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    Take-a-Ride Locations Guide by Aisk

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 08/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Take-a-Ride Location Guide (for PS2)
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                               By: Alex Sisk (Aisk)   
                         IMPORTANT NOTICES (PLEASE READ!):
    - Please, when e-mailing me with contributions; provide a screenname so I can 
      include it in this guide. If no name is provided, I will use the first part 
      of your e-mail.
    - There will be no more schedualed updates, just random updates whenever I 
      find new locations or get a new contribution. I didn't make this officially
      the final version, because I wanted to be able to edit it in case I find 
      something new. So, from now on only small updates will occur at random.
    - Even though there are no more schedualed updates, please don't stop e-mail-
      ing me with your comments and constributions. I do read every e-mail and 
      I appreciate those who have already e-mailed me. 
                              Table of Contents    
                           I. Copyright Information
                           II. Updates
                           III. Introduction
                           IV. Take-A-Ride Basics
                           V. Miami Attractions
                                   A) Miami Beach
                                   B) Mainland
                                   C) Islands/Misc.
                           VI. Nice Attractions
                                   A) West
                                   B) Central
                                   C) East
                           VII. Istanbul Attractions
                                   A) North
                                   B) South
                           IIX. Miami Safehouses
                           IX. Nice Safehouses
                           X. Istanbul Safehouses
                           XI. Fun Things to Do
                           XII. Glitches
                           XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
                           IXV. Timmy Vermicelli's
                                   A) Miami
                                   B) Nice
                                   C) Istanbul
                           XV. Secret Cars
                                   A) Miami
                                   B) Nice
                                   C) Istanbul
                           XVI. Contact Information
                           XVII. Credits
                            I. Copyright Information   
    This Guide is the property of Alex Sisk (Aisk). This guide is intended for 
    private use on selected sites, and is subject to applicable copyright laws. 
    Those wishing to use this guide outside of the selected sites must receive 
    written consent from the author requesting permission. After written consent 
    is obtained, only the person recieving written consent may use this guide. 
    Currently only 3 sites(gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, supercheats.com) have my
    permission to post this guide publicly.
                                   II. Updates      
    08.13.04 - V3.5 (Final)
             - Nice attraction 15B added.
             - Nice attraction 10B updated (Customs Yard) with NEW gate info.
             - Miami attraction 7B (Red River Bar) updated.
             - Timmy locations for Istanbul (section IXV, C) completed.
             - Entire guide revised for errors.
    08.09.04 - V3.0 
             - The BIGGEST and BEST update yet!
             - Timmy Vermicelli locations added (Section IXV).
             - Secret car locations added (Section XV).
             - Secret cars for all cities completed (Section XV A-C).
             - Locations for Timmy's in Miami & Nice completed (Section IXV A+B).
             - Sections XVI+XVII swapped.
             - Nice locations East (C) completed to date.
             - Section XII (glitches) started.
             - Section XIII updated with new FAQ's.
             - Nice attractions 14B, 7A & 13C added.
             - Miami attractions 19B, 8C added.
             - Started hosting on supercheats.com.
             - New contributions added (see Section XVII).
             - Miami attraction 4C updated.
             - Section IV (t-a-r Basics) updated.
             - Nice attractions 5C & 10B updated.
    08.02.04 - V2.5
             - Nice attraction 6A added (Pyramid Greenhouse).
             - Nice attractions 7+8C added (East).
             - New FAQ's added.
             - Section XI (Fun things to do) updated with new content.
             - Section II revised and edited.
    07.29.04 - V2.25
             - Miami location 18B added.
             - A directional error for Miami's default starting point is fixed.
             - Section XIII (FAQ) started.
             - Copyright information (I) Updated.
             - claybaccas 'The Middle Man' mini-game added to section XI.
    07.28.04 - V2.0
             - ASCII Art/Dividers Updated.
             - Nice attractions West (A), Central (B) complete.
             - Nice attractions East (C) started.
             - Miami location 8B updated with new interior locations. 
             - First day of hosting on neoseeker.com.
             - Section XV (Contact info) introduced.
             - Section numbers revised and edited due to errors.
             - Miami attractions revised and edited.
             - Section XI (Fun Things to do) started.
    07.27.04 - V1.5
             – Istanbul attractions (section VII) completed to date.
             - First day of hosting on gamefaqs.com.
             - Applied for hosting on neoseeker.com.
             - Nice locations (Part A) started.
             - Safehouse information (section V-VII) revised and corrected.
             - Spelling/Grammar errors revised and fixed.
    07.26.04 - V1.0
             - Miami attractions completed to date. 
             - Safehouses descriptions added and completed.  
             - Applied for hosting on gamefaqs.com.
    07.24.04 - Guide started.
                               III. Introduction      
    Welcome to the Take-a-Ride locations Guide for DRIV3R. I created this 
    guide to help anyone interested in seeing the sights, and visiting the 
    multiple indoor locations on the 'Take-a-Ride' mode. I will include more 
    secret locations, indoor places and interesting locations as I find them.
    All dates in this guide are arranged MM/DD/YY.
    This guide is pased on the PS2 version of the game. Unfortunately, I can't 
    guarantee all you XBOX users that every location in this guide will be in your
    game, but I do think that most of them will be, I doubt there is that much 
    difference between the 2 consoles. Also all glitches are written for the PS2. 
    I tried not to include any that didn't appear on XBOX, but again no guarantee.
    When, and if ever I refer to directions (North, South, East, West) your 
    map must be turned the RIGHT way up, meaning the text on the map is 
    right side up. Use this compass if you have trouble remembering N, S, 
    E and W:
                                    W ----- E
                            IV. Take-a-Ride Basics    
    - Obviously the Take-a-Ride mode is accessed by the main menu, where you 
      can select your city, time of day, weather, car and starting location.
    - The in-game map, referred to in this guide can be accessed at any time 
      during take-a-ride by pressing the START button. You can zoom in and 
      out using the RIGHT ANALOG and move the map around using the LEFT 
      ANALOG or D-PAD 
    - Throughout this guide I will often refer to names found on your in-
      game map, use the zooming ability to find these names, written in white 
    - Istanbul locations are only unlocked after you beat all the Nice and Miami
      mission in Undercover mode. As soon as you start playing missions in 
      Istanbul in undercover mode, you can start playing Istanbul in t-a-r mode.
    - Remember that while in t-a-r mode, there is no autosave. If you want to save
      your progress, exit to the main menu and go to Options > Profile and save.
                             V. Miami Attractions    
    1. OCEAN DRIVE (Miami Strip): Located on the same road as the default 
    starting position in Miami, Ocean Drive lights up at night with neon 
    lights. You can also take the boardwalk along Ocean Drive all the way 
    down to South Pointe Park. Best known for where Tommy Vercetti's hotel 
    is in VC. 
    2. MIAMI BEACH: Probably the most well known part of Miami, the beach 
    is located east of Ocean Drive, highlighted by the lighter color of 
    beige used on the map. There are several nice jumps along the beach for 
    some nice air.
    3. SOUTH POINTE PARK: Located on the southern most tip of the eastern 
    island, South Pointe Park is even marked on the map. You can visit this 
    beautiful park for awesome views of the coast.
    4. MIAMI BEACH GOLF COURSE: I couldn't find an official name for this 
    course, and there didn't appear to be a clubhouse, however it can still 
    be amusing to drive around on the sand bars and knock down the golf 
    flags. (Sadly, no there are no golf caddies like in GTAVC) It's located 
    in Miami Beach, in the most North Easterly part of the map. The entire 
    2 blocks of green located up here is the course.
    5. GTAVC IN MIAMI BEACH: From the default starting position, head 
    straight and take your last left. At the end of this road turn right. 
    Head along this road and take your first left (around the bend) and 
    continue along the river until this road ends. When it does look to your 
    left, you should see a red brick building, resembling Ken Rosenberg's 
    office in GTAVC. Pointless, but interesting none the less (there are a 
    bunch of these buildings scattered around the city).
    6. MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER: From the default starting point, take 
    your last left, then left again. Take your first right and head straight. 
    At the end of this road you should see the convention center. Sadly there 
    is no indoor location (to my knowledge) but still a tourist attraction. 
    There are also several nice jumps located in the parking lot west of 
    the convention center
    7. MIAMI BEACH MARINA: Located just north of Tanner's House (the real 
    nice one) on Miami Beach, the Marina is probably the best place to jack
    a boat. There are extensive docks, and several boats you can steal. 
    It's located almost exactly halfway between the bridge at Tanner's House
    (if you can't find it, look for the large parking lot just south of the 
    bridge, the marina is located behind it. Follow the shore until you find 
    an entrance)
    8. SOUTH POINTE GRAMMAR SCHOOL: Yes, DRIV3R does have schools. No 
    indoor location can be found here, but I thought I'd point it out 
    anyway. It's located right across the street from the Marina (#7A). 
    It's an orange and white building. 
    9. GOLD COAST HOTEL: You are led here in the mission 'Rooftops'. It is 
    located just north of Miami Beach, South of the golf course (#4A). From 
    the default starting position, head straight and take the last left. At 
    the end of this road turn right, and continue around the bend to your 
    left. The hotel stretches along the first road leading right. The indoor 
    locations, including a hotel room and several floors is open, but the 
    parking garage is closed.
    10. MIAMI PD HEADQUARTERS: You explore this place in the very first mission 
    in DRIV3R. From the default starting position, head straight and take your 
    last left. At the end of this road turn left. Take your forth (4) right, and 
    at the next intersection to your right is the police HQ. There are several 
    indoor rooms, along with the firing range (NOTE: The firing range doesn't
    seem to work in t-a-r mode).
    1. LIBERTY AIRLINES ARENA: No idea if this is the real name of the 
    place or not, I wasn't able to find a sign confirming it. I found it in 
    Swiftshark's walkthrough. It's located directly south of the Central 
    Island bridge, in between it at the Dodge Island bridge. There is a 
    small underground marking area accessible on the south side and a 
    larger three-storey parking garage across the street on the south side, 
    with a pretty impressive jump off the roof. If anybody can confirm this 
    name for me, e-mail me.
    2. MIAMI STARS CAFE: Located on the little green jut of land, just 
    south of the Dodge Island bridge (resembles an L) The Miami Stars Cafe 
    has a large spinning guitar on its roof, which reminded me of the Hard 
    Rock Cafe. You may remember this place from Driver (1). Accessible by a 
    small road not marked on the map, just south of the Bayside Outdoor 
    Marketplace (see below)
    3. MIAMI STARS MARINA: Located in the same area as the Miami Stars Cafe, 
    the marina is located right out back of the cafe. 
    4. MIAMI OUTDOOR CONCERT HALL: Found in the green area, just south of 
    the Miami Stars Cafe, the outdoor concert hall has a stage complete 
    with bleachers for all your fans.
