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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wood Elf

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    Beyond Good and Evil
    Version 1.01
    Copyright 2003 Wood Elf
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    1.00 Walkthrough
         1.01 Head to Mammago Garage
         1.02 Black Isle
         1.03 IRIS
         1.04 The Factory
         1.05 After the Elevator
         1.06 Slaughter House
         1.07 Second Picture
         1.08 Third Picture
         1.09 Search for Pearls
         1.10 The Moon
    2.00 Story
    3.00 Pearls
    4.00 Animals
    5.00 Items
    6.00 Enemies
    7.00 MDisks
    8.00 PA1s
    9.00 Mecha-Impulsers
    10.00 Hints and Tips
    11.00 Versions
    12.00 Credits and Thanks
    13.00 FAQs
    1.00 Walkthrough
    Once you start, you see a cut-scene where the DomZ are attacking. You try to
    put the energy shield up, but you haven’t paid your bills. You yell at the kids
    to run inside, but some of the DomZ grab them. Now you fight.
    Then you move forward after the battle and look down. The kids try to warn you
    about some tentacles trying to grab you but it is too late. Under is a huge
    DomZ. Jade gets a weird vision for a few moments and looks like she is about to
    pass out. But your uncle (Pey’J) comes down and starts to become a decoy.
    Use your Charged attack to free from the tentacle cage. Then run up to the
    DomZ. Then his tentacle cage goes up, and use the Charged attack to take it
    down. Just keep whacking the eye until its dead. You will get a pearl (first of
    many). The Alpha Section will come AFTER you defeat them.
    Once you go up, a reporter is there talking about how good they are. But then
    Pey’J comes in and complains about them. Then the "great" alpha section will
    leave and Jade will pass out.
    You wake up with all the orphan kids around you (along with the dog). Then the
    guy in your S.A.C. will come out (God I hate that guy) and tell you about a job
    to take pictures of animals for the animal institute. Grab your camera from the
    barrel and take a picture of an Adalia Octopunctata (the beetle looking thing
    next to the camera). You'll get 150 credits for it.
    Now run outside and take a picture of the Vorax Nocturnus (the blue flying
    thing outside) and you will have enough to get your energy shield back up. Then
    take a picture of a Priodontes Campestris, the armadillo like creature in the
    grass. Then head inside and take a picture of a Homo Sapiens (human).
    While on the ground floor, take the Starkos on the counter. Then grab the
    Starkos inside the fridge. Hit the stove and pick up some Starkos there. At the
    end, you should have 7 Starkos. Then look for the Capra Sapiens and take a
    picture of them (goat-like kid).
    Kick a barrel in the kitchen to make a fly come out and take its picture.
    On the second stairs, take a picture of the dog creature. Head into your room
    and get another Starkos. Go inside the bathroom and grab the SA1 to increase
    your health by 1. Now try to grab the K-bups from the dog. Hold spacebar to run
    and do a jump-roll to grab the dog.
    Now head to the area where all the seagulls are flying around. In the top left
    corner is the best place to take a picture of them. Then go into the cave where
    Pey’J is. Take a picture of Pey’J and you will get a zoom for your camera and a
    new roll of film.
    Grab the MDisk and use it in the decoder. You will get a mission from a mystery
    man on Black Isle. Now go back into the lighthouse and go to the very top
    floor. Up there is a place where the rail is missing. Go out there and wait for
    the otter and take a picture of him with the newly received zoom.
    1.01 Head to Mammago Garage
    Now head back down the lighthouse to your hover boat room. In there, grab the
    booster and the POD. Then take a picture of the fish inside the water. Now you
    need to push the electrical block thing. Pey’J will help you. Hit E and drive
    to the Mammago Garage.
    The hovercraft will stop in the middle. But the Mammago Garage will get a tow
    truck for you and start carrying you to their place. Run into the door near the
    MDisk decoder. Inside use buy the Jet Engine for 1 pearl.
    In the same room buy a Mecha-Impulser. In the room with the space engine, buy
    another and then leave. Before you leave, take a picture of one of the Rhinos.
    Once out, the DomZ will attack. Now you have to attack a huge hovering monster.
    But before you kill him, take a picture of him for a huge 2000 credits.
    It’s easy to take down this mini-boss. You just need to use your Speed Booster
    that you just bought and keep firing weapon at him. After he dies, grab his
    1.02 Black Isle
    Now take a picture of the school of fish then head into town and directly to
    the other end to exit the town.
    Now just follow your compass to get to Black Isle. Inside the person who hired
    you wants a picture of a male and female animal. Take the left and order Pey’J
    to get onto the wooden platform to open the door. In the next room take a
    picture of the fly.
    Now Pey’J will tell you about his fart powered boots. After the talk, go on the
    button that is pushed down and order him to use his boots. You will jet up on
    the top. Once up, look for the wheel in between 2 poles. Use it so Pey’J can
    come up. One the path, take a picture of the map.
    Keep moving and take a picture of that plant-like thing. Make Pey’J use his
    boots so the explosive part of the plant goes up. Hit it on the explosives.
    Take the right path first and grab the items, then go the other way. Take a
    picture of the plant. Keep hitting it until it goes away. It will drop some
    crystals, each one gives you 5 credits.
    Talk to Pey’J about the grate, and then head to the right of it. Move the cart
    closer to the bridge thing. Then use the Super Action so the plant flies into
    the air. Then hit the explosives. Also hit the giant crystals to get a few more
    You will see a weird looking creature, sort of like the blue creature that you
    first took a picture of. Take a picture, and then finish him off. Push the coal
    cart, and then use the wheel between the poles.
    Jump into the next area. Inside the next area take a picture of the jellyfish.
    Then take a picture of the creatures on the wall. Finally, take a picture of
    the shell- like thing. Then make Pey’J keep using the jet boots and hit the
    shell creatures off. Once all of the enemies are gone, continue. Kick ALL the
    lockers open to get items and for Pey’J to find his weapon (it can be used to
    open fences to).
    Ask Pey’J to cut the door open and move through there. Take a picture of the
    giant green blob creature and then jump onto it. Look at the shell, once in a
    while a creature will come out. Take its picture then move on. Head back to the
    map and jump up onto some higher level of ground.
    Now, forget the enemies in this area and run back to the first fence and cut
    it. Buy the PA1 in the vender right after the fence. Go against the wall and
    across the pit. Keep moving near the explosive plant. Pass it and push the cart
    closer to the explosive plant. You know what to do.
    Pey’J will start to cross but some creatures attack him, time to save your
    uncle. After you save him, he will thank you. Use the explosive plant to hit
    the crystals to get a few more credits. Do the same thing when Pey’J first
    tells you about his boots.
    Jump down and push the switch, kick the power box (marked with lighting
    picture), and take a picture of the creature on the ceiling. To open the door,
    make Pey’J open the fence. As soon as you get in, take your camera out, zoom in
    and take a picture of a floating creature. If you miss it, you can take a
    picture in a few minutes. Jade accidentally steps onto a hive and some
    creatures start attacking you. Take their picture.
    To kill them, make Pey’J hit them off the cliff, or keep hitting them until
    your hits push them off the cliff. Once you kill them all, move the wheel
    between the poles. Climb up on the platform and keep moving through the path.
    Keep hitting the enemies.
    At the end, there is an enemy. Keep hitting it and then order Pey’J to use his
    boots. Keep moving and look for the creatures. Take a picture of them. It
    happens that the "creatures" were just eyes to a giant creature. Take its
    picture. Once the creature is sitting in a hole, use Pey’J to stun the creature
    and then bash on him.
    The creature will fly into the air when some jellyfish come out. Kill them or
    the creature won’t come down. The next creatures are those flying creatures
    that you saved Pey’J from. There will be no more creatures but he will fly and
    shoot some green stuff at you. Just keep moving and you shouldn't get hit.
    1.03 IRIS
    The guy who hired you reveals that he works for Iris, the rebel organization.
    This whole thing was just a test to see if you were good enough to join. That
    sums up about 2 minutes of talking. You get 3000 Credits for completing your
    job. Before you leave, head to the water fall area. Jump up in the pipe and
    take a picture of the creature in the area. Also make Pey’J cut the fence and
    fall down to reach a PA1. Head into your hover boat and head to the city.
