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    FAQ/Walkthrough by h m murdock

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/01/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DRIV3R walkthrough © by H.M.Murdock (aka Richard Evans) 2004
    e-mail: richardsixone@yahoo.co.uk
    This walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal or private use. It may not be posted on any non-permitted website or
    reproduced in printed form without advance written permission.  Any violations
    of this copyright will be pursued with the help of my girlfriend's sister
    who is currently studying law (and doing very well).
    At present, I am only allowing this guide to be posted on GameFAQs and through
    Gamespot.  If you see this guide on any other site, they are breaking the law.
    Please inform me and I will pursue the matter further.
    This guide was written based on the Playstation2 version of the game.
    VERSION 6b  -  01/08/04  - Made additions to Dodge Island, Calita in Trouble
                               and Arms Deal.  I think we've covered pretty much
                               everything now, so this is the final version.
                               Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed.  My favourite
                               was the person who said they had been told by a
                               friend you can get to Vice City from a secret
                               entrance in Miami and could I let him know where
    				   it is!  (It's not true in case you were wondering).
    VERSION 6a  -  12/07/04  - Made a few minor additions and amendments based on
                               e-mails I've received, notably an alternate route
                               to that difficult-to-find Timmy in Nice.
    VERSION 6   -  07/07/04  - Completed Timmys and secret car guide for Istanbul.
                               Expanded the interesting-things-to-do section (check
                               out "The Hole" in Nice!). Also added a clever way to
                               avoid having to chase the car in the mission Rescue
                               Dubois.  Made minor additions to some other missions
                               and added a cheats list.
    VERSION 5   -  04/07/04  - Completed Timmys and secret car guide for Nice.
    VERSION 4   -  03/07/04  - Did a bit tidying up and rewriting on some missions
                               but I don't think there is much more to add to them
                               now.  I have therefore begun a Timmys guide plus a
                               guide to the secret cars (Miami completed for both).
    VERSION 3b  -  01/07/04  - Rewrote The Chase again to make it as detailed
                               as possible.  Also the various ways of catching
                               the train in Chase the Train.  Plus an alternate
                               easier method for killing Fabienne in Calita in
                               Trouble.  Also started a section of interesting
                               things to do in Take A Ride.
    VERSION 3a -  30/06/04  -  Amended some walkthroughs based on e-mails and
                               my own investigations.  Changes include The
                               Siege, Dodge Island, Hijack, Smash and Run and
                               everyone's favourite (!), The Chase.
                               Also expanded shooting tutorial.
    VERSION 3  -  29/06/04  -  All Istanbul mission walkthroughs completed
    VERSION 2  -  28/06/04  -  All Nice mission walkthroughs completed
    VERSION 1  -  26/06/04  -  All Miami mission walkthroughs completed
    PART I    Introduction
    PART II   Controlling Tanner and a guide to shooting
    PART III  Walkthrough:
              Mission  1:  Police HQ
              Mission  2:  Lead to Baccus
              Mission  3:  The Siege
              Mission  4:  Rooftops
              Mission  5:  Impress Lomaz
              Mission  6:  Gator's Yacht
              Mission  7:  Trapped
              Mission  8:  Dodge Island
              Mission  9:  Retribution
              Mission 10:  Welcome to Nice
              Mission 11:  Smash and Run
              Mission 12:  18-Wheeler
              Mission 13:  Hijack
              Mission 14:  Arms Deal
              Mission 15:  Booby Trap
              Mission 16:  Calita in Trouble
              Mission 17:  Rescue Dubois
              Mission 18:  Hunted
              Mission 19:  Surveillance
              Mission 20:  Tanner Escapes
              Mission 21:  Another Lead
              Mission 22:  Alleyway
              Mission 23:  The Chase
              Mission 24:  Bomb Truck
              Mission 25:  Chase the Train
    PART IV   Secret Cars Locations
    PART V    Timmys
    PART VI   Interesting Things to Do 
    PART VII  Cheats
    PART I.  Introduction
    The original Driver was one of my favourite games on the original Playstation.
    Unlike other driving games where you endlessly drive around a track (yawn),
    this was driving with a purpose, car chasing rather than car racing. The sequel
    suffered by being too ambitious for the Playstation but was still entertaining.
    I was, therefore, looking forward to Driv3r and was certainly concerned by the
    initial overwhelmingly negative reviews.  The game is far from perfect (there's
    the gaming understatement of 2004).  Although the on-foot sections are clumsy,
    they are reasonable enough and no worse than The Getaway.  Remember the awful
    avoid-the-lasers level in that game or the fact that there was no map to follow
    when driving?
    Yes, Grand Theft Auto controls easier but the GTA series is pretty much gaming
    perfection and as far as I'm concerned, Driv3r will do very well until GTA: San
    Andreas comes along.
    This is my first attempt at writing a walkthrough, so bear with me.  GameFAQs
    has always been my first port of call for game guides and I've used so many
    this walkthrough should be considered payback.  Any corrections and
    contributions will be gratefully received.
    Email me at richardsixone@yahoo.co.uk
    PART II.  Controlling Tanner and a Guide to Shooting.
    The Controls
    ...are in the manual.  What are you blind?  I'm always amazed at the number of
    people who get stuck on or complain about things that are covered in the
    manual.  For example, there have been criticisms that you can't invert the 
    aiming look but you can.  It's there in options, settings, controls.  And so 
    are the controls under controller configuration so you won't find them here.
    Instead, a general discussion about controlling Tanner on-foot and shooting
    which seems to cause a lot of people a lot of problems.  Those who struggle
    often do so because they're trying to play the game like GTA but the two games
    are totally different.  In GTA, the aiming is automatic, the problem being the
    number of bad guys and also running around in the open so you can fire at them
    without getting hit yourself.
    Driv3r is not like this.  You have to aim yourself but the bad guys are more
    like sentries guarding their area.  This allows you to seek them out, move out
    of cover to fire and move back.  If you run into an area with two or more bad
    guys and try to aim while running around a few feet from them as in GTA, you're
    not going to last very long.
    Basically, you control Tanner as you would most first person shooters,
    something which can be very confusing if you're used to one stick GTA controls.
    Moving the left analog stick left and right makes Tanner strafe and this is the
    method you should use during shootouts:
    1)  Use the right analog stick to move the camera to get a view of the
        bad guy and set the aiming icon to the right height. Head shots are
        the most effective but tricky, so generally aim for the chest.
    2)  Use the left analog stick to strafe out, then shoot and strafe back
        again.  The targeting icon turns red when you're on target.
    3)  Remember to reload.  The ammunition is reloaded in terms of bullets
        rather than clips so you don't lose ammunition for reloading before
        a clip is empty.
    4)  Try to keep as much distance between you and the target, making use of
        the targeting icon from some distance away
    5)  Precision weapons like the rifle and even the handguns work better for the
        above method rather than something like the shotgun
    In later missions, you sometimes don't have to time to line the camera up
    but you should be used to the controls by then.  By pressing Select, you can
    switch to a first person mode which you may find easier.  Use the early
    missions to experiment with both methods.  Generally speaking, first person
    is best for still targets from distance and third person for moving targets.
    There is an auto-aiming facility available in options, settings, controls but
    in my opinion, it doesn't work particularly well.  Feel free to try it.
    PART III.  The Walkthrough
    Mission 1  -  Police HQ
    Upon starting the game, you're into the first of a series of very impressive
    cut scenes.  Tanner is in Istanbul. He's caught in the middle of a firefight,
    dashes towards a car and then we cut to him on a hospital trolley being rushed
    into the emergency room where he flatlines.  Flashback to six months earlier...
    and we're in Miami.
    You start off in your apartment.  Note that there's a health pack in the
    kitchen, one in the bookcase behind you and another two upstairs, where there's
    a also very nice view from the balcony.  From the balcony, you can see Tanner
    has a pool.  The exit is straight ahead from your start position.  You could go
    out the patio doors and have a quick swim just to try it out.  You could even
    go for a ride in the boat on the dock (stand near it and press L1 to get in).
    Head out a little way, turn around and there's a great-looking sunrise if you
    Anyway, the exit is straight ahead from your start and the garage is on your
    right.  Hit L1 to get in your car and head for the police station.  Note the
    map in the bottom right corner turns as you do and it shows you the crow-flies
    direction of your objective (police HQ).  Pressing start brings up the city map
    which you can move left/right/up/down with the left stick and zoom in/out with
    the right stick.
    Drive to police HQ and take the opportunity to try the burnout for quick starts
    (circle button) and handbrake turn (triangle).  Park where you like and enter
    the police station.  You're told the firing range is all yours, so head through
    the door with the rifle next to it and through the next door.
    Press triangle to equip your pistol and begin.  You need to hit the criminals
    (red) and not civilians (grey).  Use the left/right strafe technique outlined
    above and make your way round.  Use the right stick when turning and to make
    left/right adjustments to your aim.  It's worth running through it a few times.
    Once you've really got the hang of it, you should be able to get a negative
    total time.
    Mission 2  -  Lead to Baccus
    Into the first proper mission and you are to provide backup to Miami PD's
    finest.  Quickly get into the cop car parked in front of you and follow the
    police car with the red arrow above it (the green dot on your map).  It's a
    straight-forward drive once you've caught up.  If you like, you can press R1
    to get the siren going.  Eventually, a cut scene will begin and that's it.
    Short wasn't it?
    Mission 3  -  The Siege
    Baccus has taken a hostage, so you're going in. Get out your pistol and head
    off to the right to find the side entrance.  As you go right again, two bad
    guys will appear.  Take 'em out.  The targeting reticule turns red when you're
    aiming correctly.  Reload, head towards but not into the compound.  Take out
    one guy who is somewhat to the left as you're facing the entrance.  Remember,
    get the aiming height correct, strafe, shoot.  There's another guy to kill to
    the far left as well.
    Once you've killed them both, Baccus jumps in his car and makes a break for
    it.  Head right and chase him.  As with any driving game, brake early for
    corners but otherwise keep your foot on the gas.  Eventually, Baccus crashes
    and you confront and shoot him.  You learn Baccus was due to deliver a car to
    the South Beach gang.  This is your chance to get on the inside.
    Alternate approach, thanks to Jgray for this:
    At the beginning of the mission, get in a cop car and drive round past the
    side entrance.  A cut scene will show Baccus immediately getting in his car.
    He takes a jump over a wall to get away and you can do the same but fairly
    slowly or you'll flip over.  You can drive to the left side of the jump to
    avoid taking it.  Now chase Baccus as before.  This method cuts out the
    shooting part of the mission.  It's worth trying on a replay but on your first
    run through, I think it's better to get some shooting practice in.  You can
    also head off to the left, the opposite way to the side entrance and Baccus
    will take another different route out but you start some distance from him so
    he's easier to lose this way.
    Mission 4  -  Rooftops
    Head over to the hotel (but watch your driving as the cops chase you if you
    break the law from now on). Once there, head up the steps and through the door
    to enter the building.  As the mission title suggests, we're heading for the
    roof but not yet.  Go up the stairs, past the first floor until you're almost
    on the second floor.  Stand at the bottom of the last flight of stairs before
    the second floor (facing the "2").  The door to the second floor is diagonally
    up on your right.  Draw your weapon and hit select to change to a first person
    view.  You should just about be able to see a bad guy through that second floor
    door.  Take him out with a head shot and return to normal view.
    Head through the door onto the second floor and turn right.  The room we're
    heading for is at the end on the left.  There are two bad guys here, so walk
    past the door and approach it diagonally from its right side to open it and
    then draw back.  Use the right stick to move the camera and aim height to see
    each guy and strafe-kill them one at a time, firing at chest or head level.
    Enter the room, pick up the dropped pistol and the rifle on the bed and head
    back the way you came, this time continuing up to the roof (labelled R).
    There is a room before you reach the roof.  Edge carefully towards the door
    in this room.  Once open, you'll see three bad guys talking.  Once you fire,
    they'll scatter so go to first person and aim at the head of the guy on the
    left.  Release a volley of machine gun fire and you may hit all three in one
    go.  If not, use the strafe-kill method to kill any remaining (they could be
    standing round the corner on the left).
