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    FAQ/Walkthrough by samisanetgeek

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    iiMMX                                    2.                   7MMMMMMMMMi
      MM0        MMM          ,MMMM            MMMMZ:          MMM         aMMM2
      MMa        MMM              MM           MMMr         i:M.              MMM
      MMMMMMMMMM@MMM         XMMMMMMMM         MMM8         :2i      MMMM8    WMMM7
      M2MX       MZM       MMM      ZMMX       M8Ma                           MMM
      M:X0       M7M     ZMMW         MMMi   7,M22M;ZaZZZZMM     SM;     r8WMM0;
    .;S@aMB       i;i. rM@            i .;r  .  :i;X22a2aS        XrMMMMMMXi..
                                      MM        rMM
                                            ZMM8iX                          ___
                                       rMMM8,      M                  _   _<  /
                                    a0M2,;i7XWW@@WM2                 | | / / /
                                                                     | |/ / /
    ASCII Art Copyright 2004 Sam Maycock, owner of guidedminds.petcubed.co.uk
    Halo 2 Copyright 2004 Bungie
    Full Copyright Information at bottom
    [[ TO DO LIST ]]
    Xbox Live Gameplay Information
    Multiplayer Game Variants
    Multiplayer Custom Game Variants
    Vehicles Information
    Weaponary Information
    Controls with ASCII
    Enemy ASCII
    Legendary Notes for Levels The Heretic to The Great Journey
    [[ [[ CONTENTS ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
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    |   |  |_ Controlling The Arbiter
    |   |_ The Covenant and the Flood
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    |  \|_ Last Minute Things
    |\_| THE HERETIC
    |  \|_ Movie Briefing
    |\_| ARMORY
    |  \|_ Mission Information
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Home Field Advantage
    |   |_ Priority Shift
    |   |_ Authorized Personnel Only
    |   |_ Return to Sender
    |\_| OUTSKIRTS
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ They'll Regret That Too
    |   |_ A Day At The Beach
    |   |_ Speed Zone Ahead
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Ladies Like Armor-Plating
    |   |_ This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
    |\_| THE ARBITER
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ A Whisper in the Storm
    |   |_ To the Hunt
    |\_| ORACLE
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Hey, Watch This!
    |   |_ Dead or Alive... Actually, Just Dead
    |\_| DELTA HALO
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Helljumpers
    |   |_ You Break It, You Buy It
    |   |_ Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing But Jackal
    |\_| REGRET
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Testament
    |   |_ One Way Ticket
    |   |_ Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?
    |\_| SACRED ICON
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Uncomfortable Silence
    |   |_ Buyer's Remorse
    |   |_ 100,000 Year's War
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Objects in the Mirror are Larger Than They Appear
    |   |_ Healthy Competition
    |   |_ Shooting Gallery
    |   |_ That Old, Familiar Feeling
    |\_| GRAVEMIND
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Inside Job
    |\_| UPRISING
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Oh, So That's How it Is
    |   |_ Step Aside, Let the Man Go Through
    |   |_ Fight Club
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Cross-Purposes
    |   |_ Please, Make Yourself at Home
    |   |_ Sanctified
    |   |_ Once More, With Feeling
    |  \|_ Pre-mission Information
    |   |_ Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof
    |   |_ Backseat Driver
    |\_| HALO 3 TEASER
    |  \|_ Profile Editing
    |   |_ Playing with your friends
    |     \|_ Playing over a System Link
    |   |_ Playing over the internet
    |   |_ Game Variations
    |     \|_ Custom Game Variations
    |\_| EASTER EGGS
    |  \|_ Screen Eggs
    |   |_ The Skull Hunt
    |\_| THE END
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    |\  |_ Shameless Self Promotion
    | \ |_ The Real End
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    This guide was made by some guy in the UK. It's for Halo 2. Made by Bungie.
    Sequel of Halo. That will be all.
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    [[ CREDITS ]]
    Me            - for being me.
    Bungie        - for the games.
    Microsoft     - for the console.
    Wordpad       - for the writing?
    Jesus Christ  - error in the Jackal Information section.
    whotheman88   - for many errors in the Covenant/Flood section.
    McViking      - error in Covenant/Flood section.
    Tabor         - CMGV (custom multiplayer game variant)
    Jack Renton   - "Citizen Alert" Poster Egg
    Check the bottom of the guide to see the full copyright information.
    \\ 2nd of DECEMBER 2004 \\
    Ack - sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I've changed loads of things
    people have informed me about from emails.
    \\ 21st of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    A few minor mistakes changed.
    \\ 20th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\ [[ v1 ]]
    Finished Levels Walkthrough.
    \\ 19th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Added High Charity.
    \\ 18th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Added Uprising.
    \\ 17th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Added up to Gravemind, added Multiplayer Section.
    Added Easter Eggs.
    First time submitted to neoSeeker.
    \\ 16th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Added up to Quarantine Zone.
    \\ 15th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Added Covenant, Flood, Vehicles information.
    Also, first time submitted to GameFAQs.
    \\ 14th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Nothing added, but I've started the Multiplayer section (draft).
    \\ 13th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Up to Regret.
    \\ 12th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    Up to the Oracle.
    \\ 11th of NOVEMBER 2004 \\
    The game is out, and I've started the guide. Finished up to The Arbiter.
    [[ [[ NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HALO 2? ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    [[ THE CONTROLS ]]
    I'm not going to list the controls - just look at the back of your manual, or
    head to the appropriate section in the Settings screen.
    The Covenant can be divided into different species, and in order of status:
             /                                                            \
             | Grunts, Drones, Jackals, Elites, Hunters, Brutes, Prophets |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| GRUNTS
    | Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Needler, Fuel Rod Cannon, Covenant Carbine  +-------+
    | Ranks: Basic        Grunt: Orange                                           |
    |        Intermediate Grunt: Red                                              /
    |        Advanced     Grunt: Black/Silver                                    /
    | Not much of a problem unless there is an Elite nearby and they're in large
    | numbers.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| DRONES
    | Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Needler                                     +-------+
    |                                                                            /
    | Will not do much damage, but they are pretty gawd darned hard to hit them.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| JACKALS
    | Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle                                 +--------+
    | Ranks: Basic        Jackals: Blue Shield                                    |
    |        Intermediate Jackals: Orange Shield                                  /
    |        Advanced     Jackals: No Shield                                     /
    | The Advanced Jackals appear to use Beam Rifles - they take fewer hits but are
    | harder to dodge.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ELITES
    | Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon, Covenant Carbine, Energy    +-------+
    |          Sword, All Other Weapons                                           |
    | Ranks: Basic        Elite: Blue                                             /
    |        Intermediate Elite: Red                                             /
    |        Advanced     Elite: Silver                                         /
    |        Commander    Elite: Gold                                          /
    | Some Elites have thruster packs to hover around to your annoyance. The Blue
    | and Red aren't much of a problem, but the other two often have Energy Swords,
    | so it would be best to take combat from a safe distance.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| HUNTERS
    | Weapons: Fuel Rod Cannon                                           +--------+
    |                                                                            /
    | These will die from a few hits from a Sniper Rifle. If you don't have any of
    | them, lob some Plasma Grenades and shoot them                              
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| BRUTES
    | Weapons: Brute Plasma Rifle, Brute Shot, Covenant Carbine, Shotgun  +-------+
    | Ranks: There are different types, but all are the same (when fighting.)    /
    | Whatever the Brutes are equipped with, it's probably best you did it from far
    | away, as it will obliterate you otherwise.
