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    Weapon Elemental FAQ by Shdwrlm3

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/21/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warriors 3
     and Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends
    Weapon Elemental FAQ
    Version 2.0 XTREME
    Last Updated: January 20, 2004
    by ShdwRlm3 (shdwrlm3 (at) yahoo (dot) com)
    UPDATED!  The release of Xtreme Legends has warranted an update to this FAQ.
    Any new sections or info pertaining to XL are marked with "UPDATED!"
    Table of Contents
    1. I Got Bored and Have Time to Kill   [Intro]
    2. Stuff You Should, Like, Know        [Weapon Elemental Info]
    3. Achichi!!!                          [Flame Elemental Attacks (FEAs)]
    4. Voice of Thunder                    [Lightning Elemental Attack (LEAs)]
    5. How to Make a Bad Character Good    [Death Elemental Attacks (DEAs)]
    6. How to Add a New Element w/o        [Wind Elemental Attacks (WEAs)]
        Really Trying
    7. How to Make a Bad Character Badder  [Non-Elemental Weapons]
        (Bad as in Bad, not as in Good)
    8. People I Ripped Info From           [Credits]
    9. Stuff You Don't Care About          [Version History/Copyright Info]
     1. Intro
         It's no wonder that over 1 million copies of Dynasty Warriors 3 have been
    sold worldwide.  Take a tried and true Final Fight formula, add a pinch of
    strategy, pour in lots of secrets, and you get one of my favorite games of all
    time.  Since I'm a sucker for compiling relatively useless info, I decided to
    write up this little Weapon Elemental FAQ.  For other, actually useful info
    on DW3, make sure to check out the various FAQs available at gamefaqs.com
         UPDATED!  Koei have decided to release Xtreme Legends: Dynasty Warriors 3
    in the States, meaning much more work for me >_<  A pseudo-add-on disc for the
    original Dynasty Warriors 3, the poorly named XL (there goes my boycott of
    anything with "X" in the title) adds a slew of new features.  In addition to
    being able to play as unaligned characters in Musou Mode, new challenges in
    Challenge Mode, customizable bodyguards, and a new Combo grading system, Koei
    have added brand new 5th Weapons.  5th Weapons were apparently an effort to
    balance the characters, but for the most part 5th weapons aren't much better
    than 4th Weapons (and in some cases are worse).  5th Weapons also come with
    different elements than the 4th Weapons, including a (sorta) brand new
    element: wind.
         Note that even though XL actually contains all of the DW3 game data, you
    still need the original DW3 disc to open up most of the features.  In
    particular, if you want most of the aligned characters' 5th Weapons, you must
    load the original DW3 disc!
     2. Weapon Elemental Info
    Weapons and Elements and Bears, Oh My
    What are Weapons and what are Elements?  Well, if you don't know the answer to
    that first question, stop playing DW3.  As for Elements, some 4th Weapons in
    DW3 have Elements, meaning certain button combos will activate an Elemental
    But wait, what's a 4th Weapon you ask?  As the game manual explains,
    each officer can equip 4 different types of the same weapon.  Sun Shang Xiang,
    for example, has her Chakram (1st Weapon), Crescent Chakram (2nd Weapon), Luna
    Chakram (3rd Weapon), Sol Chakram (4th Weapon), plus the super secret,
    ultra-hidden Xena Charkam.  1st Weapons are already unlocked, but to get the
    2nd and 3rd Weapons, you'll have to defeat officers and pick up Weapon Boxes
    OR crack open crates that contain Weapon Boxes.  4th Weapons, however, are
    harder to get.  There are special requirements that you must meet to get a
    character's 4th Weapon.  For 4th Weapon retrieval info, why not check out the
    aptly named 4th Weapon FAQ by muni shinobu found at gamefaqs.com ?
    And I was kidding about that Xena Chakram.
    UPDATED!  Geez, and I thought I was just kidding about SSX's 5th Weapon.
