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    Zhou Yu by Xarian

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 06/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  *    Dynasty Warriors 3    *
                                  *       Zhou Yu Faq        *
                                  *        By Xarian         *
                                  *      Copyright 2002      *
                                  *        Version 0.5       *
                                  *       Last Updated:      *
                                  *       June 10, 2002      *
    I.    Intro
    II.   Copyright Info
    III.  Other Info
    IV.   Version Info
    V.    Zhou Yu
    VI.  Zhou Yu's Weapons and Attacks
    VII. Suggested Items for Zhou Yu
    VIII.   Fighting Strategies
    IX.    Zhou Yu's Musou Mode
        A. Mountain Bandit Campaign
        B. Hulao Gate
        C. Assault on Wu Territory
        D. Chibi
        E. Hefei
        F. Yiling
        G. Nanman Campaign
    X. Thanks/Credits
    Welcome all you Dynasty Warriors 3 fans. Im your friendly neighborhood Xarian
    and Ill be explaining everything there is to know about Zhou Yu. This FAQ will
    be explaining background info on Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu's weapons, items that I
    personally use when using him, strategies for Zhou Yu, a walkthrough on his
    musou mode, and will be giving credit to where it is deserved.
    <*>=-=<Copyright Info>=-=<*>
    This FAQ is copyrighted and is not to be duplicated, edited, stolen, sold, or
    put on a website unless I grant permission through e-mail. If I do find this
    FAQ copied onto your site, I will take swift legal action to ensure that you
    will never do anything of that sort again. If you would like to put this FAQ on
    your site, e-mail me first. My e-mail is silverslayer58@yahoo.com
    <*>=-=<Other Info>=-=<*>
    Please contact me with suggestions, comments, errors, and any problems that you
    find with the information in this FAQ or problems in the game you might have.
    <*>=-=<Version Info>=-=<*>
    0.5- FAQ was created and everything up to Section VIII is done.
    Yeah, yeah, get to the guide. Well, here it is. Everything you need to know
    about Zhou Yu.
    <*>=-=<Zhou Yu>=-=<*>
    History: Zhou Yu, "Pretty Boy," was the strategist and personal friend of Sun
    Ce. He made his first appearance when he aided Sun Ce in taking the lands of
    Wu. He is best known for his plan during the attack on Chibi(Redwall), where he
    had Huang Gai feign defection, then had Cao Cao's navy set to flame. Zhou Yu
    was often commented on his looks and was married to one of the Qiao sisters,
    Xiao. Zhou Yu died in 211 at the age of thirty-seven, when an arrow wound he
    had recieved reopened.
    <*>=-=<Zhou Yu's Weapons and Attacks>=-=<*>
    Zhou Yu's Weapons:
    All basic 1st-3rd weapons can have varying attributes given to them, but each
    weapon has a set amount of attack, and amount of hits.
    1st Weapon: Iron Sword
          -Basic Attack: 16
          -Total Hits:   4
    2nd Weapon: Steel Sword
          -Basic Attack: 32
          -Total Hits:   5
    3rd Weapon: Elder Sword
          -Basic Attack: 42
          -Total Hits:   6
    Unique Weapon: Ancient Sword
          -Basic Attack: 46
          -Total Hits:   6
          -Element:      Red(Fire)
          -Added Attributes:
                 -Attack:         23
                 -Defense:        50
                 -Reach:          25
                 -Musou Charge:   27
    How to get the Ancient Sword:
    Stage: Chi Bi, Allied Forces
    Type: Precious Item
    To get this weapon, defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He/Xiahou Dun and Xu Huang. You
    should get a message for a special/precious item to the southwest of Cao Cao's
    initial position. Must be on hard difficulty.
    Zhou Yu's Attacks:
    <Misc Attacks>
    Running Attack: Charges forward slashing and spinning a fierce five times.
    Jump Attack: Does a sweeping attack while in the air.
    Musou Attack: Slices his sword up, juggling your opponent. When the musou gage
    empties his jumps into the air, and does three strikes while your opponent is
    still in the air, then falls down and spins, throwing your opponent upward once
    <Can be done wielding the Iron Sword>
    T: Releases a charged attack when he is jolted forward.
    ST: Basic attack that knocks your enemies into the air.
