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    Zhang Liao by Rustysolo

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                                       Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ
                                            Zhang Liao
                                         Copyright (c) 2002
                                             Version 1.3
                                          FAQ by: Rustysolo
      I, Rustysolo made this FAQs. This Guide may not be altered 
      in any way without consent, and may not be distributed without
      my name as author on. This FAQ may not be sold without consent. 
      Because if you do, it's 7 years bad luck.
      Well, not really. More like 3.
      1) Copyright Stuff (Above)
      2) Contents (You're reading it now, lummox.)
      3) Version History
      4) Historical Facts about Zhang Liao
      5) Reasons to use Zhang Liao
      6) Moves and Weapons
      7) Stages
      8) Questions
      9) Closing stuff.
        -Version History-
    1.0	(July 20, 2002) First Version submitted to GameFAQs
    1.1	(July 22, 2002) Slight changes to history section
    1.2	(July 26, 2002) History section updates, history for stages
    1.3	(August 6, 2002) Minor changes, added some questions.
        -Historical Facts about Zhang Liao-
    Styled name Zhang Wenyuan. Zhang Liao served in many battles under Lu Bu, but 
    after Lu Bu's death, he joined Cao Cao. At the battle of He Fei, he repelled 
    over 10,000 Wu soldiers with just 800 men. Also at He Fei, he ambushed and 
    killed Taishi Ci. He was a close friend of Guan Yu, and helped him return to Liu 
    Bei, swearing, 'Guan Yu, we will meet again, on the battlefield.'  Children in 
    Wu were frightened into silence at night by stories of his might. He had a sense 
    of honor, believed harming innocents was wrong, and that only warriors should 
    fight in a battle. He almost refused to fight at Chang Ban because of the 
    peasants following Liu Bei were targets for the Wei army. He became the leader 
    of the Five Wei Generals. He was not at the Seige of He Fei Castle but in fact 
    died ten years earlier. 
      -Reasons to use Zhang Liao-
    Because Zhou Yu isn't as good.
    Well, that, and this...
    Zhang Liao is a quick attacker, and has some good power behind his strikes. 
    Unlike Guan Yu, he's not slow and lumbering in his walk or attacks, and he can 
    clear a crowd quickly and effectively.
        -Moves and Weapons-
    You should know the Square and Triangle combos for attacking, but for those of 
    you who didn't read the game manual, (Which would be MOST of you,) Here's the 
    breakdown, hitting the Square button once makes you attack once, simple enough, 
    but if you hit Triangle once, then, after a charge-up, you release more powerful 
    attack, which lets you hit with more power. But wait! Here's where the tricky 
    part begins! Hit square two or more times, and you'll attack that many times in 
    succession. Got it? Mull over it for an hour or so if you need to.
    Finished? Good. Now hit Triangle at after hitting Square once-five times, and 
    you'll finish the attack off with a special end blow.
    There, that only took about 10 lines of typing.
    Here are Zhang Liao's sets of Square attacks.
      S- Swings across, at a slightly diagonal angle
      SS- Swings back in the opposite direction, at a similar angle
      SSS- Turns around and jabs the enemies in front of him
      SSSS- Swings across, like the S attack, but slightly more powerful
      SSSSS- Swings back the other way, like SS again, little more power
      SSSSSS- Swings downward, less radius, but sends enemies farther if thrown.
    And his T-Charge Attack combos...
      T          :Broad slash, more powerful than a normal attack
      ST         :Sends enemy upward, follow up attack possible, but harder to do
      SST        :Paralyzes enemies in front of you, long reach
      SSST       :Sends enemies flying, wide radius, good reach
      SSSST (T)  :Sends enemies higher upward, T again to leap and attack
      SSSSST     :A magic attack is released around him, enemies around you 
                  are thrown back in the air
    His Jump Attack is an average downward jumping slash, but reaches lower towards 
    the ground than most others, can strike twice in one jump.
    His Mounted Attack is the standard right to left swinging.
