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    Weapon Customization Codes by Evil R

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 08/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warrior 3 
    Weapon Customization Codes by Evil R
    Version History
    1.6: Corrected the elemental code error for Blue Dragon in the complete example.
    1.5: Corrected the element digit error in examples. 
    1.4: Corrected the Blue Dragon example error.
    1.3: Corrected elemental codes. Added elemental add on effect codes. Added Item mod codes.
    1.2: Added the "Exception Rule".
    1.1: Added exceptions to the rule, fixed a few digits, add death element alone. 
         Change the inital example from Dragon Spear to Blue Dragon since DSpear 
         is an exception.
    1.0: The initial work
    the following codes are used with a GameShark device and a NA copy of DW3.
    Although most of the codes have been tested, there is always a chance that
    it might glitch your game. Use them at your own risk.
    If you wish to use these codes on your site, please contact me for my 
    -Table of Contents-
    I.   Introduction
    II.  Basic Weapon codes
    III. Basic Weapon Attack and hit modification codes
    IV.  Weapon Attribute codes
    V.   Weapon Element codes
    VI.  Complete Examples
    VII. Item Modification codes
    Contact Information
    Dynasty Warrior 3 is an incredible battlefield action game by Koei. Although
    it is a lot fun, there are a few things in the game that need improvement in
    my eyes. Ever felt that some character's weapon sucks? Or some general's 
    weapon has no element? With a GameShark, these problems can be solved. It 
    can help to add tons of replay value to the game. However, it can also ruin
    the game by making everyone Lu Bu like characters. It all depends on how you 
    use it. 
    II. Basic Weapon codes
    All codes can only be activated after a save game. Simply start a game, quit
    and save and the codes will take effect.
    Master Code (Must always be on code)
    0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
    0C0C4C1F F88C8A6B
    *Note: This code MUST be the first one on your code list.
    For second/third/fourth basic weapon codes, please visit www.Gameshark.com.
    Basic first weapon codes:
    (Contributed by troopermax)
    2C298xx5 F8FC????
    Where xx determines the weapon and ???? determines that weapon's strength.
    More on the ???? part of the code in the next section.
    xx values:
    7D Iron Sword
    7F Broad Sword
    71 Scimitar
    73 Spear
    75 Halberd
    77 Hand Axe
    79 Club
    7B Twin Sabers
    8D Twin Rods
    8F Mace
    81 War Fan
    83 Chakram
    85 Battle Axe
    87 Bronze Claw
    89 Iron Flute
    8B Iron Rod
    9D Tonfa
    9F Double Voulge
    91 Staff
    93 Nanman Gauntlet
    95 Boomerang
    97 Twin Fans
    99 Bastard Sword
    9B Rapier
    III. Weapon Basic Attack and Hit Modification codes
    xxxxxxxx yyyy????
    The "x" and "y" part of the code is the "Basic weapon code" found on Gameshark.com.
    The ???? part of the code determines your attack and hit value.
    For example, if you want to change Dragon Spear's AT and Hit to Sky
    Scorcher's At and Hit:
    (Dragon Spear's Basic Code)
    2C298AD5 F8FC2E2E  
    change it to:
    2C298AD5 F8FC "1955" where 1955 is Sky Scorcher's stats.
    Now you have a Dragon Spear with Sky Scorcher's basic attack and Hit value.
    IV. Weapon Attribute codes
    xxxxxxSL yyyyNNAA
    SL: Weapon slots
    NN: Attribute value
    AA: Attribute type
    Let's start with the SL part. For different slots, the "S" digit must always
    go back 1 digit. The "L" digit must always change to "C". Then from there 
    add 2 digits for each additional slot. Here are 2 examples.
    Example 1:
    (Blue Dragon basic code)
    2C298AE5 F8FC2D21
    2C298A"DC" F8FC2D21 = Slot 1
    2C298A"DE" F8FC2D21 = Slot 2
    2C298A"E0" F8FC2D21 = Slot 3
    2C298A"E2" F8FC2D21 = Slot 4
    2C298A"E4" F8FC2D21 = Slot 5
    First, the "E" in E5 goes back 1 digit to "D". "5" changes to "C". 
    Then add 2 digits for the next slot. "DC" + 2 digit = "DE". "DE" + 2 digits
    = "E0". Do the same for 2 more times to get all 5 slots.
