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    Lu Xun by Lu_Xun13

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                                           Dynasty Warriors 3
                                               Lu Xun FAQ
                                               By Lu_Xun13
                                             Copyright 2002
                                              Version 3.0
                                      Last Updated June 3, 2002
    I. Intro
    II. Copyright Info
    III. Misc. Info
    IV. Version Info
    V. About Lu Xun
    VI. Lu Xun Walkthrough
       A. The Battle at Chi Bi - 208 A.D. =Allies Vs. Cao Cao=
       B. The Battle at He Fei - 215 AD =Wei vs Wu=
       C. The Battle at Fan Castle - 219 AD =Shu vs Allied Forces=
       D. The Battle at Yi Ling - 222 AD =Shu vs Wu=
       E. The Nanman Campaign - 225 AD =Shu vs Nanman=
       F. The Battle at You Ting - 228 AD =Wei vs Wu=
       G. The Siege of He Fei Castle - 234 AD =Wei vs Wu=
    VII. Lu Xun's Weapons
    VIII. Lu Xun's Unique Weapon
    IX. Thanks
    X. Cheats/Tricks/Hints
    This FAQ is for all you Dynasty Warriors 3 fans out there who desire or
    require help. I will explain about Lu Xun's weapons and attacks, give
    strategies for all the battles he is in, and tell how to get his
    Unique Weapon. This will probably contain much more than the above
    stated, as I'm sure I will be doing many updates and adding more
    --==Copright Info==--
    This FAQ is copyright and is not to be duplicated, edited, stolen, sold, or
    put on a website unless I grant permission through e-mail. If I do find
    this FAQ copied onto your site, I WILL take swift legal action to ensure
    that you will never do anything of that sort again. If you would like to
    put this FAQ on your site, please E-MAIL ME FIRST before doing ANYTHING.
    If I do not reply immediately, please do not just put it up on your site.
    I will respond eventually. I am allowed to be online only on weekends, and
    I might take a while to get back to you. My e-mail is mattd48@hotmail.com
    --==Misc. Info==--
    If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please don't hesitate
    to e-mail me at mattd48@hotmail.com and I will give credit to and put it
    up on my site. I am ALWAYS open to new ideas. However, do NOT e-mail me
    concerning typos. I will change them, and I do not need a reminder every
    time I put an "a" instead of a "b." As stated before, I will give credit
    to anyone who sends ideas, cheat codes, etc.
    --==Version Info==--
    Version 0.5    The first version! Everything is done, and I'm going to
    add some more sections, take ideas from people who e-mail me, and
    improve on this FAQ as best as I can!
    Version 1.0    The second update. Added how to get Lu Xun's Unique weapon.
    Version 1.5    I fixed some of the screwed up line breaks and added some
    cheats. Made it a little easier to read and fixed a couple typoes.
    Version 2.0    Yeah, I finally fixed the problem with GameFAQs about not
    updating my versions - Turns out I put it in the version history, but
    not the top part. Heh, forgot about that, so it's my fault, not GameFAQs!
    Anyway, I added some more cheats and added some more Musou Snack and Fairy
    Wine locations.
    Version 2.5    Added an alternate way to beat Lu Bu and added where you
    can find this FAQ.
    Version 3.0    Corrected the mixup between the Musou Wine and Fairy Snack
    things. Thanks to Mario96274 for correcting me.
    Okay, now you've read through all of that boring stuff and you can read all
    about Lu Xun, an amazing character in Dynasty Warriors 3!
    -==About Lu Xun==--
    Background: Lu Xun was an officer who eventually married Sun Ce's daughter.
    He was very smart and was promoted by Sun Quan due to his unflagging
    service. He defeated Guan Yu with Lu Meng and recaptured the Jing Province.
    At the Battle of Yi Ling he was supreme commander and, using his strategic
    mind, leaded Wu to victory, and defeated the Shu army.
    Note: This info is based on the real info from books and stuff AND info
    from the game. He never really lead Wu to victory, or defeated the Shu
    army. I had originally said he defeated Liu Bei, but my friend got angry
    and said he'd punch me if I didn't change it, so, after a month, I finally
    changed it. ^.^
    Weapons: Lu Xun uses twin sabers to great effect.
    Portrait: Fairly Pale, pretty-boy face, and a strange hat.
    Triangle Attacks
    T Attack 1: Uses both swords and spins around. Fairly short range.
    T Attack 2: Knocks enemies up into the air. Typical attack for any 
    T Attack 3: A short and very fast diagonal slash with both swords. Stuns the
    T Attack 4: He slashes foward and jumps upward, then slashes outward with
    both swords as he comes back down.