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| PROPHETS
    | Weapons: Prophets Chair                                           +---------+
    |                                                                            /
    | These are immune to firearms - to defeat it hop onto the chair with X and
    | tap B repeatedly.
    The Flood have three forms - here is a bit of info on each.
    Infection Form | The smallest, coming in large numbers to kill you.
    Combat    Form | These are infected Covenant, Marines, or whatever
                   | else. The Strongest form.
    Carrier   Form | These are believed to be old Infection an Combat
                   | form or injured forms. It explodes producing more
                   | Infection Form.
    [[ THE VEHICLES ]]
    This may be updated later - but all of the information that you need to know
    about vehicles is in the guide booklet, pages 16-19.
    [[ THE WEAPONS ]]
    The same applies to the weapons, pages 10-15. This will probably be updated
    first out of the two, if I ever do update it.
    [[ [[ QUIET! IT'S STARTING! ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    The important things to know about this guide was that it was written for use
    on Normal. For Easy, expect few enemies. For Heroic, expect more enemies. For
    Legemdary, this guide will only be rough for you - as many more things change
    Co-operative mode is a special mode where you and a friend can simultaneously
    fight your way through the storyline using your individual profiles. In some
    places where you can have it easier - some places you have it harder.
    I don't think there's anything else - so onto the levels!
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[                             [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    [[ [[ THE HERETIC ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    The game starts in a movie, in the Covenant's Holy City. You learn a bit more
    about the original storyline for Halo: Combat Evolved. If you haven't played it,
    this movie will be important to your understanding of this game.
    [[ [[ ARMORY ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Next, it moves over to the Earth's Defense system. This is where the tutorial
    Use the right analog stick to wave over the targets. When done, walk over to
    the "zapper". Press and Hold X in it to start. Walk into the room. It'll move
    upwards, then into the monorail. On the end of it, walk out.
    [[ [[ CAIRO STATION ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    You're welcomed back to Earth, but then we head back to the Covenant City. The
    "heretic" is locked into some kind of machine. On Earth, you'll meet Cortana
    again. Covenant City, the heretic is told about being no greater herecy. Earth,
    you meed Keyes' daughter. Covenant, the heretics armour is stripped, and is put
    in "terrible pain". Earth, you'll find that Covenant are trying to annoy you by
    sending in ships.
    Out of the movie, head downstairs to get your weapons. You'll get a Battle
    Rifle halfway down, and walk up to the table for an SMG. Don't forget to press
    Y at the table too, so you can get used to dual-wielding. Left trigger without
    a dual-wielding weapon will fire a grenade, with one it will fire the left hand
    weapon. Right trigger always fires from the right hand weapon.
    From following the route around, head down the stairs and behind an object.
    When the Covenant open the door, use both weapons to kill the larger ones
    (Elites) first, then the smaller Grunts. If you're shield is low, duck (push
    the left analog stick in) behind an object. Wait for the Covenant to come to
    you, and when the soldiers advance, you follow. Don't swap any of your weapons
    yet, either, as the Covenant's Plasma Rifles are pretty useless.
    The next section is as easy, but the Elites have Plasma Rifles. These are
    pretty decent weapons, so swap if you're low on SMG ammo. Head up the path,
    right, then up the stairs. At the top is a load of SMG ammo, get it if needed,
    the head onwards. Ignore the area to the right, and head on and down the stairs
    - watch out for the Elite. Kill the few Covenant, then head to the left where
    you'll see Jackson. Stay back and kill as many Covenant as you can. Advance
    when you have killed all you can see, and kill any remaining that you can see.
    Head to the top, then left. Kill these, then follow the path for some stairs.
    Go up, and through the two adjacent sets of doors.
    In this room, stay up on the raised platform where ever and whenever possible -
    if you fall, just jump onto some boxes and up again, or stay lower down for a
    more personal combat experience. Watch out - being on the second floor is
    dangerous, as Elites can jump up that height. Annoying, eh? Wipe out all the
    After hearing Cortana, watch the explosion. Oops. Not finished yet, after all.
    To do this next section, hop on down to the lower floor and the other side of
    the room and kill all of these Covenant coming from the door in the corner.
    Once all are dead, through the door and follow the path around. Two Grunts have
    taken over the turrets on the next floor up - shoot these down (or leave them 
    for the Marines to destroy), then head slightly further, and kill the Covenant.
    After another explosion, go to the center back of the room and go down the
    stairs just befor the door and to the left of it. Straight up the path and
    watch out for the Elite as you go up the stairs on the other side of the room.
    There is also an invisible Elite here, so stay on guard for background
    irregulations. Kill the two Elites here - pick up the shotgun that's lying
    around too - then through the open (or non existent) door.
    You're back in the where you started, basically. Two well fired Shotgun ammo is
    enough to kill an Elite, one for a Grunt, so do so. You might want to use your
    secondary weapon as Shotgun ammo is precious. Head all the way up to the top of
    the room, killing the Covenant, of course, left at the end then a sharp right,
    and up the stairs.
    Kill the hovering Elites in this room, then through the doors, and through more
    doors for a checkpoint. Head on in this room to meet Keyes daughter (I'll write
    her name at some point) and kill all the Covenant. Head down a bit (ignore the
    first door to the right, dead end) but head to the bottom and follow the arrow
    with "Umbilicals".
    Kill the two flying Elites here, then into the outside place. Follow the red
    arrows to shipping, then into the building. Through the door, head towards the
    evil looking drop, and kill the evil Drones. Shortly after killing all of them,
    hop onto the elevator and kill these Covenant, and those two Marines have no
    purpose anymore. Thwack them with B for funny phrases! Head to the other side
    of the elevator and X the keypad. When on the flat on the other end, go through
    the door and head on.
    This time, the hovering ones are really unhelpful, as they are very jumpy.
    Shoot them down, nonetheless. I found it easiest to go slightly left, wait for
    them to settle, and lob a plasma grenade. The one on the turret is annoying,
    but you can avoid him. Take the left or the right paths, wait for it to go up.
