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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cool Z

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 01/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.45
    Username: Cool Z
    Email: idshanks@gmail.com
    Copyright 2004-2005 Iain Shanks
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    This FAQ/Walkthrough contains many, many spoilers. If you 
    use the level guide, I suggest you only do so after 
    having attempted the level and seen the story up until 
    that point. Once you have read the part you need help 
    with, I suggest not looking any further until you’ve 
    played through it in game.
    Author Notes: [11/09/04]
    ‘Lo peeps.
    Anything that I just feel like saying but doesn't really 
    relate to the game will be posted here.
    I’ve had many projects set up for GameFAQs, and many were 
    put up on my own websites, but I always lost interest in 
    them. This one actually looks like it’ll get finished.
    Wish me luck... Cool Z.
    UPDATE: For the New Year [01/05/05]
    Due to the slow speed of update demonstrated by most 
    sites, I’ve chosen to make IGN my top priority submission 
    choice. In other words, the latest version of my guide 
    will be on IGN.
    EMAIL NOTES [last updated 18/11/04]
    Please, no more emails requesting help with a specific 
    mission! I am working my ass off at this thing, trying to 
    improve it. I find Legendary pretty hard. I don’t have 
    the time to write a walkthrough for one specific person. 
    Please have patience and wait for that specific levels 
    walkthrough. Either that, or find another walkthrough, if 
    that’s even possible at this stage. I believe I have one 
    of the first on the net just now. I’m not doing this for 
    money, and it drills into my free time.
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       0. Version History
       1. Weapons
          a. Battle Rifle
          b. SMG
          c. Shotgun
          d. Magnum
          e. Sniper Rifle
          f. Rocket Launcher
          g. Plasma Pistol
          h. Plasma Rifle
          i. Brute Plasma Rifle
          j. Needler
          k. Covenant Carbine
          l. Beam Rifle
          m. Fuel Rod Cannon
          n. Brute Shot
          o. Energy Sword
          p. Sentinel Beam (Silver)
          q. Sentinel Beam (Gold)
          r. Fragmentation Grenade
          s. Plasma Grenade
       2. Vehicles
          a. Warthog
          b. Scorpion
          c. Pelican
          d. Ghost
          e. Spectre
          f. Shadow
          g. Wraith
          h. Banshee
          i. Phantom
          j. Scarab
          k. Orbital Drop Pod
       3. Allies and Enemies
          The Humans
          a. Navy Crewman
          b. Marine
          c. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
          The Covenant
          d. Grunt
          e. Jackal
          f. Drone
          g. Hunter
          h. Brute
          i. Elite
          k. Prophet
          The Flood
          l. Infection Forms
          m. Combat Forms
          n. Carrier Forms
          The Forerunner
          o. Sentinel
          p. Enforcer
       4. Characters
       5. Level guides
          a. The Heretic [TBC]
          b. Armory
          c. Cairo Station
          d. Outskirts
          e. Metropolis
          f. The Arbiter
          g. Oracle
          h. Delta Halo
          i. Regret
          j. Sacred Icon
          k. Quarantine Zone
          l. Gravemind
          m. Uprising
          n. High Charity
          o. The Great Journey
       6. Theories
       7. FAQs
       8. Credits
    Note: Copy and paste the contents title (including the 
    number) into the Find box (CTRL + F), then press find 
    twice to bring you straight to that section of the guide.
    Version 0.0 – 09/11/04
    This is currently just a blank page with nothing more 
    than this text placed on it. 
    It is here that I begin the Great Journey.
    Version 1.00 – 11/11/04
    First posted version at GameFAQs.com
    When this guide is updated, the next version will be 1.1, 
    1.2, and so on. Level guide section is currently in 
    pieces. I’ve done up to “The Arbiter” level, including 
    part of it. Then, I went on to the ODST Assault and then 
    High Charity. It’s basically just the ones fresh in my 
    mind. I’ll be updating the rest in order from here on 
    Version 1.10 – 13/11/04
    Minor updates. Just had a taste of the email madness that 
    FAQ writers have to put up with everyday. It’s been up on 
    GameFAQs for one day and I’ve already received about 100 
    emails (good thing I recently changed to Gmail). Heh, as 
    much as I’d like to credit you all, I can’t. It’s way too 
    much work. Sorry to all those that don’t get a mention. I 
    plan on having another couple of levels done by the 
    I’ve corrected some minor errors like rounds per clip and 
    such. I’ve also completed the guide for the Arbiter 
    Version 1.11 – 14/11/04
    Cosmetic update. I’ve simply added a few things that I 
    feel make the guide easier on the eyes. Also a few minor 
    errors corrected, like shots per clip and such. The 
    Outskirts guide has also been improved slightly. I’ve put 
    more detail on the harder part of the mission.
    Version 1.20 – 16/11/04
    Due to popular demand, I’ve written a proper guide to 
    what I considered a simple enough level. The Cairo 
    Station guide is complete. I’ve also... at least I think 
    I’ve finished the Outskirts guide. Minor notes have been 
    added elsewhere.
    Version 1.25 – 21/11/04
    Bits and bobs added around the place. Nothing Veteran. 
    Finished the Guide for the level “Oracle”. Done a little 
    bit on “Delta Halo”. Completed the guide on “The Great 
    Version 1.30 – 28/11/04
    Delta Halo walkthrough completed, Regret started. Some 
    other walkthroughs have been improved. Smaller additions 
    as usual. I’ve updated the Elite and Grunt ranks. If you 
    see any more ranks that need to be added, please email 
    Version 1.35 – 10/12/04
    The guide now covers everything up to the end of 
    Quarantine Zone. It won’t be long until the entire thing 
    is finished. 
    Version 1.37 – 05/01/05
    Had a long break over the Christmas and New Year period. 
    Hope you all had a good time. Back to work now. I’ve made 
    minor changes to the guide. Gravemind has been started.
    Version 1.40 – 06/01/05
    Minor changes made. Added Vegechan’s great theory to the 
    file. Changing the look of contents. Some things in 
    contents are in the wrong order right now. Done a bit 
    more of the Gravemind level.
    Version 1.45 – 06/01/05
    Gravemind guide completed. Yet to start the next mission. 
    As usual, minor changes have been made.
    1. WEAPONS:
    Battle Rifle
    This is a great weapon. The bullets are fairly powerful, 
    and with the three shot bursts it can be devastating. A 
    great weapon for clearing out jackals, especially those 
    damned snipers. 
    On legendary, if an enemy sniper spots you, you will 
    probably have no more than 2 seconds at the very most to 
    react. If you can peek out of a corner with your scope 
    set in the general direction of the Jackal, one quick 
    burst should at the very least injure him, giving you the 
    chance to set your sights for the kill. 
    There is no single fire for the Battle Rifle. I believe 
    it is to make the Carbine more useful. Otherwise, I doubt 
    many people would take much notice of it.
    36 rounds per clip. 2x Zoom.
    In game, it is known as the SMG. For those [few] of you 
    who don’t know, this stands for Sub-Machine Gun. This 
    weapon is, in my opinion, the best for Drones.
    On legendary, I very rarely used it for anything more 
    than Drone and Grunt cleanup. Every now and then, it 
    served well against a single Elite. If a tricky Elite is 
    hiding in a corner, and you have no available grenades, 
    this weapon is just screaming for it. Peek around the 
    corner with two of these and BAM! No more Elite, lots 
    more purple paint. It can be a bit risky though, so I 
    tend to stick with Plasmas for Elites.
    60 rounds per clip. Dual Wield.
    This is a weaker version of the original. It’s still a 
    great Flood stopper, but Elites won’t go down as easily 
    with it. It used to stun them when hit by a point blank 
    shell. Now, it’ll damage then, but it definitely won’t 
    stun them long enough for a clean kill.
    12 rounds per clip. 
    Thankfully, this is definitely going to be less of a 
    favourite than the old handgun. It is still useful, but 
    not so much past the first level. At least this shows it 
    won’t be the “One man army” weapon the old one was.
    Update: After trying this thing out a bit more, I like it 
    a lot. It is pretty powerful. Add that with the good rate 
    of fire, and you have a nice Elite stopper. I like using 
    this with an SMG. Think about it: The SMG gradually eats 
    the Elites shield away, and the Magnum packs a small 
    punch every half second or so. The Elite will go down in 
    no time.
    12 rounds per clip. Dual Wield.
    Sniper Rifle
    It’s the same as the one in Halo. I can’t really say any 
    more than that. I’m not sure there is a Night-Vision 
    feature anymore, but it wouldn’t really be useful in Halo 
    2 anyway. A couple of headshots should take out the 
    average Elite. Pretty useful, nothing special.
    4 rounds per clip. 5x Zoom. 10x Zoom.
    Rocket Launcher
    Just another Halo replica. It has a new homing feature. 
    You must hold your sights on the enemy vehicle. Once it 
    turns red, hold “R” until a beeping sound plays, 
    indicating a lock-on. Fire away. This feature is best 
    used over a fair distance, but nothing too exaggerated.
    For the melee, the Spartan/Elite swings the launcher 
    round the shoulder, and hits the enemy with the butt of 
    the weapon from above.
    2 rockets per clip. 2x Zoom.
    Plasma Pistol
    Halo replica, ‘nuff said. The charged bolt takes 10 
    charges from the gun. It used to instantly deplete an 
    Elites Shield. Now, there is one that can take a blast 
    and still have decent shielding. The Spec Op Elite 
    (Silver) has a much more powerful shield than the rest.
    If you have something like an SMG as an alternative 
    weapon, a good strategy is to dual wield Plasma Pistols 
    and send two charges into the Elite. Not only will it be 
    stunned momentarily, it will also be vulnerable to 
    bullets. Quickly switch to the SMG and fire away. 
    For the melee, the Spartan/Elite thrusts his fist 
    straight at the head of an enemy of equal height.
    100 charges per pistol. Dual Wield.
    Plasma Rifle
    This thing fires weak plasma charges. This paired with an 
    SMG is an amazing anti-Elite combo. The Rifle takes out 
    the shield with ease, and then the bullets pierce the 
    physical armour, killing the Elite in the process.
    This is great against anything with a plasma shield of 
    any sort.
    100 charges per rifle. Dual Wield.
    Brute Plasma Rifle
    This is a Plasma Rifle with a faster rate of fire and 
    slightly stronger bolts. It also overheats faster.
    100 charges per rifle. Dual Wield.
    It feels slightly different from the original one, but it 
    is essentially the same thing. The needles blow slightly 
    faster. This thing is an awesome Brute stopper. Dual 
    wielding these is all you really need to take down those 
    stubborn Brutes. If they won’t budge, it’s all the better 
    to pierce their skin.
    30 needles per clip. Dual Wield.
    Covenant Carbine
    This thing is a single shot version of the Battle Rifle. 
    I think this weapon is the sole reason that the Battle 
    Rifle doesn’t have a single shot. I haven’t thought much 
    about this, but I think this is my favourite weapon. It 
    is a great weapon for Brutes. Two or three shots should 
    remove the helmet, and the next couple should finish him. 
    It is also quite useful for stationary drones and both 
    types of Jackals.
    18 rounds per clip. 2x Zoom.
    Beam Rifle
    It’s basically the Covenant sniper rifle. Two consecutive 
    shots will overheat it. One hit from this on legendary 
    will usually finish you. [I think] It depends on where 
    you are hit, but you will die 90% of the time with a full 
    100 charges per rifle. 6 charges per beam. 5x Zoom. 10x 
    Fuel Rod Cannon
    I never actually used this thing, but my friend did when 
    we we’re player co-op. I remember him saying that it’s 
    more powerful that the rocket launcher. It may just be 
    that the target happened to be weaker to this than to 
    rockets, in the same way Plasma Shields are weaker 
    against plasma than bullets. I’ve found that it takes 
    approximately four rods to kill a Hunter. However, I 
    never got the rods to make contact with the skin. The 
    Hunter was hit head on.
    5 rods per clip.
    Brute Shot
    It’s a grenade launcher, and a favourite of the Brutes. 
    The grenades seem to explode randomly on first or second 
    impact. Now, I am reaching when I say this, but I think 
    the grenades explode automatically when locked on. I 
    mean, you lock on and fire a grenade, but you can tell 
    it’s going to miss. Well, just as it’s about to pass the 
    target, it blows.
    This is a great anti-vehicle weapon. About three or four 
    grenades can take out most smaller vehicles. Add this up 
    with the firing rate, and you’ve got yourself a damn 
    useful weapon.
    This also has an under-slung blade. This blade seems 
    almost as, if not just as powerful as the Plasma Sword.
    4 grenades per clip.
    Energy Sword
    I prefer to call it the Plasma Sword, but that’s the 
    official name. The Sword has charges (ammo), and these go 
    down whenever you kill an enemy. It starts at 100 
    (assuming the enemy you got it from didn’t use it first), 
    and goes down depending on the enemy killed.
    Killing the Flood loses three charges. Killing anything 
    else drops it by ten. The lunge attack usually kills 
    lesser enemies in a single swipe. 
    Elites, Brutes, and Hunters can survive it. Hunters are 
    practically immune to the thing due to their mass amount 
    of armour. Elites without their Shields would be insta-
    killed. The Brute can take the damage directly on their 
    body and live. If you hit a Brute with this thing, it 
    will probably get pissed, so be sure to finish it 
    Another thing to watch out for with this is the Brute 
    Shot, which, as said before, has an under-slung blade for 
    close combat. If you do lunge for a Brute, back off as 
    soon as possible, then lunge again as soon as you’ve 
    locked on.
    The Sword will collapse to nothing once it has run out of 
    charges. The handle can still be used, but I really 
    wouldn’t advise it.
    100 charges per Sword.
    Sentinel Beam (Silver)
    This shoots the old orange/yellow beam from the original 
    sentinels. It’s relatively useful against Plasma shields 
    and other Sentinels. This weapon is also the Holy Anti-
    Son-of-a-bitch machine, as far as the Flood go. No other 
    weapon compares in power.
    Sentinel Beam (Gold)
    This is a more powerful, blue beam, which can be 
    retrieved from a Gold Sentinel.
    Fragmentation Grenade
    These have a shorter fuse than the one in the original. 
    It’s half a second as soon as it strikes a surface. Still 
    mainly useful against the lesser Covenant and he Flood.
    4 frags at once.
    Plasma Grenade
    It’s almost the same as the original. I find it useful 
    for Elites, Brutes, Heavy Sentinels, and Vehicles. The 
    fuse is slightly shorter. It starts counting once it 
    settles on the ground (or an enemy). It’s nowhere near as 
    useful if you just get it to land near the target rather 
    than on them.
    4 plasmas at once.
    2. VEHICLES:
    Comes with dual Plasma Cannons, There is a boost 
    function. It’s single seat only. 
    It’s probably the most common Covenant vehicle. Luckily, 
    they aren’t that hard to destroy. In Ghost-to-Ghost 
    combat, just get a few bursts in right off the bat, and 
    the front of the wings will collapse. The Ghost will jump 
    a bit to one side and in that time you should be able to 
    finish it.
    When boarded from the front, the Spartan/Elite leaps onto 
    the left wing of the Ghost and jump-kicks the driver off 
    the Ghost. To finish it off, he lands right on the seat.
    When boarded from the rear, the Spartan/Elite grabs onto 
    the back of the ghost, and punches the driver in the back 
    of the head before hopping into the now empty seat. 
    These come equipped with dual Plasma Cannons and a Fuel 
    Rod Gun. There is a boost function too. It’s single seat 
    These can be a pain in the ass. They have a pretty good 
    aim. If you’re in a ‘Hog or Ghost, they can be safely 
    ignored. If you’re in something slower, like a Wraith, I 
    would suggest getting out and hiding. Wait for it to 
    swoop you and give it a good go with your rifle. Either 
    that, or if you’re feeling lucky, try to ‘jack it.
    When boarded, the Spartan/Elite grabs hold of the 
    Banshee. If it is AI driven, it will most likely go 
    upwards in an attempt to shake you off to your doom. The 
    Spartan/Elite will pull at the driver’s leg and toss him 
    out of the Banshee, before taking control of it himself. 
    The driver will meet a sticky end.
    Best described as a Covenant take on the ‘Hog. It has a 
    turret on the back, a driver seat (obviously), and two 
    side… wing thingies, which two other people can sit on. 
    It is similar to the Shadow, which can be found in the 
    pre-halo screenshots in Bungie’s official site.
    When boarded from the front, the Spartan/Elite jumps onto 
    the front of it, a foot on either side of the pilot 
    hatch. Then, he gives the driver a good whack and sends 
    him out of the vehicle. The Spartan/Elite then jumps back 
    off the vehicle to go for the kill.
    When boarded from the rear, the Spartan/Elite pulls 
    himself onto the edge of the turret stand, and puts his 
    arm around the gunner’s stomach. He then swings the 
    gunner off the vehicle. The Spartan/Elite then jumps back 
    off the vehicle to go for the kill.
    Note: Cannot be boarded and driven in the one action. The 
    Spartan/Elite will always jump off the vehicle after 
    boarding. You must then treat it just like you would any 
    other empty vehicle to drive it.
    This is the Covenant tank. It’s basically a mortar tank. 
    When AI driven, it has two side guns, which fire when a 
    target gets very near. I can’t find out how to operate 
    them as the player though. 
    When boarded from the front, left, or right, the 
    Spartan/Elite jumps on top of the Wraith and moves up to 
    the left or right side of the hatch. You must then press 
    “B” to beat the hatch. After three or four hits, the 
    hatch will snap off, revealing the driver. You can then 
    either press “B” again one or two times to kill the 
    driver, or press L to plant your currently selected 
    grenade in the Wraith, killing the driver and damaging or 
    destroying, the Wraith. You must then press “X” to jump 
    off the Wraith, and “X” again if you wish to drive it.
    When boarded from behind, the Spartan/Elite grabs onto 
    the back of the Wraith and breaks a hole in the back. 
    Once open, a grenade can be thrown in. Getting a grenade 
    in here seems much more likely to destroy the thing 
    This is a Covenant War Bus. It has a gun turret on top, 
    and looks like it can carry a Wraith underneath, though 
    I’ve only ever seen it carry a Ghost. I think they can 
    carry passengers in the sides too, but I’m unsure of this 
    just now. Every time you destroy one of these, you’ll be 
    rewarded with a next to perfect Ghost.
    They’re pretty tough, only because of their armor 
    This vehicle cannot be driven. However, the topside gun 
    can be both boarded and used by you.
    This is the primary Covenant Dropship. It can be 
    devastating in legendary if no cover is around when it 
    makes a drop, as it has three high-powered gun turrets on 
    the underside. These guns can be destroyed with small 
    arms. A few bursts from the Battle Rifle should do it. 
    Shooting rockets at the rear underside of the ship seems 
    to have a cosmetic effect, but I can’t seem to down it 
    (as I expected). However, I may simply need more heavy 
    This vehicle cannot be boarded or driven by the player.
    Note: This ship seems to be AI driven, rather than driven 
    by completely fixed paths that the Pelican and the U-Ship 
    from the original went through.
    This is basically a large building, with four legs 
    supporting it. It also has what resembles an eye. This 
    eye is a large plasma cannon, and when I say large, I 
    mean you haven’t seen anything in any way comparable to 
    the destructive power of this thing. I found that on 
    legendary, it’s very rare to get your Scorpion destroyed. 
    In fact, it only happened to me once. 
    However, when I came across this beast, there were a few 
    marines with fixed machine gun placements on the roof of 
    a building and a Scorpion on a ramp right below. The 
    Marines weren’t really worth noticing for the Scarab. The 
    Scorpion was doing it’s best to down the cannon on board 
    the Scarab. However, after about 5 well-placed shots 
    (well, it’s hard to miss something that big), the Scarab 
    had it’s cannon fully charged, and unleashed chaos upon 
    the tank. The turret of the tank was blown clean off and 
    the rest of the tank was in pieces.
    IIRC, you’ll only come across two of these in the entire 
    This seems to be driven by fixed paths rather than the 
    game’s AI.
    Comes with two different turrets. 
    The first version, the one with the good old chaingun, 
    can be treated in just the same way the one from Halo 
    was. The only difference worth mentioning is that you 
    must now watch the damage you take because after a good 
    beating, this thing is just gonna give in to the strain.
    The second version has a Gauss Rifle on the back. I have 
    completely fallen in love with that turret. On legendary, 
    it should take no more than two direct hits to kill a 
    Veteran Elite. A Spec Op Elite might take 3-4 shots. The 
    best way, IMO, to describe a Gauss Rifle is to consider 
    it a very powerful shotgun blast, point blank possibly. 
    From what I can make of the word “Gauss”, this weapon 
    fires a metal rod, or slug, at extreme forces using 
    The passenger seat is now in 3rd person too. I personally 
    think this was a bad move. I don’t find it very easy to 
    get used to. It could just be that I’m used to using the 
    passenger seat in 1st person though. You can now reload in 
    the passenger seat. Simply tap “X”, since you now have to 
    hold “X” to get in and out of vehicles. I know that many 
    of us had a problem with sitting in the passenger seat. 
    You’d get to about 20 bullets in your rifle, then hit “X” 
    to reload, and would be flung out of your Hog. Not a 
    problem now.
    Note: As the AI marines can now drive Warthogs, you are 
    free to use their turrets or laze around in their 
    passenger seat. However, the AI is definitely inferior to 
    the average player as far as driving is concerned. It can 
    get you killed sometimes. And no, I don’t mean that every 
    now and then you will happen to die, just like you would 
    with a player driving. What I mean is that sometimes they 
    will do the stupidest thing possible, and get themselves 
    trapped between a couple of Wraiths.
    When boarded, a similar scenario to that of the Spectre 
    takes place.
    This thing is probably the vehicle with the most 
    similarities to the Halo counterpart. It just feels so 
    similar. The only difference I can thing of seems more 
    like a bug in the game more than anything else. When a 
    player is driving the Scorpion on Coop, the other player 
    cannot sit on the side of the tank, while the AI can.
    When boarded, a similar scenario to that of the Wraith 
    takes place.
    Basically, it’s the same as the Phantom. It does have a 
    bit less firepower though. It has a high-powered gun on 
    the underside of the nose. It also has a chain-gun just 
    like the one on-board the Warthog. The gun is placed 
    right at the edge of the passenger section of the ship.
    Like I said with the Phantom, it seems to be AI driven.
