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    Sun Ce by OneWinged-Dragon

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 - Character Guide
    Sun Ce : AzN Shaggy!!!!
    ...okay, maybe not.
    FAQ Guide by OneWinged-Dragon
    This Guide (Copyright 2002) was made entirely on the experiences of 
    OneWinged-Dragon. This Guide may not be altered in any way without my 
    consent, and may not be distributed without my name as author on. This 
    FAQ may be distributed, but not sold. Failure to follow those simple
    rules will result in something horrible, preferably something bad.
    Guide best viewed in courier new font.
    1) Who is Sun Ce?
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
    3) Moves and Weapons
    4) Overview
    5) Stage Strategy
    6) Questions and Answers
    1) Who is Sun Ce?
       Style name Bofu. The oldest son of Sun Jian. After his father's death, Sun
       Ce went to serve Yang Shu. Later, borrowing 3000 troops in exchange for the
       Imperial Seal, he went on to raise his own army. In a short while, he had
       already stabilized the land of Jian Dong, leading to his nickname of the
       "Little King." Starting with his old friend Zhou Yu, he went on to gather
       many talented officers, thereby laying the foundation for the Wu Kingdom.
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
       Sun Ce has above-average attack speed, and is fun to use due to his use
       of tonfas.
    3) Moves and Weapons
       Regular Attack: Sun Ce's regular attack consists of tonfa strikes and
                       kicks that mainly focus on enemies in front of him.
       T             : Forward roll that ends in a broad crowd clearing strike.
       ST            : Flip kick. Standard juggler.
       SST           : A shoulder charge that stuns all who are hit.
       SSST          : Spinning tonfa strike that sends foes flying, with a knock
                       back effect.
       SSSST(T)      : Flip kick. Standard juggler. Press T for a followup attack.
       SSSSST(T)     : Multiple tonfa strikes that end in a crowd-clearing attack.
       Mounted Attack: Like every other mounted attack in the game(save for those
                       few good ones). Standard right-to-left swinging, although
                       the T consists of multiple kicks to a single side.
       Dash Attack   : A spinning kick attack.
       Jump Attack   : Another spinning kick-type attack.
       Musou Attack  : Spinning tonfa strikes than end in a flying crowd clearing
       True Musou    : Fire element added, plus extra tonfa strikes added at the
       Attack +16  4 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Studded Tonfa
       Attack +31  5 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Attack +42  6 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Attack +42  6 Hits + Fire 
       Speed +21
       Jump +20
       Musou Max +80
       HP Max +72
       Weapons are obtained randomly in each stage. The later the stage, and harder
       the difficulty, the better the weapon you will receive. However, 4th weapons
       must be obtained in a precise manner.
       Stage: The Assault on Wu Territory
       Requirements: Defeat Liu Yong, Taishi Ci must defect.
       The only tricky part to this stage is killing the subofficers at the beginning
       yourself; otherwise, you'll have to go through Taishi Ci. Ignore Taishi Ci
       and head straight for Liu Yong; once defeated, Taishi Ci will defect, and a
       Precious Item will pop up near him.
       An easy way to complete 4th weapon quests is to have a fresh character(one
       who is not leveled up) be first player, and a stronger character be second
       player. It does not matter who the 4th weapon is for, or who kills the supply
       captain/gets the item. The objective is what's needed to be completed.
    4) Overview
       Sun Ce's flaws are that unlike other Musous that leave the enemy standing
       up, his Musou seems to lose its power on the later stages. Also, his Musou
       leaves him open to attack at the end. Sun Ce doesn't have spectacular Reach
       Despite his flaws, Sun Ce is still a good character to use. His SST is a decent
       escape move as it leaves enemies stunned, and Sun Ce a fair distance away from
       soldiers. SSST is also efficient at drilling a hole through the crowd. Even
       though Sun Ce's Musou loses a bit of its punch as the stages progress, that
       doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. It can do a good job of whittling down
       everyone's life, and the clearout hit does fair damage.
       Sun Ce's best strength lies in the his dueling skills. SSSST, combined with
       the Fire element from his 4th, is terribly effective at fighting officers.
       SSSSST(T) delivers a good amount of hits, which leads to high combos, and good
       damage because of the Fire element at the end. SST comes out pretty fast too,
       so abuse that.
       Recommended Equipment:
       Speed Scroll/Red Hare Saddle
       Peacock Urn
       Dragon Amulet/Wind Scroll
       Tortoise Amulet
    5) Stage Strategy
       1. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
          Defeat the two sub officers outside Fan Shui Gate, then eliminate Hua Xiong,
          Niou Fu, and Xu Rong. With Liu Bei, Gongzun Zan, Cao Cao's, and Sun Jian's
          forces ready to go, advance southward. By now, Yuan Shu's dead. Either
          engage Lu Bu, or just avoid him. Take out Li Meng, run through the ambush,
          then protect the Assault Captain. Sometimes, the game is cheap, and a hor-
          rendous group of archers appear on the southern wall of Hu Lao Gate. Once
          the gate is down, standard buttkicking. If Li Jue and Guo Si's forces pop
          up, ignore them if Yuan Shao's morale is pretty high.
