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"You know the drill."

A refresh from a tired genre? Simply: No.

Think of this game as a Banjo Kazooie clone. If you don't like Banjo-type games (i.e.: platformers), then move onto the next review now. It has a sort of go-get-this-and-bring-it-over-there theme to it.

You are Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, who thinks that he is the last of his kind. In the game, he is out to get back the Four Talismans that Boss Cass stole. Who's the big Boss Cass you ask? He is the main baddie in the game, and you will be fighting (and defeating) his minions throughout. Ty was raised by a family of Bilbies, who love him very dearly. One day, Ty finds out that he is not the last of his kind, and must get back the Talismans to restore order and save his real family of Tigers. It sounds like a big cliche, eh?


This is the highest score that I will give this game. Why? Because they are beautiful! Great water effects, individual grass and hair particles, and landscape that look like they've come from an artbook made me want to shake the developer's hand on this one. But, the occasional slowdown does happen. Especially in the faster race-type objectives and levels. Other than that, this is one fine (graphics-wise) game!


Yes, the music is pretty fitting for this game. That doesn't necessarily mean that I love it. Actually, it's pretty bland. Again, it made me think of Banjo. There is some voice-acting, and it is mostly the "G'day, mate!" that one would expect from a land-from-down-under game. The sound effects are the usual CHOMP! and JUMP! that one would expect from a platformer. I don't think that the music really should bring the score down a lot in any game, so...


This is the heart of all games, obviously. But, unfortunately, this is the most boring aspect of the game. There is one big world where you can access all of the levels in the game. Once in a level, you choose what objective you want to do, then start the level. Very reminiscent of Mario 64. You have to collect "Thunder Eggs" that are like puzzle pieces in Banjo, and stars in Mario. Also, in every level, there are 300 opals that you must collect to obtain one Thunder Egg. There are Bilbies in cages and Golden Cogs that you must collect, too. Soooo much to collect.

Once you get a certain number of Cogs, you get a new boomerang set. There are 12 different 'rangs in the game, but you only need 4 of them to complete the game. The controls are normal: X is attack, A is jump, you know the drill. That right there sums this review up: you know the drill.


I found this game new at my local Gamestop for $20. It is worth it to people who like the genre of platforming, but not to anyone else. The replay value is low, because of how short and boring it is. Although it does have its spurts of fun, they are too few and far between.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/08/04

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