin out 
    their forces. Don't worry about the others in the castle. With Zhang He 
    and Xu Huang taken care of, they should be wrecking house (or castle as 
    the case may be).
    When Cao Rui and Man Chong are dealt with, pay a visit to Xu Zhu to the 
    east via the east gate. If no one has engaged him yet, you will get a 
    special cut scene of him defending the stone bridge against you (one of 
    the coolest cut scenes in the game in my opinion). This cut scene will 
    only occur if you approach him from across the bridge. When the Marquis 
    Tiger has met his honorable end, head back to the main courtyard and on 
    towards the inner compound where the last of the Wei generals are 
    waiting for their inevitable end. You can head to the west entrance 
    where Zhen Ji is, or head to the east entrance where Zhang Liao awaits. 
    Take out the gate captain by the entrance of your choice, then head 
    inside and engage the general there. Run over to the opposite side and 
    repeat. Then head up the stairs to the top of the wall and make your 
    way to the top of the castle where Sima Yi awaits his impending doom. 
    He's not that hard, but if you get into trouble just blast him with 
    your Musou attack and jump over the castle wall. By this time there 
    should be a sea of Wu soldiers in the castle. Just sit back and 
    manually recharge your Musou gage, then go back up for another round.
    Wei Forces:
    The Wei scenario starts off with a real test of endurance. Unlike the 
    Wu scenario, most of the Wu forces already start inside of the castle, 
    meaning that they won't have to go through Sima Yi's funhouse like you 
    did the last time. Lu Xun and Lu Meng will be in the central courtyard, 
    Sun Shang Xiang is positioned to the northeast, and Gan Ning is where 
    Xu Zhu used to be in the Wu scenario. Interestingly enough there is a 
    new Wu general Zhen Ji (not your Zhen Ji) that is positioned in the 
    northwest. Zhang He and Xu Huang will be defending the courtyard 
    against the Wu invaders. Zhen Ji (the one with the sexy dress) Xu Zhu, 
    and Zhang Liao will stay back and guard Sima Yi.
    Right from the start you will be swarmed with wave upon wave of Wu 
    soldiers. And despite what Sima Yi says, you won't be able to count on 
    reinforcements bailing you out this time. It's up to you to defend He 
    Fei Castle and save the day. Unlike the last scenario, Wu will get 
    reinforcements shortly after the battle begins, but they'll appear 
    outside of the castle so you won't have to deal with them until later. 
    The main concern is just surviving for the first few minutes of this 
    battle. Cut your way slowly but surely through the massive crowds to 
    where Lu Xun and Lu Meng are positioned. They normally won't both 
    attack you, so take them down one at a time (easier said than done with 
    all the enemies around). Surprisingly, once this accomplished you've 
    pretty much survived the worst of this battle. When these two are 
    defeated all the gates to the castle will open will open and Zhuge Jin, 
    Sun Shao, and the remainder of the Wu forces will flood inside the 
    castle to engage you and your forces.
    From this point on it's simply a matter of going after and 
    systematically destroying the Wu generals one by one. Zhen Ji, Sun 
    Shang Xiang, and the two new arrivals Zhuge Jin and Sun Shao are 
    complete jokes. The only general who will put up a decent fight is Gan 
    Ning in the northeast, but if you've survived all of this so far, he 
    shouldn't be much of a problem at all. Around this time Wei will get 
    reinforcements from the southeast in the form of Cao Rui and Man Chong 
    (but in much smaller numbers than the last time). They won't be of much 
    help, but their presence is greatly appreciated. When the remaining Wu 
    generals are all dead, Sima Yi will begin mobilizing everyone to the 
    beachhead in a blue tidal wave to sweep over the remaining Wu forces 
    there. Ride the wave in and, as Sima Yi says, "Destroy them all!"
    The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Shu Forces:
    This final showdown between the Shu and Wei isn't quite the same battle 
    royal as it was in the last game, but it's still a battle of epic 
    proportions. Shu has a slight advantage on this map as their camp is in 
    a better defensive position. On the downside, they are outnumbered 
    almost two to one. Let's start with a basic description of the 
    battlefield. Zhuge Liang starts out in a large encampment to the south 
    surrounded by a river that divides the Wu Zhang Plains into three 
    sections: the west area, center area, and east area.
    West Area: To the southwest Zhao Yun is defending a small camp against 
    Xu Huang. A bridge east of there leads to the center area where the 
    main Shu camp is located. To the northwest Ma Dai is defending a 
    similar camp against both Xu Zhu and Cao Hong. Bridges nearby lead to 
    the center area and east area. Zhen Ji has taken up a position directly 
    between these two camps. 
    Center Area: The Shu encampment is located on a large hill that takes 
    up most of the center area. Bridges to the west, north, and east of the 
    camp connect the area to the rest of the map, but to get to them one 
    must go around the hill, making it very time consuming to use them. 
    Wang Ping starts to the west of the encampment and will engage Cao Ren 
    who is nearby on a small hill. The hill on which the Shu encampment is 
    located is heavily guarded. Guan Xing and Jiang Wei guard the northwest 
    entrance, and Zhang Yi and Zhang Bao guard the southeast entrance. 
    There is only one entrance to the main camp itself on top of the hill, 
    where Huang Zhong stands guard. The inner camp beyond is where Zhuge 
    Liang himself is positioned.
    East Area: To the northeast is Sima Yi's main camp, guarded by Zhang 
    Liao. Zhang Fei will be attacking Sima Zhao, who is on a hill west of 
    Sima Yi's camp. To the south is a large empty plain, and further south 
    is where Wei Yian is defending a camp against Sun Li.