    Once round this corner, you'll see some steps.  Head down the first set and
    keep to the right.  Once you move to the other side (as if to go down the
    second set), two bad guys will appear.  So, turn around so you're facing back
    up the steps, quickly strafe right and then left and head back up the stairs.
    From the roof up here, you can pick off both guys very easily with head shots.
    Go down the steps and once there, face and set your aim for the top of the
    stairs on the other side.  Strafe right and a bad guy will appear on the stairs
    Kill him, head up these other stairs and stand under the light.  There's a
    health pack around the right corner of the building you're in front of.  Stand
    towards the left hand side of the light and a bad guy should appear from the
    top left (you may have to move from behind the building to tempt him out).
    Strafe-kill him and then the other guy standing more directly in front of you
    as you strafe out.
    There are two more bad guys on the right side this time (where the health pack
    was).  Strafe out and one will probably take a shot at you (fire once if not).
    You won't be able to see him (only the flash as he fires) but the targeting
    reticule will turn red when you're aim is ok.  The last guy is behind that
    white structure so strafe-kill him.  There's another health pack at the far
    end of this building and next to it is a door which leads to an elevator
    There are six bad guys to kill here.  Equip your machine gun, first person
    mode and stand on the left side of the elevator and aim for the head of the
    left guy of the two in front of you.  You may hit the other when he does a
    runner.  The next guy is in that reception-type building opposite you.  Use
    the camera/strafe to take him out and the same for the guy slightly more to
    the left as you face out.  The next guy is further left behind a car between
    the second and third pillars.  You can still kill him without leaving the lift.
    Note you can shoot the cars which will explode and kill the bad guys.
    Now you'll need to strafe out of the lift to kill the next two, one further
    down on the opposite side to you and one at the far end.  There will be one or
    two more to kill, on your side this time.  Once they're all dead, head across
    into that reception-type building and hit the switch.  The garage doors will
    open and two more guys will appear from an elevator in front of you.  Once
    they're dead, get in the car indicated by the red arrow.
    You're told not to wreck the car (you cannot damage the car beyond the line
    in the damage meter) but as you exit the garage, someone begins chasing you.
    He can drive faster than you and may well cause you to crash and fail the
    mission.  So, the best policy is to immediately get out of the car and fire
    your machine gun at him until he stops driving at you.  Now you've got a nice
    leisurely drive to drop the car off.
    Mission 5  -  Impress Lomaz
    Now you're on the inside, it's time to prove yourself to the gang.  Go out your
    patio doors, get in your boat and head off to see Lomaz.  Although L1 gets you
    into the boat, you need to jump off after pressing L1 again to get out.  Lomaz
    tells you he wants to wreck Tico's place.  A 90 second countdown timer starts
    once you're in the car.  This is basically a checkpoint race in which you have
    to smash barrels and damage buildings.  Use your burnout at the start and
    follow the green dots on the map.  Ignore the bad guys unless you want to run
    them over.  It's a case of practice makes perfect.  The last checkpoint is on
    a roof.  Line yourself up with the ramp, hit burnout and go for it!
    The second part is a shoot-out.  Once you've switched cars, drive to the bar,
    equip your rifle and go in.  You have 80 seconds to wreck the place.  As soon
    as you go in, shoot the barman.  There may be a guy to kill standing near the
    entrance to the pool room.  If not, don't go in that room.  Shoot the glasses,
    machines and furniture along the wall on your left.  A bad guy will appear on
    the other side of the room.  Go over and kill him and shoot the furniture and
    machines here and behind you.  Another bad guy will come out so kill him.  Now
    make your way round the main bar clockwise towards the pool room, shooting the
    glasses, pumps and stools.  With a bit of practice you should be ok.  You need
    to fill the damage bar in the allotted time or Lomaz will leave without you
    when the cops show up.  You're better off tapping the fire button rapidly
    rather than holding it down to save on the amount of reloading.
    Mission 6  -  Gator's Yacht
    Gator's a repoman who has ripped off Calita, head of the South Beach car theft
    ring.  You have to get some C4 and destroy his yacht.  The C4 is in Stiltsville
    which is a series of buildings in the middle of the water (where it says
    "Miami" on the map).  There are two approaches to obtaining the C4 for this
    Approach 1:
    Get in your boat and head over there.  There are heavily armed bad guys
    on these buildings so you need to approach carefully.  Head out to sea and turn
    around so "Miami" on the map is the right way up.  
    Slowly approach the red arrow building and you'll see some two guys standing on
    the upper level.  Press L1 to stop the boat, switch to first person and take
    them out.  They may be tricky to see if you're far out but follow the top level
    and shoot when the targeting is red.  Do the same with two guys on the dock
    level.  Edge closer to the dock.  There's one more guy to kill on the
    right-hand upper level.
    Dock and go up the steps.  The C4 is in the building in front of you but there
    are two guards so open the door but don't go in.  Position yourself so you're
    standing behind the doorway, move the camera and you should see the first guy.
    Strafe-kill him and then the other.  Grab the health and the C4.  Don't leave
    yet.  There is more C4 and another bad guy in the next room (door on your right
    as you enter).
    Approach 2:
    A more stealthy version suggested to be by Canaan Hill (thanks for the info):
    If you listen to Calina during the cutscene before the mission starts, she 
    tells you to steal one of the boats from the yacht to fool the Stiltsville 
    guards into thinking that you are one of them. When you start the mission, 
    do not head to Stiltsville, head to the yacht, but do not dock on the back 
    of it. There is a ladder on the right side of the boat that you can approach 
    from without alerting the guards. Coast in quietly and climb the ladder, 
    once on the deck, turn to your right and walk into the small white room with 
    a switch panel and a speedboat, press the switch and you will view a cutscene
    where Tanner boards the boat, after the cutscene ends, you are in the boat and
    it's in the water. You are now free to go to Stiltsville and walk all around
    the wooden buildings without getting shot at.
    Either way, once you've got all three C4s, a cut scene will kick in.  Get back
    in your boat and head for the yacht.  Approach the back of the yacht from the
    left so your boat is facing out to sea.  When the music changes, hit L1 and
    shoot three guys: one coming down stairs on the right, one up through the
    middle section and one on the left (who may not be shooting at you).
    The aim here is to plant explosives on three levels.  The bottom level is the
    most difficult, so get that over with first.  Head up the stairs and open the
    door which is on the left of the stairs to the next level.  There is a guy who
    you can't really see on the lower left of that yellow drum.  Use the targeting
    to find and kill him.  Now, dash down to that yellow drum and there's a guy to
    take out, turn roughly 120 degrees to the right to spot him.  There's a health
    pack (and possibly another guy) at the far end.   Head down to the other end,
    there's another guy to kill and then place to plant the C4 (press L1).
    Head back up the stairs (where a guy will appear).  Go through the door on the
    other side of the main steps.  There are two guys to kill here plus a health
    pack on the table.  Then two more guys, a health pack and the C4 position for
    this level in the next room.
    Head back and up those main middle steps and open the door to the next room
    where there are two guys, one right, two left plus a health pack on the right.
    As you go down this corridor, a guy will appear from the far end.  There are
    two health packs in the room which is the second door on your right.  At the
    end of this corridor is the bridge: two guys and a C4 position.  Once you've
    placed the last C4, a countdown will start so run back to your boat and head
    out to sea (ignore any bad guys).
    Of course, you don't have to place the C4 in this order, I just think it's
    better to do the hardest first and easiest second to set yourself up for the
    third.  There are some guys and a couple of health packs on the very highest
    level but you're better off ignoring them unless you desperately need the
    Mission 7  -  Trapped
    Two days later and you and the gang are car shopping when the police turn up.
    I'm not sure there's a great deal to say here.  Brake and then handbrake turn
    round the corners.  Head straight and follow the exit signs.  After a while
    and a small upward ramp and right turn, you'll be in a more open area, you
    need to veer off to the right side of this and then left at the end.  Straight
    and left again and you're heading for the exit which is on your left.  
    Once outside, take an immediate right and then go left at the t-junction and
    head down this road.  Bear right at the first fork, left at the second and then
    take your first right to go on the freeway.  Get off the first exit on the
    freeway, go left and first right and there's the arrow.  Simple!  Some cops may
    follow you along the way but if you go on and off the freeway seems to confuse
    You now have to ditch the car in the water.  Drive to the marked location and
    drive up the ramp.  There's no need to try to get out and don't worry if the
    cops are following.
    Mission 8  -  Dodge Island
    You're told to see Gator to get a car from him, so head on over there.  Slow
    down as you reach the entrance and the gates will be opened for you.  Once
    you're there and after a cut scene, immediately run to and get in the car and
    head straight.  You'll crash through the window but a container will stop you
    going further.  If you really put your foot down, you can just squeeze under
    it but this leaves you open to attack from two guys with guns.  I think it's
    better not to go under the container, get out and shoot the guy here and go
    through the gap where he is.  After a few turns and strafe-kill bad guys,
    you'll come to a more open area.  Two more guys to kill here then go up the
    stairs into the building. Here you'll find two health packs and another guy.
    You'll see the exit to a more open area, strafe-kill the two guys on the left
    here.  Grab the health pack at the far end near the stairs and head back
    towards the other end which is the way out.  There's two more guys and a health
    pack here.  Some guy will jump out at you from the left as you proceed and
    again at the far end. Head round these containers and you'll see two more guys
    to kill. They're easier to kill if you approach from where that first guy came
    running out rather than the second one.  As you move out from where these guys
    were standing, there's another health pack on your right.  Two guys will pull
    up in and get out of a car.  Shoot the guys, not the car as this is the car
    we're going to escape in.  Shoot the guys by the van and a few clips into
    the van itself.
    Once you're in the car, it's a case of following your nose down to the end and
    round to get out.  Cars will come to block you off but there's always a way
    through, it's just a case of of guessing/remembering which way.  You could go
    up here on foot, killing bad guys as you go but there are no health packs
    around so it's a tough ask.  A challenge for you once you've completed the
    level once.  At the top of the first straight, there's a motorbike you could
    take to do the second part, again something for another run-through.  I'll
    assume you're driving round from the start.
    You'll drive to the top and round, coming back in the opposite direction but
    on the other side of the dock area.  Once again, cars will attempt to block
    you.  If you end up being forced into or deliberately drive into the sea on
    your right as you come down here, you can just swim across to the road
    opposite and get out that way.  You have to be quick and swim directly
    straight across or else you'll drown.  It's less interesting than driving out
    and should be considered a chicken's way out (!!!!).  After a while a lorry
    will block your route (one heads straight for you just before this, by the
    one blocking you I mean the next one).  Head left at this point and then
    left and a quick right towards the main entrance.  You have two options here
    and then three options within these options! (the agony of choice).
    Option 1:  The Sprint
    You're heading for the exit but go straight across and through the gap in the
    fence and another gap immediately on the right.  Head for the far left corner
    on this side and there's a right turn which leads onto the road.  The
    drawbridge raises.  Here are the next three options:
    a)  You can just keep going and jump it.  You may not end right side up (in
        fact I can almost guarantee you won't) but the important thing is to get
        across in one piece (you, not the car).  Then get another car and drive
        back to the hideout.
    b)  Alternatively, you can get out on the approach to the bridge (when the
        game tells you to get clear of Dodge Island).  Shoot the guy up here on
        the left.  Enter the control room (also on the left, through the door).
        There's a guy in here to kill but also a health pack.  Hit the switch
        (L1) to lower the bridge.  Now go back and get your car and drive back to
        the hideout.
    c)  You can get out of the car, shoot the guy on the left and go down the
        stairs in the corner and leave by speedboat.
    Option 2:  Through the gates (thanks to Jgray for this)
    As you take that second left and are heading for the entrance, stop your car
    and get out.  You'll have to shoot the van that starts chasing you by running
    around on foot.  Once it's stopped, walk towards the main entrance, killing
    the two guys by the car.  You should be able to take them out from distance
    using the targeting.  On the right-hand of the two gates (the exit), there is
    a switch to open the door.  Press this (L1) and the gate will open and you
    can drive out.  You'll still need to pick an option from above, a b or c. 
