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"Mate I just love journeying the outback"

This game is a fantastic action game because you get a great Australian Outback journey in a GAME. You’re trying to stop the evil turkey Boss Cass and you need to save your fellow Tasmanian Tigers by saving the talismans from the evil Boss Cass and 5 other bosses and all with 13 different boomerangs.

This game is almost as fun as it gets because you get to explore the wonders of the outback trying to save your fellow tigers. You get to collect many things of boards and destroy the evil bosses with a BOOMERANG. Also you get to meet some friendly Australian creatures and they will guide you to success.

This is a pretty hard game because the bosses put up a heck of a fight. Also there are other foes you have to face during your amazing journey that are supposed to destroy you unless you do it to them. But once you get a hang of it you start to find it easier but then at the end the final boss is so hard but if you want to save the tigers you can beat him.

The controls are good for any size hand because the buttons are placed right where you want them to be so you don't have to switch your hand. Also the controls are always responsive and there aren't any hard combinations so any one can play this game.

Buy or Rent-
I thing you should buy this game because it’s worth your
$15 because you get a great game for a whole entire family. You get to wonder around the outback and see some of their creatures.

Replay or Play Again-
This is not a really good game to unless you’re trying to beat it faster or get all the items because you already know the story and it won't entertain you as much as a new game.

Game Play-
This is a fabulous game because you can explore Australia and try to save your species. This has good game play because you get a story and an adventure in one and can play for a while and still have some fun.

The audio is really good because you hear an Australian accent along with some sounds from fantastic outback locations. Also you hear animals talk like turkeys and here there unique accent as if they were real.

The graphics are really nice and realistic because when the water moves it looks like the ocean. Also when you walk you see a Grand Canyon type scene with realistic rocks and streams.

The story overall is really detailed and explains how the other tigers got capture and why he has to save the talismans. Also it shows you the reasons Boss Coss is so evil. Another reason the story is good is because it’s like a movie and it tells you everything.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/17/03

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