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    Xiahou Dun by Rustysolo

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                                       Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ
                                             Xiahou Dun
                                         Copyright (c) 2002
                                             Version 1.2
                                          FAQ by: Rustysolo
      I, Rustysolo made this FAQs. This Guide may not be altered 
      in any way without consent, and may not be distributed without
      my name as author on. This FAQ may not be sold without consent. 
      Because if you do, a starved and depraved chipmunk will be 
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      No, not really.
      1) Copyright Stuff (Above)
      2) Contents (You're reading it now... unless of course you are illiterate.)
      3) Version History
      4) Historical Facts about Xiahou Dun
      5) Reasons to use Xiahou Dun
      6) Moves and Weapons
      7) Stages
      8) Questions
      9) Closing stuff.
        -Version History-
    1.0 (July 23, 2002) First Version submitted to GameFAQs
    1.1 (July 26, 2002) Really can't believe I forgot Jump/Musou/Dash attacks.
            History info added for stages. Updated info on Historical Facts.
    1.2 (August 6, 2002) Minor changes, added Questions.
        -Historical Facts about Xiahou Dun-
    Xiahou Dun was a cousin and officer to Cao Cao. In a battle one of Lu Bu's 
    officers, Gao Shun, Cao Xing snuck up quite close, and struck him in his left 
    eye with an arrow. 'Essence of my Father, blood of my Mother, I cannot throw 
    this away!' he shouted, then removing the eye from the arrow, and eating it. He 
    drew a spear, and drove it into a surprised Cao Xing's face. He was relied 
    heavily on by Cao Cao, and was often called the 'One eyed brave warrior.' He 
    died of illness in 220, the same year as Cao Cao.
      -Reasons to use Xiahou Dun-
    He is a fast attacker, allowing him to clear enemies out, and seize and 
    opportunity an officer leaves to attack, making his duels and crowd clearing 
        -Moves and Weapons-
    Here are Xiahou Dun's sets of Square attacks.
      S- Slashes sideways, slightly angled
      SS- Swings back the opposite direction
      SSS- Slashes downward, less radius, higher strength
      SSSS- Turns around swinging, all around attack
      SSSSS- Same spin, more power
      SSSSSS- Upward slash, powerful, tossing enemy slightly, no follow up possible
    And his T-Charge Attack combos...
      T          : Turns around, strikes with a wide radius, and more power
      ST         : Strikes upward, sending the enemies it strikes upward
      SST        : Strikes downward, paralyzing enemies in front of him
      SSST       : Strikes forward, paralyzing enemies
      SSSST (T)  : Throws enemy up in the air, higher, follow up, or juggle possible   
      SSSSST     : Strikes downward, releasing a forward moving wave
    His Musou Attack is a series of right to left slashes, ending with a wide, more 
    powerful slash.
    As with all True Musou Attacks, it has a fire element add-in, but with his there 
    is no other difference.
    His Jump Attack is a downward slice, with enough time for two.
    His Dash has him spin around and slash, leaping slightly into the air.
    Attack +18
    Max Hits 4
    Great Scimitar
    Attack +33
    Max Hits 5
    Kirin Sword
    Attack +48
    Max Hits 6
    Kirin Fang (Unique)
    Attack +48
    Max Hits 6
    Attack +26
    Bow Defense +60
    Mounted Defense +56
    Reach +24
    Your first three weapons are obtained randomly in the stages, later the stage 
    better the weapons. Harder difficulty makes for better weapons as well.
    To get Xiahou Dun's fourth Weapon, the Kirin Fang, play Guan Yu's Escape on Hard 
    difficulty. Defeat Zhou Can, Chen Zhen, and Guan Ping. The Item should appear in 
    the northeast corner of Guan Ping's area.
    He's not a very fast runner, and some of his combos leave a lot to be desired, 
    and he doesn't have the reach of polearm users. But what's left is a very fast 
    attacker with good defense and attack. His fourth weapon upgrades are good 
    (though many hate the specific defense upgrades), but his fire element is 
    practically useless, being only activated by ST. His abilities to allow him to 
    dish out the pain, to many or one, no matter the situation. 
    Yellow Turban Rebellion 184 A.D. (Hans VS Yellow Turbans)
    A former government official, Zhang Jiao, while walking in the woods, finds an 
    old man who tells him to read the contents of a book, which the old man wrote. 
    He also told him to spread the lessons of the book across the land, and then 
    disappeared. He followed the man's instructions, and gained many followers, 
    founding the religious sect called the Way of Peace. The group gains power, 
    spreading through the plains of central China, and when large enough, rebelled 
    against the decadent Han Dynasty. The 'Yellow Turbans' as they came to be known, 
    (for the yellow cloths on their heads) had the Han Dynasty beleaguered and 
    battered. They sent out a call, and brave heroes step forth to help...
    When the battle begins, go forward and defeat Zhang Jiao for the first time. Go 
    to the East side and head up the path toward Zhang Bao. Watch the boulders and 
    head for the top, which will stop the boulders. Eliminate the gate, and take out 
    Zhang Bao.  If Zhang Man Chang has appeared, take him out as you cross the lower 
    southern plain. Head for the West gate, secure it and take Zhang Liang down. If 
    Zhang Jiao is still in the castle, take him out and send him to the North Coast. 