    His Dash Attack is a Broad slash, high power, almost all enemies go to the 
    His Musou Attack is a set of Slashes back and forth, sideways, at a slight 
    angle, ends with a wider slash, with more power.
    His True Musou Attack has Fire Element added, same slashing, ends with three 
    more wide slashes at the end.
      Attack +15
      Max Hits 4
      Great Halberd
      Attack +30
      Max Hits 5
      Dragon Blade
      Attack +48
      Max Hits 6
      Dragon Breath (Unique)
      Attack +48
      Max Hits 6
      HP Max +76
      Attack +25
      Mounted Attack +58
      Mounted Defense +58
      Reach +21 
    Your first three weapons are obtained randomly in the stages, later the stage 
    better the weapons. Harder difficulty makes for better weapons as well.
    To get Zhang Liao's fourth weapon, go to He Fei on Hard difficulty. Kill Zhou 
    Tai (He's right behind you when you start) and the special item appears just 
    north of the broken bridge. Grab it, finish the level and it's yours.
    Zhang Liao is a very fine character with a few weak points. He isn't and 
    unstoppable powerhouse, and he isn't exactly a 6-minute miler either, but his 
    abilities lay just above average in those areas. He can't offer the sheer power 
    of Dian Wei or Xu Zhu, but he can easily control crowds effectively. He can 
    offer long combos for advanced players, while still remaining easy for novices.
    Although his weapon has no element, his attacks more than make up for it. His 
    SSST is very excellent at clearing a crowd in front of him. His ST is not very 
    effective for much. His SSSSST is perhaps his best combo, as it's powerful and 
    can get enemies out from a good radius around him.
    If he duels a general, his SSST and SSSSST can often break a defense they put 
    up. His SSSST is a good juggler, and if you jump up for an attack with another 
    T, swing once more before landing so that enemies below you won't be able to hit 
    you the moment you land.
    The Battle at Hu Lao Gate 191 A.D. (Allies VS Dong Zhuo)
    After the Yellow Turban Campaign, Dong Zhuo lays claim to the Imperial Throne, 
    pretending to do so in the best interests of the child Emperor. Cao Cao gathered 
    the best leaders and warriors not serving Dong, and forms an alliance against 
    Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao is chosen to be their leader, and the brave warriors step 
    forth to halt his plans, despite Lu Bu and the imperial army at his side. In the 
    lands outside of Luo Yang, with the Hu Lao and Fan Shui gates as a backdrop, the 
    battle to end the tyranny begins...
    This one should be easy. Go straight and destroy the northern gate. Swing back 
    slightly southwest, and destroy Fan Chao's force. Keep going, and you will 
    eventually find yourself on top of the Fan Shui Gate. Grab the Musou Up, and 
    head down the stairs. Destroy the forces blocking Sun Jian and secure the gate 
    in the area near the center of the map.
    Now, IF you fight Lu Bu, make sure you have plenty of other officers and men 
    around him as well. Free up those forces, and destroy as many of Lu Bu's men as 
    possible before fighting him. His morale will drop, and the fight against him 
    will be easier. Defending won't do much good on him, as he'll overpower you. 
    (Unless you have the Buckler) Before you charge him, fill your Musou. Then, see 
    if you can get behind him while the forces you brought along occupy him. Bust 
    out the Musou, (You can repeat the process a few times.) If you can keep 
    catching him off guard, (shifting behind him, triangle attack his defense, etc.) 
    He is quick to recover, so don't let up. (If you kill Lu Bu, a supply team 
    appears with the Red Hare saddle, near Fan Chao's original position)
    If you avoid Lu Bu, you'll have fewer forces to back you up at Hu Lao Gate. But 
    either way, halfway through the curved canyon to the gate, large numbers of 
    archers appear, break the nearby crate, and grab the arrows. Aim at the center 
    archer in each set, and use triangle charge arrows. Destroy the First Bow and 
    the others will attempt to run away, but are stuck in their spot, and don't pose 
    much of a threat. 
