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    Cao Cao by Juntacazon

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    Dynasty Warriors 3 Character Guide
    Guide by Juntacazon
    Version 1.01
    This guide was made on 7/19/02
    This Character Guide (Copyright 2002) was made by the experiences of 
    Juntacazon.  This guide is protected by international copyright law.  Nobody 
    is allowed to take this guide, publish it, and say it was published by that 
    person.  You cannot sell this guide at all.  If you wish to place this guide 
    on a site of your choice, you must first e-mail me, and you must show that I 
    published the guide.  If you do not follow these rules, you will not be very 
    happy once I find out.
    Table of Contents1. Introduction
    2. Who is Cao Cao?
    3. Why should I use him?
    4. Moves
    5. Weapons
    6. Strategies
    7. Stage Strategy
    8. Questions and answers
    9. Versions
    1. Introduction
    This is my first FAQ/Guide I have written (other than a review, but that 
    isn’t a Guide) so I think it will be okay.  This FAQ is written for Cao Cao, 
    a character in Dynasty Warriors 3.  He is a very good fighter IMO and he can 
    become very deadly with his last weapon.  This not a complete guide, it is 
    mainly focused on Cao Cao.  If you want complete the complete guide, check 
    out Z-Force’s, BNii’s, or XLord Ma ChaoX’s guides all on gamefaqs.
    2. Who is Cao Cao?
    Cao Cao was the ruler of Wei.  He was labeled “hero of a troubled land.”  
    During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he showed his power across China by 
    slaying many of them with the force he had.  He attempted to kill Dong Zhuo 
    once, but failed.  He defeated Yuan Shao at Guan Du when Cao Cao was 
    considerably outnumbered.  Cao Cao wrote many books on the Art of War.  He 
    was very skilled in the ways of warfare.  He succeeded over Ma Chao at Tong 
    Gate and formed what would be the giant Wei Empire.
    Born:155 AD
    Died:220 AD
    3. Why should I use him?
    Cao Cao is a very balanced character, that can compare to Lu Bu  once he has 
    his fourth weapon.  He wipes through crowds with his sword.  He also has 
    nice range IMO.
    4. Moves
    S: Swings sword left.
    SS: Swings right.
    SSS: Attack with upper left slash.
    SSSS: Another slash to the right.
    SSSSS: A slash to the left that goes down a bit.
    SSSSSS: A 180 degree slash to the right, looks like him in character select.
    T: Charges up and spins once, doing a 360 degree attack.  Breaks guard.
    ST: First launcher, knocks enemy into the air.
    SST: Attacks with  sword going down.  Stuns enemies.
    SSST:A 180 degree slash to the right.  Pretty much same as SSSSSS.
    SSSST: Second launcher.  Knocks enemy high into the air.  Press T again for 
    a follow-up attack.
    SSSSST: Attacks with a slash from lower left.  Keep pressing T so that he 
    can keep on slashing.  One of my favorite attacks and with fourth weapon, it 
    adds death element.
    Jump Attack: Swings his left arm left, right arm right, and hits anything in 
    front of him.  Good for knocking off officers off their horses.
    Mounted Attack: Swing left and right.  Nothing special.
    Mounted Musou: Swings left and right fast.  Nothing special.
    Dash Attack: Slides forward and hits with the hilt of his sword.
    Musou: Yells out loud, starts spinning, once every spin his sword goes up 
    then down.  Ends in a big slash to the left.
    True Musou: Same as regular musou just with fire and different ending.
    5. Weapons
    Broad Sword
    Base Attack +17
    Max 4 hits
    (Extra stats depending on weapon)
    Long Sword
    Base Attack +32
    Max 5 hits
    (Extra stats depending on weapon)
    Sword of Heaven
    Base Attack +45
    Max 6 hits
    (Extra stats depending on weapon)
    Wrath of Heaven
    Base Attack +45
    Max 6 hits
    Death Element to SSSSST
    Attack +24
    Bow Attack +52
    Mounted Attack +48
    Reach +24
    Weapons can be found in any stage.  The later the stage, the better the 
    weapon.  Also the harder the difficulty, the better the weapon.  For fourth 
    weapons, you must do something with each person on the right level to get 
    it.  Remember, if you have to kill someone, YOU MUST kill the person by your 
    own hand.  The second player is also allowed to.  AND EVERY FOURTH WEAPON 
    How to get Wrath of Heaven
    Stage: Yellow Turban
    Directions: Kill Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang without losing any gates or 
    getting any gates.  The supply team will appear north of Zhang Liang’s 
    starting position.  Get the weapon and finish the stage.