    T Attack 5: Slashes the enemy up into the air, slashing them once with each
    sword then doing a somersault while slashing with both swords in front of 
    T Attack 6: He thrusts both his swords out diagonally in front of him,
    firing an energy shockwave that can hit a large number of enemies.
    Keep in mind that it won't always hit the enemies in front of you.
    Dash Attack: Dashes forward with both swords, stunning the enemy.
    Jump + Square Attack: Flips forward and slashes out in a 180 degree line.
    Musou Attack: A continuous series of slashes. He ends with a final vertical
    Why He's Good: Very fast, well-rounded stats, good attacks. His Musou bar is
    about a quarter of an inch higher than his life bar. His attack is pretty
    much average when he starts out, and the same goes for his defense. Equip
    a Wind Scroll (If you can even find one...It's one of the rarest items in
    the game aside from the Elixer. I've managed to snag 2 in Hard Mode. I got
    one that gives plus 3 to reach, and I just got one that gives plus 8 to
    reach) to improve Lu Xun's fairly short range. With his 4th weapon and a
    Wind Scroll, Lu Xun becomes amazing.
    How To Unlock Him: Beat the game with at least one Wu general, or have a
    Dynasty Warriors 2 save on your memory card. If you don't have DW2 or have
    no saved data, I suggest beating the game with Huang Gai, as he is
    AMAZING. His 6th Triangle Attack can bring the house down...Literally!
    --==Lu Xun Walkthrough==--
    --==The Battle at Chi Bi==--
    General To Defeat: Cao Cao
    Conditions: Cao Cao (Enemy) is Defeated or Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: You start out at the bottom left corner of the map. I suggest
    defeating Xiahou Dun first. Instead of rushing in to battle, stand far away
    to where he or any of his guards can't see you, but still in arrow range.
    Use Triangle while firing arrows instead of square. This dizzys the enemy
    and prevents them from running around like idiots while you try to shoot
    them. Eventually he should die and you should be able to take out the
    guards. (If not, I feel very sorry for you.) Now you can run around and
    defeat whatever officers you want to. Hopefully you've set the game on
    Easy mode, and this battle should be a piece of cake. I suggest you don't
    kill the officers that are in the 3 main boats (that is, with Cao Cao and
    the surrounding officers in the other two boats.) When Zhou Yu tells all
    units to cover Huang Gai, DO SO. Run to him immediately. He should be on
    the 2nd row of boats and on the very far left. That is, 1 boat up from
    Sun Quan and the boat all the way to the left of that row. Defeat any and
    all enemies that threaten Huang Gai. If for some reason Huang Gai or Zhou
    Yu dies, the fire attack will not be successful, and you will have a very
    hard time beating the battle as all of the enemy forces' morale will stay
    up. Eventually, enemy reinforcements will arrive. I suggest taking out all
    the other officers, and, depending on how far away you are from the enemy
    reinforcements, kill them or head straight for Cao Cao. If you are low on
    life, run around and find some pots to break open. Also, check in every box
    for items. Save before fighting Cao Cao, then continue your game and pummel
    him into oblivion.
    Fairy Snack Location: In between the two troop entry points at the top left
    of the screen.
    Musou Wine Location: At the bottom right of the map, go up towards a boat.
    The snack is in a pot on that boat.
    --==The Battle at He Fei==--
    General To Deafeat: Cao Cao
    Conditions: Cao Cao (Enemy) is defeated or Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: You start out in the northeast corner of the map. Kill Zhang Liao
    first. If you don't, he'll kill Taishi Ci with his squad of archers in a cut
    scene. The only enemy you really have to worry about here is Cao Cao. The
    strategy is pretty basic. As stated above, kill Zhang Liao, then dispose of
    the other generals and officers. None of them should pose much of a threat.
    Once again, save before fighting Cao Cao, then proceed to beat him into
    the ground.
    Fairy Snack Location: Top right corner of the map.
    Musou Wine  Location: Top left corner of the map.
    --==The Battle at Fan Castle==--
    General To Defeat: Guan Yu
    Conditions: Guan Yu (Enemy) is deafeated or Sima Yi (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: This battle is very hard. I'm sure you're thinking,"Well gee, it
    looks pretty darn easy cuz there's only two generals!" Well, Guan Yu does
    a water attack that fills up every inch of the level except the rooftops
    and upper levels where Guan Yu is. It pissed me off when I was running
    around, low on life, trying to find some jars to get some life. I was
    sitting there, jamming the buttons and looking at a jar and breaking it
    open with at least 90 enemies on my butt, and finding a full Musou keg.