    From the right hand side one, jump to the middle, left and through that door,
    and for the left hand side one, walk up and left inside the building.
    The bomb is through that door, but you need to eliminate all Covenant first.
    Head straight behind the crates, and fire grenades. When an Elite comes over to
    investigate, shoot it quickly. Watch out for the Needlers - duck when they are
    coming. When there is no Covenant left, go up to the bomb for a movie.
    The bomb is dragged into an Airlock. You jump onto the bomb as it leaves, and
    it blows up the entire ship. Of course, you jump off of the bomb just in time
    and conveniently landed on Keyes daughter's ship.
    [[ [[ OUTSKIRTS ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    The movie begins. You learn about the Prophet of Regret, but anyway - the
    important thing is that big thing - it is called the Scarab. Don't worry about
    that for now. It blows up your ship - you could say...
    Follow the Marines up to that wall, then left down the alley. Here is where a
    majority of this level is gonna take place. Say hello to the Jackals too - as
    this is their first appearence. To save ammo for later, I reccomend physically
    attacking Jackals and Grunts, and shooting the Elites. You can also go up into
    that big building, and man the turret, even though it's aim is somewhat
    restrictive, or shoot them down. Listen to the advice given by the marines for
    information where they are. (Ooh - go to Sarge and steal his Sniper Rifle -
    this is so much more helpful, so use your secondary weapon until the time
    comes.) Apart from that, this area is really unFAQable, so read on when you
    hear the music change for the second change in music.
    Get that Sniper out and kill these Hunters quick if you want to stay alive.
    Press Right Analog stick In to zoom in to 5x, again for 10x, and again to
    return to normal. Zooming can be done with a few other weapons, like Battle
    Rifles, but the Sniper has the furthest distance. When you see a large green
    glow coming from their guns, duck or move sharpish. If you lost track of the
    Sniper, lob Grenades. And lots of them.
    When they're dead, head through the door they opened up for you. Follow the
    path. If you've still got Sniper Ammo, (you should have _loads_) you can make
    this section so easy. If not, dodge and ducking are the best options available
    to you. Head up the route and you'll Rendezvous with the Pelican, then head
    further and to head towards the next downed Pelican. Unfortunately for you,
    Snipers from this point on on this level quite frankly suck. Kill all the
    Covenant and use the crates and other objects to help.
    Around halfway up the path is a left turning - follow it, but jump around as to
    avoid those annoying Beams. Kill these Covenant, then head right, then at the
    end head left and towards the marines. You can be lazy here if you want and let
    the Marines kill all of them - this prevents loss of ammo.
    Follow through the hotel, press white first so you can see, then ahead killing
    the Covenant as you go. On the other side of the hotel - completley ignore that
    dropship that's killing you - you'll live longer. When it has gone, kill every
    single Covenant that it left.
    You'll see the Marines have boarded a Warthog - you're first chance to drive in
    this game. Drive, logically, or if you aren't too sure, hop on the turret and
    let him do the driving.
    [[ A DAY AT THE BEACH ]]
    Firstly - drive in the direction the Warthog is facing. The Left Analog stick
    moved up moves it forwards, down is backwards. The Right Analog stick moves you
    in the direction you push it. Left turns it left, Right turns it right. Head
    over the bump. Head left towards the Covenant post, and make sure you're
    driving pretty sharpish so you can get out of there. You can drive through this
    bit, and I wholy advise you do. Around the U bend onto the beach on the other
    side is pretty straight forward too - just follow the beach and up a ramp like
    the one previously.
    Next is quite complicated - simply drive around the rocks at the far end of the
    beach, into the tunnel. Follow it down, left and down again.
    As the mission title suggests, the faster you get through this, the better your
    Quite soon into the tunnel (if you are using a Warthog) you'll see a big green
    beam. Avoid it, obviously, but it's the Scarab. Carry on down. If you are in a
    Ghost, or walking, you'll see a Warthog speeding down at the next Covenant
    outpost, jump on it to make everything sooo much easier. After this, the whole
    tunnel becomes much much harder. Two helpful tips: look at those big things,
    avoid them at all costs. Okay - in a Warthog every so often is a jump. This is
    a problem - you'll flip and most probably lose your Warthog - so make sure you
    go to the side of them. A Warthog will clear this really easy, just be quick
    and avoid them.
    A long tunnel for those in a Warthog - short for those in a Ghost. At the end
    is a tough challenge - two Wraith (Covenant Tanks). Drive to the side, yes,
    into the boxes, and straight up and out of the level.
    [[ [[ METROPOLIS ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    You emerge from that large tunnel, and you are greeted with what seems like
    _the_longest_ bridge ever.
    The Sarge drops off a tank (called a Scorpion) for you. After Cortana's
    moaning, Sarge leaves on a phrase: "I know what ladies like." I'm sure it's not
    true, but supposedly..
    Even though the tank is pretty much there, there is a Warthog. This makes this
    level so much easier than if you did it with the Scorpion. Head right from the
    tank and it's near the toll both structures.
    The Scorpion's speed is stupidly slow, so I am just writing as if you used the
    Warthog. Drive straight across the bridge - the only things you need worry
    about is a hole half-way across and a Wraith nearby.
    At the end past the toll booths, head straight down the tunnel. The level was
    probably designed so you would have to walk - it is simple to use the Warthog
    however. Simply go up the ramp with the marines in the vehicle. They'll
    continue onwards - wait a while, then drive quickly up. This may take a few
    practise attempts. On the next side it's much easier to run for your life at
    the end as it is hard to get up there. Shoot down Covenant that get in your
    way, then dash for the surface - jumping in case any Covenant you missed start
    to shoot and follow you.
    Straight ahead is a clueless Covenant - press B behind it to kill it. You'll
    also see a mad Warthog driving around - jump down and take Drivers Seat. Follow
    the grass around until you see two gaps in the wall. Head down here. Because
    you're in a Warthog, we're gonna do this fast - head straight down and dodge
    the Wraith - head through the obvious opening, and then follow the path around.
    Now - we're looking for another Warthog - once you've found it, take Gunner.
    Your new objective is to pummel those three Wraithes out of their shoes. Keep
    your finger on Right Trigger and shoot at anything. Eventually you'll end up at
    your location provided you stayed in the Warthog.  Head inside for a quick
    briefing (the first soldier you meet has a Rocket Launcher - steal it from
    him), then up the stairs and wait near the other marines.
    Watch the Scarab destroy a Scorpion on the road you were just on. Now - I think
    it's about time we kicked it. A couple of times, of course. Follow the marines
    until you are outside the building.
    (Totally Cool Music here, I thinking) If you have a Rocket Launcher from
    before, head up from here for some ammo. If not, first head right, get it, then
    back. The easiest way to defeat is - to stay behind it. Don't shoot it - it can
    not harm you, you'll just waste your ammo. Follow it all the way to the end of
    the path - then make a jump on board.
