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    Sun Shang Xiang by Shohoku79

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 04/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dynasty Warriors 3 / Xtreme Legends (Shin Sangoku Musou 2 / Moushouden)
    Character Guide: Sun Shang Xiang
    Version 1.8 (April 20, 2003)
    Platform: Sony Playstation 2
    By: Steven Liu (Shohoku79)
    Table of Contents
       I. Introduction
      II. FAQ Version History
     III. About Sun Shang Xiang
      IV. Initial Assessment
       V. Sun Shang Xiang's Move sets
      VI. Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons
     VII. Overall Assessment
    VIII. Musou Mode Walkthrough
      IX. FAQ/Hints/Tips
       X. Credits & Thanks
    I. Introduction
    This is the first Character FAQ for Dynasty Warriors 3 on the PS2, otherwise
    known as Shin Sangoku Musou 2 in Japan. The reason behind my writing about Sun
    Shang Xiang is because out of the vast amount of characters playable available
    for DW3, she is my favorite female character to use. However, since there was
    no character FAQ covered for her on Gamefaqs, I've decided to provide as much
    information as possible to other players. Hopefully this could also help
    deciding which characters to try out.
    II. Version History
    1.8 (April 20, 2003) - Incorporated Xtreme Legends additions and elements.
    1.5 (November 16, 2002) - Added some information as well as corrections
    1.4 (November 14, 2002) - Finalizing FAQ for submission
    1.3 (November 1, 2002) - Advancing through Musou Mode
    1.0 (October 20, 2002) - Getting down character move sets
    III. About Sun Shang Xiang
    Sun Shang Xiang (Dates of Birth/Death Unknown)
    The daughter of the Sun Clan. She is the younger sister of both Sun Ce and Sun
    Quan. A somewhat manly woman, she took interest in martial arts from a young
    age. She later become Liu Bei's wife, but it is said that her ladies-in-waiting
    are constantly outside her room, dressed in full armor.
    (The above is gotten from the Dynasty Warriors 3 Officer Database)
    Sun Shang Xiang is otherwise known as Lady Sun after she married Liu Bei of Shu.
    Her marriage with Liu Bei was originally a plot by Zhou Yu to retrieve Jing
    Province from Shu by to luring Liu Bei to Jiang Dong in order to kill him in
    secret. But that plan instead went public that even Sun Quan's mother, the Queen
    Dowager Wu found out about it. Upon meeting and taking a liking in Liu Bei, she
    immediately allowed the two to marry.
    The couple was later separated. It is said that after the battle of Yi Ling,
    upon hearing rumors that Liu Bei had died in battle, she threw herself in the
    Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) and drowned herself.
    In-game description:
    Pronunciation of Name in Japanese: Sonshyoukou
    Japanese Voice Actress: Emi Uwagawa
    Appearance 1: Short light brown haired with a red headband and gold earrings. She
                  wears a sleeve-less top, red pants, and knee-high boots. The twin
                  rings or Chakrams is her weapon of choice.
    Appearance 2: A costume color change that shows a green motif. (Xtreme Legends
    Appearance 3: Her looks from Dynasty Tactics. Her hair seem to be darker than her
                  first 2 appearances. She now wore a gold headdress, has long hair
                  that is tied elaborately into a tail at the top. She still has the
                  red headband, a red/orange short sleeve top, red pants, and her
                  chest plate is green. She also looks quite different (Xtreme Legnds
    Age: 18
    Height: 167 cm (about 5 ft 5 in)
    IV. Initial Assessment
    Sun Shang Xiang, who is often referred to as SSX in the gaming world is a
    speedy character. While she can't necessarily dish out or take huge punishments
    like the others, she can definitely hold her own and her moves are some of the
    most useful moves I find in the game.
    She is also one of the few Initially available characters in the game. That is,
    she doesn't need to be unlocked and can be readily available when starting a
    fresh new save file. I personally think she is a good character to try out for
    V. Sun Shang Xiang's Move sets
    S (Regular Attack) - Square Button
    T (Charged Attack) - Triangle Button
    Dash Attack - Take more than 6 steps and press S
    Musou/True Musou - Circle Button
    Note: In order to perform combinations of more than 4, you will need to acquire
    weapons of higher levels than your first weapon. In other words, you can't do
    SSSSST with your first/second weapon. The description of the attacks listed will
    denote the last action taken from the last button pushed in that series of button
    <Standard Attacks>
    S                   Chakram strike from right to left.