    Perhaps after reading this FAQ (yeah, right), Koei decided to add brand new
    5th Weapons to XL.  These new weapons are obtained in ways similar to the
    4th Weapons, and also come with Elements attached.  For the most part, if a
    character had a particular Element on their 4th Weapon, that character will
    have a different Element (or no Element at all) on their 5th Weapon.  If a
    character had no Element on their 4th Weapon, chances are they'll have one on
    their 5th Weapon.  Once again, check out muni shinobu's excellent 5th Weapon
    FAQ for help with getting the 5th Weapons.  Also recommended are Rampidzier
    and James' 5th Weapon guides.  Their strategies definitely helped when I got
    Again, some 4th (and 5th) Weapons have Elements attached, while others do
    not.  You must equip the 4th (or 5th) Weapon to perform an Elemental Attack.
    Different Elements have different effects.  Here are the 3 types of Elements
    and effects:
         Flame - Causes enemy to catch on fire, causing damage even after attack
         Lightning - When the enemy slams into the ground, lightning will flow
              through the ground, causing damage to nearby enemies
         Death - Instant death for most enemies, massive damage for generals
         Wind - Launches the enemy high up into the air
    No Water or Earth Element?  And what does a bear have to do with anything?
    Beats me.
    UPDATED!  Officially, the Elements are Fire, Lightning, Steel, and Wind.  For
    the purpose of remaining lazy, I'll continue to refer to Flame and Death
    What about combos, you ask?  Yes, I'm aware they're a fighting game staple,
    but they're also in DW3.  To performs combos, you must perform a series
    of button presses.  Combine normal S(quare) attacks with charged T(riangle)
    attacks and you get a combo.  In other words, press Square a certain amount of
    times, then press Triangle to end the combo.  Elements are activated by
    certain combos, depending on each character.  Here's a list of possible combos
    that will activate an Element:
    UPDATED!  Perhaps I should've read the manual the first time around, but the
    official term for the combination attacks is Charge attack:
    Key: S   Press Square Button
         T   Press Triangle Button
        (T)  Optional Press Triangle Button
    T            Charge 1 - An attack that has a large radius and causes enemies
                            to stumble
    ST           Charge 2 - Knocks enemy into the air
    SST          Charge 3 - Paralyzes enemy (Only Zhuge Liang has an Elemental
                            Attack that uses C3)
    SSST         Charge 4 - Knocks enemy back
    SSSST(T)     Charge 5 - Knocks enemy high into the air
    SSSSST(T)... Charge 6 - Varies depending on character (Some characters can
                            have up to SSSSSTTTTT)
    What the heck is an FEA?  LEA?  DEA?  WEA?
    You ask too many questions, my friend.
    The following terms are used often and will thus be abbreviated:
         Flame Elemental Attack    - FEA
         Lighting Elemental Attack - LEA
         Death Elemental Attack    - DEA
         Wind Elemental Attack     - WEA
    UPDATED!  Again, the official name of the Flame Element is Fire and the
    official name of the Death Element is Steel (that's right, Steel).
     3. Flame Elemental Attacks (FEAs)
    Much like Fire Arrows, FEAs cause the enemy to catch on fire, which continues
    to burn them after the attack, causing additional damage.  Most of the
    activators are SSSST, which knocks the enemy into the air.  If you didn't
    know, it's possible to pull of an infinite combo by repeatedly performing
    the SSSST combo.  Once the enemy is in the air (and assuming your character's
    attack speed is decent), you can attack them and perform another SSSST combo.
    Lather, Rinse, Repeat for major damage.  Adding the Flame Element to this
    combo makes it even better.  Naturally, since SSSST usually triggers the Flame
    Element, the Flame Element is most useful against single officers and not
    UPDATED!  Section now separated into 4th Weapons and 5th Weapons.
    4th Weapons
    Zhao Yun
    Weapon: Fierce Dragon
    Combo: SSSST
         His first FEA knocks the enemy into air.  Useful for infinite combos.
    His second FEA is very awkward to use, however, and best used for one-on-one
    battles.  The Flame Element is activated only after the final hit.
    Xiahou Dun
    Weapon: Kirin Fang
    Combo: ST
         Knocks enemy into air, much like SSSST.  Easier to perform, obviously,
    and it's still possible (though MUCH harder since ST doesn't launch the enemy
    too high into the air) to do this infinitely.
    Zhou Yu
    Weapon: Ancients Sword
    Combo: ST
         Two FEAs available, and both are similar to each other.  Both knock the
    enemy into the air.
    Zhuge Liang
    Weapon: Peacock Feather
    Combo: SSSST
         Knocks enemy into air.  Useful for infinite combos.  Note that Zhuge
    Liang's attack speed is rather slow, and so it might be hard to perform an
    infinite combo with him.