    Your initial position should be in the southeast near Zhang Bao. The 
    most efficient route I've found for this battle is to move in a 
    counterclockwise direction taking out any nearby Wei generals as you 
    go. Your first target should be Sun Li who is harassing Wei Yian to the 
    southeast. Defeating him will bring additional Wei reinforcements to 
    the area in the form of Cao Xiu. Take him down as well, but be sure not 
    to go anywhere near Sima Yi in the northeast just yet, as you have a 
    special surprise to save for him later. When you get near the large 
    expanse of plains in the area, Zhuge Liang's secret weapon Wood Ox will 
    appear. Unless you really need the supplies, ignore them for the time 
    being. Next you should assist Zhang Fei to the northeast in taking out 
    Sima Zhao. Sima Zhao will eventually start launching catapult attacks 
    against your headquarters if left alone, so it's important to deal with 
    him now. Defeating him may trigger yet more Wei reinforcements from the 
    north led by Man Chong. Once he's dealt with, head west over the bridge 
    to the northwest camp.
    Ma Dai will be putting up a heck of a fight against both Xu Zhu and Cao 
    Hong here, but if you've been defeating generals regularly and keeping 
    morale up, he should be okay for the time being. Assist him by taking 
    both of them out. Take extra caution while doing so, as there will be 
    quite a bit of crossbowmen lurking about the area. By now Zhen Ji has 
    probably joined Xu Huang in the southwest to double-team Zhao Yun, so 
    that should be your next destination. Once there show Zhen Ji her place 
    and show Xu Huang what you've got. Once they're gone, there's only one 
    more general to take care of before the climactic finish. Head for Cao 
    Ren on the other side of the bridge and destroy him.
    When all of the Wei generals have been destroyed, a jazzy heroic theme 
    will start to play, and the Shu army will begin mobilizing for an all 
    out attack on Sima Yi. If you like you can head directly for the Wei 
    camp or stop by the Wood Ox weapons and grab all the supplies there. 
    When you get near the Wei camp, a cut scene will take place where your 
    character will taunt Sima Yi (Each character has an exclusive taunt. 
    Collect them all!). Despite what his reply, Sima Yi's morale will drop 
    (shouldn't it go up?) as a result. All that stands between you and 
    complete victory is Zhang Liao and a few hundred Wei soldiers. There's 
    not much else I can say here other than to defeat Zhang Liao and clear 
    the area of soldiers, archers, and gate captains before you take on 
    Sima Yi himself.
    Wei Forces:
    BOMBARDED! Forewarned is forearmed.
    This battle can be amusing or annoying, depending on how you approach 
    it. While the Wei camp has a less defensible position than the Shu 
    camp, chances are the enemy won't come anywhere near it for the entire 
    battle, so it's not too much of a worry. On the plus side, the Shu army 
    loses Zhao Yun and gets Yan Yan instead. In addition, Zhang He replaces 
    Cao Ren. You gain a better general and they loose a good general. You 
    also get some neat toys to use against the Shu army in the form of 
    catapults (more on that later). You even get two waves of 
    reinforcements to boot! Isn't Wei great or what? Three cheers for Wei!
    Getting back to the battle plan, you will most likely start in the 
    northwest by Xu Zhu and Cao Hong, who are all set to party with Ma Dai. 
    The battle is pretty much the same as the Shu scenario with the 
    exceptions I've noted above. For reasons I'll explain later, I would 
    recommend heading in a counterclockwise direction as before. First on 
    the agenda is Ma Dai who conveniently nearby. Don't bother fighting the 
    gate captain near his location as it's too far away and too much of a 
    bother to get to. After stomping him flat head on your merry way to the 
    southwest where Zhen Ji is most likely double-teaming Yan Yan with Xu 
    Huang (Wei generals sure know the value of teamwork, don't they?). 
    After Yan Yan's timely demise, head on over to Zhang He's position and 
    spank Wang Ping thoroughly. Now comes the fun part of raiding the Shu 
    First on the menu is Guan Xing, who is stationed near the northwest 
    entry point of the hill. At the top of the stairs Jiang Wei will be 
    along shortly to accost you. Show him that flashy clothes and a high 
    pitched battle cry a warrior does not make, and make your way to the 
    other side of the encampment. As you approach the entrance to the main 
    encampment, your character will be ambushed in a cut scene and dozens 
    of soldiers will appear in the area, along with several archers 
    covering the entrance. Do not stick around and admire them. Make post 
    haste to the south and don't slow down until they give up the chase. 
    Zhang Yi and Zhang Bao should be nearby the area near the southeast 
    entrance to the hill. Defeat both of them and head east to assist Sun 
    Li against Wei Yian. Wei Yian has a lot of troops for backup, but will 
    foolishly charge out ahead of them as you approach. Show him the folly 
    of his ways. After he's gone, there should only be one Shu general left 
    on the map. That said general should be Zhang Fei to the northeast. He 
    should be attacking Sima Zhao at this very moment. And despite how you 
    might regret it later, you should go and save him from Zhang Fei's 
    lukewarm wrath.
    The reason? Sima Zhao is responsible for launching catapult attacks 
    against the Shu headquarters. A cut scene will signify that he is 
    setting up for the attacks. If he is killed, the attacks will not take 
    place, which can be a good thing depending on how you look at it. If 
    given enough time, Sima Zhao will start bombarding Shu headquarters 
    with large rocks. This will reduce the Shu morale quite a bit and 
    squash many enemies. Unfortunately, the rocks being hurled at the enemy 
    can't differentiate between friend and foe, and will be happy to squash 
    you flat if given the chance. And since you can't tell when or where a 
    rock will land next, chances are pretty good that one will hit you. Or 
    two. And these rocks hurt. A lot (50%+ damage to Lu Bu with maximum 
    defense!). And if you happen to be attacking Shu headquarters at this 
    time you might find it rather inconvenient for this to be happening 
    now. So be sure to stay out of Shu headquarters when the rocks start to 
    fly or you will regret it. If you have your controller's vibration 
    feature on, you can tell when you're in danger when you feel the 
    thumping of the rocks. Flee the area until the thumping goes away. 