    Swearing Ensued as I already had full musou. The fact that the archers
    I couldn't see added to the frustration. I finally retreated to my other
    troops, breaking through the enemies with a nice True Musou attack.
    You've heard what this level can do to you. Don't let it happen. Anywho,
    back to the strategy. Defeat the other general aside from Guan Yu. I
    believe he's in the bottom right middle/southern area of the map.
    Eventually, reinforcements will arrive for Guan Yu. You know what I say
    to you, you stupid reinforcements? I fart in your general direction!
    You're mother was a hampster, and your father smelt of elderberries!
    Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time. *sniff* In a nutshell,
    FORGET THE REINFORCEMENTS. None of your generals are gonna go over there,
    and the fact that the water attack has probably already started should
    piss you off due to you fact that you have to walk across 30 rooftops
    to get there. Be aware, Guan Yu is HARD. I suggest doing a dash attack
    to dizzy as many of his guards as you can, then do your SSST attack on
    Guan Yu as many times as necessary until he dies. Again, save before
    fighting him.
    Musou Wine Location: At the southern edge from the high tower where
    Sima Yi is at.
    Fairy Snack Location: At the top left of map at the Northern corner
    where the Shu troops enter.
    -==The Battle at Yi Ling==--
    General To Defeat: Liu Bei
    Conditions: Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated or Liu Bei (Enemy) is defeated
    Strategy: This is a hard battle. Start off by heading north of your
    starting point, then diagonally left and take out Wei Yan. Now you must
    proceed to take out Ma Chao directly after you defeat Wei Yan. Ma Chao
    is very powerful and could possibly take out Gan Ning if you're not
    quick enough. SunShangXiang can take care of Huang Zhong, so you can
    leave him until last. If he's still alive by the time you're done with
    everyone else (except for Liu Bei, of course) then you can take him out
    and steal the stat point(s)/item/weapon from him. Zhuge Liang will
    arrive for Liu Bei's reinforcements. Proceed to defeat Zhuge Liang first
    but if you're pissed off, don't want to run through all those troops
    for a minor stat boost, and want to finish the level, then by all means,
    defeat Liu Bei and leave Zhuge Liang living. I felt bad about killing
    Liu Bei, as I had beaten the game with him, maxed out all but his life
    and musou stats, and gotten his unique weapon, but if you don't care
    about killing the main character in the game, then go ahead and kill
    him YOU HEARTLESS CRUEL, EVIL PERSON! Nah, just kidding.
    Musou Wine Location: At the lower middle of the map and in a pot at
    the right of the Stone Warrior Formation.
    Fairy Snack: At the lower middle of the map and in a pot to the bottom
    left of the Stone Warrior Formation.
    -==The Nanman Campaign==--
    General To Defeat: Meng Huo (7 times)
    Conditions: Meng Huo (Enemy) or Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: First off, I'd like to say that you're in for a fairly
    long battle (assuming this is your first time playing the level) and
    that all the generals except Meng Huo are hard. Before you do anything,
    take out Meng Huo right next to you. If you go out of your starting
    point, he should be diagonally left. He is VERY easy, mainly because
    your attacks do a bunch of damage to him. If he blocks your attacks,
    keep doing the combo string, and ALWAYS do the SSST combo, because
    either when you do the 4th Triangle Attack, he'll be knocked back
    or he'll be hit anyway. Just keep pounding away. You can leave the
    enemies surrounding him until last. Take out the other generals
    in any order you want, but as soon as Meng Huo appears, drop
    everything you're doing and run right to him so no one else defeats
    him. If you defeat him all seven times he appears, then you get unlock
    him in Free mode. He appears in the "Other Characters" section, the
    ones you can only play as in Free mode, along with Lu Bu, Fu Xi, etc.
    Keep driving his stupid face into the ground until he appears a fifth
    time. When this happens, you must have an elephant to break through
    the wall he's in. No elephant? HOLY CRAP! One just came out of nowhere!
    I suggest after 5 seconds of fighting the gate captain, turn around and
    wait for the elephant to come. Shoot the guy off with an arrow, or
    just jump and hit Square to knock him off the giant beast. Of course,
    there's always a cheap way to defeat the general from a distance.
    Of course, Arrows. Take out the gate captain and all the enemies
    surround him, and look for a wide crack in the wall where you can
    see Meng Huo's elephant. Just keep firing away until he's dead, then
    take the elephant and barge into the place, poaching the goods with
    no trouble at all. Defeat him once he appears again, then he'll appear
    a seventh time behind Zhu Rong's troops. (Assuming you haven't already
    defeated her.) I would save (It's a habit of mine, I know) then just
    barge in there, knock him off his elephant, and when you're low on
    health, there should be a jar where the gate captain is. Defeat him,
    and you've beaten the level.
