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    Lu Meng by OneWinged-Dragon

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 - Character Guide
    Lu Meng : Grand Master Pimp of Wu
    ...okay, maybe not.
    FAQ Guide by OneWinged-Dragon
    This Guide (Copyright 2002) was made entirely on the experiences of 
    OneWinged-Dragon. This Guide may not be altered in any way without my 
    consent, and may not be distributed without my name as author on. This 
    FAQ may be distributed, but not sold. Failure to follow those simple
    rules will result in something horrible, preferably something bad.
    Guide best viewed in courier new font.
    1) Who is Lu Meng?
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
    3) Moves and Weapons
    4) Overview
    5) Stage Strategy
    6) Questions and Answers
    1) Who is Lu Meng?
       Style name Ziming. Already an accomplished warrior, he devoted himself to
       learning and became a paradigm of wisdom and valor after being admonished
       by Sun Quan. He was greatly admired by his senor, Lu Su as a great servant
       of the Wu Kingdom. Together with Lu Xun, they retook the Jing Province, 
       capturing the great Guan Yu in the process
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
       Lu Meng is a great defensive player with powerful attacks. When used
       correctly, he can be just as excellent as everyone else.
    3) Moves and Weapons
       Regular Attack: Lu Meng's regular attack consists of two linear strikes in
                       in the beginning, but becomes a series of wide swinging
                       slashes. Good crowd control.
       T             : Swings the hilt of his halberd. Standard crowd clearer, but
                       horrible range.
       ST            : Uppercut with his halberd. Wide range, standard juggler.
       SST           : Overhead slash. Stuns his target, but isn't too good at
                       nailing multiple people.
       SSST          : 360 swing of the halberd. Slight delay, but good knockback
                       and coverage.
       SSSST(T)      : Same as ST, but the enemy is launched higher. Press T for a
                       follow-up attack.
       SSSSST        : Fires a shockwave. A good long distance crowd clearer if you
                       can connect with the narrow blast. Lightning is added to this
                       with Lu Meng's 4th.
       Mounted Attack: Like every other mounted attack in the game(save for those
                       few good ones). Standard right-to-left swinging.
       Dash Attack   : Slides forward using the pole of the halberd as the means of
                       arse kicking. Short range, but is decent when used
       Jump Attack   : 180 degree swing.
       Musou Attack  : Swings his halberd, alternating from hilt to blade to
                       deliver the blows. The final hit impales the target on the
                       blade, then knocks them back with the hilt. Great damage!
       True Musou    : Fire element added, plus an extra impale & dispose attack
                       added at the end. Not as good as the regular musou.
       Attack +15  4 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Great Halberd
       Attack +30  5 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Tiger Hook
       Attack +45  6 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       White Tiger
       Attack +45  6 Hits + Lightning
       Defense         +53
       Bow Defense     +54
       Mounted Defense +54
       Musou Charge    +25
       Weapons are obtained randomly in each stage. The later the stage, and harder
       the difficulty, the better the weapon you will receive. However, 4th weapons
       must be obtained in a precise manner.
       Stage: Fan Castle (Wu Side)
       Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping
       This is a fairly simple objective to accomplish(although the stage objective
       and hard difficulty sorta complicates matters. ^_^;). When Guan Ping is
       defeated, a Precious Item report should occur south of the Wei HQ. It'll be
       on a middle platform, so don't worry about the flood event.
       An easy way to complete 4th weapon quests is to have a fresh character(one
       who is not leveled up) be first player, and a stronger character be second
       player. It does not matter who the 4th weapon is for, or who kills the supply
       captain/gets the item. The objective is what's needed to be completed.
    4) Overview
       If you use Lu Meng as another Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Guan Yu, etc., you will
       be GREATLY disappointed. Lu Meng is not an offensive powerhouse who can just
       plow his way through everyone. His musou has a rather short reach every other
       hit. His 6th charge, unlike most other polearm users, is not some uber killing
       crowd clearer, and quite awkward. Some people might say Lu Meng is boring.
       Lu Meng is a character that is to be used defensively, hence all the defense
       mods on his 4th weapon. With his Musou charge, his effective SSST, and his
       regular attack moveset, he's great at clearing crowds. With practice, his 6th
       charge can also be a lethal crowd clearer due to its Lightning element. You
       just need to land a hit on a person for them to fly up, land down, and make
       everyone else around you collapse instantly. For those getting acquianted with
       Lu Meng however, just stick to his Musou, SSST, and regular attack. Dealing
       with crowds is rather easy.