    5. BAYSIDE PROMENADE: The Bayside Promenade is again, in the same green 
    area as the previous three locations. Located on the corner of the main 
    road and the Dodge Island bridge (in the form of a L around the parking 
    garage mentioned in 1B). You can explore in indoor/outdoor shopping 
    6. ELEVATED RAIL SYSTEM (MONORAIL): Marked on the map as the red line, 
    the Monorail is accessible by several stations, where you can go up and 
    walk around on the tracks, however, sadly you cannot actually ride on 
    the monorail.
    7. RED RIVER BAR: This is the bar that Lomaz had you destroy in the 
    mission 'Impress Lomaz'. The indoor location is still open, where you 
    can enter and shoot the place up again if you want. From the 3rd 
    starting point (in downtown) do a u-turn and take your first right. 
    Continue straight, and when you meet the funny fork in the road under 
    the freeway, turn right (heading west). Continue past your safehouse 
    and take the third right (counting the freeway exit and the alleyway 
    marked on the map) and continue straight. When you reach your first 
    left, the bar is on this corner. Something fun to do while inside (thanks to
    Gareth for this) you can shoot the pool balls around on the table into some
    of the pockets.
    8. MIAMI ORANGE BOWL STADIUM: Located in the large block just south of 
    the 'Little' in Little Havana on your map. The stadium is accessible 
    through many gates located in the parking lot surrounding the building. 
    Once inside you can walk around the lower bowl, or you can enter onto
    the field via a ground level entrance (players entrance) on the west side 
    (enter from the road. Thanks to GTAcrazy + supermati on the gamefaqs.com 
    DRIV3R message board for this info) I've also discovered some interior 
    shopping space on the western side, which is worth a visit. NOTE: There 
    is a Timmy located in the south-west corner of the stadium.
    9. THE BILTMORE HOTEL: Most famous for the location of the secret go-
    kart, the Biltmore Hotel is located in Coral Gables. Follow the western 
    entrance to Coral Gables down to the rectangle with the cross road.
    10. GO-KART TRACK: For exact detail on how to get here use one of the 
    secret car guides. The go-kart track is the location of a secret car 
    (go-kart) and it is behind the Biltmore Hotel (#9B). You can race 
    another go-kart racer around this cool track if you wish by driving 
    past the start line, you should hear him coming up on your tail.
    11. THE MORTAIN MALL: Used in the mission 'Trapped' the Mortain Mall 
    can be found in Coconut Grove, in the large block just South-east of 
    the word 'Grove' marked on your map. The building is marked with a 
    large 'M'. You can't miss it. You can explore inside and smash up 
    12. MIAMI CITY HALL: Located in Coconut Grove, the Miami City Hall can 
    be found just east of the Mortain Mall (look for the straight dead end 
    road marked on your map)
    13. LOS TRES JUANES PARK: Again, not sure of the official name of this 
    park, but it is a beautiful one. I got the name off a kiosk located 
    next to the entrance to the park. Marked on the map as the green area 
    north of the City Hall (#12B) this park has swimming pools, basketball 
    courts, playgrounds and an interesting building marked the 'Romeria de 
    la Hispanidad'.
    14. VIZCAYA/HEDGE MAZE: Located just north of the Los Tres Juanes Park
    (#13B), 'Vizcaya' (as marked on the gates) is accessible by the short L 
    shaped dead end road on your map. Walk up to the gates marked 'Vizcaya' 
    as they magically open. The path will lead you to a very old, upscale 
    estate, and to your right will be a hedge maze, however the maze 
    doesn't work to well since you can walk through hedges.
    15. GATOR'S BOATHOUSE/SHIPPING YARD: Located in between Downtown and 
    Coconut Grove, you may remember chasing Gator to this location in the 
    mission 'Retribution'. The entire interior locations are still open. It 
    can be tricky to find, and it is just north of #14B. Look for the 
    ending of the Monorail line (red lines) near where #14B is located. 
    Head north along this main road until you are parallel with the end of 
    the monorail. There are multiple alleyway's leading down to the 
    boathouse, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it.
    16. TICO'S CONSTRUCTION SITE: The one you destroyed in the first part 
    of the mission 'Impress Lomaz'. Tico's yard is located just to the west 
    of the main freeway heading through downtown. You will see on your map 
    a brown area to the west of the freeway on the river. It's surrounded 
    by green area. This is the construction yard. NOTE: There is a Timmy 
    who will shoot at you located here.
    17. RUNNING THE 400M: This is a running track to the west of the 
    downtown area and north of your motel safehouse. It's among the mess 
    and jumble of the freeway ramps that you can see just north-east of 
    Little Havana. From starting point #3 (downtown) head straight and take 
    your first left. At the end of this road, turn left again. Take your 
    first and only right (going straight will land you on the freeway, 
    where you don't want to be) Continue down this road and turn left at 
    the end. After the first bend in the road you will see a dirt road on 
    your right, take this until you find yourself on another road. Head 
    left at this road, and then take your first left. About halfway along 
    this road there will be an entrance to a small parking lot and white 
    buildings, the track is straight ahead. NOTE: There is also a Timmy 
    located in this area, be careful. 
    18. UNDERGROUND BUNKER (ARMORY): Found in behind one of the houses in
    Coral Gables, the Underground Bunker is the armory in Miami. Only 
    accessible after all 10 Timmy's have been killed, it is the starting
    point for 18-Wheeler Anarchy. There are also loads of weapons and
    medical kits down here, along with some nice posters on the walls.
    NOTE: 18-Wheeler Anarchy mode is engaged automatically everytime you
    enter the armory.
    19. SKATE PARK: Found in the most southern part of Miami, in Coconut Grove the
    skate park is an interesting place to visit, and it's also great for doing
    awesome stunts for a sweet replay. Start from the 4th starting point (most 
    southern) and pull a u-turn. Pull up your in-game map and you will see 2 dead
    end roads leading towards the shore. You want to take the 2nd one (most
    sothern one). You will pass some sort of nautical building and reach a parking
    lot. Straight ahead and in the left corner of the parking lot is an opening
    in the wall. Head out here, and you will see a playground and a half-pipe 
    ahead. This is part of the skate park. The rest of it is made of concrete and
    is just beyond the half-pipe (to the east of it). There is another half-pipe
    here, and some rails you can grind. There are also jumps, and some other cool
    things for pulling off sweet stunts. Enjoy pulling off some sweet stunts here.
    Probably most fun on a bike. There are also a bunch of dirt/grass jumps within
    the area. (Thanks to vicecitymaster & seanstintsons for directions on how to
    get to the skate park)
    C > Islands/Misc.
    1. DODGE ISLAND: The southern most island of the three, accessible 
    completely in the mission 'Dodge Island'.  Probably the most fun 
    feature is the workable draw bridge that you can control by the switch 
    in the control booth on either end of the bridge. 
    2. STAR ISLAND: This is the central most island of the three, home 
    of a safehouse. One of the three secret cars is also on the eastern 
    most road on this Island (dead end road). Multiple jumps can be found 
    in the construction yard.
    3. VENETIAN ISLANDS: Probably the least known of the 3 islands 
    connecting Miami Beach with the Mainland, Venetian Islands are the most 
    northerly ones, that look something like popsicle sticks. Home to many 
    of Miami's richest residents, judging by the upscale houses.
    Island, on the most easterly tip of the island, you are forced to 
    escape the container pier during the mission 'Dodge Island'. When you
    reach the gates, you can open them by using the small button on the pole
    near the door to the control booth. When at the gates, head to the door to
    the control booth on the left, to the left of the door is a pinkish pole
    with a button on it. Use L1 to press the button and open the gates. NOTE:
    You have to be in the right position to press the button, so if it doesn't
    work right away, try shifting a little and trying again. Once inside the
    gates, there is a massive place to explore, including some interior locations.
    (Thanks to Cmdeadgame for the info on the gates)
    5. STILTSVILLE: Only accessible by boat, Stiltsville is located in 
    Miami Harbor where the word 'Miami' is marked on the map. You visit 
    Stiltsville during several missions in Miami, and there are a few 
    indoor locations.
    6. ISLAND MONUMENT: Again, no name to accompany this one. Located 
    between Star Island and the second part of Star Island (the smaller 
    eastern island)is a very small Island, only accessible by boat or by 
    swimming. On this Island is the unnamed monument, which resembles the 
    Washington Monument. 
    7. GATOR'S YACHT: Amazingly enough, even though you blow this boat up 
    in the mission 'Gators Yacht' it still appears in take-a-ride mode of 
    the coast of Fisher Island to the south of South Pointe Park. All 
    the indoor locations you explored during the mission are still open, 
    but luckily the goon's are gone.
    8. FISHER ISLAND: This island is the one found just north of Gator's Yacht
    (7C). Fisher Island is what looks like a resort under construction. Most of
    the area on the island is inaccessible due to invisible walls, however there
    is a way to get onto Fisher's Island via a glitch (see section XII).
                            VI. Nice Attractions    
    A > West
    1. AÉROPORT DE NICE: Probably the easiest to find location in this guide, the 
    Aéroport de Nice is marked on the map as the large brown area on the coast in 
    the southwest corner of your map. There is a safehouse located here, along 
    with a secret car and a Timmy. There are also several nice jumps.
    2. AIRPORT TOWER: This is definitely the place for anyone looking for a nice 
    view of Nice. The airport tower is right in the middle of the airport grounds,
    and you can see the best views of the Cote D’Azur (south) from up here. There 
    are also beautiful views of the gardens and the mountains to the north. It 
    can take a while to climb, but its worth it. NOTE: There is a Timmy at the top
    of the tower, and he will shoot as you as soon as you get off the ladder, so 
    be careful. 
    3. CHATEAU GRIMALDI: If you look at your in-game map, in the north-west corner
    you will see multiple circular roads. Chateau Grimaldi is located at the very 
    top of all these roads leading upward. There is a secret car in a garage here,
    along with some interesting sights and a beautiful view of the Cote D’Azur. 
    NOTE: The concrete barriers used in the mission ‘Hunted’ that blocked some of 
    the roads leading up are not there in t-a-r mode.
    4. THE BOATHOUSE: located on the most south-westerly road, the boathouse is 
    the location for the first part of the mission ‘Hunted’. You can find it at 
    the end of the dead end road leading down to the coast in the south western 
    corner of Nice. From the default starting position, pull a u-turn and head 
    straight. When you reach the freeway entrance, the road leading to the 
    boathouse is dead ahead (Zoom in close on your in-game map if you can’t see 
    it) There is a small interior location inside. This location is also 
    accessible by boat. 
    5. SAINT AUGUSTINE MALL: This is located just south of Saint Augustine, just 
    east of the airport. There is an interior location where you can smash up 
    windows and displays. From the default starting point, head straight and turn 
    left at the end of the road. Make another left at the end of this road, and 
    then turn left again, onto the freeway. Continue down the freeway as it 
    passes under the other freeway. After the left curve, there is a very short 
    road to your right, take it and turn right. Up ahead on your right you should 
    see some black windows, this is the mall. You will notice a construction site 
    at the end of the hallway in the mall, inside and to your left is a garage, 
    this is the setting for the mission ‘Arms Deal’. 