    SST: Does two attacks then jabs your enemy, stunning them.
    SSST: Three basic attacks followed an attack that, if your enemy still lives,
    does an added three attacks in the air.
    <Can be done wielding the Steel Sword>
    SSSST: Four attacks followed by an attack that knocks your enemy in the air.
    SSSSTT: Knocks your enemy into the air, he then jumps into the air striking his
    enemy an additional three times.
    <Can be done wielding the Elder Sword>
    SSSSST: Five attacks followed by an attack that sends a projectile through
    anything in front of you.
    <Can be done wielding the Ancient Sword>
    ST: Adds fire element to this attack.
    SSSST: Adds fire element to this attack.
    <*>=-=<Suggested Items for Zhou Yu>=-=<*>
    Zhou Yu's weapon is actually one of the better weapons. The items you pick will
    vary, depending on your style of fighting. I find it easier to fight on the
    ground, but sometimes fighting on a horse is more fun.
    Basic Items on Ground:
    -Tortoise Amulet(+30 or higher)
    -Way of Musou
    -Tiger Amulet(+10 if possible)
    -Peacock Urn
    -Elixer(+10 At LEAST) or Wind Scroll(+10-15)
    Basic Items on a Horse:
    -Tortoise Amulet(+30 or higher)
    -Golden Harness
    -Red Hare or HexMark Saddle
    -Horned Helmet
    -Elixer or Wind Scroll(Whichever is better...)
    <*>=-=<Fighting Strategies>=-=<*>
    Zhou Yu is a decent character and fun to play due to his awesome juggling
    abilities. Always set bodyguards to Bow. They can save your life in many
    When fighting officers:
    Use his SSSST frequently. (NOTE: Not SSSSTT, juggle, its easy.)
    Use his SSSSST if you need to get away or find life.
    When fighting crowds:
    SSSSSS works best. I dont suggest using SSSSST because its more of a long range
    attack and it works better for generals.
    SSST can be helpful, attacking above the crowd allows for less life drain.
    When fighting on a horse:
    ALWAYS hold L1 while fighting on a horse. Move the joystick around rapidly or
    wiggle your fingers on the D-Pad, so you are a hard target to hit. Do not worry
    about archers, as long as you have the Golden Harness. If you do get knocked
    off, run around, make the person follow you until they are a safe distance. If
    you dont have time for this, then use SSSSSS or musou. Never forget to use the
    T in SSSSST or your musou on a horse.
    <*>=-=<Zhou Yu's Musou Mode>=-=<*>
    Zhou Yu's Musou starts at MountainBanditCampaign, and ends at Nanman Campaign.
    You really cant say too much here. Zhou Yu died VERY early and the levels are
    just fillers.
    A. Mountain Bandit Campaign
    Start off this level by killing the gate captain on the far north area. Then
    take out each Lt. Commander until they are all dead. Once the Commander
    appears, ignore him for the moment. Go and search for the Dim Sum, Fairy Wine,
    the three weapons, and the three items. For a complete map of the level, I
    suggest going to KongMing's Site (www.kongming.net), it will show you the
    location of each weapon, item, and dim sum and fairy wine. Once you have found
    all the items and weapons, you should finish off the commander.
    B. Hulao Gate
    When you start this level, take down Zhao Cen and Hu Zhen. Once Fanshui Gate
    opens, kill Hua Xiong, then head up Fanshui, get the musou up, and take down
    Fan Chou. Head back, and kill Xu Rong, and the gate captain near Liu Bei's gate
    captain. By this time, Lu Bu should be around you, or he is heading back after
    fighting Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Kill Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, then
    finish Lu Bu, if you can :). Head south and take out the gate captain, then
    move in to take out Li Meng, Li Ru(when he appears), Diao Chan, and Dong Zhuo.
    If you want, you can get the life up on Hulao, and then move all the way back
    and kill Li Ju and Guo Si, when they appear.
    C. Assault on Wu Territory
    Take out the two sub-officers in the first fort, then when the gate opens, head
    out and kill the gate captain and the sub-officer near it. Move south, and head
    for Taishi Ci. Kill the gate captain and, if you can, take out Taishi Ci, who
    has Lu Bu-ish stats on this level. Move towards Yan Baihu and take him down,
    along with the gate captain. Move back out, move south, and take down Liu Yong.