    Musou Wine Location: At the center of map, near the bottom, and in a
    pot beside the river.
    Fairy Snack Location: From the fort you start in, cross the bridge to
    the left and go north.It's in a pot around there.
    --==The Battle at You Ting==--
    General To Defeat: Sima Yi
    Conditions: Sima Yi (Enemy) is defeated or Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: First off, start with the generals on either side of the map.
    I would go after the west base first and take out Zhen Ji and some
    nameless general. Also, watch out for the watch towers on the east and
    west sides, as well as in the middle, too. This is sure to piss you off,
    but just do the best you can. Once you're done with the west fort, go
    to the other side of the map and take out Zhang He and the archers in
    the towers. After you take out both of the forts, Zhou Fang defects to
    your side! Woohoo! However, you must take out the west and east forts
    as fast as possible, otherwise Sima Yi will see through Zhou Fang's
    betrayal. Eventually, the enemy will get reinforcements. (AGAIN! For
    the love of God, when does the character's side YOU play as finally
    get reinforcements? What, once? twice? Blah.) Once all the generals
    have been defeated, you can go up to Sima Yi and defeat him. There
    are 3 gate captains around him, but ignore them unless you need defense
    badly. Once again, save, and then continue and kill Sima Yi.
    Musou Wine Location: Slightly to the bottom at the center of the map.
    Fairy Snack Location: At the fort in the center of the map. In the pot
    at the right corner of the wooden cabin/shelter thingy.
    --==The Siege at He Fei Castle==--
    General To Defeat: Sima Yi (AGAIN)
    Conditions: Sima Yi (Enemy) is defeated or Sun Quan (Ally) is defeated
    Strategy: Okay, this is a very hard battle. The archers and traps piss
    you off, and if you don't have a horse or the Red Hare when you go
    through the Wall of Arrows trap, you're pretty much screwed. If you do
    go through the arrows trap, then run in a zig zag as fast as your
    character will allow. The Wind trap is amazingly easy to pass
    through - stay along the wall and you'll be fine. Anywho, go out through
    the gate leading to the beach. and head towards Xu Zhu. Defeat him,
    grab the item/weapon/stat boost, then wait until the reinforcements
    arrive at the bottom right corner of the map. Defeat them (with much
    trouble, as there are at least 15 or 20 crossbowmen around) and then
    follow your generals that should be marching towards the enemy HQ. They
    should be going to the upper left corner of the map. Take out Zhen Ji
    and then go back down to where Dian Wei and Xu Huang are located. Take
    them out as quickly as possible, then head back up and defeat Sima Yi.
    Yeap, you guessed it. Save, then proceed to beat him into the ground,
    winning the game.
    Musou Wine Location: In the pot to the top of the Wind Corrdidor
    Trap Room.
    Fairy Snack Location: In a pot to the top of the destroyed bridge on
    the top right path.
    Congratulations! You beat the game! Good job. Now you can proceed to
    get his Unique Weapon and raise some more of his stats.
    =--=--=--Lu Xun's Weapons--=--=--=
    All of Lu Xun's 1st to 3rd level weapons vary in attributes. His Twin
    Saber could have a Musou Charge plus 2 and a Bow Attack plus 3, and
    then you can find another Twin Saber except with different stats, like
    Attack plus 3 and HP Max plus 12 or something. The same thing applies
    for everyone's level 1 to 3 weapon, except maybe not the same stats I
    stated. As you progress into harder modes, you get better stats with
    your weapons. Each character has a Unique weapon, which is generally
    very hard to get. That will be explained in the next chapter. Anyway,
    on to Lu Xun's weapons.
    Level 1 Weapon: Twin Sabers
                    Attack +17
                    Max Hits: 4
                    Varying Attributes
    Level 2 Weapon: Wing Sabers
                    Attack +32
                    Max Hits: 5
                    Varying Attributes
    Level 3 Weapon: Eagle
                    Attack +46
                    Max Hits: 6
                    Varying Attributes
    =--=--=--Lu Xun's Unique Weapon--=--=--=
    Every character has a Unique weapon, which is pretty much the best
    weapon that character can have. In some very rare cases, some people
    have found a weapon that is actually better than their unique weapon.