    Use your Rocket Launcher here.
    Movie Sequence: The Scarab is destroyed - and you see a huge ship about to jump
    through the city - and it does, sending a destructive globe throughout the
    [[ [[ THE ARBITER ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    The heretic is being dragged through a kind of Covenant jail to the Prophets of
    Truth and Mercy, where he dismisses the Brutes. He starts to talk about the
    Arbiters, and the fact that they know he was not the heretic, but another
    Covenant. He decides to become the Arbiter - the story then continues in a
    Covenant dropship heading towards a piece of the original Halo ring.
    To make this easier, as it is Covenant against Covenant, the Covenant on your
    team will be called "Covenant". The enemy Covenant will be called "Enemies".
    Pretty obvious, but this is really important you check the target ring colour -
    Red means enemy - shoot! Green means Ally - don't shoot. Sorted.
    Now that you're used to the Spartan-II7 HUD, you can let yourself run wild with
    a Covenant one. The only difference is next to the grenades - your Active
    Camouflage timer. This will decrease pretty fast - 10 seconds, taking 10
    seconds to charge up again - simply press white. And the HUD is Purple.
    Follow the Covenant down, and through the door when it unlocks. Press white
    after the Prophet has finished speaking, and head through, using your Energy
    Sword to defeat it. Stay back with the Covenant too - when they're all gone, go
    up the ramp and the Covenant will follow. Head down and use the blocks as cover
    - the enemies are coming from the bottom. Once they're all defeated head down
    to the lower floor and in the direction of the entrance. Defeat the enemies,
    and wait for other Covenant to join you. Press the button on the elevator when
    you're done.
    If you want, kill the enemies, but it's easier to head to the back of the room
    to the right and flick the switch to get more Covenant to help. After killing
    all of the enemies, a door opposite the switches will open. Go down it. Kill
    the few enemies here, then move into the next room. The door is straight ahead
    - you can run but you'll shield will most likely have run out by this point.
    The same for the next corridor - follow the route down killing the enemies.
    Don't go through any doors until you see a blue on at the end. Simply follow it
    along, avoid enemies if you wish. The next room follows the same principle.
    Take the left door.
    [[ TO THE HUNT ]]
    Go up the ramp (either side) killing the enemy grunts as you go. At the end is
    a Banshee. Hop on - the controls are basic. Left Stick determines height, Right
    Stick determines direction. So to go up, tilt Left Up and Right Up, to go right
    tilt Left Up and Right Right. The speed is set by the Left Trigger, the right
    shoots. B button does a bomb, and press A with the Left stick if you're bored.
    Got it? Good.
    You're aiming to follow the purple box around, and if it goes offscreen, the
    direction of the purple arrow. Follow it - and blast any enemy Banshees down.
    This is also hard to guide, so kill everything but that ship. Simply follow
    everything round - there are some new Banshees half way through, too.
    At the end, simply fly towards the target destination. Get out of the Banshee
    and then run inside.
    [[ [[ ORACLE ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    "What is it?"
    "That stench. I've smelled it before."
    This is where you'll meet the Flood for the first time. Anyone who has played
    Halo will know that Shotguns will kill these almost instantly. There are three
    types of Flood:
    Infection Form | The smallest, coming in large numbers to kill you.
    Combat    Form | These are infected Covenant, Marines, or whatever
                   | else. The Strongest form.
    Carrier   Form | These are believed to be old Infection an Combat
                   | form or injured forms. It explodes producing more
                   | Infection Form.
    [[ JUGGERNAUT ]]
    Well, now that that's covered, head to the back of the room and through that
    door. You'll hear combat - stay near the door until it ends, then go to the
    door on the next side. Drop down to the lower floor and you'll hear one of your
    Grunts talking to an Elite: move towards them. After the Heretics hologram is
    finished you'll begin combat. Kill all enemies (I reccommend using the Plasma
    Rifle for Infection and Carrier, save your Sword for Combat forms) and a door
    will open to you and the end opposite the entrance into here - go through.
    "Go Arbiter - I'll follow when our reinforcements arrive." Do so, and the whole
    platform starts to move. Your first objective is to go up one of those rams and
    destroy the Sentinels - then deal with the Flood. This should be your objective
    until you reach the bottom. When at the bottom - head straight for the door.
    Run down the corridor and through the door at the end. Break through the glass
    and you'll be in another room - kill all of the enemies then some more will
    come at the top section from where you jumped. You can attempt to kill them
    from the balcony, but this is easier for advanced players. When they have been
    killed, a door at one end of the room opens - kill the enemies then advance.
    You'll finally see a dropship: meaning you've got Covenant! Kill the enemies
    here then run around the pillar killing them as you go. At the end is a door -
    go inside. Take another door to the left or right then the big one in the
    middle. Kill the enemies. Then a cut scene will leave to the Heretic locking
    himself in. The Arbiter decides to cut the cable to make him come out.
    Wait for the Covenant to leave, and take the Energy Sword offered to you as
    well. Make your way up the ramp. You can avoid the enemies here if you wish,
    After the third upward ramp, trigger the switch.
    [[ HEY, WATCH THIS! ]]
    Basically, avoid the enemies to get this done so much faster. Head up a ramp
    and from the back of those pillars thwack them with your Energy Sword. Go
    across and do the same thing for the other pillars. When it suddenly jumps,
    hop onto the elevator again and press the switch.
    Hop down to the lowest floor and go through the door the Heretic was
    protecting. Kill the enemies, then hop down that gap. Run through that door,
    then make your way down. You'll find a door which ever way you went - go
    through it.
    Go through a blue door and then a cut scene will begin. Drive the Banshee to
    the Purple Box (follow purple arrows) quickly, then another cut scene will
    From where you are head up the ramp. Don't go inside the room just yet, just
    stay near enough it so the door is open so the Sentinels can do some of the
    dirty work for you. You'll have to head inside eventually, though. From the
    entrance head right and through the door. Head right and at the door follow
    the path around.
    This is the annoying bit - you have to go up all of those ramps. Kill the
    enemies and Flood as you go, obviously. At the very tip top of the ramps is
    a room. You can kill the enemies, but it's easier to run to the other side
    of the room - the door is past those blue shields. More Ramps. Do the same
    as before but the Heretic is ahead. You'll see that evil Monitor again, but
    the Heretic couldn't care less.
    This is a pretty easy battle, actually, provided you have the right strategy.
    At the start, lob a Plasma Grenade at one then shoot that Elite until you hit -
    it should explode if you did it right. The seco one is slightly harder - but
    not by that much. Use the same strategy.
    You could also use a Needler and a Plasma Rifle (duel wielding).
    Movie Sequence - the Heretic Leader dies, and you leave with the Monitor in
    [[ [[ DELTA HALO ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    "Cortana? What exactly am I looking at?"
