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"The most underrated game of the year."

I was a fan of the Delta Force series from the beginning. I remember how awesome the first one was. It didn't have the 3d Acceleration that was becoming standard at a time, which was a good thing anyway because there were a lot of games that the computer we had at home didn't support it. I have since moved mostly to console games because keeping a computer up to date is ridiculously expensive. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down was the first installment of the DF series that I did not buy – until now.

One of the complaints I have seen is that the enemies have poor AI. They're supposed to have poor AI. They're a bunch of crazy militiamen. Their advantage is in their numbers. This is true in the game as it was in real life. I always enjoyed playing games where you have to fight a horde of enemies as opposed to a few well skilled or well armored ones. The game actually looked a lot like the movie of the same name (minus the Delta Force). It was a trashed third word city with terrorists running around with AK-47's. One thing that isn't realistic is that if you run out of ammo, you can't pick up an AK and use it (if I remember right, you couldn't do that in any of the previous DF games either). Instead you have to replenish your supply of ammo, along with medkits to restore your health.

The storyline of the single player campaign starts out much earlier than the incident that inspired the name of the story took place. There are many missions that take place out in the desert before the game ends with the urban combat in Mogadishu. One even involves crocodiles (bring a shotgun or a 45). There's also a bonus mission at the end where you are tasked with assassinating Adid.

Even some of the mediocre reviews I saw at least praised the multiplayer. The game has a split screen co-op, system link, and Xbox live. It was designed for huge online games with 50 players, and supported dedicated servers. The problem is that I can't connect to any of the dedicated games. I have heard is sometimes has to do with location. I'm from Ohio and I can't even connect to the US East servers. There are some other user hosted games that are often just as large but there is some lag, and as fun as 50 player games are, it will get a little choppy.

I guess now would be the time to address the biggest complaint I have seen about the game. Imagine that Rareware decided to port Goldeneye 007 (N64) to the Xbox. This would be awesome, although it probably wouldn't happen. This game is eight years old. DF :BHD is only two years old. I have seen numerous reviews where critics complain about the old graphics of BHD. So what? As the original Delta Force showed with it's lack of 3d acceleration, there's more to a game than graphics.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/28/05

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