    Orbital Drop Pod
    These are the pods used by the Hell-jumpers and Elites 
    for quick insertion into hostile territory. Survival is 
    not guaranteed whilst riding in one of these. The arrival 
    of these extra troops is enough to turn the tide of the 
    Not AI driven. Falls from the sky at preset points.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Heretics 
    3. Covenant Rebels 
    1. Plasma Pistol 
    2. Needler 
    3. Fuel Rod Cannon 
    4. Plasma Turret w/ Plasma Pistol (for backup)
    They are pretty much the same as in Halo. Not worth 
    noticing on the two lower difficulties. They're a minor 
    annoyance on the higher difficulties when in small 
    numbers. In larger numbers, they can be a bit of an ass.
    They are the weakest and simplest of the Covenant. 
    Killing a more experienced Covenant around them can cause 
    them to break formation and flee. Some of them also come 
    with Active Camouflage.
    If they get near an empty Ghost, they may attempt to 
    drive it, but they are much easier to take down than an 
    Elite driven Ghost.
    Minor Grunt: Orange Armor. No challenge whatsoever.
    Veteran Grunt: Red Armor. It’s barely a step up from the 
    original. Occasionally (yet rarely), it comes with a Fuel 
    Rod Cannon. Multiple of these Grunts can lead to a bad 
    Support Grunt: Green Armor. These guys come with Plasma 
    turrets. They’re the only ones who can set one of the 
    turrets up. Can be a right bitch if you aren’t careful. 
    Finish them before they complete their job. They 
    sometimes come with a Fuel Rod Cannon too.
    Spec Op Grunt: Black Armor. Comes with the Fuel Rod 
    Cannon more often.
    Elite Grunt: White Armor. The top notch, as far as 
    Grunting goes. They use grenades much more often than the 
    other types. Usually hangs around high ranking Elites.
    Heretic Grunt: Yellow Armor. These seem to be the 
    equivalent of a Veteran Grunt, only on the Heretics side.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Loyalists 
    1. Plasma Pistol w/ Plasma Shield 
    2. Beam Rifle w/ Plasma Pistol (for backup)
    Description: The first weapon set acts just the same as 
    in Halo. The Beam Rifle weapon set takes the role of the 
    Covenant snipers. In legendary, they almost never miss a 
    shot. If you shoot the gun out of their hand or scare 
    them a bit, they'll drop their Beam Rifle and flee, using 
    a Plasma Pistol from then on. They won't have a shield 
    The shield of a Jackal can be destroyed by being shot 
    with heavy fire... a couple of Beams form the Beam Rifle 
    or something similar should do it. They break formation 
    and flee when their Plasma Shield is destroyed.
    Minor Jackal: Blue Shield & Armor. Lowest Jackal.
    Veteran Jackal: Orange Shield & Armor. These are slightly 
    stronger shield with higher accuracy.
    Sniper Jackal: No Shield & Grey Armor. They’re definitely 
    the more dangerous of the bunch. Takes fewer bullets than 
    the average minor grunt.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Loyalists
    1. Plasma Pistol 
    2. Needler
    They usually come in swarms between 5 and 10, but I have 
    seen slightly larger numbers. Can be a bit of a **Female 
    Dog** to hit. Only difficult if surrounded by them, 
    especially when they're using Needlers.
    The Marines refer to them as Buggers. I think this is a 
    smart assed comment, about them being bugs, and a royal 
    pain in the ass.
    1. Covenant
    2. Covenant Rebels
    1. Tweaked Fuel Rod Cannon w/ Large Metal Shield.
    The Hunters are actually as fierce as their appearance is 
    intimidating. They move at approximately the same speed 
    as in Halo. However, their close range attacks are pulled 
    off in a swifter manner, meaning less time for those 
    belly shots. No longer can you beat a Hunter senseless 
    whilst standing at it's back. It will pull a big leap 
    around on the spot and smash you into the ground with its 
    shield. Close range attacks are absolutely devastating on 
    Legendary, and almost as bad on Heroic. 
    Now, the Fuel Rod Cannon from Halo was embarrassing. This 
    weapon can now cause absolute chaos. If Hunters didn't 
    always have a Bond Brother I would still consider them a 
    pushover. One Hunter could distract you whilst the other 
    demolishes your ass with a well-placed Fuel Rod. It is 
    now slightly modified. It handles differently from the 
    average Fuel Rod Cannon – specially modified for the 
    The Cannon fires two large blasts which travel through 
    the air faster than a rocket, though not by much. The 
    blasts are always fired within half a second of each 
    other. The recharge time for the Cannon has been 
    shortened significantly, and the Hunter can now fire it 
    whilst moving.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Loyalists 
    1.	Brute Plasma Rifle 
    2.	2x Brute Plasma Rifle 
    3.	Brute Shot 
    4.	Covenant Carbine 
    5.	Unarmed (Last resort)
    Their behavior with the Brute Plasma Rifle and the dual 
    Brute Plasma Rifle isn't that much different from the 
    Elites. The Brute Plasma Rifle is slightly better than 
    the Plasma Rifle though. Their version fires at a 
    slightly faster rate, and the bolts are slightly 
    stronger, but it will overheat at a faster rate too.
    When armed with the Covenant Carbine, they'll stand near 
    the back of the bunch and take shots at who ever they 
    With the Brute Shot, they'll stand at a fair distance and 
    bombard you with grenades. The grenades seem to blow up 
    on the second impact, but I'm not sure of this yet. Also, 
    if you get too close to a Brute with this, they'll take a 
    swipe at you with the under-slung blade. The damage dealt 
    by this is similar to, but not quite on par with the 
    Energy Sword.
    If a Brute is unarmed, you better have an Energy Sword on 
    you, or else you better keep as large a distance as 
    possible between you. A Brute is never initially unarmed. 
    However, when it gets pissed (in a similar way to the 
    Jackal getting scared), it'll toss it's weapon on the 
    ground, and will charge any enemy it sees. If you are 
    aware of the charge, and have access to an Energy Sword, 
    you can line up your sights and slap it silly with the 
    lunge attack (which is an insta-kill on most enemies on 
    Minor Brute: 
    These ones come with a silver helmet. Pretty basic.
    Captain Brute: 
    These ones come with a small, red flag on their back. 
    They are always (AFAIK) armed with Brute Shots.
    Honor Guard: 
    These are the Holy Guards of the High Prophets. They are 
    the toughest of the Brutes. Watch out for them. They wear 
    a red helmet, and have lighter fur than the average 
    Brute... similar to Tartarus’ fur. They are also 
    noticeably tougher and bulkier than the average Brute. 
    Getting into close combat with these things isn’t the 
    best of moves.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Heretics
    3. Covenant Rebels
    1. Plasma Rifle 
    2. 2x Plasma Rifle 
    3. Fuel Rod Cannon 
    4. Covenant Carbine 
    5. Beam Rifle
    6. Sentinel Beam
    7. Energy Sword
    8. Plasma Rifle w/ Energy Sword (for backup)
    For the most part acts like it does in Halo. With the 
    Carbine, it acts just like the Brute does. With two 
    Rifles, it acts like it has one, except it fires two. Not 
    hard to understand at all. Some Elites come equipped with 
    a thruster-pack for maneuvering in space and other low-
    gravity areas. All the Elites that the Chief encounters 
    are in full body armor. The true appearance of an Elite 
    is seen only in the intro and one later sequence. Their 
    skin is black, and lizard-like. 
    Also, Silver Elites (which seem to have replaced Black 
    Elites), now come with a Plasma Rifle initially. However, 
    piss it off too much, or get too close with a couple of 
    SMGs, and it'll whip out its Energy Sword and show you 
    the meaning of pain. Back off quickly enough though, and 
    you have an easy hit, as it doesn't seem to use the 
    Plasma Rifle again (though I haven't yet confirmed it).
    If you’re ever having a specifically hard time with an 
    Elite, try your luck in close quarters. Elites have a 
    noticeable weakness to melee attacks. They take about a 
    second or so to recover from a hit. 
    However, don’t attempt close combat with an Energy Sword 
    toting Elite (usually Commander), and NEVER attempt to 
    attack a Spec Op up close, whether it’s armed with Energy 
    Sword or not. If a Spec Op gets pissed at you, you know 
    what happens. If you’re too near when it happens, you 
    have signed your own death warrant. Also note that while 
    Elites attacks are fairly basic to dodge, it isn’t always 
    the smartest of moves to get into a melee fight with one. 
    The Spec Op Elite not only gets pissed at you for 
    smacking it one in the face as stated above, but it also 
    gets especially pissed if you dodge its counter-attack.
    Minor Elite: 
    Blue Armor. It is the lowest Elite rank. On Legendary, 
    even these can be challenging. Seems to concentrate 
    mainly on ground combat. It sometimes drives a Ghost. 
    These guys also take the Thruster Packs into battle when 
    Veteran Elite: 
    Crimson Armor. It’s just a single step up from the Minor 
    rank. Not a very noticeable difference, but still very 
    Pilot Elite:
    Red Armor. They seem to solely concentrate on piloting. I 
    never noticed them before, but recently I noticed two 
    shades of red Elites, so I had a look and noticed the 
    difference. These guys can be found piloting the more 
    dangerous vehicles, like the Scarab, and Banshees and 
    Spec Op Elite: 
    Silver Armor. The Silver Armored rank seems to have 
    replaced the old Spec Op [Halo 1 Black Armor] rank. Get 
    them pissed, and they’ll pull out an Energy Sword and ram 
    it up your rear end. They also come equipped with 
    improved Energy Shielding.
    Black Op Elite:
    Light Brown Armor. These are the Elites with Active 
    Camouflage modules. Elites can now wear a weak Energy 
    shield along with active camouflage.
    Spec Op Commander:
    White Armor. These guys lead Spec Op teams, and are in 
    charge of important but small-scale operations. Like the 
    Spec Op, the Commander Spec Ops also carry Energy Swords, 
    and improved Energy shielding.
    Warrior Elite:
    Black Armor. These guys seem to be included in special 
    operations, for important, heavy-duty tasks. Whenever the 
    odds are against the Covenant, these guys seem to be 
    Commander Elite: 
    Gold Armor. This one always has an Energy Sword. These 
    are the commanders of Covenant ships and fleets. If you 
    see one of these, a couple of Spec Ops usually aren’t far 
    Heretic Elite: 
    Yellow Armor. Seems easier than a Minor Elite, if you ask 
    me. Well, nothing special to mention. Most commonly comes 
    equipped with the Covenant Carbine.
    Honor Guards: 
    Fancy-assed armor. The Elite of the Elites. These are the 
    High Prophets’ Holy Guards. Be very wary when faced with 
    one of these. With two armor styles, they wear red armor 
    similar to that of the Veteran Elite, or the silver armor 
    of the Spec Op, but you can tell them apart from the 
    other Elites by the red helmet they were.
    1. Covenant 
    2. Covenant Loyalists 
    Prophet Chair 
    Flies around on a chair. The Chair has two yellow circles 
    on the underside. These circles are capable of firing 
    destructive lasers. Prophets are capable of teleporting 
    from one location to the other within the one room. 
    Prophets are also impervious to all firearms available to 
    The only way to kill a Prophet is to board his Chair. 
    Once on, you can press B to melee him. Generally you can 
    get 4 or 5 hits in before he teleports, forcing you off. 
    They take quite a beating, but without support from other 
    forces, they are almost harmless.
    Infection Forms 
    1. The Flood 
    These come in large numbers and swamp their targets until 
    they are completely overwhelmed. They are just about 
    exactly the same as those in Halo. Infections are 
    slightly more damaging, so you shouldn’t let them suicide 
    on you as much. The Flood, contrary to popular belief, 
    aren’t meant to be super-strong life forms that 
    mercilessly slaughter all in their path. They are, 
    however, supposed to be extremely lethal. They depend on 
    numbers to swarm the enemy and infect others. Any Flood 
    lost will be regained once their enemies have become 
    infected. They will turn into a Combat Form of the Flood 
    hours later. 
    Combat Forms 
    1. The Flood 
    The Combat Forms can use all of the available weapons.
    These are infected Humans and Elites. They don’t bother 
    with strategy anymore. They simply charge. They are 
    capable of using all weapons, so their threat level 
    varies. Their arms can be shot off to force them to drop 
    their weapon. I’m not sure, but I don’t think a Flood can 
    dual-wield. I’ve never seen one do so. Combat Forms can 
    drive vehicles – any vehicle in the game in fact.
    Human Host:
    There is generally no difference between the hosts, 
    except appearance.
    Elite Host:
    Again, just about no difference. Ah, these guys sometimes 
    have a weakened Energy Shield. Nothing much more to note.
    Carrier Forms 
    1. The Flood 
    These are infected Humans and Elites. They don’t bother 
    with strategy anymore. They simply charge. They are 
    capable of using all weapons, so their threat level 
    varies. Their arms can be shot off to force them to drop 
    their weapon. I’m not sure, but I don’t think a Flood can 
    dual-wield. I’ve never seen one do so. Combat Forms can 
    drive vehicles – any vehicle in the game in fact.
    Human Host:
    Carrier Form: 
    A badly injured Combat Form or an Infection Form, which 
    has survived a long time, is thought to mutate into this 
    form. Other beings, which are deemed unworthy of Combat 
    status, like the Grunt or Jackal, are also thought to 
    serve this purpose. They are basically a big bag on 
    stumpy legs. Once they come within a few meters of a 
    target, they explode, releasing a new bunch of 
    1. The Forerunner 
    2. Covenant Heretics 
    1. Sentinel Beam 
    It’s the same as in Halo. They have a new rank, which 
    comes with a blue beam. These are stronger than the 
    orange beam.
    Basic Sentinel: Silver plating. They fire orange beams.
    Enhanced Sentinel: Gold plating. They fire blue beams. 
    The Forerunner 
    1. Heavy Needler 
    2. Rocket Launchers 
    Description: First off, these things have a large, 2 part 
    shield similar to that of the Jackals. The Heavy Needler 
    acts just like a Needler, except on a much larger scale. 
    The needles are also red. The rockets are mainly used 
    against vehicles. A burst of about 10 rockets is launched 
    at the vehicle and that vehicle is demolished if it 
    doesn't move.
    It also has the devastating ability to lift vehicles up 
    and crush them instantly. 
    Navy Crewman
    1. Handgun 
    2. Battle Rifle 
    3. SMG 
    4. Auto Rifle 
    Description: Actually of some use in Halo 2. You won't 
    see much of them, as they are only present near the start 
    of the game. There isn't really much to say about them. 
    They can use all weapons in the game except Energy 
    You will see these throughout the whole game. The rest 
    can be read above. Note: Sarge seems to be invincible 
    now. He always seems to come to a set part of the level 
    and leave all of a sudden. He never seems to die. 
    Orbital Drop Shock Troopers 
    They can use all weapons in the game except Energy 
    More commonly known as “Helljumpers”. Just think of them 
    as beefed up marines. There is nothing more to say. 
    4. Characters
    The Master Chief
    The Chief (or Spartan-117) is a genetically enhanced 
    soldier equipped with state of the art “MJOLNIR” Battle-
    Armor. One of the few surviving SPARTAN-II super-
    soldiers, he is set to play a huge part in the war 
    against the Covenant. 
    He is one of the few survivors of Halo. If not for the 
    Chief, Halo could have been set off, extinguishing all 
    life in the galaxy.
    The Arbiter
    The Arbiter is an Ex-Commander Elite. He was in charge of 
    the Covenant on Halo. Having allowed Halo’s destruction, 
    and failing to kill the Chief afterwards, he is stripped 
    of his position, tortured, and set up for execution.
    However, the High Prophets of Truth and Mercy have other 
    plans. They decide that, while he rightly bears the blame 
    for his failure, he is no heretic. He can be put to other 
    uses. He is then given the ancient armor of the Arbiter.
    A Smart AI who works alongside the Chief, Cortana is 
    capable of breaking into Covenant security systems, and 
    all sorts of other high security computer systems.
    Based off of Dr. Halsey, the head of the SPARTAN-II 
    Project, she is full of smart-ass comments for anyone 
    unfortunate enough to walk into them.
    Sergeant A.J Johnson, more popularly known as Sarge, is a 
    hard-assed Marine brought up with the pure hatred of the 
    Covenant engraved into his very bones. Nothing pleases 
    him more than a dead Covenant soldier... except maybe two 
    dead Covenant soldiers.
    He is one of the few survivors of Halo. As the Pillar Of 
    Autumn was set to self-destruct, he entered a Cryo-pod, 
    and shot off into space, just in time to avoid the 
    343 Guilty Spark
    The Monitor of Installation 04, AKA Halo, he is the 
    reason Halo had to be destroyed. After leaving Cortana’s 
    side, the Chief was tricked by the Monitor into fighting 
    through the Library in order to retrieve the Index.
    The Index is a small key, able to fit into the Chief’s 
    hand, which is capable of activating Halo and destroying 
    all the life in the galaxy.
    Once he realized what was going on, the Chief refused to 
    activate Halo. 343 Guilty Spark ordered his Sentinels to 
    Since 343 Guilty Spark use the Index by himself, his only 
    option was to kill the Chief, and find another to use the 
    Index. The Chief and Cortana had no other choice than to 
    destroy Halo.
    More to come soon...
    Note: The Veteranity of this guide is designed for 
    Legendary, unless otherwise specified.
    Cairo Station
    “Alert – Boarders inbound!”
    Miranda and a couple of others will take the Tram to 
    their ship.
    Follow the Marines down the stairs and grab the weapons 
    on the wall. You might want to switch to the SMG and pick 
    up a second one for later.
    Sarge will pick up an Automatic Rifle from the crate 
    below. Follow him and the Marines through to the next 
    “How’s it going Malta?”
    “Stand by... they’re latched! Check your targets – watch 
    the crossfire. They’re in standard formation: little 
    bastards up front, big ones in back. Good luck Cairo.”
    Out of the window you will see a large ongoing battle out 
    in space. A Covenant boarding craft will close in rapidly 
    before a small pod is inserted into the ship and they 
    Muffled gunfire can be heard from the next couple of 
    Sarge will deploy the Auto Rifle at the top of the 
    stairs. The Marines will start scurrying around for 
    The center of the door starts to glow orange/white, as 
    the Covenant burn through it. All you can do is sit... 
    and wait.
    Home Field Advantage
    OBJECTIVE – Repel the Covenant boarders.
    The door burns and burns, and then suddenly explodes into 
    small pieces. 
    Covenant forces come swarming in, and Sarge opens up with 
    the MG. He will kill the Veteranity of them. Take out any 
    stragglers with your SMGs. If it’s an Elite, draw him out 
    in front of Sarge. Watch out for the Elites who come from 
    the upper floor. Those ones have a tendency to end the 
    party without you having any idea what just happened. 
    They are armed with dual Plasma Pistols. They can fire 
    them off at almost the rate of a Plasma Rifle.
    Run through the door with the Marines and turn right. A 
    small group of Covenant forces will be attacking a lone 
    Marine. He will be attempting to hold them off with an 
    Auto Rifle – unsuccessfully. Clear them out and move on.
    Go up the stairs and use the Auto rifle conveniently 
    placed at the window.
    A bunch of Covenant forces will come rushing at the two 
    Marines below. Protect them as best as you can. Remember, 
    an extra Marine is a great help in Legendary: You have 
    more bait for the enemies.
    Careful – as soon as that Auto Rifle starts rattling, an 
    Elite or two may come up the stairs to investigate.
    Once the room seems clear enough, move to the lower 
    floor. Move on to the other side of the room, with the 
    Marines leading the way. Careful – Elites and Grunts will 
    come out from both doors. I suggest concentrating on 
    those on the right first. Make sure to find something 
    that covers you specifically from the left side of the 
    room. This could take a try or two, but you’ll get there.
    Once you’ve cleared them out, take the left door and move 
    up the stairs. You’ll come to the upper floor of a room 
    similar to the one in which you met your first contacts.
    “We’ve got boarders in the fourth Pelican bay!”
    In here, a boarding craft has already been latched on and 
    Covenant forces are attempting to kill some resisting 
    Marines. There’s a bunch of Plasma Grenades lying around 
    here. They are going to be very useful here. Finish 
    everyone out in the room and then concentrate on the 
    energy barrier fixed inside the craft. It shuts off every 
    now and then for reinforcements to come out. Your job is 
    to tag a couple with Plasmas before they make it onto the 
    ship floor.
    “Hey, check it out. The Malta’s already driven off its 
    “Malta: what is your status? Over.”
    “I don’t believe it! They’re retreating. We won!”
    As the Covenant ships withdraw, and the explosions die 
    down, the Malta seems free in the distance.
    Suddenly, a blinding white light – several times the size 
    of the thing - erupts from the Malta. Pieces of the MAC 
    gun fly off into the distance.
    “This is bad... real bad.”
    The Cairo station starts to vibrate from the extreme 
    force of the distant explosion.
    Drop down to the floor below and move under the Pelican. 
    Covenant parties will move in from the door ahead. A 
    quick Plasma grenade and a few Battle Rifle bursts should 
    be sufficient force. Move on through the corridor, 
    ignoring the Auto Rifle. There is another Pelican bay 
    ahead. The Marines in this one are at a disadvantage... 
    or a bigger disadvantage, at least.
    A couple of Grunts above have the Marines pinned with 
    Plasma Turrets. A couple of head bursts should do it. 
    Once that has been dealt with, concentrate on the 
    boarding craft ahead. Hopefully you are well stocked on 
    Plasmas. Toss any you have at the Elites, and kill off 
    the Grunts. Remember, many more boarders will jump out of 
    the craft. I believe there are three waves in total.
    The third wave includes Spec Ops. Read the Elite 
    description for a hint or two on beating them.
    ”Oh oh! Hey, they’re leaving the Athens.”
    In the same manner as the Malta, the Athens breaks into 
    pieces and falls away into the distance.
    “Cortana – assessment!”
    “That explosion came from inside the Athens – same as the 
    Malta. The Covenant must have brought something with 
    them: A bomb.”
    “Then they sure as hell brought one here. Chief – find 
    Repel the Covenant Boarders - COMPLETE
    Priority Shift
    OBJECTIVE – Find the Covenant bomb.
    Proceed down the stairs and into the lower floor. Kill 
    off the Grunts and Elites, the move to the next door. Be 
    aware – an Elite with Active Camo waits. There is another 
    Elite with Active Camo walking through the door you 
    didn’t pass through. Be sure not to get back-whacked.
