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    Pang Tong by Assasin13

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    Dynasty Warriors  3-  Pang Tong  Character FAQ 
    FAQ by Assasin13                    Blitzballboy@msn.com
    I.	Intro
    II.	Copyright
    III.	About Pang Tong
    IV.	Why would I use Pang Tong?
    V.	Unlocking Pang Tong
    VI.	Moves and Weapons
    VII.	Character Review and Strategies
    VIII.	Stage Strategies
    IX.	Frequently Asked Questions
    X.	Closure
    I.	Intro
    Greetings fellow Dynasty Warrior 3 players, and welcome 
    to.........uhh...my FAQ I guess.  This is a in-depth FAQ on the character 
    Pang Tong.  This is my first FAQ so please bare with me here.  I 
    made this FAQ for a few reasons.  Number one: To help people that 
    play dynasty warriors and cant figure out how to use this weird 
    little bum.  Number two:  To pass the time because man I'm bored!  
    And finally number three: just so that One Winged-Dragon cant 
    have all the fun, hehe, no offense.  So sit back and enjoy.
    II. Copyright
    This FAQ is not to be used in any way shape or form without the 
    permission of the creator.....yada yada yada......it is also not to be 
    sold or recreated, no exceptions......blah blah blah.........if you copy 
    this FAQ then you could be in for the sue of your life.........blah 
    blah blah.........and oh yah!  By law, if u don't like this FAQ, you 
    are sentenced to immediate execution.  If you don't abide by 
    these rules that you could lose a lot of money, really fast.  
    BTW, the last rule was a joke.........you know you didn't know, quite 
    lying to yourself!
    III. About Pang Tong
    Style name Shiyuan, Pang Tong was an officer under Liu Bei.  A classmate of 
    Zhuge Liang, he was often compared to the Sleeping Dragon as an 
    accomplished strategist.  At the Battle of Chi Bi, he helped carry out 
    the "Linked Ship" plot, ensuring victory for the Allied forces.  After 
    joining Liu Bei, he suggested the capture of the Shu lands and led the 
    campaign himself.
    IV.	Why would I use Pang Tong?
    Because he has speedy attacks and good arrow defense.  He has o.k. 
    speed and insane crowd clearing ability.  His attacks are the craziest 
    in the game, and he's really fun to use. Plus he looks like a hobo!  
    What more could you want!
    V.	Unlocking Pang Tong
    At the Cheng Du stage, save Pang Tong from the ambush and clear the 
    stage with him alive.
    VI.	Moves and Weapons
    Pang Tong has extremely fun moves and a killer musou.  Here they are.
    Running attack:  Pang Tong runs forward and puts his staff out in front 
    of him, levitating a few feet through the air.  Great for surprising 
    T:  Lunges forward and makes a mirror image of his staff, which merges 
    with the other when his lunge is done.  Kind of slow but still good.  
    ST: Throws his staff upwards into the air.  Good speed making it good 
    for surprising enemy generals when there about to attack.
    SST: Sets his staff on the ground and swings forward on it, stunning 
    enemies.  Great when Pang Tong is surrounded by enemies, fast and 
    SSST:  Spins around into the air., his feet vertical.  His staff spins 
    around knocking enemies. A great 360 degree attack, good for clearing 
    out crowds.
    SSSST:  Similar to his ST, but stronger and can jump into the air, 
    knocking enemies back to the ground.  Standard juggling attack.
    SSSSST:  Pang Tong spins around, causing a mini tornado.  Excellent for 
    crowd clearing, similar to his musou.
    Regular Attacks: 
    S: Pang Tong spins around, hitting enemies with his staff.
    SS: jabs at enemies with back end of staff.
    SSS:  Bends over backwards, hitting enemies in a vertical fashion.
    SSSS:  jumps up kicking enemies with his feet.
    SSSSS:  Thrusts his staff out, horizontally towards the enemy.
    SSSSSS:  Spins around in the air twice, hitting enemies with his staff.
    Musou:  Spins around causing a short tornado.  just like the true musou 
    just shorter and without fire.  Good crowd control.