    Example 2:
    Wrath of Heaven
    2C298D15 F8FC1A52
    2C298D"0C" F8FC1A52 = Slot 1
    2C298D"0E" F8FC1A52 = Slot 2
    2C298D"10" F8FC1A52 = Slot 3
    2C298D"12" F8FC1A52 = Slot 4
    2C298D"14" F8FC1A52 = Slot 5
    **EXCEPTIONS: There seems to have exceptions to the rule above.
    (contributed by troopermax)
    Dragon Spear
    2C298AD5 F8FC2E2E
    the first/second slot code are expected to be:
    2C298"ACC" F8FC2E2E
    2C298"ACE" F8FC2E2E
    However, that is wrong. The correct code should be:
    2C298"9CC" F8FC2E2E = Slot 1
    2C298"9CE" F8FC2E2E = Slot 2
    2C298"AD0" F8FC2E2E = Slot 3
    2C298"AD2" F8FC2E2E = Slot 4
    2C298"AD4" F8FC2E2E = Slot 5
    *After analyzing another exception (discover by Spenze), I come up with 
    an "Exception rule". If the general rule does not work for your weapon's 
    1st and 2nd slot, apply the following rule:
    Instead of changing only the last 2 digits, you must also make sure the 
    3rd to last digit go back one digit. 
    Take the Dragon Spear for example. Instead of making only the "D" in "D5" -> "C",
    you must also make the "A" in "AD5" back 1 digit to "9". So the first slot would be 
    "9CE" = second slot
    Only the first TWO slot follow this rule and the rest still follows the general rule.
    This new rule works for the first 2 slot of any weapon that doesn't follow 
    the general rule.
    NN values:
    +01 BD  +21 C9  +41 25  +61 31  +81 0D 
    +02 BC  +22 C8  +42 24  +62 30  +82 0C
    +03 BB  +23 D7  +43 23  +63 3F  +83 0B
    +04 BA  +24 D6  +44 22  +64 3E  +84 0A
    +05 B9  +25 D5  +45 21  +65 3D  +85 09
    +06 B8  +26 D4  +46 20  +66 3C  +86 08
    +07 C7  +27 D3  +47 2F  +67 3B  +87 17
    +08 C6  +28 D2  +48 2E  +68 3A  +88 16
    +09 C5  +29 D1  +49 2D  +69 30  +89 15
    +10 C4  +30 D0  +50 2C  +70 38  +90 14
    +11 C3  +31 DF  +51 2B  +71 07  +91 13
    +12 C2  +32 DE  +52 2A  +72 06  +92 12
    +13 C1  +33 DD  +53 29  +73 05  +93 11
    +14 C0  +34 DC  +54 28  +74 04  +94 10
    +15 CF  +35 DB  +55 37  +75 03  +95 1F
    +16 CE  +36 DA  +56 36  +76 02  +96 1E
    +17 CD  +37 D9  +57 35  +77 01  +97 1D
    +18 CC  +38 D8  +58 34  +78 00  +98 1C
    +19 CB  +39 27  +59 33  +79 0F  +99 1B
    +20 CA  +40 26  +60 32  +80 0E
    AA values:
    F3 -> HP Gauge
    F0 -> Musou Gauge
    F2 -> Attack
    F5 -> Defense
    F4 -> Bow Attack
    F7 -> Bow Defense
    F6 -> Mounted Attack
    09 -> Mounted Defense
    0A -> Musou Charge
    0B -> Reach
    08 -> Luck
    FE -> Speed
    F1 -> Jump
    Still with me? Now you'll have to insert the value and the attribute on 
    your weapon of choice.
    Blue Dragon 
    2C298AE5 F8FC2D21
    2C298ADC F8FC "32"F3" = Slot 1 +60 HP
    2C298ADE F8FC "14"F0" = Slot 2 +90 Musou
    2C298AE0 F8FC "38"F4" = Slot 3 +70 Bow Attack
    2C298AE2 F8FC "D0"F5" = Slot 4 + 30 Defense
    2C298AE4 F8FC "2C"0A" = Slot 5 + 50 Musou Charge
    Wrath of Heaven
    2C298D15 F8FC1A52
    2C298D0C F8FC "26"0B" = Slot 1 +40 Reach
    2C298D0E F8FC "37"FE" = Slot 2 +55 Speed
    2C298D10 F8FC "1B"F1" = Slot 3 +99 Jump
    2C298D12 F8FC "3C"F6" = Slot 4 +66 Mounted Attack
    2C298D14 F8FC "0F"09" = Slot 5 +79 Mounted Defense
    *Note on attribute values:
    The Maximum value for any attribute is 255. If you go over that limit
    its value will revert to 1.
    Base stats when max out (without any weapons or items):
    HP:  105
    MP:  105
    AT:  155
    DEF: 155
    Additional values from weapon + items:
    HP:  +150
    MP:  +150
    AT:  +100
    DEF: +100
    Just remember to keep your stats within the 255 limit.
    V. Weapon Element Codes
    xxxxxxxA yyyyEEFF
    First of all, no matter what the basic weapon codes is, the last digit
    of the first half of the code MUST change to "A".
    Now EE determines the element of that weapon:
    C0 -> Fire alone
    EF -> Fire + Death 
    CA -> Lightning alone
    AE -> Lightning + Death 
    DA -> Death alone
    FA -> Non-elemental
    Fire + Lightning -> ?? 