    "That... is another Halo."
    You'll find yourself dropping down onto this second Halo.
    Make your way up the cliff face to the Covenant, and using your SMG (not Rocket
    Launcher yet). Once they are all defeated, head into the ruins. There are many
    fake paths through here - but when you find the genuine one kill the Covenant
    on the second floor.
    When you hear Cortana speak about the landing zone being clear, head up the
    dirt path next to the ruins. Kill any Covenant you come across and keep moving
    onwards. When you see the big building kill any Covenant - and watch out for a
    few Grunts on turrets behind you. Head inside until you find a room with a few
    Jackals - the switch is on the other side of the room. Once it has been flicked
    head outside for a Scorpion to use to destroy the Wraithes on the other side
    of the gorge. Make sure you pick up the two marines that the Pelican drops.
    When you've killed the Wraith, head to the right and through the cave. Take the
    lower route and destroy the Ghosts, then carry on. Take the outside route.
    When you reach the large Covenant infested clearing, head to the left or right
    in your Scorpion for a ramp down. Obliterate any Covenant whilst making your
    way to the back of the area - up into the ruins and follow the path around.
    When outside again, this is probably the best place to leave your tank. However
    the Covenant will hop in and use your tank as a turret - deadly to you, so blow
    it up with a few Grenades. You could also leave your tank inside the ruins. To
    do the next bit we are going to commandeer a Ghost - risky - but so worth it.
    Once out of your Scorpion, head up to a Ghost and Hold down X. You'll knock the
    Covenant on it off, and you'll then automatically board it.
    To advance, from the ruins you just came from turn right, then left up the
    ramp. When the land evens out do a U bend to the right and you should be near a
    series of around 4 or 5 blue Plasma Shields. Head past these - dodge in between
    the pillars and at the end is a passage. Run for your life if you adopted my
    method of getting there (not killing anything but the things in your path and
    what you ran over) - it's pretty simple - when you come to a holographic
    Prophet head up the ramp and it's almost straight from here on - you're looking
    for a white, narrow passageway in the rocks.
    This part is so annoying - it will take a few attempts to survive for longer
    than a few seconds, and a few more to find out where you are going.
    Okay - my strategy is to stand at the end of the river and use your Rocket
    Launcher to the bit just below dead ahead - there should be a Jackal. Kill him,
    then swiftly jump to the left and up, killing the Elite. Now, on the other side
    of the cave there is a capsule with a Battle Rifle - pick this up (or ammo if
    you already have one somehow). From here follow the route around, looking for a
    white, narrow passage. If the music fades out, you've found it. Carry on down.
    Here, there are several capsules when you jump over to the raised platform. If
    you prefer using a Battle Rifle, Pick up some ammo here. If you prefer using an
    SMG - pick one up and some ammo, then carry on.
    This bit is really evil - you should have four Plasma Grenades too. Head inside
    to the wall, then left until you can see an Honour Guard. A well placed Grenade
    is needed here, then shoot it. Pick up its two Plasma Pistols, then shoot the
    hell out of the other one. Pick up the Energy Sword he drops. Then, stand back
    against the wall and use your Energy Sword on the others that will appear soon
    after the others die.
    [[ [[ REGRET ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    You'l find out that the Prophet of Regret is wanting to activate Halo. You'll
    have to eliminate him whilst Miranda Keyes goes and secures the Library.
    [[ TESTAMENT ]]
    Basically, kill the Covenant before they kill you. When Cortana talks, head up
    the ramp and take the door on the right. Follow the route around - there is
    only one real route, killing the Covenant as you go. When you see the side path
    around the building, follow it round. Inside the main room is a bunch of
    Covenant, so kill them all.
    Once you hit a checkpoint (the enemies are all dead) carry on - if you forgot
    which way you are going simply go through any open passage and see if you've
    been there before. Once you found it, head a bit further and kill these
    Covenant - they'll keep on being dropped off. You'll also experience a few
    Hunters - these will not so easily kill, as you haven't got a Sniper. Still,
    chuck plasma grenades and shoot them, there are plenty of grenades around the
    When they die, you'll be able to restock on Human weaponry thanks to a Pelican,
    but do it quickly or else a Gondola from the further away towers will kill you
    because of the Covenant it holds. Kill them, then head to the far side and push
    the switch.
    [[ ONE WAY TICKET ]]
    The Gondola will begin to move - when it stops, kill the Covenant there and
    then press the switch again to carry on moving forwards. You may also see some
    Drones - these will not stop the ship however.
    On the other side kill the Grunts and Jackals on the roof then carry on. In the
    next big room you come across kill the Covenant. If you can't see anymore - go
    up the ramps and you should find them up there - but don't fall down that hole.
    When Cortana speaks, head towards the hole - and wait for the elevator. Kill
    the Jackals inside, then go in. Wait for your fellow marines (provided you've
    still got them) then press the Switch.
    This is one of the more extraordinary bits of the game - listen to what Cortana
    has to say, then soon afterwards you'll find yourself on dry land. Follow the
    ramp up. When you get to the tunnel, kill all of the Covenant (we want those
    Marines alive a little longer), then up the ramp. Follow the ramps until you
    get to a door. I followed them to the left hand side door - this was from
    taking the right hand side ramp.
    Basically, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, this is where I
    reccomend you leave the Marines. It makes everything much easier. Well, you
    first will need an "Energy Sword", so you can kill everything else that has
    one. The door is behind those Hunters at the end of the room. You can easily
    avoid these and just run straight through that door.
    Follow the path around to see another tunnel - with Active Camo. Covenant
    there. Run past these to live - but kill the Honour Guard wielding the Sword.
    Follow the route to end up at an elevator - flip the switch.
    Cortana will start speaking - but remember High Charity. Beware when you leave
    the elevator as there are some Covenant - you can sneak up on the first Honour
    guide if you want and kill it with your Energy Sword, but the next one is a bit
    harder to kill - about 3 swipes. Kill the Grunts as you head forward. Head on a
    bit further until you get a Checkpoint, then head back to the hologram. When it
    stops, head back to the surface and you're next job is to scale the cliff.
    When the first lot of Covenant are dead, Sarge will drop off more ammo capsules
    and a few marines. When you're fully ammo-ed, head onward killing the Covenant
    around here. Head on towards the Gondola - but just before is a rocket
    launcher, make sure that it's somewhere where you know where it is (on board),
    then pick up your other weapon. If you don't have an Energy Sword on you - run
    back and get one now. When any living marines board it hit the switch.
    After Miranda stops talking, there will be masses of enemies - use your Rocket
    Launcher's targetting feature to kill the Banshees. Kill these - then wipe out
    the Covenant at the entrance - then get out your Energy Sword. You are about
    to find the Prophet.