    [Alternate approach, thanks to Steve Page for this:  This method starts quite a
    way back, when you were still on foot and the guys arrived in the car and the
    van to shoot at you (just before you started driving round).  Instead of
    driving the car, use it to get on top of the bin which is against the wall, to
    the right of the gate it was originally driven through.  From here, you can
    jump over the wall and jog up the road.  You won't encounter any bad guys along
    here and there aren't any at the main entrance either.  Continue to jog up to
    the bridge which will still rise so you'll have to take the two guys out to
    lower it and get across or take the boat.]
    Mission 9  -  Retribution
    It's time to go back and get Gator once and for all.  First take out the escort
    car (fire using R1) and then pursue Gator but there's no need to shoot him.
    Eventually, he'll reach his hideout and after a short cut scene, you'll be on
    foot.  The problem here is that you have to keep Lomaz alive as well as
    yourself, at least early on.  After dispatching the initial bad guys with the
    usual (but fast this time!) strafe-kill method, head forward and three more
    will appear.  Round the corner is another bad guy and through the door is
    another one plus a health pack.
    Another room, another villain, another health pack.  Go through the next empty
    room and when you open the door Gator's health bar will reappear and you'll be
    told to take a boat to stop him.  You need to quickly turn left, shoot the two
    guys, get in the boat and give chase.
    You only need to chase, eventually he'll stop at a dock where you'll need to
    be quick to take out three bad guys.  It's probably best to stop slightly early
    and take them out from distance.  Get onto the dock.  If you're in the water
    you can get out by going up to the ladder and pressing L1.  Make your way up
    the stairs (move the camera so you can see where you're going) and kill the guy
    there and the one who rushes round the corner.  
    The wooden door in front of you gets shot off as you approach.  Kill the guy to
    the right behind the door and grab the health pack.  Position the camera so you
    can see down the long corridor and you'll see a guy popping out from the corner
    at the end.  Take him out.  Edge carefully down the corridor, open the door on 
    our right, kill the guy in here and grab the health pack.
    As you edge round the corner, the door will open, you'll be told to shoot the
    Gator and his health bar will appear.  If stand facing the doorway with your
    back to the wall and crouch down, you should be able to kill him from here.
    Well done....we're off to Nice.
    Mission 10  -  Welcome to Nice
    Calita has shipped the cars obtained in Miami to Nice.  Tanner wants to know
    who wants the cars but the Nice contacts Gaugin and Dubois won't tell him.  You
    begin in Nice by meeting up with Calita.  Go down the stairs, down the outside
    steps, get in your car and head for Calita.  Driving around Nice is very
    different to Miami.  The roads are much narrower and require greater skill.
    It's possible the designers picked Nice on the basis of the excellent Robert
    DeNiro car chase film "Ronin" which you should definitely check out if you
    haven't seen it.
    Anyway, when you're part the way there Calita tells you the locals are none too
    friendly and you have to get her out quick.  Assuming you are approaching her
    location on the main road that leads to the beach (with the car park on your 
    right), there's a left turn that takes you into a narrow street.  There is then
    an immediate left to take then stop as you take the first right.  Calita is in
    an enclosed courtyard immediately on the right side of the road.  You'll need
    to shoot your way in.  As ever, strafe-kill and watch for the guy behind the
    dustbin on your left.  When they're all dead, go over to Calita (where there's
    a health pack).
    You now need to escort Calita to the waiting van.  Calita may be low on energy
    by now so always stay in front of her.  You may have to do this section a few
    times to get to know the route and keep one step ahead of Calita.  Keep
    shooting and keep moving and you'll eventually see a van cross a road you're
    running down but this isn't the van we're heading for.  You actually want to go
    the other way here, where the van came from.  After a few more bad guys, it's a
    diagonal dash across the square and into the van.
    Now someone else is doing the driving and you have to shoot the cars that are
    tailing you.  The gun has a realistic but irritating habit of swinging off line
    as you go round corners but you've infinite ammo so just keep firing.  It took
    me a fair few attempts to get through this and I'm still not sure whether the
    cars stop based on the number of hits on the car or actual hits on the driver.
    Just keep firing and reload between attacks.  And persevere.  Pretty tough for
    a first mission that one.
    Mission 11  -  Smash and Run
    Here you have to get three cars and drive them into the back of a truck (shades
    of The Italian Job, Knight Rider, neither or both depending on your age).
    You're on a motorbike for the first time in a mission.  They're faster than the
    cars but trickier to handle.  To get to the first car, you need to get on the
    freeway, so although it's tempting, don't take that first left on the map.  The
    first car is in an underground car park off the freeway.  You really do have to
    be quick to get all three cars into the truck before it reaches the compound.
    If you fall off the motorbike on the initial run, you might as well start
    again.  Keep your figure jammed down on that X key at all times.  Good job
    there are no cops around.  Use burnout to quickly turn the first car around.
    Timecheck: I would say you need this first one in the back with around 2.75
    miles to go, less than 2.50 and you're going to be struggling.
    Obviously wait for a straight to drive the cars into the truck and take Michael
    Caine's advice, “Get the wheels in line!”.  Once it's in, immediately press L1
    to get out and go and hijack another vehicle, something fast and preferably
    another motorbike.  Draw your gun and aim at them as they approach to stop
    them just running over you.  The second car's in a garage (L1 to open) around
    the back of a hotel.  If you're on a motorbike, you don't need to go round to
    the right at the end of the main road to get there.  As you get towards the end
    of the main road, look ahead of you and there's a small gap in the fence, next
    to that white building on the left.  Go through here and head right to save a
    few valuable seconds.  It might also be quicker to run in this way if you
    hijacked a car.  You need to get the second car into the truck with over a
    mile to go to stand a chance of getting back for the third.  The slower you
    are getting these first two vehicles in, the further you have to backtrack to
    get the third.  Ideally, you're aiming for around 1.20 miles left.  Tough I
    The last one's in a car showroom.  Once again, try to hijack a motorbike to
    get there.  You should see the arrow on the left as you approach.  Save time by
    driving through the glass but then turn quickly to the left so you don't leave
    your vehicle blocking in the target car (this is why I said try to hijack a
    motorbike).  Keep pausing the game to check the map on the way back.  The
    truck takes a turn onto an irritatingly twisty road towards the end where it's
    tough to get the car in the back of the trailer.  Luckily you don't have to.
    If you follow the truck into the compound, you'll pass the mission.  I'm not
    sure you are supposed to do this but it works so why should we worry.
    Mission 12  -  18-Wheeler
    This is one of the best missions.  In this one, you are to deliver a container
    to Calita.  As you approach the docks, you'll be told to find a way in.
    There's a sloping road off to the left at this point that leads down to dock
    level.  Get out at the bottom of the slope.  You'll see the red arrow ahead but
    you can't reach it that directly.  Get out and walk along the dock that heads
    out into the distance, keeping to the far left.  When you reach a speedboat,
    turn right and drop into the sea to the left-hand side of that boat on stilts.
    Swim up the pipe on your right and go up the ladder (press L1 when near it).
    As you'll make a racket when using the crane you might as well ditch stealth
    here.  Run to the right until you reach the wall.  Turn around and shoot the
    first guy you can see.  The alarm will go off and around 10 guys will run out.
    Use the gap between the wall and the containers here to strafe-kill them.
    When they're all dead, run up the gap and follow the wall round to the crane
    (picking up the health pack along the way).  Make sure there's no-one else to
    kill before climbing the ladder.
    Once up the ladder, move to the crane controls (flashing yellow), face the
    containers and press L1. You're told to get the blue crate which is in the
    middle section on the bottom.  Press the right directional key three times
    and up once.  Press X to grab the container, down and then left three times.
    Press up and X to drop the container.  Now down, right, right, right, up and
    X to grab the blue one.  Now down, left, left, left and down.  You can't see
    it from here but you're now over the trailer to put the container on,
    so press X.
    You now have to attach a cab to the trailer.  Go down the ladder (L1 remember,
    don't drop off!).  Once you're on ground level, turn left and the building
    with the cab in is straight ahead.  Get in and drive it into position.  Now
    here's the fun bit!  You have to drive this monster to Calita.  A quick cut
    scene gets things going.  Pause regularly to view the map to see where
    you're heading.  It's best to go the long way round, following the road that
    is on the sea side.  The cops set up road blocks but you just barge through
    them.  Providing you don't get caught on any lampposts near roadblocks, you
    should be ok.  You ultimately need to head down a ramp which is on your left
    to reach the objective.  Great fun.  GTA eat your heart out.
    Mission 13  -  Hijack
    You've one more car to collect off another gang.  You're told to follow a
    truck but it goes down a road blocked by a van.  You can go straight on and
    follow the twisty road round and catch up that way.  Alternatively, you can
    bear right near the start into someone's drive and head to the right between
    the trees.  There's a ramp here that allows you to jump the fence onto the
    road.  This is easier, especially if you have difficulty cornering.  (Thanks
    to Mark for this).
    The truck eventually takes a right turn into a courtyard.  Stay back, get out
    and take out the two guards.  Walk up to the entrance but on the opposite side
    of the road and shoot the three guys you can see by standing either side of
    the bus shelter.  There are more guys around the corner as you move to go into
    the courtyard, again strafe-kill. You'll need to shoot some over the bins to
    your left and there's another guy high up on a tower on the left as well.
    There's no arrow but the car you need to take is the one in that courtyard.
    You have to get the car back to Calita in one piece.  The gang set up
    roadblocks but they're easily avoided.  Leave the courtyard by the other
    entrance, not the one you came in.  Go carefully down this road, the red
    triangle indicates someone is following you but in the various run-throughs
    I've done of this mission, he's always crashed.  Head straight down this road
    in the direction of Calita but slowly.  As you go round a corner you'll see
    three cars forming a roadblock.  To avoid this you need to turn right and
    drive up the steep grey road.  Go all the way up to the top here and turn left.
    Calita is down this road on the right.  I'm sure this mission is supposed to be
    more difficult than this but there you go.
    Alternate solution (thanks to Jgray for this):
    Get ahead of the truck and to the top of the hill near to where it's heading
    (after it takes that left turn off the main road).  Get out of your car and
    wait for the truck to come up the road.  Get out your rifle, aim for the cab
    and hit the driver as the truck appears.  Holster your weapon, get in the truck
    and drive into the courtyard where the truck was heading.  Get out of the cab
    and no-one will shoot you because they were expecting the truck.  You can now
    take the car and drive it back to Calita using the route described in the main
    walkthrough.  Just make sure you don't hit anyone in the courtyard with the
    truck or the car.
    Mission  14  -  Arms Deal
    You are to get some weapons, not knowing it's a set-up.  You've 50 seconds to
    get there so put your foot down.  You're told to pick up the explosives.  Drive
    down this road and you'll be shot at, so pull over to one side out-of-range.
    Get out and make your way back, strafe-killing the various guys with your rifle
    (save your uzi).  The problem here is that guys rush out so be prepared to
    strafe and back off.  Be aware of the guys in the garage to your left.  Once
    you've killed everyone in there, there's a health pack at the back.
    Get in the marked van but select your uzi as a weapon first.  You have to
    deliver the arms crate in two and a half minutes but it's unstable so no
    crashing.  Unfortunately, you're chased from early on.  You could put your
    foot down and try to out run the first car that spots you.  A better option
    is that when the car rams you for the first time, stop immediately and get out.
    Now shoot the car up with your uzi until it stops pursuing you, one clip should
    do it.  Get back in the van and continue to your destination. You'll only have
    time to do this once but it should be enough if you put your foot down the rest
    of the way.  Go straight down the road you're on, go left at the end and take
    the second right.  Go right at the end here, up the alley on your left and the
    objective is up here, slightly off to the left.