    “Come on, now! Is that a weapon, or a flashlight?” - 
    Once the door opens, move up the stairs and kill the 
    Veteran Elites. Move on through the door. Run over to the 
    other wall, and through the small, dark corridor. Quickly 
    take the grunts out with your SMG and then beat the Elite 
    to death - that is, assuming he is still in the 
    concealment of the corridor, otherwise, grab a Plasma 
    Pistol and charge it up. Quickly burst him then finish 
    him with your Rifle. Remember to swap your weapon back.
    Go out on the platform and back-melee the Support Grunt 
    sitting at the Plasma Cannon.
    “Hang on, Everyone!” – Lord Hood
    Once you reach the end of this small corridor, charge 
    over to the adjacent one and kill off similar forces.
    Clear out the Gunners sitting up in the above room. Kill 
    the Elites, with accompanying Grunts, in the final 
    branching corridor. This party of Elites can vary from a 
    Minor, a Spec Op, and a Veteran Elite, to three Veteran 
    Elites. Move into the corridor, kill off the supporting 
    Gunner, and continue up the stairs into the Gunners room.
    As you move in here, a team of boarders will come 
    storming through the door opposite. They are made up of a 
    Spec Op, and Minor Elite, and a few Grunts (including a 
    Support Grunt). Finish them and move on through the door.
    Ignore the stairs and move through the next door. Help 
    out Miranda and her crew, who are pinned down by 
    Miranda moves on through a corridor to her ship.
    Move on past the bodies and prepare for yet another group 
    of boarders. Finish them and move on through the 
    Authorized Personnel Only
    The door behind you locks and the one ahead opens, only 
    to reveal Elites with thruster packs. They have dual 
    Plasma Rifles and are extremely dangerous on Legendary. A 
    plasma grenade or two will finish these ones in this one-
    off close quarters opportunity.
    Move on out of the door and out into space. This area is 
    low gravity. Watch out for the other Thruster Elites.
    Once you land below, immediately turn around. This is the 
    way you must head, and people are easily lost in this 
    area because of that.
    “Sir: Boarders have breached the fire-control center. 
    They have a bomb.”
    “Can you defuse it?”
    “Yes, but I’ll need the Chiefs help to make contact with 
    the detonator.”
    “Chief, get to the bomb – double time!”
    “Cortana, prioritize targets and fire at will!”
    Move on through the door along this part of the ship. 
    Pick up the ammo from the dead Helljumper.
    A couple of Marines will be stationed ahead – not 
    fighting though. 
    “Registering all hostile vessels in the kill zone. 
    Thirteen Cruisers, two Assault Carriers. I’m going live!”
    Since Cortana has just started fighting ships using the 
    Cairo, you’re going to have to put up with powerful 
    vibrations and moving parts of the station for a while.
    Move along to the end of the room. Suddenly, a swarm of 
    Drones comes rushing from the freight elevator shaft! Use 
    your SMG and pump ‘em full of lead.
    Once they’ve been cleared out, the elevator starts to 
    rise. Get ready, as there are many Grunts and Elites 
    riding it. Clear them out, then jump onto the elevator. 
    Hit the switch to descend.
    Once you hit the bottom, go through the door, and out 
    into space again. There are three Thruster Elites ahead, 
    two of which are dual-wielding Plasma Rifles. The other 
    is on a Plasma Cannon. The latter is more threatening at 
    a distance, the former at close range. Kill them with 
    your Battle Rifle and carefully move up the machinery. 
    Once you reach the door at the other end, move on through 
    The inside turns out to be an elevator.
    “Just so you know, there are quite a few Elites guarding 
    the bomb. You may need to get creative.”
    Return to Sender
    Once the elevator hits the top, rush for cover behind the 
    crate. Peek out slightly, and have a look around. Your 
    best bet is to Plasma grenade the Elites as best you can, 
    then dual-wield a Plasma Rifle with your SMG and finish 
    everyone else off. The Grunt should be last on your 
    priority list.
    Three Pelicans fly from a Human ship towards the city. 
    The Chief stands right at the edge of the passenger 
    section. Underneath, four Warthogs are drive along the 
    “The message just repeats: Regret, Regret, Regret”
    “Catchy, any idea what it means?”
    “Dear Humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret 
    coming to Earth, and we most definitely regret that the 
    Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!”
    “Regret is a name, Sergeant. The name of one of the 
    Covenant’s religious leaders - a Prophet. He’s on that 
    carrier. And he’s calling for help.”
    A sniper and a spotter are laying prone on a rooftop, 
    scanning the area.
    “Immediate: Grid Kilo-two-three is hot. Recommend mission 
    “Roger, Recon. It’s your call Sarge”
    “We’re going in. Get tactical, Marines!”
    The Marines grab all their weapons and equipment, 
    preparing for insertion.
    “Master Chief? Get aboard that carrier. Secure the 
    prophet of Regret. This is the only place on Earth the 
    Covenant decided to land. That prophet is going to tell 
    us why.”
    “30 seconds out, stand by to – whoa!”
    A Scarab stumbles around the Corner and faces directly at 
    the Pelican. The Energy Cannon charges, and then fires, 
    just scraping the top of the Pelican.  In an attempt to 
    evade, it pulls a hard left. A smaller Plasma turret 
    opens up and gets a few hits into the belly of the 
    Pelican as it passes over. The Pelican loses control, 
    hits the roof of the nearby building, flips over, scrapes 
    along, falls over the side and finally crashes in a large 
    pile of rubble.
    Master Chief is forced to fight through the streets, 
    along with a few squads of Marines, to repel the Covenant 
    They’ll Regret That Too 
    “Chief, Blink if you can hear me...”
    The screen blacks out and back in, indicating the blink.
    Sarge quickly takes charge of the remaining Marines.
    “Shake it off, Marines. Clear the crash site. Go, go, 
    From the burning wreckage of the Pelican behind you, move 
    towards the doorway ahead. A Grunt will be heaving itself 
    up the stairs. Give him a few shots from your SMG, and 
    move on. You’ll find yourself out in a courtyard littered 
    with Covenant communication equipment and weapon crates. 
    A couple of Grunts and Jackals will be walking around. 
    Finish the grunts with your SMGs, and then toss a quick 
    frag at the Jackals.
    Once they keel over, move into the large building next to 
    you. An important thing to take note of is the wrecked, 
    overturned truck that the Jackals were next to. This will 
    be a common hideout for Elites and Grunts.
    Anyway, move into the building and take care of the 
    Grunts. There will most likely be two Elites here. 
    Usually, One of them is a Minor, and the other is a 
    random rank. Finish them and have a quick look around. 
    The 2nd floor of this building is going to be your home 
    for the next half-hour... if you are attempting 
    “If they didn’t know we’re here before, they do now.” 
    Says Sarge calmly to the Marines.
    “Yup, here they come. Up high!”
    OBJECTIVE – Defend the Marines until help arrives.
    A few Jackal snipers will hop onto the rooftops along 
    with a Veteran Elite. Sarge will most likely have taken 
    care of the Elite by the time you’ve taken the Jackals.
    Once you’ve cleared the rooftops, swarms of grunts will 
    come rushing down the alleys and, with every group, comes 
    an Elite. Dual SMGs are very attractive at this moment in 
    time. Pick one up from a dead Marine body. Spray ‘n’ pray 
    is my game here.
    “We’ve got Jackals in the courtyard.”
    This is pretty self-explanatory. Run over to the Turret, 
    and use it on the Jackals. The bullets will easily get 
    through their shields. If you don’t kill them fast 
    enough, they’ll gang up on you from several sides. In 
    this case, get off the turret and use your SMG. Watch out 
    for the Elite leader of the group. Finish them off 
    Suddenly, a swarm of drones comes in from over the 
    rooftops next to your Pelican. SMGs are my personal 
    favourite for these gits. I see people using their Battle 
    Rifle on them, but I personally consider this a waist. 
    Those bullets feel a lot stronger, so I just get a sense 
    of loss after downing one with it.
    Once they’ve been downed, another bunch of Jackals (with 
    the customary Elite escort) come storming through the 
    building that the last came through.
    After these ones, more Grunts and Elites swarm out of the 
    alleyways. Watch for reinforcing Snipers on the rooftops.
    “Eyes up – the Phantom is back.”
    Upon hearing this message, hide in the building, and make 
    sure you have a roof over your head (glass windows don’t 
    count). It’ll drop out a few Grunts and Elites. Ah, and 
    the drop includes a Commander and a Spec Op Elite, as 
    well as one other. As soon as it clears off, make a run 
    for the truck I told you to take note of earlier. A few 
    grenades at the side of it should take them all out. 
    Finish them off with the SMGs. More Jackals and Elites 
    will come running from the Pelican. Finish them off.
    Defend the Marines until help arrives - COMPLETE
    A Pelican pilot informs Sarge that the courtyard is too 
    small to make a drop in, and he’ll make a drop one 
    building along. Sarge orders someone to set a satchel on 
    the large gate.
    OBJECTIVE – Rendezvous with the Pelican.
    Suddenly, the gates will start vibrating violently.  
    After ten good seconds, they’ll suddenly stop. All of a 
    sudden, the doors come flying off, and two Hunters walk 
    out, tall and proud. The Hunters are seriously beefed up 
    now. They are slightly more agile, recovering faster from 
    shield swipes. 
    They are also MUCH more accurate with their Fuel Rod 
    Cannons. The Cannons can still fire two rods between 
    recharges. They always fire two rods, one a ½ second 
    after the other. If you attempt to take them from close 
    range, you’re in for a shock. 
    The Bond-Brothers work together a lot more now. If you 
    tease one with close range pot-shots, you’ll quickly find 
    the other has crushed your bones between his shield and 
    his friends back. Luckily for you, this time at least, 
    Sarge will make short work of them with his Sniper Rifle.
    If, however, Sarge happens to have difficulty with them, 
    take them in the rubble out the front of the building. If 
    you hide in the building, they’ll probably get you in a 
    Fuel Rod crossfire. On the 2nd floor, I’m sure you’ve 
    noticed the crumbling wall around the edge of the 
    building. If you attempt to hide behind that, the rods 
    will pound through it with ease, taking you out in the 
    If you do manage to get onto the Turret safely, fire away 
    and the Hunters will be too busy trying to stand still to 
    fire at you. After a few seconds, they’ll keel over.
    Move on through this building. The Pelican will make a 
    drop in a clearing through here. Jackals are on the 
    opposite end of the clearing. Take them with your Battle 
    Rifle. Sarge will leave at this point.
    Rendezvous with the Pelican - COMPLETE
    OBJECTIVE – Find the Marines from the second downed 
    After a while, you’ll come across a building full of 
    Marines, attempting, in vain of course, to hold off some 
    Elites. You happen to be behind the Elites, so charge 
    them from behind and melee them to death, but be careful, 
    as the Marines are using a fixed machine gun placement 
    against the Elites. You don’t want to be the receiver of 
    Find the Marines from the second downed Pelican - 
    Once you go through this building, a Phantom should be 
    dropping a Covenant raid party. There are a lot of them 
    here. Hide out in the rubble to the left of the exit of 
    the building. Finish them and make for the Warthog under 
    the bridge. Since this is your first encounter with an AI 
    driven warthog, I recommend going into the passenger seat 
    and testing out the AI. If things get sticky, swap seats, 
    or get a Ghost from the nearby Pelican wreck.
    Watch out for the Ghost which attacks the ‘Hog from 
    A Day At The Beach
    OBJECTIVE – Destroy the Covenant on the shoreline.
    “The highest concentration of Covenant troops is directly 
    below the carrier. I don’t think they want you to get on 
    “That bridge is the most direct route to the city 
    [NOTE: This part of the guide assumes that you are 
    driving, as being the Gunner or Passenger is basically a 
    rail shooter experience, you need not know where to go 
    Drive down the road and onto the Beach. Note the downed 
    Pelican to the right. There is a Ghost parked next to it, 
    which you can use in place of the ‘Hog, if you’d prefer. 
    I personally think the ‘Hog is much more effective at 
    this part of the level.
    “Oh man I just love the beach.” - Passenger
    “I hope you packed a suit mate.” - Gunner
    “Cut the chatter – we got trouble!” - Cortana
    Drive along and over the bump. There is a large Plasma 
    Gun here. Its just part of the scenery, but the area is 
    very well defended. 
    There are a couple of Elites hiding out around the gun, 
    behind some crates. There is a Covenant Sniper tower. 
    There’s also a Ghost, a few Elites and Grunts at the 
    small tunnel ahead, and A Support Grunt, which is setting 
    up a Plasma Cannon.
    Drive around in circles a bit, letting the Gunner mow 
    them down. Once they’re down, move on through the small 
    tunnel to the next beach section.
    Here there is yet another Ghost, a few Elites and Grunts, 
    and an Elite hiding out in the small human tower. I 
    personally recommend finishing the Ghost and Elites 
    quickly, then heading off over the small bump to the 
    third beach section, before the Phantom has a chance to 
    drop reinforcing Ghosts.
    Once over, I then recommend you drive straight through 
    the Covenant camp-out, and straight into the tunnel. Once 
    in here, drive along, and simply follow the road.
    Destroy the Covenant on the Shoreline - COMPLETE
    Speed Zone Ahead
    OBJECTIVE – Take the highway tunnel to the bridge.
    Drive along to the first Covenant post. Force the ‘Hog up 
    onto the side of the road and run over the Elite.
    Another ‘Hog will come from behind you and help out.
    Clear the whole post, for the ‘Hog, then follow behind 
    Follow along, and down the fairly steep hill.
    There is a second post here. This one has roughly the 
    same defences: Elites and Grunts. However, there is also 
    a Plasma Turret here. Your first priority should be the 
    Elites on the road, run them down quick to stop them from 
    getting in the Ghost. Next is the Plasma Turret. Small 
    burst of Plasma should destroy it. Then there is the 
    Elite up on the side of the road. Finally, there are the 
    After this, wait for the second jeep to make its way onto 
    the side, so it can get past the damaged road.
    Follow him past the wrecked road.
    You’ll now encounter the third post. However, if you’re 
    in a vehicle like you should be, this can be one of the 
    most dangerous. There is a small swarm of Drones hiding 
    out right under the broken road, waiting to ambush. The 
    main problem is that Drones can “board” vehicles. They 
    can’t steal and drive them, but they can sit on top and 
    melee the driver (similar to the scenario when faced with 
    a Wraith or Scorpion). They should be one of the, if not 
    the top priority. Luckily, as I previously stated, the 
    swarm is small. There are less of all the usual defences, 
    which balanced it out.
    Moving on, we come to the fourth post. This one is 
    similar to the first one, but a bit weaker.
    Follow the second ‘Hog up the hill. Now you’ll find 
    yourself in a large square room, with a huge pile of 
    rubble in the center. Follow the ‘Hog through to the next 
    road. As you get close to the rubble, a huge plasma beam 
    fires through a hole in the roof and blows up another 
    ‘Hog which was sitting there. The Scarab can then be seen 
    walking past overhead.
    Continue on. Two Ghosts come out from behind a large 
    crate just as you’re about to hit the next road. You take 
    one, the other ‘Hog gets the other Ghost. You’ll have 
    some extra support from a Marine on an Auto Rifle and 
    another Battle Rifle Marine, both sitting up on the side. 
    You may like to pick one up. Anyway, moving on.
    Follow the road round the bend and into the large room. 
    You’ll see a Plasma Turret and a Shadow up ahead. The 
    Shadow has a Plasma Turret on top of it. This Shadow has 
    no driver, but there is a Gunner. Take out the Turrets, 
    and Elites. You’ll be getting reinforcements about now, 
    in the form of a third ‘Hog. 
    Now, follow the Hogs through to the next road and along a 
    bit. You’ll see Shadows in the distance... three to be 
    precise. An even match. Hurry on up to them and go up the 
    ramp at the side of the road. This will give your Gunner 
    even height with the Shadows Gunner. By the time the 
    third Shadow (being the last in line, the first one 
    you’ll reach) is down, your ‘Hogs will have caught up for 
    a full slaughter of the second and first Shadows.
    Soon, you’ll come to another large room similar to the 
    one with the Scarab encounter. There are a few Ghosts, 
    two parked Shadows, a Support Grunt w/ Plasma Cannon, and 
    some foot soldiers. Once you clear this room, the exit to 
    the tunnel is straight ahead.
    Take the highway tunnel to the bridge - COMPLETE
    Ladies Like Armor-Plating
    OBJECTIVE – Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge.
    Again, set in the New Mombassa East African Protectorate.
    The Chief meets up with a pair of struggling Marines, a 
    Male and Female. They claim to have attempted attacking 
    the Scarab with rockets, in vain.
    If this is single player, you have a Scorpion available. 
    This is the tougher option, as you’re about to go across 
    a HUGE bridge (by game standards) at such a slow speed, 
    under attack from many Ghosts, Banshees, a Wraith, and 
    two Phantoms. You have those two marines though. The Male 
    has a Rocket Launcher, and the Female a Battle Rifle. 
    If this is Co-op, you have the much easier (but less 
    tempting) option of a Warthog. You can simply zoom past 
    the Majority of the Covenant, with the gunner taking most 
    Ghosts out. However, you’ll be forced to leave behind one 
    marine (which I wouldn’t recommend considering an 
    upcoming battle), or have one player take the Scorpion. 
    If someone does take the Scorpion, I recommend the other 
    player DRIVES the ‘Hog, and waits behind the Scorpion. 
    The Scorpion can take the Majority of the Ghosts with one 
    or two hits, and the Wraith with three or four. The 
    Banshees will be a bit tougher for the Scorpion to take, 
    so the ‘Hog can deal with them.
    [NOTE: I’ve had quite a few emails sent in informing me 
    of a Warthog with Chaingun sitting near the start of the 
    mission. I had a look around, and sure enough, it’s 
    there. It is already damaged though. Take it if you wish. 
    Just look to your right at the start of the mission and 
    you’ll see the front peeking out of the barrier.]
    Back to SP:
    Halfway along the Bridge, you’ll have passed the Wraith. 
    Most likely you’ll have taken hits, and possibly lost a 
    Marine or two. There should be a couple more Marines 
    running along the bridge wall. Stop and pick them up.
    After the Bridge, you’ll have to go through a few more 
    Wraiths, which can be pretty tricky in a Scorpion, *hint, 
    hint*. Get out of your Scorpion at a safe distance, and 
    sneak up to one of the Wraiths. Board it from behind 
    (tricky because of it’s fast turning speed, which is why 
    you need to sneak), and press “B” to melee the weak plate 
    at the back. This will break into the engine. Now, make 
    sure you have Plasma Grenades selected, if you have any. 
    Press L once or twice to toss a couple of grenades in. 
    This should blow it outright. If you boarded it from the 
    front, it takes more grenades, so don’t bother. Instead, 
    press “B” a couple more times to beat the Elites head. 
    Once the Elite dies, press “X” to jump off, then again to 
    drive it. It’ll be damage a little, but you can use it to 
    take the other Wraith.
    Go back to your Scorpion and travel through the tunnel. 
    You’ll meet up with another Warthog, and three marines 
    riding it. The tunnel ahead is partially closed, so 
    they’re forced to get out and go ahead on foot. 
    “It’s tight quarters on the other side, Sir. Use this.”
    The female Marine from the other ‘Hog offers you her 
    Shotgun. Take it, as it’ll be much more useful against 
    Elites in here than the SMG. Be sure to keep your Battle 
    There will be a large firefight in here. There are a lot 
    of Human vehicles in here. Civilian cars, trucks, an 
    overturned school bus; it makes for plenty of cover. 
    This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us
    Once you emerge from the tunnel, you’ll see the Scarab 
    firing in the distance. It isn’t a threat at the moment. 
    However, there are marines in trouble over the ledge. The 
    first thing you should notice, aside from the overly 
    obvious Scarab, is the Sniper Jackal aiming at the Gauss 
    ‘Hog below. Melee him from behind, and jump down. Any 
    surviving marines from the tunnel will take the structure 
    in the middle. The ‘Hog will be wheeling ‘round to you 
    now. When it stops, get on the Gauss Rifle. This thing 
    fires metal rods at an extreme force using magnetism. Try 
    it out on the Covenant weapon caches sitting on the 
    central structure. Now the driver will start circling the 
    structure. Your job is to take out as many Elites as you 
    can, ASAP, for the Marines above to take the structure by 
    surprise. There are a few Plasma turrets, which you 
    should make 2nd priority to Elites.
    After this area, the driver will wheel back and make for 
    the small opening in the wall. You’ll quickly find 
    yourself facing two Ghosts and a Wraith. The Wraith, 
    whilst more distant, is the larger threat. Take it as 
    soon as you can. Once it’s down, concentrate on the 
    Ghosts. Whilst you can only see two at first, there’re 
    about 6 in total. After this, the ‘Hog will make for 
    another wall opening. Once you go through a small 
    corridor, you’ll see a Chain ‘Hog taking on some Ghosts. 
    Help them out; it should take two hits per Ghost from 
    your Rifle.
    After this road has been cleared, the ‘Hogs will move up 
    the road and turn a corner to meet two Wraiths. The Gauss 
    Rifle is the best you have for these things, so I hope 
    you do still have it. Once you’ve taken these things, the 
    ‘Hogs will roll up next to a building. This is your queue 
    to get out and run into the building. A Corporal Perez 
    will brief you in a hurried manner, before running to the 
    2nd floor of the building. 
    Field Expedient
    Follow him out, onto the balcony, and you’ll find 
    yourself staring at a large, blue plasma beam, emerging 
    from the road that your ‘Hogs came round minutes before. 
    You’ll find yourself face-to-face with the Scarab’s main 
    cannon. However, you don’t have to worry. There are a few 
    other marines on the balcony, one manning the fixed 
    machine gun. The MG Marine will be attempting to take the 
    cannon out, but when rockets failed, he has little 
    success. However, looking over the edge, you’ll notice a 
    Scorpion sitting on a ramp down below. It holds position, 
    firing at the cannon. The Scarab is closing in, slowly 
    but surely. The cannon is glowing light blue. After about 
    5 or 6 shells, the tank begins to reverse down the ramp, 
    but in a blinding blue light, the turret flies off and 
    hits the building. The bodywork of the tank is in flames. 