    Sun Jian
    Weapon: Savage Wolf
    Combo: SSSST
         Knocks enemy into air.  Useful for infinite combos.
    Ma Chao
    Weapon: Steel Dragon
    Combo: SSSSST
         !?!?  An FEA not activated by SSSST??  Normally, Ma Chao's SSSSST is a
    good crowd clearer, so adding the Flame Element only makes it better.
    Xiahou Yuan
    Weapon: Demon Fang
    Combo: SSSST
         Knocks enemy into air.  Useful for infinite combos.
    Zhang Jiao
    Weapon: Volcano Staff
    Combo: SSSST
         Knocks enemy into air.  Useful for infinite combos.  Tecnically his SSST
    and SSSSSTTTT are also fire attacks, but you don't need the Volcano Staff to
    use them.
    Sun Ce
    Weapon: Overlord
    Combo: SSSST
         The SSSST knocks enemy into air and is useful for infinite combos.  With
    the second FEA, the other T presses are optional.
    Meng Huo
    Weapon: King of Beasts
    Combo: SSSSST
         Now this is what I'm talkin about!  Meng Huo's SSSSST makes him pound the
    ground with his Gauntlets.  Any enemy hit will be set on fire.
    Zhu Rong
    Weapon: Magma Wheel
    Combo: SSST
         Zhu Rong's second FEA is the standard enemy-launcher, but her first FEA
    is far more interesting.  SSST combos knock the enemy back.  Even better, her
    SSST surrounds her.
    Fu Xi
    Weapon: Fu Xi's Sword
    Combo: SSSST
         Hmm, well, his SSSST is the standard enemy-launcher, but his SSSSSTTT is
    a mystery to me.  The other T presses are optional, but the Flame Element is
    only activated after the final hit.  His SSSSSTTT is pretty slow and awkward
    to use, so it's a mystery why they decided to add a Flame Element to it.
    5th Weapons
    Zhang Fei
    Weapon: Serpent Blade
    Combo: SSSSST
         His 4th Weapon had no element, so anything would be an improvement.  This
    isn't too bad, and the stomp really helps to clear out crowds.
    Xu Zhu
    Weapon: Earthly Mace
    Combo: SSST
         A great crowd clearer.  Pretty much reaches all around him, so you'll be
    setting everyone on fire in no time.
    Diao Chan
    Weapon: Imperial Mace
    Combo: SSST
         Only the first hit has the flame element.  Diao Chan doesn't have an
    incredible reach, so adding the element to her SSST doesn't make it quite as
    useful as it should be.
    Lu Bu
    Weapon: Demon Slayer
    Combo: ST, SSST, SSSSST(T)(T)
         The ST attack is the standard enemy launcher.  His SSST has very good
    range and should be a great crowd clearer since his 5th Weapon gives him
    extra Reach.  With his SSSSST(T)(T), the element is only activated on the
    stomp.  His FEAs are more useful than his LEAs, and having the Red Hare Saddle
    automatically is nice, but if you do use his 5th Weapon make sure to equip
    a Tortoise Amulet to make up for his lost Defense.
    Sun Shiang Xiang
    Weapon: Dragon Chakram
    Combo: SSSSST(T)
         Okay, the Arrows are useless, but with the Flame Element her 5th Weapon
    ends up better than her 4th.  The element only activates if you hit T twice.
    It's a great crowd clearer that hits multiple times, so adding the flame
    element to it only makes it better.
    Yuan Shao
    Weapon: Imperial Saber
    Combo: SSSST, SSSSST
         Two very good FEAs.  His SSSST is the standard launcher, but his SSSSST
    has pretty good range and is great for clearing crowds.
    Zhang Liao
    Weapon: Dragon God
    Combo: SSSST
         Basic launcher.  Good for infinite combos, but it would've been nice if
    they had given him more than one FEA.
    Xu Huang
    Weapon: Tiger Fang
    Combo: SSSSST
         Another "stomping" FEA.  Good for crowd-clearing, and his 5th Weapons is
    arguably better than his 4th anyway.
    Zhen Ji
    Weapon: Half Moon Flute
    Combo: SSST
         Useless.  Her SSST has terrible range and you'll be lucky to hit more than
    one person with it.  They should've added it to her SSSSST, but oh well.