    True Musou:  Spins around causing a fire tornado.  When the musou bar 
    is out Pang Tong spins around faster for a second and then jumps up, 
    hitting any remaining enemies with his staff.  This is one of the best 
    musou's in the game.  Probably the best crowd clearer, this can bring a 
    general's health down extremely.
    1st weapon:
    Attack +13
    Max Hits 4
    Other stats vary
    2nd weapon:
    Mirage Staff
    Attack +28
    Max Hits 5 
    Other stats vary
    3rd weapon:
    Staff of Wind
    Attack +38
    Max Hits 6
    Other stats vary
    4th weapon:
    Tornado Staff
    Attack +38
    Max Hits 6
    HP Max =66
    Attack +22
    Bow Attack +46
    Reach +28
    Musou Charge +29
    2nd and 3rd weapons are random.  Play harder levels for a better chance 
    to get them.
    4th weapon strategy:
    Stage: Cheng Du
    Conditions:  Play on hard. When surrounded by Zhang Ren's troops, kill 
    Zhang Ren.  Special item will appear on the northwest side of the map.
    Startegy: First, kill some of the guys that Liu Bei and Zhao Yun are 
    fighting.  Once you've killed most of them go up the path that Pang 
    Tong takes when your playing as someone else.  You should know who this 
    is since you unlocked Pang Tong, if not then you must have cheated.  
    Shame on you!  Any way's you will get a message saying that you were 
    surrounded.  Run as fast as you can up the hill and kill Zhang Ren as 
    fast as you can, before archers can do to much damage.  Grab the weapon 
    and finish the stage.
    VII.  Character Review and strategies
    Ok, here it is.  Pang Tong's strength's and weaknesses.  This is where 
    I tell you how to use Pang Tong to his fullest.  First of all, his 
    Pang Tong is a very weak attacker, and he lacks range.  He also isnt 
    the best defensive player ever, and he cant run very fast.  Plus, from 
    my experiences his bow skills are simply horrible,   So, if he's not 
    powerful, not fast, not defensive, and cant aim a bow then why is he so 
    good?  Well............
    Pang Tong is a master at fast attacks and crowd control.  He has a 
    variety of attacks that can get him out of tight spots.  One of his 
    best attacks is his SST attack.  When your surrounded by enemies this 
    is a great way to get out of there and do damage too.  With this attack 
    you can stun half the people surrounding you, which is very effective.
    Pang Tong's SSST is also excellent, and like all his moves is performed 
    fast.  It is great to just push unit's off of you, giving you some 
    breathing space.  One of the best strategies with Pang Tong is to run 
    into the middle of a large group of enemies and use either this attack, 
    Pang Tong's SSSSST attack, or his musou.
    Speaking of SSSSST attacks, Pang Tong's SSSSST is great.  It creates a 
    mini-tornado and is great for keeping men at bay.  If people start 
    pummeling you, then use this to launch them.
    Now, Pang Tong's musou.  He has one of the best in the game.  Use this 
    to inflict heavy damage to all enemies around you, including generals.  
    This is a great move when you've weakened all the people that are 
    ganging up on you.  You can easily kill 10-20 people with one of these.
    All in all Pang Tong is a highly capable fighter, even though he lacks 
    power or speed.  He has fun attacks and he looks like a hobo!  That's 
    VIII.	Stage Strategies
    1st stage: Hu Lao Gate
    You start in the upper-right hand corner of the map.  Move down and 
    secure the first two gate's, killing Wang Fang on the way.  After that 
    go up the little hill and kill Xu Rong.  Secure that gate as well.  
    Next, head towards Fan Sui gate and kill some of the soldiers there.  
    Kill there general afterwards.  Once the gat opens climb up the stairs 
    and go left.  There is a general.  Kill his archers and then attack 
    him.  He should fall fairly easy.  Go up the path, killing men as you 
    go.  Once you get to the top kill the gate captain and move on.  Head 
    for the bottom right corner of the map.  You'll probably pass a big man 
    with antenna's growing out of his head.  His horse looks like it got 
    back from Maui without putting any sunscreen on.  That's Lubu.........don't 
    pursue Lu BU......... seriously don't, at least not with a fresh Pang Tong.  