       When dueling generals one on one, it's best if Lu Meng has his Musou bar
       charged up before hand. Block and counter the enemy general's attacks, and
       try to go for an infinite combo (SSSST repeat). However, if you're surrounded,
       infinite combos are not a feasible option. Stick to regular attacks. If you're
       on the defensive, whenever you feel like it, let loose a short musou burst
       (that is, tap O). Lu Meng's Musou will do extensive damage on the last 2 hits,
       and you can take the offensive. However, don't do his Musou too long, unless
       you're good at weapon deadlocks.
       Recommended Equipment:
       Speed Scroll/Red Hare Saddle
       Peacock Urn
       Wind Scroll/Dragon Amulet
       Tortoise Amulet
    5) Stage Strategy
       1. Pirate Attack on the High Seas
          Basic beginner stage. Clear out the Lt Commanders on the east side first,
          then work your way westward to take out the rest and the Commander. Note
          that there is a Lt Commander and a Gate Captain behind the Commander.
       2. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
          Pretty simple. Take out all officers around your area first, then work
          counter clockwise to take out the rest. Take the opportunity to kill
          Zhang Jiao every chance you get before he teleports north, for some decent
       3. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
          Defeat the two sub officers outside Fan Shui Gate, then eliminate Hua Xiong,
          Niou Fu, and Xu Rong. With Liu Bei, Gongzun Zan, Sun Jian, and Cao Cao's
          forces ready to go, advance southward. By now, Yuan Shu's dead. Either
          engage Lu Bu, or just avoid him. Take out Li Meng, run through the ambush,
          then protect the Assault Captain. Sometimes, the game is cheap, and a hor-
          rendous group of archers appear on the southern wall of Hu Lao Gate. Once
          the gate is down, standard buttkicking. If Li Jue and Guo Si's forces pop
          up, ignore them if Yuan Shao's morale is pretty high.
       4. The Battle at Chi Bi
          Kill Xiahou Dun/Dian Wei first off, so you don't have to go through the
          boats again when Huang Gai's unit is getting in position. Then either work
          in a clockwise or counter-clockwise position to eliminate the officers.
          If Huang Gai's unit is in danger, don't worry about it. Just don't get lost
          on the boats.
       5. The Battle at Fan Castle
          Should I try? Okay, fine. Work your way through the soldiers and archers,
          and take out Guan Ping. Then take out Guan Yu's Gate Captain, and then
          finish off Guan Yu. If you took your time, Zhou Cang's unit will show up.
          Don't bother unless you're going for points though, because Zhou Cang will
          pretty much be out of the way.
       6. The Battle at Yi Ling
          All you really have to do on this stage is kill Zhang Bao(valley east of 
          Sun Shang Xiang) and Guan Xing(slightly north of the eastern end of the
          valley), then feel free to screw around on this stage. Kill Zhuge Liang
          if you feel like rushing in to kill Liu Bei without archer interference.
          Hard Mode will require more work, so keep that in mind.    
       7. The Siege of He Fei Castle
          Take out Xu Zhu on the east side first. Work your way around the east to the
          center and take out Xu Huang and Zhang He. Avoid the ponds unless you want a
          quick death. If the stage clock isn't anywhere close to the 75 minute mark,
          go ahead and clear out the Wall of Arrows trap of all soldiers. Otherwise,
          run back to Sun Quan. However, if the Wu army reaches the center of the
          castle before the 75 minute mark, the gates will open up. When Cao Xiu and
          Man Chong arrive, take out their forces. Once that's done, work on Zhang
          Liao and Zhen Ji, then finally, take out Sima Yi.
    6) Questions and Answers
       Q: Lu Meng smells.
       A: That's not a question. And that's mean. :(
       Q: I fufilled the requirements for Lu Meng's 4th weapon, but no Precious Item?
       A: You sure you're playing on Hard? And on Wu side?
       Q: Are you asking me a question? You're supposed to answer.
       A: It's, uh, rhetorical.
       Q: I grabbed the Precious Item, but all I got was this cruddy 1st/2nd/3rd weapon.
       A: :PpP, you used Gameshark/Sharkport save that has basic 4th Weapons. Start a
          brand new game file, or use EvilR's Weapon Customizable FAQ on GameFAQ.com to
          fix the problem.
       Q: My Lu Meng does no damage!
       A: 3rd time you didn't ask a question. :p Refer to above and get yourself a +20
          Tiger Amulet somehow. 
       Q: Where do I get 2nd/3rd weapons and good items?
       A: I shop at You Ting Wei side for weapons, Wu side for items. Hard mode for best
       Q: This FAQ is horrible.
       A: Make a better one then.
       Q: I just did.
       A: >_<
    7) Super Duper Secret Stuff
       There's a reason this wasn't on the contents. 
       This is really really super secret, that I can only tell through snail mail. So,
       send $1 to Happy Dude at Evergreen Terrace... *windows breaking* hey, what're...
       *muffled sounds* ack! *broken objects* you can't silence m... *sound of blunt 
       object hitting a person*

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