    Take a right once you enter the city. It's the hovercraft races, and you can
    get 2 thousand credits (I believe) and 2 pearls. Now head out of the race area
    and go straight after you go out the exit to the public district. Take a
    picture of the guy who sells the subscriptions to the papers.
    To the right of him, go down the stairs and head to an outside market. Buy the
    Pearl and PA1 from that stand. Head back to the Akuda bar. Take a picture of
    the Cow bartender and the person whose playing the table game. Another walrus
    like humanoid is at a table with a human, he has a ticket stab.
    It reads... S7M4, the key to door 2, type it in and grab the items along with
    the pearl. Talk to the guy at the card table, tell him "Hi Peepers". If you win
    the game, you will get the secret code for the Iris room. Then tell him the
    secret code. It's the right cup with the ticket in it.
    Walk to the closet and use it to go into the Iris base.
    They keep talking about a mission you can accept. Find that the Alpha Section
    is kidnapping the people, expose them. The last person who tried this lost
    contact for a few days ago. The last picture taken was of a reaper (a powerful
    creature). You decide to take it and you get a city pass to get into certain
    parts of the city. Before you leave the base, take a picture of the cat person
    and take the MDisk.
    1.04 The Factory
    Now, go back to the outside market thing. Go past the guards and go into
    Ming-Tzu's shop. Take a picture of the fish in the tank and take it to
    Ming-Tzu. After the credit check, head to the items. If you did everything I
    said in my walkthrough, you should have enough to buy ALL the items. Now, head
    out back to your hovership and head to Mammago Garage. Head toward the factory.
    Once inside the Factory, take a picture of the red sphere, and the governor
    will decode it...
    Make Pey’J open cut the fence, then kick it so you can get through. Take a
    picture of the black rat. Jump over the red lasers on the right. Now just duck
    and jump over the next few. Then hit the switch on the left after you get to
    the end of the lasers, Pey’J will start to come.
    Now push the box into the electric gate, jump on the box and to the next area.
    You will find Reaper tracks. Tell Pey’J to try to fix the machine, but he says
    it needs electricity and a fuse. Now go down to the laboratory. Pass the
    Service elevator and go straight down for now.
    Move the containers, one on the left of the electric field, and one on the
    right. Inside you see reaper tracks and a half-eaten cow. On the cow’s nose,
    there is a mosquito-like creature. Take its picture. Also at the end, hit the
    switch and grab the pearl.
    Now go back up and hit the button to the service elevator. A lot of weird
    spider-like creatures come out (They are mechanical, so you cannot take their
    picture). Go inside the elevator and order Pey’J to push the button. Keep
    moving until you reach an electrical barrier.
    A camera will appear. Keep hitting until the laser turret disables, then knock
    it into the electrical barrier and it will destroy it. Move into the next room.
    You will see Double H (the last person to attempt this mission) being tortured.
    Take his picture.
    Then take the picture of the code sphere, the governor will send you the
    Inside, take the Gyrodisk Launcher. Hit shift for camera mode and right click
    to shoot a Gyrodisk. Kill the alien above Double H. Order him to action, he
    will destroy the grate, and that is your way out. But before you leave, grab
    the pearl. Double H will fall but don’t worry about him. You will meet him soon.
    Once you go back to the elevator room, the Reaper is there. Pey’J will try to
    use his jet boots on him but the reaper just grabs him. Take a picture first,
    and then whack him a few times. The reaper will jump up.
    Then, shoot a Gyrodisk into his eye. The Reaper will jump in the air. Use run
    and you should be able to dodge him.
    Shoot him in the eye and start running toward him and just keep bashing him.
    Keep hitting him until he comes down and the camera goes weird. He should be
    barely balancing. Do him a favor then and knock him down. His pearl will be in
    the water. Don’t worry, you will get it at the end of the factory.
    Now head to the electrical room. You need to continue through the room until
    you get into a room with a door that is not functional. Inside, there is a fan
    that you need to use the Gyrodisk to move the fan to the other side so the
    electrical power is working for the door.
    You will see a switch that needs a triangle key to operate. Behind the giant
    generator is a robot holding the key you need. Just keep hitting it until the
    robot dies. The robot is immune to attacks while it’s glowing, just a heads up.
    Keep hitting the robot into the electrical gate. Beyond the door in the
    electrical gates, there is a PA1.
    Once you head toward the triangle switch, more of those robots come. Use the
    jet boots to make them fly into the air and make them hit into each other. For
    the final one, just keep hitting it until it dies.
    After they all die, hit the switch and go around to the back and grab the fuse.
    Then grab the fuse in the front.
    Head back up and put the fuse in. Then hit the giant electrical wire above. 
    Hit one of the wires and the elevator will be powered also, time to go up!
    1.05 After the Elevator
    Once up, Pey’J gives you an MDisk. Walk to the door and order Pey’J to open the
    door. You also have to hit the button about the same time. DomZ will attack
    once you get to the other side. Take a picture of them and then beat the life
    out of them. Climb up the platforms on the right. Up there, destroy the grate
    and continue through.
    Go in the middle of the suspending platform. Look to where the boxes are going.
    A giant screen shows what’s inside the boxes. Take a picture of what is inside
    (*Suspenseful Music*). Keep moving forward and fall down on the pipe where the
    white-rat is. Take a picture of the map, then crawl up to the rat and take a
    picture of it. Now head back to the place where Pey’J is.
    You will see some Alpha section guards beating up Pey’J.  They take him away
    and you couldn’t stop them!
    Move the box all the way to the door where Pey’J was being taken away, and one
    to the left. Stand on the box and shoot the switch with the Gyrodisk. Next to
    the lasers is a grate, kick it to continue.
    Once you get up, you will talk to Double H. Continue past 2 guards. It’s
    impossible for them to see you.
    Just keep rolling by all the rats in the next area and you will be fine. Jump
    out of the pipe and wall-slide across the gap. Slowly move toward the left
    guard. You can walk right past him into the next door.
    In the next area, walk down the hallway. One of the guys will be standing
    still, and the other will be patrolling back and forth. One of the guards will
    see you if you move toward the door, so wait for him to turn around before you
    go. In the next area, there is a guard sitting around the corner. Wait for him
    to turn around and kick him in the back. They can’t do anything if their air
    tank is not working. Hit them again to kill them.
    In the next area there is a furnace-like thing. You need to hit switches so
    Double H can get across. Order Double H to disable the lasers. Hit the switch
    after the lasers. Keep moving and before you go around the corner, jump onto
    the platform nearby. Go to another level and across the metal beams. Then jump
    down and kill the guard. Keep moving.
    Crouch and move forward. There is a rotating guard. Kick him in the back twice
    then run away. Go back after the alert goes down and kill the guard. Behind
    where the second guard was, there is a box which holds a PA1 and some other
    items. At the next area, you need to hide behind the boxes so you don't get
    Keep going forward and take a right once you see a lot of boxes. There’s A LOT
    of rats in the area. Take a right and open the cabinet thing. You need to put a
    Starkos in the cabinet and some bugs will come to take it. Take their picture.
    Exit that room and go right. Climb up the boxes and exit the closet. In this
    area, you need to hit the switch and walk around the left side and go through
    the door.
    In the next area take a picture of the new creatures on the ground. Open the
    cabinet thing and take Pey’J's jet boots. Hit the MDisk Decoder to get an MDisk
    to learn about certain weaknesses of enemies.
    Keep moving and 2 surveillance cameras will come, one for each electrical gate.
    Take the first electrical gate door into the computer room. Take the MDisk
    Head to the other electrical gate. Jump over the blue electrical lasers. Hit
    the button after the blue lasers, roll under the red laser and jump over the
    second to get in the door before it closes. In the next area, there is a guard
    so be sure to crouch. Keep jumping up the platforms until you reach the level
    where the guard is. Kill the guard and head up the anti-gravity lift. Up there,
    hide to the right. Take the guards out. It’s best to lure one near you. Then
    when he is heading back kick him, repeat.
