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    Da Qiao by Mewtwomon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    #####  ##      ## ##       #       ####      ##### ########## ##     ##
    #   ##  ##    ##  # #      #      ##  ##     #         ##      ##   ## 
    #    ##  ##  ##   #  #     #     ##   ##     #         ##       ## ## 
    #     ##  ####    #   #    #    ##     ##    #         ##        ###
    #     ##   ##     #    #   #    ##     ##    #####     ##         # 
    #     ##   ##     #     #  #   ###########       #     ##         # 
    #    ##    ##     #      # #  ##         ##      #     ##         # 
    #   ##     ##     #       ## ##          ##      #     ##         # 
    #####      ##     #        # ##          ##  #####     ##         #
    Warriors 3
    Da Qiao
    Version 1.0. Copyright Mewtwomon, 2002
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright Warning
    3. Version History
    4. Historical Background Information
    5. Game Information
    6. Walkthrough 
    7. Strategies
    8. Contact Information
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction
       This is my first FAQ everyone, so I hope it goes well. This FAQ is 
    written for Da Qiao, a character in Dynasty Warriors 3. Da Qiao is a 
    very fast attacker, second only to Nu Wa. She has some good moves, but 
    her low attack power turn some people off to her. This FAQ does not 
    have basic game information, read the instruction book or another FAQ 
    for that! This is a character FAQ, not an all-purpose FAQ. You may ask: 
    Why Da Qiao? Well, my answer is because she's a good character that 
    many people don't know how to control, and she's extremely fun to play 
    as. It would appear that this is the first character FAQ for a female 
    ever published on Gamefaqs for Dynasty Warriors 3! Please read on, as 
    Da Qiao is a wonderful character.
    2. Copyright Warning
       WARNING! This FAQ is copyright 2002 Mewtwomon. This FAQ is protected 
    by INTERNATIONAL copyright law. That means YOU or ANYONE ELSE can't 
    take this FAQ and publish it as your own work. You may use it on your 
    site or as a link if and only if you email me, and I grant permission. 
    My contact information can be found at the bottom of this FAQ. 
    Plagiarizers beware! If you violate this international copyright law, 
    you will be prosecuted! CJayC tells me that I can sue you and easily 
    win, so take that into mind before you plagiarize!
    3. Version History
    6/25/02- I sent the FAQ in to Gamefaqs for the first time.  Everything 
    is subject to be edited. I am currently open to suggestions.
    4. Da Qiao's Historical Background Information
        Da Qiao was the daughter of Qiao Xuan. Her and her sister, Xiao 
    Qiao, were said to be the most beautiful women in China. Da Qiao 
    married Sun Ce, an emperor of Wu, and the son of Sun Jian of Wu. 
    Unfortunately, she didn't actually fight, but she does in Dynasty 
    Warriors 3.
    5. Da Qiao's Game Information
    Unlocking: To unlock Da Qiao, complete Musou Mode with at least one 
    character from the Wu kingdom, or if you have a Dynasty Warriors 2 save 
    on your memory card, she is unlocked automatically 
    First: Twin Fans
           Attack +16
           Hits: 4
    Second: Violet Fans
            Attack +31
            Hits: 5
    Third: Beauty
           Attack +37
           Hits: 6
    Fourth: True Beauty
            Attack +37
            Hits: 6
            Element: None
            Musou Max +64
            HP Max +65
            Attack +22
            Defense +48
            Luck +29
            Grand attack total: +59
    Fourth Weapon: The Battle at You Ting, Wu side. Kill Zhang He. A 
    special item will appear in the northwest.
    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: To get Da Qiao's or anybody else's fourth weapon, 
    the first player MUST be the player you want to get the weapon with, 
    and it MUST be played on HARD difficulty. If I get an email about this 
    because you can't get the fourth weapon and it's because it's not on 
    hard and/or you aren't playing as the first player, I will be VERY 
    Key: S=Square attack (Press square)
         T=Triangle attack (Press triangle)
    Dash attack: She runs straight with her fans in front of her. Good for 
    cutting through a crowd.
    Jump Attack: She holds her fans out and almost flies through the air. A 
    good move on single officers, and good for knocking people off horses. 
    It's good, but it's not the best.
    Mounted attacks:
    S-She throws her fans to one side. Very ineffective and annoying.
    T-She throws both of her fans in front of her, about a 180-degree 
    angle. Very effective and fun.
    Regular attacks:
    T-Da Qiao hits the enemy with her fans. Use to break an enemy's guard, 
    this knocks them back no matter what, unless maybe it's Lu Bu, whom I 
    ST-Da Qiao throws her fans up in front of her, and takes an enemy with 
    her. Not as effective as her SSSST. You cannot rotate on this attack no 
    matter how good you are.
    SST-Da Qiao throws her fans in front of her, this attack reminds me of 
    her mounted T. This attack makes the opponent dizzy.
    SSST-Da Qiao rushes forward, this looks like her jump attack, but it's 
    better. It's very good for cutting through a crowd, or repeatedly 
    knocking back a single officer.
    SSSST-Da Qiao throws both fans up in the air, and an enemy or two with 
    it. You can turn around on this if you're very good. This is better 
    than her ST. Press T after you launch them to hit them back to the 
    ground. This is what you use for the infinite combo. 
    SSSSST-Da Qiao floats in the air and throws her fans out in front of 
    her, for many hits. If you're good, you can rotate her while she does 
    this attack. It's good for single officers or clearing a crowd.
    SSSSSS-Da Qiao throws her fans to the side, runs, and does a jumping 
    spinning back flip and clears out everyone in 6x6 vicinity. Very 
    effective for crowd clearing, one of my favorite moves in the game.
