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    Xu Zhu by TheKamikazeWarrior

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 Character Guide
    Xu Zhu: Big, Fat, Huge, Enormous, Tub of Lard
    Version: 0.2
    This Faq is best viewed in Courier New Font
    FAQ (Copyright 2002) Written by TheKamikazeWarrior
    This Character faq was written through the hard work of 
    TheKamikazeWarrior (A.K.A. "Me") and may NOT be altered, changed, 
    tampered with, or screwed up unless I agree, and you can't distribute 
    this   without my name on this faq. This faq can be freely distributed 
    but may NOT, do you hear me, NOT sold under any circumstance! May hell 
    freeze over or a giant meteor strike the earth, you may NOT sell this 
    guide. I hope I got my point through. If you do not heed my warning, you 
    will be cursed FOREVER! Oh, yes.  You will also be sued.
    Faq Updates:
    Version 0.2:
    Added Tips and Tricks for Xu Zhu section, along with a few other things 
    a left out in the previous version. Also added weapon descriptions.
    Version 0.1:
    The earliest version of this Faq, this has the basics and everything you 
    would normally need in a Character Faq.
    What's inside:
    1)   Who the heck is Xu Zhu?
    2)   Why the heck should I use him?
    3)   Moves
    4)   Weapons
    5)   Review of Xu Zhu
    6)   Unlocking Xu Zhu
    7)   Musou Mode Strategy
    8)   Using Xu Zhu
    9)   Tips and Tricks on using Xu Zhu
    10)  Q&A
    11)  Credits
    1)   Who the heck is Xu Zhu?
          An extremely large man possibly as big around as he is tall. As 
    capable in battle as the great Dian Wei, he also served as Cao Cao's 
    personal bodyguard. Normally an average and absent-minded man, he 
    transformed on the battlefield, fighting with the fierceness of a tiger, 
    earning him the nickname Crazy Tiger.
    This info was shamelessly copied from the Dynasty Warriors 3 Game 
    2)   Why the heck should I use him?
    Xu Zhu is one of the slowest characters, but has great power and a lot 
    of fun attacks. Plus, he's really funny in the cutscenes he plays in.
    3)   Moves
    Regular Attacks: Xu Zhu swings his massive club from side to side and 
    ends with a great downward slam of his club.
    S: He swings his club from right to left. Great for smacking everyone in 
    front of him.
    SS: He swings his club back to his right. 
    SSS: He uppercuts his club bringing it from his bottom-right to his top-
    SSSS: He brings his club from the top-left to his right side.
    SSSSS: He does the same thing as he did in his SSS.
    SSSSSS: He takes his club over his head and brings it down with enormous 
    force, crushing any stupid loser standing in front of him. Has strange 
    knockback capability. Sometimes it will smack people back, while 
    sometimes it will bring people to the ground like in Zhen Ji's SSSSSS.
    Charge Attacks: These are possibly the slowest attacks the game, but 
    they have good range and huge power.
    T: He spins his club around his head then spins around himself. Very 
    slow (what'd ya expect), but can clear out lots of enemies
    ST: A big upward strike. This is a standard juggling move. It can hit a 
    lot of people if you aim right.   
    SST: A powerful double swing that is his SLOWEST attack, but can dizzy a 
    lot of people.   
    SSST: A powerful swing with great knockback capability and is, yup, 
    SSSST: He sticks his club on the ground and raises it. He follows up 
    with a single hit, if you press T a second time. Standard High Juggle.   
    SSSSST: Keep tapping T on this one. He does a series of three or four 
    hops that knock people back and ends with a massive butt-slam that 
    smacks everyone! Kinda slow, but a great move when used properly. 
    Dash Attack: He rolls at the enemy. Knocks back enemies back and isn't 
    very slow (WOW!).
    Mounted Attack: He swings his club from side to side. A lot like the 
    sword people's except it's slow.
    Jump Attack: He stands on his club making it go down and hit people. 
    This is a lot like Gan Ning's Jump Attack. It's like a drill. I once got 
    a Sixteen (You heard me right, SIXTEEN!) combo with this. The only 
    problem is that it gives Xu Zhu a hard time knocking people off horses.