    After the movie sequence, storm through the temple killing only those in your
    way or those with an Energy Sword (Pick it up if your batteries are low). It's
    not that hard to navigate, just head inside and follow the temples natural
    When you reach the big room in the middle, follow the Prophet around the room.
    It is completely immune to firearms, so just follow it, until you are asked if
    you want to board it. Then TAP B as fast as you can. He'll die pretty quick.
    Movie Sequence: The Master Chief escapes from the temple only to jump off and
    to welcome an watery grave... ?
    [[ [[ SACRED ICON ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    A Prophet talks to reprasentatives of the council. Note in this bit - "that one
    of the sacred rings" - does this mean another game? Well, you're now headed to
    the Delta Halo's library to get the Index.
    Yes - Library. But this one is even more evil than Halo: Combat Evolved.
    Not so much of a simple start this time, as you need to know what to do. There
    are pillars around the place - these are what you're aiming for. Press X next
    to them to activate them, then drop down. Expect to find Enemy Covenant and
    Flood - I will only provide the general information.
    Head to the first piston - there open it and drop down. Do the same for the
    next one. In the room, you may find a few Sentinels. Carry on and drop down
    the piston. In the next room you'll find some Covenant, more Sentinels. At the
    end of the room, follow the path along. More Sentinels. At the end of this
    room on the right hand side is a piston. Drop down. Carry on through this route
    - more Sentinels. At the end drop down the Piston.
    This is the first interesting battle - simply goto the four columns in the
    middle and X them. Then head to the newly opened structure after activating all
    four and X that.
    The whole platform will start moving - and the Covenant dropship has arrived to
    come and pick you up. Right - on the other side of the canyon there are LOADS
    of Flood - and they will keep on appearing. This is really hard to survive here
    so - head up the ramp at the sides and lob plasma grenades under the security
    device. When it has exploded, you'll see one of the doors has fully opened -
    make your way through it - and follow the path.
    Activate the Piston, avoid the Flood and carry on - activate the piston. Now
    you'll hear Marines talking - make sure you get the Shotgun in this room too.
    Carry on. Now - see any Combat or Carrier form Flood then shoot it with this.
    Follow the path - you can't get lost. Activate the Piston.
    See the multiple security devices? Ignore them. Head left and turn left at the
    downward ramp - jump up onto it and turn right, then left at the other end.
    Head left once more and you'll see a piston - activate it. From here, head
    right and up to the end - follow the tunnel. At the other end of this room is
    another tunnel - run through that one as well. Not the same for this room -
    at the end and to the left is a piston - activate - do the same to the next
    one as well. Drop down, and head for the next piston - activate this. This
    may prove a problem - head down and shoot the Flood whilst activating this
    piston, then drop down.
    [[ 100,000 YEAR'S WAR ]]
    Luckily - you'll get some Covenant from here - pretty short bit, basically you
    have to clear all of the Flood and the enemy Covenant. This should be easy as
    you should have loads of shotgun ammo at the start, and you'll be easily be
    able to pick up some better weapons later. If you ever get stuck, follow the
    Elites, or look for red dots on your radar.
    The really easy strategy is just to run through the level to the camp. There
    you'll find that the Elites will defend for themselves - I don't think that
    these can actually die. Just attack the Enemies from the base camp.
    [[ [[ QUARANTINE ZONE ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Well - now you must find the Index. So there.
    This is part is really short - or really really long - it depends on how you
    make it. To make it really really long, kill all of the enemies, Marines. To go
    the really fast way - head along the corridor in a Spectre (get some Elites on
    anyway) and boost through the room to the other side where you'll see another
    door. Head through it.
    Now - when you're on the spiral, head all the way down. Kill everything here.
    At the bottom, go through either door. Your next objective is to follow the
    path around (in your Spectre) and towards the big bit of land. However, there
    is a tunnel around half-way down (it has a few pillars just inside) - head in
    and kill all of the Sentinels and Guard Machines.
    Staying in the room, head towards the wall where all the Sentinels came from.
    It's nearly at the right hand corner and it's a passageway. Head through.
    Follow the path along. When you come to the big fight, stay behind a window
    until you can hear no firearms. Then, you've got to take out the guard machine
    and the Sentinels to make your life possible. Then, at the opposite corner from
    the side you came from there will be another tunnel. Follow it, and on the
    other side you'll see a Guard Machine fall right next to you. There is still
    another one, however, shoot it down along with any Flood and Sentinels you see.
    From the entrance into this valley, head left across it then right and left
    again to get to a split pathway. Either route goes the same way - I'll guide
    you through the left hand route. Kill any Flood you meet, and pickup the
    Shotgun if it's still there. Head straight forward and up the ramp. At the top
    to the right is a small opening - head through it.
    Anyone observant will recognise these boxes from off the Cairo Station. Anyway,
    kill the Sentinels and the Flood and drop down the cliff. Destroy the Wraith to
    make it easier, and head through the route behind hit. Cross the bridge.
    At last - reinforcements. Stick around and hop into the driver seat of the
    Spectre. Head on a bit to see a bridge crossing the two sides and cross, then
    head left, past the drop and carry on.
    There is a big structure just head towards it. There is a door in the middle -
    head inside, and watch the movie.
    You start it off on a moving thing. There are a few enemy Covenant on the
    sides, but they won't be much of a problem. When the thing moves up, look back
    at the plague of red dots on your radar and shoot them. When it slows down,
    head back to the bottom middle and kill the Flood. The dropship will help here.
    This is so, so, so, simple. Head all the way (half way) around and you'll see
    Miranda retreiving the Index. You kill Sarge, and a Brute gets Miranda and the
    Index, but then Tartarus (he's evil) knocks you off the platform.
    [[ [[ GRAVEMIND ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Back to the Master Chieftain - well.. not really - as the Arbiter and the
    Master Chief will meet. You'll also see another Monitor, and the Prophet of
    Regret. I'm not going to give away too much here, but the monster talks of a
    key to lock the Halo's destructive ring.
    The Covenant are also rebelling - as the Arbiter was "released". The Index
    appears in the Prophets hands. The Master Chief also appears from no-where
    inpaticular, and scares a Grunt. Your job is to find the Prophet of Truth, and
    get it back.
    [[ INSIDE JOB ]]
    This is quite a steep learning curve - Brutes. Kill them by shooting them with
    the Needler and hope it explodes before they Berserk. Pick up their Brute
    Plasma Rifles and Duel Wield them, then kill the Grunts. Then head to the big
    door at the back - then turn around and kill the Brute (they are exactly the
    same, just different coloured suits) and the Grunts. Then a few more will
    come - just kill them, then head to the big door and walk up to one of the
    two pedestals.