    Musou attack: Da Qiao spins her fans in front of her, then at the end, 
    swings them around in a 360-degree circle. You can rotate on the first 
    part, there is obviously no need to do so on the last part. Very good 
    for combos, and the end is excellent for crowd clearing.
    6. Walkthrough
    1.	The Yellow Turban Rebellion, Han forces.
    This stage is pretty easy; it's the first stage in the game. You 
    are a sub-officer under Sun Jian. Take out Zhang Liang after he 
    freezes the river. It helps him, but it also makes your life 
    easier. You start near him. After that, just play it by ear. There 
    aren't too many weapons or items in this stage, and the ones that 
    are there are +1's and +2's, even on hard. The generals don't drop 
    significant attack and defense power-ups, but you can get them if 
    you want. My suggestion would be to ignore Zhang Bao; he's more 
    trouble than he's worth. You must kill Zhang Jiao 3 times to finish 
    the stage.
    2. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate, Allied forces.
         This stage is again pretty easy, provided you ignore Lu Bu. You are 
    again a sub officer under Sun Jian. Go around and defeat all of the 
    officers and sub-officers except for Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, and Dong Zhuo's 
    sub-officers. At that point, all available forces should march to Hu 
    Lao gate. Go with them, and wait for Hu Lao gate to fall. Then go in 
    and defeat Dong Zhuo, and his sub-officers if you like. Once Dong Zhuo 
    is dead, the stage is over.
         3. Surprise attack on Liu Biao, Sun Jian's forces.
            This stage is short, and relatively easy. You are an officer 
    under your husband Sun Ce I believe. There are quite a few weapons and 
    items here, go after them if you please. At on point, sun Jian will get 
    killed by Liu Biao, because Liu Biao sets a trap, and Sun Jian falls 
    for it. At this point, Sun Ce should take over as commander. Go and 
    kill Liu Biao when you're ready to end the stage.
         4. Assault on the Wu Territory, Sun Ce's forces.
            Pretty straightforward stage, kill Liu Yong to get Taishi Ci to 
    defect to your side. Do not kill Taishi Ci, as his many forces will be 
    of use to you. The other two remaining enemy generals should then be 
    easily taken out.
         5. The Battle at Chi Bi, Allied Forces.
            This stage can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing. 
    Do not advance too far. Wait for the winds to come, and the fire attack 
    to happen. Then, gradually advance and kill all of the enemy officers. 
    You should get reinforcements from Shu, but the enemy will also get 
    reinforcements. Progress slowly through this stage, rush, and be 
    killed. There are tons of enemies at this stage. Tons.
         6. The Battle at Yi Ling, Wu Forces.
            This stage is much easier for Wu than Shu. Once Lu Xun orders a 
    fire attack, protect Zhu Ran until the Shu camp is in flames. He does 
    not have far to go. That will crush the enemy's morale. Unless you are 
    an expert, avoid the Stone Warrior formation to the south. There are 
    lovely stat increase items there, but many crossbowmen. Also once you 
    enter Zhuge Liang will come to reinforce Shu, and you will not have 
    your handy little map inside the Stone Warrior Formation. However, if 
    you press start you can see where you are on the map. Wait for the fire 
    attack, and then crush Shu.
         7. The Siege of He Fei Castle, Wu forces. 
            This is a tough stage, with many stat increase items, weapons, 
    items, and special items. I recommend taking out Xu Zhu first, he's on 
    the northeast side of the castle. Then, go to the Northwest section. I 
    strongly recommend a horse for this part. If you have a horse, plow 
    through the wall of arrows. At the wind corridor, carefully maneuver. 
    There is a weapon in the middle. After that, I recommend taking out the 
    two generals by the main south gate. That will open the gate and allow 
    your allies through. At one point you will get reinforcements, so will 
    your enemy. When the enemy is reinforced, all gates open. Protect Sun 
    Quan/Jian/Ce on his ship, Wei's reinforcements appear by him, and if he 
    dies, you lose. Take out Sima Yi/Cao Cao when you're ready, he's up 
    some steps, and he personally is not heavily defended, but most likely 
    the only help you'll have when fighting him is your bodyguards. Kill 
    him to end the stage and your musou mode.
         7. Strategies
            Da Qiao's strengths lie in her ssst, jump attack, 
    ssssstttt(etc.), ssssss, and musou.
         Use her ssst and jump for two different purposes. One is to cut 
    through a crowd. When you use this attack, you clear a nice, empty, 
    path for yourself through the enemy. Also it can be used to repeatedly 
    knock back a single officer away from reinforcements, and challenge 
    them to a one-on-one duel.
         Use her sssssttt(etc,) for again, two purposes. One is to hit a 
    single officer repeatedly. That's quite easy. Just float there, tap 
    triangle, and rack up the hits. If you're good, you can rotate this 
    attack making it one of the best crowd clearing moves in the game. It's 
    VERY hard to do, however, so don't get discouraged. The only way to get 
    hit while doing this attack is by an arrow, musou, or musou arrow. All 
    other attacks bounce off of you.
         Use her ssssss as what it is, one of the best crowd clearing moves 
    in the game.
         Use her musou for all purposes, first as a single-officer thing, 
    then blast away the crowd with the end. Hold the O button if you're 
    near an enemy general, press O once if you are surrounded by a crowd.
         Any other strategies are welcome!
         8. Contact information.
         I am taking any suggestions, mistakes, strategies, additions, etc. 
    Drop me a line. Also If you want my faq on your site, let me know 
         My AIM is Gsrts, and my email is rsrtsneveron@aol.com.
         9. Credits
         1. Me, Mewtwomon. I am the only person who has contributed anything 
    to this FAQ as of now.

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