    In the next room you need to kill the guard in front of you. After that, grab
    onto the box where he was standing to get to the next area. Jump over the Blue
    lasers in the next room then crouch under the electric field. Near an MDisk
    reader, wall-slide across the gap. Once on the other side, hit the switch with
    a Gyrodisk. A platform will come to you. Hit the switch again to go across. Go
    in the small crawl space to the next area.
    Once you’re in the next room, go to the right side of the box where there is an
    open gap. Get near the edge and once the guard turns to the left, hit his air
    tank and then finish him off. In the next area, the blue lasers move up and
    down, so be careful. Double H will talk to you about the Alpha section people
    and how they are now controlled by the DomZ. Take a picture of the guard
    without his helmet on. Go to the left.
    Try to lure a guard and chuck a Gyrodisk on the air tank. Then hit the guard
    with your combat stick. Do the same thing again with the other guard. In the
    next room there is a single guard, chuck a Gyrodisk at his air tank then give
    him a good kick. In the next room there are 2 guards. One keeps moving and the
    other stands still and turns around. Take the second one out first, and then
    the first should be no problem. Take the square keycard from the table.
    Enter the new room and, you’re in a place where you were a while ago. But now
    you can open a door. Go to the next level and flip the switch. There is a code
    sphere you need to take a picture of. Then type the code in to open the door.
    In the next room, look around with your camera, a cut-scene will happen. You
    will see a guard and Pey’J in a container. A guard will say they have taken
    care of all the intruders to a DomZ. He sees Jade, the DomZ absorbs the guard
    and spits him out near you. You go into a weird trance thing but shake out of
    it. The creature takes nearby machinery and now becomes a boss fight.
    You can’t do anything until Double H comes. Both of you need to hit a leg at
    the same time. Then run to the front or back and use the Gyrodisk to shoot the
    DomZ that is around the pearl. After 4 or 5 hits you win. Once you defeat the
    DomZ, the electrical barrier gets destroyed. Grab the pearl. Go through the
    electrical field and grab the PA1.
    Take the elevator out. Now you just need to walk all the way out. Once you get
    near your hovercraft, take out the iron bars. Inside, place your second fuse.
    It will open a door that leads to the Reaper pearl. On the way out, Double H is
    running out of oxygen. He’s running on auxiliary and needs to get help from the
    Iris base. Only 6 minutes! Get the pearl and head to the base. You should have
    plenty of time.
    Don't worry, once you get to Iris, he lives. They inject him with some medicine
    and a DomZ thing on his neck disappears. While that is happening, you have
    another vision. A door will open after the cut-scene.
    Its pearls are donated by people who believe in your cause (On the way, you
    should have noticed a few protestors). Take the pearls and go buy a Jump Kit.
    Also, Ming-Tzu and the outside merchant now are selling another pearl each.
    Second note: There is a whale creature over the red fenced area, it’s a 2000
    credit creature.
    1.06 Slaughter House
    Now, to get into the slaughter house, go to the objective point on the map. It
    leads into the race track, go into the third race. You can choose to race first
    or not. I personally just forgot it.
    Near the middle of the race, there is booster. To the left of it there is a
    passageway blocked by some lasers. Jump over it. Inside there, you will have to
    dodge a huge mechanical spider looking thing. Also the bridge is a fourth or
    more gone, so you will have to do a lot of jumping.
    At the end, you need to fall down into the water. Don’t go into the light of
    the floating machine. In the water where the floating machine is, there is an
    eel like creature. Take its picture. From where you fell down from, go to the
    left. You will see some machines that just sit in position with a red laser
    around them.
    To take those down (or you will not be able to continue), go into the light of
    the big floating machine. Run toward one of those machines, because a torpedo
    will be following you. Don’t worry about aiming much, it will automatically go
    toward the machines.
    After the third one is destroyed, you don't have to go back. Continue where the
    last one was, but right around the corner there is a mine, so watch out. After
    the mines, dock onto the platform nearby. Walk up to an area in between 2
    doors. Inside some DomZ will attack you, it should be easy to finish them. Now,
    go between the 2 nearly closed doors and push. Double H will come to help out.
    Once the doors are open, head back to your hovercraft. Use your jump kit on the
    rocks to climb up. Once up, go through the doors to the other side. It may be a
    little too hard to get through the first door. In the next area, there will be
    a lot of turrets and a lot of boxes. You can play it safe with the boxes, but
    it's a lot easier just to zoom right through.
    In the next area, there is a giant fan that will push you. Don’t fight the
    currents. Just keep moving forward, destroying the mines and then climb up the
    ramp on the right at the end. Up on top, there will be fans trying to push you
    off, go across with an angle so you don't fall off.
    Then in the next area there will be mines in the water and 2 fans. You have to
    get in a small opening. It should only take a few tries to get in. Fall down
    the pipe and kill off the mines before you head forward again. After that, fall
    down again. In this area, go straight.
    You will be in the 4th race, run into the fence to open access to this area.
    Now head back and take a left. There will be 3 choices of doors in the area,
    take the middle one that is leading up. Push the box off the edge. Now push the
    boxes into the machines that you used torpedoes to kill earlier.
    In the new area, dock onto the platform and take a picture of the frog like
    thing on the platform. Then to the left, there is a weird looking creature, it
    sort of looks like a stingray.
    Now go to the land that is furthest away from the gate. Turn around and you
    will see a switch, use your Gyrodisk. Now go into the surveillance room. Dock
    and climb up to the high level. In the higher level, there will be a flying
    machine. To take it out, hit the 2 air tanks on it with a Gyrodisk.
    If you haven’t got the creature under the lasers, take a picture of it now. Go
    across the room and hit the switch. The gate will go up, now quickly go across
    to the other side. Go in the very edge of the fence at the end, fall down and
    get back into your hovercraft. Quickly drive to the other side. If you don’t
    make it, try it again until you get to the other side.
    Dock, and jump up to on the next platform. Once you get up, order Double H to
    destroy the lasers turret things. Then start to climb up the pipes to the right
    of the door where the flying machine first was. One you climb onto the gate,
    order Double H to hit the gate switch. Now jump onto the higher level of pipe,
    then into the circle opening. Once inside the new area, hit the surveillance
    camera into the electrical field.
    Now head to the door. Open the cabinet thing and grab a set of PODs and a
    Mecha-Impulser. Jump up on the platform to the right. Exit the door at the end
    after you fall off the platform. Make Double H come with you to the room where
    you just were. Push the box into place so you can get to the platform from this
    side. Continue moving past the electrical barrier. Order Double H to destroy
    the metal bars and head through to the new area.
    In the next area there will be a guard. It’s easy to take a single guard down
    when you have an ally. Hit the door with the switch and enter the elevator and
    take a ride. In the next room, make Double H hit the button with a machine that
    says 35 on it. A creature will jump, take its picture.
    In the next area, 3 robots will come out. Shoot them into the electrical
    barriers. Pick up the second triangle key from the last killed robot. From the
    entrance you came in, go in the right electrical barrier for a pearl. If you
    didn't get the all the electrical barriers, hit the square switch on the wall.
    Now that you have 2 triangle keys, give one to Double H. Order Double H to push
    the switch, hit it at the same time he does to open the door. Keep going
    forward. There will be red and blue lasers completely blocking the room. But
    Double H has army armor so lasers don’t affect him. Order him to push the
    button at the end. Around the next corner you have to do the same thing. Around
    the next corner you have to do the same thing one final time.
    There will be 2 guards waiting for you, but their backs are turned. Order
    Double H to charge into the first guard's air tank while you kick the other
    one. Then kick the lockers open and grab the items. Look out of the window to
    the area far across. Wait for a person to float through the tube and take its
    picture. When you get the picture, run back to your hovercraft.
    1.07 Second Picture
    Once back in the hovercraft, go the next area. Then go left and jump over the
    big pipe. Then keep jumping up the giant skeleton to get to a new area. Dock
    and head through the door. To the right are lasers so you can’t go there. So
    you need to wall-slide between pipes to get to the next area. Crawl forward and
    hit the switch next to the guard on the left. The platform he is standing on
    will come toward you. He will get killed by electrical fields so you don’t need
    to kill him.