    Alternate approach, thanks to Rinks for this:  Once you've killed everyone,
    don't get in the truck immediately.  Instead, get in the car next to it and
    drive onto and across the road (turning to the right) and stop when you reach
    the first turning on the left (just past a metal gate).  The main car that
    chases you emerges from this road.  Park your car so you are blocking the lane
    that is on your left as you turn in.  You should be a little way up the road,
    directly facing a building called "Le Sainte Luce" and parked so that the road
    is clear in front of you and not behind you.  Now go back, get in the van and
    head for the objective at full speed.  The car that would have chased you
    crashes into your roadblock.  Once you've lost him, you have a leisurely drive
    to the drop-off point.
    Mission 15  -  Booby trap
    It's Speed, the computer game.  Your car will blow up if you drop below fifty.
    Initially, you have to follow the coast road to reach your objective.  There's
    a bar to tell you how close the bomb is to detonation, plus a speed gauge on
    the left.  Rather than keeping your finger permanently on X, it's better to
    pump it so the car stays around sixty and is easier to control.  You can drop
    below fifty for a few seconds providing you quickly get back up to speed.  The
    bomb gauge will reset itself each time.
    Once you reach the objective, you need to drive down onto the beach so that
    Lomaz can jump off onto a moving truck.  Get on the truck's left side to
    avoid the rocks.  Oddly, you have to press R1 to get Lomaz to jump.  Don't
    confuse this with L1 and jump out yourself.  It's easily done.
    Once Lomaz is out, the trick is getting out via the ramp on your right and
    then turning right to head for Fabienne.  It may take a few attempts but at
    least you don't have to start from the beginning.  You have to take the ramp
    more diagonally than straight.  The main thing now is to remember to take the
    second-to-last right turn here and not the last.  As you go down this road
    and near the objective, you'll see some warehouses on your right.  Turn in
    here and its an immediate left, pretty much diagonal.  Once you're heading
    for the truck, hit L1 to get out.  Good stuff.
    Mission 16  -  Calita in trouble
    You have a choice here, you can either rescue Calita or stop the truck which
    will otherwise run her over.  On the map, Calita is the arrowed objective and
    the truck is the moving green dot.  Getting to Calita first is tricky in the
    time.  She survives longer being shot at than the amount of time before she
    is run over.  Catch up with the truck and use R1 to get Lomaz to shoot at it
    to stop it.  I'm fairly sure both guys who shoot at you have to be killed
    before the truck will stop.  Once it's stopped the driver normally gets out
    so watch out for him.  An alternative approach, suggested by Jay D, is to get
    in front of the truck as you may have done in "Hijack" and shoot the driver.
    As before, you'll have to know the route but this might be the better option if
    you are struggling health-wise to cope with the guys shooting you as you try to
    shoot them.
    Head over to Calita and park where “Arms Deal” ended.  Go up the alley in the
    corner.  There are two guys to kill round this corner.  Go up the stairs on
    your right and kill the two up here.  From here, you can pick off the guys in
    the main courtyard.
    Once Calita's saved, you need to take out Fabienne.  This is by far the most
    difficult part of the game so far.  It's a very fast chase that ends in a
    shootout.  If you're at death's door health-wise at this point, I'd advise you
    to restart, so you've got at least 50% health, preferably more. The last thing
    you want to do is manage to catch Fabienne and then die during the shootout.
    If you're really struggling to keep your health up, try the alternate method of
    completing the mission below which doesn't involve a shootout with Fabienne.
    Go down the steps and there's a car off to your right.  Fabienne moves 
    quickly so it's vital to make a good start.  Holster your weapon on the way
    down the steps, double tap L1 to make sure Tanner gets in the car and use
    burnout to get away quickly.  There's not much to say here other than
    persevere.  If you're not 100% sure where Fabienne has turned, remember to
    pause the game to check the map to be sure.  One crash and you'll lose her.
    On the plus side, this is not a chase and ram mission.  You only have to follow
    her for a certain period of time before she crashes.  Then you get out and
    shoot her but be careful as she's also shooting at you.  It's a challenge that
    sets you up well for some of the driving later but if you're really having
    problems, try this...
    Alternate approach, thanks to Jorge Sanchez:
    Rather than chasing Fabienne, you can run past your car, up the alley and
    shoot her car as it passes.  Equip a rapid fire weapon as you are running up.
    I've tried this and it does work, though it may take a few tries (but certainly
    less than the car chase).  Jorge suggested using the uzi but I think that
    weapon which has 32/160 ammo when you select it (name?) works best.  You need
    to keep to the right side as you run up and then open fire while turning the
    aim to the left to follow the car and get the maximum number of shots in.
    Keep firing as she disappears up the street.  If you're successful, you'll
    either hit her directly or the car will crash up ahead and you can just run
    up and kill her.
    I tried it with the automatic rifle (default weapon) and I managed to hit
    Fabienne.  I got a message saying Fabienne is dead but momentum kept the car
    moving a short way.  The car must have drifted out of the range of the allowed
    gap between you and her so I got another message saying she had got away and
    the mission failed me.  Charming.  It wasn't a one-off either, I tried again
    and the same thing happened but it doesn't appear to be a problem if you hit
    her directly with other weapons.  Bizzare.
    Mission 17  -  Rescue Dubois
    Head for the restaurant but park a fair way from the objective so you can take
    out the first set of bad guys from distance.  Go up the stairs and the glass
    will shatter.  Take out the two bad guys here.  There's a health pack on the 
    right of the stairs here.  Head for the door on your right but slowly as two
    guys will emerge from it.  Kill them and grab the health pack in the corner.
    As you walk through the door, a guy will appear, so immediately back out and
    take him out.  There's also two standing in the dark further down on the left.
    Open the door in this dark area and there's a guy right there, so back off and
    shoot him and the other two in here.  You can get one of them by standing back
    in the far right corner of the dark area.
    Once the room is cleared, a cut scene kicks in and you have to chase the car
    with Dubois in.  Once again, holster, double L1 and burnout.  You have to shoot
    the car with R1 while giving chase.  Some routes are easier than others but as
    before persevere.  After the last mission, this should be easier.  It's a
    longer chase but at least it's in daylight.  Once you've shot the car enough
    to empty the bar, it will stop and you need to get out and shoot the two
    bodyguards to complete the mission.
    Alternate approach, thanks to Jordan080412:
    This is very clever and fun to try out.  As you begin the sequence in which
    you have to chase the car,  you need to run in front of it.  It's certainly
    tricky as you'll need to run forward and turn the camera to face the car at the
    same time to make sure you get in its way.  If the car hits you head-on, you
    may end up on its the bonnet.  Once Tanner has stood up, shoot at the car with
    your rifle while riding on the bonnet.  If you can stay on round the corners,
    you'll be able to fire enough bullets into the car to stop it and rescue
    Dubois.  Yes, it's a glitch but it's a good one.
    Mission 18  -  Hunted
    This is the last mission in Nice.  Now you've rescued Dubois, you have to get
    him out and get Vauban.  Head for the boathouse and try to ignore what is
    probably the worst pop-up in the game.  Once you're there, a cut scene shows
    you're not alone.  You're told to get to Vauban.  You need to get out via the
    raised platform accessed from the ladder.  Unfortunately, part of the platform
    is missing.  You need to get in the forklift, pick up one the pallets and raise
    it by pressing O.  Move the forklift over to the middle of the gap in the
    raised platform.  Now get out of the forklift and jump across to the box and
    then over to the other side.  Climb or jump down the ladder on the end of the
    platform and grab the health pack.  
    At this point, you have two options.  The first (thanks to Rob Hayward for
    this) is to get escape by boat.  As you reverse it out, it will be shot at and
    so will you.  You'll need to shoot the three guys on boats once you've reversed
    out a short way.  Then take your boat (or theirs) and go to your airport
    hideout where you can stock up on health and make your way to the next
    objective as described below.  I think this is the least preferable of the two
    options as its more long-winded but its your choice.
    I prefer to head directly out of the building:  At the bottom of the ladder,
    turn around and head for the door.  It will open as you get close and there are
    two bad guys waiting for you so get ready.  As soon as you stick your head out
    of the door, three guys get out of cars parked outside, so duck back into the
    building to take them out one by one.  Once they're dead, go out, grab the
    health pack on your right, get in one of the cars and head for Vauban.  Two
    cars will attempt to block your exit, so be quick.  You're chased all the way
    to the objective but you can't get out and shoot the car this time because
    they'll also get out to shoot you.
    [Alternate approach, thanks to Inuyasha267:  After you've killed the three guys
    parked outside, head out of the door and take up a position behind one of their
    cars.  The next two cars will arrive but this time shoot the guys who get out.
    When they're dead, take one of their cars, turn it around as if to head up the
    road but cut diagonally across the grass on your right.  You'll go through a
    gap and onto the road.  Turn right onto this road and you should be able to
    follow it round to the objective without being pursued.]
    When you're on the main road to the circular area, take the first right and the
    left just further ahead.  Take a sharp left at the end here.  You now have a
    choice.  You can either continue along this road and take a sharp handbrake
    turn at the top, avoiding the roadblock.  Then continue until you come to a
    sharp hill turn on the left.  Or you can get out when you see a blocked road to
    your right, run through the gap and steal the car you find here.  Then drive on
    to that hill turning on the left.  It's up to you. You'll lose some health
    either way but not to worry as there are three health packs up ahead.  The key
    thing is to lose your tail.
    You'll come to that hill turning on your left but keep going for now.  Drive a
    little way on and pick up the health pack just before the arch.  Reverse back
    to and take that left turning.  At the top, turn sharp right and go up here.
    Drive at speed down here and you'll pass a roadblock, keep going and stop
    further down here when you're out of range of being hit (but the bad guys are
    still firing).  There is a health pack here up a ramp on the right, before
    that road leading up on the left.
    If you're lucky, the bad guys will accidentally shoot one of their own cars,
    killing a number of them.  Head up that road on the left on foot.  As you get
    near the top, you should see three guys who you can take out without moving
    from cover by moving slowly towards that wall on the right and peeking over.
    Run up the ramp on your right and there's another health pack at the top.
    Through this arch you should use the targeting to find three guys to kill.
    Then advance forward but pull back as there as a number of guys to take out
    here, either arriving in cars or higher up on a ledge.  Once they're gone,
    face through the arch to the right and take out the two guys you can see
    then run to the objective.  An alternative way to approach the final section
    is to go in by destroying the cars in that roadblock you passed at speed.
    Your choice.  You'll be told you lost Calita and Vauban but you're supposed
    to, otherwise you wouldn't need to go to Istanbul....
    Mission 19  -  Surveillance
    If you've played the previous Driver games, you'll recognise this.  You have to
    follow the car in front without getting too close or too far behind.  Not much
    to it really.  Eventually, a cut scene will play out and you'll be told to find
    another way into the building.  Get out of the car and go down the road behind
    you.  At the junction, there's a gap in the wall on your right.  Follow this
    down and open the door.  You're told to get in undetected, so equip your
    silenced pistol and shoot the guy in front of you in the head.  You can shoot
    him and the other guys you're about to encounter early on in the body instead.
    Just make sure you shoot rapidly to take them out quickly.
    Head up the stairs on the left and there's another guy to shoot in the head.
    You're told to find the meeting.  Head up the first flight of the next set of
    stairs and turn around.  You should see a guy on the landing.  He may be
    patrolling, shoot him in the head.  You'll have to stand right back to be able
    to shoot over the railings.  Go up to the third floor and walk along until you
    are standing next to the first ladder.  Turn to face left and slowly strafe
    right.  You'll see a guy who's standing parallel to the first ladder but in
    the next room.  Another head shot will take him out.
    You need to drop down into the room below using the two platforms and walk to
    the objective to hear the meeting.  The cut scene will show you've been rumbled
    but once it has finished don't move, at least not yet.  Take out the guy who
    spotted you in the doorway first.  Now equip a rapid fire weapon.  There are
    five guys to take out opposite the doorway.  Face the doorway diagonally on
    both the right and the left to pick them off without rushing out.
    Once they're all dead, head out and turn right.  There's a long way to go here
    and a lot of guys to kill, so take your time.  Go to the end here and work
    your way towards the stairs but be aware a guy will come down them as you get
    close.  Go up these stairs using the camera to look round the corners as there
    is a guy standing in the doorway at the top.  There's another guy on the left
    of the doorway who you can kill before you go outside and the same goes for
    the right.  Move the camera to find and strafe-kill them.  Grab the health
    pack.  If you stand just inside the doorway (almost behind the door), you'll
    see another guy to kill on the right.  One more guy is on the right but you'll
    need to strafe out of the door to kill him.  There's also a guy standing behind
    him.  There's a health pack around the back of the building you emerge from.