    Da Qiao
    Weapon: Yellow Beauty
    Combo: SSST
         Pathetic.  The actual DEA is okay, with decent range and maneuverability,
    but her 5th Weapon is just much worse than her 4th.  First they screwed her by
    giving her sister a DEA while she got nothing, and now they screw her by
    giving her a 5th that takes away most of the good things about her 4th and adds
    Reach (?!) and Meat Bun Recovery.  No FEA will make up for the loss of Defense.
     4. Lightning Elemental Attacks (LEAs)
    Lightning attacks are rather rare.  The Lightning Element is useful only when
    the enemy slams down into the ground, which explains why Lightning is common
    in SSSSTT.  Of course, there are a couple of LEAs that are long-range (!).
    Lightning isn't really all that useful in one-on-one battles, but can help
    do damage to crowds.  Besides, it's better than no Element at all.
    UPDATED!  Section now separated into 4th Weapons and 5th Weapons.
    4th Weapons
    Guan Yu
    Weapon: Blue Moon Dragon
    Combo: SSSSTT
         You MUST press T twice.  The first T will launch the enemy into the air,
    but the Lightning Element isn't activated until Guan Yu jumps into the air
    and knocks the enemy back down.
    Dian Wei
    Weapon: Mad Bull
    Combo: SSSSTT
         Like Guan Yu's, you MUST press T twice.  The first T will launch the
    enemy into the air, but the Lightning Element isn't activated until Dian Wei
    jumps into the air and knocks the enemy back down.
         Dian Wei's second LEA causes him to stomp the ground, creating a
    shockwave that will electrify any enemy it touches.  (Thanks to SUGARDUDE411
    for informing me about this)
    Taishi Ci
    Weapon: Tiger Slayer
    Combo: SSST
         Taishi Ci's first LEA is rather awkward to use, but much easier to
    activate than the SSSSTTs.  Taishi Ci uses his large Rods (hey now, stop
    thinking that way) to knock the enemies far back.  Since SSST hits hard, it
    causes the enemy to slam into the ground and spread Lightning.
         For his second LEA, you MUST press T twice.
    Lu Bu
    Weapon: Sky Scorcher
    Combo: SSST
         His first LEA is a standard knock-back move.  With his second LEA, again,
    you MUST perform the follow-up move after knocking the enemy into the air.
    Lu Bu's SSSSSTTT causes him to strike repeatedly with his Halberd, but the
    Lightning Element is only activated after the final hit.
    Dong Zhuo
    Weapon: Grand Star
    Combo: SSSSTT
         You MUST press T twice.  The first T will launch the enemy into the air,
    but the Lightning Element isn't activated until Dong Zhuo jumps into the air
    and knocks the enemy back down.
    Sima Yi
    Weapon: Dark Feather
    Combo: SSST
         An interesting move that's sorta long range.  Sima Yi tosses his Fans in
    front of him, an attack that knocks back enemies.
    Lu Meng
    Weapon: White Tiger
    Combo: SSSSST
         What's this?  A LONG RANGE LEA?!?!?  That's right, when Lu Meng launches
    that wind thingy, the Lightning Element is attached.  VERY useful when
    fighting from afar.
    Gan Ning
    Weapon: Sea Master
    Combo: SSSSST
         Yet anoteher LONG RANGE LEA.  His is even better than Lu Meng's, since
    Gan Ning's SSSSST causes him to stomp the ground twice.  Each shockwave
    carries the Lightning Element.
    Jiang Wei
    Weapon: Blink
    Combo: SSSSST
         That's right, yet another long-range LEA.  Again, good for clearing
    crowds from afar. 
    5th Weapons
    Zhao Yun
    Weapon: War Dragon
    Combo: SSSST
         SSSST LEAs tend to be pretty useless since that particular combo isn't
    great at hitting a lot of people.  However, if you manage to press T again to
    hit the enemy back down, it should still be a good crowd clearer, which was
    what his 5th Weapon was made for.
         His other LEA activates only on the first hit.
    Liu Bei
    Weapon: Dragon Star
    Combo: SSSSTT
         The Lightning Element will only activate once you press T a second time.
    Not too bad, but they should have added it to his incredible SSSSST.  Still,
    his 5th tends to be better than his 4th, so having an LEA doesn't hurt.