    Cortana will now leave you for a while, but you'll still hear her. Basically,
    this is simple, take out the Grunts and Brutes, go through the door when it
    unlocks. When you reach the big hsll thing, it is really important you kill
    them - but when you hear Cortana speak again. Hide, then shoot it - as its
    Brute Shot _is_ deadly. When she reverse the lift, drop down.
    Make sure you're ready - there are a few Covenant at the end. The next room is
    kind of empty, head through. The next bit contains some Jackals, no big
    problems. Head on a bit further for a Brute - futher still for another patrol
    of Covenant. The same for the following route, many. When you're at the next
    lift, kill the patrolling Brutes then hop in.
    The basic idea is to kill all of the Covenant on the top floor, then drop down
    killing them on the middle floor, using the gravity lifts. When you've done so,
    look for Cortana on the middle floor and head in the door she's next to. Kill
    the Covenant and then you'll get some Marines. Head to the lower floor and look
    for Cortana now - this will be easy - kill the guards and let out the Guards.
    Use the lifts to head back up to the top floor and meet Cortana - Kill the few
    re-inforcements that drop then head up.
    Find the open door and head through - kill the Covenant (including Elites) and
    pick up the Energy Sword. Advance. In the next room is a dead Hunter.. odd?
    Carry on through the routes and passages until you hear a music change. Two
    definetley UNDEAD Hunters - kill them. Next room, use your Sword to eliminate
    the Brute, then carry on.
    Drop down, then head to the right and up the slope. Head into the building in
    the middle, then follow the path. On to the lift, then carry on. Go round
    either side, then down - round either side, then Gravity Lift. Head inside the
    building and left, then follow the path. Round either side, down, round either
    side, Gravity Lift - up the ramp in the building. Outside, drop down and take
    the route to the left, the upwards slope. At the top are at least two Active
    Camo enabled Elites with Energy Swords - kill these swiftly.
    Carry on along the route. The building contains another Active Camo - this one
    won't be a problem however. Run straight through this one - ignore the lift.
    Run through this one too. You'd also be better to watch out for those Hunters
    at the end of the run.
    The next room is basically no or little work for you. Just stay back and only
    kill the ones that want to kill you. And enjoy the music. Once all of the
    Covenant are dead, head towards the middle of the room. Then, head to the door
    opposite the one you came in by, and kill the Covenant.
    Now, go to the end of these rooms and corridors.
    You'll see that Miranda Keyes is alive, thank god - but unfortunatley, Tartarus
    let the Flood onto the deck - and you'll also find out Truth is evil, allowing
    Mercy to be eaten by the Flood.
    [[ [[ UPRISING ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Over to the Arbiter now.
    [[ OH, SO THAT'S HOW IT IS ]]
    Head along the path, pick up the Energy Sword, and use it on every Brute you
    find. At the end of the path head inside the building. You're heading upwards,
    so just take the ramps up. Jump down from the platform. Follow the route, then
    jump to the bottom again. Do this for a while, until;
    Run past these enemy Covenant into the cave and get a Ghost. This is pretty
    much straight-forward - drive your Ghost whilst holding L to go faster around
    the "course". You may want to kill Covenant as you go, but completely optional.
    [[ FIGHT CLUB ]]
    Drop down from here (in your Ghost, if you've still got it) and head up the
    slope on the right. Make your way to the end, then through the door. This is
    pretty simple - if you drop down make your way back.
    Cutscene - ah, major spoilers are unleashed here. Keeping my mouth shut.
    [[ [[ HIGH CHARITY ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Back to the Chief. The Prophet of Mercy is now dead, and Cortana finds out that
    the big thing is actually a ship - but with Miranda Keyes, The Index, and
    Sarge, they'll be activating Halo pretty soon.
    Head up, inside the building, and up the gravity lift. Follow the path, jumping
    onto the purple platforms to advance.
    This is so easy to start off - this level follows a very much so linear format.
    Head back inside the building. You _will_ get lost a few times, but the enemies
    will end up killing each other. If you find yourself in a room with nothing
    alive, you've gone the wrong way. Turn around, and continue.
    Eventually, you'll find yourself at an elevator - head up.
    [[ SANCTIFIED ]]
    You have to kill all of the Covenant and Flood here before you can advance, so
    stay on the elevator platform, shoot a Grunt in the distance. Then, Flood will
    emerge from the walls. Stay well back, and shoot them all.
    At the end is a door - head through it and pick up the energy sword from the
    pedestal if you hadn't already got one. One of the side doors has a gravity
    lift - head up.
    You can stuff all of these Covenant and Flood - simply head to the other side
    and you'll see a movie clip (spoilers included). You're now back to the
    Arbiter, for the final time.
    [[ [[ THE GREAT JOURNEY ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Arbiter - stop the key from turning. Now.
    [[ YOUR ASS, MY SIZE-24 HOOF ]]
    You can ride on the Spectre or drive the Wraith. I'm gonna guide for the
    Spectre. As soon as you hop on, the drive will begin. I reccomend you take the
    turret, too. Your mission, is, to Crush any Brutes in your path. Just shoot
    them from the turret.
    You will, eventually reach a door. Head inside (off the vehicle). Inside are
    two Hunters - DON'T kill these - they are allies. Follow the path around. In
    the first room, Active Camo then head up the ramp and throw a few grenades.
    In the next room, it is often easiest to follow the path and kill the enemy
    Covenant on your way. Head up the rock path at the end.
    This is when I deserted my allies - I ran across this bridge.
    In the next big room, do note that the Brute with the flag needs to be killed
    before the door will open. There are more Brutes in these corridors, beware.
    Kill all of the Brutes (not the Marines, they are allies now), then you're
    asked to grab a Banshee and give Sarge in the Scarab some cover.
    Grab a Banshee (wait for the Elites to drop them off) then go down to the left
    and destroy the few Wraithes. Stick around and kill the Ghosts and the
    Spectres, then follow the Scarab behind.
    This is pretty simple - at the beach at the end, stand well clear of the front
    of the Scarab - now - fly over to the door when it has asploded and head
    This is a bit complicated - head through the maze of firey walls then, at the
    end flip on your Active Camo and run toward the top right. If you don't get
    through the doors in time, you have to defeat all of them.
    There is a movie clip here, but it will give away the whole storyline. Well,
    just so you know, Miranda is still alive.
    Once you have dealt with the first few Brutes, jump down onto the top ring.
    You're now aiming to kill that misty figure (he's Tartarus). Shoot it with any
    weapon you see. You will kill it eventually.
    Now - there could be a lot of spoilers I could give away here. However, I'll
    mention a few things. Ark, More Halos, What are you doing on that ship, and
    that's about it. Well done!
    You've finished Halo 2!
    [[ [[ HALO 3 TEASER ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Hmm? At the end of the credits, we appear to be back on High Charity. An
    asploded High Charity.