    The Scarab simply walks over the wreck, ignoring you and 
    the Marines, and walks ONTO the balcony, climbing up onto 
    the roof of the building, and over the side of a small 
    tower. Follow Cpl. Perez into the tower and up the 
    stairs. You’ll see the Scarab walking by outside a huge 
    building. Proceed up the next flight of stairs.
    Walk out of the door at the top, and you’ll find yourself 
    on the ledge of the tower, overlooking a river. There are 
    several connecting bridges to the next tower. Along the 
    ledge and on some of the bridges, you’ll see crates with 
    Human weapons on them. Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, 
    SMGs, and many more. Choose whatever you want and be 
    prepared for a big battle. Once you’ve got close and 
    personal, there is no returning for ammo.
    The Scarab will be walking IN the river below. I suggest 
    grabbing a rocket Launcher for now, whether you plan on 
    taking it close or not. Now, take a few pot shots at the 
    Elites on board. However, you must remember that with 
    every stride the Scarab takes, it moves about… 50 meters 
    or something. Once you’ve expended your ammo, grab a 
    Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle if you have one. Now, take as 
    many as you can. After this, run to the end of the ledge, 
    before taking the final bridge across to the next tower. 
    Run to the end of the ledge and pick up at much ammo as 
    you can. Corporal Perez and a few other Marines will take 
    the remaining Elites, or as many as they can manage in 
    the 10 seconds that it takes for the Scarab to clear the 
    Make sure you have the nearby Battle Rifle. The Scarab 
    will have turned the corner by the time you’ve reached 
    the end of this ledge. Kill as many minor enemies as you 
    can with it, then focus on the Elites. Now, take the 
    Elites. Once it gets within a few hundred meters, get on 
    the nearby Machine Gun placement. Take all remaining 
    Elites. The Scarab will come to a halt. Now, it’s time to 
    get personal.
    Grab the SMGs, (C) and a Rocket Launcher as reserve. Jump 
    on board. More Elites will come to investigate from the 
    inside. Switch to the Launcher, and kill any that emerge. 
    Now, switch back to your SMG, and pick up the one you 
    dropped. Run in and clear out any Elites that survived, 
    most likely with damaged shields. Once you’ve finished 
    everyone, turn the corner and you should see one final 
    Veteran Elite. If you are like me, you’ll want to finish 
    him off in a way that says “Get the hell off my 
    Drop your off-hand SMG, (O) and run up to him, fire a 
    single shot from your other SMG. He’ll get pissed and 
    turn on you. If you’re as near as you should be, he’ll 
    attempt to smack you in the head. Unlike in the original, 
    this can be fatal, no matter your shield. Quickly dodge 
    to the left. Now, circle round to his back and give him a 
    whack. You’ve just owned a Scarab.
    MC emerges on the Head of a wrecked Scarab, and, through 
    the smoke, sees a Pelican. (O) Sarge is in the cockpit, 
    and goes on his usual ranting about how the Covenant were 
    dumbasses to try and take on the Human race and such.
    The nearby Covenant Cruiser, (L) which is currently in 
    the city, starts charging a Slip-Space jump. For those of 
    you who haven’t read the books, Slipstream space is a 
    sort of alternate space, which can be used to travel 
    light-years in seconds. It’s similar to the border world 
    in Half-Life.
    Transferring to Slipstream Space takes up so much energy 
    that making the jump will result in a large explosion, 
    (Z) enough to lose the city. In their small cruiser 
    (small as in a fly compared to the Covenant one), Miranda 
    has the pilot charge after the ship, so that they are 
    within the jump zone. It makes it, and is pulled across 
    the galaxy. New Mombassa is no more. The huge explosion 
    absorbs the entire city.
    Later, after the jump, the cruiser floats silently in 
    space. Everyone stares at a foreign object in the 
    “Cortana, what is it that we’re looking at.”
    “That… is another Halo.”
    The Arbiter
    The Elite seen in the intro is being dragged by a couple 
    of Brutes to the Chamber of the Arbiter, where the High 
    Prophet of Truth is waiting. Disgraced, he expects 
    execution. However, what greets him is one of the 
    greatest honors an Elite can wish for. A position in 
    which they can go on suicide missions, fight to the last 
    man, and die close and personal for what they believe in.
    This Elite is named “The Arbiter”.
    He is informed of a rebel group that claims the Prophets 
    are false, and are using Brutes, Elites, and lesser races 
    for their own purposes. The Arbiters mission is to land 
    with a team of Special Operative Grunts and Elites at the 
    Rebel hideout, fight through the Elites and Grunts, and 
    take out the Rebel leader.
    However, there is another surprise in store. The hideout 
    is none other, than part of the wreckage of Installation 
    04, AKA… Halo.
    Aboard one of the Phantoms, the Arbiter, and his Spec Op 
    2nd in command, prep the large team of Elites and Grunts. 
    They have an argument over the importance of each other 
    and their lessers.
    Upon landing, the Arbiter draws his Energy Sword.
    The Spec Op gives you a little info over the radio:
    “We are the arm of the Prophets, Arbiter. And you are the 
    blade. Be silent and swift, and we shall quell this 
    heresy without incident.”
    In the middle of a huge storm, which Halo is rapidly 
    being sucked into, the Raid party charges for the 
    Forerunner structure. The Phantoms move away, and a sense 
    of isolation takes their place.
    “The storm has masked our approach, and it should have 
    their local battle net in disarray. We have the element 
    of surprise... for now”
    Once in the entrance, a Minor Elite fellow orders 
    everyone to turn the Active Camouflage module on (White 
    “Engage Active Camouflage. Reveal yourselves only after 
    the Arbiter has joined battle with the enemy.”
    The strike team then melts into the background.
    “You may wish to do the same, Arbiter, but take heed: 
    your armor system is not as... new as ours. Your 
    camouflage will not last forever.”
    Your active camo is limited. It lasts for about 20 
    seconds, but it recharges. However, it also deactivates 
    if you attempt to do anything threatening… melee attack, 
    fire a single shot, whatever.
    Now, instead of activating it immediately, wait until the 
    lead Grunt opens the door. Exactly as the doors part, 
    race for that button, and charge the first Elite you see. 
    Swirl round to his rear and melee him. Now hide under the 
    ramp for a few seconds while your camo recharges.
    Take out the sleeping Grunts below. Now, move up the ramp 
    on the right side of the room. Once you’re near the top, 
    hit your camo and run up, and to the right. An Elite will 
    be sitting by the door. Melee his back. Remember that 
    your team will not start fighting until the enemies are 
    aware of your presence.
    Jump over the edge and onto the energy conveyor belt. 
    Activate your camo again once it’s available. Take out 
    the Elites and Grunts. Most likely you’re going to have 
    to engage in active combat for this area. Now, follow the 
    belt down to the edge, and then go along the walkway to 
    the lower floor. Wait until your camo is ready again, hit 
    it, and then run round to the front of the elevator and 
    wait for it to come up. Immediately plasma the Elite and 
    take out the Grunts as soon as possible.
    Once you’ve cleared the area, wait a minute or two for 
    your team to get on the elevator. 
    If you’ve managed to do it stealthily so far:
    “A job well done, Arbiter.”
    Push the button to start the thing.
    “Sentinels, The holy warriors of the Sacred Ring, but... 
    why have they sided with these Heretics?”
    As soon as the glass window ends, hit your camo and jump 
    off the elevator. Kill the nearest Elite and run for 
    cover. I personally always end up fighting my way to the 
    A Phantom pilot tells you to open the hangar door so that 
    he can bring reinforcements.
    The switch is to the left of the huge glass door.
    Hit it, and then keep the Heretics at bay.
    If everything has went smoothly so far, you should have 
    four Elites and... four Grunts? A couple of my Grunts 
    usually die, so I never get a good count.
    A couple of Heretic Grunts armed with Plasma turrets will 
    run out of the door opposite the hangar door. Take them 
    out before they set them up, as they’ll mop up your team 
    in seconds.  Clear the area of any remaining Heretics and 
    Run through the door the Turret Grunts came through, take 
    a left, and hit your camo. Have a quick glance for the 
    Elite, then jump over him and hit his back. Quickly wheel 
    round and finish the Grunts. Two or three more Elites 
    will run round the Corner. Finish them and move on.
    Hide next to the door, and allow your team to move 
    through with camo on. Once they are five seconds clear of 
    the door, hit your camo and run straight up the ramp, and 
    round to the right side. Hide next to the stray Plasma 
    Rifle. Once your camo is up again, run over to the end of 
    the ledge and leap off behind the unsuspecting Heretic 
    Elite. Finish him. 
    Immediately backpedal to your teammates and help them out 
    in the firefight, which will have inevitably broken out. 
    Clear the Heretics out from your side, and then join the 
    fight in the center of the room. The opposing forces will 
    be divided by a couple of energy belts. Clear out the 
    Heretics and move on up to the door. A few more will come 
    out. Pick them off, one by one, as they come out.
    Run through the door and next to the pillar. Hit your 
    camo, run round the pillar, behind the Elite, and whack 
    him in the back. Let your camo recharge, but don’t use 
    it. Move along the corridor, and whack the two sleeping 
    Move around the next corner. Now, hit your camo and run 
    down the slope. Take the corner to the left and hit the 
    Elite who should have his back to you already. Run along 
    the corridor and camo at the next corner, before turning 
    and taking the Grunt. Be aware though, a Heretic Elite 
    will come from your rear.
    Kill him, and then take the previously sleeping Grunts. 
    Another couple of Heretics should come from ahead to take 
    you on. Finish them. Move to the end of the corridor and 
    checkpoint in front of the door.
    Immediately through the door will be two sleeping Grunts. 
    Eliminate them. However, stealth isn’t going to be an 
    option in here. You’ll have to take on Heretics on two 
    floors: your floor and the upper floor, and then 
    Sentinels in the air.
    Basically, circle the room around from right to left. 
    Through the door at the end there will be a few Elites 
    and Grunts. There are plenty of pillars in the middle. 
    Clear the area, and then move on through the next door.
    Walk up to the window straight ahead. You’ll see a few 
    “Deal with him, my brothers. I will defend the Oracle.”
    The Heretic Leader jumps into a Banshee and flies off. 
    Many Heretic Elites and Grunts jump into the room from 
    both sides. Go to the top floor and pick them off as they 
    come out, then concentrate on anyone left on the bottom. 
    Sentinels will come in from vents after the ground forces 
    are down. Destroy them before moving out.
    “The Heretics are mobilizing their air forces, Arbiter. 
    Get back with their leader, but watch your back! I’m 
    sending one of our Phantoms to support you.”
    Jump in one of the Banshees and follow the Phantom. 
    Heretic Banshees will come in pairs to attack you and the 
    Phantom. The Phantom will remain virtually unhurt, but 
    you will take a lot of pain. However, you will have to do 
    most of the work, as the Phantom is rubbish at Air-to-Air 
    It’s hard to provide a step-by-step guide for this part, 
    so I’ll just give a couple of pointers.
    First off, watch for the Phantoms red plasma. Most 
    likely, you’ll see a Banshee on the other end of it.
    Secondly, Watch for Plasma turrets on the ledges of the 
    structure. One Banshee Bomb will finish them easily.
    At the halfway point of the flight, there are a couple of 
    fresh Banshees. Be sure to pick one up.
    Also, watch for those Fuel Rod Cannon toting Grunts. 
    Eventually you’ll come to a platform with an unlocked 
    door on it. Land here and clear the area of Heretics. The 
    Phantom will then drop Elites and Grunts.
    Walk up to the door to complete the mission.
    A door opens to a couple of Spec Op Elites. They aim 
    around the room with their weapons raised. Then, two Spec 
    Op Grunts trot into the room ahead of them. The Elites 
    move cautiously behind them. The Spec Op Commander moves 
    in after them, followed by the Arbiter.
    “What is it?” - Arbiter
    “That Stench. I’ve smelled it before...” – Spec Op 
    Move up to your strike team. If you’re a Halo veteran, 
    your heart will race at the site of... blood? Ah, but not 
    just blood – the sickly green kind.
    Move on over to the other side of the room. Your team 
    will follow.
    Go through the door. You’ll immediately hear gunfire... 
    Covenant Carbines.
    Yet again... Halo veterans are going to recognize the all 
    too familiar sounds... the “squidgy” sounds. You’ll 
    notice red blobs on your motion tracker... but the room 
    is empty.
    Move in, and then look around. There isn’t anything 
    there... until you look down. You can faintly see through 
    the dark glass... shadowed figures fighting each other. 
    Melee combat being the favourite.
    Move on to the next room. Jump down off the ledge. There 
    are bodies... rotten bodies... Flood bodies! It seems the 
    Heretics have released the Flood.
    “What happened here!?” – Spec Op Commander
    “Me have bad feeling about this!” – Grunt A
    “You always have bad feeling. You had bad feeling about 
    morning Food Nipple.” – Grunt B
    A strange buzzing sound grows louder and louder.
    A ball can be seen floating down to the center of the 
    room. Suddenly, the Heretic leader appears.
    “See! Heretic!” yells one of the Grunts as he fires at 
    the Heretic.
    “Hold your fire. Hold your fire!” – Spec Op Commander
    “I wandered who the Prophets would send to silence me... 
    an Arbiter – I’m flattered.” – Heretic
    “He’s using a hologram. He must be close. Come out so we 
    may kill you.” – Spec Op Commander
    “Ha ha ha... get in line.”
    And with that, he flashes into nothingness and the ball 
    drops to the ground.
    “Leader, stand firm. The Flood is approaching.”
    Quickly run around with your Energy Sword and destroy all 
    the Flood bodies. The infections can reanimate the dead. 
    You only lose three charges per Flood, as opposed to the 
    regular ten charges.
    When the infections reach the floor, switch to your 
    Plasma Rifle and fire away. Keep your attention focused 
    on the Grunts, as a single infection is enough to kill a 
    “Go Arbiter. I’ll follow when our reinforcements arrive.”
    Follow your orders and leave the Spec Op Commander to 
    hold the Flood at bay. The others will follow you. 
    Move on through the next corridor, and into the large 
    elevator at the other side.
    Sentinels will be trying to control the Flood in here.
    Leave them to it for now. Once it seems clear enough, 
    move in and take out anything that’s lurking around.
    Once you’re on the elevator, it will start moving, and 
    you’ll be trapped in the middle of a fight between the 
    Sentinels and the Flood.
    Remember, Energy Sword for the Flood, Plasma Rifle for 
    the Sentinels. Be sure to care for your teammates, 
    because they can be a great help in Legendary.
    The ride is quite long, and can be a real test of 
    endurance at times.
    Once you make it to the end, watch the door for more of 
    the Flood and move cautiously through. 
    “We should have brought weapons to bury these bodies. 
    Every one is a vessel to the Flood.”
    Move along the corridor, replacing your Plasma Rifle on 
    the way, for a fully charged one.
    Move through the door and you’ll find yourself faced with 
    a long row of windows. Watch as the Heretics attempt to 
    fend off the Flood. Once they’re dead, smash a window and 
    kill off all the Carriers. Focus on the Infections next. 
    As long as there are Infections and Carriers, the Combats 
    can come back to life. Drop down once the area seems 
    “Heretics! Above!”
    Quickly kill them off, then watch as the Flood swarm in 
    from above and kill off any remaining Heretics. Quickly 
    run to the far end of the room and hop on a Plasma 
    Turret. The Flood will come racing in. Kill them off.
    A lot of carriers and such will drop in, so make sure you 
    destroy the Combat bodies before they are reanimated. 
    Once clear, have a last look at your paint job, then move 
    Once you’re in the next room, wait until the door opens 
    and move on through.
    A Phantom pilot breaks the silence with a warning:
    “Leader, the storm is about to hit! We cannot maintain 
    our position!”
    “Bring the Phantoms close to the mine. We are not leaving 
    until the leader of these Heretics is dead.” – Spec Op 
    You’ll see some Flood chasing Heretic Grunts ahead of 
    you. The Grunts cannot match the speed of the Flood, and 
    meet their maker. The Phantoms will move in and kill off 
    the Majority of the Flood. Help them out.
    “Arbiter, the Flood have spread throughout the station. 
    We don’t have enough troops to manage such a large 
    infestation. Find the leader of these Heretics! Kill him 
    Follow the ledge anti-clockwise, and clear out the 
    Heretics as you go. Head up the slope, and around the 
    corner. A couple of Heretics will be hiding out here, so 
    be careful. Sentinels will rise up and attack. Blow ‘em 
    up then continue on.
    More Heretics will come out of the door into the 
    installation. Finish them with a Plasma grenade or two, 
    then move on in.
    “Heretic boss! You see? You see!?” - Grunt
    The Heretic charges across the room, and away from you. 
    Kill off the Sentinels in the room. Move over to the door 
    he went through.
    The Heretic leader is behind an impenetrable Energy 
    “This will save me from the storm, but you will be 
    The Spec Op Commander catches up with you at this point.
    “Arbiter, where is he?” – Spec Op Commander
    “Stinking flood-bait boxed himself in tight.” – Spec Op 
    “We shall force him out.” - Arbiter
    “How?” – Spec Op Commander
    “The cable, I’m going to cut it.” – Arbiter
    Run up the ramp, to the top floor. I personally like to 
    jump past the Flood here, as there are too many swarming 
    in too quickly. Once at the top, hit the elevator switch.
    He elevator heads up a long, dark shaft.
    Hey, Watch This!
    Once it hits the top, allow the Flood and the Sentinels 
    to take each other on. Run up to the large support 
    “All my Phantoms are in the air Arbiter. Go ahead, cut 
    the cable.”
    Choose one, and beat it with your Plasma Sword. Watch for 
    incoming Flood. Once the first one is down, the whole 
    facility will tilt to one side.
    “That’s one. By the Prophets! Look at the station lift!”
    The second can make things a little tricky. Avoid 
    jumping, or (whether by glitch or on purpose on Bungie’s 
    part) you could find yourself falling unexpectedly.
    “One final cable, Arbiter!”
    Hit the last one, and then make a dash for the central 
    elevator. Hit the switch, and wait. Once you hit the 
    bottom, drop off the top floor all the way to the bottom. 
    Move on through the door the Heretic went through.
    “The Heretic leader is on the move! Do not let him 
    escape! We’ll stay with you as long as we can!”
    There are some Heretics here. Kill them off. Call the 
    elevator, then move on and hit the switch for descent. 
    ”Are you still alive Arbiter? We’re keeping pace as fast 
    as we can!”
    Move through the door, and choose a side to go down this 
    room. Watch for Sentinels, Flood, and Heretics on the 
    way. Move through the door.
    The Heretic jumps into a Banshee, then backs around and 
    fires in at the Arbiter. The Arbiter rushes for a Banshee 
    and follows after him.
    “What lunacy! He’ll never escape this maelstrom in a 
    Banshee. Wait! The hangar! There was a seraph fighter 
    inside. Arbiter, you know what to do!”
    Kill off the pursuing Banshees and then move into the 
    structure he went into. 
    The Banshee will smash into the ledge, and the Arbiter, 
    will grab onto the ledge, then hop up.
    Dead or Alive... Actually, Just Dead
    Head up the exploding structure, and move on through the 
    door. There are Flood in here, along with Sentinels. 
    Ignore them and move on through. You should recognize the 
    area. You are heading backwards through one of the parts 
    of the last level. Move through the corridors, fighting 
    as you go. Head all the way back to the Hangar, where you 
    had to open the door for the Phantom. None of the rooms 
    on the way are especially difficult.
    The Arbiter confronts the Heretic. They talk for a while
    “Turn, Heretic!”
    The Heretic turns slowly, dual Plasma Rifles aimed 
    directly at the Arbiter.
    “Arbiter... I would rather die by your hand than let the 
    Prophets lead me to slaughter!” - The Heretic Leader
    “Who has taught you these lies?”
    Then, “the Oracle” descends.
    “The Oracle?”
    ”Hello. I am 3-4-3 Guilty Spark. I am the Monitor of 
    Installation 04.”
    “Ask the Oracle about Halo, how they would sacrifice us 
    all for nothing.” – The Heretic Leader
    “More questions? Splendid. I would be happy to assist 
    The Heretic fires a burst of Plasma at the Arbiter, 
    forcing him to back off for cover. The Heretic then jumps 
    on top of the Seraph fighter, and throws two Hologram 
    balls out. They form to replica Heretics.
    “The Elites are blind, Arbiter! But I will make them 
    see.” – The Heretic Leader
    You must eliminate him. However, there is a minor 
    complication: The holograms. 
    “This minor facility predates Installation Alpha by 
    several hundred years.” – 343 Guilty Spark
    “It was retrofitted to research the possible offensive 
    and defensive measures against the Flood.” – 343 Guilty 
    “Indeed, I designed and oversaw the construction of this 
    facility’s various outbreak management systems.” – 343 
    Guilty Spark
    Simply kill any Heretic leader you see. Two of them, 
    being holograms, will simply flash into nothingness. This 
    isn’t really anything especially difficult. If you can do 
    it right as the battle starts, it’ll be easier. 
    Simply jump up past the holograms and go for the out of 
    the way leader. He will be the real one. End it there and 
    it’s easy. Best thing to do is just go all out on the 
    real one with the Plasma Sword.
    The Arbiter drags the Heretics body out of the Hangar 
    “Unfortunate, his edification was most enjoyable.” – 343 
    Guilty Spark
    “I had no choice Holy Oracle. This Heretic imperiled the 
    Great Journey.” – The Arbiter
    “Oracle? Great Journey? Why do u meddlers insist on using 
    such inaccurate verbiage?” – 343 Guilty Spark
    Suddenly, the Oracle gets pulled out of the hangar, by a 
    Brute... Tartarus.
    “Oh my-y!”
    “That... is the Oracle!”
    “So it is.”
    “Come, we are leaving this system.”
    Delta Halo
    The In Amber Clad exits Slipstream Space, along with 
    stray buildings and rubble from Earth. Miranda is flung 
    forward due to the force of the jump.
    “Ugh! Report!” - Miranda
    “Both Engine Cores have spun to zero. We’re drifting.” - 
    “Archer pods are cold. I’ll need to re-key the system.” - 
    “Do it – and find out where we are.” - Miranda
    Back in the Orbital Drop station, Sarge gets out a cigar 
    and starts smoking.