    After the first attack, Sima Zhao will stop to reload for a second 
    attack, so you're not completely safe when the rocks stop coming. He'll 
    run out of ammunition after the second barrage, so you'll be safe then.
    Where was I? Oh yes. Finish off Zhang Fei and Sima Yi will begin 
    mobilizing his army to attack the Shu headquarters. While you're 
    running around killing generals during the battle, two waves of Wei 
    reinforcements will appear (Cao Xiu near the southeast and Man Chong to 
    the northeast), and unlike most reinforcements they will come in handy. 
    When the Shu generals are no more, head back towards the Shu encampment 
    to take care of some unfinished business. The troops that ambushed you 
    last time are still there, so take it nice and slow. There won't be any 
    more surprises to fear along the way (unless Sima Zhao is planning 
    another barrage, then you should be very afraid). Some token resistance 
    will confront you along the way, as will Huang Zhong. Retire him as you 
    see fit, then move on to Zhuge Liang and show him exactly what the 
    outcome of this battle will be.
    The Mountain Bandit Campaign (Musou Mode only)
    This battle serves as either a tutorial or bonus stage, depending on 
    when you encounter it. It's basically you against three bandit officers 
    and their pitifully weak forces. You'll have the villagers backing you 
    up for this one (privates for game purposes), and surprisingly they can 
    pretty much hold their own in this battle as long as you don't decide 
    to go down to the local 7-Eleven for an oolong tea slurpee. All you 
    have to do is go around and take out the three bandit officers 
    scattered around the area. You can take out the gate captain to the 
    north too while you're at it. When that's done the bandit leader 
    appears by the gate to the north. He's much tougher than his cohorts 
    were, but considering how strong they were that's not saying much. On 
    an interesting note, if you're playing as Zhang Liao, Zhang Fei will be 
    the bandit leader and a humorous dialog ensues between the two.
    Pirate Attack on the High Seas (Musou Mode only)
    This battle is exclusive to Gan Ning, Lu Meng, and Xiao Qiao, and 
    serves as a tutorial battle for them. Basically some scary pirates 
    decide to try and raid a ship. Unfortunately for them, you just happen 
    to be on that ship. This is basically the same as the mountain bandit 
    scenario except you're dealing with pirates instead of bandits. There 
    are a few archers stationed on the ships, but fortunately they're not 
    as dangerous as they will be in the future. You don't need to take out 
    the three pirate officers on the other ships, but since this is your 
    first battle it makes for good warm up practice for the real thing. 
    There are two gate captains here, but the one to the southeast requires 
    some serious jogging to get to. If you want to get this battle over 
    with, just head for the pirate leader and swab the deck with him. Oh 
    yes, did I mention that there is a ship captain, and if he dies you 
    lose the battle? Fortunately, old Davy Jones is rather resilient and 
    won't go down easily unless you take time out for a suntan on the deck.
    Raid on the Rogue Fortress (Musou Mode only)
    Some people have had a hard time on this one due to the quirky design 
    of the fortress. To tell you the truth, so did I until I found out what 
    to do. Basically, this battle is... ummmm... a raid on a rogue 
    fortress. A fortress of rogue bandits to be exact. Anyway, after your 
    character decides it's his/her civic duty to clear the trash from the 
    fortress, you'll start out in the southwest corner outside of the fort. 
    You may be worried at first about the sheer number of bandits compared 
    to your forces, but don't worry. They're all stationed in various 
    positions and will only attack when you get to their location.
    Start things out by heading north until you get to the west gate. Clear 
    the crowd near it and the gate should open. Head inside and proceed 
    north to the first bandit lieutenant. After he's taken care of, head 
    southeast to the south gate and kill the sergeant there. Doing so will 
    open the gate leading to the inner compound to the rest of your forces. 
    Don't worry about the forces to the south. They'll break through 
    eventually. Then go northeast around the corner to engage the second 
    lieutenant. After he's gone head back the way you came and go through 
    the gate to the north. Keep heading north around the corner until you 
    get to the third lieutenant. When he's given up the ghost, head north 
    and you'll get a cut scene of you character's reaction to this crazy 
    fortress. Apparently, all the doors to the fourth and last lieutenant 
    are sealed shut and no amount of knocking will open them. The trick to 
    solving this mystery is to go over them. Head back west until you see 
    stairs leading up to the top of the wall. From there you can follow the 
    walls north until you reach the area where the last lieutenant is 
    stationed. Killing him will open a door to the center of the fortress 
    where the bandit leader awaits you. Depending on which character you've 
    chosen you may encounter the bandit leader from the mountain bandit 
    campaign, or a defeated general of one of the Three Kingdoms. Possible 
    leaders include Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, and Huang Gai. The leader 
    (or former general) will be much tougher than he was the last time 
    around so fight cautiously. On an interesting note, sometimes the 
    bandit leader's introduction cut scene is shown twice in a row, but I'm 
    not sure what causes this exactly.
    XI. Character Quotes
    Defeat: What the character says when they defeat an officer/general.
    Introduction: What the character says when you encounter them.
    Retreat: What the character says when they retreat from battle.
    Death: What the character says when they die.
    Encounter: What the character says when they encounter the enemy.