    Head north and take down Wang Lang and the gate captain. A pretty simple level.
    D.Chi Bi
    Start this level by killing the Gate Captain nearest to the Place of Prayer,
    which you should protect but it doesnt usually get attacked. Then head north
    toward Xiahou Yuan. Take out the gate captain behind him, and head east towards
    Li Dian and Cao Pi. Move back north and take out the gate captain in the
    northwest corner, then crossover the ship its next to for the Dim Sum, then
    waste the gate captain on the other side of the ship. Head further east for the
    gate captains and then move south toward Xu Huang. If you want to go out of
    your way, move south and near Taishi Ci's starting position will be the musou
    up. Move back north then take out Xu Zhu and Zhang Liao, then take out Cao Cao.
    E. Hefei
    Take down Cao Pi, Zhen Ji, Pang De, and Cao Hong, in the area you start in.
    Then move to the very northeast corner to get the musou up. Then, move toward
    Zhang Liao, Cao Zhang, and Xu Huang in the center. If Zhang Liao abandons the
    central defense, after assassinating Taishi Ci, head south toward Sun Quan, *on
    a horse*, and stand next to him, he should jump the broken bridge, and after a
    while Zhang Liao will attack Sun Quan. In the meanwhile, either save Lu Meng in
    the southwest or wait for Zhang Liao. Then move north and take down Xu Zhu.
    Kill the gate captains and get the life up. Gan Ning should have appeared or
    will appear soon. Move in for the kill on Cao Cao and the level is complete.
    F. Yi Ling
    On Hard Difficulty, this is, for Wu, the easiest, most lopsided level. Your
    fellow generals WILL kill all the Shu generals. I suggest you start by killing
    Ma Chao/Guan Yu, the gate captains on the side. Then race over to Zhu Ran and
    save him until the fire attack happens. Kill Wei Yan and Zhao Yun and then head
    for Huang Quan. Take out Huang Zhong/Pang Tong, then move down into the enemy
    HQ. Take down Ma Liang and the gate captain, then wrap around and move into
    Stone Warrior Formation. Following the left wall through the entire SWF will
    lead to you the exit and the Dim Sum and Fairy Wine.
    G. Nanman Campaign
    This level will be very long, for those who havent played it before. Start the
    level by killing Meng Huo, for the first time, just left of where you start.
    Once he dies, run to the right, and take out Wu Tugu, Dong Tu Ne, and Meng Huo
    once he appears again. Once you've completed this, go north for the Fairy Wine,
    and move east and head over to King Mulu's area, kill Ahui Nan (his subgeneral)
    and the gate captain, if he is still there. Move south and Meng Huo should
    appear, kill him then run down and kill King Mulu and the gate captain near
    him. Run back up and take out Meng Huo again, who appeared near your starting
    position. Move south and kill Dailai, take his elephant, and move south to
    where Meng Huo appeared for the fifth time. Run into the wall where he is and
    it should break. Kill him and the gate captain, and get the Dim Sum in that
    area. A cutscene will occur where Zhu Rong gets angry. Run back up to your
    starting position and Meng Huo should appear again. Kill him, then move south
    for Yong Kai. Meng Huo should appear in the southwest corner, and this will
    initiate Lu Xun's full scale attack. Kill anyone in the middle, Meng You, the
    gate captain behind him, then head for Zhu Rong. Take her out, then move into
    the temple(?) and kill Meng Jei. If you want, run past Meng Huo, and take out
    the gate captain. This may appear hard but it makes killing Meng Huo VERY easy.
    Take out Meng Huo and he will surrender.
                   Congratulations, you beat Zhou Yu's Musou mode!
    First, I'd like to thank Koei. I shouldn't have to explain myself...
    I'd like to thank James (Zhuge Kongming), for his wonderful site and the level
    maps. (www.kongming.net)
    I'd like to thank GameFAQs. Yes, without you, I wouldn't be able to write a FAQ
    on one of the coolest characters in the game.
    I'd also like to thank anyone who is reading this. Send me comments,
    suggestions, whatever you like. I welcome it all.
    If you are a fan of Ma Chao, check out my other FAQ for him at GameFAQs.
                                    THE END!

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