       2. Assault on Wu Territory
          Kill Zhang Ying and Chen Heng to open up the east gate. Head east and take
          out Yu Mi and the Gate Captain. Head Southwest, dodging Taishi Ci's forces,
          and kill Liu Yong. Taishi Ci should defeat, at which point he'll kill Yan
          Baihu's Gate Captain and whittle down his forces. Head North, take out 
          Zhao Xin, then eliminate Wang Lang and his Gate Captain. Then proceed to
          mop up the rest of what's left of Yan Baihu. Exert unneccessary violence
          on Yan Yu if neccessary.
       3. The Battle at Chi Bi
          Kill Xiahou Dun/Dian Wei first off, so you don't have to go through the
          boats again when Huang Gai's unit is getting in position. Then either work
          in a clockwise or counter-clockwise position to eliminate the officers.
          If Huang Gai's unit is in danger, don't worry about it. Just don't get lost
          on the boats.
       4. The Battle at He Fei
          You may get a report of Zhang Liao's position in the beginning, so go
          and kill him off(unless you get off on Taishi Ci's death). Head Southwest
          to aid Lu Meng's forces by taking out Cao Ren and Xiahou Dun. Next, zoom
          Northeast to help Lu Xun and Cheng Pu mop up Cao Pi and Cao Hong's forces.
          Take out Cao Zhang and Xu Huang if Taishi Ci hasn't already done so. All
          that's left now is Cao Cao, Xu Zhu, two Gate Captains, and still more
          crossbowmen. Did I mention crossbowmen run rampant in this level? If you
          take too long, Yue Jin and Cheng Yu will show up.
       5. The Battle at Fan Castle
          Should I try? Okay, fine. Work your way through the soldiers and archers,
          and take out Guan Ping. Then take out Guan Yu's Gate Captain, and then
          finish off Guan Yu. If you took your time, Zhou Cang's unit will show up.
          Don't bother unless you're going for points though, because Zhou Cang will
          pretty much be out of the way.
       6. The Battle at Yi Ling
          All you really have to do on this stage is kill Zhang Bao(valley east of 
          Sun Shang Xiang) and Guan Xing(slightly north of the eastern end of the
          valley), then feel free to screw around on this stage. Kill Zhuge Liang
          if you feel like rushing in to kill Liu Bei without archer interference.
          Hard Mode will require more work, so keep that in mind.  
       7. The Nanman Campaign
          When the level starts, take out Meng Huo, then go aid Gan Ning by clearing
          out the West side. Meng Huo should pop up around there, so smack him a second
          time. Next head East to aid Lu Meng's forces. Eliminate any officers in the
          vicinity, and smack Meng Huo a third time when he shows up. Now head to the
          Western fort, and clear out all enemy forces there. When dealing with the
          elephant troops, you can let other soldiers knock the rider off, jump attack
          the rider, use Arrows, or if you got a nice amount of life, take a hit, tap
          L1 in the air, and you should be in position to attack the rider. Anyhow,
          Meng Huo should pop up near HQ, so smack him again when you've cleared out
          the area. Next on the list is the Eastern compound. If all's been going
          smoothly, whatever enemy force was there before should've been dwindled con-
          siderably. Clear out the troops there. At this point, Meng Huo will appear
          in the Western fort, accessible only through elephant, or a VERY long walk
          around the map. Now lead the offensive(or catch up) to the South and clear
          out whatever forces remain. Meng Huo should pop up one last time near HQ,
          so smack him once more. After breaking through Zhu Rong(and those goshdarn
          annoying crossbowmen, and those goshdarn hot Amazons), show Meng Jie some
          butt kick, then advance torwards Meng Huo. Knock him off his elephant, kill
          the Gate Captain, then exert any and all stress accumlated in this level onto
          Meng Huo.
    6) Questions and Answers
       Q: Sun Ce lusts after cute little schoolgirls.
       A: That's not a question. You're just envious.
       Q: I fufilled the requirements for Sun Ce's 4th weapon, but no Precious Item?
       A: You sure you're playing on Hard? Did you keep Taishi Ci alive?
       Q: Are you asking me a question? You're supposed to answer.
       A: It's, uh, rhetorical.
       Q: I grabbed the Precious Item, but all I got was this cruddy 1st/2nd/3rd weapon.
       A: :PpP, you used Gameshark/Sharkport save that has basic 4th Weapons. Start a
          brand new game file, or use EvilR's Weapon Customizable FAQ on GameFAQ.com to
          fix the problem.
       Q: My Sun Ce does no damage!
       A: 3rd time you didn't ask a question. :p Refer to above and get yourself a +20
          Tiger Amulet somehow. 
       Q: Where do I get 2nd/3rd weapons and good items?
       A: I shop at You Ting Wei side for weapons, Wu side for items. Hard mode for best
       Q: This FAQ is horrible.
       A: Make a better one then.
       Q: I just did.
       A: >_<
    7) Super Duper Secret Stuff
       There's a reason this wasn't on the contents. 
       Tonfas rule!!!111

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