    50 KO's: What the character says to congratulate you for 50 KO's.
    Behind: What the character says when they are falling behind.
    Trouble: What the character says when they are in trouble.
    1000 KO's: What the character says when you achieve 1000 KO's.
    Zhao Yun
    Defeat: The enemy officer has fallen to my blade!
    Introduction: Watch my spear and learn!
                  Behold the spear of Little Dragon!
                  At last, a worth opponent!
    Retreat: Impressive. I shall retreat...for now.
             I cannot fall here. My Lord needs me.
             Such incredible strength!
    Death: Death in battle is honorable.
    Encounter: So they've joined up...
               We will crush them in one blow!
               You thought you could get by me!?!
               Show them what we're made of!
    50 KO's: You're even better than they say!
             Just as I expected!
    Behind: We must not fall behind!
    Guan Yu
    Defeat: Victory is mine!
    Introduction: I am Guan Yu, brother of Liu Bei! I will prevail!
                  In battle I answer with my blade!
                  Feel the power of the Blue Dragon!
    Retreat: You have not seen the last of me! Farewell!
             I underestimated you!
             There is no choice. We must retreat!
    Death: Argh! I have indeed failed my brothers!
    Encounter: So, they've joined up...
               Hmm, another army...
               We will crush them today!
               You shall not pass!
               Show them our strength!
    50 KO's: You're a better general than I'd heard!
             You're good!
    Behind: We must not fall behind!
    Trouble: Is this the end...
    Zhang Fei
    Defeat: I beat the enemy general!
    Introduction: I am Zhang Fei!
                  Come get some!
                  I'm itching for a fight!
    Retreat: Hmph! You're tougher than I thought!
             To defeat the mighty Zhang Fei...
             I'm outta here! See ya!
    Death: My brothers...Forgive me...
    Encounter: You expected to get by me!
               We will swat them away like flies!
               Okay, it's time!
    50 KO's: You're pretty good!
             You're better than people say you are!
    Behind: We must press harder!
    Trouble: Hold out until reinforcements come!
    Huang Zhong
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Ha! Who says I'm too old for this?
                  I will serve until my death!
                  Come boy, let me show you the ways of the world.
    Retreat: My Lord is going to think I am getting too old.
             Hmph...Maybe I am getting old...
    Death: Enough! I have lived well.
    50 KO's: You're a better general than I have heard!
    Behind: We must not fall behind!
    Ma Chao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: You who trouble the land! I shall oppose you!
                  Justice is with us! We shall prevail!
                  I shall destroy thee with a single blow!
    Retreat: You are brave! We shall meet again!
             You are very skilled! I salute you!
             This has been entertaining! You are a worthy opponent!
    Death: Kuu...I die with no regrets!
    Encounter: Show them our strength!
               We will attack all at once!
    50 KO's: Great!
             You're a strong general!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Wei Yian
    Defeat: Officer...defeat...
    Introduction: Hmph...You worm!
    Retreat: Impossible...I lost...
             This is...futile...
    Death: Death...I...Ahhh...
    Encounter: More come...
               Don't let them through!
               Joined them...
    50 KO's: Better than rumors...
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Jiang Wei
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I shall defeat all before me! To battle!
                  Lord! I shall honor you!
                  I am Jiang Wei! Fight me!
    Retreat: I cannot die here! Lord Zhuge depends on me!
             Retreating brings no shame. We shall meet again!
             I cannot fall...I still have much to do.
    Death: Please forgive me.
    50 KO's: You're a stronger general than rumors say!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Pang Tong
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: A brawl? Not my style...
                  You're a pain!
                  I guess I have some time to play.
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: Why must I die here?
    Encounter: So, they joined...
               We will attack them all at once!
               We will not let them through.
    50 KO's: You're a better general than I have heard!
             Great work!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Zhuge Liang
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: There is more to me than just strategy.
                  I already know what this outcome will be.
                  Battles are not won by strength alone.
    Retreat: There will be another day...
             To win without fighting is the ultimate plan.
             I will take my leave now.
    Death: I can't believe I was unable to repay Liu Bei's trust...
    Encounter: Show them the strength of our army!
               Now! Attack with everything you have!
    50 KO's: I did not know that you were this good!
             You are a valiant warrior!
             Use all the force you have!
    Behind: They are outdoing us. Fight harder!
    Liu Bei
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I am Liu Bei, descendant of Liu Sheng!
                  I oppose all who destroy the peace!
                  For the restoration of the Empire!
    Retreat: It is for my people that I will desist.
             I will not rest until the Han are restored!
             So, I lack the skill of my brothers, do I?
    Death: My brothers...I'm sorry to say, but I must break our oath.
    Encounter: Hmm. Another army...
               So, they've joined...
               Show them our strength!
               They think they can pass our army!
               We will destroy them!
    50 KO's: You are a powerful warrior!
             Don't let anyone get ahead of you!
             I didn't know that you were this good of a warrior!
             Hmm. Impressive!
    Behind: Don't get behind!
    Dian Wei
    Defeat: I slaughtered that one!
    Introduction: I am Dian Wei. Fight me!
                  I will crush you with my own hands.
                  Idiot! Why do you rush to die?
    Retreat: You'll regret this! Retreat!
             An even match? Impossible!
             For my Lord, I can not die here!
    Death: Lord Cao Cao, my life for you...
    Encounter: Show them what you've got!
               We will finish this today!
    50 KO's: Not bad!
             You're good, better than the rumors say!
    Behind: We can't let them out do us!
    Trouble: Be strong! Reinforcements are coming soon!
    Zhang He
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Pitiful fool, you will die.
                  This battlefield will be your last.
                  There is nothing my claws cannot tear.