    SS                  Chakram strikes back to the right.
    SSS                 A backhanded strike with her left Chakram.
    SSSS                Chakarm strikes to the right.
    SSSSS               Chakram strikes to the left.
    SSSSSS              Roundhouse kick from the left to right.
    T                   A counter-clockwise handstand spin that hits 360 degrees.
    ST                  Lifts target low in air with left Chakram.
    SST                 Small radius spin of her Chakrams that can stun those
                        around her.
    SSST                Tosses her Chakrams in front of and around her, hits
                        180 degrees plus knock back.
    SSSST(T)            Lifts target high in air with both Chakrams. Press another
                        T to perform a follow up attack, which she throws the
                        Chakram in a spread. Can hit the enemies in air as well as
                        those on ground level.
    SSSSST(T)           Wide radius spins of Chakram that hit/juggle all around her.
                        Normally go two revolutions around her. But if extra T is
                        pressed, it can go up to four times around her. The last hit
                        has knock back ability. Short delay in the start of this
                        move. Watch out for enemy archers when attempting this move
                        as you won't be able to move during this attack. However, if
                        a Musou Armor (Xtreme Legends Only) is equipped, you'll have
                        less of a concern with that. If you have her 5th Weapon
                        equipped, Fire effect will be added to the spins that come
                        after the first spin.
    Dash Attack         Cross-strike her Chakrams on the enemies. Can hit 2 times
                        plus has stun effect.
    Jump Attack         A vertical spinning strike that goes from front to back.
    Musou               Raises her right Chakram and starts moving forward and
                        striking with her left Chakram right and left. 360 degrees
                        clockwise spin at the end of it.
    True Musou          Fire effect added. Plus 3 extra spins at the end.
    <Mounted Attacks>
    S                   Tosses Chakram in a spread to the right/left
    T                   Tosses Chakram in a spread that automatically spins around
                        twice (once right, then left) before returning to her. Hit
                        up to 270 degrees.
    Musou               Tosses Chakram in a spread right/left
    * There is no True Musou Attack on Horseback *
    VI. Sun Shang Xiang's Weapons
    Each character in Dynasty Warriors 3 has up to 4 weapons. They are acquired by
    defeating Enemy Officers or Weapon Crates. The first 3 Weapons have a set
    +Attack plus random stat bonuses while the 4th Weapons look exactly like the
    3rd Weapon, but has set bonuses and has to be acquired by fulfilling certain
    conditions on specific stages on Hard Mode. Additionally, some fourth weapon
    have Elemental Effects on them, SSX's is not one of them. Now, with the
    release of Xtreme Legends, she can now get a 5th Weapon that does have
    Elemental Effect.
    Attack +17    Max Hits 4
    Variable bonus stats
    Crescent Chakram
    Attack +32    Max Hits 5
    Variable bonus stats
    Luna Chakram
    Attack +40    Max Hits 6
    Variable bonus stats
    Sol Chakram (Unique 4th Weapon)
    Attack +40    Max Hits 6
    Speed +23
    Jump +22
    HP Max +66
    Luck +23
    Reach +30
    No Elemental Attack
    How to acquire: Set the Game difficulty on Hard. Play You Ting Wu side.
    Defeat Cao Xiu (the one in the center compound) and you will trigger a Special
    Item Report. A wooden crate containing the weapon should show up near Cao Xiu's
    initial position. Break it open to find the weapon.
    Dragon Chakram (Unique 5th Weapon) (Xtreme Legends Only)
    Attack +40    Max Hits 6
    HP Max +75
    Attack +20
    Luck +28
    Reach +30
    Arrows +30
    Fire Elemental Attack (Activate with SSSSST(T), only the extra spins after the
    first spin will have Fire effect.)
    How to acquire: Set the Game difficulty on Very Hard. Play Fan Castle Wu side.
    Defeat Guan Ping before the Flood Event take place. This will trigger a Special
    Item Report. A wooden crate containing the weapon should show up in the Northwest
    corner of the map. It is still accessible even after the Flood event. Break it
    open to find the weapon.