    You'll have to jump over the first electrical field and crouch under the
    second. In the next room, there are a lot of guards to sneak by. But have no
    fear, mist is here! There is a lot of mist on the ground. Once no guards are
    looking in your direction, just move forward some. You just need to keep doing
    that until you reach the end.
    Next to a place to put a fuse (which is empty right now), there is a metal box
    on the wall you need to hit. It will turn off the power for a period of time.
    Run down the hallway with the blue lasers and grab the fuse. It’s very easy to
    get down there and back. Put the fuse into the other fuse slot and it should
    activate a switch, hit it.
    Ride the elevator up to a new area. There are 2 electrical barriers, and 2
    surveillance cameras that come down. Knock them into the barriers. One of the
    doors is a new area and the other is some items inside a cabinet. But before
    you go through the other door, go across the bridge and crouch under to a
    different area. Shoot a Gyrodisk on the guard's air tank and then kick him. Run
    back since another guard will see you.
    Go back and hit the guard with a Gyrodisk. But before you go to him, shoot the
    little red things on the ground, they're mines. After the mines are gone,
    finish the guard. Then keep hitting the mines on the path to a small opening
    that leads to a PA1 and another item. Now go back to the other electrical
    barrier. Take the right path, destroy all the mines on the path and continue.
    In the next area there are a lot of guards and a laser sentry, so no fighting
    them. From the first turn to the left, you will see a small opening. Go in
    there to collect a pearl and some other items. Sneak past the other guards to
    get to the other area. Or you can do a more dangerous, but a more fun thing.
    Hit every guard with a Gyrodisk in its air tank without being spotted. Either
    way, go through the next door.
    In the next room, take the first door on the left, where a MDisk decoder is.
    Move the tall box under the door. Go through the opening where the box once
    was. Inside there will be some mines that you should destroy. Now head back and
    hit the electrical box that will turn off all the power. Go get the fuse. Once
    you grabbed the fuse, head back to the hallway. Go past the recently disabled
    electric barrier and hit the switch.
    Take the elevator up. In this room there is a guard, just lure him down and
    then hit his air tank with a Gyrodisk. Climb up the ramp where the guard first
    was and grab the PA1 and the booster. Now head back down the ramp into another
    room. There are a lot of lasers in this area. Take the small opening. In the
    next room you need to look around the corner and you will see a switch. Wait
    for the guard to stand on the platform near the switch and flip the switch. The
    guard will get killed by a electrical field.
    In the next room there are 3 guards going in a square patrol. Use the Gyrodisk
    to take out their air tanks. Continue and place the fuse into the fuse slot. A
    door will open enough to crouch and walk through.
    On the other side, Double H will come running through to you.
    The next area is easy. Just fall down and take out the right guard. Make Double
    H be a decoy while you take down the other 2 guys. Now take a picture of the
    people in the barrels and look out the window to see it.
    1.08 Third Picture
    Now, head back to your hovercraft. In one of the corners, there is one of those
    stationary objects that need a torpedo to take down. Destroy it. Inside the
    area, there are about 2 dozen mines. The best way to get through is just use
    booster and keep jumping. Dock and head into the new area.
    Inside, order Double H to destroy the iron bars. He will go straight and hit
    the guard, destroying his air tank. Go left to get to the other side and kill
    the guard. To get a crystal, head back to the left area.
    Jump up to a higher platform and kick a grate. Continue through the vent while
    Double H is going through the lasers.
    You need to kick the grate to get to another area. There is a guard right in
    front of a switch. You need to kill him. Hit the switch after you defeat him
    and a door will open up. Go through it. There will be a cabinet that holds 2
    boosters if you want them. In the next area, you need to watch out. There is a
    laser sentry in the area. There are only a few guards, but you still need to be
    Fall down the ladder while the guard is looking a different way. I shoot a Gyro
    at the guard near the ladder and then killed him. Another came and I did the
    same thing. The last one came and I did the same thing once again. From where
    the 2 guards where standing, go through the door.
    Take a right in the next room. Push the block near the triangle switch. Hit the
    switch once the box is there. Hit the electrical box and grab the fuse. Then
    jump on the box and jump up higher. Take the anti-gravity lift up. Shoot a
    guard with a Gyrodisk. Then while the other guy is fixing the air tank, hit him
    too. There is an open door which leads to a pearl, grab it.
    There is a door in the pearl room. There is a guard there, but he shouldn't be
    too much trouble. Flip the triangle switch and place the fuse into the fuse
    slot. Flip the switch and crawl under the passage way. In the next room, grab a
    box that gets places by a giant crane. Drop off where it leaves you. Go down to
    the water area after you drop. To the left is a small opening, crawl under it.
    Grab the PA1 in the cabinet at the end of the hallway. Then head back to the
    first area. Flip the switch to deactivate the red lasers. Climb through the
    pipe to get out of the water area. Now head through the door that you didn’t
    come from. Take the left in the new room. Follow the hallway, and then take a
    Kick the electrical box to get by the electric barrier. Once down, you will be
    with Double H again.
    Shoot all the mines in the hallway. Once you get down the hallway, you will
    start to fight some of the stingrays you took a picture of. They are not too
    difficult, just keep hitting them and they will die.
    After about 5 dozen or so, the waves of them will stop. Order Double H to hit
    the switch while climbing up a platform so the electrical field goes down.
    Once up, there are 3 guards. Just fight and kill them, and continue through the
    door. In the next room, there is a guard on a small tower thing. Slowly crawl
    so you can shoot a Gyrodisk on his air tank. Once it’s gone, he will fall off.
    Hit the switch and continue. After the vending machine, there is a guard. He is
    also on a small tower thing but this one rotates so you can’t just go out and
    shoot like the other one. Flip the switch and keep going.
    Now, in this room there is a partly open part of wall where you need to shoot
    Gyrodisks. You also need the final picture, take one of the DomZ inside some
    tubes. Then take the fuse and put the fuse into the slot behind you. Continue
    through the small newly opened hole. Get the crystal boxes and open the door.
    The hit the platform switch to get to the entrance of the area.
    Go to surveillance room. Instead of having to flip the switch again, there is a
    fence you can knock down to save time. Also, with all 3 pictures taken, you can
    now leave since the governor will give the code at the slaughter house entrance
    Then take the exit for Race #4, I believe. Once you get out, another one of
    those DomZ that you first fought to get your first pearl comes. Defeat him and
    get another pearl ^_^
    Once you enter the Iris Den, the governor will be there, wanting to talk to
    you. Also you hear that the chief of Iris has disappeared for about a weak. But
    they are hearing him on the radio. It’s Pey’J, Jade’s uncle who is the chief!
    He says that he along with other prisoners has been taken to the moon!
    1.09 Search for Pearls
    The mission is to find the ship (the MDisk Pey’J gave to you). Take it to the
    moon, secure the satellite that broadcasts their propaganda. Use it to
    broadcast your reports. And save Pey’J. Before you leave, grab the pearls
    donated by the Hillyans.
    Near Ming-Tzus shop is a Star Switch, you know what to do. You'll be inside
    Alpha Section HQ, order Double H to flip the elevator switch while you’re
    inside, you have to go solo.
    Almost everywhere is a Laser Sentry, so... YOU CANNOT BE SEEN AT ALL. Start by
    crawling under a small bridge then start wall sliding across a piece of pipe.
    On the other side, crouch and walk past a guard.
    Then jump onto a ladder and hide behind a wall. There is a patrolling guard so
    be careful of him. Follow behind him to get to an electrical looking wires and
    machines. Hold against the wall to avoid him seeing you once he passes by.
    You need to jump up on a higher platform. Be careful, a patrolling guard is up
    there so take a quick look first. If he is not coming your way, jump up. Crouch
    and walk under 2 pipes, it should hide you. There is one more patrolling guard,
    so you need to move quickly. But if you run, they will hear you, so be careful.
    You need to pass the second guard and jump up to another ladder. Walk over some
    pipes and then wall slide.
    Jump across the gap where the first guard is patrolling. (It will automatically
    do it if you walk in that way). You need to fall down off the roof onto the
    ground, but a guard rotates. It's ok to let your guard down some, since the
    game is saved here so if you die, you spawn on the roof.