    6. PYRAMID GREENHOUSE: Found in the middle of the traffic circle just north of
    the Airport, the Pyramin Greenhouse has an interior location, as well as some
    breakable glass. From the default starting position head straight and turn
    left at the end of this road. Turn left again at the end of the road, and then
    left again onto the freeway. Continue on the freeway, over the river and pass
    under the other freeway. After you pass under the other freeway, there will be
    a small exit to your right, take this and you should find yourself on the
    traffic circle. The Greenhouse is in the middle of this circle.
    7. AIRPORT UNDERGROUND PARKING: The Airport underground parking lot is pretty
    much like anyother parking lot underground. I thought I'd add this one anyway
    just because a lot of people may not have known you can get past the gates.
    If you look on the gate box (the part attached to the ground) you will see a
    small black button. This button opens the gates and allows you access to the
    underground parking lot at the airport. For those who don't know where the 
    underground parking lot is, its just to the north of the terminal, and there 
    are 2 entrances on the east end of the terminal, and the west end. (Thanks to
    Cmdeadgame for the info on the gates).
    B > Central
    1. BAIES DES ANGES: Located just north of the word ‘Nice’ on your map, Baies 
    Des Anges (Bay of Angels) has a beautiful beach and views of the Cote D’Azur. 
    The main beach area extends all the way from western Nice to eastern Nice. The
    stairways leading down to the beach act as great jumps too.
    2. BAIES DES ANGES PROMENADE: Located right across the street (north) from the
    central part of Baies des Anges, the Baies des Anges Promenade extends north 
    east up into the cities heart, highlighted on the map by the thin purple-grey 
    section. The promenade has some large parking facilities, beautiful 
    landscaping and several pools; definitely one of the most beautiful parks in 
    all of Nice.
    3. THEATRE DE NICE: Located in the block just above #2B. From second starting 
    position (most central one) pull a u-turn and take your immediate left. 
    Follow this street all the way to the end, and turn right. At your first 
    intersection, the Theatre is the large concrete building to your left (head up
    the steps in the red wall). 
    4. MUSÉE D’ART MODERNE: Found in the same block at the Theatre de Nice (#3B) 
    the Musée d’art Moderne (Modern Art Museum) has a small interior-like area 
    where you can head upstairs to the balcony and walk around. Its is literally 
    right next to #3B. 
    5. ACROPOLIS: Located in the next block north of #3B, Acropolis is an 
    interestingly shaped building, with a glass roof on one end. Again, there is 
    no interior location (even though it looks like you can crash through the 
    doors) its well worth a visit. 
    6. CAR DEALERSHIP: Found in the block directly east of the end of the monorail
    (red line) the Car Dealership is visited during the mission ‘Hijack’. You can 
    smash through the front window and head upstairs to the office, or just look 
    at the interesting posters on the walls. From starting point #2 (central one) 
    head straight and take your second right (just beyond the freeway overpass) 
    and continue straight, staying on the main road. After the fork in the road 
    take your first right and then your first right again. The car dealership is 
    in the left block ahead of you at the next intersection. NOTE: The car you 
    steal in the mission ‘Hijack’ from this dealership is not available in t-a-r 
    7. HILLTOP VILLA’S: Located directly north-east of #6B, the Hilltop Villa’s 
    are clearly where the richest in Nice live. On the map you will see several 
    alleyway like roads (very thin black lines) a block up and to the north-east 
    from #6B. There are some pretty impressive homes here, and it certainly is 
    worth a visit.
    8. LIGHTHOUSE MARINA: Found in the small inlet of water just east of Baies des
    Anges (#1B) The lighthouse marina is probably the best and easiest place to
    jack a boat in Nice. 
    9. LIGHTHOUSE: From starting point #3 head straight, and take your first
    left. Follow this road to the end, and turn right onto the main road. 
    Continue down past the Court House (#11B). Directly across the street from 
    the monument (#12B) you will see a road leading out to the lighthouse. There
    is no indoor location, however you can climb the ladder to the top and look
    out over the Cote D'Azur. NOTE: There is a Timmy on top of the lighthouse
    which you should probably kill before heading up the ladder. You can shoot
    him from the road leading to the lighthouse easily.
    10. CUSTOM'S YARD: Located right beside 8B, the customs yard is used in the
    mission '18-Wheeler'. Follow the same directions as 9B, however take the 
    driveway just before the road leading to the lighthouse. You can actualy get
    into the customs yard by opening the gate (thanks to Pepsi4192 for this info).
    Before I thought it was only accessibly by boat, but that proves to be wrong.
    The gate will open via a keypad in the small shack inside the customs yard.
    You can get into the customs yard by jumping over the railing on the main
    road (use a side jump to get over). Inside there are a few open, but empty
    warehouses and a small empty indoor room.
    11. COURTHOUSE/CHURCH: I'm not exactly sure what this place is. It looks
    like a Courthouse, but the bells ring like a Church when you drive by it. 
    Its located on the same road as #9+10B. Follow the same directions as #9B
    but listen for the bell ringing as you drive along that main road, this 
    building in to your right. Again, no interior location, and if you stay too
    long the ringing of the bell may get stuck in your head.
    12. MONUMENT: Located across the street from the Lighthouse (#9B) this
    beautiful Monument is embedded into the side of the cliff. It is a very
    beautiful monument, and it worth a visit.
    13. DROP-OFF PARK: Found on the top of the cliff mentioned in #12B Drop-off
    park has beautiful views of Nice and the Cote D'Azur. Accessible by either
    stairs on the west side, or by roadway on the eas side (between two buildings
    across the street from the customs yard [#10B]) There is also a pretty sweet
    drop-off point (hence the name of the park) on the western side, which drops
    almost 5 stories to the roadway below. It makes for a pretty sweet replay,
    however 9 times out of 10, you'll find yourself in the water NOTE: There is 
    a Timmy in the gazebo in this park.
    14. RÉGINA: Found at the north end of the loup on the most northerly road in 
    all of Nice (just north of the Villa safehouse, refer to section IX) Régina is
    a very large, very rich looking palace, possibly a hotel. It has a breakable
    glass sunroom, wonderful gardens out front and a simply stunning surrounding.
    This building is amazing.
    15. HOTEL/RESTAURANT: Not sure if this is a hotel or restaurant. It does have
    a bar and a few tables outside, but theres no real place that has tables or 
    anything. Anyway there are multiple indoor rooms, and it is definately a cool
    place to visit. From the 2nd starting point pull a u-turn and head to the end
    of this road. Turn left, then right and you'll find yourself on the coastal
    road. Turn left (heading east) and take the 4th left (the road right after
    the thin grey area). Take the first right (narrow road) and up ahead you 
    should see some large trees and a white/grey stone wall to your left. Get out
    here and head up the stairway and smash through the glass. There are more 
    rooms to the left, about 4 in total I think. You can also get in/out through
    the garage door on the rear of the building. 
    C > East
    1. MONT BORON: Marked on the in-game map, Mont Boron has spectacular views of
    the Cote D'Azur (yes I've said it countless times before). Look for the 
    squiggily road leading upwards in the easter portion of your map. This 
    squiggily road can make for a fun ride down the mountain due to some short
    cuts, and it makes for a sweet replay.
    2. FORT DU MONT ALBAN: Found atop Mont Alban, Fort du Mont Alban has an 
    indoor location only accessible after you kill all 10 Timmy's. If you haven't
    killed all 10 Timmy's yet, there is still the wonderful grounds to explore.
    Marked on your map, it is accessible by heading up the small road marked on
    your map also. 
    3. LOOK-OFF BEACH: Found just south of VilleFranche-Sur-Mer this
    beach has several jackable boats, along with views of the crystal blue waters
    of the Cote D'Azur. From the 4th starting point (most easterly) take your
    immediate right (almost a u-turn) and head down this road. At the intersection
    with lights, turn left and follow this road down and turn left at the bottom. 
    Follow this road to the next intersection and continue straight. Follow this 
    road all the way around the pinky brown colored area. On your right you should
    see a narrow road not marked on the map. Go down the multiple sets of stairs 
    until your on the beach. NOTE: These directions are somewhat confusing due to 
    the multiple roads in this area. I tried to simplify it as much as possible.
    4. LIGHTHOUSE PART 2: This is the second lighthouse in Nice. Its located in
    the south-eastern most region. It features by far the best views (even better
    than the airport tower) and is accessible through a dirt road. From the 4th
    starting point take your immediate right (almost a u-turn) and head downwards
    (preferrably not using the shortcuts, it makes it more confusing). At the 
    first intersection, turn left and follow this road down. Turn left again at
    the end of this road. Follow this road straight out into the penninsula 
    (keeping straight through the major 4-way intersection). At the intersection 
    out on the pennisula (right by the pinky brown area) make a left. Take your
    second right and follow this road to the first intersection. You will see a
    dirt road leading upward to your left, take this. Follow left as the road
    splits, and take the immediate right. You should see the lighthouse ahead of
    you. You can climb the stairs for the spectacular views. (Again sorry for the
    confusing directions, it's hard when there are so many roads and alleyways)
    5. CONTAINER YARD: This is where you steal the container from in the 
    mission '18-Wheeler'. Its located on the 'Fin Penninsula' (6C) It is 
    accessible through a tunnel leading in from the ocean on the eastern side. 
    The tunnel is located just south of the grey pier on your map. From the 4th
    starting point, pull a u-turn and follow this road around as it curves to the
    right. Take the first left, and continue along this road until you come to 
    the big 4-way intersection. Turn left here and continue on this street until 
    the road veers sharply to the right, and you come to a T intersection. Turn
    left here, and then your first left again. Follow this road to the coast, and
    it will curve to the right. Keep your eyes to the left, because eventually you
    will see a paved road leading downward. Head down here. Just before the boat
    on stilts, look to the right and you will see the gate leading into the 
    container yard. Smash through this gate, and you'll find yourself inside.
    6. FIN PENNINSULA: I wasn't sure what else to call this area. Its the 
    penninsula thats almost an island in the most south-easterly corner of the 
    map that looks like it had fins. There are several interesting locations here
    not mentioned in this guide, including the forklift secret car. 
    7. STUNT TRACK: From the 4th (most easterly) starting point, pull a u-turn and
    you should see a large rock wall/hill to your right. You can drive over this 
    wall and behind it is the stunt track. There are some awesome jumps and 
    interesting things inside, which makes for a sweet replay on a bike. NOTE: 
    There is a Timmy in the immediate area.
    8. SECRET CAVE: Select a boat as your vehicle and start from the most easterly
    point. Turn left from the starting point, and up ahead to the left you should
    see the opening to the cave. NOTE: Inside is a Timmy.