    Head Northeast and take the three gates, and He Yi. Only thing left should be 
    Zhang Jiao. Take him out, and the level is over.
    The Battle at Hu Lao Gate 191 A.D. (Allies VS Dong Zhuo)
    After the Yellow Turban Campaign, Dong Zhuo lays claim to the Imperial Throne, 
    pretending to do so in the best interests of the child Emperor. Cao Cao gathered 
    the best leaders and warriors not serving Dong, and forms an alliance against 
    Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao is chosen to be their leader, and the brave warriors step 
    forth to halt his plans, despite Lu Bu and the imperial army at his side. In the 
    lands outside of Luo Yang, with the Hu Lao and Fan Shui gates as a backdrop, the 
    battle to end the tyranny begins...
    This one should be easy. Go straight and destroy the northern gate. Swing back 
    slightly southwest, and destroy Fan Chao's force. Keep going, and you will 
    eventually find yourself on top of the Fan Shui Gate. Grab the Musou Up, and 
    head down the stairs. Destroy the forces blocking Sun Jian and secure the gate 
    in the area near the center of the map.
    Now, IF you fight Lu Bu, make sure you have plenty of other officers and men 
    around him as well. Free up those forces north of you, and destroy as many of Lu 
    Bu's men as possible before fighting him. His morale will drop, and the fight 
    against him will be easier. Defending won't do much good on him, as he'll 
    overpower you. (Unless you have the Buckler) Before you charge him, fill your 
    Musou. Then, see if you can get behind him while the forces you brought along 
    occupy him. Bust out the Musou, (You can repeat the process a few times.) If you 
    can keep catching him off guard, (shifting behind him, triangle attack his 
    defense, etc.) He is quick to recover, so don't let up. Xiahou Dun can seize the 
    little moments Lu Bu is off guard, so attack fast. (If you kill Lu Bu, a supply 
    team appears with the Red Hare saddle, near Fan Chao's original position)
    If you avoid Lu Bu, you'll have fewer forces to back you up at Hu Lao Gate. But 
    either way, halfway through the curved canyon to the gate, large numbers of 
    archers appear, break the nearby crate, and grab the arrows. Aim at the center 
    archer in each set, and use triangle charge arrows. Destroy the First Bow and 
    the others will attempt to run away, but are stuck in their spot, and don't pose 
    much of a threat. Xiahou Dun's arrows aren't as powerful as others, so it may 
    take a few shots.
    Break through the ambush near the gate and protect to Assault Team Captain. The 
    gate will fall. Deal with Diao Chan, then nab the Life Up atop Hu Lao Gate. If 
    you can, take out the three gates behind Dong Zhuo, then take him on. He 
    shouldn't be too difficult, but if he gets to be a problem, back off and look 
    for health. He doesn't heal all that often, but he will eventually, so attack on 
    every opportunity presented.
    The Battle at Guan Du 200 A.D. (Cao Cao VS Yuan Shao)
    With the Imperial Court still reeling from Dong Zhuo's plan and then death, 
    numerous battles erupt for supremacy of the land. Yuan Shao stands out in this 
    time with a large army, and much land. Cao Cao, of He Nan, stood up to oppose 
    the Yuan family's attempt at conquering China. Despite lesser numbers, Cao Cao 
    intends, through his own ambition, to stop Yuan Shao, and all others in his 
    Get to the north wall of the castle, and eliminate Wen Chou, and all the other 
    forces, as well as the gate on the west edge. The enemy unit should have 
    appeared in front of the castle. Take it out, and then your search begins for 
    the supply depot. It can be at any of the four locations, so it can be a long 
    search. Don't bother with Liu Bei's units if you encounter them, when he sees 
    Guan Yu, he will retreat. After you clear out the depot, (wherever it is) empty 
    all the other sites as well. Now all that remains is Yuan Shao and his General 
    Zhang He. Get Zhang He, as he sometimes leaves a good power-up. Yuan Shao can be 
    a daunting fight if you don't remove his gates. Take them, and Yuan Shao should 
    be easy, as his troops won't be constantly backing him up.
    Guan Yu's Escape 201 A.D. (Guan Yu VS Cao Cao)
    At Guan Du, Liu Bei and Guan Yu end up fighting on opposite sides. Guan Yu, 
    having ended up with Cao Cao, and Liu Bei having joined with Yuan Shao. After a 
    chance meeting by the two, Guan Yu decides to return to Liu Bei, and leaves Cao 
    Cao. Xiahou Dun, fearing Guan Yu may end up against his lord, follows, ready to 
    do whatever necessary to stop him...
    This level's time limit can be constricting if you plan to eliminate every 
    thing. If you have either the Red Hare or Hex Marx saddles, use them (Red Hare 
    is faster) otherwise, after a little while, you should find an officer on one. 