    Break through the ambush near the gate and protect to Assault Team Captain. The 
    gate will fall. Deal with Diao Chan, then nab the Life Up atop Hu Lao Gate. If 
    you can, take out the three gates behind Dong Zhuo, then take him on. He 
    shouldn't be too difficult, but if he gets to be a problem, back off and look 
    for health. He doesn't heal all that often, but he will eventually.
    The Battle at Chang Ban 208 A.D. (Liu Bei VS Cao Cao)
    Cao Cao's army strikes southward, and Liu Bei and his army are forced to 
    retreat. Liu Bei Attempts to bring the peasants along with him, slowing his 
    progress to Han Shui considerably. Cao Cao pursues, and at Chang Ban, the armies 
    collide again, Liu Bei ready to stop at nothing to save his people...
    There are several ways to go about this one. The first is to get ahead of Liu 
    Bei, then let his retreat bring him to you. The first way to do that is to kill 
    Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang in the lower section of the starting area, (The area 
    with many houses) then take the path up North where Xu Huang is. (Entrance next 
    to the gates). Kill Zhao Yun, then continue until you reach the bridge. Head 
    south and destroy the gate in southwest corner. 
    Return to the area by the bridge, and go east a little. Wait there, and destroy 
    anything that comes attempts to get by you. Liu Bei's navy arrives after a 
    while, so go south and destroy those units if Liu Bei is far away enough for you 
    to get back before he gets too close to the ships. Otherwise, hold Liu Bei where 
    you are until help arrives, or you could kill him if your stats and skills are 
    good enough. If you killed enough of his peasants, his morale will be low, and 
    the duel with him easier.(If you have the right stats. You could just charge 
    straight for him at the beginning)
    The Battle at Chi Bi 208 A.D. (Allies VS Cao Cao)
    Liu Bei is destroyed, and Shu becomes nothing more than lands conquered by Wei. 
    Zhuge Liang, now without a leader, decides to help Zhou Yu and Wu in their fight 
    against Cao Cao. The Wei fleet trains at lake Xuan Wu, while the two strategists 
    form a plan to destroy it...
    If you can prevent the fire assault, this level is simple. But the thing is, 
    there are 3 ways to do that.
    Reach Zhuge Liang before he summons the winds- This is the hardest way to stop 
    the attack, as it's the farthest away, and there are more troops in your way. He 
    is in the Southwest corner of the map, at the place of prayer.
    Eliminate Zhou Yu- If you fail at getting to Zhuge Liang in time, Zhou Yu is 
    still there, and if he is killed, Huang Gai will retreat, and cannot complete 
    the attack. Zhou Yu can easily be located in the Unit Info part of the pause 
    Menu. (Kill him after he says 'Zhuge Liang, He is a devil!', but before the fire 
    attack, and the Fire Arrows appear as a Special Item, on the boat Huang Gai 
    starts the fire attack on.)
    Eliminate Huang Gai- Couldn't reach Zhuge Liang? Zhou Yu too powerful? Tell you 
    what, you can't find him on the Unit Info screen, but Huang Gai's death also 
    stops the fire attack. 
    There. Think you can do one of those?
    Now, stopping the fire attack doesn't end the battle, but everything is SO much 
    easier if you do. Here's what you do after the Fire Attack's prevention, or 
    success. You can, if you want to, eliminate Taishi Ci and Han Dang in the east. 
    Approach from the North by way of the boats where Cao Cao's main force is, or 
    south by the gate on the east edge of the map, coming up on their rear.
    Whether you killed Taishi Ci or not, Sun (Quan, Jian, or even Ce sometimes.) Is 
    still the final goal. So, again, eliminate their troops, lower their morale, and 
    The Mountain Bandit Campaign(Musou Mode Only)
    Peasants find Zhang Liao, and tell him of the bandits attacking a their village. 
    Finding this act unforgivable, Zhang Liao rides for the village, to stop the 
    rogues, and help the people of the peaceful place...
    This battle is quite simple, and hearing a peasant say 'We must be triumphant!' 
    is just funny.