    “Sorry for the quick jump, Sergeant. You in one piece?” - 
    “I’m good... ergh... Chief?” - Sarge
    “We’re fine.” - Cortana
    “Ma’am, there’s an object – coming into view now.” - 
    “Cortana, what exactly am I looking at.” - Miranda
    “That – is another Halo.” - Cortana
    Sarge chokes on his cigar due to the surprise.
    “Say what!?” - Sarge
    “So this is what my father found... I though Halo was 
    some sort of super-weapon?” - Miranda
    “It is. If activated, this ring will cause destruction on 
    a Galactic scale.” - Cortana
    “I want all the information you’ve got on the first Halo. 
    Schematics, topography, whatever... I don’t care if I 
    have the clearance or not.” – Miranda
    “Yes ma’am!” - Cortana
    “Where’s our target?” – Miranda
    “The enemy ship has stopped above the ring ma’am, we’re 
    going to pass right over it.”
    “Perfect. Given what we know about this ring, its even 
    more important we capture the Prophet of Regret. Find out 
    why he came to Earth, why he came here.” - Miranda
    “Chief, take first platoon - hard drop. Secure a landing 
    zone.” - Miranda
    “Sergeant, load up two flights of Pelicans and follow 
    them in.” - Miranda
    “Aye aye, ma’am.” - Sarge
    “Until I can move and fight, I’m going to make a low 
    profile. Once you leave the ship, you’re on your own.” - 
    Sarge knocks the Chiefs pod, indicating launch time.
    “Understood.”  - The Chief
    “Hang onto your helmet!” - Cortana
    And with that, and an accompanying jolt, the pods fire 
    off into space. The pods shoot away, into the atmosphere 
    of Halo. Through the clouds, ten to fifteen pods fly at 
    bone-crushing speeds. A small cross fires out of the pod, 
    attached by a rope. It forces the pod to slow down.
    “Mind the bump.” - Cortana
    The cross releases, and the pod sways slightly.
    Down on Halo, a Grunt and a Jackal are sitting, talking, 
    and just generally fooling about. The Jackal, with his 
    sharper sight, catches the pods in the distance. He 
    screeches, and hits his shield button, quickly grabbing 
    his Plasma Pistol in the process. The grunt stumbles 
    towards the nearby Plasma Turret and fires into the sky. 
    The rest of the area is warned by this, and moves into 
    defensive position.
    Suddenly, the sky is alight with red plasma balls. With 
    Grunts racing around the camp, Jackals darting from tree 
    to tree, and Elites trying to control the mass confusion, 
    it’s looking good for the Humans. 
    The pods continue the decent, and pull their chutes in 
    order to slow down. With pods being hit all around him, a 
    tough landing is in store for the Chief. The pods slam 
    into the ground, making craters in the process.  
    The Chief kicks the door down and runs out, pulling his 
    SMG out, and scanning for targets.
    ”Could we possibly make any more noise?” questions 
    The Chief whips a rocket launcher round his left 
    “I guess so…”
    “Sir! We gotta neutralize those turrets!” - ODST
    Right from the start, find the ODST with the Battle 
    Rifle. Give him your rocket launcher and allow him to 
    take the Plasma Turrets. Run around the cliff-side, 
    rallying the Helljumpers. You must clear a path up to the 
    ridge in front of the ruins. If you can do that, your 
    Jumpers will have sufficient cover. You’ll encounter 
    about four Grunts and two Jackals on the way.
    “Clear this LZ! The Pelicans are right behind us!” - ODST
    Once you’re up there, run around the ruins to the left 
    and melee Elites one by one. Hit one, retreat, repeat. 
    Once it gets too tricky, or there is no more left to 
    kill, run in and gun the rest down.
    “Artillery disabled, Sergeant! Landing zone secure... for 
    the moment” - Cortana
    “I hear ya. Starting our approach! Hang tight.” - Sarge
    “Easier said than done. Inbound Phantoms, Chief.” - 
    If you still have that rocket ‘Jumper, he’ll take the 
    guns out. Watch for the new foot soldiers though. There 
    will be a Spec Op included in the three Grunts, two 
    Jackals, and two Elites that are dropped.
    “Another Phantom – on approach!” - Cortana
    This one drops two Veteran Jackals, two Veteran Elites, 
    one with needler, one with an Energy Sword, and a few 
    Grunts. Draw the Sword Elite out and Plasma his ass. Now, 
    pick off the minor guys, then sneak up to the Veteran 
    Elite and stick your newly gained Energy Sword up where 
    the sun don’t shine.
    Now, yet another Phantom approaches. I’m always on my own 
    by this point. It drops three Black Ops. As you know, any 
    Elite using Active Camo has a weakened shield. These ones 
    aren’t particularly tough. The only problem is spotting 
    them. If you go all out right as they drop out the 
    Phantom, you could very well kill them before they touch 
    the ground. One of them has an Energy Sword, so while it 
    is easier to spot, you better watch out.
    “Hold here until the Pelican arrives, Chief.” - Cortana
    And with that, you have the right to rest. Two Pelicans 
    approach from the distance. 
    ”I got a good view coming in. There’s a big building in 
    the middle of this islands lake.” – Sarge
    “I saw it too, it looked like a temple. If I were a 
    megalomaniac, as I’m not, that’s where I’d be.” - Cortana
    One Pelican drops a Warthog with a Chaingun mounted on 
    the back, and two Marines. The first Marine has an SMG, 
    the second, a Sniper Rifle.
    The Pelicans then fly off.
    Jump in the driver seat, if you know what’s good for you. 
    If the Sniper doesn’t get into the side seat, fiddle 
    around until she does. Once in, drive on.
    “Wow... it’s like a postcard... Dear Sarge: Kicking ass 
    in outer space. Wish you were here!” – Marine/ODST
    “I heard that – Jackass!” - Sarge
    Drive over the hill, past the Jackals, down past the 
    building, and start circling it. Let your gunner take out 
    all the Turrets and Elites.
    “Watch out, Chief! Wraiths on the far side!” – 
    Once you feel you’ve done as much as you can, go round 
    the back and jump out of the ‘Hog. This is effectively 
    killing the ‘Hog, so be warned (you can kill off all the 
    outsiders and park the hog in a safe place if you want to 
    keep it, but I usually don’t last that long). Anyway, up 
    the ramp and inside, you’ll find a bunch of Grunts and an 
    Elite. Finish them then hit the switch. The bridge will 
    start to drop. 
    “Good, the bridge is down. Now, about those Wraiths.” - 
    “Roger that, Armor on the way.” – Pelican Pilot
    Once the Pelican drops the Scorpion, get in. Fire across 
    the bridge at the Wraiths. Once they’re dead, be sure to 
    watch for the four incoming Banshees. Two shots per 
    Banshee should do. Get out of the Scorpion and take the 
    Ghost sitting near the cliff edge.
    Move across the bridge and kill off the Ghosts.
    “You don’t want the tank? Ok... I guess we’ll just leave 
    it for the others.” - Cortana
    Move on through the ruins, up the slope and down the 
    other side. There is a small hole in the wall with Grunts 
    standing around to your left. Kill them, then back off, 
    watching for the incoming and pursuing Ghosts. Kill off 
    any Ghosts that confront you, and then proceed out of the 
    ruins and around the corner. Be aware, There is a Spec Op 
    riding one of the Ghosts, making it an extremely tough 
    one to take out.
    There are two Support Grunts with Plasma Turrets ahead. 
    Kill them off then boost up to them.
    You Break It, You Buy It
    Move through the tunnel, and out the other side. You’ll 
    find yourself in a large, circular area. There are 
    several Plasma Turrets and Ghosts sitting around. 
    Immediately destroy any vehicles coming towards you. 
    There are four or so active Ghosts. Once the area is 
    clear, move down into the center and open up on those 
    inside the ruins.
    Another two Ghosts will come out of the ruins, one of 
    which is driven by a Spec Op. Spec Op driven Ghosts are 
    best isolated, and the jacked. Basically, take his own 
    Ghost and kill him with it.
    Continue on through the ruins, and down the slope. The 
    next room appears to be empty, but when heading through, 
    a team of Grunts will jump you. Now, most people will 
    consider this a stupid move on their part, nut 
    considering the fact that they set up their Plasma 
    Cannons within seconds of jumping you, it’s a pretty 
    tough trap. However, since you now know what’s going to 
    happen, you should easily overwhelm them.
    Back out, ASAP. Now, peek round the corner and destroy 
    the turret. Once down, you can move in and slaughter the 
    rest. However, that only gets you further into their 
    trap, as four Ghosts jump up the next slope and attack 
    you. They’ll surround you quickly. Two of them have more 
    Spec Ops on board.
    It’ll be pretty challenging, but try’n lure them out one 
    by one, then slaughter them. Move on down to two slopes 
    and out of the ruins, watching for the oncoming Ghosts as 
    you go (more Spec Ops, of course).
    “There are Covenant holed up in the middle of this 
    structure. We need to clear them out.”
    Go round the right side of the ruins, destroying the 
    Ghosts you encounter on the way. Go up the slope, and 
    kill off the Elites. There is a long wall of shields 
    here, move through them and kill off the Elites.
    “They’re all pouring out of the middle – let’s get in 
    Waves of Covenant will come out of the small opening 
    ahead, into the ruins. They’ll walk straight into your 
    sights, so don’t worry too much.
    By now, reinforcements will appear from behind you. They 
    were dropped a little back by a Pelican, along with some 
    ammo crates. You might want to get off your Ghost and go 
    get some new weapons and ammo. Once you’re ready, move 
    into the ruins.
    There is a ton of Elites in here. You’re going to have to 
    rely on Plasmas. Headshot any Grunts and Jackals. Once 
    the ground floor is clear, move up and kill off the 
    Elites... they are armed with Carbines.
    Move on through to the cliffs. You’ll find four or so 
    Grunts, and three Jackals here. Kill ‘em off quickly and 
    move through the small cave.
    Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing But Jackal
    [NOTE: This area is hard to explain, so I’m going to be a 
    bit brief, and avoid going into detail. Sorry about this, 
    but there isn’t much more I can do, except give bad 
    descriptions and confuse you]
    You’ll find yourself in a small stream. Follow it along 
    and melee the Sniper Jackal walking around ahead. This 
    place is a sniper haven; so get ready for total PWNAGE.
    “You always bring me to such nice places.” - Cortana
    Snipe any Jackals you see, then take on the Minor Elite. 
    Once dead, move down to the bottom of the river, killing 
    as you go. Work your way across the river, watching for 
    the swarm of Drones. Find your way up the hill, and kill 
    the Elites as you go.
    When you find some Covenant communication equipment, you 
    know you’re on the right track. Head into the cave behind 
    the crate with the Beam Rifles.
    Follow the path out to the large clearing.
    “Good. Still no word about In Amber Clad on the Covenant 
    battle net. It’s odd, the Covenant know we made land 
    falls, but they don’t seem to consider us a very serious 
    threat. Boy, are they in for a big surprise.” - Cortana
    Head down into the large structure. Once you’re in, 
    you’ll find yourself face to face with a Hologram of 
    Regret, and two Honor Guards. Lure the Guards into the 
    hall, and beat them to death. One of them is dual 
    wielding Plasma Rifles, so be careful, the other has a 
    Plasma Sword.
    Two more will come from the top floor. Once dead, you are 
    face-to-face with a Hologram of Regret.
    The Chief heads starts to move up the ramp.
    “Wait, go back... That’s what I thought he said
    The Prophet of Regret is trying to activate halo”
    Are you sure?
    Cortana clicks, and the hologram comes to life.
    “I shall light this holy ring, release its cleansing 
    flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond.” – The 
    Prophet of Regret
    Once again, she clicks, and it freezes on the spot.
    “Pretty much.” - Cortana
    “Commander? We’ve got a problem.” – The Chief
    Miranda, sitting in her chair, is looking through the 
    information on Halo, and a hologram of the Index.
    “So I hear. But from what I understand, the Prophet will 
    need an object – the Index – to activate the ring. I’ve 
    located a Library similar to the one you found on the 
    first Halo.” – Miranda
    “If the rings work the same way, the index should be 
    inside.” - Miranda
    “I bet the Covenant are thinking the exact same thing.” - 
    “Then we better beat them to it sergeant. Extract your 
    men and meet me at the library.”
    “Yes ma’am.”
    “I’ll secure the Index, Chief. You take out the Prophet. 
    He’s given us all the Intel we need.
    You’ll start of facing Regret’s Hologram. Two Marines 
    will back you up for now. Get ready to fight, as a swarm 
    of Drones charges in right away, followed by four Elites. 
    Simply hide on the lower floor and take the Drones out 
    with your SMG. Once they’re down, Beam Rifle the Elites. 
    The Marines usually kill a couple of Elites, but they 
    usually die before the end of the fight.
    Head up the ramp and out the door to the right. Kill any 
    Snipers you see, and watch for the oncoming Elite. There 
    are lots of Veteran Elites here. Kick their ass, and move 
    on. Watch for the Grunts, and always keep an eye on the 
    other structures in case Snipers appear.
    Head over to the next structure along, and kill off the 
    Minor Elite on the way. There is a Sniper there, simply 
    beat him to death (If you’re too close, he’ll drop his 
    Rifle and run, so you have no need to worry). Kill the 
    oncoming Grunts, then the Veteran Elite ahead.  Continue 
    around the structure, and move inside.
    There’s a lot of Grunts in here, and two Veteran Jackals. 
    Kill them all and move on. As you head for the exit, 
    another two Jackals attack. Two headshots should do. 
    “I wish I had time to decipher these inscriptions... The 
    Forerunners revered this place. That much is clear. But 
    was it a temple? A university? I can’t say.” - Cortana
    Once you make it out, you’ll see a tram... of sorts. It 
    heads off just before you reach it. Beam any Snipers you 
    see, and the Veteran Elite.
    Move over to where the tram was, and wait for it.
    As you wait, a Phantom approaches from the distance. Hide 
    under the central structure. Once it makes it’s drop and 
    leaves, come out to find yourself faced with a Hunter 
    With your Beam Rifle, unload into their flesh. It 
    shouldn’t take more than a couple of hits to finish it.
    “Cortana? The Covenants getting nervy. I don’t want to 
    give away my position, so I’m rerouting a few stragglers 
    back to you. I apologise, these Pelicans are all the 
    support you’re gonna get.” – Miranda
    “Understood ma’am.” - Cortana
    Once they’re down, wait a little longer, and a Pelican 
    will arrive. It drops six weapon crates, and two Marines.
    “The gondolas launching from the far towers. Big 
    surprise, it’s full of Covenant reinforcements.”
    Get a Beam rifle aimed at the gondola, in preparation for 
    the Elite that shall emerge. Once the Elite(s) is down, 
    clear out the Grunts and Jackals, then move in.
    Hit the switch to start the gondola.
    One-Way Ticket
    As soon as the gondola starts, watch your 6 for incoming 
    A gondola approaches from the opposite side. Get ready 
    for a swarm of Drones and accompanying Elites.
    Hide on the underside of the gondola and kill of the 
    Drones, then kill off the Elites, either close and 
    personal, or peak out, fire, and back under cover.
    The gondola continues on. As it approaches the next 
    structure, watch for the four Snipers, and two Plasma 
    turrets. Snipers first, Grunts second.
    Once it’s clear, and the gondola reaches the end, kill 
    the two Jackals and move in. There is a room full of 
    jackals here. Dual Plasma Pistols are my personal 
    favourite here. Move in and kill off the Jackals on this 
    side of the room, then move round to the other side. Once 
    they’re dead, drones move in. PPs are still my weapons of 
    choice. Kill them off.
    “Ah, now I see. There’s a submerged section that connects 
    these towers to the outlying structures. Looks like we’re 
    going down... unless you’d prefer to swim.” - Cortana
    You need to wait for the elevator to rise up the hole in 
    the center. Once it’s up, kill the Jackals within. A 
    Pelican while drop some Marines down outside. Wait for 
    them to catch up with you.
    “Alright. Let’s see where this elevator goes.” - Cortana
    Move in and hit the switch, once the Marines are inside. 
    The elevator moves down the shaft and suddenly comes to a 
    halt. It then starts up again and plummets into the 
    underlying pool of water. It turns out you’re in the lake 
    that was outside the structures.
    “I’ve intercepted a secure transmission from Regret’s 
    Carrier, something called... High Charity. It seems to be 
    a formal apology to the Prophets of Truth and Mercy. 
    Apparently, Regret jumped the gun when he attacked Earth. 
    He’s asking the other Prophets to ‘forgive his premature 
    arrival’, arguing that ‘no human presence was foretold.’ 
    That explains why there were so few ships in his fleet. 
    But it’s odd a Prophet would have such bad intel about 
    his enemy’s Home-World.” – Cortana
    You’ll find yourself coming under the next structure just 
    as Cortana finishes. The Elevator stops for a moment, and 
    then speeds upwards, out of the water and into the 
    structure itself. The door opens and the Marines jump 
    out. Follow them along and head up the ramp. You’re going 
    to want to stealth kill these Grunts. This is tricky as 
    the pattern seems to change slightly every now and then, 
    making it impossible at times. Just kill the patrolling 
    Grunts, and once the Marines charge in they’ll slaughter 
    the rest. Move through to the next room.
    Head up the ramp and into the next large room. Kill off 
    the Jackal Sniper wandering behind the Honor Guard, then 
    back off to the ramp and kill the Drones that swarm you 
    from in here. When the Honor Guard approaches kill him 
    quick. He has an Energy Sword. Once they’ve all been 
    taken care of, take out the remaining Jackals on the far 
    side of the room. Move slowly through the room, clearing 
    it out as you go. Watch for the next swarm of Drones. 
    Also, at one point, three Honor Guards will come from one 
    door, and a Hunter Bond from another. There’s a lot of 
    Beam Rifles sitting around the room. Lure the Hunter into 
    swiping you, then stick a Beam Rifle in its back and fire 
    twice. It dies.
    Head through the next room, and around the other side of 
    the wall to the next room. There are three Black Op 
    Elites here, and accompanying Grunts. Kill them off (they 
    have weakened shields), and move through to the next 
    room. A Sword Elite comes rushing down the ramp to 
    attack. Finish him and move on.
    Go down the ramp and into the elevator. Hit the switch. 
    This elevator heads into the water, just like the last 
    “Regrets Carrier just received a response from High 
    Charity. A very well encrypted message from the Prophet 
    of Truth. Listen to this: ‘Your haste has jeopardized the 
    fulfillment of the Covenant, threatened our Grand Design. 
    That you shall be spared a public display of our contempt 
    is thanks only to Mercy and his wise council.’ Truth, 
    Mercy, Regret. Three Prophet Hierarchs. Killing Regret 
    should shake up the Covenant leadership, but frankly, it 
    sounds like you might be doing Truth a favor. ”
    The elevator heads out of the water and into the next 
    structure. When the ‘vator hits top, move out and back 
    smack the Honor Guard. Move along and beat the next Honor 
    Guard to death. Kill off the Grunts and move on.
    “Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None 
    will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That 
    is the Prophets age-old promise, and it shall be 
    fulfilled!” - Regret
    “Great Journey! Doesn’t he know what these rings do!?” - 
    Continue out to the exit and kill off the Drones before 
    leaving the building. Once dead, head up the hill, behind 
    the Elites and smack them in the back.
    “This is my last run, Chief. I’m nearly out of fuel! 
    We’ve secured the first tower cluster, so I’ll set down 
    there.” – Pelican Pilot
    Kill the Jackals, and wait for the Pelican to land. The 
    Pelican also drops ammo canisters. Head on through the 
    rocks to the next area. Two Snipers, a Carbine Elite, and 
    a Grunt are ahead. Kill off the Snipers quickly, then 
    take the Grunts. The Marines will have eaten away at the 
    Elite then, so you simply finish it off. Kill the next 
    Elite to the left, then another Grunt hiding behind the 
    ruins. Move quickly through the wreck now – a Phantom is 
    in hot pursuit. A Jackal is sitting between you and your 
    destination: A Sniper Jackal. Kill it. There are more 
    canisters here. Choose your weapons and kill off the 
    Covenant on the gondola. Let your Marines get on the 
    gondola, and hit that switch. 
    “How’s it going, you two?” - Miranda
    “So far, so good. We’re approaching the main temple now.” 
    - Cortana
    “Roger that. I’m as close to the Library as I can get. 
    There’s some sort of barrier... we’re trying to find a 
    way around it. I’ll keep you posted.” - Miranda
    As the gondola leaves, two Banshees pursue.  In this 
    condition, they’ll be tough. Use the Rocket launcher 
    which is sitting atop the gondola. It has four convenient 
    rockets, enough to kick their asses. A second Gondola 
    meets you half-way, and two Thruster Elites board your 
    gondola. They’ll be very tough. Not only that, but there 
    are supporting Grunts, namely a Fuel Rod Grunt. Use the 
    Sniper Rifle also conveniently nearby. Two shots from 
    that, then a head burst with the Battle Rifle per Elite. 
    Finish the Grunts, then move on... or let the gondola 
    move on.
    Once you get near the main temple, Covenant will swarm 
    out from within. Kill off the Grunts (on Plasma Turrets), 
    then Jackals.
    A huge Covenant fleet appears overhead, just exiting 
    Slipstream Space.
    “That’s the largest Covenant fleet I’ve ever seen... the 
    largest anyone’s ever seen! Get inside the temple and 
    kill Regret before it can stop us.” - Cortana
    Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?
    Kill the two Grunts on the Plasma Cannons up ahead, then 
    the Elites that come out of the main temple. Jackals will 
    dart out in the rear. Headshots... Plasma Bolt the Elites 
    shields then head burst them.
    Move in...
    “The Covenant fleet has launched multiple waves of 
    Phantoms! Too many for me to track – We don’t have much 
    As you enter, two Veteran Elites will come at you from 
    one door. Bolt Burst them. Grab the Energy Sword from 
    underneath the ramp.
    Move up the ramp, and look ahead to see... none other 
    than the Prophet of Regret himself.
    “There are Honor Guards all over this place! Watch your 
    Two Honor Guards will make a charge for you. Dodge each 
    of them and back-lunge them. Now charge for Regret!
    “There’s the target! Take him out!” - Cortana
    “You dare to interrupt my sermon!? Warriors – Attack! The 
    Demon must Die!” – The Prophet of Regret 
    Move up to him as fast as you can, avoiding any Elites 
    and such in the process. As soon as you are in range, 
    hold “X” to board his Chair. Once aboard, hit B to beat 
    the shit out of him. You can usually get about six hits 
    in before he teleports.