    On the roof, there's a guy on the steps in the far corner behind the middle of
    those rectangular containers.  He won't appear on the steps until you move out
    towards them.  Get ready for his appearance.  You can use the targeting to find
    and kill him from just outside the doorway.  Head to the right of but not on
    those steps. There's a guy below you to kill.  There's one on the left side as
    well, plus one further back who tends to wander around a bit.
    Head down the steps and some more guys run out so head back up the steps
    again and take them out from the comparative safety of the higher roof.  You'll
    need to do this again to three more guys having walked further down the roof.
    Walk along the roof past the two cylinder containers.  There's a guy crouched
    down behind the longer part of that structure on the left.  There are two or
    three more guys to shoot who you'll see by edging carefully towards the edge of
    this roof.  You may have to go down the stairs to encourage them to appear and
    then back up to kill them.  Once they're dead, go down the steps and get the
    health pack.
    Go into the enclosed area, into the right corner, turn around and you'll see a
    gap and slope to go down.  Don't go all the way to the bottom.  Use the camera
    to look right near the bottom to see the guys round this corner.  You can
    either try shooting them from here or go down the other side (which is a better
    position but the camera is all screwy).
    Head towards the corner they were guarding and there's another guy to move the
    camera to find round this corner.  Go down the slope in the corner and you'll
    see a health pack.  Resist the urge to run and grab it as there are guys to
    kill first.  Stand almost at the end of the wall on your left and target the
    street to the left and right of the health pack platform.  There are two guys
    to find and kill here plus three more round the corner on your left.  Now grab
    the health pack and the one in the corner past where those three guys were
    We're almost at street level.  Drop down the gap in the floor, walking away
    from the street but not too quickly or you'll miss the second step.  A cut
    scene will show two cars pull up.  You need to get back to your hotel in the
    jeep but take out the guys standing by these cars first, plus a couple more to
    the right of them.  Shoot up the cars as well to be sure.
    Get in the jeep and head for the hotel but avoid the direct route as the enemy
    (red on the radar) is on patrol.  Go over the bridge near where it says
    Istanbul on the map and then go through the centre.  You should avoid being
    spotted this way.  Always keep an eye on the map.  It's a hundred times easier
    to avoid them than it is to lose them if you're spotted.
    Mission 20  -  Tanner Escapes
    Gator is still alive and knows where the cars are heading but your methods are
    under question and you're being sent back to Miami unless you escape first...
    This another shoot-from-the-van mission a la the first Nice mission.  You have
    a grenade launcher this time, so select that (it's the long weapon with 200
    rounds).  There's a delay before they explode (obviously), so you need to time
    them to hit the cops when they're still some distance from you.  If the cops
    get close (as they do in the later stages), you'll need to switch to the uzi to
    take them out.  There's more grenades than you could possibly need, so don't be
    afraid to fire one in anticipation of a cop car appearing.  A well-timed guess
    can make all the difference here.
    There's two parts to this mission.  A blocked road means you end up in the
    water and have to get to your hotel by boat.  After the cut scene, check the
    map. We're going to make our way down the left side (not under the bridges)
    almost to that little bit of beach you can see next to the grey area.  Keep
    away from the shore.  As you get nearer, you'll see a dock.  The screen will
    flash and the game will turn you around if you've gone too far.  Keep the boat
    some distance from the shore and jump out of the back of the boat and into the
    You now need to get on shore, get a car and drive all the way back to your
    hotel avoiding cops.  There is a car parked on the road to avoid hijacking
    one.  Take your time on the way to the hotel and keep an eye on that radar.
    If you are spotted, the mission becomes very difficult (there's a health pack
    round the back of the hotel if you need it).  Once you're there, you need to
    walk into the lobby of the hotel to complete the mission.
    Mission 21  -  Another lead
    This one starts with a chase in which the main problem is getting a good start.
    It begins on grass so burnout for a few seconds and then again once you're on
    the road.  Your straight line speed is faster than his so the less he corners
    the better for you, especially as the car you're driving is a real slider.  The
    chase doesn't last that long as it's not the major part of the mission.  He'll
    stop after a while and you need to catch him rather than kill him but you still
    have to kill those in your way.
    The first guy confronts you outside and three more as you move through the gate
    so be prepared and back off quickly.  Grab the health pack.  As you move on,
    there's two guys round the corner so back off again to take them out.  Two more
    guys round the next corner then duck into the passage on the left, prepared to
    take one guy out immediately.  Two more will appear before you can grab the
    health pack here.
    There's two more guys round the next corner.  Further up here there's a dead
    end on your left with another health pack.  Head back after picking up the
    health pack and look in front of you as soon as you turn to go out of this dead
    end.  There's another two or three in the distance to kill (I don't mean turn
    left, stay in the passage and face forward).  Now kill the guy to the left
    before heading up this way.  There's another four or five guys round the next
    corner plus a health pack.  Head down here and there's two more to your left
    plus a health to the right.  Your objective is straight on through the double
    Mission 22  -  Alleyway
    You've caught up with Calita and co again but this time you're after the
    bagman whose money is financing the deal.  You have no choice but to get in
    another slider.  A short quick reverse is all you need to give you some room
    for a burnout start.  This is a fast but fairly short chase which you should
    pause regularly to keep track of which way the bagman has turned.  Cornering
    by laying off the accelerator in advance is also better than heavy braking.
    Eventually the bagman leads you to a tight alleyway where you are boxed in.
    As soon as you hear your tyre burst hit the brake and make a dash for the
    arrowed building, which may be behind you by the time you've stopped.  This
    is a checkpoint.  You're immediately met by two guys so kill them and grab
    the health pack in that area to the left of the door. Head up the left side
    of the stairs.  Stand to the left of the doorway and kill the guy on an
    upper level on the right. Once you've killed him another runs in to find you
    so back off from the doorway.
    The next guy is crouched down high up on the left hand side of the door.  Kill
    him, go through the doorway and go left, keeping your back to the wall.  Turn
    to face back the way you came and begin to strafe left.  The next guy is above
    you on the right, quite near to you.  Use the targeting to seek him out.  Grab
    the very welcome health pack and go to the diagonally opposite corner.  A guy
    comes out of the door near here as you approach so be careful.  Go into where
    this guy came from, looking right and up. A door will open and another guy
    will appear.  Go up here.
    You need to edge forward into this room to encourage the guy to appear.
    There's a safe with a health pack in the top right corner of this room.  You
    can kill the guys who ambushed you by standing on the ledge if you want to but
    the door you need to go through is here by the safe.  As you might expect by
    now, a guy will appear as you make your way down here.  Go through the door in
    the right corner and head down the stairs.  A guy comes out as you reach the
    bottom.  Face left and strafe until you see a car you're told to take.  A guy
    will come out so kill him and there's another one you can't see opposite as
    well.  Take the car and head for the objective, avoiding enemy cars.
    Mission 23  -  The Chase
    So here we go with what is easily the most difficult mission in the game.  If
    you've played the original Driver, this is the equivalent of that final level
    The President's Run in terms of its frustration factor.  The mission is a chase
    split into two parts.  After the cut scene (that shot of Calita walking towards
    camera is used a lot isn't it), you have to chase Calita.  In this first part, 
    you only have to keep up with her, following her until she reaches one of the
    bridges over the river.
    As the phrase goes, well begun is half done and that's certainly the case here.
    A good start can set up you for a decent run at her.  As the level is loading
    (or should that be reloading), have your finger on the burnout key (circle) and
    the left analog stick all the way to the left.  You need to hold burnout down
    for about a second and then let go while still keeping the analog stick left.
    The momentum of the burnout should turn you around.  Now get on that
    accelerator pedal and get chasing her, another quick burnout will help if you
    can time it right and keep it under control.  If you hit the wall on the side
    of the road while turning, it means you're holding burnout down too long.
    Amazingly, this car is even more slidey than the last one.  As before, until
    you know the route, pause frequently to check which way she went.  This chase
    is different to the others in that Calita always takes the same route.  This
    doesn't make it any easier though, especially as it's difficult enough to get
    through that first junction.  You'll have to go through it at top speed.
    Sometimes you'll make it and sometimes you won't but it's vital you don't
    lift off the accelerator.  [As a side note, I've been told by Tim Cassil and
    Greg Peters that Calita doesn't always follow the same route on the Xbox
    version, taking a different route through the alleys or even avoiding them
    Generally, brake early for the corners and swing out a little before turning
    if there's room but try to brake before you turn to minimise sliding. After
    that first straight, Calita takes you through a few back alleys.  Once on the
    road again, you head downhill towards a crossroads and straight across. You
    now have to follow her along this road until she reaches the bridge.  The
    end section is very windy and Calita normally diverts left through the trees.
    If you can follow her through here, you're far more likely to complete this
    section of the mission but you need to go exactly where she went otherwise
    you'll go straight into a tree. Once you're on the bridge, a cut scene will
    show it raise and Calita will jump it.
    You're told to find another way across.  You may think this means the other
    bridge but it doesn't.  You have two options here:
    Option 1:
    You can cross the river by boat.  Get out of the car and run down the steps
    on the other side of the bridge.  Hit L1 to get in the boat and go across the
    river. Because of the issues of getting out of the boat, head for the area
    between the two buildings, jump off the back of the boat and climb up the
    slope. The objective is the building on your right (checkpoint).
    Option 2:
    Before the stairs is a control booth which you can use to lower the bridge
    by pressing L1.  Get back in your car and head across the bridge.  Turn left
    at the end and drive towards the building on the left with the arrow above it
    Now for an even more difficult chase, on a bike that initially seems to float
    rather than drive.  You can complete this part of the mission in one of two
    ways.  You can either follow Calita all the way to her hideout or attempt to
    knock her off her bike.  If your handling of the bike isn't pretty much
    perfect, most of the time you'll be too far behind to even think about knocking
    her off.  The best thing I can do is describe the route so you know how close
    you are to the end.
    I don't think a burnout start is useful here as it makes the bike difficult to
    control, just make sure your finger is on that X key as the mission is
    reloading.  I've been told by someone (sorry, lost your name) that you catch
    her more easily if you do a wheelie down this first section (as she does). I'm
    not completely convinced by this but feel free to try it.  After that initial
    straight take the middle cobble route very briefly and then race up the left
    side on the tarmac against the flow of the traffic.  After the next long
    cobbled section, try to take the archway turn wide, though traffic doesn't
    always allow this.  If you're quick enough, this is the first opportunity to
    knock Calita off by crashing into her as she turns.
    Up ahead you go through a single and then double archway.  Calita slows a
    little to get through the double archways and the park, so you should be able
    to do the same without losing her.  Once again, it's another opportunity to
    knock her off her bike.  Brake early to set yourself up for the sharp right
    turn ahead and the trip through the park.  Don't go too slowly through here
    though as the bike can land on its front wheel as you approach the exit and
    flip you off.  It's best to go more towards the grass on the left side than in
    the middle of the path as you near the exit.
    Soon you'll be back on the road (and about time) and you can catch up a little
    in this section (the music that kicks in at this point is class!).  This second
    half of the chase is easier than the first as it takes place entirely on roads.
    The main problem is traffic appearing when you turn at junctions.  Follow the
    straight and eventually Calita takes a right then a left.  After a fairly long
    straight, she goes right at the top, probably the last chance to knock her off
    her bike.  She then goes left slightly further down.  There's always somebody
    turning out at this junction so be careful, especially as it's the last
    junction corner you'll need to take.  Calita now goes straight ahead for quite
    a while but makes a sudden left turn that is not on the map, going behind some
    She makes a jump here and a car attempts to block your path to stop you doing
    the same.  I'm sure it's possible to make the jump if you're close enough to
    Calita. I haven't managed it yet but have been e-mailed by various people to
    say if you do get through you land on Calita and pass the mission.  It's a very
    tight gap and difficult to judge speed-wise and if you don't make it you'll
    get shot to pieces.  If you're not very close to her, don't even try to attempt
    the jump.  If you are blocked, you immediately come under heavy fire. You can
    follow Calita as she makes the left turn to go off the road but then stop
    without turning to approach the jump.  You won't get the “you've lost her”
    message.  You can then take the first armed guard by the car out from here.