    Strategies for getting Cao Cao’s fourth:
    Make sure you have the Red Hare Saddle or Hex Mark equiped before this 
    battle.  You will have to rush through the level, and by the time you’re 
    done with his fourth, He Jin is in trouble.  Ride over to Zhang Bao first.  
    Remember, DO NOT KILL THE GATE CAPTAINS!  If you do, then the supply team 
    won’t appear.  Once you’re done with Zhang Bao, head over to Zhang Liang 
    with Red Hare/Hex Mark.  Kill him and the supply team should appear.  Make 
    sure you do not kill the Gate Captain behind him.  I think Koei added the 
    “No losing or getting gates thing” to make it harder for you not to kill the 
    Gate Captains.  Once Zhang Liang is gone, head over to the supply team to 
    intercept them.  You can now either…..
    1)Head to Zhang Jiao and kill him to end the level
    2)Help He Jin, THEN, kill Zhang Jiao
    Cao Cao isn’t totally destructive when you first get him. He is a average 
    sword fighter until you get his third weapon.  Then you should use his 
    SSSSST often.  Once you get his fourth, then he becomes a mass murderer.  
    The best way to use his SSSSST on crowds is to swing your sword away from 
    the crowd with the first three S’s.  Use the other two to turn around and 
    face the crowd.  Now keep pressing T and watch Cao Cao kill everything in 
    his path.
    Against bosses Cao Cao is good also.  With his fourth weapon, he will take 
    down his opponent with his SSSSST.  If you don’t have the fourth do the same 
    thing with his third weapon.  If you don’t have third weapon, use his 
    second.  Try the juggling attack (SSSST without follow-up attack, when enemy 
    is in the air use SSSST again, repeat) and eventually the officer should 
    die.  If the crowds are annoying you, use his SSST to wipe them out.
    If you don’t have his second weapon, third, or fourth then you must have the 
    first weapon, a broad sword! Cao Cao isn’t too amazing with his first.  
    Still kill groups with SSST if they are annoying you, or if you just want 
    to.  The best thing to do on bosses is to use his SST to make him/her 
    stunned.  Then use SSST to knock them back.  Guard until you see an opening 
    and repeat.  If you want to kill faster, use SSSS, guard until opening, 
    To get Cao Cao: Beat Musou mode with two generals (from Wei).
    7. Stage Strategies
    1.Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Han vs Yellow Turbans
    This stage shouldn’t be too tough.  First kill Zhang Bao, west of your 
    starting position.  You have to dodge boulders to get to him, but they are 
    quite easy to dodge.  Once you get to the top of the mountain, you can see a 
    cool cutscene of your character breaking a boulder.  Once Zhang Bao is gone, 
    go kill Zhang Jiao, who usually should be at the bottom of the mountain.  
    Head towards Zhang Liang, kill him, and by then Zhang Jiao should be at the 
    top of the map.  If he isn’t, go kill him wherever he is.  Once you get rid 
    of Zhang Jiao, you won the stage.
    2. The Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    Yuan Shao vs Dong Zhuo
    This stage is a little tougher that the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but not by 
    much.  Follow the path ahead of  you while to get on the top of the Fan Shui 
    gate.  Soon you will see a cutscene.  It’s a Big guy.  With a Halberd.  With 
    two things sticking out of its helment.  Its riding a horse that’s red.  And 
    its killing Yuan Shu’s army. I….I…It’s….LU BU!  Once you get to the other 
    side of the Fan Shui gate, kill anything that gets in your way.  You can go 
    kill Lu Bu if you are feeling up to it, or you can run past him.  If you are 
    sure you can’t kill him, run.  Listen to Yuan Shao and get to Hu Lao gate.  
