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    Lu Bu by RanryuL

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyrighted (c) 2002
    Dynasty Warriors 3 / Lu Bu Character FAQ v.1.1
    By RanryuL
    Written 7/22/2002
    1.0 Table of Contents
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 About Lu Bu and his Background
    1.3 Acquiring Lu Bu
    1.4 Evaluation of Lu Bu
    1.5 Lu Bu's Move
    1.6 Lu Bu's Fourth Weapon
    1.7 Strategies for and against Lu Bu
    1.8 Frequently Asked Questions
    1.9 Conclusion
    1.1 Introduction
     I have taken the Liberty to write a FAQ or guide on to many and myself, the 
    best warrior in Dynasty Warriors 3. There are not many FAQS on characters, but I 
    cannot imagine there being one for all 41 characters. Needless to say, I hope 
    this FAQ helps you to realize the power of Lu Bu.
    1.2 About Lu Bu and his Background (DW3's Data Base)
     [The mighty Lu Bu. Skilled in all the martial arts, especially archery and 
    horse riding. It was often said, "Among men, Lu Bu... Among horses, Red Hare..." 
    Red Hare, who could run 1000 miles in a single day, and Lubu, who burnished his 
    fabled Lunar Spear. Loyal only to himself, he cut down his own stepfather, Ding 
    Yuan, and joined Dong Zhuo, only to later betray him as well.]
     In history, Lu Bu was a great warrior, if not the best. He in fact is also the 
    best in the game, stat wise. He is the only character that can truly be maxed 
    out. With the right items and his final weapon, Lu Bu is force to be wrecked 
    with. When you battle Lu Bu in hard with a fresh character, you shall realize 
    the power. You cannot even make him stumble. Too bad you can't use him in Musou 
    1.3 Acquiring Lu Bu
     You can acquire Lu Bu in Free Mode or Musou. You can play on any difficulty. 
    Play Hu Lao Gate on Allied Side. You just have to kill 1000 people. You do not 
    have to kill Lu Bu. Just don't kill gate captains. I suggest you play on normal 
    or hard so your generals can't kill off the gate captains. Don't kill Lu Bu and 
    Li Meng so that they keep your generals busy. Now just kill away in Dong Zhuo's 
    fortress without venturing deep until you read 1000. You might kill gate 
    captains or Don Zhuo. That is the best way I can put it.
    1.4 Evaluation of Lu Bu
     Lu Bu is a fun character to play as. He is the ultimate warrior once you have 
    mastered him. He is a good character to play as to take your stress out when 
    those cheap bowmen kill you on hard. Of course he is above average, he has the 
    highest possible range, attack, defense, musou, life and jump. He really has no 
    flaws. His combos are great for crowd clearing. His Musou is great, but it's not 
    the strongest. His speed is above average especially with all that armor and the 
    huge halberd that he wields. Since Lu Bu is so great, you will find that must 
    enemies are not of a challenge when you play as him, but he is not invincible.
    1.5 Lu Bu's Moves
     S  = Square or regular attack
     T  = Triangle or hard attack
    (T) = Extra Triangle attack
    Regular attacks: His attacks are powerful and mostly have wide range. He uses 
    his halberd with one hand like as if it were a sword. He only grasps it with 
    both when he hits hard or with his Musou.
    Jump Attack: He leaps into the air and slashes down about 360 degrees. This 
    attack has wide range like all of his attacks.
    Dash Attack: He slashes forward with great range.
    1st S: Lu Bu swings diagonally left.
    2nd S: Lu Bu swings back to the right horizontally.
    3rd S: Lu Bu swings downward.
    4th S: Lu Bu then swings back to the right again. 
    5th S: Lu Bu hops and swings his Halberd in a 360.
    6th S: Lu Bu then swings almost another 360 as he lands knocking back or 
    stumbling his foes.
    T: His hard attack can make him invincible. He stomps the ground, dust and 
    energy fly from the ground. All foes around him shall stumble or fly away. You 
    can do this repeatedly as you foes try to come back or recover and they shall 
    feel the force again.
    ST: This is the launcher hit. Lu Bu steps forward and knock his foes into the 
    air with his blunt side.
    SST: Lu Bu charges forward with his left shoulder. If any remains they shall be 
    SSST: Lu Bu slashes to the right hard. All enemies shall fly if contact is made. 
    With his final weapon, lightning is also applied to this attack.
    SSSST (T): Lu Bu kicks the foe into the air. With another Triangle, he will leap 
    into the air and knock them down. Lightning shall be applied on the second hit.
    SSSSST (T)(T): Lu Bu shall swing diagonally left then diagonally right up to a 
    total of 6 swings. Then he shall stomp the ground launching his foes away. 
    Lightning is applied on the stomp. The more Triangles is pushed the longer the 
    Musou: Lu Bu will spin diagonally wielding his Halberd as your bar empties. Then 
    he shall leap into the air and bring down the Head of the Halberd to the ground 
    hitting who is in front of him.
