Review by ChicanoMan

Reviewed: 08/12/05

A PC hit now on Xbox

On Oct. 3, 1993 Task Force Ranger and Delta Force were sent to capture some Aidid's second man hands at a hotel in Mogadishu Somalia. On this mission two black hawk helicopters were shot down, giving the name of the mission Black Hawk Down.

In Delta Force Black Hawk Down you play as a Delta Force operator going on missions before and after Black Down. This game is really cool. The controls are very easy to learn and theres basic training to show what types of things you could be doing on a mission. Also this game has one of the biggest weapon selection I have seen. This game I would say is easy and hard. You could be just walking then theres an ambush. This game is really fun to play because of all the different kinds of objective you get to do in a mission, like first protecting a truck then getting on a helicopter to blow a enemy convoy.

The story of Delta Force Black Hawk Down takes you as a Delta Force operator in the U.N and US involvement in Somalia from 1992 to 1995. As a Delta Force operator it is your job to keep your men alive and to kill, destroy, or capture anyone that is harming the people of Somalia and US effort to make peace in Somalia.

For the Xbox the the graphics look like PC graphics which are very good but not mind blowing. I think they don't put the Xbox's graphic engine to the limit, but its a different story with the sound. The sound in this game is really good, it sounds real. When you shoot a 50. cal it sound real, when you shoot a M-16 it sounds real, it just sound real.

Delta Force is a long game if you play by doing all the objectives, being careful, and protecting your guys and people. The game can be short if you just speed through the levels and are not caring. The game does have good replayability because on every level when you beat it will give you a mission score which you can see if you do better.

My final recommendation for Delta Force Black Hawk Down is that you should go out and buy it. This is one of the best modern warfare first-person shooter for the Xbox. It gets a nine out of ten.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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