    Musou Attack: He spins around with his club streched out and spins 
    around in a broad range. Don't expect to combo with this. He doesn't 
    spin around as fast as, say, Zhao Yun. This move however, does decent 
    damage and has a huge knockback range. He ends on the ground, which is 
    his saving grace, since he can't be attacked. Normally, Musou attacks 
    CAN'T be exploited, like the infinite combo, but Xu Zhu's Musou can be 
    taken advantage of in a number of sneaky ways. HEHEHEHEHE! Sorry, too 
    much Mountain Dew.  
    True Musou Attack: This is the exact same move as the Musou Attack, 
    except with fire and a few extra wide-range spins at the end. Boom. 
    Boom! BOOM! BOOOOOOOOM!!! A great attack. 
    4)   Weapons
    Attack +19   4 Hits
    (Variable stats)
    Description: An extremely crude-looking weapon, this is basically a 
    solid bucket attached to a stick.
    Spiked Club
    Attack +34   5 Hits
    (Variable Stats)
    Description: This weapon is a lot better looking than the club is. It's 
    a spiked ball (like a mace) attached to a pole with a gold grip at the 
    Bone Crusher
    Attack +50   6 Hits
    (Variable Stats)
    Description: Quite...strange...this weapon's end is a carving of a pig 
    trying to swallow a HUGE ball. It has gold reinforcing right under the 
    ball and has a gold handle.
    Stone Crusher
    Attack +50   6 Hits
    Musou Max +88
    HP Max +86
    Attack +28
    Defense +58
    Luck+ 27
    Description: This weapon looks EXACTLY the same as the Bone Crusher, 
    except it has the word +UNIQUE in yellow in the bottom right corner of 
    the weapon picture.
    The first, second, and third weapons are found randomly in Weapon boxes. 
    The later the stage and the higher the difficulty, the better the weapon 
    and Variable stats. Fourth weapons, however, must be gotten on hard and 
    in a exact manner.
    Method for getting the Stone Crusher:
    Stage: The Battle at Tong Gate
    Side: Cao Cao's side
    Game Difficulty: Hard
    Requirements: Defeat Ma Dai and Pang De, Ma Chao's two subordinates. 
    Then enter the fort and the special item will appear in the southwest 
    corner of the fort.
    Strategy: This weapon isn't too hard to get. Just watch out for Ma 
    Chao's subordinates. They put up a real good fight. The two player trick 
    (described below) is helpful, but Xu Zhu has to enter the fort.
    The Two Player Trick:
    This trick involves the fact that the difficulty of the levels depends 
    on the first player. All you need is a weak character whose fourth 
    weapon you really, really, really, want (you also need two controllers). 
    Then use a maxed out (or just a powerful) player as your second player. 
    Stick your weakling somewhere safe while your strong character does all 
    the work and gets the weapon. Easy? Yup.   
    5)   Review of Xu Zhu
    Xu Zhu is slow. Allow me to restate that. He is VERY slow. Allow me to 
    restate that again. He is EXTREMELY slow. Allow me to restate that once 
    more. He is INCREDIBLY slow. Heck, he's the slowest person in the game. 
    Maybe tied with Meng Huo. Maybe not.
    If you ignore that glaring fault, you'll find a great character with 
    effective moves. His fourth weapon has some great bonuses, just a few 
    points short of the stats of the great Lu Bu's fourth weapon. Most of 
    his attacks have great range, but are Slow with a giant capital S. He's 
    challenging to use properly, but has great potential. Xu Zhu is not 
    recommended for beginners. He's more of an expert's character. However, 
    if you stick Tubby in the hands of someone who knows how to use him, 
    he'll clear crowds and slaughter generals faster than you can say "Jelly 
    Roll." Well maybe not that fast.
    Suggestion 1 for Items: 
    Red Hare Saddle/Hex Mark Saddle (A MUST, since Xu Zhu is so slow. Only 
    use Hex Mark if you do not have the Red Hare Saddle)
    Speed Scroll
    Tortoise Amulet
    Peacock Urn
    The Way of the Musou/Shell Armor
    Suggestion 2 (For the Super-Mega-Musou thingy)
    Survival Guide
    Red Hare/Hex Mark Saddle
    Tortoise Amulet
    Shell Armor
    6)   Unlocking "Jelly Roll" Xu Zhu
    Note: This section should have come a lot earlier in the faq, but don't 
    blame me. I just need to get my priorities straight.
    Beat Musou Mode with one Wei General or have a Dynasty Warriors 2 save 
    on your memory card. Not very hard, huh?