    VII. Overall Assessment
    SSX is a character that can attack quickly and has the ability to clear
    crowds very well. Her Move sets (with the exception of the T attack & SSSST
    launcher) will leave her foot planted on the ground. That is, some stray
    enemies won't be able to knock you out of the air with a random swipe with
    their weapon most of the time. Her SSST is a good attack for clearing out
    crowds in front of or beside her. The SSSSST(T) is one of my favorite attacks
    in the game as it can clear a large crowd all around SSX, plus it has knock
    back ability. Watch out for archers when this move though. In Xtreme Legends
    you can equip a Musou Armor to prevent getting interrupted by Archers or 
    Crossbowmen when doing this attack.
    Her Musou Attack has been claimed as one of the best crowd clearing Musou
    attacks in the game. The reason being that the initial right/left swings will
    hit everyone in front of her. The finishing spin(s) can hit 360 degrees also.
    This attack is actually quite good on single opponent as well.
    Her 4th Weapon gives her a boost in speed (which isn't that necessary since
    she's already fast), plus some other good attributes. The +30 on the Reach is
    actually quite good as her attacks with her Chakrams are a bit limited by range.
    If you are a Musou based attacker, try replacing one of your Item slots for an
    Elixir (if you have a good one).
    Her 5th Weapon (Xtreme Legends Only) now gave her something she has been missing,
    an Elemental effect to her charge attacks. It allows her to do some more damage
    in her multi-hit SSSSST(T), plus it looks cool too. If you've grown used to that
    extra speed added to her 4th, you'll definitely notice the difference if you try
    out her 5th. You will also not be able to jump as high. However, with those aside,
    the Dragon Chakram actually gives her more HP bonus, more Luck, more Attack, same
    Reach bonus, plus 30 more arrows to start the stage with, perfect if you like to
    attack with arrows.
    She is also one of the better Wu characters at taking damages from arrows. Her
    bow accuracy is also pretty good. Her main drawback is her cool down time when
    she is in the process of waiting for her Chakrams to return (when she tosses
    them). This is more apparent on her Horseback attacks. But if you are constantly
    moving around, this won't be a big problem.
    Some recommended Items to choose from:
    Peacock Urn              Though SSX has a +HP bonus on her 4th and 5th, you can
                             never have too much HP, especially in harder difficulties.
    Dragon Amulet            Having a longer Musou Bar can make charging it a pain.
                             But having a longer Musou Bar can allow you to do her
                             Musou Attack longer. This situation can be remedied
                             with a good Elixir.
    Elixir                   Have this Item if you are using SSX primarily for her
                             Musou. But if this item isn't at least +10 and above,
                             don't bother as you probably won't notice a lot of
    Tortoise Amulet          No Defense Bonus on her 4th or 5th, so bring this along
                             to get some extra protection.
    Tiger Amulet             Since there is no additional Attack bonus or Elemental
                             Attack on her 4th, bring this along if you need that
                             extra umph. However, her 5th has an Attack bonus and the
                             Fire Effect added, so if you have her 5th equipped, you
                             can consider dropping this Item for equipping something
    Wind Scroll              Since there are Reach bonuses on her 4th and 5th, you
                             can decide if you'd like to give her an additional reach
                             to make her an even better crowd clearer. But as with the
                             Elixir, don't bother unless it has a high rating.
    The Way of Musou         Generally, regular Musous does more damage "per-hit"
                             than True Musous. But the Fire Effect plus a few extra
                             hits can be used to score higher combos and/or get out
                             of tight situations better. This one is more of a
                             personal / situational based decision.
    Xtreme Legends Only Items:
    Divine Helm              Tired of getting dizzied by the SST of tough officers, the
                             stronger than life Bodyguards of theirs or those pesky
                             Guard Captains? Equipping this item will allow you stay
                             dizzy-free. Perfect for preventing frustration when juggled
                             after dizzied.
    Legendary Scroll         On tougher difficulties, enemies block a lot, even your Musou
                             attacks can be blocked in its entirity. You now have a way to
                             first break their block, and successively damage them.
                             However, this comes at the cost of a huge drain-rate of your
                             Musou Bar. Having The Way of Musou equipped with this actually
                             is not a bad choice as those extra spins come in after you've
                             drained the Musou Bar. If you are confident that you can get
                             around the enemies' blocking problem and want to be able to do
                             more hits with your Musou attack, you can choose to leave this
                             Item off.
