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"It's just not worth it"

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down was released on July 26, 2005, as a first-person shooter, named after the movie called "Black Hawk Down". It's a ridiculous example of modern gameplay, as I can expect a game such as this to be made for the first Playstation console, such as the early Medal of Honor; Frontline.

This game is based on the historical time when the U.S. Army was stuck in Somalia during its civil war. I can suppose that the game pictured the story correctly, as the missions progress in an organized manner. I will not rate the story, as it is part of actual history.

Graphics: 4/10
The graphics are ludicrous. Although the single player campaign is still easy on the eyes, the multiplayer split-screen version is unbearable. In fact, if it wasn't for the automatic locking-on system, it would be difficult to recgonize your enemies in the crappy environments. This game's graphics are damaging to the reputation of the powerful Xbox console.

Sound: 10/10
One thing I like about this game is the sound. The guns sound very realistic and loud, and you can feel their power when you shoot them. Explosions, gunfire, turrets, you name it - they are all absolutely stunning.

Music: 3/10
To tell you the truth, there were times when I turned off the music because it was so painful to hear it. Sometimes the music is okay, but other times the music just does not match the war-like atmosphere.

The theme in the main screen itself is incredibly annoying. Take Halo's theme, make it ten times worse, and you get this.

Controls: 8/10
The controls are actually quite smooth and interesting to use in this game. You can move as you please, and the crouching/lying effects are a great way to escape gunfire from enemies. Leaning is also a welcomed feature in this type of tactical shooter. The auto-locking system is a great help in identifying your enemies from a group of Somalians.

I've experienced myself getting fired several times, but not being able to run because I was crouched and couldn't stand and run. There should be a quick-cancelling method to allow you to run, especially since it takes only a few shots to die. Also, jumping serves basically no purpose in this game since you hardly even lift your feet off the ground.

Gameplay: 2/10
I will say this clearly: this game is simply not fun to play... either it's the campaign missions or the co-operative missions - it's a wreck. First of all, they should given your enemies a unique type of costume so that you can identify them, instead of having the auto-locking feature identify them for you. Second, the health system is incredibly stupid. You see a little icon of yourself, which turns yellow when you are damaged, then red, and then you die. It makes you die rather easily. Granted, this is supposed to be realistic, but they should have made a type of bar-health system instead of showing an image of you.

The AI system is incredibly weak. There are times when your own soldiers don't even know who's shooting them when the enemies are standing right behind them. The enemies themself aren't very smart - it's the vast number of them that will get you killed. It's a rather stupid way to think that you're not killing people, but little bugs that are so large in number. It's not like that in real life.

Your inventory is not very easy to use. You will not find yourself using grenades too often, as it is a hassle to take them out and throw them - and usually by that time your enemy has stopped hiding and is shooting you already. The explosion is quite miniature anyway.

Multiplayer: 7/10
The Xbox Live on this game is decent, but not very impressive.
An impressive feature is that it supports 50 people per game, and you will be hearing a lot of gunfire for this reason in some of the big maps. However, it's difficult enough to find a game as you can't find a good connection.

The armory system was a good idea in my opinion. You start with an ordinary gun, and you can change it once you find one of the several armories inside the map.

There are 4 different types of players on Xbox Live: Gunner, Technician, Sniper, and Medic. Snipers and Gunners are probably the most popular types of players that you will find. Although this variety system sounds like a good idea, it's really quite stupid that when you're a sniper, you will be gunned down easily during short range combat, and when you're a gunner, you will run around the map for a long time without finding anyone, and eventually get sniped... then respawn. It really lacks balance.

In my opinion, the auto-locking feature should be removed because it involves no skill whatsoever to kill someone... basically the first one to fire will almost always kill the other, depending on the gun he's using.

Replay Value: 1/10
I do not see myself playing the single-player missions ever again. I do not ever consider playing this game again anyway. I doubt you will play the campaign once you beat it... that is, if you do beat it. The multiplayer is all there is for this game.

Buy or Rent?
My friend was convincing me to buy this game, but I'm glad I never did. I rented it a few months after he stopped bugging me. I'm glad I rented it - it's a waste of a game... and to think that it came this year! Even if you are a first person shooter fan, like me, I highly suggest that you rent this game and not buy it... it's not worth buying.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/18/05

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