    Musou Mode Strategy
    For those dull people out there (no offense, dull people) who don't know 
    how to get to Xu Zhu's Musou Mode, I've written a walkthrough on how to 
    get to his Musou Mode. Select Musou Mode. Select New Game. Tap L1 once. 
    Scroll left until you find a huge fatso with a GIANT club. Tap X. His 
    Musou Mode will start. How to do the levels with be written below. If 
    this doesn't help you get to his Musou Mode, prepare to settle in for a 
    LOOOOOONG stay at your local friendly Mental Institution.
    Stage 1: The Mountain Bandit Campaign
    Kamikaze's word of advice: Hahaha! I feel sorry for those bandits!
            Ok, this is positively the easiest stage in the game. It's small 
    and has few enemies. To win, simply kill the Commander, who appears when 
    all three Lt. Commanders have been killed. To lose, either you die, or 
    all the peasents die (this is hard to do since they're all pretty good 
    at defending themselves). You start just south of the little bridge (as 
    does everyone else) at the bottom of the level. There are five groups of 
    peasents and you command a group yourself. After moving foward and 
    killing the groups of enemies there, move in a clockwise fashion 
    eliminating everyone, including the Gate Captain at the top of the 
    screen. After all three Lt. Commanders have been slaughtered, the 
    Commander will appear near the gate at the top of the screen. Kill him 
    and you'll get a real funny quote, courtesy of Xu Zhu...
    Stage 2: The Battle of Guan Du
    Kamikaze's word of advice: This is a big stage, isn't it?
          Ok, you MUST equip a Red Hare or Hex Mark Saddle on this level, 
    since it's HUGE. The thing is, Yuan Shao is in the upper-left corner 
    while Cao Cao is walled up in a castle in the lower-left corner. There 
    are four friendly units in the middle of the stage while two in the 
    castle. You also start in the castle. There are four large forts all 
    around the stage. One of these (randomly) is the Wu Chao Supply Depot. 
    You must find it and kill everyone inside, sending Yuan Shao's morale 
    tumbling. The rest of the battle is cake. Ok, start out by exiting the 
    castle and killing off Yan Liang. Then move north of the castle and 
    smash Wen Chou to a pulp. This is a hassle (considering Xu Zhu's speed) 
    but it will save you a lot of headache. Then head to the southeast fort 
    and move in a counter-clockwise fashion eliminating the forts and gates. 
    Even if you find the Depot, keep taking out the forts. It will bring 
    power-ups and morale. Once all four forts are clear, move to Yuan Shao 
    and pummel him to death. This level is great for experience, since you 
    can easily get over 800 KO's if you do it right.
    Stage 3: The Battle at Chang Ban
    Kamikaze's word of advice: Kill! The! Peasents! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
            It won't be mentioned after this, but you MUST equip the Red 
    Hare or Hex Mark Saddles in this and every level after this! Get it? Got 
    it? Good. You seem to have a serious advantage in this fight. Liu Bei is 
    surrounded by his units and is retreating to the southwest, where his 
    navy will join him and he'll ride away. Along the escape path is Xiahou 
    Yuan. North of the middle section of the escape road is Zhang He and Xu 
    Huang. Liu Bei is being chased by Xiahou Dun, Yue Jin, Zhang Liao, and, 
    of course, you. Covering Liu Bei's back is Zhang Fei (who will hold off 
    your units at the Chang Ban Bridge, kill him as fast as possible) and 
    Zhuge Liang. Cao Cao will arrive at the gates behind you soon, so don't 
    worry about troop shortages too much. Start by taking out Liu Bei's rear 
    guard. Zhuge Liang will go down easy, but watch out for Zhang Fei, as he 
    packs a punch. If you did this quick, Liu Bei's rear will be exposed and 
    you can go gun him down him fast and quickly end the level. However, if 
    you're feeling sadistic, you can have some fun. Liu Bei's lesser 
    officers (Sun Qian, Mi Fang, Liu Feng, Chen Zhen, Jian Yong, and Ma 
    Liang) all have peasents with them (guys in yellow with swords and are 
    horrible fighters). Despite Zhang Liao's objection in the cut scene at 
    the start of the level, you're going to have some fun slaughtering these 
    helpless fools! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. Anyways, none of the No-Name 
    officers will present any problems except maybe Ma Liang. He starts a 
    good distance along the path and has two subordinates and a hell of a 
    lot of troops. After a while, Li Qi will arrive with ships and a tiny 
    force. Feel free to laugh. Anyways, once you're slaughtering Liu Bei's 
    loser army, go and kill the man himself. Also watch out for Zhao Yun. 