    Musou Armor              One of the, if not the best Item added to Xtreme Legends. Having
                             this Item equipped will prevent you from stumbling when hit by
                             arrows or crossbow bolts, commonly known as archer spasms. What
                             you get now is a slight tinge that is noticeable if you have the
                             DualShock2's Vibration option on. It will not interrupt your
                             movements at all. This means you can go about your business of
                             comboing targets without having to worry about arrows interrupting
                             your combos. The effect of this item doesn't stop there. It totally
                             renders the Golden Harness useless as it has the same effect of
                             preventing arrows or bolts from knocking you off a horse. However,
                             you still need to watch out your Bow Defense in higher
    VIII. Musou Mode Walkthrough
    SSX goes through 7 stages in her Musou Mode. Her combination of stages is above
    average in terms of difficulty. I will make the assumption that you'd have a
    general outline of what the maps look like. If you need graphical maps to help
    you out. I recommend going to http://www.kongming.net/dw3/maps/ for help.
    1. Mountain Bandits Campaign
    The first stage is quite easy. You start out on the southern bridge. Moving
    north and defeating the Lieutenant Commanders should be relatively easy.
    However, keep in mind that your forces may be kicking ass. The Peasants aren't
    necessarily doing so. On harder difficulties you have to move quite fast in
    order to keep them from dying. I recommend taking out the Lt. Commander in the
    west, then move north to take out the Gate Captain in the north. Finally, move
    south to take out the other two Lt. Commanders. Now just wait until the
    Commander shows up and take him out to finish the stage.
    2. The Battle at Chi Bi (Winter 208 A.D.)
    You start out relatively close to the center of the map. If you want to trigger
    the Fire Attack, make it your first priority to move to the middle of the map
    and take out whomever is guarding that place (Xiahou Dun or Dian Wei). Despite
    what Zhou Yu said, you don't really have to do much to protect the place of
    prayer as there are other officers doing that already. After that, you can
    leave the place and go around killing other officers. Around the 87 minute mark
    Zhuge Liang would've successfully called the Southeasterly Winds. Now you have
    the option to "assist" Huang Gai in getting to the place that was guarded by
    Xiahou Dun or Dian Wei. You can go there if you want to trigger the "Aid Huang
    Gai" cut scene. Even if doing so, you don't really need to take out the archers
    there as Huang Gai would stay away from the range of the archers. So, the Fire
    Attack is pretty much set at this point. After the fire attack is initiated,
    Shu reinforcements led by either Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, or Zhao Yun will arrive to
    help. Just proceed to take out the remaining officers on the map. Wei
    reinforcements will arrive as well, but they could do little at this point. Take
    out Cao Cao to finish the stage.
    3. The Battle at He Fei (Summer 215 A.D.)
    I would recommend putting on a good Shell Armor on this one as it does have
    quite a bit of archers to deal with. You start out near the center of the map.
    You can proceed to finish off Zhang Liao to save Taishi Ci. Otherwise, if you
    allow them both unchecked, you'd get the infamous "Taishi Ci Death Event" at the
    hands of Zhang Liao. Clear out any one immediately threatens the middle area.
    Then pick either to go back up Lu Meng in the southwest or Zhou Yu or Lu Xun in
    the northeast. It's your choice, but I generally go help out Lu Meng first as he
    is usually one that gets in trouble faster of the two. Any time along this time
    frame that you are helping those two forces out, if the jumping broken bridge
    sequence has been activated and Zhang Liao was still alive, he'll most likely
    surprise attack your commander at this point. Go help take out Zhang Liao. Keep
    going with taking out officers around. A little while later, Gan Ning would
    initiate the raid on the Wei HQ. Your commander will most likely now ask for a
    charge for the Wei HQ. Wei reinforcements will arrive, but again would be able
    to do little. You can proceed and lay waste to Cao Cao, or allow your commander
    to make his way into the Wei HQ to force an enemy retreat. I generally go for the
    first option.
    4. The Battle at Yi Ling (Summer 222 A.D.)
    From your initial position, you can charge straight for Liu Bei already if you
    wanted to. But there is no fun in that right? By defeating Yan Yan, who's
    standing right in front of Ma An Gate will open it up, allowing you to charge
    straight for Liu Bei's main forces (plus Zhuge Liang, who has arrived to help).