    Take out the gate in the north, eliminate the Lt. Commanders, then let Zhang Fei 
    do what he wants for a while. Find all the items, weapons, Life Ups, and Musou 
    Ups, then finish up with Zhang Fei.
    The Battle at Tong Gate 211 A.D. (Allies VS Cao Cao)
    Cao Cao, seeking to take Guan Zhong, is met by Ma Chao, Han Sui, Ma Dai, Pang 
    De, and other members of a special alliance. The forces meet near the Wei River. 
    Ma Chao, seeking revenge for the death of his father and brother, aims to kill 
    Cao Cao. But Cao Cao is already forming a plan to break the alliance apart... 
    There's a long and a short way of doing this. Not soon after the start, Ma Chao 
    comes out, and you could just take him out then, or eliminate all the other 
    officers as well. If you do wish to eliminate all the other officers, know that 
    eventually, Han Sui defects to your side. (If you wait for it, then kill all 
    other officers besides Ma Chao, he will retreat in the gate. Enter the gate, and 
    a supply unit will appear, with the Gold Harness. One gate Captain must be 
    Eliminate all officers and men in front of Tong Gate, and head north, to aid Xu 
    Huang (If Cao Cao isn't in danger from Ma Chao's charge). After his troops are 
    free, they will advance across the bridge, and behind Tong Gate. Finish the 
    other officers and soldiers behind the gate, then finish Ma Chao's troops, and 
    then take care of him.
    The Battle at He Fei 215 A.D. (Wei VS Wu)
    Wu attempts to invade Wei, and following Zhang Liao's advice, Cao Cao sends a 
    detachment to met them at He Fei. The Wu commander plans to take He Fei in a 
    sweep of overwhelming numbers, but can Wei's forthcoming reinforcements help the 
    counter-strike on Wu prevail? Only time will tell...
    This level is not as easy as some of the others, as Zhang Liao begins in the 
    center of the stage, and is completely surrounded. You may need to raise your 
    stats a bit before you can do it. Kill Zhou Tai, Ding Feng, and any one else 
    near you. Clear out Taishi Ci and his men, then go south, and eliminate Lu Meng.
    Go northeast, and take out Lu Xun. Gan Ning should appear soon, if he hasn't 
    already. Take care of him ASAP. After all this, assault Sun Quan/Ce/Jian. 
    Eliminate his forces until his morale is low, and attack.
    The Seige of He Fei Castle 234 A.D. (Wei VS Wu)
    Wu again threatens Wei and it's prosperity. Lu Xun leads a strategic attack on 
    the land, and at He Fei Castle, Sima Yi organizes a defense to hold back the Wu 
    army until help arrives. Win or lose, the end for the war is now...
    This is a hard level for an under trained Zhang Liao. Get pumped up, Max isn't 
    necessary, but he needs to be able at least dispatch a normal archer with one 
    hit. First let me say this, DO NOT EVER STEP ON THE STONE WALKWAY IN THE CENTER! 
    An overwhelming number of enemy archers appear. Head south from the start, and 
    take out Lu Meng, then Lu Xun. Go east and take out Sun Shang Xiang and Gan 
    Ning, swing back west and take out Zhen Ji. Two officers lay just outside the 
    castle's southern gates, (They may have advanced inside if the gate fell.) Take 
    them out, and handle any leftover gates. Decimate Sun Ce/Quan/Jian's forces, and 
    show them the door. 
    Couldn't ask me a question, huh?
    Well, here goes.
    Q: Why did you make this FAQs?
    A: Free-time, and the need to do something slightly constructive.
    Q: What items should I use with Zhang Liao?
    A: In my opinion, the Peacock Urn, Tortiose Amulet, Tiger Amulet, Dragon Amulet, 
    and Speed Scroll work best with almost any character.
    *Thanks to Koei and Omega Force, for a cool game.
    *Thanks to the other FAQs Writers at GameFAQs, for giving me some examples to 
    compare to.
    E-mail me with any questions.
    Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQs/Guide for Zhang Liao
    By: Rustysolo
    This guide is in no way directly affiliated with KOEI Games or Omega Force.

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