    9. VILLE-FRANCHE-SUR-MER: Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer is a small unmarked coastal
    villiage, directly north of the word 'Mer' on the map. Its accessible through
    several unmarked dirt roads, and is a quaint little village. 
    10. DOUGHNUT LAKE PARK: This small park can be found in the greyish-brown area
    in the north-western part of Fin Penninsula (#6C). The park has a doughnut 
    shaped pond/lake with crystal clear waters. There are also several villa's and
    interesting places to visit within this 2-block greyish-brown area.
    11. COTE D'AZUR MARINA & RESTAURANT: This beautiful marina, pier and
    restaurant can be found on the grey pier mentioned in #5C. You can see a grey
    pier that extends from the eastern side of Fin Penninsula (#6C). The
    restaurant is found at the end of this pier, and the marina is directly south
    of the pier. It is accessible through a small paved road just north of the
    pier, leading down. 
    12. SECRET BEACHES & DOCKS: Found not only on the eastern coast line of Nice, 
    but also into central Nice aswell are multiple hidden staircases leading down 
    to a secret beach or maybe a secret dock. Some of these are marked on the map,
    but very few. You can spend a lot of time find all kinds of new ways to get 
    down to the coast, but probably the best way to find all these secrets is to
    cruise the coast by boat. 
    13. SECRET TUNNEL: The easiest entrance to describe is found in the Stunt 
    Track (7C). From the 4th starting position, turn around and head straight for
    a few seconds. You will see a large rock hill to the right. Drive oner this
    hill into the stunt track. The tunnel entrance can be found on the far side
    of the stunt track, where the outer road drops down. The tunnels leads out to
    one of the roads near the fin penninsula. 
                          VII. Istanbul Attractions    
    A > North
    1. SOPA INCI: Located in the Beyoglu West region, Sopa Inci is a pretty sweet 
    dance club. On the map, look for the words ‘Beyoglu West’ and just north of 
    the word ‘West’ you should see 2 very small blocks. Sopa Inci is in the 
    easterly block. You enter through the main entrances our front (north side of 
    the building). Inside there is a funky dance floor and cool music. NOTE: 
    There is a Timmy located in the half moon window (Office) which has blue 
    light around it; so be careful.
    2. BEYOGLU WEST PARK: Just north of Sopa Inci (#1A), the Beyoglu West Park is 
    the large brown area. On the northern side is an interesting fountain.
    3. BJK INONU STAYUMU (SOCCER STADIUM): Located on the northern most tip of 
    Istanbul, the Inonu Stadium can be found in the grayish-green area. Entrances 
    can be found by heading down one of the multiple stairways surrounding the 
    stadium into the parking lot. Most of the golden gates will open when you 
    walk up to them, however there are a few which don’t, or they appear to open 
    but then close again. Just find one that opens and head onto the field. Inside
     you can shoot the soccer balls to score goals!
    4. PRESIDENTIAL PALACE/PARLIAMENT BUILDING: Again, not to sure of the actual 
    name of this place, however it does appear to be a presidential palace, or a 
    parliament building of some kind. Found just East of the soccer stadium (in 
    Beyoglu East), in the pinkish brown area directly above the word ‘East’ in 
    ‘Beyoglu East’ on the map. It’s accessible through a stone archway along the 
    main road you chase Calita on in the mission ‘The Chase’. You can’t miss the 
    large driveway leading up to it.
    5. TURKISH TEMPLE: Located just south of #4A. You know you’re getting close 
    when you hear the Turkish man chanting some prayer or something in Turkish. 
    It is located on the east side (shore side) of the road.
    6. ALLEYWAYS: Covered in both ‘The Chase’ and ‘Alleyways’ missions; this place
     is located in the small web of streets just south of Beyoglu East. You may 
    remember a multi-level indoor location in which you chased the bagman to while
     playing as Tobias Jones. This indoor location is still accessible. From the 
    most northerly starting point, pull a u-turn and head along this road as it 
    bend left, then right. Just before this road ends you’ll find a narrow 
    alleyway not marked on the map, this is where the door to get in it located.
    7. ISTANBUL DOCKS: Located in the south-westerly most point on the northern 
    land, the docks are highlighted as a large white area to the west of the 
    bridge. Accessible through the small road marked on the map. There is a secret
    car located in a container here, as well as a Timmy. There is also a pretty 
    cool jump across a small inlet of water.
    8. DAXLYN TOWER: I found this name on a sign at the base of the tower; however
    I couldn’t exactly read the sign very well, so I named it for what I thought 
    it said. The tower is located just south of the warehouse safehouse (see 
    section IX); the tower is visible from about a block away; so you can’t miss 
    it. There are a few shops and stuff surrounding the tower, but again no 
    interior location.
    9. CONSTRUCTION YARD: This is the construction yard you can access by going 
    through the warehouse safehouse (see section IX) and across the roofs. You are
    forced to escape from here in the first mission in Istanbul.
    10. INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT/PROJECTS: This really isn’t one particular spot to 
    visit; it covers 1/3 of the north of Istanbul. It’s located just south of 
    Beyoglu West, in the narrow twisty streets. This is also the location of a 
    secret car.
    B > South
    1. SIRKECI DEMLRYOLU TRAIN STATION: Found at the end of the red line just 
    north-west of Seraglio Point, the train station has a small indoor like area, 
    and offers access to the train tracks.
    2. TEMPLE PARK: Located between two of what seem to be the largest temples in 
    Istanbul, located in the pinkish brown area just north of Sultanhamet. There 
    is an interesting fountain in the middle, along with spectacular views of both
    temples (#3+4B).
    3. SULTANHAMET TEMPLE: Found on the south end of Temple Park, this is 
    definitely one of the largest temples in all of Istanbul. There is a large 
    courtyard in the middle of the temple accessible from one of 3 entrances on 
    the north, west and south side of the building.
    4. SERAGLIO POINT TEMPLE: This is the temple found on the northern end of 
    Temple Park. There are no interior locations here; however it is impressive 
    none the less.
    5. SERAGLIO POINT/INSTANBUL UNIVERSITY: By far one of the best sights to be 
    seen in Istanbul while cruising around, Seraglio Point is marked on the map 
    in the north-eastern part of south Istanbul. With the multiple interior 
    courtyards, and the stunning grounds this is a must see while in Istanbul. 
    Also located on these ground is the Istanbul University. Not sure exactly what
    buildings are the universities though.
    6. GULHANE PARK: This park is also located on the Seraglio Point (5B) grounds,
    and the official entrance is located between the Turkish flags on the 
    south-western part of Seraglio Point, just before the green triangle turns 
    into that pinkish brown color. There are also many ways of getting into the 
    park via Seraglio Point.
    7. GYM: Located in the Red Brick Apartment safehouse (see section IX) you can 
    find the gym on the second floor of this safehouse. There are weights inside, 
    and workout equipment, which can all be shot to hell. There is also a small 
    bathroom and other locations to explore within this building.
    8. THE CASTLE (RUINS): The castle ruins are found just south of Topkapi, in 
    the pinkish brown area near the coast. The interior courtyard is accessible 
    through a stone archway on the northern side. There are no interior locations,
    but it is a great sight to see.
    9. THE ARMORY: Accessible only after all 10 Timmy’s have been killed in 
    Istanbul, the armory is found south-east of Tanner’s Hotel. From Tanner’s 
    hotel, head south along the blue road, and take the first left. Head down this
    road looking carefully on the right. You will see a door with an animal skull
    hanging above the door, this is the armory. Once inside there is a small 
    interior location, several floors and all the ammo you could ever need, plus 
    infinite mass.	 NOTE: After all 10 Timmy’s are killed; there will be a blue 
    reference point on the map if you can’t find it.
    10. MONUMENTAL PARK: Located just east of Temple Park, and #3B+4B in the 
    narrow strip of pinkish brown area. The park is lined with beautiful trees, 
    and features a few monuments. The monument in the middle actually looks like 
    one found in Miami, except with lettering on it.
    11. BATH HOUSE: Found just west of Sultanhamet, the bath house has an interior
    to explore. You can find it by starting at the second starting point (near the
    train station) and making a u-turn. Follow the paved road (straight, but off 
    to the right a little bit) all the way to the end. At the end of this road 
    make a right, then a left at the end of this road. Head all the way to the end
    of this road, and the bathhouse is on your left. It’s a long building with a 
    dome roof. NOTE: There is a Timmy in the basement of the bathhouse, so be 
    12. THE BASILICA CISTERN: Found directly east of Temple Park, this old 
    underground cistern is an interesting place to visit. To find it, start from 
    the southern most starting point (3rd) and take your second left. You will see 
    almost immediately a small stone building on your left with a red clay roof. 
    Head inside and down the stairs, this is the cistern. NOTE: There is a Timmy 
    located in the bar under the stairs in the cistern.
    13. DRAWBRIDGE 2: A continuation from the Miami drawbridge, this bridge is the
    most easterly one connecting north and south Istanbul. The controls are 
    located in the large building like structures on either end. 
    14. TRAIN DEPOT: This is where undercover mode in DRIV3R ends. Located at the 
    southern end of the train line (red line) look for where the train tracks end 
    near Kennedy Road. The train yard is located here. NOTE: There is both a 
    secret car, and a Timmy located within the immediate area. 
    15. KAPALI CARSI MARKET: Covered during the mission ‘Another Lead’ where you 
    shoot your way through this market, Kapali Carsi is open during take-a-ride 
    mode. There is quite a large interior location that is very interesting and 
    stunning, but also easy to get lost in. You can shoot up all the displays and 
    tables for fun. This market is found just north of Beyazit. At the end of the 
    blue road just north of Beyazit, there is a road heading north. The market is 
    on the east side of this street.
                            IIX. Miami Safehouses    
    Location: South Pointe Park
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: Cigarette Boat (out back)
    Floors: 2
    Rooms: Multiple
    Probably the best known safehouse in Miami, this is the default 
    safehouse here. It's located directly behind starting point #2 in South 
    Pointe Park. This is also probably one of the nicest and sweetest 
    safehouses in the game. Comes complete with garage, swimming pool, some 
    pretty sweet furniture, 2 floors and a cigarette boat out back.
    Location: Star Island
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 1
    Rooms: 1
    This place is Calita's Warehouse. You visit it during an early 
    mission. It can be found on Star Island (central one) Its accessible by a 
    small ramp leading up to a door on the east side of the building (the blue 
    door on the south side also opens, but it leads no where). Not a great 
    safehouse, but one none the less.
    Location: Downtown/Little Havana
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: Multiple/Random
    Floors: 1
    Rooms: 3
    This is also visited early on, and is the starting point for the mission 
    'Dodge Island'. The safehouse is located in the office, or main building of 
    the cheap hotel which is found beside the central freeway system in between 
    Little Havana and Downtown. There are normally multiple, random cars parked 
    outside. You enter the safehouse by a door on the eastern side of the 
                                IX. Nice Safehouses    
    Location: Aéroport De Nice
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 1
    Rooms: 1
    The most obvious safehouse in Nice; located in an airport warehouse in the 
    south-western part of Nice. A large; simple open area with medical kits in the
    corner. There are no vehicles around, except for on the road but there is 2 
    open garages across the yard, which I haven't figured out how to use yet. 