    But it is probably better to go take out other officers first. You should run into
    either Huang Zhong or Pang Tong at this time. After defeating him, Lu Xun would've
    most likely surveyed the Shu Camp and asked for the Fire Attack already. You can
    choose to do the Fire Attack or not. If so, go down the center narrow passage way
    and help Zhu Ran take out Zhang Bao, follow him to the west and take out Guan Xing
    if he's preventing Zhu Ran from getting through. The Fire Attack has a time limit,
    if you take too long, it won't happen. After the Fire Attack is initiated, it's
    pretty much over for Shu. Proceed and take out whichever officers are left on the
    northern part of the map. Chances are, some of your own generals may have already
    done that for you. Now you have a choice to go through the Stone Warriors Formation
    or not. I always go through there because it's fun. The Gate behind Liu Bei is
    constantly supplying him with fresh troops, taking it out will require you to do
    some cleaning of archers around. After that, finish off Liu Bei to end the stage.
    5. The Nanman Campaign (Summer 225 A.D.)
    It is totally optional if you want to defeat Meng Huo all seven times. You can
    immediately choose to rush for his HQ in the southwest and you will only have to
    fight him one time. But for the purpose of this walkthrough, I'll go over defeating
    him all seven times. First, you start out on the west side of your base. Finding
    Meng Huo wouldn't be that big of a problem as you'll see him chugging along toward
    your HQ. Taking him out will get him to appear later near Gan Ning's position in the
    west. Gan Ning would likely to be in trouble with Wu Tugu and Dong Tu Ne's forces
    at this point. The addition of Meng Huo's forces doesn't make the odds better either.
    Head on over there and take out all three. Meng Huo will later arrive near Lu Meng's
    position. Help him take out Ahui Nan and Meng Huo. Lu Meng's forces would at this
    point be arriving near the Poisoned Marshes and chances are will plant themselves
    right in the middle of them. If you have the time, take out the King Duosi's Gate in
    the east of the map to steer Lu Meng's forces to the right direction and perhaps allow
    him to live longer. Whether you decide to do that is optional really. Meng Huo should
    soon arrive close to your (SSX) initial position. Head on over there and defeat him
    for the 4th time. At this point, you can use this time to defeat any enemy officers
    still lurking around near by. Meng Huo's now appeared for the 5th time on an Imperial
    Elephant in an area behind closed gates in the south (which is still accessible from
    the west by a strip of land). Defeating him will allow him to make his 6th
    appearance near your HQ, close to his 1st appearance spot. Defeating him there and
    he will now appear for the final time at his HQ. Now just clear Meng You, Meng Jie,
    Zhu Rong, or whoever is left. Finish off Meng Huo to end the stage.
    6. Raid on the Rogue Fortress
    Lots of enemies it seems and you only have 30 minutes. Decisions, decisions. Well,
    your main targets should be getting through the Fortress (by defeating Lieutenants)
    and taking out the Lt. Commanders. First move north, and clear the Gate there. Now
    move in and head north to take out the first of the Lt. Commanders. Keep moving south
    and southeast until you meet the second Lt. Commander. After that, proceed back to
    the south as the Gates are closed behind where the 2nd Lt. Commander was. Go through
    the 2nd series of Gates in the south and move east to find the 3rd Lt. Commander.
    Afterwards, climb the stairs in the west to reach a normally in-reachable area in
    the north. Proceed east, and you'll find the last and final Lt. Commander. Take him
    out and you will trigger the Gate to the main compound to open. Go inside and you'll
    most likely find Zhang Fei there as their leader trying to avenge for his brethrens.
    Makes no difference to you at this point, defeat him to end the stage.
    7. Siege of He Fei Castle (Spring 234 A.D.)
    The last Musou stage for SSX. Starting from your initial position, you can either
    choose to go in from the East Gate or the West Gate. If you choose the Western Gate,
    you'd meet up with the Walls of Arrow Trap and the Tunnel of Wind Traps specially
    planned for you, courtesy of Sima Yi. But if you proceed from the East Gate, you get
    to go toe to toe with Xu Zhu on the bridge. I normally choose to go after Xu Zhu,
    after defeating him, you can proceed to move close to the center of the castle.
    However, if you choose to go to the West through the traps and do a good mop up of the
    forces there, you can allow the bulk of the forces to follow you in and start fighting
    in the center. It is here you'll meet the 2 Officers guarding the area (Xu Huang/Zhang He
    or Xiahou Yuan/Dian Wei). Around this time, Wei should've arrived with reinforcements in
    the forms of Cao Xiu and Man Chong. If your force's overall morale is high enough,
    you probably don't have to worry about them too much, but if not. Chances are you
    will need to run back outside and help your commander taking them out. As soon as you
    entered the castle, you may notice that beautifully fashioned center bridge leading
    to the pavilion in the middle that invites a weary traveller such as yourself to go
    take a rest. If you are on a killing spree and don't mind dealing with archers, go
    ahead and step onto the bridge leading to the center to trigger the archer ambush.