    (Highly wanted. If anyone can discover this digit, he/she will be 
    rightfully credited.)
    Now FF determines add on effects of that weapon:
    (Add on effects are Def x2, Att x2, Fire Arrow, True Musou and the like)
    0A -> True Musou
    10 -> Fire Arrow
    FF -> All effects (Def x2, Att x2, Fire Arrow, True Musou, etc)
    Blue Dragon 
    2C298AE5 F8FC2D21
    2C298AE"A" F8FC"AE"0A": Lightning + Death Element + True Musou
    Wrath of Heaven
    2C298D15 F8FC1A52
    2C298D1"A" F8FC"EF"10": Fire + Death + Fire Arrow
    *Note: Some characters previously don't have an element also can't activate 
    the elemental attacks even if you gave him/her one.
    Known characters so far: Pang Tong, Da Qiao, Xu Zhu, Zhang Fei.
    VI. Complete Examples:
    Blue Drgon 
    2C298AE5 F8FC2D21  to have this weapon
    2C298ADC F8FC "32F3" = Slot 1 +60 HP
    2C298ADE F8FC "14F0" = Slot 2 +90 Musou
    2C298AE0 F8FC "38F4" = Slot 3 +70 Bow Attack
    2C298AE2 F8FC "D0F5" = Slot 4 +30 Defense
    2C298AE4 F8FC "2C0A" = Slot 5 +50 Musou Charge
    2C298AE"A" F8FC"AE"0A": Lightning + Death Element + True Musou
    Wrath of Heaven
    2C298D15 F8FC1A52 = to have this weapon
    2C298D0C F8FC "260B" = Slot 1 +40 Reach
    2C298D0E F8FC "37FE" = Slot 2 +55 Speed
    2C298D10 F8FC "1BF1" = Slot 3 +99 Jump
    2C298D12 F8FC "3CF6" = Slot 4 +66 Mounted Attack
    2C298D14 F8FC "0F09" = Slot 5 +79 Mounted Defense
    2C298D1"A" F8FC"EF"10": Fire + Death + Fire Arrow
    It takes 6 lines of codes for a fully customized weapon.
    7 lines if you don't have possession of that weapon yet.
    VII. Item Modification codes
    Speed Scroll:     2C298697 F8FC ?? FE  
    Wing Boots:       2C298699 F8FC ?? F1  
    Dragon Amulet:    2C29869B F8FC ?? F0  
    Peacock Urn:      2C29869D F8FC ?? F3  
    Tiger Amulet:     2C29869F F8FC ?? F2  
    Tortoise Amulet:  2C2986A1 F8FC ?? F5  
    Huang's Bow:      2C2986A3 F8FC ?? F4  
    Shell Armor:      2C2986A5 F8FC ?? F7  
    Horned Helm:      2C2986A7 F8FC ?? F6  
    Cavalry Armor:    2C2986A9 F8FC ?? 09  
    Seven Star Orb:   2C2986AB F8FC ?? 08  
    Wind Scroll:      2C2986AD F8FC ?? 0B  
    Elixir:           2C2986AF F8FC ?? 0A  
    Now ?? determines the attribute value you want to increase. Go to section IV 
    for the NN values. 
    *Note: Don't increase the value by too much, and make sure to keep the value of 
           each attribute within 255. 
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: None of the codes are working!!
    A: Make sure the Master code is on. It must be the First code on your code 
       list. Start a game, quit/save and the codes should work. 
    Q: I am totally confused, help!!
    A: If you are totally confused, then try enter the code for the 2 examples
       1 by 1 to understand them better. If you still don't get it...
    Q: I enter the codes on weapon X and the game freezes when I try to 
       view/equip it.
    A: If you entered an attribute codes not listed here, there will be 
       a chance that the game will freeze upon selecting that weapon. To cure
       this problem, simply input a 5 slot correct attribute code to overwrite
       what you have previously entered.
    Q: I enter a +50 Tiger Amulet and now my general don't do any damage!
    A: If you increase the attribute by too much, that attribute will reset
       back to 1. Now you can simply enter a +20 tiger amulet code to overwrite
       your +50 one. 
    Contact Information
    If you have something to contribute or find any errors, feel free to contact 
    me at EvilR99@hotmail.com or you can try your luck on the DW3 message board
    at GameFAQS.com
    Koei: For making this wonderful game.
    guitarman3544: for his starting codes on death element.
    troopermax: for numerous codes including the first weapon codes, weapon strength 
    codes, weapon slot codes, etc. He is still trying out new codes,
    but since he is too lazy to put them down into an FAQ, I do his typing 
    part for him. Finding exception of the Dragon Spear.
    Son of a Titan: For reminding me to add death element alone.

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