    Retreat: Grace is equally important in retreat.
             There is no glory to be won from this battle.
             That was an impressive battle... Until next time...
    Death: Death can be a beautiful thing.
    Encounter: More enemies...
               They've joined against us...
               You won't get by me so easily!
               We will destroy them!
    50 KO's: You're stronger than rumors say!
    Behind: Don't lag behind!
    Trouble: Stand strong until reinforcements come!
             I didn't think it would come to this...
    Xiahou Dun
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I am Xiahou Dun! Come! Fight me!
                  You wish to fight me? How amusing.
                  I shall put an end to this!
    Retreat: I was careless...
             Next time you shall die!
             How can I face Cao Cao?
    Death: Cao Cao...Forgive me...
    Encounter: Hmm, another enemy...
               They've joined forces...
               Crush them with one blow!
               It is time to show them our true strength!
               Don't even think about it! You will not pass!
    50 KO's: You're a better general that I have heard!
             Good job!
    Behind: Don't lag behind!
    Xiahou Yuan
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I cannot be stopped!
                  I eat people like that for lunch!
                  I will strike you down!
    Retreat: Got a little carried away...
             Here's someone even I can't beat! Fall back!
             This wasn't meant to be...
    Death: I can't die! Not yet!
    Encounter: Another army...
               They joined against us...
               Show them our power!
               Did you think we would let you through!
               We will crush them!
    50 KO's: You're tough!
             You're better than I had heard!
    Behind: Don't slack! Fight!
    Xu Zhu
    Defeat: That's one down!
    Introduction: I eat guys like you for breakfast!
                  Beat me if you can!
                  You're mine!
    Retreat: We'll meet again...
             Geez, you got me!
             That's it! I quit!
    Death: Is this the end?
    Encounter: We will crush them in one blow!
               Show them our strength!
    50 KO's: Nice job.
             I heard you were this good!
    Behind: Fight harder!
    Zhang Liao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: You should not be so eager to die!
                  You shall not go another step!
                  I, Zhang Liao, will oppose you!
    Retreat: Even the great Zhang Liao must lose sometime...
             You're even stronger than they say!
             I shall not die yet!
    Death: I have found my place of rest! Farewell!
    Encounter: Show them our strength!
    50 KO's: Splendid!
             The rumors weren't wrong about you!
    Behind: We're falling behind. Go!
    Xu Huang
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Come! Won't you cross swords with me?
                  Let us begin.
                  Show me what you've got!
    Retreat: You fight impressively. Farewell!
             I have finally met my match...
             I still have much to learn...
    Death: Is this it? Does it all end here?
    Encounter: They've joined against us...
               The enemy has been reinforced...
               You won't get by me so easily!
               Show the world our skill!
               We will destroy them!
    50 KO's: Splendid!
             You're more skilled than I've heard!
             Amazing skill...
    Behind: Don't lag behind!
    Zhen Ji
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I am as good as you my Lords!
                  You shall not stand in my Lord's way!
                  You scoundrel! Learn your place!
    Retreat: I got my sleeves dirty.
             We shall meet again...
             I will remember your face!
    Death: My dear, I wish you good fortune!
    50 KO's:
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Sima Yi
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: You should realize your stupidity!
                  My dynasty will be built on your death!
                  You're nothing more than child's play.
    Retreat: This war is not over. We shall meet again.
             You are more than I can handle.
             Retreating is part of my plan.
    Death: I have done all that I could.
    Encounter: Hmm, another army...
               They think they can pass our army!
               We will crush them!
    50 KO's: You're stronger than rumors say!
             Don't let anyone get ahead of you!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Trouble: Get ready...
    Cao Cao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: It is unfortunate to kill one of such skill...
                  I shall destroy all who get in my way!
                  I will show you the path to the spirit world.
    Retreat: Do not think this is the end! I'll be back.
             I cannot die yet.
             This is not the end. Until next time.
    Death: It cannot end here! Not yet!
    Encounter: They joined against us...
               Go! Teach them not to mess with us!
               We will crush them today!
               Did you think we would let you through!
    50 KO's: Hmm. Impressive!
             You're a better general than I have heard!
             You are a formidable warrior!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
            Don't lag behind!
    1000 KO's: You are a true hero of the Three Kingdoms!
    Zhou Yu
    Defeat: The enemy general has fallen to my blade!
    Introduction: Unnecessary bloodshed...yet again!
                  Why do you discard your life so foolishly?
                  Behold the dance of my sword!
    Retreat: Retreat is the best plan here.
             You are very skilled!
             For my master, I must not die today!
    Death: I can't die here! Not me!
    Encounter: We will not let them through!
               We will attack in one sweep!
               Show them our strength!
    50 KO's: Impressive!
             You're a better general than I have heard!
    Behind: Don't be outdone! Fight!
    Sun Shang Xiang
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: My bow is just more than for looks.
                  My brother shall praise me for defeating you.
                  Don't underestimate me because I'm a woman.
    Retreat: I have to go now. My family will worry.
             This wasn't supposed to happen!
             That hurt...I'd better go!
    Death: I do not want to die, not yet.
    Encounter: Don't let them through! Not one!
               It's time to show them what we can do!
               We will beat them down!
    50 KO's: I've heard rumors! You're good!
    Behind: Fight harder!
    Huang Gai
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: It takes guts to stand before me!
                  You think you're a match for me?
                  Anybody like to take me on?
    Retreat: Heh heh. You're pretty good!
    Death: Will this battlefield be my last...
    Encounter: Show them our strength!
    50 KO's: Great work!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Lu Xun
    Defeat: Ha! I beat an officer!
    Introduction: Shall we begin? En garde!