    True Musou: Lu Bu will spin diagonally with fire surrounding his Halberd. When 
    the bar empties, he shall swing his Halberd like his SSSSST combo and then leap 
    into the air. The hit that make impact his time takes out all foes around him.
    1.6 Lu Bu's Fourth Weapon
     Lu Bu has the lightning element. This element is for crowd clearing. It 
    electrifies the foe and when he hits the ground, he shall cause a shockwave, 
    which shall hit others. The elemental attribute can be found on his SSST, SSSST, 
    and SSSSST combos.
    |Sky Scorcher      |
    |Element: Lightning|
    |Basic Attack +50  |
    |Jump +24          |
    |Musou Gage +90    |
    |Life +90          |
    |Attack +30        |
    |Defense +60       |
    Stage: Hu Lao Gate
    Side: Dong Zhuo
    Type: Supply Team
    Method: You must defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Liu Bei and then Gong Sun. The 
    supply team will then appear northeast of the map. They shall head towards Cao 
    Cao's original position. Kill them and the Sky Scorcher is yours.
    My suggestions are to play 2 players and have Lubu first as weak, not maxed out. 
    Then have a second player with his fourth weapon and maxed out as possible. Let 
    the maxed out character do all the work. Also, don't forget to play on Hard and 
    on Dong Zhuo's side.
    1.7 Strategies for and against Lu Bu.
    As Lu Bu:
     Lu Bu is easy to play as. So just keep slashing away and block after you hit if 
    someone else blocks. Use his S...T combos wisely as he takes a while to charge 
    and recover. Still with his final weapon he is incredible. So just be careful 
    and go crazy.
    Recommended Equipment:
    |+60 Peacock Urn    |
    |+60 Dragon Amulet  |
    |+20 Tiger Amulet   |
    |+40 Tortoise Amulet|
    |Way of the Musou   |
     With these items and his final weapon, Lu Bu's stats will completely max out 
    and the Way of the Musou is best choice unless you want to put in a Red Hare 
    Saddle, Lu Bu's horse.
    Against Lu Bu:
     On Hard, Lu Bu can be a pain. You really just need good equipment. Make sure 
    you have the Tortoise and Tiger amulet on. You should have at least a third 
    weapon and good life. Attack him. Hold block after you finish because he shall 
    retaliate. Don't block too much though cause you can stumble. Use your Musou 
    when possible. Also make sure you get his morale low. His other officers and 
    bodyguards should be killed first. After that he should be a cake.
    1.8 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q) How do I get (Whoever)'s fourth weapon?
    A) I have told you how to get this person's weapon. You should check other FAQS 
    for another person's weapon.
    Q) How do I get (Whoever)'s second or third weapon?
    A) Second weapons and Third weapons can be found in later stages. If you play on 
    hard and play on later stages like You Ting, you will increase your chances of 
    getting higher ranked weapons.
    Q) How do I get a +60 Peacock Urn or other maxed Items?
    A) You should play on hard and on late Stages. My suggestion would be You Ting 
    or Jie Ting. Items are random so you should just have patiences.
    Q) Why don't you write a FAQS for (Whomever)?
    A) I will if there is enough demand and if I like the character.
    Q) Could you make an ASCII art of (Whomever) for me?
    A) I might, but I won't make any promises.
    1.9 Conclusion
     Thank you for reading this FAQ. Now I hope you understand Lu Bu's great power. 
    The world trembles to Lu Bu's feet and I am his Descendant. Lol.
    Thanks to:
    1. Koei (OMG, I can't believe I said Konami, sorry)
    2. Muni Shinobu
    3. Raymond
    4. Yan
    5. You
     You can mail me at ranryu@aol.com.
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     .H:   _M;  _._JMBMBQAgM#Mm#mQQS##H#MBBMQ%    .:
      ^    .M)  (NBM#MMMMMMMMMBBMMM#QQZ99#M' .__,``
            M]     `78"=78O.(Z(MME?9>``=uQ) .P:`
            M]      `(:_ssgQ2:  `^"7waaBMW9n_%
            db       /@BF9OOs       /4dEdE=v4X`
            qE      .:ZM]=((=~      .=JE/M/(>(j;
            (E       _EqBgy~(7>      `_M;/E~__:
            /E       _EdEXMk`          M:4MEdME
            _M.      `(dMed]          .M]`MBAM#.
            _M:       _MQgg/          .`  `(BdE{
            _9]     _a_gQdHw.             .MP(nm,
            .g)uea_(z#A2GgWl              _#MFTW#)
             u) 3@SAZ038"77'               #jaaggm,
             .`                            (98"""'
                       -=+LU BU+=-
    Ascii art by Jave - Ascii painter.
    Copyrighted (c) 2002

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