    Once the guard is facing north, climb up. Once the guard is facing south, go
    around the corner and climb up the trash can. Jump up on the trash box and grab
    onto the piping on the side. Wall slide on it to the other side. But, the
    guards can see you in the window, so just keep going on the low windows. Watch
    for where the guards are.
    At the end, you need to go inside the building and avoid the guard. Just stay
    behind him while crouching, it's fairly easy. Hit the switch on the right and
    just dash in. Inside the room, there is a huge amount of pearls waiting for
    you. Hit the square switch and continue through the door. Do a roll over the
    pipe, and in the next room there is a fire pipe to run over.
    A door will open and the guy in the propaganda pictures will be there (forgot
    who he is, lol) and a few guards. Now you need to keep running, don’t stop or
    you will get killed. After you run to the end, you will try to jump and catch
    Double H's hand when he is on the top of a propaganda tower. But you miss and
    Double H hangs on by the bottom ball thing and catches you before you fall. You
    wait until you get back to the pedestrian part of the city, next to the Akuda
    Now, if you haven't got this pearl already, head into Akuda bar. Head upstairs
    into the open door where one of those goat Hillyans are. Talk to him. He lost
    his family to the DomZ/Alpha Section. He will tell you about a treasure to the
    east of the square. He will also give you a password ticket. Go inside the
    room, I believe it's called Closet. Enter the password and grab the pearl.
    There is also another area to go in, it's traffic with barrels and a pearl
    inside. Push the locker and a small hole will open up. Crawl through. Inside,
    crouch under the first yellow lasers then jump over the second and third. Now
    keep moving until you get on the conveyor belt. The way to get to others, you
    have to walk on little wooden things on the side. Now go left and drop down
    from the first belt to the next.
    Keep jumping down the conveyor belts. At one of the belts you need to run to
    get to the next conveyor belts. Just keep moving, and after so long you will
    need to jump and crouch over lasers. Once you reach an area where you have 2
    places to choose to fall down from, take the one further up the conveyor belt.
    Then the second time, choose the second one also. On the last conveyor belt,
    you need to run on those wooden platforms, they are closed off so you can’t
    fall off them. There are also barrels coming after you, so you need to dodge
    them. Go to the first wood thing, and then wait for the barrel to pass, repeat.
    In the next section you do the same thing, only there are lasers. Once you get
    to the end and fall to another level, you have to climb up some crates, and
    then grab a pearl. Then continue to exit the area.
    From the start of the pedestrian district, there is a metal door. Tell Double H
    to break it. Order Double H to press the elevator door and take it down. There
    is a guard in the area, crouch-roll to the metallic box. Shoot a Gyrodisk at
    the guard once he turns his back. Then give him a good kick. Go in the door
    where the guard was.
    In the next area, there is a laser sentry, so don't be seen. There is also some
    flying mechanical units that will hurt you if you go in the spotlight, but they
    won’t set off a alarm. Lure the guard, then just walk by him. In the next area,
    there is a switch that you need to hit. You have to run around a circle thing
    while a laser turret is rotating. Run while the turret is not near you, and
    then crouch when it comes.
    Grab the pearl in the next room and destroy all the crystal crates to get a few
    hundred credits. In the next room, it’s the same except that there are 2 laser
    turrets. And once you beat that part, you will get 2 pearls. Then get the
    crystal boxes in the room. Take the elevator up and flip the red laser switch.
    A similar thing will happen with the propaganda guy that happened not to long
    Not much I can help you with at this point, just keep running until you get to
    the start and then get to the pedestrian district.
    Now, use your Pearl Detector to find misc. pearls in the game. Once you are
    done with it, head to the Lighthouse. Walk to the blueprints of Pey’J shoes in
    his workshop. Hit the Use button and enter the codes found on Pey’J shoes that
    you picked up in the factory. The second console is inside the Lighthouse.
    There is another blueprint of the shoes in the room where most of the kids
    sleep. Insert the other code.
    Go back to the Hanger and hit the giant red button that is on the console now.
    The Beluga will open up, but it needs some flight stabilizers. One is at the
    Mammago garage, buy it there. But before you leave, grab the MDisk and flight
    stabilizer. Once you head out of the Mammago, you see some Alpha Section droids
    destroy the lighthouse. Run upstairs where the kids are normally sleeping.
    Now there is a cut-scene. Jade sits in the corner sulking. Then the dog comes
    up and starts nudging Jade. Then he lies down in her lap and Jade starts
    blaming herself. Then Double H reminds her that the kids are still alive, so is
    Pey’J. Now enter the password into the console and head back down. Once you get
    out, one of those flying machines with 2 air tanks attacks you.
    Once you finish the first one, 2 more will come around the corner. Then one
    more flying machine will come around the corner. Go to each jet, there is a
    place where you can place the flight stabilizers.
    You'll get an E-mail saying Ming-Tzu got some new pearls. Then the DomZ will
    attack. One of the sea serpents creatures will attack, it's mainly a way to get
    use to your cool new ship. Go buy the pearl and collect all the MDisks that he
    has. Now almost every one is on your side.
    Now, if you haven't already got 30 pearls, head to Black Isle. Fly to the very
    top. Once you are in above the water, drop the hovercraft and continue to the
    next room. In there, open the cabinet and take the 2 boosters and the
    Mecha-Impulser. Then take a picture of the praying mantis like creature. That
    is probably my favorite creature, next to the flying stingrays. Then take a
    picture of the blob of gel on the wall.
    Climb up the next 2 platforms. Then jump to the ledge on the left. Wall slide
    on the thin board of wood across to the other side. Order Double H to do super
    action and hit the explosive part of the plant onto the bridge. Then continue
    to the next area. In there, is a Crochaxs carrying a pearl. Once you start to
    attack, 2 more Crochaxs with pearls will come.
    Take the platform. After you jump 2 platforms, you will fight a single Crochax
    with a pearl. Jump to the next platform. Shoot the explosive part of the plant
    onto the bridge. Head back to the first platform, 2 Crochax will attack, with
    Jump to the platform with the enemies (from the first platform). There is
    another Crochax with a pearl, and once you start fighting him, 3 more will
    come. Each with their own pearl. Now, cross the bridge. Once you jump onto the
    next platform, a LOT of Crochax will come, each with their own pearl (again).
    And finally, you will get 5 more pearls. Go buy the Space Engine.
    Go save since once you leave Hillys, you cannot go back. Also, from now on, get
    K-Bubs from vendors.
    1.10 The Moon
    Once you start to fly to the moon, you will see a whale inside some ice on the
    right. Destroy the ice and take the picture of the whale. After you take the
    picture, fly toward the moon. Once you get close to the moon, fly through the
    opening in the satellite since the rest of the area is blocked off by shields.
    Once you dock, grab the PA1 inside the vendor. To the right of the vendor there
    is a map, take a picture of it. Look for a switch, jump onto the next level
    above the switch. Keep jumping until you can’t go any further. Tell Double H to
    flip switch, cling onto the box and tell double H to flip the switch again. At
    the end, fall down on your ship. To the right is a switch, use your Gyrodisk to
    make a box come to you. Flip it again and then quickly jump to the box.
    Once on the other side, flip the switch in between 2 metal beams and walk
    across. The reason you do this is to cut the time, so you don’t have to do this
    later in the game. Now head to the other door, go onto one the switches. Tell
    Double H to go on the other switch, and take the elevator down into the new
    Go into the room where the giant beam of light is coming from. Grab the mirror
    in the room and look for a small thing that you can place the mirror on. Then
    move to the pole that is shooting the light onto the pole that mirror was on.
    Then aim the pole onto the first room and open the door. Grab the mirror in the
    newly opened door.
    Then move the pole from the room where you got the first mirror in and make it
    open the 2 doors in a row. In the next room, place the mirror on the pole. Move
    it onto the door with the huge crystal. Attack the crystal and grab the
    credits. Then move the pole so you hear the sound of the beam hitting something.