                  I've heard about you. This should be fun!
                  Do you think you can evade my swords?
    Retreat: I shall concede defeat for now...
             You are a worthy opponent...
             You're stronger than I expected.
    Death: I'm too young to die...
    Encounter: We will not let them through our army!
               Now, show them the might of our army!
               We will crush them in one blow!
    50 KO's: Splendid!
             You're a better general than the rumors say...
    Behind: We must not lag behind!
    Taishi Ci
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I'll crush anyone who stands in my way!
                  This will be your last battle!
                  Let's do this!
    Retreat: What amazing power!
             Next time, no matter where, I will not lose!
             I shall not die here!
    Death: Has fate abandoned me?
    Encounter: I will display the power of this army!
               They think they can get by us!
               We will take them in one charge!
    50 KO's: Great job, general!
             The rumors were right about your skills!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Trouble: We can't hold them...
    Lu Meng
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I will destroy you if it's the last thing I do!
                  I will not let you through. Try if you dare!
                  I have nothing against you. But this is war!
    Retreat: This is not a time to be brave.
             I cannot believe this!
             I cannot die! Not until Wu is secure!
    Death: My lord! I must leave you now! Long live Wu!
    Encounter: Hmm, another army...
               So, they've joined...
               We will not let them by our army!
               Show them our strength!
               We will attack in the name of Righteousness!
    50 KO's: You fight like the devil!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Trouble: We can't hold them...
    Gan Ning
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: They call me Gan Ning of the Bells. Let's play!
                  I'm Gan Ning of Wu. Who are you?
                  Boy, are you unlucky! Running into me like this.
    Retreat: Sorry, gotta go.
             I didn't know you were this tough...
             Not bad!
    Death: Man, I really messed up today...
    Encounter: Don't take them lightly!
               You won't get past so easily!
               We will destroy them!
               They're still coming...
               They've combined...
    50 KO's: I didn't know you were so good!
             Good job!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Da Qiao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I can fight!
                  I am not afraid of anything!
                  I must be strong!
    Retreat: I can't fight anymore...
             That's enough for now.
    Death: Nooo...Nooo...I'm very, very sorry!
    50 KO's: You're incredibly strong!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Xiao Qiao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Don't mess with me!
                  I don't lose to anyone!
                  Master Zhou Yu, watch this!
    Retreat: Ouch! You're mean!
             Stop already...I'm leaving!
             What did you do that for?
    Death: Master, it hurts!
    Encounter: Show them our strength!
               We will crush them!
               I won't let you by!
    50 KO's: Splendid!
             Wow! Good, good!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Sun Ce
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: This is war. Mercy is for the weak!
                  Good! This should be fun!
                  You think you can take me? That's pretty funny!
    Death: So this is it! I guess it's not so bad!
    Encounter: We will crush them.
               We will not let them through us!
    50 KO's: Impressive! Better than the rumors say!
             Don't let anyone pass you!
             Great work!
             You are a formidable warrior!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Sun Quan
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: I shall show you that I can fight like my brother and 
    Death: Father, brother...For the glory of our family!
    50 KO's: You are a stalwart hero!
             Don't let anyone pass you!
             I didn't know you were so good!
             Great job!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Sun Jian
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: My sons, this is how a general fights!
                  Interesting! You want to fight me!
                  Do you honestly think you can defeat me?
    Retreat: I look forward to our next encounter!
             I cannot let my sons see me like this!
             There is no choice. I must retreat!
    Death: Sons...the future is yours.
    Encounter: Another army...
               We will show the world the strength of our army!
               We will stop them dead!
               We will crush them!
               They've joined against us...
    50 KO's: Mmm...Great!
             You are a stalwart hero!
             Don't let anyone get ahead!
             Let us call you a brave general!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Diao Chan
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: You dare to be my enemy?
                  I will show you the splendor of my dance.
                  Prepare to meet your destiny!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: Father, please forgive me.
    50 KO's: Splendid work...
             You're strong, just as the rumors say!
    Behind: We need to keep up!
    Lu Bu
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Die, you scum!
                  You dare stand in my way! You pitiful worm!
                  I am Lu Bu! Bow down before me!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: Impossible! I, I...
    Encounter: We'll destroy them in an instant!
               Give them cause to fear!
               They thought they could get by me!
    50 KO's: Incredible!
             The rumors don't do you justice!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Dong Zhou
    Defeat: Look! I have defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Who is this? You are a fool to try and stop me!
                  Yet another sacrifice to my glory!
                  Kill them all! Ha! Ha!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: No, no, my plan... It is all ruined now.
    50 KO's: We are very honored. You are a true hero!
             You're a better warrior than I've heard!
             Hmmm, splendid!
    Behind: Everyone push harder!
            Don't hold back! Attack!
    1000 KO's: We are truly heros of the Three Kingdoms!
    Yuan Shao
    Defeat: I have defeated an officer!
    Introduction: This kingdom is mine! Kneel before me!
                  The Yuan family shall rule this era.
                  Grovel and tremble before me. I am Yuan Shao!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: May the Yuan family prosper...
    Encounter: Show them our true strength!
    50 KO's: You are a stalwart hero!
             You're a better general than I have heard!
             Good job!
    Behind: Don't lag behind!
            Don't fall behind!
    1000 KO's: You are a true hero of the Three Kingdoms!
    Zhang Jiao
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Witness the miracles of The Way of Peace!
                  The Han is dead! Long live the Yellow dragon!
                  I shall punish all those who defy Heaven's will.
    Retreat: I have no time for the unenlightened.
             When all else fails, attack!
    Death: Though my body may die, my spirit will live forever!
    Encounter: Push on!
