Review by HawthrnHeight89

"Get ready to tap out"

This game is much like the first one, but there has been much added. More fighters, more modes and updated graphics.

Graphics: 9/10
Only really bad thing that I didn't like with the graphics was the crowd. But I didn't expect THAT to be focused on. Tons of different views and the camera just puts you right in on the action. With blood flying and the submissions looking just as real as game can get, where can you go wrong in buying this game?

Sound: 9/10
Well, the hardcore music in this game really does fit the way that your beating the crap out of your opponent or they are beating it out of you. The grunts from the fighters sound realistic. The crowd pretty much sounds realistic but you don't get to hear the different variations of what they will say because the fights normally do not last that long. The introductions were done pretty well, nothing I can complain about them.

Control: 10/10
Pretty much like the first one. You can get the hang of it fast but at first its hard.

Gameplay: 10/10
Gameplay is pretty much lifelike. It has 7 different modes, Legend, Champion Road, Arcade, Tournament, Exhibition, training, and Create a fighter. Legend mode is when you have won Champion Road and want to defend your title. Champion Road is to go for the title against others in your weight class. Arcade mode is pretty much to unlock fighters because it is an endless stream of fighters you must fight. Tournament mode is a classic 8 man bracket that you try to show up all of your opponents. Exhibition is just a one on one fight with computer or a friend to show up the opponent. Training lets you pretty much just learn your move set. Create a fighter is pretty good, You go through and face no-namers to win skill points in each of the skill areas, Punch, Kick, Grapple, Speed, etc.

Overall: Not a buy game but definitely a rent game
To me this game is not all worth the buy of 50 dollars. But, it is however worth a night of a bunch of friends over and you want to rent a fun game just to beat the living tar out of each other!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/12/05

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