    In the next room, hit the fan looking things on the sides of the pole. This
    will make it hit the other pole on the other side of the door. Then hit the
    pole to the final pole. And finally move the pole into the hallway and continue
    across the bridge. Once in the next area, you see Pey'J trapped!
    Move the first pole to shoot on the first pole to the left. Keep moving the
    poles to the closest one next to it. At the end, the first level of the wall
    will fall down. Hurrah!
    This one is a little trickier. From the first pole, move it to the second pole
    on the left, not the first so it will hit 2 of the crystals. Keep doing this
    pattern so the final level of walls will fall down.
    The final one, move the first one to the 3rd one on the left. Then push that
    one so the beam hits the pole on the right of the first one (From the position
    where you push the pole, it’s on the left). Then the next one, place it on the
    second one on the left. Then place the next one on the 3rd to the right and
    you’re done. Order Double H to open the orange cocoon like thing around Pey'J.
    Now a cut-scene, Pey'J isn’t alive, Jade says she will come back for him. Go to
    the next area. There is a barely open door, you need to wall slide to get to
    the other side. Go up to the anti-gravity elevator to the next area. Take the
    right path and kill the guard there. Take the anti-gravity elevator down and
    walk across the small bridge. Walk across the sides until you get to an
    opening, go down it.
    In the next area, take the anti-gravity elevator down. Then go down the
    elevator straight in front of you (across the bridge). Then take the
    anti-gravity lift on the left. Then take the green elevator on the left and
    open through the opening in the wall.
    Cut-scene. You see the guy in the propaganda things talking to the king of the
    DomZ, and around them inside cocoons are the kids. He says they need him as
    much as he needs them. Take a picture of the meeting. Now, head back to Double
    H. Then past Pey'J and across the bridge. You will get an E-mail from Iris
    saying that they got an E-mail from Pey'J. Jade will run back and hug him.
    Pey'J tells you that he did die, but Jade saved him. Jade always had a special
    power inside of her, but it never came out. He said it’s starting to come out.
    Now, you need to head back to your ship. Remember the bridge that you made go
    down? Head there and make them go onto the switches to open a door. Go through
    the newly opened door. There will be a sentry turret that will fire at you.
    Just keep running and you may get hit once or twice, but it will not do major
    damage. Continue through the door on the right into a transport ship.
    Once you get to the other side, take a picture of the code sphere. The governor
    will give you the code...
    The controls will try to lock, but Secundo will make it so you are able to
    transmit the picture. You will see people watching the propaganda, when Secundo
    interrupts and starts showing all the pictures you have taken. Then the people
    will start to revolt (Finally!).
    Then an auto self-destruct will start a countdown, run toward your ship! Once
    out, a giant mechanical spider will come (the one inside the slaughterhouse)
    and will use a tractor beam on you. Boss battle.
    First, shoot all the glowing lights. It's a lot easier to charge up a
    Neutralizing Cannon to hit them. Then, dodge the lasers he shoots. Finally,
    shoot his engines. Repeat this, each time it’s harder though. Keep repeating
    until he dies. Then drop off with your hovercraft, dock and enter the ship.
    A little ways through the hallway, there is 3 guards that you need to kill.
    It’s fairly easy. Make Pey'J or Double H to be a decoy and hit their air tank.
    Or, you are the decoy and make Double H charge into their air tanks, either way
    they will die. Take the anti-gravity elevator up, cut-scene time.
    The propaganda guy tells you that every one you loved is dead (Bla bla bla),
    then he goes on that "He" (The DomZ king) has been looking for you for
    centuries. After he dies, hit the switch to turn off the tractor beam and head
    back to the DomZ base. A lot of ships will come and start to attack, kill them
    all to continue.
    It’s no problem since only 1 shot kills a ship (Neutralizing Cannon that is).
    After so long, Hillyans will come to help you out, go land on the landing strip
    (very top of the base). Move to the elevator with 3 slots, you know what to do.
    The creature starts talking, he thanks you for bringing all the hillyans to you
    (Oops). Your eyes start glowing. He keeps talking and Pey'J says not to listen.
    He gets dragged away. "You are my source of power! They took you away in hopes
    of destroying me. They turned you into a human. I am going to kill the human
    part of you!"
    Double H steps in front of the beam and blocks it with his shield...
    Final battle!
    He will send A LOT of DomZ after you, but you can kill them in 1 hit. Shoot the
    DomZ king in the eye to deal some damage. Two times and the DomZ will start to
    fly for a second and come down. He creates a crystal barrier. Illusion Pey'J’s
    will come out. Make Double H super action and hit Pey'J illusions into the
    Crystals, then hit one of them in the DomZ eye.
    He will take Double H inside his hand. Some of the platform sinks underwater so
    it’s a small area to run in. The DomZ will start teleporting around you. Keep
    hitting him with your Combat Stick. After so many consecutive hits, he will be
    above you so you need to hit it with a Gyrodisk.
    This is the pattern he uses...
    Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Above, Down, Right, Above
    Now, he will make a lot of clones of Double H that you need to kill. I think if
    you just charge up, you will avoid the most damage. Once you kill one of them,
    a DomZ will appear. After you kill about 3 of them, the king DomZ will start to
    shoot green lasers, so you can’t charge up Combat Stick. As soon as Double H
    clone attacks, dodge him and hit him.
    Now, it’s the same thing as before but now your controls are backwards. Oh
    yeah, and it’s a different pattern.
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Above, Right, Up, Above, Down
    But, since its reversed hit...
    Right, Left, Right, Left, Above, Left, Down, Above, Up
    Then cut-scene. You hit the DomZ in the eye with your Combat Stick. (Why didn’t
    you do that earlier, Hmmm?) He will fly into the air and explode (but the
    screen goes white so you can’t see it). The giant statue will pick you up, and
    you will start to glow. Green colored orbs will start to appear, it's the
    Hillyans! All of them will start to float around in the room.
    A door will open and the Iris operatives will come out.
    The credits will start to roll, you have won! Congratulations!
    At the end of the credits, you see Pey'J with a DomZ thing that Double H had on
    his hand, who knows, sequel in the works?
    2.00 Story
    Beyond Good and Evil takes place of Hillys. You are the main character (of
    course) called Jade. You join the rebellion (Iris) against the Alpha Section,
    an elite group of the army. They say the Alpha section are kidnapping for the
    DomZ, the Aliens who are attacking the Hillys. Along your quest, Pey'J (your
    uncle) gets kidnapped but you meet up with another ally, Double H. Double H was
    a reporter for Iris, but they lost contact with him.
    You are on a quest to find the truth about the Alpha Section, are they heroic
    warriors defending the Hillyans or are they the kidnapping lying warriors
    working for the DomZ?
    It’s up to you to reveal the truth!
    Combat Stick
    Jade lives in the Lighthouse on the Hillys. She owns Jade Reporting Company
    along with her uncle (some how...) Pey'J. She takes in the orphans whose
    parents who got kidnapped by the DomZ, the Aliens who attack the Hillys. You
    also are broke, out of credits, but you find a job taking picture for the
    science institute.
    Pey'J is Jade's uncle, he brought Jade to Hillys when she was a young girl
    inside the Belluga (an intergalactic spaceship). He made Jetboots (powered by
    farts, I know, its weird), which can help Jade on her quest to find the truth.
    Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers
    (Written backwards)
    ecaf sih was reve end on ecnis ti wenk eno on hguoth ,feihc siri eht si J'yeP
    Double H:
    Double H used to be a reporter for Iris network but the Alpha Section took him
    and started to torture him. Since then, he has helped Jade on her quest of
    finding the truth.
    Secundo is an AI that takes form of a hologram in certain points of the game.
    He has a deep Spanish accent. Personally, he is my least favorite character in
    the game.
    3.00 Pearls
    1: DomZ Lighthouse Monster
    You get it at the very start of the game once you kill the first boss.
    2: DomZ Sea Serpent
    Once you get out of your hanger, the DomZ will attack and once you kill the Sea
    DomZ, you will get this pearl.
    3: Looters Booty
    You get this by catching up with the looter in Looters Bay 1. Then you have to
    kill him, get your money back, and a nice shinny new pearl!