    50 KO's: You are an invincible hero!
             Great! The world will soon know your name!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Meng Huo
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Meet your death, maggot!
                  Bow before King Meng Huo!
                  I will cleave through your soul!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: Ah, I'm not finished yet!
    50 KO's: Oh. Good job!
             Don't let anyone pass you!
             You are a formidable warrior!
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Zhu Rong
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: Some moves you got there.
                  I am Zhu Rong, daughter of Fire!
                  You're mine!
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: Is this the end?
    50 KO's:
    Behind: Don't fall behind!
    Fu Xi
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: N/A
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: N/A
    Encounter: N/A
    50 KO's: N/A
    Behind: N/A
    Trouble: N/A
    Nu Wa
    Defeat: I defeated an officer!
    Introduction: N/A
    Retreat: N/A
    Death: N/A
    Encounter: N/A
    50 KO's: N/A
    Behind: N/A
    Trouble: N/A
    XII. Variable Character Cut Scenes
    There are many events in the game where the dialogue changes depending 
    on which character you've selected. Try them out with different 
    characters to see their reaction to the situation.
    The Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Go forward! (Han Forces) - If you manage to reach the top of the hill 
    where Zhang Bao is after be starts rolling boulders down the hill, a 
    cut scene will play showing your character smashing a boulder and 
    giving a motivational speech to the troops.
    The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    To Hu Lao Gate! (Allied Forces) - On the approach to Hu Lao Gate a cut 
    scene will play showing your character directing the assault.
    Surprise Attack on Liu Biao
    Head for the fort! (Sun Jian's Forces) - The opening cut scene features 
    your character leading the way toward the shore through a hail of 
    The Battle at Wan Castle
    Clear a path! (Cao Cao's Forces) - The opening cut scene shows your 
    character giving commands to the troops.
    Assault on Wu Territory
    Attack them both at once! (Sun Ce's Forces) - Your character suggests a 
    two-way attack to Sun Ce in this cut scene.
    The Battle at Guan Du
    I found it! (Cao Cao's Forces) - When you find Wu Chao compound a cut 
    scene will show your character ordering a report back to Cao Cao.
    The Battle of Chang Ban
    I've been waiting! (Cao Cao's Forces) - When Cao Cao arrives your 
    character will make a comment in the battle.
    The Battle at Chi Bi
    The wind! (Liu Bei's Forces) - When the wind blows your character will 
    comment on it in a cut scene.
    Assault on Cheng Du
    Where is this? (Liu Bei's Forces) - The starting cut scene features 
    your character lost in the forest.
    The Battle at He Fei
    Jump! (Wu Forces) - When Sun Suan retreats to the broken bridge and 
    your character approaches him, you'll urge him to jump the gap in a cut 
    The Battle at Fan Castle
    Our enemy is Guan Yu! (Wu Forces) - The opening cut scene features Lu 
    Meng telling your character the enemy is Guan Yu. For an amusing scene 
    try playing this one with Guan Yu and see what happens. Your character 
    will also tell everyone to hold on until reinforcements arrive at the 
    beginning of the battle. They will also remark when the reinforcements 
    The Battle at Yi Ling
    Where am I? (Wu Forces) - When your character enters the Stone Warrior 
    Formation a cut scene will play showing them lost in the maze. A second 
    cut scene will play when the exit through the other side.
    The Nanman Campaign
    He is being an idiot?! (Nanman Forces) - When your character enters the 
    Shu compound a cut scene will take place of your character reacting to 
    the attack.
    The Battle at You Ting
    Will this really work? (Wu Forces) - Your character will ask Lu Xun if 
    the plan will really work in the opening cut scene. Also if you defeat 
    Zhang Pu and Zhang He before Cao Xiu, your character will remark on 
    having Cao Xiu surrounded. Thanks go out to The Baron Samedi for 
    pointing out that one.
    Can we trust Zhou Fang? (Wei Forces) - Your character will ask Sima Yi 
    if Zhou Fang can really be trusted in the opening cut scene.
    The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    What is this? (Shu Forces) - Your character reacts to the secret Wood 
    Ox weapon in a cut scene when they encounter it in the southeast.
    Do you think I'd react to all of your taunts? (Shu Forces) - Your 
    character taunts Sima Yi in this cut scene as they approach the Wei 
    Since you saw us, now you must die! (Wei Forces) - Your character 
    reacts to an ambush in a cut scene when you approach the Shu fortress. 
    XIII. Miscellaneous
    Here are some of the more interesting things I've found during my 
    travels in the Three Kingdoms.
    Platform Defense
    For some strange reason generals have a strong aversion to platforms 
    (such as the one near Dong Zhou at Hu Lao Gate). In fact unless there's 
    stairs leading up to the platform they won't go up there at all. Which 
    can make for some interesting situations when a general is after you 
    and you don't want to deal with them yet (or are running away). Just 
    jump onto the platform and move to the center. During the dozens of 
    hours I've played this game I have never seen a general come up after 
    you. Instead they tend to run around wondering where you've 
    disappeared. Try it out for yourself. You can also use the platform to 
    put some distance between you and your tormentors as they take the long 
    way around every time. Note that this also applies to small obstacles 
    you can jump over such as walls, barricades, and the like.
    Gate Offense
    You can't go through reinforcement gates, which can be frustrating when 
    the gate captain/officer/general you've just killed gets knocked 
    through along with the power up. However, you can make this work for 
    you. Apparently beyond the gates is a strange twilight zone that no one 
    should be in. Whenever an enemy is knocked though the gate, it seems 
    that their first priority is getting back to the other side. This means 
    they make a beeline for the gate at all costs until they get back to 
    the normal side. This also means that they won't attack anyone or block 
    attacks as well. Get the picture? If you knock a general past a gate, 
    they will attempt to get back to the other side. If you can keep them 
    on the other side by repeatedly knocking them back through the gate 
    (long weapons work best) they won't be able to attack or block at all. 
