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Reviewed: 05/07/03 | Updated: 05/07/03

Great Game

This is an exceptional game. While it might not be for everyone, most will like it. It is like the first one, only better graphics, more fighters, and more modes. It is a must buy. I highly recommend this game.

The graphics in this game are pretty much flawless. The aren't as good as DOA3, but they are really good. The different camera views put you right in the action, different from anything you've ever seen. The detail on the fighters, the blood, everything: just spectacular. The fighters look very real. Although there is some collision, it is very minor. The blood from beating your opponent to a bloody pulp is excellent.

The sound is pretty good. The crowd noise, music, grunts, introductions, very well done. The crowd will chant the fighter that you are. The music fits the fighting mood of the game. The grunts are life like as if it were an actual PPV. There is a custom sound track but you could only have one song. But since bouts usually don't last that long, no worry.

Just like the first, good control. When first playing you will probably lose your first few matches, even with the instruction manual right in front of you. You just need to practice it. It takes a little while to get used to exactly when to reverse and block, but once you get the hang of it, it is natural.

Gameplay is good. 7 different modes. There is arcade, legend, champion, training, exhibition, tournament, and one where you can create a fighter and fight other CAFs modes. Arcade mode is just an endless amount of bouts. This is where you unlock pretty much everybody. Legend mode is when you are the champ, and you must defend your title against people. Champion mode is when you fight the people in your weight class and try to win the title. Training mode lets you learn moves and fine tune your skills. Exhibition mode is just one on one with the computer or friend to find out who is the best. Tournament mode is just a regular 8 man bracket in which you try to win. Create a fighter is really in depth. You will fight basic guys to up your points in punching kicking grappling, etc. Very good idea.

A game that many people are going to look over. While you may not want to pay $50 for it, I suggest getting it next time you get the chance. To me it is a must buy. When first starting it would suggest putting the difficultly on rookie.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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