    On the way, you will be ambushed by enemy archers.  Don’t bother killing 
    them and run through.  Cao Cao will tell the units to destroy Hu Lao gate, 
    and a Assault captain should appear.  Protect him, and kill all the units 
    nearby.  Once you’ve done that, the gate should open and you will be attack 
    by Li Ru and Diao Chan.  She is nothing compared to any general, and she 
    should die by several hits.  Once you’ve killed scary Diao Chan, proceed to 
    Dong Zhuo.  He shouldn’t be too hard, and once he’s dead, you’ve finished 
    the stage.
    3. The battle at Wan Castle
    Cao Cao vs Zhang Xiu
    In the beginning, Dian Wei will protect a gate so that you can escape.  
    Since you’re Cao Cao, the game won’t let you win by retreating, so you have 
    to kill Zhang Xiu.  Start by heading toward Jia Xu, while killing everything 
    in your way.  Once you kill him, go take out the two remaining generals.  
    You really don’t need too much strategy in this level.  If you want, go 
    ahead and kill Zhang Xiu right in the beginning.
    4. The battle at Guan Du
    Cao Cao vs Yuan Shao
    Right now, you’re in a fortess, with a lot of people in it, and some people 
    outside of it, while Yuan Shao outnumbers you quite a bit.  He wants you to 
    play a guessing game of which of the four forts are the supply depot.  
    Basically, go into the correct fort by killing the officer outside of it.  
    Choose the right one and you get awarded by a big morale boost.  It changes 
    from time to time, so it won’t be the same every time.
    Start off by getting out of your castle and trying to find the correct 
    supply depot.  Start by attacking the fort in the lower right corner and 
    work your way up.  At sometime, Liu Bei will meet Guan Yu and Liu Bei will 
    leave the battlefield :)  If you have a good Cao Cao, go right up to Yuan 
    Shao and kill him.  He isn’t so tough, he is like a faster Dong Zhuo.  Beat 
    him and you win.
    5. The battle of Chang Ban
    Cao Cao vs Liu Bei
    This is one of my favorite levels, because you get to kill peasants, and 
    they die in like one hit!  Kill Zhuge and Zhang Fei south of you, then go 
    down, and keep on following Liu Bei.  The peasants are easy to kill so they 
    shouldn’t be much of a threat.  Get a horse if you need one.  Soon Liu Qi’s 
    boats should come, and that’s when Liu Bei trys to retreat.  Don’t let him, 
    or you’ll lose.  Just kill Liu Bei ASAP and you win.  If you want to clear 
    everyone out, take the pass on the top, kill everyone there, head beack 
    toward Zhuge and Zhang Fei, kill them, and kill everyone following Liu Bei 
    and everyone ahead of him.  It’s a lot easier with Red Hare saddle or Hex 
    Mark.  Liu Bei will retreat if you beat him in combat, but this means you 
    win.  If he gets to his boats and retreats, that’s bad.
    6. The battle at Chi Bi
    Cao Cao vs Sun (Jian, Quan, Ce)
    Cao Cao will tell the units to attack the place of prayers in the southwest. 
      Listen to Cao Cao, he is smart.  You might want Red Hare to easily get 
    Zhuge’s place.  To kick him out, kill the officer nearby, its usually Lu 
    Xun.  If you didn’t stop Zhuge, switch to another plan.  Kill Huang Gai or 
    Zhou Yu and the fire attack should be stopped.  If their plan is sucessful, 
    be prepared for a big morale drop.  Either way, after that part is over with 
    go east and clear out the area.  There isn’t a lot of strategy other than 
    stopping the plan.  Once everything else is cleared out, head toward the Sun 
    leader (Jian, Ce, Quan) and make him run.  Another victory for Wei.
    7. The battle at Tong Gate
    Cao Cao vs Ma Chao
    This one is basically a skirmish bewteen all of Ma Chao’s forces and part of 
    Cao Cao’s force.  Take down Pang De and Ma Dai in the front.  I’ll warn you, 
    they are tough for officers, they are stronger than all the other generals 
    with the exception of Ma Chao.  Later in the battle, Han Sui will start 
    talking to Cao Cao and will make his morale drop.  A little later, Han Sui 
    will join your army.  Take out the other generals, they were nothing 
    compaired to Pang De and Ma Dai.  Attack Ma Chao from two sides and beat 
    him.  Congratulations.