    4: Science Center-Film of Animals 2
    As soon as you finish the second film of animals, you receive this as a bonus.
    5: Victory in the Disc Game
    I HATE, REALLY HATE to get this pearl. Inside the Akuda bar, you see a table
    game, Francis is playing it.
    You have to bet 1000 credits for a CHANCE to get it, I recommend to save before
    you try to get this pearl.
    6: Rufus's Booty
    Rufus is the son of Francis. He is with a girl nearby, with a ticket to door 1.
    He covers the numbers once you get close. So, take out your camera and zoom in
    to see the numbers. Open Door 1 and loot his room.
    7: Science Center-Film of Animals 3:
    Same as #4, only with the 3rd roll of film.
    8: Race 1 Victory
    Beat Race #1, found in the city.
    9: Race 2 Victory
    Beat Race #2, found in the city.
    10: Domz Pterolimax
    Defeat the boss at Black Isle, easy as that.
    11: Science Center-Film of Animals 4
    Take a guess.
    12: Pearl Crochax
    There is a beach, which leads to Vorax Lair. To open the door there, Pey’J
    needs to get his wrench tool from Black Isle.
    13: Taken back from Alpha Sections
    Go to the Akuda Bar. Go into Door 1, talk to the goat person. He will tell you
    there is a treasure to the east of the square, and give you a password. Go into
    the area called "Closet" and open the cabinet with the password.
    14: Bought from Nouri
    The outside merchant near Ming-Tzu sells this pearl for 3000 credits.
    15: Bought from Ming-Tzu
    Go into Ming-Tzu's shop, buy it for the bargain price of 3999!
    16: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    Near #13, there is a place called Transit. Inside, push the locker and do a
    conveyor puzzle to get the pearl.
    17: Science Center-Film of Animals 5
    I wonder...
    18: Looter's Booty 2
    Same as #3, but in the second bay. I think you need the Neutralizing Cannon to
    get to it (5 Pearls at the Mammago Garage).
    19: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    Inside the Factory, there is a place near the Elevator Room called Laboratory,
    just open the cabinet and take it.
    20: DomZ Robot at the Factory
    The boss of the factory, just kill him and take the pearl.
    21: DomZ Torture Machine
    Once you get the Gyrodisk, you shoot the thing torturing Double H. Grab the
    pearl once it dies.
    22: Reaper
    Once you kill the reaper and get both fuses (one is on the front of the
    generator and one is in the back).
    Head back to the entrance and make Double H break the iron bars and put the
    fuse in. It will open a door that leads to where the reaper died.
    23 - 27: Hillyans Donations
    Once you beat the Factory mission, you get these pearls from a room in the Iris
    28: Science Center-Film of Animals 6:
    Yet another.
    29 - 38: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    From misc. places around the city.
    39: (Have not gotten this one)
    40: (Have not gotten this one)
    41: (Have not gotten this one)
    42 - 44: Alpha Sections HQ
    Once you beat the Alpha Section HQ, you get these pearls (think they would hold
    a few more if it's their HQ).
    45: (Have not gotten this one)
    46: Bought from Nouri 2
    Same with the previous one. After so long, another one goes up for sale, same
    47: Bought from Ming-Tzu 2
    Same with the previous one. After so long, another one goes up for sale in
    Ming-Tzu's shop, same price.
    48: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    I can’t remember where I got this one from, use your Pearl Detector to find
    this one.
    49: Looter's Booty 3
    Same as the last Looter's Booty pearl, only in a different cave.
    50: DomZ Sea Serpent
    After so long in the story line, the DomZ will attack with another Sea Serpent
    51: Looter's Booty 4
    The final Looter's Booty pearl (Hurrah!).
    52: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    Can’t remember this one either, use the Pearl Detector (sorry).
    53 - 64: Hillyans Donations
    These you get after you finish the Slaughter House.
    65: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    Destroy a box over some red lasers in the Main Canal. The pearl will be inside
    of it.
    66: Bought from Ming-Tzu 3
    Same as the previous ones, 3999 for a pearl.
    67: (Have not gotten this one)
    68: (Have not gotten this one)
    69: (Have not gotten this one)
    70: Taken Back from the Alpha Sections
    Not sure where this one is again, sorry.
    71: Race 3 Victory
    Finish first in the 3rd Hovercraft race.
    72: Race 4 Victory
    Same as the last pearl, only finish the 4th race to get this pearl.
    73 - 88: Volcano Crochax
    They are all in the volcano area above Black Isle. Just keep moving through the
    volcano to get all of these.
    4.00 Animals
    Before you fight ANY creatures, take their picture.
    Adalia Octopunctata:
    During the instructions of the camera, you have to take a picture of the beetle
    like creature.
    Vorax Nocturnus:
    Take this picture of these creatures outside the Lighthouse at the start. You
    will have enough credits to turn the energy field on and kill them all. If you
    didn’t take them at start, turn the shield off during the night at the
    lighthouse. Or take their picture at the factory.
    Homo Sapiens:
    Any human, can be found in almost every part of the city and any part of the
    Lighthouse. Most common creature on Hillys.
    Capra Sapiens:
    The goat-like people. They are in the Lighthouse or in the Akuda Bar in room 1.
    Sus Sapiens:
    Take a picture of Pey’J. I think he is the only one in the game.
    Canis Canis:
    Take a picture of the dog at the Lighthouse.
    Lampyris Campestris:
    During the night, there is blue firefly like creatures that go around the tree
    to the right of the lighthouse.
    Larus Albus:
    Take a picture of the seagulls flying near the tree where the last creature was.
    Dipneustes Trilineatus:
    When you are in the Hanger, there are fish in the water. Take a picture of them.
    Rhinoceros Sapiens:
    Take a picture of the Rhinos in the Mammago garage.
    Teratosaurus Imperator:
    Take a picture of the Sea Serpent before you kill him. There are only 3 chances
    you can get this creature (I think).
    Rascax Caeruleus:
    After the Sea Serpent dies, there are a lot of schools of fish that jump out of
    the water (once you get near).
    Musca Saprophagia:
    Kick a barrel inside the kitchen inside the Lighthouse. The fly will come out.
    You can also get it in the Black Isle Mine.
    Anemonia Mutabilis:
    They are giant anemones. They stick to the wall and have thread like things
    sticking out. Found in multiple places, but most commonly in Black Isle Mine.
    Lycoperdon Fugiferus:
    These creatures looks like mushrooms, they are the explosive plants.
    Crochax Velox:
    They sort of look like Vorax, but yellow. They are found in Black Isle and
    Factory entrance.
    Cyanea Urtica:
    They are jellyfish inside the Black Isle mine.
    Pelagia Pachydermis:
    They are in the same group of jellyfish that attack you before Pey’J gets his
    wrench tool.
    Alicia Splendens:
    They are on the walls of the room with the jellyfish.
    Spongus Gluanteus:
    After the first grate you cut, there will be a map of the mine. Take the left
    path and there will be a GIANT green sponge creature. Take its picture.
    Helix Rupestris:
    Take the picture of the creature inside the giant shell near the Spongus
    Gluanteus. It will take like 10 seconds for it to come out far enough to take a
    picture of it.
    Planaria Rupestris:
    At the second fence, use Pey’J to shoot you up to the upper level. Fall down
    and hit the switch to let Pey’J in. But look for a power box, kick it and the
    creature will appear on the top.
    Amoeba Polypodia:
    On the bridge thing that Pey’J runs over and gets attacked, you can climb onto
    it. Walk to where it was covering a hole. Take its picture there.
    Pterolimax Gigantea:
    Boss of Black Isle.
    Astacus Erectus:
    In the waterfall area in Black Isle, jump onto the pipe and take a picture of
    the creature. They can also be found in the Volcano.
    Aquilus Sapiens:
    Take a picture of the bird creature that runs the newspaper stand.
    Walrus Sapiens
    The Walrus humanoids. They walk around the pedestrian district.
    Carcharodon Sapiens:
    They are inside the Akuda Bar, Francis is one of them.
    Taurus Sapiens:
    The cow that is the bartender in the Akuda bar.
    Felis Sapiens:
    The cat humanoid in the Iris base.