    It also appears that Cortana is making a new alliance... Hmmm...
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[                             [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    [[ [[ HALO 2 MULTIPLAYER ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Head to the Settings screen, then Player Profiles. Press Appearance from your
    Profile to change your Multiplayer character colours and profile logo.
    Halo 2 is one great single player game, but it is a perfect Multiplayer game
    too. Press Split Screen on your profile to start.
    This is the pregame lobby. Press on Game Setup to continue. Press Change Map...
    to change the map, Change Rules... to change the rules, Quick Options... to
    tweak your current Multiplayer game variant, and Switch To: Co-Op Game changes
    this so you can play through the Halo 2 storyline with a friend. If you do go
    to the Co-Op game, and press Game Setup there, you'll be able to select Change
    Level... which changes your starting level, Change Difficulty which changes the
    difficulty (Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary) and Switch To: Custom Game which
    takes you back to the true Multiplayer Halo.
    Ok - now onto a breif overview of the maps.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| LOCKOUT
    | This is quite a large stage, but it is very windy. Good for Sniping weapons |
    | and Slayer games.                                                           |
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ASCENSION
    | This is one of my favourite Multiplayer stages - great for Assault for game |
    | type and Rockets or Sniping as weapons.                                     |
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| MIDSHIP
    | Quite small in comparison to others. Slayer's Phantom Elim ia good here, as |
    | well as Human Weaponry Set.                                                 |
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| IVORY TOWER
    | This is a big stage, but hard to move around. Try New Classic here, and     |
    | most of the different multiplayer variants work fine here.                  |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| BEAVER CREEK
    | This is exactly the same as it's Halo: Combat Evolved counterpart. Slayer,  |
    | Oddball and Juggernaut are good games here.                                 |
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| BURIAL MOUNDS
    | Quite large, but no interesting things to do here. Slayer will be your best |
    | bet for a game type, and most of the weapons are good here.                 |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| COLOSSUS
    | This is pretty big stage - Assault is a good game mode, and Rockets for     |
    | the weapon set.                                                             |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ZANZIBAR
    | This is one of the best levels for Multiplayer. It is huge, and Team Slayer |
    | and Capture the Flag are great mode variants, and any weapons work well     |
    | too.                                                                        |
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| COAGULATION
    | This is also likes it's Halo: Combat Evolved counterpart. Experiment around |
    | with the vehicles, and it works well with Assault and Territories best.     |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| HEADLONG
    | This is pretty big stage - Assault is a good game mode, and Rockets for     |
    | the weapon set.                                                             |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| WATERWORKS
    | Even though it says Waterworks for a title, you see no water. *shrugs* Nice |
    | Big stage, but dark, and evil looking. Slayer, and any weapons.             |
    Well, the Rule changing process is pretty simple, and the guides to the
    Variants I use are only _guides_, and you should experiment around.
    It's pretty easy to set-up two Xboxes together, simply plug a ethernet cable
    into the back of one Xbox and do the same to the other one. You can also
    connect in total 16 Xboxes, but this is requires an Ethernet hub - this can be
    This section is coming soon.
    This section is coming soon.
    I will get round to doing some more of these, but these are all user-submitted.
     TABOR ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| LAST MAN STANDING
    | I believe this is a slayer match - Create a duplicate Slayer/Slayer match,  |
    | then turn the grenades off, and set the player lives to 1, or 9.            |
     CREDIT UNKNOWN |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SUPERSLAY
    | Create a duplicate Slayer/Slayer match and change: Optional Active Camo,    |
    | Oversheilds, Random Starting Weapons, Random Weapons on Map and 50 Kills    |
    | (you should adjust this according to number of players). It's best on small |
    | Maps and with no vehicles.                                                  |
    [[ [[ EASTER EGGS ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    Halo was an universe riddled with extra features, and it appears that Halo 2
    has inherited these features.
    [[ SCREEN EGGS ]]
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| A HIDDEN MESSAGE
    | This is on Cairo Station, but it's available from the start. Pick up a      |
    | Battle Rifle from the start, then head back up towards the phone booth type |
    | things. Zoom in towards the long boxes, and use Flashlight (white) if helps.|
    | CODED MESSAGE: WJ 1120                                                      |
    | REJECTED BY ADMINISTRATOR REV. PAIN                                         |
    | MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL CONTENT                                                 |
    | RESULTANT PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE.                                             |
    | ACTION. CENSORED.                                                           |
    | Notes: Found by myself.                                                     |
    |        Not a clue to what it means.                                         |
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| A TOTAL FU EXCEPTION
    | On a Multiplayer game (just you playing, important), head to the Zanzibar   |
    | level. Work your way to the end where you'll find a big machine - you need  |
    | to be on the second floor of this room. Press X on the computer to get this |
    | egg:                                                                        |
    |                                      WAC                                    |
    | A total FU exception has occured at your location. All system fuctionality  |
    | will be terminated.                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    | * Press any key to power cycle the system. If the system does not restart;  |
    |   scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad.                               |
    | * If you need to talk to a programmer press any other key.                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                           Press any key to continue _                       |
    | Notes: Found by myself.                                                     |
    [[ POSTER EGGS ]]
    These can be found on various poster throughout the game.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| CITIZEN ALERT
    | I'm not quite sure about this one, but on the Outskirts level, look for a   |
    | sign with a yellow colour.
    | CITZEN ALERT                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    | Youth Of New Mombassa:                                                      |
    | Your City Needs You!                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    | Join your Local Freedom                                                     |
    | Fighter brigade today and send                                              |
    | The dirty covenant zealots                                                  |
    | Back to their homeworld.                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | Our enemy is weak. They will                                                |
    | Only know defeat at our hands.                                              |
    | We have the advantage, human                                                |
    | Heart and perseverance, something                                           |
    | These filthy aliens will never have.                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    | New Mombassa Will Prevail,                                                  |
    | - Secretary Of Defense                                                      |
    | Paul Huffy Russel                                                           |
    | Notes: Found by Jack Renton. After his further research, Paul Russel is an  |
    |        Environment Artist for the game - his nick name is Huffy.            |
    [[ THE SKULL HUNT ]]
    I'm sorry, but I probably won't be able to do this bit for a long time. There
    is a long, and in-depth guide however provided by UltimateGamer5000, and you
    can find the guide at http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/file/halo_2_skull.txt
    Sorry, again.
    [[ [[ THE END ]] [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
    This guide (meaning it's descriptions, strategies, ASCII Art) is 2004 Copyright
    Sam Maycock. All Rights Reserved.
    Halo 2 Copyright 2004 Bungie and/or Microsoft Game Studios, All Rights
    If it may be the case, this guide was not written to infringe copyright laws.
    This is my first guide. *shrugs*
    [[ THE REAL END ]]
    No. Really. Byes.
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[             EOF             [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

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