    “Incompetence! I’ll kill it myself!” – The Prophet of 
    As soon as you can, Lunge him with your Sword, followed 
    by a boarded beating.
    After about 15-20 Lunges and punches, he’ll release a 
    piercing scream, and die. With no life left to control 
    his chair, it plummets to the ground, the chair starts to 
    vibrate violently, and then it explodes.
    “Bad news! The Phantoms are turning around, the fleets 
    preparing to fire on our position!!” - Cortana
    The Chief walks outside and looks up to see a carrier 
    preparing to glass the entire structure! The Chief looks 
    to the left and sprints out, to the end of the structure. 
    He reaches the wall, leaps over, and lands on the path 
    below. He darts for the end of the structure, jumps as 
    far as he can, spinning around in the process, and lands 
    in the water as the structure collapses around him.
    He sinks into the lake...
    “This is not your grave... ughh... But you are welcome in 
    it!” – Voice 
    A vine floats around in the lake – apparently at random, 
    until it suddenly straightens, then darts for the Chief 
    and wraps around him, pulling him deeper into the lake.
    Sacred Icon
                           COVENANT HOLY CITY, HIGH CHARITY
                                   SANCTUM OF THE HIERARCHS
    The Arbiter walks along a corridor, Elites and Brutes on 
    either side. The Elite Honor Guards walk along, without 
    their helmets. The Brutes are placing Honor Guard 
    equipment on themselves. One Brute attempts to take an 
    Elites staff from him. The Elite holds, but the Brute 
    gives him a cold stare. The Elite submits. Two Brutes are 
    fighting over a helmet. 
    The Arbiter continues through a large door, and between 
    two Brute Honor Guards. He comes across three Elites 
    speaking with the High Prophets. 
    “This is unprecedented. Unacceptable.” – Spec Op 
    “A Hierarch is dead, Commander.” – The High Prophet of 
    “His murderer was within our grasp. If you had not 
    withdrawn our Phantoms-” – Spec Op Commander
    “Are you questioning my decision?” – The High Prophet of 
    “No, Holy One. I only wish to express my concern that the 
    Brutes-” – Spec Op Commander
    “Recommissioning the Guard was a radical step, but recent 
    events have made it abundantly clear that the Elites can 
    no longer guarantee our safety.” – The High Prophet of 
    “I shall relay your... decision... to the council.” – 
    Spec Op Commander
    The Commander passes the Arbiter. They exchange nods, 
    then move on.
    “Politics, how tiresome.” – The High Prophet of Truth
    “Do you know, Arbiter, the Elites have threatened to 
    resign? To quit the High Council? Because of this... 
    exchange of hats?” – The High Prophet of Truth
    “We have always been your protectors.” – The Arbiter
    “These are trying times - for all of us.” – The High 
    Prophet of Truth
    “Even as the Humans’ annihilation filled us all with 
    satisfaction, the loss of one of the Sacred Rings wracked 
    our hearts with grief!”
    “Putting aside our sorrow, we renewed our faith in the 
    prophecy that other rings would be found. And see how our 
    faith has been rewarded!”
    Truth moves to the left, and Mercy turns his back to the 
    Arbiter, revealing another Halo on the view screen.
    “Halo... its Divine Wind will rush through the stars, 
    propelling all who are worthy along the path to 
    “But how to start this process? For ages we searched for 
    one who might unlock the secrets of the ring - An Oracle 
    – and, with your help, we found it.”
    The Prophets lead the Arbiter to the trapped Oracle.
    “With appropriate humility we plied the oracle with 
    questions, and it, with clarity and grace, has shown us 
    the key.” 
    They press a button, and up comes the Sacred Icon.
    “You will journey to the surface of the ring and retrieve 
    this Sacred Icon. With it, we shall fulfill our promise.”
    “Salvation for all!”
    “And begin the Great Journey!” 
    A Phantom speeds along towards Halo. Aboard the Phantom, 
    sits Tartarus, standing behind a Brute – piloting the 
    “Once the shield is down, we will head straight to the 
    Library, I do not wish to keep the Hierarchs waiting.” - 
    The Arbiter is standing next to two Brutes in the 
    passenger section of the Phantom.
    “The Human that killed the Prophet of Regret... Who was 
    it?” – The Arbiter
    “Who do you think?” - Tartarus
    “The Demon is here!?” – The Arbiter
    Tartarus growls in confirmation.
    “Why? Looking for a little payback?” - Tartarus
    “Retrieving the Icon is my only concern.” – The Arbiter
    Tartarus laughs at the thought.
    ”Of course!” - Tartarus
    The Phantom moves down to the large structure, and drops 
    the Arbiter. The Arbiter looks around, hearing a sound. 
    Suddenly, an Enforcer rises up behind him. He fires off a 
    few shots, attempting to ground it, but it fails. The 
    Phantom returns and blows one arm off it. It gives chase.
    “Lower the shield, Arbiter! I’ll pick you up when you’ve 
    finished!” - Tartarus 
    Uncomfortable Silence
    Immediately turn round and head up to the Veteran Grunt. 
    Shoot at the symbols on the structure. They’ll glow dark 
    blue. Keep firing until the pillar moves out of the 
    ground, then drop down. After you come out of the drop, 
    shoot the next pillar to lower it, then drop down.
    Once you reach the bottom, move along the corridor, 
    killing the sentinels in the process. Be sure to destroy 
    any panels on the wall (white ones with blue lights 
    underneath). They release more Sentinels.
    Once you reach the end of the corridor, shoot the pillar 
    and move down. You’ll meet two Jackals and a Grunt 
    attempting to hold off Sentinels. Help them out, and be 
    sure to destroy the wall panels. Once its clear, move 
    along the bridge and the end of the room.
    “You’re getting close to one of the shield generators. 
    Many of my Brutes have fallen, attempting to take it 
    down. Let’s see if you fair better.” - Tartarus
    At the other side of the bridge, it’s the same deal as 
    the last side. Simply take the panels off the wall, and 
    deal with any Sentinels that attack. Once you’ve done 
    that, find the next pillar and shoot it. Move down, your 
    Jackals and the Grunt should follow. Another Grunt will 
    meet you down here, fleeing from Sentinels.
    Another corridor with Sentinels and Panels. Clear out, 
    shoot the pillar, drop down. 
    ”You’ve reached the shields power source, Arbiter. 
    Overload the locks holding it in place.” 
    You’ll encounter an Enforcer along with many Sentinels in 
    this large room. Drop down onto the platform below, and 
    hide out on the underside. Shoot out all open wall 
    panels, then eliminate the Sentinels. Once the Sentinels 
    are out of the way, concentrate on the Enforcer. Take the 
    arms out first, then concentrate on the main body.
    When all seems clear, activate the gondola by shooting at 
    the panels at the corners of the platform.
    “You’ve released the power source. Now, find a way to 
    remove it from its cradle.” – Tartarus
    Hit the switch to power down the Containment-Shield.
    Suddenly – explosions. Not that you can see, but that you 
    can hear. The huge doors in front of the gondola open, 
    and it starts moving.
    Buyer’s Remorse
    As the lift moves out into the snow, a Phantom passes by 
    in front of you, then turns back to support.
    ”I’ll come after the Library is clear, I’ll pick you up 
    on the ledge ahead.”
    The next door along slides out of the way, and an 
    Enforcer bombards the Phantom.
    ”Argh! Blasted machines!!” 
    Once the gondola stops, you’ll be surrounded by Sentinels 
    and Flood... oh, and who can ignore the Enforcer. Watch 
    for the Advanced Sentinels, they use more powerful blue 
    Sentinel Beams. They also come with energy shields 
    Use Sentinel beams to kill the Flood, and a Carbine for 
    the wall Panels and Sentinels. The Enforcer can be safely 
    ignored as long as you’re on the underside. When the 
    battle dies down, eliminate the Enforcer with an Advanced 
    Sentinel Beam.
    When the small door (in comparison to the previous two) 
    opens, move on through and recover from the fight.
    Some minor Flood Combat Forms (Human) will charge you. 
    Cut them down to size before moving on. Eventually, the 
    corridor will start to flood with... Flood... erm... yes, 
    and Sentinels. Try to make them fight each other, then 
    move on whilst they are distracted. At the end of the 
    corridor shoot the pillar, then drop down.
    Head along the corridor, jumping over the obstacles. When 
    the Flood leap over on their way to you hit your camo and 
    continue on. Take a right and shoot the next pillar. Drop 
    down. Move on, stopping to take ammo from the dead 
    “Proceed to the objective! We’ll hold out as long as we 
    can - Urgh – Argh – Get if off ME!!” – Marine [RADIO]
    “Suppressing fire! Suppressing fire!!” – Marine [RADIO]
    When you come across more Flood, hit your camo and leg 
    it! Once your camo runs out, keep on going. Pass in 
    between the two Carriers, and then the next two, and then 
    shoot the pillar. Drop down.
    Down here there are Enforcers taking on hordes of Flood. 
    This is the perfect situation... when Flood are involved, 
    that is. Move out of the little cubby, and jump up, into 
    the next. Go along, and out again, and into the next. Up 
    into the last one, shoot the pillar, then drop down.
    This place is almost pitch-black. It is swamped by Flood 
    gas (the kind released when Flood are injured). Follow 
    the corridor out, past the crates and into the large open 
    area like the one you met the Grunts and Jackals in. Leg 
    it past/over all Flood down to the bridge, then along to 
    the other side.
    At the other side, dart past the Flood, and over the next 
    “Negative, Ma’am. They are NOT Covenant. Cover that 
    doorway!” – Marine
    Head through this room, find the pillar, shoot it, and 
    jump down. Shoot the next pillar in this extremely dark 
    room, and drop down again. You’ll be out in an area like 
    the one you started in. Pick up any ammo you fancy (That 
    Energy Sword is a particularly good Flood stopper), shoot 
    the next pillar, and drop down. This drop is similar to 
    your first one.
    You’ll see a Phantom cutting down Flood contacts. While 
    it keeps them busy, you have a small window to shoot the 
    pillar, and drop down Flood free. Get on it.
    This is a long drop. Once you hit the  flat ground, move 
    out of the tunnel.
    100,000 Year’s War
    Run out and cut down the Flood nearby. Watch out for the 
    Rocket Flood. Orbital Drop Pods will fall from the sky, 
    and from within, emerge the Elites. Help them secure the 
    area over the bridge. Beware, Some Flood carry Shotguns 
    and Energy Swords. Work your way up to the Plasma Turret, 
    and hop on when the Flood are held off at a good few 
    meters. Mow them down with that. All the Elites will hold 
    up behind you.
    You’ll have to watch for Flood coming from directly 
    behind the gun, mainly an annoying Shotgun Flood or two.
    “Forerunners be praised! The Arbiter! This Quarantine 
    Zone has been compromised. We must do what we can against 
    the Flood. Our Commander has landed further in. Let us 
    join him.” - 
    Once you hear that, the area should be completely clear 
    of Flood. Head through the small cave along the snow wall 
    to the left of the bridge. As you approach, Flood 
    contacts will leap from atop the wall. Quick reaction 
    time is key here, or else they’ll surround you and beat 
    you to death.
    Once you eliminate them, move through the cave. Walk up 
    to the back of the Flood Combat ahead, and eliminate it. 
    Move up to the center of this area. You’ll see three or 
    four Elites, attempting to hold off hordes of Flood. One 
    of these Elites is the Spec Op Commander.
    Circle around the area and eliminate all contacts. Watch 
    for the Rocket Flood to the right of the Elite encampent.
    “Arbiter! What are you doing here?” – Spec Op Commander
    Flood growls suddenly erupt from all around the area.
    “We must hold this camp until reinforcements come.” – 
    Spec Op Commander
    Watch for the rushing hordes of Flood. Get out your 
    trusty Energy Sword, if available, and finish them 
    alongside the Commander, in true style.
    “They were fools to stand against us!” – Spec Op 
    More hordes attack. Keep them at bay until the Phantom 
    arrives with reinforcements.
    Quarantine Zone
    A Phantom flies hovers overhead, dropping replacements 
    for your dead Elites.
    “In the center of this zone is a Sacred Icon critical to 
    the great journey. I must find it!” – The Arbiter
    “We shall cut into the heart of this infestation, 
    retrieve the Icon, and burn any Flood that stand in our 
    way.” – Spec Op Commander
    A loud roar of approval comes from the reinforcing 
    “The parasite is not to be trifled with, I hope you know 
    what you’re doing!” – Spec Op Commander
    The Commander walks away.
    Objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear
    “Forward Warriors! And fear not pain nor death! Go 
    Arbiter, I’ll follow when our reinforcements arrive.”
    The Phantom dropped four Warrior Elites, two Ghosts, and 
    a Spectre. I suggest taking the Spectre, and fitting on 
    three of the four Elites... if they are willing to join 
    Get ready ASAP, as an Enforcer and Sentinels are 
    approaching. Clear ‘em out, then move up the hill and 
    through the tunnel. Wait for the Ghost, then move through 
    the next door.
    “What! The Parasite controls our vehicles? No matter... 
    it will die all the same.” – Warrior Elite
    You’ll find yourself in a large open room. Two Advanced 
    Sentinels come straight at you, with an Enforcer not far 
    behind. Dodge their attacks to the best of your ability, 
    giving your Elites time to shoot them down.
    You’ll notice random Ghosts lying around, unmanned yet 
    damaged. Don’t bother taking anything, keep your Elites 
    as close as possible (AKA, most on Spectre, one on 
    After clearing out the first few Forerunners, move around 
    the big dividing block, and be prepared for incoming 
    Enforcers in the masses.
    “Commander, we’ve found a human vehicle!” – Warrior Elite
    “Keep moving, I’m on my way.” – Spec Op Commander
    You’ll notice an empty Warthog up against a pillar behind 
    some boxes, with accompanying dead Marines.
    Hold back and strafe the Enforcers for your Elites. Move 
    along the path slowly.
    Move down the slope, and take cover immediately. A 
    Scorpion is just ahead. Your top priority – Jack the 
    Scorpion. Get off your vehicle, get as close as you can, 
    then cloak yourself. Jump on the back, hit it a few 
    times, throw two Plasma Grenades in, then jump off. You 
    should now have a damaged, yet empty and usable Scorpion.
    Get in, then wipe out the remaining Flood Ghosts. Move 
    through the tunnel, and out the other side. 
    Healthy Competition
    Move forward. Three Human Flood will drop down from above 
    the tunnel. An Enforcer hovers over from the left, past 
    your LoF, taking no notice of you. Move ahead and simply 
    run over the Flood. A Human controlled Pelican flies 
    overhead, firing the rear-mounted Chaingun down on Flood 
    contacts, and carrying a Scorpion at the rear.
    Move around, down the slope, rolling over the Flood in 
    the process, and in through the small door.
    “I’m sending you a squad of my most experienced Warriors, 
    Arbiter. Do not squander their talents!” – Spec Op 
    Straight ahead, you’ll find a Wraith firing Plasma 
    Mortars at an Enforcer. Hit the Enforcer from the rear 
    with your turret shells, then attempt to jack the Wraith. 
    You’ll need the speed boost.
    A Phantom will land in this area, so don’t move too far. 
    It drops three Veteran Elites, and two Ghosts.
    “An Arbiter! Just what are we going up against?” - Elite
    Once your team is ready, move along the tunnel, and over 
    the makeshift bridge. Watch for the Rocket Flood atop the 
    hill ahead of the bridge. Kill off the Flood Ghost, then 
    move over the next bridge. There is another Rocket Flood 
    straight ahead, under the rubble. Turn left and target 
    the Wraiths. Follow the path along, over the natural 
    bridge. Watch for the Flood Wraith in front of the cave.
    A large group of advanced Sentinels and an Enforcer or 
    two suddenly ambush your team. At these numbers, 
    Sentinels can be devastating. I suggest going straight 
    into the tunnel. Watch for the incoming Ghosts.
    After you’ve cleared this area, move through the cave, 
    and leave your Wraith. A Flood-controlled Scorpion and 
    Wraith lie straight ahead, in battle with Enforcers and 
    Move up to the Scorpion and board it. Beat it then 
    grenade it. If you’re lucky, an Elite may have taken your 
    Wraith. With your supporting team (assuming you managed 
    to keep them alive), you’ll be all set for the battle.
    Most of the time there are just too many Sentinels and 
    Enforcers though, so you will very probably be forced to 
    flee through the rubble. Once you’re through, move along 
    the cave. You’ll come to some windows, through which 
    Sentinels are cutting down the Flood.
    Drop down into the room below, and fight your way through 
    to the other side. Carefully move past the Flood, 
    avoiding contact when the contacts are fighting each 
    Move through the exit cave. As you go out into the open, 
    an Enforcer wreck lands inches from your face. Move 
    quietly around the side of the hills, and through the 
    cave at the other side of the pit.
    As you enter the cave, hordes of Flood rush straight at 
    you. Immediately cloak and leap over them, and they 
    should head straight under you and into the pit battle.
    Follow the tunnel along, into a room similar to the one 
    you were in just before. Move to the other side, up the 
    ramp and out into the open again (past some Flood on the 
    way). You know you’re going the right way when you pass 
    dead Marines.
    Head down the left, and grab the empty Ghost. Move past 
    the enemy Ghosts and Wraiths, across the bridge, and hold 
    position. Watch it, there is a Flood controlled Gauss 
    ‘Hog. There is also a Chaingun ‘Hog, and many a Ghost, 
    with a Wraith or two.
    Whatever you do, don’t stray too far. A Phantom is on the 
    way. When it arrives, it drops a Spectre, the Spec Op 
    Commander, and a Warrior Elite.
    Get on the Spectre and move up the hill. As you move 
    along, watch for the Enforcers, which most likely 
    dominated the ongoing battle.
    Don’t draw too much attention to your team, as a couple 
    of Wraiths usually sit far to the left, far enough to 
    last the battle.
    Once you have cleared the entire area out, move along 
    over the hill, drop off to the ground below, through the 
    mini-cave, and into battle with Enforcers, Ghosts, a 
    Wraith and a Scorpion.
    “A Human Heavy-assault vehicle!” – Elite
    Leave the Flood and the Forerunners to battle it out, and 
    move on to the right of the clearing, under the huge 
    structure overlooking the Quarantine Zone.
    In here, there are hordes of Flood all gathered up, with 
    a couple of Flood manning Human Turrets.
    I suggest getting off the Spectre, making sure your 
    teammates get off too, and moving in on foot.
    Grenades are your best friend here. Toss them in, fire 
    off at the turrets, and clear out any remaining Flood. 
    The Commander will do most of the tougher groups for you, 
    as long as you support.
    Once all is clear, move through the door at the center of 
    the structure wall. Head along one of the corridors, 
    “Warriors... well done!” – Spec Op Commander
    The Arbiter and the Commander head up a ramp and towards 
    a computer. The Arbiter activates the Gondola, calling it 
    to him. Just then, the next gondola along starts moving 
    to the next structure.
    “More Humans? They must be after the icon!” – Spec Op 
    Growls and screeches come from back down the ramp. The 
    Commander turns and draws his Sword.
    “On your way, Arbiter. I’ll deal with these creatures!” – 
    Spec Op Commander
    As the Commander leaves the gondola, it starts moving 
    along. A Phantom flies down next to the gondola.
    “I see that coward didn’t join you. I’ll do what I can to 
    keep the Flood off your back.” – Tartarus
    Shooting Gallery
    “We cannot let the Humans capture the Icon! The Hierarchs 
    will not suffice to your failure.” - Tartarus
    You’ll find yourself surrounded by teammates.
    They are all Minor Elites.
    “Look! Up ahead – the parasite gathers for an attack.” – 
    Minor Elite
    The Elites will gather at the front of the gondola and 
    exchange fire with the Flood. They are position on a 
    small platform to the left of the gondola’s path. Take 
    out as many as you can. If any are left when the gondola 
    passes, they’ll jump on. Chances are most jumpers will 
    miss. Kill them all off.
    As soon as you’ve cleared that, watch the bottom floor, 
    but stay on the top side. When the Flood come through 
    gaps near the bottom of the gondola, rush down with and 
    keep them as low as possible. As soon as they start to 
    rise, you start to lose.
    Once that set has been cleared, more Flood jump on above 
    from another platform, and these ones rarely miss.
    More come out the bottom after that. Now you have to 
    worry about one or two at a time, which can be worse, 
    because they have a tendency to keep quiet when you don’t 
    know they’re there.
    After a couple of singles, a huge horde enters from the 
    bottom. Watch for those with shotguns. Grenades, and 
    shotguns I might add, are your friends.
    “The Humans are already inside, Arbiter! After them! I’ll 
    watch the perimeter!” - Tartarus
    Eventually, a large circular door will open, and the 
    gondola stops next to a small ramp.
    That Old, Familiar Feeling
    “Go Arbiter! Get the icon!” – Tartarus.
    Run down the walkway, and across the familiar layout of 
    the Library. Some Combat forms run after something, 
    taking no notice of you at all. When you get to where 
    they were, a couple of infections leap out of the ducts, 
    but still taking no notice. They follow after the 
    Combats, ignoring the dead Flood bodies, which they could 
    have revived.
    Dotted around among the Flood bodies, are the bodies of a 
    few Marines. Follow them along the path. Head through the 
    little passage-way on the left.
    The wreck of an Enforcer lies straight ahead.
    Miranda – searching for the index – comes across it 
    floating over a large drop. She can’t reach it as it 
    floats over a large drop.
    She grabs a nearby vine, then leans out, and grabs the 
    ”Gotcha!” – Miranda
    Just then, the vine slips, and Miranda begins to slide 
    over the edge. Suddenly, the vine stops, holding Miranda 
    in place.
    “You know, your father never asked me for help either.” – 
    Sarge pulls Miranda up.
    “The index is secure.” - Miranda
    “McKenzie, Perez! How’s our exit? You hear me Marines!? 
    We got trouble!”
    Sarge scans the area with his Battle Rifle. Sarge notices 
    a distortion in the air. Knowing this is a sign of active 
    camouflage, he opens fire on it, yet missing. The 
    distortion leaps over the wrecked Enforcer.
    “Damn!” - Sarge
    Sarge tries to hit it with his rifle... twice, but both 
    times the distortion counters. It grabs Sarge. The 
    camouflage wears off, and the Arbiter appears underneath.