    There are two ways to approach this next part, one pretty difficult and the
    other ridiculously simple.
    Approach 1  -  difficult
    Head back onto the street and walk alongside the red building.  You'll come to
    a gap on the right.  Advancing from the street, there's the guy straight ahead
    to kill if you haven't already plus one at low level and one at high level,
    both off to the left.  There's also one at high level on the opposite side of
    the building that Calita jumps through.  One guy runs out as you go up the
    platform so be ready for him.  There are four more guys to kill.  One is
    higher up at the back, the other three on ground level.  There is a health
    pack on the upper level.  Go up the stairs, across the gap and turn left.
    Walk backwards onto it though because picking it up causes a bad guy to
    appear behind you.  Back on ground level, you can make a dash for the
    objective arrow by dropping off the right side next to the crate.  A guy runs
    up the sloping platform if you go that way and a car with two guys in also
    appears but if you run quickly to the right you'll probably only take a
    single hit and reach the objective ok.
    Approach 2  -  simple
    As before follow Calita's turn but get off and take out the first guard from
    distance.  Head onto the street again but this time keep heading down until
    you reach a sun-lit opening on the right with two telephone boxes.  This is
    an unguarded back entrance.  Walk up here, head right and just run up to
    Calita.  How simple was that?
    Of course, if you can knock Calita off her bike, you complete the mission right
    there and then.  It's not easy and the first time I did it was by accident but
    it's worth bearing in mind if you can get that close.  I've also got ahead of
    her a few times after she took a wider route on the dual carriageway in the
    second part.  This caused cars to literally pop-up out of nowhere just a few
    feet in front of me.  
    Call me a sadist but this is my favourite mission in the game even though it is
    tough to beat.  If they ever make a movie of Driver, they have to include this
    chase sequence in it.  It's probably the most cinematic car chase level I've
    played.  Great stuff.  Once you've caught her, well done.  Take the rest of the
    day off and providing your long distance shooting skills are ok, the last two
    missions should not cause you so much of a problem.
    Mission 24  -  Bomb Truck
    The cars have already gone.  You're staking out Jericho and the bagman.
    Jericho kills him and then suddenly you're chasing a bomb in a truck.  Did I
    miss something here?  Maybe this mission was added towards the end. Anyway,
    let's talk tactics.  The truck bombards you with bombs which will at the very
    least throw you off target and at worst flip you over completely.  You can
    shoot the bombs as they come out the van.
    The best option here is to get right up against the back of the truck so the
    bombs just fly over you.  Then let rip with your machine gun.  On the wider
    roads, it's worth driving on the other side to avoid the bombs and then
    swinging across when you're close.  Not that difficult really, more of a break
    after that tough chase and before the final mission.
    Mission 25  -  Chase the Train
    Part One:  The Train
    So here we are, the final mission.  Keep you figure on that X button.  You
    have to get past the train and there are a few ways of doing this:
    Option 1  -  Head it off before the bridge
    This is the most obvious option and is pretty tough.  A train approaches coming
    the other way early on and you have to pass the train you are chasing to the
    left as there's only a dead-end tunnel the other way.  You now have to get past
    before the bridge, avoiding that building sticking out in the process.  There's
    little margin for error and you can't lift off the accelerator.  You need to
    stay as close as you can to the train without touching it and getting bumped
    off course.  It's a tough start but once you're ahead you only need to keep
    following the track to get to a main objective bridge up ahead. As you can
    travel faster than the train, you can afford to lift off for corners and other
    areas which have things you can hit on the side of the track.  If you're not
    going to make it past the train before that initial bridge, you can divert left
    as you approach the bridge, head down through a fence and follow the road...
    Option 2  -  Divert onto the road
    As you race along the track initially and before you meet the train coming the
    other way, there are a couple of gaps in the fence.  Go through one of these
    and follow the road alongside the track.  Eventually, you'll catch up to the
    train and it's a good shot (cinematically speaking) as you come round the
    corner and there it is!  Now, along here are gaps in the fence to get back on
    the track.  The problem is how to describe where they are.
    Gap A  -  difficult
    The first is off the straight section that ends with a junction next to the
    "ad" in "Kennedy Road".  I would say it's about two-thirds distance along this
    section of straight.  You're just going to have to keep an eye out for it.
    There's a sort of black rectangular stone structure standing upright on the
    right shortly before it.  Watch the trees and the pylons as you squeeze through
    what is a tight gap with all the obstacles.  If your driving is up to scratch
    or you tried to overtake the train by the bridge but aborted the attempt
    (without a serious crash), you should have time to lift off the accelerator to
    stand a better chance of making it through.  There's a bridge not far ahead so
    you have to get in quick.
    Gap B  -  easier
    Your second option is to go up the slope at that "ad" junction.  It's a steep
    slope and you'll get thrown off course a bit but it's more straight-forward
    than Gap A.
    Gap C  -  easiest
    Option number three is the easiest of the lot.  Go past the "ad" junction and
    turn in at the next junction.  Take the second turning on the left which is
    past a wall (it's not the more open first gap you see but the smaller second
    one).  Now divert to the right to get on the track.  There's more run-off room
    here plus you've got more chance to get ahead of the train. 
    Gap D  -  ?
    Gap D isn't really a gap, more of an alternate approach which may or may not be
    possible.  If you go past both of the junctions, the mission doesn't fail.  You
    get the message telling you to get to the bridge before the train.  The
    question is how?  I've had a good look around the next junction (where the
    objective is) but I can't see a way onto the track.  If you can find it let me
    Option 3  -  The Astro-Spiral Jump
    This isn't really an option when trying to complete the level for the first
    time, more something to come back and try later.  I've named it after that
    moment in the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun" where the car
    jumps over a river using a broken bridge, turning 360 degrees in the process.
    At the start of the mission, get after the train as usual but when the other
    one has passed you coming the other way, move to pass the train on its right
    side, not left as normal.  
    It's a dead end up ahead but as you race down here at full speed, get right up
    against the train.  You need to make sure you don't hit the edge of the
    carriages or you'll lose speed.  You'll go up a steep slope and if you time it
    right, you will jump into the air, somersault over the fence and land wheels up
    on the freeway facing the right way.  Most of the time you'll just crash
    spectacularly but if you can pull the move off it looks great on replays.  You
    can then continue on and find a gap to get on the track from option 2 or just
    stop round the corner to make it a short replay.
    This has been the only time I've used Film Director function so far and it's a
    very easy system to use, much more so than in the previous Drivers.  Put a
    tripod camera above the track a little further along from the jump (facing you
    as you approach) and lock it to the car so it pans to follow you over the
    fence, onto the freeway and off into the distance.  It looks fantastic.  I'm
    sure it's also possible to land on the roof of the train if you don't hit the
    slope as fast but I haven't managed it yet.
    Part Two:  Kill Jericho
    Once you reach the bridge, Jericho jumps off and you chase him on foot. For
    starters, take out the three guys up ahead, ignoring Jericho as he runs off
    into the distance.  Grab their ammo, something you'll need to remember to do
    throughout this mission.  There is a swarm of bad guys ahead plus you need to
    protect two of your fellow officers who tend to run up to positions close to
    the bad guys and then shoot them.  Maybe they are used to playing GTA as well.
    Note that Jones and Vauban's health bars don't appear until you step off the
    mud and onto the pavement, so use your targeting to take out any bad guys you
    can see from the muddy area.  There are four to find, one straight ahead and
    three to the right.
    I think it's better to go up the right side on this street, only crossing to
    kill guys on the other side.  Keep strafing as you move up and use the
    targeting to take out as many guys from distance as possible.  If you find
    yourself suddenly being shot to pieces it could be that you're in Jones or
    Vauban's firing line.  Idiots.  There's a health pack on the right-hand side of
    the road, on your side of the second burnt-out car as you go up the hill.
    There's another on the left hand side of the crossroads at the top of the road
    behind a car.  As you progress down the next road, there's a health pack in
    front of a car on your left.  Same again further down.
    When you get down as far as some cars blocking the road, you're told to kill
    Jericho and a swarm of guys come out from the right.  Kill all these and begin
    walking down where they came from.  Jericho is down here, protected by a few
    more guys.  You don't need to go and find him.  You're better off using the
    targeting to take him out from distance.  There's no need to go down any
    further than the first skip on the left. It takes a lot of rounds to finish
    Jericho off but he has trouble hitting you from so far away.  Once he's dead,
    that's it.  You have completed Driv3r.  As end levels go, I don't think it's
    that difficult providing your shooting skills are up to scratch. I could name
    half a dozen levels in the game that gave me more trouble than this one did.
    For all its little irritations, I enjoyed this game a lot.  I don't think the
    on-foot sections were that badly implemented if you gave them a chance but so
    few people did.  There are some great missions, even though a few seem to be
    made deliberately difficult to extend the time it takes to complete the game.
    The driving sections are excellent and it's a better game than “The Getaway”
    which I laboured through to completion before trading it in.
    Some of the bad press the game got was justified but a lot of it seems very
    harsh.  None of the bugs make the game unplayable and it's more a case of it
    failing to match the hype.  OK, it doesn't have the depth of a GTA but if you
    enjoyed the original Driver games then this is solid entertainment.
    PART IV.  Secret Cars Locations
    In Take-A-Ride, there are 3 secret vehicles in each city.  As you get near to
    them, the game slows down briefly for some reason, so its a sign you're close.
    Once you've found it, you'll get a message to say you found a secret car and it
    will be selectable in vehicle options at the beginning of take-a-ride (remember
    to save your profile).
    For some reason, you can only have one secret car out of its location at a
    time.  So don't drive one secret car to find another.  In fact, you're probably
    better off quitting your take-a-ride game and starting a new one each time you
    go to look for a new secret car.
    1)  The first car is the easiest to find.  On the Miami map, look at the two
        ways to cross the big stretch of water (above where it says "Miami").
        One has a single straight road leading off it to a small island.  It's the
        lower of the two if you've got the map so that "Miami" is the right way up.
        The car is in a garage at the end of this road.  It's some kind of sports
        car, not that interesting really.
    2)  With the map the right way up, go to the safehouse which is on the
        left-hand side of the map.  It's the red cross in a white circle to the
        right of Little Havana.  Go down the short road that heads directly south
        from here.  Turn left at the bottom.  Along here there is a turning almost
        immediately on the right, not marked as a road on the map.  Follow this
        road down.  As you drive round the right bend at the end, you'll get the
        slowdown.  Turn left at the next junction, follow this all the way down and
        get out when you see the river.  Turn left to face the freeway.  The alley
        with the secret car is just ahead on the left.  It's a fast open-top little
    3)  This is the best, a go-kart and a track to go with it.  Look on the map for
        Coral Gables and head over there.  It's a green area on the left hand side
        of the city if you've got the map the right way up.  Take the second road
        into Coral Gables which goes all the way down to the entrance to the
        grounds of the Biltmore Hotel.  Turn right here and follow this road down
        and go right at the crossroads.  Go straight on here onto the path, not
        left into the car park.  The path will bend left but keep heading straight
        until you see a tree.  Bear left here and in the corner you'll see a slope
        leading to a tunnel.
        Go down the tunnel and you'll come to a courtyard with a locked gate.  Go
        up the stairs which lead to the longest platform and follow this round
        until you reach Gate Control.  After the narrow corridor, there is a room
        with a Timmy to kill.  There is also a switch, push L1 to open the locked
        gate and go back and head up there.  Go left and follow this passage to the
        racetrack.  Turn left when you're on the track and the go-kart is down here
        in the pits on the right-hand side, just after the footbridge.