    They could be pointless however.
    Location: Northern most road
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 2
    Rooms: Multiple
    By far the nicest safehouse in the entire game. Located in an upscale villa, 
    or possibly a hotel in the most northern point of Nice. Comes complete with 
    kitchen, dining room/living room bedroom, foyer and a balcony overlooking the 
    gardens. NOTE: The medical kits in this safehouse seem to be invisible for 
    some reason. They are found by the stool in the kitchen thats facing the tree.
    Location: Villefrance-Sur-Mer
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 1
    Rooms: 1
    This place is visited during one of the missions in Nice, I think its 
    18-Wheeler, but I could be wrong. My first time visiting I had some trouble 
    finding where to go and what to do. When approaching the gate, there is a 
    button on the right hand side you must active, the gate does not open on its 
    own. Once inside, you'll notice the veranda or walkway with a roof over it. 
    Look for the tall, brown door to the left of this roof that juts out. The 
    safehouse is through this door and down the stairs. Again, there are no 
    vehicles regularly parked here.
                              X. Istanbul Safehouses    
    Location: West of Topkapi
    Medical Kits: 3
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 2
    Rooms: Multiple
    This is probably the best known safehouse in Istanbul. You have to escape to 
    this location a few times during some Istanbul Missions. When you enter 
    through the main doors, head through the double doors ahead and up the stairs 
    to your right. Your room is third room on the left. If you keep going down the
    hallway, the door at the end is a bathroom you can enter and check out, 
    however there is nothing of value there.
    Location: Seraglio Point
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: 3
    Rooms: Multiple
    The biggest a most elaborate safehouse in the game; it's located just south of
    Seraglio Point. Your room is on the top floor accessible by either one of the 
    2 staircases. This is definitely a great safehouse to explore, since there 
    are multiple rooms, and floors. NOTE: In the kitchen in your room, behind the 
    cabinet leaning on the wall is a secret door. Inside is a Timmy waiting to be 
    Location: Central Istanbul; off the East bridge
    Medical Kits: 4
    Vehicles: -
    Floors: Multiple
    Rooms: Multiple
    This is another very elaborate safehouse. You come here early on in 
    Istanbul, in the first mission 'Surveillance' and are told to 'Find another 
    way in'. The medical kits and weapons are located in a storage room on the 
    first floor. Once you enter the building, head straight (not up the stairs 
    like in the mission) and take your first left down the hall. The room is on 
    the right around the corner. The entire building, along with the joining 
    rooftops and construction site you visited during the mission are still 
                                XI. Fun Things to Do    
    1. 18-WHEELER MAYHEM: The real 18-wheeler mayhem is unlocked by killing all 
    10 Timmy’s in Miami, however you can easily create your own in Nice, Istanbul
    or Miami by simply selecting the 18-wheeler as your vehicle. This is something
    I never knew before, but when you start, if you look behind you (Press L2+R2) 
    there is usually a trailer directly behind you, and if not in the immediate 
    area. You can attach this trailer by backing the cab up to it, and it will 
    attach automatically. Now you have an 18-wheeler with a trailer that you can 
    cause mayhem with!
    2. FORKLIFT FUN (NICE): This is available in Nice only, since the forklift
    if only available in Nice. If you haven't already found the forklift (it is
    a secret car) please refer to one of the walkthroughs/FAQ's for directions.
    Once in the forklift, you can have fun by flipping cars or dropping them off
    cliffs. You operate the forklift by pressing O. NOTE: The cars/objects don't
    stay on the forklift very well, so watch your cornering and reversing fast,
    you may lose your cargo.
    3. 'THE MIDDLE MAN' (by claybacca): I originally saw this mini-game posted by
    claybacca on the DRIV3R gamefaqs board:
    City - Miami/Take a Ride
    Time - Dusk
    Cops - On
    Car - 18 Wheeler w/ trailer
    Start- Tanner's Pad (2nd starting point)
    The idea is to get the 18-Wheeler (full of drugs) across town to Tanner's
    motel safehouse (see section IIX) without attracting the cops attention. If
    you get caught by the cops, run and try to lose them. To beat it, you must
    park the trailer safely in the alleyway on the left side of the motel. 
    Try to make it there within a set amount of time each minute, always tring
    to break your old record. 
    Hopefully you can get some sweet replays out of it, and for an extra twist
    try to keep the truck un-damaged (below 1/2).
    4. BUS BLOCKADE: This mini-game can really be played with and large vehicle,
    or any car really for that matter, but its more fun with a bus. Select the 
    bus as your vehicle, in any city and drive around until you find another bus. 
    steal this bus, and create a huge roadblock with the 2 buses (this is best to
    be doing on a large 4+ lane road). Wait until traffic piles up to draw your
    weapon, and once you have 5+ cars lined up, all hell will break lose. As soon
    as you draw your gun, everyone will run in fear, so you can feel free to 
    reek havoc with the bus blockade. Its even more fun when the cops are after
    5. FLATBED IN NICE: I found this on the gamefaqs.com DRIV3R message board also
    posted by dodgeviper. You can get a flatbed trailer in Nice, instead of the
    standard container one. What you have to do is in t-a-r mode, select Nice and
    the 18-wheeler as your car (starting point doesn't matter). When you start, 
    immediately get out of the cab and walk to the trailer. Press L1 and Tanner
    should start doing something funny, like running away or start running into
    the trailer, or act like he's stuck. You can now walk back to the cab, and get
    in. Drive off while looking behind you (L2+R2) and wait until the trailer
    disapears from your view. Once it does, pull a u-turn and drive back. The
    trailer should now magically be a flatbed. NOTE: This only works in Nice and
    not Miami or Istanbul.
    6. CAR BOMB: This was originally posted by Gerror_weh2 (gs) on the gamefaqs
    DRIV3R Message board, and then re-posted by ssj4gogeta 77.  
    Anyway, this is pretty fun, and versitile. It works with any car, anywhere. 
    The best thing about it, is you can set the bomb off anytime you want. What 
    you have to do is shoot any car up until you see flames, but stop immediately
    after the flames start, you don't want to blow the car up. Now quickly get 
    into the car, and drive away. Your vehicle is now a ticking time bomb, and is
    waiting for you to blow it up. To blow it up, all you have to do is bail from
    the car, and it will explode. NOTE: This obviously works best with invincibi-
    lity on. 
                                  XII. Glitches    
    - Note that is is best to have Invicibility turned on for ALL of these 
      glitches, because you never know when the game might kill you for trying to
      explore the glitches. To turn on invicibility: Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, 
      R2, R2 in the main menu, then go to Options > Cheats and turn the cheat on.
    - For a great list, with PICTURES on how to get to not only these places, but
      others, visit the Atari Forums and read Hack0r's posts about glitches and
      secrets in DRIV3R. Go to http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/ and follow 
      Driver Games > Driver 3 > Driv3r Glitches & Findings. Sorry I couldnt post
      a direct link, but with the limitations in line length with this guide, the
      link was too long.
    Step 1: Turn on Invincibility, and go into Take-a-Ride mode, selecting Nice.
            Start from the default starting point, vehicle makes no difference. 
    Step 2: Head down to the airport once you've started, and take the entrance 
            marked on your map (it leads almost right to your safehouse). 
    Step 3: Look for the entrance to the underground parking lot to your right as 
            you turn into the airport entrance. You will see a bush to the right 
            of the entrance, the hole in the ground that lets you Free Fall onto
            a small patch of grass under the city.
    NOTE: You must be in a car, or have invincibilty on to perform the free fall,
    because if it's just Tanner falling with no invincibility, he will die.
    Step 4: Once you land on the patch of grass, you can drive off the sides, and
            normally you will drive upward for a few seconds, then pop up above
            ground again, however I have gotten stuck a few times, as my car 
            flipped and rolled, and got tossed around and eventually I died. 
    Step 1: In t-a-r mode, select Nice, and start from the 4th starting point 
            (most easterly). Select a vehicle that will be able to easily make
            a jump, with the least likelihood of flipping. 
    Step 2: Drive straight along this road, through the rock archway, and through
            the tunnel ahead. After exiting the tunnel, Keep your eyes open to
            the left, you will eventually see a small DIRT road. 
    Step 3: After finding the dirt road, turn into it. You will see a small brick
            wall that ends to your left. There is also a small rock hill right by 
            where it ends. You want to use this small rock hill to launch your-
            self over the smaller rock wall, across the street below and into the
            null zone beyond the wall across the street. 
    Step 4: Line yourself up so you can make the jump, and go for it. If you dont
            get it the first time, just keep trying. Try ajusting your angle with
            the rock hill. You should eventually get it and after flying over the
            street and wall, you'll start your free fall/superjump. 
    Step 5: I found this one to be a much longer fall than the airport one, and 
            your less likely to get a car to land upright on this one, but its 
            still fun to do. 
    This really is a fun glitch to do, and it's not really that much of a glitch,
    more of a gap in an outer wall. You can explore a pretty large null zone 
    behind all the buildings and walls in the north end of Nice.
    Step 1: Go to t-a-r mode, and select Nice. Select the first boat you come to
            when pressing left in the car list (it has a big spoiler type thing on
            the back). Start from the default starting point.
    Step 2: Drive straight when you gain control, and head past the ramp, under
            the bridge and past the large rock on the right. Just before the sharp
            turn in the river to the right, look to the right. You will see a big
            blue container. Stop your boat so your parallel with the container.
    Step 3: Get onto the front of your boat, and you should notice that your 
            almost level with the land here. Jump onto the land (using X) 
    Step 4: Walk left (past the building with the 2 open garages). You will see a 
            large hill, or mountain to your left. This is the hills north of Nice.
            In this area, you are now behind all the walls and buildings in Nice, 
            often refered too as the 'Null Zone'. Here you can walk around almost
            anywhere, but be careful since this place wasn't meant to be walked on
            there are several holes in the ground. It can also be quite glitchy.
    This is another amazing glitch found by the great Hack0r over at the Atari 
    Forums. You will want to have unlimited ammo, and invincibility turned on for
    this glitch.
    Step 1: Go to t-a-r mode, and select Miami. Choose the first boat you come
            across on the car list when pressing left (again the boat with the
            spoiler type thing on the back). Start from the most easterly starting
            point (out back of Tanner's Pad).
    Step 2: When you gain control, turn the boat around and head towards Fisher
            Island (the island just south of South Pointe Park). Keep to the right
            of the island, passing the yacht which is docked, and turn left when
            the island does. 
    Step 3: Look ahead, and you should see the beginning of the beach, with rocks.
            This is where it gets a bit tricky. You should see a white wall on top 
            of the sea wall with some greenery on top of it up ahead just 
            before the beach starts. You want to park your boat anywhere along 
            this white wall with the back end of the boat completely flush with 
            the sea wall.
