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    Xu Huang by OneWinged-Dragon

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 - Character Guide
    Xu Huang : Big axes rule!!!111
    ...okay, maybe not.
    FAQ Guide by OneWinged-Dragon
    This Guide (Copyright 2002) was made entirely on the experiences of 
    OneWinged-Dragon. This Guide may not be altered in any way without my 
    consent, and may not be distributed without my name as author on. This 
    FAQ may be distributed, but not sold. Failure to follow those simple
    rules will result in something horrible, preferably something bad.
    Guide best viewed in courier new font.
    1) Who is Xu Huang?
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
    3) Moves and Weapons
    4) Overview
    5) Stage Strategy
    6) Questions and Answers
    1) Who is Xu Huang?
       Style name Gongming. A servant of Yang Feng, he joined Cao Cao after being
       persuaded by Man Chong. He served as an important part of the Wei forces. A
       wise and valiant general, Cao Cao labeled him "A match for Sun Tzu!" after
       his victory over the army of Guan Yu at Fan Castle. He is counted among
       the Five Generals of Wei. 
    2) Why Should I Use Him?
       Xu Huang boasts massive attack power, great moves, and an awesome Musou. He
       is a great character that is to not be overlooked.
    3) Moves and Weapons
       Regular Attack: Xu Huang's regular attack consists of many wide poleaxe
                       swings that are slow but powerful.
       T             : 360 axe swing.
       ST            : Uppercut with the poleaxe. Standard juggler.
       SST           : A downward axe strike. Stuns
       SSST          : Massive axe swing that takes out everyone around Xu Huang.
                       Knockback effect.
       SSSST(T)      : Uppercut with the poleaxe. Standard juggler, press T for a
                       followup attack.
       SSSSST        : A powerful stomp that knocks down everyone around Xu Huang.
       Mounted Attack: Like every other mounted attack in the game(save for those
                       few good ones). Standard right-to-left swinging, although
                       the T consists of two quick axe swings to one side.
       Dash Attack   : Slides forward using the poleaxe handle to knock people
                       down, then swings it slightly at the end to knock down more.
       Jump Attack   : A swiping axe attack.
       Musou Attack  : Multiple axe swings.
       True Musou    : Fire element added, plus extra axe strikes and a maximum
                       range crowd clearout move added.
       Battle Axe
       Attack +18  4 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       War Axe
       Attack +33  5 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Attack +46  6 Hits
       (Varying Stats)
       Attack +46  6 Hits
       Speed +21
       Musou Max +82
       Attack +24
       Luck +24
       Reach +22
       Weapons are obtained randomly in each stage. The later the stage, and harder
       the difficulty, the better the weapon you will receive. However, 4th weapons
       must be obtained in a precise manner.
       Stage: The Battle at Fan Castle
       Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event.
       Guan Ping by all means is not the most difficult adversary to take down in
       hard mode, but the trick is to defeat him before Guan Yu floods the castle.
       Given the fact that Xu Huang starts in a crappy position, has to grab his
       4th(which is in a crappy position) before crappy stuff comes up, and has a
       somewhat slow speed, this is indeed somewhat tricky. Do it well, and a
       Precious Item report should pop up in the Northeast area of the lower level.
       An easy way to complete 4th weapon quests is to have a fresh character(one
       who is not leveled up) be first player, and a stronger character be second
       player. It does not matter who the 4th weapon is for, or who kills the supply
       captain/gets the item. The objective is what's needed to be completed.
    4) Overview
       Xu Huang is somewhat slow. His True Musou doesn't improve much on his regular
       Musou; in fact, it becomes weaker.
       See how great Xu Huang can be? I thought so. With his 4th weapon, Xu Huang
       becomes a massive war machine. The Speed increase solves his major weakness
       greatly. Xu Huang's Musou attack is GODLY. Even on higher difficulties, it
       does significant damage, and the Musou bar increase, the Reach increase, the
       Luck increase, and Attack boost makes it all the better. Lasts longer, hits
       more, hits harder, used more often, it's an offensive war machine. Xu Huang's
       SSST and regular attack are also extremely adequate at crowd control. Despite
       the slow attack speed, Xu Huang attacks at a quick enough pace to not allow
       a chance of attack. To finish my point onto why Xu Huang is godly, his stomp
       attack in his 6th charge is one of the most devastating stomps in the game.
       When fighting generals, just use regular hack and slash action. Xu Huang's
       Musou is also helpful, but don't bother unless you know you can win at a
       weapon lock.
       Recommended Equipment:
       Speed Scroll/Red Hare Saddle
       Peacock Urn
       Dragon Amulet
       Tortoise Amulet
    5) Stage Strategy
       1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
          Pretty simple. Take out all officers around your area first, then work
          towards Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang to take out the rest. Take the opportunity
          to kill Zhang Jiao every chance you get before he teleports north, for some
          decent powerups.
       2. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
          Run down the path towards the top of Fan Shui Gate and plow through Fan
          Chou and Niou Fu. Head down the stairs and clear out Hua Xiong and Xu Rong.