    He's protecting Liu Bei and is quite powerful. Liu Bei's rather weak 
    with only decent stamina to save him. Slaughter these fools and end the 
    Stage 4: The Battle at Chi Bi
    Kamikaze's word of advice: Sun Quan is a moron! Hey, that rhymed!
            It's you Vs. Wu in this one. You rather close to the Wu forces, 
    so your first priority should be to STOP THE FIRE ATTACK! There are 
    three ways to do this. One, kill off Huang Gai. Two, pound Zhou Yu. 
    Three, kill Lu Meng EARLY on in the fight. This will cause Zhuge's 
    shrine to be over run in troops, stopping the wind from blowing at all! 
    Personally, I prefer the killing of Zhou Yu. It's so satisfiying to 
    pound that loser into slush.  : ) Anyways, once you disable Wu's fire 
    attack, this level becomes quite easy. Just clear out Gan Ning, Zhou Yu, 
    and Lu Meng (if you haven't killed them already) which makes a clear 
    path to Sun Quan. Kill that punk and empty all your anger into pounding 
    him and his freaky hat.
    Stage 5: The Battle at Tong Gate
    Kamikaze's word of advice: Ma Dai and Pang De are evil! EVIL! EVIL I 
    TELL YOU! Ok, gotta cut back on my caffeine intake, hehehe. HEHEHE! 
    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! I whole-heartily apologize. HE! HE. He. 
            It's you Vs. Ma Chao. There are three powerful officers that you 
    will need to fight. Of, course Ma Chao is one (duh). The other two are 
    Ma Chao's second-in-commands, Ma Dai and Pang De. Killing Ma Dai and 
    Pang De is the key to many events, including getting Xu Zhu's fourth 
    weapon and the defection of Han Sui. It allows Han Sui to meet with Cao 
    Cao. It eventually sends Ma Chao's morale tumbling twice. Try for this 
    since it makes Ma Chao a lot easier to beat. Ma Chao has many other 
    officers on his side, but none of them are very powerful. If you want a 
    quick win. Just run up and whack Ma Chao. This may be hard, since his 
    morale starts quite high.
    Stage 6: The Siege of He Fei Castle
    Kamikaze's word of advice: This is literally Xu Zhu Vs. Archers! Wu 
    likes archers. Remember Yi Ling, Shu side? I'm triggering bad memories!
            Whoa! Whatever you do, do NOT walk across the bridge in the 
    middle of the castle. You'll trigger a WHOLE lot of archers (A.K.A. Xu 
    Zhu's worst enemy) which is the absolute LAST thing you need in this 
    tough level. Okay, back on topic. There is an imposter! Zhen Ji! There 
    are two of them! Ahhhhhh! Luckily, the Zhen Ji imposter is a stupid no 
    name (on the Wu side) while the real Zhen Ji (on your side) is a hot 
    chick that kicks Wu ass! With a flute! Anyways, take out Lu Xun and Lu 
    Meng as fast as possible. Also, do NOT go through the main gate after 
    you get the Lu Xun intro sequence. You'll trigger a fire arrow sequence 
    (boy, Lu Xun really likes fire. Yi Ling, now this) that lowers morale 
    and sends Zhang He and Xu Huang retreating toward the east and west 
    gates. At one point early in the battle (like a minute after you start), 
    the enemy will get reinforcements in the form of Zhuge Jin and Sun Shao. 
    But don't worry. It'll take some time for them to reach you. Anyways, 
    around the time you clear out the invanders in the castle, some 
    reinforcements for you will arrive (though they're not as big as the 
    ones that arrive when you play as Wu in this stage). Sima Yi will open 
    the gates and your forces will charge at Sun Quan's little garrison. The 
    only thing left to do is empty your anger into that silly goose and his 
    silly hat (again).
    Stage 7: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Kamikaze's word of advice: Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL! In other words, 
    kill them all.
             Ok, the one rule of thumb in this battle is DO NOT ENTER SHU HQ 
    WHEN IT IS BEING BOMBED! If you still enter Shu HQ when it is being 
    pounded and get struck with a rock, I will be free to call you an idiot. 
    You have been warned... Shu starts with a slight advantage in the fact 
    that their base is a lot better defended than Wei's. Otherwise the 
    forces are about even. Wei gets reinforcements in the form of Cao Xiu 
    and again in the form of Man Chong. In the southwest corner is Yan Yan 
    (or Zhao Yun for me) fighting Xu Huang and Zhen Ji (the hot chick). 