    Step 4: Once the boat is parked flush with the wall, get off the boat and swim
            to the front of the boat. This is where it get's glitchy. Swim into 
            the front of the boat, and you'll be warped inside the boat. Move to 
            the back of the boat, where you parked it flush with the wall and use
            the right analog stick (camera) to move the camera up above Tanners
            head. Almost immediately you will be flying up into the air and onto
            and invisible wall. 
    NOTE: Almost IMMEDIATELY after Tanner starts flying in the air, you must 
          release the left analog stick, or Tanner will fall off this invisible 
          wall. It can be trciky to do, but you should get the hang of it. Just
          remember to release it at the right time (just before, or right as he 
          starts to fly).
    Step 5: Once on top of the invisible wall, you can see all of Fisher Island
            from up here. If you want to get into Fisher Island, this is where the
            unlimited ammo part comes in. Equip you grenade lancher, and fire a
            grenade to the left or right, and keep doing this. The purpose is to
            see where the invisble wall is. If the grenade bounces along, walk 
            where the grenade bounced. If it falls down to the ground, obviously
            don't walk here.
    NOTE: Instead of this technique, you could also do a running jump to land into
          Fisher Island. Also, if you fall off the wall here, you will have to 
          start all over, since you will be stuck in between 2 walls.
    Step 6: Once you've walked far enough along the invisible wall (keep looking
            down so you know when your past the bushes, and its safe to drop down
            into the island) drop off the wall, into Fisher Island. You can now
            explore this island for all its worth. 
    This is probably one of the coolest glitches in the game. It was originally
    discovered by Xtsubarublazin. I'm not going to explain this one is words, 
    because it would be too complicated, and its is much easier with the aid of
    pictures. Once again, I'd like the thank Hack0r for the generous posting of
    the pictures he took of where to park the van and exactly what to do. Go to
    http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/ and follow Games > Driver Games > 
    Driver 3 > Driv3r Glitches & Findings. Again, sorry I couldnt post the full
    link, but gamefaqs only allows 73 chracters per line, and the link was longer
    than 73. Once at Hack0rs thread, scroll down to the 18th post, and you'll find
    all the pictures and directions you need.
    Step 1: Select a starting point (doesn't matter what one) and drive until you
            find a road with a tram line on it (The main ones are the blue roads,
            however the tram does go on some of the normal non-blue roads). Tram
            lines are on cobblestone roads. 
    Step 2: Drive along the tracks until you encounter a tram car. Follow the 
            tram until it slows down, or stops so you can jump on it. Tram cars 
            are few, so you may have to drive for a while until you encounter one
            I think there are 2 for all of Istanbul.
    Step 3: When it slows/stops you can use X to jump into one of the doors, and
            you should land inside the tram.
    Step 4: This part can take a bit of practice, because it get's glitchy here.
            When the tram goes around corners it will become glitchy, and normally
            you will start to slide off the tram. If you fight it, you can manage
            to stay inside the tram. You may also slide when the tram speeds up
            on the main line (blue roads).
    Step 5: From on the tram you can just enjoy the ride, or cause havoc by shoot-
            ing from the tram. ALL of the windows in the tram can also be shot out
            although some of them require you to hit them in a certain spot before
            they shatter.
    NOTE: You can also try waiting at one of the stations for the tram, it might 
          be easier to get on if you find my version difficult. You follow the
          same process with jumping on if you decide to wait at a station (along
          the blue roads only). 
                       XIII. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   
    Q: Is it possible to open the back of an 18-Wheeler during t-a-r mode like
       in the mission 'Hijacked'?
    A: Unfortunately, No. It was rumored on the boards that someone read in the
       Prima Guide that you can open the back of the 18-Wheeler, however that
       information proved to be false. All you can do with the 18-Wheeler in 
       t-a-r mode is attach the trailer and have some fun (see section XI)
    Q: Is there turning signals like in Driver (1)?
    A: Unfortunately, No. Apparently they opted to leave the turning signals out
       of DRIV3R, even though it was a cool add on in Driver (1).
    Q: I just got my game, how come I can't do t-a-r in Istanbul?
    A: Istanbul is only playable in t-a-r mode after you reach it in the 
       undercover mode. Just one way Atari/Reflections kept gamers interested.
    Q: I've killed all 10 Timmy's and found the secret cars, but they aren't there
       when I go to play again after shutting off my console.
    A: Timmy kills and secret cars are not automatically saved like undercover
       mode. You must manually save your game by exiting t-a-r mode and selecting
       Options > Profile in the main menu, and saving.
    Q: Is there anyway to save a wrecked car?
    A: No. There are no fix-me-up garages like in GTA. Once your car is out of
       commission, you have to steal another. 
    Q: Where is the trailer for the 18-Wheeler? I can't find it!
    A: Normally the trailers for the 18-wheelers are located directly behind you.
       However, there are a few cases where the trailer is located directly beside
       or somewhere else in the immediate area. Try getting out of the cab and
       searching all around your starting point.
    Q: How can I detatch a trailer once I've attached it?
    A: You can detach a trailer once you attached it to the cab by pressing O.
    Q: How can I save my game in t-a-r mode?
    A: You can only save your game via the main menu, meaning you must exit t-a-r
       mode first. Once in the main menu, you select Options>Profile and save 
       your progress here.
    Q: My replay doesn't show the same stuff as what I played, whats wrong?
    A: This seems to be a glitch in the DRIV3R replay system. A lot of times 
       stuff that happens during gameplay will turn out totally different in the
       replay. There is no known way to fix this.
    Q: Will there be a Driver 4?
    A: Although it hasn't officially been confirmed by either Atari or Reflections
       there is an assumption that the Driver series will be continued with Driver
       4. For information on this subject, keep referring to either the neoseeker
       or gamefaqs DRIV3R message boards.
    Q: Can I pick people up and drive them to a destination in a bus or cab?
    A: No, unlike GTA you cannot transport passengers in a taxi or bus. If you 
       think about it, it would be somewhat pointless since they couldn't pay you,
       because money isn't used in DRIV3R 
    Q: The cheats don't work, even though I hear the sound! 
    A: After putting in a cheat in the main menu and hearing the little 'ding' 
       sound, you must do turn on the cheat(s) you just entered. So to Options
       >Cheats and select which cheats you want to turn on. If you input all of 
       the cheats, then save your game you can spare yourself the re-entry of all
       the cheats when you start playing again.
    Q: There is an option to turn the speedometer from KM/H to MPH, so why isn't
       it showing up in my t-a-r mode?
    A: Unfortunately, for some strange reason the speedometer is only available in
       one of the mission in Nice (Booby Trap). The speedometer is not available
       in t-a-r mode.
    Q: How do I lose my felony level?
    A: After you get a wanted level, and you've evaded a polica chase, you can 
       make your way to one of the safehouses. Heading to a safehouse will get rid
       of your wanted level, hence the name 'safe'house. HOWEVER, If you have the
       police chasing you, you must lose the cops before you head to your safe-
       house, or you won't lose your wanted level. 
    Q: My game keeps freezing on me! What's wrong?
    A: Unfortuntely, for a lot of people DRIV3R has a tendancy to freeze on them
       without warning. There is no real patch for this, however you may have a
       defective disc, so you might want to go back to the place of purchase and
       see if you can exchange it for another one. If you can't exchange it, 
       there is no real solution, but if your in t-a-r mode killing Timmy's or 
       finding secret cars, make sure to save via the Main Menu > Options > 
       Profile, and save here after every kill/find.
    Q: I go to a location for a Timmy listed below, but he's not there!
    A: If you find that the Timmy is not where he's meant to be, there are a 
       number of possible reasons why. First off, make sure you have the right 
       location listed in section IXV, Timmy's disapear after you kill them once. 
       Secondly, look around...maybe fire off a few shots to get his attention; 
       it's possible he hasn't seen you yet. Next Walk around and keep looking. 
       I've had a Timmy stuck in a glitch before, which means he won't shoot at 
       you and it may be hard to spot him. If he's in a glitch, just shoot him 
       until he's dead. 
    Q: I go to find a secret car, but it's not there!
    A: I've had this happen to me 2 times over the course of my hunt for the
       secret cars. I'm not sure why, but sometimes the cars won't be there when 
       you go to look for them. If the car isn't where it should be, try 
       restarting or driving far away and returning. 
                           IXV. Timmy Vermicelli's
    What/Who are Timmy Vermicelli's?
    Timmy Vermicelli is Atari's/Reflections way of getting back at Rockstar games
    for including the 'Two Faced Tanner' mission in GTA3, Tanner of course being 
    the main character in Driver. 
    Timmy's are 10 to a city, and are heavily armed waiting to kill Tanner (you). 
    If you've ever played GTA:VC, Timmy Vermicelli is a rip-off of Tommy Vercetti 
    and comes complete with the Hawian Shirt, and Jeans. He also has arm flippers 
    as a joke, because Tommy Vercetti can't swim.
    After killing att 10 Timmy's in each city, you will unlock the 'Armory' for
    that city, each with its own chaotic mission, arsenal of weapons and health
    A > MIAMI
    1. The first Timmy can be found on the roof of the Gold Coast Hotel, in the
    elevator. From the default starting point, head straight and turn left when 
    the road ends. Make a right at the end of this road, and continue along this
    road as it curves to the right. Take your first left after the curve, and left
    again shortly. Almost directly after the turn, you will see an alleyway on the
    left, behind some trees and a dumpster. There is a stairway leading up to the
    1st floor. Those who have played the mission 'Rooftops' will recognize this 
    place. Head through the blue doors on the fire escape, and all the way up to 
    the roof, marked with an 'R'. Head into the utility room, and out onto the 
    roof through the door on the right. Head across the first roof and down the
    staircase to the left. Head across this roof, and up the stairs on the other
    side. Timmy is in the elevator inside the building on the far side of the 3rd
    roof. The elevator will ding when you get close, and you have a few seconds to
    get ready before the doors open.
    2. This is probably the easiest of all Timmy's to find. He is in the backyard 
    of the house directly across from Tanner's House (starting point #2). Head out
    back via the roght side of the house.
    3. The 3rd Timmy is found in Stiltsville (in the middle of Miami Harbour). 
    From the 2nd starting point (Tanner's Pad) run out back and take the boat
    provided. Drive out to the word 'Miami' on the map, and head into the stilt
    house just north of the 2nd I in Miami. Note that Timmy is behind you and to
    to the left when you head up the stairs, so be careful.
    4. From the 4th (most south-western) starting point, head straight and take 
    the right turn just before the road curves to the left. Turn left at the end 
    of this road, and keep to the right of the fork in the road (you will head
    across a bridge). After crossing the bridge, you will see the monorail ahead.