    Otherwise, stay away from the bridge at all costs. After clearing everything, it
    should just be Sima Yi or Zhen Ji left on the inner West Gate and Zhang Liao on the
    inner East Gate. Take your pick as to which side you want to attack from. After taking
    them both out, it's the final show down between you and Cao Cao or Sima Yi.
    XI. FAQ/Hints/Tips
     1. Q: Why Sun Shang Xiang? She's such a tomboy-ish character.
        A: Out of all the female characters in the game, I find her easiest to use. She's
           quite balanced in terms of moving speed, attack speed, and handling different
           battlefield situations. Plus, I do find her feminine and cute in her own way. An
           Anime character I find her to be closely alike is Tendou Akane in Ranma 1/2.
     2. Q: How do I get better bonus stats on my first through third weapons?
        A: Try setting the game on higher difficulties and play later stages (You Ting Wei
           Side can get you a max of 5 Weapons from Officers and Crates). Tong Gate Cao Cao
           side could be another choice.
     3. Q: SSX doesn't have You Ting in her Musou Mode, can I still get her fourth Weapon?
        A: SSX is one of those characters that cannot get her 4th Weapon in her Musou Mode.
           This means you'll either have to choose a Free Mode Game, or play as SSX on 2P
           with someone who "does" go through You Ting Wu Side on 1P in his/her Musou Mode
           (Huang Gai, Sun Jian, Lu Xun, etc.)
     4. Q: Why is You Ting Wu Side not selectable when I try Free Mode?
        A: This has to be unlocked by going through Musou Mode with characters that have
          this stage to go through.
     5. Q: I've fulfilled the requirements for getting SSX's 4th Weapon, but still couldn't
          get it, what am I doing wrong?
        A: First of all, make sure you are playing on Hard Difficulty and the right side.
            One of the most common mistakes that players make on their quest for 4th Weapons
            is not playing on Hard Difficulty.
     6. Q: The weapon is still too hard to get.
        A: An easier way is to implore the 2P trick. Get a friend to help you out. Put a
           weak character on 1P and a strong (preferably maxed out) character on 2P and
           just let 2P fulfill all the requirements (including grabbing the Weapon) and
           finish the stage. The reason for this is that the computer will only take into
           account of the stats of 1P to determine its aggressiveness of your enemy forces
           while totally ignoring the presence of 2P.
     7. Q: I am trying to get SSX's 5th Weapon, but Fan Castle does not have Wu side to it?
        A: For most characters' 5th Weapons, you will need an Original Dynasty Warriors 3
           load. Choose Free Mode and Original to access the Wu side of Fan Castle.
     8. Q: Very Hard is ubber Hard, I can't even get very far without my life being red. How
           do I do this?
        A: Hence the phrase Very Hard. In this setting, your blocking skills will be put to
           the ultimate test.
     9. Q: I've finally managed to defeat Guan Ping before the Flood Event, but why is there
           no Special Item Report?
        A: First, allow me to rant on about the story of Guan Ping thinking he'll be home free
           once Xtreme Legends comes out. Wrong! He's the requirement for yet another Unique
           Weapon. Any way, make certain you are playing on Very Hard and on the Wu side of
           the map. There has been many people playing on the wrong side when getting their
           Unique weapons on this map.
    10. Q: Will the 2P trick still be viable for getting this Weapon?
        A: Yes, it still will be viable. However, keep in mind that under this Very Hard
           difficulty, even a fully maxed 2P can be knocked into next Tuesday if not playing
           carefully as the level of AI aggressiveness and their Attack/Defense attributes
           have been beefed up significantly.
    11. Q: Which stage is good for getting the Dim Sum (Life +10) and Musou Wine (Musou
        A: The Yellow Turban Rebillion Stage allows you to get 2 of each. But if you are
           looking for a short and convenient stage, you can try Guan Yu's Escape, it only
           has one of each, but it's all along the way you have to go and you don't have
           to go out of your way like you would on the Yellow Turbans. This is your choice
           actually. With the availability of Xtreme Legends, I now have a new recommendation
           for a short stage, instead of Guan Yu's Escape, try the Mountain Bandit Campaign,
           this is much shorter and the upgrades are all pretty easy to find.