    Zhang He is guarding the second catapults near there and will fall under 
    attack soon be Zhuge's left guard, Wang Ping and Guan Xing. In the 
    southwest corner is Wei Yan fighting Sun Li. The first reinforcements 
    will arrive a little north of here. Your base is in the Northeast and 
    the first catapults (guarded by Sima Zhao, gee, I wonder where Sima Shi 
    is?) being attacked by Zhang Fei (by default). The second wave of 
    reinforcements will appear near here. The Northwest corner is where Ma 
    Dai is fighting Cao Hong and you. When you begin immediately eliminate 
    Ma Dai. Then, using the bridge, go and support Zhang He by killing Guan 
    Xing and Wang Ping. From here, you get go up the slope Guan Xing was 
    guarding and Jiang Wei and Zhang Yi to get on to the path to Zhuge. When 
    your character steps on to the stone slope, an ambush party will appear. 
    A lot of archers will come with them. That's bad. After you take them 
    out, move toward Zhuge Liang. You'll encounter Huang Zhong on the way. 
    An old man shouldn't stop you in your quest to eliminate Shu! Go forth 
    and beat Zhuge for his poor choice in weapons. This ends the reign of Wu 
    and Shu, so sit back and enjoy the ending!
    8)   Using Xu Zhu
    If you don't admit Xu Zhu is slow, you have serious issues. Xu Zhu is 
    hard to use effectively, but is great when used right. Use his SSST a 
    lot. It clears crowds great and isn't too slow. You can use SST when a 
    crowd rushes at you. Then they just run into the stun. The trick is 
    using his SSSSST (T...) effectively. When you see a crowd a while away, 
    start bouncing at them so you do your buttslam right in the middle, 
    clearing the crowd out. Of course, you could just walk right into them 
    and hit your musou. When using his Musou, only tap the O button. There's 
    little chance you'll hit an enemy twice, so there's no reason to hold it 
    out. With this in mind, you'll find Xu Zhu becomes very effective at 
    clearing crowds and all. 
    9)   Tips and Tricks on using Xu Zhu
    The Super Musou Attack:
    Xu Zhu's Musou attack has a HUGE knockback range, which means you'd be 
    lucky to hit an opponent twice. You shouldn't hold the Musou out when 
    you're in a group (just tap O) but when you're facing a small group of 
    enemies or a group like a general and his bodyguards, you can use this 
    trick. One way to do it is to sandwich the general between you and a 
    wall (with Xu Zhu's size, this shouldn't be too hard to do) and let 
    loose with your musou. This time, you can hold it out. If you did it 
    right, EVERY SINGLE HIT WILL CONNECT! WAHOO! But wait! What if I told 
    you there is an even EASIER WAY OF DOING THIS! Use ST or SSSST to launch 
    the enemy into the air, then let loose with your musou! HAH! EVERY HIT 
    Ok, I believe that was uncalled for, but I couldn't help myself.
    The Super-Mega-Awesome-Super-Di-Duper-Ax-Armor-Musou:
    You might be a little skeptical, due to its on-of-a-kind-name, but I 
    assure you, this attack is every bit worth its name. This attack 
    requires you equip several items beforehand. Even though its living hell 
    getting the two items required, it's extremely well worth it. You 
    require the Defender and the Survival Guide. This requires going through 
    the Shooting Star quest TWICE. The way to get those two items is 
    described below. Anyways, once you have the two items, equip them on Xu 
    Zhu. You can also follow Suggestion 2 in Section 5 of this Faq. Then, 
    enter the battle and get Xu Zhu's health into the red. Well, once you 
    get into the red, tap O and let loose your True Musou. Then just lay on 
    the ground until your musou Auto-Charges again, (it does this when your 
    health is in the red) then get up and watch as you get a 30-Second 
    Battle Ax and Battle Armor! Yes!!! Musou them again! Even though this 
    method is risky, it's mad fun and can help a lot if you do it right! The 
    trick is that when you are in the red and get knocked down, The Survival 
    Guide and Defender give you 30-Second Attack and Defense x2s (when 
    equipped). Well, when Xu Zhu falls down at the end of his Musou, the 
    game registers it as Xu Zhu being knocked down. Thus, the 30-Second 
    bonuses. Big thanks go to Xiahou Mao for telling me about this.  :>
    Survival Guide:
    The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Shu Side
    Any Difficulty Level
    Free or Musou Mode
    This is a huge pain to get. You must sit and wait for TWO of your 
    playable generals (besides Zhuge Liang or Liu Bei, if he's here) to die. 
