Review by PhillyFresh13

"It'll knock your sweater vest off"

Many have compared this game to the best FPS of our time. Including Halo 2 and Doom 3. In fact, my first thought was that it's a lot like a combination of the 2 I just mentioned. So, without any more stalling for time, here's my review...

Graphics: 7/10
This is one of the only weak spots of this game. And suprisingly, it's not too weak. There are only a few hiccups in the graphics. But then again, who knows what alien conspiracy creatures really look like? So you can't really blame them too much for the hiccups. Overall, they aren't too bad. I give the graphics a 7...out of 10.

Sound: 9/10
The sound effects are some of the best I've ever heard on a shooter. There are many sequences in which blood is dripping or in one specific time when an alien rips off a marine's head, the sound is VERY realistic. The sound is overall one of the strong points of this game. I give the sound a 9...out of 10.

Gameplay: 10/10
In the words of the great Napoleon Dynamite, SWEET!!! There is sooooo much action in this game. You will have someone to shoot 90% of the time. The other 10% is the walking around before there is something to shoot. There are many jump moments in this game. On one of the missions I remember I was heading towards a door and all of the sudden, an alien just flew out of the door and I almost crapped my pants. Overall, there are barely any problems with the gameplay. I give the gameplay a 10...out of 10.

Story: 7/10
The only reason I give this a 7, is that we've seen this story too many times. A marine is stuck in a building with strange creatures that you learn later to be humans infected with a strange virus. Like the comedy, Zoolander, the friend of the main character (who you'd think to help the main character through the whole game) gets his head ripped off towards the start of the game. But, they didn't get killed in a freak gasoline fight accident. I won't give away the guy's name for 2 reasons. 1. It might give it away if you haven't already guessed who it is, not to spoil it for you 2. I can't remember his name... Overall the story is a little weak. I give the story a 7...out of 10.

Final Recommendation:
This game has been a must-buy for me since last December. Though I reserved it only about a week ago. If you have an XBOX or a PS2, put this on your wishlist. I gurantee you won't be dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/28/05

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