    Ma Chao
    Weapon: Lightning Spear
    Combo: SSST
         They couldn't have come up with something more imaginative than Lightning
    Spear?  At least they could have given him a better LEA than SSST.  The reach
    is far too small for it to be really useful.
    Zhang Jiao
    Weapon: Thunder Staff
    Combo: SSST, SSSSST(T)(T)(T), MUSOU!
         INCREDIBLE!  Quite possibly the best LEAs out there, if only because they
    look incredibly cool.  Basically, any of the fire attacks that he had
    previously are replaced with lightning, so instead of fireballs with his
    SSSSSTTTT you get great balls of lightning!  Even the flames from his Musou
    attack are replaced with lightning, so this is the only way you can have
    Lightning with your Musou without performing a Double Musou attack.
    Huang Gai
    Weapon: Spiked Mace
    Combo: SSST
         Huang Gai's SSST has great reach, so the lightning element is a useful
    Sun Ce
    Weapon: God of War
    Combo: SSSSST(T)(T)(T)
         He lost an element for his SSSST, but his SSSSSTTTT makes up for it.  The
    element is activated on the last hit, but if you press T all four times, it
    will be activated on the last two hits (oddly enough, this doesn't happen with
    his 4th Weapon's FEA).
    Pang Tong
    Weapon: Lightning Staff
    Combo: SSSSTT
         The element is only activated on the second press of T.  Better than no
    element at all, I suppose.
    Meng Huo
    Weapon: Shadow Beast
    Combo: SSST
         Although his SSST clear crowds well, there's a huge recovery time.  By
    the time you get back up the enemies will also be back up to hit you.
     5. Death Elemental Attacks (DEAs)
    THE best Element in the game, in my opinion, DEAs cause instant death for
    any enemy that you make contact with.  Best of all, even Gate Captains and
    Guards are susceptible to instant death.  For higher level officers, DEAs
    don't cause instant death, but still cause a MASSIVE amount of damage.  Of
    course, the Death Element is best used on Hard Mode, where enemies almost
    always take more than one hit to defeat.
    UPDATED!  Section now separated into 4th Weapons and 5th Weapons.
    4th Weapons
    Lu Xun
    Weapon: Falcon
    Combo: SSST
         What's this?  A DEA combo not involving SSSSST???  Just the fact that you
    don't have to perform a long combo to activate the Death Element makes this
    one of the best DEAs in the game.  His SSST can cause 2 hits, but does have
    rather limited range and reach.  Best used for crowd control, and is
    especially useful on Hard Mode.
    Cao Cao
    Weapon: Wrath of Heaven
    Combo: SSSSST(T)(T)(T)(T)
         One of the better DEAs, Cao Cao moves forward while repeatedly slashing.
    Limited reach, but rather long-range (compared to other DEAs, anyway).  Very
    useful against both generals and groups.  Also note that it's possible to
    rotate Cao Cao while he performs his DEA, but only if he doesn't hit anyone
    (this will help you move Cao Cao towards an enemy).  The Death Element will be
    activated the moment you first press T.
    Zhang He
    Weapon: Peacock Talon
    Combo: SSSSST(T)
         Zhang He's DEA is relatively useful for crowd control, but is too
    unpredictable to be used effectively against generals.  The Death Element is
    activated as soon as you press T, and at that point Zhang He slides left to
    right.  His DEA covers a wide area, but has very limited distance.
    Wei Yan
    Weapon: Double Comet
    Combo: SSSST
         Wei Yan's Double Comet is quite a rarity in that it has TWO DEAs.
    Unfortunately, neither DEA is all that great.  His SSSST launches his opponent
    the air, which means it has extrelemy limited reach.  It's most useful for
    infinite combos (SSSST, SSSST, SSSST...) against generals.  Usually damage
    will drop when you perform an inf. combo, but with the Death Element attached,
    you should still be able to inflict a lot of damage.
         Wei Yan's SSSSSTTT isn't really worth it.  Wei Yan will spin his weapon
    over his head.  The Death Element will only be activated on the final press of
    T, and by then the other Ts would have pushed the enemies back.  You also MUST
    press T 3 times or the Death Element won't be activated.