    You can kill some of his officers if you like.  After you get to the 
    bottom kill the gate captain and enter the bend.  A cut-scene will play 
    and a whole lot of archers will appear.  Run through and go protect the 
    assault captain.  After he opens the gate kill Li Ru who pops up.  
    Enter the gateway and kill Dio Chan.  Trust me, she isn't hard at all.  
    Sneak along the back wall and kill off all three gate captains.  When 
    you think your ready encounter the big purple frog in the center of the 
    castle.  His name is Dong Zhou.  Keep fighting and the big man will go 
    down in no time.
    2nd Battle: Battle at Chang Ban 
    You'll start in a line of three generals, facing Xiahou Dun and Zhang 
    Liao.  Both are formidable fighters.  Pick one and lead him away from 
    the other.  After killing him go for the second one.  Once both are 
    dead head towards the top of the map and kill the two gate captains.  
    Be careful, since Cao Cao may show up at any minute.  After your done 
    head for the winding path on the left.  Now go in a counter clockwise 
    circle, killing Xu Haung and then Zhang He.  Once you get to Liu Bei 
    help him kill Xiahou Yuan and then head for Xu Zhu.  Now I now he'll 
    look like the Michelin man at first, but trust me, its Xu Zhu.  Kill 
    him and secure the two gates.  Now all you have to do is take Cao Cao 
    down.  He's strong, so give it everything you got.
    3rd Battle: The Battle at Chi Bi
    Pang Tong will start by Zhuge Liang's shrine.  First of all, go kill 
    the gate captain near the shrine.  Go up and kill Xiahou Yuan.  Kill 
    his officers to, they drop weapons.  Then head through all the boats 
    until your on the small part of land on the right side of the map.  
    Help Taishi Chi out.  He always gets slaughtered by Xu Haung.  Any ways 
    kill Xu Huang and the gate on the top of the map.  Yue Jin should be 
    next.  Kill him and the gate nearby.  Don't alert Cao Cao.  Instead, 
    move along the land and kill the gate captains.  You'll soon see Li 
    Dian.  Kill him and then head towards the center of the screen.  If the 
    fire attack was successful than lots of Wei generals should be dead.  
    Mop up everyone besides Cao Cao and then head with your allies towards 
    him.  It will be another hard fight, but if your good and your allies 
    help you should easily defeat Cao Cao once again.
    4th Battle: Assault on Cheng Du
      You'll start in a forest where you cant use the mini-map.  Just use 
    the map on the menu.  Ok, when you start of turn around and head 
    towards Deng Xian.  Kill him and then go over and fight Leng Bao.  Once 
    he's dead climb up that path and kill all off Li Yan's archers.  After 
    there dead kill Li Yan himself and go up to Liu Xun.  Clear out the 
    soldiers around there and kill Liu Xun.  Grab a horse and then go back 
    to where you started the level. Go down that path until you get out of 
    the forest.  A message will pop up and you'll be ambushed by a large 
    amount of soldiers.  Break your way through and run up the hill, 
    killing archers along the way.  Kill Zhang Ran and clear out any 
    pursuing enemies.  Ok the only general's that are left should be Liu 
    Han and Liu Zhang.  Sneak past Liu Zhang and kill Liu Han.  Run through 
    Liu Zhang's forces and secure the only enemy gate.  After that's done 
    clear out any enemies that are by Liu Zhang and kill him, which is 
    pretty easy to do.
    5th Battle: The Battle at Yi Ling
    Ok, here's a toughy.  You will start right by Lu Meng.  There is a rock 
    valley to the left.  Remember that valley.  When the stage starts run 
    towards Lu Meng.  Start fighting.  Lu Meng has rock solid defense and 
    it might take a while to defeat him.  If it's taking longer than a few 
    minutes, forget him.  Either way, grab his horse and make a run for the 
    valley.  A few minutes after the battle starts a cut scene will show Lu 
    Xun issuing the fire attack.  In the valley is.  Kill him as fast as 
    you can.  If he is able to create the fire attack your pretty much 
    screwed.  After he's dead head towards either one of these officers.  
    If you didn't kill Lu Meng then go kill him.  If Lu Meng is already 
    dead go out the left side of the valley and kill Sun Sun Xiang.  Oddly 
    enough she's not that tough, the gate captain nearby is a lot tougher.  