    1)  Turn into the road leading to the airport and head straight on onto the
        runway.  Turn left when you reach it and head straight down here.  Keep an
        eye out on your left side for some red garages (use L2 to change the
        viewing angle).  The car is in the garage furthest left.  It will open
        as you approach.  (Thanks to Rob Hayward for this).
    2)  Go to the castle at the top of the hill in the circular area on the left
        side of the map (where you go in the Hunted mission).  As you turn into the
        castle grounds, you'll see the cafe.  The van is in a garage to the left of
        the cafe.  It's some kind of hippy van.  (Thanks to Rob Hayward for this).
    3)  Go to the far right side of the map where there is a looped road.  There is
        a road leading off it which is not on the map.  It takes you onto the green
        area to the right of the loop.  You can't tell but this is a looped road as
        well. Turn onto it and head anti-clockwise.  After a few bends, you'll see
        a steep driveway on your left.  Go up here and when the drive ends, if you
        go a little further, you'll see some garages in the garden on the left-hand
        side.  The forklift is in here.
    1)  Head to the light grey area that is on the north part of Istanbul, to the
        left of the top of the left-hand bridge.  You go through an archway and
        onto a very small map road when you turn into it.  The road stops on the
        map but actually keeps going.  Follow it round to the left, straight on,
        right, right past the ship on stilts and right again.  You'll now be facing
        a jump.  On foot, go right directly before the jump and the cones.  Follow
        this round and you'll pass two red containers.  The car is in the second
        one and will open as you walk past.  It's like an old-fashioned formula 1
    2)  Look at the very bottom of the map.  Go to where the red train track
        ends, intersecting with the road on the far left-hand side.  You should be
        under a bridge when you get there.  Head north and take the first left but
        only so that you're just turning into it.  Get out and turn left and you'll
        see a couple of railway carriages ahead.  Run up to and past these and turn
        right.  You'll see a red/green/white carriage.  Go past this one to the
        next similar carriage.  Head into the buliding here and the car is behind a
        blue shipping container.  It's a vintage car of some kind.
    3)  Start from the fourth start point (north-east).  Turn the car around.
        Follow this road down and take the right turn after it bends to the left.
        Follow this road, which becomes tarmac, until it ends and go left.  Follow
        this road until it ends at a t-junction.  Get out here and head into the
        compound on your right.  Jog up here, past the first building.  The car is
        in a garage that is part of the second building.  It's on the long side
        facing you, at the far end.  It's another old-style car but more sporty.  
    PART V.   Timmy Vermicelli
    If you've played GTA III (and if not, why not), you may remember a mission in
    which you had to chase and kill a guy called Tanner.  This was Rockstar's
    tribute(?!) to the Driver series that is its closest rival (and inspiration for
    the PS2 versions of GTA?).
    In return, Reflections have a section in Driv3r in which you have to hunt down
    and kill a character called Timmy Vermicelli (named after GTA: Vice City's
    Tommy Vercetti).  He's dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and is wearing inflatable
    armbands because he can't swim!!!  Don't laugh too hard though because he
    shoots at you as soon as he sees you.  There are 10 Timmys to find and kill in
    each city.  You search for them in Take-A-Ride and once you've got all 10,
    various extras are unlocked.  It's like the hidden packages in GTA only shorter
    and more entertaining.
    [While we're on the subject, does anyone actually enjoy looking for those
    hidden packages in GTA?  I find it a tedious and irritating chore that you are
    forced to do if you want to unlock the 100% extras.  I hope they cut them out
    of the next GTA or at least come up with something different.  I'd never do a
    guide to a GTA game in which you had to describe the locations of 100 packages.
    Torture.  It's bad enough collecting them.  It must be dull as hell to program
    as well.]
    Anyway, it's a good idea to quit the game and save your profile each time you
    find and kill a Timmy.  My guide assumes you are doing this.
    Number One:
    If you've unlocked the Go-Kart secret car, you will have killed this Timmy
    already.  If not, scroll up to find and kill him (and have a go on the go-kart
    while you're there).
    Number Two:
    The easiest one to find is the one near your hideout where you begin undercover
    mode.  It's the start point which is one to the left of the default.  Get out
    of the car and go round the back of the house opposite yours (via its right
    side as you look at it).  By moving the camera, you should be able to pick him
    off from the side of the house.
    Number Three:
    Starting from the same place as number one, get out of the car, go round the
    back of your house and get in your boat.  Go to Stiltsville (where it says
    "Miami" on the map).  There is a building above the last i in Miami.  Timmy is
    in here.  Go up the stairs and round to the right.
    Number Four:
    This is located in the building that was the setting for "Rooftops".  From the
    default Miami start (far right), take that immediate left and then at the end
    go right.  Go up here, the road bends to the left, then take the first right.
    Go up here, across the crossroads and watch for some blue skips on the right.
    Turn in here and get out.  Go up the fire escape, in through the blue door and
    up the stairs.  Once you reach the R floor, go through the plant room and out
    onto the roof.  Follow the route you took in "Rooftops" to the left corner,
    down the stairs, up the opposite stairs and to the yellow door at the end.
    Go through the door and Timmy comes up in the elevator.
    Number Five:
    Begin from the starting point which is lowest and furthest left.  Go straight
    on and just before the road bends to the left, take the right turn.  Turn left
    at the end and bear right to go over the bridge.  At the end of the bridge, go
    past the right turn and there is a left BEFORE the monorail track, just after
    a lamppost.  It isn't a road on the map.  Go up here to the end.  There should
    be a white building with three doors in front of you.  Get out and turn to the
    left.  Ahead of you on your right is an alley.  Go down here and Timmy is
    through the entrance on your left.  If you run in, you're in for a shock
    because he'll be behind you.  Swing the camera round as you near the entrance
    to find him.
    Number Six:
    This one is in the construction site where the first part of "Impress Lomaz"
    takes place.  Begin from the third start point this time (i.e. two presses
    left from the default).  Go to the safehouse which is on the left-hand side of
    the map.  It's the red cross in a white circle to the right of Little Havana
    (roughly southwest from your starting position).  Go down the short road that
    heads directly south from here.  Turn left at the bottom.  Along here there is
    a turning almost immediately on the right, not marked as a road on the map.
    Follow this road down and round to the right.  Keep going down here, past the
    left turn and you'll see a gap in the fence on the right with a ramp to get
    over a barrier from the other side.  Get out of the car and start turning to
    the right.  You will see an unfinished building ahead of you as you turn.
    Timmy is on the upper level of this building.  You can shoot him from here even
    though you can't make him out.  Use the targeting to find him or move in for a
    closer look.
    Number Seven:
    Begin from the third start point again and go to the safehouse which is on the
    left-hand side of the map again.  Looking at the map the right way up, there is
    a road to the right of the safehouse which goes north, passing under the
    freeway.  Go up this road and take the first map road on the left.  It's quite
    a way up, where you go under the freeway for the second time.  As you go down
    this road, keep an eye on the right side of the road.  After a long grey wall
    and a bit of grass, there's a couple of basketball courts on your right.  Stop
    and get out here and walk through the gap onto the first court.  Equip a weapon
    and walk diagonally across the courts.  Timmy is standing in the far corner in
    front of a house. The targeting will probably see him before you do.
    Number Eight:
    Start from the third Miami start point again and go to the safehouse which is
    on the left-hand side of the map again.  Follow the road that runs past the
    safehouse and into Little Havana all the way to the end and you'll reach the
    Orange Bowl stadium.  Get out and enter through the North Plaza ahead of you
    (there are no barriers on the right-hand side).  Jog along the left side of the
    stadium as you look at it, past those mobile cafes.  Before you get to the big
    staircase structure, there is an entrance to the stadium marked "Gate".  Go up
    here.  At the top, when you're in the stadium, turn left and jog down here to
    the end.  Timmy is in the area which is the very last turn on the left as you
    go down here.        
    Number Nine:
    This one is on Dodge Island.  Start from the third Miami start point again.
    Head straight on and take the first right then go left at the end.  Go straight
    on and take the first right to go onto Dodge Island.  Head over the bridge and
    as you come off it, look above you for a sign that stretches out across the 
    road and a large bush on the right.  Get out here.  Timmy is in the building on
    the other side of the wall on your right.  You'll have to jog down a bit and
    come back on yourself to go round the wall/fence.  The entrance is on the far
    side (parallel to where you parked) and Timmy is on an elevated platform in the
    building.  You can kill him without actually going in.
    Number Ten:
    Begin from the fourth start point which is lowest and furthest left.  Turn the
    car around to face the other way and head down here, heading straight on though
    the road does bend to the right initially.  Keep going until you see a set of
    roads on your right that looks like a grid (four squares joined together).
    Turn in here (right) then go down the road which is on your left.  As you go
    down here, just before the turning to the right, look for a gap in the wall.
    Get out and go through this gap and go up the stairs.  At the top, go round to
    the right and walk down here.  At the end, as you turn to the right, is a
    garage on your right marked A1.  Timmy is in here.  Press L1 to open it.
    OK, you've killed all 10 and you'll be told to go to the armoury (where many
    weapons are stored and a secret can be unlocked).  Pause the game and look at
    the map the right way up.  On the left-hand side, above where it says "Coral
    Gables", there is a blue dot, this is the armoury.  Head over there.  It's a
    small building in the back garden of a house.  As you go through the door,
    18-wheel anarchy mode will be unlocked.  Collect all the weapons in here and
    head back out.  The red blobs on the map are two rigs driven by Timmys.  You
    have to destroy them before they run you over.  This mini-game resets each time
    you enter the armoury.  If you have cops on and activate this mode by entering
    the armoury, all cops become Timmys in rigs, not just the two who initially
    come after you.
    BUG ALERT:  I'd searched for the Timmys with the cops off.  So after my first
    visit to the armoury, I quit the game and re-entered Take-a-Ride mode with the
    cops on.  However, when I tried to go to the armoury as it stated, as I went
    through the door I fell through the floor and floated down somewhere and died.
    I had to reset the console and reload the game to fix this problem.
    Number One:
    Start from the default position.  Take your immediate left, which is almost
    behind you.  Go left at the end and then divert through the gate which is up
    here on the left.  Keep going forward and get out when you reach the end.
    Timmy is in the warehouse on your left.  He may have taken a shot at you
    already.  Walk on the left-hand side of the warehouse, past the stairs.  Turn
    to the right to face the warehouse.  Timmy is on the second level, usually up
    on your right.  Carefully edge into the warehouse to find him.  
    Number Two:
    Start from the default again and head for the airport.  Before the right turn
    that is the map road into the airport, there is a barriered turn on the right
    which is not marked.  Turn down here and in front of you is a tower.  Timmy
    is at the top of it.  Climb the ladder to reach him.
    Number Three:
    Start from the default position again but choose a boat as your vehicle.  Head
    straight on and after the river turns to the right, you'll see a rock on your
    right.  Go past this and get out of the boat onto the right bank.  Timmy is
    hiding behind the rock up ahead on the left.  Use the targeting to find him
    from distance.
    Number Four:
    There's no easy way to explain this one, so bear with me.  Begin from the
    second start point (i.e. one press right from the default) and turn the car
    around.  Go left at the end, right and then left and stop (you should be on
    the coast road facing east).  Open the map and turn it the right way up.  If
    you continue down this road, you will pass three green areas, a grey area and
    two thin rectangular green areas before you reach that large grey area.  You
    need to drive down until you are halfway along that second thin rectangular
    green area.  About halfway along is an alleyway, use L2 while you're driving
    slowly (against the flow of the traffic) to look out for it.  Timmy is in the
    next building after the alleyway.  It has four brown/grey doors and the third
    one along opens so you can kill him.  (You might want to continue on and do the
    next one as it is near here).
    Alternate approach:  As before, begin at the second start point and turn the
    car around.  Go left at the end, right up ahead, then left onto the main coast
    road.  Drive down the wrong side of the road until you reach the fifth turning
    on the left.  As you reach it, you'll see a slope which allows you to drive up
    onto the roofs of the buildings.  Drive up here and slowly along the tops of
    the buildings.  Eventually, you'll reach a wooden roof which will collapse as
    you drive over it.  Timmy is in the building you will fall into.