    Xiao Qiao
    Weapon: True Grace
    Combo: SSSSST(T)(T)(T)(T)
         Xiao Qiao's SSSSSTTTTT is very much like her Musou Attack.  You have a
    limited amount of control of her as she moves (if she doesn't hit anyone),
    which helps her to clear out crowds.  However, if you get a clean hit on a
    general, you can combo multiple Death Element hits, racking up massive damage!
    The Death Element is activated as soon as you hit T.
    Nu Wa
    Weapon: Nu Wa's Rapier
    Combo: SSSSST(T)
         Nu Wa may be a goddess (and one of the best characters in the game), but
    her DEA is severely lacking.  You can rotate her SSSSSTT if she doesn't hit
    anyone initially, which is not unlike her Musou Attack, but the Death Element
    is activated only at the final press of T, in which she'll lunge with her
    Rapier.  Not too useful for crowds, but generally effective against generals
    (if you can manage to hit them with it).
    5th Weapons
    Sun Quan
    Weapon: Heavenly Wolf
    Combo: SSST
         Although perhaps not as useful as Lu Xun's, it's still quick to activate
    and has the potential to hit multiple enemies.  Although you lose the Attack
    bonus that his 4th Weapon have, who needs Attack when you have a DEA?
    Dong Zhuo
    Weapon: Black Steel
    Combo: SSST
         Unfortunatley Dong Zhou's SSST has very limited range.  Still, it's a DEA,
    and should be at least useful against generals.
    Xiahou Yuan
    Weapon: Mystic Fang
    Combo: SSSSST(T)
         Not unlike Cao Cao's, although it has much more limited movement.
    Regardless, a DEA is a DEA.
     6. Wind Elemental Attacks (WEAs)
    UPDATED!  A new section for a new(ish) element!  The Wind Element is an example
    of lazy programming in action.  If you look closely, its obvious that the
    blasts of wind are the same ones from the wind tunnel at Seige of He Fei, so
    they barely did any work to implement it.  As for what the Wind Element
    actually does, it (supposedly) juggles enemies.  If the blasts of wind hit
    enemies, it will send them very high in the air, making it easy to follow up
    with another attack.  Theoretically, it's very useful for getting combo points,
    but since most of the WEAs are SSSSST, you'll probably want to start your combo
    with it.  Still, overall the Wind Elements is pretty useless.  With the]
    exception of Huang Gong, all of the characters with a Wind Element on their
    5th Weapon have another element on their 4th Weapon, which you're probably
    better off sticking with.
    4th Weapons
    No 4th Weapons have the Wind Element attached.
    5th Weapons
    Xiahou Dun
    Weapon: Tempest Sword
    Combo: SSSSST
         Very, very hard to aim.  If you manage to hit, though, the enemy is yours.
    Zhou Yu
    Weapon: Elder Moon
    Combo: SSSSST
         Not terribly hard to aim.  Use from far away, then rush in to hit them
    while they're falling.
    Lu Xun
    Weapon: Flash Blade
    Combo: SSSSST
         Ummm... no.  Although you get two blasts of wind instead of one, it's not
    easy to aim from far away.  Besides, his DEA just can't be replaced.
    Zhuge Liang
    Weapon: Griffin Feather
    Combo: SST, SSSSST
         Two WEAs instead of one, but nothing can make Zhuge Liang a good
    character.  Basically, his lasers are replaced with whirlwinds.  His SST is
    easy enough to perform, but his SSSSST, although it sends out multiple blasts
    of wind, is far too uncontrolable to be really useful.  REALLY not worth the
    trouble of getting the weapon in the first place.  Also, for some reason I
    couldn't get his WEAs to actually juggle people, whereas I had no trouble
    juggling with the other characters that have WEAs.
    Huang Zhong
    Weapon: Mystic Blade
    Combo: SSSSST
         Two blasts of wind are released straight ahead, so if one misses, the
    other may still hit.
    Gan Ning
    Weapon: Seven Seas Blade
    Combo: SSSSST
         Why would you want a WEA when you have a perfectly good FEA available?
    Two blasts of wind, and not too hard to aim, but still pretty useless.
    Zhu Rong
    Weapon: Tri Blade
    Combo: SSSSST
         Her WEA sends out multiple blasts of wind in many directions, making it
    the best one in the game (which isn't saying much).  Still, stick with her 4th
    Weapon for much better FEAs and better stat bonuses.
