Review by shAdo_1253

"Black hawk down should stay down"

This game was made after the movie called black hawk down.

Graphics: /10

The graphics, I played it on the x-box and it looked like it was being played on the ps2 im not saying that ps2 has bad graphics just not as good graphics as the x-box. You wouldn't find any cut-scenes in this game except for the flying in.

Sound: /10

The sound sounds like the guns in the real life, loud. Music can barely be hear but when you do hear it, it sounds rockish but rock goes in with the army.

Controls: /10

The controls are good but a little slow to turn. You can lean around counters to see if any enemies are around the corner to not get shot and prone can be escaping the shot fires too.
When you get to a position you have to be staying that way until you change it so if you go to crouch when you move you say crouched. this game added jump but you will only jump a couple of times.

Game play: /10

The game play was fun for me when I was on co-op missions but it is short some of the missions are hard and some of the missions are to easy to be called missions should call them training. I played single player and I found no fun in it. All enemies have the same kind of clothing so you can tell your team from your enemies. You don't need to aim because it aims for you. The health bar sucks, I would say its more worst than socom's health you get hit probably about three times and your dead. The AI sucks too because you can just walk right in front of them and they wouldn't see you. I've only found my self using just grenades when I was really in danger and just used my primary weapon.

Story: /10

The story is based on a real life event that happened in Somalia so it's a historical game.

Weapons: /10

Since you will be only playing co-op and the only weapon you get will be the m4 I would have to say that they need more selective weapons in co-op. if you play against your friend, dad, uncle, person across the street, who ever. Then you get to pick your inventory but there are very little weapons to choose from.

Replay value: /10

There is little replay value only reason you would be playing it over again is if you want to play it for fun for about 2 hours.

Rent it or buy it?

I would only rent it if I was you because if you have a friend staying the night rent this game and another game because after you beat all 7 co-op missions than all 5 arenas you'll get bored of this game.

Pros: um…multiplayer I guess is the only pro in this game.

Cons: bad AI
Boring single player

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/30/05

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