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"The Game Should Never Be Rescued."

It is hard to create a war game that isn't based on the over-used wars. We got World War II, the Gulf War, the Korean War, hell, even the Civil War. All those wars made into games.

Which made Delta Force: Black Hawk Down come as a surprise, seeing how it bases itself on the Black Hawk disaster. Even though some of the money made from this game goes to some sort of charity, I can't help but feel confused.

The instruction manual that comes with the game tells us all we need to know about the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Somalia, and tells us everything about Somalia (which most of you probably didn't know existed). The introduction to the game has a video that tells us the same thing in the manual, so most of you probably won't read the booklet.

Believe it or not, this game is an arcade game. There is hardly any tactical strategy and realism involved in the game. All you do is point-and-shoot.

Plus, it's awkward how the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions were made by two completely different developers! Each version has some exclusive content, but that doesn't make them good.

The single-player game has you running around sixteen levels, basically killing anything that moves. You do have some soldiers fighting along side you, but all they do is shoot and don't hit anything. You practically use them as dogs to find the enemy. Only the last four missions actually retell the Black Hawk rescue missions, but still those missions rely on you to point and shoot.

It's weird how the Habr Gedir are such weak enemies, seeing how they go down in one hit. But more strange is that the civilians take about 5 to 10 bullets before going down...

The enemy A.I. is incredibly weak. When you walk onto the city streets, enemies run at you blindly, practically letting you shoot them in the face. Enemies that are in high buildings don't even seem to see you, even if you're blasting your rifle at an enemy two feet from their position.

There are only two challenges in the game. The first one is being overwhelmed by Habr Gedir militia, which mysteriously appear in the desert. The other is being blown up by a rocket when you're driving around in an armoured vehicle. It's kind of odd how you don't get to drive the vehicle, but only get to mount the machine gun at the back. You travel a lot in those vehicles, so they get awfully dull.

The control scheme is convoluted on both systems. It's awkward how choosing weapons and throwing grenades are so difficult on the Xbox...

I'm not sure what the PlayStation 2 version (buggy online is it) has, but the Xbox version features the exclusive Sniper Rifle (!) and more robust and not as buggy online play.

The online in the game is so much better than the offline play, and you could ge this game only for it. The Xbox allows up to 50 players on one server at a time, and any server that has more than 30 players is simply crazy and fun as hell!

The online play offers the three standard modes: deathmatch, capture the flag, and king of the hill. All modes are fun, but the online environments are still bland as ever. Also, when you get into a vehicle online, it drives around by itself as you man the aforementioned gun.

The sound in the game is always out of place. Either it be arcade rock or some sort of atmospheric music, it is always out of place. The voice work is pretty much all the standard war one-liners.

Much to the dismay of many, the graphics in the game are all ported from a two-year PC game. The environments are all bland and tasteless, and the animations are terrible. You shoot a bad guy, he crumples into a heap. No other variety of death animations.

The game is the basic first-person shooter you see in many of today's games, but seeing how it is a port of a old PC game, it doesn't live up to what I was expecting. Except the online multiplayer, this game is attractive like a live grenade.

+Great Multiplayer Battles
+Variety of Weapons
-Old Gameplay
-Odd Control Scheme
-Bland Story, Graphics, and Sound
-Idiotic A.I.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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