     7. Non-Elemental Weapons
    For some very strange reason *coughlazyprogrammingcough*, some characters
    weren't given Elemental 4th Weapons.  For some, not having an Element doesn't
    matter (Da Qiao), but for others (Xu Zhu), only an Element (preferably Death)
    could have saved their sorry hides from the abyss of unused, useless
    characters.  The following lists characters and their weapons that do not
    have an Elemental Attack.
    Character         4th Weapon
    ---------------   ----------------
    Zhang Fei         Viper Blade
    Xu Zhu            Stone Crusher
    Diao Chan         Gold Globe
    Sun Shang Xiang   Sol Chakram
    Liu Bei           Gold Moon Dragon
    Sun Quan          Master Wolf
    Yuan Shao         Grand Master
    Huang Zhong       Oracle Sword
    Zhang Liao        Dragon Breath
    Xu Huang          Marauder
    Zhen Ji           Dark Moon Flute
    Huang Gai         Black Shadow
    Pang Tong         Tornado Staff
    Da Qiao           True Beauty
    UPDATED!  In an attempt to balance the characters, XL features 5th Weapons that
    have elements for all of the characters who were screwed out of elements in 4th
    Weapons.  Meanwhile, characters whose 4th Weapons had elements either have new
    elements on their 5th Weapons or no elements on them at all.  For characters
    who do not have elements on their 5th Weapons, they instead get an attached
    item, which is useful for freeing up an item slot.
    Character         5th Weapon       Item
    ---------------   ----------       ----------------
    Guan Yu           Divine Dragon    Red Hare Saddle
    Dian Wei          Beast Axe        Hex Mark Saddle
    Taishi Ci         Tiger Wolf       Divine Helm
    Cao Cao           Blue Steel       Musou Armor
    Lu Bu (*)         Demon Slayer     Red Hare Saddle
    Sun Jian          Wolf Blade       Buckler
    Sima Yi           Raven Feather    Defender
    Lu Meng           Fighting Tiger   Musou Armor
    Jiang Wei         Starlight Pike   Defender
    Zhang He          Phoenix Talon    Survival Guide
    Wei Yan           Twin Stars       The Way of Musou
    Xiao Qiao         Blue Grace       Survival Guide
    Fu Xi             Dragon Slayer    The Art of War
    Nu Wa             Dragon Rapier    Defender
    * In an attempt to make people want to choose Lu Bu over anyone else even more,
    Lu Bu has the distinction of having the only 5th Weapon with BOTH an Element
    (Flame) AND an Item (Red Hare Saddle).
     8. Credits
    This FAQ definitely could not have been possible without the following:
    muni shinobu- C'mon, I dare you to find even ONE DW3 FAQ that doesn't credit
    muni shinobu and his absolutely wonderful DW3 FAQs!  Credit goes to him for
    helping me get every 4th weapon through the use of his 4th Weapon FAQ.
    Rampidzier and James- For their incredible 5th Weapon FAQs that helped me get
    those aggravating 5th Weapons!
    CJayC- Once again, for maintaining THE best video game site out there.
    My Bro- For playing DW3 with me and helping me get the 4th and 5th Weapons.
    SUGARDUDE411- For informing me about Dian Wei's other LEA.
    If you see something incorrect or wish to contribute info, feel free to e-mail
    me at shdwrlm3@yahoo.com  You'll be credited if I use your info.  PLEASE,
    PLEASE, do not e-mail me with other gamplay questions.  If you have a question
    pertaining to other parts of DW3, please check out the FAQs at gamefaqs.com
     9. Version History/Copyright Info
    V 1.0 - January 20, 2002 - Fastest FAQ completed ever, at least for me.  All
            info was compiled in 2 days, though getting all 4th Weapons took about
            a month ^_^  Final version unless I find something else to put in.
    V 1.1 - January 26, 2002- Well whaddaya know, another version.  Looks like I
            missed some Elemental Attacks, so I added those, plus I corrected some
    V 2.0 - January 20, 2004 - Whoa... Exactly two years later.  I swear I didn't
            plan that O_O  Anyway, FAQ updated with all new Xtreme Legends
            elemental attacks.
    Copyright © 2002-2004 by ShdwRlm3.  This file is for non-profit personal use
    only.  Do not use information from this guide without permission.
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