    “How ya doin’?” – Sarge
    The Arbiter head-butts Sarge, knocking him on the floor.
    “Sergeant, stay down!” - Miranda 
    Miranda raises here dual-wielded SMGs and fires at the 
    Arbiter, knocking his shielding offline. The Arbiter 
    leaps back behind the Enforcer, and rushes round the 
    right of the room to cover.
    Miranda turns to the Sergeant.
    “Johnson, you all right? Johnson!?” - Miranda 
    The Arbiter takes his chance, and leaps out to Miranda. 
    Miranda looks back slowly, understanding her mistake. The 
    Arbiter knocks her guns away, then she is pulled by 
    Tartarus’ Hammer.
    “Excellent work, Arbiter. The Hierarchs will be pleased.” 
    - Tartarus
    Tartarus has Miranda in his right arm, with the index on 
    her waist.
    ”The Icon... is my responsibility.” - Arbiter
    “Was your responsibility, now it is mine.” - Tartarus 
    The Brutes surround the Arbiter. One of the Brute takes 
    Sarge, another takes Miranda from Tartarus.
    “A bloody fate awaits you and the rest of your 
    incompetent race, and I, Tartarus - Chieftain of the 
    Brutes, will send it to you.” - Tartarus
    Tartarus raises his hammer, and aims at the Arbiter, 
    ready to fire his energy sphere.
    “When the Prophets learn of this, they will take your 
    head.” - Arbiter
    “When they learn? Ha ha. Fool. They ordered me to do it.” 
    - Tartarus
    Tartarus fires, pushing the Arbiter over the edge, and 
    down a huge drop.
    Intro: Scene One
    The Chief comes round with a large slimy tentacle in 
    front of him.
    “What... is that?” – Cortana
    “I? I am a monument to all your sins.” – The Gravemind
    Two tentacles suddenly swoop down, with the Arbiter 
    wrapped and struggling in between.
    “Relax. I’d rather not piss this thing off.” – Master 
    “Demon!” - Arbiter
    The Gravemind pulls the Chief closer.
    “This one is machine and nerve, and his its mind 
    Now he focuses on the Arbiter.
    “This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more 
    “Kill me or release me, Parasite!  But do not waste my 
    time with talk” - Arbiter
    “There is much talk, and I have listened - through rock 
    and metal and time. Now I shall talk and you shall 
    A few tentacles rise up holding a Prophet and a Monitor.
    “Greetings! I am twenty-four-oh-one, Penitent Tangent. I 
    am the Monitor of installation 05.” – 2401 Penitent 
    “And I am the Prophet of Regret... Councilor most high... 
    Hierarch of the Covenant.
    “A Reclaimer!? Here!? At last! We have much to do. This 
    facility must be activated if we are to control this 
    outbreak.” – 2401 Penitent Tangent
    “Stay where you are. Nothing can be done until my Sermon 
    is complete!” – The Prophet of Regret
    “Not true! This installation has a complete utilization 
    record of 1.2 trillion simulated and one actual. It is 
    ready to fire on demand.” – 2401 Penitent Tangent
    “Of all the objects our lords left behind, there are none 
    so worthless as these oracles. They know nothing of the 
    great journey.” – The Prophet of Regret
    “And you know nothing about containment! You have 
    demonstrated complete disregard for even the most basic 
    protocols!” – 2401 Penitent Tangent
    “This ones ‘Containment’ and this ones ‘Great Journey’ 
    are the same.” - Gravemind
    Penitent Tangent and Regret are lowered.
    “Your prophets have promised you freedom from a doomed 
    existence, but you will find no salvation from this ring. 
    Those who built this place knew what they wrought. Do not 
    mistake their intent. Or all will perish as they did 
    before.” - Gravemind
    “This thing is right. Halo is a weapon. Your prophets are 
    making a big mistake.” – Master Chief
    “Your ignorance already destroyed one of the sacred 
    rings, Demon, it shall not harm another.” - Arbiter
    “If you will not hear the truth, then I will show it to 
    you.” - Gravemind
    “There is still time to stop the key from turning. But 
    first, it must be found. You will search one likely spot, 
    and you will search another” - Gravemind
    “Fate had us meet at foes, but this ring will make us 
    brothers.” – Gravemind.
    The Gravemind tosses the Chief and the Arbiter, and has 
    them teleported.
    Intro: Scene Two
    On High Charity, and in the space around it, a large 
    rebellion seems to be taking place.
    Grunts and Jackals charge the Council Chambers, as Brutes 
    efficiently smack them away with single strikes of their 
    Inside the Chamber, the High Prophet of Truth is speaking 
    to what seems to be some sort of TV system.
    “We are, all of us, gravely concerned. The release of the 
    parasite was unexpected, unfortunate. But there is no 
    need to panic.” – The Prophet of Truth
    “In truth, this is a time to rejoice, a moment that all 
    the covenant should savor. For the sacred Icon has been 
    found! With it, our path is clear, our entry into the 
    great beyond, guaranteed.” – The Prophet of Truth
    “The Great Journey is nigh, and nothing, not even the 
    Flood, can stop it.” – The Prophet of Truth
    One Minor Grunt notices a small pillar of yellow light. 
    He turns to it, and suddenly the Chief pops out of 
    “Boo!” – Master Chief
    The Grunt squeals, drops his Needler, and flees. The 
    Chief snatches the Needler mid-air.
    Two Honour Guards step next to the Prophets, and shield 
    them with their Staffs.
    “Kill the demon.” – The Prophet of Truth
    Inside Job
    “Brutes!” - Cortana
    Immediately ahead of you are two Honor Guard Brutes. They 
    drop their Staffs, and attack with Brute Plasma Rifles. 
    Luckily, you start of with a Needler. This is, in my 
    opinion, one of the, if not the best weapon for Brute 
    “The faster you can kill those Brutes, the better.” - 
    Unload 10 Needles onto a Brute. A single explosion should 
    annihilate it.
    “They don’t have shield generators, but take them out 
    before... it’s berserking!” – Cortana
    The last living Brute will drop his weapon, hunch over 
    like a mad gorilla, and charge wildly. He wants to get 
    close. At a distance, he is useless, so he wants to beat 
    you to death. On Legendary, you’re going to die after two 
    consecutive hits at most.
    For some weapons, berserking Brutes present you with a 
    disadvantage, but for the Needler, there is no better 
    advantage. Grab the second Needler on the floor, and 
    unload on him.
    A small group of Grunts enter the Chamber. Grab the Brute 
    Plasma Rifles (dual-wield) and wipe ‘em out. 
    “The Demon has infiltrated the Council Chamber!? Protect 
    the Hierarchs! Seal the exits!” – Brute voice
    As you hear that voice, jump onto one of the pillars at 
    the side of the room, then jump up onto the seats where 
    the Councilors were sitting in the Intro.
    “Oh, I don’t think so!” - Cortana
    Two Minor Brutes enter from opposite sides of the room, 
    backed up by two Grunts each. One Brute has a Brute 
    Plasma Rifle, the other – a Covenant Carbine.
    I hope you still have those Needlers. Unload on the 
    Brutes. If you foolishly dropped the Needlers, you’ll 
    have to go to their level to fight them, they’re hard to 
    hit with Plasma Rifles... well, hard to kill at least.
    Once you’ve killed one Brute, the other will probably 
    berserk. Kill off the Grunts now from a safe distance, 
    then needle the Brute while backpedaling.
    Another group of Brutes and Grunts enter, kill them off 
    in the same manner as before.
    ”Watch out for the Captain, it’s got a Brute Shot!” – 
    The next group is built of Grunts, as usual, two Minor 
    Brutes, and a Captain Brute. The Captain isn’t much 
    harder, just stay away from walls, and the grenades won’t 
    hurt you unless you make direct contact. Needle the 
    Brutes, and slaughter the Grunts. 
    Once you’ve cleared these ones out, you’ll realise that 
    those weren’t the only members of the group. Two Carbine 
    wielding Brutes lie in wait up on the side of the 
    chamber. They’re damn accurate, so take a few shots, then 
    when your shield shows the pain, move back into cover.
    Once they’re down, yet another party moves in. No top-
    side Carbines this time (though there might be one on the 
    ground floor), back to same old, same old.
    After them, you finally get to stay in the chamber and 
    fight another group! 
    “Put me down on one of the pedestals near the door.” – 
    This line signifies freedom. Do as she says, but not 
    before retrieving ammo from the hundreds of corpses in 
    the room.
    “That Prophet – Truth! He has the Index. You’ve got to 
    take it from him. Lemme get these doors. Go. It’ll be 
    easier to track Truth if I stay in the network. Don’t 
    worry, you can pick me up later.” - Cortana
    So head out the door, and beat the oncoming couple of 
    Grunts (Minor & Veteran). Move through the opposite door, 
    and kill the room full of Grunts. A Minor Brute might 
    wander in. Note the Berserking Brutes are much harder to 
    kill with a Carbine, and much easier with a Needler.
    “Right this way.” – Cortana
    Out the door you’ll meet two Honor Guards. Needle one, 
    then the other before it charges.
    Down the small ramp, you’ll find a few Veteran Jackals 
    and Minor Brutes. Note that as you fight here, 
    reinforcing Grunts (approx four), and then Brutes (approx 
    two, then another two, one of which is a Captain) come up 
    an elevator from the opposite side of the platform. If 
    you can keep up, shoot them as they rise up from a 
    Head to the end of the platform, where Cortana is 
    “Truth is moving through the lower levels of the tower. 
    I’ll reverse this grav-lift. Drop down – try to cut him 
    off. It’s safe, really. Just... step in.” – Cortana
    Do as she says, but be prepared, because as soon as you 
    land you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a Jackal 
    Sniper and Veteran that seem to be casually strolling 
    along. Needle the Sniper Jackal as soon as he comes into 
    view. Once the Jackals are down, about three Grunts come 
    running through the door. Make short work of them, and 
    move on through the next room, and down the ramp.
    “Reinforce all approaches to the holding pens! Slay the 
    Demon on sight!” – Brute voice
    “They’re beefing up their patrols. Stay sharp!” – Cortana
    When the door opens, stay next to the pedestal Cortana is 
    on. Several Jackals will run across the corridor, taking 
    absolutely no notice of you (as long as you stay distant 
    and absolutely still).
    When it’s clear, move through the door the Jackals came 
    from and back-whack the Captain Brute. Now jump onto the 
    raised walkway on the left and back-whack the Jackal, 
    then beat the other Jackal to death (he’ll have seen you 
    and alerted anyone else in the room).
    A Captain Brute will run through the door. Needles. 
    Quickly kill the Grunts, then watch for the next 
    (possibly berserking) Brute.
    Move through the door.
    “Wait a minute! I’m reading Marine IFF transponders. The 
    signals are originating somewhere below your position.” – 
    Just then, a couple of Jackals come from the door to your 
    right. Kill, and move ahead.
    You’ll find two Brutes and five (approx) Grunts in this 
    room. Kill them, and continue on.
    “There’s another lift in the next room.” – Cortana
    Move through to the next room carefully. Immediately to 
    the left and right is a single Jackal per side. Then 
    there’s about five or six Brutes (mostly Captains). Get 
    dual Needlers, and needle ‘em up. For the most part, 
    every dead Brute makes another Brute go berserk, which is 
    good if you have dual Needlers.
    When you’re ready, drop to the lower floor, and go 
    through the grav-lift in the center of the room.
    “Here, Chief! Jump in.” – Cortana
    Do as she says.
    “There are two groups of Marines in this detention block. 
    I’ll zero their location, you neutralize the guards... 
    quietly.” - Cortana
    As soon as you land, back-whack the left Brute, then the 
    right as quickly as possible, while he berserks (with the 
    Needler melee animation, it should be fast enough). If 
    done right, no one else will have noticed you.
    Now move over the left walkway and smash up the sleeping 
    Grunts. When the top floor is clear, go to the grav-lift 
    and move down.
    The patrolling Jackal on this floor could be a problem. 
    Find a hiding place somewhere in his path, then beat him 
    up when he passes. Go down the next lift. When the next 
    Jackals back is to you, get him, then watch for the 
    patrolling Jackal on the opposite side of the floor. Get 
    If at any point you are spotted, a group of Grunts, and a 
    Brute will come from the top floor, with reinforcing 
    Jackals on the middle floor. Once they’re down, more 
    Jackals, and a Brute appear.
    Once it’s all clear, go to the middle floor, and look for 
    the white door. Go through, and you’ll find a Jackal with 
    its back to you, a Jackal looking at you, and a Captain 
    Brute (with Brute Shot). The Marines are being held in 
    cells along the side of the room. Kill off the Guards, 
    then the cells open up.
    “Listen up, Marines! The Chief’s hunting a Prophet, and 
    you’re gonna help him kill it.” – Cortana
    “Affirmative.” – Marine
    “One more group of Marines to go, Chief.” - Cortana
    As soon as you exit the room, waves of Guards come from 
    the top and bottom floors. They’re made up of Brutes, 
    Jackals, and Grunts.
    When you’re done with them, move down to the bottom floor 
    and into the open door. There are Marines within. A Brute 
    is patrolling the room, with his back to you upon entry. 
    You know what to do. The rest of the guards are sleeping 
    “That’s all of the Marines, Chief! Good work.” – Cortana
    Leave the room. Enemy parties will meet with you in this 
    room again. Mainly Grunts and Jackals, with a Brute or 
    two. Finish them, then move on.
    “We’ll get out of here the same way we came in: The 
    central grav-lift. ”
    “Hostile Reinforcements! Coming down the lift!” - Cortana
    A few Grunts (including Support Gunners), a few Jackals, 
    and a couple of Brutes make up this squad. Work your way 
    up the room slowly taking out the Covenant. When you 
    reach the grav-lift area, watch for the support gunners.
    “The lift is clear. Step on in.” – Cortana
    Again, do as she says. The lift rockets you up to a floor 
    under the one you came down from.
    “Fear not, my brothers. The Sacred Icon is secure. It was 
    Tartarus, and his Brutes, who took the Icon from the 
    Flood. For that, they have our thanks.” – The Prophet of 
    “Excellent. Truth is broadcasting on the move. It’ll make 
    him much easier to track.” - Cortana
    Personally, I prefer to take the Covenant Carbine from 
    the ammo crate nearby, and the Energy Sword from the 
    floor near the lift. I’m going to assume you take it now, 
    Ahead of you, you’ll see a dead Honor Guard Elite, and 
    another lying by the Bridge to the next room. Head over 
    to the door. As you draw closer, the door opens 
    prematurely, revealing several Minor Elites, and a Swarm 
    of Drones attacking them. Jump behind the ammo crate to 
    the left, to avoid the fire. Let them fight it out, then 
    run through the door.
    There are more Drones fighting with Honor Guard Elites. 
    These Elites usually finish the Drones off, but a couple 
    of Brutes then come through the next door. Let them 
    fight, then kill the winner.
    When you attempt to go through the door, a swarm of 
    Drones comes through. Back off and Grab a Plasma Rifle 
    from the body of one of the dead Elites. Peek in and out 
    firing it off at the Drones. Once you finish them off, 
    move on.
    “The Elites have failed to protect the Prophets, and in 
    so doing, out all our lives at risk. But no warrior 
    forget his oath: ‘though in faith will keep us safe 
    whilst we find the path’.” – The Prophet of Truth
    ”I’ve got a fix on Truth, just outside this tower, Chief. 
    There’s an exit nearby. Hurry.” – Cortana
    In this next room, a Jackal jumps down from the raised 
    section on the side, and runs along the corridor, away 
    from you. The room is littered with bodies, including a 
    Kill off the Jackals and Brutes within. Once clear, move 
    through the door. You’ll find a Hunter Bond within the 
    next room. I suggest a Plasma Rifle if possible. Draw one 
    Hunter out of the room, to the previous one, then litter 
    it with Plasma. This might take a couple of tries, 
    because this is the worst possible surrounding for 
    Hunters: Small, tight corridors.
    “With my blessing, the Brutes now lead our fleets! They 
    ask for your allegiance, and you shall give it.” – The 
    Prophet of Truth
    “You wouldn’t believe the number of kill-systems the 
    Covenant are throwing down around me. Not to worry, it’s 
    pretty sloppy stuff. I guess they never expected a 
    hostile intelligence to penetrate their networks from the 
    inside.” - Cortana
    Open the next door, and you’ll find a Brute firing at an 
    Honor Guard Elite equipped with an Energy Sword. Leave 
    them to it, and kill the winner. There is a Jackal Sniper 
    across the room. I suggest jumping down into the crater, 
    and running across, until you find a path up to the other 
    side. Watch out at the door, a Brute armed with a Brute 
    Shot will come running. Kill him and move in.
    “Creatures of the Covenant! The path is broad, and we 
    shall walk it side by side.” – The Prophet of Truth
    Walk down the corridor, picking up the Carbine ammo on 
    the way, and move through the door.
    “Slip-Space rupture. It’s In Amber Clad!” – Cortana
    In Amber Clad races by overhead, from left to right. 
    “Failing... no response. She’s crashed into another tower 
    ahead of our position. I’ll keep trying to make contact 
    but I’m not registering any Human vital signs.” – Cortana
    Jump into the grav-lift, which takes you not up or down, 
    but across the chasm. Stay hidden at the other side, as 
    Rebels and Loyalists meet each other in battle just ahead 
    of you. When they’ve weakened each-other, go ahead, along 
    one of the walkways.
    At the end, you’ll find a large group of Brutes and 
    Elites battling it out. The problem is, these are Honor 
    Guard Brutes, and Minor Elites. Let them fight, then pick 
    off the winners.
    Grab an Energy Sword from the ammo crate, but keep your 
    Carbine. Follow the small stream along, and go up the 
    next walkway.
    Don’t get off at the end, a small team of Rebels are to 
    meet up with many Brutes. Be sure to watch carefully, 
    because there are Thruster Elites. If they see you, 
    you’ll have a tough time shaking them off. Once the 
    battle has finished, pick off the survivors (Thrusters 
    take priority), then hop into the grav-lift.
    “At this moment, the council is gathered on Halo, to see 
    the Icon safely placed.” – The Prophet of Truth
    “Rise, My brothers! Cast down the Elites!” – Brute Voice
    “There are those who said this day would never come. What 
    a day, to say now.” – The Prophet of Truth
    “Once the towers are clear, we’ll drive them from the 
    lower districts.” – Brute voice
    Go through the door, and you’ll see a couple of Drones 
    fly past. Let them go, then follow on. In the next room, 
    you’ll find a Swarm of Drones surrounding a couple of 
    Thruster Elites in the center. Use the confusion to 
    charge straight through. Don’t shoot at anything unless 
    it’s directly ahead, and directly threatening to you.
    In the corridor, two Brutes approach. Shoot the one on 
    the left with a Carbine (he has no helmet, I believe), 
    then the one on the right as he berserks. Most likely he 
    wont die before he gets close, so whip out your Energy 
    Sword and lunge at his head when he is within range.
    Out the next door, you’ll find another grav-lift. 
    Continue on over it. Head along the right walkway, as 
    Truth mumbles in the background.
    “The Elites have gathered in the mausoleum. Fools! There 
    Arbiter can do nothing for them now.” – Brute voice
    You’ll see Grunts running around in circles, desperately 
    trying to escape charging Brutes. Take no notice of the 
    Grunts, they distract the Brutes, and are only a waste of 
    ammo. While the Brutes go after the Grunts, dodge past 
    them along the stream and onto the next walkway. At the 
    end of this walkway, you encounter another grav-lift. 
    Jump on. Head through the door and up the ramp. Be 
    warned, Brutes will come through the door at the top at 
    the last minute. Prepare to flee for cover. Pick them off 
    with the Carbine. They’re not too hard, but they do have 
    Brute Shots.
    Once done, head out the next door, to a large room with a 
    crater in the middle, and a battle between Loyalists and 
    Rebels. Drop down into the crater, and flee to the upper 
    left area, follow the path around, and as much as 
    possible, ignore the Brutes.
    Be careful, as a couple of Black-Op Elites will come 
    running from the door, followed closely by Grunts. The 
    Elites have Swords. Head in through the door. Back-whack 
    the patrolling Elite within. Watch for the fleeing 
    Grunts, these ones eventually come to their senses and 
    retaliate. Kill the next Elite, then move through the 
    This room is filled by Rebels. Loyalists will come from 
    the door opposite yours soon. Find somewhere to hide, and 
    let the battle go on. If the Loyalists don’t enter, run 
    for the door, allowing it to open, the run back to cover.
    The Loyalists will run ahead into the bottom floor, 
    simply take cover on the top floor and jump past them and 
    through the door.
    “If we’re going to catch Truth, we’ll need to take a 
    shortcut; straight through the Mausoleum. Look on the 
    bright side, for now, they seem much more interested in 
    killing each other.” – Cortana
    In this next corridor, a couple of Brutes, a swarm of 
    Drones and a Jackal are fighting of a lot of Rebels. Let 
    them fight it out. Most likely the Loyalists will live. 
    Pick them off carefully. If a Brute charges, shoot him 
    until he is close enough to lunge at.
    Move across the corridor. When you get close to the door, 
    a bunch of Elites and Grunts approach. Be careful, 
    Hunters aren’t far behind. Flee immediately. Don’t worry, 
    a couple of Drones will draw the best part of their fire. 
    Grab a Beam Rifle from an amo crate or the dead Jackal 
    from a while back, and use it to pick off the Grunts, 
    then Elites. When the Hunters are alone, keep watch of 
    them. Eventually, they’ll reveal their soft-spot for you. 
    It should only take one or two shots per Hunter. Clear 
    them out, then move on.
    This next area is going to be a right pain in the ass. 
    Grab a Fuel Rod Cannon from a dead Grunt, and make sure 
    you have your Energy Sword. Move on through.
    “You might consider sitting this one out.” – Cortana
    The Mausoleum of The Arbiter:
    The Loyalists hold the left side of the room. The Rebels 
    hold the right. The door opposite you holds Hunters ready 
    to charge. Some of the Elites are armed with Fuel Rod 
    Cannons. They are all Spec Ops. Piss them off, and 
    they’ll equip their Energy Swords. Normally this presents 
    you with an advantage, but amid the chaos, it only spells 
    disaster. What you want, is for the Loyalists to win for 
    once. However, don’t interfere too much. Pick off the odd 
    Elite, and anything directly threatening to you, bar a 
    Hunter, which would take too long to kill, and would 
    leave you open to everyone else.
