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    Wei Yan by OneWinged-Dragon

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 - Character Guide
    Wei Yan : Good... Motivational... Speaker...
    ...okay, maybe not.
    FAQ Guide by OneWinged-Dragon
    This Guide (Copyright 2002) was made entirely on the experiences of 
    OneWinged-Dragon. This Guide may not be altered in any way without my 
    consent, and may not be distributed without my name as author on. This 
    FAQ may be distributed, but not sold. Failure to follow those simple
    rules will result in something horrible, preferably something bad.
    Guide best viewed in courier new font.
    1) Who is Wei Yan?
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
    3) Moves and Weapons
    4) Overview
    5) Stage Strategy
    6) Questions and Answers
    1) Who is Wei Yan?
       Style name Wenchang. He served under Liu Biao until his death, at which
       point he joined Liu Bei. At the time, despite his rebellious spirit,
       and the disapproval of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei took him in as one of his
       own, eventually promoting him. He later went on to continue the line 
       of the Five Tigers with his bravery and was a major force in the Shu
       efforts to take the North.
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
       Wei Yan is a fun character to use, with awesome and practical moves at
       his disposal.
    3) Moves and Weapons
       Regular Attack: Wei Yan's regular attack set consists of hack and
                       slash attacks with his double voulge.
       T             : Pounce attack.
       ST            : Standard juggler with his voulge.
       SST           : Wei Yan does another leaping pounce strike. Decent
                       range, and stuns.
       SSST          : Swings his double voulge in a wide strike. Good crowd
       SSSST(T)      : Standard high juggler. If you got a pretty good Wind Scroll,
                       you can even hit foes behind you with this move. Hit T for
                       a followup attack.
       SSSSST(T)     : Spins his voulge above his head 5 times, then finishes off
                       by sending everyone flying in a final spin, with a knock
                       back effect. You must tap T all the way through for Wei Yan
                       to completely 'finish' this move.
       Mounted Attack: Like every other mounted attack in the game(save for those
                       few good ones). Standard right-to-left swinging.
       Dash Attack   : Spinning strike. A pretty good dash attack
       Jump Attack   : Horizontal slash.
       Musou Attack  : Wei Yan definitely gets cool points for his Musou. He slides
                       and spins up and down from the ground, whilst spinning his
                       double voulge simultaneously. Good crowd clearer, and easy
                       to juggle.
       True Musou    : Fire element added, three additional hits are placed at the
       Double Voulge
       Attack +18  4 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Strike Voulge
       Attack +33  5 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Double Star
       Attack +46  6 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Double Comet
       Attack +46  6 Hits + Death
       Jump +23
       Attack +24
       Defense +56
       Reach +22
       Weapons are obtained randomly in each stage. The later the stage, and harder
       the difficulty, the better the weapon you will receive. However, 4th weapons
       must be obtained in a precise manner.
       Stage: The Battle of Jie Ting
       Requirements: Save Ma Su, defeat all enemy generals, enter Sima Yi's camp
       One of the more difficult 4th weapons to get due to those fuggin crossbowmen.
       While you wait for Zhang He to ambush Ma Su, go around and kill all the
       officers you can. Once Ma Su is ambushed, come to his aid by either defeating
       Zhang He or Xin Pi(who should be near Ma Su). Finish off all other officers,
       then run into Sima Yi's camp. A Precious Item report should pop up, so grab
       the weapon and finish the stage.
       An easy way to complete 4th weapon quests is to have a fresh character(one
       who is not leveled up) be first player, and a stronger character be second
       player. It does not matter who the 4th weapon is for, or who kills the supply
       captain/gets the item. The objective is what's needed to be completed.
    4) Overview
       Let's address his crud stuff first. Wei Yan has horrible bow defense. He
       walks rather funny. He talks like Kane. That mask is horrible design. His
       Musou isn't exactly very strong.
       Okay, still with me? Good. Wei Yan has a rather effective attack set, and
       all of his moves are very useful, save for his 6th S. Some staple moves you
       should find yourself using is SST, SSST, and SSSSST(T). His 6th charge is en-
       hanced by the fact it has Death in it, plus a neat knockback effect. It's not
       the 360 kill-all DEA you want, but it's close(fuggin step he takes. >_<), and
       it's on a great move. Crowd control shouldn't be tough, but eliminate archers
       Wei Yan should have a simple time against enemy officers. His SSSST becomes
       the ultimate juggler in the game because it gets a nice little Death element.
       If you had fun with Fire element and infinite combos, you'll find Wei Yan to
       be just as fun.
       A neat little trick you guys should know is Wei Yan's stylish infinite combo.
       Basically, you do his SSSSST(T) move, stopping it where Wei Yan's spinning
       lifts the enemy a bit higher into the air. Stop it there, then do another
       6th charge attack and repeat! It's somewhat difficult to get off, but it's
       possible, and stylish, not to mention useful.
       Recommended Equipment:
       Speed Scroll/Red Hare Saddle
       Peacock Urn
       Dragon Amulet/Way of Musou/Shell Armor
       Tortoise Amulet
    5) Stage Strategy
       1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
          Pretty simple. Take out all officers around your area first, then work
          clockwise to take out the rest. Take the opportunity to kill Zhang Jiao
          every chance you get before he teleports north, for some decent powerups.
