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"After a long wait a crappy game is here."

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a FPS for the xbox and other systems but this is focused on the xbox. This game is centered in the 1990's is some foreign conflict. The game feature common FPS gameplay you run and shot thats it. The game does have online play but will get to that later. This game is not the worst game out there its just one of the worst games I played.

Lets start with the graphics they are dated. The games character graphics are so bad every terrorist looks alike to me and U.S. solders look the same, I guess thats what they mean by an army of one ( Stupid joke I know). The guns are also bad the looks of the gun just seem to be worst than counter-strike. The area is nice it's pretty big, but they are not that detailed in the desert I understand that there is not alot to see in the deasert and all but still. The vehicles looks are ok but they could have made the multiplayer ones destructible. When the gun hits the ground I expected to see a stream of sand come out of the ground they did poorly on that too.

Now the sound ( dont worry this will not be long) are ok the guns all have there own sound effect. When an enemy dies they all make the same dying grown. The area sounds with the helicopter are good.

Now to the game play.................sad. This game is another tedious FPS but really what do you expect. The game you shoot bad guys and shoot more bad guys you do have to get documents sometimes which gets you away from the shooting which helps keep the tedious game play away. One of the worst things is that you have a limited amount of saves you can us and if you die and you were far in the level and didn't save your screwed. You can get on vehicles but only to shoot a gun( which is different that Halo 2) because you want to drive this truck or jeep because the driver is so freak'n slow. You can fly in a helicopter to shoot a minigun or use the gun in your inventory ( which include rifles with/without grenade launchers, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, shot guns, SMGs, machine guns,and explosive mines and grenades), Offline you can play spiltscreen and system link and I must say the multiplayer in this game is good you shoot other players and well shoot other players but still you can pick what class you want and change your weapon at an inventory ammo dump. Online you can hold up to 50 people which is very iimpressive. You can mount vehicles for weapons (including helicopters) but an rocket will take care of that.

Over all this game is ok but nothing more than that. If your looking for a good FPS modern combat shooter for he xbox get close combat if there out try this especially if you have online.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/01/05

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