    Koi Kumonryu:
    It's the fish inside the fish tank in Ming-Tzu's shop.
    Bufo Erectus:
    There at Vorax Lair.
    Manta Cyanea:
    It looks like a Manta ray, and I think it's near the factory.
    Rattus Giganteus:
    A black rat, they are all over the Hillys, but mostly in the Factory.
    Aedes Raymanis:
    They are on the cow's nose in the Laboratory in the Factory.
    Cyclopeus Palustris:
    The reaper boss.
    Sarcophagus Domzii:
    These are the first thing you fight in the game, they are found throughout the
    Rattus Albus:
    An albino rat. Inside the X-ray verification room, on the pipe where the
    white-rat is. Take a picture of the map, then crawl up to the rat and take a
    picture of it.
    Blabera Gregaria:
    Inside the closet area, open a cabinet and put a Starkos in there. Take a
    picture of the bugs that take the Starkos. They also can be found in the
    Macropodia Omnivora:
    In the surveillance room in the Slaughter house, take a picture of the
    creatures that are under the lasers.
    Ignis Ignifera:
    Once you get Double H to flip the switch while on the gate, go to the right.
    Kill the rats on the next ledge and take a picture of the flaming creature.
    Megaptera Borealis:
    A HUGE whale, it’s a 2000 credit creature, and it looks very cool. You can get
    it after you get the Jumpkit and jump over the red lasers.
    Anguilia Bifida:
    An eel like creature in the Slaughter house Reservoir.
    Trilobites Saltans:
    At the Slaughterhouse entrance, use the camera to look to the left and take a
    picture of a sting ray like creature.
    Amoeba Saltans:
    Make Double H press a button with a machine near a 35 number in the trolley
    Megaptera Purpurea:
    Near the Black Isle, when you get out of territorial waters, there is a huge
    Manta Magnificens:
    To the east of the Black Isle, it’s a giant manta ray like creature.
    Aurelia Magnificens:
    In the volcano, there is a blob creature, take its picture.
    Megaptera Anaerobia:
    Once you’re in space, there will be a blue object to your right. Shoot it and
    reveal a giant whale.
    5.00 Items
    They are found throughout the world. You buy upgrades for your Hovercraft at
    the Mammago Garage, for some pearls.
    SpeedCraft Motor (1 Pearl)
    Hold spacebar to move faster with the Hovercraft, or hit it once to toggle the
    Belugas engines to go faster.
    Neutralizing Cannon (5 Pearls)
    This is an add-on for your weapon. If you hold fire button, it will start a
    heat-seeking shot that hurts more than a normal one.
    Jump Kit (20?)
    Use this to jump over red barriers, this is needed to get in the Slaughter
    Flight Stabilizers (25?)
    You need to fly the Beluga (along with Space Engine)
    Space Engine (30)
    You use this along with the Flight Stabilizer to get to the Moon.
    P.O.D. (150 Credits)
    Heals your ship one wrench when used.
    Set of P.O.Ds (300 Credits)
    Heals your ship to full health.
    Booster (150 Credits)
    When used, it makes you move faster.
    Mecha-Impulser (? Credits)
    Increases your vehicles health by 1 wrench.
    Player items
    PA1 (1500? Credits)
    Increases your hearts by 1.
    Starkos (150 Credits)
    Heals your health 1 heart.
    K-Bups (300 Credits)
    Heals you to full health.
    Pearl Detector (? Credits)
    You can see where the pearls are on the map, greatly can help out.
    Animal Detector (? Credits)
    Works the same way as a Pearl Detector, but shows animals instead (I think only
    animals you haven't gotten).
    Super-Attack Strengthened (? Credits)
    Once you super attack, hit attack rapidly to shoot projectiles.
    City Pass
    Allows you to get to certain parts of the city
    XShape Cards
    There are multiple cards that have shapes on them, if you are carrying a square
    card, you and use switches with the square on them.
    6.00 Enemies
    A basic enemy. You fight them at the start, one or 2 hits will kill them.
    Army Soldier:
    Another basic enemy. You only fight them if you get spotted by them.
    Alpha Section Guard:
    These are similar to the Army Soldier but they have a air tank on their back.
    If they get hit there, they will not be able to attack you. If they get hit
    there again, they will die.
    Cyclopius Unit M39 (I call it surveillance camera):
    These are near electric barriers most of time, so hit them into it and destroy
    them. They shoot a laser that you cannot block, you need to perform a combo on
    him, and then he will not be able to shoot you.
    Transport unit XB 24:
    They are an oval shaped robot. You can either...
    A: Make an ally use Super Action and hit them into each other.
    B: Keep hitting them until they die (about 2 combos)
    Surveillance Robot:
    These are the flying robots with 2 air tanks on their sides. You just hit the
    air tanks with a Gyrodisks to kill them. But watch out for their lasers they
    Laser Turret:
    Harmless, unless you are spotted by a guard, then its instant death. Look out
    for these, so you know when to be extra careful.
    These are the most command seen units, if you want to add more (non-animal)
    enemies, e-mail me.
    7.00 MDisks
    1 - Game Save:
    You start with this. This MDisk is used to save your game.
    2 - Mr. De Castellac:
    You get it inside Pey'J’s workshop. It gives you a mission to head to Black
    Isle and take a picture of 2 creatures.
    3 - The Pearl and the Currents:
    Iris network gives you this. It gives you info about Iris and shows you Double
    H's last report.
    4 - For Jade:
    Pey'J gives you this inside the factory before he gets captured. It tells Jade
    about the Beluga.
    5 - Surveillance Camera:
    Shows Pey'J inside a barrel.
    6 - Hillyan Army Databank:
    Found inside Factory. It tells you about enemies’ weaknesses.
    Will do more later.
    8.00 PA1s
    1: Lighthouse - Inside the bathroom at the lighthouse.
    2: Black Isle - In a vending machine. From the start, head to the water area
    near the start, cut open a fence and continue through the path, fall down a
    ledge and grab it.
    3: Black Isle - In a Vending Machine.
    4: City - Buy it from Ming-Tzu for 1500 credits
    5: City - The outside merchant Nouri's sells it for 1500
    6: Factory - At the huge power generator, hit one of the robots into the
    electrical gate, there will be a PA1 inside there.
    7: Factory - In one room inside the factory, there will be a gaurd that rotates
    around (Its the first time you see a rotating gaurd I belive).
    8: Factory - After fighting the DomZ/Robot thing, there will be a PA1 past the
    electrical fence.
    9: Slaughterhouse - In the North Wing, there will be a door that you sneak by
    gaurds and mines to reach a PA1.
    10: Slaughterhouse - In a room with a crane moving boxes, grab onto one and
    continue through the pathway to get to the PA1.
    11: Slaughterhouse - When you get the fuse, there will be a ramp at the top and
    mines near him. Kill him and climb up the ramp, inside a room there will be a
    12: Vorax Lair - Once you dock while in the hovercraft, there will be one in a
    13: Selene - This will be inside the vending machine at the Transmitter base.
    9.00 Mecha-Impulsers
    1: Mammago Garage - First Vending machine.
    2: Mammago Garage - Second Vending machine.
    3: City - Ming-Tzu sells one.
    4: Slaughterhouse - Its inside the Trolly Entrance room.
    5: Alpha Section Underground Quarters - Can get this one once you get the
    sqaure key.
    6: Volcano - Once you dock as a hovercraft, there is a cabnit with a
    Mecha-Impulser inside.
    10.00 Hints and Tips
    Infinite Boosters:
    If you destroy a crate while inside the Beluga, it will give a Booster out
    insted of crystals.
    11.00 Versions
    Minor Updates.
    1.01 Finished the walkthrough and items. Some enemies and MDisks.
    1.00 Just put on GameFAQs
    12.00 Credits and Thanks
    UbiSoft who made a GREAT game
    CJayC for making GameFAQs
    Me for making this
    dhamon, I was using his guide to find the pearls, and then I found them, and
    only then posting them on my guide. Major thanks to him for making his guide.
    sephiroth95, I also followed his guide to get the creatures listed. Also major
    thanks to him for making that guide.
    13.00 FAQs
    None yet.

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