    8. The Battle at He Fei
    Wei vs Wu
    This battlefield is made up of 5 parts northeast, northwest, southeast, 
    southwest, and the middle.  The Northeast and the Southwest areas do not 
    have that much to do with the battle, only to do some fighting.The Northwest 
    is the Wei base, the Southeast is Wu’s base, and the center is the main 
    battleground.  Soon, Zhang Liao will meet Taishi Ci and lure him into a 
    trap.  Taishi Ci will die, and Zhang Liao will attack the Wu base.  You can 
    go and help him, clear out the Northeast and the Southwest, clear out the 
    center, or go to your base and be prepaired for a attack by Gan Ning.  Gan 
    ning will be superpowered like Lu Bu.  If you kill him, he will drop the 
    power scroll, which makes you never lose deadlocks.  If you help Zhang Liao, 
    and make the Wu leader retreat, you will win.  Careful, sometimes the 
    computer is cheap and will run into your base, making you lose.  This battle 
    is more difficult than most past ones.
    9. The battle at Mt.Ding Jun
    Wei vs Shu
    This time, you’re up against Liu Bei, Huang Zhong, and a general on the side 
    route (usually Zhang Fei).
    You can choose which way you want to go.  The side route is easier I think 
    but going up the mountain is better for your troops if you kill Huang Zhong, 
    because he has two morale boost-up movies in this battle.
    Liu Bei will be guarded by a lot of bowmen and crossbow men.  The best thing 
    to do is to kill the archers before you fight Liu Bei, or they will hurt you 
    badly.  Defeat Liu Bei and you’ve won for now.
    10.The Siege of He Fei castle
    Wei vs Wu   (LAST BATTLE WITH WU)
    This stage is tough.  Very tough.  Unbelivelby tough if you are not playing 
    easy and you are playing normal or hard with a Cao Cao not close to maxed 
    out.  One warning you might have heard before: DO NOT GO THROUGH THE CENTER 
    POND, TRUST ME!  You got that? I’ll guess you do.  You are completely 
    surronded, unbelively outnumbered, your morale is unbelievely low, 
    reinforcements are two weak generals with like 50 people.  Oh yeah, they get 
    a lot more reinforcements than you, and they get it like 2 minutes into the 
    battle!  Basicly, you’re dead.  The first thing you should do is take out 
    Zhen Ji (The Wu one) and once he’s dead, head for Lu Xun.  Careful Lu Xun 
    might hurt you bad.  If so, look around for guard captains to kill, they 
    drop healing items.  After you’re done with Lu Xun, take out Lu Meng/Taishi 
    Ci.  Heal, and go after SSX (SunShangXiang).  By now, the emeny 
    reinforcement generals have come into the castle.  Kill them both and work 
    your way to Gan Ning.  Heal before and after you fight him.  Once you’ve 
    done this without losing many generals, having more morale, and having more 
    troops, you pretty much won……. For now.
    11.The battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    Wei vs Shu    (LAST BATTLE)
    This battle is hard, but I think that He Fei castle is harder.  The harder 
    part in this one is that the enemy troops are very strong.  But you have 
    pretty good morale, almost same amount of troops, and your side has 
    catapults.  I would take the area south of the main Wei base, and proceed 
    west.  You can clear out the area west of Zhuge if you want to, but it isn’t 
    necessary.  When you try to get into Liu Bei/Zhuge’s main camp, you will be 
    ambushed.  And do NOT attack while the catapults are firing, they will hurt 
    you too.  Get in there and cause havoc.  If you need health, run out, and 
    look for a meat bun, then come back in.  Good Luck!
    8. Questions and Answers
    Q:I can’t get Cao Cao’s fourth weapon, help me!
    A:Look for the way to get Cao Cao’s fourth. It is what you need to do.  If 
    it is still not working, you might have used some kind of game shark thing.
    Q:How come there are 11 stages for Cao Cao’s Musou mode?
    A:It’s ten but if you beat the game with Cao Cao, then the stage’s will 
    change for some Wei charaters.
    Q:I hate your FAQ, it sucks so much
    A:First, that’s not a question, second, if you don’t like it, too bad!
    Q:Where can I get second and third weapons?
    A:Try to find them in later stages, or harder difficulties.
    1.0 First Version.  Nothing special
    1.01.Second Version.  Added more info on how to get his fourth.
    If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at Juntacazon@hotmail.com

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