    A lot of weapons focus on Mounted Defense, which is sort of useless,
    but still nice if you ride a horse through the whole battle. Here's
    the stats of Lu Xun's Unique weapon:
    Attack +42
    Max Hits: 6 + Death Element
    Speed +22
    Musou Max +75
    Defense +43
    Reach +29
    You get his weapon at Yi Ling. This can be played in either Free or
    Musou mode, and must be done on Hard Mode. You must have Gan Ning
    or Lu Meng still alive, and break through the Stone Warrior
    Formation. Zhuge Liang should appear. Defeat him, and a message
    should come up saying a Precious Weapon (something like that)
    has been discovered. If you forgot where it is, hit Start, then
    goto History and scroll up to the point where it shows where
    the item is located. I believe if you use the SSST combo, you
    trigger the death element in the weapon, causing any enemies you
    hit (except bosses) to die instantly. This is especially helpful
    in Hard mode, with the strong majors, guard captains, guards, etc.
    I want to thank Z-Force for the background on Lu Xun, weapon stats,
    and some of the strategies for the battles, the info about the
    Elixer and Wind Scroll being the two rarest items in the game and
    the Fairy Wine and Musou Snack locations. Check out his amazing DW3
    guide at:
    Also thanks to www.cheatcc.com for the cheat codes and
    xoxie@hotmail.com for submitting them. (To cheatcc.com that is.)
    --==Cheats, Tricks and Hints==--
    The Super Duper Cheapo Take-The-Fun-Out-Of-It Way To Kill Officers
          Okay, this trick is exactly what it's called - Cheap and
    it takes the fun out of killing Officers and Generals. Okay, a
    good example of this trick would be at the battle of Chi Bi.
    Assuming you aren't playing on Cao Cao's side, walk to Xiahou
    Dun, but don't walk right in front of him. Stand on a different
    boat, but stand close enough to where he can't see you and you
    can still hit him with arrows. Keep hitting him until he's dead.
    See, every officer has a "range" of vision. If you stand far
    enough away from them, they can't see you, but you can still
    kill them with arrows. After the officer dies, you should be
    able to dispose of the guards easily.
    Fighting Lu Bu
          Lu Bu can be killed easily on..erm...Easy mode, but on
    normal and hard mode, he'll sweep the floor with your face.
    First off, Be sure you have a Power Scroll equipped. Lu Bu
    tends to intercept your Musou a whole bunch of times and
    gets you in a deadlock. Be aware, though, you still have to
    press Square a lot to win. Also, equip the Bodyguard Manual
    to make your bodyguards stronger, and try to have your
    third or Unique weapon equipped. The Way of Musou helps
    as well, as does the Survival Guide. With these items,
    you should be ready to go up against Lu Bu. However, keep
    in mind that you might just get a measly attack up plus 2,
    but you should be proud to fell the greatest warrior ever.
    Anyway, block as much as you can, and if you get low on life,
    run away for a bit, get some pots, and charge up your musou.
    Lu Bu will probably regain some life, but if you constantly
    assault him, he should go down fairly easily. Use your musou
    whenever you get it, and if you need some life, kill some
    Guard Captains. They usually drop an All Recov. Full, which
    becomes your savior while fighting Lu Bu. If he starts
    coming towards you, fire an arrow at his head, jump behind
    him, and continue your assault. By the way, the Super Duper
    Cheapo Take-The-Fun-Out-Of-It Way To Kill Officers doesn't
    work here, as Lu Bu will run after you as soon as he gets
    hit with the arrow. If you die, try again and just keep
    trying. If the items I stated didn't work out for you,
    experiment with your own. What I gave you was a suggestion,
    not an order, so feel free to do whatever you want. If you
    find a different strategy for defeating Lu Bu, then by
    all means, please send it in and I will put it up on this
    FAQ and give credit to the person who sent it in.
    Alternate way to beat Lu Bu (by geist_engel@yahoo.com)
    A way that I found works fairly well against LuBu is
    use one character at Max level, and a second character
    at level 16, min level, because the mission is set for
    the level 16 character LuBu takes damage easier.
    Here are the cheat codes, as promised:
    Secret ending
        Enter the options screen from the main menu and select
    the "Opening Edit" option. Highlight the "Replay" selection,
    then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press X.
    Level select
        At the main menu, press R1, R2, L2, L1, Square, L1, L2, R2,
    R1, Triangle.
    All Shu generals
        At the main menu, press L1, Square, Triangle, R2, L1,
    L2(2), R1, Square, L1.
    All Wei generals
        At the main menu, press L2, L1, Square, Triangle, L1,
    L2, R1, R2, L1, L2.
    All Wu generals
        At the main menu, press Triangle(2), L1, Square, R1, R2, L1,
    All generals
        At the main menu, press R2(3), L1, Triangle, L2(3), R1, Square.
    You can find my FAQ on these sites:
    Check out these great sites for my FAQ and for their other great
    codes, FAQs, guides, and more!

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