    As you enter, The Brutes charge down from the left side 
    of the room. A swarm of Drones is slaughtered in seconds, 
    and you’ll probably see nothing more than the bodies 
    falling from the ceiling. Hide behind the pillars where 
    the Brutes were standing. The Elites are equipped with 
    heavier weapons, so you’ll probably be safer close 
    combating a bunch of Brutes, than taking on the Rebels.
    The Fuel Rod Cannon you hold is intended for the Hunters. 
    When the Loyalist reinforcements slow down, move over to 
    the Elite side and Energy Sword the lot. You now have to 
    watch for the Hunters. Once you’ve finished the lot, 
    you’ll notice two things:
    1. The room is a completely different colour.
    2. The door ahead has just opened without you.
    “Hang on, I’m picking up two more transponders! It’s the 
    Commander, and Johnson! They’re closing on Truths 
    position, Chief. They’ll need your help.” – Cortana
    “This way, Chief.” – Cortana
    With your Fuel Rod Cannon in hand, fight off the group of 
    Rebels approaching now. One of them is a Councilor.
    Move out of the room and follow the corridor to the door 
    “This isn’t good. I’m getting confirmed reports of Flood 
    leaving In Amber Clad’s wreckage. Let’s get the Index and 
    find a way out of here – before things get really ugly.” 
    – Cortana
    The Brutes, with Keyes and Sarge, are pushing them along 
    the walkway to a few Phantoms.
    “Split them up, one in each Phantom.”
    Tartarus kneels before Truth.
    “The hopes of all Covenant rest on your shoulders, 
    Chieftain.” – The Prophet of Truth
    “My faith is strong. I will not fail you.” - Tartarus
    Just then, a horde of Infections spring up from the side 
    of the Platform. 
    Two Honor Guards toss their staffs aside and stand in 
    front of the Prophets, with Tartarus in front. The 
    Infections leap for their hosts, but the Brutes land 
    every punch, the sheer force shattering their weak build.
    But suddenly, a single Infection makes it past the Brute 
    onslaught. It lands on Mercy’s neck.
    Tartarus kneels down by his side, moving his hand slowly 
    towards the Infection.
    “Let him be. The Great Journey waits for no one... not 
    even you, Brother.” – The Prophet of Truth.
    They walk away, and Mercy is left struggling on the 
    To be completed...
    High Charity
    To be completed...
    The Great Journey
    Intro: Scene 1
    The Spec-Op Commander, sitting in his Wraith, informs the 
    Arbiter of a way to open the doors to Halo’s Control 
    “What is that place?” - Arbiter
    ”Where the councilors were meant to watch the 
    consecration of the Icon... The start of The Great 
    Journey.” – Spec Op Commander
    “There is still time to stop the key from turning.” – 
    Gravemind [FLASHBACK]
    “I must get inside.” - Arbiter
    ”Then mount up, Arbiter. I know a way to break those 
    doors.” – Spec Op Commander
    The Commander drops into the Wraiths hatch.
    Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof
    When the mission starts, another Spec-Op comes along in a 
    Spectre. Take the turret and protect the Wraith as you 
    move along the valley. Along the way, you will encounter 
    many a Ghost. Once you see the seaside, you have cleared 
    the valley.
    Along the cliff-side, you’ll go into a bunch of rocks, in 
    which a couple of Wraiths lie. These ones are with the 
    Brutes. Take them out ASAP with the turret, from as far 
    as possible. Either that, or sneak up on then and board-
    nade them. Also keep watch for the nearby Phantom, which 
    comes from over the sea. If at any point you find the 
    turret too difficult, simply nick a Ghost, or better yet, 
    a Wraith (don’t bother yourself too much about it, 
    usually the Wraith is under too much fire to obtain).
    “There – Arbiter. That Scarab’s main gun will break the 
    control rooms door.” – Spec Op Commander
    “At the far end of the beach, there’s a passage into the 
    cliffs that should take you up to the Scarab.
    Once you’ve taken the Wraiths out, hop out of your 
    vehicle and move in through the door.
    “The Brutes control that Cruiser, Arbiter! I’ll remain 
    here – make sure no reinforcements get in behind you. 
    Then, I’m going to take the Cruiser back.” – Spec Op 
    “The Arbiter!? I thought he was dead... Hold your fire! 
    The Hunters have come to our aid, Arbiter. They will 
    fight by our side.” – Minor Elite
    Follow the Elite round the corner, and through the door. 
    The Hunters will walk slowly through the door, taking 
    loads of grenades from the Brutes. Grab a nearby Beam 
    Rifle and peg as many Brutes as you can. Protect those 
    Hunters if you wish for an easier time later. Once the 
    room is clear, move up the ramp and follow the Hunters. 
    Be sure to stay behind them. They’ll set themselves up 
    along the wall. Help them pick off the Brutes at the 
    opposite side of the cave. When they are low in numbers, 
    move around the side of the cave and kill them off from 
    the side. Look out, there are sniper Jackals here. Make 
    them your first priority.
    Move closer and closer, picking them as you go. The 
    Hunters will follow soon, and smash into their ranks. A 
    single Beam to the skin will kill a Hunter, so make sure 
    you’ve finished those Jackals. Move through the next 
    door. If you’ve lost your Hunters by now, don’t worry. 
    They would hold here anyway.
    Move across this bridge, carefully picking off Jackals as 
    you go. Watch for the Phantom, which insists on pissing 
    you off here. This is pretty easy as long as you don’t go 
    Rambo. Once you reach the other side, a swarm of Drones 
    will ambush you. Retreat a bit, grab two Plasma Pistols 
    (I know you’re saying “WTF!?”), and rapidly tap both 
    triggers. The bolts are slightly stronger than rifle 
    bolts, even when uncharged. Rapidly fire them at the 
    Drones until they all drop dead. Continue through the 
    door... replacing your Pistols on the way.
    After a few doors, you’ll find yourself in a large room, 
    with a ramp straight ahead. At the weapon crates, you 
    have the choice of:
    Plasma Pistol
    Plasma Pistol
    Covenant Carbine
    Covenant Carbine (the 2nd obviously just giving ammo)
    Energy Sword
    I suggest the Carbine and the dual Needlers. First off, 
    grab the Carbine, and take out the Jackals around the 
    side of the wall. Then kill off any Brutes you can with 
    the Carbine. Once they’ve come to their senses, back off 
    and grab the Needlers. Now, head round and release a 
    burst at a single Brute. Once he blows, do the next... 
    and the next... and the next. Wear them down like this. 
    When you feel their numbers are down far enough, take out 
    your Carbine and release the Hunters from their cell.
    Now that the Hunters are out, feel free to wonder around 
    and release the others while the Hunters slaughter the 
    Brutes. There is one thing to note, a mad Brute CAN kill 
    off a Hunter. I’ve seen two perfectly healthy Hunters go 
    down to a Brute. If they get pissed, help the Hunters 
    take them out. Once you’ve freed everyone, grab an Energy 
    Sword and move on.
    Run through the corridors, and out onto the platform. 
    Here is the Scarab.
    ”Mine will do... kill the others.”
    You’ll find many Brutes around a group of Marines. Melee 
    the first Brute, then use your camo. Lunge the next Brute 
    with your Sword, then take out a gun and kill off the 
    rest. The confusion at this part is usually too great for 
    it to be challenging, but if you take to long, the Brutes 
    will dig in and prove to be a pain.
    The Arbiter is faced with the main cannon of a Scarab. 
    Luckily for him, Sarge starts talking, identifying 
    himself as the driver. Arbiter and Sarge negotiate an 
    uneasy alliance, and agree to chase Tartarus to the 
    control room together. The one thing that had always kept 
    Sarge fighting was the cold, pure hatred of the Covenant 
    that he grew up with. This is quite a turn of events.
    Backseat Driver
    Two Banshees are heading towards you. When they land, 
    jump in one of them and follow the Scarab. There are many 
    Banshees, Wraiths, and Spectres along the way. There’s 
    also a few Plasma Turrets on the cliff edges. Your job is 
    to protect the Scarab from the minor, fast moving 
    vehicles. They’re not really anything to worry about, but 
    the Scarab moves so slowly that you might as well take 
    them anyway.
    Once you reach the seaside, there are a couple of Wraiths 
    waiting. Feed ‘em some rods, and then watch for incoming 
    “Stay clear of the door!” - Sarge
    The door is obliterated in the blast, and you can go 
    through. Land quickly, and move in.
    Delusions and Grandeur
    You’ll be in a small, dark tunnel. Head on through and 
    into the large room ahead. 
    Brutes will come in at the upper-right side of the room. 
    There is about six of them. They can be pretty tricky. 
    “Do not let them enter the chamber! The Chieftain must 
    complete his holy work!”
    Quickly have a look around the floor of the room. You’ll 
    notice that there’re holes dotted around the room. Two 
    Brutes will go berserk as soon as they see you. Kill off 
    as many Brutes as you can initially, then drop down, and 
    hide. Whenever a Brute drops down, slaughter it. One 
    problem, if a pissed Brute drops down, your chances are 
    much better with the other five Brutes sitting around up 
    Once the Brutes are dead, another few will come through 
    the door. A couple of them are Honor Guards. Kill them, 
    and then head through the door they came through.
    The Arbiter, and a squad of Spec Ops and Commanders meet 
    a stand still with an equal team of Brutes. The Brutes 
    are attempting to force Miranda to use the index and 
    activate Halo. Tartarus holds the Oracle under his left 
    arm. The Arbiter attempts to explain what Halo really 
    does. He asks the Oracle to speak. Tartarus won’t have 
    As the Brutes are about to activate Halo, Sarge comes in 
    with a Beam Rifle pointed at Tartarus’ head. He orders 
    Tartarus to allow the Monitor to speak. Reluctantly, 
    Tartarus backs off. The Oracle explains, and the Arbiter 
    prompts Tartarus to change his position. 
    A confused, stunned, and furious Tartarus looks around, 
    out of options. Suddenly, he tosses the Oracle at Sarge, 
    whirls round, and slams Miranda’s hand down on the 
    computer, shoving the Index into the slot in the process. 
    Sarge is hit right on the head, and knocked out. 
    Suddenly, everyone raises his own weapon, and Halo 
    The central hexagon starts circling, and splits into 3 
    parts, the central part being the largest. A large laser 
    flashes right through the middle. The laser grows bigger. 
    Several platforms start swirling around it.
    End Cutscene
    Immediately kill the Brutes surrounding Tartarus. Aim at 
    their heads and attempt to knock their helmets off. Once 
    they are dead, Tartarus will flee into the central 
    platforms, the main power generator of Halo.
    By now, Sarge will be back up, and more Elites will be 
    charging through the door behind you. Jump onto the 
    swirling platform, and then onto the central pillar. 
    Tartarus activates his Energy Shield. It’s an enhanced 
    one that you haven’t encountered before. You both have 
    one advantage and disadvantage:
    Tartarus – He has his very powerful Energy Shield, so 
    it’ll take some time to wear it down to recharging 
    status. However, he must get close to you to use his 
    hammer, and being around the same speed as you, that 
    could take some time.
    Arbiter – You are able to shoot him from a distance, but 
    with your weaker shield, a well-aimed hit from that 
    hammer could be the end for you. He can send five Elites 
    flying from a single hammer shockwave.
    By the time you see Tartarus, about ten Elites should be 
    surrounding him. He will raise his Hammer, and suddenly 
    all life within the surrounding few meters of the hammer 
    will be extinguished. If you can, find and pick up an 
    Energy Sword. 
    “Charging sequence initiated. Primary generators coming 
    online.” – 343 Guilty Spark
    “Well shut them down!” - Miranda
    “Apology – Protocol does not allow me to interfere with 
    any aspect of this sequence.” – 343 Guilty Spark
    “Then how do I stop it!?” - Miranda
    “Well, it will take some time to go over the proper 
    procedures, I-” – 343 Guilty Spark
    “Quit stalling!” - Miranda
    “Under more controlled circumstances, I’d would suggest 
    the Reclaimer simply remove the index.” – 343 Guilty 
    “That’s it? Johnson, I’m on it!” - Miranda
    “Hang tight, Ma’am – not until that Brute is dead!” - 
    Watch for reinforcing Brutes. I suggest you take care of 
    the minor Brutes, whilst he takes care of the minor 
    Elites. Most likely, you’ll be done about the same time. 
    “Secondary generators charging. All systems are 
    performing well within operational parameters.” – 343 
    Guilty Spark
    Keep backpedaling from Tartarus. Also be sure to keep him 
    out in the open so that Sarge will fire at Tartarus with 
    his Beam Rifle. Once his shield is down, take him with 
    your Energy Sword. 
    “Lucky hit, but you will not land another...”
    When the next wave of Brutes and Elites come in, ignore 
    the Brutes, as some Elites will distract them. Some other 
    Elites will take on Tartarus. Allow them to do so, and 
    lunge his back with your Energy Sword. You need to be 
    sure to go on full force after that.
    “Power generation phase complete. The installation is 
    ready to fire. Starting final countdown...” – 343 Guilty 
    “Come on, Arbiter – kick that guys ass!!” – Johnson
    “And may I say, Reclaimers, it has been a pleasure to 
    serve you both. Goodbye.” – 343 Guilty Spark
    If his shield recharges, back off again and take on the 
    other Brutes if there is any remaining. Allow Sarge and 
    the other Elites to take him again. When his shield is 
    down for the tenth or so time, a final back-lunge should 
    finish him. Be sure to finish him in style.
    Tartarus may be dead, but with Halo activated, it’s all 
    in vein...
    A huge ball of blinding plasma glows white-hot in the 
    center of Halo. The space around it starts to ripple, 
    like the light is bending. Shockwaves home in on the 
    central orb, shrinking as they go.
    Miranda makes a charge onto the swirling platform, ducks 
    under another platform that almost knocks her off, and 
    leaps onto the central pillar. She makes a mad dash for 
    the center, and grabs the index.
    Back at the center, the orb grows bigger, and more 
    A large beam is fired from the control room, and it makes 
    contact with the central orb. 
    The orb blows up to huge proportions, and almost consumes 
    the entire ring, but suddenly, it implodes into a tiny 
    little ball, and a small shockwave bursts out form the 
    center of the ring. It just collapses like a puff of 
    All is quiet, and Halo seems to be over, once more.
    The Arbiter discusses the situation with Sarge, Miranda, 
    and Guilty Spark. Worried about the massive amount of 
    other Halos that must be dotted around the galaxy, Sarge 
    questions the Monitor on the function of Halo. 
    They learn that all Halo’s can be activated from the one 
    location, and that if a single Halo can’t be activated, 
    the Ark can…
    “Chief, What the hell are you doing on that ship?” – Lord 
    “Finishing this fight.” – Master Chief
    Credits roll.
    After the credits, Cortana can be seen sitting atop a 
    console in High Charity. The tentacles of the Gravemind 
    approach slowly from through the door, edging towards 
    her. It asks her to answer its questions.
    ”Alright, Shoot.”
    Halo 3…
    6. Theories:
    If you have any theories you wish to show everyone, send 
    them to me. Write it as best as you can, because your 
    theories WILL BE EDITED until Word detects no grammar 
    errors. See email information at the top of the guide for 
    full description of how the email should be sent.
    NOTE: GAMEPLAY THEORIES ONLY. Theories on things like 
    Microsoft forcing Bungie to redesign the game for Halo 3, 
    which BTW I disagree with, will not be accepted.
    The Other Gravemind Theory
    This theory is a bit... m3h. I don’t half-believe it 
    myself to be honest, not so much a theory as it is 
    evidence of too much free time on my part. Really it’s 
    nothing more than a placeholder until I find other 
    theories to put here.
    Short Summary: 
    The Halo 1 Keyes blob is Gravemind’s neglected little 
    Main Body:
    Anyone who read the Flood will know of the mental battle 
    thought between Keyes and The Other. Jenkins felt too 
    that there was an "Other" present. This Other seemed to 
    rake through the lost thoughts of Keyes... digging deeper 
    and deeper, and stealing his memories (not sharing, but 
    stealing, like cut + paste instead of copy + paste).  
    I think it was searching for the information on how to 
    pilot the Truth and Reconciliation. The Flood were also 
    in the process of repairing the Truth and Reconciliation 
    when the Chief arrived at the ship. Chances are, IMO, 
    that an Elite or some other host experienced the Other 
    too, and repairing information was gathered from host to 
    host. Maybe The Other was... not necessarily a younger 
    Gravemind, but a malnourished one. 
    I think the Gravemind seems much more complex than The 
    Other because he has gathered many more hosts. I 
    personally think that the Gravemind has simply gathered 
    much more intelligence from his hosts, or possibly 
    assembled that intelligence in a better manner, and 
    managed it properly.  
    For example, Gravemind immediately speaks to the Chief 
    and the Arbiter. We don't know which language he is 
    speaking, because the Chief is equipped with a translator 
    which converts Elite speech to English. He may very well 
    be speaking 1337 (hee hee... oh... I'll shut it then 
    >_>), and it only sounds like English to the Chief due to 
    his translator. Whatever it is, it’s beside my point. I 
    think that he managed to gather enough information from a 
    vast range of Elite/Human hosts and understand the 
    language properly.
    I don’t really have a way to conclude this theory, as I 
    plan to expand on it, and hope others will too. So I’ll 
    leave it that, a nice block of text to think about.
    Author: Cool Z
    Is History repeating itself?
    This is a theory I came across on the GameFAQs.com Halo 2 
    General Board. This is the work of Vegechan, a veteran 
    user of the board.
    Short Summary:
    Many people think the Covenant is humanity's main threat, 
    but it seems like Bungie is setting up the Flood with the 
    sweeter deal. Will we have to be faced with a similar 
    situation the Forerunner once were placed with?
    Main Body:
    So far everyone assumes Halo 3 will be able propelling 
    Truth and the rest of the Covenant from Earth. I think 
    this is far from the truth, and let's recap the ending 
    shall we? 
    The Covenant have fallen. Two of the three Hierarches are 
    dead. The Covenant made between the Elites and Prophets 
    has been broken. What's left of the Covenant Armada is 
    currently blowing the crap of it's self around High 
    Charity. The holy city and main base of operations is now 
    under Gravemind's and the flood's control.  
    So, yeah. Covenant are in a bad spot, and a whole game 
    can't be made out of stopping Truth from activating the 
    Ark. But look at how the Flood are set up.  
    The flood for the first time in eons, are off of a Halo. 
    The currently have High Charity, and when powered can 
    bring the Flood anywhere they deserve. I'm sure there are 
    phantoms aboard High Charity, and using the cause of the 
    civil war, Gravemind can easily take control of a couple 
    Covenant ships. He can either use these to make a power 
    supply for High Charity, or create a small fleet. 
    Gravemind also has two of the three hierarchs and 2401 
    Penitent Tangent, and assumably, Cortana. Or all these he 
    can easily know of the location of the Ark, and Earth. 
    The ark can assumed to be on Earth due to Truth heading 
    there, unaccompanied with only one Forerunner ship, but 
    it's still unknown. Now, the Flood need to destroy, 
    defend, or deactivate the Ark due to it's purpose, so 
    Gravemind wants to be at Earth. That being said, due to 
    the small war Earth just went under, it's defenses are in 
    shambles* and the Flood just showing up in a giant hive 
    will cause massive problems and Earth, our last planet 
    left thanks to the Covenant, might just fall under Flood 
    So yeah, the Flood are set up to be a very key element in 
    3, more so than 1 or 2. Will history repeat itself and 
    after all possible solutions become exhausted will we be 
    forced to activate the ark? 3 will be very interesting 
    *This needs to be said. Earth got f*'d up. Those 15 
    Covenant ships tore a new one. Hear me out. These 15 
    ships aren't your normal Covenant ships. They where 
    traveling with the Prophet of Regret's ship. These things 
    had to be special. That being said, within the first 
    moments of battle 2 of the 3 geo sync platforms were 
    destroyed. And if you pay close attention to the scene 
    where Master chief returns the bomb, you see the Human 
    fleet. You see almost 20 ships all firing, however in 
    mere seconds they are ripped through and only 3 or 4 
    remained. Mere seconds. When you leave the battle is 
    still raging, and when you return it's still going on. 
    When the admiral asks why you are on that ship, just look 
    at his surroundings and how beat up that place is. Earth 
    is weakened. And if the Flood attack, there will be 
    little resistance.
    Author: Vegechan
    If you have any comments to make on this theory, send 
    them to idshanks@gmail.com and I’ll forward them to 
    7. FAQs:
    Any question that I’m frequently asked by email or that I 
    see a lot on the boards will be posted here if I know the 
    1.	I’m playing Cooperative mode, but for some reason 
    the screen is vertically split, rather than 
    horizontally. Please help.
    This is the most common problem that people seem to 
    encounter. It’s pretty easy to fix. Vertical split is 
    designed for wide screen TVs. Go into the Xbox main menu 
    (by turning it on without a disk in the drive), then 
    choose settings. Look for the widescreen option, and turn 
    it off. That should solve the problem.
    2.	Bungie stated that peeking and sprinting would be an 
    in-game feature, yet I don’t seem to be able to use 
    it no matter what I try.
    Bungie also stated a couple of months before the release 
    of the game that these features would have to be removed.
    3.	When playing Cooperative mode on Legendary 
    difficulty, it doesn’t seem to work properly. I play 
    a little into the level, and then someone will 
    usually die. However, instead of that person 
    respawning, the game reverts. What’s going on?
    This is a new feature to make Coop much more difficult. 
    There is nothing wrong with your game. You must avoid 
    dieing if you want to make it through the game now.
    8. CREDITS:
    GameFAQs, IGN, Cheat Planet, and Cheat CC for agreeing 
    to/requesting to host my FAQ/Walkthrough.
    Bungie for making such great games.
    GameFAQs Halo 2 board users, for the extensive info, 
    which I have not yet received from them, but hope to when 
    updating this guide. >_>
    And everyone who sent in small pieces of info to help me 
    out. There are way too many too mention, but you know who 
    you are.
    t3h l3g4ls!!!
    Blah blah, plagiarism is naughty, blah blah, copyrights, 
    blah blah.
    If you see this FAQ/Walkthrough at any site not listed in 
    my allowed section at the top then please alert me so 
    that they can be possessed and forced to run naked along 
    the street with a chicken’s head up their ass.

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