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" Tapout review"

When I played UFC for the Dreamcast, back in the day, it was impressive. Unlike most other fighting games in that time, UFC introduced a healthy mix of submissions and ground fighting to the gaming public. For it's time, it was innovative and fresh.
Apparently, the UFC franchise has not evolved much since then. UFC Tapout 2 for the XBOX is minimal evolution over the others, even UFC for the DC. And this is really where tapout goes wrong.

Not much has changed from a gameplay standpoint from UFC for the DC. Punching and kicking is not nearly as fast as it should be, and it's basically a slightly improved clone of the one on the Dreamcast. Just like the DC game, ground fighting takes a big role in Tapout. After your fourth fight, things get very repetitive. Everything is so clunky and slow. Things are just not fluid as they should for a good fighting game.
The customize-your-own-character feature has been improved over the former. You can now chose your heights and weights, along with far more facial and body-types.
But when it's all said and done UFC Tapout is way too short and outdated to hold my interest for long.

looks like a slightly better port of UFC for the DC. The DC is four years old. Hardly impressive. It moves to slow.
The characters move like clunky robots. The animation is poor for an XBOX game. And there is not much variety in animation at that. For example, when a man is K.O.ed the same animation is used everytime. It gets old fast. I could use some variety in knockouts. The characters also look blocky for a modern fighting game. Most modern fighting games blow this one out of the water.
Not to mention that the presentation is very poor.
One thing that I noticed was lacking was those grand ringside introductions that were featured in the DC game.
In some ways it kind of seemed rushed and thrown together.

Personally hating the soundtrack and music for this game enough to turn it off, is my own reason. But like the poor presentation there is very little going on in the sound department.

Games have evolved a great deal in three years. I feel not enough has been done to keep the UFC franchise fresh.
I got so bored with the game, that I took it back in two days. A descent rental mabey. To be fare, if you have never played a UFC game in your life, you might want to take an extra look.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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