    A event will occur (the Shooting Star event). Then the item will appear 
    just north of Zhuge Liang's camp in a box. Grab it and kill Sima Yi (or 
    Cao Cao). It took 30 minutes for two of my generals to die on hard mode! 
    This is a PAIN IN THE ASS!
    The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Wei Side
    Any Difficulty Level
    Free or Musou Mode
    This is the same huge pain as the Survival Guide. You must sit and wait 
    for TWO of your playable generals (besides Sima Yi or Cao Cao, if he's 
    here) to die. A event will occur (the Shooting Star event). Then the 
    item will appear in Sima Yi's camp in a box. Grab it and kill Zhuge 
    Liang (or Liu Bei). It took another 30 minutes for two of my generals to 
    die on hard mode! This is a ANOTHER PAIN IN THE ASS!
    The Infinite Combo:
    This is used when you want to do a lot of damage to a single enemy, or 
    to combo an enemy enough to increase their power-up. The power-ups work 
    like this:
    If the enemy drops a +1 Sword or Shield, do a eight combo or more on 
    them to force them to drop a +2. It can not be increased past that. 
    Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
    default power-up.
    If the enemy drops a +2 Sword or Shield, do a sixteen combo or more on 
    them to force them to drop a +4. It can not be increased past that. 
    Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
    default power-up.
    If the enemy drops a +4 Sword or Shield, do a twenty-four combo or more 
    on them to force them to drop a +8. It can not be increased past that. 
    Note: The combo must KILL the enemy, or they will just drop their 
    default power-up.
    If the enemy drops a +8 Sword or Shield, doing combo of any number on 
    them will not increase or decrease their power-up. It's as high as it 
    can go. 
    To perform the combo:
    Simply perform the SSSST combo over and over. Do not press T a second 
    time. You can keep comboing them even after they die. Their bodies 
    disappear and the death or retreat sequence (if they have one) when they 
    touch the ground. If you keep whacking them into the air, they can't 
    disappear since they are always airborne. Once the enemy is dead and you 
    have the combo number you want, just press T the second time to smack 
    them outta the sky with a stylish combo. Some people can also perform 
    this infinite combo with their ST, mainly those who have a jumping 
    uppercut with a sword as their ST (ex. Sun Jian). It's a lot harder, but 
    yields the same results if effective.
    10)   Q&A
    1q.   Xu Zhu is too slow!
    1a.   Should of thought about that when you picked him.
    2q.   My Xu Zhu doesn't hurt anyone!
    2a.   If you get yourself a Tiger Amulet over +20 or a weapon over +80   
          (Total attack) with Gameshark, the bar will reset to zero.
    3q.   Xu Zhu is obese!
    3a.   So? You may be too!
    4q.   That was mean!
    4a.   Calling Xu Zhu obese was mean too!
    5q.   I don't like you!
    5a.   Frankly, I don't care.
    6q.   Stop insulting me already!
    6a.   Leave me alone and you won't get insulted!
    7q.   Xu Zhu is fat and so are you!
    7a.   Dammit, LEAVE ME ALONE!
    8q.   I don't like this faq!
    8a.   That's your problem. Make a better one.
    9q.   I just did!
    9a.   Where is it? Post it!
    10q.  Why?
    10a.  To prove you wrote one.
    11q.  What if I don't want to?
    11a.  Too bad, loser!
    12q.  I'm not a loser!  :(
    12a.  Yes you are! :)
    13q.  No I'm not!
    13a.  Yes you are!
    14q.  NO I'M NOT!
    14a.  YES YOU ARE!
    15q.  I'm LEAVING!
    11)   Credits
    Koei & Omega Force- For making this great game.
    One Winged-Dragon- For inspiring me into making this faq with his great 
    17+ faqs.
    Gassnake5342- For also inspiring me into making this Faq with his 
    excellent Gan Ning and Taishi Ci faqs.
    Xiahou Mao- For telling me about the two Musou Tricks. Thanks a BUNCH!
    Cyber Dan- For informing me about the He Fei Castle fire sequence.
    You-For reading this guide.
    Me, A.K.A TheKamikazeWarrior- For writing this guide.
    Bob- I have no idea why he is here.    

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