    To the left, there is a road that heads underneath the monorail, turn down 
    here, but don't head too far. Just past the first set of palm trees and
    vegetation, you will see a large white building, with 3 black garage doors on
    the first floor. Drop down onto the lower road so your facing the 3 garage 
    doors. You will see an alleyway to the left, Timmy can be found in the open 
    warehouse at the end of this alleyway (on the left). Note that Timmy is hiding
    to the left when you walk in, get ready because he will shoot at you asap.
    5. The next Timmy can be found in Tico's Construction Yard, the setting for
    the mission 'Impress Lomaz'. For the exact location, refer to #16B in section
    V. It's kind of hard to describe exactly where this Timmy is, but he is on the
    eastern side of the construction site, on the 2nd floor of one of those 
    incomplete buildings. He should shoot at you when you get close.
    6. Go to the 400M track (refer to 17B, section V). Timmy is located in 
    between the 2 white buildings on the south-eastern corner of the track. 
    7. This one's in the Miami Orange Bowl Stadium (refer to 8B, section V for
    exact directions). The stadium in the the most wester block in Little Havana
    (the biggest one). Timmy is found on the 2nd floor (go through one of the 
    many gates accessible through the parking lot, or main entrance) on the south
    western corner of the stadium. He's hiding behind some trashed arcade games. 
    8. If you got the go-kart secret car, then you will have already killed this
    Timmy (I should hope). If not, follow the directions to the go-kart secret car
    in section XV-B of this guide. Timmy is in the Gate Control room. 
    9. The 2nd last Timmy in Miami is found on Dodge Island (most southern island)
    Head across the drawbridge, and stop once your across. You will see the large
    concrete wall to your right end up ahead. Turn in where the wall ends (through
    the fencing) and turn right again (going behind the wall). When you reach the
    end of the building on your left, stop. Get out and look to the left. There is
    a large bay door open on this building. Timmy is inside on the catwalk. 
    10. The final Timmy in Miami is in a hidden warehouse in Coconut Grove. From
    the 4th starting point (most south-western) pull a u-turn and head straight 
    along this road (heading south) When you reach the 4 blocks that are perfect
    squares (resembling a window) Take the right, so your on the north side of 
    this grid of squares. Take the first left, and head down this road, but stop
    just before the next intersection. There is a concrete wall with grafitti on 
    it to the right, and there is an opening by the tree. Get out next to the tree
    and head into the opening in the wall. There is a staircase leading up to the
    left. Head up these and turn right. Follow the walkway around until you reach
    the spot where there are 3 garage doors (to the right). Open the door marked 
    A1 and Timmy is inside.
    Now that all 10 Timmy's have been killed in Miami, you have unlocked 
    18-wheeler anarchy mode. The message will tell you to 'Go to the Armory'. Head
    to the blue dot on your in-game map, found in Coral Gables. It is an 
    underground bunker found behind one of the houses in Coral Gables. Inside, not
    only do you unlock 18-wheeler anarchy mode (everytime you enter) but you get 
    an arsenal of weapons and health. 
    18-wheeler anarchy mode is where 2 Timmy's driving 18-wheeler cabs hunt you
    down and try to run you over. They won't stop until you, or they die. Note 
    that when cops are turned on, not only are the 2 Timmy's in 18-wheelers, but 
    so are the police. 
    B > NICE
    1. The first Timmy can be found atop the airport tower. Head to rhe airport 
    and to the east of the terminal you will see the airport tower. You can't 
    miss it, its huge. Timmy is awaiting you at the top, and it can be quite a 
    long climb up, and Timmy may shoot at you as soon as you get off the ladder,
    so be prepared.
    2. The 2nd Timmy can be found in a warehouse just west of the default starting
    point. When starting from the default starting point, take your immediate left
    which is almost a u-turn. At the end of this road, turn left (against traffic)
    keep your eyes open to the left, you will see a break in the fencing, turn in 
    here and head to the right of the opening. You will see a staircase on the 
    left. Timmy is up this staircase to the left, on the balcony.
    3. Select a biat as your vehicle and start from the default stating position.
    Head straight along the river and follow it as it cuts sharply to the right.
    Ahead you should see 3 rocks. Timmy ca be found behind the 2nd rock, on the
    shore. If you pass this second rock he will shoot at you, but you will be able
    to shoot him from on your boat, so its probably best to do this.
    4. Timmy #4 can be found behind a church in central Nice. From the 2nd start
    point, head straight along this road until you reach the 3rd intersection 
    (just before the road bends to the right and forms a piano shape). You will
    see an opening in the wall on the right just ahead of the 3rd intersection.
    Turn in here and head up the path to the church. Head in behind the church
    and you will find Timmy
    5. This one is a bit difficult to explain, so read carefully. From the 2nd 
    starting point, turn around and head to the end of this road. Turn left, then
    right and you'll find yourself on the shore road. Turn left, heading east. 
    Count 5 left turns, and then cut over and head against traffic. Use L2 to find
    a narrow alleyway in the block just after the 5th left. To the right of the
    alley is a building. You will see 4 brownish steel like doors. The 3rd one 
    will open reveiling Timmy #5. 
    6. From the 2nd starting point, turn the car around again and go left at the
    end of the road, then right. On the shore road turn left (heading east) and
    follow this road until you reach the large grey area which is a large rock
    cliff side. Just before the road bends to the right, take a look at the 
    cliff. You should see black railings leading up. This is a staircase you can
    use to get on top of the mountain. Once on top of the mountain, the Timmy is
    in the gazebo in this park.
    7. Follow the same directions for #6, however head past the staircase around
    as the road bends to the right. When the road bends to the left, look ahead 
    and you'll see a lighthouse. Timmy is on top of this lighthouse. You can 
    either use a long range weapon and take him out from land, or you can climb a
    ladder on the south side of the lighthouse and kill him close range.
    8. The 8th Timmy is hiding in the container yard used in the mission 18-
    wheeler. From the 4th starting point, turn the car around and head along this
    road as it bends to the right. Take the first left after the bends and head 
    along this road until you reach the 4-way intersection. Turn left here. Follow
    this road until it veers sharply to the right, and you reach another intersec-
    tion. Turn left here, and at the next intersection make a left. You should
    find yourself along this coast. Follow the road along and look for a paved
    road leading down to a pier on the left. Head down this road. Just before the
    boat on stilts, make a right and you will see gates leading into the container
    yard. This gates will smash open when you hit them. Timmy is in the far right 
    corner of the yard.
    9. The 2nd last Timmy is found inside the secret cave. Select a boat as your
    vehicle and start from the most easterly start point. Turn left and look to
    your left. You will see the opening to the secret cave. Timmy is on the small
    shore inside on the left.
    10. The final Timmy in Nice is found inside the Stunt track. From the 4th 
    starting point, turn around and head straight. You will see a rock hill to 
    your right very shortly. You want to drive over this rock hill, into the stunt
    track. Timmy is under the big jump right infront of you.
    After finishing off all 10 Timmy's in Nice, you've unlocked 'Fugitive Mode'.
    This is probably the most chaotic armory's of them all. Fugitive mode places
    a weapon in the hand of every pedestrian, and yes, you guessed right, they're
    all after you. It certainly can be fun. The armory is the Fort du Mont Alban
    found in the eastern part of Nice. It will be marked with the blue dot. There
    is also, as always an arsenal of weapons and medical kits for you to use. And
    much the same as Miami, Fugitive Mode is unlocked everytime as soon as you set
    foot in the armory.
    1. Choose a boat as your vehicle and start from the most North-West starting
    point. Straight ahead of you, you should see a staircase leading up to what
    seems like a loading dock/boatyard. Go up these steps (swim to them if you 
    have to) and you will see a building with a small blue shack on the roof to
    your right. Timmy is on top of this roof. Be careful heading up the stairs
    because he'll shoot at you right away.
    2. From the default starting point take your first left and head along this
    road until you reach the first left. Turn here, and up ahead you will see a
    construction site on your right. Use R2 if you have to, and find the building
    with the collapsed roof in this construction site (this is the starting for
    the mission 'Bomb Truck' if you've ever played it). Head up those stairs on 
    the building with no roof. Once at the top, slowly enter the top floor. Timmy
    is in the corner on the left of the entrance, so watch yourself.
    3. From the default starting point, head straight until the road ends. Turn
    left at the end, and cross the bridge. Once across the bridge, you will see
    the large white area on the map, and a small road leading into it. This is the
    docks, you want to head along that little dead-end road leading into the docks
    The road will stop on the map after it bends left, but it keeps going as it 
    curves to the right. Follow the road and you will reach a fenced in parking 
    area, and the road will turn right. Turn right and ahead of you you should
    see a jump. To the left of the jump is a small white shack on stilts (behind 
    the containers, right on the water). Timmy is inside this shack.
    4. This Timmy can be found in the Train Depot (14B, section VII). Start from 
    the default starting point, and turn the car around. Take the first left and
    at the end of this road you will reach a divided road. Turn right onto the
    divided road and follow it to the end. At the end, turn right again and keep 
    your eyes on the right. Eventually you will see a gap in the brick wall to the
    right, head in here and ahead of you you should see the white, red and green
    train car and a building. Head to the right of the train car, and you will 
    see a building on stilts again. Timmy is in here.
    5. From the second starting point (ie one tap to the left on the D-pad) pull
    a u-turn and take the first right. Take the first left (onto an alleyway) and 
    up ahead to the left you will see a grassy area with tree and bushes. This is
    kind of hard to describe, so refer to the diagram.
    |       |
    |       |    ______
    |       |___|      |_______________
    |       | *     #                  |
    |       |________________  Grass   |
    |       |    Buildings   |         |
    | Main  |________________|       # | 
    |       |   Grass/Bushes           |
    | Road  |__________________________|________________
    |                Alley
    |        ________________       ____________________
    |       |                |     |
    Legend: # = Large Trees
            * = Timmy
    So if you can't understand this diagram, you turn left onto the grassy area
    and then head in behind the buildings. 
    6. Timmy #6 for Istanbul can be found in the Bath House (11B, section VII).
    From the 2nd starting point (same as last one) turn the car around and head
    straight along this road (turn slightly right when the wooden wall to you 
    right ends, and follow the paved road, not the one with the tram line on it).
    Follow the road all the way to the end (down into Sultanhamet) and turn right.
    Take the left when this road ends, and follow it to the end. To your left you
    will see a long building with a dome shaped roof. This is the bath house. Head
    inside via the front door, and turn to the left, and head down the stairs. 
    Timmy is in the room at the bottom of the stairs on the right (changing room?)
    7. From the second starting point, head to the east bridge (one closest to 
    you). Once on the bridge you will see the 4 large supports on either side and
    end of the bridge. They almost look like small buildings on the 4 corners of
    the bridge (one of these controls the drawbridge). Stop at the first set of
    these buildings and go through the archway (on either one) and head down the
    stairs. At the bottom you will notice some blue shops under the bridge.
    Timmy is in the second alleyway leading between these blue buildings. 