          With Liu Bei, Gongzun Zan, Cao Cao's, and Sun Jian's forces ready to go,
          advance southward. By now, Yuan Shu's dead. Either engage Lu Bu, or just
          avoid him. Take out Li Meng, run through the ambush, then protect the
          Assault Captain. Sometimes, the game is cheap, and a horrendous group of
          archers appear on the southern wall of Hu Lao Gate. Once the gate is down, 
          standard buttkicking. If Li Jue and Guo Si's forces pop up, ignore them if
          Yuan Shao's morale is pretty high.
       3. The Battle at Wan Castle
          Head East and clear out any troops heading for Cao Cao. Go South and plow
          a clean path to Hu Che Er. Kill him off and secure his area, then when Cao
          Cao is safe, head East to defeat Jia Xu. With him gone, go West past Zhang
          Xiu and kill his Gate Captain. Exert any anger on any remaining archers,
          then kill Zhang Xiu.
       4. The Battle at Guan Du
          Start out by attacking Yan Liang in the South. Kill him off, then attack Wen
          Chou in the North. With both gone, any threat to HQ is now gone. Now, start
          attacking each compound until you find the Wu Chao supply depot. At this point,
          run in and find Chun Yuqiong, whom you have the pleasure of destroying. With
          the supply depot on fire, mop up any remaining troops at the compounds, then 
          head to Yuan Shao. If Liu Bei's still lounging around, take the chance to whack
          him once. Kill Yuan Tan and Zhang He, shut off the Gate Captains, then kill
          Yuan Shao.      
       5. The Battle at Tong Gate
          Start by attacking the rear of Tong Gate and elminating Yang Qiu, Li Kan, Cheng
          Yi, Hou Xuan, and Cheng Yin. They shouldn't be too tough. If you run into Han
          Sui, you can choose to leave him alive for a morale boost later on. With most
          of the officers gone, all that's left is Ma Chao. If he's still outside Tong
          Gate, head out there and locate Pang De and Ma Dai. Grab the Imperial Seal that
          should be near Tong Gate, then proceed to destroy Ma Chao's subofficers with
          extreme Musou action. If they're still alive after you used up your 10 second
          Musou, then hack away as best you can-Ma Chao's forces get a nice 8 morale to
          shove you around with. Once they're gone, clear the area of any remaining
          troops, then go to work on Ma Chao.      
       6. The Battle at He Fei
          Start out by going towards the middle and killing Zhou Tai and Cheng Pu. Ignore
          Taishi Ci, Zhang Liao will take care of him. Go kill Lu Meng in the Southwest.
          Head Northeast and attack Lu Xun from the rear. If Gan Ning's forces pop up,
          rush over to HQ, clear out any crossbowmen, and kill Gan Ning as best as
          possible. Get rid of any other subofficers in the middle of the map, then
          charge for Sun Quan. If reinforcements for Wei pop up, Sun Quan will charge
          for HQ to end the stage quickly, so be sure you have a reliable horse to
          chase him down with. If you go into Lu Su's territory, be prepared for lotsa
       7. The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
          Kill Zhao Yun, then head East towards Guan Xing and Guan Ping and destroy them.
          Go Northeast and attack Ma Dai's forces. Once that's done, go assault Zhang Fei
          and kill him off. Head South and assist Sun Li/Cao Xiu in destroying Wei Yan and
          Zhang Bao. At this point, wait safely until two catapult attacks have been com-
          pleted on Shu HQ. After that's done, go and attack Zhang Yi. Run past the ambush
          and attack Jiang Wei. With the Shu force decimated, lead the offensive into
          Zhuge Liang's camp. Plow through Huang Zhong, kill off the Gate Captains, then
          kill Zhuge to finish the stage.
    6) Questions and Answers
       Q: Xu Huang's turban is ratty and smelly.
       A: That's not a question. And that's mean. :(
       Q: I fufilled the requirements for Xu Huang's 4th weapon, but no Precious Item?
       A: You sure you're playing on Hard? Wei side? Did you get downstairs before the
          flood event?
       Q: How do I get Fan Castle Wei side?
       A: Play Sima Yi's Musou Mode.
       Q: Fans suck.
       A: You saying that cause you got pimped by a fan?
       Q: Are you asking me a question? You're supposed to answer.
       A: It's, uh, rhetorical.
       Q: I grabbed the Precious Item, but all I got was this cruddy 1st/2nd/3rd weapon.
       A: :PpP, you used Gameshark/Sharkport save that has basic 4th Weapons. Start a
          brand new game file, or use EvilR's Weapon Customizable FAQ on GameFAQ.com to
          fix the problem.
       Q: My Xu Huang does no damage!
       A: 3rd time you didn't ask a question. :p Refer to above and get yourself a +20
          Tiger Amulet somehow. 
       Q: Where do I get 2nd/3rd weapons and good items?
       A: I shop at You Ting Wei side for weapons, Wu side for items. Hard mode for best
       Q: This FAQ is horrible.
       A: Make a better one then.
       Q: I just did.
       A: >_<
    7) Super Duper Secret Stuff
       There's a reason this wasn't on the contents. 
       Xu Huang appears to say "I'm on fire!" during his Musou, although if you were to do
       his fire-powered True Musou, it scuks greatly. Koei is messing with our minds!

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