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"This game is far too underrated and deserves better!"

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is not what you may be thinking when you look at the box. Most people would look at this game and think that it’s too kiddy or another crash bandicoot. This game has been far too underrated and deserves much better than what it’s getting. This is how I see it:

(Note: Some factors are rated out of 5 instead of out of 10. If a factor is rated n/5 it means it is going to be combined with the next factor.

PLOT | 8/10: Ty is one of the last Tasmanian tigers in Australia, who never knew his real parents. Ty was raised by the rat like creatures called Bilbies. One day while playing tag with one of your Bilbie friends, Ty falls through the ground, inside a small, dark underground cavern. Ty meets the Bunyip Elder, who shows Ty what happened to the other Tasmanian tigers. Boss Cass, an evil turkey, was trying to get a hold on the five Sacred Talismans. The Tasmanian tigers fought to protect them, but ended up getting transported to an alternate dimension. Before Boss Cass could get his evil feathers on the talismans, one of the Tasmanian tigers hit the talismans with his boomerang, taking them with him to the alternate dimension. Ty is given a boomerang and his quest. It seems that the Talismans have appeared again, and Boss Cass is after them again. It’s all up to Ty to stop him! He climbs out of the cavern and tells Maurie, the bird, what happened.
That’s a good plot and all, but for some reason this plot kind of makes you feel like you’re playing a sequel to an earlier Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, but there isn’t any.

GAMEPLAY & DIFFICULTY | 4/5: Okay, you have to find 5 Talismans. Sounds easy, right? Of course you’re wrong! Why else would I ask in a review? In order to find the talismans, you must locate a certain amount of Thunder Eggs, which powers a machine that Julius, the genius koala, invented to locate the talismans. The machines are located next to sets of 3 levels. Each level has 8 thunder eggs you must find. But wait, it gets even harder. To get thunder eggs, you need to find them, beat a challenge, or collect even more stuff to receive a thunder egg. You need to find stuff like opals, which there are 300 of per level and free bilbies, which there are five of them on each level. After you find enough thunder eggs, you talk to Julius to use the machine; you will find a talisman, and a boss! Also note that on the levels you need to find Golden Cogs. There are 10 on each level. When you get 15 cogs, you talk to Julius in his shack, and he will make you a new boomerang!

The basic form of combat is either biting enemies and throwing some of many various boomerangs at them. Enemy combat is not that hard at all, the basic difficulty in this game is the items you have to find.

CONTROL | 5/5: This is good. The controls are not too sensitive nor are they too unresponsive. They are just right. The whole control scheme is simple enough. This button does this, that button does that, nothing confusing with weird combinations. The camera is good enough to work with, no major bugs at all.


GRAPHICS | 8/10: Whatever way the developers wanted the game to look like, they had it done, and good. There was nothing super fantastic or anything crappy but it was definitely done well. There are a couple of eye candy bits too. In some levels, if you get up high enough, you can see the whole level, and it’s gorgeous! Even better, in even fewer levels, you can get up high enough to see the whole level, and more!

SOUND | 5/5: The game has quite good sounds. Nothing becomes annoying or hard to listen to. The voice acting sounds like an authentic Australian accent, complete with slang! What’s all so good is if you’ve heard something before. You don’t have to listen through it again; simply tapping the “A” Button skips lines on whoever is talking.

MUSIC | 4/5: Each level has it’s own specific looping song track. Each one is quite well fitting. Despite the large amount of revisiting you may do, the songs won’t give you a headache. The only way you can get a headache from a song is playing the level for too long in one sitting. The songs lack a certain amount of instruments, but that is because they are keeping it to sound in a native Australian way.


The World of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
In the game you will encounter, many foes, which you’ll either hate or laugh at. There will be many friends, which you could tend to like. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has lot more to offer than most people think. I highly recommend it.

OVERALL | 8/10: I think Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is highly underrated and needs some time. I’m not done with this game yet and I got it for Christmas, and played it a lot! However I am close. I probably will play the game continuously after I get 100% and might even start a new game if I really felt like it. But that’s how I feel, but if you’re still unconvinced, rent it. Whether you end up buying it, beat it within the rental, do a lot within the rental, or not even come close to beating it within the rental, I’m positive that you will certainly enjoy Ty the Tasmanian Tiger!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/12/03, Updated 02/12/03

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