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"Not Bad...for a UFC game."

UFC Tapout 2 is the sequel to the Playstation 2 game, UFC Tapout (duh), which to tell you the truth, was kind of bland. So when I rented this game i didn't have high expectations for it. And to tell you the truth again, it really has improved much on the first. Great graphics alone can not make a game great.

Well the Gameplay is the beef of this game, and unfortunately its not that great. Sure, there are plenty of modes, like Arcade mode, which you go through fighters unlocking some on the way until you lose a match. Then there is Legend mode, where you basically fight for the title and defend it. Then there is exhibition, which is basically a practice match, then there is training mode, and it should explain itself, and finally there is Career mode, which you make your own fighter and train him in and put him into tournaments. This may sound cool at first, but then soon it gets very repetitive. This wouldn't happen for the fact that the actual fighting is pretty much crappy. All you have to do is deplete your opponent's life bar and then you win. Sounds easy? Your damn right, too easy. I could actually beat an opponent in 10 seconds. And the combos are to simplelistic. There aren't that many moves at all too. Its too much of a button masher. A newbie can beat this game on the hardest mode through mashing the buttons like crazy. Which is a real disappointment, since this game could have been real great, but falls so short.

Now this about the only thing that is great in this game. The graphics really are impressive. The faces look realistic and the bodies are well developed. Even the hair looks great. This UFC installment has the best graphics so far out of the series. This is probably the only redeeming factor that the game has. If your a graphics freak then you'll love this game. I would give the graphics a 9/10. But then again I am not rating the graphics on a scale. ^_^

The sound is so/so for me. The game's soundtrack consists of punk rock and crappy synthesizer beats. Although the punk rock song can get catchy, if you are a pure rock hater, then you may want to mute. The only character that has a voice is the announcer, and most of the time you'll just skip him. The character grunts can range from great to horrible. Lets just hope your favorite character doesn't sound like a monkey.

The control is also nice. You have 2 punch buttons and 2 kick buttons. You can press 2 at a time to reverse and tackle someone to the ground so you can pummel him for a easy win (unless he reverse, which you can simply reverse him back). You go backwards to block, like most fighting games. You have a choice to use the D- pad or the analog stick, so if you are picky, you have a choice.

So Should I Buy This
Overall this game is repetitive and leaves you for something desired. For the first week it may seem appealing, unlocking all the characters and making your created person good, but after about the 3rd week, it gets extremely boring, even if you have a friend to come over everyday to play. The fights are too easy and quick. Its not worth 50 bucks, but if you could find it for anything less than 20 dollars, and you are a fan of UFC, then its a steal. But, anything over, don't buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/08/03, Updated 06/08/03

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