       2. Raid on the Rogue Fortress
          Run to either gates and look for a Lieutenant(shouldn't be hard; all other
          regular troops are private-class). Kill them to open the gates, then run
          in and clear out any Lt Commanders in the area. Find the Lieutenant guard-
          ing the gate and take him out. Clear out any Lt Commanders in the area,
          then run up the West stairs and head North past the other stairs. Jump off
          the edge leading into the Northern section, then take out the sole Lt
          Commander there. When the gate opens up, rush in and kill off the
       3. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
          Defeat the sub officer outside the gate, then eliminate Hua Xiong,
          Niou Fu, and Xu Rong. With Liu Bei, Gongzun Zan, Cao Cao's, and Sun Jian's
          forces ready to go, advance southward. By now, Yuan Shu's dead. Either
          engage Lu Bu, or just avoid him. Take out Li Meng, run through the ambush,
          then protect the Assault Captain. Sometimes, the game is cheap, and a hor-
          rendous group of archers appear on the southern wall of Hu Lao Gate. Once
          the gate is down, standard buttkicking. If Li Jue and Guo Si's forces pop
          up, ignore them if Yuan Shao's morale is pretty high.
       4. The Battle at Chang Ban
          Start by clearing out Zhang Liao and Xiahou Dun at the top. Head south and
          take care of Xu Zhu. Head West and kill Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He. Go North
          to take out Xu Huang's forces. Cao Cao's force should have arrived by now,
          so proceed to shut off any remaining gates, take out Cao Cao's subofficers,
          and then Cao Cao himself. Exert any anger onto archers to prevent future
          anger-inducing attacks.      
       5. The Battle at Yi Ling
          Definitely one of the toughest stages in the game. Work on killing off Lu
          Meng as best you can. If you're playing on Easy or Normal, attack Zhu Ran's
          unit when it shows up. Otherwise, don't bother. After beating Lu Meng, head
          West and kill Sun Shang Xiang and Cheng Pu. If you were fast enough in beat-
          ing them and Lu Meng, you might've been able to preserve Huang Quan's, Huang
          Zuong's, and Zhao Yun's unit. Ma Chao's unit is probably dead by now, so
          go East and engage Gan Ning. When all that's done, lead the offensive into
          the Wu encampment and take out Lu Xun. There is a 10 sec. Musou near Lu 
          Xun's initial position, so it that to your advantage. Once Lu Xun is gone,
          take out all the Gate Captains ASAP, and don't bother racking up the kills
          here. The rate at which crossbowmen respawn from those points is insane!
          Now all that's left is taking care of Sun Quan. 
          A rather cheap tactic I picked up from LordKarasuman's FAQs involves letting
          the fire attack happen, which causes Lu Xun's unit to take the offensive and
          abandon their position. Now run up to the boat West of Lu Xun's initial
          spot, and snipe Sun Quan from there with arrows! It's a pretty good tactic,
          unless you got a horrible archer of a character.
       6. The Battle at Jie Ting
          Start off the level by killing Cao Zhen and Zhen Ji. Whoops, there goes
          most of the Wei offensive. Eliminate Zhang He next, then work your way into
          Sima Yi's camp and take out the Gate Captains. Exert any and all anger on
          remaining crossbowmen, then finish off Sima Yi.
       7. The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
          Whittle down Sun Li's forces and kill him off. At this point, Cao Xiu
          will show up with reinforcements. Bear with the sheer number of crossbowmen
          and kill Cao Xiu. Head North and take out Sima Zhao's forces to stop his
          catapult attack. At this point, Man Chong should show up, so take care of
          those reinforcements. Head West and work on Xu Zhu's and Cao Hong's forces.
          When they're gone, head south and attack Zhen Ji's and Xu Huang's army. Try
          to avoid getting into battle with them simultaneously. The only threat left
          would be Cao Ren/Zhang He, so eliminate their forces. Now, lead the offensive
          into Sima Yi's HQ. Be sure to taunt him; kill Zhang Liao, exert any and all
          anger onto the crossbowmen in the general area, take out the Gate Captains,
          and deal death to Sima Yi.
    6) Questions and Answers
       Q: Wei Yan is ugly.
       A: That's not a question. And that's mean. :(
       Q: I fufilled the requirements for Wei Yan's 4th weapon, but no Precious Item?
       A: You sure you're playing on Hard? Maybe try waiting a bit for the report
          to come up.
       Q: Are you asking me a question? You're supposed to answer.
       A: It's, uh, rhetorical.
       Q: I grabbed the Precious Item, but all I got was this cruddy 1st/2nd/3rd weapon.
       A: :PpP, you used Gameshark/Sharkport save that has basic 4th Weapons. Start a
          brand new game file, or use EvilR's Weapon Customizable FAQ on GameFAQ.com to
          fix the problem.
       Q: My Wei Yan does no damage!
       A: 3rd time you didn't ask a question. :p Refer to above and get yourself a +20
          Tiger Amulet somehow. 
       Q: Where do I get 2nd/3rd weapons and good items?
       A: I shop at You Ting Wei side for weapons, Wu side for items. Hard mode for best
       Q: This FAQ is horrible.
       A: Make a better one then.
       Q: I just did.
       A: >_<
    7) Super Duper Secret Stuff
       There's a reason this wasn't on the contents. 
       It's because

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