    The officers shouldn't trouble you, but Zhao Yun might, so if you aren't sure of 
    your strength, run/ride past him. Guan Yu isn't the kind to be caught off guard, 
    but he does leave a chance from time to time, so watch him, and keep blocking. 
    The Battle at He Fei 215 A.D. (Wei VS Wu)
    Wu again attempts to invade Wei, and following Zhang Liao's advice, Cao Cao 
    sends a detachment to met them at He Fei. The Wu commander plans to take He Fei 
    in a sweep of overwhelming numbers, but can Wei's forthcoming reinforcements 
    help the counter-strike on Wu prevail? Only time will tell...
    Xiahou Dun has it easier than some characters here. Head straight and defeat Lu 
    Meng. Take out the remainder of his men, and your armies should charge into the 
    center, go with them, and cut across towards the north, and Lu Xun. He is a 
    constant blocker and fast attacker, so block yourself, and attack after he 
    finishes a combo, which shouldn't break your defense. Reduce his leftover forces 
    to nothing, and then those forces should also go to the middle. Taishi Ci should 
    be gone, and if Zhang Liao hasn't already launched his attack on Sun Quan, find 
    him and he'll do it. Gan Ning will appear, and Sun Quan/Jian will advance on 
    headquarters. The forces you allowed to get to the center should hold him, so 
    head for Gan Ning. Like yourself, Gan Ning can attack fast, and he blocks a lot. 
    Attack like you did on Lu Xun, but be sure to get on guard quickly, or make sure 
    he is knocked on the ground at the end of your combo. Sun Quan/Jian should still 
    be held in the southeast. Head for him, but attack as much as possible with a 
    bow, then come in and attack fast. They will heal often, so don't get knocked 
    away, or you may have to start from square one again.
    The Battle at Jie Ting 228 A.D. (Shu VS Wei)
    With Wu destroyed, Wei sets it's sights on Shu. At Jie Ting, Zhuge Liang holds 
    out a defense strategy, with Zhao Yun on his way as help for the outnumbered 
    army. Ma Su, Zhuge Liang's pupil, leads the charge on Wei. Zhang He and Sima 
    Yi's strategy is set to break the Shu Defenses, but it's success remains 
    This is a rather short level. Wei Yan is ahead, and you should dispose of him 
    rather quickly. Zhang He begins his attack on Ma Su soon, and you should aide 
    him at the summit. After disposing of him, take out Jiang Wei, then Ma Chao. 
    There's not much else to do, so clear out the supply depot, and defeat Zhuge 
    Liang. (If Liu Bei is there.) If Zhao Yun appears before you finish Liu 
    Bei/Zhuge Liang, dispose of him and finish up with him. Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei 
    leave attack chances often, so sieze them and he shouldn't be difficult.
    The Battle of Wu Zhang Plains 234 A.D. (Shu VS Wei) 
    Zhuge Liang, in a bold attempt to hold back the surging Wei attack, builds a 
    stronghold on the Wu Zhang Plains. Sima Yi brings his army, with plans to end 
    the war in a final battle on the plains. With many more forces to arrive from 
    Wei, Zhuge Liang keeps holding, perhaps hiding a strategy of his own...
    The final battle.  Zhang Fei is ahead, around the to-be catapult site, so 
    eliminate him and his men, (make sure you get those on the small plateau)
    and journey south. Wei Yan's force can become a problem later, so take him, and 
    Zhang Bao should be to your west. Kill him, and secure the gates in your area. 
    Zhang Yi is most of the time on the plateau around the Shu HQ, but he may 
    advance down and into the area you are in. Take him and get on up the cliff on 
    the east side of the Shu base. Travel along the east side of the Shu encampment, 
    and you will find yourself in an ambush. Take all of them out, and go aide Zhang 
    He at the second catapult site. Take out Jiang Wei, and go south, freeing the 
    advance of Xu Huang's men. Zhao Yun may be nearby, so attack him if you see him. 
    Xu Zhu is probably in trouble by now, so get to the north and take out Ma Dai. 
    With all your men advancing, and the reinforcements which shoul have arrived, 
    the time to finish the battle is now. Wait until the catapults stop, and enter 
    the base. Huang Zhong should be there, or Zhuge Liang, if Liu Bei is there. With 
    the troops coming in with you, they shouldn't be difficult. Zhuge Liang is an 
    easy fight if he's the leader, but Liu Bei is a hard fight this time, so 
    eliminate his gates, his guards, and all his other men. Besides leaving him 
    outnumbered his morale will drop, making your fight with him easier.
    You won't ask so I will.
    Q: Why do you explain strategies for two leaders sometimes?
    A: Depending on the Musou modes you beat, the officers in the game may change.
    Q: What does the fire element do? 
    A: It adds damage as the flame is on their body.
    *Thanks to Koei and Omega Force, for a cool game.
    *Thanks to the other FAQs Writers at GameFAQs, for giving me some examples to 
    compare to.
    E-mail me with any questions.
    Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQs/Guide for Xiahou Dun
    By: Rustysolo
    This guide is in no way directly affiliated with KOEI Games or Omega Force.

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