    Once those two are dead go up to the upper left corner and kill Cheng 
    Pu.  Now if Zhou Yu is not dead go way down there and finish him off.  
    Once all the general's except for Lu Xun and Sun Quan have fallen head 
    towards the enemy base.  Lure Lu Xun out and kill him in the safety of 
    your allies.  Now be careful and slowly work your way into Sun Quan's 
    base.  They don't call him Sun "I love archers" Quan for nothing.  
    There will be a huge amount of archers, just do your best to avoid 
    them.  Secure both gates and then clear out all of those archers and 
    men.  Keep working until only Sun Quan and a few of his guards are 
    left.  When your ready, rush Sun Quan and defeat Wu once and for good.
    6th Battle: The Mountain Bandit Campaign
    This stage is really just a practice stage.  I don't know why Koei put 
    this in Pang Tong's sixth battle.  I really don't think I have to 
    explain this one.  Just kill the three Lt. Commanders, secure the gate, 
    and kill the commander.  Simple!
    7th Battle: The Nanman Campaign
    This is it.  Pang Tong's final battle.  You'll start just in front of 
    the Shu base.  If you look you'll see Meng Huo starts off extremely 
    close.  Run over there and kill him.  Yay!  You won right?  Wrong!  In 
    this stage you have to beat Meng Huo seven times to "break his spirit".  
    Once you beat Meng Hou head over to Zhang Fei's position and kill any 
    generals that are over there.  There's two, Dong Tu Ne and Wu Tugu.  
    Meng Hou will also show up her.  Do a circle pattern around, killing 
    all three generals and the two gates.  Once that's done head for the 
    opposite side of the battlefield, where Ma Chao is.  Meng Huo will be 
    here as well as King Dousi.  Defeat these two and secure the gate.  
    When you go back up you'll see Meng Huo by your base again.  Defeat him 
    yet again.  If your counting, that's four Meng Huo battles.  Next head 
    down the middle of the screen.  You will encounter a new enemy, an 
    elephant.  Jump up to knock off the rider.  If there not already dead, 
    kill Yong Kai, Dailai Dongzhu, and King Mulu.  Also take out the two 
    gates.  To make access between the two sides easier, knock down the 
    wall connecting the two with an elephant.  Meng Huo will appear on the 
    left side.  He has an elephant know.  Mop the floor with him and head 
    back to your base.  Meng Hou will show up AGAIN.  Kill him and head 
    down towards the Nanman base.  So far you've defeated Meng Hou six 
    times.  Only one more time.  But first,  kill Meng You and secure the 
    two nearby gates.  By now you've seen Zhu Rong, so go engage her(not 
    like that you sick minded people).  She has female bodyguards and a big 
    elephant.  Once shes dead run up into the Nanman HQ.  After you secure 
    the gate, kill off all the nanman rushing at you.  Finally, only Meng 
    Huo will be left.  Now all you have to do is defeat him one more time 
    and the big chubu-lubu will fall for good, giving up.  Congratulations!  
    You just beat Pang Tong's musou mode!  
    IX.	Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:  Who are you?
    A: Assasin13
    Q: Who is Assasin13?
    A: Me!
    Q: Oh, thanks for clearing that up.
    A: Your welcome.
    Q: Your 4th weapon method doesn't work!
    A: Try playing on hard.
    Q: Are you going to do any other FAQ's
    A: If people like this one.
    Q: Oh, well I guess you wont be doing any more FAQ's
    A:  Oh, thanks a lot!
    Q:  Why did you choose Pang Tong as your first FAQ guide.
    A: I don't know.
    Q: Oh, some helpful frequently asked questions section this is!
    A: Hey!
    Q: Are you planning on getting DW4?
    A:  Is the sky blue?
    Q: Is it?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Really?
    A: Yes.  Remind me never to do a Frequently asked questions section 
    ever again.
    X.	Closure
    Well everyone I hope you like this.  If you have any questions, 
    comments, suggestions, , complaints, or anything like that, please e-
    mail me at the address listed below.  Until next time!
    Copyright 2002
    Made By Assasin13

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