    This works great on stages where the enemy leader is near a large open 
    gate. Try it out if you get an opportunity.
    Message Madness
    As you might have noticed while playing Dynasty Warriors 3 some strange 
    things can take place with the message system. This is due to the fact 
    that the game uses a stack message system where the most recent 
    messages are placed on the top of the message stack on top of the other 
    messages (like a stack of cards). Then each message is read off the 
    stack from the most recent to the oldest (like drawing cards). If your 
    character is very powerful they can end up doing several things in a 
    short amount of time (such as defeating consecutive generals, large 
    amounts of enemies, securing gates, etc.), which means that several 
    messages will become stacked in rapid succession. When you include the 
    morale and encounter messages that occur frequently, the stack can 
    become very large and it may take quite a while for the messages to be 
    processed on screen. This can result in some strange events such as 
    morale increasing for a general who has already been defeated, or 
    getting multiple congratulatory messages for KO's in a row. 
    Unfortunately, this can also have some adverse side effects if an event 
    is affected by message. For example, Zhang Liao can still kill Taishi 
    Ci at He Fei even if he is defeated if the defeat message doesn't come 
    up in time. Also if you manage to defeat Zhang Jiao with a large number 
    of messages in the stack in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, sometimes the 
    stage will not end!
    Alternate Endings
    Depending on your actions in Musou Mode, the description of your 
    character's heroic deeds during the ending will change to reflect those 
    actions (defeating Lu Bu, getting Meng Huo to submit, etc.). Also the 
    final title of your character will vary depending on how many enemies 
    you have defeated (The Ultimate Warrior, A Hero of the Ages, A God of 
    War). Also you may find that the ending sequence itself may have become 
    "randomized" if you meet a certain requirement in the game. These 
    "random" endings feature some of the characters doing bizarre things 
    (Zhang Fei dancing with Guan Yu and Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang getting drunk, 
    etc.). How these "random" endings occur is still a mystery.
    Free Mode Ending
    Ever wonder what the ending would be like if you were using a Free Mode 
    character? Once you've unlocked the Opening Edit in the Options menu 
    (by clearing Musou mode with a general from each kingdom), you can find 
    out for yourself. Highlight Replay from the Opening Edit menu and hold 
    down L1, L2, R1, and R2 and press the X button, and a secret fourth 
    ending will play! This one is highly amusing to say the least.
    Hero of the Three Kingdoms
    If during a battle you manage to obtain 1000 KO's, not only will you 
    get a special message from your commander, but also the morale of all 
    the generals in your army will instantly jump to eight stars!
    XIV. Corrected Gameshark Codes
    Using Gameshark codes to increase item values above the maximum limits 
    can have an adverse effect on gameplay. If an equipped item causes a 
    character to exceed the maximum value of an attribute, then it will end 
    up going back to zero. Using a Gameshark may cause undesirable effects 
    for your game. I modified these item codes from the Gameshark website 
    to the corrected maximum values. Use these codes at your own risk. 
    You need to save the game before the items will appear in your 
    inventory. Just start a battle, save, and quit.
    Have Wing Boots +16           2C29 8699 F8FC CEF1
    Have Peacock Urn +60          2C29 869D F8FC 32F3
    Have Dragon Amulet +60        2C29 869B F8FC 32F0
    Have Tiger Amulet +20         2C29 869F F8FC CAF2
    Have Tortoise Amulet +40      2C29 86A1 F8FC 26F5
    Have Huang's Bow +40          2C29 86A3 F8FC 26F4
    Have Shell Armor +40          2C29 86A5 F8FC 26F7
    Have Horned Helm +40          2C29 86A7 F8FC 26F6
    Have Cavalry Armor +40        2C29 86A9 F8FC 2609
    Have Seven Star Orb +20       2C29 86AB F8FC CA08
    Have Wind Scroll +20          2C29 86AD F8FC CA0B
    Have Elixir +20               2C29 86AF F8FC CA0A
    Have Speed Scroll +16         2C29 8697 F8FC CEF1
    XV. Acknowledgements
    Special thanks to:
    Koei (www.koeigames.com) - The people that made such a great game and 
    brought it over to the U.S. Well, technically Omega Force made the 
    game, but we love them too don't we?
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - The best site for all your game FAQ 
    Muni Shinobu - He's the author of some great Dynasty Warrior 3 FAQs over 
    at www.gamefaqs.com. If it weren't for him a lot of people wouldn't be 
    using fourth weapons. I added information from some of his FAQs here for 
    convenient reference.
    The Dynasty Warriors 3 Board at www.gamefaqs.com - Great place to 
    discuss the game with other fans.
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online (www.threekingdoms.com) - This is 
    online version of the novel on which this game is based on. Invaluable 
    if you want to read the history behind the characters and events in the 
    Contributors to this FAQ:
    Ed Allen - Provided information on stopping the wind event at Chi Bi.
    The Baron Samedi - Provided information on various events.
    Andrew Kieschnick - Confirmed that getting Cao Cao to retreat at He Fei 
    is not necessary for unlocking Sun Quan in Musou Mode.
    Keith (keithreturns2) - For information on the weapon box inside the 
    Wind Trap at He Fei Castle.
    You can find this FAQ at the following places:
    This document is Copyright 2002 Brian Nii. Feel free to distribute or 
    post as long as you don't change my name or try and make any money off 
    of it, okay? Letting me know about it would be good too. =)

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