    12. Q: Where is a good place to level up my SSX's Attack and Defense attributes?
        A: For this I recommend playing Siege of He Fei Castle on Wei side on at least
          Normal difficulty. Keep in mind this is the last stage for some characters so
          a certain difficulty factor will present no matter which difficulty you chose.
          But if you are confident enough with your current strength and have no problem
          fighting against Wu and yourself, then try this method out. If you survive the
          stage, you'll find your character's stats to be much improved after one run
    13. Q: What's this I hear about 2nd and 3rd Costumes?
        A: In Xtreme Legends, all characters have 2nd Costumes, which is basically pallete
           swaps of their original costumes. To get 2nd Costumes, just clear the Musou Mode
           with one character from each of the respecting kingdoms he/she belongs to and the
           2nd Costumes will be unlocked for that kingdom. For example, say if you haven't
           cleared Musou Mode with anyone and use SSX to clear Musou Mode. After that, the
           2nd Costumes for all Wu characters will be available. Some characters look much
           better with their new colors IMHO, while some others are just weird. To activate
           the 2nd Costumes, press R2 at the character selection screen to switch to the
           alternate colors. Two characters, Lu Bu and our lovely and talented Princess SSX
           have 3rd Costumes available. These aren't pallete switches, but they look totally
           different as these are their respective appearances in Dynasty Tactics. If you use
           3rd Costumes to clear Musou Mode again, the Ending Sequences will reflect the 3rd
           Costume, which is an interesting change.
    14. Q: So how do I unlock SSX's 3rd Costume?
        A: This could be the single longest task you have to complete in Xtreme Legends. I've
           only just got mine right before I made this update. Here are the requirements:
           1. All of your 41 characters' points have to be 99,999.
           2. All of your 41 characters' 1st - 5th weapons acquired.
           3. All of your equipable items acquired. Bodyguard items aren't necessary.
           4. Unclear whether SSX has to clear Musou Mode or not. Just go through it to be
           To get to this costume, at the character selection screen, press R2 to switch to
           your 2nd costume. Highlight your cursor on SSX and press either left or right. You
           will now have access to her 3rd costume.
    15. Q: Will her 3rd Costume still be available if I reset someone's points/stats back to
           default after unlocking it?
        A: Any resets prior to getting her Costume unlocked will only hinder your progress. But
           thankfully, once you've unlocked her 3rd Costume, it'll still be available even if
           you reset all 41 characters' points/stats back to default. But I can't imagine why
           you'd reset all 41 of them unless you just want to relive the task of leveling them
           up all over again. *Whew!*
    16. Q: When comparing her Costumes, which one do you like best and why?
        A: I actually like her default (1st Costume) the best since it showed a good variety
           of color mixture. I don't really like her 2nd Costume as it's "too" Green, if there
           is such a thing as that, but basically no color variety. If the graphic artists want
           to give her a "Shu" look, at least attempt to use more colors. Her 3rd Costume (i. e.
           her looks from Dynasty Tactics) made her face look a bit like Nu Wa, IMHO. The almost
           cold, emotion-less facial expressions is very similar. Also, I think this look made
           her look more mature and more elegant instead of the short haired tomboy-ish look.
           However, I prefer the original look as I like the cuter look better. In order of
           preference: 1st, 3rd, 2nd.
    X. Credits and Thanks
    I'd like to thank (but not limited to) the following people/organizations.
    1. KOEI, the publisher/maker of the popular ROTK and DW Series.
    2. Omega Force
    3. Peer pressure from friends who brought this game to my attention.
    4. Gamefaqs FAQs/Message Boards
    5. Xiahou Mao, HuangGai, and sweendog47 on the Gamefaqs Message Boards for officer
    Thus far, this document "should" only be found on:
    I am not all knowing, this means that I am not the best SSX user there is and will miss
    things or make mistakes about the information here. If you have any questions, concerns,
    or if you feel I should've covered something but didn't, please feel free to write me an
    e-mail about it. But as a suggestion, for general game play issues, please consult the
    vast amount of FAQs or the Message Boards that are already available for the game first
    before asking the questions. Chances are, a question you may have could've been asked or
    covered extensively by some other individuals or FAQs.
    Steven Liu / Shohoku79 / shohoku79@email.msn.com

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