    Number Five:
    Begin from the second start point and turn the car around.  Go left at the end,
    right and then left and stop (you should be on the coast road facing east).
    Head down this road and drive to the end of that second thin rectangular green
    area.  As you reach it, you will see a circular building high up directly ahead
    of you.  You need to head up to this building.  There is a path zig-zagging up
    to it.  Keep going straight on until you are under the building and the path
    is there.  Head up the path and once you're on top of the circular building,
    there is another path heading up.  Follow this quite a long way and you'll come
    to a gazebo.  Timmy is here.
    Number Six:
    Begin from the second start point and turn the car around.  Go left at the end,
    right and then left and stop (you should be on the coast road facing east).
    Keep heading down this road past where you've just been so you're driving round
    the edge of the grey area.  As the road bends to the left here, there is a
    lighthouse on your right.  Timmy is on top of it.  You don't have to climb it.
    You can take him out from ground level from distance.
    Number Seven:
    Begin from the second start point.   Head straight on up this road and get out
    just after the third turn on the right (the last turn before the road itself
    turns to the right).  There is a path here that leads to the church.  Go down
    here and Timmy is on the other side of the church.
    Number Eight:
    Select a boat as your vehicle and begin at the start point which is furthest
    right.  Turn left and follow the cliff round a short way until you see a cave.
    Go in here and once you're facing the exit on the other side, stop the boat.
    Timmy is standing in that area ahead and to the left.  You should be able to
    kill him from here.  
    Number Nine:
    This is located in the docks for the 18-wheeler mission.  Begin from the fourth
    start point (furthest right).  Turn the car around and head along this road.
    It bends to the right three times and then take the first left, just past a
    tree.  Go down this road and go left at the crossroads.  Eventually, after a
    right bend, take the turning on the left.  Continue along and go left at the
    Continue down here and after it bends to the right, look for the slope to the
    docks you went down during the mission (it's parallel to the first turning on
    the right).  Go down the slope and smash through the gates into the compound.
    As you bear right into the main compound area, Timmy is ahead of you in the
    far corner.
    Number Ten:
    Begin from the fourth start point (furthest right).  Turn the car around, drive
    on a little until you reach the turning on the left that leaves the main road
    and then joins it again round the corner.  Park on the grass here and get out.
    You need to run up that large rock hill in front of you.  This is a stunt
    course, somewhere to visit later.  As you reach the top of the hill, you'll
    see a high jump ahead and to the right.  Timmy is standing under the end of
    this jump. 
    Now you've killed all ten, you'll be told to go to the armoury.  Open up the
    map and turn it the right way up.  The armoury (blue dot) is at the Fort du
    Mont Alban, at the top of a dead-end road, roughly west (and down a bit) of
    your current position.  Head on up there and the entrance to the armoury is up
    the steps you can see as you turn into the fort car park.  Once you go in,
    you'll unlock fugitive mode.  All pedestrians will be now be armed and after
    you!  The health and weapons are in a room round to the left.
    Number One:
    Select a boat as your vehicle and start from the right-hand start point.  Drive
    forward slightly and then jump into the water and up the steps to your left.
    Go left at the top and Timmy is on the roof of the building round the next
    corner (the one with the small blue building on the top).
    Number Two:
    Begin from the fourth start point (most northerly).  Go to the end of the road
    and turn left.  Follow this road up the hill to the end and turn right.  Almost
    immediately, you will see a large grey building on your left (the dance club).
    Go in here (the entrance is up ahead, round the corner).  Timmy is above the
    dancefloor in the light blue area with the DJs but won't show himself until you
    move into the room.    
    Number Three:
    Begin from the third starting point.  Take the second turn on the left.  Get
    out when you come to the first building on the left (grey with a red sloping
    roof).  Get out, go in here and down the stairs.  Timmy is at the bar which is
    behind the stairs you've just walked down.
    Number Four:
    Begin from the third starting point and open the map.  Go to your hideout which
    is east of your starting position.  Right next door to it is a large red brick
    building.  Go in here and go up the stairs which are through the door to the
    left as you go in the front entrance.  Go up to the top of the stairs (past the
    first floor with the gym and up to the second floor).  At the top of the
    stairs, turn to the right and go down the corridor.  Turn left at the end and
    into the room on the left.  Diagonally opposite you as you enter the door is
    the kitchen (the part with the tiled floor).  In the kitchen, there is a
    cupboard leaning against a different-coloured part of the wall.  The different-
    coloured part of the wall is actually a door into a secret room where Timmy is
    hiding.  You need to shoot the cupboard out of the way first and then go
    through the door. Alternatively, fire a grenade at the cupboard and you'll
    probably kill Timmy at the same time.
    Number Five:
    Begin from the second start point and head onto the bridge nearest you.
    Before you're halfway across the bridge, you'll see what look like buildings
    on the side.  These are staircases down (and one has a booth to operate the
    drawbridge before the stairs).  Go down the stairs and Timmy is between two
    buildings towards the middle of the bridge.
    Number Six:
    Begin from the second starting point.  Turn the car around and go straight on,
    onto tarmac (not onto the cobbled road that was part of The Chase).  Follow
    this road all the way down to the end, almost into Sultanhamet.  Go right when
    the road ends and then left at the end of this road.  Follow it all the way
    down and at the end of the road, you'll see a long building on the left with a
    dome.  Timmy is in this building.  Go in and follow the passageway down the
    stairs.  Timmy is in the room to your right as you reach the bottom of the
    Number Seven:
    Begin from the second start point.  Turn the car around and take the first
    turning on the right.  Go down here and take the alley road that is the first
    turning on the left.  Look up ahead.  Go past the turning on the right and stop
    by the tree on the left which is just after it.  Get out here.  Turn to the
    left.  Go round the corner which is ahead and to the left.  Timmy is down here.
    Number Eight:
    Start from the default position.  Take the first left, go up the hill and take
    the first left again.  Use R2 to look to your right and slowly go down here.
    You'll soon see a building with no roof and most of the upper right side
    missing as well.  Timmy is on the second floor of this building, behind the
    wall to your left as reach the top of the stairs.
    Number Nine:
    Begin from the default starting position and head straight on.  Go left at the
    end of the road and cross the bridge.  Just after the end of the bridge is an
    archway turning on the left into the docks area.  Go through here.  Follow the
    road round to the left then ahead and to the right a couple of times until you
    are facing a jump.  To the far left of this jump is a very small building on
    supports.  Timmy is in here.
    Number Ten:
    Start from the default position again but choose a motorbike as your vehicle.
    Look at the very bottom of the map.  Go to where the red train track ends,
    intersecting with the road on the far left-hand side.  You should be under a
    bridge when you get there.  Head north and take the first left but only so that
    you're just turning into it.  Turn to the left and you'll see a couple of
    railway carriages ahead.  Squeeze past these and onto the track.  Turn right
    and head down the track.  Timmy is in a building that is facing you where the
    track forks.
    Now you've killed all ten, you'll be told to go to the armoury.  Open up the
    map.  It's very near you, the blue dot to the northwest.  The entrance is off
    the street to the right of a large cylindrical container.  Once inside, go to
    the left, to the left again and down the stairs into the armoury.  You will
    unlock infinite mass mode which basically means any car you drive will be
    PART VI.  Interesting Things To Do
    Not really sure what else to call this.  It'll be a collection of things you
    can do in Take-A-Ride.  E-mail me if you've found something worth adding.
    1)  Sitting in exploded cars
    If you blow up a car and the part of the body with the seats lands right way
    up, you can actually use L1 to get in and sit in the car.  It won't go anywhere
    of course, it just looks odd.  Thanks to Ernest Clark for this.
    1)  The drawbridge
    Various people (including Oliver Knutton, Roger Vaughan and someone else whose
    name I lost) have said to include the drawbridge.  If you've followed the Miami
    walkthrough, you'll have lowered it to escape during the Dodge Island mission.
    The booth to raise/lower the bridge is on the right as you cross the bridge to
    enter Dodge Island (in the middle of the map).  Try to catch out the cars and
    raise the bridge as they go across.
    1)  The Stunt Course
    If you've followed the Miami Timmys guide, you'll have found this already.
    If not, it's near the most westerly start point.  Turn around and it's on the
    other side of that large rock hill ahead of you.
    2)  The Hole
    This is something I saw on the gamefaqs message board originally posted by nks.
    Choose a big rig as your vehicle and from the default start point, head for the
    airport.  By the way, have you noticed how you can make the rig jump by driving
    over the top of low sports cars (Ferraris, Lambourginis) when they're heading
    straight for you?  Turn right into the road that leads directly onto the runway
    and you'll see the entrance to the underground parking garage on your right.
    You need to turn onto the grass between the tree and the entrance to the
    parking garage.  You need to drive onto it straight, so take turn wide and then
    use reverse to line yourself up.
    As you drive over it (very slowly), you'll fall into a hole and under the city
    onto a patch of grass.  Hopefully, you'll land wheels up (pressing X as you hit
    the grass helps get the rig back on its wheels).  If you don't make it first
    time (it's easy to get stuck or wreck the vehicle), just restart and try again.
    Now, once you're the right way up, reverse the rig into the corner of the grass
    that is above the A in  "Aeroport" on the map and next to the main road (you
    should be diagonally facing the kink in the road into the airport).  Put your
    foot down and race towards the kink.  You will shoot up into the air, back
    above ground and get a nice panoramic view of the city before falling into the
    sea.  Odd but spectacular.  Try other corners as ways to get out to find
    different views.
    1)  The drawbridge, part two  
    As in Miami, there is a drawbridge to raise/lower.  It's the right-hand bridge
    on the map.  Start from the second start point.  As you go over the bridge, the
    controls are in a booth which is on the right as you go across.
    2)  Take the Tram
    I saw this mentioned in a post by xboxrules94 on the GameFAQs message board
    (amongst all the Driver vs GTA rubbish), so decided to try it out.  It's best
    to start from the third Istanbul starting point (the furthest right on the
    lower part of the city).  It's the one in the grey area of Sultanhamet.  Head
    straight on and you will see the tram lines above you with platform stops on
    either side of the road.  Follow the lines straight on and you'll eventually
    meet a tram coming the other way.  Head back to the nearest platform to get on.
    It's tricky to get on but keep moving and jumping and you'll make it.  Roll if
    you're having problems getting through the platform barriers.  Once on the
    tram, get out a weapon and start firing.  The cops will show up.  You can shoot
    at them but it seems to me only they can shoot out the windows on the back of
    the tram.  The side windows you can shoot out.  Crouch down to reduce the
    numbers of times you get hit.
    When the trams starts to turn, things get very glitchy.  You can start to slide
    up the tram.  If you don't fight it, you can end up on the roof.  It can be
    tricky staying on the roof round corners and once it speeds up.  You might be
    better off taking the first left turn at the start and waiting at the station
    up here (on the left-hand side of the road as you drive up).  It takes three
    or four minutes for the tram to reach you but it has a long straight run after
    this, making it easier to stay on.
    I'm not a great believer in cheats.  They tend to make a game ridiculously
    simple to the extent that playing it is completely pointless.  On a separate
    point, having completed all the missions, found all the cars and the Timmys,
    the cheats were still not selectable as an option.  What on earth do you have
    to do to unlock them?  Anyway, here are the cheats, sent to me by Damien Wilson
    PS2 - S = square, O = circle
    Xbox - R = right trigger, L = left trigger
    * = only in Take A Ride
    All Missions:
    L1, R1, L1, L2, S, S, O - PS2
    X, X, Y, Y, R, R, L - Xbox
    All Weapons:
    R1, L2, S, O, R1, R2, L2 - PS2
    L, L, X, Y, Y, R, R - Xbox
    Unlimited Ammo:
    R1, R2, R1, R2, S, O, S - PS2
    R, R, L, L, X, Y, Y - Xbox
    S, S, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2 - PS2
    X, Y, L, R, L, R, R - Xbox
    O, O, L1, L2, R1, R2, S - PS2
    X, Y, R, R, L, L, Y - Xbox
    All Vehicles:
    L1, L1, S, O, L1, R1, O - PS2
    X, X, Y, Y, L, R, L - Xbox

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