    8. Start from the 3rd starting point (most southerly). This Timmy is the 
    one that causes a lot of trouble for some people. He is in a secret room in 
    the red brick apartment safehouse. Head to the safehouse logo (red cross with
    a black circle and white interior) which is just south of Seraglio Point. 
    Once your at the safehouse, pull into the parking lot which is to the east of
    the safehouse. Use the side entrance which is in this parking lot, and head up
    the stairs to the top. Once at the top, head through the doorway into the hall
    You should see a door straight ahead of you a bit to the left. This is your
    apartment/safehouse. Once in here, look for the kitchen (to the right). On the
    left wall of the kitchen, you should see a cabinet leading up against a 
    different colored piece of wall. This darker patch of wall is actually a 
    secret door. Use a gun to shoot the cabinet out of the way, and open the door
    reveiling a secret room. Timmy is inside.
    9. The second last Timmy is Istanbul can be found at the Basilica Cistern (12B
    section VII). From the 3rd starting point, head straight along this road as it
    curves to the right, then back to the left. You will reach the cobblestone 
    road. Turn right into the cobblestone road (heading north). Take the first 
    left, and almost immediately on the left you will see a small building with a
    red clay roof. Head through the doors and down the stairs into the Cistern.
    Timmy is found behind the bar which is underneath the stairs.
    10. The last Timmy in the whole game!! (if you went in order). This is 
    probably the most fun to find Timmy, since he's found inside the Sopa Inci
    dance club. Start from the 4th (most northerly) starting point and head to the
    end of this street. Turn left, and head up the hill to the end of this road. 
    Turn right here, and immediately ahead to the left (on the corner) you will 
    see the Sopa Inci dance club. Head inside (there are entrances on the main 
    road) and Timmy is in the dance club up in the office (look for the half moon
    window highlighted by light blue lights when you enter the dance floor). Timmy
    will show himself once you enter the room.
    Now that you've decimated all 10 Timmy's in Istanbul, you may head to the 
    armory. The armory is found near the Castle Ruins. It can be found just west
    of Kennedy Road and Beyazit in southern Istanbul. Look for the door with the
    skull above it (it has horns on it) and head inside and downstairs. Along with
    the usual arsenal of weapons and health packs, you've unlocked Infinite Mass
    mode. This makes any car you drive INDESTRUCTABLE!! :-D.
                               XV. Secret Cars
    What are Secret Cars?
    Secret cars are cars that you don't see driving around on a road, but rather
    hidden somewhere in an alleyway or garage. There are 3 hidden cars per city. 
    They range from vitage roadsters, to a go-kart, to a Hippie Van. Each car is
    certainly fun to drive, and they're all worth finding. The only reward however
    for finding all 9 of these cars, is you get to drive them anytime in t-a-r 
    mode (if you saved after finding them). Unfortunately, each city only has 3
    secret cars, and those found in one city cannot be played in another.
    A > MIAMI
    TT CUATRO: This Ford GT-40 look alike is found on the Star Island, in between 
    Dodge and Venetian Islands. From the 2nd starting point (Tanners House) drive 
    out of Tanners street and turn left at the end. Head along this road until you
    reach the bridge to the central island, and turn left onto it. Take your first
    right and follow this small street to the end. There is a garage at the end of
    the road, which will open and reveal this beauty. 
    GO-KART: Found in behind the massive Biltmore Hotel (9B, section V) the 
    go-kart is probably the coolest secret car in Miami, and possibly the whole
    game. From the default starting point, pull a u-turn and take the first right.
    Follow this road to the end and turn right (going under the freeway). Head 
    straight and take the 4th left (it is a way's ahead) and head straight under
    the weeping trees of Coral Gables and stop when you reach the rectangular 
    block, and you have the Biltmore Hotel sign infront of you. 
    Follow the rectangle to the right, and take the right (leading to the parking
    lot). Stop before the road turns to the left, and look straight ahead. You 
    will see a path leading to a big tree in the distance. Follow this path, but 
    continue straight as it drops off to the left. You should be heading towards 
    the big tree. When you reach the big tree you will see a tunnel to your left.
    Go through the tunnel until you reach the courtyard with a blue gate infront
    of you. You will see 2 staircases to your left, take the one that leads up to
    the catwalk which goes all the way around the courtyard. Continue on the 
    catwalk until you reach the room marked 'Gate Control'. Head into the hallway,
    arming yourself as you go (Triangle) because there in a Timmy in the next 
    room. Kill the timmy, and flick the switch to open the gates (L1). Go through 
    the door the is oposite yours, and head down the stairs. You don't have to go 
    back to your car, because there is always cars parked in the next courtyard. 
    Take one of the cars parked here, and turn around taking the tunnel through 
    to the go-kart track. Head striaght, through the cones and broken fencing, and
    turn left when you get to the track. Head along the track, past the start line
    and to the right will be pit road. The go-kart is parked on pit road.
    NOTE: Normally when you pass the start line in the go-kart, another go-karter
    will come up behind you and a timer will appear. This guy will race you, see 
    if you can beat him!
    VELOCITY TURBO (SHELBY COBRA): It's found in Tico's Construction yard, which 
    is in the brown area just west of the main freeway in downtown. For specific 
    directions, refer to 16B in section V. It is found near the river, in a small 
    alleyway between the large brick building. The alleyway is accessible from 
    the river side of the building. This is a pretty sweet old sports car that 
    resembles an old Shelby, complete with roll bar. 
    B > NICE
    VW HIPPIE VAN: Found in Canges Sur Mer, the VW Hippie Van is a cool yellow VW
    60's/70's Microbus, with colorful hippie drawings all over it. Its found in 
    the same location as the Chateau Grimaldi, on the very top of the mountain on 
    the most eastern part of the map. You will see the circular roads to the north 
    this is the mountain. Travel all the way up this mountain, until you reach the
    top (it can be very confusing, but you should make it eventually). Once at the
    top, look for the restaurant with the outdoor seating and tables. Just to the 
    left of this restaurant you will see an opening in the wall, a tunnel leading
    to the other side. Don't go through it, but look to the left of it. There will 
    be a garage (brown door) that will open when you walk up to it and reveal the
    Hippie Van.
    DOLCH SCHUB: This impressive roadster can be found at the airport, in the fire
    department garage. Once at the airport, go out onto the runway and head east
    (towards central Nice) past ytour safehouse. Adead of you you should see an
    open hangar/garage that you can see right through. To the left (north) of this
    there is a road leading to the fire department garage. The car is in the left 
    garage. It comes complete with pink flames up the hood, and a great hot rod 
    look to it.
    FORKLIFT: This fun, and cool car is found on the 'Fin Penninsula' which is the
    most south-eastern section of Nice. Look for the 2 roundish blocks on the 
    south eastern tips of the penninsula, this is where you want to go. Once your 
    at the very southern tip of the 2nd rounded block, you will see a villa with a
    car parked out front, and a road leading further out thats not marked on the 
    map. You want to take this road, and follow it to the right. As your driving 
    along this road, watch out for the first driveway on the left. It's paved and 
    leads upward. Head up here, and out back of the house. You will see a 2 car 
    garage to the left. The forklift is in the right door. 
    VINTAGE ROADSTER: The Vintage Roadster can be found in the Beyoglu West region
    in the old industrial/projects district. From the 4th starting point (most 
    northerly) head straight and turn left at the end of this road. Head up the
    hill and at the end of this road, turn left. Head along this road, and take 
    the first right (at the 4-way intersection). Follow this road until it ends 
    and turn left at the end. After the curve in the road, the road will end in a 
    T intersection. To your right you will see an entrance to a warehouse type 
    area. Head in here, and follow the road to the 2nd building. Turn right into 
    the parking lot infront of the 2nd building, and look for the garage to your 
    left ahead. The car in inside here. Its an old black roadster of somekind.
    VINTAGE RACER: The Vintage Racer in inside a container at the Istanbul Docks.
    From the default starting point, head straigh until the road ends at a T
    intersection. Turn left here and head across the bridge.When your across the
    bridge you will see a large white area to your left. The car is in here. There
    is an archway leading into the little road marked on the map. Head into the
    docks via this little road. The road will swerve to the left. The road keeps
    going, but it isnt marked on the map. Head straight along this road, and it 
    will curve to the right. You will reach a fenced parking lot. Turn right, 
    following the road, and you will see a large jump infront of you. Head towards
    the jump, but DON'T jump it. Instead, just before you reach the cones infront
    of the jump, turn to the right. The road turns to the left, follow it. You 
    will come to a pile of containers on your left, you will see red, blue, blue 
    red. The car is in the second red container. The car looks like an old F1 
    racing car, and can be quite fast.
    CONVERTABLE ROADSTER: The last hidden car in Istanbul can be found at the 
    train depot. From the default starting position, pull a u-turn and head along 
    this road until it intersects with the blue road. Turn left onto the blue road 
    When the blue road ends, turn left again onto a blue road. Take your 2nd right
    (at the large 4-way intersection) take the 2nd right (just before the train 
    bridge passes over the road) and the train depot is on your immediate left. 
    You will have to get out of your car here, since it won't fit past the old 
    rail cars (unless your on a bike). The car is behind the blue container in 
    the last open warehouse in this row. It's a vintage 2-seater convertable. To 
    get the car out of the depot, you have to follow the train tracks west and 
    there will be an opening in the brock wall.
                           XVI. Contact Information    
    If you wish to contact me for any reason (ie. Comments, Suggestions, Errors,
    Contributions) please feel free to e-mail me via bbstimesonline@yahoo.ca. I do
    try to read and reply to every e-mail within 48-72 hours, however if I am away
    at the time, or I get backed logged with e-mails, it may be longer. Note that
    any junk mail or spam will be immediately deposited in the trash. Thanks very
    much to all those who have e-mailed me with contributions and comments 
    regarding the guide so far, I appreciate it.
    Also, when you e-mail me if you could please include a name for me to include
    in the guide. If no name is supplied, I will use the first part of your e-mail
    (before the @).
                                  XVII. Credits
    Special thanks to:
    -gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com and supercheats.com for hosting this guide.
    -Reflections, and Atari for continuing the Driver series. 
    -Swiftshark and his FAQ/Guide for several names of locations.
    -Prima Guide for a few of the locations/names in this guide.
    -Hack0r for many of the awesome pictures of glitches in section XII.
    -GTAcrazy & supermanti: for info on 8B (Miami).
    -claybacca: creator of 'The Middle Man' mini-game.
    -dodgeviper: for the flatbed in Nice information.
    -TyDawg839: for the customs gate information (10B, section VI).
    -Cmdeadgame: for the info on the gates to dodge island, and airport parking.
    -ssj4gogeta 77: for the car bomb information.
    -Gerror_weh2: original poster/creator of the car bomb.
    -vicecitymaster & seanstintsons: for directions to the skate park (19B Miami).
    -Pepsi4192: for info on the Custom's Yard gate (10B Nice).
    -Gareth: For 'something fun to do' in the Red River Bar (7B Miami)
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